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Book Project


Collected by Master Equinox

Non consent (21 stories listed)

  • Office Screw Up: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A young woman takes a lesser position to stay with the company after a big mistake nearly costs millions. Unfortunately, she has no idea how low she will have to go.)
  • Keri: by JK
    (Synopsis: As a teenager, Keri became a bound, naked sex slave of her brother. This story tells how it happened and how her sexual slavery progressed.)
  • Enslaving Abbey: by JK
    (Synopsis: )
  • Milky: by Surtea
    (Synopsis: A pretty American woman gets transferred to the Tokyo office. There she finds some of the customs very different. )
  • Modern Slavery: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: What will happen in a world where slavery is legal and the accepted norm. April is about to find out.)
  • The Nanny: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Young beautiful woman signs with a weathly family to be a Nanny, becomes a sex slave )
  • Slave Teacher: by Road Runner
    (Synopsis: A young teacher discovers a sinister secret of her two colleagues and is forced into becoming their sex slave. Things soon turn from bad to worse and she is enslaved by yet more of her colleagues and even some of her students.)
  • Mary the Teenaged Slut: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Young Mary is forced by her parents to be the biggest slut in her high school.)
  • Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: This is the story of 5 high school Cheerleaders' who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves.)
  • Karen and Michelles Sad Story: by redlegtiger
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a Mother, Karen and her daughter, Michelle, who each have a sad and sordid past and how they become the slaves of a spoiled little rich girl, Sarah, many years later. )
  • The Lost Prince--A Ponygirl Epic: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: I wanted to come up with a realistic scenario involving ponygirls. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology is nearly dead and germ warfare has killed off all beasts of burden. Inspired by Transceptor, by Michael Manning/Patrick Conlon.)
  • Tortured Teacher: by Exacting Master
    (Synopsis: An innocent young high-school teacher is blackmailed into prostitution by her male (and one female!) students.)
  • The Parker Gang: by Alice Parker
    (Synopsis: I suppose in this day of internet I have the unusual task of advising you that no, I am not a sweaty 45 year old bald man in a food stained t-shirt. I actually am a woman in the american mid-west. I have hair that hangs past my waist, I am tall, considered to be attractive and a female coworker told me the other day that I have "such a pretty figure" You can fill in the rest for now.)
  • Sister's Pimp: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: Coming of age in a "loving" family environment that features incest, slavery and corporal punishment yields a tough minded teenager who unwillingly becomes the ruler of the roost when his philandering father dies suddenly. The challenges he meets and ultimately overcomes make up the heart of the story.)
  • The Rocky Road to Ruin: by Rubberwolf
    (Synopsis: A works outing to a show leads to perversion and slavery.)
  • Sex Slave Mother and Daughter: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A woman and her daughter live a very different life from the rest of us.)
  • NV: by Atomage
    (Synopsis: New Victoria or NV, though it takes it's name from the female monarch, is a society based on a return to very strict traditional values. Males are prime, women totally subservient. The dress is similar to that of the first Victorian society,Men wear uniform, women all wear long skirts but the weather changes have had an effect on the fabrics. Whilst women at the top levels of society wear satins, silks, taffetas , the servants and slaves are reduced to latex, a practical solution to a climate featuring rain and storms in perpetuity. Brutality, sadism and total domination of the female are the norm.)
  • Strip Searching Rebecca: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs. She is forced to strip naked, bound and forced to perform sexual perversions at the hands of her captors.)
  • Revenge For Sale: by nastyaryana
    (Synopsis: The story revolves around an illegal prison for women who have been placed there by those who seek revenge upon them The central characters are two nasty female bounty hunters whose job it is to capture the prisoners and who enjoy torturing and humiliating the women they hunt.)
  • Slave Girls in Bondage: by kilogram
    (Synopsis: Civilization has collapsed and slavery became the basis of the society. Women were forced to obey any order they got. Nobody care about their needs. After all, they existed only to please.)
  • Strict Social Services: The Lesbian Rape of Missy: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: A fifteen year old girl is taken from her home to be used sexually by female Social Service workers.)

lactation (15 stories listed)

Consensual (4 stories listed)

Lesbian Femdom (8 stories listed)


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