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Collected by honeydripperone

TBR III (6 stories listed)

  • Maquisard: by von Hentzau
    (Synopsis: The outrages committed by the Nazis in World War II have long provided fodder for those of us with active, if somewhat twisted, imaginations. Here's a variation on the theme in a consensual setting.)
  • Horror Beneath The Park: by von Hentzau
    (Synopsis: Ruthless female executive Joanna discovers why it's important not to step on your co-workers as you climb the corporate ladder. They might be moonlighting for strange telepathic monsters who enjoy the suffering of abducted and tortured female executives.)
  • Vestal Whore: Communion of Degradation: by Toryu
    (Synopsis: The girl has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and as such has previously been a quiet but excellent student. After her father is off to a remote & dangerous part of the country, the virgin girl gets raped, and soon finds out that the more abuse & humiliation that is heaped upon her, the hotter & hornier she gets, and soon becomes a big pain slut taking on all comers allowing her tormentors to do the most perverse and painful things to her, not to mention all the gang bangs that she goes through.)
  • Janet's Ordeal: by Master Mick
    (Synopsis: Janet is a courier during World War II. She is caught and first she is put into some really severe interrogation. When all this is done the Commandant decide to transfer her to a very cruel training block for female slaves. Here she is subjected to the most cruel, humiliating and painful treatment thinkable. The story is a role-play meaning it is written by a woman named janet and I.)
  • Mine: by Kray
    (Synopsis: A beautiful girl is abducted and brought in a far castle, where she's enslaved by a sadistic Master, that enjoys tying, torturing, raping and deeply controlling her, in a good variety of ways. Although, sometimes, he likes allowing his slave some indulgences, so that he soon succeeds in completely bent the girl to his control. Many chapters are planned.)
  • Her Master's Slut: by Hunters Fawn
    (Synopsis: Fawn angers her Master, and he takes her to the chamber room were he takes his pleasures and punish his slut.)

I HAVE to make more time for reading! (19 stories listed)
Or,To Be Read II

To Be Read (81 stories listed)


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