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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 77 Cheerleader Games

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 77

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 77, Cheerleader Games

When Heather got to the patio door to the mansion, Angie met her there.  Angie was still dressed in the cheerleader uniform they had worn at the game and she held Heather’s uniform out to her.  She said, “Sarah wants you to dress in uniform for the initiation.  We haven’t started the real activities yet.  We’ve just been partying and celebrating the victory, waiting for you to arrive.  I take it that everything went according to plan for Tamara’s gang bang?”

Heather smiled and responded, “It went perfectly.  I got it all on video so you guys will get to watch the action and enjoy the bitch getting what she deserves.  It will also give us leverage over almost the entire football team as we have them on video raping her over and over.  She’s tied to the tree in front of the kennel now enjoying being molested by the two dogs you guys told me to let out.  I’m sure that by the time we get to her, she’ll be even more out of it.  So what are we going to do for the initiation?”

Angie smiled and handed Heather a sheet of paper as she said, “We got together while you were playing with your new toy and came up with a few things to do for tonight.  The real initiation will be tomorrow and for that you don’t need to do anything.  But tonight, you will be the one that leads the activities.  Sarah decided that since you showed such initiative with Tamara that she wanted you to do the honors.  I think it will be fun.”

Heather took the list and read down what was to happen.  She smiled at everything and then said, “My god, if I had to go through this I think I would have given up cheerleading.  This is going to be so much fun.  Let’s go join our victims and get the party started.”

The two walked through the house and entered the large family room.  All of the cheerleaders were there except for Tamara.  Heather Announced, “All Varsity Cheerleaders come over here now.  It’s time to get things started.  Junior Varsity Cheerleaders will line up in the center of the room in a line.  Stick your arms out to your sides and stand fingertip to fingertip.”

Everyone did as Heather commanded.  Angie stepped away and picked up a bag that was sitting on one of the tables that had been moved to the side of the room.  When the Varsity Cheerleaders all gathered around Heather ordered, “The first thing we are going to do is blindfold the little bitches.  Angie, hand them their blindfold.  There are eight of them and only six of us so each of you take one and Angie and I will take two each.  You each should have drawn a name when you got here tonight.  You will be that girl’s mentor for the rest of the year.  Now let’s go get started.  I will have the JV team give an oath and at the end of the oath you will blind fold them.  Now let’s get started.”

The cheerleaders all went behind their designated JV Cheerleader and waited for Heather.  Heather stood out in front of the JV Cheerleaders and announced.  We are about to begin your initiation into the cheerleaders.  You will take an oath and be made to do things that will be unpleasant.  If at any time during the initiation you decide you don’t want to participate in the activity, you will be asked to leave and you will no longer be a cheerleader.  This is all voluntary so don’t complain about what you have to do.  When you become a Varsity Cheerleader in the future, you will be the ones where we are now, initiating the new crop of JV Cheerleaders.  Are there any of you that want to quit now?”

Heather paused and looked each of the JV cheerleaders in the eye.  All of them had a look of determination on their faces.  Heather thought about how much they would need that determination before everything was over.  Finally after a few moments pause and no one bailing out of the initiation, Heather said, “Raise your right hand and repeat after me.”

They all raised their hands and Heather began the oath.  “Say I and state your name.”  She paused as they all did and then continued, “Promise to listen, honor and obey my mentor and the other Varsity Cheerleaders.”  Heather paused again as they repeated the oath and then she continued, “To do everything necessary to build team spirit and motivate the sports teams to victory.”  Again a pause to repeat the phrase and then she continued, “To always be a leader and participate in any and all activities required of the cheerleaders any time, day or night.”  Again there was a pause for them to repeat the phrase and finally, “To always defend and protect the cheerleaders against all enemies, within or without.  So help me God!”

As soon as the girls said ‘So help me God!’ the Varsity Cheerleaders reached around and blindfolded the JV Cheerleaders.  Angie then went to the bag and handed out a set of handcuffs to each of the Varsity cheerleaders.  They all quickly handcuffed their JV Cheerleader and then waited for orders.  The JV Cheerleaders began to fidget as they got a bit nervous.  When they were all handcuffed, Heather announced, “It is time for the initiates paddling.  We will take one at a time and each will receive five swats from each of the Varsity Cheerleaders.  Because we are missing one of the Varsity Cheerleaders tonight, Sarah Warren will have the privilege of taking her place.  Each JV Cheerleader will receive a total of thirty five swats.  We will start on the right with Aminda and then Michelle and so on.  You will each be led forward by your mentor, you bottoms will be pulled down and the swats will be given on your bare ass.  We will now start.  Put Aminda in position and prepare her.”

Sarah, Angie, Aminda and Michelle had all discussed that they needed to be the first to be punished.  They knew that they could withstand a heavy paddling with ease and it would set an example to the other girls so they wouldn’t chicken out.  Angie led the blindfolded and cuffed Aminda and led her to a bench that had been placed in the center of the room just a few feet in front of them.  They of course hadn’t seen it moved in because they were blindfolded.  Aminda was made to kneel in front of the bench with her legs spread wide and her waist just at the bench level.  Heather and Angie then tied her legs to either side of the bench so she couldn’t get up and then made her lean along the long side of the bench.  A set of straps were then buckled across her back at about the level below her shoulders until it was tight.  She couldn’t move with her hands cuffed behind her back and strapped to the bench the way she was.  Heather went up to Aminda’s ass and grabbed hold of her cheerleader bottoms and pulled them down to her knees.  This exposed her bare ass for the paddling. 

The first of the Varsity Cheerleaders to paddle Aminda was Heather.  They then proceeded in order of seniority with Angie going last as the most junior of the team.  Angie grabbed the large wooden paddle that Karen had from her time with the fraternity sisters.  She handed it to Heather.  Heather stepped to the rear and to the side of Aminda so that she would be in a perfect position to swing the paddle and land the business end on her bare ass. 

Heather took a full swing and landed the paddle hard on Aminda’s exposed buttocks.  Aminda did little more than grunt as the pain spread through her ass and loins.  She had developed a bit of a fetish for ass paddling over her time as a slave.  It always seemed to get her a bit excited and if done long enough, could actually make her cum.  Just about then, Heather landed a second swat.  Three more times she swung the paddle hard onto Aminda’s bare ass.  Each cheerleader then took their turn, giving five swats each.  Finally it was Angie’s turn.  Angie didn’t aim high up on the buttocks like the others did.  She purposely swung the paddle so that it would land on her lower buttocks and across the meat of her cunt.  This got a moan out of Aminda from both the pain and the spreading pleasure.  Angie rubbed the paddle back and forth for a few moments, exciting her even more.  Then she pulled back and let go with another even harder swat across the same place.  She again rubbed the paddle back and forth across her cunt and ass getting her more and more excited.  She repeated this with each of the other swats.  Between the last two swats, she rubbed the paddle across Aminda’s swollen outer cunt lips until it was obvious that she was ready to cum.  That was when she let lose as hard as she could across that same sensitive area.  The shock of the swat and the stimulation of her cunt as pain spread through was all it took to send her over the edge.  Aminda finally screamed but it wasn’t because of the pain, it was from cumming.

They did Michelle next and she too was brought to an orgasm after the 35 swats.  From then on, each of the girls was paddled.  Most of the rest of the girls screamed and cried and begged for mercy but they didn’t ask to quit.  There were a couple of girls that were close to quitting but they just knew that if Aminda and Michelle could stand it then they could as well.  Angie used her skill with the paddle to bring each of the girls to an orgasm on the last swat of the paddle.  It came as a total shock to the JV Cheerleaders that they could be made to become excited and cum from just a paddling.  They were all embarrassed at cumming, except for Aminda and Michelle of course who just accepted it and enjoyed the pleasure.

Finally each of the girls had received their swats.  The blindfolded girls were then lined up in front of their mentors in the middle of the room again.  Heather then commanded, “For the next part of the initiation, you will all be nude.  Mentors, strip your cheerleader naked and then recuff her for the next stage.”

The next few minutes were a flurry of activity as the JV Cheerleaders were each uncuffed and then stripped of all clothes and then handcuffed again.  They were made to kneel in a line in the same order as before.  When they were done, the girls were all naked and kneeling, sitting back on their ankles with their hands behind their backs.  Finally Heather spoke up and said, “It is now time to prove your devotion to your mentor.  You were each rewarded with an orgasm and it is time to do the same for your mentors.  But first we need each of you to swear your devotion and prove your loyalty to your mentor.  I will read the declaration you are to repeat and your mentor will bring your lips to a part of her body to kiss to show your love and devotion to her.  Failure to kiss the part of the body she brings your lips to is a failure to pass the initiation.  Failure to pass the initiation is cause for dismissal from the cheerleading squad so keep that in mind.  You all have done quite well so far and it would be a shame for you to give it all up now.  Varsity cheerleaders, come to me for a minute.”

All of the cheerleaders huddled around Heather and Heather explained what they were going to do.  Finally they all shook their head in understanding, a couple of them reluctantly at what was being asked.  They all stripped naked and returned in front of the girl they were mentoring and Heather announced, “It is time to start this phase of the ceremony.  You will make three promises that you will be expected to keep at all times.  Repeat after me girls.  I will promise to always listen to the guidance my mentor gives me.”

When all of the girls repeated the phrase, their mentors pulled the head of their cheerleader so that their mouth came in contact with their left nipple.  Heather commanded, “Now lick and suck on the part of your mentor’s body that your mouth has come in contact with.”

All of the girls began to kiss and suck the nipple of their equally naked mentor.  After a couple of minutes Heather announced, “That’s enough for now.  It is time for the next promise and task.”  She waited for the girls to stop and sit back from their mentor.  When they did she said, “The next promise is, ‘I will honor my mentor and the rest of the Varsity Cheerleaders as my superiors and never question an order they give me.’”

After the girls said their promise of honor, their mentor pulled their blindfolded heads to their right nipple.  No orders were given.  All but one of the girls started kissing and sucking on the offered nipple.  The one girl had to be ordered by her mentor to suck her nipple or be evicted from the cheerleading squad.  After a few moments of indecision, the girl finally started to suck on her mentor’s nipple.  After a few moments of sucking on the right nipple of their mentor, Heather commanded, “Stop now.  It is time for your last promise.”

The mentors pulled the heads of the girls away from the nipple they were sucking on and then when they were sitting back on their heels, Heather announced, “Your final promise is the one that will be the hardest for you to follow but is the most important one for you to honor.  Failure at any time to fulfill this promise will be reason for your dismissal from the cheerleaders.  Now repeat after me. ‘I promise to obey every order my mentor or superior cheerleader gives me no matter how disgusting or abhorrent that order may seem to be.’”

Several of the JV Cheerleaders hesitated at repeating the order.  They knew that if they made and kept the promise, they could be made to do just about anything.  Aminda and Michelle didn’t hesitate, nor did two of the other JV cheerleaders who wanted nothing more out of life than to be cheerleaders.  The other four hesitated.  Finally one of them made a decision and repeated the promise.  Heather said to the final three, “You repeat the promise and keep it or get up, get dressed and leave right now.”

One of the girls got up and got dressed.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked at the Varsity Cheerleaders and said, “You all are disgusting.  I won’t make a promise that would give you such power over me.  Being a cheerleader isn’t worth that much to me.  I’m leaving.  I promise not to tell what happened here because I know that these kinds of things happen all of the time at other schools as well.  It’s just not for me.” 

The girl left the room after getting dressed and doggyslut had Coach Mary Beth go to the girl and talk with her.  The coach talked with the girl for fifteen minutes but couldn’t convince her to stay.  Finally Coach was about to give up and thought about the new mascot they had.  She looked at the girl and said, “To be the team mascot, you don’t need to go through the initiation.  You’ve seen what kinds of antics that the mascot does and how it can really motivate the crowds.  If you still want to be a part of the cheerleaders without going through the initiation, then you can be the mascot.  How does that sound?”

Finally the girl shook her head yes with tears streaming down her cheeks.  She said, “You really mean it.  I want to be a part of the cheerleading team in the worse way.  I just can’t do the things they are asking of us.  I can be the mascot.”

Mary Beth took the cheerleader to doggyslut and asked, “Can you show Becky here to the room the cheerleaders are going to stay in.  We will arrange for her to be taken home first thing in the morning before the rest of the initiation.”´ Doggyslut dutifully led the girl to the room and told her to go to sleep.

Coach Mary Beth sat back down and watched the rest of the initiation.  The final two girls were just in the process of repeating the promise after making the decision to stay.  When the last of the JV Cheerleaders finally finished her promise, all of the mentors pulled their faces into their crotch.  Heather ordered, “It is time now to give your mentor that which you received at your paddling.  You have had the honor of being allowed to cum so now you will bring your mentor to orgasm.  Kiss, Suck and lick your mentor to orgasm.  Failure to do so is a failure to keep the promises that you made.  That will lead to your expulsion from the cheerleaders.  Now get to licking and sucking.”

The mentors all pulled the JV Cheerleaders head into their cunt.  There were two cheerleaders that weren’t currently occupied.  Those two were Aminda and Michelle.  Their trustworthiness was not in question so they got to sit this one out.  Of course the other JV Cheerleaders didn’t know that because they were all blindfolded.  It wasn’t long before the first of the Varsity Cheerleaders came off of the tongue of one of the JV Cheerleaders.  It took almost a half hour for all of the Varsity Cheerleaders to cum.  Angie was the last of them.  She purposely kept herself from cumming to make the girl she had lick and suck as long as possible.  She had been the longest hold out before giving in and this was her punishment.

As the girls each finished sucking off their mentor, they were allowed to stand up and take their blindfold off.  They watched the other girls as they sucked on their mentor as if they were devout lesbians.  As each of the girls got up they blushed at the thought of what they were made to do.  When all of them were done but the last one eating out Angie, they began to cheer her on saying, “Suck Angie off. Suck Angie off.  If you can’t do it, nobody can.”  They kept repeating this chant over and over as the poor girl was made to suck and suck Angie until she orgasmed.  Finally Sarah nodded to her and when Angie saw it she let go and screamed out her orgasm. 

When Angie quit cumming she reached down and stripped off the blindfold on the girl’s eyes.  When the girl looked around and saw that everyone was staring at her she blushed a deep red in humiliation.  She looked down at the floor and started sobbing because of the humiliation.  Finally Aminda and Michelle got down with her to comfort her.  Michelle leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Don’t cry.  We all did it so there is nothing to cry about.  We’re all friends here, no one but us will ever know.”

The last part was a lie of course because doggyslut and Mary Beth both already knew and the whole thing was being recorded just to make sure they had something on the girls later on.  Finally after a few minutes the girl settled down and quit crying.  She gave both Michelle and Aminda a hug in appreciation.  She then stood up.  Heather finally cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention and then when they all looked at her she announced, “That concludes tonight’s part of the initiation.  We will all go to bed now.  Get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow morning is going to come early and tomorrow’s activities will be very challenging physically as well as mentally.  Now Mentors, take your girl to the room and put her to bed like you were told.”

All of the Varsity Cheerleaders walked up to the one they were mentoring and Angie came by and handed each a dog collar and a leash.  The girls attached the collar around their JV Cheerleader’s neck and then attached the leash.  Angie did the extra girls and led them out except for Aminda and Michelle.  Angie led them to the room they were going to sleep in. They saw the girl that quit there and after finding out her story, they welcomed her as the mascot but they made her sleep on the opposite side of the room by herself instead of with the rest of the cheerleaders who had gone through everything.  Angie already started to think about things they could do in the future to make the girl a slave to the rest of the cheerleaders like the current mascot was.  She sighed as she knew that wouldn’t happen for some time though.  They had a lot to accomplish before they could even think of that.  She hoped that everything worked with Tamara like they planned.  She was sad that she wouldn’t be able to participate in the cheerleader’s downfall for what she had tried to plan to do to Sarah.  But she had her assignment and that was to make sure the JV Cheerleaders and their mentor’s went straight to bed.  Once the JV Cheerleaders were asleep, the Varsity Cheerleaders except for Angie all left for home, their part in the initiation being completed.  They all were glad they never had to go through such an initiation.

While Angie was taking the JV Cheerleaders to their room, Heather, Aminda and Michelle were taking Sarah out to where Tamara was tied to the tree.  They could see Tamara well before they got there.  The tree she was tied to was right between two lights and it was almost like it was day where she was.  They could see the two dogs still going at her, both of them licking her cunt at the same time.  Tamara’s head was hanging down with her chin almost to her chest with drool dripping out of her mouth.  As they got closer they heard her moans as she came over and over.  The initiation had taken over two hours to do so she had been licked and made to cum too many times to count and after her ordeal in the football team’s locker room she was totally out of it. 

When they got to Tamara they quickly took her down.  Heather took over pushing Sarah’s wheel chair and Aminda and Michelle started taking her down.  When she was free from the tree, the two of them locked her arms together and picked Tamara up in them.  They then made their way to the cabin where everything was prepared for her final torment and downfall. 

When they reached the cabin where all of Brittany’s old dungeon equipment that hadn’t been used in the cave was kept, they immediately took Tamara to the modified examination table they put in the middle of the room.  Heather, Aminda and Michelle quickly stripped her naked and threw her dress away.  Tamara was so out of it she was just like a rag doll and it took all three of them to move her around.  When she was naked, Aminda and Michelle lifted her up and sat her on the table.  Heather reached for a pair of scissors and immediately began to cut the girl’s long blond hair off.  She grabbed a clump at a time and cut it about a quarter of an inch away from her head.  After a few minutes, she had all of her long hair off in a ragged crew cut.  She came around in front of Tamara and after Aminda and Michelle spread her legs apart she began cutting her pubic hair as close as she could get.

Once all of Tamara’s hair had been cut off close with the scissors, the three girls moved her and laid her on her back on the table.  Tamara was just beginning to come around but was still too out of it to realize what was going on.  The three girls began applying a paste all over her body, making sure they applied an extra thick layer on her scalp and cunt.  They even applied it to her eyebrows.  When she was covered completely on her front, they rolled her to one side and covered her back.  She was turned over to her other side and the last remaining areas not covered with the thick paste were covered.  When they were done they strapped her arms and legs to the table while she was on her back so she couldn’t move.

They left Tamara like that for about twenty minutes.  At first the paste had no reaction but as time went on the paste began to burn more and more.  The pain covering her entire body finally woke her up.  At first the burning caused her to just moan in pain but as time went on the burning got worse.  Tamara began to struggle to get off of the table but couldn’t because of the straps.  She then began to beg for them to take off the burning paste.  She cried and begged for thirty minutes as the paste was allowed time to do its job. 

At the end of thirty minutes, Heather put on a pair of protective gloves and got a long plastic scraper.  She went up to Tamara’s head and began to scrape the paste off.  When she did, all of the remaining hair came off with it.  Tamara was crying from the pain but had yet to realize what they had actually done to her.  Heather, wanting to humiliate Tamara as much as possible, looked her in the eye and said, “You know you’ve been a bitch to me for years.  The final straw was when you were going to try and get at Sarah which would have put me and the rest of the cheerleaders in jail, including you.  Well for your punishment we decided that the most humiliating thing we could do to you besides the little gang rape was to get rid of all of your nice, beautiful, bleach blonde hair.  This paste that you have been crying about for the last thirty minutes has been killing all of your hair follicles.  The good news is that you will never have to shave your arms or legs again.  The bad news is that you will be bald, both on your head and that pretty little pussy of yours.”

Tamara’s eyes popped wide open and she let out a long “NNNOOOOOOoooooo” in exasperated frustration at her plight.  Finally she yelled, “I will make you all pay for this.  You can’t get away with it.  My parents will sue you for everything you have for what you have done to me.”

Heather smiled and said, “If this were all we were going to do to you I would be worried.  Rest assured that neither you nor anyone else will do anything about what happens to you.  We have a lot more planned for you before the weekend is up.  You will never even think of turning against me by the time I’m, I mean we are done with you.  Now that I’ve got all this junk scrapped off of you we can begin your conversion into my nice little obedient slave.”

Tamara looked at Heather with vehemence and said, “I’ll never by yours or anyone else’s slave.  I’ll make you all pay.”

About that time, Heather took a wet rag and washed Tamara’s inner elbow of her left arm clean.  She then took an antiseptic wipe and cleaned off the area.  When she was done she took a rubber tourniquet and tied it tightly around her upper arm.  When she was done, Aminda stepped up holding a syringe full of a clear liquid.  She tapped the swelling vein in Tamara’s elbow and then she stuck the needle in.  When she had it in, she pulled back just a bit and when she saw blood entering the syringe she reversed and pushed the plunger down until all of the clear liquid was injected into her arm.  Aminda pulled the needle out and held a cotton ball on the needle stick until it quit bleeding.  The drug she injected had started to do its job by then and Tamara began to calm down and enter into a compliant stupor.

Aminda and Michelle removed her from the table and took her over to the shower area.  There the two girls took their time cleaning every bit of remaining paste off of her body.  Of course all of her remaining hair went down the drain with the paste.  By the time the two girls had Tamara cleaned up, every bit of hair except for her eye lashes was gone.  Tamara was now very compliant and relied on support from one of the two girls to stand. 

When Aminda and Michelle finally had Tamara clean, they took her out of the shower and dried her off.  When she was dry, Heather came over with a spandex body suit in her hands.  This suit was designed to cover every square inch of her body with the exception of a small area for her nipples and clit.  There were two dildos in the bottom of the suit.  The suit also ended at the neck, just below the chin.  There was a special hood for the suit that was to be put on separately.  When you looked inside the suit, there were hundreds of little metallic points woven into the fabric covering about every inch of the suit.  The three girls quickly began to pull the suit onto Tamara’s body.

The suit was designed to be stretched onto the body.  It took a lot of effort on the part of all three girls to get the suit on.  Michelle was the one that took the two dildos in the bottom and lined the largest one into Tamara’s cunt and the smaller one into her ass.  The dildos were covered with the same metal points as the rest of the suit.  The girls had to really work to line the spandex suit fit over Tamara’s body so that the holes aligned with her nipples and clit.  By the time they were done, Tamara still looked like she was naked but with a pure black skin because the suit was so tight. 

Heather stepped up and at each finger tip of the suit was a hard cup that fit over the ends of the fingers.  Inside of the cups was a slim edge that was designed to fit under the fingernails.  Heather took her time and made sure that Tamara’s fingers were properly inserted into the cups so that the edge inside fit snuggly under the fingernails.  In the center of the edge was a small hole that held a contractible pin.  She then repeated this process with Tamara’s feet and toes.  The next thing she did was pick up a cone shaped object that in the wide area looked like the teeth of a lamprey eel.  If the outside of the cone was twisted once to the right it tightened onto the nipple without pain but tight enough that it would be hard to remove.  If the cone was twisted to the right twice, the teeth would bite down into the flesh of the nipple or clit without penetrating it.  If the cone were twisted a third time it would penetrate the skin and four turns would be enough to cut the nipple off. 

Heather had Aminda suck on one nipple and Michelle the other until they were as hard as they would get.  Heather took the cone looking clamp and put it over her left nipple and turned it once to the right to lock it down on the nipple.  While she was doing this, Aminda began to suck and chew on Tamara’s clit.  Heather took the right nipple and attached a cone to it.  Then she repeated the process on the poor girl’s clit. 

When the special cone clamps were attached, they helped the drugged Tamara over to the exam table again.  They helped her up onto the table and strapped her down by the wrists and ankles.  Heather wheeled a cart with what looked like a computer console on it with a lot of wires coming from it.  She took three of the wires and attached them to the top of the cones where they were designed to connect. She then attached wires to the ends of each of the cups on the fingers and toes.  There was a final connection that she attached a wire to right about her belly button.  This connection was connected to all of the wire filaments connecting the points woven within the fabric.

When all of the wires were connected, Heather picked up the bulky hood.  This hood also had wire filaments and points throughout the spandex.  It zipped up in the back.  Heather moved to Tamara’s head.  She opened the hood up completely.  First thing that she did was take some medical tape and tape open Tamara’s eyelids so that she couldn’t close them.  She then placed the hood onto her head, making sure the four inch dildo at the mouth went where it belonged.  Before she zipped the hood up, she took small earphones that were wired into the hood at the ears and inserted them into each ear.  Once that was done, she zipped the hood closed leaving only an area just around her permanently opened eyes exposed.  Heather then reached over to the cart with the computer and picked up a virtual reality headpiece.  Heather put this over Tamara’s eyes and then strapped the headpiece over the eyes so that it wouldn’t come off.  Heather then began connecting wires to the earphones, the headpiece and the dildos.  The final electrical connection was in the center of the forehead and controlled the wire fibers in the hood. 

The final things she attached were tubes.  She attached three tubes to the dildo in her mouth.  One tube was connected to a container of a thick whitish liquid.  A second tube was attached to a container of a thick mostly clear liquid.  The central tube was attached to a small pump that kept air flowing through.  She then attached tubes to the dildos in her cunt and ass.  These tubes were connected to a single container of a liquid containing an aphrodisiac. 

When everything was connected, Heather went over to the computer consol and hit the power button.  Initially all that could be seen to happen was a light on the console turn on indicating that it was turned on.  What they couldn’t see was that the view Tamara was seeing was a kaleidoscope of colors flashing before her eyes.  In her drugged state, the flashing colors were all that existed of Tamara’s world.  After a couple of minutes of the lights, the calming sound of waves on a beach began.

This combination of lights in a given pattern along with the sound of the waves soon had Tamara in an even more receptive state than she was with just the drugs.  Finally she heard a voice begin.  The voice was a recording that Heather had made earlier in that week in preparation for this very thing.  The voice said in a calm steady tone, “Focus on the lights and sounds Tamara.  The lights and sounds will take you away from everything.  Let the lights and sounds relax you and take you away from all of your concerns.  You will feel more and more relaxed the more you focus on the lights and sounds.  Let them make you more and more relaxed.  Let them take you to a place where you have no concerns.  Let them take you to a new place.  Focus on the lights and sounds and let them take you to that place where you have no concerns.  Let the lights and sounds consume your every being so that all of your troubles may slip away.  Focus on the lights and sounds and you will feel that all is right with the world.  Let the lights and sounds take you and mold you.  Become one with the lights and sounds.  They are trying to tell you something.  Watch the lights and listen to the sounds for they are telling you the truth of your being.  The lights and sounds are your own thoughts and desires.  As you listen and watch the lights and sounds, what they show and tell you becomes your own thoughts and desires.  As you relax more and more you slip into a deep trance and listen intently to your thoughts and desires that you share with the sounds and lights that you hear and see.”

This same sequence of sounds and lights continued in a repeating pattern over and over for almost a half hour.  After the first five times, the suit began to send a very mild electrical current through all of the interwoven wire fibers of the suit.  This caused a very stimulating and relaxing feeling over the poor girl’s entire body from head to toe.  This wonderful stimulating and relaxing feeling felt like a thousand little hands were massaging every square inch of Tamara’s body.  As it went on and on in combination with the lights and sounds, Tamara slipped deeper and deeper into a trance until she was in a perfect state for the rest of the program.

Sarah and the other girls watched but couldn’t see anything happening.  They had read the instructions and realized that this was to be expected as the victim was hypnotized and prepared for the rest of the program.  At the thirty minute point, Tamara was in a state of deep hypnotism and was listening to every sound and watching every light that assaulted her eyes and ears.  A picture of Sarah popped up in the virtual reality headset and as Tamara watched the picture of Sarah the voice in the earphones said, “Sarah is your goddess.  You will always revere and obey Sarah your goddess.  Sarah is your goddess and she will see to your every need.”

As Tamara was listening to the suit the suit began to increase the electrical current a little in the interwoven fibers and the dildos began to vibrate as did the nipple and clit clamps.  As she listened to the voice telling her that Sarah was her goddess and that she was to always obey her she was excited more and more until she came.  There were sensors in the dildos that were designed to detect the repeated contracting of her vaginal and rectal walls from the orgasm.  When she orgasmed the voice then said, “To disobey your goddess will cause you to experience extreme pain throughout your entire being.”  As soon as the voice said disobey the electric current shot up to a very painful setting and shocked her over her entire body to include her scalp.  The dildos also shocked her as did the clamps on her nipples and clit.  There were little holes in the center of the edge of plastic that fit under her toenails and fingernails.  A little pin pushed into the quick of the nail bed under the finger and toenails causing extreme pain.  That pain was made even worse as a hard electric current shocked her at the same time.  Little motors in the cone shaped clamps caused them to make a single turn to the right, pushing the teeth into the flesh and adding to the pain of the shock.  Tamara screamed in pain around the dildo in her mouth. 

As soon as the shock died, the clamps went back to the original setting and a picture of Heather showed on the headpiece.  At the same time her voice said, “Heather is your priestess.  Heather is the one who will help you to worship your goddess Sarah.  Only in obeying your priestess Heather will you be able to be with your goddess Sarah.  Failure to obey your priestess Heather is a failure to obey your goddess Sarah.  When you obey your priestess Heather you are obeying your goddess Sarah.  It gives you the greatest of pleasure to obey your priestess Heather and your Goddess Sarah.  Only through obeying your Priestess Heather and your Goddess Sarah will you feel complete.  Only through obeying your Priestess Heather and your goddess Sarah will you feel the greatest pleasure.”

As the voice went through each step of the litany, whenever it mentioned Heather, a picture of her popped up on the headpiece for Tamara to see.  Whenever the voice mentioned Sarah it showed a picture of her in the headpiece display.  Again as it talked about Heather being her priestess and obeying her the suit pleasured her more and more until she orgasmed when it said ‘greatest pleasure’.  But then the voice said, “To disobey your priestess Heather is to disobey your goddess Sarah.  Disobedience will cause you the greatest of pain.”  The suit then shocked her all over her body and caused her the most intense pain like it did before.

Sarah and the other girls watched as Tamara groaned in pleasure when she came and when she screamed in agony.  This was what they were waiting for.  They knew that the suit was working the way it was supposed to.  Heather and Sarah left with Heather pushing her wheelchair.  Aminda and Michelle stayed in the cabin to make sure nothing bad happened to Tamara.  The machine kept right on making her scream alternately in pleasure and then pain as it cycled through the brainwashing litany over and over again. 

After about three hours of brainwashing, the voice began to tell Tamara, “Male cum is the ambrosia from the gods.  It is a gift from your priestess Heather and your goddess Sarah and is to be savored and enjoyed.  You will seek to drink as much ambrosia from your goddess as you can but only with her permission.  You will always desire to suck up as much male cum ambrosia as you can earn.  Only your priestess Heather or your goddess Sarah will give you the opportunity to earn the male cum ambrosia.  You will gladly obey your priestess Heather and your goddess Sarah in all things to earn the reward of sucking the ambrosia from the source.”  The machine spurted in a bit of dog cum into her mouth through one of the tubes connected to the dildo each time it mentioned cum or ambrosia.  Each time it mentioned male cum and getting it from the source it showed pictures of a girl sucking on a man’s cock, a boy’s cock, a dog’s cock, a horse’s cock and other animal cocks.  Each time the voice mentioned ambrosia or cum it would squirt a little cum into her mouth. The suit would cause her to orgasm as it talked about her sucking ambrosia and cum from the source, reinforcing the pleasure aspect.  Of course at the end it also said, “If you ever refuse to take the male cum ambrosia when it is offered to you, you will experience sever pain.”  The suit then shocked her like it did before.

After a couple of hours of listening to that it began saying, “Your priestess Heather and your goddess Sarah will also offer you the nectar of the gods.  You will desire to suck up the nectar of the gods from the source.  You will seek out every opportunity to suck up the nectar of the gods from your goddess Sarah or your priestess Heather or from any other alternate source that they tell you.  It is only through drinking of the nectar of your goddess that you will be whole.  Your whole being will be focused on obeying your priestess and goddess so that they might reward you with a tiny taste of the nectar of your goddess.”

As the voice talked about the nectar of the goddess, the machine pumped female cum through another tube in the dildo.  The suit also pleasured her and made her cum over and over as it talked about her sucking the nectar from the source.  The headpiece display showed pictures of a girl sucking on a woman’s cunt, a girl’s cunt, a bitch’s cunt, a mare’s cunt and many other animals.  She was made to cum over and over again while it talked about her desire to obey her mistress and suck up the nectar of the gods.  Then at the end, it again said, “To disobey your mistress Heather or your goddess Sarah in seeking out the nectar of the gods will lead to severe pain and the suit shocked her again. 

Once the suit did the nectar of the gods part of the program for a couple of hours, everything stopped.  There was a short five minute pause and then it started at the beginning again with the hypnotic trance inducing visual and sound effects.  After all that Tamara had been through this took her further and further into the trancelike effect that was necessary to brainwash the poor girl.  This repeated like that for twenty four hours.  The cycle repeated it over and over again.  At the end of twenty four hours, the cycle continued with one slight change.  Instead of the voice saying you will, it began to say I will.  Other than that everything was the same.

The morning after Tamara was started on the brainwashing suit, the cheerleaders were woken up at 9 after only about four hours of sleep.  Aminda and Michelle were replaced by doggyslut at the cabin and they joined the JV Cheerleaders in the house.  They were going on only a couple hours of sleep each.  The girl that refused to finish the previous night’s initiation activities was taken by Mary Beth to her home.  She was happy to at least be the team mascot.  She still considered that being a part of the cheerleading team and she didn’t have to do those awful things in the initiation.   After a quick breakfast, the still naked girls were led to the patio by Heather and Angie. 

Once all of the girls were there, the final part of their initiation was started.  Heather stood up in front of the girls and after a quick look at the instructions Angie had written out she announced, “All right girls, this is it.  After this morning’s event, your initiation will be over.  You will be fully fledged cheerleaders.  The last task of your initiation is going to be a naked hide and seek game.  You will be allowed to wear shoes and socks but that is all.  You will be given a half hour head start to find a place to hide.  You may not hide in any of the buildings around this part of the estate.  Everything you see in this valley is a part of the Warren estate so you have the whole place to hide.  After thirty minutes, we will send out a group to find you.  The last of you to be found will be the captain of the Junior Varsity team.  Do any of you have any questions?”

One of the girls raised her hand and asked, “How come we have to be naked for this.  I don’t see any reason for it.  We could all hide fully clothed just as easily.”

Heather smiled and said, “The idea of the initiation is to see how willing you are to do what it takes to become a cheerleader.  Part of being a cheerleader is being a bit of an exhibitionist.  If you can’t be naked in front of a few friends as you play hide and seek, how are you going to be able to wear the very revealing cheerleader uniforms in front of a stadium full of fans.  This is about helping you to realize what it really means to be a cheerleader.  You of course have the option of quitting at any time.  Do any of you want to quit now?”

There was a long pause but no one said anything or raised a hand.  Finally Heather said, “Then it’s settled.  Go get your shoes and socks on and then we’ll send you on your way.”

About five minutes later all of the girls were back on the patio with their shoes and socks on.  They were all ready to go when Angie stood up and announced, “I do have a safety issue to advise you all of.  Remember that you are going to be out in the valley.  There is the remote possibility that you will run into wild animals.  There have been mountain lions, bears and wild dogs in the area.  The bears and mountain lions will generally avoid coming near you but the dogs don’t.  If by chance you encounter a wild animal while you are out there the best thing to do is to get onto your arms and knees in a tight ball similar to the fetal position.  Lock your hands over your head.  This protects your most sensitive areas from being hurt.  Don’t try and run as that will just make them angry and really hurt you.  The chances are you won’t run into anything out there.  Sarah, Aminda, Michelle and I go all over the estate and have only ran across wild animals a couple of times.  Now I am going to give each of you a collar with a transmitter on it.  That way if you get lost, we will be able to locate you without calling anyone in to help hunt you down. The last thing we need is to have one of you get lost while you’re out there naked.”

Aminda and Michelle were the first to put on their dog collars with a transmitter on it.  They then helped put collars on the rest of the cheerleaders.  Once everyone had their collars on the cheerleaders were told to take off and find a place to hide somewhere on the estate.  They all took off running.  Every one of them wanted to be the cheerleader captain so they wanted to find a really good place to hide.  Little did they know that it had already been decided that Aminda would be the cheerleader captain.  She made a bee line for the waterfall.  She went there and entered the cave under the waterfall and swam to the dungeon.  She would come out when she got the call on the intercom they had installed there to be able to communicate with the house.

Fifteen minutes after the cheerleaders took off to hide, the Geeks that were helping Sarah showed up.  It was about forty minutes after the cheerleaders had taken off that all seven of them were there.  When they were all gathered, Sarah wheeled herself into the room and announced, “I wanted to thank you all for helping me with everything.  You all have really helped out a lot and you don’t know how much I appreciate it.  I have arranged for each of you to have your own little cheerleader fuck bunny as a reward for all of your help and as an incentive to get you to keep on helping me.  The JV Cheerleaders are all going through a little initiation right now.  They are all hiding out in the valley somewhere… naked.”

Sarah paused for a moment to let her words sink in.  The geeks all began to murmur and talk excitedly about what she just said.  Finally the president of the computer club that had a thing for Michelle asked, “Uh, excuse me Sarah.  Surely the cheerleaders aren’t going to just let us do what we want are they?  I mean, usually they wouldn’t have anything to do with us geeks.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right.  They won’t just let you do what you want.  We’ve set the situation up so that you will have the opportunity to get something on each of the girls that will allow you to blackmail them.  I assure you that what you will be able to get pictures of on the camera we give you will ensure their capitulation to you.  You see, I have a kennel full of specially trained dogs that like to mate with humans.  Those dogs are going to be hunting for the cheerleader that you are matched up with.  You will have a proximity locator that will go off when you are within a hundred yards of your target.  You will give the command ‘FUCK’ to the dog and let him go.  He will make a beeline for your cheerleader and I guarantee by the time you catch up, he will be on her back and fucking the hell out of her.  When you catch up, you will take pictures and video with the digital camera each of you will be given and by the way, get to keep.  The only requirement is that you will give me the discs of the pictures you take for me to hold onto.  You of course will need to have the balls to actually blackmail the cheerleader into doing what you want.  I guarantee that none of them will want to have pictures of her being fucked by a dog distributed to anyone.  Fucking a geek will be a small price to pay to keep you quiet. It is all up to you.  The leash that you initially take the dog out on will be the leash that you bring your cheerleader back in on.  If you don’t blackmail your cheerleader, don’t put the leash on her collar.  That way we’ll know that you didn’t get her to capitulate.  Does anyone have a problem with blackmailing a cheerleader to be their fuck bunny?”

One of the geeks raised his hand and asked, “I don’t have a problem with it but there is one of the cheerleaders that has lived next door to me my whole life.  She has made my life a total hell and I’d sure like to get some payback.  Will you let me have that one?”

Sarah said, “Give Heather the name and we’ll make sure that she is yours. Are there any other special requests?”

Another of the geeks raised his hand and said, “I’ve tried asking out one of the girls several times.  I’d do anything to be able to get together with her.  Tell me I can have her.  Her name is Sandy Chen.  She is the cutest little thing and I’d do almost anything to have her be my girl.”

Sarah smiled and said, “So does anyone object to him having Sandy?”

There were no objections so Sarah said, “She’s yours but remember, she won’t just be your girl after this, she will be your sex slave.  You will have the power to make her do anything you want.  How you do that of course is up to you.  Now I know that our computer club president has a thing for Michelle so he gets her.  I guarantee that she’ll be nice and compliant.  You all saw what Aminda and Michelle did in the cafeteria the other day.  That is the kind of power you are being offered over the cheerleader you get if you are man enough to take it.  Don’t be scared.  I guarantee that they will try and talk you out of what you are doing.  Just be firm and resolute in your insistence that they do what you want.  Now we have four left.  If none of you have a preference, we’ll just draw names out of a bowl.”

None of the other geeks had any objections so Angie brought a bowl over and let them draw.  One of the geeks was a tall skinny African American boy and he drew Aminda.  He smiled at the name he drew.  He had lusted after Aminda since the first time he saw her.  

The geeks all went out to the patio where there were seven dogs.  They were all large breeds and included, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Mastiffs and a Saint Bernard.  The Saint Bernard went to the Computer Club President.  This dog was already Michelle’s canine master.  He would give the boy a good show once he found Michelle.

The rest of the dogs were paired up with their geek and then given the clothes of the target cheerleader for that geek to get the scent.  Once they had the scent, each boy was given a 12 megapixel digital camera to take pictures with.  Each camera was also able to take a video of several seconds.  Of course all of the geeks couldn’t believe the quality of the camera they were given.  They were all top end cameras that were often used by professional photographers.  They were almost more excited about the cameras than the chance to get at a cheerleader.  Almost, but not quite.  Soon the boys were looking back at Sarah who had whistled to get their attention.  She said, “When you get back with your cheerleader, be sure to check in with Angie.  She will give you your new computer that we ordered for you.  By the end of the day, each of you is going to be the proud owner of a top of the line hacking laptop, a professional digital camera and a cheerleader fuck bunny.  That is if you are all man enough to take it.  On top of that, if you want to keep the dog, we can arrange for you to own the dog as well.  But you will have to either pay for the dog or do something for me like was done with the principal and Assistant Principal to get it for free.  Now go.  Time is wasting.

The geeks all took off, letting their dog lead them. The Saint Bernard led the Computer Club President to the waterfall pond.  The locator beacon went off when they were halfway down the path leading from the valley to the pond at the bottom of the waterfall.  The dog quickly ran up to Michelle who was sitting at the Gazebo by the pond.  She immediately got on all fours and let the dog mount her like he had done many times before.  As a thoroughly trained sex slave she didn’t even hesitate.  The Computer club President came up and took a few pictures of the dog fucking Michelle and then a little video.  Then he stripped out of his clothes and walked up in front of Michelle.  He said, “Your mistress said that you are mine now.  Will you suck me off Michelle?  I want you so bad.”

Michelle opened her mouth and took the boys six inch cock into her mouth.  She sucked away with all of the passion she could muster.  Every time she felt the boy getting ready to cum she would stop and clamp her lips down on the base of the boys cock to stop him from cumming.  She took the boy through a half dozen dry cums before she felt the Saint Bernard begin to cum.  She redoubled her efforts then and let the boy cum in her throat as the dog came in her cunt.  When the boy finished cumming, she held his cock in her mouth and gently licked it clean.  After a few moments, she started sucking his cock hard again.  When it was hard she took the cock out of her mouth and said, “While the dog is knotted with me, please fuck my ass.  That feels so good.  Please.”

Once Prince turned around ass end to ass end with Michelle, the boy moved to her ass end and straddled the dog.  He lined up his cock with her asshole and began to push it in.  Michelle relaxed her ass and let the cock slide in to the hilt.  She then begged, “Fuck me please.  Fuck that nice big cock up my tight little ass.  Oh god Fuck me.”

The boy began to pound hard into Michelle’s asshole.  He fucked her for about ten minutes before he came again.  Michelle actually had two orgasms while he did.  He pulled out of her ass and she said, “Bring that wonderful cock here and I’ll suck it clean for you.”

The boy said, “But it’s been in your ass.”

Michelle smiled sultrily and said, “I don’t mind if you don’t.  I’m trained to do that kind of thing.  Please let me do that for you.”

The boy did as she asked and as she sucked his cock clean, the dog pulled out of her gapping cunt.  The boy was amazed at the amount of cum that poured out of her distended cunt.  He had never seen anything like it.  Finally Michelle stood up and said, “I do believe you are to hook that leash on my collar and lead me in.  Thank you for a wonderful time.  Anytime you want me, I am yours.  There may be occasion that Sarah or Aminda may have me doing something and if that happens I will refuse you at the moment but as soon as I am done with what they want I will come to you for what you want.  You are my master now after Sarah and Aminda.  Sarah is my primary mistress and Aminda is my soul sister and mistress.  They always will come first to me but you are the next in line and no other man will be able to command me to do anything.  Only you will have that power.  Now attach that leash and take me back.”

The boy did as Michelle said.  He attached the leash and led her back to the house.  He was the first one back and they went into the house where he got the privilege of fucking her two more times before the afternoon was up. 

The next girl to get caught by the dog was Sandy Chen.  She was hiding in the woods in the valley almost directly opposite where the waterfall was.  When they were in range the locator beacon went off.  The boy bent down and gave the command ‘FUCK’ like he had been told and then released the dog.  He was a huge mastiff and was about twenty pounds heavier than the small half Asian girl that he was after.  She was only five foot one and had coal black hair.  She had dark brown eyes and weighed only one hundred pounds.  She had 32B tits, a 20 inch waist and 22 inch hips.  She was in very good shape and was well proportioned. 

Sandy had found a nice little hollow in the woods to hide in.  There was only one entrance and it was rather hard to find.  If she hadn’t tripped over a root and fell down, she would have missed it.  She figured no one would find her.  The dog of course tracked her by smell and went straight for the entry way.  When the huge mastiff burst into the well secluded clearing, she gave a scream of fear.  She remembered what Angie had said and got down into the fetal position on her arms and knees.  What she didn’t know was that this position was the exact position that the dogs had been trained to fuck when on the hunt.  The mastiff made a beeline to the poor girl and landed with his 120 pounds on her back.  He then proceeded to hump his cock at Sandy’s ass until his cock finally speared her tight cunt. 

Sandy was a virgin and had never even dated a boy.  Her parents wouldn’t let her.  Her father was Chinese and had always said that he would arrange for her to marry.  She knew no other way.  She had been raised to go to extreme lengths to protect her virginity.  She tried desperately to get free but to no avail.  The dog was just too strong for her.  He fucked her over and over until his knot sank deeply into her bleeding cunt.  She cried at being raped by the dog and losing her most priceless gift. 

About that time, the boy broke into the clearing and knelt there amazed at the site of the huge dog with is cock sunk into the poor girl’s cunt.  He finally shook himself out of it only to hear her scream, “Help me, get him off.  He’s killing me.  It hurts… it hurts.”

The boy forgot about everything he had been told and went to rescue the poor girl that he desperately loved from afar.  He grabbed hold of the dog and tried to drag him off of Sandy but she was knotted so tight that she was just drug around behind the dog.  She screamed in pain and finally begged him to stop.  The boy stopped trying to separate them and then sat down at the side of the clearing watching.  Sandy just cried and looked away from him.  Finally the boy remembered that he needed to take some pictures.  He took a few pictures and a little video of the girl clearly knotted with the dog.  He then sat down in front of Sandy and said, “I…I… have always admired you Sandy.  I would do anything for you.  I’d take the dog away from you if I could, but it would hurt you too much.  I…I…” he paused for a moment and then said, “I could sit here and try and blackmail you into doing things for me but I can’t do it.  I promise to never tell a soul about this.  I won’t even keep the pictures.” He didn’t tell her he would give them to Sarah.  “I promise that I will never tell a soul.  All I ask is that you allow me to date you and see what happens.  I just want us to get to know each other and see if things could work out.”

Sandy would have agreed to anything at that point.  She could tell that the boy meant what he said.  She asked, “You really mean it.  You won’t tell anyone about this.  Oh god, I’d do about anything to keep this from getting out.  My dad will kill me when he finds out that I lost my virginity.  He’ll disown me.  Oh god, no one will want me once they discover I was fucked by a dog.”

The boy declared, “That’s not true.  I would want you no matter what happens.  I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you.  I will always love you.  I promise that I will do whatever is necessary to take care of you and protect you.  Please give me a chance.”

Sandy finally said, “I promise that I will be your girl.  I don’t see how anyone else would ever want me anymore after this.  Besides, you’re the kind of guy my dad would like.”

The boy said, “I’ll tell you what.  I’ll go to your dad and ask him if I can take you out.  I’ll dress up real nice and everything.  I hope he will say yes.  Now I have to attach this leash to your collar to indicate I got you.  Please don’t tell anyone of the other cheerleaders that I didn’t fuck you or anything.  That would ruin everything.  I just want to be with you and have a chance to love you.  Will you let me attach the leash and come with me?”

Sandy shook her head and said, “Yes.  You have been wonderful.  I wish I had never joined the cheerleaders now.  I can’t believe what they have made us do.  I feel like reporting them to the cops.”

The boy almost panicked when she said that.  It took him a little while to think of a response to keep her from doing that and finally he said, “Do you really want to do that.  I mean, you would have to tell them about the dog fucking you and everything.  They would want pictures if they could get them.  Everyone would know what happened.  If you don’t report it, only you and I will know.”

Sandy thought about it and then said, “I guess you’re right.  I wouldn’t want the whole world to know that I’ve been fucked by a dog.  I promise not to say anything if you will.”

The boy smiled and said, “You just agreed to date me and try and get to know me to see if we get along with each other.  I would never do anything to jeopardize that.  I don’t care about the dog… as a matter of fact I find it kind of sexy that you fucked one.  Does that make me a pervert?”

Sandy blushed at him saying that he got excited at seeing her fucked by a dog.  She stared at him for a minute and then said, “I guess I can understand how you would get excited.  I mean, seeing me naked and then being fucked like that would excite anyone wouldn’t it?”

The boy smiled, “God I would have been just as excited just seeing you naked like this.  I didn’t need the dog to get me excited over you… it just made me more excited is all.”

Sandy smiled for the first time since the dog raped her.  She had never been told that she excited anyone.  She felt more like a woman at that moment than she ever had.  She took the boys hand tentatively and then squeezed it tight.  She said, “Thank you for being so understanding.  You know you probably could have blackmailed me into having sex with you after seeing me like that.  I would do just about anything to keep those pictures from getting out.  I promise to give you a real chance and not just brush you off.  You seem like a nice person.”  The two walked hand in hand like that all the way back to the house.  The boy held the leash in his other hand as they walked.

The next two cheerleaders were caught by the dogs and the boys came up to them and took lots of pictures of them getting fucked by the dog.  After they took the pictures and video they went up to the girls and made them suck them off.  One of them waited until the dog pulled out and then he fucked the poor cheerleader.  They hooked the leashes up to the cheerleaders and led them back to the house where they turned the camera discs into Angie and then the girls were led into the house. 

So far none of the girls had seen any of the others come in so none of them knew whether the others were caught by dogs or not.  They were so ashamed of what happened they didn’t dare talk about it with each other.  The girls were given their clothes and allowed to dress for the first time since the night before.  They were taken to a quiet room at the opposite side of the house.  Suk waited on them hand and foot; giving them snacks and drinks as if it were a simple dinner party.  The geeks were given their computers and were allowed to leave.  They knew that they each owned their respective cheerleader from that point on.  All of the girls were in a mild state of shock except for Michelle.  The reason she was so easy to catch was so she would be the first back so she could help ease the shock the girls were experiencing.  She began to tell wild stories about the initiation and how it was so daring and risqué.  She began to work on the other girls and pull them out of their funk.  So far she had about fifteen minutes between each of the girls so far. 

The fifth cheerleader to get caught was the one that had made fun of the boy his entire life.  When she saw the dog, she didn’t do as she had been told and get into a fetal position on her arms and knees.  The moment she saw the dog, she took off running down a trail through the woods.  The dog of course thought of this as great sport and he chased her down and began to nip at her heels until he tripped her up and she went crashing down to the ground.  The German Shepherd then began to nip at her from different angles and points of the body as he’d been trained until she was on all fours and trying to crawl away.  That was when he launched up onto her back and wrapped his front legs around her waist.  Finally the Shepherd began to hump his cock at her back side until he sank it into her tight virgin cunt. 

The boy came in just as the dog penetrated her cunt and took pictures of the event getting the picture of her horrified look of anguish as the dog’s cock penetrated her cunt.  He took picture after picture of the dog raping the poor cheerleader.  The cheerleader finally heard the click of the camera and turned around to look who was there.  She saw that it was the neighbor boy she had detested all these years.  She knew that she had teased him mercilessly and made his life a total hell.  She enticed boyfriends to beat the poor kid up numerous times.  Never the less she pleaded with him saying, “Larry, please help me.  Please get this dog off of me.  Don’t let him do this to me.  Please Larry.  Please… I beg you Larry, help me.”

Larry didn’t say a thing as he enjoyed taking pictures of the dog fucking his nemesis.  He finally filled up the disk with enough pictures and video that it wouldn’t hold any more.  During the whole time the girl just kept begging and getting louder screaming in panic, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you Larry.  Please help me.  Don’t let this dog do this.  Don’t take anymore pictures of it.  Please help me out of this. Please… I beg of you… have mercy on meeeee… pleeeaaase!”

Larry squatted down in front of the girl and grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head so he could look her in the eyes.  He said, “It’s not so fun being on the receiving end is it cunt.  You have made my life a living hell and I have dreamed of a moment like this.  No I haven’t got any mercy for you.  You are mine now.  Unless you want the world to see you being fucked by this dog and I mean your family, your minister, not to mention the entire school, you will do what I say, when I say from now on.  You don’t date any other boy, you go with me.  I own you now and if you don’t do as I say, I’ll make your life a holy hell.  If you do as I say, no one but you and me will know about this little event.  So what do you say little miss I’m too good for you.  Are you going to be my own personal little sex slave?”

The girl knelt there and cried as she was fucked by the dog.  This dog had an extra large knot and it was now battering away at her cunt, trying to force its way inside.  She had seen her dogs fucking before and knew what it was.  She knew that he had her beat anyway she looked at it.  All she could do to save her reputation was to capitulate.  She hoped she could convince him to stop the dog from knotting her.  She begged, “Please Larry, I’ll do what you want but don’t let him get his knot into me.  Please.  He’ll tear me up.”

Larry smiled and said, “I tell you what Rachel.  To show me just how much you mean it, I’ll let you suck me off and then get me hard again.  If he hasn’t got his knot in you by then I’ll pull him off but you have to let me fuck your asshole after I pull him off.  Before you answer, I could just let him knot you and then fuck your asshole at the same time.  Now what will it be?”

Rachel hesitated for a minute until she felt the knot almost get in and it scared her enough to agree saying, “Please, yes, anything.  I’ll do what you want just don’t let him force his knot into me.  He almost got it in that time.  Please hurry.”

The boy took his time releasing his cock and put it in front of her mouth.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks as she sucked his cock with everything she had.  She would do anything to keep that monster dog knot out of her cunt.  It was already killing her and it was just battering at her entrance.  Fortunately for her, Larry hadn’t masturbated for several days.  He quickly came after less than a minute.  It didn’t take her long to get him hard again.  When he was hard again, he moved around and attached the leash to the dog’s collar.  He pulled saying, “Heel Champ.”

The dog whined but got down at the command.  Larry just led him a step away from Rachel and ordered him to stay.  Rachel started to get up and when he noticed he said, “If you get up and run I’ll let him go and I won’t stop him next time.” 

Rachel gave up at that point because she knew that he meant every word.  She cried as the boy walked up to her and got onto his knees behind her.  He spit into his hand and rubbed the spit onto the head of his cock.  He pushed it against her virgin ass hole and began to push in.  Rachel screamed from the pain as he forced inch after inch of his seven inch by two inch cock.  He didn’t stop until his cock was in all of the way.  He stopped for a moment to rest and let his over stimulated cock settle down so he wouldn’t cum too soon.  After a few moments he started pulling out his cock.  Once he had it almost all of the way out, he forced it in to the hilt again.  He began to saw his cock in and out over and over again and again. 

For ten more minutes, Larry fucked Rachel’s ass.  After five he reached under her and began to finger her clit with one hand and knead and pinch her tits and nipples with the other.  He worked at her most sensitive areas and began to excite her.  Rachel of course didn’t want to be excited by this rape but there was no stopping nature.  The final straw was when Larry leaned down and took her left ear into his mouth and sucked and chewed on it.  That was all it took after a few minutes and Rachel erupted into an orgasm.  Just as she finished cumming, she felt the warmth of Larry’s cum spreading up her bowels.  That set her off into another orgasm.  She cried at the violation and she hated that she enjoyed being raped by the boy she hated most.  The boy that now blackmailed her and would control her life from now on.  She cried at her loss of innocence. 

When Larry was done cumming he pulled out and walked around in front of Rachel.  He wanted to do one more thing to cement his control over the girl.  He presented his shit and cum covered cock to Rachel’s mouth and ordered, “Suck my cock clean.  I can’t have your filthy shit contaminating my cock.  Suck it clean and show me that I own you or I’ll send those pictures out as soon as I get home, and don’t think I won’t.  It would make me almost as happy to humiliate you like that after all of the times you have humiliated me and had me beat up.  Now do it slave.  Show me that you know your place.”

Rachel let out a loud wail as she gave in to Larry’s orders and took the filthy cock into her mouth.  She took one suck on the filthy cock and it was more than she could take.  She immediately released the cock and turned her head and threw up onto the ground.  Larry waited until the girl quit throwing up and then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.  He presented his shit covered cock to her mouth again and ordered, “Take it in your mouth and clean it bitch.  If you throw up again, I’ll piss down your throat and see how you like that.  Now clean me off like I ordered.”

Rachel swallowed the bile that was trying to force itself up out of her stomach.  She closed her eyes and tried to think about anything but about what she was doing.  She took his cock and sucked it clean, swallowing down everything that threatened to come up again.  It took her a while but finally he was satisfied.  He pulled his now clean cock out of her mouth.  He reached into his pocket and pulled the leash out.  He hooked it onto Rachel’s collar and as he did he said, “This will do until I can get you your own collar.  I’ll bring it to you Monday at school.  I’ll expect you to wear it all of the time from now on.  If at any time you refuse an order I give you, I’ll release every one of the pictures and video on this camera.  Now let’s get you back to the house.” 

Larry led Rachel, with her head hanging down in defeat, back to the mansion.  Of all the girls returning, she was the one that was the most shocked and looked the most defeated.  Her spirit had been crushed in the rape of all of her virgin holes.  She had been thinking of having sex but had never in her wildest nightmares imagined that it would happen like it did.  When she got back, Angie gave her clothes back but had to help her get dressed.  She tried to get Rachel to talk about it but she wouldn’t say what happened.  She just stared into space in a state of shock and went through the motions of getting dressed.  When she entered the room with the other cheerleaders, they were all chatting away as if nothing had happened.  Michelle saw the look of shock on her face and knew what it meant.  She immediately went up to her and gave her a hug telling her, “It’ll be okay Rachel.  The initiation is over now.  There is nothing to stand in your way now.  You are a member of the most elite team in the high school.  Everyone will look at you and think how they want to be like you.  Now don’t fret, this day will eventually pass out of your thoughts and you will come to appreciate everything you have.  Now come on and let’s talk about what we’re going to do for the game coming up.  We need to start figuring out what cheers we want to do.  That’ll take your mind off of things.”

The final cheerleader was well hidden and went deep into the woods.  It took the guy a while to finally fight his way through the thick bush to find the girl.  When the locator beacon finally went off, the guy thought he had been walking forever.  He had lots of scratches from the branches that whipped him as he made it through the woods.  He couldn’t believe the girl would go this far into the woods.  He let the dog loose and it took off like a bat out of hell.  The boy ran after the dog only to stop at a clearing to see the dog crouched down and growling at a mountain lion.  The lion was dividing his attention between the girl who was up high into the tree and the dog and boy that arrived.  The boy had a three inch bladed knife in his pocket that locked open.  He looked around for a large stick or something to use.  He noticed in a tree just a little bit back the way he came that had a dead branch within reach.  He ran up to it and jumped up to grab it.  The branch gave way with his weight and he fell to the ground.

The loud noise was enough to focus the mountain lion’s attention on him and not the dog.  The lion charged him as he scrambled to his feet.  If it hadn’t been for the dog cutting the big cat off and launching into him from the side, he would have been the victim.  There was a bit of a fight between the dog and the cat until they finally separated.  The lion backed away from the dog momentarily in the direction of the boy.  He rushed up and swung the big branch he had broken off into the middle of the lion’s back.  The cat yowled in pain from the hit.  When the cat turned to attack his new assailant, the dog attacked again.  The two got into a wrestling match with the dog’s teeth locked on its throat.  Finally the cat broke free and ran off. 

The boy watched to make sure that the lion kept going before turning his attention back to the girl in the tree.  He walked up to the base of the tree and looked up to the petrified girl and said, “It’s safe to come down now.  I won’t bite I promise.  We need to hurry though, my dog was seriously injured and we need to get him back so he can be patched up.  You’re Mindy, aren’t you?”

The girl shook her head yes and said, “Y…yes.  You’re Zack, aren’t you?  We have computer class together.  Y…you’re like the computer genius of the school from what I hear.  You’re my hero Zack.  It took a lot of guts to face that lion like you did.  I was scared shitless that he would climb this tree and get me.  You saved my life.”

Zack looked down at the ground and kind of kicked a stick that was there and said, “Aw, anybody would have done the same.”

By that time the naked cheerleader had gotten down out of the tree and had approached him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as she said, “No they wouldn’t.  Most guys our age would have taken off and tried to go get help.  You stayed and face that monster for me.  No one has ever done anything like that for me.  I’m yours if you want me.”

Zack looked her in the eyes and saw that she really meant what she said.  He asked, “You mean you want to be with me, a computer geek?”

Mindy shook her head no as she stared lovingly into his eyes and said, “No, I want to be with you my hero.  You saved me Zack.  No one has ever cared for me that much, not even my own worthless father.  I give myself to you now.  I’m yours for the taking.”

Zack smiled and said, “As much as I want to take you up on that offer, we have an injured dog to get back.  He’s every bit the hero that I am.  He fought that lion off.  Maybe if we get him back in time we can save him.  If we do you can either take him home with you once he’s healed or I’ll take him home with me if you can’t.  He’s every bit your dog as I am your man.” 

Zack couldn’t believe he was talking like that.  He had never been that confident before around girls.  He knew it was the nature of the situation they were in.  He hoped as time went on that she meant what she said.  He had no way of knowing that she not only meant every word but that she would do anything for him at that point.  After living a miserable life with a drunken father who molested her since she was twelve, he was the first person to really show that he cared about her in anyway.  She was smitten and would truly do anything for her hero.  Time would tell as the relationship developed just what kinds of demands he would make on her.  She agreed that it was important to try and save the poor dog.  She had never had a pet before but she would defy her dad to get to keep this one if they could save him. 

Zack picked the shepherd up in his arms and carried him back through the heavy brush.  There were times he had to put the dog down because he was just too heavy to carry the whole way but they finally made it back.  It took them almost an hour to make their way back to the mansion.  When they were coming up, they were seen a ways out and Sarah knew something was wrong.  She called doggyslut and ordered her to get Geri down immediately.

Geri came running when doggyslut told her that her services were needed.  When she got down to the patio, Zack and Mindy were just walking up.  Both of them were covered with blood from scratches from running through the trees.  Zack in particular was covered with blood from the poor dog.  When they came to the patio Geri started to try and examine them first.  Mindy was the first to tell her, “Don’t worry about us.  We just have a few scratches.  If this dog isn’t fixed up soon, he’ll die.  He saved our lives from a mountain lion.  Please tell me you can save him.”

Geri said, “I don’t know much about dogs but I can try and stabilize him until we can get a vet here.  Bring him inside and let’s put him on the kitchen table where I’ll have lots of light.  Karen, get on the phone and get a vet in here now.  Have suk go get me shaving cream and a razor, some bandages and there are a few suture kits up in the medical equipment cart in Carl’s room that I got just in case we had any minor emergencies.  I think this is way more than that.  Also get me a bag of the IV normal saline and the IV kit with it.  It has all of the tubes and needles we need.  Angie, bring that hat rack over here so we can hang the IV on it.  This dog has lost a lot of blood and we need to get some fluids into him pretty quick.”

Geri spent the next few minutes strapping the dog down to the table to keep him from moving.  She then quickly located a vein on the dog large enough to put a needle in.  When she found one, she quickly lathered the area up and shaved it exposing the bulging vein.  She quickly strapped the leg down a little bit more so that he wouldn’t move it and when it was stabilized, she put the IV in and started it.  Once that was done she began to tend to the wounds.  She would shave the hair away from the wound and then clean it and stitch it.  Her time in surgery came in handy when she found that there was a vein in his neck under the collar that had been punctured slightly.  She realized that this was the wound that was the most life threatening.  She knew she didn’t have the skill to repair it but she also knew that if she could hold a finger against the hole it would slow down the loss of blood.  She couldn’t believe the dog hadn’t bled out already.  She figured that the wound had been small enough that it had clotted up and that the collar had acted to keep pressure on the wound when the dog’s neck swelled up from the injuries.  This was the only thing that she could figure would have stopped the bleeding over and over again.  The fact that Zack had carried him back probably saved his life.  She explained to Zack what she needed him to do and he tried to put his finger against the exposed vein but it was too big to get in without causing the animal more pain and causing more damage.  She looked at Mindy who was still standing next to Zack naked as the day she was born.  Mindy didn’t hesitate and reached down.  Her petite fingers fit into the wound nicely and she was able to hold the tip against the small puncture in his neck and keep it from bleeding out. Geri found and stitched up half a dozen small wounds from the lion’s teeth until finally there was nothing left for her to do.

Having finished all she could do with the dog, she turned her attention to Zack and Mindy.  She cleaned up and bandaged all of the scrapes that she had from running through the trees to get away from the lion.  She had been lucky that she had been able to find a tree with low hanging branches that she could climb to get away from the big cat but in running to it, she had been horribly scratched by the small branches in the forest.  She was just glad to be alive.  She was lucky that she was alive and she owed it to the dog and her hero Zack. 

It was moments after Geri finished patching up Zack that the vet arrived.  He looked at the job that Geri had done on the dog and told her that he couldn’t have done any better.  He looked at the punctured vein and went out to his car.  He brought in an emergency surgery kit he kept for when he was out on a farm away from his office.  It had everything he would need.  He gave the dog a sedative and then with Geri’s help, they stitched the small puncture closed and then closed the wound.  When he was done, the vet left enough pain killers and tranquilizers to keep the dog under until it had healed enough to be active without danger of having the punctured vein rupture again.  When he was done, Karen paid him and he left. 

While all of the excitement with the dog was going on at the mansion, Angie called and told Aminda to come in.  She jumped into the pool in the cave and swam out to the water fall.  On the shore of the pool below the waterfall, her canine master, a big Great Dane named Aaron, was sitting, staring into the water.  He had been there for the last few hours.  He had tracked his bitch to this point and knew that she would come back here.  When the black boy that led the dog there, got there, he was excited because the proximity indicator was going off and he thought he would be one of the first to get back.  He had arrived just as Michelle and the computer club president were leaving.  He figured that Aminda would also be just as easy to find.  He was wrong.  He searched everywhere including behind the waterfall.  He never thought to dive down at the base of the waterfall and see if there was a cave there. 

The poor black boy was finally fed up with waiting and got up to leave.  He left the dog behind and just headed back along the path to the valley.  About that time, Aaron started barking.  When he turned around to see what was happening, he saw Aminda come up out of the water in the middle of the pool.  He turned and ran back to where Aaron was standing barking and waited for Aminda to get out of the water.  Aminda walked right up to him and said, “There has been an incident with one of the other cheerleaders.  Let’s get back to the mansion to see if we can help.  Once we find out what happened, I promise that you’ll get everything you ever dreamed of.  Just keep this nice little rod hard for me and I will take care of it.”  She grabbed his cock through his pants when she said the last bit.  She grabbed Aaron’s leash and said, “Heel Aaron”.

They made their way back to the mansion.  They got back just as the vet was leaving.  They got the story from Heather and Angie about the mountain lion attack and Aminda rushed in to see how Mindy was holding up.  She found her and Zack locked in a tight embrace, kissing like their lives depended on it.  Aminda giggled under her breath and then said, “Hey you two.  Let’s finish up the cheerleader thing and then you guys can find a room and finish what you started.  Zack, why don’t you stay here with the dog and Geri while we go finish up things?”

Aminda grabbed Mindy by the hand and pulled her to the patio.  They got their clothes and quickly got dressed.  They then went into the room with the other cheerleaders along with Heather and Angie.  Heather was the one to speak up and said, “Your initiation is over.  I know it was very trying for some of you and a life saving affirmation for others.”  She looked at Mindy when she said that.  She continued saying, “I want you to know that whatever happened here will stay here.  No one will ever know except those of us that are here.  Not even the other varsity cheerleaders will know.  We are all a team however and I expect that you will all support me when I tell you what needs to be done.  I am the Varsity Cheerleader Captain and therefore what I say goes.  Second to me is Aminda.  She is the JV Cheerleader Captain.  As long as you do what we tell you, everything will be fine.  Fail to do as you’re told and that’s the end of you being on the cheerleading team among other things, if you know what I mean.  I know that you each have a different cross to bear but I know you have the strength to handle whatever life throws at you.  You are a cheerleader aren’t you?  And being a cheerleader means that you can do anything that you set your mind to.  You are the school elite.  You are the ones that lead the school.  We are the top of the food chain and don’t you ever forget it.  Now does anyone have anything to say?”

There was silence for a minute and then Aminda spoke up saying, “I just want to tell you how much I admire what each of you accomplished this weekend.  It took a lot of inner strength to make it through such a tough initiation.  We are all sisters and should count on each other for support.  Please feel free to come to me or Michelle if you need anything.  I’m sure we will be able to make our cheerleading team the best the school has ever had.   Besides, my adoptive family has decided to support us going to all of the cheerleading events the cheerleaders have wanted to go to in the past.  Now we have some snacks for you in the family room.  When you are ready to leave, please just let suk know and I will have her get a driver to take you home.  Now Michelle, Aminda and Angie will be here to talk to if you need us.  Mindy, I think you have a guest that is waiting on you.  Just ask suk for what you need, she’ll show you without asking any questions.  Let’s go get something to eat.”

The girls all followed Aminda to the kitchen and got snacks.  The girls that returned the earliest were the first to go.  They ate and they chatted a bit.  No one was too talkative considering the events that had occurred that day.  Mindy did find Zack and had suk take them to a room.  When they were alone, they finally got down to making love.  There was no hesitation from either as they stripped quickly out of their clothes.  They got on the bed and passionately began to kiss each other.  They didn’t take long before Mindy turned around and began to kiss her way down to his cock.  She quickly made her way to her objective and took his cock into her mouth.  She began to suck him with all of the passion she could muster.  Zack reached over and pulled her over into a sixty nine position.  They pleasured each other that way and Zack was able to get to two cums before he came.  Mindy sucked the cum down and drank it all.  She continued sucking gently until he got hard again.  She then straddled him and guided his cock into her soaking wet cunt.  She leaned forward and kissed Zack with all of the passion she could muster as she rocked back and forth on his cock.  For twenty minutes she fucked him, cumming over and over as they shared their newfound love for each other. 

Finally Zack came and Mindy collapsed onto him, kissing him and telling him sweet nothings.  She said, “I’m sure glad that lion came.  I couldn’t be happier to have met my knight in shining armor out here.  I’ll always be yours Zack, as long as you want me.”

Zack answered, “Then that will be forever because I never plan on giving you up.  Let’s get dressed and then we’ll get a ride home. Can I take you out after the game next Friday?

Mindy answered, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

They both finished getting dressed and left the room.  They quickly got a ride home.  Aminda waited until all but Mindy had left before she took the black boy that waited so patiently for her.  She talked with him while she waited for all of the cheerleaders to leave.  When the last of them left, she took Sean up to her room and fucked him for all she was worth.  She sucked him off, fucked him and let him take her anally as well.  When they were done fucking, Aminda turned to him and told him, “Anytime you want me, you just give me a call.  I’ll come running as soon as I can.  That’s your gift for helping Sarah.  Thank you for everything you are doing for her.  Now let’s get dressed and go get your computer so you can go home.  I had fun.”

Sean said, “God you are a dream come true.  I want you to know that you took my virginity.  It was better than anything I could have imagined.  I hope we can do this again and again and again.  I think I could fall in love with you.”

Aminda answered, “Let’s just take it a day at a time and see what happens.  If things work out, maybe you and I can be together.  We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Aminda escorted Sean down to the patio where Heather was waiting with Sarah, Angie and Michelle.  Angie cracked, “Bout time you wore him out.  I was beginning to think you lost your touch.  Here’s your computer stud.  Go out to the living room and suk will get you a ride home.  Thanks for coming.”

Sean picked up his computer and camera and left.  He told Aminda and Sarah, “I promise, I’ll work doubly hard to see if I can find something on someone for you.”

Sarah spoke up and said, “I have a new task for you Sean.  I want you to trace some genealogy for me.  I want you to trace back the lines of Karen Peterson and Darrell Mitchell.  Go talk to Karen and she’ll give you all of the particulars.  I want you to trace the line as far back as it goes.  I want to know who my great grandparents are; my great, great grandparents and so on as far back as you can go.  As long as you are making progress, you will have access to Aminda.  If I don’t think you are doing enough then you won’t.  If you feel as if you need more help, then let me know and I’ll get it for you.  As long as you keep me informed about what you are doing and give me good status reports, good or bad then I’ll be happy.  Do you understand?”

Sean smiled and said, “Yeah I understand.  I can do that.  There are a lot of local sources for doing genealogy research here and on the internet.  I’ve done some of that kind of thing for my mom.  She is really into that stuff.  I’ll get on it as soon as I can.  See you guys.”

Sarah said as he was leaving, “Why don’t you wait in the living room.  I’ll send Karen to you so you can get all of the information you can before you leave.”

After Sean left, Sarah said, “Let’s go relieve Karen at the cabin and see how things are going.  I’m sure she could use a little break about now.  She needs to go talk to Sean before he leaves too.”

They went down to the cabin where they found Karen sitting in a chair next to the tormented Tamara.  She was going through the beginning of the third iteration of the first series of brainwashing.  It was agreed that Angie, Aminda and Michelle would watch over her as the computer guided the brainwashing and conversion of Tamara from an independent young high school cheerleader to a groveling sex slave.  Angie took the first shift and they decided to switch off every four hours after that.  Aminda would be second and Michelle would follow her.  They would keep switching until seven pm on Sunday evening.

Finally seven pm came around.  Sarah, Heather, Aminda and Michelle were there.  Angie had just been relieved and left to go to do some homework before she went to bed.  Aminda and Michelle quickly released the wrist and ankle straps.  They helped Tamara up off of the table and started removing the clamps and cables.  When that was done they unzipped the suit and stripped the suit off of her. 

Tamara was still out of it after being brainwashed for so long.  She wavered on her feet as everything started to congeal in her mind from the lack of stimulus.  She had been brought to untold orgasms and experienced more pain in the last forty two hours than most people do in a life time.  Finally she was let free and all of that pleasure and pain was still reverberating throughout her entire being.  She associated the pleasure with obeying her priestess and her goddess and the pain with disobedience. 

After a few minutes, Tamara began to look around the room to see who and what was there.  After passing over Sarah and Heather without recognition a couple of times, she finally looked at them.  She gasped in shock at seeing them.  She fell immediately to her knees facing Sarah and leaned down with her nose to the ground and her arms outstretched.  She declared, “This lowly and worthless servant is yours to do with as you please my goddess. Please tell me how I may serve you.”

Sarah smiled and got up out of her wheelchair and slowly walked over to her.  She used her left hand to hold onto the table that Tamara had been strapped to for so long to steady herself.  She was wearing a skirt and had purposely left her panties off.  She ordered, “You are doing well my low and trusty servant.  As a reward, I will allow you to drink the nectar of your goddess from its source.”

Sarah stood there and waited as the slow wheels turned in Tamara’s still somewhat confused mind.  Finally she understood what Sarah meant and she scrambled up onto her knees and walked on them to Sarah.  She immediately ducked her head under Sarah’s skirt and began to suck on her cunt.  Tamara let out a very audible sigh of pleasure as she sucked on Sarah’s cunt.  As she did, Sarah looked at Michelle and ordered, “Go get me Prince.  I want to see just how well this worked.”  About that time she tripped over into an orgasm.

Michelle left as Sarah came.  When Sarah finished cumming she ordered, “You may stop now my faithful follower.  It is time for you to meet your priestess who will teach you how you may best serve your goddess.  Drink of her nectar as she tells you how your life is to best be lived to serve your goddess.”

Tamara quickly followed Sarah’s orders.  There was no thought of disobedience.  She walked on her knees over to Heather.  Heather had to strip off the pants and panties she was wearing.  Tamara didn’t even hesitate to begin to suck on her blond haired cunt.  Heather smiled as she thought how low that Tamara had been brought.  Just two days ago she would have killed her if she suggested sucking off another girl.  Now she was doing it with relish like it was the most important thing for her to do.  Of course it was because her goddess had ordered it. 

Finally as Tamara licked and sucked on her, Heather read a list of rules for Tamara.  She said, “Tamara my acolyte, you are on the beginning of your journey to be able to serve your goddess with your full heart and soul.  As your priestess, I am responsible for you at all times.  I am the one you come to for guidance when you are conflicted or when you think that you are confused.  I will always be available to guide you no matter what.  I will give you my cell phone before you leave.  Always make sure you have yours with you.  Now the first rule is that you will live your life as you normally would.  No one at school or at home is to know who your goddess and priestess are.  To them you will act normally.  Rule two is that you will study hard.  I know that you are a C student right now but are capable of more.  How can you serve your Priestess and goddess with all of your ability in the future if you aren’t well trained?  You will plan on going to college and study a major that will produce a good income.  Third rule is that you will always be available to me or your goddess Sarah twenty four hours a day.  If we call and give you an order you jump.  You don’t hesitate no matter what.  We may want to humiliate you or we may want to use you to further your goddess’ mission.  Either way you will immediately do what it takes to follow orders even if it means to sneak out of your house in the middle of the night.  Fourth rule is that nothing is out of bounds for Sarah or me to command of you.  You will do it and receive great pleasure in knowing that you have served us well.  Fifth rule is that you will dress sexily.  You will wear short miniskirts and see through blouses without panties or bras.  You will flirt with every boy like the bimbo that you are but you will not let anyone touch you unless it is Sarah or me that commands it.  Sixth rule is that you will always feel humiliated at doing the disgusting things that your Priestess and Goddess command of you.  You will never lose that innocence you once had.  You will accept that your humiliation is the sacrifice you must make to satisfy your Priestess and Goddess.  Finally, you will have to explain your lack of hair to everyone.  You will explain to your family that a friend at school is sick and you shaved it off in support of her.  To people at school you will tell them that you have a distant cousin that is sick and you are doing it to support them.  You will do this with pleasure knowing that you are the way you are because your goddess and priestess want you this way.  Of course every time someone comments about your bald head, you will look down in humiliation about it while you explain why you are bald.  Do you understand my acolyte?”

Tamara stopped sucking on Heather long enough to say, “Yes mistress” then she went right back to sucking Heather off.  Heather came hard shortly after that.  A couple of minutes later Michelle came in with Prince.  She brought him right up to Tamara and ordered him to lie down.  He immediately did and Michelle began to rub the sheath of his cock.  Heather watched for a minute and then ordered, “Tamara, watch what Michelle is doing.  I want you to take over for her.  When the cock comes out, you will suck it until you receive the ambrosia of the gods.  You will drink that down until you have exhausted his supply.”

They all watched as Tamara reached out and began to rub Prince’s cock sheath back and forth.  When the tip of his cock edged out, she bent down and began to lick and suck the end.  As she did she blushed in humiliation from doing such a disgusting thing, but knew her Priestess had commanded it.  Prince’s cock began to come out more quickly then and Tamara began to suck on it with relish.  She made a kind of purring sound as she did letting them all know that she was enjoying sucking the ambrosia of the gods from the source.  She had a happy contented look on her face as she sucked and sucked away.  It took about ten minutes until Prince finally came and came.  Tamara sucked down every drop except for a few drops that leaked out of the corners of her mouth.  She took her fingers and scrapped the cum into her mouth and slurped it up.  She looked at Heather and said, “Thank you Priestess for allowing your humble servant to have such wonderful ambrosia.  Your servant is humbled at the reward you have given her.  Is there any way I can serve you now?”

Heather smiled and said, “No my acolyte.  You may dress in your cheerleading uniform and go home now.  I’ll see you tomorrow at school.  Remember how I told you to dress.  I will be inspecting you when you get to school.  If I am not happy, you will not get any more nectar or ambrosia and I will punish you.”

Tamara looked worried and said, “I will do my best Priestess.  I am yours to command.”

Aminda led Tamara to the house and gave her a short skirt and blouse to wear that complied with Heather’s instructions.  Tamara didn’t even hesitate to put them on.   She quickly got dressed.  Aminda then had suk get her a ride home.  Heather and Sarah came in shortly after that.  They were both talking and laughing about the change that occurred in Tamara.  They just couldn’t believe the change in their nemesis.  They now had a willing slave that they could use and abuse at any time.

Sarah hugged Heather and thanked her for acting so quickly to resolve what could have been a disastrous event for them all.  She said, “Heather, you now have a huge responsibility to take care of Tamara.  She will be lost without you.  You are welcome to bring her out here at anytime.  We have a place you can play with her at.  You are at the beginning of learning what it is like to be a mistress with a slave.  I promise you it is worth it if you take care of your slaves.  Tamara will do anything for you now.  She is yours to do with as you please.  Just keep me informed.  You are welcome here at anytime.  Just give me a call and I will arrange for you to get out here.  Thanks for everything.  It’s been a good couple of days thanks to you.”

Heather returned Sarah’s hug and said, “I couldn’t believe how turned on I got at ordering Tamara around.  I promise that I will take a very active role in her humiliation and development as a slave.  I do want to see just how far I can push her.  From what I saw tonight, there isn’t going to be much she wouldn’t do.  I can’t tell you how much that excites me.  I promise to keep you informed about all of the cheerleaders.  I hope we won’t have to do this again, but I won’t hesitate if it is necessary. Look at the time.  I need to get home before mom and dad get mad.  Talk to you later.”

Heather left the house and got into the car waiting for her.  She was quickly gone.  The girls and Karen all went up to Sarah’s bedroom and had a little orgy to celebrate. 

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