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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 78 Tamara’s Humiliation

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 78

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 78, Tamara’s Humiliation

The next morning at school, Heather was waiting for Tamara at the main entrance to the school.  Heather had gotten there early to make sure she caught Tamara before she went into the building.  She had her back pack that she normally carried her books in and another gym bag full of items she had borrowed from Sarah.  The first bell rang and still there was no sign of Tamara.  She was beginning to get a little worried.  It was just a couple of minutes to the last bell that she finally saw Tamara approaching.  She could tell immediately that her orders to Tamara to dress sexy had not been followed.  Tamara wore a normal blue skirt that came half way down her thighs.  Her blouse was a light blue and did nothing to show off her figure.  In short, she looked just like she did everyday at school.  Heather had seen her in this outfit numerous times in the last couple of years.

As Tamara approached closer, it was obvious that she was crying.  She looked like she had just lost her best friend.  She saw Heather waiting at the door and the tears redoubled and she began to physically sob as if she were in pain.  She stopped in front of Heather and stood there with her head down and staring at the ground.

Heather reached out with her hand and turned Tamara’s head so that she was looking her in the eye.  She said, “You don’t follow orders very well.  I wouldn’t call that sexy.  You don’t look any different than you normally do.”

Tamara burst out apologetically, “I’m sorry Priestess.  I tried to dress properly.  I had a skirt on that I wore in Junior high.  It was very tight and very short.  My blouse was sheer white and you could barely see through it.  It was a very sexy outfit.  Unfortunately my mom caught me on the way out of the house.  It was bad enough that mom and dad have grounded me for a month for shaving my head.  But when mom caught me dressed that way she actually slapped me and called me a little tramp and made me go change.  I’m sorry Priestess but I tried, I didn’t mean to disobey you.”

Heather wasn’t swayed by Tamara’s statement.  She was sure that Tamara was telling the truth.  But she wasn’t going to let her slide.  She knew she had to exert stronger control over her.  She said, “Tamara, I want you to think real hard for a minute.  I know that’s hard for you but you must.  Who is it that brings you the greatest of pleasure?”

Tamara looked down at the ground again as she answered, “You and Goddess Sarah do Priestess.”

Heather continued, “And what happens when you refuse to obey our orders?”

Tamara cried harder now as she said, “I feel so badly that I hurt.”

Heather answered, “That’s right.  Goddess Sarah and I bring you great pleasure and you feel pain when you disobey us.  What happens when you disobey your parents?”

Tamara answered, “They get mad at me.  I’ve never disobeyed my parents before.  I don’t like to make them mad at me.  I love them.”

Heather asked, “Do you love them more than Goddess Sarah and me?”

Tamara gasped in shock and quickly answered, “Oh no priestess.  I love you and Goddess Sarah more than anything.”

“Then why didn’t you follow my orders and ignore your parents?” Heather asked in a demanding tone.

Tamara stood there and physically shook as she sobbed out her misery at letting down her priestess. Finally she stammered, “I…I…I s…s…should have followed your orders and not listened to my parents?”

Heather nodded her head and answered, “Yes you should have ignored your parents.  Now you know you have to be punished for your offense to your priestess and goddess.  I don’t care how mad your parents get at you; you will follow our orders over all others.  Since you are obviously incapable of making decisions on your own, you just let Goddess Sarah and I do that for you.  Now as part of your punishment, you are to begin to argue about every little thing with your parents.  I want you to actively go out of your way to do things that make them mad at you.  Make their lives miserable.”

Tamara looked at Heather with shock.  She blurted out, “But they will kick me out of the house.”

Heather said, “Then at least you could follow your goddess’ and priestess’ orders, couldn’t you?”

Tamara answered with a surprised, “Yes priestess.”

“Then your goal is to make their lives so miserable that they will kick you out of the house.  You do have a brother don’t you?”  Heather asked.

“Yes priestess.” Tamara answered.”

Heather then commanded, “You are ordered to seduce your brother and your father.  Do it tonight if possible.  Do it so that you will get caught by your mother.  That will be part of your punishment for disobeying your priestess.”

Tamara looked at Heather with shock.  She couldn’t believe she would order her to have sex with her brother and father.  She was about to tell her she couldn’t do it when she felt pain all over her body like she did every time she decided to disobey her priestess or goddess.  She finally said, “But that would be incest priestess.  That’s sick.”

Heather had seen the flash of pain that Tamara had experienced from the pained expression on her face.  She had also expected a response like Tamara gave.  She finally said in an accusing tone, “So you’re calling your priestess and goddess sick now are you?  I guess that you need more punishment then.  Now are you going to follow my orders or not?”

Tamara was at war with herself.  Her programming demanded that she obey but what she was being asked to do was something she had been taught all of her life was abhorrent.  There was a terrific war going on between her programmed conscious and her old conscious that hadn’t been totally erased.  She tried a couple of times to start to say she couldn’t do it but each time she made the decision she felt severe pain begin to flourish all over her body.  She stopped before she said anything each time that happened.  Finally she lowered her head in defeat and said as tears streamed down her cheeks, “I’ll follow my priestess’ orders.”  As she said that she felt a great rush of pleasure stream through her entire core.  It felt to her almost as if she had an orgasm.  She let out a moan as the pleasure swept through her.

Heather had seen the battle that Tamara had been having through the expressions on her face.  When Tamara agreed she saw the pleasurable look of rapture that occurred on her face.  She finally said, “That’s good tramp.  I think that’s what I’ll call you from now on.  Your mother had it right because you are nothing but a tramp.  You obviously aren’t even ready to be called an acolyte yet.  So when I call tramp, you come running, do you understand?”

Tamara answered, “Yes mistress.”

Heather continued as the last bell rang; “Now you’ve made me late for class and that just adds more to your punishment.  Here are some new rules for you.  You will always dress like the tramp you are.  To help you to that end, your goddess and I will take you to the mall after school to buy you your new clothes that you are to wear from now on.  Do you have any money saved in a bank account?”

Tamara responded, “Yes priestess.  I have a little over thirty thousand dollars saved for college.  I have a debit card in my purse for that account.”

Heather smiled and said, “That’s good, then there will be no limits on what we can buy at the mall.  Now the next part of your punishment is that for every new male that you get ambrosia from, you will get a new piercing.  We’ll find something suitable for you to wear in your piercings at the mall.  I see that you have two piercings already but you have done nothing to earn them.  Sometime today, expect for that to be taken care of.  I won’t tell you when but rest assured that you will know when the time comes.  Because you can’t follow orders, you must take your ambrosia in every hole you have available.  That means that you will take their ambrosia in the mouth, ass or cunt.  Rotate each time so that you never receive ambrosia in the same place two times in a row.  Do you understand tramp?”

Tamara looked down at the ground and answered, “Yes priestess.”

Heather reached down and opened the gym bag of goodies she had.  She pulled out a short black miniskirt that belonged to Sara.  It was about four sizes too small for Tamara.  She also pulled out a white almost see through blouse.  She handed them to Tamara and said, “Get dressed in these.”

Tamara took them and began to walk into the school.  Heather demanded, “Where are you going.  I didn’t tell you that you could leave yet.”

Tamara stopped and stuttered, “I…I w…was g…going to change priestess.”

Heather smiled wickedly as she said, “No tramp.  You change right here.”

Tamara couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She looked around and saw that there was no one around but to change clothes out in the open like this was humiliating.  She looked at Heather with a forlorn look on her face and asked, “Do I have to?”

Heather answered, “You know you do.  I ordered it so you have to do it or you are disobeying your priestess and you know what happens when you disobey.  Now that hesitation has cost you more punishment.  I would start doing things immediately if you ever want to quit racking up punishments.”

Tamara let out a sob of humiliation as she began to take off the clothes she had on.  She had on a bra and panties and was beginning to put the new clothes on over them when Heather ordered, “Stop tramp.  You know that I ordered you not to wear panties or bra now don’t you?”

Tamara answered slowly and hesitantly out of guilt for disobeying that order.  She said, “I’m sorry priestess.  My mother told me to wear them so I did.”

Heather said in an irritated voice, “So again you obeyed your mother and disobeyed me.”

Tamara felt a wave of pain flow through her because of her conditioning as Heather told her that she had disobeyed her.  She looked down at the ground and stared at it as if there was something there that could save her.  Here she was standing in her bra and panties on the front steps of the school, humiliated like she had never been before.  She answered truthfully but quietly, “Yes priestess.”

Heather answered, “What are you waiting for.  Get rid of them.  You are to never wear bra and panties again.  I will allow you to wear panties during your period but we will buy the ones you are allowed to wear after school at the mall.  Hurry up and get them off… NOW!”

Tamara quickly stripped her bra and panties off.  She stood naked on the front steps of the school now, trying to cover her tits and cunt with her hands.  She looked at Heather and asked, “May I get dressed now?”

Heather ordered, “Drop your hands tramp.  You really are a tramp you know.  Only a tramp would stand naked on the steps of the school for the whole world to see.  Now get those clothes on before you embarrass me.”

Tamara had dropped her hands immediately when she was ordered.  When Heather told her to get dressed she immediately did.  She had to struggle to get the short black miniskirt on.  It was very difficult for her to get them zipped up and hooked at the side.  When she finally had it on, the bottom of the skirt was only a couple of inches below her cunt.  Anytime she bent over or sat down, she would be exposing herself.  She then put the blouse on and began to button it up. 

Heather stopped her and buttoned the two buttons even with her tits and just below her tits.  She then pulled the tales of the shirt up and together and tied them tight under her tits.  Once they were tied Heather stepped back and saw that the blouse was very tight and showed all of the bumps on her areoles as well as her nipples that could be seen pushing out on the shirt.  Heather wasn’t satisfied with the look though.  She reached over and unbuttoned the top button to expose more of her tits.  She reached into the bag and pulled out a couple of small rubber bands.  She pulled Tamara’s left tit out of the shirt and began to wrap one of the rubber bands around the base of the nipple.  She put it on as tight as she could.  This caused her nipple to swell up.  When she was done, Heather pushed that tit back under the tight shirt and pulled the other one out and did the same thing.  When she was done she put that tit back into the shirt and stepped back.  Tamara’s nipples were poking out the shirt in an almost obscene manner now.  Heather reached down into her bag and pulled out a two inch butt plug.  When she did she ordered, “Bend over and spread your ass cheeks tramp.”

Tamara didn’t even hesitate.  She bent over and pulled her skirt up.  There on the front steps of the school she was obscenely displaying her ass for the world to see.  Heather held the butt plug in front of Tamara’s mouth and said, “Unless you want this to hurt going in, you better suck it and get it nice and wet.”

So there Tamara was, bending over, holding her ass cheeks wide open exposing her asshole and sucking on a butt plug as a late student came around the corner.  She stopped in amazement at what was going on.  She also recognized Heather and Tamara.  She always had a thing against Tamara and smiled at the humiliation she was going through.  She couldn’t quite see what was going on.  But it was obvious that Heather had something on her to make her do what she was doing.  She came up close enough that she could finally see that Tamara was licking on some funny looking black thing that was flat on one end, tapered down to a one inch stem and then flared out to two inches in an almost diamond shape extending out three inches.  She had never seen a butt plug before and had no clue as to what it was.  She came up to Heather and Tamara and asked, “Hey guys.  What’s going on?  That looks awfully kinky.”

Heather smiled and said, “This tramp was just telling me that she loved to have things put up her ass.  She asked me to help her stuff this butt plug up her ass.  Do you want to do it for her?  I’m sure it would be nice and humiliating for her.”

The girl laughed as she saw Tamara blush but keep on sucking on the butt plug.  She said, “Humiliation isn’t the half of it.  She’s finally showing the world what a fucking slut she is.  I always knew she was a slut but I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever see this bitch get her comeuppance.  She’s made my life a living hell for longer than I can remember.  I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this.  Sure what can I do to help?”

Heather answered, “Feel free to tell all of your friends about this tramp but just leave my name out of it.  Truth be told, she’s made my life hell too, that’s why when I got the chance I made her do this.  She doesn’t have a choice.  So here, take this butt plug and shove it up her ass.  Don’t be gentle either.  She deserves a little pain for being such a fuck up.  I promise we’ll just keep this between us two girls.  I’m sure this tramp won’t tell anyone.  She wouldn’t want anyone to know.”

The girl laughed again and reached out and took the butt plug.  She went behind Tamara and saw that she was still holding her ass cheeks wide open exposing her anal rosebud.  She put the wet tip of the butt plug against Tamara’s asshole and shoved it as hard as she could.  Tamara grunted from the pain.  The first couple of inches slipped in but when the girl relaxed the pressure to try again it began to slide out of her ass.  She put the heel of her hand against the base of the butt plug and then pushed as hard as she could and kept shoving as the butt plug slowly began to slide in.  It took a bit of effort until the plug went past its widest part and then it went in quickly.  When she was done she stood up and looking at Heather said, “It’s in now.”

Heather said, “Thanks a lot.  Just to let you know, I have a control that causes that thing to vibrate.  I plan on making her squirm all day long.”

She looked at Tamara and said, “Now tramp, thank your friend for helping with your butt plug.”

Tamara stood up, blushing for all she was worth.  She looked the girl in the eyes and said, “Thank you Sandy for pushing my butt plug up my ass.”  Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she said it.

Sandy smiled and said, “No problem slut.  I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.  I can’t wait to tell everyone about you.  This is going to be so cool.  Everyone will know what a slut you really are now.”

Heather smiled at Sandy and said, “You better get going.  I have a couple of things left to do before this tramp gets the privilege of going to class.  Thanks for your help and if you keep my name out of it, I’ll let you have some fun with her in the future.  You look like you two have a history and that will give you a chance to get even.  I tell you what.  Meet me at the weight room after lunch and I’ll let you have the control for the afternoon so you can torment her.  I may be a little late so don’t worry if you are a little late to class, if you give me your last name I’ll have a pass for you.  What do you say?”

Sandy answered, “Count me in.  My last name is Pierson.  I’ll see you there.”  She turned and ran into the building.

When she was gone Tamara looked at Heather and asked, “Why did you humiliate me like that priestess.  Now she will tell the whole school that I’m a slut.”

Heather smiled as she said, “Because that’s what you are now isn’t it?  I mean you fucked the football team and you sucked off a dog.  Only a true slut would do that now wouldn’t she.”

Tamara looked down and answered forlornly, “Yes priestess.”

Heather responded, “You should be happy now.  You did what your priestess told you to do now didn’t you?”

Tamara continued looking at the ground as she answered, “Yes priestess.”

Heather finally said, “Remember that you have a lot of things to be punished for.  Expect something to happen about lunch time so that you can earn your two existing piercings.  And don’t forget that after cheerleading practice we’ll be going to the mall.  You better get to class now.  Oh and by the way, don’t even think about taking that plug out of your ass.  It has some unique features to it that I’m sure you’ll find stimulating.”  She laughed as she picked up her bag and rushed into the high school, leaving Tamara standing on the steps.  She looked like a little school girl tramp with the clothes she was wearing.  She sighed and entered the school.  She just knew she would get into trouble with her teachers, let alone all of the gossip that was sure to go on throughout the school.  But she couldn’t bring herself to disobey her priestess. 

Back at the estate, Geri was just starting Carl’s IV antibiotics.  Doggyslut was there helping her.  After the IV was started, doggyslut looked into Carl’s eyes and said, “How are you feeling lover?”

Carl smiled and said jokingly, “I’m doing great but having you two lovelies tending to me is sure causing me problems down below… if you know what I mean?”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “Well let’s get you taken care of.  As your slave it’s my responsibility to take care of all of your needs.  Geri, I want you to climb up on the bed and fuck my dear master?”

Geri looked at doggyslut with surprise.  She never expected anything like this when she was told that she would have to submit to whatever Karen said.  She shouldn’t have been surprised though with what she knew about Karen and the rest of the family.  She had to think of a way out of this.  She didn’t want to fuck Carl or any man for that matter.  After a few moments pause she finally said, “Carl’s in no condition to have sex Mistress.  It might tear out his staples.”  Geri smiled, thinking that she had outsmarted Karen. 

Doggyslut looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “Well if you can’t fuck him then there can’t be any reason that you can’t suck him off.  Tell you what.  Why don’t we do this together?  I’m sure he’d love a dual blow job.”

Geri looked even sicker than she had when she thought she might have to fuck Carl.  Carl was listening and saw Geri’s reaction.  He said, “I was just joking Karen.  It is obvious that Geri doesn’t want to do something like that.  Don’t worry about it, I was just kidding.”

Doggyslut said, “You may have been kidding Carl but I wasn’t.  Geri here will do what she is told, won’t you dear?”

Geri looked at doggyslut with a look that said, ‘do I have to’ and when doggyslut opened her eyes wide, lifting her eyebrows and tilting her head in a manner that said, ‘do it or else’.  Geri wisely said, “Yes Karen, I’d be happy to.”  The sound of her voice indicated that she wanted to do no such thing.

Doggyslut took the sheet and pulled it back.  She then lifted the bottom of the hospital gown up until Carl’s cock was exposed.  It was only half hard.  He hadn’t even remotely believed that they would do something like this when he joked about it.  But now that it was happening, he was getting excited about it. 

Doggyslut looked at Geri and ordered, “You lick his balls and the base of his cock and I’ll take the business end.  Let’s show my master how much he means to us.”

Doggyslut leaned in and took the tip of Carl’s cock into her mouth and started to gently suck.  Geri, with a look of disgust, leaned down and began to lick and suck on his balls.

The two of them worked on Carl for about five minutes until he shot load after load of cum into doggyslut’s mouth.  Doggyslut kept the cum in her mouth and grabbed Geri behind the head and pulled her into a kiss.  When Geri opened her mouth, she was surprised when she got a mouthful of cum.  She gagged and almost threw up from the thought of having cum in her mouth.  She hadn’t had cum in her mouth since she was made to suck off her boyfriend when she was a sophomore in high school.  He had ended up raping her that night.  That event is what turned her into a lesbian.  She hated the taste of cum then and she hated it just as much now. 

While doggyslut kissed Geri, she reached up and stuck her hands inside the sexy nurse uniform and began to knead and pinch Geri’s nipples.  Geri closed her eyes and just let herself feel the pleasure.  Doggyslut lifted her hands up and slipped the straps of the sexy nurse uniform off of Geri’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  Geri was now nude, standing there in front of Carl. 

Carl thought he’d died and gone to heaven.  Here were two of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen standing in front of him making out.  One of them was already nude and the other one was taking her clothes off.  And one of them was the woman he’d loved since he was a boy and would do just about anything for. 

After doggyslut finished stripping out of her clothes, she pushed Geri back onto the bed until she was lying next to Carl.  Carl slid over to the edge of the bed to give them a little more room, groaning a little from the pain of stretching his surgical staples.  Once doggyslut had Geri on the bed, she climbed up on top of her and straddled her head.  She leaned down and began to suck on Geri’s cunt.  Geri didn’t hesitate.  She loved having sex with another woman, even if there was a guy there watching.  She knew she didn’t have any choice anyway.

Geri leaned up and began to suck on doggyslut’s clit.  She used all of her expertise she learned over the years to do an expert job.  When it came to sucking and licking a cunt, Geri was just as good as doggyslut with all of her slave training.  She and doggyslut went at it for several minutes.  Doggyslut was the first one to cum but she went right back to licking and sucking on Geri’s cunt.  It wasn’t long before Geri came.  Geri bucked in orgasmic pleasure as she did.  Doggyslut didn’t let up, she kept right on sucking and chewing on her cunt and clit until Geri had cum several more times.  Finally she stopped. 

Doggyslut crawled off of Geri and over to Carl who’s cock was hard again.  She leaned down and began to deep throat his cock.  She kept it up and because he’d just gotten off a few minutes before, he lasted for over twenty minutes before he began to cum into doggyslut’s mouth.  Karen swallowed every drop this time.  She had forced Geri to take Carl’s cum before to establish her dominance over her.  She wasn’t going to spare a drop of this load to share with anyone.  It was her master’s cum and it belonged to her.  When she was done she turned around and lay along his side.  She put her arm around him and cuddled with him.  She kissed him on the cheek and enjoyed the closeness they were sharing.  All was right in the world.  They ignored Geri who was getting dressed.  She looked at them and with a tear in her eye, left the room wishing that things hadn’t changed the way they had but realizing there was nothing she could do about it.

At the high school throughout the morning the butt plug in Tamara’s ass would begin to vibrate for a few minutes and then turn off.  It was never enough to make her cum though she did groan a couple of times in pleasure, causing several of the students sitting nearby to stare at her.  She would just blush and act like nothing was happening.

It was about half way through her science class during fourth period that the butt plug started vibrating at its highest setting.  In about five minutes she was close to cumming but she held it off.  She knew the attention a few groans had gotten her and she didn’t want to be embarrassed like that again.  She kept squirming and trying to keep from cumming.  She was attracting the attention of a couple of the girls who sat behind her.  They began to pass notes to their classmates next to them to watch Tamara.  After about ten minutes it was too much.  With almost half of the class watching her, Tamara screamed out in orgasm.  She came and came and came.  Heather, who just happened to have the same class with her, finally turned the control off as the teacher turned around.

The teacher, a Mr. Williams, said, “That is enough of that Tamara. 

I can’t have you disrupting my class any more.  You’ve been making sounds and squirming around, causing a disruption and now this.  I’ve had it with you and your antics.  Go to the office now.”

Heather smiled as Tamara picked up her stuff and with a red face flush with embarrassment, she quickly left the room.  Everyone in the room stared at her as she left.  Her short skirt was still up exposing her bare ass with the butt plug in it.  The whole class began to snicker and laugh at her.  Tamara’s reputation was definitely going to be in the gutter now.  When the two rumors from totally different directions were heard, everyone would give them full credibility, especially with so many eye witnesses. 

Heather lifted her hand and when the teacher recognized her she asked, “Mr. Williams, I’m feeling a little sick.  Could I go to the nurse’s office?”

Mr. Williams picked up a hall pass and filled it out.  He gave it to Heather and said, “Somehow, I get the feeling that you’re somehow involved in what just happened.  So you better be on the up and up.  I expect you to bring me a note from the nurse when you come back to class whether it is today or tomorrow.”

Heather smiled at the teacher and said, “I assure you Mr. Williams, I have no idea what is going on with Tamara.  Can you believe that slut?  Did you see that big black thing in her ass?  I wonder what that was.  I promise that I’ll bring you a note from the nurse or from the principal’s office so that you will know I’m not lying.  I don’t feel good and that’s all.”

Heather took the pass and left.  She immediately went to the principal’s office.  When she got there, Tamara was sitting in a chair waiting.  When she entered the room, Heather immediately went up to Sandra’s desk and ordered, “Sarah sent me.  She wants you to go get Hank and meet me in the principal’s office now.  She said that if you tried to refuse to remind you that those ledgers would be sent to the police immediately if you didn’t.”

Sandra got up to go to Hank’s office.  Heather said, “Oh and bring the paddle along with you.”

Heather grabbed Tamara’s hand and pulled her up.  She went to the principal’s office door and opened it.  The Principal was sitting at his desk, looking like he was expecting them.  Heather glanced over to the couch across from the desk and saw Angie there with a video camera in her hand.  She smiled at Heather and just lifted the camera up.

Once in the room, Heather closed the door and ordered, “Okay Principal Meyers, strip.  You strip too Tamara.”

Heather watched as both Jim Meyer and Tamara stripped out of their clothes.  She enjoyed the feeling of power she was getting at ordering them around.  Angie was videotaping the whole thing too.  Just as they were both done stripping, the assistant principal Hank Johnson and the secretary Sandra Jones came in the room, Hank carrying the paddle.

Heather looked at them and ordered, “Okay you two, strip out of those clothes.  We’re going to have a little fun with Tamara here.  She’s been a bad girl and she needs to be shown her place.  Tamara, I want you to go over to the desk and bend over it.  Part of your punishment is going to be a well deserved spanking for disobeying me.  Do it now.”

Heather waited as everyone did as she said.  She felt all powerful being able to order the principal and vice principal around.  She didn’t believe Sarah at first when she told her they would do anything if she just told them that she sent her.  She was seeing first hand just what power Sarah really had at the school in action.  She would have never believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.  She knew she would never double cross Sarah now.  She was glad she turned Tamara in and came up with a plan for her demise.  That brought her into Sarah’s inner circle and she relished the power that was giving her.  No, she was definitely in Sarah’s camp now as a fully fledged coconspirator. 

When everyone was naked Heather announced, “Okay you three.  It’s time for Tamara to be punished.  She’s been a naughty girl today, not listening to her mistress.  I want each of you to give her ten swats with the paddle for starters.  You will start Sandra and then Hank with Principal Meyers getting the last ten.  Once you’re done then we’ll get on with the rest of the show.  Tamara, I want you to count each swat and thank them for punishing your stupid ass then ask for another.  Now get to it Sandra.”

Hank handed Sandra the paddle.  She stepped up to the side of the naked Tamara who was standing in front of the desk, bent over the top of it.  She swung a half hearted swing into Tamara’s ass.  There was a soft pop when it hit.  Tamara said, “One, thank you for punishing this stupid ass.  Please may I have another?”

Heather yelled, “Stop” just as Sandra was getting ready to swing the paddle again.  She looked at Sandy and said, “You had better spank her like your life depended on it or I’ll have Hank and Jim give you fifty apiece.  Now start over.  That last one didn’t count.”

Sandra got up and began again.  This time she swung the paddle with all of her strength.  When the paddle hit, Tamara screamed in pain.  After a few moments she said, “One, thank you for punishing this stupid ass.  May I have another please?”

Sandra swung down again and Tamara counted.  For ten strokes she counted out her swats.  When Sandra finished, Tamara’s ass was turning into a nice bright red color.  Hank took the paddle and stepped to the side.  Heather warned, “You better spank her with all of your strength Hank or you’ll get fifty on your balls by Jim.  Now get to it.”

When Hank swung the paddle down, he did it with all of his strength.  Tamara screamed in agony.  It took her longer to recover but she remembered to count.  Hank continued to spank her over and over again until he had finished his ten.  Tamara’s ass was a deep red hue now and burned like fire.  She kept rocking from foot to foot trying to get the pain to stop but it did no good.

Jim Meyer stepped up and took the paddle from Hank.  He looked at Heather and said, “I know, use all my strength and don’t take it easy on her.”

Heather just smiled at him as he swung the paddle down.  It landed with a loud crack.  Tamara screamed in agony.  She shot up and danced with her hands covering her ass.  It took a cough from Heather to remind her of what she needed to do.  Tamara cried out, “Twenty one, thank you for punishing this stupid ass.  May I have another please?”

Tamara got back down on the desk like she had been without being told.  She was bawling her eyes out now from the pain.  Jim swung the paddle down again as hard as he could.  Again Tamara shot up and screamed as she danced around with her hands covering her ass.  Jim just stood there watching the naked girl dance around.  He had never expected to do anything like this when he was blackmailed by that Sarah Warren.  But if this was the kind of stuff that he was going to be made to do then he wouldn’t mind it one bit.  He was quite enjoying himself.  He watched as Tamara finally quit dancing and got back into position after counting.  Eight more times he spanked Tamara and she danced in agony, bawling from the pain and humiliation.  Finally she counted thirty and the spanking stopped.  She danced there rubbing her dark red and bruised ass crying and blubbering like a baby. 

After watching Tamara dance and cry for a few moments, Heather looked at Hank and saw that he had a huge erection.  She looked at Jim who also had a huge erection.  She ordered, “Okay it’s time for some fun.  Hank, get on your back on the floor.  Tamara, you get down and stick his nice rampant cock that you got all hard and stick it in that nice juicy cunt of yours.  Jim, when she is settled down on Hank’s cock, I want you to stick that fun stick of yours in her ass.  You’ll have to remove the butt plug of course.  Sandra, when they get going, I want you to get on your hands and knees and back up so that Tamara can eat you out while she’s being fucked.  Anyone have any questions?  Then get to it.”

Hank immediately got on his back.  He watched as Tamara didn’t even hesitate to squat down and stick his cock into her cunt.  When she had sunk down fully onto his cock she leaned down on top of him.  Principal Jim Meyer got on his knees behind her.  He slipped the butt plug out and set it on its flat end on the carpet out of the way.  He then quickly slipped his cock into her still distended anal sphincter and pushed in to the hilt.  Sandra got on her hands and knees and began to back up until her pussy was right in Tamara’s face.  Tamara leaned forward and began to lick and suck on her cunt as the principal and vice principal began to fuck her. 

Never in Tamara’s wildest dreams had she ever thought she would be doing something like this.  Only her goddess and priestess could have this much power.  To be able to make the principal and vice principal and their secretary to do these kinds of things with a student means she is all powerful.  ‘I must always obey such a powerful goddess and priestess’ she thought.

The threesome fucked like that for about fifteen minutes while Angie got everything on video.  The video was for Sarah to enjoy later as well as to cement their hold over the three school administrators.  Heather on the other hand was sitting in the principal’s chair behind his desk watching the action and enjoying the scene.  She had her hand down her pants and was finger fucking herself while the threesome fucked.  She managed to bring herself off three times before the first of the three orgasmed.  The first to cum was Principal Meyer who came in her ass.  The second to cum was Sandra who moaned in pleasure as she came.  Third was Tamara who came hard just before Assistant Principal Johnson came in her unprotected cunt.  Unknown to any of the players at that moment but one of Hank’s sperm managed to make its way to Tamara’s recently released egg and fertilized it.  Tamara was pregnant now and nothing could change that though she wouldn’t know for a couple of more months.

When all of the people in the room finally caught their breath, Principal Meyers asked, “Don’t you kids need to get back to class?  I thought I heard the bell a few minutes ago.”

Heather quickly got up and said, “Principal Meyers, I need a couple of hall passes.  I need one for me and one for Sandy Pierson.  She’s waiting for me in the weight room.  Hurry please.  By the way, I’ll tell Sarah you were most cooperative.  I’m sure she’ll be glad to hear that.  Rest assured that your secret is safe with me.”

Principal Meyers quickly wrote out the two hall passes and then handed them to Heather.  Heather took them and turned to leave and then remembered she needed one for getting out of science class.  She turned around and said, “I need one for going to the nurse’s office during fourth period.  That was where I told Mr. Williams I was going before I got here.”  Principal Meyers quickly wrote out the pass and handed it to Heather. 

Heather quickly announced, “I’m done here.  Give Angie and Tamara hall passes to their classes and get back to whatever you were doing.  We’ll do this again sometime I’m sure.  Tamara is such a slut, all you have to do is call her to your office and she’ll let you do anything you want with her.  I’d advise you to be discrete though.  Wouldn’t want word to get around that you’re having sex with students now would we?  Gotta go.  Bye now.”

Heather turned and ran out of the room as the rest of them began to put their clothes on.  Tamara was the first to get dressed.  She grabbed her pass to class and began to walk out of the office.  Angie saw the butt plug still on the floor and she said, “Stop Tamara.  You forgot your butt plug.  You need to put it back in.  Your priestess demands it.”

Tamara turned around and had a look of utter devastation on her face.  She had hoped she wouldn’t have to wear that cursed butt plug any more.  She turned back to Angie and said in a pout, “But Priestess didn’t say I had to put it back in.”

Angie answered back, “Your Goddess Sarah and your Priestess Heather both require that you always wear your butt plug at all times except when you are receiving ambrosia up your ass.  Now get over here, clean it off and put it back in before I tell them you refused to obey their orders.”

Tamara dejectedly walked back into the room and went to the butt plug and picked it up off of the floor.  She looked at the shit that covered it and then looked up at Angie and said, “Do you have something to clean it with before I put it in?”

Angie laughed at her causing her to blush.  She finally stopped and said, “No stupid, but you do… your mouth.  You got it dirty so you clean it up by licking it clean.  That’s what all acolytes do.  I even have to clean my own butt plugs when I wear them so why should you be any different.  Now get cleaning.”

Tamara looked at Angie, and then looked at the three administrators who were watching intently but not doing or saying anything.  She looked at the butt plug with disgust and then stuck out her tongue.  The second it touched the shit on the plug she gagged and almost threw up.  She looked at Angie and saw no reprieve there nor from any of the administrators when she looked at them again.  She looked at the plug again and took a deep breath of resolve before she took the end of the plug into her mouth and quickly sucked most of the shit off.  She swallowed but gagged over and over as she forced herself to swallow the bile that was trying to rush up out of her stomach.  After a few moments the gagging stopped and she did it again on one side of the plug.  She retched again but swallowed it down with a Herculean effort.  She continued to lick and suck the plug and retching in between.  It took her about ten minutes to actually get the butt plug clean.  She had an intense look of disgust on her face when she was done that wasn’t going away. 

When she had the plug clean she looked at Angie and said, “I can’t put this in myself.  Can you do it for me, please?”

Angie laughed and said, “No, why don’t you have Jim or Hank put it in for you.  I’m sure they would enjoy that.  I mean, you already fucked them so what difference does it make if they put your butt plug in.”

Tamara looked at the two administrators and decided that since Principal Meyers had hurt her when he fucked her ass that she would let Assistant Principal Johnson do the honors.  She held the butt plug out to him and with a tear in her eye asked, “Would you put my butt plug in please Mr. Johnson?”

Hank Johnson smiled and took the butt plug.  He watched as Tamara bent over at the waist and reached back to spread her ass cheeks.  When she was in position, he lined the butt plug up with her ass hole and slowly put more and more pressure on it until it slipped all of the way in.  Once it was in, Tamara stood up and asked, “May I go to class now?”

Angie said, “Of course you can.  As a matter of fact I need to get to class too.  I’ll walk with you Tamara.”

Angie grabbed her hall pass from the principal’s desk and walked out of the office with Tamara.  They left a stunned school administration in the principal’s office.  They couldn’t believe what they had just been made to do.  They knew that with that video that Angie took, that they were in even deeper than they were before.  They all looked at each other and finished getting dressed.  They went back to work, trying to act like nothing happened.

As Angie walked with Tamara she gave her some advice.  She told her, “I know what you are going through Tamara.  It’s hard at first but if you just obey your goddess and priestess, things will work out for you.  The most important thing is to always do your best to follow their orders so you are not punished.  Punishments can be severe at times.  Well, my class is here so see you at cheerleading practice.”

As Tamara was in the office cleaning her butt plug, Heather ran to the weight room.  When she got there she found that Sandy was indeed waiting for her.  When she entered the room she said, “Sorry I’m late Sandy but I got tied up at the Principal’s office.  I had to get your pass to get back to class.  Here it is and here’s the control for Tamara’s butt plug.  You should have seen her in chemistry.  I turned it on to its highest setting and made her orgasm right in the middle of class.  She got sent to the principal’s office.  The whole class was staring at her as she came.”

Sandy laughed and said, “I would have sure liked to have seen that.  Maybe I can make her do that this afternoon.  When do you want this thing back?”

Heather told her, “Bring it to me at cheerleader practice right after school.  You know where we practice.  I’ll get it from you there.”

Sandy said, “Cool.  I’ll see you then.”

The two girls left for their respective classes.  The rest of the afternoon, Tamara was made to cum at least once in each class.  She managed to keep quiet through two of them but on the one in her History class she ended up screaming out which got her kicked out of class and sent to the office again.  The other students in each class all stared at her during class as she squirmed and moaned.  After class, the other students would start talking about what they had seen.  By the end of the day, not only was the talk of the school about Tamara’s bald head but her slutty behavior.  Her reputation in the school was a shambles after just one day.  What made it even more delicious for Heather was that Tamara knew that her reputation was being destroyed and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

After cheerleader practice, doggyslut picked the girls up at the school.  She was actually driving the SUV and the guards were just following at a discreet distance behind.  She picked up Sarah, and the girls along with Heather and Tamara.  She drove them to the mall so they could go shopping.

Once at the mall, Sara and Heather went with Tamara while they let Karen take the other girls to just shop for whatever they wanted.  Tamara was made to push her goddess’ wheelchair while Heather walked along side.  They took Tamara into one of the mall’s teen clothing stores that specializes in sexy teen apparel. They spent a few minutes looking through the store and finding clothing that Sarah and Heather thought was appropriate for Tamara’s new status as a slut.  They picked up shortened sexy tank tops, vests, halters, tube tops, short miniskirts, mini dresses and the like.  They got them two to four sizes too small for Tamara so that they would expose more of her assets. 

Sarah wheeled over to the single sales clerk in the store and handing her Tamara’s debit card she said, “We’re going to have a little fun embarrassing our friend here.  She lost a dare and this is the price she has to pay.  We’re going to buy a lot of stuff here and it will all go on this card.  All I ask is that you turn a blind eye to what we are doing.  I promise that you’ll get a nice tip at the end.”

The sales girl nodded her agreement and actually went and closed the store.  She went back to join the three and assist them as necessary.  Heather took the first outfit that consisted of a flimsy, almost see through mini dress.  She handed it to Tamara and said, “Try this on.  It’s right in line with what we want for your new look.”

Tamara took the dress and turned to go to the dressing room.  Heather stopped her saying, “Where do you think you’re going tramp.  I didn’t say you could go anywhere.  Now change into that dress right here, right now.”

Tamara, with tears in her eyes, started stripping out of the mini skirt and see through blouse that she had worn all day.  When she bent down to step out of the skirt the sales girl saw the butt plug and gasped, ‘kinky’.

Tamara had to struggle a little to get the dress on but once she did she was every boy’s wet dream.  The dress was made out of a gauzy type material with a flowery print.  The material was virtually see-through, especially with light behind it.  The front of the dress tied behind her neck and pressed tightly against her tit’s.  Her nipples poked out the front of the dress and if you looked close you could see her areoles.  There was no back to the dress until her waist.  The bottom of the dress only came down a couple of inches below her cunt and with the flimsy nature of the material; the slightest breeze would blow it up.  Heather clapped her hands and announced, “That’s perfect.  Give the dress to the sales girl.  That’s one we definitely want you to have. 

Tamara took the dress off and handed it to the sales girl.  She was now standing in the middle of the store naked as the day she was born.  She was looking around nervously, not realizing that the front of the store had been closed.  Sarah handed Tamara a vest and miniskirt this time.  Both were made of denim.  The vest had narrow shoulder straps that came down, widening slightly so that it was about three inches wide when it crossed her tits.  The vest was cut so that it buttoned up with two buttons just below the tits.  It was designed to be worn with a sexy T-shirt or blouse.  Tamara’s tits were mashed down tight and bulged out of the edges of the straps.  The vest was four sizes too small and the buttons were strained.  When she put the skirt on, the top of the skirt only came up a couple of inches above her pubis.  Its length was again only a couple of inches below her cunt.  It was even shorter than the mini she had been made to wear that day.  This time Sarah was the one that said, “Perfect.  That really screams out slut.  You enjoy flaunting yourself for your goddess now don’t you tramp.”

Tamara looked down at the floor.  She was very disturbed by the types of clothes they were making her wear.  They were dressing her up to look like a porn star.  In her own mind she thought she looked worse than a porn star. She looked like a street hooker.  She stripped out of the clothes and handed them to the sales girl.

They spent the next hour trying on outfit after outfit.  A little over half were kept while the rest were rejected.  The final outfit that she was left in was a white tube top that just covered her tits, but left nothing to the imagination.  It was a very thin material and you could see her nipples and the bumps of her areola easily when you looked at her.  Her skirt was a little black number that was again just above her pubis and only a couple of inches from her crotch.  When she went up to the cashier’s station the sales girl rang it all up.  The total amount came up to just under two thousand dollars for everything.  As a tip, Tamara was made to crawl on her hands and knees behind the counter.  She had to take the panties off of the girl and then eat her out.  The girl was obviously enjoying what was being done as she grabbed Tamara’s head and pulled it into her cunt and yelled, “Yes, lick me bitch.  You are definitely my kind of slut.  You can come here anytime.  Aaaaaiiiieeeeeeee!”  She came and she came.

After they were done in the store, the next stop was the shoe store.  They went to one of the top of the line shoe stores that had the sexiest high heeled shoes.  They went in and Heather found the young male sales clerk to help.  She told him that he needed to measure Tamara for some new shoes.  He immediately went to where Tamara was sitting.  He had a little seat that he pulled in front of her that had a seat for the sales person to sit on and an angled platform going down at a forty five degree angle for the customer to put their foot on while he was measuring and fitting the shoes.  The young sales clerk sat down and reached down to pull Tamara’s left foot up and put it on the measuring device.  When he did, he saw right up into Tamara’s crotch and saw her bare cunt.  Because the skirt was so short, the light made it easy to see every little detail on her outer lips.  There was a little moisture beginning to well up from between her lips indicating that Tamara was getting a little turned on.

It took Heather a couple of coughs to get the guys attention from staring at Tamara’s bald cunt.  When he looked at her she said, “Now that we have your attention, why don’t you get her measurement and then we want six of the highest heels you have in that size.  Make sure that we have different colors and styles.  The higher the heel the better it is.”

The guy looked at Heather and finally shook off his shock at what he saw.  He took the measurement of both of her feet, making sure he got a good look at Tamara as he did.  When he left to go get the shoes, Heather ordered, “Finger yourself until he comes back.  Don’t stop until he sits down in front of you.”

Tamara looked down at the floor as if she were wishing it would swallow her up.  She reached down and began to finger her cunt and clit.  She actually brought herself to one good cum and was well on the way to another when the young clerk came back.  He was stunned speechless seeing her finger fucking herself like that when he came in.  Tamara blushed a deep red color from the embarrassment.  Sarah announced to the boy, “Will you look at that.  We can’t take her anywhere without her playing with herself.  It’s the most embarrassing thing to have to stay with her but if we didn’t she would strip out of her clothes and fuck you right here wouldn’t you my pet?”

Tamara looked even more intently at the floor trying to avoid everyone’s gaze.  But she knew she had to answer her goddess in the affirmative.  It would never be good for her to disagree with her goddess.  She answered, “Yes Goddess Sarah.”

Heather decided to add to her humiliation and said, “Well you’ve sure gotten him excited now.  You’ll just have to take him back to the stock room and take care of him when you finish trying on your new shoes.”

Tamara tried on each of the pairs of high heeled shoes.  Having never worn high heels before, it took her a while to learn to walk on the four inch heels.  But she walked back and forth over and over and was finally beginning to get the hang of it.  The sales clerk watched her with a look of pure lust on his face.  When she was finished trying on the last pair, Heather ordered, “Take the poor boy back to the stock room and relieve the pressure that you caused.  You know that the rule is that if you make it hard, you have to soften it.  I’ll let you decide how you are going to take care of him but it had better be in one of your holes and we better be able to see the proof when you’re done.”

Tamara took the sales clerk by the hand and led him through the door that he had come through with the shoes.  She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and began to unzip his pants once they were out of sight.  Tamara took him in her mouth and sucked him as hard and fast as she could.  It didn’t take but a couple of minutes before he was cumming in her mouth.  When he was done she held the cum in her mouth as she zipped him up.  She turned around and went up to Heather and opened her mouth to show her the proof that she had followed orders.  Heather commanded her to swallow it which she did.  The clerk came out and Tamara was once again made to pay for the shoes out of her college money. 

When they were done shopping for shoes, they left the store.  They wandered down the mall until they came to a jewelry store that specialized in costume jewelry that was fairly reasonable in price.  The three girls began to go through the store looking at the different jewelry that was on the shelves. 

It was Sarah that found a display that had earrings that was along the lines of what she was looking for.  There were three different types.  They were all of the same type but with a different decoration on them.  The basic style had the post that went through the piercing, then a link down to a ring that was about a half inch in diameter then a small link to either a star, a sun or a crescent moon. 

Sarah called the other two over to her and announced, “I think we have a winner here.  I like the style of the ring, it’s basic and we can have the post removed and just have the large ring fed through the piercing.  The moon will stand for every new man she starts out giving a blow job.  So she has earned one of those this afternoon.  The sun will be taking a cock into her cunt and the star into her ass.  Of course she earned one of each of those during lunch today so she has three that she has earned the right to wear.  We need to see if they have a box of them in stock.”

They took one of each of the earrings to the sales clerk in the center of the store and Sarah asked, “Do you have a box of each of these.  We want a few more of each and will need more in the future.”

The clerk answered, “Let me see.” 

The clerk left and went back to the storage room.  She came out with three small boxes.  She handed them to Sarah and said, “I had a box of each.  There are twelve to a box.  That includes the ones you’re holding.  I just put those out this morning.  They are twenty two dollars and ninety five cents for each one.” 

The clerk rang up the total on the register and announced, “That will be eight hundred and twenty six dollars and twenty cents.  Is there anything else you need?”

Heather remembered that Tamara had sucked off a dog and wanted something to indicate the number of dogs she ended up having sex with.  She half jokingly asked, “You wouldn’t have any earrings with a dog or something like that on it would you?”

The clerk thought for a moment and then got a smile on her face.  She told them to wait for a moment and she went back to the stock room again.  She came out with another small box.  She opened the box in front of them and took out one of the earrings.  As she did she said, “We just got these in today.  We have different types of animals available but this is the only one with a dog.  You can see it is the silhouette of a German Shepherd.  It has a real diamond for the eye and is made of real silver.  They are forty five dollars and ninety five cents each.  That adds another five hundred and fifty one dollars and forty cents for a total of one thousand three hundred seventy seven dollars and sixty cents if you want the whole box.  You can see that they aren’t much larger in size than the other rings you purchased.  So will that be all?”

Sarah said, “I think that is enough for now.  It’s exactly what we had in mind.  We’ll take all four boxes.  Tamara, pay for your new earrings.”

Tamara stepped up and again put the purchases on the debit card from her college savings.  She took the sack and put it in with the other two sacks she was carrying.  They left the store and Heather saw that it was five thirty.  She said, “It’s time that we go and meet the others in the food court.  We can finish up there.  They headed toward the food court and on the way, Sarah saw a drug store.  She told the others, “I’ll join you in a couple of minutes.  I want to get something here.”

The other two continued on to the food court while Sarah wheeled into the store.  She got her purchases and then left and joined the others in about five minutes.  When she rolled up, they were all talking about what fun they had shopping.  All of the guards were a couple of tables over at a discreet distance.  They had followed Karen and the other girls leaving Sarah and Heather alone while they shopped. 

When she arrived, Sarah looked around and finally saw a group of school aged boys.  She counted them up and saw that there were eight boys there.  She looked at Heather and then Tamara and then announced, “From what I understand our little tramp here was a bad girl this morning.  You still have a punishment coming.  I’ve decided that as part of your punishment you will go over to those boys over there and you will take them to the mall bathroom and fuck and suck each one of them at least once.  Here are eight condoms for you.  They are to use a condom for the first time and you are to tie the full condom off at the end and bring them back here to prove that you did all eight.  If any of them wants to have sex with you more than once, then too bad.  They can masturbate and cum on you if they want a second go of it.  You will encourage them to do that.  When you’re done, you will come back here without cleaning up.  Now here are your eight condoms.”

Tamara took the condoms and put them in the clutch purse that she had bought at the clothing store.  She looked over at the boys that Sarah had indicated and gasped.  She turned to Sarah in panic and said, “Those boys are my brother’s friends.  I think he is there with them.  Please let me do someone else.  They’ll think I’m a slut if a have sex with all of them.  Please!!!” she begged.

Sarah smiled but it was Heather that spoke up saying, “Didn’t I tell you that you would have to seduce your brother and your father.  This just makes it that much easier to accomplish a task that you were already given.  Do them and all you have left is your father.”

Sarah looked at Heather.  She hadn’t known that she had commanded Tamara to seduce her brother and father but thought that was wicked.  She laughed and said, “Do it tramp.  That is what your goddess commands.  And I give you twenty minutes to accomplish it and get back here or there will be additional punishment.”

Tamara walked over to the boys as if she were walking down death row.  As she got closer to the group of boys she confirmed what she suspected.  Her brother, who was a sophomore in the same high school, was in the group.  She went up to them and joined the group.

When he saw his bald headed sister join the group he snidely said, “Well if it isn’t the topic of discussion.  What do you want slut.”

Tamara had tears starting to stream down her cheeks from the humiliation.  She knew she didn’t have much time so she came right out and said, “I imagine that you all are talking about my slutty behavior at school?”

They all nodded their agreement.  She continued, “And I imagine that you are all dreaming about having a little play time with that slut aren’t you?”

They all blushed but nodded again.  Tamara took a deep breath and said, “I…I…I would like the opportunity to make that dream come true if you will all come with me to the mall bathrooms.  That means you too Ricky.”

Tamara took her brother Ricky’s hand and led the stunned boy with her.  The others just stood there and watched as she led him away.  When she got a few feet away and they hadn’t moved, she stopped, turned around and announced, “You aren’t going to just stand there and let this golden opportunity get away are you.  I promise each and every one of you a good time if you will come with me.  Now get a move on.”

That seemed to break through the fog that had stopped the boys from acting.  They took off after Tamara and her brother, following her to the mall bathroom. 

Back at the food court, Sarah looked to doggyslut, shelle, minda and ange and said, “I have four condoms for each of you.  I’m going to wait here while you all go and find four victims to get off.  Bring me their cum tied up in the condoms like I told tramp.  Heather and I will wait here for your return.  I don’t care where you get them but by all means get them and be back before Tamara or you will be punished.”

Sarah handed the four condoms to each girl and doggyslut.  They each scrambled off in search of someone to have sex with.  Tamara at that moment was entering the men’s bathroom followed by eight sophomore boys.  She was a sight in her white tube top, short black miniskirt, four inch heels and carrying a clutch purse.  She looked like a hooker that was getting ready for a gang bang.  As soon as she entered into the bathroom she led her brother to the center and got down on her knees.  She knew she didn’t have much time to get this done.  She quickly unzipped her brother’s pants and pulled his six inch hard cock out.  She took a condom out and rolled it over his turgid cock.  She then leaned in and began to suck on it with all of the passion and skill she could muster.  She stopped and took out the condoms from her purse and handed them to the other boys.  She said, “I have two other holes that are unoccupied.  I can take three of you at once.  The only requirement is that you wear a condom.  If you feel like you want a second go then too bad.  You’ll just have to be satisfied with a hand job if you want to cum a second time.  I will allow you to cum on me though so you won’t waste your ambrosia.”

Tamara went back to sucking on her brother’s cock.  For him, it was ‘a dream come true’.  He had beat off to the thought of just seeing his sister naked.  Now she was sucking him off.  He couldn’t believe it.  As she was sucking him off, one of the other boys rolled his condom on.  He wasn’t going to wait.  He slid under Tamara and quickly lined up his cock.  He saw the butt plug in her ass and reached up and pulled it out.  He held it out for all of the others and announced, “She really is a fucking slut.  Look what I found in her ass.  Come on guys, she can take one of us in her cunt and ass at the same time.  Tamara blushed in humiliation as the guy held up the dirty butt plug right in front of her face. 

Tamara hardly believed that she was in the boys restroom being gang banged.  She remembered how she used to be.  But the imperatives to obey her goddess and priestess from her brainwashing were too strong.  She felt pleasure with every thought of obeying them and severe pain when she thought about disobeying them.  She just had to do what they said and if that meant fucking her brother and his friends then that was what she would do.

All of the boys were virgins and had only dreamed of having sex.  The extent of their experience was limited to jacking off to playboys and internet porn.  But this was a real live sex doll from their high school, a cheerleader no less. 

Tamara’s brother came after a couple of minutes.  He was too excited.  The others watching saw how quick he came and didn’t want their first time to be over so quick.  They all started to jack off except for one of them who stepped up to take her brother’s place.  Before he could take his place though she looked at Rickey and said, “Hold on a minute.  Let me take the condom off and clean you up.”

Tamara took the condom off of her brother and tied the end closed.  She then leaned forward and took his limp cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum in her mouth.  When she was done she looked up at him and said, “I’ll take care of you at home later if you want.  For now this will have to do.”

Her brother couldn’t believe what she said.  This wasn’t going to be a onetime thing for him.  He planned on taking advantage of this.  He knew that if their parents found out what she was doing they would kick her out of the house and the way she was dressed it was only a matter of time.

The boy that took her brother’s place had an even shorter fuse than he had.  No sooner than Tamara began to suck on him than he came in the condom.  She took it off and had just finished cleaning him off when the boy in her cunt came.  When he slid out she had him come in front of her.  She took his condom covered cock into her mouth and sucked it clean of her juices.  She then took the condom off and tied it off.  She took his cum covered cock into her mouth and sucked it clean.

While she was being fucked four of the guys were beating off and came all over Tamara.  She had cum running down her tits and on her face.  They were soon hard again and when their turn came to fuck Tamara, they lasted a lot longer but still a short time by most adult standards.  But the end result was that it took Tamara a little over thirty six minutes to suck and fuck all of the boys.  All of them came at least twice and some of them three times.  She was well covered with cum in her hair, on her face and over her body. 

Tamara finally finished cleaning the shit off of the last condom and took it off of the boy and tied the end.  She sucked his cock clean and stood up.  She pulled her miniskirt down and straightened her tube top back onto her tits.  She looked around at the bathroom and then turned and walked out leaving the boys just standing there with their cocks out in stunned amazement.  As the door swung shut she heard them all congratulating each other and giving each other high fives.  Tamara just knew that they would be spreading gossip about her at school the next day.

Tamara looked the sight.  Not only was she dressed like a common street hooker but she was covered with boys’ cum.  She lifted her head and tried to walk out through the mall with a little pride but as she went everyone stared and made snide comments about her.  It didn’t take long before she was looking at the ground and just trying to ignore the comments.  When she made it back to the food court, her Goddess Sarah, Priestess Heather and the rest were waiting there with them. 

Tamara walked up and stood next to the chair that Heather was sitting in.  When she stopped Heather said, “Well tramp you’re late, did you at least fill all eight condoms like you were ordered?”

Tamara answered, “Yes priestess I did.  I took ambrosia in my mouth three times, my cunt three times and my ass two times.  Thank you for allowing me to have so much ambrosia.  It was an… interesting experience.”

Heather smiled at the lies that she knew that Tamara was making.  She wanted to embarrass her more than she already had.  She said, “I want to see the eight filled condoms.  Put them on the table so we can count them.”

Tamara blushed with humiliation as she took the condoms out and placed them on the table.  When she was done there were eight of them on the center of the table with various amounts of cum in them.  That’s when Sarah announced, “Okay girls, let’s see the rest of the condoms and hear how you filled them starting with Karen, Angie, Aminda and then Michelle.”

Karen took out her four condoms and put them in the center of the table along with the others.  She explained, “I was walking by the cigar store and there were three gentlemen in the store along with the clerk.  I went in and talked to each of them and asked if they could help me out because I was so horny.  The clerk closed the shop and we went into the back and I took three of them at one time in my ass, cunt and mouth.  The first guy in my mouth came quickly so I sucked off the fourth guy as well.  I’m an expert at deep throating and he didn’t last long either.  The guy in my ass was the next to cum with the guy in my cunt being the last.”

Angie put her four condoms in the pile in the center of the table and explained, “I was walking down the mall and saw a game store.  I went in and there were two guys in there.  I talked them into going to the back of the store and I sucked them off right there in the store.  The clerk never knew what I was doing though if he watches the security camera feed tonight he’s going to be in for one hell of a surprise.  I saw another couple of guys that I liked the looks of walking down the mall and I talked them into going down a side hallway that didn’t have any stores or anything and I sucked them off behind a pillar that kind of hid me from the people walking down the mall but they could see them from the back.”

Aminda put eight condoms in the center of the table and said, “Shelle and I went to the arcade at the end of the mall.  It is very dark in there and we were able to go through the arcade and get boy after boy and suck them off while they played their games right there at the machine.  It was an easy task to accomplish mistress.”

Sarah smiled at the efficiency with which each of her slaves had accomplished their task.  She turned her attention to Tamara and said, “Do you see how skillfully these fully fledged acolytes fulfilled their tasks and were proud of how well they did it?  That is how I want you to be.  I don’t want to see hesitation ever again when I or your priestess tells you to do something.  Until you are a fully fledged acolyte that does as she is told with a smile and are happy with being a slut, then you are nothing but a tramp.  To help you become comfortable with the new you, we are going to keep right on having you do humiliating things until you are comfortable with it and doing it with a smile and with all your heart like my wonderful acolytes here did.  Now to that end, I want you to take each and every one of these condoms, take these scissors and cut the knot off and drink the cum out of each one.  Make sure you turn them inside out and get every last drop.”

Tamara blanched and hesitated a little as the internal war raged within her.  You could see when she was thinking of disobeying because her face flinched in pain.  You could also see the pleasure in her face when she thought about obeying.  She finally reached out and took the scissors from Sarah and picked up a condom.  She cut the knot off and lifted the condom up to her mouth.  She sucked the cum out of the condom and then turned it inside out and sucked the entire condom into her mouth to get all of the cum. 

It was quite the sight.  Tamara was standing in the center of the food court with people all around staring at her and pointing at her as she took condom after condom and cut the knotted end off and sucked the cum out.  Even her brother stood and watched in stunned amazement at what she was doing.  He couldn’t believe this was the same person that he had lived with all of his life.  He knew something had changed but he wasn’t going to say anything about it if it meant losing the chance to fuck his sister.  He watched as Tamara sucked twenty four condoms of cum clean.  He knew that she only took eight from the bathroom so guessed that some of the other girls must have been doing the same kind of thing his sister was.  He recognized Sarah and her friends.  The rumors at school was that Sarah held a lot of power in the school which amazed him since she was new this year.  But it seemed that the cheerleaders, the football team and many others were all saying not to cross her because strange things happened to those who did.  He wondered if that was what happened to his sister.  But he didn’t care.  It made a dream come true and he wasn’t interested in doing anything to jeopardize that.

When Tamara was done sucking all of the condoms clean Heather said, “That’s a good tramp.  Congratulations on your accomplishments.  You have now earned ten new piercings.  You already had one coming for the dog.  Then there was the clerk in the shoe store.  That’s two and finally the eight boys, including your brother which I’m especially proud of you for doing.  So on the way home we’ll stop at a tattoo and piercing place and get your new piercings so you can wear your new earrings. Now pick up your shopping bags and let’s go.”

Tamara picked up all of the bags of goods and they left.  Doggyslut drove them to the tattoo shop which had provided the tattooing for Michelle, Aminda and Angie.  They took Tamara in and Heather and Sarah told him what they wanted.  Karen signed the permission slips since she was under aged.  He strapped Tamara to the table so that she couldn’t move. 

Heather pulled an earring out with a moon on it and asked, “Can you remove the stud and then put the large loop into her ear and seal it so she can’t take it out?”

The tattoo and piercing artist answered, “Sure I can.  I can cut the large ring and remove the stud link.  Then I can solder the ring closed once I put it through the piercing.  Now how many are you going to want?”

Heather said, “Add five on each ear, evenly spaced from top to bottom.  Keep in mind that we will be adding more as time goes on.  I tell you what, if you and your guy out front want a little piece of the action then make it six on each ear.  You can have any hole on her you want.  She’s nothing but a little tramp and is happy to take care of your needs.  Now in addition to her ear piercings, I want her to have an eyebrow stud, a nose piercing for a single diamond in her left nostril, a ring in her nasal septum, a tongue piercing with a barbell stud, a nipple ring in each nipple, a navel piercing and a clit ring.  Now when you are doing the earrings, you will have one of the dog rings, two star rings, three cunt rings and four moon rings.  Tell me what hole you want to fuck of hers and I’ll tell you what ring to put in for those two holes.  Of course I want you to solder a sun earring in one of the existing piercings and a star one in the other.”

The tattoo and piercing artist said, “Wow, I don’t normally do that many piercings at once.  Most can only afford one or two at a time.  The ears are easy and will be the least expensive at twenty five dollars apiece.  The rest of the piercings are fifty dollars each except for the clit piercing which will be a hundred dollars.  That doesn’t count the cost of the rings and studs.  All together with what you want it will run one thousand and thirty dollars.  Because you are giving us the opportunity to fuck her afterwards, I’ll knock off the thirty an make it an even thousand.  How’s that sound?”

Sarah smiled and said, “No, charge for the full amount and add another seventy dollars as a tip for a job well done in addition to getting to fuck her.  Now we don’t want to take all night so let’s get this show on the road.”

The tattoo and piercing artist went to work on Tamara.  He didn’t numb her like he did other customers at the request of Sarah.  This was part of her punishment for questioning Heather this morning.  Tamara screamed over and over as the artist pierced her ears using a piercing needle instead of a piercing gun.  With each piercing he immediately took one of the rings and clipped them as he had said and then after feeding them through the piercing, which was a tremendously painful process in and of itself considering the jagged edge of the ring where it was cut going through a newly pierced opening.  Tamara screamed over and over as each new piercing was made with the needle and again with the ring going through and finally from the heat of the ring when he soldered it closed and turned the soldered point into the tissue of the ear.  But the most painful of the piercings were her tongue, nipples and especially her clit.

When he was done two hours later, Tamara was a sight with all of her new piercings.  She looked like a Goth girl.  Before he let her up from the table, the tattoo and piercing artist lowered the end of the table where her legs were and spread them apart.  He stepped up and fucked her for ten minutes.  Doing all of those piercings on the naked teenager had made him horny as all get out.  His partner out front came in afterwards and fucked her in the ass.  He stepped up to the table and lifted her legs up until her asshole was available and took her in the ass.  He fucked her for fifteen minutes before he came in her ass. 

When he was done, Tamara got dressed in her new outfit from the mall, streaked with drying cum.  She still had drying streaks of cum in her hair and on her face.  When they got to her house, she grabbed her bags of new clothes except for the earrings which she left with Sarah.  Before she got out of the car Heather ordered, “Now when you go up to your room tonight, be sure and take all of your old clothes and throw them out.  You are only to wear your new clothes you bought tonight.  Remember, no underwear at all.  I expect the butt plug to stay in as well.  And you will only wear high heels except when you are in your cheerleading outfit.  Now don’t forget that I expect you to try and seduce your father tonight.  The more of a chance your mother will catch you the better.”

Tamara looked down at the ground with sadness that she was going to have to seduce her father.  She went through a shortened internal debate that always ended the same way with pain when she thought of disobeying and pleasure when she thought of obeying.  Obeying always won out.  The more she obeyed the greater the pleasure and the easier it became to obey the next time.  The order to seduce her father was a hard one to obey because of the years of love and the realization that if her mother caught her that she would be thrown out of the house and they might end up divorced. 

Tamara picked up her stuff and ran straight to her room upstairs, bypassing her parents who were in the kitchen getting dinner ready.  She met her brother who came into her room and after seeing the earrings and piercings on her face exclaimed, “My god Tams, what has gotten into you?”

Tamara wanted to tell him that she was being made to do these things but she knew that her goddess and priestess had ordered her to admit to being responsible for all of her decisions.  She looked at her brother and said, “If you don’t like it then forget about ever getting anything like you got this afternoon.  I need your support because I know mom and dad are going to hate me for doing this.  It was just something I had to do okay?”

Ricky, wanting another chance at his sister answered, “Sure sis.  Anything you want.  I’m all for it as long as you give me what I want.”

Tamara sighed and said, “Look, right now I’ve got to put this away and get rid of all my old clothes.  If you help me, I’ll come into your room tonight and take care of your… uh… needs, okay?”

Ricky asked, “What do you want me to do sis?”

Tamara said, go down and get a bunch of the big black garbage bags so we can fill them up.  When we’re done we’ll sneak them out back and put them in the garbage so that they will be hauled off tomorrow.  Do you really like the way I look with my new clothes Ricky?”

Ricky answered, “God yes Tams.  You are super sexy.  Any guy would drool over you like that.  I don’t care whether you have hair or not.”

Tamara smiled.  She needed to hear that from her brother.  She felt like a circus freak with all of the new piercings.  Her brother returned with the bags and between the two of them, all of her old clothes were bagged up, including all of her underwear, though she did keep a couple of sexy thongs to wear during her period at the peak days when she needed to wear pads.  They snuck down the back stairs and took the clothes not only to their trash cans but to several of their neighbors trash cans too so that theirs wouldn’t be too full.

When it came time to eat dinner, Tamara finally came down for the confrontation with her parents that she knew was coming.  It was a big blow up as she expected it would be.  It ended with her mother slapping her, telling her that she was, ‘Nothing more than a gutter slut the way you are dressed and with those piercings.’ and then banning her to her room without dinner. 

Tamara cried for about a half hour at the loss of her relationship with her parents but when she thought about what her goddess and priestess had ordered it comforted her.  She waited until bed time before she made her move on her dad.  She used the fact that she sounded a lot like her mother.  Her dad usually came up to go to bed about an hour or so before her mother.  When he did she waited until he was in the shower.  She was naked when she snuck in the room.  All she had with her was a blind fold.  She hoped that what she planned would work and that she would be able to finish before her mother came up.

Tamara waited behind the curtain next to the closet.  When her dad came out of the shower, all he had on was a towel around his waist.  He went to the walk in closet to get his pajamas out and the second he walked in Tamara snuck out from behind the curtains and came up behind him.  She quickly put the blindfold over his eyes and tied it behind his head.  He reached up to the blindfold and began to take it off as she tied it.  She leaned in and whispered in a tone as close as her mother’s as she could and said, “Shhhh, don’t take it off.  Just go with the flow.”

Tamara silently sighed in relief when her dad relaxed and lowered his hands.  He did ask, “What brought this on dear.  You haven’t done anything like this for years, not that I’m complaining.”

Tamara went ‘Shhhhh’ again and led him over to the bed.  She pushed him back until he was lying on his back with his knees bent and still on the floor.  She crawled up onto the bed and took his half hard ten inch cock and began to pump it for a minute.  She bent down and took his cock into her mouth and sucked it for a couple of minutes until it was hard.  When it was, she straddled her father’s waist and slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

Tamara’s father was surprised that his wife would be in the mood after she had such a row with their daughter.  She usually wasn’t in the mood on good days let alone on days she argued with one of the kids and tonight was the worst yet.  He wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth though.  He may not have been happy about what Tamara did but she definitely looked like a wet dream and any man would find it hard not to get hard with the way she was dressed. 

If Tamara’s father would have thought about it, he would have realized that it wasn’t his wife.  The whisper had just a hint of a lisp from the tongue stud that he didn’t catch and it was only a miracle that he didn’t feel the clit piercing as his cock went into her cunt.  But he was too immersed in the pleasure to think about that.  When he tried to move his hands up to caress her tits, Tamara almost panicked but grabbed his hands and pushed them above his head.  She went ‘hmmp mmmm mmmm’ as she did.  When she did that her tits hung down within an inch or two of his face.  If he had lifted his head up and stuck his tongue out, he would have found a nipple with a ring in it.  But he didn’t and her ruse wasn’t discovered.

Tamara began to rock back and forth on her father’s cock.  She fucked him for ten minutes and he showed no sign of cumming.  Then it was twenty minutes.  At about the twenty three minute point, she was beginning to get close to cumming.  Her father was getting close too.  She started going faster and faster and her father said, “God, keep going hon.  I’m real close.  I feel like we did when we just got married.  Oh god I’m close.  Just about there……”

Just as both of them were beginning to trip over the edge and cum, Tamara’s mother came into the room and got the surprise of her life.  She walked in to find her daughter fucking her father on their marriage bed.  That was the last straw.  As her father began cumming in her cunt and she began cumming herself, her mother stormed into the room yelling, “You filthy dirty whore.  It’s bad enough that you have to dress like a whore but now you’re acting like one and trying to steal my husband.  How dare you fuck your father and you mister.  How could you not know you were fucking your own daughter?  I want you both out of this house this instant.  You Tamara, I’ve had enough.  Get out and don’t ever come back.  I can never forgive you for what you’ve done.  If you want to be a whore then go out and whore the streets, not my husband.”

Tamara’s mother had grabbed her naked daughter by the arm and dragged her off of her cumming husband, Tamara’s father.  As she did he realized what had happened and began to yell at Tamara himself saying, “You filthy whore.  How dare you come in here and act like your mother and seduce me.  Do you know what you have done?  You have just destroyed our family.  Get out.  Get out now.  Go get your stuff out of your room and get out.  Don’t ever show your face around here again.  You are no longer a member of this family.  Get out… NOW!!!!”

Tamara ran naked from the room with her father’s cum running down her legs and stomach.  She ran to her room and quickly bagged up the clothes she had just gotten that evening.  She was crying the whole time.  She didn’t know where she was going to go.  She only knew that her priestess would know what to do.  She ran out in the slutty clothes she wore home and carried the rest in the bags that she had brought home.  She ran out of the house and down to the park a couple of blocks down from the house.  She was bawling the whole way.  She knew that she would eventually get kicked out of the house but she didn’t want her parents to get a divorce and that was likely with the way things happened. 

When Tamara got to the park she sat on the merry go round for about an hour to try and settle down before she called Heather.  She got her cell phone and dialed.  The time on the phone said, 11:38 pm.

Heather sleepily answered the phone, “This better be good tramp.  I was sound asleep.”

Tamara cried into the phone saying, “Oh priestess it was horrible.  First my parents yelled at me for the way I was dressed.  They sent me to my room.  Then I seduced my father like you said and my mom caught us and they threw me out of the house.  I have nowhere to go.  I’m sitting in a park in my neighborhood with all of the stuff you had me buy.  I need help.  You’re the only one I can turn to.  Help me priestess.”

Heather sat up in her bed.  She knew she couldn’t get out of the house at this time of night without getting into serious trouble.  She told Tamara, “Just sit there and be patient.  I will call your goddess and see what she wants to be done.  I can’t get away now so you’ll have to wait.  Let me call her and then I’ll call you back.  Bye.”

Tamara didn’t get a chance to say anything.  She heard the other end of the line go dead.  She began to look around.  She was awfully exposed where she was.  Anyone could come by and see her there.  She saw a kids wooden play area that had a raised fort in it and she carried her stuff there and hid while she waited for the call from her priestess.

Heather called Sarah and explained the situation.  Sarah of course ordered doggyslut to go with one of the guards to go pick Tamara up at the address she was at.  To make a long story short, Tamara was picked up and taken out to the Warren estate.  She was made to sleep on the floor with suk in the pantry for the night until they could determine what her exact status was to be.  Sarah’s intent was for her to be Heather’s sex slave and not hers so they would have to figure things out the next day.  Having her at the estate would make her further degradation and humiliation easier and they could make her a fully fledged sex slave. 

Sarah went back to sleep again, happy with the way things had turned out.  She had a coconspirator that was willing to help her do things.  She had added a slave to her bevy of slaves that she could play with.  She had also tightened her grip on the School administrative staff.  All in all it was a good day from Sarah’s standpoint.

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