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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 72 Karen's Torment

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 72

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8 and CuteLittleFreak

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 72, Karen’s Torment

When doggyslut left to drive the cheer leaders home, Sarah called Aminda, Angie and Michelle to the family room.  When she had them all lined up kneeling in front of them, she said, “That went a lot better than I thought it would.  I never imagined that we would have this much power over the cheerleaders.  You all did very well.  I would like to hear a report about your other activities.  We’ll start with Aminda and then Michelle.”

Aminda smiled a little and said, “I haven’t found anything yet on any of the class leaders but I did see a guy in the hallway that looked like he was forcing a girl to do things she didn’t want.  He had one of his buddies with him and this girl and he were talking very animatedly.  When they were done, I saw her bow her head down and follow the other boy into the boy’s bathroom.  I waited until she came out later and she actually had cum in her hair when she did.  I think the boy she was arguing with was either blackmailing her or something.  He definitely had to have something on her to make her go with this guy.  I saw the same girl yesterday at school.  We were just leaving to go watch the cheerleaders and she came out of the History teacher’s room.  Her blouse was torn and she was crying.  She walked like she had just been whipped.  I waited around the corner and watched and the same boy she argued with came out with the History teacher and they shook hands before the boy and girl left.  I was able to follow him to the parking lot and see the car he drives.  It is a fairly new looking red mustang convertible.  I was close enough to see that he made the girl lift her skirt up to her waist before she got in the car.  She didn’t have any panties on either.  Do you want me to see if I can find out more about this guy and the History teacher?

Sarah smiled at the revelation.  She thought about meeting a guy at the school that had slaves of his own.  She thought that it would be a match made in heaven for her.  She told Aminda and the rest of the girsl, “I want you all to find out everything you can about him.  He sounds like someone I would want to know.  He obviously has himself a little reluctant sex slave.  I’d love to meet him but want to find out all I can about him before I do.  As far as the History teacher goes, get all of the evidence you can on him so we can blackmail him in the future.  There’s nothing that will ruin a teacher’s career faster than proof that he is doing things with the students.  Can you do that for me my little love slaves?”

Aminda and the rest all smiled and told Sarah that she would be happy to.  Sarah then focused her attention on Michelle.  “What do you have to report shelle?”, she asked.

Michelle got a huge grin on her face.  She told Sarah, “In the computer club, there is one junior boy who is like the super geek of the school.  Everyone in the club, including the seniors and the school advisor, are always sucking up to him and looking to him for answers to just about everything.  I flirted with him a bit and got him to tell me that he has hacked into the school computers.  He offered to change any grades that I wanted if they didn’t meet my satisfaction.  He also whispered to me that one time he had some really good school girl and school boy porn that he found on the Principals computer and the coach’s computer.  He said he even thought that some of the pictures were of girls at the school.  I asked him if I could get copies of the pictures.  At first he didn’t want to but I promised him a blow job if he gave them to me with proof that they came from the principal’s or coach’s computer.  He agreed in a heartbeat.  He’s supposed to bring the stuff to me sometime this next week.  We’ll know then whether it is good enough to use against the coach and the principal.  I think if I promised him and a few of the other computer geeks sex, they would hack into just about any computer we wanted.  Do you want me to pursue that avenue mistress?”

Sarah thought for a minute and then said, “Let’s wait and see what he produces against the principal before we take any more steps in that direction.  If it pan’s out, I definitely want you to pursue getting the members you feel can be trusted to help you hack into the work and personal computers of the teachers and any students that you feel may pose a roadblock to what I want.  You can then promise him and the few other computer geeks that they will have an orgy with four of the cheerleaders if they help you.  I’ll even through in a lap top computer for him and the other geeks, built to their specification of course, as long as they do what I want, when I want.  They would come in handy at school and elsewhere.  You both have done very well for having been at school for so little time.  I am very happy with you.  Now I want to talk about what we’ll be doing for the rest of the weekend.  I do believe that I ordered each of you to come up with three tortures to be used on one of the new slaves.  Have you figured out what you are going to do?

Aminda quickly answered, “Yes mistress we did.  We wrote it down and gave it to doggyslut.  I think she left it in her room on her desk.  I can have shelle go get it for us if you like.”

Sarah told her, “I would love to have the list so I can review it before doggyslut comes back.”

Michelle took off at a dead run to doggyslut’s room and found the list on her desk where Aminda said it would be.  She picked it up and ran back down to the Family Room where everyone was waiting.  She knelt down in front of Sarah in the kneeling position and held the paper up in the palm of her hands for Sarah to take. 

Sarah quickly picked up the paper and began reading.  She took her time and got a wicked grin on her face as she read the sheet over and over.  The girls and doggyslut had really done a wicked job of coming up with tortures for the victim.  Sarah closed her eyes and imagined the pain and agony that would be dealt out to her intended victim.  Sarah handed the list to Aminda and asked, “Are you three certain that these are the tortures that you want to have done to our slave?”

Aminda spoke up first and answered for all three, “Yes mistress.  We worked closely with Kar…… I mean doggyslut to come up with those tortures.  We all feel that they are well deserved for all of the pain and suffering she has caused us.”

Sarah smiled like she knew something that the others didn’t as she asked, “Shelle, you are the one that received the brunt of the punishment from everyone in the organization so I want you to do the majority of the punishment.  You can do that for me can’t you?”

Shelle smiled as she thought about getting revenge on Brittany for all of the pain and suffering she caused.  She thought it was only fair that she get to do the torture.  She was almost giddy with excitement as she answered Sarah saying, “Of course I can mistress” ending her statement with a giggle.

Sarah finally looked at her three slaves and ordered, “Go get suk and the four of you wait here until doggyslut get’s home.  When she gets back I want everything on that list ready to be used.  I plan on getting started immediately after she returns.”

The three slave girls immediately got up and went about preparing everything.  They had to go down to the cave but they were able to get one of the security guards to drive them down.

It was a little over two hours later that doggyslut came into the house and found Sarah and the others in the family room.  She saw that the slaves were lined up side by side kneeling in front of Sarah.  She noticed that suk looked extremely fearful while the three girls looked extremely pleased with themselves.  She guessed that they were getting ready to begin torturing suk for everything that she did as Brittany.  She didn’t wait for instructions but just walked over to the girls and got into a kneeling position next to suk.

Sarah looked at doggyslut and ordered, “Doggyslut, I want you to stand up here in front of me and strip.  Give all of your clothes to suk.  Suk, once you have doggyslut’s clothes you are dismissed.  We will not need your services until dinner time.”

Suk and the girls were extremely surprised but didn’t say anything.  They did glance at each other though.  Doggyslut had not been privy to any of the conversation that had happened before and just followed her mistress’ orders.  She soon stripped and handed her clothes to suk thinking that maybe she had been mistaken and that Brittany’s torture would begin the next weekend.  She actually thought that her mistress might be deciding to play with her a bit which excited her.  When she was naked and all of her clothes were in suk’s hands she returned in front of Sarah and knelt down.

Sarah pushed herself out of the chair so that she was standing shakily, using wrist supported crutches for support, in front of doggyslut.  She ordered, “Doggyslut, I want you to bring Karen’s personality to the forefront to experience everything that is about to happen, but I want you to be in ultimate control.  I want her to hear and feel everything that is said and done to her until further notice.  Do you understand?”

Doggyslut answered “Yes Mistress” and then got an intense look of concentration on her face.  It took a few minutes before a very depressed looking Karen presented herself to Sarah.  She looked at Sarah questioningly and asked, “How’s Carl and your mom and dad Sarah.  Are they here?”

Sarah had been ready for anything but for her to mention her mom and dad.  Tears started streaming down her cheeks as the anger that she already had been nursing since their return flamed white hot.  She lashed out in anger at Karen, “Where are my parents?  You have the nerve to ask me where my parents are?  They’re dead you stupid bitch.  You killed them.  You killed them, just like you killed Frank and Tina and maimed Sam and Carl.  You have caused more pain and suffering on a much greater scale than Brittany ever could.  First you abandoned your first child to the mercy of people you knew would torture her and make her life a true hell.  You could have asked the ones that rescued you to help you get her but all you wanted to do was save your own skin.  Michelle suffered untold misery because of you.”

Michelle and the others were shocked at the change in Sarah.  They were also shocked because it became abundantly clear to them that Karen, not suk/Brittany, was to be the recipient of the tortures they had planned.  Michelle listened very closely to what Sarah said and when she heard Sarah say that Karen had abandoned her to the hands of the organization, she started to feel angry as all of the pain and suffering that she had suffered at their hands flashed through her mind. 

The anger was evident on her face as Sarah continued.  “Then when you got away from the organization you decided that you didn’t want a baby to bother you so you gave your baby away not caring what happened to her.  You never took the time to find out about her or learn anything about her.  You just dumped her off to the highest bidders.  Then you saw a picture of Michelle and you began to feel sorry for yourself because of your stupid decisions and then you made the worst one possible.  You decided that you had to not just rescue Michelle but you had to take on the Coch organization single handedly.  That wouldn’t have been so bad but your actions again were selfish and you paid no attention to the danger you were putting others in.  I was shot and almost killed because of your stupid vendetta for the organization.  I’m still suffering the consequences of that decision months later and may have problems my whole life because of it.  Poor Sam has taken a bullet for you twice.  The second time was almost fatal.  And that second time was totally unnecessary.  You knew that the hunt teams were gunning for you but that didn’t dissuade you from your next decision.  You decided that you wanted to take a little trip down memory lane without regard to the danger you were putting everyone in.  Just so you could satisfy your curiosity about how many people were left after the organizations takedown.  That resulted in Frank being killed and Sam and Carl being critically injured.  Then you decided to go into such a depressed funk that no one could get you out of it.  My parents were so worried that they decided to come visit you because they were so worried about you.  Because they had an emergency meeting come up they had to return home for it.  Then when they took off, their plane blew up, killing them and Nurse Tina.  They would have never made the trip if you hadn’t gone totally off the deep end about Carl’s injury.  Their death is on your head.  And because of that, you have caused untold misery and suffering to the thousands of employees that loved them both.  You might as well have planted the bomb that blew up their plane yourself Karen.  You killed them just as surely as if you shot them point blank with a gun.  My parents are gone because of you KAREN and I will never forgive you for that.  All of the tortures that the bitchpups and doggyslut came up with are going to be used on you.”  Sarah’s voice became very terse and very angry as she leaned in and whispered in Karen’s ear, “I really, really hate you and I am going to enjoy seeing you receive every single one of the tortures you and the bitchpups came up with MOTHER!!!!!”

Karen’s eyes and mouth opened wide in shock.  In her current depressed state and constant self incrimination, the litany that Sarah had just ranted at her hit hard.  Every new person that Sarah mentioned was like another hole in a very porous damn that was about to break.  Then when Sarah called her mother, it was the last straw.  Here was someone she had always loved as a daughter.  Someone who she would have truly done anything for and she had caused her so much pain.  And it was all because she had wanted to exact revenge on the organization.  Her decisions had caused both of her daughters untold physical and mental anguish.  And now any dream she had of a happy reunion with her second daughter were dashed.  Her daughter hated her.  And she was right to hate her, she thought.  She wanted to just curl up and die but doggyslut wouldn’t let her.  She wanted to let doggyslut take control of her body so she wouldn’t have to deal with the pain and suffering she caused, but doggyslut wouldn’t allow it.  Doggyslut kept forcing Karen’s persona forward every time she tried to retreat and give in.  She was forcing Karen to have to deal with all of her built up guilt and the piercing accusations from her newly found daughter.  Karen’s mental agony was so severe that she opened her mouth wide and began to wail in misery.

Sarah had a ball gag in her hand and when she saw Karen’s mouth open wide she forced the ball into her mouth and turned back to sit in her chair.  As Sarah sat down she commanded, “Michelle… You will begin with the first item on the list.  You will do it now to pay Karen back for all of the pain and misery she has caused you and everyone else.”

Michelle looked perplexed when Sarah ordered her to begin the torture.  She had set her heart on torturing Brittany and now she was going to have to torture her own mother.  Then she remembered what Sarah had said about Karen abandoning her to the hands of the masters and mistresses of the organization.  That began to fuel anger inside her.  She grabbed onto that hatred and began to flame it.  It was the only way she could do what her mistress wanted of her.  What her mistress said had to be the truth.  Sarah had never lied to them so she believed everything that she said was true.  Michelle turned and headed to the kitchen to get the stuff they had put there for the first of the tortures.  As she turned to leave she said, “I’ll be right back with the items we have prepared for her.”

Michelle returned pushing a caterer’s cart that had a brazier on it with two skewers on it.  On the shelf below were a bunch of leather straps and a pair of heat resistant gloves.  Michelle stopped with the cart, right in front of Karen.  She turned to Karen and said, “You really do deserve this you know.  As much as Brittany tortured us, it never would have happened if you had taken me with you when you were rescued.  We could have lived happily without the organization in our lives and none of these people would have had to be hurt.  I’m going to enjoy doing this for my mistress.”

Michelle did not have the normal feelings for Karen that a child would have for her mother.  She hadn’t grown up with her.  The only parent’s that Michelle ever knew were Mistress Tyree and Master Darrell.  She only knew that she was her biological mother because Karen said she was.  That and she did look like her. 

Karen had tears running down her cheeks.  Both of her daughters now hated her.  There was nothing for her to live for.  The Karen persona gave up any struggle at that point.  The only reason she was still alert was because doggyslut was forcing her to be.  As much as she had given up, it still wasn’t enough for her to believe that she deserved to be punished.  She watched on as Michelle began to put on the gloves. 

Michelle picked up a skewer out of the brazier with her now gloved hands.  She walked up to Karen and lined the red hot pointed tip with the scar on her right tit which remained from the time she had been skewered by Mistress Marta.  She leaned down and took the nipple to her tit into her mouth and bit down hard with her teeth.  Karen screamed in pain as her nipple was pinched hard between Michelle’s teeth.  Michelle pulled back until Karen’s tit formed a cone shape.  Then she pushed the sharp, heated skewer through her tit.  The scream that came out of Karen’s throat was unearthly as the red hot pointed skewer pushed through her tit.  Michelle wiggled the point as she pushed to ensure that it caused more pain.  Karen reached her hands up to push Michelle’s hands away.  But her hands were grabbed by Aminda and Angie when she tried.  They had been standing immediately behind Karen waiting for the instant that she tried to interfere.

When Michelle had pushed the end of skewer through the scar on the other side of her tit, she let go of the skewer and turned back to the brazier.  She picked up a loop that screwed on to the end of the skewer.  She picked up a little scoop and labeled out some molten solder.  She poured the molten solder into the cap and then screwed it onto the end of the skewer.  She looked Karen in the eye and said, “I guess you already know that these skewers are now permanent.  You were the one that devised this little torture.  Now I just need to do the second one and we’ll be able to get you hooked up to your pony cart.”

Michelle turned and repeated the process on Karen’s left tit.  The screams of agony from Karen echoed throughout the house.  She cried and pleaded as she suffered the untold agony of the hot steel of the skewers going through her tits.  Michelle reached down and grabbed one of the straps on the second shelf of the cart.  She attached it to one tit then she got the other and attached it.  She grabbed a head harness and picked up a large dildo that she screwed onto it.  The dildo was a ten inch long and two inch wide monster.  There were of course air holes along its length that allowed her to breathe. 

Michelle forced Karen to take the dildo down her throat.  When she had swallowed it, she buckled all of the straps of the head gear so that the dildo couldn’t come off.  Michelle then grabbed a long leather sleeve and with the help of Aminda and Angie, they forced Karen’s arms up behind her back so that her hands were between her shoulder blades.  Michelle wrapped the leather sleeve around her arms and laced it up.  The pain of having her arms forced up like they was almost as bad as the pain of the skewers.  She thought that her shoulders would dislocate before long.  She whimpered and cried in pain, wondering why this was happening to her.

When Karen was all trussed up, she was blindfolded and then led out to the back patio area barefoot and naked.  Once they were outside, Michelle took her to the single pony sulky and put her between its two rails.  She lifted the rails and attached it to a single leather strand that was attached to the four loops on the two skewers in Karen’s tits.  She repeated the process with her other tit.  This put the weight of the cart directly on both of Karen’s skewered and burnt tits, ensuring that she would suffer immense pain with every step she took.  Aminda and Angie carried Sarah out to the sulky and put her in the seat.  They then ran back inside and Angie came out with Sarah’s folded wheel chair and Aminda came out with Sarah’s buggy whip. 

When Sarah was fully seated in the buggy, Michelle handed her the ends of the two reins.  They were attached in three points to Karen’s nipple ring and the two ends of the tit skewers.  As soon as Aminda and Michelle had dressed up in their pony gear, Angie got on their sulky and they took off with Sarah and Karen in the lead. 

Besides the pain of the tit skewers that Karen experienced with every step, the trail they were taking to the cave was a gravel trail.  The gravel of the trail had been made from chipped granite and had sharp edges.  They hadn’t gone more than a quarter of a mile before Karen began to leave bloody foot prints behind as the gravel punctured the soles of her bare feet.  Karen couldn’t see where she was going and frequently stumbled screaming and crying in pain.  Every time, Sarah would beat down on her with the whip, over and over again.  Karen was in agony with every step and was obviously not going nearly as fast as Sarah desired.  Sarah began to liberally use the buggy whip on Karen’s back.  She frequently used it so that it wrapped around her and lashed the sides of one of her tits.  Every time Karen slowed a bit, Sarah began to whip her heavily and sadistically. 

It took them almost forty minutes to get to the cave.  The trip usually only took them about twenty minutes.  But Karen, being barefoot and blindfolded, stumbled a lot and fell down frequently.  Not only were her feet being punctured and cut by the gravel, but every time she fell, her hands, arms and knees would get scraped up.  The constant stumbling and falling put a lot of torque on her tit skewers as well which caused her excruciating pain and actually caused some small tears to occur in the flesh.  By the time they were half way to the cave, Karen was a bloody mess.  They didn’t stop however until they were within the cave. 

When they finally entered the cave, Angie was amazed at the dungeon that had been created in the cave.  This was the first time she had actually been there.  She shuddered as she imagined herself being tortured with all of the stuff that was in the dungeon and especially with what they had come up with to torture who they thought was going to be Brittany.  Sarah looked at Angie and said, “While Aminda and Michelle get out of their pony gear.  Go out and tell the guards that they don’t need to be close to the cave for this.  That they might hear a lot of screaming but that they are to stay away.  That just like every other time, there will be no permanent damage to the person being tortured.  Have them post at the waterfall, the top of the ridge and where the path enters the valley.  They can ensure our protection from there.  I don’t want to be disturbed and they need to understand that.  Tell them that they will receive a nice reward tonight when they get off shift.”

Angie quickly left while Aminda and Michelle quickly got Sarah off of the sulky and into the wheel chair.  Then and only then did they bother to unhook a filthy, blood covered Karen from her sulky.  They led her to the pond in the cave and guided her in.  They took some scrub brushes and soap that they had set aside for this earlier and began to scrub Karen clean.  They weren’t gentle about it either.  They knew that their mistress would not be happy if they took it easy and would most likely punish them.  They didn’t want that so they did what she wanted. 

Finally Angie came back just as Karen was being led out of the water, still bleeding in quite a few places, especially on her knees, hands and arms.  They took her over to the St. Andrews Cross and locked her into the shackles so that she was spread eagled on the cross.  When everything was ready, Aminda and Angie stepped back to where Sarah was watching and knelt down on either side of her.  Michelle went behind the cross and got a cart and pulled it up beside where she was going to be.  On the cart was a large box of push pins with quarter inch points.  Michelle removed Karen’s blindfold finally and picked one up, held it in front of Karen and said, “Mother, this particular torture was one I came up with.  I thought it was for Brittany or I wouldn’t have made it so bad.  But mistress has decided that we have to do the tortures we have planned.  Because you abandoned me to the organization, I have been raised to be a good slave and obey my masters and mistresses.  So Mistress Sarah wants this because of how you betrayed those closest to you and caused them to suffer pain and mental anguish.  Remember that as you feel each and every pin prick.  Remember that I am who I am because you abandoned me.  You have earned this punishment for your actions and inactions.”

Michelle took the pin and put it at the top of Karen’s left tit and pushed the pin in.  Karen bent her head down and watched as each pin was slowly pushed in to cause as much pain as possible.  She of course screamed in pain, both physical and mental.  Tears streamed down her cheeks from her self imposed guilt and the overwhelming guilt from her two daughters constantly pointing out that she caused so much death and pain to those she supposedly loved.  Each time they made the accusations, the personality that was Karen became more and more despondent and shrunk back, wanting to end it all.  But doggyslut just wouldn’t let her.  Doggyslut kept pushing Karen to the forefront so that she experienced everything happening.  The personality that was doggyslut, relished the pain and anguish that Karen was going through.  She thought that it was only deserving that Karen be punished for turning on her masters and mistresses of the organization.  Doggyslut was a good slave and felt that anyone that turned on her masters and mistresses deserved to be punished severely.  It didn’t matter that doggyslut and Karen were two personalities occupying the same body and that doggyslut would suffer too.  Doggyslut would relish the remnants of the pain from the torture after it was all over. 

Michelle continued putting the push pins into Karen’s tits around the base about a half inch apart.  When she finished the base row she moved out a half inch and put another row.  She kept doing this until the tit was fully covered with push pins, leaving the nipple free for the moment.  She then repeated the process with Karen’s other tit.  When that tit was covered as well, she picked up a long hat pin with a large round pearl head on it.  She took one and lined it up with the center of her left nipple and then began to push the two and a half inch pin in.  She rotated the pin and pushed it back and forth to cause as much pain and agony as possible as the pin went in.  Karen screamed again from the pain of the pin going in.  Then the process was repeated with the right nipple.  Again Karen screamed in pain and agony as Michelle twisted and turned the pin to cause as much pain as possible. 

Finally the torture was over and Michelle pushed the cart back to its proper storage place.  She then went to the whip wall and took down a three foot long single tail whip.  She quickly returned to a position in front of Sarah and knelt in a slave’s position.  She then held the whip up above her head, lying in the palms of her hand.  She said, “Your slave has been prepared as we specified.  You may now whip the pins off as quickly or as slowly as you desire.  The plan is to not stop whipping her until every pin has been whipped off, except for the pins in the nipples.  Those are designed to add additional torment throughout the punishment.  They are not to be removed until the end.”

Sarah picked up the whip off of Michelle’s open palms.  She flipped the whip a couple of times to get a feel for it.  She then wheeled her chair over in front of Karen.  Before she started she said, “Mother, you know you deserve this so I want you to beg me to whip the pins off of your tits.  I want you to convince me that you understand that you have done irreparable harm to those you supposedly love.  I want you to convince me that you truly deserve this punishment.  Then and only then will I whip the pins off.  Until then, I will whip your cunt every time you beg unsatisfactorily.”

Karen truly believed everything that Sarah wanted her to say.  She felt she was at fault for every death and every injury that had occurred during the take down of the organization. She didn’t think about the fact it was the organization that caused it all.  In her mind, it was all her fault.  She bowed her head in shame and with confidence she whispered, “Sarah, p…p…please w…w…whip my tits and remove all of my pins for being such a poor mother and friend and causing so much pain and suffering.” Karen was very convincing and it was obvious that she meant every word.

Sarah swung the whip, swinging her hand backwards and around so that it swung up.  The weeks of practice on Aminda and Michelle made her very accurate with the use of the whips.  The tip of the whip came up and creased Karen’s cunt down the center.  Karen screamed in agony. 

It took a few moments for Karen to stop screaming.  When she did she said out loud, “It’s all my fault.  I should have never left Michelle behind.  I should have never given you up.  I hurt so many people I can’t bear to think of the pain I caused.  Please whip me Sarah.”

Sarah was almost satisfied with Karen’s confession.  But she wasn’t ready to start whipping her tits yet.  She said, “So you admit that you should have rescued Michelle?”  Sarah brought the whip up into her cunt on the left side of her outer lips.

Karen screamed from the pain and then said, “Yes, I should have had them rescue her.  She shouldn’t have had to grow up being an object of torture.”

Sarah then whipped Karen’s cunt again and said, “And you admit that you got rid of me because you didn’t want to be bothered and I might interfere with your plans.”

That hit Karen hard but the truth of the matter was, that was exactly why she had given Sarah away for adoption.  That plus the bad memories of her time with Darrell that she wanted to forget.  She would have been a constant reminder of the worst times in her life.  She said, “Yes Sarah, I did.  I couldn’t stand the memories of what your father did to me and knew that you would be a constant reminder.  I thought that you would be better off with someone else rather than me.  But I also did it for the reasons you said.  I wanted a future and I thought you would hold me back.  I’m sorry for giving you away.  I shouldn’t have.”

Sarah whipped Karen again and said, “Do you admit that you made a stupid decision in trying to take down the whole organization instead of just rescuing Michelle.  You could have let the FBI do it themselves you know.”

Karen wailed out at the pain in her cunt.  She finally got control of herself and said, “Yes… yes I took it too far.  I shouldn’t have gotten so involved.  I should have focused more on protecting those I loved instead.”

Sarah whipped her cunt again and said, “So it’s your fault I was shot and paralyzed?”

Karen screamed out again and said, “Yes… it’s my fault.”

Sarah whipped her cunt again and said, “And you admit that going to that prom/reunion was for nothing more than to satisfy your own morbid curiosity about people you went to school with.”

Karen screamed.  This one hit home really hard because she had been berating herself for that decision since the incident at the prom.  If she hadn’t gone, then Frank would be alive and so too would all of the others and Carl and Sam wouldn’t have been injured.  She wailed out a despondently soulful cry, “It’s all my fault.  I shouldn’t have gone.  It’s all my fault they were killed.  It’s all my fault.  It’s all my fault.  It’s all my fault.”

Sarah smiled inside.  She could tell as Karen kept repeating herself that it was all her fault that she really believed that.  That was the admission she wanted to hear from Karen.  She wanted Karen to truly understand what she had done and believe it with every fiber of her being.  Sarah whipped her one more time and said, “Now beg me to give you the punishment you deserve.”

Karen cried out in anguish, “Torture me, hurt me, cause me all kinds of pain.  I deserve everything you do and then some.  I don’t deserve to live for what I have done.  Take my life if you want.  Please do to me what you will.  I deserve everything you do.” 

Karen at that moment believed every word she said.  It wasn’t just begging because she had to.  She didn’t want to live anymore and she really wished that Sarah would kill her.  She suddenly felt the whip land on her tits and rip two pins out of her right tit.  She wailed at the pain and blood began to ooze out of the ripped holes.  Karen screamed.  She screamed again as the whip lashed her other tit and ripped out three pins.  The pain was excruciating.  Not only did the strike of the whip cause severe pain, but the pins ripping out of her tits would tear at her flesh and cause pain deep in her tits as they were ripped out.

The whip continued to rain down over and over again.  Each time it would cause one to three pins to be ripped out.  There were a few times that Sarah managed to whip the nipples of each tit with the hatpin in it.  That caused remarkable pain as the pin was jostled deep in her tit and ripped and tore at the flesh deep down.  Karen screamed long and hard every time one of the hat pins was hit. 

It took over 120 strikes of the whip to knock each and every push pin out of her tits.  By the time Sarah was done, Karen was barely conscious.  Her tits were one dark red mass of thin welts across her tits in every direction.  Her tits were bleeding from all of the pin holes in them.  Tears streamed down her eyes.  Sarah ordered, “Take her down, wash her off and get her ready for the next torture.  Michelle, you help get me ready.”

Aminda and Angie went over to another area of the cave where there was a mat laid out across a sandy area.  They took several boxes of thumb tacks and began to dump them on the mat.  They didn’t stop until the mat was totally covered with tacks. 

While Aminda and Angie were preparing the mat of thumb tacks, Michelle helped Sarah to stand up.  She picked up the dildo harness that she had on the cart by the St. Andrews Cross and after feeding the short interior dildo into Sarah’s cunt she strapped the harness to her hips.  She then took a large ten inch by two inch dildo that was covered with fine stiff wires.  This dildo was one that Karen was familiar with from her times being tortured when she was a slave.  The wire bristles would bend back to scrape the walls of the victim’s cunt or ass as it goes in then when it was pulled out the bristles would stick and pinch the victim’s cunt before scraping the walls back on the way out. 

When they were ready, the three girls quickly went to work releasing the still sobbing and crying Karen from the St. Andrews Cross.  Michelle put the blindfold back on Karen and they led her to the mat they had prepared.  Michelle immediately went to work attaching a spreader bar to her ankles.  This spread Karen’s legs so they were about three feet apart.  They took lengths of rope that had been attached to pulleys staked into the ground and they tied her wrists with the ends.  Michelle ordered her, “Lift your arms above your head and keep them there no matter what.”

Michelle stepped forward so that she was standing on the spreader bar.  She put her arms around Karen and gave her a big open mouthed kiss, definitely one intended for lovers and not family.  At the same time she mashed her tits against her mother’s tits and the hat pins that were stuck in her nipples were driven even further in causing untold pain to Karen.  She held the kiss for a few moments and then she pulled away.  She leaned in and whispered, “You’re not going to like this mother.  It’s going to hurt like hell.”

Michelle signaled Aminda and Angie to start pulling the ropes to Karen’s wrists.  At first, Karen tried to lower her arms to let her arms be pulled back but every time she did Michelle would grab the pins in her tits and wiggle them back and forth telling her to keep her arms up.  As the tension on the ropes pulled tighter and tighter, Karen’s arms were pulled back.  When she was at the brink of losing her balance, Aminda and Michelle stopped.  They backed up just a little and when they did, Karen sighed in relief.  What she couldn’t see were that the two girls had given her slack so they could put the ropes over their shoulders and get down into a crouching position.  As they had planned earlier, Michelle held up her hand and counted down by holding up three fingers, then two and finally one.  When the last finger went down she pumped her hand down and then up.  Both Aminda and Angie took off like they were racing, pulling the ropes over their shoulders as hard and fast as they could.  At the same instant, Michelle grabbed a rope hanging from the ceiling to steady herself as the spreader bar twisted under her feet.  The sudden force of the ropes pulling on her arms caused Karen to fall backwards onto the mat of tacks with the full force of her weight.  She had no way to bring her hands down to take the weight of the fall.  The first to hit were her buttocks and the pins were driven in.  By the time Karen realized what was happening it was too late to do anything. 

The momentum of her fall caused her to fall completely back onto the mat of tacks.  She screamed in agony as the tacks were driven in to the hilt all along her back, buttocks and legs.  As soon as she was down, the girls began to scrape the tacks off of the mat she wasn’t lying on. 

Sarah had wheeled over to where the girls were preparing Karen and when she arrived she saw that the area around Karen on the mat was clear of tacks.  She got out of the wheel chair and got on her hands and knees on the mat.  She slowly crawled between Karen’s legs, a task made difficult by her still partial paralysis of her legs.  She got close enough to line the wire dildo she was wearing up with her cunt.  As soon as the head was lined up, she thrust it in hard.  This pushed the tacks further into Karen’s back.  She put her hands on Karen’s tits, driving the hat pins in further.  She supported most of her weight on her hands.  She then began to fuck Karen without mercy.

Sarah fucked Karen for several minutes before she finally said, “I’m going to keep fucking you with this thing until you have an orgasm.  And I don’t mean a fake one.  I’m sure doggyslut will keep you honest.  So I suggest you start trying to get at least a little enjoyment out of this.”

Karen thought that Sarah was crazy.  There was no way she could cum with the tacks and the wire dildo.  The pain kept increasing and she was getting no enjoyment out of it whatsoever.  She began to move her hips and thrust her cunt up to meet the dildo as it was being driven in.  She hoped to drive her clit into the dildo harness at the base of the dildo.  That added a little excitement.  But she needed more.  She began concentrating on the pain in her tits and trying to find the pleasure.  She knew doggyslut could do it from when doggyslut controlled her body before.  She also knew that doggyslut would not help her to find a way to make it easier on her.  So she concentrated on isolating the pleasure and funneling the pain.  It began to work slowly but surely as her excitement built.  As the excitement began to build, she would begin to think about the pain and become depressed again and the edge would be lost.  Then she had to begin focusing again.  This went back and forth for a while before she finally found the strength to hold the focus on the pleasure.  All other matters ceased to exist for Karen as she built inexorably to a weak but good cum. 

As soon as Karen’s body tensed up and she moaned through her cum, Sarah quit fucking her and pushed back.  The bloody dildo slowly pulled out of her cunt causing her to moan in a mix of pain and pleasure.  Sarah sat back on her heels and held out her arms.  Before she could say anything, Aminda and Michelle were on either side of her and helping her to get up to her feet.  They then helped her to her wheel chair. 

While Aminda and Michelle were helping Sarah to her wheel chair, Karen started trying to get up but the ropes holding her arms out were too tight.  Besides, every time she tried to arch her back off of the mat of tacks, Angie would put her foot on her stomach and push her back down.  Finally Karen just gave up and lay back on the mats, feeling the pain radiate through her back because of the tacks.  The emotional turmoil that she had been in and the immense guilt that she felt made her believe that she deserved to be punished.  But to be punished by her daughters in such an insidious manner, knowing that one and maybe both of them hated her was more than she could take.  She despondently accepted her fate with tears streaming down the sides of her face knowing more was to come. 

Sarah looked at Michelle and said, “You know what comes next shelle, get to it.”

Michelle went over to the counter near the water sports area.  She put on a pair of gloves and then picked up a jar full of centipedes.  These centipedes were about six inches long and had large pinchers.  There were about a dozen of them in the jar.  The girls had first noticed them in the cave during the construction of the dungeon.  They would find them under large rocks when they removed them.  She returned to Karen and set the large jar down between her legs.  She opened the lid and slid it aside just enough so she could get one of the centipedes out.  For the next five minutes, she took the centipedes out of the jar and then pushed them into Karen’s bloody cunt. 

As soon as the centipedes were stuffed one by one into Karen’s cunt, they began to panic.  They bit and struggled to get out of the moist environment they found themselves in. 

Sarah reached to the bottom of the jar where they had put a short dildo that was two inches long by two inches wide.  She then attached a harness that would hold the dildo in.  There was a single strap of the harness that went down the front, and then it split in two going up and across her butt cheeks, leaving her ass crack and ass hole free for use and abuse. 

When she was done with the centipedes, she took two short lengths of rope and tied the ends to the rings of Karen’s tit skewers of first her left tit and then her right tit.  When they were finally tied on, Michelle finally reached up and released the ropes holding Karen’s arms up.  She then released one end of the spreader bar and made Karen to hold it as Michelle pulled Karen up by the ropes to her tit skewers and began to lead Karen to the pond.  She led her into the water into the center of the pond which was too deep to be able to touch bottom.  Karen struggled to tread water as it was because of the pain she felt in her tits, her cunt and especially her back which was still covered with thumb tacks. 

While Michelle was taking Karen to the center of the pond, Angie was lowering a rope from a pulley they had anchored in the roof of the cave at the center of the pond.  She lowered the rope until it was just above the level of the water.  When Michelle had Karen in the center of the pond, she reached up and grabbed the hook attached to the end of the rope Angie had lowered.  She slipped the hook under the ropes attached to Karen’s tit skewers.  Once she had the hook through the ropes she let go.  She took the end of the spreader bar that Karen was holding then dived under water to attach the free end to her ankle again. 

When Michelle finished connecting the spreader bar to Karen’s ankle, she swam to shore where Aminda handed her a five pound weight.  She took a deep breath and then turned and dove down into the water toward Karen.  When she got to Karen she hooked the weight onto the spreader bar, pulling Karen down into the water with the extra weight.  She repeated this process a second time and added another five pounds.  Once she was done, she swam back to the shore where Sarah was sitting in her chair watching with a sinister smile on her face. 

As soon as Michelle exited the water, Angie lowered Karen into the water until she had to tilt her head back in order to breath.  She paused there for a few moments to give Karen a false sense of hope and then lowered her a quarter of an inch more to cover her nose.  This made Karen have to work hard, treading water with her arms to keep her nose above water.  It didn’t take long for Karen to begin to tire as she would keep her nose above water initially for a few minutes and then go under the water.  She would hold her breath as long as possible to let her muscles rest and then she would fight to surface.

Of course, while Karen was being hooked up and then as she struggled to keep her nose above water to breathe, the centipedes were still in her cunt.  The longer they were under water, the less oxygen they had.  Inside her cunt, the constant irritation of the biting and the claw like legs of the centipedes caused her already bleeding cunt walls to fill her cunt up with blood and other fluids.  As her cavity filled up, the centipedes began to really panic and struggle.  The more they struggled, the more they bit and tried to claw their way to freedom, causing Karen untold pain in her cunt. 

When Michelle got out of the water and next to Sarah, Sarah handed her the harness with the dildo she had used on Karen’s cunt.  Michelle took the harness, inserted the small dildo on the interior into her cunt and strapped the harness on.  The bloody dildo stuck out from Michelle’s pubic area like a real cock.  She turned and swam back out to Karen.  She got behind Karen and while treading water, she guided her fake cock to Karen’s asshole.  It took a bit of effort and a lot of energy to get Karen’s butt cheeks spread enough to get the dildo lined up with her asshole. 

As soon as Michelle had the tip of the dildo lined up with Karen’s asshole, she leaned in and whispered in Karen’s ear, “Mother, Mistress Sarah says you can be released from this station as soon as you cum.  I have to fuck your ass until you do.  The sooner you cum, the sooner you get to get out of the water.”

As soon as Michelle had finished whispering the warning to Karen, she slammed the dildo into Karen’s ass.  She put her arms around Karen’s chest, grabbing hold of her tits for leverage, driving the hat pins in and began to fuck Karen.  She pulled herself against Karen’s back, driving the thumb tacks into Karen’s back.  The extra weights pulling her down were bad enough but now she was also holding both her and Michelle up by treading water.  Karen just knew she would drown before the torture was over.   

Karen began to give up in despair and let the water drown her.  Doggyslut was relishing the emotional destruction that this was doing to Karen’s psyche.  Every time Karen tried to quit and just drown, doggyslut would begin to tread water and bring her above the water.  She would then force Karen back into control to tread water.  It didn’t take long for Karen to realize that doggyslut wouldn’t let her quit and die.  She finally figured that she had better try and get herself off so she could end the torture. 

Once Karen came to that realization, she quit treading water and went under water, but this time her hands were busy on her clit and tenderly tried to stimulate her clit.  When she would run out of breath she would struggle up above the water by treading water with her arms.  She would get her breath and then go under again.  Of course while she did this, the centipedes were slowly dying in her cunt, causing her untold pain.  Michelle was fucking her ass with the wire dildo which was rubbing her raw and pinching every time she changed direction.  It was a long laborious effort that had her gain a little excitement then she would lose most of it when she caught her breath.  But each time she focused more and more on the pleasure and not the pain, resulting in her eventual ability to gain more and more pleasure each time.  Finally just before her body totally wore out from exhaustion, she came.  When it happened, she went under to stimulate her clit like she had before.  She started from a point that had her close to orgasm.  As she got closer and closer to cumming she sped up her stimulation of her clit.  She was beginning to run out of breath but she knew that she couldn’t go another time.  She was so close but couldn’t go over the edge.  Finally in desperation, she pinched her clit hard to see if that would help.  That and the near suffocation had her screaming her last breath out in glorious agony and ecstasy. 

As she felt Karen begin to cum, Michelle pushed down and away from her.  She knew she was close to drowning by the way she had been struggling. As soon as she was free of her and her head above water she yelled, “Take her up.”  Angie quickly began turning the crank to lift Karen up out of the water.  As she was pulled up, you could see the last bubbles of air bursting from her mouth into the water.  There was a very brief but loud scream as her mouth broke the surface followed by a deep gasping intake of breath.  Then the screams took on a more panicked tone as the weight of her body was lifted by the tit skewers.  Michelle reached up and took hold of Karen and as Angie lowered her enough for the hook to be released from the ropes on the tit skewers.

Michelle helped Karen out of the water.  She removed the spreader bar and took Karen over to the mat and began to remove the thumbtacks stuck in her back.  By the time she was done, Karen’s back was a bloody mess.  They took her back to the water and scrubbed her back clean.  Then they rubbed salt into her wounds like they had done to them numerous times while at Clearview.  It would sterilize the wound but also hurt like hell in the process. 

When Michelle had Karen cleaned up, she took her to the water sports area of the cave.  She made Karen lay down on her back on the table.  She buckled her wrists into shackles on either side of the table.  Aminda attached bands across her chest below her tits and across her hips so that she couldn’t move her body.  At the same time, Angie lowered a rope with a shackle at the end and attached it to her left ankle.  She then repeated the process with the right ankle.  When she was done attaching the ankle cuffs, Aminda went over to the wall and began turning the wheel to raise Karen’s legs up and out.  That lifted Karen’s ass up off of the table so that her cunt and asshole were exposed.

When she was adequately secured, Michelle went to the refrigerator they had installed in the cave and filled a bowl full of ice.  She brought the bowl of ice and set it at the end of the table nearest to Karen’s ass.  She then began to stuff the ice cubes into Karen’s ass and cunt.  She didn’t stop until she couldn’t fit another single ice cube in.  When she was done with the ice, she took a long hose that was attached to the hot water of the sink.  It divided into two smaller hoses.  She set up a stand on the table right next to Karen’s ass.  She attached each of the small hoses to an arm on the stand and then adjusted it so that the nozzle of each was held over either her stuffed ass or her cunt.  She adjusted the nozzle so that a single drop of hot water dripped into her ice filled ass or cunt every second.  The water was scalding hot, just hot enough to cause first degree burns but not second degree.  For the moment, Karen couldn’t feel the heat of the water because the ice had numbed her cunt to the point she was filling slivers of pain and numbness in her cunt. 

After they had the water drip hooked up, Sarah wheeled over to the table.  She ordered, “Karen, look at me.”

Karen turned her head towards Sarah and looked her in the eyes.  Sarah saw the haunted pained look in her mother’s eyes.  That didn’t sway Sarah from what she was going to do next.  When she was sure Karen was looking at her and she had her undivided attention she said, “We are going back to the house for the night.  I’m sure you will think long and hard about how you ended up in this position.  Just remember all of the people you have hurt or caused to get killed.  Don’t forget your part in killing Dipti, your dad, the guards that were guarding your mom and dad.  And what about Krystal’s parents, their death is on your head too because if you hadn’t turned her onto the organization, they would have never been killed.  I want you to think about your part in all of that and remember that you deserve every bit of pain and suffering you receive for all of the pain and suffering you caused.  I can never have my parent’s back and you can never have your best friends back.  They are gone forever and it’s all your fault.  So as you contemplate your situation through the night, remember that you deserve to be here and deserve to suffer.  I will bring the girls back in the morning and we will finish the tortures you all came up with.  I know that you are aware of what will happen because you helped develop the tortures with the bitchpups.  I don’t want you to think about that.  I want you to just focus on how guilty you are for everything.  Nightie nite mother.  See you in the morning.”

While she had been telling her mother that, Aminda and Michelle had been getting into their pony gear.  When she was done, Angie wheeled her over to the sulky and helped her on.  She folded the wheelchair and put it on the hooks at the back of the sulky.  She then got in the seat next to Sarah and they began their trip back to the mansion.

As she heard the girls leave, Karen/doggyslut began a little war for control over her body.  The ice packed in her cunt and ass had numbed her nether regions initially.  But it soon began to send shards of pain through her ass and cunt.  For the brief moments that she was just numb, Karen made a valiant effort to take control.  She wasn’t strong enough to wrestle control from doggyslut but it made it so that if someone was there to notice, they could have yelled and screamed at her and she wouldn’t have responded.  It was the fact that Karen now knew that Sarah was her other daughter and she didn’t want her to go down the road she was heading.  She now recognized the traits in her that she got from her father.  She knew she just had to get control of her body from doggyslut. 

Doggyslut for her part was expecting something from Karen’s persona when Sarah had revealed her true relationship with them.  She let Karen think she had a chance in regaining control.  She was surprised at how strong a response Karen had though and had to truly fight to maintain control.  She quickly began flooding the thoughts of guilt over the deaths and the injuries that had occured.  That didn’t seem to work as well as they had in the past.  It wasn’t until the first shards of pain from the ice began to spread through her lower abdomen.  Doggyslut fed on the pain.  The pain was what a slave deserved.  She absorbed that pain and took her strength from it.  This allowed her to slam the door shut on Karen’s persona for the final time.  The war was brief, only a few minutes, but in the end Karen was forever denied control of her body again.

As time went on, the drip, drip, drip of the hot water melted the ice in her cunt and ass.  The shards of pain from the ice went away, followed by numbness.  As the hot water warmed the cold water flooding her cunt, the sensations went away.  As the hours went on and the steady drip continued, the water turned warm and then gradually warmed up.  It was in the early hours of the morning, between two and two thirty that the water temperature in her cunt and ass passed from being warm to hot.  Just like the proverbial frog in the pot not feeling the water go from cold to boiling, neither did doggyslut feel the water go from warm to hot. The water eventually got hot enough that it began to cause first degree burns in her cunt and ass.  It never got hot enough to cause blisters but you could see where the water streamed over and out of her cunt and ran down her pubic arch or her ass.  It turned her skin a bright red color where it burned its way down to her abdomen and then over the sides where it dripped onto the table she was bound to.

Earlier in the evening, Sarah and her harem of slaves made it back to the house.  Once there, she had Aminda and Michelle get out of their pony gear.  As they were getting undressed, Sarah had their guards come in to the house with them.  There were still only the three guards.  It had been decided that the three of them were enough to protect the now four girls. 

When they got up to Sarah, Gar asked, “What happened to Karen.  I expected her to come back with you girls.”

Sarah smiled and said, “She decided to stay the night in our little dungeon.  We’ll go back and get her in the morning.  You know how secure that area is, I’m sure she’ll be okay.  At least she’ll be safe from anyone finding her.  I’m not sure she’ll think she’s okay by morning.” She followed that with a giggle, knowing full well that by morning, her mother would be suffering from the hot water torture.

Sarah continued and said, “The reason I brought you all up is that I thought that you guys could use a little reward for doing such a good job protecting us.  Why don’t you leave the guarding outside to the other team and come in and have a little fun with us.  I have four horny girls that could use some TLC.  What do you say?”

Gar looked at the other two who smiled and shook their head yes and then he turned and said, “Sounds fun.  We’d love to.”

Sarah ordered, “Angie, take me inside to the family room.  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AN ORGY.”

Angie turned and began wheeling Sarah to the house.  Sarah turned her head and said, “When you guys are done taking care of your pony gear, bring the boys to the family room. We’ll have our fun there.”

When Sarah and Angie made it to the family room, Angie began to help Sarah get out of her chair but Sarah stopped her.  Sarah pushed herself up and took a couple of steps away from the chair.  She then proceeded to slowly struggle to strip her clothes off.  She did okay until she had to take her jeans off.  She tried to lift her left leg up to slip that leg out of the jeans and her right leg collapsed.  It just didn’t have the strength to hold her entire weight.  Angie rushed to help her up but Sarah told her to leave her alone.  She wanted to do it herself.  Sarah continued to pull her jeans and panties off.  Once she had them off and was naked, she pushed herself onto her knees and then slowly brought her feet underneath herself.  When she had both feet planted she slowly began to push herself up.  She felt like she was trying to lift a ton of bricks on her back as she pushed her weight up but she put all of her effort into it.  Through shear strength of will, she managed to push herself up and onto her feet without Angie’s help.  As soon as she was on her feet, she heard screams of excitement from the entry to the family room.  She looked up just as Aminda and Michelle rushed up to her and hugged her.  They knew how huge of a milestone that had just occurred. 

Aminda and Michelle were crying from their happiness for their mistress. Angie knew that what had occurred was important but she couldn’t understand the emotion behind Aminda and Michelle’s reaction.  She knew how Sarah had been injured but without having gone through the terrifying event together like the three had.  That event had truly bonded Sarah, Aminda and Michelle together.  Aminda and Michelle both knew that they owed their lives to Sarah and that she almost died because of them.  That is why they loved her so much.  They both felt that Sarah truly owned their lives and they would do anything for her, just like perfect slaves are supposed to do.  The two slave girls kept kissing Sarah’s face and telling her how proud of her they were. 

The celebration hug soon turned into more.  Michelle dropped to her knees and began to lick her way towards Sarah’s cunt.  Aminda leaned down and began to suck on her right tit.  Aminda tilted her head, leaving Sarah’s tit in her mouth and waved Angie toward them and went back to paying sole attention to her right tit.  Angie took the hint and moved over and took Sarah’s remaining tit into her mouth.  That is the scene that the three guards found when they entered the room after letting the other team know they were in the house.  They stared in amazement at the sight of three sixteen year old girls making out with a fifteen year old. 

Gar, Harry and Trip all just watched in amazement as the girls had their own private orgy.  Harry was the first to take his cock out and start stroking himself as he watched.  Trip saw what he was doing and decided to strip.  As soon as he started taking his clothes off, the others followed suit.  They stood there and stroked their cocks as they watched Sarah finally succumb to the overwhelming pleasure and collapsed back to the floor where the three girls continued their erotic assault all over her body. 

Aminda moved up from Sarah’s tits and began to French kiss her with all of the passion in her body.  Angie continued to lick and chew on both of Sarah’s tits and Michelle attacked her cunt, clit and ass with all of the energy and passion she could.  They soon had Sarah cumming and cumming.  Finally Sarah screamed and passed out from the sheer pleasure they were bringing to her.

It was a few moments later when she recovered and looked at her three slave girls.  She said, “Now that you have exhausted me.  Why don’t you three make sure our three protectors have a good time?  I’ll just sit here and watch until I have enough energy to join one of you.”

Sarah watched as Angie went over to Trip, Michelle to Gar and Aminda went to Harry.  They each were soon on their knees in front of their selected man and sucking his cock.  Michelle was the first to move on.  After sucking on Gar’s cock for a few minutes, she stood up and led him over to the couch.  She got on her hands and knees with her upper body over the seat of the couch.  She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart.  Gar just stood there watching in amazement.  He couldn’t believe he was here.  He would have paid good money to participate in something like this and here he was being paid as their guard while he participates in an orgy with a sixteen year old girl.  He thought he had died and gone to heaven. 

Angie kept sucking on Trip and began to deep throat him.  She had become quite good at it and decided that was what she wanted to do first.  She put her hands on his ass cheeks and pushed herself down until his cock was down her throat and his balls were on her chin.  She would hold like that and twirl her tongue along the underside of his cock.  She soon had him groaning in pleasure.  He didn’t last long.  He had never had a blow job quite like that one.  He screamed out in ecstasy as he came down her throat for the first time that evening.  As soon as he had cum, he picked Angie up and took her to the other end of the couch that Michelle and Gar were on.  He sat Angie down and pulled her hips out until they were at the front edge of the cushion.  He spread her legs apart and leaned in.  He began kissing and licking her inner thighs, working his way closer and closer to her dripping cunt. 

Aminda had worked for a bit on Harry’s large eleven inch cock.  She only sucked on him for a few moments and then she stood up and pushed him back telling him to lie down on his back.  Aminda quickly straddled his cock and lowered herself down.  She began to bounce up and down on his cock, getting as much pleasure as she could from him.  He brought his hands up and began to knead her tits and pinch her nipples.  Aminda kept right on bouncing on his cock until she heard and felt him scream out his orgasm. 

After that, Aminda went over to where Michelle was leaned across the couch.  She climbed up and crawled in front of her.  She sat down so that her cunt was right in her face.  Michelle opened her eyes when she smelt her mistress’s cunt in front of her and saw the cum leaking out.  She immediately leaned forward and began to lick and suck the cum right out of her cunt. 

The orgy went on like that for a couple of more hours until the three guards were exhausted.  Sarah never did join in.  She had been totally satiated by her slave girls and just enjoyed watching the show.  She couldn’t think that life could ever get any better than it was.  She was fourteen and the queen of her domain.  There was no one to tell her what to do.  She had five slaves to do with as she pleased.  She had full control of the Varsity Cheerleaders and was quickly developing a plan to take care of the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders and the members of the computer club that Michelle had identified.  Add to that, she could tell her mother… she would have to get use to thinking of Karen as her mother.  She could tell her mother what to do at any time and she would do it.  She could have parties at home and invite all of the most popular kids at school.  They would be amazed at the mansion she lived in and especially amazed that there would be beer and all kinds of things going on at her parties that no one else would ever have going on.  Of course she would always be on the lookout for stuff to blackmail people.  She hoped that what Michelle had told her about the stuff the head geek of the computer club had learned was true.  It would sure help get the principal in line.

Finally Sarah saw that the guards were all petered out.  She spoke up then and said, “Alright guys.  You’ve had a fun evening.  Leave us be, it is time for us to go to bed.  We have a lot planned for in the morning.”

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