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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 71 The Cheerleaders Fall

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 71

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8 and CuteLittleFreak

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 71, The Cheerleaders Fall

As soon as the car pulled up in front of the Warren Estate, Sarah began her fifth orgasm on the ride home.  Doggyslut kept licking and sucking on Sarah’s cunt and clit as if her life depended on it.  Sarah finally pushed her away and ordered, “We are home now slut.  Get out of those clothes and crawl into the house.  I’m going to my room and will be down in about an hour.  I expect that the three bitchpups will be home by then.  They were supposed to stay after and watch the cheerleaders so Angie can teach Shelle and Minda how to do the moves.  Until then, you make sure suk has dinner prepared and the table set.  When the girls get home, I want a meeting of all of my slaves in the living room.  That includes your mother doggyslut.  Only after that meeting will we have dinner.  Oh… by the way, when you set the table, there will only be one setting.  I will sit at the head of the table.  The three bitchpups will eat off of their plates on the floor with Aminda and Michelle on the right side of the table from me and Angie on the left side.  You and suk will eat the scraps out of dog bowls after everyone else has eaten.  Then you will help suk clean up.  If there are any screw ups, you and suk will both be punished.  Do you understand slave?”

Doggyslut kneeled back onto her heels as best she could, being that she was on the floorboard of the back seat of the SUV.  She then looked down submissively and quietly answered, “Yes my Mistress.”

Sarah got out of the car and went inside the house.  Doggyslut stayed kneeling there for a moment as the last remnants of Karen tried to exert some control over her to try and put a stop to this perversion and get Sarah back to a normal 14 year old but doggyslut was just too strong.  She finally reached up with her hands and began stripping her clothes off in front of the security guards who stood there stunned at what she was doing.  As soon as she was naked, she folded the clothes up neatly and then bit down on the edge of the clothes.  She crawled down out of the SUV and with just a hint of a blush of embarrassment caused by the last remnant of Karen, she crawled to the house and entered.

The first thing she noticed as she entered the house was that there was a slight burning smell in the air.  Doggyslut put her clothes on an end table by the couch and then crawled into the kitchen.  When she entered, she immediately noticed that suk was sitting at the table with her disfigured head with her thin, splotchy hair laying down on the table exposing her many bald patches from where the ants had destroyed her hair follicles, lying on her disfigured arms crying.  She was sobbing terribly so Doggyslut went up to her and kneeling in the slave’s position next to her she asked, “What’s the matter suk?”

Suk was startled when doggyslut asked the question but quickly looked over at her fellow slave, saw that she was kneeling beside her in the slave’s position and panicked.  She immediately got up and down into the kneeling slave’s position herself in front of doggyslut.  She slumped down in dejection and lowered her head while tears continued to flow down her cheeks.  She said, “I tried to make a roast with potatoes and carrots and not only did I burn it but it tasted terrible.  I really tried mist… doggyslut.  I’ve never had to cook before.  I… Brittany always relied on her slaves to cook for her.  I don’t know how.”

Doggyslut began to panic at disappointing her mistress so she got up, grabbed suk’s hand, and pulled her up and to the kitchen pantry.  She said, “The Mistress wants dinner ready within the hour.  We have to have something made for her.  I’ll show you how to make spaghetti when you’re in a rush.  While I’m doing that, I want you to think about what kind of punishment you deserve for failing our mistress.  If you had said something to me earlier, I could have helped you before you created this disaster.”

While she was lecturing suk, doggyslut was pulling a box of spaghetti, a jar of spaghetti sauce, some French bread, and a clove of garlic.  She then went to the freezer and pulled out some frozen corn.  She returned to the stove and over the next few minutes, put the spaghetti on to cook and the sauce on to heat up.  She also put the corn on.  She got butter out of the refrigerator, and softened it in the microwave.  She minced the clove of garlic and mixed it along with some salt into the butter.  She spread the soft garlic butter onto the sliced French bread and put it into the oven to warm up while the rest of the stuff cooked.  Doggyslut instructed suk each step of the way to make sure she understood what to do the next time. 

Doggyslut began getting plates down from the cabinet and handing them to suk.  She got out the plate ware and then taught suk how to set the table for their mistress.  She remembered to take the chairs away and set the three bitchpups’ plates on the floor, two on the right side for Aminda and Michelle and one on the left for Angie.  She then rushed out to the kennel and immediately returned carrying three dog bowls.  She did tell her mother that she had to come to the house for a meeting.  She returned to the house with two normal sized bowls for the food and one very large bowl for water for all of the slaves.  She was setting the bowls down on the floor by the pantry door when she heard Aminda and the other girls chattering away as they came in the house. 

Doggyslut told suk to follow her and both of them quickly crawled out to the living room.  The girls saw doggyslut crawling naked towards them and looked at her questioningly.  Doggyslut spoke up and said, “Mistress wants us here for a meeting before dinner.  She’ll be coming down soon.  She didn’t say what you should be dressed in so I’m assuming that the normal slave’s attire will be naked unless she tells you something else.  Now line up with Aminda first with Michelle to her left and just behind her.  Then Angie will be next with suk to her left and just behind her.  I will be last.  I don’t know what she has for us, but we need to be ready for her when she gets down here.  Make sure you fold your clothes and put them with mine on the end table.”

There was a flurry of activity as the girls quickly stripped out of their clothes and folded them neatly, placing them on top of Karen’s clothes.  Just as they were finishing, they heard Mistress Sarah coming down the stairs.  They scurried into position as doggyslut had directed and were in the slave’s position waiting when Sarah finally entered the room. 

Sarah noticed immediately that all of her slaves were kneeling in the living room with the exception of doggyslut’s mother.  She began to say something when the back door slammed shut and she came into the living room.  She crawled up next to doggyslut and sat down as best she could considering the arthritis that was starting to rampage through her body because of all of the abuse she had received over the years living as a dog. 

Sarah looked across her slaves and smiled.  She then looked at Aminda and asked, “Aminda, did you three learn anything this afternoon while you watched the cheerleaders?”

Aminda looked up when Sarah addressed her.  She answered, “There is something very strange going on mistress.  There was one cheerleader there that looked like she didn’t belong.  The other cheerleaders looked at her like she had the plague or something.  They wouldn’t have anything to do with her.  On top of that, when they were doing their cheers, the lone girl was always off timing and looked stiff and uncoordinated.  I would guess that she didn’t have any experience cheerleading before this year.  The thing that really puzzled me was that after the other cheerleaders went in to shower and change, she stayed out with the cheerleader advisor.  At first I thought it was just for extra training but it was soon apparent to me that the girl was the one really in charge.  There were several times that the adviser shook her head no and then after a couple of times going back and forth she would end up doing what the girl wanted.  It just didn’t seem right.  When they quit, they went into the gym.  We all needed to get home then so we left and didn’t follow them in to the gym.  Maybe doggyslut can go in tomorrow and find out more.  I think that it would be better if an adult discovered what was going on instead of one of us girls.”

Sarah thought for a minute and then ordered, “Okay then, it sounds like the cheerleader advisor may have herself a little predicament that she wouldn’t want the world to know about.  This is what I want done.  Doggyslut, you will go and watch the cheerleading practice from a distance so they don’t know you’re there.  I want you to take a digital camera with you and make sure you get any incriminating photos you can.  I have a small portable photo printer that you can dock the camera in and print off pictures.  If you get the chance, I want you to take advantage of any situation you discover.  You three bitchpups will observe practice like you did today but I want you to leave immediately after practice stops.  Make sure that the advisor and the girl with her see you leave.  If you see anyone else there, I want you to get them to leave.  I don’t care how you do it; just get them to take off.”

Sarah looked at suk and said, “I think you deserve some punishment tonight before dinner.  You were supposed to have dinner ready for us when everyone got home and I know you burnt the dinner you were preparing.  If it weren’t for doggyslut coming to your rescue, there would be no dinner.  If you are going to survive here as a slave, you better learn how to cook.  I’m going to punish you ten swats with the paddle for failing to do dinner, 10 swats for burning it, 10 swats for wasting perfectly good food, 10 swats for being an incompetent fool and finally 10 swats just because you deserve it for being such a screw up.  Now crawl over here and get on all fours in front of me.  Doggyslut, run up to my room and get the wooden paddle that is on my dresser and bring it here.”

Doggyslut immediately got up and ran as fast as she could to Sarah’s room and immediately saw the long wooden paddle on her dresser.  She was familiar with the paddle intimately.  It was her paddle from when Karen was a member of the fraternity auxiliary.  She wondered where Sarah found it because it had been well hidden in her room.  She immediately realized that it didn’t matter because she was her mistress and she could do anything she wanted.  She grabbed it and rushed it down to Sarah.  When she got to Sarah she fell down to her knees, sat back on her ankles, bowed her head down and lifted the paddle up with both hands above her head toward Sarah.  She didn’t say a word as she held it there. 

Sarah noticed that doggyslut’s tits were sagging just a bit with age but other than that she was in good physical shape.  She also felt a twinge of anger flow through her when she looked at her and as she wheeled her wheel chair over to get the paddle she began to ponder just what she could do to make her pay for what she did to her mom and dad as well as all of the others she had caused to get hurt, including herself.  She took the paddle and without warning she swung it as hard as she could right onto doggyslut’s tits. 

Doggyslut screamed in agony at the pain of the sudden strike.  She did begin to get excited at the abuse too and hoped for more.  That was not to be though.  Sarah wheeled herself over so that she was in perfect position to spank suk.  Suk already had tears streaming down her cheeks because she knew that what was coming was going to hurt like hell. 

Before Sarah started she said, “Now suk, I want you to beg me to spank your ass.  You know you deserve it.  I will do ten strokes and then each of my other slaves will do ten strokes.  When we are done then all of you will line back up and I will give you some more guidance.  Now beg suk.”

Suk answered hesitantly, “P…p…please spank me mistress.”

Sarah said angrily, “Since when does a no good slave use I, me, my or any similar pronoun.  Think about how Brittany used to make her slaves respond and you might just make it through this without doubling your punishment.”

Suk paused briefly and then slowly said, “P…p…please s…s…spank t…this worthless cunt please mistress.”

Sarah got a wicked smile and said, “That’s acceptable for the first time but I expect you to beg with more enthusiasm next time.  I want you to really convince me that you deserve to be punished and that you want it more than anything in the world.  Now count each swat.  If you lose count, we start over.”

Sarah swung back and brought the long fraternity paddle down as hard as she could on suk’s ass.  Suk screamed out in pain.  Sarah put the paddle against her ass again and ran it back and forth over her reddening cheeks.  Suk forgot to count so Sarah said, “Well obviously you didn’t think that one was good enough to count so let’s try it again.”

Suk yelled out a long loud, “N…n…n…o…o…ooooooooooo.” 

Sarah quickly brought the paddle back and swung it down as hard as she could again.  Suk screamed loudly again but before she let the scream die out she screeched out, “One, thank you mistress may I have another.”

Sarah smiled and said in as motherly of a tone as she could, “Of course you can my little slave slut.  You know that’s what you are now.  You aren’t even worthy to be called a slave.  You are a slave slut.  Your sole existence in life is to serve slaves.  No one is lower on the totem pole than you.  Even as low as doggyslut is, she is higher than you.  Of course doggyslut is only a fraction better than you.  She’s nothing but a worthless piece of shit as far as I’m concerned so that should tell you what I think of you.”  Sarah pulled the paddle away and brought it down hard on her ass again sending suk into another paroxysm of screams.  She did remember to count two however.

The next eight swats rained down in short order.  Suk remembered to count each one.  When it was Angie’s turn, she stepped up and got a few steps away from suk.  Sarah saw what she had in mind and rolled her wheelchair out of the way.  As soon as her mistress was clear, Angie ran up to suk’s ass and slammed the paddle down onto her already red and sore ass cheeks.  Suk fell down onto her face as she screamed and immediately brought her hands back to cover her ass.  There was a longer delay as she cried and tried to get control of herself and then she pushed up and said, “Eleven… Thank you slave Angie.  Please give this worthless slut another. Sob…sob…sob…”

Angie spanked suk again in the same manner, only this time suk just managed to keep from falling down.  She screamed and thanked her for each one.  After each spank it took longer and longer for suk to get control.  By the time Angie got to the tenth spank, several of the least healed spots on suk’s ass were starting to bleed.  Angie smiled in satisfaction at getting the opportunity to punish the person that had tormented her and her friends to no end.  When she was done, Angie handed the paddle to Michelle. 

Michelle looked at suk’s bleeding ass and decided just to stand there and spank her.  She still put everything she had into it, but she didn’t add any additional momentum by running up and then swinging the paddle.  She did aim the paddle lower so that it covered suk’s exposed cunt lips.  Suk counted out those ten through her sobs.  Each time became harder and harder for her. 

After Michelle did her ten, Aminda got her chance.  Aminda ordered, “Spread you legs apart you cunt.  You can’t be spanked correctly unless you spread your legs as far apart as you can get them.  Isn’t that what you use to tell us you bitch?”

Suk moved her legs out as far as she could get them.  This had the effect of exposing her already decimated cunt even more.  It was a mangled mess and looked like it had been shredded into hamburger and then patched together to allow it to heal.  It was still a bit swollen from the damage done by the ants and Michelle’s paddling.  Aminda smiled and said, “You took great pleasure in torturing poor Michelle for no other reason than she was doggyslut’s daughter.  Then you almost killed her, myself and Lisa in that damned maze at Clearview.  I hope you remember this paddling for as long as you live.”

Aminda walked about ten paces behind suk and ran forward as fast as she could while swinging the paddle down, timing it so that she got the maximum thrust with the paddle just as she came even with her ass.  The strength of the blow was so hard that suk literally flew a couple of feet forward and onto her face, getting a rug burn on her cheek.  She screamed bloody murder and reached between her legs and cupped her abused sex where the paddle had landed. 

Aminda didn’t give her any time to recover before she was yelling, “Get up you miserable, worthless slut.  Get back into position so you can receive the rest of your punishment.”

Suk shakily got back up onto all fours, hands covered in blood from where the paddle had broken the thinly healed skin of her cunt.  Her arms visibly shook as she sobbed “31… thank you Slave Aminda, may I have another please.”

Aminda took another running start and swung the paddle up hard into her cunt again.  The force of the blow knocked suk down again, just like it did last time.  The pain from the blow was so severe that suk passed out.  Aminda stood over her, with her feet on either side of her body straddling her.  She slapped her face several times trying to rouse her to consciousness with no success.  Finally she shuffled her feet up until she straddled suk’s head and began to piss on her face.  Sarah clapped and giggled like the school girl she was when Aminda did that.

Suk sputtered awake after a few seconds of Aminda pissing on her.  She sputtered and sobbed a couple of minutes and finally remembered she hadn’t counted.  “3…3…32” she sobbed.  She struggled back over until she was on all fours.  Blood was now streaming down her thighs from the several small tears in the skin around her cunt. 

Aminda had mercy on her and directed the next three swats of the paddle to her inner thighs instead of her cunt.  The pain was still severe and caused her to scream and sob in pain but she didn’t pass out.  When she was done she handed the paddle back to Sarah and said, “Thank you mistress.  That was most satisfying.  I hope you allow your humble slave another opportunity to play with suk again.”

Sarah called out, “Doggyslut, it’s your turn now.  Make sure you show no mercy.  This slut needs to learn where her place is in this house.  Now go and have some fun”

Doggyslut walked over and took the paddle that Sarah held out to her.  She went over to where suk was kneeling on all fours.  She kicked out at her, catching her in the side, knocking her over.  She yelled, “You caused me to suffer in agony many times you filthy traitorous slut.  You tortured my daughter and her friends for no other reason than it made you happy.  Then you turned on all of those you swore allegiance to in order to save your own skin.  It would have been better if you had died at their hands than live under ours.  Now get on your back and put your hands behind your head and keep them there.  I know this is going to be extremely painful and you will have difficulty keeping track so you don’t have to count each stroke. I’ll keep track of them for you.  But I do want you to push your tits up toward me to receive each stroke so that I have a clear target.  Please scream all you want, it will be pleasing to our ears.”

Suk was sobbing hard as she got into the position that doggyslut had ordered.  Brief visions of the tortures she had visited upon her and the others flashed through her mind from when she was Brittany.  She knew then that she deserved any punishment that they gave her.  It didn’t stop her from crying but suk knew she had it coming.

Doggyslut watched quietly as suk got into position.  When she had her back arched up and her tits presented, doggyslut took a couple of practice swings with the paddle, bringing it from a position with her arm down toward the ground.  She brought her arm back and then up in a full circle as she swung it around to get us much velocity as she could.  When she was happy with the results she stepped up and took the first swing at suk.  When she did she swung the paddle down, going down to her knees as she did to add force to the blow. 

Suk screamed as the full force of the paddle came down on her tits, mashing them flat against her chest.  She collapsed back to the floor as she sobbed in pain.  She didn’t get back into position fast enough for doggyslut who kicked her in the sides yelling, “Get into position you worthless piece of shit.”

Suk screamed in pain from the kick to her side but bent her back up so that her chest was pushed up, presenting her tits to doggyslut.  When she was in position, doggyslut brought the paddle down hard onto suk’s tits for the second time. This resulted in the same reaction from suk as it did the previous time. 

Doggyslut repeated the blows to suk’s tits until she had delivered all of the strokes her mistress had ordered, with the last blow, breaking skin on her left tit around the areola.  This caused blood to trickle down her mangled tit.  When she was done, doggyslut went back to Sarah and knelt down in front of her in the slave’s kneeling position, holding the paddle in both hands above her head with both hands upturned and the paddle resting on her palms.  She had her head bowed as she said, “Thank you mistress for allowing your humble slave the pleasure of punishing the traitorous bitch.  Is there anything else you wish of your servant?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Everyone get into line again.  I have a few more things to say.”

Sarah watched as her five slaves got into line.  Suk was the only one that didn’t hold a perfect slave’s position.  She had not had the privilege of being trained as the others had.  She was kneeling however and was sobbing in pain from her punishment.  Blood was streaming from the several tears in her barely healed skin.  Sarah watched on in smug satisfaction and a feeling of power ran through her and caused her to shudder in excitement.  ‘I could get used to this.’ She thought as she looked onto her slaves.  She finally ordered, “We are going to go eat some dinner now.  If my orders have been followed, you will find that there are three dog bowls at the table.  Two will be on one side for Aminda and her slave Michelle.  One will be on the other side for Angie.  I want suk to kneel to the left and just behind me as I eat and doggyslut on my right and just behind me.  You two will be ready to serve me as I need you to.  You will be able to eat after we have had our fill.  That will be the way we eat from now on.  Angie, you will train this stupid slut suk until she is able to behave properly like the rest of my slaves.  I notice she isn’t holding in a perfect slave position so I’m assuming she is either untrained or just likes to be punished.  I’ll assume for the moment that it is just a lack of training.  After we eat dinner, I want Angie to take shelle and minda and teach them what you can about cheering so they will have some idea of what they’re doing on Wednesday.  Doggyslut, you and I will go up to your room and go through your closet so we can get rid of all of your worthless clothes.  I imagine that most of them will be no longer acceptable clothing for you so you will have to take us all to the mall so that we can get appropriate clothing for all of our slave sluts.  Finally, there is one of you that has caused a lot of people a lot of pain and suffering.  I want doggyslut, minda, Angie and shelle to come up with three tortures each for the guilty party to be punished with.  I’ll give you until Saturday morning to go through everything we have available to come up with the punishments to inflict.  I want you to use all of your experience in the organization to make sure that the punishments are worthy of the crimes this slave has committed.”  Sarah was staring at Brittany as she gave the last order and then she finally said, “Now let’s go eat.”

They ate dinner with suk and doggyslut serving the girls.  When they were done, they both started to clear the plate from Sarah and the plates on the floor as well.  When they turned to take them to the sink, Sarah said, “Not so fast doggyslut.  Let suk clear the dishes.  You and I will go to your room and clean out your closet.  You can eat later when you get a chance.  Suk, make sure you put some left over spaghetti in doggyslut’s bowl.”

Doggyslut put the plates she had in her hand on the table and turned to meekly follow Sarah.  They went to her room as the girls all went out to the back of the house to practice cheerleading.  When they got to Karen’s room, Sarah went immediately to the closet and started going through the clothes.  There were a lot of business suits there and Sarah took one after the other and threw them out on the floor.  Doggyslut just knelt in front of the closet as she watched the clothes pile up in front of her.  Sarah kept a couple of the suits that were a bit shorter than the others and were cut to accentuate Karen’s figure.  They were suits that Karen had bought a couple of times over the years when she had a romantic interest and wanted to impress.  They were on the borderline of appropriateness for business but were perfect for the new doggyslut/Karen that would be representing Sarah’s interests.  When Sarah was done with the business suits, she went on to the blouses.  She threw out all but the most sheer of the blouses.  They ranged from an opaque white to sheer, colored ones.  She then went through her dresses, she kept all of the risqué designer dresses that Karen had and threw out all of the conservative ones.  She especially kept a plethora of short, sexy cocktail dresses.  She then went through all of the skirts and threw out all but the shortest miniskirts.  She did keep some longer skirts that she liked and ordered doggyslut to have them tailored so that they only came down four inches below her cunt.  She threw all of the pants into the pile.

Sarah came out of the closet and told doggyslut, “There will be no more need for you to wear pants anymore.  You will only wear skirts and dresses unless you are needed to dress up in business attire.  I saved a few of your sexiest business suits for that.  We will have to go to the mall and get you some sexy tube tops and other sexy clothes, but you have quite a selection left so we can put off a trip to the mall for a bit.  We will have to go so that we can get a proper sexy wardrobe for your slutty daughter and her friends though as well.  Now let’s go get rid of your bras.  The only bras you are allowed to wear are the demi bras.  I want your tits on display at all times.  Oh and no more make up to hide your brands.  I want you to show them off proudly.  You will also take dear Prince with you everywhere.  Your brand does say that you are his slave so I expect him to always be there with you.  If you have to go into the meeting then you will leave him in the car with your security.  I hope this thing with the organization is over with now but only time will tell. Now remember your assignment for tomorrow.  You can go eat after you bag all of these clothes up.  You will take them to Good Will tomorrow so that others can have use of them.”

Sarah turned as doggyslut stared at the pile of clothes.  She got up, went to the kitchen to get garbage bags and returned to her room.  She bagged all of the clothes and finally returned to the kitchen to eat.  On the floor where she had put them were her and suk’s dog bowls filled with spaghetti.  Suk was bent over hers eating, still sobbing in misery at the thought of the tortures the others were going to devise for her.  She was sure that she would not survive what they had in mind.  Doggyslut on the other hand had a smug look on her face as she got down to eat, remembering her mistresses orders about coming up with tortures she assumed were going to be for suk. 

Sarah went out to the back yard from Karen’s room and watched Angie working with her other two slaves to do the cheers they had seen that afternoon.  They obviously had no prior training as a cheerleader and were uncoordinated and off time.  Angie didn’t let up on them though.  She kept going through the cheers over and over again.  Each time there was a little improvement.  As she watched, she decided that she needed to come up with a new name for Angie.  She thought about altarslut but she didn’t want there to be any reference to her previous life with the reverend so she ruled that one out.  She thought about her cheerleading and came up with cheerslut but then decided she wanted a name that she could use at school like she could with Aminda and Michelle.  Then she finally decided that Ange (Pronounced Anj) would be a good one and would be derived from her real name as Aminda and Michelle’s slave names were.  That would be fitting for the former bitchpups.  She smiled as she thought how just a few short months ago she was just another expelled school girl.  She realized that she was now a billionaire and all she had to do was complete high school.  If her plans came to fruition at school, then she wouldn’t have to work too hard for that to happen.  She lay back in the lounge chair and watched her slaves smiling.

It was a few hours later that Sarah looked at her watch and noticed it was after 11:00 pm.  She called out and said, “Time to go to bed my sluts.  Angie, I want you to go to bed with me tonight.  Minda, you can take shelle to bed with you and enjoy her tonight.”

All three girls answered, “Yes Mistress” in unison and turned to go inside.  As they approached their mistress, Sarah told them, “I’ve decided that Angie needs a slave name like you and shelle have minda.  I’ve decided that I’ll call her Ange.  Since my names for you are a shortened version of your names, I thought it would be appropriate to use the same method for hers.  That way I can call you that at school and no one will know that you are my slaves.  Anyone hearing it will just think it is your nick name.  If they start using it then it will just remind you that you are my slaves.  How do you like your new slave name Ange?”

Angie smiled and answered, “I like it much better than little missy priss which is what they were calling me at Clearview.  The reverend was going to call me churchslut and I hated that even more.  Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful slave name for me mistress.”

Sarah smiled and said, “You are most welcome my slut.  Now come over and help me back to my chair so that we can go to my room.  After minda and shelle do my therapy, we will take a bath and go to bed.  I want you sleeping with me for the rest of the week.  Now let’s go on up.

The three slaves helped their mistress to her chair and took her up to her room.  There they did her therapy quickly and then helped her bathe.  Sarah relished the attention of being bathed by three girls. She thought that she could get used to that.  It was midnight before they all managed to get to bed. 

The next day, school was uneventful.  Sarah and the girls were quickly making friends and establishing relationships thanks to their getting rid of one of the school bullies.  As they made friends, their new friends introduced them to others and that was allowing them to develop important relationships much faster than would have been otherwise possible.  All levels of the school hierarchy wanted to make friends with them which was something of a surprise to the three slave girls but not to Sarah who had learned through her many schools she had attended how things went.  Sarah was quickly establishing herself with the rich students and allowed her three slave girls to establish relationships with the others.

That afternoon after school, Sarah went home like normal while her three slaves stayed after to watch cheerleader practice.  Doggyslut, dressed in a black miniskirt and opaque blouse tied under her tits.  She wore four inch heeled shoes and looked like a hooker out trolling for johns.  She managed to find the field the cheerleaders were practicing in.  She found a small storage shed that wasn’t locked against what looked to her like the gym.  She hid in it and found she had a good view of the field where the cheerleaders were going through their routines.  She was able to get into the shed without anyone noticing.

It wasn’t long before doggyslut noticed the girl that the girls had told them about the day before.  She was always off time and looked like she was a beginner.  She looked definitely out of place because of that but she also wasn’t a good looking girl like the others.  She could see the frustration in the other cheerleaders’ faces as they had to go over cheers again and again at the order of their advisor.  There were obvious glares of hatred aimed at the girl every time she screwed up and they had to go over the cheers again.  But the cheerleader’s advisor kept having them go over the cheers for almost two hours before calling it quits. 

When the cheerleaders left, the girl stayed behind as did the advisor.  Doggyslut looked and saw Aminda, Michelle and Angie go up to a couple of guys that were watching the cheerleaders practice.  She watched Aminda put her hand on the crotch of one of the guys and then they all left.  She smiled as she knew the two guys were going to get very lucky that afternoon as the girls were following their instructions to get everyone to leave. 

Karen directed her attention back to the girl and her advisor, watching as the advisor coached the girl through the cheers over and over again.  Finally after about another thirty minutes, she noticed that the woman looked panicked and was shaking her head no over and over again.  The girl was very animated and obviously upset with the advisor over something.  Karen knew then that the girl definitely had something on the advisor that would jeopardize her position at the school.  She watched as the girl stormed toward the gym door that was just to the right of the shed she was hiding in.  The advisor looked defeated as she turned and with shoulders slumped forward and her head and eyes cast downward towards the ground, followed the girl through the door. 

Doggyslut gave them a couple of minutes and then checked to make sure the coast was clear.  When she saw that there was no one around, she got out of the shed and quietly opened the door to the gym just a little.  She looked inside to make sure there was no one there.  As she expected, the room was empty.  She quickly opened the door and snuck in.  It took her a couple of minutes to find the girls locker room. 

Doggyslut snuck into the locker room and immediately heard the shower going.  She noticed the coach’s office as she quietly went by it, following the sound of the water.  She came up to a wide open entry that had steam coming out of it.  She got down low and peered just around the corner.  She saw the girl with her back against the wall with her legs spread wide and the cheerleader advisor on her knees with her face being held up in the cunt of the girl.  From the look on the girl’s face, doggyslut knew that she was being eaten out.  Doggyslut pulled the camera out of the large purse she had on her arm and began to take picture after picture.  She didn’t stop until the girl had her orgasm and the cheerleader advisor stood up.  She was able to get several pictures of the woman’s face so that there was no way she could deny that it was her. 

Doggyslut continued watching and took a few more pictures of the advisor as she began to wash down the girl.  She took picture after picture as the wash down became more and more sensuous.  The girl put her hands on the advisors shoulders and pushed her down to a kneeling position again and without much protest, the woman again put her mouth against the girl’s cunt.

Doggyslut had more than enough pictures to ensure the advisors capitulation.  She snuck back to the coach’s office and began to find and print the pictures she would use to blackmail the woman when she came in.  She sat in the woman’s chair with her feet up on the desk, crossed over each other.  She leaned back in her chair with her hands locked behind her head.  She closed her eyes and smiled at the thought of how happy her mistress was going to be with her when she got home. 

Doggyslut was startled when the woman came into the room, fully dressed in the outfit she had been in at practice yelling, “What the hell are you doing in my office.”

Doggyslut stood up and smiled at the woman.  It was the smile of the predator about to pounce on its prey.  She looked the woman in the eyes with all of the confidence and authority that Karen’s years as a successful business woman had given her and said, “I have some things to talk to you about.  But first I think we should talk about what you were just doing with that student.”

The advisor’s demeanor quickly changed from anger to one of panic and she stuttered, “W…w…what d…d…do you mean.”

Doggyslut said, “Come now…” doggyslut looked down and saw the coach’s name on an unopened envelope, “…Mary Beth.  Don’t play the innocent with me.  I think you know exactly what I mean.  And if you don’t remember, here are some pictures to remind you.”

Doggyslut threw the pictures on the desk toward the advisor.  The woman watched as the damning pictures spread out in front of her.  She collapsed to her knees on the spot and began sobbing.  She knew that her situation had turned from bad to worse.  She just knew that she was going to go to jail.

Doggyslut continued, “I don’t know what the little bitch has on you, but I know she made you do what you did.  But the story the pictures tell is one of an advisor that is taking advantage of one of her students.  Not only would you lose your job if these got out, you would definitely be arrested and go to jail.  Now why don’t you just stay there on your knees and tell me how this little schoolgirl got so much control over you.”

The advisor continued to sob for a few minutes.  Finally she got control and said, “I…I…I kept a dildo in my desk drawer.  After watching all of these hot young naked bodies traipse in front of me all day long and after cheerleader practice, I would close the door after they left and use it on myself to take care of my urges.  The girl snuck into my office during cheerleader practice at the beginning of the school year and found the dildo.  She hid a video camera in the office and got a video of me fucking myself with the dildo after the girls left practice.  The next day she gave me a disk and told me to add her to the cheerleading team and walked off.  I locked my door and put the disk into my computer and played it.  When I saw that it had me on it, fucking myself with the dildo while in my office, I knew I had to do what the girl wanted.  I couldn’t afford to let the video get to the principal or anyone else for that matter.  She showed up at cheerleader practice that afternoon and I informed her and the other girls that she was a new cheerleader.  They all protested of course but my word is law.  They had to accept her.  She had absolutely no training whatsoever and couldn’t do one cheer.  She is really beginning to come around now compared to where she was when she started.  Today was the first day she turned the blackmail sexual.  I didn’t have a choice in what to do.  Please don’t turn me in.  I…I…I love my j…j…job.  I don’t want to go to jail.  It was all her fault.”

Karen got up from the chair she was in and walked over to the coach.  She stood over her, looking down on her as she said, “It seems you find yourself in a no win situation.  I’ll give you some options and let you decide.  First, you can refuse to do what I say and I turn the pictures over to the authorities and you go to jail for sexually assaulting one of your students.  You will be labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life.  Or… you can become my sex slave, do what I tell you and I’ll make sure the little bitch gets her comeuppance and no longer blackmails you.  You of course will just be trading an underage mistress for an adult one but at least you won’t find yourself in jail as bitch for a bunch of criminals.  Now what will it be?”

The advisor looked up into doggyslut’s eyes and stuttered, “Y…y…you’ll make her quit blackmailing me?  How?”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “You just leave that to me.  Your only worry right now is to decide which is better for your future.  Make your decision now or I’ll leave.”  Doggyslut picked up her purse and began to walk around the kneeling woman.

Mary quickly said, “No wait.  I…I’ll do it.”

Doggyslut stopped quickly took her place back in front of the woman.  She asked, “You’ll do what?”

Mary answered, “I’ll do whatever you say.  I…I…I’ll become your sex slave.  Please don’t turn me in?”

Doggyslut smiled and said as she lifted her skirt up while spreading her legs, “Then show me your place and bring me off.”

Mary shuffled over to Karen on her knees and taking a deep breath, sucked on the second cunt of the day.  She closed her eyes wondering where this was going to lead.  She knew she would have to break up with her boyfriend now.  She had so hoped that he would be proposing soon.  He had asked her to go out to dinner with him after the game Friday.  He asked her to dress up nicely too indicating that it wasn’t just another ordinary date.  Tears started streaming down her cheeks as her world came tumbling down around her. 

Doggyslut soon had a good orgasm and she stepped away from the coach and went back to the chair and sat down.  She looked down at the coach who was now staring at her with the remains of her sex juices all over her face.  She ordered, “There are three girls that will be trying out for the junior varsity cheerleaders tomorrow.  They are Angie Peterson, Michelle Miller and Aminda Warren.  Angie will be put on the varsity cheerleading squad and the other two on the junior varsity.  I promise you that they will perform up to standards.  Do you understand my slut?”

Mary winched at being called a slut.  But what choice did she have.  She asked stutteringly, “H…h…how are you going to stop the little bitch from blackmailing me?”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “Friday after the game, there will be a mandatory party at the Warren estate for all of the cheerleaders.  That is where we will orchestrate the demise of the little upstart that has been blackmailing you.  Angie will make sure that the other girls know that the little bitch has something over you and made you add her to the squad.  She will get them angry at her.  We will get her into some compromising positions and will get pictures of her so that she will have no choice but to turn the video over to you or face the consequences.  Just how that happens, we’ll work out between now and then.  All you need to know right now is that it will be done.  Oh and you will be there for the party.  You won’t participate but you will get to see everything that happens to the little shit.  Do I make myself clear my little cunt slave?”

Mary winched again at being called a cunt slave but said, “Yes I understand.”

Doggyslut slapped Mary and said, “That’s mistress to you cunt.”

Mary began openly crying as she put her hand over her stinging cheek and replied, “Yes mistress, I understand.”

Doggyslut picked up her purse and just before she left the room, she turned back and said, “Make sure that you continue to do what the little bitch tells you until Friday or she’ll know something is up.  This will be your only chance to get rid of her power over you.  See you tomorrow.”

Doggyslut left the coaches office.  She found her car parked on the street next to the gym with her security guard in it.  She got in and told him to take her home.

When she got home, it was quite late.  She heard Sarah and the girls talking in the dining room and hurried in.  She took up her place to the right and rear of where Sarah was sitting.  She waited until Sarah acknowledged her presence by asking, “I hope you have some good news for me doggyslut.  I could use some right about now.”

Doggyslut looked at Sarah and with a big smile said, “Oh yes mistress.  I have the most exciting news possible for you.  All three girls will be put on the cheerleading squad tomorrow.  Ange will be put on the varsity squad and the other two on the junior varsity squad.”

Sarah and the others stopped eating and looked at doggyslut in amazement.  Sarah quickly recovered and said, “Please share with us how you know that.”

Doggyslut quickly related what she had seen and showed Sarah the pictures on the camera.  Sarah became happier and happier with each and every picture that she saw.  She also became horny.  Finally after they had gone through all of the pictures a couple of times, Sarah asked, “Is there anything else my doggyslut?”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “Yes mistress.  I thought that it was important to get all of the cheerleaders under control so decided to have them all come here for a party after the game.  I arranged it with the cheerleader advisor so that it will be mandatory.  I told her that it will be where we get leverage over the little bitch that was blackmailing her so that she would be motivated to emphasize the mandatory aspect of it.  I thought that Ange could whip up the resentment among the cheerleaders by explaining how she forced her way onto the squad by blackmailing the advisor.  Then at the party, she would incite the girls to take it out on the girl.  I thought that having them make her fuck a couple of the dogs would provide enough blackmail evidence to get her to turn the tape she had over to the coach.  We’ll have the room set up so that everything is videoed so that we’ll have evidence of them beating the girl and forcing her to fuck the dogs to hold against the cheerleaders.  That ought to put them under your control mistress.”

Sarah smiled and said, “You have done well doggyslut.  As a reward, you may come over here and eat out my cunt.  You have made me horny as all get out.  I want you to make sure that we have plenty of stuff for the party.  I want beer and wine coolers to drink and plenty of stuff to eat.  I want the girls drunk if possible so that we can get them to really cut loose.  I think that if we get them loose enough they will get a bit more out of control and really take it to the poor girl.  I am very happy with you doggyslut.”

Doggyslut smiled as she got down under the table and stuck her head under Sarah’s skirt.  She noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  She stuck her head up to Sarah’s cunt and began to lick and suck her mistress to orgasm.  She felt real good about making her mistress so happy.  Deep down inside, what was left of Karen was screaming at what was happening to Sarah and the girls.  She had done so much to try and get her girls away from all of this only to have it all happen and at the hands of someone she loved so dearly.  It just added to the despair that had driven her down, weakening her a little more and firming up doggyslut’s control.

The next day at the junior varsity cheerleader tryouts, the three girls made the squad.  Angie was by far the best of all of the cheerleaders.  She was so good that the Varsity cheerleaders decided they wanted her on the team so they could learn some of her moves.  Aminda and Michelle weren’t the best of the bunch but were in the middle of the pack.  Normally they wouldn’t have made the team, but because of doggyslut’s blackmail, they made the team.

After the girls were told they were on the team and the rest of the girls were dismissed, Angie was taken aside by the varsity cheerleaders and asked to be on the varsity team.  That was before Mary had any opportunity to tell them she was on the team.  When Mary came up to them, Brenda, the cheerleader captain told her, “We just invited Angie to become a member of the varsity squad.  She is better than we are and can teach us some new moves.  She’ll be a good addition to the squad, unlike the little bitch you added a couple of weeks ago.”

Mary smiled and said, “I was just going to ask you girls if you wanted her on the squad.  It looks like you already made the decision.  If you want her on the team then she’s on.  Welcome to the varsity squad Angie.”

The girl that had blackmailed her way onto the team didn’t look too happy but she kept quiet.  When the varsity girls went off to practice, she and Angie went with them while the Cheerleading advisor began teaching the new junior varsity team members their new cheers. 

When she was done, she turned the girls over to the girl that had been the ninth grade cheerleading champion at her middle school and left them to practice.  She went to where the varsity squad was practicing.  She noticed that Angie was already performing the cheers that the girls had been practicing to perfection.  She would occasionally take time to teach the girls a new move that would add to the cheers.  Of course the moves consisted of a lot of sexy bump and grinds and swaying of the hips that accentuated the girl’s sexuality.  This really excited the girls but disgusted Mary.  If she wasn’t being blackmailed, she would put a stop to it.

When practice was over, the team left leaving the outcast girl and Mary alone.  Mary sighed as she went up to the girl.  The girl angrily looked at her and said, “What did you add that new girl for.  She doesn’t need to be on the team.”

Mary got mad and said, “Neither do you, you little bitch.  If it weren’t for you blackmailing me, you wouldn’t be here either.  At least she has the skills and ability to be on the team.  She was invited by the other cheerleaders, not by me.  Now let’s get on with it.  I’m doing my best to get you up to speed but you just aren’t trying to learn the moves hard enough.”

The girl got mad and slapped Mary hard.  She yelled, “Don’t talk to me like that you stupid fuck.  Don’t forget that I hold your cunt in my hands.  You do what I say or you can say goodbye to your little career forever.  If I don’t know the moves good enough, it’s all your fault, not mine.  Now let’s get to practicing then we can go into the showers and repeat what we did yesterday.  That was fun.”

Mary put her hand up to her cheek as she thought, ‘Just you wait you little cunt.  What comes around, goes around.  You’ll get yours in the end.”

In the showers the cheerleaders were all excitedly getting to know Angie.  They introduced themselves and were asking where she learned all of her moves.  Angie just told them she learned it at her last school.  That she just moved to the area to live with a relative because her parents died.  She then asked, “What’s with that other girl?  She doesn’t seem like she should be on the squad.”

The captain of the squad, Heather, which was a long blonde haired vision of Nordic beauty that had piercing blue eyes, a 36 inch C cup bust and 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips on her five foot five inch frame that weighed in at about 115 pounds said, “We don’t know.  The advisor came to us at the end of the first week of school and said she was on the team.  It was obvious she had never been a cheerleader before.  As bad as she is now, she was much worse then.  We all hate her because she ruins every cheer we do.”

Angie said, “My Aunt that I’m living with is good friends of the cheerleading coach and she told me that this girl has something she is holding over the coach.  Apparently she doesn’t have much choice.”

One of the other girls exclaimed, “That little cunt.  You mean she is blackmailing Miss Masters to get on the squad.  I just thought I hated that little pipsqueak.  I have half a mind to go whip her ass.”

Angie smiled as the other girls started to chime in.  It was obvious she had already said enough to light the fuse of anger in the girls.  She let them get angrier and angrier as they discussed the girl’s blackmail.  Finally Angie said, “Hey, I asked my Aunt that if I made the team if she would throw a party for me.  I thought it would be on the JV team but obviously the party is now for you all.  It would be Friday after the game.  She even hinted that she would have beer and coolers there for us.  Wouldn’t that be a blast?  We could figure something out to get the girl into a compromising situation and get her on tape.  That way we can blackmail her into stopping her blackmail of the coach.  What do you think?”

The girls started excitedly talking back and forth and then the captain and another one said, “But we have dates that night.  Couldn’t we do it Saturday?”

Angie answered, “I’m afraid not.  She’s got other plans for Saturday so it will have to be Friday or not at all.  Just think it over and let me know soon so we can prepare.”

Just about that time they heard the door to the gym open and close.  They quit talking assuming the other girl was going to come in.  They were surprised when both she and the coach came in to take a shower.  They could tell from the look on the coach’s face that she really didn’t want to be there with them.  That just reinforced what Angie had told them.  Angie turned and said, “Thanks for letting me be on the team Miss Masters.  I love cheerleading and will do my best to not let you down.  I just invited the girls to a party this Friday after the game.  Why don’t you come too?”

Mary thought about what Karen had told her and answered, “That’s sounds like a wonderful team building activity.  What do you girls think?”

The girls all excitedly told her they would be happy to except for the two with dates who tried to bow out.  Finally Mary broke up the excited conversation and said, “I think you girls can stand to miss one date with your boyfriends.  I’m making the party mandatory.  I’ll have permission slips for your parents to sign at your practice tomorrow.  Please tell them that this is a very important team building event for the cheerleaders and I would really appreciate them allowing all of you to attend.”  Mary was looking straight at the girl blackmailing her when she said that. 

All of the girls agreed to be at the party and they finished rinsing off and left the shower.  As soon as they were all out the door of the locker room, Mary was forced to service her teenage mistress.  Though she hated what she was being made to do she was excited that things were falling into place.  She may still be a sex slave after this but at least it would be to an adult instead of an oversexed teenager that she could barely stand.  At least Karen was attractive.  Little did she know that by being slave to Karen, she would be slave to a fourteen year old girl. 

The next Friday, the cheers at the game went wonderfully, except for the blackmailer.  To add to the excitement, the team won.  The girls all climbed into the two SUV’s that were provided by Karen.  They left the game and went to the Warren estate.  They were all talking excitedly about the highlights of the game and about how much fun they were going to have.  The girl that was blackmailing the coach just sat there with her arms folded over her chest in a huff because no one was trying to include her in their conversation.  She noticed that they all included the new girl Angie right off but continued to ignore her.  She just fumed and let her anger and frustration build.  She was definitely going to take it out on the coach when she had the chance.  She really didn’t want to go to this party if they weren’t going to include her. 

Angie noticed the growing frustrated look on the girl’s face and began to focus her conversation on the girl.  The others took the hint and soon they were all including the girl in the conversation.  By the time they got to the estate, the girl actually was beginning to feel accepted.  She had no idea that it was all an act.

For the next couple of hours at the estate, the girls partied and had fun.  As advertised, there was plenty of beer and coolers there and they were all soon getting drunk.  Angie of course didn’t drink anything but acted like she was.  Aminda and Michelle were both in their room with orders to stay there for the night, that the evening’s activities were just for the Varsity Cheerleaders. 

Doggyslut was dressed up in a nice black miniskirt and an opaque white blouse that showed off her tits.  The girls were kind of shocked that they could see the brands and tattoos on her tits and stomach.  Suk was dressed up in a sexy French maid’s outfit that was barely long enough to cover her cunt and a neckline that exposed half her tits.  They both made sure that the girls were well plied with alcohol.

When it was time, Angie began going around to each of the girls and told them what to look for when it was time.  Then they could take their revenge out on the girl.  Angie excused herself and went out to the back yard where she found the three dogs that they had chosen for the night’s activities.  She got one and took him back into the house.  She entered the family room where the party was being held and into the only place she could that wasn’t being videoed.  The girls all saw her enter the room with the dog.  They all knew that was the sign.

At that moment, several things happened at once.  Doggyslut took Mary by the arm and escorted her out of the room.  Suk of course knew that was the sign for her to leave as well so she turned and went to the kitchen where she had been told she would stay for the night.  A couple of minutes after the adults left the cheerleaders all immediately converged on the girl blackmailing their coach and they began to pull her to the center of the room.

As they pulled the poor girl to the center of the room, they punched the girl in every part of her body as she struggled to get away.  The cheerleaders kept punching her until she finally quit struggling.  Then they began to methodically strip her of her clothes.  The girl was crying and begging them to let her go and she would gladly quit the team.  But the cheerleaders were angry at the girl.  They didn’t listen at all to any of her pleas.

When they had her stripped naked they made her get on all fours.  They each took turns spanking the poor girl with Karen’s Fraternity paddle.  She screamed and begged for mercy but was held down by the other cheerleaders so she couldn’t get away.  Angie wasn’t involved in the spanking because she wasn’t the one that had been insulted by the girls attempted blackmail, so she explained to the other girls.  The girls all had agreed that the paddling would only be done by the cheerleaders at the time the girl joined.  When each cheerleader had her chance at giving the girl ten swats each, Angie let the dog go. 

The dog had been specially trained and didn’t need to be coached.  The cheerleaders at her ass end got out of the dog’s way and let him mount the poor girl while the ones in front continued to hold her.  She begged and pleaded to be let go.  She told them that she was a virgin and that she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex.  None of that helped.  They all just watched in amazement as the dog immediately began to hump against the poor defenseless girl, trying to sink his cock into her virgin cunt.  Soon they were rewarded with a scream of pain as the dog’s cock found the entrance to the girl’s cunt.

The girl began to scream and plead for mercy, begging them to take the dog away.  The dog gave another thrust and it was too late.  His cock sank in to the hilt, rupturing the poor girl’s hymen as it went. 

At that moment, all of the cheerleaders scooted back to a prearranged distance.  This allowed two of the cameras to video just the girl being fucked by the dog. 

This particular dog was chosen for the length of time that he could last before cumming.  He fucked her until his knot was forced into the girl’s cunt.  He kept on fucking her over and over.  It wasn’t long before the dog began to excite the girl.  She felt her excitement growing and began chanting breathlessly, “Oh god no.  Please not that.  Please don’t let me cum like this.  Oh god.  Oh god… Oh no……… aaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee.”

The girl came like a banshee and the dog kept fucking her. He kept on fucking her as his knot swelled larger and larger, locking him in to her cunt.  She was soon cumming again and then again as the dog fucked her for twenty and then thirty minutes.  Finally the dog began to squirt jet after jet of cum into the poor girl’s cunt.  When he was done cumming, the dog turned around and faced away from the girl.  She was too exhausted to move.

The cheerleaders watched in stunned amazement as the dog was fucking the poor victim.  Soon one of them started fingering herself unconsciously because she was so horny.  Soon all of the girls saw what she was doing and they lost all inhibitions.  They all began to finger themselves as they watched the girl get fucked by the dog.  One of the girls decided to take off her panties and stood up and stripped them off so they would be out of the way.  The rest of the girls followed suit.  Soon all of the girls had their panties off and were fucking themselves with their fingers as they watched the poor girl being raped by the dog. 

Once the dog turned around ass end to ass end with the poor girl, Angie let the dog she was holding go.  This one was also specially trained.  As soon as he was released he made a bee line for the girl tied to the dog in the middle of the room.  He immediately went up to them and launched himself up onto the girl’s back.  He worked his hind legs back toward the other dog.  When he was beside him, he lifted his leg up and put it over the dog.  As soon as he was in position he began to try and hump his cock into the poor girl.  Of course with her cunt filled with dog cock already, the only hole available was her ass hole. 

It took several tries before the dog found its mark.  The whole time he was doing it, the poor girl was blissfully unaware of what the dog was doing.  She was so delirious from all of the orgasms that continued to wash over her that she wasn’t aware of anything else.  She wasn’t aware of it until she felt the searing pain of the dog’s cock sinking half way into her ass hole when he found his mark.  She screamed in agony but was too weak at that point to do much more than that.  

The dog, having found his cock sheathed in the tight embrace of the girl’s asshole, began to fuck her in earnest.  He fucked her over and over until his cock was fully imbedded in her ass.  It wasn’t long before the pain changed to a mix of pain and pleasure.  Again the girl began to cum over and over again.  She screamed out her pleasure as the dog fucked her.  As she was oblivious to everything else she didn’t notice the third dog that Angie had brought in and released into the room.  The dog ran up to the girl and launched himself up onto her shoulders.  This brought his cock up to her face. 

As the girl screamed out from orgasm after orgasm, the dog quickly sank his cock into her open mouth.  This had the effect of cutting off her screams.  She continued to scream and gurgle around the dog’s cock as it sank further and further into her throat.  She convulsed around the dog’s cock as it fucked her throat.  She would have thrown up if her throat hadn’t been filled with dog cock.  All she could do was swallow around the dog cock and swallow down the contents of her stomach as they repeatedly tried to force their way out.  This had the added effect of stimulating the dog’s cock.  Soon the dog was cumming down her throat, even before the one came in her ass. 

Angie looked around the room and smiled.  All of the cheerleaders were now naked and earnestly fucking themselves with their fingers and playing with their tits, trying to bring themselves off.  They were all excited at what was happening to the poor girl.  Angie knew that they had the entire squad right where they wanted them.  The whole thing went right off without a hitch. 

Up in Karen’s room, where they had set up her television to receive the video feed from the family room, Mary watched in stunned amazement at what was happening.  She couldn’t believe what was being done to the poor girl.  If she herself wasn’t in such a predicament, she would have put a stop to it when the first dog came into the room.  As it was, she found herself in the same position as the cheerleaders.  She was finger fucking herself and playing with her tits.  She soon felt her left hand being pulled behind her, followed soon by the right.  She felt the touch of cold steel on her wrists as the woman she knew as Karen closed the handcuffs around her wrists behind her.  Before she could react, she felt her left ankle being cuffed to the left leg of the chair she was sitting in followed quickly by the right. 

When Mary was locked in the chair, doggyslut stripped out of her clothes and got down in front of her and began to suck on her cunt.  She soon felt her excitement grow and grow, pushing over the edge quickly into the strongest cum she ever had.  But that wasn’t the end, doggyslut kept right on fucking her tongue in and out of her cunt alternating with sucking and chewing on her clit.  She brought the woman to orgasm after orgasm until she was bordering on exhaustion.

That’s when Sarah finally entered the room.  She moved behind doggyslut and ordered, “Heal doggyslut.”

Doggyslut immediately quit what she was doing and took up her proper position, kneeling to the right and rear of Sarah.  When Mary quit cumming she opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of a naked fourteen year old girl standing in front of her and the woman she knew as Karen kneeling behind her.  She knew that things had just gone from bad to worse.  She started crying immediately.

Sarah smiled and said, “I thought you would be happy now coach.  My little slave here has made it possible for you to get out from under that little bitch’s blackmail.  That is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Mary was crying and sobbing as she tried to answer saying, “Y…y…y…yes i…i…it i…i…is.  But I thought I was trading being blackmailed by a kid to being blackmailed by an adult.  At least then I wouldn’t go to jail.  But now you are here and I am obviously in no better situation than I was with her.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Oh, you have no idea how your situation has changed.  You see, doggyslut here is my sex slave.  She will do anything I tell her to won’t you my little pet.”

Doggyslut smiled up lovingly at Sarah and answered, “Yes mistress.”

What you don’t understand is that doggyslut here is the lowest slave in the house.  Angie, Aminda and Michelle are all my slaves and will do what I want as well.  They are all sworn to obey me no matter what.  Now you are the slave of a slave so that gives you the lowest status of anyone in this house.  You answer to doggyslut but she answers to me.  That means you too will answer to me.  You will do anything you are told by myself, Angie, Aminda, Michelle, Suk my servant slave or Karen, aka doggyslut.  Any failure to do what you are told and that tape of you with that girl will be turned over to the police along with this.”

Sarah hit the play button on the control in her hand that showed a picture of Mary watching the cheerleaders beating up the girl and then holding her down as the dogs raped her.  It was obvious to anyone watching that she was finger fucking herself and playing with her tits.  She put her head down and began to sob uncontrollably.  She knew her life was over.  The information was too incriminating.  She wasn’t aware of anything but her thoughts until she felt a sharp pain across her cheek. 

When Mary opened her eyes, Karen was standing in front of her with her hand coming down again.  She braced herself as she felt the second slap land on her cheek.  Doggyslut ordered, “Don’t you ever close your eyes and quit listening to Mistress Sarah when she is talking to you.  Now pay attention.”

Doggyslut went back to her position to the right of Sarah and Mary looked straight at Sarah with undivided attention.  Sarah continued, “Now that we have you back, I’ll continue.  I have enough personal slaves.  But if doggyslut wants to play with you, that is her right as your mistress.  I may have her order you to fuck someone that I want control over.  I want control of the school until I graduate and you are going to help me.  As long as you do, you will have a life of your own.  You make me unhappy in any way and I will turn all of this evidence over to the authorities in the FBI.  And believe me when I tell you that Doggyslut is well connected with the FBI.  She even has a presidential commendation from them so she pretty much has a get out of jail free card.  Who do you think they’ll believe if you try and spill the beans?  If you do what you are told and obey my slaves, you will find that life will not be too far from what doggyslut here told you.  Most of the time, I will want you to be interacting with adults only.  But if I need you to fuck a jock so that I can get control over him, then that is what you will do.  That goes for sucking the cunt of another female student.  I expect that most of that will be done by my other slaves but I want you to be aware that it is a possibility.  Now do you understand your position in the hierarchy of things?”

Mary shook her head yes.  Sarah rolled her wheelchair up to where she could reach Mary and quickly slapped her with a forehand on her left cheek followed by a back hand on her right.  Sarah said, “When we are alone, you will call me mistress.  At school you can call me by my first name, but only at school.  Do you understand cunt?”

Mary shook her head and said, “Yes mistress.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Good.  Now that we have an understanding, I want you to give me the same pleasure you gave my slave at school the other day.”

Doggyslut got up and released the handcuffs from Mary’s wrists and ankles.  Mary immediately got down on her hands and knees and crawled over to Sarah and put her face between her legs.  She began to tentatively lick and suck on Sarah’s cunt.  As she did Sarah said, “You do okay for a beginner.  But I expect more from you.  You will practice daily with doggyslut until I am satisfied that you are a good little cunt lapper.  You definitely need the training.”

Mary blushed in humiliation.  It was bad enough that she was being made to suck the young girl’s cunt but to be told she wasn’t good enough was humiliating beyond anything she had experienced.  As she sucked on Sarah’s cunt she heard her mistress say, “You will spend the night with doggyslut as her reward for setting this whole thing up.  You will do anything and everything she wants.  Tomorrow morning we are going to lower the boom on the cheerleaders.  As of tomorrow the cheerleaders belong to me, not you.  I’m not going to force them to do anything other than support me for things I want done at school so don’t worry, their little cunts are safe, though it would be fun to play with them a bit.  But I have enough slaves.  I’m sure they will be quite agreeable to support me in anything.  Especially after the damning video we will show them.  Of course as a reward for you, we will get the video that the little bitch has of you and add it to our collection.  She won’t have any power over you or anyone.  As a matter of fact, we plan on turning her over to the cheerleaders as their little cunt slave as a reward for following my lead.  What do you think of that teach?”

Mary didn’t answer as she knew that an answer wasn’t expected.  She just kept on lapping at Sarah’s cunt knowing full well that what she was doing was being videoed.  She was sure there wouldn’t be any audio to implicate Sarah but even if it was, she was the adult and Sarah was the child.  She would be convicted for sure.  She sighed in resignation as she understood that her life as she knew it was truly over.  She only hopped that at some time in the future, she would be able to be freed of their influence.  But she didn’t have any hope that would ever happen.  Finally Sarah came and rolled her chair away.  When she did, doggyslut came up to Mary and took her by the hand.  She led her to the bed where she made Mary get on her back and then lowered her cunt onto her face.  It wasn’t but a few seconds later that she felt the wonderful sensations of a tongue on her cunt.  She had no idea when Sarah left after that.  She was lost in the mutual pleasure that doggyslut was giving her as she returned the favor to doggyslut.

Sarah went to her room.  She went through the bathroom to Aminda and Michelle’s room and ordered, “It’s time you two beauties earned your keep.  Come in here and give me my therapy and then we can have a bath and go to bed.  I feel like sleeping with both of you tonight.

The next morning it was a subdued group of cheerleaders that sat and watched the video of the previous night’s activities.  At first they were ecstatic at the video of the one girl getting fucked by the dogs.  When that was done, Angie had gotten the girl up in front of them and said, “After watching that video, do you want that tape going out to your parents and the rest of the school?”

The girls face turned white in fear at the prospect.  She shook her head and quietly said “No”. 

Then Angie lowered the boom.  She said, “The only way that isn’t going to happen is first that you turn over all video evidence you have against Miss Masters.  Second, you will be the sex slave to the varsity cheerleaders.  Third, you will stay on the cheerleading squad but as the school mascot.  We have a special mascot costume that you will wear to every game.  Every one of the cheerleaders has authority and control over you, do you understand?”

The girl was crying uncontrollably as she shook her head and sobbed out, “Y…y…yes.”

Angie continued, “Good, then at all cheerleader meetings, you will be naked and between the legs of the designated cheerleader, sucking her cunt for the whole meeting.  The team will decide which one of the girls gets the reward.  If they want you to fuck the entire football team or just the MVP then you will do it.  Do you understand?”

Again the girl answered with a sobbing, “Y…y…yes.”

Angie smiled and said, “Then crawl over to our wonderful cheerleader captain and get started.  Don’t stop until she cums.”

The girl crawled over to the captain of the squad and did as she was told.  She had made the coach suck her off before but she had never done it to another girl.  The squad captain was surprised at the girl crawling between her legs but spread them and stared at the girl as she pulled her panties aside and began to suck and lick her cunt.  She then heard gasps in the room and looked up to see the video of all of them pulling the girl to the center of the room and beating her into submission.  Then they all watched as they held her until the first dog began to fuck her.  Then as they watched, each of them began to finger fuck themselves resulting in them eventually stripping down naked and fucking themselves over and over again. 

This time when the video ended, Sarah wheeled out in front of them.  The cheerleaders all gasped in surprise.  Sarah smiled as she said, “I see you all are acutely aware of the situation you are in.  Now that video is mine to do with as I please.  I know you’re thinking the worst, but don’t.  This is going to turn out to be a pleasant experience for most of you.  I hope that is the case for all of you before it is all over with.  All I want for me to keep this video out of the hands of the authorities is your cooperation.  As you know, there is usually one or two groups of people at the school that truly make things happen.  You, the cheerleaders tend to be one of them so you became my first target.  Your little blackmailing slut just quickened the inevitable.  What does this mean for you?  It means that what I want to have happen at the school you will support with your full devotion and ability.  If even one of you gets out of line and doesn’t do it, then that tape finds its way to the FBI.  I believe agent Pete Towns would love to get his hands on it.  I know you have all recently seen videos on TV of girls beating up another girl.  I know that most of you are 18 or older.  That means that you would most likely be charged as an adult.  I looked up the going sentence for sexual assault and battery and you would be looking at 10 to 20 years.  So keep that in mind as you decide what you’re going to do.”

The cheerleaders all paled when Sarah told them how long they might be in jail for.  Sarah continued, “What do you think the uproar would be if this tape got out.  And before you think to say you were coerced, my guardian, Karen Miller is a personal friend of just about every FBI agent on the west coast.  So don’t even think they will take your word over hers.  I promise you that I won’t ask you to fuck anyone or become a lesbian or anything.  That is reserved for my other little sex slaves, isn’t it Angie?”

Angie smiled and quickly answered, “Oh yes mistress.”

The cheerleaders all stared at Angie who smiled and just happily shrugged her shoulders at them.  As if she was saying ‘Who… Me?’.  They all turned back to Sarah and listened.  She continued as she said, “Again all I ask is your support.  Angie will tell you what that will mean from time to time.  Just listen to her and do what she says and everything will be fine.  I promise you won’t be breaking any laws though an occasional school rule might be bent from time to time.  Now my guardian has decided to sponsor the cheerleaders for this year.  You will all be able to compete in any competition you want or do anything you would normally not be able to because of finances.  As I said, the rewards will be wonderful and frequent if you support me.  Do any of you have any questions?”

The captain of the squad stood up and asked, “What do you mean by support you at school.  Support you in what?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Anything I desire.  But to start out with, we will be petitioning the school for a laxer dress code that will allow students to wear what they want instead of the ridiculous straight-jacket rules they have now.  You will be the cutting edge of the petition and will push for its passage.  Second, if I or one of my slaves wants to run for student office, I expect all of you to use all of your influence to help them win.  There will be other things as I think of them but most of them will not directly impact you.  As long as you support me that is.”

The captain looked around at the other cheerleaders and they shook their head yes.  She turned back to Sarah and said, “Okay, is there anything else?”

Sarah smiled and said, “There is one thing else.  The cheerleaders will be wearing new uniforms from now on to all cheerleader functions and games.  Coach Masters is bringing them in to you as we speak.  There will be no arguments about wearing them.  If one of you doesn’t, then that tape goes to the police.”

Mary came in with a box full of sacks with each girl’s name on it.  She handed the sack to each of the cheerleaders.  When she was done, Sarah ordered, “Now get into your new uniforms so we can see the new team.”

One of the girls said in a panic, “Here?”

Sarah giggled and said, “I don’t know why you are so reluctant, you were naked with each other fucking yourself last night and you shower together almost every afternoon so what’s the big deal of changing in front of each other.  That ended the discussion and all of the girls began taking the ridiculously small uniforms out of the sacks.  There were three pieces to the uniform.  The panties were a blue spandex that was form fitting.  The fact that they were ordered one size too small for each girl made them absolutely obscene as they stretched into their every orifice.  The skirt was a pleated matching blue and white number that went over them, stopping just below the bottom of their ass cheeks.  When they put the tops on, they were a thin stretch fabric that tied beneath their tits.  They were designed to be worn without a bra.  The girls tits were fully covered, but their nipples and the bumps of their areolas were visible through the shiny blue fabric.  Several of the girls looked at each other and exclaimed, “My parents won’t let me wear this.  It’s absolutely obscene.”

Your parents have been shown pictures of models in these very same outfits and we have their signatures on permission slips saying you can wear them.  Miss Masters asked them to keep it a surprise from you.  They of course were wearing the tame version.  From a distance, they look just like the picture.  So I encourage you to keep them from seeing you up close and personal without additional covering if you don’t want to get in trouble.  There is a jacket that you can wear with it to cover up that we ordered to go with it but it was back ordered and should be in sometime next week.  That will allow you to go in and out of your home in uniform without raising too much suspicion.  Any more questions?”

One of the cheerleaders exclaimed, “But I don’t want my pussy and tits on display for everyone to see.”

Sarah answered, “Okay then.  I’ll just go ahead and forward the video of your activities last night to the FBI.”

The other girls immediately started talking to the girl who was in tears at having to wear the risqué uniform.  Finally she shook her head yes and they all turned back to Sarah.  The captain asked, “Is there anything else?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Nope, I think that about covers it.  I thank you in advance for all of your support, not that you have much choice.  I do hope you enjoy the new team mascot.  Why don’t you all help her into her new costume.  I’m sure you will get a kick out of all of the special attachments to it.  And to just show you what a sport I am, I have a special control that goes with the costume.”

Angie came in carrying a box with a tiger costume in it.  She took it up to the naked girl crying in front of the cheerleading captain and handed it to her.  She ordered, “Get into the suit cunt.  You’ll know where everything goes when you see it.  Balk just a little and your little taped session with the dogs goes public.  Now get dressed.”

The girl quickly got up and began putting the costume on.  The first thing she noticed was that there were two dildos in the crotch.  She paled as she thought where she had to put them.  She reached into the suit and with a total lack of coordination, fought to get each dildo into its proper hole on her body.  When she had them inserted, she pulled the suit up gently into her already sore cunt and asshole.  Then she put her arms in the sleeves.  When she pulled the front of the costume together to zip it up the front, she felt something cold on her tits.  She pulled it open and noticed the alligator clamps attached where her tits would be.  Her already white face paled even further at the thought of the pain she would suffer wearing the costume.  She reached in and attached first the left clamp and then the second.  When she was done she zipped up the front.  She turned around to face the cheerleader captain.

While the girl had been getting in the costume, Angie had been instructing the cheerleading captain on the things the control would do.  When they noticed that the girl was done putting the costume on, Angie smiled and reached into the box and pulled out the large panther head.  She pulled the front seam that was velcroed together apart.  There at mouth level was a large six inch dildo.  Angie put the head over the girls head and lined the dildo up with her mouth.  The girl hesitantly opened her mouth and Angie forced the dildo into her mouth and throat.  After taking the large dog’s cock down her throat the night before, the dildo was easy to swallow.  Angie pulled the flaps under the girl’s chin together and velcroed them together. 

When she stepped away, Angie nodded to the captain.  The first button she pushed caused the three dildos in the suit to inflate.  The girl began to panic as her cunt ass and throat began to fill and stretch.  She thought she would suffocate until she remembered to breathe through her nose.  She squealed in surprise and panic as the dildos continued to expand.  The one in her mouth stopped before it blocked her airway, but the ones in her cunt and ass seemed to continue extending deeper and deeper as they continued to expand.  When she thought she was going to split open, they finally stopped growing.  That’s when all hell broke loose for the girl.  The captain pushed the shock button and sent voltage through the dildos and the alligator clips.  The girl shook and danced as she screamed in agony.  To anyone in a cheering section at a game it would look like a funny dance as the girl suffered tremendous agony.  There was a dial on the control that allowed the captain to switch from one dildo to the other and in different combinations along with the nipple clamps.  It was nothing short of shear torture for the poor girl.  The suit was one of Brittany’s favorites for torturing the Clearview mascot during games.  It was pure chance that the high school that Sarah went to just happened to have the same mascot.  The girl inside the suit was in tears after all of the girls had a chance to play with the controls.  She understood that her life was over, all because she wanted to be a cheerleader and be like they were.  She knew she didn’t have the coordination and ability to be a good one, but she had hoped that by blackmailing her way on she could at least enjoy some of the benefits.  She cried silently in resignation as she knew there was nothing she could do to get out of her situation.  There was enough stuff they had on her that they would totally ruin her.  She just bore the torture.  At least she was going to be able to stay a cheerleader, even though she would be a mascot.  That way she would at least be recognized as one of the girls, at least she hoped she would.

After they were done playing with the controls, they let the girl get out of her costume.  The captain looked at her and said, “You will definitely wear that to every game.  You will have the stands cheering like crazy at the antics you go through as we play with the controls.  Welcome to the cheerleading squad.  You now have a rightful place on the team as the team slave.  Be good to us and we will be good to you at the games.  Piss one of us off and that will be the girl with the control at the game.  So whether the games are hell or heaven will depend on you.  There are vibrator controls that we didn’t use.  I’m sure that if you make us happy, we will be happy to help you be happy too.”

The captain turned to Sarah and said, “I think we have an understanding.  Please keep yours and we will work hard to keep our end of the deal.  You could destroy all of our lives with that tape.  I know you would rather have us around to support you so we will do our best to do that in a matter that pleases you.  If you have a problem with any one of us, please bring it to my attention and let me try to handle it before you release the tapes.  I promise that I will police the squad myself and make them support you if you give me a chance.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Then we have a deal.  Now before you go, I want you to help Aminda and Michelle learn the cheers for the JV team.  You all can figure out the best way to do that.  I’ll see you at school next week.  Doggyslut, please take our cheerleaders home.  They have had an exciting night and I’m sure would like to go home and rest.”

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