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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 36 Omega Psi Sisters

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 36

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 36, Omega Psi Sisters

When Karen woke up the next morning she began to think about what she had done the night before.  She amazingly found that she felt no guilt whatsoever about the gangbang.  She was still a bit sore in all of her most sensitive places, but she could handle that.  To be free to choose to do things like this or not was wonderful.  She began to think about what the boys had said about starting a sister organization for the fraternity.  She decided that she needed to find just the right kinds of girls for the guys.  She wanted the sisters to be willing fuck bunnies for her frat brothers.  She got up out of bed and threw on a robe.  When she opened the door to head down stairs to get some breakfast she smelled bacon cooking and coffee brewing.

Karen followed her nose to the kitchen.  All the seats at the breakfast table were full and when she walked in they all got up to offer her a seat.  Karen was absolutely thrilled at the show of respect they gave her and smiled a thousand watt smile as she said, “So did you guys save your house mistress anything for breakfast?”

Karen went to sit down at the closest spot at the table and the brother that had vacated the chair stepped up and helped her scoot the chair up to the table like a perfect gentleman.  Another one brought her a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon with a toasted bagel.  Another one brought her a large mug of coffee.  As she ate breakfast they all told her how wonderful she was the night before and that if she ever needed anything that all she had to do was ask.

Karen was enjoying the compliments and thinking how it was nice to have your efforts appreciated instead of having to do things because of fear of repercussions.  She finally asked, “Where are Darren and Jack.  I want to talk to them and the rest of the fraternity leadership about the sister’s group you want to start up.”

One of the guys got up from the table and went to get all of the fraternity leaders.  Within ten minutes the guys that had been at the table had left and Darren, Jack and three others were sitting at the table with Karen eating breakfast.  While they ate and drank their coffee, Karen talked with them about things in general.  When they were done, Darren finally asked with a worried look on his face, “What did you want to talk about this morning?  I hope your not leaving us.”

Karen giggled for a moment and finally said, “No, I’m not going to leave my new brothers.  I wanted to talk to you about the Sister’s of Omega Psi group that you decided to start.  What are you really looking for in the group?  What do you expect from them?  What kind of girls are you looking for?  That kind of thing.”

Darren looked at the other guys and shrugging his shoulders said, “We really hadn’t thought about that aspect of it.  We just thought it would be cool to have a sister group to help us out with things.  You know fund raisers, parties… just whatever.”

Karen laughed and said, “In other words, what you really want is just a bunch of cute little fuck buddies that will put out for you.  Now isn’t that the crux of the whole thing?”

Jack said, “God Karen, you sure cut to the chase don’t you?”

Karen answered, “Your going to find that I hate hidden agendas.  They only hurt people.  If you want members of your sister organization to be your fuck buddies, then how I approach recruiting them for you will be totally different than if you just want ones that will do all of that BS that you just said.”

Darren asked, “Okay Karen, now that you know what we really want, what’s next?”

Karen answered, “Look guys, I will find you your fuck buddies for you.  I want you to know that at first they are going to appear to be girls that you wouldn’t give a second look at.  Most of the time, these girls are good looking but hide themselves for various reasons.  They also tend to be very smart, so don’t try to BS them.  If I do this for you guys, I want your commitment that you’ll help me turn them into the beautiful swans that they truly are.  I also want your commitment that the fraternity will use every bit of influence it has through its alumni to find the girls a great paying job after they graduate.  I promise you that if you do this right, your alumni contributions will go sky high.  Because not only will they get an extremely smart and capable young woman but she’ll be a sex pot as well.  I think that there should also be a written contract that you guys draw up committing you to just that kind of support if they join your sister organization, so what do you say?”

Darren looked around the table and asked, “All those in favor of pursuing the sister organization as Karen has just outlined raise your hand.”  All of the hands voted for Karen’s idea.

Karen smiled at them and said, “I’ve been cooped up in this house for too long.  I’ll be going out next week to start trolling for your new sisters.  Now remember, you’re committing to help turn these young ladies into beautiful sex goddesses and that can be expensive, but I promise that it will be well worth it.”

That is just what Karen did the following Monday.  She started walking around campus and watching the students.  She was looking for a girl that tended to sit alone but had a longing look to them, especially when good looking guys walked by.  Their hair would usually be pulled back in a tight pony tail or allowed to hang down in front of their eyes to keep people from seeing them.  They rarely looked anyone in the eye because they were shy.  They would also tend to have books open on their laps, a little technique that they tend to use to keep others from bothering them.  That is the conflict that Karen wanted.  She knew what most of those girls were thinking because that’s the way she use to be before she was raped after her prom. 

Karen spent every day wandering through the campus looking for a possible candidate.  She spent more time around the science and math buildings than other areas but did cover the entire campus.  On Wednesday she saw a possible candidate sitting on the lawn and leaning against a tree.  She was a petite girl with coal black hair and very pale skin.  She wore the ugliest pair of glasses that you could imagine.  Her clothes were very baggy and hid her features.  She was sitting cross legged with her back against the tree and a calculus book on her lap. 

Karen watched her from a distance and could see that she would longingly watch any single or group of guys walk by until they were out of sight.  When she saw the girl turn down two guys that had approached her to try and start a conversation she knew that she was the right kind of person.  She decided to introduce herself.  She walked up to the girl and stood in front of her looking down on her.  The girl had been watching a small group of guys throwing a Frisbee back and forth and didn’t see Karen coming.  Karen stood there for a few seconds and finally said, “Hi, they sure are a bunch of good looking hunks aren’t they?”

The girl was a bit startled and jumped a bit and then turned to look at the stranger that had addressed her.  She hadn’t really heard what Karen said and asked, “What did you say?”

Karen gave her a big smile and said, “I said that they were a bunch of good looking hunks.  What do you think?”

The girl looked back at them and let out a soft sigh and said longingly, “Yeah they are but they don’t even know I exist.”

Karen couldn’t believe the great opening the girl just gave her and decided to pursue it and asked, “What do you mean?”

The girl looked at her as if she were crazy, thought for a minute and shrugging said, “No one ever asks me out or anything.  As a matter of fact they tend to ignore me.”

“What about those two guys that came up to you a few minutes ago?  They looked like they were asking you something.” Karen asked.

Not even looking at Karen the girl continued to look longingly at the guys playing Frisbee and answered, “All they wanted was the homework assignment for calculus.  They didn’t show up for class and wanted my notes.  I told them to bug off.  I don’t like to share my notes. 

Karen finally decided that it was time for introductions and sticking out her right hand said, “By the way, I’m Karen Miller.  What’s your name?”

She answered saying, “I’m April Mathus.”

Karen smiled and said, “It’s good to meet you April.  Look, I’m starting here at the school next year and was trying to find out about some of the math and science professors.  Could you help me out?”

April beamed at Karen’s request for help.  She began to explain about her professors and the pros and cons that she saw about them.  They had been talking for about fifteen minutes when Karen spoke up and said, “Why don’t we go over to the deli and get a sandwich and soda for lunch and talk.  I’m getting a bit hungry.”

They walked together to the deli and then spent the next two hours talking like long lost friends.  Karen could tell that the girl was starving for attention.  She actually saw a lot of her old self from before being made a slave in April.  Finally when April said that she had to go, Karen spoke up saying, “Before you leave please give me your number. I like you and want to be your friend.  Here is my number.  Please feel free to call me anytime you want to talk.  I live at the Omega Psi frat house right now.  They hired me to be their house mother and I clean up and cook meals for them and they give me room and board.  I couldn’t ask for a better set up.  Here’s the number to the house if you want to call.  Don’t be surprised if a guy answers though.  Just ask for me and they’ll get me for you.  Do you want to meet here for lunch again tomorrow?”

April was happy to just have made a friend and happily gave her dorm room and phone number.  She answered, “Thanks Karen, I’d love to have lunch with you.  I have a class from twelve to one so let’s meet here at 1:30 pm.”  Karen agreed and they said their goodbyes.

Over the next couple of weeks, Karen and April met daily and became very good friends.  They talked about everything under the sun.  Karen found out that she was a virgin.  That she had been on one date her sophomore year in high school and the guy made a pass at her and she had slapped him hard across the face.  She was from a small town and the guy started spreading rumors about her and no one ever asked her out again.  She really wanted to date and make friends but she had been tormented so badly at her school that she had become very shy and tried very hard to not be seen.

By the end of the second week, Karen realized that she had won over April’s trust and decided to make an offer saying, “April, I think I can help you change your appearance.  I think that would go a long way to make the guys notice you.  I’d like to give you a complete makeover next week.  It would be all on me.  I really think that you’re just a beautiful butterfly just waiting to bust out and I know I can help you do that.”

April thought for a minute and asked, “You really think I can look beautiful?”

Karen answered, “Yes I do.  You’re so used to trying to make yourself invisible that you’ve never tried to do things that enhance your real beauty.  I’ll show you how to reveal the real you.”

April finally agreed answering, “Okay, I’ll let you.  When do we meet?”

Karen answered, “Why don’t you stay with me at the frat house on Friday night.  Most of the guys are going to be gone to a party that night so we would be mostly alone.  We will leave the next morning and make it a day.  I will even arrange for a little blind date on Sunday afternoon to introduce the new you.  That way you can see what kind of reaction the new you will get from the guys.  So what do you say?”

April answered, “As long as you promise me you will go on the date with me, I’ll agree.”

Karen said, “Consider it a double date then.  I know just the guy for you too.  I think you’ll love him.”

April did spend the night with Karen the next Friday.  On Saturday, Karen took her out and had her hair done up with long wavy curls.  The next thing was to get rid of the ugly glasses and she took her to an optometrist she had scheduled an appointment with earlier in the week.  April walked out with contact lenses in her eyes and a pair of thin wire frame glasses in her purse as back up.  She went to a nail salon where she received a manicure and had her nails painted a nice pink color.  Karen also took her to a fancy department store that had a make up specialist that helped April find the perfect make up for her features.  They also spent some time shopping for some nice sexy clothes for her to wear.  At the end of the day, they were just finishing up shopping and Karen had April try out a nice red strapless dress that hugged every curve of her body and ended about mid thigh.  When April looked at herself in the mirror she was stunned at the beautiful stranger looking back at her.  She turned around and hugged Karen tightly, crying in happiness.  Finally she quit sobbing and looked Karen in the eyes and said, “I don’t know how I can ever thank you.  I never thought that I could ever look this nice.  Thank you.”

Karen put her hand down and lifted April’s chin up, bent down and kissed her on the lips, hugging her in the process.  She held it a bit longer than a friendly peck and traced her fingers up and down April’s back.  She was doing her best to elicit a bit of a response in her.  She was surprised when she felt April’s tongue touching her lips and she opened her mouth and they embraced in a deep French kiss for a few moments.  Finally Karen broke it off and said, “Hold that thought.  Let’s get all of our purchases and get back to my room.”

April answered with a quiet but lusty “Okay”.

They returned to the frat house and went straight up to Karen’s room.  They deposited the bags of clothes and other purchases inside the door.  Karen took April’s hand and led her to the bed.  Standing there Karen bent down to April and initiated a French kiss again and was soon dueling tongues with her.  Karen could sense the passion building in her new friend and reached up and started removing April’s clothes.

When Karen had April naked, she began to massage and tweak April’s tits.  She kept it up until she could tell that April was about to cum and then stopped and stepped back.  She said, “I think it’s time for you to return the favor don’t you?”

April quickly stripped Karen with a passionate intensity that surprised Karen and started kneading her tits.  Karen began to move her to the bed and when she felt the mattress at the backs of her knees she fell back onto the mattress taking April along with her.  As soon as she had the nude April on the mattress she attacked her nipples with her mouth and tongue.  She started on her left tit and after a couple of minutes switched to the right.  After about ten minutes of attention to April’s tits, she started licking her way down her stomach and ending at her juicy cunt. 

Karen began to focus all of her attention on April’s cunt, licking and nibbling gently down one side of her cunt lips and up the other.  She could feel April’s excitement build and when she recognized the signs that April was close to cumming, she latched onto her clit and began sucking it hard and fast.  When she felt April finally trip over the edge and begin to cum, she bit down on her clit just hard enough to increase the pleasure and not cause pain.

April screamed out in pleasure as she had the most powerful orgasm in her life.  She couldn’t believe what she had been missing.  She decided right then and there that she would do whatever it took to get that feeling as often as she could.  She thought that she would come down from the high and it would be over but quickly realized that Karen wasn’t stopping and she was quickly building to an even more powerful cum than the one she just had.  She finally opened her eyes and found herself staring into Karen’s cunt.  She didn’t hesitate for a second and reached her arms up around Karen’s hips and pulled her cunt down so she could return the favor.  She attacked Karen’s cunt as if it were her last meal on earth.  Soon both girls were screaming out mutual orgasms into each other’s cunts.  This went on into the wee hours of the morning until finally they fell asleep in exhaustion at about three a.m..

Karen woke up to the most wonderful sensation in her cunt.  At first she thought it was one of the dogs that was licking her cunt.  When she opened her eyes and looked she saw the upper half of April’s face and her penetrating eyes staring back at her.  Karen came with a shudder and reached down to pull April up.  Karen gave her friend a long needy hug and whispered, “Thank you.  What a way to wake up”.

April giggled a bit and said, “The light woke me up and when I opened my eyes I saw your beautiful pussy in front of me and I couldn’t resist.  Now tell me about our date this afternoon.”

Karen explained, “Well, I thought that a girl as beautiful as yourself deserved only the best.  I set you up with Darren, the president of the fraternity here.”

April got a look of panic in her eyes and exclaimed, “Oh my, I don’t think I’m ready for someone like that.  What will he think of me? How should I act?  He is way beyond my reach………”

Karen quietly but firmly cut her off saying, “……Hush……That’s enough of that.  Stop selling yourself so short.  You will do just fine.  There isn’t a guy in the world who wouldn’t want to be with a beautiful girl like you.  Now let’s get ready.  It’s already past noon and we leave for the movies at two.”

They both went into the huge bathroom and showered together in the large shower, soaping each other down and enjoying the mutual massaging.  Finally they got out and dried each other off.  April put her contacts in and then applied her make up while Karen brushed her hair.  When April was done they traded spaces and Karen applied her makeup while April brushed her hair.

When they got dressed, April dressed in the beautiful red dress she had tried on the previous afternoon and Karen wore an emerald green chiffon dress that accentuated her cleavage and was split to the hips on both sides.  They both wore black patent leather shoes with four inch heels.  When they were ready Karen looked at April and said, “Where’s April.  I know she was here a minute ago.”

April giggled and said, “I think someone in this room turned her into a beautiful, sex hungry nymphomaniac.”

Karen gave a huge smile and asked, “So is my new sex hungry nymphomaniac virgin ready to go out on her first real date and give up her prize?”

April crossed her arms under her tits and with a big sigh of nervousness looked Karen in the eyes and said seriously, “I’ll never be any readier than I am right now.  Let’s go.  It’s quarter til two.”

Karen and April left the room and when they began to descend the stairs, all conversation stopped as all of the brothers noticed the two stunning beauties coming down the stairs.  Darren and Jack had quickly got up and whistled their appreciation.  Darren went up to April and looking her directly in the eyes he said, “You are absolutely stunning.  Karen said you were beautiful, but nothing she said even comes close to reality.”

April blushed at the compliment and demurely said, “Thank you”.  Karen smiled and when Darren looked at her, she gave him a wink and a smile.  Jack leaned in and whispered quietly into Karen’s ear, “You are an absolute miracle worker.  I’ve had her in a couple of classes and never paid any attention to her.  God, if I’d known she was this beautiful, I’d have been asking her for dates a long time ago.”

Karen gave Jack a hug and whispered back, “There’s more where she came from.  You’d be amazed at the number of absolutely beautiful, smart women that are out there just waiting for the right person to come along.  Now let’s get going or we’ll be late for the show.”

The four left and spent the afternoon at the movies, followed by a meal at the nicest restaurant in town.  They sat and talked for several hours at the restaurant getting to know each other better.  By the end of the evening, the two frat brothers were very impressed with the intelligence and wit that April showed and she was more comfortable with them.  Finally it was getting time to leave and Karen decided to go to the ladies room and giving that hidden signal that all women seem to have, April went with her.

When they got to the restroom, Karen looked at April and asked, “Well?”

April hugged herself and answered, “God, I’ve been so horny that I’ve wanted to jump Darren all night.”

Karen laughed at how excited April was and asked, “The magic question is, do you still want me there when you do it or do you just want to go with Darren tonight.”

April paused for a few moments before saying, “I think I still want to have you there for moral support.  I can’t wait though.  I’ve been wanting something like this to happen for years and you made it happen for me.”  She gave Karen a big hug and said “Thank you for everything”.

They left the bathroom and rejoined Darren and Jack.  Karen leaned over and whispered, “April wants some moral support for her first time so we should either go back to my room or if you have a nice room with two beds in it that would be better.”

Jack answered, “Your room is the largest and best suited so it will have to be there.  Do you want me to bow out?”

Karen nuzzled his ear as if she were making out and whispered, “No, having you there will expose her to multiple partners and that is what she will need to get use to if she is to become a sister.”

They broke apart and Karen announced to the table, “I don’t know about you two love birds, but I think its time to go find a nice quiet place to explore the possibilities.”

April exclaimed in excited and embarrassed protest, “Karen……”.

They all left and returned to the frat house and made a bee line to Karen’s room.  Karen pulled April into the bathroom and when the door was closed she said, “Why don’t we strip here and then put on a little show for our boys.  I guarantee that you’ll have them eating out of your hands after we do a little 69 with each other to set the tone for the night.  Are you game?”

April nervously replied, “God, if you’d asked me that a couple of weeks ago I would have said you were crazy.  But now that excites the hell out of me.  What are you doing to me Karen?”

Karen giggled and answered, “Just releasing the real April that was hidden behind the shy, smart introvert I found sitting in the science quad dreaming of having a bunch of college guys playing Frisbee coming over and sweeping her off of her feet.  You’re about to experience the reality of that dream and I guarantee that it will surpass your wildest expectations.

April didn’t say another word.  She let actions speak for her.  She reached down and pulled her dress up and over her head.  She was taking her panties off before Karen could even begin to react.  Karen finally took her dress and panties off and giggled as April grabbed her hand and literally drug her out of the bathroom and straight to the big king sized bed.  Once there she crawled to the center and held her arms out to Karen who quickly joined her.

Karen and April immediately began a passionately deep French kiss and dueled tongues for about five minutes.  When they finally broke the kiss, Karen turned around and the two lay side by side.  They quickly began to attack each other’s cunts.

Darren and Jack had sat down in the two stuffed chairs in the room when the girls went into the bathroom.  When the door opened and a naked April was pulling an equally naked Karen out and to the bed their chins dropped in amazement.  They were even more surprised when the two girls got on the bed and started making love to each other.  The guys both thought that they had died and gone to heaven.  They watched for about ten minutes and then as if on cue, they both got up and started stripping. 

Jack got up on the left side of the bed and Darren on the right.  They started by gently reaching in and stroking the two girls.  Finally Darren reached in and pulled April away from Karen.  After turning her to face him he planted a deep passionate kiss on her.  April returned the kiss with equal passion.  After a couple of minutes, Darren began to nibble on her ears while gently massaging her tits.  He knew that this was her first time and wanted to make it as memorable for her as possible. 

When Darren had pulled April away, Jack had turned Karen over and planted his mouth on her cunt.  Karen didn’t loose a beat and began to suck his cock down her throat, all the while keeping her lust filled eyes focused on April and Darren. 

Darren gradually moved down to April’s neck, nibbling and licking as he went.  He then did the same on her other side.  Next he began licking and nibbling her right tit starting at the base and circling up in a spiral until he reached her nipple.  He sucked on her nipple for a minute and then started the same process on her other tit. 

April had never felt anything as wonderful as she enjoyed the attentions Darren was paying to her tits.  Her excitement was so high that when he was only about half way done with her second tit, she had a strong orgasm that made her entire body stiffen from the pleasure.  It wasn’t as good as the one she had experienced with Karen the night before but it was sure close.  She couldn’t imagine how good it would be when he got to her virgin pussy. 

Darren began licking and nibbling down her abdomen, stopping at her belly button where he stuck his tongue and licked and sucked for a couple of minutes.  April was sure the next stop would be at her pleasure center and groaned in frustration when Darren began to lick down her left leg, stopping a moment to lick the backs of her knee and then on down to her toes.  He sucked each toe for a minute and then turned to the right leg and started with her toes and up her leg in reverse order. 

April was hovering on the precipice of a massive orgasm and just couldn’t quite go over into that gloriously decadent feeling.  When Darren moved in to her inner thighs she spread her legs as wide as she could, giving him full access.  She pushed her head back into her pillow and closed her eyes in glorious ecstasy hoping and praying that the next instant would be the one that launched her into her orgasm.  The effect of Darren licking and nibbling on her inner thighs pushed her higher and higher and ever closer to the point of no return.  It wasn’t until after five minutes of holding her on the edge that Darren finally latched on to her pussy and began sucking and nibbling on her cunt lips.  April launched into the most massive orgasm of her life and her entire body arched up as she screamed in delirious pleasure.  The only part of her body contacting the bed was her head and feet. 

Darren was amazed at the intensity of April’s orgasm.  He redoubled his efforts and she continued in a sustained orgasm.  When he finally latched onto her clit and began to suck hard and quick, April’s screams intensified even more.  He decided that the time was right and he moved up and quickly sank his cock into her spasming cunt.  He broke through her hymen on the first thrust and then pulled back and on the next thrust he bottomed out in her cunt.

Darren lay on top of her with his cock sank into the hilt waiting for April to adjust to the new intruder to areas of her cunt that had never had anything in it before.  Finally she was aware enough to realize that she had a cock in her pussy.  She couldn’t even remember him entering her.  All she knew was that it was the most wondrous feeling.  She reached her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips.  She whispered in Darren’s ear, “Please make love to me Darren.  I’m way past ready.  God, it feels so good.  Just fuck me with that wonderful cock.

When they heard the first scream of April’s orgasm, both Jack and Karen came.  Soon they were both watching in awe as April’s body got stiffer and her screams of passion got louder from the orgasm that had taken over her body.  They watched as Darren moved up and sunk his cock into her and was amazed when she didn’t even react.  The only thing that indicated that she had lost her cherry was the blood on Darren’s cock as he pulled out to seat his cock the rest of the way in her cunt.  Karen smiled in happiness for April but deep down there was a bit of jealousy that April’s first time was so glorious while hers was so horrid.  She leaned up and after giving Jack a kiss, leaned in and whispered, “When Darren and April start fucking in earnest, lean in and start nibbling her right tit and I’ll get up and do her left tit.

April felt Darren start to saw his cock in and out of her gushing pussy.  She thought she had died and gone to heaven it felt so good.  When she started to think that it couldn’t get any better she felt both of her tits being sucked on and it pushed her into another round of orgasms.  This time the orgasm never subsided. It increased in intensity with each thrust in her cunt and lick and nibble on her tits. When she felt as if she could take no more she felt Darren start to cum in her cunt and the warm glow she felt seemed to spread throughout her body and grow hotter and hotter until she gasped out one last scream and passed out from the pleasure.

Darren was lying on top of April catching his breath.  He had never had any woman ever respond to him as April did.  He never wanted to leave and rolled off of her and pulled her over onto her side never letting his cock leave the warm embrace of her overflowing cunt.  He cuddled with her in his arms and gently caressed her hair and kissed her with tender loving care.

After April came, both Karen and Jack sat back in stunned amazement at what they had witnessed.  Karen got up and went around to Jack and grabbed his hand, pulling him off of the bed.  She started heading to the door saying, “I think the room just got too crowded.  Let’s go to your room so you and I can finish up.  Those two love birds need a little time alone together.”  Jack just silently followed as they left the room and went down the hall to his room.  Once there, the two of them sank into his bed and fucked as if there was no tomorrow.

The next morning, Karen got up early and made breakfast as she was in the habit of doing.  The guys came down, ate and left for classes as was normal for any other day.  At about eight thirty, Darren and April came down in their robes. The guys that saw them coming down the stairs let out a cheer.  Both Darren and especially April blushed at the obvious reference to their activities last night and this morning. 

Karen looked up when she heard the cheers and saw the two coming down the stairs.  She immediately recognized the fresh, just fucked look on April’s face.  She had never seen her so happy since she had met her.  Karen stopped what she was doing and went up to her and gave her a good morning hug.  When she did she whispered, “God you’re gorgeous after you get fucked.  You can forget the makeup with the glow that’s on your face.  You have got to tell me everything you’re feeling when we get a chance to talk alone tonight.  Tell me you’ll stay with me tonight.”

April pulled back from Karen momentarily, looked her in the eyes and then gave her a bear hug and whispered, “Of course I will.  Thank you so much for everything.  I can’t believe how good it felt.  It was absolutely wonderful.  But I have to get something to eat and get going.  I’ve already missed my first class and Calculus starts in a half hour.  I can’t afford to miss that one.  We’ll talk tonight.”  She gave Karen a quick kiss and went to the kitchen and grabbed a bagel and a cup of coffee.  She turned and went scurrying back up the stairs.  Ten minutes later she went running down the stairs and out the door yelling, “See you tonight Karen.”

Karen sat down at the table across from Darren and asked, “Well?”

Darren kept eating and mumbled out, “A gentlemen never tells.”

Karen was exacerbated with that response and picked up a piece of toast and threw it at Darren saying, “That’s enough of that bullshit.  I already know what you guys did.  I was there remember.  What do you think of her as a sister?”

Darren chuckled and answered, “I knew what you meant.  I was just teasing you.  She is definitely a fire cracker.  I have never had a woman respond to me like that in my life.  She definitely had no qualms about having more than one person there.  I for one would love to have her and I already know Jack can’t wait for a chance at her.  From what he told me this morning, he never even considered her as anything but a science geek.  She never even tried to make friends with anyone.  He couldn’t believe the miracle you pulled in changing her.  I never knew her before, but if what he says is true, then I’d have to agree with him.  How did you find her?”

Karen just giggled as she thought about it and finally said, “Because I looked for the signs.  I use to be like her.  I was a sexual firecracker waiting to explode.  Unfortunately I learned about the world of sex at the hands of a sadist, his family and an evil group with unlimited assets.  I know the signs to look for and how to get them to open up and turn themselves into sexual dynamos.  Most of them are so starved for friends that they latch on to the first person who shows the least bit of interest in them.  That is why I wanted you guys to help them so much and sign a contract agreeing to.  I trust you guys to do the right thing and treat them like the ladies they are, even if they are your sex bunnies.  So I take it that you like my first choice for a sister?”

Darren didn’t hesitate with a, “God yes.  I don’t see how you can beat her though.  I would be happy if the rest were even half as good.”

Karen nodded her head in agreement and warned, “Now don’t count your chickens before their hatched.  We don’t know if she wants to be a sister or not.  I promise that when we talk tonight, I’ll talk to her about it.  If she agrees, I think she should be the president of the sisters.”

Darren got a confused look on his face and asked, “I thought that you would be their leader.”

Karen shook her head no saying, “No, I will be the recruiter and Sergeant of Arms for them.  That will take enough of my time.  You know that I am planning on going back to school next fall.  I can’t be president and do all of the other stuff too.  She’ll make a great president, you wait and see.”

Darren answered, “I won’t second guess you.  You’ve already done more for us than you could ever imagine.”

Karen looked at the clock and scolded, “You better get moving buster.  You need to get to class.  I’ll not be responsible for my fraternity president’s grades falling.”  Darren quickly got up and scurried up stairs with Karen yelling and laughing after him, “I’ll keep you posted on any developments.”

It wasn’t until about nine that night that April came back to the frat house.  When she came in, Karen hugged her saying, “I was about to think you weren’t coming by tonight.”

April answered, “I had a couple of study groups that I didn’t want to miss.  I’m sorry if I worried you.  I would never stand you up.  I am so grateful for what you’ve done for me.  Now let’s go upstairs, we’ve got lots of things to talk about.”

Karen grabbed her hand and led her up to her room.  They sat down in the chairs and Karen asked, “Come on, out with it.  Tell me all about how you’re feeling about last night.”

April giggled and said, “You’re nothing but a voyeuristic slut.  But the truth is I loved every bit of it.  I can’t believe I waited nineteen years to try to do anything sexual.  I could kick myself for waiting now.  Darren was absolutely wonderful too.  I was so scared that it would hurt terribly.  I’ve read stories about girls losing their cherries and it always said it hurts.  But the way Darren did it I didn’t even realize he had done anything.  One moment I was feeling the most wonderful feeling and then when I finally come down enough to be aware of things around me I notice that his cock is all the way into my cunt.  It was like magic and god did it feel good.  As good as it felt before he made love to me, after was even better.  And when you and Jack started chewing on my nipples, I saw stars.  I don’t remember anything else until I woke up this morning.  I actually woke up at seven.  I lay there and stared at Darren, taking in his handsome face.  When I looked down at his cock I saw that he was hard.  I had never given a blowjob before and decided to wake him up with a blow job to see what it was like.  I crawled down and gently grabbed his cock and leaned in to lick it.  It had a musty sour taste at first.  It took me a minute to realize that I was licking off the combined remains of his and my cum from last night.  It made me feel absolutely wicked.  I gradually took his dick into my mouth and sucked it gently.  It got even harder as I did that and soon I was taking more and more of his cock into my mouth.  After a couple of minutes I heard a groan and when I looked up I saw him looking down at me.  God I got so excited when I could see the lust in his eyes.  I didn’t stop sucking him.  It just didn’t seem like the right thing to do.  We just kept staring into each other’s eyes as I kept sucking his wonderful cock.  After about fifteen minutes, I felt his cock expand and my mouth was flooded with cum for the first time.  It surprised me at first but I didn’t loose a beat.  I kept sucking until I got every last drop.  I was worried that I wouldn’t like the taste, but it wasn’t bad at all. When can you set me up with a date with another brother?”

Karen couldn’t believe the opening she just gave her. She wanted to be sure she heard right and asked, “So you want me to set you up with another of the frat brothers?”

April quickly and enthusiastically answered, “God yes.  I know that they all won’t be as good as Darren last night, but I want to spread my wings a bit before I settle for one guy.”

Karen decided to go for everything and explained, “Well there is something I wanted to talk to you about.  I was going to wait a bit before discussing it with you because I wanted you to get to know more of the guys.  But I can tell that you’re ready now.  You see, the fraternity wants to start a sister support group called the ‘Sisters of Omega Psi’.  Members of the sisters will help with their fund raising and other types of events like that.  But the most important thing for us sisters is that we will be their fuck bunnies.  We will get to fuck and suck ourselves into oblivion and in exchange they will sign a contract promising that you will never have to cross campus unescorted.  If you are ever in a bad situation, they are only a phone call a way.  You will have a ready supply of handsome willing young men who want nothing more than to treat you like a lady and take you out on dates.  Of course there will be the occasional orgy that we all have. And then finally, when you graduate, they promise to use their connections to help you find a first rate job.  So what do you think?”

April didn’t even hesitate to say, “Where do I sign up.”

Karen just laughed and said, “Welcome to the sisters.  By the way, you are the first true sister.  I can’t officially be a member until I start school next fall.  Why don’t I get Darren and Jack in here and let’s celebrate.  But tonight I get Darren and you get Jack.”

Karen left and soon came back with the two guys.  When they entered the room, April was naked and waiting in the center of Karen’s bed.  Karen pushed them forward and said, “You guys get her warmed up for me.  I’ll be in the bathroom for a few minutes.”

Karen went in and took a shower and cleaned all of the sweaty exertions of the day away.  Twenty minutes later when she came out she saw that April was getting fucked by Jack and was sucking off Darren.  Karen smiled and sat down in the chair and watched the action, fingering her clit.  She decided that she would let April enjoy her first threesome.  The guys took turns fucking April’s mouth and cunt all night long.  The action was still going strong and Karen was getting tired.  She went over to Duke and Baron and lay down between them.  She enjoyed their attention to her tits and was soon sound asleep.  Just before she went to sleep she thought about how excited and happy April was and where she could find another just like her.  As she faded off to sleep she decided what she was going to do.

This is end of Chapter 36.


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