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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 35 The Rescuers Reward

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 35

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I have rewritten the first chapter expanding the rape scene and including dialogue.  This I hope will provide a better overall story. 

Chapter 35, The Rescuers Reward

When Darren opened the door to the bedroom they had given Karen to live in, she stopped in shock at what she saw.  The room was about fifteen by twenty feet with two large windows on either side of the bed which was a king sized brass bed with a canopy on it.  The walls had a red and antique white fabric with different village landscapes on them for the bottom third of the wall with the upper two thirds painted a complimenting dark yellow above trimmed out in rosewood trim.  There was a dressing table with a mirror on one side of the room and a matching chest of drawers on the other side of the room.  There were two matching night stands on either side of the bed. 

Karen went to the walk in closet and what she saw absolutely floored her.  The entire closet was full of clothes of every style that was popular.  There was functional clothing and when she got to the back of the closet she found an entire rack of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen.  When she started going through them she noticed that everything was in her size.  She saw about a dozen pair of shoes ranging from running shoes to evening dress up shoes. 

When she came out of the closet the look of surprise on her face was priceless.  Darren and Jack had shit eating grins on their faces because they knew that she wasn’t expecting anything. 

Karen went straight to Darren and put her arms around his neck and began crying on his shoulder.  Darren spoke up and answered Karen’s unspoken question, “Yes Karen, they are all yours.  When we told the guys about you and what you offered to do for us if we helped you, they all agreed to do all they could to make you feel at home.  Then we told them that you didn’t even have clothes to wear because you were kept naked all of the time and well, you see the result.  They all chipped in with money to buy clothes and the ones with girl friends gave them your size and the money and told them to buy everything that a girl would ever want in the way of clothes.  What you got in there is the result.  Now if you’ll go through that door over there, I think you’ll find another surprise.”  He pointed to a door on the same wall as the entry door but halfway between it and the other wall.

Karen walked slowly to the door wondering when she was going to wake up and find her self back in the dog house.  She got to the door, opened it and walked in to the most opulent bathroom she had ever seen.  The floor was a pattern of green and grey marble tiles.  The walls were covered with large travertine tiles.  On her left was a double sink vanity with a full mirror and a bank of lights above it.  In the far left corner was a two person whirlpool tub.  In the center of the wall was a waterfall sculpture that had a painted scene at the top to make it look like the waterfall was coming out of a mountain lake.  On the far right of the room was a large multi – occupant shower that looked as if it could hold four people comfortably.  On the right side of the bathroom were a linen closet and a bathroom bench.  Karen stood their trying to soak in everything that had been done for her by perfect strangers.  She was floored and the emotions started to overwhelm her.

Darren and Jack had followed her as she went to the bathroom to see her reaction.  Their smiles started to turn into looks of worry as she stood there and began to sob even harder.  They wondered what was wrong and went up to her on either side of her.  Darren asked, “Are you all right Karen?”  And Jack asked, “What did we do wrong?”  Both said it at the same time and with a worried tone to their voice.

Karen stood there for a moment trying to get her emotions under control and finally she turned to Darren and said, “Sob… sob… sob… T…t…t…here’s n…n…nothing w…w…rong.”  She started undoing the buttons on his shirt as she continued, “A…a… girl couldn’t have a…asked for anything better.  A…a…ll I was hoping for was a bed to s…sleep on and y…you give me a palatial suite to live in.”  She took his shirt off and started undoing his pants, pulling them down and off along with his underwear.  She turned to Jack and started undoing the buttons of his shirt while she continued, “I…I hoped for an old pair of jeans and a shirt to cover my nakedness, b…but you gave me a wardrobe that a princess would be happy with.”  She took off Jack’s shirt and then started on his pants and continued, “You came to my rescue even though you didn’t know me.  You risked your lives to come to my aid.”  She finished pulling Jack’s pants off of him and continued as she began to strip herself.  You rescued a slave who only wanted to come and hide from the bad people who enslaved her and you risk your lives to bring her to your home and treat her like a queen.  Now go get the water in the shower warmed up.  I want a chance to show my knights in shining armor just how much I appreciate what they did for me.”

Darren went to the shower and turned on all of the multiple shower heads to let the water warm up.  Jack went to the linen closet and got out some towels and laid them on the bench while Karen finished stripping.  She took a moment to go to the bathroom like a normal human being for the first time since she had been taken to the cabin after she and Darrell were married.  She didn’t even hesitate to do her business as she had no modesty left after three years of nakedness and being forced to perform every disgusting act possible in front of others.

Finally Karen joined Darren in the shower and was followed in by Jack.  The first thing she did was to grab the bar of soap and began to wash every square inch of Darren’s body paying particular attention to his cock and balls.  While she momentarily masturbated his cock, she reached around and stuck a finger in his ass hole and began to massage his prostate.  When she felt his cock begin to swell she got down on her knees and covered his cock with her mouth and started sucking.  His cock erupted in the best come of his life.

Darren couldn’t believe what he had just experienced. He quickly grabbed her on either side of the head and brought her up to his face and kissed her passionately.   Jack was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable and began to back out of the shower.  Karen caught him out of the corner of her eye and broke the kiss and reaching out, grabbed his hand saying, “No you don’t.  You’re getting the same thing.  Now get under the water and let me wash you up.”  She then proceeded to wash Jack just like she did Darren.

After Jack came the two guys both began to wash Karen like she had done them.  When it came to cleaning her cunt and ass, Darren got on his knees and after washing them thoroughly, he leaned in and locked his mouth on her cunt and started probing her cunt hole with his tongue while finger fucking her ass.  Jack bent over and began to nibble on one tit while gently massaging the other with his hand.  They soon had her peaking in a nice climax.  It wasn’t as earth shattering as the ones she was use to, but it was more satisfying.  It was the first orgasm that she truly enjoyed.  It was really the first one she ever had as a free person and she had chosen the circumstances of her own free will. She gave a shudder and a groan of pleasure as the sweet warmth spread over her entire body.

As Karen felt the sweet feelings recede, she pulled Darren up and said, “Lets get out, dry off and go to bed.  I’m not done rewarding my knights yet.”  She grabbed each of the boys by a hand and pulled them out of the shower.  Darren just had enough time to turn the water off before she had pulled him out with her.  She grabbed one of the towels that Jack had set out and began to dry him off first.  She tenderly caressed him with the soft towel as she tried to bring him as much pleasure as possible.  When he was dry she picked up a new towel and repeated the process with Darren.

When she was done drying Darren and Jack off, Jack picked up the last towel and began to dry Karen off from the legs up.  When he had finished drying her up to her hips he handed the towel up to Darren.  While Darren proceeded to dry the upper half of Karen’s body, Jack began to suck and chew on her cunt.  Darren finished drying her and began to lick and suck on her nipples as well.  It didn’t take long for Karen to have another mild orgasm.  She began to wonder why her orgasms weren’t as good as before.  They felt good, but were no where near as earth shattering as she had become use to.  What she didn’t know was that one of the ingredients in the slave gruel that she was forced to eat daily had an aphrodisiac that heightened her response to sexual stimuli. 

When Karen’s orgasm was done she left the bathroom and headed towards the bed.  She looked behind her and saw the guys just standing there and said, “Well come on boys.  We aren’t even close to being done yet.”

Darren and Jack looked at each other wondering if they had died and gone to heaven but quickly followed Karen to the bed.  Karen looked at Jack and said, “I want you to lie down on your back in the center of the bed.  I want that nice eight inch cock in my cunt.”  She turned next to Darren and reaching down to grab his cock said, “And once I’m settled down on Jack’s monster, I want this thing up my ass.  Then I want you both to fuck me until you can’t fuck anymore.”

Without saying a word, Jack crawled onto the center of the bed and lied down on his back.  Karen crawled up over him and positioned herself over his cock.  She leaned forward and began to kiss Jack while she reached back and grabbed his cock.  She guided it into the warm wet folds of her cunt as she gently lowered her cunt down on the turgid shaft.

Darren shook his head in amazement as he stared at the wanton act going on in front of him.  He was shaken out of his reverie when he heard, “Come on stud.  What are you waiting for?  Get that cock in my ass.”  He needed no further invitation.  He crawled up behind Karen and pushed his dick into her well trained ass.  It was the first time he had ever ass fucked a girl in his life and he couldn’t believe the tightness and the pleasure he was getting from the depraved act.  It was also strange to feel Jack’s cock through the thin membrane separating them.

Karen was laying there on top of Jack being double fucked when she realized her babies hadn’t been relieved since they left Darrell’s house.  She stopped kissing Jack and turned her head left and called “Baron relief”.

The three month old Saint Bernard came running up to the bed and jumped up on it.  He oriented himself so that he was standing alongside the three with his ass end next to Karen’s face and his head next to their crotches where they were joined.  Baron lifted his hind leg and Karen leaned forward to allow him to drain his bladder in her mouth.  This was the only way he and Duke had been trained to go to the bathroom and would go no other way at the moment.  Karen began to think that it was time for her to teach them a new way to relieve themselves now.  She resolved herself to teach them to do it normally like every other dog in the world does.

Jack and Darrell were amazed at what they were seeing.  They had never seen anyone suck a dog before.  They didn’t realize at the time that Karen was actually drinking the dog’s piss or they might not have been so turned on.  Both dogs were still too young to be able to perform sexually but they didn’t know that. 

When Baron had finished relieving himself she ordered, “Down Baron, Duke relief.”  Baron jumped off the bed and lay down at the foot of the bed and Duke jumped up and took his place.  He lifted his leg and Karen took his cock and allowed him to relieve himself as well.

That was all it took for Jack as he began cumming in Karen’s cunt followed closely by Darren.  Darren fell back on his ass at the end of the mattress and watched Karen.  He stared at her and noticed that it looked like she was swallowing repeatedly and it didn’t look like the dogs cock was hard.  He had a confused look on his face for a moment until he realized what she was doing.  He let out an “Oh my god” and just watched until she was done and Duke had been ordered off of the bed.  Darren decided that he wasn’t going to say anything and would ask her about it later.  He assumed that what they had witnessed was something she had been made to do.

Finally Karen got up off of Jack and sat back against the headboard of the bed.  Out of habit she spread her knees apart and began to use her hand to clean up the cum that was dribbling out of her cunt and licking it off as she had been trained to do by her master.  She forgot that she didn’t have to do that anymore. 

As erotically arousing as the sight of her cleaning her cunt and licking the juices off of her hand were, the two guys were both too spent from having cum three times in the last twelve hours, with two in the last thirty minutes.  When she was done cleaning herself she looked up and realized what she was doing.  She saw that their cocks weren’t hard any more.  She looked at them, got a serious look on her face and said, “You both will never know how much you mean to me for what you have done and continue to do.  I want you to know that if either of you ever gets horny then come to me and ask.  I will never turn either of you down as long as I am living here.  I won’t do that for anyone else, just you.  The rest of the guys will get their chance to enjoy my charms, but at my choice not theirs.” 

Karen paused for a minute and her face went from one of happy satisfaction to one of misery and anguish.  She said, “For the next few days I’m liable to be very moody.  I have been through a lot in the past three years and I just had my wonderful baby girl taken from me.  It will take some time for me to come to terms with that.  So don’t be concerned when you hear me crying.  All of the adrenalin and excitement of the escape is starting to wear off.  I’ll get through it soon enough and then I’ll keep my promise to the fraternity.  Remember to remind everyone that not a word is to be said to anyone about who I am or how I came to be here.  That would be the death sentence for anyone that has come in contact with me.  Now if you’ll let me go to bed and get some sleep, I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

Darren and Jack told her to get a good night’s sleep and turned and left.  Karen then moved down until she was lying on the bed.  She called “Baron…… Duke” and patted the bed.  The two dogs leapt up on the bed and lied down on either side of her.  She put her arm over Duke and put her face in his fur and began sobbing uncontrollably.  It had taken all of her last reserves of energy to warn her two rescuers what to expect.  She had been on the verge of breaking down several times in the last few hours.  It was only through a supreme effort of will that allowed her to wait until the door was closed and she was alone.

For the next three days, Karen cried off and on.  She was depressed and wanted to die.  But she also knew that she would somehow have to get her daughter out of that hell she was in.  She just hoped that she could figure a way to get her out.  She didn’t think that there ever would be, but she would never give up hope.  These thoughts would take her down so far she would start crying for a while and then she would remember the extraordinary risks the two boys had taken to free her.  That would give her something positive to latch on to and bring her out of her depression.  After a while she would start thinking about Michelle and the cycle of depression would start all over.

Darren and Jack took turns checking on her.  They would bring her meals which went untouched.  They would make her get up periodically to go to the bathroom and then take her back to the bed.  When they left her alone, they always had a brother posted outside of her door to monitor her.  They gave them orders to contact one of them if she started crying uncontrollably and one of them would come to help her.  So when she was in the depths of her despair, her knights were there to hold her and help her through.  They became worried about her as they began to move into the third day of Karen’s depression and began asking her to let them get her help, but she refused. 

It was on the fifth day that they started to notice the time between Karen’s bouts of depression began to come farther and farther apart.  It was a full week after her arrival at the frat house that Karen woke up very early one morning and decided it was time to quit feeling sorry for her self.  She got up, showered and then dressed up in jeans and T-shirt.  She went down the stairs and searched the house until she came to the kitchen.  She decided that she would fix breakfast for the boys so she started rummaging through to see what was available.  She found about three dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and a gallon of milk in the refrigerator.  There were a couple of pounds of sausage in the freezer.  She also found three large boxes of biscuit mix in the cabinet.

Karen decided to fix scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese in them and biscuits with sausage gravy for the fraternity.  She spent the next hour preparing breakfast for the boys.  The wonderful smell began to wake them up and soon she had half awake fraternity brothers coming in to the kitchen looking for coffee.  She had started the large 40 cup coffee maker before she started the rest of breakfast so there was plenty of coffee.  She had them all go to the dining room table until breakfast was ready.

Finally the gravy was done and the biscuits were hot out of the oven.  Karen found some serving platters and bowels in the cabinets.  She put the food on them and took them to the dining room table.  She placed everything in the center of the table and took a step back.  She didn’t see a place for her to sit at so she did what three years of training had taught her to do, she knelt into her slave’s position and waited.

The guys that were sitting opposite of her, facing toward her saw what she was doing and stopped and stared.  Darren saw their reaction and turned in the direction they were staring and saw Karen kneeling on the floor with her head bowed.  He immediately got up cursing himself under his breath as he went to Karen.  He knelt down in front of her and put one hand under her chin and one hand on her hand.  As he tilted her head to look at him he pulled her up and said, “You never have to kneel to anyone any more.  We are so sorry that we forgot to leave a place for you.  You were so wonderful to make us breakfast so please take my place at the table and eat first so you can enjoy what you have made.”  He noticed the tears in her eyes as she stood up and then he was almost knocked over as she launched herself into his arms and cried.  He stood there and held her until she calmed down.  When she finally got control she stepped back and said “Thank You”.

Darren led her to his chair and grabbed an empty plate, filled it with food and served her.  Jack came up and put a cup of coffee in front of her plate as well and said to the group, “From now on, we will have a rotating assignment to help with breakfast.  That person will act as waiter for the rest and will eat after everyone else.  There will always be a chair available for Karen.  If she is going to cook breakfast for us like this then no one eats until she sits down to eat.  The waiter will serve her first and then the others.  When breakfast is over, he will do the dishes and clean up.  The assignment will last all day and applies for any other meals during the day as well.  Now dig in.” 

After she finished eating, Karen got up and asked “Darren and Jack, can I see you upstairs when you are done please.”  She got up and went up to her room.

She sat at her dressing table and waited for the two to come up.  She didn’t have long to wait as they quickly finished eating themselves and came up to her room.  When they came in, she asked them to close the door.  Jack did as she asked and locked the door.  They both sat on a chest that was at the foot of the bed and looked at Karen.  Karen looked back at them as if trying to decide on what to say and finally said, “Thank you both for that.  When I saw that there was no other place to sit my training kicked in and I did what has become habit for me.”  She paused and then went on, “I know that you both have a lot of questions to ask and I’ll try to answer as much as I can.  Much of it is very painful and still too fresh in my mind to answer freely.  So please don’t push for more than I can answer now.”

They spent the next five hours asking questions about how and why Karen was enslaved.  She answered most of the questions with the bare minimum of facts and had to stop several times and cry.  Finally she had enough and said, “I can’t answer any more questions.  I know that the brothers are going to want to know my story and will want to ask me questions.  I ask that you let them know that I will not ever answer another question about my previous life.  It is something I desperately want to forget.  The reason I went through this with you is so that you can answer their questions for me.  Please make sure that the other brothers understand that if they have questions about me that they should get their answers from one of you two.”

Darren and Jack both agreed and finally Jack said, “Of course we will.  We’ll make sure that everyone knows to not bother you with questions.  Are you going to be all right now?”

Karen smiled a hundred watt smile and said, “I’m better than I’ve been in my entire life.  As of today I am a new person.  My new life begins today.  My given name is Karen but I need a new last name to make it more difficult to be traced.  What ever name we come up with, I’ll also need some way to prove that I am that person that isn’t traceable back to my old name.”

Darren spoke up and said, “I had a girlfriend in high school that was killed by a drunken driver.  You look like her and remind me a lot of her.  Her last name was Karen Miller.  I think she would be the type of person that would want to help you if she were here.”

Karen then asked, “Okay, what is the story that we tell the public.  You all will have friends come here and we have to tell them something.”

Jack quickly answered, “That’s an easy one.  We have been discussing the possibility of establishing a ‘Sisters of Omega Psi’ group for girls that want to be a part of our fraternity.  Several other fraternities have done that.  You will be the first member of that organization.  You will be Darren’s old high school sweet heart that has agreed to come and be house mother to the fraternity.  As the first sister and house mother we decided to make you queen.  When you answered our questions, you said you wanted to go to college so we’ll say that you will be starting in the fall.  Darren can fill you in on his home town and your history there so that if anyone asks, you can give them enough information to solve their curiosity.  Do you think that will work?”

Darren quickly agreed and Karen said, “Then it’s settled.  I am Karen Miller and Darren and I are old friends.  If anyone asks, he saved me from an abusive relationship and my ex is stalking me to kill me.  That should be close enough to the truth to justify the secrecy.  Do you guys know of a way I can get a form of identification with that name?”

Darren spoke up, “That’s easy enough.  There are several members of the fraternity that are underage for drinking and have fake ID’s.  We can go to the guy that made the ID’s and at least get you one of those.  We can also see about getting a birth certificate that will make your identification more provable and hopefully give you a tool to squelch any doubts that anyone might have.  We can start on that tomorrow.”

Karen gratefully replied, “That would be wonderful.  Now that we have that settled, I want to have a party this weekend with just the fraternity brothers and no one else, not even pledges.  They will all get a chance to sample the wares so to speak.  I want them to know what they will be giving up if they spill the beans.  After that party if you have any girls in mind for the sister hood then bring them to me and I will explain to them what that will entail for my brethren.  I will not have a girl join that does not know what she is getting in to.  I will teach them to be good slut sisters for all of you.  I will also help devise the initiation for them. Now that that’s settled, would either of you like to play?”

Karen got up and started stripping and soon the three of them were on the bed and making mad passionate love.  That’s the way that they spent the rest of the afternoon.  When they came down at dinner time they ordered pizza to be delivered.  They then sat down and began to plan out the party for Saturday.

At five pm Saturday evening the members of the fraternity started showing up. The guys were all told that this was a special meeting for only the active members of the fraternity and that no guests were allowed.  They were also told that there would be a surprise for all of the attendees.  There was a lot of food but absolutely no alcohol, something that was definitely unusual for a party at the fraternity.  Karen had insisted that if she was to be the center of attention at the party, there would be no alcohol.  She didn’t want to be at the center of a gang rape by a drunken mob.  A gang bang was definitely on the menu, but she wanted the guys sober and able to remember every sweet detail.

At seven pm Darren went to the center of the main assemble room while Jack locked the front door.  Any one showing up late would be out of luck.  Darren announced, “Welcome brothers.  We called this party tonight to introduce our new house mother and then vote on the establishment of a new female auxiliary to the fraternity.  We all know that other fraternities on campus have established auxiliaries and we have discussed the possibility of doing it ourselves.  Well the time is right.  I propose that we establish the new auxiliary and call it ‘Sisters of Omega Psi’.  I also propose that we make Karen Miller, our new house mother the recruiter for the auxiliary.  She has agreed to set up the by laws and initiation rules for the new members.  She is prepared to show us what she plans on teaching the girls tonight.  So as you leave tonight, be sure to cast your vote.  The ballets will be by the door as you leave.  Now without further ado I want to introduce our new queen and house mother, Karen Miller.”

Karen came out of her room to the top of the stairs and stood for a minute.  She was the picture of loveliness.  Her hair was shoulder length and curled nicely with a small diamond tiara on her head.  She wore a nice pearl choke collar with a nice emerald pendant hanging from it, a gift from Darren and Jack.  She had a black silk dress that clung to every curve of her body.  It went down to mid calve but was split up the sides to her hips.  The Top of the dress had a tie that bunched up the fabric under her tits and tied in a nice bow at the center between them.  The dress was held up by spaghetti straps.  The material that surrounded her tits was a gauzy almost see through material.  If you looked close you could almost see her nipples.  She had on black fish net thigh high stockings with black garters.  It was all rounded out with patent leather shoes with three inch heels.

When all of the guys looked up at the stairs where Darren was pointing and saw Karen, the entire place went silent.  None of them had ever seen a girl as beautiful as she was.  They failed to notice that she had a large German Shepherd on a leash as she came down the stairs.  Finally when she got to the bottom of the stairs she walked over and stood by Darren, looked at the crowd of guys and said, “Hi guys.  I’m Karen and I’m glad to be here with you.  I want to spend a bit of time mingling and getting to know all of you and then I have a little entertainment planned a little later.  So please don’t be shy and do come and get to know me.  If you want to know my story, please ask Darren or Jack as that is something I will not talk about.  If you want to know what makes me tick, what my likes are and my dislikes. Then please ask away.  This is about you getting to know me and me getting to know you.”  She went up to the guy just opposite of where she stood and gave him a big hug and then said, “I’m Karen, what’s your name?”

The guy stuttered a bit and finally said, “P…P…Paul”.

That seemed to break the ice and the guys started crowding around her and asking all sorts of questions.  Amazingly enough it was somewhat orderly and after about the first thirty minutes they began to disperse into groups.  By eight pm Karen was able to go from group to group and participate in normal conversations with the fraternity brothers.  At nine pm she did a disappearing act and went to the down stairs bathroom and stripped down to just the stockings, garters and heels. 

When she was naked she looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman staring back at her in spite of the brands, tattoos and piercings.  She liked what she saw and took a deep breath and turned to go join her new brothers.  She reminded herself that this was her choice and that she was going to have fun.  Gone forever was the shy innocent girl she was three years ago.  After three years of torture and sexual slavery, she was an extremely sexual being.  The composite Karen/doggyslut didn’t have to have sex, but she enjoyed it tremendously.  And it wasn’t just regular sex, but every kinky type of sex that she had been exposed to was something that she now desired.  The big difference between the way she was before she was rescued and now was that she did things by her own choice, not at the bidding of others.  She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and opened the door to make her way to the assembly room. 

When she got to the assembly room she immediately went to the center of the room and got down on all fours.  She called out, “Here Rufus, here boy.” 

The German Shepherd came bounding into the room and made a beeline for Karen.  When he got there she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hug.  She coaxed him down on his side and started massaging his cock.  This dog wasn’t fully trained but she had enough experience with dogs to know that they went mostly on instinct.  The dog’s cock began to emerge and when it was half way out she bent down and took the end in her mouth. 

Karen could here the ‘Oh my gods’ and the ‘I don’t believe its’ coming from the brothers of the fraternity.  The guys all started moving in towards her and surrounding her.

Karen began to suck on the dog’s cock in earnest and it began to get bigger and longer.  It wasn’t near the size of Prince’s cock so she had no trouble at all deep throating it.  She heard the groans of excitement from her audience and grinned around the cock in her mouth. When she thought she had the dog as hard as he was going to get she pulled off of his cock as she sucked hard.  The suction caused an audible pop that elicited more groans from the brothers.  She got up on all fours and turned her ass end toward him.  She looked at Jack and asked, “Help him up.  He’s new at this and may be a bit confused at first.”

Jack went over to Rufus and helped him up and led him up to Karen’s ass.  When the dog got close enough he smelled Karen’s cunt and quickly stuck his nose in it and began to lick.  Karen felt his tongue curling in and going deep into the wet folds of her cunt.  She enjoyed the feeling.  She missed spending time with Prince and relished the tonguing that she was getting from Rufus.  She was soon getting closer and closer to orgasm.  She felt that this orgasm was going to be much stronger than the earlier ones with Darren and Jack.  She also realized that the fact that she had an audience was what was making the difference.  Just as she was about to go over the edge the dog quit licking her.  She let out a wailing “Nooooooooooo don’t stop.”

Rufus had stopped licking so he could launch himself up on Karen’s back.  She felt his weight land on her and with a little help from Jack soon felt his cock slide into her cunt.  Rufus knew exactly what to do and began to hump his cock in deeper and deeper into Karen’s wet cunt.  Now that the dog had gotten started, Darren stripped his clothes off and stepped in front of her. He moved close so that his cock head was touching her lips.  She grabbed it and pulled him to her mouth swallowing his cock down to the hilt. 

The fraternity brothers were all so stunned that the only sounds that could be heard were the slap…slap sound of the dog fucking her and the slurps and moans coming from Karen sucking Darren.  Darren quickly groaned loudly and came in Karen’s mouth.  He stepped back and Jack stepped up in his place.  Karen didn’t hesitate and started sucking him immediately.  About halfway through sucking Jack off, Karen felt the dog start cumming in her cunt.  This was enough to launch her over the edge into a massive orgasm that had her shaking and screaming around Jack’s cock. 

When Karen came down from the most massive orgasm she’d had since escaping from Darrell she realized that this was the first really good cum that she’d had.  It dawned on her that the three years of torture, abuse and almost constant humiliation had turned her into an exhibitionist.  And unfortunately for her, to really enjoy sex she had to do it in front of a crowd.  A few tears of sadness escaped her eyes as she realized what that meant about finding a life long partner that would truly love and cherish her.  She just knew that no good man would ever want a woman like that.

Karen felt the dog cumming as he howled out his release.  She also heard a cheer go up among the frat brothers as they realized what was happening.  That helped improve her mood as she realized that she was making her rescuers happy and they deserved the very best performance she could give.  After the dog turned and stood ass to ass with her, Jack came down her throat.  When he pulled out, no one came to replace him for a minute so Karen yelled, “Come on guys, surely there’s another cock that needs to be sucked.”

That was all it took to break them out of their stupor.  One of the closest guys to her stepped up and took his cock out and jammed it into her mouth.  She had only sucked a couple of times before he came.  He stepped away and was immediately replaced by another.  After about fifteen minutes the dog finally pulled out and went to a corner to curl up and clean himself off.

When the dog pulled out, Karen let go of the cock in her mouth and said to the guy she was sucking, “Lay down stud.  This is your lucky day.”

When he was down on his back, Karen crawled over him and reaching back, guided his cock into her cunt.  When she had sat down completely on his cock she looked around and said, “I have two other holes available.  So don’t be shy.  Just come on up and fuck my ass or let me suck you.  When one of you cums, just step away so the next guy can have a go.” 

Karen lay down on top of the guy in her cunt and waited.  The wait wasn’t long as one of the brothers stepped up behind her.  He reached down and got some moisture from her cunt to lube her ass and then sank in to the hilt.  He grunted out an “Oh God I can’t believe I’m fucking her ass.”  A third guy finally stepped up and she started sucking on him.  For the rest of the evening Karen fucked all thirty plus members of the fraternity in attendance at least two times and some of them three times. 

By the time the party finally ended, Karen was sore in all of her holes and totally exhausted but with the sheen of sated satisfaction.  She laid there in the middle of the room covered in cum and with cum dribbling out of all of her holes.  Darren and Jack stepped up to her and helped her up.  They noticed that she didn’t have the strength to walk so Jack picked her up and he and Darren took her up stairs to her bathroom. 

They had filled the Jacuzzi full of hot water and lowered Karen into the churning water as soon as they entered the bathroom.  Karen let out a long sigh of enjoyment without waking up.  The two guys began to clean her off, treating her as if she were the most fragile porcelain doll.  They washed her inside and out.  When she was clean, they dried her off and took her to her bed.  They put her in the center of the bed, covered her up and after each of them gave her a peck on the cheek they left.  Duke and Baron soon jumped up and lay down on either side of her as she slept.

This is end of Chapter 35.


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