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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 34 The Escape

Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 34

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 34, The Escape

The next morning when everyone had gotten up and had breakfast, they all went down to the kennels to get doggybitch and her new canine master.  As they passed the kennel where trainingbitch was, doggyslut stopped and watched her mother as the others went down to get her sister.  Trainingbitch looked just like she did the night before when they went to the house except that she had turned to her other side and had her arm draped over the other dog.  She noticed that her mother had a pained look on her face.  It would take a few days before she would recover from the brandings and the torture.  Doggyslut knew how much pain she was suffering from every fiber of her being.

Doggyslut heard a lot of barking down the way and when she looked in that direction she saw doggybitch yipping and bouncing on her hands.  She was going from person to person and sticking her nose in their crotches and when they reached down to pet her she would lick their hand.  She had a big grin on her.  It was obvious she was happy with her decision or putting on one hell of an act.

Doggyslut turned back to her mother and said loudly, “Trainingbitch, wake up.”  She got no response so she shook the chain link fence and yelled again, “Wake up trainingbitch.”  She heard a groan this time but no response.  She wanted her mother to see that her sister was happy and reveling in her new life.  She tried one more time but said in a normal tone, “Mom.  Please wake up.”

Her mother opened her eyes and looked at Karen with a pained look.  Doggyslut said, “Mom, I want you to look over at Aunt Lisa.” 

She waited until her mother looked over and saw her sister.  Her eyes went wide in surprise at what she saw.  It was obvious to her and anyone else that her sister was happier than she had ever seen her.  She started crying as she remembered the painful truth she had learned yesterday.  Doggyslut watched her and waited for a moment for what she saw to sink in and then said, “See how happy she is.  This is what she really wanted.  She has fantasized of this day since she was a young girl.  She has felt guilty for all of her fantasies over the years.  Fantasies that you and the false priest you believed in raised her to believe were perverted and evil.  Fantasies of becoming a dog where all she had to do was show love to her master and she would be loved and taken care of in return.  No worries, no decisions, no stress and no responsibilities other than to love and be loved.  Can’t you see how much she is loving it.  I know you learned some hard truths and you are just now realizing the true nature of what lies you have lived and forced on others.  But you too can have happiness.  Just learn to love and be loved.  Be the best trainingbitch you can and love my puppies I send to you.  Those two boys with you are like my own children.  I love them just as much as I do Michelle.  You refused to come and be a grandmother to Michelle, a decision you made due to the lies you were raised to believe.  You won’t have many chances to be a grandmother to Michelle any more, but it would please me greatly if you would love and spoil my canine babies as if they were your grandchildren.  I promise that I will try to come and visit you occasionally and see how you are doing.  Be brave and don’t give in to the despair you are feeling.  I know how right now that you just want to curl up and die.  That is not what I want.  I want you to live and learn to be happy in your situation.  I want you to accept your new life like Aunt Lisa has.”

Doggyslut had started to tear up about half way through what she said.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks when she finished.  She turned and went to join the others.  If she would have looked at her mother’s face at that point she would have seen the tears streaming down her cheeks.  They were tears of sadness and love for her daughter.  A love and longing was welling up in her like she had never experienced nor shared with her daughter.  She wanted to plead to Karen for forgiveness but couldn’t.  As Karen walked away, her mother tried to speak and a shaky yip came out that doggyslut didn’t hear.  Her mother just knelt there on all fours watching her as she walked away.

Nika had just attached the leash to doggybitch’s collar as doggyslut joined the group.  She led the way to the van that would take them home.  The ride was long and soon Darrell and doggyslut were dropped off at their home.  Doggyslut and Nika hugged each other goodbye and the van took off.  When they went in to the house they found Krystal sitting on the couch holding the baby and watching a cartoon on the television.  She smiled and got up, taking the baby to doggyslut. 

Doggyslut took Michelle and kissed and hugged her.  She whispered, “I missed you baby Michelle.  I love you.”  She looked at Krystal and mouthed, “Thank you” and took the baby out the back and to her dog house where she spent most of her time.  On the way through the kitchen she picked up a couple of bottles with cum in them from the fridge so she could pump her breasts to feed the baby.  Her tits were swollen as full as they had ever been and were constantly leaking because they hadn’t been drained for over a day.  She set Michelle in the crib through the window and then crawled through the doggy entrance to her dog house.  When she entered, she found two new newborn puppies in a box on her bed.  She quickly pumped her tits and filled the bottles and then lay down on her bed.  She picked up the two small puppies and put them to her tits to let them suckle her and drain the remaining milk.  She would never tire of having her tits nursed on.  It was the most natural and wonderful feeling she experienced.

Doggyslut was still tired from the previous day’s activities and soon fell asleep with the puppies feeding from her tits.  She was back in her routine now.  She was satisfied that her parents now knew what they had done to her and had paid for that betrayal.  Now if she could just figure out how to escape.

For the next few months until Michelle’s first Birthday Party, Doggyslut’s life picked up something akin to normalcy for her.  She would wake up before dawn and take care of the baby and the puppies.  She would then relieve herself as she needed.  She would then go to the house and make breakfast for Darrell and feed and water Prince.  When she was done, she would go in and wake Darrell up by giving him a blow job.  She always had a bottle with her and once he came in her mouth she would spit the cum in the bottle and take it to the fridge.  She would then help Darrell to the walk in shower and proceed to wash him down.  When done, she would towel him dry and help him get dressed.  They would come out and she would serve him a fresh, hot breakfast.  When he was done, Darrell would scrape scraps into a bowl for her to eat.  She would give him his box lunch to take to work and when he left she would finally relax and get down and eat her scraps.  When she finished breakfast and cleaned up she would get another couple of bottles and then go find Prince in the house.  He would have her relieve him and then she would either suck him or fuck him in the cunt or ass.  She always tried to get him to let her suck him as that gave her more cum to add to Michelle’s milk.  By the time she had done all of that, it was time to go back out and feed the puppies.  She would let them feed and then play with Michelle for a while.  If she got hungry during the day, she would eat food from Prince’s dog dish as that was what Darrell wanted for her to do.  About three in the afternoon she would go to the house again and begin preparing dinner for Darrell so he would have a hot meal waiting for him when he got home.  She always had the table set and the food ready to serve when he entered the house.  She would be waiting at the door on her knees in the slave’s position she had been taught.  When dinner was over, she would clean the dishes and come in to the living room and kneel beside Darrell who was usually sitting in his easy chair.  He would usually fuck her cunt, ass or make her suck him at least once in the evening before he went to bed.  He also loved to watch her being fucked by Prince. 

The only deviation to this routine was on Friday and Saturday nights.  At least two to three times per month they would have a party.  They would have fresh new acquisitions that either Krystal or Nika would bring for their cherry popping party and then a night in the dungeon.  Doggyslut loved the parties because she knew that she wouldn’t be the center of attention.  Sometimes they even left her in the doghouse with the baby and her puppies.  When they didn’t have parties, then Darrell would take her down to the dungeon and play with her with his toys.  These sessions were usually extremely painful and it would take several days for her to recover.

When time approached for Michelle’s first birthday in January, she asked Darrell to have a party with Krystal, Nika and her parents and her mom attending if Mistress Marta would allow it.  She couldn’t forgive her father for raping her and didn’t care if she ever saw him again. 

Darrell agreed and the party was set for the evening of Michelle’s birthday.  Doggyslut spent the whole week before the birthday preparing the food and two nice birthday cakes, one for all of the guests and one small one for Michelle. Darrell had bought some decorations and she spent the day preparing the living room for the festivities.  She had everything ready for the party before Darrell came home.  Darrell allowed her to dress up for the party so she wore a sexy red silk dress that accentuated her tits.  It plunged in the front down to her belly button and was thin enough that her nipples, the bumps around them and the branding scar were clearly visible.  It made her look like every guys wet dream.  Doggyslut actually felt fully dressed and comfortable in the dress though most women wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so risqué.

That evening Darrell came home a little bit early so he could make sure that everything was ready to his satisfaction.  He was suitably impressed with the extent of preparation that doggyslut had gone to for the little party.  When he saw how she was dressed, his cock got hard instantly.  He went up to her and placed a deep passionate kiss on her that curled his toes.  In his own warped way he had come to love doggyslut and had decided that he would never give her up.  He didn’t know if she felt the same way, though he was pretty sure she didn’t.  He whispered in her ear, “You’re looking rather lovely tonight my slut.  I am going to have to buy you more dresses like this.  You look absolutely good enough to eat.  Now bend over the table so I can take care of this hard on you caused by your beauty.

Doggyslut turned around and bent over the table.  She had started getting excited when she saw the effect she had on him.  She knew that she looked good in the dress, but hadn’t expected to get this kind of reaction.  When he gave her an almost desperate kiss she started getting wet in anticipation of the fucking she knew would follow.  When she felt him lift the hem of the dress and put it on her back she moaned in anticipation.  Darrell didn’t waste any time in ramming his cock into her cunt.  He fucked her hard for about twenty minutes, slapping her ass with every in stroke.  Doggyslut’s tits were mashed against the table and pushed back and forth during the pounding.  She grunted with each thrust and quickly approached orgasm.  She had learned how to focus on the pleasure of each situation she was in so well that she almost came at the first thrust. 

Doggyslut was screaming in pleasure by the time Darrell finally came in her cunt.  When he was done, he pulled out and lowered her dress back down.  He leaned down and whispered in her ear.  “I just love fucking your sweet tight cunt.  I can never get enough.  I love the thought of my cum soaking your sweet tight little cunt and running down your thighs, especially when we have guests arriving any minute.”  As if he had planned it, the doorbell rang with the first of the guests.  Darrell said, “Now do go and welcome our guests in.  Don’t worry about cleaning up.

Doggyslut would have preferred to clean herself first but there was no time.  She knew that Darrell expected her to comply with his order immediately.  She opened the door and Nika, Jasmin and their dad were at the door with doggybitch on a leash.  Doggybitch came in following Nika in the perfect heel position.  When she saw doggyslut and Darrell she happily pounced over to them and started nuzzling them as she had been trained.  She let out yips of pleasure at seeing them, wagging her tail with no movement of her hips.  She had learned to use the muscles of her ass to move the tail and it looked natural the way she did it.  She was as happy as doggyslut could ever remember seeing her.  When doggybitch put her nose under doggyslut’s dress she immediately noticed the cum running down her thighs.  She immediately started lapping the cum up off of doggyslut’s thigh.  When the cum was all gone, she latched her mouth onto doggyslut’s cunt and started sucking it out.  Doggyslut put her hands down on doggybitch’s back to support herself as she came hard for the second time in about ten minutes.  Finally she stepped away from doggybitch and petted her hair lovingly saying, “That was wonderful doggybitch.  You have become a wonderful doggy.”

Doggybitch’s tail was really wagging now after what doggyslut had said.  After that, doggybitch crawled over to Prince and stuck her nose in his ass, sniffing and licking like dogs do.  Finally she leaned in and started to nuzzle and lick his cock.  She quickly had him at full rampant erection.  She backed off and barked once, allowing him to choose which hole he wanted to fuck.  She didn’t care which one, just as long as he fucked her.  Prince launched up and was soon fucking her cunt like there was no tomorrow.  Doggybitch was howling in pleasure with occasional barks when he tried to force his knot in.  When he finally forced his knot into her cunt they both let out a howl of joint pleasure as he started cumming.

When it was obvious that the show was over with Prince and Doggybitch, Doggyslut turned to her cousin and gave Nika a big welcome hug and whispered, “I see that doggybitch is still very happy with her life.  She looks as if she is healthier and happier than I can remember her ever being before.  I’m glad for you.  I wish mom could find that kind of happiness.”

About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door.  When doggyslut opened the door, there was a large black slave standing there with a leash in his hand and on the leash was trainingbitch.  She didn’t look as happy as her sister but she looked much happier than she had been when doggyslut last saw her.  When she saw doggyslut, tears started down her cheeks and she crawled as fast as she could to her and pushed her face against her thigh and rubbed herself against her to try and show how happy she was to see her and to be free of the kennels for just a little while.  Doggyslut knelt down and looked her in the eyes and said, “I wanted you to experience your granddaughter’s first birthday.”  She then hugged her mother for the first time in years.  When she looked up to thank the slave for bringing trainingbitch he was gone and Mistress Tyree was walking up the front porch.  Doggyslut wondered why she was here.  She hadn’t invited her.  She thought Darrell must have decided to invite her for some reason.  She welcomed her in and closed the door.  She knelt back down with her mother and said, “I hope you enjoy your time with us.”

Trainingbitch shook her head yes and barked and wagged her tail.  She wasn’t as good at it as doggybitch, but she got the idea across that she was happy.  Doggyslut pet her hair and led her into the room.  When trainingbitch saw doggybitch with Prince knotted to her she quickly crawled over and began to nuzzle and rub against her sister.  It was a touching site to the gathered guests to see the two getting along better than they ever had before.  They were both about seven months pregnant at that point.  Doggybitch had twins growing in her belly while trainingbitch had triplets.  These were no doubt stimulated by the fertility drugs they had received at doggyslut’s revenge party.

The night turned in to a fairly normal evening for all but the two sister human dogs.  When it was time to eat they all gathered around and ate dinner followed by a nice birthday cake with ice cream.  Doggybitch and trainingbitch ate out of dog bowls on the floor of course. When the cakes were brought, the little cake had one lit candle on it and was placed on the tray of the high chair.  They all sang happy birthday to Michelle with doggybitch and trainingbitch both barking along followed by Doggyslut helping Michelle blow out the candle.  It was as normal of a celebration as one could expect from anyone belonging to the organization.

After the party was over and the guests had left, Darrell told doggyslut, “I arranged with Mistress Marta for trainingbitch to spend the night with you.  I thought that you would like the opportunity to spend some quality time with her.  You should find that she has changed remarkably from the last time you saw her. 

Doggyslut went about her tasks of cleaning up after the party. It took her about an hour and when she was done she took trainingbitch’s leash, a bottle with cum in it and led her to the doghouse. 

Doggyslut put the baby in the crib and crawled through the doggy door, followed by her mother.  When they were in the dog house, doggyslut took the breast pump and filled the bottle for Michelle.  She let Michelle nurse on the bottle while she picked up her puppies and allowed them to nurse as well.  Her mother lay down on doggyslut’s doggy bed and watched her daughter take loving care of not only her granddaughter but the two puppies.  She had never given that kind of care and loving to Karen when she was a baby.  How she wished she could go back in time and start over.  She wished she could speak and tell Karen how sorry she was for everything and how she wished she could go back and change things.

When doggyslut finished with the puppies she picked up Michelle and lay down on the bed with her in her arms.  She looked at her mother and patted the bedding in front of her saying, “Won’t you please come lie down beside us so we can all cuddle.  I know that Michelle would love to cuddle with her grandmother.”

Trainingbitch slowly crawled up and lay down on her side facing doggyslut.  She moved as close as she could and draped her arm over her daughter’s arm.  She looked at Michelle and then at Karen.  Back and forth she looked for what seemed like hours.  She had tears flowing down her cheeks off and on.  They were both tears of happiness and of sadness.  Happiness at being able to share just this little bit of human contact with her daughter and granddaughter.  Sadness that she could never again tell her daughter that she really did love her and was sorry for what she had done. 

Doggyslut leaned forward and kissed the tears on her mother’s cheeks.  She whispered, “I hope those are tears of happiness.  You have a wonderful granddaughter and I promise that if it is ever in my power to do so, I will get her away from this hell that we are both in.  You must know by now what happens to escaped slaves.  Understand that I will escape and it will be in a way that they will never find me again.  I plan on taking Michelle with me so that she doesn’t grow up a slave.  I hope you can find happiness like Aunt Lisa has in her new life.  You know she is happier than I have ever seen her.” 

Her mother shook her head yes in understanding and agreement at what doggyslut told her.  She pulled Karen’s face to her and kissed her like a loving mother should.  She then hugged her as if her life depended on it.  It was the most motherly hug Karen had ever received from her mother.  They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms with Michelle between them.

The next morning doggyslut went through her normal paces and while Darrell was eating breakfast she knelt down and assumed the position to ask a question.  Her mother was waiting on all fours to be fed from the scraps of the table.  When Darrell noticed that doggyslut wanted to ask a question he paused and asked, “What is it my slut?”

Doggyslut looked at her mother and then back at Darrell and asked, “Master, I know that Mistress Marta is going to use trainingbitch until she is worn out and can’t have anymore children.  Instead of disposing of her as is normally done with unwanted slaves, could she be allowed to live the rest of her life with her sister at Mistress Nika’s?  I would like her to have a chance at happiness like doggybitch has.”

Darrell looked surprised at the request.  This wasn’t something that he had anticipated but considering how good Karen has been for him and for the group in recruiting new young talent he decided that it was the least he could do.  He answered, “I can’t make any promises.  As you know, the slave owner has final determination of what happens when they tire of the slave.  But I will talk with Mistress Marta and see if she would consider your request.”

Doggyslut smiled knowing that what Darrell usually requested got done.  Because of her, the organization has had the largest influx of young subs and doms in its history.  The senior members pretty much supported whatever he requested within reason.  She smiled saying, “Thank you master.  You don’t know how much this means to me.”  She went over to her mother who had tears in her eyes.  She had been through the hunt and had been told what happens when slaves aren’t wanted any more.  She knew her daughter just made it possible for her to avoid a fate worse than death and the possibility to be with her sister at some point in the future.  It would take some doing, but if she was given the chance to live with her sister she would try and be as much like her as she could.  It would be the least she could do to make it up to her sister.  She hugged doggyslut as best she could when she came over.  She wanted to say thank you but could only bark.  Tears of love streamed down her face for her daughter. 

Doggyslut whispered in her ear, “I hope you get another chance for happiness.  I know our chance to share happiness together is past.  But maybe you’ll get the chance to make Nika, Jasmin and Uncle Joe happy some day.  I know Aunt Lisa will be ecstatic if you get the chance to live with them.  Be a happy, loving dog for them when you get the chance.”

Darrell had finished eating his breakfast and scrapped the leftovers into the dog dish on the floor.  Doggyslut let her mother eat first.  Just as she started eating, there was a knock at the door.  Doggyslut went to answer it and found the slave that had dropped trainingbitch off the night before waiting there.  She went and got trainingbitch’s leash and hooked it to her collar.  Before she could finish eating, trainingbitch was being led to the door to return to her life at the kennels.

Doggyslut watched her mother being led to the kennel van with tears in her eyes.  How she wished that life could have been different for them.  She closed the door and went back to the kitchen to start cleaning up.  She didn’t have an appetite at that moment. 

Darrell came up behind her and gave her tits a quick squeeze and pressed herself against her.  He whispered, “I hope you enjoyed our daughter’s first birthday party.  Don’t be surprised if Mistress Tyree stops by.  She wants to spend some time with you and Michelle.  She wants to become closer to you two.  She said that you were always her favorite student and thinks of you as a daughter.”

Doggyslut answered, “I’ll be watching for her master.”

Darrell left for work and doggyslut went about her normal routine during the day.  That afternoon and most afternoons following, Mistress Tyree came by after school and played with Michelle and they talked and discussed anything and everything under the sun.  When school was out for the summer, Mistress Tyree spent most days at their house except for the major holidays.  This became the normal routine for doggyslut until early August when the high school started up again.

It was the third day after school started that doggyslut found her self alone with Michelle and her puppies in the doghouse.   She had just finished letting the dogs suckle her tits and was resting when she heard a couple of deep voices talking faintly and getting louder.  She paid close attention as she started hearing their conversation and when she could finally understand what they were saying she heard half way through a sentence, “……the absolutely most fantastic hike we’ve had all summer.  The views we’ve seen along the trail are absolutely stunning.  I can’t wait to get back to the house at Southern Cal and get the pictures developed.”  The other voice answered, “Yeah, I know what you mean.  When you suggested hiking through the mountains of the west coast all summer, I thought you were nuts.  But it’s been absolutely wonderful.  I tell you, I wouldn’t mind doing some cross country skiing on these trails this winter during break.  What do you think?”

Doggyslut never heard the answer as they passed by the doghouse and headed into town.  It was mid afternoon and she knew that escape wasn’t possible today.  Darrell would be home within the hour and the alert would go up before she could get too far away.  But if they were coming back in the winter, then she might be able to get them to come prepared to take her and Michelle with them.  She hoped they would come back by before Darrell got home so she could talk to them.

She waited by the fence of the kennel and fortunately about fifteen minutes later the two college age men came walking each carrying a large bottle of water and passing a bag of trail mix between them.  When they came to the back side of the house and saw the naked vision of beauty standing in front of them they stopped and froze. Karen didn’t want anyone to see them from the road in front of the house and waved them over saying frantically, “Please come over here for a minute.  I need to talk to you.”

One guy was about six feet tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes and weighed about 180 pounds.  He was well built without being muscular.  The other guy had brown hair and green eyes and was about Six foot three inches and weighed about 220 pounds.  He was more muscular than his partner and didn’t have an inch of fat on him.  The guys finally broke out of their stunned silence and walked over to doggyslut.  When one of them started to say something, Karen held up her hand and said, “Don’t talk and listen please.  I don’t have much time and I can’t afford to be caught talking to you.  I heard you saying that you’re from California is that correct?”

They both said “Yes” at almost the same time.

Karen asked, “Are either of you from around this area?”

One of them said, “I’m from Barstow” and the other “I’m from San Diego.”

Karen said, “Good.  I heard you talking earlier and that you were thinking of doing some cross country skiing here this winter.  I am being held here as a sex slave and I fear that my daughter will eventually be made into one as well when she gets older.  Trust me when I say you can’t tell a sole about this.  Every law enforcement agency in this area has been compromised and if you tell anyone about our conversation then I will end up dead and my daughter will disappear.  They will also send someone after you as well.  But if you don’t tell anyone and come back in the morning sometime this winter with the equipment for us then you can help us get free and disappear.  Please……please……please understand that you can tell no one about this conversation.  If you do this for me, I’ll live with you both for a year as payment for our freedom.  Do you think that you can help us?”

The two guys looked at each other and they seemed to come to an agreement without saying a word.  Yeah we’ll do it but you have to understand that we live in a fraternity house.  If we bring you in as fuck buddy then it will be for the whole fraternity.”

Karen had begun to hope, but a fraternity might have members from her area so she asked worriedly, “Are any of the members of your fraternity from this area?”

The big brown haired guy answered, “No, the only member that isn’t from California is from Nevada. There’s no one with any ties to this area.”

Karen answered, “That’s fine.  That’s a small price to pay for my freedom.  I should be able to go to school there too.  So I’ll agree to be the fraternity fuck bunny if you help me escape.  Now did either of you use any form of ID in town?”

They both answered no that they only went to the convenience store to get some water and snacks for the last leg of the trip.  Karen finally asked again, “You didn’t say you would help me yet.  I only have a few more minutes until my master gets home.  Please tell me you will help us.”

They both answered at the same time, “Yes we will.”

They spent the next few minutes discussing how they would do it and when they would try.  Karen gave them the sizes she would need so that they could bring the right sized clothing and equipment.  They couldn’t pin down a date as the weather was so unpredictable during the winter but they promised that they would return early in the morning some time during their Christmas break and free her and Michelle.

Karen heard the crunch of tires on gravel and in a panicky voice said, “You have to go now.  You can’t be seen here.  Remember not to say a word about this to anyone else.  Our lives depend on it. Now go, hurry!”

The two young men turned and ran up the trail after assuring her that they would be back.  Doggyslut went back in the kennel and picked up Michelle and while heading to the door to the kitchen she looked back to see the guys disappear into the woods.  She now had hope that someday she and Michelle would be free.

She went inside the house and immediately to the front door.  It was as she thought.  Mistress Tyree was coming for her after school visit.  She happily greeted her as if nothing were amiss.  They had a good afternoon talking and playing with Michelle.

Life went on somewhat normally for Doggyslut for the next few months.  As winter came and school finally let out for the winter holidays, she began to watch for her rescuers.  Unfortunately it was a very severe winter in the Cascades that year and it seemed as if there would never be a long enough break in the weather for her rescuers to safely come and get them away.  It was about mid December that she realized that she was pregnant again.  She didn’t want Darrell to know if she was going to escape so she didn’t tell him.

She waited day after day and began to loose hope as time passed.  Finally when school started back up, she just knew that they weren’t coming.  Her depression showed even as they began to prepare for Michelle’s second birthday party at the end of January.  Her heart wasn’t in it as she had put all of her hopes into being free by now.  During the week before her daughter’s birthday the weather finally broke and they had moderately clear weather all week with uncharacteristically warm weather.

Karen was the dutiful slave and did everything to perfection that she was asked.  Unlike the year before, Darrell wouldn’t allow any of her family to attend the party.  This party included only Darrell’s dad and several male members of the Coch Organization and of course Mistress Tyree.  The other attendees were Sheriff Rob, Wayne Keplar, Joey from the porn shop and Jeremy the huge bouncer that had participated in Karen’s first public gang rape at the road house restaurant.  Doggyslut wondered why not even Krystal or Nika and her dad were allowed to attend.

The party went similarly well as her first birthday went.  Only Michelle was happier because she knew what it was all about this time.  She smiled and giggled at everything.  When it came time to blow out the candles she took a deep breath and blew them both out on her own this time.  She was extremely excited and ran to her mommy for a big hug with a smile on her face.  That was when things became clear for doggyslut.

Darrell kneeled down and took Michelle’s arms and picked her up saying, “Happy birthday honey.  Your mommy is going to be busy for a while so I want you to go with Aunty Tyree.  You’ll be staying with her now so run along.”

When doggyslut heard what Darrell said she yelled in a mix of anger and desperation, “What!!!!!!?  What do you mean she’ll be staying with her?”

John and Rob had moved up and grabbed doggyslut on either side, holding her.  Darrell came up and answered, “My daughter needs to grow up in a nurturing, educational environment.  I don’t want her to be exposed to a slut like her mother until I decide whether that is to be her fate or not.  Back when you helped Mistress Tyree with her little slave problem she asked me if she could raise Michelle.  I agreed and she paid me 30 thousand dollars for the privilege.  She never had any children and wasn’t sure she could handle a baby so we agreed that she would take her at her second birthday party.  She wants to love and raise her as her own.  We both will decide her fate when the time comes and she is of age.  But until then, Michelle will be encouraged to think of her as her mother.  That is why she has spent so much time this past year coming over and bonding with Michelle.  That way it will be less traumatic for our daughter.”

Doggyslut was screaming and crying out, “No, you can’t take my baby.  It’s not fair.  I’ve done everything you want.  Please don’t take my baby from me, pleeeeease………” she wailed in desperation.

Darrell slapped her and ordered, “Shut up bitch.  You’re a slave and you don’t have any say in the matter.”  He looked at his dad and Rob and said, “You gentlemen can enjoy her for as long as you like. Lock her up in the kennel when your done. I’m going to take Mistress Tyree and Michelle home.”

As they left, John and Rob pulled doggyslut into the living room.  She saw Jeremy stripped naked and lying down on his back in the center of the floor.  His fourteen inch hard cock was sticking up like a fence post.  Doggyslut was made to mount his cock, putting it in her ass hole, all while she continued to beg for her baby back.  Rob came up behind her and rammed his cock up her now extremely tight cunt with no preparation causing doggyslut to scream in pain.  John came up to her face and forced his cock down her throat silencing her.

John looked down at her as he held tightly to her hair so she had to look at him and chastised,  “Oh do shut up bitch.  You know that a slave has no say in the way things are decided.  Just accept the fact that you got to enjoy a couple of years with your daughter.  That’s more than most slaves get.”

Doggyslut cried on John’s cock with groans of pain and pleasure beginning to build in her.  Doggyslut couldn’t focus on the pleasure this time like she usually did.  She found that she didn’t want to have an orgasm.  These evil people had taken the only thing that had brought joy to her life.  Her desire to live just died.  All of the hope she had held on to for the past few months had now been shattered.  She gave up and just let them do what they wanted.  If anything she fought the pleasurable feelings to deny herself any chance of an orgasm that night.  That would be a betrayal of the worst kind to Michelle she thought in her mind.

The men rotated out as they came and were replaced by the one that had been waiting.  They spent the rest of the night fucking her repeatedly.  When they weren’t fucking her then Prince was.  Finally about two in the morning they were all fucked out and John took(half drug) doggyslut out to the Kennel and made her get in the dog house.  When he left he locked the kennel gate, something that hadn’t been done since after Dipti’s punishment party.  Doggyslut crawled up on her bed and curled up into the fetal position and cried herself out.  She was alone again, and she had been subjected to the worst torture a mother could know.  Her baby had been yanked from her arms and given to another and she could do nothing about it.  She finally fell into a fitful sleep at about four in the morning.

Doggyslut woke up to a rattling sound and the sound of two voices saying, “Hello, are you there?  We’re here to free you.  Is anyone there?”

Doggyslut got up and crawled out of the dog house and saw her rescuers.  She broke out crying again and rushed to them and cried, “I had given up hope.  Oh I wish you could have come earlier.  Please let me out.  We have to go.  We have to go now.  Please.” She said desperately.

The blond guy went to the gate to the kennel and said, “It’s locked.  Where is the key kept?”

Karen answered, “It’s usually hanging just inside the door on your right as you go in.  There is a peg on the wall where it normally hangs.  Be careful and don’t leave any finger prints.  They can track you if you leave any behind. Can you throw me some clothes to put on?  It’s cold out here.”

The blond guy went to get the key and the big brown haired guy began throwing clothes over the top of the kennel fence to her.  They each took special care to not leave any evidence behind to be found later.  There would be enough of a trail with the ski tracks.  By the time they got the key and opened the lock, Karen was dressed in the ski suit and cross country ski boots.  When she finally came out of the kennel she said, “I’m Karen, what’s your name?”

The Blond guy answered, “I’m Darren and my friend here is Jack.  Now we need to get going if we’re going to make our rendezvous before lunch.  Get your baby and let’s go.”

Karen began crying and sobbed out, “They took my baby from me last night.  Why couldn’t you get here earlier?  They took her from me.  All I have are my puppies.  Let me take them instead.  They’re all I have left.”

Darren answered, “Okay, but hurry.  We can’t carry much with us but two puppies shouldn’t be too bad.”  Karen went inside the dog house and grabbed the leashes for the two three month old Saint Bernard dogs.  They gladly allowed Karen to put the leashes on them and lead them out.

The guys saw how big the dogs were and said, “Those aren’t puppies.  They’re bigger than most dogs fully grown.  We didn’t plan on anything like them.  Are you sure they won’t be a problem?”

Karen answered, “Don’t worry about them.  They think I am their mother and will do anything I tell them.  I’ll keep them under control.  They’ll also let us know if any wild animals might show up unexpectedly.  They are very alert and sensitive.  Now where are my skis?  I don’t want to spend another minute in this place.  All I have are bad memories.”

Darren helped her into the skis and when she had them on they took off up the trail.  They were going for two hours before they came to a cross roads where a pick up truck was located.  It was about 12:30 pm so they were pretty much on track.  When they came up to the truck, they removed the skis and threw them and the packs in the back.  They let the two dogs into the space behind the bench seat and the three got in the truck. 

Karen had noticed that there was no license plate on the truck and there was an Oregon temporary tag on the back window.  She asked, “I thought you guys were from California?”

Jack answered and said, “We are, but we were passing through a rest stop in Oregon on the way here and saw a truck just like this one with the temporary tags on it.  It was dark and no one was around so we took it.  We decided that it would throw anyone off who may come by the truck and check on it while we were skiing to get you.  This way they will think you went to Oregon instead of Southern California.”

Karen turned and gave each one a hug saying, “Thank you” over and over.  Finally she said, “Let’s go.  We want to get out of the area before anyone begins to look for me.”

They stayed on back roads most of the way through Washington.  They didn’t hit the main highways until they were past the Oregon border and then they hit the interstate and drove as fast as they dared without raising a red flag to the highway patrol. 

When Darrell got home that night he knew immediately that something was wrong.  Prince was at the back door and barking at it which was something her never did.  He was as agitated as he had ever seen him.  Darrell went out the back door and saw the kennel gate open with the key in it.  He went to look into the dog house but he knew that he wouldn’t find doggyslut there.  It was as he expected.  The dog house was empty and even the two young dogs were gone.  When he left the kennel, he noticed the ski tracks and the paw prints going up the hiking trail.  He rushed into the house and made the one phone call that he had hoped never to make.  His dad answered the phone and Darrell said, “Dad, she’s gone.  She took off some time today and she had help.  We need to put out an escaped slave alert.  I was afraid that something like this might happen.  She is a smart one you know and I think taking her baby put her in a situation she didn’t care whether she lived or died.  I don’t know who helped her but I bet it wasn’t anyone local.  How soon can the hunt dogs be here?”

His dad told him, “They should have the hunt team out there in about an hour.  They are use to this kind of thing.  They’ll find her, I’m sure of that.  They’ve never had a successful escape in my memory.  The only person I have ever known to escape is Traci Martine’s grandmother.  You know what that means for doggyslut when she’s caught don’t you?”

Darrell answered sadly, “Yeah dad, I do.  I wish it didn’t have to be that way but I understand why.  I’m sorry I let you down.”

John said, “Don’t worry about it.  This has happened to every one of us at some time or another.  You and Karen were a good shot in the arm for us.  Your enslavement of her brought more new blood to us in two years than most slave recruiters do in a life time.  So don’t worry about it.”

Darrell said, “Thanks dad.  Let the hunters know that I think she may be pregnant again.  She hasn’t had a period for a couple of months.  I was going to have her tested later this week.  If she is, I would like her to have the baby before she is killed.”

John responded, “I’ll pass that on to the hunters.  They’ll take the necessary precautions but I can’t make any promises.  She may not want to come back.”

Darrell sighed and said, “I know dad, I know.”

Darren, Jack and Karen were over half way through Oregon by the time her absence was discovered and the hunt teams and Sheriff Rob were notified.  Darren pulled into a rest stop about that time and parked away from the main building.  Jack opened the glove compartment and pulled out some platinum blonde hair dye.  He gave it to Karen and said, “We’re going to put the California license plates back on and pack things up nice and tight so we don’t raise suspicion.  While we’re doing that, go and color your hair with this.  They’ll be looking for a brunette in a black truck with Oregon temporary tags, not a platinum blonde with two guys in black truck from California.  Don’t take too long though.  I suspect that the alert for you has already gone out.  If the law enforcement there is in on this stuff as you say, they’ll put out an APB for you.  The sooner we change your looks the better.”  He then pulled out a pack from behind the seat and added, “Here’s a nice change of clothes for you too.  They’re all in the size you gave us so they should fit.”

Karen gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried to the women’s rest room.  She spent the next fifteen minutes dying her hair and changing clothes.  When she was done she looked in the mirror and saw a stranger looking back at her. She finally felt free after almost three years of slavery.  Tears began to stream down her face as she packed up everything to take with her.  She thought about how if they had been a couple of days earlier, she wouldn’t have lost Michelle.  She missed her terribly but the only choice she had was to live as a slave without her or live free without her.  Neither choice was good but freedom was always better than slavery.  Hopefully she could eventually get her life back on track and make something of herself without giving everything away.  She ran to the truck where her two saviors were waiting for her.  As she came up to them she launched into Darren and gave him a steamy kiss that had his cock hard in a flash.  She then did the same for Jack.  Both guys thought they had died and gone to heaven. 

They climbed into the truck with Karen in the middle of the seat.  As they were taking off, Darren noticed in the rear view mirror that the Highway Patrol was pulling into the rest area.  Darren said, “It looks like we got out just in time.  The state patrol just pulled in.  Karen, did you leave anything behind in the restroom?”

Karen smiled and said, “NO WAY.  I brought every little piece of trash I created.  Everything belonging to the dye kit is in the pack and I wiped everything down that I touched so that there shouldn’t be any fingerprints either. How about you guys?  Is there anything that could tie you guys to the rest stop?”

Darren laughed, “No.  We had ourselves a little fire where we burned the paper temporary tag from Oregon.  Everything else is packed away as if it hadn’t been used for a few days.  I think we’ll be home free once we get to California.  We don’t even know if they are looking for us any way.”

Karen breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against Jack as Darren drove on.  As it started to get dark Karen decided that it was time to reward her two rescuers.  She brought her hand down on each side and started stroking each of their cocks through their pants.  Jack was the hardest the quickest so she unzipped him and pulled his cock out.  She bent over and sank her mouth over the end of his cock and started sucking for all she was worth.  When she heard an “Oh God” come out of his mouth she smiled inwardly that she was bringing such pleasure to her knight in shining armor.  He didn’t last long and soon she was drinking his cum.  When she was sure that he was done she put his deflated cock back in his pants and patted it saying, “I can’t wait to feel that thing in me for real.”

When she was done with Jack she turned her attention to Darren.  She put her hand back on his cock and found that it was as hard as a rock.  She said, “I see you liked what you saw.  I think I need to take care of that little problem for you, don’t you?”

She unzipped Darren before he could answer and pulled out his massive cock.  It was every bit of twelve inches long and two inches wide.  She leaned down and began bobbing up and down on his cock like it was a candy cane.  She took it down her throat and hummed as she sucked.  She heard him tell Jack, “God she’s good.  She’s got my whole cock down her throat and is humming.  I never felt anything like it.”  He grunted and began to fill Karen’s throat.  Karen swallowed everything he gave her.  When he was done she put his cock back and zipped him up.  She said, “That monster will feel wonderful up my nice tight cunt.  I can’t wait to try it out.  That’s just a sampling of what my knights in shining armor get to look forward to for the next year.”

They sat back and relaxed as they drove through the night.  Jack and Darren traded off every so often to let the other get some rest and by mid morning they were pulling up to the fraternity house.  Jack said, “Before you get out we want you to know that you don’t have to do this.  We would love to have you as our little fraternity fuck bunny but it has to be because it is what you want, not what you think you owe us.  You are under no obligation to stay with us.”

Karen looked at him and then Jack, who shook his head in agreement.  She answered, “I have spent the better part of the last three years being made to have sex with anybody and anything I was told to with no choice in the matter.  This I do by choice.  I choose to offer you myself in return for this chance at a future I thought was lost forever.  So lead on my knights, your handmaiden has made her decision.”

The two guys couldn’t have been happier.  They each took a leash for one of the dogs and led Karen into to house.  The entire fraternity was in the assembly room when they came in.  Darren and Jack came in with Karen between them.  Darren announced, “Gentlemen, I want you to meet the new Queen of the fraternity.  Queen Karen has graciously agreed to stay with us until the summer term.  She wants everyone to treat her like family.  Now there will be some rules that I as president will insist on in how she is treated.  Anyone violating these rules will have to answer to Jack and me.  First, she is here of her own free will and can leave any time she wants.  Second, you are not to hound her for sex or to go on a date.  You may ask her but if she says no, then the answer is no.  You will treat her as a proper lady at all times.  You are to tell no one of her being here.  Her life and ours is dependent on her whereabouts being kept from general knowledge for at least a while.  Anyone found to be telling anyone about her here will be automatically expelled from the fraternity and we will make sure you are blackballed in every other fraternity on campus.  I think you will find she is a smart, caring individual who is easy to talk to.  If she wants to bless you by letting you have time with her then it will be by her choosing.  I can assure you that if you treat her right then she will treat us all right.  So don’t get pushy or try to order her around.  She has had more of that than she can handle.  Do any of you have any questions?”

“Is it true that she has agreed to be our fuck bunny?”, came a voice from the back.  It was followed immediately by a loud smack and an “owe” from the same voice and a “What part of treat her like family don’t you understand?  So cool it!”, came from another.

Karen raised her hands and said loudly, “Gentlemen, please.  I have agreed to stay with you fine young men for the next year.  I’m sure we’ll get a chance to get to know each other in ways you only imagined in your wildest fantasies, and some that you never dreamed possible.  But right now I and my two knights in shining armor here are tired.  Please let us get our rest and then I will come introduce myself to all of you.  Thank you all for letting me stay here while I get my feet back on the ground.  And please remember that I am in mortal danger if anyone outside of this house finds out I am here.  So please keep my presence here secret.  I promise that if you do I will make it worth your while.”

Karen turned and grabbed Darren and Jack by the arms and told them, “Lead me to my room please.  I want to spend some quality time with my knights.”  Darren and Jack escorted Karen up the stairs with the dogs following them up.  When they opened the door at the end of the second floor hallway, Karen thought she had died and gone to heaven.

This is end of Chapter 34.


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