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Group XS

Chapter 18

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 18

Date Sunday 24 th October 08.49

Mistress XS was the first to appear on screen the following morning. She appeared holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a cane in the other. She peered intently at Catherine's image on the screen before moving the camera back so she and the girl could appear in the picture.

“Good morning Catherine! I had a wonderful nights sleep! Your friend Lynne is very good at licking pussy you know! Why she spent hours at it last night and must have lapped up gallons of my juices I came so much! We did have a bit of a falling out eventually though… she just wouldn't stop crying after I gave her a few ‘good night kisses' with that strap so I had to keep her quiet by putting her in one of the pits set into my bedroom floor! Don't worry, she's quiet safe; a little cramped maybe, but quite safe as long as no one flushes my toilet!” Mistress XS did one of her shows of realisation. “Oh!” She exclaimed, her hand to her mouth. “I forgot last night and this morning! Silly me! She'll be wallowing in a sea of shit and piss by now then!”

“Anyway, that's her problem.” She turned to the girl behind her and said “I see she's reached full term then. I wonder what it'll be? A boy? A girl? Or just plain agony? I hope it'll be agony, don't you?”

She moved the camera again and showed the girl on the pony still sitting there, still suffering. Catherine realised with a start she had forgotten about the girl!

The camera turned back onto the ‘pregnant' girl, taking in the rest of the dungeon as it did so. The cage, the bodybag, the whipping horse remained as silent witnesses to the proceedings.

Mistress XS began stroking the girl's distended belly and Catherine could see how the black rubber had stretched so much over it that it had become virtually translucent. “Dr Zorhof says that another symptom of pregnancy is pain in the abdomen. Do you think we should check?” She said.

It was a rhetorical question. Taking another sip from her coffee Mistress XS hefted the cane and brought it down across her rubber-clad belly with a ‘Thuddd!' If she wanted a reaction she certainly got it. The girl screamed and screamed into her gag as the pain hit her in waves. After 30 or so strokes Mistress XS seemed satisfied and said to Catherine “Yes. I think she must be pregnant. She has pain in her abdomen too!”

“Anyway, we'll save her birth till later. In the meantime I need to bring on number 3 don't I? Do you have any idea who they are yet?”

Catherine didn't. She watched as the third girl was brought from a ‘cell' at the back of the room and took a sharp intake of breath as she saw how she was dressed. The girl was dressed in a rubber caricature of a school girl's outfit! She wore a white rubber blouse which held her arms doubled inside its stumpy sleeves and allowed her fulsome breasts to spill out obscenely. She had a black rubber box-pleated skirt which didn't even come down to the top of her cunt, and a black rubber panty girdle which looked as if it were several sizes too small. The panty girdle had four suspenders on each side attached to her rubber stockings, and she had shoes on her feet which forced her to walk on her toes.

Like the other girls, she too wore a discipline hood, this one was featureless save for a ring gag which kept her mouth open at all times.

The image stirred another memory in Catherine. Again it went back to the courtroom drama, when Dr Saavik and Dr Zorhof had been sentenced. One of the girls, Catherine tried to remember her name… Emily West, that had been it! Emily had been dressed just like this for a ‘party' the Group was having and she had described in graphic detail her ordeal to the hushed Court.

Emily had been dressed this way by Dr Saavik, who seemed to have a penchant for his girls dressed in fetish schoolgirl outfits and ‘little girl' outfits, and been used as a rape toy for all the guests all evening. He had dressed her like this girl, although Emily wore what Saavik described as a ‘training bra' which had acted like a tourniquet around the base of her breasts. He'd then lain her over a school desk so her swollen breasts were pressed into the lid of the desk which was covered in upturned spikes like they have on golf shoes, folded her legs and tied them in the air so she was lying legs apart, virtually horizontal, with her cunt waiving itself in mid air at about waist height!

On that occasion they had even made her write a sign on a small blackboard saying ‘ I have been a naughty girl. Please fuck me hard! ' Which is precisely what had happened all night. They'd fucked her ass, fucked her mouth, fucked her cunt, fucked her in ones and fucked her in twos. It wasn't just the men, but the women too who had raped her. They had used dildo's, strap-ons, fists, fingers, hands, even bottles on her! When the members of the Group tired or turned their attention elsewhere they had brought a slave in to rape her! The slave had worn a hood, Catherine remembered, with a massive dildo protruding from over the mouth. The frightening thing had been that the hood was designed in such a way that she could only breathe by pumping the dildo in and out over its full length.

“Now what are we going to do with this girl, do you think Catherine? Look around the room and see if there's something to give you a clue!” The camera swivelled round the room, showing the girl on the pony and the ‘pregnant' girl briefly before focusing in on a desk! A school desk with metal studs on the top!

Catherine remembered then that the studs could be electrified. Dr Saavik had told the girl it was ‘ like fucking a vibrator' when he'd been inside her and the power was on; ‘it made your whole body shake and your ass clench and relax, clench and relax… it was wonderful! ' he'd continued.

They had also discovered that it made the ride for the men much more exciting if the girl was being caned on her tightly wrapped ass cheeks while being raped. Each stroke apparently sent a shiver through her cunt which felt marvellous!

Emily had spent a miserable night being raped, being caned, having her flattened tits rubbed back and forth across the studs, and having electricity passed through her body.

Catherine also remembered that they had used special panties on her which had padding around her openings on the outside and spikes on the inside so that when her rapists drove home they could feel none of her agonising pain.

Poor Emily. This treatment and her experience at the hands of Group XS had scarred her for life. Catherine could well remember the curvaceous teenager, a girl who could turn any man's eye - and turned Catherine's for that matter - explaining to her after the case that she hadn't been able to have sex, or even touch herself, after her release. Watching the girl on the screen Catherine wondered what had happened to Emily.

Her thoughts were broken by Mistress XS saying “But I really need some help with this one! Dr Saavik?” Saavik stepped into the screen and smiled sweetly at Catherine. “How nice to see you again, my dear.” He said in his smooth and charming style. “I trust you are enjoying the show and the little bondage Mistress XS has made you put yourself in! I imagine your pussy is quite hot and ready from all this… what a shame you aren't here. I'd love to oblige you!”

Saavik ran his hand over his crotch and rubbed it suggestively.

They then put the girl in just the same predicament Catherine had anticipated. As they did so Catherine could see that she too was wearing the ‘training bra' Saavik had used on Emily those years before, her engorged breasts flattened by her body weight as they rested on the desk's surface. Her folded legs were splayed invitingly as her split crotch was displayed for anyone who wanted to rape her. They tied her head back, connecting a rope from the top of her discipline helmet to a belt around her middle, so her mouth was pointing in the right direction for any member of Group XS to slip their cock inside the warm moist and inviting hole.

Once she was properly installed they moved the camera so Catherine could see the girl from the side. All she could see was the midriff of those who abused the girl, no faces. Catherine knew it was Saavik who took her first, his rampant cock sliding easily through the soft lips of her split crotch, ramming himself unmercifully home and thrusting deep so the spikes in the lining of the girl's crotch did their worst.

As he thrust he folded back what little there was of her short skirt so the full expanse of the girl's rubber covered rump was exposed. To judge by the way her flesh bulged where it came out of the panties, Catherine had been right that the panty girdle she wore was several sizes smaller than would have been comfortable. Saavik spanked her bottom as he thrust, he kneaded it, he prodded and poked it with hard fingers.

At the other end Saavik was joined by another man who worked himself into her mouth, making sure he used the full length of his shaft to work deep in her throat. Catherine's heart went out to the girl as she heard her choking and gagging, gasping for breath, impaled on the relentless cock.

And then Mistress XS appeared. Catherine recognised her from her outfit, standing on the far side of the girl, a heavy rattan cane in her hand. She began to beat a steady and relentless tattoo on the girl's buttocks with the cane. The cane landing with a sickening ‘Thudd!' each time and the camera able to pick up the way it bit deep into her flesh with each stroke before rebounding to reveal a perfectly shaped, smooth black rubber ass.

Mistress XS timed her strokes to coincide with thrusts from one or other of the men, and gradually all three started working in unison so the girl was impaled deeply at both ends as the cane landed on her rump.

Mistress XS held in her left hand a button with a flex snaking down to the desk top. She pressed the button and the girl's body stiffened, her body shook and the men called for more, whooping with delight.

If Catherine had found it hard to believe how a rape of this magnitude could be sustained for hours, she was about to find out. The men swapped places, their places were taken by others, both men and women. The women used dildos of varying shapes and sizes and some of the men put sheaths over their already engorged cocks to make the girl's ordeal worse. These were sheaths designed with only one purpose in mind; causing pain. They had ridges and bumps on them; one was even made of horsehair!

And still they continued. And when they stopped two slaves were introduced, each dressed from head to toe in rubber, their arms encased inside their outfits, with rubber hoods on which prevented them breathing unless they rhythmically pumped air into their hoods by pushing the dildos which protruded from their mouths deeply in and out.

Catherine recognised Dr Zorhof by her outfit as she appeared, huge syringe in hand, and began to pump injection after injection into the girl's tits. She even put the needle straight through the rubber of her panty girdle to inject deep into her ass before taking up station behind the girl and using the cane for yet more brutal battering.

Date Sunday 24 th October 12.53

Meantime Mistress XS had left to attend to other matters. She still had Kelly to see about the ‘spanking' she'd promised her the day before.

When she entered the Rubber Dungeon she found Lisa sitting comfortably in a chair with a girl between her legs. Nothing unusual about that in the domain of Group XS, what made this unusual was that the girl was suspended upside-down in a rubber bondage sack!

As if that were not enough, the girl's head was encased inside a rubber hood which was an integral part of Lisa's rubber panties.

“I was looking for Kelly.” Mistress XS announced. Lisa looked up from her sexual reverie, the girl's tongue was doing a splendid job, and said, “She's over there, in the first of the holding cages.”

She found Kelly in the cage, still dressed as she had been the day before, only now she wore an inevitable hood and the promised punishment bra. Mistress XS noted how much different opportunity rubber afforded as she looked at the hood. It was a smooth round rubber ball of inflated rubber Kelly had over her face with just a single tube erupting from her mouth. With each breath there was a soft whistling noise accompanied by the soft gurgle of her spittle running out of the tube where it spilled down onto her bra.

The bra looked innocuous enough, in fact it looked like she was wearing a bullet bra from the 1950's, albeit one crafted from shiny black rubber. Inside, however, the bra was less 1950's chic and more 1480's Torquemada. Mistress XS knew this because she had helped to design it.

The bra cups were basically made from two layers of rubber, the inner cup softer than the firm, moulded, outer layer. Once the wearer's tits were inside the bra cups a rubber strap around the base of the breast was tightened inexorably until her boobs swelled magnificently inside. Then the inner layer of rubber was blown up – rather as had happened to Catherine. Then the hard rubber studs on the inside began to press deep into the skin of the tautly stretched orbs…

Kelly was hurting as she sat squashed into her cage.

Surprisingly she'd managed to get some sleep through the night, but now she just sat, her breasts throbbing and her body aching from her cramped, contorted and sweat soaked condition. She longed for release, to breathe fresh air and to cool down.

Sadly, when she felt herself being removed from the cage, it was not for her to be released… It was for her to hear, through the inflated rubber of her hood, Mistress XS calling “I promised to give you a good spanking!”

Date Sunday 24 th October 13.10

Catherine could do nothing but watch the girl's continuing rape. She had her own problems, the pain in her ass and cunt was now of epidemic proportions and the needles continued to discharge their poisonous cargo into her tits and cunt. Her tits had now swollen so much she was sure they would be permanently damaged; the relentless pressure of her tits against the unyielding leather which encased them and the spikes which impaled them, was keeping her in agony.

Time passed slowly, the rape continuing all the time. Relentless thrusting and burying of flesh and implements inside the hapless girl. In the middle of the afternoon Dr Zorhof appeared with the Punisher and brought the girl to renewed agonies.

Catherine still had not figured out who the girls were.

Review This Story || Author: Saavik
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