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Group XS

Chapter 17

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 17

Date Saturday 23rd October 19.44

As Mistress XS left the Rubber Dungeon to make her way down to the main playroom, she left Ilsa, Lisa and a distraught Kelly behind.

For their part Lisa and Ilsa had enjoyed seeing Mistress XS play with Kelly: for her part Kelly had not.

She'd been roused from her partial slumber and removed from her sleep-sack to find herself face-to-face with a masked and menacing woman introduced as Mistress XS. If the name and the woman's bearing had not been warning enough, by the time Kelly was dressed in a rubber straight jacket, her arms folded behind her and her breasts exposed through holes at the front, and her bottom half in a rubber sack, like the one they had used to bind her arms on a previous occasion, she knew she was in for a bad time.

The evil woman in the mask had got the others to bind her facing a low post set into the concrete floor, so she was kneeling upright, her breasts on display to the world, and then approached her with a huge syringe. “It's alright, you can scream if you want to… it makes me wet!” The woman had said as she plunged the needle in for the first of many times.

God it had stung. It had burned, inflamed and made her breasts swell until they felt like they would burst. She'd screamed as the needle was thrust time and again into her breasts; she'd screamed until she had hardly any voice left with which to scream.

If they had stopped there she would have been in agony: they did not. The woman with the mask had wheeled in something which looked vaguely akin to an old-fashioned clothes mangle. Its purpose was clear…

…Her sing sensitised, swollen and pained breasts were to be compressed and squeezed between the two thin rollers!

She'd thought she might be given release in unconsciousness as her breasts were forced through the rollers, only for the woman then to turn the handle the other way and squeeze them back out. Back and forth she went, the pain of her tortured tissue escalating with each bite of the rollers.

The woman had finally stopped when her breasts were through the rollers as far as they would go' two distended, purple, painful sacks of flesh which now looked twice their normal size. She'd then watched the woman remove her leather skirt and panties before picking up a thin rod, like a riding crop with no end. The woman had then stood over her, the soft nylon of her stocking tops brushing against Kelly's face as she did so, so that Kelly was staring straight between the crack in her ass cheeks.

“Let me feel that tongue cleaning me inside while I give your tits a good whipping!” She'd said.

The switch rose and fell, each time cutting a fiery slice into her tortured tits, Mistress XS seemingly revelling in having her screaming face pressed into her ass. The other women encouraged her to put her tongue deeply inside the puckered brown ring of the woman, their hands pressing her head forward as she screamed, bucked, licked and probed.

When she'd eventually stopped, Kelly had looked down at her tits, quite convinced they would be just bloody pulps, to see her once proud breasts looking like pieces of hamburger mat interlaced with criss-crossing black lines where the switch had bitten.

“I've got to go and speak with Catherine.” Mistress XS had said. “Why don't you two finish off with her and then find a nice tight punishment bra for her?” they'd agreed with her this was a good idea.

Turning to Kelly she'd whispered in her ear. “then tomorrow I'd like to have a go at that naughty ass of yours; they tell me you're a whore who enjoys a spanking!”

Kelly was sobbing hysterically as Mistress XS left to find Dr Zorhof and catch up with Catherine.

Date Saturday 23rd October 19.54

Catherine stirred when she became aware of movement on the screen, movement, that is, other than the feeble attempts at respite from the girl riding the pony.

“Ah Catherine! I'm pleased to see you're still with us! I hope you've enjoyed the show so far!” She whispered “Has she been fucking herself? Is she a masochist, because if she is I need to know so I don't make it too enjoyable for her! But what's this?” She said, turning to stare at the piss on the ground. “She went and pissed on the floor! I don't know if you knew this Catherine, but I take such acts of defiance very seriously. All the girls here know that if they piss on the floor they earn themselves a day in the tank!”

“You remember the tank, don't you?”

Catherine could scarcely forget. At the farm the Group had adapted the septic tank system by putting a small tank in the ground halfway through the system. This tank was filled to the brim with the foul and putrid waste from the farm. The tank was scarcely large enough for a girl, but this didn't stop them from tying a girl and stuffing her into the tank. Invariably the girl was ring-gagged, so her mouth remained open at all times, and she found herself being shut in the horrible tank by a lid which fitted flush with the surface of the putrid sewerage. There was just one hole in the lid, about the size of a tea plate, through which she could thrust her nose and open mouth in order to get precious breath.

The Group's deviousness ensured that right over the centre of the tank, directly over the girl's mouth and nose, was the outlet pipe from the system above! Every time a toilet flushed, a tap was run, baths were emptied the girl would receive the entire mass of waste into her upturned face! As if that were not enough, the Group, determined not to waste the effluent already in the tank, had installed a recirculation pump which would regularly bring everything back to the top of the system - and over the girls face - back to the storage tank!

“Well we have something similar here which this girl will be enjoying at a later date!” As she said this Mistress XS wrote something on the label attached to the girl's collar. “There!” She said “So I don't forget! Oh, which reminds me. Have you worked out her name yet?”

Mistress XS paused as though waiting for an answer. “No? Then I'll just have to bring out the next clue and see if you can work it out from her.”

Mistress XS returned to the back of the chamber and opened a door to the right of the open one from whence the girl on the pony had come. Inside the scene was the same and, as Mistress XS goaded the second girl out, Catherine could see that she was not wearing a straightjacket but that her arms were pinioned behind her back in a single sleeve, she wore a pair of rubber panties and rubber stockings drawn up by suspenders. On her feet she had boots which kept her toes in an enpointe position, and the hooded girl was manoeuvred across the room balancing precariously on her toes.

This girl's hood was the same basic design as the first girl's but had a detachable blindfold and gag. Mistress XS removed first the gag, which held a nasty leather pear behind it which she had to work out from behind the girl's teeth, and the blindfold. The girl blinked for a moment in the unaccustomed light and then focused her eyes on something behind Mistress XS. She suddenly became very animated and started crying and pleading with Mistress XS. “No! Please Mistress! Anything but that! Please not again, I implore you! It hurt me so badly last time! It'll kill me if you use it again!”

Mistress XS seemed to become almost motherly towards the girl and began to stroke her leather-clad head and said “There! There! If you don't want me to use it I wont! But I'm going to have to do something else instead… you see I want to punish you!”

The girl had seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the prospect of the device, whatever it was, was withdrawn and now she started begging Mistress XS to punish her in other ways. “please Mistress XS, punish my breasts, I know you like that, you can whip them and put needles in them! Pleaaaase!!!”

Catherine was sickened to hear the girl pleading to have such things done to her and wondered what could have been so awful as to make her plead so.

Mistress XS appeared to relent and said something to someone out of picture. A few moments later the woman doctor, who Catherine was by now convinced was Dr Zorhof, appeared pushing a chair of sorts before her. The camera was adjusted so Catherine would have a perfect view of it and the torture of its occupant. As a backdrop she had a view into the dark recesses of the dungeon where the inverted leather body bag hung like an inanimate presence!

The chair had a “V” shaped seat, wide open in the middle, and an upright back which started part way up the back and appeared to be made from several slats of wood.

“Do please take a seat,” Mistress XS intoned, “So that the Dr Zorhof and I can punish your breasts.” If Catherine could have gasped she would have done. She was right! It was Dr Zorhof!!

Dr Zorhof took off her mask and smiled sweetly at Catherine. “It is so nice to see you like that Catherine! I have dreamed of you in pain since you sent me to zee prison, no?” There was no mistaking her voice with its accent.

Meanwhile the girl had sat on the chair, legs splayed on the “V” shaped seat and her back pressed into the upright behind her. “No! You silly girl! Zee other way around!” Dr Zorhof said. Catherine and the girl were perplexed for a moment, but then realisation dawned and she manoeuvred herself so she sat facing the back, her ass now suspended in mid air and her breasts up against the back of the seat.

“Now ask Dr Zorhof very nicely to punish your breasts!” Mistress XS said.

“Dr Zorhof… w… w…will you p… p… please punish my breasts!” The girl whimpered. Dr Zorhof, resplendent in shiny black latex lingerie with a short white doctor's coat, bent forward to the girl and the seat. Catherine couldn't help but admire the pert ass she revealed as she did so, beautifully framed by tight latex panties – the doctor had obviously kept herself fit in prison!

Dr Zorhof lifted the top section of the chair “back” and pulled the girl's breasts through the slot this created. Both the girl and Catherine had a dawning realisation… this was an elaborate form of breast press!

The doctor then slowly lowered the upper section, effectively squeezing the girl's breasts in a vice! At the same time Mistress XS wound straps around the chair and her upper torso until she was fixed immovably in place. The same thing happened to the girl's legs which were doubled back so her thighs and lower legs touched and were jointly strapped to the outside edges of the “V”.

Dr Zorhof was still twirling wing-nut which tightened the press and the girl was beginning to wail in agony. “Shut zee fuck up! You say you want your breasts punished, no? All I do is as you say!”

Mistress XS was laughing quietly in the background and pulling the girl's single-sleeved arms up behind her with a rope from the ceiling. Relentlessly they rose until her arms looked like they were ready to come from her shoulder sockets!

Dr Zorhof finally stopped twirling the wing-nuts when the girl's breasts had turned into two huge, deep purple, orbs! She then brought her medical bag, well what looked like one anyway, up beside the girl and began to take things out of it and place them on a trolley Mistress XS had thoughtfully wheeled in. “You see? I have zee cane, zee whip, and now my special tools, this is for peeling the skin, no?” She said, her accent grating even with Catherine as she stared at a cross between a scalpel and a razor. Catherine shuddered ‘Surely not?' she thought.

“Oh and you like this maybe?” Dr Zorhof continued. “This is needle, no, for nasty injection?” Dr Zorhof turned to the camera and said “Catherine, she know all about zee nasty injection I think, no?”

“And this here, is how you say, acid, no? To make the skin burn when we peel it away? We begin now, I think. You want pain in zee breast, I give pain in zee breast. I start with zee cane now.”

It was a statement, not a question, as the girl and Catherine discovered when the first stroke of the cane thudded into the tautly stretched breast meat of the girl. To say she wailed would be an understatement! She screamed until her lungs might burst!

“That an easy one, I think, no?” Said Dr Zorhof. “Now I give you a harder one, no?”

This time the can landed with a sickening ‘Thudddd!' and the girl gave a renewed scream, only this time her vocal chords could neither sustain the pitch nor intensity and there was a momentary silence when she was screaming so loud that no noise came out!

The beating continued and Catherine could do nothing but watch in a haze of her own pain, recalling similar scenes from her past.

Twenty times the cane struck. Twenty times the girl screamed. Twenty heavy lines appeared, the flesh black and various shades of purple.

Twenty screams, each worse than the last.

“Now. I think, we make the press a little harder, no? It make zee lines on your breasts hurt a little more I think?” Said the evil doctor. And sure enough, if the scream from the girl's hoarse throat as the doctor turned the wing-nuts a few turns tighter were anything to go by, her breasts hurt more, and the lines from the cane were like lines of fire etched into her sensitive mammaryies.

From where Catherine stood, feeling nothing but pain which came in waves of black and white, this would have been enough. That she had to endure the same beating with a whip with many thongs of thin black latex cord was more than enough. She no longer had the option to be sick, so she simply stood, watching in sickened awe, as the girl's breasts were battered and bruised by the horrible instruments.

“And now we start with zee skin peeling. It make the skin very sore, but also like a new baby, I think, no?” Dr Zorhof said, putting on protective gloves and opening a glass bottle of clear fluid. She wiped a cloth over the upturned top of the bottle and gently rubbed it over the nipple and areola while the girl's screaming reached a new height.

“That is big scream, I think, yes?” Dr Zorhof said. “But you better to save scream till after I remove skin, I think, then zee skin that is left is much more sensitive, yes?”

And sure enough, Dr Zorhof busied herself using the razor-like device removing the top layer of skin from the poor girl's nipples and areola! The girl screamed. The girl bucked. The girl pleaded. The girl begged, but all the time the doctor calmly worked, unruffled by the protests, and removed the topmost layer of skin to reveal the sensitive under cuticle for her ministrations.

“And now I give injection, no? Injection which make you feel you have sting from a bee, and maybe more, I think? It what Catherine have right now and she not happy because it hurt, but I very happy because I like see Catherine hurt and you hurt very much!”

Catherine watched as Dr Zorhof prepared her syringe, the needle looked the size of a hatpin as she thrust it in time and again to the girl's breasts, each time eliciting a scream, a plea, and a protest for mercy! Each time, the doctor simply focused on inserting the needle, bringing it part way our, re-inserting it into another piece of tit flesh and squeezing the syringe again!

The process might have been complete when Dr Zorhof removed the syringe for the last time. Might have been, that is, were it not for the intervention of Mistress XS. Mistress XS appeared holding the “ Louisiana strap” the feared prison strap based on the one used by the Louisiana State Institution! This was 3ft of ¼” leather on a swivelling handle. This was punishment designed to break, not tease!

“Perhaps she'd like to be gently teased with this?” She said, handing the strap too Dr Zorhof. Sadly for the girl there were no protests, except, perhaps, for her own pleadings which landed on deaf ears. Before the girl had said “Please don't use that on me… my breasts are on fire already!” The first blow landed…

When the bomb went of at Hiroshima observers said there was a moments silence followed by a rumbling roar… Then the mushroom cloud went up and all hell broke loose! The same applied to the girl before Dr Zorhof now. She stayed silent… then she uttered a low murmuring sound, then, as the pain hit her in a massive wave of sickening agony, she began to scream, and scream and scream!

Mistress XS and Dr Zorhof laughed. Dr Zorhof struck again… and again. Eight times she struck and eight times the girl screamed and bellowed and roared in pain.

“She no like this I think, no?” Dr Zorhof said. “She no like it when I put the press on, I think?”

The press was a flat sheet of Perspex which fitted over the front of the girl's breasts using 4 bolts and more wing nuts. The effect was to flatten her distended tits by compressing them.

Her tit sacks were already swollen, bruised, battered and on fire. The tips of the conical pieces of tortured flesh were already burning where the top layer of skin had been shaved off by the Doctor. The last thing she needed was any pressure on her over-sensitive nipples and areola. The only thing worse than pressure on her teats now would be pressure and friction…

Whilst the square of Perspex was transparent, there was one part of it which was not. Right in the centre there was a brown coloured circle of coarse sandpaper! A circle just the right size to mean all the pressure from the Perspex sheet came through the rough paper into the area of her tits where the top layer of skin had been removed!

As the last wing nut was tightened, Dr Zorhof laughed and said “She ask for tits to be punished,,, I think I make her dream come true?”

Catherine presumed she had seen the girl's torture as she was left standing for a good hour watching the girl, immobile in her bonds, sobbing silently. The girl stirred as there was movement back in the room and Catherine watched her eyes widen.

They widened in horror and she began to wail again “Oh God no!!! You promised!! You said you wouldn't!!! You…” Her cries stopped abruptly as Dr Zorhof struck her hard across the right cheek with her left hand. “Shut zee fuck up!” She yelled.

“We no promise. You ask nicely for tit torture and we kindly torture tits…” As she said this Dr Zorhof was roughly inserting the leather pear gag back in the girl's mouth. “…now we give you this!” She said holding aloft a bundle of heavy black rubber with straps hanging off it and a tube snaking down from it.

Catherine knew immediately what Dr Zorhof was holding. She had heard it described before and she had seen pictures of it being used. She had seen the pictures only recently when Mistress XS had taken them out of the box Lynne was in and shown them to her!

“It very educational for Catherine to see how girl have zee baby, no? I think she find it useful to know how zee girl's tits become sore, how zee abdomen swell and hurt. She have no idea whether childbirth uncomfortable or not unless she see it first hand.”

The camera was moved down so it focused on the girl's nether regions. Her panties had a split crotch and her pussy was fully on display, a pink piece of female flesh exposed between the rubber of her panties. Dr Zorhof knelt on the ground before the girl and began to insert the device.

It is difficult to describe what Catherine and the girl felt at this moment. Catherine knew with crystal clarity that this device was what she had seen when she had pleaded so eloquently not to be tortured thus. The girl knew, with absolute certainty that she had been sold a lie… that despite the torture she had received to her breasts she was going to be treated to the torture of giving birth to a huge rubber ‘baby!'

The doctor worked with practised ease. Her surgical-gloved hand working inside the girl as she prodded, probed and pressed. She produced a syringe with a long needle and worked this inside the girl, emptying the unknown chemical into her inner flesh. She waited and then her hands were busy again. Seemingly she had most of both hands inside the girl as she gave a little cry of triumph.

“There!” She said before pushing more of the device inside the girl and beginning to strap it in place. When she had finished there was little to show for her considerable effort. The girl's crotch was now covered in smooth black leather strapped in place like a second pair of panties. From the centre of her leather encased crotch two pipes disappeared to the floor and beyond.

Catherine knew what would happen. She had even once described it in court, using a diagram to show how the girl had am awkward-shaped sack in her womb and a second one on her vagina. The Doctor would slowly fill the outer one before starting to let the other grow. And grow it would. In the space of a few hours the girl would go from flat-bellied to fully distended pregnancy. In fact she would go beyond that because she was in the hands of sadists who would ensure she was as full as possible.

As the “baby” inflated inside her tender flesh, which was never intended to stretch at this pace and in these circumstances, she would be stretched to the full until her insides and the flesh of her abdomen looked like a balloon about to burst.

Catherine had to swallow hard as she felt her bile rising from just thinking about what she was witnessing. Not just torture on an extreme scale, but a torture these people had put her Lynne through!

“We'll leave you to watch from your ringside seat Catherine!” Mistress XS said looking at her watch. “It's nearly my bedtime, so you can keep your new friend company through the night while I snuggle down. You can picture me in bed with Lynne if you would like, just the two of us, me naked save for a pair of panties. Lynne all trussed up in rubber and leather unable to move, unable to see and unable to breathe, her head locked inside my panties… kissing and licking for all she is worth!”

Mistress XS hefted the Prison Strap and said “It's a romantic scene isn't it? I'll take this with me, just so I can warm my lover up! Sweet dreams!”

With that Dr Zorhof and Mistress XS were gone, leaving Catherine to spend the nigh watching the girl's abdomen. Periodically there would be a distant ‘Chhk! Chhk! Chhk!' sound as a compressor added a little bit more air. Never enough to be able to see any discernable movement, but, as the night wore on, the girl's belly began to swell. The noises she made changed as her belly changed. As her belly got larger her mewing sounds went up an octave. By morning her moans were more or less continuous and of a pitch which Catherine was convinced would break glass!!!

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