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The Interns

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Synopsis: Tamala Barker, Attorney at Law, was a very successful business woman. After the breakup of a short marriage she became somewhat depressed. That is, until she met Dr. Mary Mercy, a medical doctor with a PhD in pyschiatry. They became lovers and partners and, more importantly, decided to embark on what came "naturally" to them in an alternate lifesyle. Together they sought to fulfill their highly charged sex lives by completely dominating "the interns". This is a continuing story from the viewpoint of those with a dominant personality as well as those with a submissive personality. Whatever your sexual orientation, be it "dominant" or "submissive," the author attempts to take you on a journey you won't soon forget.

For adults only! If you cannot separate fantasy from reality this story is probably not for you. While the story is based on some "life experiences," it also is embellished with fantasy. Enjoy!!!

The Interns

Chapter I—The Interview

Lynn Langley was on her way to her interview. She had waited for this day since January. It was now June, and the internship she had applied for at the beginning of the year was at hand. All she had to do was get through this interview. Lynn was a third year law student and she was anxious to put some of the things she had been studying the last 3 years into practice. She was a very beautiful 26 year old young lady. She had a beautiful athletic figure that she took pride in by going through her daily workouts. She was also engaged to a young man who was getting his law degree this year. So she thought to herself, she had everything in the world going for her. All she had to do was get through this interview, get this internship for which she would earn credits toward her last year in law school.

Lynn had been picked for this internship from out of 500 applicants. Out of the 500, it had come down to the last 10 applicants and one of the 10 would be selected depending on the outcome of this interview. So she was excited as she rode the cab to the address she had been given. She was dressed in a dark business suit, with a white blouse that had little ruffles around the collar. The clothing she had selected really high-lighted her perfect complexion. She was also wearing her best patent leather high heels and that had the effect of showing off her beautiful legs. She was satisfied that her clothing accentuated her beauty and this gave her a lot of confidence.

Lynn was kind of surprised when her cab stopped at a building that looked more like a warehouse then a legal office. Somehow, she had expected something different.

“Are you sure this is the right address,” Lynn asked the cab driver.

“Yes it is, 69 W street, ma’am,” answered the cab driver.

“Well, just wait here for a moment until I check the name plate on the door please,” Lynn said to the cab driver.

She got out of the cab, walked up to the name plate on the door. It read: “Tamala Barker, Attorney at Law.” Well, this is the right place alright, Lynn thought.

Lynn paid the cab driver and the cab pulled away. She took hold of her briefcase, walked up to the door and rang the bell. An intercom light came on and then a girl’s voice: “May I help you,” the voice asked.

“Yes,” Lynn answered. “This is Lynn Langley. I am here for an interview concerning the internship.”

“Oh yes,” replied the voice. “You are expected. Please push the button on the right of the intercom. That will release the door lock and you can let yourself in. Please be sure to push the door tight behind you to make sure it is locked. Then walk straight down the hallway and it is the first door to the right.”

Lynn did as she was instructed. She pushed the button, the door made a clicking sound as it released and she let herself in. Then she turned and pushed the door hard behind her to make sure it was locked. Now Lynn started down the long hallway. The hallway was very dimly lit and Lynn started to wonder if indeed she was in the right place. She thought somehow, this doesn’t seem right. But this internship was a very much sought after position so she made up her mind that she wasn’t going to be deterred. After what seemed like a 100 yard walk down the hallway which was lined on both sides with file cabinets, she saw the office on her right. The door was closed but there was a bright light on inside. She knocked and a girl’s voice said: “Come in, please.”

Lynn opened the door and entered what looked like a small reception area. Behind the desk was a very attractive lady whose voice she soon recognized as the intercom girl. Lynn guessed she must be about 30 years old.

“Hello, said the lady. “My name is Ann. I am Ms. Barker’s receptionist and personal secretary,” then she paused and added “among other things” adding the last phase somewhat as an after thought. “Ms. Barker has been expecting you. She has all of your paper work on her desk. Please have a seat and I will see if she is ready for you.”

Lynn sat down. The first thing she noticed was that Ann was a blonde, bleached, she thought to herself. There is no way hair that color can be natural. She also noticed and marveled at the size of Ann’s waist. It couldn’t be more than 20 inches in diameter. Lynn’s own waist measured 28 inches but Ann’s must have been no more than 20 or 22 inches at the most. She also had a very nice figure and appeared to keep herself in very good shape. Just then Ann reappeared.

“Ms. Barker will be ready for you soon,” Ann said. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, black please,” Lynn replied. “I am a little nervous so a cup of coffee would be great.”

“OK, I like my coffee black too” again the same pause, adding, “among other things,” to her reply. Ann as she got up from her chair. She seemed to like adding “among other things” to her answers in a somewhat light-hearted manner, like she had some kind of secret Lynn thought.

As Ann walked over to the coffee pot area, Lynn also took notice of how high the heels on her shoes were. My God, Lynn thought to herself. How can she walk in those shoes! The heels must be at least 10 inches high. Lynn thought Ann appeared to be about five foot eight or nine inches tall so the heels on her shoes made her appear even taller. She had very nice breasts, about 36C Lynn surmised, that seem to bounce and sway as she walked. No doubt about it. She certainly doesn’t wear a bra.

“Here is your coffee Miss Langley,” Ann said as she approached Lynn.

“Thank you,” replied Lynn. Lynn also took notice that Ann was wearing what appeared to be some kind of a sack dress without any kind of style to it. It was made of a sheer white cotton material that when in the correct light would almost appear transparent. It started at her neck like a turtle neck and ended up about four inches above her knees. She wore a very tight wide belt around her waist. Ann’s breasts were large enough to make the part of the dress, from neck to the peak of her breasts slope out in a steep angle and then slope back in to her narrow waist. When she faced Lynn, her breasts jutted out prominently and Lynn could clearly see the outline of her nipples as they extended toward the sheer material of the dress. The dress also was high enough above the knees to show her very shapely legs to anyone who cared to observe them. “She certainly didn’t hide much”, Lynn thought. The dress Ann was wearing also showed very clearly the outline of her ass as it swayed back and forth when she walked and it prompted Lynn to wonder if she was wearing panties since she couldn’t see a panty outline and she was sure this type of dress would show just about anything that was underneath it. As Ann handed Lynn her coffee, Lynn also noticed that Ann had a thick silver bracelet on each wrist with the letters “T.B.” very prominently displayed in black letters on the bracelets. There were also two embroidered emblems on her chest, just above each breast with the initials “T.B.” again written in black. Just as Lynn was trying to figure out the initials, there was a voice on the intercom.

“Send Miss Langley in now” said the voice.

“Yes Ma’am,” answered Ann.

“Go ahead in Miss Langley,” said Ann, “and good luck with your interview”.

Tamala Barker sat behind her luxurious large desk. She was excited just with the expectations of conducting this interview. She had been reviewing law student applicants since January. She looked down at the paperwork on her desk and started to review the summary outline on Miss Langley again. This was the end product of extensive questionnaires that Lynn had filled out when she applied for this internship and also an FBI extensive background check. “Lynn Langley, age 26, third year law student, dark brown hair, brown eyes, breast size 34C, waist 28 inches, weight 120 lbs.” Through her mind’s eye, Tamala was already thinking of the “improvements” she would have to make to satisfy herself when and if she acquired this newest acquisition. This was the part of finding a slave that she liked most. The hunt, the capture, and finally the acquisition. Tamala kept reading the summary: “Applicants Family History—Mother died when she was 10 years old; father was killed in an auto accident; inherited a large trust fund set up by father; college was prepaid by trust fund.” Tamala sat back in her chair thinking to herself. “Looks like this little white bitch had it made all her life.” Tamala was an African American female. She had to struggle all her life. She worked two jobs to put herself through law school and now, finally she was at the top of her game. She had an iron clad, long term contract with the U.S. Government to review all government contracts coming up for renewal. She was also in the process of buying the building they were in. This is where all the government contracts were stored and she was also paid a handsome fee for storing them. Tamala had married when she was 24 years old. The marriage lasted only 6 months and ended up in a divorce. She was pretty despondent at the time the marriage ended. That lasted until she met Dr. Mary Mercy. Dr. Mercy was a female African American medical doctor and also had a PhD in psychiatry. Tamala had met Dr. Mercy while she was going through this desponded stage of her life. Dr. Mercy took Tamala under her wing and it wasn’t long before Dr. Mercy made Tamala realize that she was beautiful enough to have any thing she wanted. Soon after that they became not only best friends but lovers as well. As her office door was opening, she knew that would be Lynn Langley entering. She quickly flipped on the intercom and said: “Ann, did Miss Langley have her coffee?”

“Yes, she did, Ma’am,” came Ann’s response.

“Did you put the ‘favor pellet’ in her coffee,” Tamala asked.

“Yes, Ma’am, I put the favorite pellet as you instructed in her coffee,” Ann’s obediently answered.

“Good girl whore. Now get back to work,” she told her. With this last comment Tamala made sure to leave the intercom switch on so Ann would be a witness to the interview.

As Lynn opened the door to Ms. Barker’s office the first thing she noticed was how large it was. The whole office seemed to have some kind of oak paneling and the smell of freshly polished wood was everywhere. She walked over to the front of an enormous desk and saw for the first time Ms. Barker sitting behind the desk. Ms. Barker’s head was bent over reading some papers, and Lynn saw her jet black hair that came down just to her neck line. As Ms. Barker raised her head, Lynn was somewhat surprised to see that Ms. Barker was an African American. Not that Lynn was prejudiced or anything but it was just something, for some reason, she just hadn’t expected.

“Are you prepared for your interview,” asked Ms. Barker.

“Yes, I think I am,” answered Lynn

“Well there is a chair over in the corner. Go get it and bring it back here on the side of my desk,” said Ms. Barker.

“OK,” answered Lynn

Lynn walked over to the corner but all she saw there was a very small chair. The chair was about the size you would find in a kindergarten class. Lynn kept kind of looking around when she heard Ms. Barker’s voice again.

“Do you have a problem,” asked Ms. Barker.

“Well,” answered Lynn, “there is only this small chair here.”

“Do you see any other chairs in this room other than the chair I am sitting in Miss Langley,” came Ms. Barker voice.

“Uh, no……no I don’t” answered Lynn.

“Well don’t be so dumb. Pick up your chair and bring it here beside my desk,” replied Ms. Barker, “and be quick about it. I don’t care very much for someone who can’t follow orders.”

Lynn was startled. “My chair, is that what she said?, She expects me to sit in this little chair?” No one had ever talked to her like that. Her first impulse was to leave right now. She just couldn’t believe someone who she met for the very first time in the last few minutes would talk in that tone of voice to her. But the voice and the demanding manner in which it was delivered by Ms. Barker, beside the fact that she had wanted this internship so bad made her think again and she picked up the chair and brought it over to the desk. She put the little chair down in front of the desk and sat down. Lynn’s knees were almost up to her chin the chair was so small. She had the feeling that her ass was hanging over the edges of the chair.

“You don’t seem to listen very good Miss Langley,” said Ms. Barker. “Or maybe there is something wrong with your hearing. I told you to bring the chair to the side of my desk, not in the front of my desk. I would strongly suggest that when I speak you listen very carefully. I dislike repeating myself. I find that a total waste of my valuable time.”

Lynn was a little frightened at what appeared to her to be a demeaning tone of voice in which Ms. Barker was talking to her. But she picked up her small chair fighting back the urge to protest, brought it to the side of Ms. Barker’s desk and sat down again. Now, for the first time she had a good look at Ms. Barker. My God, thought Lynn. She is certainly attractive. Her face was a bronze brown, she had high cheekbones that were rouged with a red blush that just seemed like a dim sunlight on her face. Her eyes were very large and the pupils very, very black in a liquid white background. They seem to look right through you. Her lips were beautiful, just prominent and red enough from the shade of lipstick she was wearing that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them. Every thing about her face seemed to be purposely sculptured to perfection. There was no smile and no other sign of friendliness. It was just a very stern appearance that was presented to Lynn. No wonder a person could be so easily intimidated by her mere presence, Lynn thought.

Ms. Barker got up out of her chair and right away Lynn took notice of her stature. She was at least 6 feet tall, kind of muscular but not in any way fat. She had on a loafer type of shoe so that certainly didn’t add anything to her height. Starting from her ankles, her legs seemed to cascade upward into very muscular calves and even more muscular thighs. Her stomach was flat and her ample breasts jutted out from her chest. Ms. Barker, Lynn knew from her biography as the successful owner of this business, was 40 years old and Lynn thought, wore her age beautifully. With Lynn sitting in her little chair, Ms. Barker towered over her. Ms. Barker had on a tight powder blue skirt that was just about 2 inches above her knees and when she stood up, the outline of her upper legs and ass were clearing visible. She also had on a powder blue, very sheer blouse that did nothing to hide her very black bra. You could also easily see her bronze brown skin through her blouse.

Ms. Barker walked just in front of Lynn, close enough to let the hem of her skirt brush lightly against Lynn’s face and then she slowly walked around Lynn in her small chair making sure that her skirt was always in contact with some part of Lynn at all times. She wanted Lynn to “feel” her presence at all times. “So you want to serve an internship as my assistant, do you Miss. Langley?” said Ms. Barker. “You know, I am sure, that the compensation for this internship is $750 a week and that is a pretty good salary for a young lady in her third year of law school, don’t you think so Miss Langley?”

“Oh yes, I know,” answered Lynn. “That’s why so many students apply.”

“Well we do very serious government legal work here. A great deal of the time our work is classified and that is why I must demand complete trustworthiness from my staff. All federal government contracts are stored here and it is my responsibility to review them and, if appropriate, give final approval for their renewal. Then, and only then, are they put into force. There is only Ann and myself here in this building. Depending on the outcome of this interview, we are contemplating adding a third person to my staff. Let me make it clear from the outset that I, personally, demand complete loyalty from anyone whom I grant an internship. The decision to grant an internship is mine and mine alone to make,” continued Ms. Barker. “Look at Ann. She came to me as an intern when she was 22 years old and she is still with me. And why not, she has everything she needs right here.”

As Ms. Barker spoke she continued to walk very slowly around Lynn, letting the material of her skirt brush ever so lightly on Lynn’s long dark brown hair. She came to a stop right in front of Lynn’s face. The very bottom of her skirt just touched Lynn’s forehead affording her a good view of Tamala’s legs. Immediately Lynn, for some reason, became frightened. The towering figure before her had a very strange effect on her. “Maybe it was just because she had to sit on this small chair,” she thought. Ms. Barker’s knee and calf was just two inches from Lynn’s face and Lynn’s sense’s were suddenly filled with the smell of her lightly perfumed skin. It was intoxicating and was having a strange effect on her. Ms. Barker picked up all of Lynn’s paperwork from her desk but she remained in front of Lynn looking down at her.

“First of all Miss Langley,” Ms. Barker said, “you seem to have a bad sense of manners. When you address me, you should remember that I am not a “you” or an “it” and I have a name. When I ask a question, I expect, repeat, expect it answered with respect. From this instant, if you have any intention of gaining this internship, you will always address me as Miss Tamala. Is that clear and understood?”

Lynn was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. She felt like a little child looking up at Ms. Barker and she could feel herself beginning to tremble. “Why was she feeling so nervous. She had always been so confident before,” she thought. Yet the sound of Ms. Barker’s demanding voice and the smell of her being so close was making it hard to rationalize.

“I am very sorry . . . ah, Ms. Barker, I mean Miss Tamala. I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect”.

Miss Tamala turned toward her desk and pulled her very large chair over in front of Lynn. She crossed her legs and again she was only inches away from Lynn, sitting in the tiny chair. When Miss Tamala crossed her legs, her skirt rode up another 2 inches and Lynn could see how thick and muscular her thighs were. She was so close, the one foot that was crossed over her very well-formed leg, dangled right in front of Lynn. As she began to speak, Tamala let her foot sway back and forth, front to back, just stopping short of touching Lynn’s nose. So far, thought Miss Tamala, this is going well. This little dumb bitch is beginning to respond to the effects of the “favor pellet” placed in her coffee. This so called “favor pellet” was actually a drug that Dr. Mary Mercy had invented. It was a “beginning” drug, used to relax a person’s resistance and heightened their sense of smell and taste. It also increased one’s sexual desires, a mild aphrodisiac. But it would only take effect if the person who ingested it was by nature somewhat submissive. Of course, the little chair was part of the “hunt” too. Tamala Barker knew from her many past experiences, if she was going to determine the nature of Lynn, the small chair was the way to go. This created a submissive and dominant atmosphere and she could determine from the outset if this bitch could be molded to her liking. Now, let’s push the envelope a little further Tamala thought.

“Most of the questions I have require just a yes or no answer. I had a complete background check done on you so I know more about you than you probably know about yourself. If I require any other type of answer I will tell you.” Tamala’s voice was firm, her facial expression very stern and she was looking straight into Lynn’s eyes for a reaction. “Do you understand?”

“Ah…yes, yes . . .yes, Miss Tamala.” Lynn was feeling very uneasy. She wanted to say something else but ….but that is not what Miss Tamala told her to do. For some reason, she just didn’t feel like resisting. So she just lowered her head and left it right there.

“Good”, thought Miss Tamala. The bitch lowered her head. Her natural submissive personality is coming out. This little dumb bitch might not require as much work as her resume indicated. Let’s see how she responds to smell. Tamala let her loafer slip off of her dangling foot and slipped her toes under Lynn’s chin. Then she very slowly lifted Lynn’s lowered head with her toes.

Lynn felt the toes under her chin as her head was lifted upward. Her nostrils were filled with another odor . . . the odor of feet. Miss Tamala’s feet were bare. It was bare toes touching Lynn’s chin and her skin seemed to tingle from the feeling of bare flesh. Lynn took a deep breath and the scent that Miss Tamala’s foot was giving off was beginning to have a very strange effect on her. She felt a deep sensation in her breasts . . . her nipples were becoming hard . . . why is this happening to me, she thought.

“If I grant you this internship, are you prepared to immediately take up residence in this area?” Now Miss Tamala spoke in a somewhat softer voice as her black eyes bore into Lynn’s eyes again.

“Yes, ah, Miss Tamala.” Lynn wanted to add more to the answer but her brain told her she better not. Hadn’t Miss Tamala just instructed her not to? For the second time in a few minutes Lynn kept her mouth shut.

Miss Tamala looked at the expression on Lynn’s face. She knew Lynn was fighting the urge to answer with more then a “yes” or “no” to her questions. But she obeyed . . . she obeyed, and that was very important to Miss Tamala and it brought a smile to her face. Progress, she thought. I am bringing this dumb white bitch along just fine. Tamala took a minute to look more closely at this pretty white young girl sitting in her ridiculously small chair. She has nice hair, she thought, but I will have to change it to a length and color that I like. Nice figure too, but her waist needs to be narrowed. As she was “evaluating” Lynn she was getting ready to ask her another question. She took her foot from under Lynn’s chin and very slowly lifted her foot higher until the ball of her foot was now resting on Lynn’s chin with her big toe just resting on Lynn’s lower lip.

“Your background check indicates that you are engaged to be married. As you know, this internship is for three months. There will be only three of us in this office and it is imperative that our legal work be done in a timely manner. This could entail working on weekends and being away from family and friends for long periods of time. Does this pose a problem for you or your boyfriend?” When Miss Tamala asked this question she put an emphasis on the word “boyfriend.”

“No . . . no . . . Miss Tamala . . . but, ah but,” Lynn was struggling now to add something, something she felt she had to explain, yet her thought processes were telling her to follow instructions .

“But what,” Miss Tamala’s voice was harsh again, “do you have something you do not understand about ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers? Is there something your student brain does NOT understand about an order to answer yes or no?” The smile was gone now and Tamala’s voice rose to a strict level again, like a teacher giving a young kindergarten child her first speech lessons. As Miss Tamala was speaking, her big toe put a little more pressure on Lynn’s lower lip.

Lynn was beside herself. She was being scolded like a small child. She felt embarrassed, like she was failing . . . failing at getting her precious internship, failing to make an impression on Miss Tamala. It became her innermost desire to please Miss Tamala. The corners of her eyes were beginning to mist up.

“Yes . . . I mean no . . . I mean . . . I am sorry Miss Tamala. Yes, Miss Tamala ....” Lynn couldn’t even answer any more. It seemed like her brain had stopped functioning or she couldn’t think fast enough . . . or something. She just hoped she answered correctly.

Miss Tamala was smiling again now at seeing Lynn stammering. After hours and hours of reading Lynn’s background check, after hours of studying the pictures of the last ten applicants and reading their answers to the many questions they were asked on the mail-in questionnaires for this internship, she had finally settled on Lynn Langley. Her selection was coming to fruition. She was still in the “hunt” phase, but it was going just fine and this made her extremely happy and excited. “Before she was through”, she thought, “this white bitch would be hers”. She was becoming more and more confident now. She was getting an overpowering feeling in her loins and she could begin to feel the moisture build up between her legs. It always did when she was making an “acquisition.” Lynn’s submissive tears were starting to drip from the corners of her eyes and run slowly down her face. “NOW”, Tamala’s brain told her . . . “NOW” . . . let’s see what this bitch is made of. She put her big toe right on Lynn’s lips and began to push softly, then a little harder, and still a little harder.

“OPEN.” Lynn heard the voice high above her. Lynn’s lips parted ever so slowly. Then Miss Tamala’s big toe was completely in Lynn’s mouth. “Suck on my toe like it is a pacifier.”

Without even thinking, if she was even capable of thinking at this juncture, Lynn closed her lips around that big toe. She brought her tongue into play and began to suck, suck just like she remembered babies sucking pacifiers.

“Since in my judgment, and of course, my judgment is the only one that counts, you have not learned how to answer questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response; I have decided to find another use for your mouth.”

Miss Tamala was smiling again as she looked down at this white bitch with her toe in her mouth. What a beautiful contrast between the dark color of her foot and the whiteness of this bitch’s face. “Let’s see if you at least know how to use a pacifier” she said as she left out a little giggle.

Lynn’s brain told her not to fail this time. Now she just had to please Miss Tamala. This might be her last chance to make an impression on her. She doubled her efforts at sucking. She was running her tongue under the toe, around the toe and all the while she was squeezing her lips and unsqueezing her lips just as she thought a baby might use a pacifier. Besides, Miss Tamala’s toe had a unique taste to it and it was making something stir inside of Lynn.

“Now when I ask you a question you will shake your head up and down for a ‘yes’ answer and back and forth for a ‘no’ answer,” Miss Tamala continued. “Does your stupid brain understand that?”

“Mmmm . . . mmmm…,” came a little sound of Lynn’s voice as she shook her head up and down for a ‘yes’ answer.

Miss Tamala was pleased so far. It made her so happy and horny to see this little white thing sitting in her tiny chair, with her knees almost up to her chin and a bronze foot on her face and the big toe between those red lips. Now this was fun, she thought. This is what I live for. The wetness between Miss Tamala’s thighs was increasing. She pushed a little harder on the four toes remaining outside of Lynn’s mouth so that the toenails made a little indentation on Lynn’s cheek and again sat back for a moment to admire the contrast of her bronze brown foot on the white skin. It was at this point that Miss Tamala decided to give Lynn an ‘advanced test’ to see if she was worth keeping and spending the time to train the way she wanted her.

“Open your mouth as wide as you can,” Lynn heard the authoritative voice of Miss Tamala.

Without a second thought Lynn complied. Her whole body trembled at this order. Her right hand seemed to automatically descend to her own mound as she felt a new sensation between her legs. Her mouth opened and she stretched it obscenely as far open as she possibly could and the funny thing is she felt good about it. Oh yes, it felt evil . . . but good! Besides, she wanted Miss Tamala to be pleased with her

As soon as Lynn’s mouth was open wide Miss Tamala pushed all of her toes inside of Lynn’s mouth. “Close your mouth now.”

Again Lynn didn’t hesitate. She closed her mouth which was somewhat difficult because her lips were totally stretched from side to side. As she ran her tongue back and forth across all the toes the taste in her mouth was musky and a little salty. But for some reason she felt a tingle of pleasure because she was doing as she was told, doing as she been instructed.

Miss Tamala let this go on for a while longer, moving the foot that was in Lynn’s mouth from side to side, then up and down, totally enjoying her power over this white bitch. Every time she would move her foot up and down she would say “yes.” When she moved her foot from side to side, she would say “no.” It was as though she was teaching Lynn a new language, how she wanted her to speak. Without taking her foot out of Lynn’s mouth she reached down and took Lynn’s left hand which was free and placed it under her skirt, just high enough on her thigh where her crotch met the beginning of her thigh so that Lynn could feel the heat and moisture that was there and also the curly pubic hairs peeking out from underneath her panties and extending down on Miss Tamala’s upper thigh.

Lynn was breathing heavier now. She had her eyes fixed on Miss Tamala’s legs and was transfixed on her thighs. They were so powerful, Lynn thought to herself, and she had a sudden urge to touch Miss Tamala’s pubic hairs. Her brain was working on a different level now, like for some reason she was reaching a sexual high by being obedient. She just slightly let her white fingers feel the coarseness of the hairs at the junction where the thighs begin to meet Miss Tamala’s pussy. Now Lynn’s pussy was really getting wet as she felt the excitement building up in her own body. The unmistakable “woman” scent coming from underneath Miss Tamala’s skirt, of seeing herself twisting her fingers in and out of Miss Tamala’s black pubic hairs that were just sticking out from underneath the panties, the white hand against black skin, the coarseness of the hairs, was all taking its toll on Lynn. She began to run the fingers of the hand she had placed on her own mound harder until she could feel her own pussy lips responding to her touch.

“Open,” came Miss Tamala’s voice and Lynn’s mouth immediately opened. Miss Tamala slowly removed her foot from Lynn’s mouth. She kept her foot just above Lynn’s face.

“Close,” and Lynn responded by closing her mouth. Miss Tamala’s toes were covered with saliva from Lynn’s mouth. Without saying a word, she began to rub her toes on Lynn’s forehead, then pushed her big toe softly on Lynn’s eyes, first the left one and then the right one making her eye makeup streak somewhat. Her foot moved down until she rubbed first Lynn’s right cheek, then her left cheek. Everywhere her foot went it left wet traces of Lynn’s salvia until her face was soaked with her own spit.

All the while Lynn didn’t move an inch. She felt as though she was floating somewhere. The feel of the bare wet foot on her face , the toes she had just had in her mouth, the toes her tongue had just sucked on. Something in her brain kept repeating over and over again . . . “good, good . . . yes, yes . . . love, love . . . obedience, obedience.”

Miss Tamala reached underneath her skirt, took Lynn’s hand that had been so close to her pussy and led her fingers under her panties until Lynn’s first two fingers were about a half inch into Miss Tamala’s pussy. Miss Tamala moved Lynn’s fingers around until she was satisfied that Lynn had a good feel of her pussy and its heat and wetness. When she was sure that she had coated Lynn’s fingers abundantly with her pussy juices, she took Lynn’s hand out from underneath her skirt but still held on to her hand. She put the foot that had been rubbing Lynn’s face back on the floor and bend over so her own face was just about 5 inches from Lynn’s face.

Now she led Lynn’s own pussy juice soaked hand up to Lynn’s face and rubbed the fingers on Lynn’s lips. “Taste bitch,” she said to Lynn.

Lynn responded by tasting the juices offered to her. The taste was strong, musky and somewhat salty, all at the same time. But just the thought that she was actually tasting another woman’s pussy juice for the first time in her life sent her emotions into high gear. Now her own pussy was aching for relief. She never felt this way, she thought. She looked right into Miss Tamala’s eyes and saw the big smile on her face. “Oh good”, Lynn thought, she is finally pleasing Miss Tamala and this only added to her own excitement. “Miss Talama is happy with her. Miss Tamala is happy with her”, she kept thinking over and over again as she now hungrily lapped at the fingers.

Miss Tamala took her free hand and patted Lynn on the top of the head like you would pet a puppy for obeying. “Good girl, good girl,” she said. “I have a natural ability to judge character and I just knew I was right as far as you are concerned.”

“You will probably fit in here but you will need a lot of training,” Miss Tamala continued speaking to Lynn in a matter of fact tone of voice. Now go out to Ann. She will give you further instructions. When you get to your room tonight, I want you to think very carefully about this interview today. I am granting you the internship on the condition that your orientation goes well tomorrow. If for some reason, you decide not to return tomorrow for orientation I will submit an excellent evaluation to your college, if, and only if, nothing that took place in this room is ever spoken of again. Otherwise I will be forced to submit a negative evaluation to your college and you will not be able to do anything about it because this interview was videotaped. Now get out here. I will expect to see you tomorrow for orientation. Do not disappoint me!”

“Yes Miss Tamala,” Lynn said as she got up to leave. Miss Tamala smiled at Lynn’s reply. Somehow she was confident she would return tomorrow. Then she could enter the “capture”’ phase.

As Lynn left Miss Tamala’s office and entered the reception area, Ann was all smiles. Of course, the intercom had been left on and all that events that took place in Miss Tamala’s office, Ann had been privy to. She quickly got up from her desk and greeted Lynn.

“Oh, it’s wonderful, just wonderful,” Ann said to Lynn. “Miss Tamala just told me you did great in your interview.” Of course, Lynn had no way of knowing that Ann had been listening all the while.

“Thank you Ann,” Lynn said as she realized that her eye makeup had been ruined and her face was still wet with her own slobber. Her face began to redden with embarrassment when Ann came over to her, hugged her gently and kissed her on her lips.

“Don’t worry, we are like family here,” Ann said. And then she added, “among other things. Be here tomorrow at seven and I will go over some of Miss Tamala’s rules for orientation.”

Chapter II


When Lynn arrived back at her hotel room late that afternoon, she was still overwhelmed by the events that just took place at her interview. The first thing she did was remove her clothes and get in the shower. She didn't know it but the effects of the drug she had been given lingers for about 24 hours so her sexual senses were still at a high pitch but diminishing with the passing of time. The hot water felt good. She washed her hair, her face, her body and even opened her mouth, pointed her head up toward the shower head and let the water pour in as though she was trying to wash every bit of the taste of Miss Tamala out of her mind. But it wasn't working. She could still visualize Miss Tamala, hear her voice, and see how beautiful and strong she was, even now when she was alone in her room. The more she thought of Miss Tamala, the more she became aroused. She had left Miss Tamala's office still in a state of arousal so the wetness in her pussy was still there. The throbbing in her loins needed to be satisfied. She needed to have an orgasm and to get her sexual desires under control. Lynn let her hands drift down over her ample breasts, let her fingers touch her nipples and linger for a moment. Her nipples were still hard, harder than they have ever been she realized and wondered if they would ever return to normal again. But her own touch felt good on her nipples and she ran her hand down to her pussy. The thick brown pubic hair surrounding her pussy seemed to be even more sensitive, as if they were little electrical wires pulsating energy on their own. But when her fingers touched her pussy lips, the sensation made her whole body shutter. She was soaked with her own wetness, her juices were flowing abundantly. Never had Lynn felt this way, never!

She inserted her first finger into her pussy, then two fingers. She began moving her fingers in an inward and outward motion, first slowly and then faster and faster. She pinched her clit, rubbed it again and again until she felt a wave of emotion start at the top of her head and shoot rapidly downward, through her breasts and hard nipples, downward again through her stomach and finally reaching her pussy where her juices poured forth.

“Ahhhh....ahhhh....oooohhh,” her knees buckled as she bent over trying to catch her breath. Lynn was reaching an orgasm so intense, something she realized she had never felt before like this and all the while she had a mental picture of Miss Tamala in her mind, her face, the dark eyes that scared the hell out Lynn when they set their gaze on her. Miss Tamala's dark beauty and stern manner, the picture of her towering over her all contributed to bring Lynn to this electrifying climax. Lynn had sit completely down on the tile floor of the shower now and let the hot water pour over her as she came down from her sexual high and her breathing began to return to normal.

After Lynn finally got out of the shower and toweled herself dry, she sat on the edge of the bed. She was still somewhat light-headed, still in a state of release from her climax. She touched her nipples again and although they were softer now, they were still very sensitive. Lynn realized she was tired, so tired out from all that had transpired this day that she just felt the need to sleep. But she thought to herself, it was also a restful tired feeling, like something had clicked in her mind that brought her peace and now all she wanted was to reach the end of the day. Lynn fell asleep with a mental vision of Miss Tamala in her mind's eye.

Miss Tamala had Ann, or as she had renamed Ann long ago when she had achieved taking ownership of her, “piglet”, retrieve her car. This was part of piglet's duties at the end of each work day. When Miss Tamala was ready to call it a day, she would click on the intercom and say: “piglet, get the car, I am ready to go home.” Piglet would respectfully answer “Yes Ma'am,” and scurry out the door to the parking garage, drive the car around to the front entrance, run back to the office and prepare to close down for the evening. Piglet tried to time this task perfectly as Miss Tamala insisted she do. This part of her duties took exactly 15 minutes, including the time it took to get the office prepared for “close down” as this process was called. At the end of 15 minutes, piglet had better be standing in her “service position” which consisted of standing by the front office door leading to the hallway with her arms pressing against her sides, elbows tucked in and bent, so that her hands were pressed together between her breasts, and pointed upward just under her chin. She was also to have her mouth open. This gave piglet the appearance of praying for something while waiting for her Mistress, Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala always checked her wrist watch when she ordered piglet to get the car, at the instant she left her office, and the instant she walked into the reception area. If, for any reason at all piglet was late, she received a “demerit” for each second she was passed the time Miss Tamala had allotted for this task. When she had accumulated enough demerits, determined by Miss Tamala's system of accounting, she would be punished. The punishment was, as all things were, solely at the discretion of Miss Tamala.

Today was no different. Piglet had to run real fast when the order came to “get the car” because it was raining very hard outside and she was getting really wet trying to get to the parking garage. The parking garage was 2 blocks away and she was not allowed to take an umbrella or raincoat or anything that would slow her down and keep her from staying within her allotted time to fulfill her duty. Miss Tamala enjoyed watching her piglet trying to stay on schedule. She purposely made it very difficult for piglet to accomplish this task because just watching, which she often did by looking out the window where she had a panoramic view of the street and garage area, got her very excited and make her wet between the legs watching the stupid white bitch breaking her ass trying to please her Mistress and to avoid punishment. It was even more fun in the winter when there was snow and ice on the ground.

Miss Tamada recalled one time when piglet slipped on the wet snow and ice, got soaked and wet and dirty from the ground and got back 5 minutes beyond her 15 minute allotted time with both knees scraped and bleeding. As Miss Tamala entered the reception area that time, she bust out laughing at her piglet standing in her service position, dirty, wet and bleeding. She then walked over to piglet and slapped her so hard across the face that piglet's head snapped from right to left and left Miss Tamala's hand stinging from the blow. “You stupid brainless whore, you let a little snow and ice ruin my schedule. You don't get your reward. Go mark your demerits in the demerit book.”

“Yes Ma'am,” came piglet's sniveling reply. As piglet went over to get the demerit book out of the top drawer and write the number of demerits she “earned” this day, she was trying to remember the last time she got a reward instead of a slap in the face. When piglet did get her “close down” task done in the allotted time, which wasn't very often, Miss Tamala would walk over to where her piglet stood in the service position, stand within a few inches of piglet's opened mouth, and work up a good amount of salvia in her own mouth by slowly moving her lips in a circular manner. Miss Tamala liked to prolong this a bit by taking her time so as to let piglet anticipate what was coming and, more importantly, the volume that was coming. Then Miss Tamala would put her beautiful red lips even closer and with a loud spitting sound, discharge her salvia into the piglet's mouth. Piglet remained in this position until she was told to swallow. This depended on the mood Miss Tamala was in. Sometimes the swallow order would come immediately and other times Miss Tamala would just let her piglet stand there with her spit filled mouth for a few minutes, especially if she had transferred a large volume of salvia to piglet's mouth. If Miss Tamala was in an especially sexy mood, she would order piglet to “swish” the large volume of spit around in her mouth so she could better appreciate the favor. Miss Tamala taught piglet that she should always consider this a “reward” when she fulfilled her duties successfully or otherwise made her Mistress happy because she was getting a rare opportunity to “taste the very essence” of her Mistress.

“I'm ready to leave piglet,” Miss Tamala said.

“Yes Ma'am,” came piglet's reply as she moved quickly to pick up Miss Tamala's briefcase, purse, and any thing else that Miss Tamala might be taking with her. Miss Tamala never carried anything when she was accompanied by one of her “properties”. As “owner” of these “properties” she was above these menial tasks. Of course piglet always opened and closed all doors for her Mistress. When they were finally in the car, piglet sat in the back seat and was careful not to let her back touch the seat. Miss Tamala had taught her that she was to sit erect and be very careful to keep her posture perfect when in the presence of her Mistress. Piglet then put on a pair of earphones that were always there for her and assume the service position. When she had the earphones on and the pre-recorded tape began to play, she was to keep her eyes closed so she could concentrate on her “continuing education” as Miss Tamala liked to call it.

This continuing education procedure was the brain child of Dr. Mary Mercy. Along with a program of drug therapy, Dr. Mercy devised this system of recorded subliminal messages buried in soft relaxing music, that over a period of time would completely altar the brain's ability to make choices and would become solely depend on receiving instructions in order to complete even the most menial task.

Piglet was Dr. Mercy's “first project.” Often Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mercy would discuss the piglet's progress and plan other ways to use piglet for their benefit, entertainment, and experiments. Much of this entertainment and experiments were videotaped and they would view the ridiculous and obscene tasks they would put piglet through. This was so much fun for Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary Mercy that they would just sit and laugh, totally enjoying themselves. Very often during these times they would both become so sexually aroused by the power they had over this white bitch, by the thought of the transformation that was taking place in a once “normal girl” that they would end up in bed making love to each other that was very satisfying and left them exhausted in each others arms.

As the piglet was in the back seat, hands pressed together in a prayer position under her chin, sitting erect with her ear phones on, subliminal messages doing their job of slowly but continually re-programming her brain, Miss Tamala was pulling into her driveway. This was the home, or “love nest” as she and Dr. Mercy were fond of calling it, they had bought together. It was on the outskirts of the city on 5 acres of land. This afforded them privacy and gave them the freedom they craved to totally enjoy their “acquisitions”.

It was a two story brick house with a two car garage, had a deck, swimming pool, and patio. The acre of land surrounding the house was beautifully landscaped but they had left the other 4 acres wooded to further insure their privacy. It also had a basement which housed Dr. Mercy's laboratory and piglet's living quarters.

As Miss Tamala pulled the car to a stop in front of the garage, she reached over to the passenger's side of the front seat and picked up a “flogger” that she always kept on the front passenger side of the car seat. She had many “educational instruments” as she used to call them, most of which were custom made for her. This particular one was 2 foot long, had a very stiff leather handle and a fly swatter type head on the other end. The head was also made of leather and had the initials “T.B.” in raised letters engraved on it. Miss Tamala also had names for all her educational instruments. This one was called “kisser.” Since piglet was never allowed to have her eyes open when she was undergoing her “continuing education” Miss Tamala had to have a way to get her attention when she had a use for her.

“Craaacckkk,” Miss Tamala had reached around and hit piglet sharply on the side of her face with “kisser”. She always loved the “splat” sound of the leather flogger head striking piglets face so she always tried to swing hard. If her swing was hard enough, and most of the time it was, it left the raised initials “T.B.” in red welts on piglet's face. aThe loud “swat” of leather striking piglet's head, the fact that Miss Tamala had the power to inflict this pain and humiliation on this white bitch always gave her a sexual rush and many times she could feel her pussy getting wet almost immediately.

“Yes, Ma'am,” piglet's eyes immediately opened.

“We are home,” Miss Tamala announced as the car stopped. Immediately piglet removed her earphones, opened her door, put her shoes back on and ran around the car to open Miss Tamala's door. As soon as Miss Tamala was out of the car, piglet picked up her briefcase and purse and ran up to the front door of the house to open that door for her also.

“Go prepare dinner, Miss Mary will be home soon and I expect everything to be ready for us,” Miss Tamala ordered her piglet.

“Yes, Ma'am,” and piglet moved rapidly toward the kitchen as Miss Tamala prepared herself a cocktail and went into the living room to relax while dinner was being prepared.

As piglet went into the kitchen, the first thing she looked for was the menu that Miss Tamala would have waiting for her on the counter top. The menu would feature what Miss Tamala and Miss Mary would be having for dinner that evening. This evening it was a salad, New York strip steak and a rice medley served under candlelight. Then she would take her sack “working dress” off and get into her “dinner serving attire” which was nothing more then a transparent soft vinyl apron that tied around her neck, went down the front of her body and tied again around the waist. The length of the apron stopped at the area where her thighs and crotch met. Of course, piglet was never allowed to wear panties or a bra so her pussy was always exposed for her Mistress's inspection and use. The front of the bib area of the apron was cut out in small circles in the front to expose her nipples and was completely bare in the back so that her ass was always visible. Miss Tamala had pierced each of piglet's nipples a long time ago, and she had use for these pierced nipples in numerous ways.

When piglet was to prepare dinner, she was required to insert a silver ring into each nipple. The rings were four inches in diameter. Miss Tamala had rings in all different sizes that she would insert in piglet's nipples for different functions. When piglet had prepared dinner and she was ready to serve it, she would go to a drawer and retrieve two fine linen napkins. One napkin had the initials “T.B.” and the other had the initials “M.M.” embroidered on them. She would fold the napkins very carefully so the initials were facing outward and could be clearly visible to either of her Mistress's. She would then insert one end of the napkin through a nipple ring, tie a knot at the very top of that end and let the rest of the napkin hang down, initials outward and ready for use. If, while Miss Tamala or Miss Mary were enjoying their dinner they had a need to use their napkins, they would simply call the piglet over to them by raising their finger in a “come here” signal. Piglet would immediately go to the Mistress who had summoned her, bend over so as not to cause Mistress any discomfort by requiring her to stretch and Mistress would use the napkin attached to the nipple ring to wipe her mouth. Of course, this always seemed to require a lot of “tugging and pulling” on piglets tits, especially when her Mistress's were wiping their hands, and piglet would end up with tears in her eyes by the time dinner was completed.

On one dinner occasion, the tugging and pulling caused piglet's tits to be extremely sore. So much so that piglet was grimacing and tears were flowing freely each time one of the Mistresses's had use for her in this manner. But then Miss Tamala explained to piglet that she should be “happy” that they were making “good” use of her. Of course, Dr. Mercy had explained to Miss Tamala that she should always pull on the napkin as hard as she could so that would have the effect of stretching and elongating piglet's nipples. Thus they could find other uses for her tits and nipples when they were stretched long enough.

With this done, piglet got to work preparing dinner for Miss Tamala and Miss Mercy. Of course, she also had an allotted time in which to complete this task or receive more demerits.

Author's Note: Please, you should be of legal age in your State to read this. While freedom of the mind to think is a wonderful thing, you should have the capacity to distinguish reality from fantasy. While much of my writing is based on "life experiences," it is also embellished with a lot of fantasy. Thank you and enjoy!)


Chapter III---Tamala Barker and Dr. Mary Mercy

Tamala heard Mary's car pull up in the driveway and went to the front door to greet her as she arrived home. As Mary came in the door, Miss Tamala was waiting there with a wide grin on her face.

"You look good enough to eat Doctor," said Tamala in somewhat excited voice.

"Oh, oh," replied Mary, "every time you call me doctor we end up fucking each other silly." Mary laughed as she said this and Tamala came over to her, embraced her by wrapping her arms around Mary's back and then let her hands slide slowly down until they reached her ass where she gave Mary a little squeeze on each of her ass cheeks. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, tongues searching each other out . . . "I love you baby," Tamala said to Mary.

"I love you too lady," Mary replied.

Doctor Mary Mercy was 42 years old, just a few years older than Tamala Barker. She was about the same height as Tamala but that is where the similarities stopped. While Tamala had a somewhat muscular feminine built, Dr. Mary had a tapered frame, with broad shoulders sloping down at a sharp angle to a small waist and then flared back out to broad hips. Her breasts were very large without a bit of sag in them and coupled with the small waist were an immediate attention getter. But her most prominent feature was her ass. While it matched her hips perfectly, it was solid as a rock. She wore her straight jet black hair a little longer than Tamala's. It was thick, parted a little left of center and fell to her shoulders. Her hair was always neatly combed and always had a bright sheen to it. She had very beautiful facial features that were always perfectly made up. Her legs completed and complimented her body frame. They were not as muscular as Tamala's but seemed to be longer. The first word that would come to your mind in describing Dr. Mary would be "disciplinarian." Her skin color was darker than Tamala's. Her breasts strained against the two-piece white medical suits she seemed to constantly wear. The jacket part of her suit was always cut low enough to show a generous portion of rich brown cleavage. She alternated the bottom part of the two piece suits between skirts and slacks. When she wore skirts they were short enough to draw attention to her long legs. When she wore slacks or some sort of pants, they were deliciously tight enough to clearly show her panty outline on a solid ass. This day, as most working days, she had on her tight white slacks and white medical issue shoes. Most of the time she wore very small eye glasses with frames that were outlined in thin gold. Although she could get along fine without glasses, she liked to wear them because the glasses gave her the appearance of being a very refined, highly educated person. If you were meeting Dr. Mary Mercy for the first time, the impression you would get would be one of a proud, confident, and very authoritative African American woman. She had a private medical practice and specialized in psychiatry even though she was also deeply interested in the medical part of her training. But psychiatry was her first love. She found it very satisfying to be able to delve into someone's mind, to find out "what they are all about" as she was fond of saying.

After many years of research and personal experiences, Dr. Mary was a firm believer that there were two very distinctive personalities and traits that could be found in just about every person. Each person, her theory went, possessed either a "dominant" or "submissive" nature. Long ago Dr. Mary discovered that she had the unique psychiatric ability to be capable of separating the dominant from the submissive. By using this ability, along with chemicals she was experimenting with, she could altar the way a person's brain controlled their thought processes. The subliminal messages that Dr. Mary recorded in her laboratory by mixing special music with suggestive commands also assisted her to completely change and then control her patients or more appropriately in this case, her "project."

When Tamala Barker was going through her divorce and was somewhat depressed, she came to Dr. Mary Mercy for help. It wasn't long before Dr. Mary determined that Tamala really had a very dominant nature. She was attracted to Tamala from the very first meeting and in a short period of time she had not only extracted Tamala from whatever depression she felt but taught her how to be a very confident, self reliant, and dominant woman. During Tamala's therapy sessions, Dr. Mary discovered that like herself, Tamala also had a somewhat sadistic trait to her personality that brought her extensive sexual gratification when she knew how to put her "assets", as Dr. Mary called them, to work.

Dr. Mary was also a confirmed lesbian. She believed that women were far superior to men and could control any man when and if they knew how. She used to tell Tamala all the time "men have given up riches, kingdoms, and even their lives for the power of a pussy." Dr. Mary also possessed a very dominant personality and discovered long ago that her deep sexual satisfaction came from using her dominant natural instinct to manipulate and overpower those with submissive personalities that she had taken a liking too. She also believed that black women possessed a special mystique to white women. She had another theory that things came easy to white women while black women had to struggle for everything they obtained. This fact by itself, instilled a toughness and self reliance in a black woman that a white woman could not hope to understand. She also told Tamala that there was "nothing more beautiful then seeing a white female head between the dark thighs of a black woman."

Over time, Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala became not only best friends and lovers, but also shared their dominant and sexual desires in a "partnership" that was in its tenth year. This house they had bought together was where they "let their hair down", another term of Dr. Mary's. This is where they first brought Ann or "piglet" for her training and "transformation." Dr. Mary had a fully equipped laboratory and medical facility in the basement where she conducted her research and experiments. Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had built Ann's "living quarters" in the same area of the basement. They enjoyed and received so much sexual satisfaction out of their first "project" Ann, that they were now wanted to add a second "project." And Lynn Langley was their joint selection.

"How did the interview go today," Mary said to Tamala.

"Wanna see?" answered Tamala.

"You bet baby," Mary said with a big smile on her face. "But it looks from the expression on your face that it went well."

"Ha, ha, ha," laughed Tamala, "I believe this mother fucking white bitch will be ours." Tamala and Dr. Mary liked to use derogatory words when describing their "projects." The use of these derogatory words served two purposes. First, it gave them a sexual rush speaking freely and loudly words that society condemned. Second, when used on their slaves, it enforced their superiority and diminished a slave's self-confidence and self-esteem.

"Good, good . . . I am very pleased," Mary said as she sat on the sofa waiting as Tamala walked over to the VCR and put in the video tape of Lynn's interview. This was also the first time Tamala was viewing the tape since its recording.

Once the video started to play, Tamala sat on the couch next to Mary. They sat very close so their thighs were touching and they could feel the heat from each others body. They watched the video of Lynn sitting in the little chair, watched as Miss Tamala using the techniques that Dr. Mary had taught her, brushed her skirt on Lynn's face and hair always making her presence known and felt, and ending with first, Tamala's big toe in Lynn's mouth, then all five toes, then the shaking of Lynn's head up and down, then back and forth by using her foot in Lynn's mouth.

Dr. Mary started to critique the video utilizing her psychiatric knowledge: "See Tamala, see how the white bitch is reacting to your stern demeanor . . . see how the fucking whore is reacting to your scent when you get close to her. That's the chemical working . . . ha, ha,... our little favor pellet, it heightens the sense of smell and taste in her brain and equates that particular scent or taste to a sexual desire . . . now look," Dr. Mary continued her critique, "see how she reacts to the scent of your foot . . . ha, ha, ... look how the pig loves the taste of your toes . . . ha, ha, ha . . . oh you little devil," Dr Mary said as she looked into Tamala's eyes. "Look . . . you are giving her a taste of your juices on her own fingers . . . great!"

It was obvious Dr. Mary was enjoying the success her protégé, Tamala, was having with Lynn. And Dr. Mary was feeling the wetness building up in her vagina. She was enjoying this and it always initiated her sexual arousal when she could use her psychiatric knowledge of human emotions to overwhelm another's mind.

Seeing Dr. Mary's excited smile, seeing how she was enjoying herself and getting a sexual rush from watching the video was also making Tamala moist and she could feel the first stirrings of sexual arousal in her loins. She reached over and kissed Dr. Mary on the face, just a light peck on the cheek.

"Well doctor, does it look like this slut will make a good candidate for another acquisition?" Tamala asked.

"Oh yes, yes, yes...she has a very submissive nature and personality. That much is very clear. Somewhere in her psyche is buried a feeling of inferiority. And that, my dear, is what we are going to uncover and take advantage of. My chemicals took effect on the little bastard rapidly," Dr. Mary answered. As she felt Tamala's kiss on her cheek she turned and kissed Tamala back on the lips.

"She wouldn't have responded to the drug that fast if she was even a little dominant," Dr. Mary continued. "And that was only a mild first stage chemical. Just wait until we really get her on the progressive stage drugs. And then on the "educational" tapes," Dr. Mary was really getting horny now and her sexual desires were building as she explained the plans she had for Lynn. "Replay the tape again, lady," she said to Tamala. Dr. Mary liked to call Tamala "lady" because she always told her how beautiful, feminine and strong she was and she reminded her of a gracious lady.

Tamala went over and reset the tape, pushed play and returned to the sofa to sit beside her lover and partner.

"She is very pretty, isn't she," Dr. Mary said as she was looking more closely at Lynn on the second viewing of the interview tape. "Maybe even a little prettier than the piglet. She has nice features, excellent complexion, and a good lips and mouth, but of course, we will have to make some alterations. Oh, oh, Tamala, I am really excited about this one. We are going to have a lot of fun with this little white bitch. By the time we get through with her she will be a babbling idiot kneeling at your feet, ready to kiss your ass ... ha, ha," she laughed.

As the video ended for the second time, Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala were locked in each other's arms. Mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, hands roaming, touching, feeling each other ... the thoughts of completely taking over the life of Lynn Langley stimulating their sexual desire for each other.

"Doctor Mary Mercy, I love you," Tamala said as Dr. Mary was beginning to unbutton Tamala's blouse. As the last button gave way, the opened blouse exposed Tamala's black bra that was straining against her ample breasts. Dr. Mary loved these breasts and couldn't wait to get her hands on them, to squeeze them, to suck on them.

Tamala took Dr. Mary's hands in her own hands. "Wait darling, I had the piglet make a special dinner for you tonight. Then we have to discuss our plans for Miss Langley's orientation tomorrow, if, that is, if she comes back for orientation," Tamala said as she was rebuttoning her blouse.

"What do you mean if she comes back?" Dr. Mary replied.

"Well I gave her the choice. I left it up to her. She knows that she can have the internship if she wants it, or she can just decide not to take it. I told her if she decided against it I would give her an excellent evaluation that should go a long way toward earning her law degree," Tamala said.

"Tamala my dear," Dr. Mary said as though she was lecturing her protégé, "you know she will be back, ha, ha, . . . you know that little bitch got a taste of your pussy juices. Sometimes I think you are getting as devious as me, ha, ha," she ended up laughing. "But you are right, it is better to let her think about it for a while. Let the little white bitch make her own decision using her own free will while she has it. It is always more fun that way," Dr. Mary continued in a somewhat more serious tone of voice.

Just then piglet appeared in the doorway to the living room. She was standing in her service position, elbows tucked close to her side, arms bent at the elbows, hands in the prayer position between her breasts and under her chin. Then she bowed down making sure her head was on an even plane with her waist as she was taught during her training period. Piglet stood there for a moment in silence. She looked so cute standing there with the fine initialed napkins hanging from the rings in her nipples before these two beautiful black women.

"You may speak," Miss Talama told her.

"Mistress Tamala, Mistress Mary, your dinner is served," she said.

"Pay your respects to the good doctor," Miss Tamala said to the piglet.

"Yes, ma'am," came piglet's reply as she walked over to Dr. Mary, knelt down in front of where she was sitting, and began to roll up the cuffs on Dr. Mary's slacks. She was trained to roll the cuffs just 2 inches above Dr. Mary's ankle and had to make sure the fold was even all the way around both legs. Dr. Mary's feet were bare inside of her shoes. Piglet then lowered her head and began to lick all around Dr. Mary's white medical issue slipper, where the dark skin met the material of the slipper below the ankle. Then she moved her head forward and licked the toe area of the slipper.

"Remove my slippers piglet," she heard Dr. Mary's voice above her. "I have had a busy day today, lots of patients and my feet are sore and sweaty."

"Yes Ma'am," came piglet's reply as she began to untie Dr. Mary's slippers. When she had taken both slippers off she waited to be told what to do next. Piglet never did anything on her own. Her mind had been conditioned during her training period to believe that she was too dumb to make any decision using her own free will. She was conditioned to follow the orders of her Mistresses only. And when an order came she reacted immediately without question no matter what that order entailed.

"Clean my feet pig," the authoritative voice of Dr. Mary boomed out above her. "And be sure to clean between my toes."

Piglet didn't hesitate for one moment. She bent her head down, and using her tongue she began to lick and clean. She ran her tongue as far under Dr. Mary's highly polished toenails as she could to be sure to remove any dirt or sweat that might have accumulated there, then between the toes and along the ridges where Dr. Mary's toes connected to the ball of her foot. The sight of Dr. Mary's foot, the dark skin on top of the toes and how it changed to a lighter color under the toes, the scent that Dr. Mary's feet gave off especially after walking in slippers all day, the taste of the sweet salty sweat, the fact that she was being obedient, that she was bringing pleasure to her Mistress, these were all triggers that Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had implanted in piglets brain during her training period. Now and whenever she had the "honor" of performing these tasks her mind transferred the sense of smell, of taste, of obedience to the part of her brain that controlled her sexual functions. This always stimulated piglet's sexual desires. The nipples on her breasts hardened and moisture built up rapidly in her vagina. She always felt she could have an orgasm right on the spot without so much as touching herself. But that was not allowed! Piglet's trainers even controlled that part of her bodily functions. Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala knew that piglet performed the tasks she was given better if she was kept at a sexual peak and so she was very seldom ever permitted the release of an orgasm.

The two beautiful black women sat closely side by side on the sofa looking down at their "project." The sight of this white woman lapping at Dr. Mary's feet as though it was the most normal thing in the world to do, the fact that they had been successful in training her to be nothing more than a slave and knowing for certain they had complete control of her mind, body and soul was what they both lived for. This was fun and sexy all in one and they both took great pleasure in it.

Miss Tamala looked into Dr. Mary's eyes. Dr. Mary had a big smile on her face and when she turned to look at Miss Tamala she saw that Miss Tamala was also smiling. They reached for each other's lips as though they were on automatic pilot. It was a very passionate embrace of two people with the same thoughts, the same desires, and a strong need to be together.

Miss Tamala broke the embrace first. "Shall we dine darling," she said to Dr. Mary.

"Yes, I am starving," answered Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary pulled the foot that piglet was sucking away at from her mouth, and then placed her foot flat on piglet's face so it covered the area from her mouth to her forehead. She let it linger for just a moment to enjoy the contrast of the black skin of her foot against the whiteness of piglet's face and then, without a second thought, pushed piglet's face away so hard that the poor thing landed flat on it's back.

They both had a good laugh at watching piglet go sprawling backwards. Piglet lifted her head to look at her Mistresses. But she didn't move from where Dr. Mary had pushed her. She was worried that somehow she didn't do a good enough job in cleaning Dr. Mary's feet and this would add to her demerits. But she wouldn't dare move anyway. Her mind was no longer capable of making its own decisions. She had been trained to only be able to function with instructions or orders from one or the other of her owners.

It was Mistress Tamala that got up from the sofa first. She walked over to a lamp table beside the sofa, opened the drawer in the table and reached in to retrieve an instrument that was two feet long. It was a rod that had an egg shaped bulb on one side and a battery pack box on the other. Then she walked over to piglet.

"Get up," she said in a very stern voice. "We are ready to dine."

"Yes ma'am," piglet replied as she got up from the floor.

"Lead the way," Mistress Tamala ordered piglet.

"Yes ma'am," came the obedient reply.

Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary followed about a foot behind piglet as she resumed her service position and went toward the dining room. Just as they were about to enter the dining room, Miss Tamala said, "Stop!"

Piglet immediately responded by stopping in her tracks.

"Take your hands and spread your ass cheeks," came the next order from Mistress Tamala. Again piglet responded to this directive by removing her hands from under her chin, reached around and grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and spread them apart as far as she could.

Mistress Tamala placed the bulb shaped end of the rod at the entrance of piglet's ass hole, and then pushed it in until the bulb was no longer visible. Dr. Mary sensed what Mistress Tamala was about to do. She put her arm around Mistress Tamala's waist and gave her a tight hug. They both looked at each other. They both had an excited smile on their faces. Mistress Tamala placed her lips on Dr. Mary's lips and they shared a passionate kiss. When their lips parted Dr. Mary looked into Mistress's Tamala's eyes.

"This is for you, darling," Mistress Tamala said to Dr. Mary. Her thumb pushed the button on the battery pack just as she finished speaking.

"Zzzaaappp . . . zzzaaappp . . ." the sound of two immediate jolts of electricity, about a half a second apart, went from the battery pack to the bulb part of the rod. Piglet's body reacted immediately going rigid. The current ran through her ass hole, down her legs and up to her head in a split second. The nipples on her breasts sprung outward in a hardened position, the fine linen napkins in the nipple rings swayed back and forth, and the pupils in her eyes were twice the normal size for just a second. She automatically jumped forward about a foot. Dr. Mary had invented this instrument and had calibrated it to perfection. The first jolt was totally absorbed by piglet's body. The second jolt served to draw the egg shaped bulb end from her ass hole so there was no lasting damage.

"Ha, ha, ha . . . did you see the little fucker jump?" Dr. Mary said. "How much did you give her?"

"Only six volts," Mistress Tamala answered. "Did you enjoy it darling?"

"Oh yes, yes . . . that was nice, Thank you lady," answered Dr. Mary. "I am so glad we met. It is really fun having someone to share with."

It only took a minute for piglet to recover. But it had a lasting effect on her nipples. They remained hard for quite some time after one of these episodes. This worried her a little because she knew her Mistresses would soon be having dinner and that would require them to use their napkins. With her nipples this hard, she knew it would be more painful than ever. Then she heard the order to get moving again and she led the way into the dining room. Deep down inside she just hoped that her two beautiful Mistresses enjoyed the dinner she had been taught to make during her training period.

Chapter IV—Piglet Serves Dinner and Prepares for Reflection

Piglet could always tell from the demeanor of her Mistresses what kind of mood they were in. Tonight she could tell their sexual desires were at a peak for each other and she knew she had better not do anything to get them upset. She also knew when they were in this state of mind they were more likely to intensify her tasks.

As they entered the dining room, the glow from the candles burning on the table showed a perfectly set table. Mistress Tamala would always inspect the table before they sat down to see if piglet had completed this task correctly. Dr. Mary knew the routine so she just observed as Mistress Tamala went to a kitchen cabinet drawer and retrieved a tape ruler. Then she went over to the table and began to measure, reading her findings out loud: "fork is one half inch from knife on left hand side of plate; spoon is three quarters inch from plate on right hand side; wine glass is one inch above plate on 30 degree angle; cup is on saucer and perfectly lined up with wine glass."

This process was part of piglet's training. She had to be trained to obey every command she was given automatically and more importantly, perfectly. Then she would become almost like a robot without the ability to think or reason for herself. The more difficult the task she was given, the harder she would work to please her Mistresses. And the harder she worked, the more a sense of fear built up in her mind that she was too stupid to do anything correctly on her own. The end result of this regimen would be her total and complete reliance on her Mistresses for even the simplest things.

Piglet stood in her "service position" exactly two feet back from the table edge, and exactly the same distance from the sides of the square dining room table so as to not offend either of her Mistresses by being closer to one than the other just as her training had taught her. As she was listening to the very authoritative voice of Mistress Tamala, she began to tremble. Her hands in the prayer position under her chin began to sweat. Each measurement that rang out from Mistress Tamala's mouth made her tremble even more. Once again she was afraid she hadn't completed the task she was given correctly. She kept hearing a voice in her mind saying, "dumb bitch, can't do anything right . . . "stupid whore, your not good for anything." These were comments she had heard repeatedly during her training period from one of her Mistresses or the other. They had been ingrained deeply in her thought processes.

Mistress Tamala let the tape ruler snap back in place as she walked over to the cabinet. The cabinet was located behind piglet and Miss Tamala disappeared from piglet's view. Piglet heard the cabinet drawer open.

"Bang," Miss Tamala slammed the drawer shut purposely and piglet jumped, her heart rate increasing to a rapid pace. Miss Tamala walked very slowly back in front of piglet and stopped when she was only about 12 inches away from her. She was face to face with her slave and her beautiful black eyes looked right into piglet's eyes. Piglet was sure she had not completed her task correctly and that would mean more demerits or even worst, a hard slap to the face. The look in Mistress Tamala's eyes frightened her even more if that was possible. She lowered her eyes but held her service position.

Mistress Tamala reached down and rested her hand on piglet's mound, then let her hand slowly drop down and over her hard pubic bone until her fingers reached the outer lips of her vagina. Piglets outer vagina lips had been stretched purposely by Dr. Mary using a medical procedure that was specifically designed for that purpose. Her outer vagina lips distended downward about an inch so they were always clearly visible to her Mistresses and they were a great deal more sensitive in this state. Mistress Tamala let two of her fingers rub the outer folds of piglet's enlarged vagina lips. Slowly, back and forth her fingers worked on the vagina lips until she could feel the wetness begin to build up.

"Look into my eyes bitch," Miss Tamala said suddenly and in a loud voice.

"Yes ma'am," and piglet raised her head, her eyes fixed on Mistress Tamala's frightening eyes.

"You never take your fucking eyes off me unless I tell you to," Mistress Tamala yelled at piglet. As she yelled at piglet she started to tease her vagina by inserting her finger inside the now moist inner vagina lips. She was working her finger slowly at first, then faster, then slow again, then faster . . .

"Yes ma'am," piglet replied as she felt her sexual emotions start to stir again. Tiny tremors ran through her body, she could feel little stabs of tingling bliss shooting down her arms and legs and as the pulsating sexual sensations increased in intensity her knees were buckling a little. She was having a hard time remaining in her service position. Her breathing was quicker now and when she exhaled her mouth sagged a bit, then inhaled and sucked in her breath deeply causing her stomach to pull inward. She was getting very close and she wasn't sure if she should ask permission...maybe even beg...or something . . . her mind was saying "no, she wasn't told to speak, but her body was telling her "yes"...

Dr. Mary was leaning against the cabinet watching her protégé at work. "Damn she is getting good," Dr. Mary thought. "To think Tamala was a depressed ex-wife ten years ago. Look at her now, she is becoming insatiable," she continued thinking as she was getting more and more aroused watching Tamala put piglet through her paces.

Dr. Mary was Tamala's mentor and this role came natural to her. Exploring a person's mind, shaping it, and the realization that she had the ability and power to achieve this, especially when it involved sexual emotions and desires gave her a sexual high. Tamala was more the "implementer" and this role seemed to come just as natural to her. It wasn't planned this way; rather it was one's instincts or one's sexual orientation that came to the surface in a free and unprejudiced environment. This is what attracted Dr. Mary to Tamala when initially, during Tamala's depressed therapy sessions, Dr. Mary discovered that Tamala's sexual orientation leaned toward domination and even a streak of sadism.

Mistress Tamala inserted two fingers in piglet's vagina opening now, twisting and turning, bringing her one finger up to just frivolously and ever so lightly rub against her clit, then slowly in and out, shallow and a little deeper, faster, then slowly again, . . . and the juices were flowing down the inside of piglet's thighs. Piglet's facial features were distorted, she was beginning to gasp for air, even her body was beginning to sink a little and Mistress Tamala knew she wanted to cum . . . needed to reach an orgasm more than anything else in the world. Suddenly and without warning, Mistress Tamala caught piglet's clit between her finger and her thumb and squeezed very hard.

"Aaaahhhhhh . . .aaaahhhhh . . .ooooohhhhh," came the involuntary agonizing noise from piglet's mouth. She knew she should remain quiet but the pain was excruciating, almost unbearable as she looked into excited beautiful black eyes and saw the sadistic smile on her Mistress's face as she squeezed her thumb and finger harder and harder until piglet's clit was just about mashed between her finger and her thumb. Suddenly Mistress Tamala removed her fingers.

Tears flowed freely down the cheeks of piglet's face. She needed release so bad . . . so bad...she kept thinking. Her nipples were so hard, so hard she thought they would burst...release, climax, cum...her thought processes were spinning almost out of control. Finally she lowered her head down . . . defeated, unsatisfied, and frustrated. She knew she would be punished for lowering her head without permission but her head almost dropped of its own accord and she didn't have the strength to fight it any longer. Instead she felt Mistress Tamala's dry hand under her chin raising her head once more. Miss Tamala cupped piglet's chin tightly with her hand, moved her face to within a couple of inches of piglet's face, and stared deeply into her tear filled eyes. Then she brought the hand that was soaked with piglet's own vaginal juices up to piglet's mouth.

"Open," Miss Tamala said in a very sultry, soft, and low voice almost as though she was showing compassion for the broken down girl. Miss Tamala's face was so close piglet could feel her warm breath on her face when she said "open." Then Miss Tamala put the vaginal nectar soaked fingers in piglet's mouth, softly twisted them around, over her teeth, on her tongue and back and forth.

"Your Mistresses with be seated for dinner now little slut," Miss Tamala said again to piglet in the same sultry and sexy voice.

Piglet looked at her Mistress through tear filled eyes, looked at the wonderful smile on her face, thought how beautiful she was, how superior and wise she was, how fortunate she herself was to just be in the presence of this all knowing beautiful black woman. Deep in her heart she knew her Mistress knew what was best for her. Wasn't that what Mistress Tamala and Mistress Mary had told her over and over again? Besides her mind was telling her ... "your too dumb, too stupid, too much of a slut to do anything without Mistress Tamala's supervision and direction."

"Yes ma'am," piglet answered in a very submissive tone of voice. She moved over to pull the chair out from the dining room table where Mistress Tamala would be seated. Then she bent down to kiss the seat of the chair where Mistress Tamala's ass would touch the seat.

The kissing of the chair was a symbolic show of respect for her Mistress and was the result of a training program that Dr. Mary had implemented called "demonstrations of worship." Piglet believed with all her heart that Mistress Tamala was born to be worshipped and there were many times when all Mistress Tamala would have to say was: "demonstrate your respect," and piglet would kneel down and kiss her ass wherever they happened to be.

Piglet then went to the other end of the table to go through the same procedure of respect and worship for Mistress Dr. Mary. After both of her Mistresses were seated, she went to her "designated spot" again and assumed her service position.

"You may now serve dinner pig," Mistress Tamala told her.

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet.

During dinner Mistress Tamala and Mistress Mary discussed their plans for at least the present, Miss Lynn Langley, when she returned for her orientation. They discussed the fact that Lynn was a good candidate for the internship. She didn't have any strong family connections; was very pretty, so much so that she had several offers for modeling from some very highly respected modeling agencies but had decided on a career in law; she was a straight 'A' student throughout high school and college; and as a 'side benefit' she had a large trust fund, something they would have to keep in mind. They were much energized just thinking about this new challenge and how much fun it would be to bring this 'high flying white bitch to her knees.'

"Give the bitch the 'stage two favor pellet' tomorrow morning," said Dr. Mary. "This drug has a chemical mixture that has a stronger aphrodisiac than the 'stage one pellet' and will stimulate her sexual arousal much faster than yesterday. It also contains something to heighten her sense of smell and taste. All of your womanly scents will be a fragrance that her mind will automatically relate to sex and act as a sex stimulant. Try to get your ass as close to her face as possible. This scent will also have a sexual connection for her," Dr. Mary continued. "It's like rewiring her brain. The chemicals are harmless and will dissipate. They are only used to assist us to lower her natural instincts but in the final analysis, it will be up to us to bring out her ingrained submissiveness, to lower her self esteem and self worth, to make her fear and love us more then anything else in the world, and then to educate and mold her into what we want her to be," Dr. Mary was explaining to Tamala in her doctorial tone of voice.

"I think I can handle that doctor," Mistress Tamala answered. "This is going to be fun. I am getting excited just thinking about it."

"Oh, I know you can handle it you beautiful sadistic lady," said Dr. Mary jokingly. "Call me around noon and keep me informed of your progress. I may be able to come to your office to give her a physical."

Ha, ha, ha," Mistress Tamala laughed. "I can't wait to see that!"

While this dinner conversation was going on between her two Mistresses, piglet stood in her service position and only moved when summoned by one of her Mistresses to refill a wine glass or when they had use of a napkin fastened to the rings in the nipples of her breasts.

Mistress Tamala was the first one to get up from the dinner table. She walked over and picked up Dr. Mary's plate, brought it around the table to her plate and scraped the leftovers all on a single plate. There were pieces of fat and bristle from the New York strip steak; some left over salad, Mistress Tamala's had French dressing, Dr. Mary's had Italian dressing; and a little of the rice medley. Miss Tamala mixed it all together in one pile on the plate.

"Bring me the garbage shit head," Mistress Tamala said to piglet, her voice now back to the authoritative tone.

"Yes ma'am," snapped piglet in response to the voice tone change.

The changes in Mistress Tamala's voice pitch had a roller coaster effect on piglet's emotions. When she spoke in an authoritative and loud tone piglet's emotions soared and fear built up in her mind rapidly and it was easy to see the fear in her facial expression. Then came the soft and sultry tone and it brought her down almost like air being left slowly out an inner tube and left a confused expression on her face. Mistress Tamala had become an expert in applying this taunting and she loved to keep piglet on edge not knowing what to expect. This taunting always brought a rapid wetness between Mistress Tamala's legs so intense that in a few instances it would bring her to the brink of an orgasm.

Piglet was not allowed to discard any garbage of any kind without Mistress Tamala inspecting it before hand. She walked over to the kitchen sink, retrieved the plastic bag where she had kept the garbage from dinner and from this morning's breakfast and brought it over to her Mistress.

Mistress Tamala looked into the plastic bag and started to take out the items she wanted and put them on the same plate that contained tonight's dinner leftovers. She took out two egg shells, a banana peel, a small piece of burned toast, some cucumber peelings, some wilted lettuce leaves, and some tomato stems. She put these items in with the leftovers on the plate and mixed, cut, and mashed them together. She was doing all of this in full view of piglet. She knew the food items were perfectly safe although most likely not very appetizing, but the point was that piglet viewed this as "garbage" thus had the affect of lowering her self worth. Once in a while Mistress Tamala would look right into piglet's face with a smile on her own face adrenalin. Piglet remained somber and expressionless.

Dr. Mary sat back in her chair watching Tamala. She had never seen Tamala go through this routine before. Usually when it was time for piglet's feeding they would feed her together just before putting her to bed. Mistress Tamala looked over at Dr. Mary a few times while she prepared this mixture and when their eyes met, Mistress Tamala would wink at her. Obviously, Mistress Tamala was doing this for Dr. Mary's benefit. She always liked to surprise and impress her tutor, lover, best friend and confidant.

"Hungry pig?" Mistress Tamala said to piglet.

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet in a very subdued voice.

"Speak the fuck up," shouted Mistress Tamala, "are you trying to make me strain my ears to hear you?"

"No ma'am . . . ah, yes ma'am . . . I mean . . .," piglet answered louder this time but she was stammering again. She was confused, she knew she was only supposed to answer with 'yes' or 'no' answers, but she couldn't figure out whether she was answering to the 'hungry question' or the question about her Mistress 'straining her ears' . . . I don't why I'm so dumb, she was thinking as tears began to flood her eyes again . . . she was trying so hard please her Mistress.

"Let's start over again, ok dummy," Mistress Tamala said, "you are getting a second chance, do you realize that?"

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet. She would have liked to add a 'thank you' to her answer but she knew she was confined to a 'yes' or 'no.'

"Sometimes you disappoint me you damn dumb slut," Mistress Tamala lectured piglet. "You know damn well you are not allowed second chances without earning demerits, don't you!"

"Yes ma'am," came piglet's frightened and disappointed response. She was disappointed because she was being scolded for failing her Mistress again.

"Turn and face Mistress Mary and recite what you learned from the 'educational tapes' about second chances," Mistress Tamala told piglet.

Piglet turned to face Dr. Mary.

"Mistress Mary," piglet began, "this dumb white slut is not allowed to have a second chance when one of my Mistresses assigns me to a task or otherwise gives me an instruction. This dumb white slut must always strive to complete my task to my Mistress's satisfaction the first time. To do otherwise would be to waste my Mistress's valuable time."

"Ahhhhhhh, that was very good pig," Dr. Mary told piglet. "See how fortunate you are tonight to be granted a second chance by beautiful Mistress Tamala?"

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet.

"Go over in front of Mistress Mary and assume the 'hold position'", Miss Tamala told piglet.

"Yes ma'am," replied piglet as she started to move over to Dr. Mary's chair. Dr. Mary had moved her chair out from under the dining room table so piglet would be facing her. Piglet got down on her knees, folded her arms behind her back, pulled her shoulders back as far as she could and bowed her head down until her chin touched an area just above her breasts. The "hold position" was the position piglet was always required to be in if her Mistresses did not assign her a task or if she was not performing a service. It was a very uncomfortable position but through strict training piglet had become proficient at it.

As piglet was obeying her last instructions, Mistress Tamala walked over to the veranda, picked up an old newspaper and torn a piece about a foot square from it. She then walked over to pick up the plate with the mixture of leftovers and garbage and took both the piece of newspaper and plate over to where piglet was kneeing in the "hold position" in front of Dr. Mary. She placed the piece of newspaper about 10 inches from Dr. Mary's bare feet and used a fork to scrape the mixture from the plate onto the newspaper just in front of piglet's knees.

"Now dummy, Mistress Tamala said, "pick your head up and tell Mistress Mary how I enlightened you concerning your feeding from now on, and why I made the decision to change your diet. You have permission to speak."

"Yes ma'am" piglet began, "Mistress Mary, Mistress Tamala enlighten me to the reality that she saw no good reason to spend money on food for me. She told that I am too stupid to know the difference between foods anyway. Besides, with the money she saved on my diet, she could buy something nice for herself something that would make her happy. She informed that since I am nothing more than a slutty pig that I shouldn't have any problem adjusting to a similar diet that pigs eat. So starting today, I am to save any leftovers from my Mistresses plates and I am not to throw any garbage away without Mistress Tamala's permission."

Dr. Mary bent down and started to stroke piglet's head from front to back like you would pet a dog that just performed good trick or deed.

"Well now," said Dr. Mary in a softy and sultry voice, "that was very, very thoughtful of Mistress Tamala, wasn't it?"

"Yes ma'am," came piglet's reply.

"And you really are a brainless white whore, aren't you?" Dr. Mary continued taunting piglet as though reasoning with her and making the facts clear for her own benefit.

"Yes ma'am," piglet replied again.

Dr. Mary always loved to hear the words of self degradation that had been imbedded in piglet's thought processes coming from piglet's own mouth. Not only did it give her a personal sexual rush, but she always told Mistress Tamala that this process and training would reduce any self esteem a person possessed to its lowest level.

"Get the bitch to admit what she is over and over again," Dr. Mary lectured Mistress Tamala. "It is like a direct current right to the brain when it comes from the bitch's own mouth and will have a lasting effect on her personality traits. That's when they become extremely pliable to your suggestions and instructions," Dr. Mary taught Mistress Tamala in her expert psychiatric teaching manner of speaking.

As Dr. Mary kept up her little game of "educating" piglet as she always referred to this degradation "modus operandi," Mistress Tamala walked over to the chair where Dr. Mary was sitting and put her arm around her. They were both getting very excited, the sexual desires had been building all night and now their dominant personalities were driving their arousal to the peak. The more they became aware of the power they had over piglet, the more they were sure that piglet was completely under their control and they were assured they could use her in any manner they wanted to, the more they were becoming sexually intoxicated.

"And if it wasn't for Mistress Tamala's supervision and willingness to educate you," Dr. Mary continued speaking to piglet while stroking her head from front to back, "you would always be playing with your pussy like a little slut, wouldn't you?"

"Yes ma'am," piglet said looking into Mistress Mary's eyes.

Dr. Mary moved her toes over to the mixture in front of piglet. She twisted her foot around in the mixture and took some of it on her toes.

"Would you like to taste your dinner fuck face," she said to piglet.

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet.

Dr. Mary stopped "petting" piglet, leaned back in her chair, picked her foot up and rubbed the mixture of leftovers and garbage on her lips, the area under her nose and on her chin. The food blend had taken on a brownish color from being mixed together and it looked amusing on piglet's face. But piglet kept her mouth shut. She wasn't told to open her mouth and of course, obedience was a sacred obligation on her part.

Dr. Mary pulled her foot away from piglet, got out of the chair and embraced Tamala. It was a tight lover's embrace, lips upon lips, breasts again breasts, and they rubbed their mounds together in a circular motion feeling the heat building up in each other's loins. When their mouths parted Dr. Mary looked into Tamala's eyes.

"Did you enjoy the exhibition darling," Tamala said to Dr. Mary.

"Oh yes, yes, you beautiful and wonderful lady . . . you always surprise me," answered Dr. Mary. "And it's practical too ... ha, ha, ha ... we don't have to dispose of garbage anymore...we have a built in garbage disposal...," Dr. Mary continued in a pleased and sexually aroused blissful mood.

Tamala placed a light kiss on Dr. Mary lips. She looked into her eyes of her tutor and lover. Tamala's eyes had the look of someone who was about to have an orgasm. Her mouth had a little smile, a smile of someone who was on an extreme high and she saw the same look on Dr. Mary's face. As they looked down on the floor at the kneeling white bitch, arms folded in obedience behind her back, shoulders tucked back just as they had trained her, the mixture of leftovers and garbage smeared on her face, they felt like they were looking at their creation. That feeling of dominance surging through their bodies was awesome. To think they had taken Ann, this pretty normal white girl, wholesome and highly educated in as an intern just four years ago and completely changed her into nothing but an empty minded shell of a woman, ready to obey every order and command of her superiors without question was sexually overpowering. And to think that soon, hopefully very soon, they might reduce another white bitch to her status only heightened their feeling of exhilaration.

Mistress Tamala was soaked... her pussy was dripping wet. Mistress Mary sensed that Tamala was climbing the mountain... up, up, up... there was no turning back now. It was as though someone had packed a ton of dynamite into Tamala's brain and the fuse was lit. That was very apparent to Dr. Mary by the lustful expression on Tamala's face. Her eye lids was closed just a bit, the the corners of her mouth were upturned in a familiar smile of someone who was fast reaching the height of their sexual arousal and her breathing pattern increased. Dr. Mary backed away just enough to get her hand underneath Tamala's skirt, up to top of the elastic band of her panties and down through her abundant pubic hair.

Mistress Tamala reciprocated. Her hand disappeared down the front of Dr. Mary's white medical slacks, and continued down, underneath her panties, down to her wet outer vagina lips. As though they were both on the same wave length, they inserted their fingers into each other's vagina opening and almost instantaneously found each others clit. Their lips met... mouths opened, their tongues caressing, as the little tremors started... aaahhh, aahhh, ohhh, ohh, ... little sounds were heard from both of them. Then while both were looking down on "their white bitch", their "creation" the tremors gave way to the earthquake... the fuse reached the dynamite... "I'm cumming... I'm cumming... oooohhhh, oooohhhh, aaahhhhhh,... it was hard to distinguish the sounds from one another... they tightened their embrace as the flood gates let go, pulsating... pumping a river of nectar down over their fingers, both were reaching their orgasms at the same moment.

They stayed "high up on top of the mountain" for what seemed like an eternity, up where the air was fresh and you could breathe deeply. Caressing each other's back, arms, and wherever their hands could reach, lips slowly breaking their togetherness they were descending from their ascent. They had both pulled each other's ripcord, the parachute was opening and they were slowly drifting back to earth...and the feeling was good!

After the ebb tide of passion had subsided somewhat, her breathing returning to normal, and with a deep satisfied feeling in her loins, Mistress Tamala reached down and untied the napkins from piglet's nipples. She didn't want her fine linen napkins to get soiled. This was not very easily done because it required a lot of pulling and tugging to get the napkins loose. Piglet had been instructed to make the knots tight when she fastened them to the rings and she did a good job. What made it worst was the fact the piglet's nipples were extremely sensitive today. And now she was in a sexually excited state of mind from being a witness to the love making that just taken place between her Mistresses. Womanly musk scent filled the air and piglet was wishing she could taste the nectar that was the cause of that scent. All the teasing and touching her Mistresses had imposed on her the last few hours contributed to keeping her nipples hard. Mistress Tamala left the rings in her nipples in case she decided to use them for some thing else later on.

"You may eat your dinner now you worthless bastard," Miss Tamala said to piglet in a loud and stern tone of voice, "and don't you dare use your hands. And don't get garbage on the floor. Keep it all on the paper. If I see one speck of garbage on the floor it will be 100 demerits. After you get through eating, clean the dishes and put every thing back in perfect order. Your Mistresses are going to the master bathroom to bathe and relax in the whirlpool. When you have completed your task, go into the living room. You have twenty-one minutes and thirty seconds to finish eating and to complete this task. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet. She hadn't eaten since her feeding at noon today but she really wasn't very hungry. But when asked a question from one of her Mistresses, she had a tendency to say "yes" rather than "no." Her mind had been conditioned to view "yes" as agreeable and obedient whereas "no" had somewhat of a negative and disobedient association with it.

Her Mistresses had been disciplining her a little more than usual this evening and she was still feeling the effects of that disciplining. But of course, there was never even the faintest thought of disobeying an order from one of her Mistresses. She bent her head down, and like the good obedient little thing she was, she started to ingest her food. Piglet was fed in many different ways and eating off the floor, using only her mouth was not new to her but usually the food she was given was of a mushy consistency.

On this occasion, with the cut up banana peels and the tomato stems it was somewhat more difficult. First she tried taking a mouthful and just chew it with her head kept down. But some of the food would fall back out of her mouth especially the banana peel and tomato stem pieces. So then she tried to take a mouthful, lift her head up and jerk her head backwards. This movement of the head backwards had the effect of pushing the food back further in her mouth where she could chew and swallow it better.

Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary didn't leave immediately. Instead they stayed for a few minutes watching piglet eating her first meal of leftovers and garbage.

"Little fucker is innovative, isn't she?" Dr. Mary remarked to Mistress Tamala when piglet jerked her head backwards to get a better grip on her food.

"Yeah," answered Mistress Mary laughing, "the bitch must have been watching a lot of animal movies ... ha, ha, ha." Both of their domineering personalities bubbled to the surface at the sight of piglet's plight.

As Mistress Tamala and Mistress Mary left the dining room piglet finished her dinner. The taste wasn't very appetizing and she wasn't hungry in the first place but she managed it. The training she been undergoing for so long was kicking in. Her altered mind processes were telling her, "I am fortunate that Mistress Tamala thought of me at all. Most of the time she didn't feed me until I was put to bed... Mistress Tamala is so good to me...didn't Mistress Mary just tell me how lucky I was...she even gave me a second chance."

Then she got to work. She already had accumulated a lot of demerits and knew that soon Mistress Tamala would be holding her accountable for them. She worked fast, double checking everything she did. "Must made sure there isn't a speck of dirt anywhere" her thoughts were telling her again ... "check the floor, make sure there isn't a speck on the floor ... Mistress Tamala said not a speck on the floor." The last act in this task was to put her Mistresses fine linen napkins in the "hand wash" area. Piglet was not allowed to put anything that bore the initials of her Mistresses in the washing machine. Rather these articles would always require careful washing by hand. As piglet was putting down the napkins, she was careful to make sure the initials of her Mistresses were facing outward...they were never to be hidden from view. As she looked at the initials her mind flashed back to the picture of her two Mistresses in their lovers embrace. She could still heard the blissful sounds emulating from them as they each reached the climax of their kissing, touching and grinding. She could still smell the womanly scent that she had come to crave so much. On impulse, even though she didn't have permission to do so, she bent down and kissed first the initials, "T.B." and then the initials, "M.M."...her way of paying homage to her owners. As she did so, she could feel the wetness seeping out of her vagina and dampening the insides of her upper thighs. Then she worried, after all, she didn't have her Mistresses permission to kiss the initials and the tears started in her eyes again thinking, "I probably did something bad."

Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary showered, washing each other with a very fragrant soap and a luxuriously soft wash cloth. They kissed and touched, feeling the softness of each other's breasts, getting a generous amount of soap on their hands and then rotating their palms in a circular motion around each other's nipples until they became erect, then moving downward, over the feminine curves and slender waists, seeking out and then feeling, squeezing their hands over each other's ass cheeks, feeling good about each other. It was usually one of piglet's tasks to bathe and pamper her Mistresses but this evening, after being to the "top of the mountain and back" they preferred to be alone. They were extremely happy in this alternative lifestyle they had chosen for themselves. They established a way to satisfy their most dominant desires and it was even a little evil...almost too good to be true.

After showering, they both made their way to the sunken whirlpool, set the temperature to 105 degrees, set the jets to very slow and just relaxed with a glass of good wine. Life was good for Mistress Tamala and Mistress Mary. They both had a long day and they were both tired from tonight's activities. Mistress Mary headed for her side of the white poster bed in their luxurious bedroom. As she climbed into bed, in between the soft "initialed" sheets that their slave had washed by hand, Mistress Tamala was brushing her hair at the vanity table.

"Do you want me to bed down piglet," asked Miss Mary.

"No darling," answered Miss Tamala. "I will do it. I've decided to hold a 'reflection session' with piglet tonight. I think with the new challenges coming up tomorrow it is time for a reflection session with the white bitch."

"OK beautiful lady," replied Miss Mary, "I am off to dream land then. Tell the bitch I will have grapefruit and a little cereal for breakfast please."

"OK darling," answered Miss Tamala, "have a good night's rest."

A "reflection session," was a very special time that Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary Mercy had decided was very important in a lifestyle that was based on a dominant/submissive relationship. Like the "service position" and the "hold position", a "reflection session" was a discipline that had been perfected by these two beautiful successful women and another that piglet had to undertake. It also was a period of time that was set aside as determined solely at the discretion of either Miss Tamala or Miss Mary. Miss Tamala knew that tomorrow would be challenging. She hopefully would be conducting Miss Lynn Langley's orientation.

Miss Tamala was a little nervous thinking about Lynn Langley's orientation because it had been four years since she had first under taken the "hunt" process with Ann. A lot had happen in four years. They had purchased this beautiful big house and the property surrounding it. Miss Tamala's business had grown tenfold. Dr. Mary's practice had vastly expanded. They knew they needed help taking care of the house and the grounds surrounding it. Moreover, they had so much fun training Ann and had been able to explore their dominant personalities in ways that most dominant people only dream of. "Why change now", they reasoned. "Another white bitch added to our household would be the ideal way to enlist assistance," they both agreed. A lot depended on tomorrow.

The last reflection session with piglet had been some time ago. It was not Miss Tamala's practice to have a reflection session on a regular basis. Rather it was more fun to keep piglet guessing, if she was even capable of guessing. Piglet, in her advanced state of training, was so used to being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it that it never even occurred to her to think about anything but the immediate task she had been assigned.

So while Mistress Mary was fast asleep satisfied with tonight's events, Mistress Tamala prepared for the reflection session with piglet.

Chapter V---Reflection, Lynn wakes up!

As Tamala was sitting at the vanity combing her still damp hair and preparing for the 'reflection session' she was recollecting some of the events that had taken place in her past. She remembered her first visit to Dr. Mary Mercy. She remembered how depressed she was when she first disclosed to Dr. Mercy how her black husband of six months announced he was leaving her without any warning. He just walked and in told her one morning that "he was leaving her, he wanted a divorce." She learned later during her therapy sessions, the most likely reason she felt so depressed was because her husband, who at that time she thought she was in love with, left her for a 'white woman.'

Tamala felt she had suffered discrimination all of her years of trying to get the best education she could get, and even though she was a straight 'A' student during high school and college, she experienced the same discrimination when she applied for law school. Yet she never felt she harbored any special animosity toward any other race...until now! After the divorce she angered very easily whenever she saw a white woman with a black man.

During her therapy sessions Dr. Mercy made her realize that her marriage would have probably ended in divorce at some time anyway because, as she explained to Tamala, her then husband had all the characteristics of an 'alpha male.' He had a very dominant psyche. Dr. Mercy went on to explain that she was very certain that like herself, Tamala was a "matriarch', a female that possessed a very dominant psyche and the two dominant personalities in her marriage would have clashed sooner or later.

Tamala was looking at herself in the mirror on the vanity table as she brushed her hair and was thinking... "Look at me now, I am beautiful"... "I am the 'matriarch'... 'I am the MISTRESS of this house'... 'I have taken a white woman and made her my slave'... "I have the power to make her do anything I choose to... a pig, a whore, a dog, a pussy licker, an ass kisser... anything, anything',"... and she felt her pride building up. And this dominant pride made her nipples hard, made her feel a sexual tingling sensation deep in the pit of her stomach, a wetness deep in her vagina.

Tamala applied her lipstick, a rich rose color that made her lips come alive. She applied a little red rose blush on her high cheek bones and blended it perfectly with her bronze brown skin. A little eye liner, a little mascara, and her eyes became liquid pools of charcoal floating in a white background. She got up from the vanity table and slipped on a very sheer powder blue silk negligee. It was totally transparent, displaying all of her "assets" as Dr. Mary was fond of calling them. She slipped on a pair of black alligator open high heel shoes that had very thin straps criss-crossed over her insteps. They made the calves on her beautiful legs bulge out when she walked. She walked over to the floor length mirror, looked at herself again, and felt that familiar tingle in her breasts and vagina... "Perfect" she thought to herself.

The stairs to the first floor opened into the living room. The steps were six feet wide, and had oak hand carved rails running down both sides of the stairs. When Mistress Tamala appeared on the top platform of the steps she stopped and looked in the living room.

There was her white slave piglet, still in her 'hold position' just as she was instructed. Piglet had changed from her serving attire to a 'baby doll gown' that had been modified just for her. The changing of one type of dress to another was one of the 'standing orders' that she was required to follow. 'Standing orders' was a list of instructions that piglet followed routinely when going from one task to another task without the direct supervision of one of her Mistresses. This procedure was followed in order to not waste her Mistresses 'valuable time.'

The baby doll gown was a coral pink color, had thin straps over her shoulders and the top part was cut so low that it ended just under her breasts. The elastic band under her breasts was very tight so her breasts hung out and over the gown. The bottom part of the gown ended just above her crotch area leaving her stretched labia fully exposed. Mistress Mary nicknamed piglet's stretched vagina lips her "little ass" because of the way the puffed lips hung down against her thighs and when pressed together they did indeed give the appearance of a little ass. Of course, Mistress Talama also picked up on that nickname.

"Look at me," said Mistress Tamala from the top of the stairs.

Without a bit of hesitation piglet looked up. Even before Mistress Tamala told her to look up, piglet knew she was somewhere close by. A scent of lilac fragrance had filled the air and she knew that was Mistress Tamala's favorite perfume. Piglet's heart started to pound and her breath quickened in anticipation. Mistress Tamala started to walk down the stairs very slowly keeping her eyes on piglet. As her legs stepped down one step at a time, her hips moved up and down in perfect cadence and her beautiful ass swayed in rhythm. It looked like these were movements that she had rehearsed over and over, again and again. But these movements came natural to her. She looked like a Nubian Goddess descending her throne. As she got to the bottom of the stairs she stopped at a little table, opened a drawer and took out a riding crop. The riding crop was made of braided leather, was 3 feet long and had a loop on the grip of the handle that fitted around Mistress Tamala's hand to secure her grip. It was three inches in diameter at the handle and tapered down to a very thin and flexible end. As she gripped the handle, Mistress Tamala could feel a power rush surge through her body. "Truly," she thought, I am a queen."

Piglet's mind was racing with fearful thoughts... "God, how beautiful Mistress is"... "oh, god, how I want to kiss her,... taste her," but at the same time she started to shake a little because she saw the riding crop in Mistress Tamala's hand, the 'sign of authority,' and she never knew what Mistress Tamala had in store for her.

Mistress Tamala walked over to stand in front of and over the kneeling piglet. Her negligee was opened all the way down the front. It was transparent but the opened front added a little more for piglet to anticipate, Mistress Tamala reasoned to herself. Her large firm bronze brown breasts were visible, the large nipples standing erect. Her flat stomach led down to a massive amount of jet black pubic hair. Mistress Tamala was extremely proud of her pubic hair. It started just under her belly button, ran down starting in a thin line and thickening out until it reached her pubic mound. Then it widened out into a thick triangle, flowing outside of her outer vagina lips and spilling over to her thighs in curly little ringlets. Her thighs were thick and muscular, but without a trace of fat.

Piglet's eyes had followed Mistress Tamala all the way down the stairs. She kept her gaze on Mistress Talama's eyes as she approached her. But her peripheral vision also took in the whole view of her beautiful Mistress. Piglet's face was on the same level as Mistress Tamala's vagina and even though she could smell the sweet lilac fragrance that came from the apparently freshly showered body of Mistress Tamala, she could still get a faint scent of the womanly musk that was coming from her Mistress, somewhere buried under all those pubic ringlets. As her nostrils filled with the musk scent she was familiar with, her own vagina grew moist again with the tingling sensations of arousal.

"I have decided to hold a 'reflection session' tonight," said Mistress Tamala as she raised the riding crop as high as her waist. With sharp and instant flicks of her forearms, she brought the riding crop down on first one shoulder and then the other shoulder of piglet. The blows from the riding crop weren't hard enough to leave very deep welts, but they were hard enough to sting piglets skin and leave the "red marks" ... signs of her authority. "Get up and lead the way," she continued.

Piglet felt the sting of Mistress Tamala's crop and let out a little "ahhhh, ahhh," from her mouth. The blows weren't nearly as hard as she knew Mistress Tamala was capable of giving her but it was enough to make her shoulders flinch a little. "Yes ma'am," she answered in a subdued voice as she got up from her kneeling position.

Piglet headed for the door between the living room and the dining room that led to the basement. She walked three steps ahead of Mistress Tamala and Mistress Tamala watched the piglet's white ass sway back and forth then down the steps until they were in the basement.

The basement was divided into parts. It had cinder block walls and the lighting depended on what part of the basement you were in. The far half of the basement was partitioned off and enclosed. This was Dr. Mary's section and was where she had her laboratory and her examining room. This was the only area that had windows and they were only two feet in length and one foot in depth. They were also high on each wall. What room was left was divided in two with a fully equipped gym where Mistress Tamala brought piglet for her workouts, and the other half was piglet's "living quarters."

Piglet's living quarters was a four foot wide and six foot in length bamboo cage. The height of the cage was four feet, and of course, it was impossible for piglet to stand erect when she was inside. Dr. Mary had it built especially for piglet. The floor was concrete, and contained a small mattress that lay on the floor. There were a couple of old stainless steel bowls inside on the floor. The bowls were, of course, used for piglet's food when she was confined in her 'quarters.' She got her water from a large round clear plastic container that was hung upside down outside of the cage. The plastic container had an opening on top that was used to refill it and a hose that extended just inside one of the bamboo pickets. The hose had a large nipple attached to the hose end inside the cage that piglet would suck on to get water. However, there was a open/close valve outside on the bottom of the plastic container so that her Mistresses could control her intake of liquids. The 'bathroom facilities' consisted of two old coffee cans, one was lettered 'shit' and the other was lettered 'piss.' Dr. Mary explained to Mistress Tamala that the lettering of the cans was used specifically for the psychological effect it would have on piglet's self-esteem.

However, piglet now spend most her nights sleeping on the floor of Mistress Tamala's and Mistress Mary's bedroom. Her 'living quarters' were used for the first couple of years of her training and were now used only on occasion or whenever one of her Mistresses decided to put her in there.

"Prepare for reflection," Mistress Tamala said to piglet.

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet as she went to get a special wicker chair that Mistress Tamala sat in for this procedure. The back of the chair was high to give the appearance of a 'throne.' The chair seat was just big enough for Mistress Tamala's buttocks to fit on, and was low enough to give piglet an excellent view of her vagina when she spread her thighs. She brought it over to the front of her living quarters. She held the chair while Mistress Tamala sat down and then removed her baby doll gown. Piglet remembered that she was required to be completely naked at this time so she removed the silver rings from her engorged nipples. She knelt down in front of her Mistress, sat back so her ass was resting on her legs and placed her hands, palms down on her thighs.

"It has been six months since we had a reflection session and I see you remember your position," said Mistress Tamala. "That pleases me."

"Yes ma'am" answered piglet, feeling a little contented, at least for the moment, because she had made her Mistress happy.

"I will speak first without any interruption. As you are aware you will have the freedom to speak and express any thoughts or desires you may have during this period of time, is that understood?" Mistress Tamala asked.

"Yes ma'am," piglet replied.

"Well then," Mistress Tamala began, "I am offering you the opportunity to leave this house and to leave me and Mistress Mary as I always do during our reflection session. If you decide to leave, I will see to it that you are financially secure. You will have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life."

Piglet had heard this before at prior reflection sessions and she expected it. Almost immediately tears started to form in her eyes. Just the thought of being apart from this beautiful woman, a woman she had practically dedicated her life to, was enough to made her eyes mist up with tears. She wanted tell her Mistress that she didn't want to leave but she knew better then to interrupt her.

"I will have a car waiting for you in the morning and have travel arrangements completed to wherever you want to go," Miss Tamala continued. "You may speak now."

"P...please, please, Mistress Tamala, "no, no ... please don't send me away." Tears were coming out from the corners of piglet's eyes, starting to roll down her face. "I don't ever want to be away from you ... please ma'am, I don't even want the think of leaving ... I love you ... I ... I ... love you ...," piglet was sobbing, her voice breaking up in little whimpering cries that were coming from deep inside her very being.

Mistress Tamala did not like this part of a reflection session. She didn't like it because she thoroughly enjoyed her 'slave' and although she was confident that piglet would never accept her 'freedom' she didn't know what her reaction would be if, by chance, she ever did. But Dr. Mary told her this session was very important in a piglet's submissive life. First, she was truly being given the opportunity to walk away. Secondly, if she refused the offer, it would serve to reinforce piglet's status in her own mind and increase her dedication to her Mistresses.

Mistress Tamala looked down at this kneeling woman ... she looked at bleached blonde hair, the pierced nipples, the red marks that were still on her shoulders from the blows her riding crop had made. She watched the fearful tears leaking slowly from her eyes and dribbling down her face. For a moment she felt a little pity for her, even had an urge to reach down and hug her, tell her that she loved her too. But this little bit of compassion only lasted a brief moment. Mistress Tamala's hand raised high over her head. Mistress Tamala knew she could never allow herself to express these kinds of feelings. She was addicted to this powerful feeling that ran through her soul, addicted to the sexual sensations she felt making this white woman crawl and obey her very command and she wasn't about to give that up.

"Whaacckkk," her hand came down smashing into piglet's face. "You stupid bitch, I offered you a chance to be financially free and you don't take it," Mistress Tamala yelled at piglet. She leaned over piglet's kneeling body, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head downward so her back was arched toward her, raised the hand that was holding the riding crop over her head and brought it down extremely hard. "Craaackkkkk," the sound of the flexible end of the riding crop striking piglet's back echoed through the basement. "You're a brainless white whore, you disgust me," she continued yelling at piglet, "why the fuck don't just get out of here."

Piglet was sobbing almost uncontrollably. Part of the tears were from the soreness of the hard slap in her face and part from the stinging the riding crop left on her back. "She doesn't want me anymore," she was thinking and deep in the pit of her stomach she felt worthless. "Please Mistress, pleas ...aaahhh ...please let me stay with you, please," she continued sobbing.

Mistress Tamala was getting more and more aroused watching piglet grovel. She looked down at the deep red welt rising on piglet's back. "That was a fucking good one," she thought as she admired the 'mark' she had just left on piglet, her dominant mind racing to new heights. "God damn it, sometimes I scare myself," she was thinking as she got hornier and hornier. She put the riding crop down and pulled piglet's head back up so she could look directly in her face. Then she put down the riding crop and with both hands she reached down and took both of piglet's nipples in between her thumbs and fingers of each hand. She pulled the nipples hard outward until they were almost further then their capacity to stretch.

"Aaahh, aaahhhhh," the sounds came from piglet's mouth as she felt the hard pull of her nipples, a mixture of pain and excitement. She could feel the muscles in her stomach push downward releasing a steady flow of her juices as the sexual sensations were taking their toll throughout her body. "Ooooohhhh, God," she mind was pounding, "I need to cum... need to cum... need to cum..."

Mistress Tamala looked down again at her bitch. She loved the look of submissive ecstasy on her bitch's face. The mixture of tears and the wanton smile of lust on piglet's face were making her own juices flow again as she felt a tingling sensation in her own pussy. She reached down with one hand and felt piglet's pussy. Piglet's pussy lips were engorged with desire and soaked. She could feel the stretched pussy lips pulsating, jerking, as she ran her fingers softly back and forth, teasing the outside pussy lips and refusing to go inside.

"You fucking slut," she said looking directly into piglet's face, "you're as wet as a rain forest. You would be out on the street looking for cock if I didn't take care of you ... you would be nothing but a filthy whore," Mistress Tamala continued, feeling her own excitement build as she berated piglet.

"Yes Mistress... yes Mistress," came piglet's acknowledgment.

Mistress Tamala's hand left piglet's pussy. She sat at the very edge of her chair, opened her thighs and took piglet's head in both of her hands. She led her head in between her dark and wonderfully thick thighs.

Piglet felt the welcome tug of Mistress Tamala's hands on her head. Her heart was pounding and in her mind she was praying that her head was going where it wanted to be. It was like going down a dark tunnel and heading for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. She could feel the heat of Mistress Tamala's thighs on the cheeks of her face as she got nearer and nearer. Mistress Tamala's musky scent filled her nostrils as she felt the jet black pubic hairs from her pussy touch her face. Then her mouth felt the pussy lips and the wetness of Mistress Tamala's pussy.

"Suck you little bastard," she heard the voice of her Mistress.

Piglet's mouth opened. She took the coarse pubic hairs between her lips and sucked on the vagina nectar she found there. The first taste of Mistress Tamala's juices sent her brain reeling. She let her tongue lick the outside of the pussy lips, first one side and then the other. Then as softly as she could she extended her tongue further out, went to the very bottom of the pussy lips where they met, inserted her tongue into Mistress Tamala's vagina and started to move slowly upward. She inserted her tongue so far into Mistress Tamala's pussy that her little white nose followed. The juices were heavy there and they flowed freely around piglet's nose, on her tongue and into her mouth.

"Play with yourself you horny bitch," came the next order from Mistress Tamala. "And don't you dare cum until I am finished."

With that last order Mistress Tamala pushed her hips out further. Her large brown nipples hardened even more as she looked down to see the bleached blonde white head between her legs. For one moment her mind flashed back to what Dr. Mary had told her long ago. "There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a white female head between dark thighs."

Piglet reached down with her hand and found her own pussy. She didn't hesitate. Instead she inserted her fingers between her soaking wet pussy lips. This was the first time tonight that she had been allowed to touch herself. First she inserted one finger, then another. She was tempted to go right for her clit but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to control herself and she had been told not to reach her orgasm until she completed her duty toward her Mistress. She contended herself using just slow in and out motions of her fingers.

Meanwhile she was continuing her journey into her Mistress's love nest. As her tongue and nose moved upward between the pussy lips she tasted the wet softness of the inside vagina lips, and soon she reached the top of the slit. Mistress Tamala had an extraordinary large clit. Piglet had been here many times before and she knew right where it was. With her nose she softy pushed aside the hood covering her Mistress's clit, took the erect clit between her lips and sucked on it like it was the nipple of a baby's bottle. She heard the gasps of pleasure coming from her Mistress's mouth and she knew she was giving her the ultimate sexual high. As she felt her Mistress's hips push forward and her hands pull harder on the back of her head she knew it wouldn't be long.

"Yes, yes ... oh yesssss, you little fucker," she heard the excited voice of Mistress Tamala, "don't suck too hard ... softer ... softer ... yes, ooooohhh, yes," the voice came from high about her head.

Piglet's nose, lips and even her face was almost completely covered with the juices of her Mistress. She could feel the thick mass of black pubic hairs on the cheeks of her face and her whole head seemed to be joined together with Mistress's Tamala pussy. Then she heard the almost screaming voice above her.

"That's it ... that's it ... yes, ooooohhh, aaahhhhh, I'm cumming ... I'm cumming," came Mistress's Tamala voice. Piglet felt the final buck of her Mistress' hips, the circular gyrating, the vaginal contractions and then the total release. It was as though the whole world came to a temporary halt. She tasted the flood of pussy juices shooting forward, and like a hungry little puppy she lapped at the juices to get as much as she could in her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat. Then the hips began to relax, and the gyrations slowed down to almost a complete stop. Still piglet stayed where she was. Her tongue now slowly brought her Mistress down from her emotional high, just the way she was trained. "Yes," she was thinking to herself, "this is where I belong ... this is my heaven."

"You may release yourself now," she heard the soft, sultry and relaxed voice of Mistress Tamala.

"Thank you Mistress Tamala," piglet's barely audible muffled voice replied. It didn't take long. Piglet had been so sexually aroused all night that she went right for her own clit. There was no 'hood'. That had been cut away by Dr. Mary long ago as part of her 'sexual renovations' as Dr. Mary had told her the procedure was. Of course Dr. Mary and Mistress Tamala knew the real reason for this procedure of stretching piglet's vagina lips and cutting away the covering of her clit. It was to keep her in a constant state of sexual arousal. She was much more pliable, easier to control and much more obedient when she was in this state of mind.

Piglet worked her own fingers in and out of her vagina opening, rubbing on the clit and it was only an instant before her whole body convulsed in a mass of jerking and grinding motions. "Aaaahhhh, aaahhhhh," she was moaning as she was moving her hips in cadence with her fingers. And then the release that she longed for so much came. Her whole body collapsed, down it went until her face, now pulled back from her Mistress's vagina, fell to her Mistress's high heeled feet. She kept one hand on her own pussy, bring herself slowly down and with the one arm she hugged Mistress Tamala ankles, kissed her insteps, worked her way down her beautiful bronze brown feet until she kissed and lightly lapped her tongue across the polished toes.

"Good girl ... good girl," she heard her Mistress say as she felt her hand stroking and petting her head back and forth like a good little pet.

Piglet was happy; she had pleased her Mistress and in turn had pleased herself. She had earned a 'good girl' from Mistress Tamala, the ultimate praise for the 'submissive Ann'. "This is where I belong," she was thinking. "I hope I never have to leave here."

"You will be sleeping in the bedroom tonight on the floor. And because I am satisfied with your obedience tonight you will be sleeping on the floor on my side of the bed," Mistress Tamala told piglet. "Now go get your bathroom utensils and follow me."

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet. She went into her living quarters and picked up the cans marked 'shit' and 'piss.' While piglet was getting her 'bathroom utensils,' Mistress Tamala walked back to Dr. Mary's medical room and returned with a glass of water and a few pills.

"Here, take these," Mistress Tamala told piglet.

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet.

The pills Mistress Tamala gave piglet were a multiple vitamin and a mild antibiotic that Dr. Mary had prescribed for her. The vitamin was for any deficiency in her diet and the antibiotic was for the body fluids she had ingested. Of course, piglet was never told anything about the pills, or what they were for. She was totally obedient and would never even think of asking questions about anything that did not concern her Mistress's happiness. During her training she had been told that 'anything that comes from her Mistresses bodies was good for her and she should always consider herself very fortunate to be able to taste the essence of her Mistresses'. And, indeed she did consider herself fortunate!

As Mistress led piglet up to her bedroom, she was looking at the little red stripes just beginning to fade on piglet's shoulders. The red welt on her back was still very visible. She knew piglet would be feeling the one on her back for a long time yet. When they got to the Mistress's Tamala's bedroom and she got in bed, she made piglet lie on the floor on her side of the bed as she told her she would. She looked down at piglet's face and saw her pussy juices still smeared all over piglet's face. "Lie on your back all night, and don't you dare remove my juices from your face. I want you to taste me all night. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am," answered piglet.

As Mistress was falling asleep she was thinking of tomorrow. "God dam it," she was thinking, "I may soon have two of these white bitches to play with. Oh shit, this is going to be fun."


Somewhere in the distance Lynn could hear a noise, a bell ringing ... it was constant ... seemed like every few seconds. "It must be a dream," Lynn thought. "Oh damn, it's the phone," she realized as she reached over in the dark to get the phone on the night stand in her motel room.

"Hello, hello ... Lynn, Lynn," the male voice on the phone repeated over and over.

"Hellooo, helloooooo," Lynn answered in a sleepy voice as she struggled to wake up.

"Lynn, this is David ... Lynn, are you alright?" the male voice sounding somewhat worried said again.

"David? ... oh, David," Lynn said realizing it was her fiancé. "Oh God, I forgot to call you."

"Yeah, yeah ... I know. Is something wrong? Where were you? I've try to call you a couple of times and no one answered. Are you alright?" Dave again in a worried voice inquired.

"Yes, I'm alright, yeah ... I must have fallen asleep. What time is it?" Lynn asked.

"It's midnight here on the West Coast. Let's see ... it's 3 a.m. where you are. What happened? How did the interview go?" David was asking questions in a hurried manner.

"Oh ... the interview ... I don't know ... I ... I'm not sure ... I think ... I think OK, I guess ... I'm not sure," Lynn answered as she was still struggling to wake up and remember the interview from the previous day.

"What do you mean you don't know? Lynn ... Lynn are you sure you're alright?" David asked again.

"David, please ... give me some time to think. I am suppose to go back for orientation today ... I think anyway," Lynn said as she was gathering her thoughts. "I had a headache," Lynn lied, recalling masturbating in the shower before she fell asleep. "I fell asleep around seven and I must have slept until now. David, my boss is an African American woman."

"Oh, is that right? Well that is surprising. Of course we knew from her biography that the owner of the business was a woman. I'm just surprised that someone that successful would be African American. But hey, we are in the twenty-first century. You know ... equal rights and all. Is she nice?" David finished his end of the conversation.

"Yeah ... yeah, she is nice. But ... but ... David, I am not sure if I want this internship yet," Lynn said again remembering some of the particulars of the interview.

"Geez, Lynn ... what do you mean, that's a great opportunity. If you get this internship a lot of doors will open for you. Not even mentioning the credits you will earn for next year's semester," David replied.

"Yeah ... yeah, I know ... I know ... listen David, let me call you back later today. I am not awake yet. Maybe I can get a couple more hours sleep and I'll feel better. I'll call you tonight, OK?" Lynn said.

"Yeah, yeah ... sure. I'm sorry I woke you up. I was just worried when I didn't hear from you. Listen Lynn ... while I have you on the phone. I bumped into Pastor Grayson today and he wanted to know if you planned to lead the youth group this year," David said.

"Geez, the youth group. I don't know ... I guess so ... David, tell him I am still trying to work out my schedule ... you know, I'm just not in a position to know what is really going on. Just tell him I think so," answered Lynn.

"OK, OK, Lynn ... try to get some sleep. Don't forget to call me tonight. Don't make me worry about you, please. I love you," David said.

"Thanks, yes David, I love you too. I'll call as soon as I get a chance ... bye, bye," Lynn said as she hung up the phone.

After Lynn hung up the phone she turned the light on and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. As she was walking toward the bathroom she noticed how she left the room before falling asleep. Her skirt was thrown over a chair, her blouse was on the floor and her high heel shoes were scattered, one by the foot of the bed and the other almost on the other side of the room. As she walked into the bathroom her panties were on the floor and her bra was hanging on the door knob. The towel she had used to dry off was still just thrown over in the corner. As she was sitting on the toilet she looked over to the shower and remembered masturbating. "God," she started thinking, "I haven't masturbated in so long. What the heck got into me?"

After Lynn finished using the toilet she walked back over to the bed picking up her clothes as she went. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her wrist watch. It was now 3:30 a.m. "Boy," she thought, "I didn't even eat any dinner. I just fell asleep."

As Lynn was becoming more alert, her mind started to drift back to yesterday's interview with Ms. Barker. "Did I really do those things yesterday?" she was thinking. "Do I really want to go back for orientation today? Maybe I would be wiser not to show up ... just to pack up and go back home."

Lynn lay back down on the bed but her mind was still going a mile a minute. She was confused. She had counted on this internship so much. She had researched the company that Ms. Barker owned and was really impressed by the results of that research. According to that information, Ms. Barker had started this business after a stint with the U.S. Government as a 'project overview attorney,' recognized the business opportunity it could present and started her business as a private contractor conducting the same research and was making a very nice profit. Plus, in this partnership with Dr. Mary, she was on the brink of becoming a very wealthy woman.

"No wonder she is so successful," Lynn started to think again, "she certainly was very intimidating. She probably was a very tough person to work for." Then Lynn started to think about Ann. "Why would Ann work there if there was anything wrong. Maybe I just have the wrong impression."

Lynn decided to close her eyes and get a little more sleep. Her mind drifted again to the vision of Ms. Tamala Barker. She had never met anyone like her. "Geez," Lynn thought, "I'm certainly not a virgin. I have only been with one other guy and that was before I met David. And even that was brief. But another woman ... heck I never even thought about it. I just am not attracted to women sexually."

She tossed and turned in bed again and again but the thoughts just wouldn't allow her to fall asleep. She was now thinking of her hand. "God, I let her lead my hand under her skirt ... I felt her pubic hairs ... I felt her heat." As Lynn was thinking she was feeling the same arousal she felt last night in the shower. "God, I even tasted her ... her ... on my fingers ... oh, God, there must be something wrong with me."

"That's it," she said to herself, "I don't want this internship. I'm not going back for any kind of orientation. I'm going home."

Just as Lynn had made up her mind, the phone rang again.

"David?" Lynn answered on the third ring.

"David ... no ... no," replied the female voice on the other end of the line. "Lynn ... this is Ann."

"Oh Ann," answered Lynn looking at her wrist watch. It was 5:30 a.m.

"Lynn, I just wanted to tell you not to eat breakfast. Ms. Barker has breakfast here for us," said Ann.

"Breakfast ... Oh Ann, are you at work now," asked Lynn

"No, no ... I am just getting ready to leave in a little while. I just wanted to tell you about breakfast. Ms. Barker takes care of everything for her employees. Lynn, I am so glad your interview went well yesterday," Ann said in a happy voice.

Lynn was looking for a way to tell Ann she decided against taking the internship but even though she only met Ann briefly yesterday, she kind of liked her. Besides, Ann wasn't giving her much time to talk.

"Ann ... Ann ... ah ... ah ... I ...I don't think I'm ..." Lynn was interrupted again.

"Lynn, listen, I have to hurry. I still have to get in the shower. See you in a little while," Ann said in a hurried voice as she hung up the phone.

"Ann ... damn it ... Ann," Lynn tried to talk to Ann but she had already hung up.

Lynn put the phone down. As she got up from the bed to sort out the clothing that she would wear today, she thought, "OK, I came half way across the country for this internship. I will give it one more day and see how the orientation goes. If anything else strange happens that I don't like it, I'll just pack my bags and leave."

As Lynn was picking out an assortment of the clothing she would be wearing this day, she found herself unconsciously looking for something that would make her attractive to Ms. Barker. And the thoughts of making herself attractive to Ms. Barker were causing the same sexual tingling sensations in her loins ... and she felt a little guilty about it.


(Authors Note: To be continued. I would appreciate any feedback.)

Chapter VI----Lynn Completes Her Orientation

It was a beautiful early spring morning. The sun was up and Lynn was in a taxi on her way to 'orientation.' As she sat in the back seat of the taxi, she was having second thoughts. "Am I doing the right thing," she was wondering to herself. "Why am I going back here ... is it for the internship or ...?" She took out a mirror from her purse, checked her makeup, and looked at her shoulder length brown hair. "Everything looks good," she thought.

Lynn rested her head back on the car seat and closed her eyes. She was still a little tired even though she had slept for a good eight hours. "But she was up early," she thought to herself. "Why am I so concerned about the way I look," she was thinking again, trying to justify why she decided against wearing one of her business type suits. Instead, she had decided on wearing a dark brown skirt, a beige polyester blouse that really clung to her breasts, and clearly outlined their shape and size as they rose to their peaks. The blouse had small dark brown buttons down the front. The first button was down low from the collar and it did tend to show a lot of cleavage. "This isn't something I would wear to class," she was thinking again. "Why am I wearing it now?" Lynn's mind was working rapidly. She was trying to find some justification for everything, yet, somewhere deep inside she knew the reason she had dressed a little more 'daring' today. She wanted to impress Ms. Barker ... a very little bit of her submissive personality was exposing itself. She wanted to please Ms. Barker.

"Here we are ma'am," the taxi driver disrupted her thoughts.

"Oh, thank you," Lynn answered.

It only took a few minutes for Lynn to be let in through the front door. She walked down the long hallway and soon was before the door to Ann's reception area, and, of course, Ms. Tamala's office. Her legs felt a little weak and she was a little nervous just before she knocked on the door.

"Come in," she heard Ann's familiar voice.

When Ann opened the door she stopped dead in her tracks. What she saw was a completely different Ann than she saw yesterday. Ann was dressed in a very short skirt, very tight blouse, and high heel shoes. The high heel shoes weren't as noticeable as yesterday's because the heels weren't quite as high. But it was Ann's makeup that made Lynn take a second look. Yesterday her makeup was somewhat conservatively applied. She looked pretty but in a soft sort of way. Today her makeup was what Lynn considered 'bold.' The rouge on her cheeks was heavily applied. The lipstick was a bright red to match the color of the rouge and that too was heavy. Her bleached blonde hair, while neatly combed, was thick with hair spray. Lynn tried to decide what Ann looked like, a child's doll ... or, even though she hated to be thinking it ... a whore!

"Good morning Lynn," Ann greeted Lynn.

"Good morning," answered Lynn. "Wow, what happened to you?"

"What? Oh, you mean the different dress?" Ann replied.

"Yes, and the make up," Lynn answered, the surprise evident by the tone of her voice.

"Oh well, Mistress ... I mean Miss Tamala sends me out on a special assignment once in a while," Ann said, a little upset with herself for the slip of her tongue. "Here," Ann continued hoping Lynn hadn't picked up on the 'Mistress' she let slip, "breakfast is ready. Miss Tamala would like us to have these energy bars and coffee for breakfast. Let's see, you like your coffee black, right?"

"Boy, I was more in the mood for some bacon and eggs this morning," Lynn replied. "Does Ms. Barker always buy breakfast for us?"

"Lynn, I hope you don't think I am being too intrusive, but I think you should be very careful on how you address Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala insists on being addressed as 'Miss Tamala' at all times even when Miss Tamala is not in our presence as a sigh of our respect for her. If you get used to it now, you will be less likely to get on the wrong side of Miss Tamala," Ann told Lynn in a serious tone of voice.

Lynn looked at Ann with a surprised look on her face. "No, no," I am glad for all the help you can give me," Lynn replied. Lynn had in fact noticed how Ann always used the words 'Miss Tamala' when referring to Ms. Barker but she didn't feel comfortable enough to ask about it. She never seemed to refer to her as "she.' "Well, now she knew," Lynn thought, "she certainly didn't want to break any rules.

"As far as breakfast, yes, Miss Tamala prefers her employees to be in the best of health and fully energized when the work day begins," Ann was explaining to Lynn. "Miss Tamala insists on taking the responsibility of ordering our breakfast for us."

As Ann was answering Lynn's question she was carrying over a tray with Lynn's breakfast. There were two energy bars on the tray and a large cup of black coffee. Ann had already put the aphrodisiac pellets in Lynn's coffee. Miss Tamala had told Ann to put two 'favor pellets' in Lynn's coffee this morning instead of the one she put in yesterday. Ann didn't know the 'favor pellets' were really an aphrodisiac. She didn't have any idea what they were or what they were for. But then, Ann was always obedient to her Mistress and she had learned a long time ago during her training that when she was issued a directive she was never to question her Mistresses.

"Is Ms. Bar ... ah ... Miss Tamala in her office yet?" Lynn asked correcting herself.

"No, today is Friday and it is Miss Tamala's morning workout day. Miss Tamala meets her trainer at the health club today and then afterwards Miss Tamala has an appointment at the beauty salon. Miss Tamala also has an early business appointment this morning so Miss Tamala will be a few hours yet," answered Ann. "But Miss Tamala gave me instructions for your introduction to our company and if we have the time, I can also show you what some of your duties will consist of. We can get started right after breakfast."

"How long are you working here Ann?" inquired Lynn.

"Well, I started as an intern just like you five years ago," Ann answered. "But I really began training for my 'position' four years ago."

"I see," Lynn replied, "is your family from this area?"

"No, no, I was married when I was granted the internship by Miss Tamala, but I am divorced now," Ann said.

"Oh, I'm sorry your marriage didn't work out," Lynn replied.

"Well, it's something I am not too comfortable talking about," Ann answered. "But you better finish your breakfast so we can get your introduction to our company completed before Miss Tamala comes in.

Lynn didn't push the conversation any further since Ann cut it off at that point. "Besides, I don't want to be pushy," Lynn thought.

As soon as breakfast was over, Ann came back to Lynn and handed her a workbook. She told Lynn that Miss Tamala wanted her to have a good working knowledge of what our company was all about. To do this, Miss Tamala wanted Lynn to watch a video about the company, its origins and plans for future growth. All this seemed to make sense to Lynn and Ann had a way of making her feel a lot more comfortable than she was just before she came in the reception area.

"I guess I just blew all that stuff that happened yesterday at my interview way out of proportion," Lynn thought to herself. She still wasn't aware that Ann knew exactly what happened yesterday because she was listening on the intercom.

"OK Lynn," Ann said, "let me show you where our video room is."

Ann led Lynn to a very small room off to the side of the reception area. The room only measured three feet by six feet. A very large video screen covered most of the far wall. It had a small table and two small chairs on one end of the room and gave the appearance of looking down a narrow mini theatre at this very large video screen. Dr. Mary had devised this room after doing a lot of research to evaluate its effectiveness. Now that it was perfected to her satisfaction, she and Miss Tamala referred to this room as the 'tee-up room.' This was the room where their 'project' or 'projects' were first exposed to subliminal messages.

"Wow," Lynn exclaimed, "that is some television."

"Yes it is," Ann answered. It measures eighty inches by eighty inches and was specially made for Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala wants anyone who is introduced to our company to feel like they are part of it. The picture that this television generates is so large and clear you will almost feel as though you are part of each scene."

"Boy, she ... I mean ... ah ... Miss Tamala goes first class, doesn't she ... ah ... Miss Tamala," Lynn said referring to the video room. She was having a difficult time remembering to use 'Miss Tamala' instead 'she' in her conversation with Ann.

"Now," Ann started to explain to Lynn, "I am going to start the presentation and you will notice there are little pauses in between the video clips. This is sort of a test to see how perceptive you are. When there is a pause in the video clip, I will read you a phase from your workbook and you're to fill in the blank or blanks with the first word or words that come to your mind."

"OK, I think I understand," answered Lynn while thinking how much she disliked tests.

Ann turned the lights off in the room and started the video. Then she sat next to Lynn on one of the two chairs. The workbook was on the table in front of them. The light from the screen was bright on Lynn's face as the first video clip lit up the screen. Soft mood music that was specifically designed to fit appropriately in conjunction with each video clip filled the room from the surround sound speakers that was part of the video system. Then words filled the screen: 'The Barker and Mercy Company presenting its founder Ms. Tamala Barker.'

This video clip featured pictures of a very young Tamala in high school. It highlighted her achievements, the awards she had received, and ended up with a very large photograph of her graduating grades on the screen. The final report card listed a 4.0 grade point average. Then the screen went blank with just a very large 'still' picture of Miss Tamala.

"All right Lynn," Ann said, "I am going to read a phase to you and you give me the first word that comes to your mind to fill in the blank. "Miss Tamala is very ..."

"Smart!" Lynn answered immediately.

"Correct," answered Ann. "Now fill in that blank in your workbook."

Lynn found the phase in her workbook and wrote in the word 'smart.'

The large television screen started up again and featured a little older Tamala in college. This time the video clip not only illustrated the many awards for academic achievement Tamala had received but ended up showing a full photograph of Tamala in a bathing suit receiving a very large gold trophy she had received in a beauty pageant. The screen paused.

"OK," Ann started to read the next phase, "Miss Tamala is very ..."
"Beautiful," Lynn immediately answered again.

"Correct," answered Ann. "Go ahead and put it in your workbook."

Lynn again wrote in the word 'beautiful' in the blank space.

After forty-five minutes of video clips and pauses, filling in blanks with complimentary words and descriptions of Tamala, Lynn was beginning to feel the effects of the aphrodisiac. It appeared as though every time she would write down a complimentary word she could feel a little awakening at the apex of her legs. The longer it went, the more her mind was concentrating on Miss Tamala. And more than anything else she wanted to fill in the workbook correctly so she would pass this test of perception to impress her.

After a while of illustrating the beginnings of the company and the company's plans for the future, the presentation was starting to wind down. Each video clip ended just before the pause with some personal information about Miss Tamala.

It was time to see just how much 'admiration' for Miss Tamala Lynn's mind had absorbed. This is the way Dr. Mary had designed this subliminal program. It started out with light nonchalant questions and as time went on the questions got bolder and, of course, required bolder answers.

The video clip on the screen changed to a full photograph of Miss Tamala's breasts. When Ann told Lynn to fill in the blank space at the pause, Lynn wrote: 'Miss Tamala has beautiful' ... 'breasts.'

Another full still picture of Miss Tamala's buttocks, another blank to fill in and Lynn wrote: 'Miss Tamala has a beautiful'... 'ass.' Both Ann and Lynn giggled at the use of the word 'ass.' Lynn wasn't used to describing a person's body using these 'slang' words and she felt a little evil filling in this blank. But she just brushed it off as a little girl to girl silliness.

It went on and on, 'Miss Talama has beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, beautiful legs, beautiful feet ...' All the while Lynn could feel more and more of the sexual sensations building in her very core. She was thinking of yesterday and swore she could still taste Miss Tamala pussy juices. She could feel the swelling in her breasts as her nipples were beginning to awaken.

Dr. Mary had instructed Miss Talama on the use of this system of planting subliminal messages. She told Miss Tamala that by having their 'project' think of these complimentary descriptive words for Miss Tamala and then writing them down in her own hand writing she would be reinforcing her feelings of admiration, respect and even desire in her mind for Miss Tamala. And, with the help of the aphrodisiac, she would be relating all of these emotions to the sexual stimulations she was feeling. Once she was 'properly teed-up' it would be up to Miss Tamala to take advantage of her submissive personality. "It won't be too long," Dr. Mary explained to Miss Tamala, "before you will have complete control of the bitch's will power and her ability to resist your wishes."

After an hour the video stopped. Ann leaned over the table and said: "Lynn, you did really well. I think Miss Tamala will be pleased with you when she reviews your workbook." She leaned over closer to Lynn, her mouth only six inches from Lynn's mouth and stopped. Lynn looked at Ann's red lips, the 'educated' lips, the lips that knew how to suck a pussy, and kiss an ass. For a minute Lynn felt an involuntary compulsive urge go through her. Yielding to that urge she leaned over the other six inches to meet Ann's lips. Ann's lips felt soft and warm on Lynn's yet 'uneducated' lips. It was a female to female kiss, a new sensation, and it felt entirely different than David's kiss she thought.

"It was just a friendly kiss," Lynn thought trying not to feel guilty about her first kiss with someone of the same sex. But Lynn was still somewhat aroused from the video session and she couldn't deny the excited feelings that the softness of female lips upon female lips were creating within her very core. Ann seemed take the kiss in stride so Lynn didn't linger with her thoughts too long.

As they came out of the video room, Ann heard the familiar click of someone pushing the locking release mechanism at the front door. "Miss Tamala is here," she said and almost ran down the hallway to open the door.

Lynn waited in the reception area and in a few moments she heard the tapping of high heel shoes coming down the hallway. The reception door opened and Ann was the first one to appear. Her one hand was holding Miss Tamala's briefcase and purse. Her other was hand holding a steaming cup of coffee in a plastic cup. Because her hands were full, Ann had to lean against the door to hold it open for Miss Tamala.

When Miss Tamala came through the door, Lynn wasn't prepared for what she saw. For the second time today she stood in awe.

Miss Tamala looked so different than yesterday. Her jet black hair was pulled back and ended up in a bun on the back of her head. It was obvious she had just had a facial because her bronze skin had a fresh glow to it. Yesterday she had a little eye makeup on but today her eyes were perfectly made up. She had a little violet eye shadow that matched the violet blush on her high cheek bones. Her full lips looked like a delicious cream had been applied to them. She wore a soft black leather vest with silver buttons down the front. A white silk blouse completed the top part of the ensemble. The blouse had a very low cut and showed a lot of rich brown cleavage.

But the bottom part of the ensemble was the 'attention getter.' The skirt she wore was also made of soft black leather but unlike yesterday it didn't come above her knees. Instead it was two inches below her knees and had a slit running up her leg to the top of her thigh. She wore a soft black leather pair of open toed shoes with four inch heels. The calves of her magnificent legs were clearly on display through sheer nylon stockings. Her heavy thighs were playing a little game of peek-a-boo through the slit in her skirt.

It was apparent to Lynn that the atmosphere in the room had completely changed as soon as Miss Tamala entered the reception area. It had changed from a somewhat informal friendly atmosphere when Lynn and Ann were alone to a very intimidating atmosphere as soon as Miss Tamala was present.

"Good morning Miss Tamala," Lynn said in a very humble voice, her face blushing a little. She was now face to face with Miss Tamala again. She was recalling where her fingers were yesterday ... she was remembering the wetness of her pussy ... the video that she had just viewed was flashing through her mind ... "smart, beautiful, beautiful breasts, lips, ass, feet ..."

Miss Tamala didn't acknowledge her good morning greeting. "Why should she?" she thought. "This little white bitch is back. That could only mean one thing." Instead her dominant mind continued sizing Lynn up. "The little fucker is nervous," her mind was working again. "The 'hunt' is over; the 'capture' is beginning. I swear, before this day is done I will have that pretty white head between my legs." With these last thoughts going through her mind she could feel the first signs of moisture in her pussy. "Careful Tamala", she told herself, "I still have a way to go before I have her."

"So I take it you are back for orientation," Miss Tamala said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

"Yes Miss Tamala," Lynn answered.

"Good," Miss Tamala said. "I think you have the talent we are looking for."

Lynn watched as Ann went in front of Miss Tamala and started to unbutton the silver buttons on the front of her black leather vest.

"Don't let your fingers touch anything but the buttons," Miss Tamala said in a demanding voice to Ann. The abrupt change of voice made Lynn tremble a little as she watched mesmerized by the scene taking place in front of her. It seemed to Lynn that Ann was acting more like a maid than a receptionist.

"Yes ma'am," answered the obedient Ann.

After Ann had unbuttoned the vest she walked behind Miss Tamala and very carefully removed the garment. Miss Tamala had stretched her arms out for Ann to make it easier for the vest to slip off her shoulders. As the vest slipped off her shoulders, her white silk blouse came into view. The movement of her arms out to the side of her body made the front of the blouse pull backward and it seemed as though her large firm breasts were going to tear right through the flimsy material. Her black bra was clearly visible through the almost transparent blouse and it appeared as though the bra could just about retain those beautiful bronze breasts.

Lynn was blushing even more now. Her gaze was on the valley between Miss Tamala's breasts and she felt like she was looking somewhere she shouldn't be looking.

Miss Tamala was watching Lynn's eyes and where they were looking. She smiled a little, knowing the effect she was having on Lynn. "Little bitch likes my boobs," she was thinking to herself. "Looks like our little 'tee-up' room did its job too."

Then she turned toward Ann and said: "Go put the car in the parking garage," again in a stern voice as though she had very little respect for her.

"Yes ma'am," answered Ann as she hurried out of the reception room door.

"Miss Langley, get my briefcase, purse and coffee and come with me," Miss Tamala said. "And bring your workbook too."

"Yes Miss Tamala," Lynn answered as she walked over to do as she was instructed.

When Lynn picked up the briefcase she was surprised how heavy it was. But she managed to get the briefcase and purse in one hand, and tucked her workbook under her other arm. When she went to pick up the large plastic coffee cup with her free hand, she found it was very hot. She immediately put it back down.

"Now what?" Miss Tamala said in a very impatient voice.

"I ... it ... it's ...," Lynn was stuttering, the fear apparent in her voice. For some reason that Lynn really didn't understand she was afraid to upset Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala was pleased with the effect she was having on Lynn. She watched the exasperated expression on Lynn's pretty face for a while. "Yes," she was thinking, "it's so much fun watching this beautiful white bitch's will power to resist crumbling before my very eyes." That dominant feeling was causing a little pulsating quiver in Miss Tamala's loins.

"Pick it up, what are you a sissy", Miss Tamala berated Lynn. "Ann didn't have any trouble with it."

Lynn didn't bother to reply. She just picked up the hot coffee cup, got a good grip on it and tried to make her way to Miss Tamala's office door. The palm of her hand and her fingers wrapped around the hot coffee cup were burning and her facial expression showed it. When she got to the office door she stopped. She had the heavy briefcase and purse in one hand, her workbook tucked under her arm squeezed against her body and the hot coffee cup in the same hand and she was waiting ... waiting for what? For the empty handed Miss Tamala to open the door?

Miss Tamala had stopped too. She looked at Lynn standing there with her hands full, watched the steam rising up from the hot coffee cup in her reddening hand and saw the grimace of pain on Lynn's face. "Let the little white bitch suffer for a while," she was thinking, "she has to learn to suffer and sacrifice for me."

It seemed like an eternity that Lynn stood in front of Miss Tamala's office door but, of course, it was only a few minutes. Miss Tamala was only least 8 inches taller then Lynn. But in Lynn's present state of mind, she seemed like a giant. Lynn made the mistake of looking into the eyes of Miss Tamala. The soft brown eyes of Lynn met the penetrating black eyes of Miss Tamala and a feeling of inferiority swept through her.

"No manners either huh," Miss Tamala finally spoke. "A sissy, no manners ... what the hell do they teach you people in college anymore. Put something down and open the door for me."

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn. Lynn looked for some place to put the hot coffee down. She was away from Ann's desk and there wasn't any object close by to put the coffee cup on. She was fearful that she was making Miss Tamala upset by making her wait. "Damn, how can I be so stupid," she was thinking. "I wanted so much to impress her and I am making a mess out of everything I do,"... her self esteem was slowly draining from her mind. Finally she reached down and put the hot coffee cup on the floor. A little 'aahhh' came from her mouth as she let go of the hot cup and felt the cool air on her hand. Her hand was a deep red by now and it was even more painful when she turned the handle to the office door. After the office door was opened and she started to bend down to the floor to pick up the coffee cup she had just put there, she heard Miss Tamala's voice again.

"Take your damn shoes off whenever you are in my office. I don't want your shoes marking up my hardwood floors," Miss Tamala told Lynn.

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn as she took her shoes off, picked up the hot coffee cup, her hand stinging more than ever and followed Miss Tamala into her office. Immediately the smell of the highly polished oak sided office filled her nostrils. She watched the beautiful and shapely ass of Miss Tamala swaying back and forth as she made her way over to her desk. She could see the muscles of the calves of her legs bulge out when she put the weight of her body on one of her high heeled shoes ... then the other. And she heard the 'click', 'click' of Miss Tamala's high heels as she walked on the shiny hardwood floor ... the same hardwood floor that she was not allowed to walk on with shoes. Another little seed of unworthiness was planted in Lynn's mind ... 'Miss Tamala is superior to me.'

Miss Tamala looked over her shoulder just once to see this beautiful white bitch following her without any shoes on, struggling to carry all her things, her hot cup of coffee burning her hand and she was pleased with the progress she was making in completely dominating Lynn. She couldn't help herself now; her juices were building up in her pussy. "I can't wait too damn long," she was saying to herself, "this fucking bitch is making me hot."

"Put my briefcase, purse, your workbook and coffee on my desk. Be sure to put the coffee on the coaster. I never want to see anything out of order on my desk. Do you understand?" Miss Tamala said in a very stern voice while looking directly into Lynn's eyes.

"Yes Miss Talama," answered Lynn.

Lynn had put the briefcase, purse, and workbook down but when she went to put the hot coffee cup on the coaster she was having some difficulty. The hot cup was stinging her hand so much that her hand was shaking. To make matters worst, the coaster was just a little smaller than the plastic coffee cup and she was terrified that it wouldn't fit on it. "It might leave a mark on Miss Tamala's desk," she was thinking, "and Miss Tamala might be upset with me."

Once again Miss Tamala watched with amusement how the nervous Lynn was trying so hard not to do anything that would upset her. She had purposely put the undersized coaster on her desk knowing it would be difficult to make the coffee cup fit on it. Miss Tamala had a knowing smile on her face. "It is even more amusing when the cup is hot," she thought.

Lynn finally managed to get the hot cup on the coaster. Then she turned to face Miss Tamala. She was visibly shaking now, especially her reddened hand. But Miss Tamala could also see her whole body quiver with little telltale signs of nervousness every once in a while and she was enjoying it. Her dominant mind was racing again. "Look at this mother fucking white bitch shake," she was thinking, "this is going much easier than I thought."

Lynn didn't know what to do. She was thinking of just running out of there. But for some reason her legs weren't cooperating. Then she was so close to this domineering beautiful black woman that she could smell her perfume and that was taking its toll on her senses. She had been looking into her black eyes just waiting to be told to do something but the silence of Miss Tamala was even more intimidating. Finally she just lowered her head.

Miss Tamala saw the head lower. She saw what she wanted to see. She saw the submissiveness in this white bitch standing in front of her bubbling to the surface and it was setting her on fire. She felt the twitching in her pussy demanding attention and the dampness building up to uncontainable proportions. "Now", her mind was telling her, "take this bitch down completely now."

"Go over to that closet. There is a pair of my loafers that I wear while I am working in there. Bring them over here to my desk," she told Lynn changing the pitch of her voice to a soft and sulky tone. The change in voice tones was also second nature to Miss Tamala by now. She knew just when to instill fear by changing the pitch of her voice and when to bring the feelings of fear down in her 'projects'.

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn from the bowed position of her head. The softer voice pitch of Miss Tamala seemed to calm down Lynn as she made her way to the closet. As Lynn was walking to the closet thoughts were going through her mind again: "Why does this woman have this effect on me ... she scares me and yet I don't know why I am doing everything she tells me to ..."

Lynn returned with the loafers and stood in front of Miss Tamala again. She wanted to say something but her nervousness kept her mouth from working. She felt so empty, like a little child waiting to be told what to do, like she just couldn't or didn't dare say a word for fear of doing something wrong. Little by little her dependence on Miss Tamala for guidance was growing and she didn't even realize it.

Again Miss Tamala deliberately kept her silence. She let Lynn stand in front of her, speechless and looking so stupid. Then she finally spoke. "Put the loafers down, reach under my skirt and remove my nylons," she told Lynn. "And try your best not to touch my skin."

That last order struck Lynn like a ton of bricks. She got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. "What ... did she hear right? ... remove her ... what? ..." her mind was processing thoughts so fast she felt dizzy. "Did she really expect me ... me ... Lynn Langley do that?????" Silence ... more silence ... neither Miss Tamala nor Lynn said a word.

The silence lasted for a few more seconds, like a jostling match ... someone had to give in. Someone had to break the silence. Lynn looked into those eyes, the eyes of Miss Tamala that seemed to know everything; the penetrating eyes that reached right into her soul. Lynn pressed her lips together; she swallowed hard, so hard that the gulping sound it made could clearly be heard.

She knelt down slowly and her hands were starting up under Miss Tamala's skirt.

She was very nervous. Before yesterday her hands had never been here ... at least not with another woman. Yesterday Miss Tamala's hands guided her hand. Today she was on her own. When her trembling hands passed Miss Tamala's knees she could feel the body heat coming from Miss Tamala's legs. She tried to keep her hands against the leather skirt so she wouldn't touch Miss Tamala's skin as she was instructed. Now her hands were reaching what had been for her before today a 'forbidden zone.' Her hands were near the top of Miss Tamala's thighs. She had to move her body closer to be able to reach up under the skirt this far. Lynn felt the softness of the leather skirt brush against her face as she very lightly groped for the garter belt hooks.

Miss Tamala was ecstatic. She didn't expect to make this much 'progress' with Lynn this fast. She was looking down at the kneeling white bitch ... the pretty model features of her face, the shoulder length brown hair and she could feel that dominant superior arousal building up inside of her. "God damn it," she thought, "she has got me so damn horny. But I have to play with her more. I have to get her so damn aroused that she will do anything I tell her. Patience Tamala, patience ..." she kept telling herself. "I have to get her pussy juices flowing, got to get her to her peak, then I will have her, I will own the fucking bitch body and soul."

After Lynn had the garter belt hooks unfastened on Miss Tamala's leg, she tried to ease the nylon stocking down. But the nylon stocking was filled to capacity by the thickness of the Miss Tamala's thigh. Lynn didn't know where to put her fingers without touching the skin.

"You have my permission to touch my skin while you are taking my stockings off," Miss Tamala said. "Use the palm of your hands and roll them down slowly so you don't put a run in them with your fingernails."

The words 'my permission' had a psychological impact on Lynn. Again she felt like a little child that needed 'permission' to do something. Just like yesterday when she was sitting in that little chair. She was 'told' to sit in that chair. Today she was again being exposed to orders ... 'do this'... 'follow me' ... 'put this here'... 'put that there'... 'you have my permission'... 'permission'... 'permission'...

The relationship between Lynn Langley and Tamala Barker was changing. Lynn could feel the change taking place deep inside her psyche. And so could Tamala. The relationship was no longer of an 'intern' applying for a job from a potential 'employer.' Now the relationship between Lynn Langley, the 26 year old young woman was becoming one of the 'student' and the forty year old Tamala Barker, the 'teacher'.

Lynn could feel the wonderful sensations pulsating through her body as she used the palms of her hands to roll down the nylon stocking. Not only could she feel the warmness of Miss Tamala's legs, but she could feel the shape of her legs. Starting at the fullness of the thigh and sloping down, over her knee, down again and over the calf, down until she was at Miss Tamala's ankle. Lynn did the same to the other leg. By the time she had both of Miss Tamala's nylon stockings at her ankles she could feel her own panties getting wet. She was almost flowing, her lubricants involuntarily doing their job, and she could feel the tingling starting deep somewhere high up in her vagina.

Miss Tamala looked down again at the kneeling white bitch. She was ready to take the next step with Lynn and she was getting anxious to see how Lynn would react. She leaned back on the desk until her buttocks were resting on the edge of the desk. "Take my shoes off and then remove my stockings from my feet," she said to Lynn again in a soft voice. Her mind was telling her, "it is time to go softly with her". She was confident that Lynn was crossing over into a new world. "Fold my stockings up very carefully starting with the toe and make sure they are perfectly folded and wrinkle free."

Lynn didn't answer this time. Miss Tamala's first impulse was to push the fact that she didn't answer with the customary 'Yes Miss Tamala' but she thought better of it because Lynn only hesitated for a moment before she began to remove her shoes and then her stockings. She also didn't want to interrupt the trance like atmosphere that she had Lynn in. She watched as the very nervous Lynn almost reverently removed these articles of clothing. She watched as Lynn very carefully folded the stockings up one fold at a time being sure that they were wrinkle free as she moved along.

Lynn, for her part, was feeling all kinds of new submissive emotions within herself. The fact that she was following instructions, obeying her beautiful 'teacher' was making her nipples spring to live, and little quivers of excitement were shooting up the nerve systems of the twin mounds and making the rosy peaks hard. When she had completed her assigned task she sat back on her haunches and didn't even make an attempt to stand up. It was beginning to feel 'natural' to be on her knees in front of Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala pulled her chair over close and in front of Lynn, sat down and handed Lynn her workbook. "Read the complete sentences in your workbook out loud to me including the word or words you used to fill in the blanks," she said in a little louder and more firm tone of voice. Lynn opened the workbook and began to read:

"Miss Tamala is very smart."

"Miss Tamala is very beautiful."

"Miss Tamala has beautiful breasts."

"Miss Tamala has beautiful eyes."

"Miss Tamala has beautiful lips."

It was one thing for Lynn to write the answers to the questions down in her workbook but it took on a whole new meaning mentally as she was reciting them out loud. Miss Tamala watched Lynn very carefully, watched her every reaction as the complimentary words were vocalized and absorbed in her mind. She slowly moved her bare foot up and rested it on Lynn's shoulder. When Lynn felt the foot on her shoulder she stopped reading almost on impulse. "Keeping reading, I didn't tell you to stop!" Miss Tamala said to Lynn, the soft seductive voice gone and the firm stern voice back again.

"Miss Tamala has beautiful legs."

"Miss Tamala has beautiful feet."

Miss Tamala was rubbing her foot in little circular motions on Lynn's shoulder. She was admiring the contrast of her brown foot on the Lynn's beige blouse. She had a pedicure that morning at the salon. Her toes were highly polished in a violet shade to match her eye shadow and lipstick. "As I recall there was another line in your workbook that you skipped over, wasn't there?" Miss Tamala said to Lynn in coyly questioning tone of voice. She knew Lynn had indeed skipped a line.

Lynn also knew she purposely skipped a line. She was blushing so much now that she had been 'caught' and Miss Tamala loved watching her face getting red. But Lynn was so nervous she didn't answer again. "That's twice she didn't acknowledge an order or a question," Miss Tamala was thinking, "I will over look it for now but that is a correction I will have to make in her attitude," she promised herself.

"Read it!" Miss Tamala ordered Lynn sternly. As she said this she had moved her foot over to the side of Lynn's face. She tapped the side of Lynn's face abruptly and pushed her toes inward on Lynn's cheek just hard enough to leave a few red indentations on Lynn's cheek with her toenails.

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn in a low voice. Then she read the line she had skipped: "Miss Tamala has a beautiful ass."

Words like 'ass,' 'tits,' 'cunt' or 'pussy' had never been a part of Lynn's vocabulary and she was deeply embarrassed to have to use them now. Miss Tamala surmised this and enjoyed watching Lynn's embarrassment.

Miss Tamala sat back in her chair, raised her other foot and rested it on Lynn's other shoulder. This last move brought Miss Tamala's skirt high up on her thighs. Lynn for the first time in her life had a view of Miss Tamala's pussy. It became obvious that Miss Tamala was not wearing panties. All Lynn could see was the garter belt with the empty clasps hanging there. Her exposed pussy was giving off a slight musky scent and it filled Lynn's nostrils. Lynn's heart was beating a little faster. She had never been this close to another woman in this fashion before. The combination of the scent and closeness was raising Lynn's excitement even higher. Miss Tamala had a smile on her face. "It is so sweet to watch this bitch surrendering her will a little at a time," she was thinking.

"Touch my legs, starting at the ankles, and softly around my calves and then around the back of my knees," Miss Tamala instructed Lynn.

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn, as her white young hands touched Miss Tamala's brown ankles. Lynn ran her hands all around Miss Tamala's ankles then started upward around both calves. "Funny," Lynn thought, "for some reason she always thought that the brown skin of an African American would be rough. But Miss Tamala's skin was soft and pliable. It felt so good," Lynn continued thinking, "to be kneeling in front these wonderful legs, feeling the muscles of her calves, the warm moisture of sweat in back of her knees and especially the smell of her skin". The closeness of it all even brought a little wicked smile to Lynn's face.

Miss Tamala noticed the little lustful smile on Lynn's face too. She removed her legs from Lynn's shoulders and reached down to loosen the buttons on Lynn's blouse. When she had all the buttons undone and Lynn's pretty white bra came into view, Miss Tamala felt the outline of Lynn's breasts by gripping and squeezing the twin mounds through the silky bra fabric. Lynn's breathing became heavy when she felt the first contact of Miss Tamala's hands on her breasts.

"Nice," Miss Tamala said, "nice size and solid. I like their structure," she continued speaking to Lynn as though she was evaluating a piece of meat. "Now bend your head down," she told Lynn


Lynn moved her head down so her back was arched toward Miss Tamala. She felt Miss Tamala's hands go down the back of her loosened blouse and unhook the bra clasps. Miss Tamala picked Lynn's head back up just enough to reach down the front of the now loosened bra. She cupped both of Lynn's bare breasts with her hands, flesh upon flesh. She cupped and squeezed, ran her fingers around the nipples which were both totally engorged with excitement and hard by now. She flicked her long and polished finger nails back and forth across Lynn's nipples.

"Oh ... oooohhh ... God ... ooooohhh," came Lynn's low gasping muttering voice. She could feel what seemed like every nerve in her breasts pounding.

Miss Tamala caught Lynn's hardened nipples between her finger and her thumb. She pulled them outward a little ... a little more ... and a little more as she seemed to be testing the nipples elasticity. "Pretty good," she said to Lynn, "but I like longer nipples ... I like them a lot longer ... like this!!!" Miss Tamala said in a much louder voice as she squeezed and pulled very hard at Lynn's nipples until their extension doubled in length.

"Aaaaaaahhhh ... ouch, ouch, ouchhhhh ... please, please," Lynn cried out loud as she pulled back from Miss Tamala's hands.

'Slap,' the loud sound of Miss Tamala's hand striking Lynn's face filled the office room. The slap was hard but not nearly as hard as Miss Tamala was capable of applying. But it was hard enough to leave the imprint of her hand on Lynn's perfect complexion. "You dumb fucking slut, don't you ever pull away from me ... ever ... do you understand?" Miss Tamala shouted at Lynn.

'Slut' ... the word itself reverberated in Lynn's mind. 'Slut'... Lynn had never in her 26 years had been called a 'slut.' It was like another switch had been turned on in her brain and the electricity it generated was flowing through out her submissive body. "Yes Miss Talama", she answered, in a low shaking voice, feeling the heat and stinging on her face from the slap she had just received.

Miss Tamala knew she was the first female to ever touch Lynn in this sexual manner. She knew she was the first female to ever squeeze her breasts, to feel, tease, and pinch her tits. She also knew she was the first female to ever slap her face and to discipline her. "Look at the bitch," she was thinking, "with blouse opened down the front, her bra hanging down from her shoulders exposing her tits, her nipples hard with desire, red from the pulling she just had administered, and her face beat red with the imprint of her hand." The more she looked at this sight on the floor kneeling before her, the more her juices flowed.

"I'm ready," she thought as the pulsating of her pussy was building up. She opened her desk drawer, took out a large comb and two ribbons. She reached over and pulled Lynn's head between her legs just knee high. She took the comb and parted Lynn's shoulder length soft brown hair in the middle. She then pulled half of the parted hair back until she made a pony tail almost on top of Lynn's head. She tied the ribbon in a bow around the pony tail. Then she did the same on the other side of Lynn's head. Lynn didn't move except to follow the lead of Miss Tamala's hand. When she was through fixing Lynn's hair the way she wanted it, she pulled Lynn's head back so she was only six inches from her face. Miss Tamala stared into Lynn's eyes.

"May as well get your fucking hair out of the way," she said to Lynn. "You won't need it where your head is going," she continued with a sadistic laugh. Miss Tamala loved to watch the shocked expression on Lynn's face when she used this derogatory choice of words while talking to her. She held Lynn's head backward with one hand while she reached into the desk drawer again and this time took out a tube of lipstick. Pulling backward on Lynn's hair by one of the pony tails so her face was pointed upward toward Miss Tamala, she applied a heavy coat of lipstick to Lynn's lips even smudging some outside of the lip line. She then applied the lipstick to each of Lynn's cheeks in two red round solid circles. She put the lipstick down on the desk and rubbed the lipstick on each of Lynn's cheeks very hard with her fingers in circular motions until her cheeks were bright red. When Miss Tamala was satisfied she was done applying the makeup, she reached into the desk drawer once more and took out a large hand mirror. She pointed it at Lynn's face.

"What do you see bitch," she said to Lynn.

"I ... I ...," Lynn couldn't get any words out of her mouth. When she looked at herself in the mirror she saw the two pony tails with ribbons, the extremely heavy coat of lipstick smudged on her face and the very red solid circles Miss Tamala had made on her face cheeks.

"I see a fucking slut," Miss Tamala told Lynn. "Now, let's try again dummy," she said again to Lynn. "What do you see?"

"I ... I see a ... I see a ... a ... a slut," Lynn looking at herself in the mirror finally got the words out of her mouth.

"What kind of slut stupid," Miss Tamala said in a chastising voice to Lynn.

"I ... I see a ... a fucking slut Miss Tamala," Lynn answered. As she was saying what Miss Tamala wanted to hear, these self-degrading words she was using to describe herself were causing new stirrings deep within Lynn psyche. She was losing whatever control of herself she had left.

Miss Tamala pulled Lynn a little closer, put both of her strong legs over Lynn's shoulders, leaned back in her chair and with both of her hands gripping Lynn's new pony tails started to lead Lynn's head in between her legs.

Lynn immediately felt the heat between the heavy dark thighs. The womanly musk scent was everywhere. The scent was making Lynn's head spin as her face got closer to the 'forbidden' area. Her eyes were wide with excitement as she saw the dark vagina lips so close to her mouth. The outer vagina lips were dark brown, but they gave way to a lighter brown inner vagina lips, then a pinkness ... a very wet pinkness. She felt Miss Tamala's hands move from the pony tails on her head to the sides of her face. Miss Tamala gripped each of Lynn' cheeks with her palms on the cheeks and her fingers under Lynn's chin guiding her mouth very slowly to her pussy. "Stick your tongue out and just taste the places my hands lead your mouth for now," she told Lynn.

Lynn heard the words. Her whole body was shaking with desire, a desire she had never felt before. She stuck her tongue out just as Miss Tamala had instructed her. For some reason she didn't quite understand she felt the need to be obedient. The first thing Lynn felt was the pretty ringlets of Miss Tamala's pubic hair on the sides of her face from the ringlets that were on the upper part of Miss Tamala's thighs. They were very wet, somewhat coarse and in massive amounts. It seemed to Lynn that there were ringlets of hair everywhere. As her mouth neared Miss Tamala's pussy, her face became almost buried in the jet black ringlets. Hair was all around the front of her face. Her nose was buried in hair. It was all around her mouth and tongue and then ... then her tongue made contact with the soft wet outer pussy lips. She moved her tongue up the outside of the slit she found there and scooped up a generous amount of pussy nectar. Lynn's senses were filled with the musky scent of another woman and now her taste buds were savoring the juices causing this scent. She was having a hard time controlling herself. Her mind was telling her ... "go deeper, go deeper"... but she couldn't because Miss Tamala's hands were controlling the movements of her head.

Miss Tamala leaned even more forward in her chair. The lower part of her body was almost hanging off the chair. This movement caused almost the whole length of her legs to now be draped over Lynn's shoulders. Her soft leather skirt was all the way up on the top part of her stomach exposing her complete lower torso. "Follow my hands slut," she said to Lynn in a raspy, excited tone of voice.

Miss Tamala hands guided Lynn's face lower. Lynn felt her tongue going back down the pussy slit, down lower until she felt the curvature of Miss Tamala's ass coming up. A new scent filled her nostrils. It was stronger then the pussy scent but not at all repulsive to Lynn. Lynn was so sexually aroused by this time that every new 'secret' scent filled her with a new arousal. Lynn's forehead was resting on Miss Tamala pussy slit. It was soaked with Miss Tamala's pussy juices and buried in the ringlets of the jet black pubic hair. Her nose was pressed against the very bottom of Miss Tamala's ass cheeks and her tongue was still hanging out.

"Taste me there," Miss Tamala instructed Lynn.

Lynn was truly frightened. As Miss Tamala lowered Lynn's head even further she also raised her own ass upward. Lynn could now feel the solid globes of Miss Tamala's ass on her face. Her nose was at the beginning of the crack and her tongue was still hanging out. The scent was very strong and it frightened Lynn even more. Lynn's mind was working again as she heard herself repeating under her breath ... "taste me there"... "taste me there." "Did she dare," she asked herself.

Miss Tamala's hands didn't move Lynn's head or mouth any further. "This is a choice I want her to make," she was thinking. "If this bitch sucks me there I know she will belong to me. What a way to surrender, to give herself to me," she continued thinking. She laid her head back on her chair and closed her eyes. She had a big smile on her face as she thought ... "go ahead bitch, go ahead and suck my asshole," as though she was trying very hard to pass her thoughts telepathically on to Lynn.

Lynn made the move. Whether it was caused by her own state of arousal or an urge to degrade herself further to please Miss Tamala, it didn't matter any more. Lynn's tongue made its way to the pretty puckered asshole. Her whole face was buried between Miss Tamala's ass cheeks. When she ran her tongue around Miss Tamala's asshole she seemed to be pleased with herself. She knew in her mind that she was doing something she would never have even dreamed of doing before today and she felt her heart pounding. She was proud of herself ... "yes," she was saying to herself, "I did it ... I did it for Miss Tamala."

She felt the pulsating contraction of Miss Tamala's splinter muscles loosening up, then tightening again, loosening up once more. It was as though Miss Tamala's asshole was beckoning her tongue, daring her tongue to go further. And Lynn did. She pushed until her tongue parted the asshole muscles and was now inside. When she did this she felt Miss Tamala push her ass further into her face and then she heard Miss Tamala's voice.

"Yes ... yeessss, oh ... oooohhhhhh, yes, you motherfucking bitch ... suck, suck you little fucking whore," she heard Miss Tamala highly charged voice telling her. The words she was hearing from Miss Tamala were flashing through Lynn's mind: "Yes, I am pleasing her, she likes it ... she likes me to do this." By making Miss Tamala feel good, Lynn, in her own submissive way, was totally absorbed in the moment. She felt like she had felt in the bathroom last night when she masturbated. And ... she wanted so much to masturbate again ... again while she was sucking Miss Tamala's asshole.

Miss Tamala was deeply satisfied with herself. She knew without a doubt that a complete power exchange was taking place. Lynn, by taking this extraordinary step of self-degradation was becoming a tool for her pleasure. She especially loved the feeling of the slavish tongue of this white bitch in her sensitive asshole. She could feel the rapid contractions building up in her pussy and her juices were flowing like a river. She knew she couldn't resist this build up much longer.

Lynn also knew something was taking place between herself and Miss Tamala. And instead of being repulsed she was excited. It felt so good to surrender to Miss Tamala. It felt so good to bring pleasure to this beautiful strong Black woman. Her head was spinning with the sounds and words coming from the excited voice of Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala removed her hands from Lynn's face and reached back to grab both of the pony tails she had made in Lynn's hair. She pulled on the pony tails until Lynn's head was pointed upward and she could look into her face. She looked at the perverse smile of submissive satisfaction on Lynn's face. The corners of her mouth were turned upward and her face was covered with pussy juices. The heavy layer of lipstick she had applied to Lynn's face was now completely smeared. She lowered her own face until she was six inches above Lynn's face. She looked into Lynn's lust filled and glazed eyes.

"Watch my lips ... watch my lips," Miss Tamala said to Lynn in a sexy soft voice as she made circular motions with her lips and she was drawing her cheeks in and out. "Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out," she again ordered Lynn.

Lynn immediately obeyed. Her mouth sprung open and her tongue came out as she stared at the creamy red lips of Miss Tamala. Somewhere deep inside of her body Lynn knew what was coming. She didn't care. In a perverse way, she welcomed it. She watched the red lips above her part. She saw an enormous amount of thick salvia form between the red lips, then very slowly in a long string start to drop toward her mouth. She felt it hit her outstretched tongue and build up in capacity and roll backward. Her mouth was filling so fast that her impulse was to swallow. But again she heard instructions coming from Miss Tamala.

"Don't you fucking swallow bitch," Miss Tamala told her, "just keep your head tilted back and let it slide down your throat," Miss Tamala continued instructing Lynn.

Miss Tamala became even more excited if that was possible watching Lynn obeying every instruction she was giving her. When the last of her salvia disappeared down Lynn's throat and she heard a gulping sound come from deep within Lynn, she pulled her head back in between her strong legs until Lynn's face was buried in her pussy. She roughly rubbed Lynn's face around her sopping wet pussy until her face was soaked all over again.

"Use your tongue shit head," she yelled at Lynn. "Use your lips, suck, suck, suck," she was continuing to yell at Lynn. The more she yelled, the more Lynn responded and the harder she tried to follow Miss Tamala's instructions. "Yes, yes," she told Lynn, "that's it ... that's my clit ... yeesssss, yeessss, take it between your lips and suck on it ... ooohhhhh, ooooohhhh, shit ... you have a good mouth ... a good mouth ... you're a good sucker ... I'm cumming ... oh, shit, I'm cumming ..." Miss Tamala gyrated her hips, bucked up and down as though she was trying to fuck Lynn's whole face. Then the final downward contractions came, Miss Tamala pulled Lynn's head inward as hard as she could as she released an explosive orgasm. "Aaaahhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhhhhh," the final deep gasps came from Miss Tamala as she eased herself down from this delicious sexual high plateau she had just experienced. "Slowly now," she was giving Lynn her final instructions, "suck slowly now, just lap at my pussy with your tongue little whore."

Lynn felt like she was soaring somewhere in outer space. She was breathing heavy, heavier than she ever had in her life. Her panties were totally soaked and she wanted so bad to put her fingers down there, to touch herself. The voice of Miss Tamala calling her a 'slut,' a 'whore'... teaching her how to suck ... had all filled her submissive mind to overflowing. "Yes," she was thinking, "that's what I am. I'm Miss Tamala's slut. I'm Miss Tamala's whore."

Miss Tamala eased her legs off of Lynn's shoulders. She knew Lynn was sexually charged and her arousal was at a peak. She saw that Lynn had one of her hands under her own skirt. "Take your fucking hand away from your cunt you little pig," she scolded Lynn. "Don't you ever put your hand there again without my permission," she continued.

"Ye ... yes ... yes Miss Tamala," Lynn answered in a shaky voice as she removed her hand. She was still breathing heavy. Her panties were soaked and her whole crotch was wet. The muscles in her vagina were pushing downward in little spasms. She knew all she had to do was rub her clit a few times and she would explode into a blissful orgasm.

But it wasn't to be. Miss Tamala had some important decisions for Lynn to make in the next few minutes and she wanted to keep Lynn at her highest sexual arousal so she would make them while her mind was full of sexual emotions.

Miss Tamala grabbed Lynn very hard by both of her ears so she could again look into her face. "Look at me, look into my eyes and listen. Listen to me very carefully," she said. "Where are you staying and what kind of living arrangements do you have."

"The Imperial Motel Miss Tamala," Lynn answered. "I have my room rented on a night to night basis."

"OK, good," Miss Tamala replied. "You have some decisions to make. I will be giving you a few choices. But first let me inform you again, as I did yesterday, that everything that has taken place in my office has been recorded on video tape. Of course, if anyone was to view this tape they would see exactly what happened in this room. I am sure it wouldn't take much for anyone to understand that you were not forced to do anything against your will. Rather, I would think, they would see a very cooperative young lady performing oral sex on me not to mention a few other acts."

"Now for the choices you have," Miss Tamala continued talking to Lynn as they looked into each other's eyes. "First, you can get yourself cleaned up and leave here today. I will give you six months salary. I will also give you an excellent evaluation that will assure you of placement in an excellent law firm upon your graduation. In exchange you will never, I repeat never, talk to anyone about anything that happened here the last few days. Remember, I have the video tape and I can assure you I will defend myself vigorously."

Lynn, being held firmly by the grip Miss Tamala had on her ears, her face smeared with lipstick and Miss Tamala's pussy juices and her heart still beating rapidly from her sexual arousal was now listening intently.

"Secondly", Miss Tamala was talking again, "you can decide to stay with me and my company. If you decide to stay, you will be required to move into my home tonight. There you will undergo an extensive training program for the next three months. This will complete your internship at the end of which I will offer you further choices. You have one minute to make your decision."

Lynn's mind was working rapidly. She thought of her fiancé David. She thought of the youth group she had helped to establish back home. She wasn't breathing as fast now but her ears were hurting from the tight grip Miss Tamala had on them. She looked at this beautiful Black woman and thought about what she had just done. It was all so new to her. Yet she couldn't deny that it all lit a fire within her body that she had never known before. The more she thought of sucking Miss Tamala's pussy and her ass, the more her arousal was renewing itself.

"Please Miss Tamala," Lynn said in a very subdued voice. "I want to stay with you."

"Good," Miss Tamala said with a smile on her face. "I had a feeling you would take the second choice you little fucking white whore. You have a good mouth and tongue and I am looking forward to your training program."

As soon as Lynn heard Miss Tamala referring to her as a 'fucking white whore' she knew deep within her submissive soul that she had made the correct choice. The power exchange between Lynn Langley and Ms. Tamala Barker was complete. She was about to begin her training and a new way of life.

(To be continued .........)

Chapter VII---Lynn's Training Begins

"Stay right where you are," Miss Tamala told Lynn as she let go of Lynn's ears. She got up from her chair and headed for the bathroom which was off to the side of her desk. Lynn, her sexual arousal somewhat diminished, sat back on her haunches but remained on the floor just as Miss Tamala had told her to. Her lipstick smeared face was still coated from forehead to chin with Miss Tamala's vaginal juices. Her blouse remained opened, her loosened bra still hung by the straps from her shoulders and her breasts hung out. Her breasts had red finger marks all over them, the result of Miss Tamala's rough handling. Her nipples were still erect and a little sore from the sudden pulling of Miss Tamala's fingers and thumbs.

Lynn was still in a state of confusion from the intense sexual activity that had just taken place between her and Miss Tamala. Thoughts were flashing through her mind at a dizzying pace. She was wondering if she had made a mistake by making the decision to move into Miss Tamala's house. Deep inside of her submissive soul she knew she had never been experienced such excitement and she was having some misgivings and difficulty understanding her self. Using her peripheral vision she could see Miss Tamala in the bathroom. The bathroom was only 10 feet from where Lynn was located and she could hear water running and then watched intently as Miss Tamala sat on the toilet. Miss Tamala had not bothered to shut the door. As a matter of fact, she had purposely let the door open so Lynn could observe her cleaning up and using the toilet. Lynn would soon learn that when you live with Miss Tamala there would never again be even the remotest privacy.

Miss Tamala came out of the bathroom carrying the garter belt she had obviously removed. Lynn watched intently as this beautiful and graceful black woman approached her. Even the sound of Miss Tamala's high heel shoes clicking on the polished hardwood floor as she came closer to Lynn sent chilling feelings of fear and excitement up her spine. Miss Tamala sat in her chair in front of the kneeling Lynn.

Miss Tamala took her garter belt in her hand and held it in front of Lynn's face. "Smell," she said to Lynn. Lynn leaned forward until her nose was touching the garment and began sniffing. "No, no, no," she heard the chastising voice of Miss Tamala, "breathe in deep so I can hear you smelling. You're such a stupid jackass. I even have to teach you how to smell."

Lynn closed her lips tightly and began drawing air through her nose making sniffing sounds that were audible. "I want you to get familiar with all the odors of my clothing, especially clothing that I have worn. You must work hard to become familiar with all my clothing and body scents. I want you to become so proficient that you would be able come to me blindfolded just by your sense of smell. Just like a doggy," Miss Tamala was teaching Lynn, laughing at the last part of her instructions.

Miss Tamala watched Lynn obey her every word. "It is so good to have a new bitch to train," she was thinking. This is the part of this lifestyle that Miss Tamala thoroughly enjoyed. It was like taking a 'new puppy' and house breaking it for the first time. It was exciting to be bringing the 'novice' Lynn into a new life of submission to her and to be her trainer. And as her trainer she would be making Lynn do things she never thought she would be capable of doing. It sent a chill up her spine just thinking of where she would be taking her new bitch.

"While I was taking a piss I was thinking of a name for you," Miss Tamala said to Lynn. "You have a good fucking mouth and a good tongue. I am pleased with the length of your tongue. With some training I think you will make an excellent sucker," Miss Tamala continued again using crude words knowing that they would light a spark in Lynn's submissive mind.

"Since you have such good potential as a sucker, I have decided on the name 'Suckle,' Miss Tamala continued. "So listen carefully you little cunt lapping whore. From this day forward and as long as you are with me, you will never again use the name Lynn Langley. Lynn Langley is dead!" Miss Talama said changing her voice tone from an instructional pitch to a more stern pitch. "Suckle is born. From now on you will answer to the name 'Suckle.'"

Lynn looked into the beautiful dark eyes of Miss Tamala as she spoke. She swore those eyes knew her better than she knew herself. The closeness of Miss Tamala and the way she spoke to her made her feel a pulsating in her pussy all over again. And there were little tremors of fear mixed in with the pulsating feelings Lynn was experiencing.

"Now," Miss Tamala spoke again, "let's see what you've learned in the last five minutes. What's your name?"

"Ah ... ah ... my name is ... is ..." Lynn was struggling to acknowledge the name Miss Tamala had just given her. It was as though she was trying to hang on, hang on to the little self respect she had left. Everyone had always told her they liked her name. "Why did she have to change her name?" she thought.

"Slaaappppp," came from loud sound of Miss Tamala's hand striking Lynn's face. Lynn didn't even see it coming. But she felt it and it was much harder than the slap she had received earlier. Not only was the imprint of Miss Tamala's hand left on Lynn's face but there was also a clear mark from the band of the ring that Miss Tamala wore on her finger. Miss Tamala reached down and took both of Lynn's bare breasts hanging out from her loosened bra in her hands and started to squeeze them hard.

"Cat got your tongue you fucking idiot?" Miss Tamala spoke to Lynn in a voice that sounded like the most natural thing to ask. "Shall we try again," she continued. "What's your name?"

Lynn didn't know what was lighting her up again. She felt the arousal in her pussy increase rapidly. She couldn't understand whether this was a reaction to the slap in her face even though it was painful, or from the realization that this beautiful woman was taking complete control of her. Maybe it was from the sensations she felt in her breasts from the rough handling Miss Tamala was applying to them. All she knew was that her body seemed to have a mind of its own. But she knew she had better answer the way Miss Tamala wanted her to.

"My name is Suckle," Lynn answered this time, her face still stinging but with very little hesitation.

"Good," replied Miss Tamala. "What ever happen to Lynn Langley?" she asked Lynn in a giggling high tone of voice.

"Lynn Langley is dead," Lynn answered again.

"Correct you little whore," Miss Tamala said to Lynn never to failing to use the degrading words she knew were effective in bringing Lynn into total submission. "And why is your name Suckle?"

Lynn again became confused at this last question. She was trying to remember all that Miss Tamala had told her as to why she had named her 'Suckle'. She wanted so bad to answer correctly. Not only because she wanted to please Miss Tamala but also because her face was still sore from the slap she had just gotten and she didn't want to feel that sharp pain all over again.

"My name is Suckle because ... my mouth ... I have a good mouth ... I think ... too ... because Miss Tamala likes ... likes my tongue ..." Lynn was stammering.

Miss Tamala looked down at Lynn in her kneeling position. A feeling of power surged through her body as she watched this pretty white young girl struggling to find an answer that would please her. This highly intelligent girl who only a few days ago had a bright future ahead of her in the legal profession was now searching to find just a few simple words that would please her. And she loved it ... loved the feeling of power and control she had over Lynn. She looked at her brown bronze hands with the long polished finger nails squeezing and twisting those white tits of Lynn. Suddenly, she had the urge to let Lynn feel some more pain. She justified the feeling in her own mind because Lynn wasn't answering quickly enough to please her. Then she thought to herself: "Hell I don't need a reason. I can do whatever I want to do with this bitch."

Miss Tamala reached down to the very base of Lynn's size 36C breasts. She encircled each breast with her hands and slowly, very slowly began to squeeze while looking into Lynn's face. Lynn's breasts were reacting just like two balloons that someone was pumping air into. The bottoms of her breasts were getting narrower and narrower from the tightening of Miss Tamala's hands while the globes were increasing in size. The nipples on top of Lynn's breast globes appeared to be ready to burst as Miss Tamala's hands reached the maximum amount they could encircle.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... my tongue is ... aaaahhhhh ... Miss Tamala likes ..." Lynn was feeling the pain of Miss Tamala's hands and again was struggling to find the right words.

Miss Tamala was growing impatient. She looked into the lust gazed eyes of Lynn as she was squeezing her breasts. She listened to the involuntary sounds of pain and pleasure coming from Lynn's mouth. Miss Tamala decided to give her one more test. She took her hands away from the base of Lynn's breasts and took hold of both of her nipples between her finger and thumb as she had done earlier. She started to pull them outward slowly. Lynn didn't move. She pulled harder. Lynn didn't move. Then Miss Tamala pulled as hard as she could until Lynn's breasts changed their shape from round globes to more like pointed spheres. Her nipples were stretched to almost a breaking point. Lynn didn't make the slightest attempt to pull back from Miss Tamala. She had learned her lesson well and heeded Miss Tamala's earlier warning not to pull away from her.

"Why is your name Suckle," Miss Tamala yelled at Lynn.

"My ... aaahhhh ... my name is ... oooohhhhh ..." Lynn was trying to answer but the pain in her breasts was intensive and there didn't seem to be any let up. She felt like she was being lifted off the floor by the nipples of her breasts. "My name is Suckle because ... because I am a good sucker," she finally got the answer out.

"Correct," Miss Tamala said. "Say it again."

"My name is Suckle because I am a good sucker," Lynn answered faster this time.

"Say it again," Miss Tamala repeated now not only pulling on the nipples but also squeezing them between her finger and thumb.

"My name is Suckle because I am a good sucker ... aaahhhhhh ... ooooohhhh ... I am a good sucker ... a good sucker," Lynn was breathing in short breaths and answering as fast as she could in response to the pulling and squeezing on her nipples.

Miss Tamala released her fingers and Lynn's breasts snapped back from their elongated shape. Immediately Lynn bowed her head down and was breathing rapidly in very short spurts as though she was trying desperately to catch her breath.

Miss Tamala reached over and turned the intercom on. "Piglet, get Dr. Mary on the phone," she said to Ann.

"Yes ma'am," Ann answered.

It was only a minute before the buzzer on Miss Tamala's telephone rang. "Miss Mary is on the line two ma'am," Ann said.

Miss Tamala picked up the receiver. She then switched the telephone base to 'speaker' mode and put the receiver back down. Now the conversation between Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary would be clearly audible to anyone who was in the office. Miss Tamala wanted Lynn to hear both parties. "Hello darling," Miss Tamala spoke.

"Hello," answered Dr. Mary. "My, you sound like you are in a good mood. Do you need me to come over and give your new intern her physical?" There was a sound of excited anticipation in Dr. Mary's voice.

"Ha, ha, ha ... no, no, no," answered Miss Tamala, "you can give her a physical tonight at home sweetheart. The little bitch is moving into our house today."

"What?" Miss Mary answered in surprise. "What are you talking about? Do you mean it?

"Yep," Miss Talama said in a confident tone of voice. "Dr. Mary my darling, you underestimate your partner."

"Holy shit, did you ... are you kidding me? Tell me about it. How far did you get her?" Dr. Mary inquired in surprise.

"Well, let me put it this way doctor," Miss Tamala said looking down at Lynn. "The little piece of shit is kneeling right in front of me now, her tits are hanging out and I imagine they are a little sore. Her face is covered with my pussy juices and right now she has a few shit stains around her lips."

"Girl, you are going to make me have an orgasm right here," Dr. Mary answered. "Did you really ... did she really suck you ... I mean ... geez, you mean your ass too. Damn, you know how I love ass lickers," Dr. Mary continued, the disbelief apparent in her voice.

"I named her Suckle sweetheart," Miss Tamala interrupted. "I hope you like the name. Doctor, she is a good sucker and wait until you feel her tongue. It is longer than piglet's. You know that little tongue stud you have? The one that's shaped like a cock? Suckle has the perfect tongue for it. Would you like to say hello to her?"

"Yes ... yes, sure. Shit, I wish I had my dildo here. Girl, you have me so hot I am starting to drip. Yeah, let me say hello ... I would love to hear the bitch's voice," Dr. Mary answered in an excited voice.

Lynn's rapid breathing had slowed down a little but she was still in a state of arousal from the abusive manipulations of her breasts by Miss Tamala. She very clearly heard Miss Tamala talking about her as though she was some kind of a toy that Miss Tamala had just acquired. The proud voice of Miss Tamala was ringing in her ears. She heard Miss Tamala describing her to a third party. And she heard Dr. Mary's replies. Lynn was beginning to feel the submissive bliss of being 'owned.' Somewhere in her mind she was thinking she should use good judgment. That part of her mind was telling her that this was wrong. 'Good girls' don't do this. But there was also another part of her mind working too. That part of her mind was making her breasts throb with excitement, making her nipples hard and sensitive and was making her pussy ache with desire. It was like a tugging match between what she had been taught all her life up to this point and what she was discovering about herself the last few days. There was 'good' on one side and 'bad' on the other side. She wanted so much to masturbate, to put her fingers in her pussy to release this tugging match. She felt Miss Tamala's hand pulling her head back up from its lowered position by the pony tail she had made in her hair.

Miss Tamala covered the microphone on the telephone base with one hand while she spoke to Lynn. "Listen carefully slut," she began. "This is Dr. Mary. She is a very dear friend of mine and you are to respect her at all times. You are to address her as ma'am. Is that clear?"

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Lynn.

Miss Tamala then removed her hand from the microphone.

"Hello ... hello ... Suckle ... Suckle, are you there?" came Dr. Mary's voice over the speaker phone.

"Yes ma'am," answered Lynn

"Good ... good. I like the name Miss Tamala picked out for you," Dr. Mary said to Lynn.

"Yes ma'am," Lynn replied.

"Isn't Miss Tamala wonderful? She is so beautiful isn't she," Dr. Mary continued speaking to Lynn.

"Yes ma'am," Lynn again replied.

Miss Tamala was listening to the conversation intently. "My," she was thinking, "how obedient this little whore had become with just a few hours of training. I can't wait to get her home." Then she heard Dr. Mary's voice again.

"Suckle, Miss Tamala told me you are a good ass licker. I just love good ass lickers. Are you a good ass licker?" she said to Lynn.

"Yes ma'am," came Lynn's reply.

"Tell me Suckle, tell me what you are. I want to hear you say it to me," she prodded Lynn on.

Miss Tamala knew Dr. Mary's techniques. She knew Dr. Mary was using her psychiatric knowledge to get Suckle to reinforce in her mind what she was becoming. It also was no surprise to her that Dr. Mary would pick out the 'ass kissing' part of Lynn's submission since to Dr. Mary this was the ultimate act of submission. She remembered the lesson Dr. Mary had taught her long ago: "Get the bitch to admit in her own voice what she is and it has the effect of an electric current directly to her brain and it has a lasting, if not a permanent effect." Then Miss Tamala listened for Lynn's response.

"I ... I am a ... I am a good ass licker," Lynn finally was able to say.

"No, no, no, you fucking idiot," Miss Tamala explained to Lynn in a harsh tone of voice. "Use the name I gave you stupid. When you refer to yourself, use the name I gave you. Think you can understand that you dumb piece of shit?" Miss Tamala could hear Dr. Mary's laughter coming over the speaker phone as she chastised Lynn.

Lynn had a very sad expression on her face. "I have failed again," she was thinking. "I must be a really stupid whore not to be able to do what Miss Tamala expects of me." Lynn was even beginning to think of herself as a 'whore.'

"Go ahead Suckle," Lynn heard Dr. Mary's voice, "obey Miss Tamala. "Do exactly as Miss Tamala has told you."

"I ... I mean ... aaahhh ... Suckle is a good ..." Lynn was having a very hard time with this last order from Miss Tamala. Saying the words Miss Tamala, and now, Dr. Mary wanted to hear from her seemed to be going around and around in her mind. Her eyes were becoming very noticeably misty. She glanced up at Miss Tamala. She looked into those dark eyes, the eyes that reached deeply into her soul. Miss Tamala had a confident smile on her face. There was what seemed like an eternity of silence. Lynn knew they were waiting for her. They were waiting for her to admit to something she was afraid to admit to. And yet, something inside of her was telling to 'go ahead, you know its true.'

Lynn's lips began to shake a little ... a nervous quiver.

"Suckle is a good ass licker," Lynn said in a very low voice.

"Good, very good," she heard Dr. Mary say.

"Yes," Miss Tamala broke in, "she is a good girl," she said to Dr. Mary while patting Lynn on the top of the head as sort of a reward for acknowledging to both of them that she was indeed an 'ass licker'.

Almost immediately Lynn broke out in a wide smile at the compliments from Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. The patting on the head made her feel like a good puppy being rewarded and like a good puppy she wanted more rewards. "Suckle is a good ass licker," she said it out loud on impulse again. "Suckle is a good ass licker ... Suckle is a good ass licker," she said it out loud again and again as though by admitting it to Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary released a great weight from her shoulders.

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary were both laughing. The laughter coming from Dr. Mary over the speaker phone and from Miss Tamala's voice was filling the office. They were laughing at the way Lynn was repeating it over and over again so they could hear her audible self degradation. Her training was beginning to kick in.

After a little more conversation with Dr. Mary, Miss Tamala hung up the speaker phone. She looked down at the submissive Lynn; the submissive Lynn with the lustful smile on her pretty face. She knew Lynn was discovering herself and she knew that she was going to take complete advantage over her submissiveness. "I own two bitches now," she was thinking. "But I have a lot of training to do with this one and oh, it's going to be so much fun."

Miss Tamala pushed a button on the intercom again. "Piglet, get your ass in here," she said to Ann.

"Yes ma'am," Ann answered.

Lynn heard Miss Tamala summon Ann and tell her to come into her office. Her first impulse was to put her breasts back in her bra and to cover herself up. But as soon as she made the first move toward doing so she heard Miss Tamala's loud voice.

"Stop ... don't you dare even think about moving unless I give you permission. Stay exactly as you are whore," she said to Lynn.

The office door opened and Miss Tamala watched Ann as she removed her shoes and walked over to the front of the desk. Ann saw Lynn kneeling in front of Miss Tamala's chair. She saw how much different Lynn looked with the pony tails, her blouse completely opened and her bra pulled down with her breasts hanging out. It was only a few hours ago since she had been with Lynn. Lynn, with her shoulder length soft brown hair combed to perfection. Lynn, wearing the pretty beige blouse and perfectly applied makeup. Lynn full of confidence and excited at the prospect of being granted this highly sought after internship. Gone was that confidence and gone was the perfectly applied makeup. Ann looked at the Lynn's face now smudged with lipstick and a sticky creamy liquid all over her face. Ann knew immediately where Lynn's face had been.

Miss Tamala let Ann look for a few minutes. "Come over here and kneel in front of me," she told Ann.

"Yes ma'am," answered Ann.

Ann walked around the desk and took her place kneeling beside Lynn.

"Look at each other," Miss Tamala told them.

Ann immediately turned her head to look at Lynn. Lynn, still embarrassed, was a little slower but she did turn her head to look at Ann. Miss Tamala opened a desk drawer and took out a ruler that was 24 inches long. She began to tap the top of Ann's head hard enough that the tapping was very easily heard. Then she began to speak.

"Suckle, this is Piglet. That's the name I've given her. You will never again call her by her old name of Ann. Ann is dead! I've named her Piglet because that is what she reminds me of. She is always thinking about sex and would be continuously playing with her pussy if I, through my generosity, did not take the responsibility of supervising her education. From this day forward, you will always address her as Piglet or Pig. Even when I am not in your presence you will always, I repeat, always address her by the name I have given her. You'll do this as a sign of your respect and admiration for me. Is that very clear?" Miss Tamala said to Lynn while she continued tapping on Ann's head.

"Yes Miss Tamala," Lynn answered.

Miss Tamala then switched her attention to Lynn by moving the ruler to Lynn's head and began tapping. She tapped harder on Lynn's head as though she wanted to be sure that Lynn had a clear understanding of what she was about to say. The ruler was striking Lynn's head hard enough to make her eyes blink with each tap of the ruler.

"Piglet, this is Suckle. That's the name I've given her. You will never again call her by her old name of Lynn. Lynn is dead! I've named her Suckle because she has a good mouth for sucking. A little while ago, Suckle, of her own accord, sucked my asshole even going as far as sticking her tongue within my asshole. I am accepting the responsibility for her further education. Of course, you know from your own experience that when you obey me in everything you do, you show your respect and admiration for me. Is this understood," Miss Tamala finished speaking to Ann.

"Yes ma'am," Ann replied.

Lynn's face was beet red. She never in her wildest imagination expected Miss Tamala to tell Ann what she had just done with her mouth and tongue. Somehow she thought this was something that would just be shared between herself and Miss Tamala. Then, she thought, she probably should have known better because Miss Tamala had already told Dr. Mary what she had done although not in as much detail.

Miss Tamala stopped tapping Lynn's head and she was just observing her two pretty white bitches. Lynn had a look of embarrassed bewilderment on her face. Miss Tamala guessed it came from her inexperience. On the other hand, Ann had a happy expression on her face as though she was enjoying the thought of Lynn's face buried deep between Miss Tamala's ass cheeks. Yes, Miss Tamala thought looking at Ann; I have trained this one well. It doesn't take much at all to get her hormones into high gear.

"Exchange greetings," Miss Tamala said to her kneeling bitches. "Piglet, you go first since you have learned from listening to your educational tapes the proper way greet someone when I tell you too." Miss Tamala then turned her attention to Lynn.

"Suckle, listen carefully to Piglet since you will be required to exchange greetings in the same manner any time I give this specific order."

As soon as Miss Tamala finished speaking Piglet began to repeat the greetings she was taught through her educational tapes. Piglet knew this procedure very well. This is the way Miss Tamala demonstrated her control over her bitch to her many friends and acquaintances whenever she determined the occasion called for it.

"Greetings Suckle," Ann began, "my name is Piglet. I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my owner and Mistress. I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity, has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud to own me."

Miss Tamala looked at Lynn. Lynn in turn kept her eyes on Ann. She didn't have to look at Miss Tamala. She could feel Miss Tamala's eyes on her and it was a daunting feeling. Again Lynn was mesmerized by the words just spoken by Ann. "Mistress," she was thinking, the word striking a new nerve in her mind. This was the first time she had heard that word to describe Miss Tamala. Yet as Ann spoke these words they seemed to be coming from within her heart. Then there was the word 'own.' Lynn had felt her will giving way to Miss Tamala and she felt different toward her than she had ever felt toward anyone else in the world. "Mistress ... own ...," Lynn was thinking again. "Can I do it?" She felt the part of her mind that was trying to reason giving way to her feelings. Just like earlier when she had the impulse to confess to Dr. Mary that she was an 'ass licker' she was feeling that same need now to act.

Miss Tamala knew she was 'pushing the envelope' with Lynn. After all, it took her almost six months to get Ann to this stage in her training. "Lynn hadn't even felt the bite of her whip yet," she was thinking. "Am I being too ambitious?" Yet the challenge brought new sensations to her pussy. She felt her self getting excited and hot all over again.

The silence in the room was deafening. You could hear a pin drop for what seemed again like again, an eternity. The match of wills was on! The starting gun had gone off! It was too late to turn back now! Who would win?

Lynn's lips began to move. "Greetings Piglet," the moving lips now added sound from Lynn's mouth. "My name is Suckle. I ... I belong to ... I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my ... owner and ... Mistress."

"There I said it," Lynn was thinking. Another weight was lifted from her shoulders. Another bridge had been crossed. Lynn's mind was processing thoughts so fast she thought she would explode. "Go ahead; tell your Mistress what she wants to hear ... you know you are a slut, a whore ... tell her ... tell her ... make your Mistress proud of you ... make your mouth work ..." Her mind was controlling her body now and she could feel it. She could feel the wonderment of it all deep in her soul. That little shameless smile of pure lust was on her face again and she started to speak again.

"I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity, has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud ... proud to own me."

Miss Tamala put the ruler back on her desk. She then reached down to her kneeling bitches and put one hand on the back of Lynn's head and one hand on the back of Ann's head. She began to pull their heads together. "Kiss each other and don't stop until I tell you to," she said to both of them. "You are now whore sisters."

Lynn felt Ann's lips close on her mouth. Unlike the little kiss they shared in the video room this one was much more passionate. She felt Ann's lips completely encircle her lips; felt her tongue probing inside of her mouth, touching her tongue and she responded in kind. The words of Miss Tamala were flashing through her mind. "Whore sisters," she was thinking. "I share my position with her ... we are one and the same ... I am not the only one that feels this submissive sensation ... I have a sister ... a whore sister." Her arousal which was already at a high peak was going even higher if that was possible. She was experiencing what felt like the rumblings of the beginning of an earthquake between her legs and she could hear her brain pounding ... "I want to cum ... I want to cum ... I need to ... I need to cum."

Ann, for her part, was enjoying herself. She liked Lynn and was excited to feel her lips, to taste Miss Tamala all over Lynn's mouth and tongue. It excited her even more when she imagined where Lynn's tongue had been. And like Lynn it was somewhat reassuring to know that she wasn't the only one that had these submissive and inferior feelings toward Miss Tamala although at this level of her training it really didn't matter much.

Miss Tamala had taken her hands away from the back of the heads of her white bitches. She reached down underneath Lynn's skirt until her hand reached her panties. They were totally soaked in Lynn's pussy juices, juices that had been building up for a few hours now. She reached under the elastic crotch material until she felt Lynn's pussy lips. She could feel Lynn's body jerk and just slightly push downward as though she was trying to get Miss Tamala's fingers inside of her pussy. Miss Tamala could hear little muffled moans coming from Lynn's 'kissing mouth.' She let one finger inside and softly twisted it around. Then she inserted the second finger in Lynn's pussy and started to rub Lynn's erect clit. She could feel the vaginal muscles tighten and then loosening up, squeezing and unsqueezing around her fingers. She knew Lynn was very, very close. She knew Lynn was trying with all her heart to be obedient. She knew that Lynn, even now when her orgasm was so close, was using the 'lessons' she had taught her the last few days to wait for permission ... permission from her teacher.

"Go ahead you little fucking slut, release yourself," Miss Tamala said to Lynn in a soft voice.

Lynn's whole body shook with her orgasm. She almost collapsed in Ann's arms, their lips still locked together. Lynn was twisting her mouth all around Ann's lips as though she was trying to swallow them. She had never ... never had another woman bring her to a climax in this way or any other way as far as that goes. The moans coming from her kissing mouth were sounds of extreme pleasure. She felt the magic fingers of Miss Tamala bringing her down from the heights slowly. For a few minutes she felt wonderful as though she was floating somewhere through her dreams. After a few more minutes of settling down she was beginning to feel little pangs of guilt. Like she had done something very wrong and would never be able to live with herself again.

Miss Tamala knew this was a very important crossroads for her new bitch. She knew this was her first time with another woman. She unbuttoned her own blouse. "Stop kissing," she said to Lynn and Ann. Immediately their lips parted. Ann kept her head upright but Lynn had bowed hers down in embarrassment or maybe it was self pity.

Miss Tamala took the pony tailed head of Lynn and pulled in between the deep brown valley of her opened blouse. She still had her bra on but the cleavage was so deep that Lynn could almost bury her head in between her beautiful and large breasts.

Miss Tamala began to pet Lynn's head. "Good slut ... good little sucker," she said to Lynn while petting her head in long soothing stokes from front to back.

Lynn felt the warmth of Miss Tamala's large and beautiful brown breasts on her face cheeks. She inhaled the mixture of skin and perfume. It was comfortable here between these twin globes. She felt almost like a baby that was held close by her mother. She felt a little moisture in this valley.

"You are going to be a good whore for me," Miss Tamala kept talking to her in a very soft and sexy tone of voice. And Lynn almost automatically responded by sticking her tongue out and licked the moisture she found between Miss Tamala's breasts. Miss Tamala enjoyed feeling her new whore sucking up the perspiration from between her breasts. "Just like a little puppy," she thought. Stroke them and they suck."

Miss Tamala held onto Lynn's head and let her continue to suck up the perspiration in the valley of her breasts while she observed Ann still kneeling in front of her. Ann had assumed her 'service position' with her hands under her chin in the prayer position. She raised her foot up to Ann. "Take my shoe off and suck my toes she said to Ann."

"Yes ma'am," Ann answered as though she was being given a great privilege. She eagerly removed Miss Tamala's shoe and began to suck her toes. She ran her tongue underneath her toes first, along the crease where the toes were connected to the sole of Miss Tamala foot. Ann knew this crease well. This is where most of the perspiration and foot odor gathered. And that perspiration and foot odor always lit a fire deep within Ann's pussy and she loved it. Then she started at the big toe and took it completely in her mouth. Then she moved to the next toe, and the next toe, until she had done the same to each and every one. Ann had done this many times before and she seemed to love it more each time. She loved the taste it left in her mouth. Ann viewed this service she was providing as a reward. And as her training had taught her, rewards are earned by obedience. But most of all it felt so wonderful to glance up from this low position to see this beautiful, strong and imperial black woman who ruled her life. Ann knew, without a doubt, there was nowhere else in the world she would rather be. And there was no one else in the world that could satisfy this ingrained need she had to serve. To see the smile of satisfaction on Miss Tamala's beautiful face was the fulfillment of her submissive life.

Miss Tamala was enjoying herself also. This was the first time she had both of her bitches together. "The 'new' and the 'old'," she thought, "and both were demonstrating their worship for her at the same time". The licking and sucking tongues brought sensations to parts of her body that other people could only dream of. "Does it get any better?" she thought to herself. She lifted Lynn's head up a little bit from her licking at the perspiration between her breasts so she could get at her mouth. She brought her hand that was soaked with Lynn's pussy juices up to her lips. "Open my slut," she said to Lynn.

Lynn opened her mouth without a hint of resistance or hesitation. Like a good little slut, obedience to Miss Tamala was becoming second nature to her now. She felt Miss Tamala's wet fingers enter. She felt them rub all over the roof of her mouth, her tongue and her teeth. Miss Tamala was spreading all of Lynn's pussy juices every where she could in Lynn's mouth. And Lynn was sucking on her fingers just like the good sucker Miss Tamala told her she was.

Miss Tamala was entering a new phase of the lifestyle she had chosen for herself. As she relaxed with both of her pretty and young white bitches, she was thinking: "I can't wait to get them home and share them with my partner and mentor, Dr. Mary."


Ms. Tamala Barker, Attorney at Law, successful business woman and now, owner of two very pretty young white bitches, sat at her desk after sending both Piglet and Suckle out of her office to get some work done. Piglet was responsible for getting Suckle started and for getting Suckle familiar with what would become her working life for at least the next three months.

Today was Friday and she decided that she would make it a short day by closing early. It had been a very good week. She had approved and assigned over $500,000 in new defense contracts. That would bring in at least $50,000 in commissions for the last two weeks of work. "A nice profit," she thought. Plus there was the matter of Lynn Langley, or 'Suckle' as she was now known. She had never imagined making so much progress with Suckle so fast. She thought it would take at least three weeks to get Suckle's head between her legs and here it was only the second day. Tamala wasn't sure whether to attribute this success to the fact that she was becoming more and more dominant every day or whether Suckle was much more submissive than she had first assumed. It almost blew her mind to think how easy Suckle had been. Tamala was a very beautiful, proud and confident woman so she preferred to believe Suckle's rapid progress was due to her dominance. It got her so excited just thinking of the things she wanted to do to her yet. She was planning on spending this whole weekend with Dr. Mary moving Suckle along the path to complete servitude to her. "Dr. Mary was right," she thought, "it won't be long and Suckle will just be another babbling idiot kneeling to kiss and worship her ass."

But Tamala knew there were other things that had to be taken care of before that came to pass. There was the matter of David, Suckle's fiancé. She had to figure a way to get him out of the picture. She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a dossier she had made on David. She opened it and began to read:

"David Webster, age, 30; height, 6'1''; weigh, 210 lbs; hair color, blonde; eyes, blue; background information, graduates this year from law school; was employed after graduating from college as a paralegal for 4 years before entering law school; single; was arrested once for impersonating a woman, charges were dropped because of prior clean record."

"Hmmmmmm ..." Tamla was thinking, "maybe, just maybe, I really shouldn't be thinking about getting him out of the picture. Maybe I should be thinking about getting him into the picture. He doesn't sound like much of a 'macho' man to me and we could always use a grounds keeper around our house especially if he can lick ass as good as his girlfriend Suckle". Tamala put that thought aside for now and went on to other things.

There was the matter of the large trust fund Suckle's father had put aside for her before he died. As an influential attorney she felt confident she could take care of that. Tamala even giggled a little at this last thought. Then there was also Suckle's last year of law school coming up after the completion of her internship here with Ms. Barker. This thought brought another smile to Tamala's face. "Shit," she thought, "at the end of Suckle's three month internship she and Dr. Mary would have Suckle totally convinced that was too stupid to even go to the bathroom without supervision let alone complete law school."

Yes, Tamala Barker and Dr. Mary Mercy still had a lot of work to do. And time would tell if they were successful.

(To be continued). . . . . . .

Chapter VIII---Suckle Moves; Gets Acquainted with Dr. Mary

Miss Tamala looked in her rear view mirror as she drove home after closing the office for the day. She was looking at her two white bitches sitting in the back seat. Both had removed their shoes before getting into the car so they would not soil the floor of Miss Tamala's car as they were instructed. Both of them sat with their backs straight and their breasts pushed out as far as they could push them. Their backs were never to touch the rear of the seat. Both of them had their hands, palms down on their thighs. Miss Tamala expected nothing less then perfect posture from her bitches. Piglet was thoroughly trained in all the positions her Mistress expected her to be in at precise periods of time. Suckle was more or less following Piglet's lead and was not yet quite sure why she was required to assume certain positions.

But Miss Tamala was indeed pleased to watch Suckle following her 'sister whore's' lead because it demonstrated her natural willingness and even eagerness to be submissive. This fact would mean so much once Suckle began her intensive training.

They had already driven to the motel where Suckle had stayed the last few nights. Suckle still had her hair parted in the middle and tied up in the pony tails the way Miss Tamala had combed it earlier in the day. While her face was much cleaner then earlier, her lipstick was still smudged and her clothing was still somewhat in disarray. Miss Tamala had accompanied Suckle into the motel office.

"May I help you?" asked the attractive middle aged white woman behind the check-in desk.

"This young lady is checking out," Miss Tamala said to the clerk.

The clerk looked at the disheveled Lynn, recalling how neat and proper she had appeared this morning. "Oh ok," she said. "It's Miss Langley in Room 102, correct?" she asked.

"That's correct," Miss Tamala said to the clerk before Suckle had a chance to answer.

The clerk appeared to be somewhat surprised by the silence of Suckle but nevertheless she went over to get the necessary check-out papers. Then she returned to the desk. This time she spoke to Miss Tamala since she seemed to be in charge of the proceedings.

"I need her signature here," she said to Miss Tamala.

"Suckle, come over here and sign this," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yes, ma'am," came Suckle's answer.

The clerk seemed startled by the events taking place before her very eyes. Here was this pretty young white girl that she had gotten to know the last few days appearing to be following some kind of orders coming from this very beautiful bronze colored mature woman. Maybe it was because of Miss Tamala's imperious appearance and manner compared to Suckle's completely passive manner that the clerk thought there was something strange going on here. And the clerk felt as though there was a sexual association with it all. It did cause a little stirring in her loins.

Miss Tamala saw the bewilderment and subdued expression of excitement on the face of the clerk. She could tell the way the clerk looked at her and then at Suckle that she may be sensing there was a lot more to this relationship than met the eye.

Miss Tamala pointed to the line where Suckle was to sign. "Put your old name right here," she said to Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle as she signed the check-out sheet where Miss Tamala had pointed.

Miss Tamala again took notice of the surprised look on the clerk's face as Suckle signed 'Lynn Langley.' Since there was only the three of them in the office at this time, Miss Tamala decided to put Suckle to another test. Besides, this kind of daring demonstration of her dominance and superiority over one of her bitches always gave Miss Tamala a special thrill somewhere deep in her pussy.

"I guess you are wondering how my little girl here got her new name," Miss Tamala said to the clerk in a very stern sounding voice.

"Well ... I ...," the clerk tried to answer while blushing at the way Miss Tamala kept calling Lynn 'Suckle' and at the sound of Miss Tamala's voice and her use of the words 'my little girl' to describe Suckle.

"May I ask your name?" Miss Tamala said to the clerk.

"My name is Mrs. Anderson," replied the clerk.

Miss Tamala turned to Suckle. "Suckle, greet Mrs. Anderson properly," she said.

Suckle's face turned a totally crimson shade of red. This was the first time she was required to greet someone who was, for all practical purposes, almost a complete stranger in this manner in public. But somewhere deep inside she knew she was to obey. Her mind was working again ... "don't fail Miss Tamala ... make her proud of you ..." Suckle turned to face the attractive middle-aged motherly clerk. This was the same Mrs. Anderson she had met a few days earlier while checking in. The same Mrs. Anderson with whom she had a few friendly and lengthy discussions while staying at the motel. And, of course, her voice began...

"Greetings Mrs. Anderson, my name is Suckle. I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my owner and Mistress. I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity, has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud to own me."

For an instant it appeared as though the middle-aged white Mrs. Anderson was going to have a heart attack. As Miss Tamala turned toward the door with Suckle following behind her she winked at the clerk. "Good girl," she said to Suckle in a voice loud enough for the clerk to hear. As Miss Tamala stroked Suckle's head like a puppy she saw the clerk, incredibly, wink back at her. "She knows what is going on," Miss Tamala thought to herself. "She knows I have taken control of this perfectly beautiful white bitch and she is experiencing some sort of secret sexual gratification from it all."

"Ha, ha," Miss Tamala continued to think, "I probably caused her to have an orgasm right on the spot."

When they left the motel office to get back into the car, Miss Tamala walked deliberately slow, swaying her beautiful ass back and forth as though putting on a show. As she turned to approach the driver's side of the car she looked into the large office window to see that the clerk, Mrs. Anderson, had positioned herself in the large pane glass window and was watching them intently. Mrs. Anderson saw Piglet holding the driver's side door open for Miss Tamala. She watched again as Suckle took off her shoes, got into the rear seat of the car and assumed her position with her back straighten up, breasts pushed out and palms face down on her thighs. Just before getting into the car, Miss Tamala gave Mrs. Anderson another really big smile. Again she was pleasantly surprised to see Mrs. Anderson return a large, somewhat lustfully knowing smile. "The white bitch probably wishes she could somehow be in my shoes right now," Miss Talama thought to herself. "It was so much fun when you could demonstrate and tease someone like this," she continued thinking as she felt that familiar awakening in her vaginal area, "and it was even more fun leaving them to wonder what it could possibly be like to own not one, but two perfectly beautiful bitches."

As Miss Tamala's car pulled in front of Room 102 and stopped, Miss Tamala turned to Piglet and said: "I wish to get out of the car Pig."

"Yes ma'am," answered Piglet as she got out of the car, put on her shoes and opened Miss Tamala's door for her.

Miss Tamala opened the trunk of her car and then proceeded to walk around to the passenger's side of the car.

"Get out Suckle and open the door to your old room," she said.

"Yes ma'am," Suckle responded getting out of the car, putting on her shoes and opening the motel room door.

As they entered the room, Miss Tamala saw the opened suitcases, the clothes and business suits hanging in the opened closet and a few personal items of clothing thrown here and there.

"Gather up all these 'rags' and throw them in the trunk of my car," she said to Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle as she began to put some of her clothing in the suitcases. Suckle heard the sound of the high heel shoes of Miss Tamala coming up behind her. She felt the now familiar hand of Miss Tamala take hold of her one pony tail and pull her head back abruptly. She felt the palm of the other free hand of Miss Tamala cup her chin with her thumb and fingers squeezing tightly on her face cheeks until her mouth was completely opened and her cheeks were squeezed between her upper teeth and her lower teeth. Miss Tamala then turned her head so that they were face to face.

Suckle looked into what she now recognized as the very angry face of Miss Tamala. There wasn't a hint of a smile on Miss Tamala's face now, and the dark eyes that could almost change their appearance in an instant had a very stern and serious glare to them. Suckle knew without a doubt that she was in trouble and she had no idea what she did wrong. Then she saw the beautiful red lips move and heard the words begin to come out.

"You stupid motherfucking slut ... you complete idiot ... I told you the first fucking day I saw you I do not like to repeat myself," Miss Tamala was yelling into Suckle's face from a mere 2 inches away.

Suckle's head filled with the derogatory loud words of Miss Tamala again. 'Stupid motherfucking slut ... idiot ...' Suckle's face was hurting from the pinching fingers of Miss Tamala as they distorted her mouth from the grip she had on her cheeks. Her hair felt like Miss Tamala was going to pull it out by the roots. Suckle was on the very edge of crying and still, still she couldn't figure out what she had done to get Miss Tamala so upset.

Suddenly Miss Tamala let go of Suckle's head and cheeks. "Kneel down and take my shoe off," she said to Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle as she knelt down and removed Miss Tamala's shoe. She didn't dare move; rather, she just knelt there with the high heel shoe in her hand waiting to be told what to do next.

"Stand up, hand my shoe to me," Miss Tamala again said to Suckle still in a stern voice but not yelling as she was before.

"Yes ma'am," replied Suckle as she stood up in front of Miss Tamala and handed the high heel shoe over to her.

"Press your elbows against your sides and put your hands out, palms face up and at waist level," said Miss Tamala.

"Yes ma'am," replied Suckle as she started to comply with these latest directions from Miss Tamala. As Suckle was attempting to assume this position she saw the frustrated look on Miss Tamala's face. Then she saw Miss Tamala shake her head back and forth indicating that she wasn't satisfied with something.

"You know, you are about the stupidest fucking white slut I have ever come across," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a condescending tone of voice. "Your biggest problem seems to be that you haven't learned to listen very carefully when I speak and give you directions. How the fuck am I ever going to train you to be a good little whore for me if you can not follow a few simple basic instructions?" Miss Tamala continued. "Then again, maybe you aren't listening because you don't want to be my whore."

The lecturing voice of Miss Tamala was having the effect she wanted on Suckle. She was starting to tremble again as she looked into the fierce eyes of this beautiful black woman.

"Oh no, Miss Tamala ... I mean yes ... I mean I ... I do ... I do ..." Suckle replied in the now recognizable stammering and nervous voice.

"I do, I do, I do," Miss Tamala said to Suckle mocking her stammering voice. "I do what, you stupid idiot. Spill it out," she continued.

"I do want to be your whore Miss Tamala. Please Miss Tamala, I do want to be your whore," Suckle said in a childish tone of voice.

Miss Tamala had a hard time holding back the smile she felt. She had to fight herself to retain her stern demeanor. "But it was so wonderful to hear this beautiful white girl beg to be her whore," she was thinking. She felt the wetness in her pussy again. "God," she was thinking again, "this little bitch gets me so hot I feel like taking my panties off and fucking her face right now." But in the end, she knew she couldn't do that. She had a responsibility as Suckle's trainer too. She had to remain stern in order to completely drain any resistance Suckle may still feel toward her.

"Watch my lips my lips," Miss Tamala spoke again. "Don't you move your hands one inch, do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Tamala," answered Suckle.

With that Miss Tamala raised her high heel shoe high above her head, held it there for just a second so Suckle could anticipate what was going to happen and then brought it down swiftly so the high heel end of the shoe smashed right in the middle of Suckle's up turned hand.

"Aaaahhhhhh ... oohhhh ... ooohhhh ... oh-my-god, oh-my-god ... oohhh ... oohh ... oh," the painful cries came from Suckle's voice. Her hand had moved downward from the terrible pain the heel of Miss Tamala's shoe had caused in the palm of her hand. She brought her one knee up and across the thigh of her other leg and bent over slightly in an attempt to ease the pain. While she was trying to catch her breath again she heard Miss Tamala speak.

"I distinctly told you to throw your suitcases, clothes, and whatever else in the truck of my car. I didn't say one word about putting anything in your suitcase. When you don't listen you are punished. I consider any deviance from my instructions or orders as disobedience. Disobedience in any form will not be tolerated. To become my whore you must listen, listen, listen ... obey, obey, obey," Miss Talama lectured Suckle as a teacher would lecture a problem student. "Now let me see your hand."

"Y-yes ma'am," Suckle answered with tears of pain running down her face cheeks as she lifted her trembling hand for Miss Tamala to view.

Miss Tamala took hold of the bottom of Suckle's hand so she could examine the palm of her hand. There was a very deep welt and indentation where the heel had struck. The whole hand was a fiery red in color and the outline of the heel was very clearly visible since the mark the heel left was even a deeper red. Suckle's hand was shaking. Even her arm was shaking a little. But Suckle still had her other hand held out. She didn't move it. Miss Tamala took notice of this fact. "This stupid cunt is really trying to obey," she thought, "but I have to get her to the point where obeying will be automatic and will not require her to think about it before acting."

Suckle had not felt pain like this before. Yes, she did get a few slaps in the face and they did sting but it didn't hurt as much or last as long as this. This was also the first time she had cried so much. The tears were flowing freely and even dripping off the bottom of her face.

As Miss Tamala looked down into the crying face of Suckle from her height advantage and she could feel the nipples of her own breasts hardened with arousal. Her pussy was also beginning to pulsate as she felt the inner pussy lip muscles begin to contract and release in an opening and closing rhythm. She knew she had to regain control of her emotions. She had 'brought Suckle down' and now it was time to 'bring her up.' It was time to reinforce her submissiveness.

"Does Suckle understand why Mistress had to punish her?" Miss Tamala asked in a sweet and soft tone of voice. Miss Tamala, ever the perfectionist at changing her voice tone to fit a specific occasion knew this would confuse Suckle and keep her in a 'state of mind' that she never knew what would be coming next.

Suckle heard the word 'Mistress.' She heard the now soft voice of Miss Tamala asking her to acknowledge why she was punished. It brought sense of conjecture to her as she thought "she is my Mistress so I must have been bad if Mistress deemed it necessary to punish me."

"Yes Mistress," Suckle answered.

As soon as Miss Tamala heard Suckle address her as 'Mistress' she was ecstatic. This was the very first time Suckle had actually acknowledged her as her Mistress directly. Suckle, by addressing her as 'Mistress' was acknowledging that Miss Tamala had power over her, authority and ownership of her. Before she had always addressed her as 'Miss Tamala' or 'Ma'am' but never 'Mistress' except for her recitation of the 'proper greetings' she had been taught. This was another milestone and it had the effect of making Miss Tamala feel the power of her dominance flow through her whole body. It was also a gigantic step in Suckle's total submission to her.

"Now then," Miss Tamala said again in that soft sweet voice, "tell Mistress in your own words why Suckle had to be punished."

"Suckle was a disobedient whore and did not listen carefully to Mistress Tamala," Suckle began speaking. "Suckle must learn to pay attention when Mistress speaks ... if Suckle wants to be Mistress Tamala's whore she must learn to listen, listen, listen and obey, obey, obey."

"Holy shit," Miss Tamala was thinking as she listened to Suckle's sweet submissive voice. "Listen to this fucking white bitch refer to herself as 'Suckle,' the name she had chosen for her. Listen to her trying so hard to please me in order to be my whore. Damn, I wish Dr. Mary was here to hear her. Geez, I'll have her wiping my ass before long."

Miss Tamala really didn't expect this much wonderful progress from Suckle at this point in her training. Rather she thought she would struggle a lot more before acknowledging, in her own words, her submissive position. Miss Tamala figured it would take a lot more training and a lot more whippings before she could advance Suckle this far and she had a very large smile on her face with her surprise. And it was having a sensual effect on Miss Tamala. She squeezed her legs together so her pussy lips would be in contact with one another. She rubbed her upper thighs against one another and felt the dampness that had build up in her vagina. Miss Tamala had all she could do to contain and hold back her orgasm. "Later," she was thinking. "It will be even more fulfilling later when I get the fucking slut home."

"Now listen to me carefully fuck head," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in her teacher tone of voice. "Listen so your idiot brain can absorb my instructions," she continued. "I want you to kneel down, pick up my skirt and kiss first one of my ass cheeks and then the other."

Miss Tamala turned around as Suckle dropped to her knees. She felt Suckle pick up her skirt so her ass was in direct alignment with Suckle's face. Then she felt Suckle's lips touch her panty clad ass cheek. She felt the worshipful kiss Suckle's lips placed there and then felt her move on to her other ass cheek.

Suckle for her part, felt the sexual excitement flashing through her body when she picked up Miss Tamala's skirt, as she was instructed to. She saw the white panties straining to contain Miss Tamala's beautiful and ample dark ass cheeks. When she pressed her lipstick smudged lips to the first ass cheek her nostrils were filled with the scent coming from Miss Tamala's ass. As Suckle moved her face slowly from the first ass cheek to the other, she paused ever so slightly as her nose passed the crack of Miss Tamala's ass. During this slight pause, Suckle inhaled through her nostrils very deeply in order to fill her senses with the scent coming from in between the crack. What at one time in her life might have been a somewhat repulsive odor was now like a delightful and sexy perfume to her. Suckle could feel the dizziness this scent caused in her head. She could feel the nipples on her breasts spring to life, and the inward pull of her stomach muscles as her pussy lips became very wet and began palpitating.

Miss Tamala, never one to miss any indication of submissiveness, heard Suckle sniffing audibly at the crack of her ass. It just so happened that the mirror in the motel room was in a location to catch the reflection of the figures of both of them. Miss Tamala turned her head to look at their images in the mirror. "What a beautiful and sexual fulfilling sight," she thought, "to see this very beautiful model like white bitch kissing and then sniffing at her ass."

"Now repeat after me," Miss Tamala told Suckle as she kept her eye on the images of herself and the kneeling Suckle with her face only an inch from her ass in the mirror. "Suckle, your stupid white whore is sorry for her inattentiveness to Mistress Tamala's directions. Suckle is appreciative for the punishment she received for not obeying Mistress Tamala and for Mistress Tamala's effort to train me to be a good little whore for her."

Suckle listened very carefully to the words of her Mistress and trainer. She looked at this beautiful dark ass strained against the whiteness of the taunt panties. Her submissive heart was filled with excitement and joy as she began to speak.

"Suckle, your stupid white whore is sorry for her inattentiveness to Mistress Tamala's directions." Suckle's hand was hurting from her punishment. Yet her voice sounded full of satisfaction, as though she was now beginning to thoroughly enjoy degrading herself for the pleasure of her Mistress. In her own mind she was also justifying her painful punishment. "I deserved to be punished," she thought to herself, "because Mistress Tamala is so kind and wonderful to try to train me and because I am so stupid I keep disappointing her."

As these thoughts were running through Suckle's mind a little lustful smile appeared on her face and she continued to address Mistress Tamala. "Suckle is appreciative for the punishment she received for not obeying Mistress Tamala and for Mistress Tamala's effort to train me to be a good little whore for her."

Miss Tamala watched Suckle as she repeated word for word what she had been told to declare. She was proud of the fact that Suckle was seemingly enjoying degrading herself for her. She was proud of the control she was achieving over Suckle and that dominant feeling filled her once again with sexual arousal. She was so sexually aroused that she had the sudden urge to kick Suckle right in her pussy with the point of her other high heeled shoe. She had the urge to make Suckle feel even deeper pain ... to make her realize that she would always be required to sacrifice herself for her Mistress's pleasure. But she fought that urge. "That would come later," Miss Tamala thought. "This white bitch has no idea of what I have in store for her," she continued thinking.

After Miss Tamala fought back the urge to cause more pain to Suckle, she turned around, bent over and tilted Suckle's face backwards so that her own beautiful bronze face was only an inch or two from Suckle white tearful face. Again she started to stroke Suckle's head from front to back ... the 'petting puppy' technique she used to reassure Suckle. "Good little numbskull," she said to Suckle in that soft comforting tone of voice as she petted her head. This tone of voice and petting always made Suckle feel good and had the effect of encouraging her to surrender herself even more to Miss Tamala. No matter what terms Miss Tamala used to describe her, no matter what names she called her, Suckle was beginning to view these derogatory words as 'compliments' since they came from the mouth of her Mistress. And her Mistress was rapidly becoming the most important person in her life.

Miss Tamala sensed Suckle feeling more at ease as she 'petted' her. She loved to degrade, punish and then comfort her whore. She loved the feeling it gave her of being able to control her thought processes, to make her feel stupid and useless and then to make her feel like she was a 'good girl' for acknowledging that she was indeed, stupid and useless in the eyes of her superior Mistress. As she was enjoying these dominant sensations she was also purposely working up a good amount of saliva in her mouth. Just as Miss Tamala's hand reach the back part of Suckle's head as she petted her, she suddenly and without any warning of any kind, spit all the saliva she had built up in her mouth into Suckle's face. The splattering wetness of the saliva hit Suckle right between the eyes, high on her nose. It was a large volume of spit and splattered into Suckle's eyes, ran down the side of her pretty nose and dripped onto her lips and into her mouth.

"Now get up you stupid worthless slut and throw all of your belongings into the trunk of my car as I told you in the first place," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. The suddenness of the change in Miss Tamala's demeanor always made Suckle tremble. Her fear of Miss Tamala was back and she hurried to obey. "And do not in any way try to wipe your face. Leave my spit on your face as a remainder how worthless you are," Miss Tamala continued.

"Yes Mistress," Suckle answered as she rose to her feet.

Suckle hurried to obey. Her punished hand hurt terribly but she managed to pick up all of her clothing and walked out of the opened motel room door and dumped them into the trunk of Miss Tamala's car. She returned to the motel room, gathered up all of her cosmetics and other personal belongings from the bathroom, dumped them into the small bathroom trash can and carried them out to the car. She was also instructed to dump them in the trunk.

Miss Tamala supervised the 'moving' of Suckle. When she was satisfied that the last of Suckle's belonging were now in the trunk of her car, she called Suckle over to her.

She handed Suckle the shoe that she had struck her hand with. "Stick your nose into my shoe so you can get familiar with my foot odor. Remember to breathe in deeply so my scent seeps into your brain. And do it loudly so I can hear you," Miss Tamala said.

"Yes Mistress," answered Suckle as she put Miss Tamala's shoe up to her nose, buried it deeply into the shoe opening and began sniffing. Suckle had never imagined she could become aroused so rapidly by just the scents of someone else. Yet, since she began becoming familiar with Miss Tamala's different body odors and the odors of the clothing that Miss Tamala wore, she began to view this as a type of worship for her Mistress. And this type of worship, getting to know her Mistress by her scents became another mode of sexual excitement for Suckle. Suckle could feel the tingling deep in her pussy. It was as though her pussy had a mind of its own. In her 'old' life, her mind controlled her pussy. Now it was quickly becoming the opposite. Her pussy was controlling her mind.

Miss Tamala knew what was happening to Suckle. She saw the expression of surrender in Suckle's face. She saw the perverse smile of lust that Suckle displayed as she sunk deeper and deeper into her new lifestyle. All of the distinguishing quality traits of the old 'Lynn Langley' were fading into the background of her mind. Immerging was 'Suckle,' the personal property of Mistress Tamala ... 'Suckle,' the personal sex toy of Mistress Tamala ... 'Suckle,' the stupid white whore of Mistress Tamala, who would do anything to please and pleasure her beautiful and superior black Mistress ... 'Suckle,' who only concentrated her brain power resources to learn one thing now. Listen, listen, listen ... obey, obey, obey.

After Miss Tamala determined that Suckle had ample time sniffing her shoe to become acquainted with her foot scent, she instructed Suckle to kiss her high heel and put it back on her foot. Suckle, of course, did as she was directed. Miss Tamala was pleased to see how Suckle so reverently kissed her shoe as though this sign of respect and worship was indeed coming from her heart. Suckle, of her own accord, was learning to love every article of clothing that went on the beautiful and superior body of her Mistress.

As Miss Tamala drove back to her house with her two bitches she again glanced into the rear view mirror. Of course, her bitches were in their proper positions. She looked especially at Suckle. She saw her spit still on Suckle's face. Suckle even had a little smile on her face. She knew Suckle's pussy, like her own, was on fire with desire. She knew they both craved release. Miss Tamala knew she could have her orgasm any time she wanted it. But she would deny Suckle any release or satisfaction. Dr. Mary had thought her a long time ago that a 'hot bitch' was always much easier to control and train.

Miss Tamala was satisfied that she had erased any trace of Suckle from the motel where she had stayed for the last few days. She knew she had a lot more work to do to erase any traces of the old 'Lynn Langley' from the face of the earth. Now, as they were nearing the home of Tamala Baker and Dr. Mary Mercy a new period of training would begin for Suckle. Piglet was their first joint project and while they were satisfied with the outcome of Piglet's training they wanted to train Suckle in a somewhat different manner.

Tamala and Dr. Mary had discussed the kind of training they envisioned for a new 'acquisition' if and when they decided to make one. They had carefully planned to make this training as challenging as they could. They purposely set down a criterion that their new acquisition would have to meet. She would have to be highly intelligent, very beautiful, be between the ages of 21 and 26, single, and with a background that would be easy to remove so as to not raise any suspicions with third parties, and, most importantly, have a submissive personality or orientation.

Unlike Piglet who was trained to be their housemaid, sexual plaything and servant, they wanted to completely change the personality of their new acquisition. They wanted to change the way her mind worked, to erase her old way of reasoning and install a new set of values based on the most extreme perversions they could think of. They wanted to change her body structure to be more like what they envisioned a new slave should look like.

After more then a year of research, the former Lynn Langley was the one they had chosen to be their new acquisition. She met all the standards they had set down except one. "There is still her damn fiancé." Miss Tamala thought as she was driving. "But he did have an arrest record for impersonating a woman and that was something we may be able to build on," she continued thinking.

While Miss Tamala viewed Suckle in the rear view mirror she was again reflecting back on how far she had taken Suckle in just a few days. She was absolutely satisfied with herself and the control she had gained over Suckle. She had laid the groundwork. Now she was really excited as she drove up to the front gate of their home in the outer suburbs. She knew Dr. Mary would be waiting. And Dr. Mary was the master at dominance. Now she would hand over Suckle to Dr. Mary who would contribute to Suckle's training as only Dr. Mary could.

As all these thoughts were flashing through Miss Tamala's mind, her pussy was now beginning to pulsate even more. She was very close to an orgasm as she thought of the training Suckle would go through under the tutelage of Dr. Mary. Again Miss Tamala fought for control of her own sexual emotions. "Wait a little longer," she was thinking to herself, "the best is yet to come."

As Miss Tamala's car went through the trees blocking the view of their house from the street and came out to the finely manicured lawn and gardens surrounding the house she saw that Dr. Mary's car was parked in the driveway. Obviously Dr. Mary had also closed down her offices early today in anticipation of Suckle's arrival. As soon as Miss Tamala's car came to a stop beside Dr. Mary's car, Piglet jumped out to hold the door open for Miss Tamala. As Miss Tamala got out of the car she noticed Dr. Mary on the front porch. Dr. Mary was dressed in her usual two piece white medical garb and still had her stethoscope around her neck.

Miss Tamala came around to the passenger side of her car, opened the door and yelled at Suckle. "Get the fuck out whore," she said to Suckle.

"Yes Mistress," answered Suckle.

Miss Tamala yelled her orders at Suckle loud enough for Dr. Mary to hear them. She definitely wanted to impress her tutor and lover with her accomplishment of control over Suckle. Miss Tamala assigned Piglet to the task of returning later to empty the trunk of Suckle's belonging and told her to bring them down to the basement near her living quarters. "She would look through them later," she thought to herself.

As Miss Tamala approached the front porch, her two bitches in tow, she saw Dr. Mary standing there with her hands on her hips. Miss Tamala could tell by the familiar grin on Dr. Mary's face that she was waiting eagerly for Suckle and no doubt was more then ready to start her training. Dr. Mary kept her eyes on Suckle as she watched her try to mimic Piglet's position with her elbows close to her sides, breasts pushed out as far as they would go and her hands folded in the prayer position between her breasts and under her chin.

When they were within a few feet of Dr. Mary she spoke for the first time in Suckle's actual present. "Where the fuck are you taking these two whores, to church?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala in a joking manner as she watched the two bitches in their prayer-like positions.

"Yes darling," Miss Tamala answered Dr. Mary, "and your pussy will be their altar." They both had a good laugh at their joking around and at the expense of Piglet and Suckle who both, of course, heard the exchange of words between Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary embraced and shared a long and passionate lip to lip kiss.

This was the first time Suckle had seen Dr. Mary in person. She was in awe as she watched these two beautiful mature black women embrace and kiss. She watched intently as she saw their mouths open and close and the flash of their tongues exploring each others mouth. She recognized Dr. Mary's voice from the speaker phone in Miss Tamala's office. Dr. Mary looked like a college professor or a highly professional doctor with her thin glasses and perfectly combed jet black hair. Of course, her make up was perfect as always. Suckle saw the low cleavage white medical jacket Dr. Mary wore today and was mesmerized by the very large breasts straining against her jacket. There was a perception of 'authority' about her and Suckle felt very insignificant in her presence. Suckle let her eyes drift down and saw the very wide hips and the prominent ass of Dr. Mary stretching the material of her slacks to the maximum. She could very clearly see the outline of Dr. Mary's panties through the thin white medical fabric of her slacks.

When Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary disengaged from their passionate embrace, Miss Tamala told Piglet to get on with her task of emptying the trunk of Suckle's belongings. This left Miss Tamala, Dr. Mary, and Suckle alone for the moment.

"So you like to suck ass, huh?" she said directly to Suckle. Dr. Mary never pulled any punches. "Guess that makes you an ass licker, right?" she continued talking to Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," Suckle answered. Dr. Mary's voice was very firm and not as womanly as Miss Tamala's. Suckle remembered that Dr. Mary was a 'dear friend' of her Mistress and also remembered her instructions to refer to her as ma'am. But it felt really strange having all of what Suckle had considered some sort of 'private matters' exposed to this other scholarly woman. Answering to questions over the telephone didn't seem as personal as answering questions in a face to face situation.

"Step in front of me and put your arms behind your back," Dr. Mary ordered Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle as she complied with Dr. Mary's instructions.

Dr. Mary began to unbutton Suckle's blouse. Suckle looked through the thinly framed glasses of Dr. Mary and saw the very black eyeballs floating in the pure white background. Just as Miss Tamala's eyes intimidated her so did Dr. Mary's. Yet, dressed in the white medical uniform with the stethoscope around her neck, Dr. Mary gave Suckle the impression of an 'angel of mercy' ... someone who would be understanding, gentle and kind to her. Of course she didn't know much about Dr. Mary. She would soon find out different.

When Dr. Mary finished unbuttoning Suckle's blouse, she pulled back both sides of the blouse until it hung off her shoulders and part way down her arms that were folded around her back. This completely exposed Suckle's bra covered chest and waist. Dr. Mary than placed her dark hands with the perfectly manicured fingernails on the whiteness of Suckle's bra, and squeezed her breasts as though she was a doctor testing them for weight and firmness.

"Nice tits for an ass licker," she said to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, I thought you would like them," answered Miss Tamala.

Suckle remained quiet since the conversation was between Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala. What's more, she was afraid to say anything without being directed to speak. They were both discussing Suckle as though she was just some kind of dumb animal or a piece of meat.

"Let's see how much elasticity the nipples have in them," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Well, you're the doctor," replied Miss Tamala in a light hearted tone of voice and with an evil like grin on her face. "They seem to stretch pretty far from what I did to them."

"Well let's just see, shall we sweetheart?" Dr. Mary said in a professional tone of voice to Miss Tamala as she reached into her wide jacket pocket and took out a small pair of scissors. She took the scissors and cut down the middle of Suckle's bra as a surgeon would remove clothing in some kind of an emergency. Suckle's breasts immediately sprung loose as both ends of her cut bra hung down from her shoulders.

Suckle got that worried and fearful look on her face as she realized her breasts were free of their 'container' and she stood there like some rag doll with her blouse half way down her arms and her cut bra hanging in two pieces from her shoulders. Dr. Mary reached into her other jacket pocket and took out an instrument that looked like an ordinary pair of pliers although the head of the instrument was very wide with serrated tips.

"Now listen to me you ass licking whore," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "I'm going to test your nipples to see how much elasticity they have in them. I want you to keep your hands folded behind your back. I also want you to keep looking into my eyes. It that clearly understood?"

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle the fear very apparent in her voice. Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala could clearly hear the gulping sound coming from Suckle voice as she swallowed hard.

Suckle felt the cold chrome pliers getting a grip on her first nipple. She felt the head of the pliers come together on her nipple as it squeezed tighter and tighter. Suckle's mouth opened almost automatically as she felt the first pangs of pain in her nipple. The serrated tips closed together and dug deeper into the nipple. Then Dr. Mary began very slowly pulling the nipple outward.

"Aahh ... aahh ...aahh ..." came the short and rapid sounds from Suckle's opened mouth as she took very short breaths of air as though that would somehow ease the pain she felt. Suckle kept her eyes on the eyes of Dr. Mary and saw the smile come on Dr. Mary's face as she pulled the nipple outward further and further. It was obvious Dr. Mary was getting pleasure from pulling on Suckle's nipple. "Oooohhhh ... aaahhhh ... plea ... please ... pleaseeee ..." the sounds came from Suckle as she began to beg as the pain intensified.

"Please, please, please what slut", Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "I'm having fun, aren't you?" she mocked Suckle.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Dr. Mary mocking Suckle. Miss Tamala looked down at Suckle's breast which was now stretched out further than she had stretched it earlier in the day with her fingers. But then Dr. Mary had a good grip on the nipple with the serrated tips of the pliers so she was able to get more leverage.

Miss Tamala was on fire with sexual arousal watching Dr. Mary in action with Suckle for the first time. She leaned over and kissed Dr. Mary on the side of her face to encourage her and to let her know that she too was enjoying the proceedings. "You're such a great doctor," she said to Dr. Mary.

"Don't you think my good friend is a great doctor," Miss Tamala said to Suckle as she turned to face her.

"I ... I ... ye ... yes ... ooohhh ...aaaahhhh ... yes Mistress, yes Mistress ... yes," Suckle did her best to answer in between her attempt to catch her breath.

"Would you like to see how fucking excited you got me ass licker?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle. Suckle didn't answer. She didn't know how to answer and she was afraid to say the wrong thing. Dr. Mary held the pliers with Suckle's outstretched nipple in one hand and with the other hand she took one of Suckle's hands from behind her back. She slid Suckle's hand inside of her slacks and pushed down on it until Suckle's hand was on the front of her panties at the crotch. Dr. Mary was totally soaked with her pussy juices as they flowed through her silk panties.

"See bitch, see what you did to me?" Dr. Mary continued to speak to Suckle as though it was all Suckle's fault that she was so aroused.

Suckle's hand felt like it was trapped in between the slacks of Dr. Mary and the front of her panties. She felt the moisture of Dr. Mary's vagina flowing through her panties. She could also feel like what seemed to her to be a massive amount of pubic hair through the material of the panties. Even though she was in extreme pain from the pliers on her outstretched nipple she couldn't control the urge she felt to explore even further. She let her hand and fingers move and roam all around Dr. Mary's pussy and the more she explored the more she had the urge to go even further.

Dr. Mary let go of the pliers. Suckle's sore nipple sprung back and her breast return to its normal shape although the pain the pliers had caused didn't subside. "Kneel down bitch," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," came Suckle's meek reply.

"Take my slacks and panties off," Dr. Mary told Suckle.

"Yes ma'am," answered Suckle as she pulled down on the elastic waistband of Dr. Mary's slacks. Once Suckle had the slacks off she reached up again to begin to take Dr. Mary's panties off. Suckle's hands were shaking but this time it wasn't out of fear, rather she was very excited and she could unmistakably feel the excitement deep in her pussy.

Miss Tamala sensing the excitement of the scene she was witnessing moved over next to Dr. Mary. She put her arm around Dr. Mary's shoulder and hugged her tightly. This also gave her a good view of the kneeling Suckle as she was assisting Dr. Mary to step out of her panties.

Suckle looked again at Dr. Mary's pussy that was directly in front of her face. She noticed that Dr. Mary's skin was darker than Miss Tamala's. But like Miss Tamala, Dr. Mary had a massive amount of jet black pubic hair surrounding her vagina. The hair glistened with Dr. Mary's free flowing pussy juices and the scent coming from there filled Suckle's nostrils. Suckle felt her passion building and the urge to do "bad" things as she used to think of them was flashing through her mind. "I want to suck, I want to suck ... I am a sucker ... I am a whore ..." she was thinking to herself.

Dr. Mary moved her hips forward so her pussy hairs just brushed lightly on Suckle's face in a teasing motion. She let Suckle get a little feel of the soaked pussy hair and at the same time let her get a good smell of the sexual scent her vagina was emitting.

Miss Tamala while hugging Dr. Mary around her shoulders with one hand let her other hand drift down on to Dr. Mary's lower belly with her dark and pretty fingers down even further into the pubic hairs. She then looked down at the kneeling white face touching ever so slightly the jet black pubic hairs surrounding Dr. Mary's pussy.

"Tell Dr. Mary what you want to do whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"I want to suck ... I want to suck ma'am ... please, please ... I want to suck ..." Suckle was looking up at Miss Tamala with an incredible lustful pleading look on her face.

Dr. Mary reached down and grabbed Suckle by the hair and pulled her head backward. "Tell me you little white pig, look at me and tell me what you are," she almost yelled at Suckle.

"I'm ... I'm a sucker ... I'm a whore ... I'm a white ass licker ... I'm a ..." Suckle was trying to think of what ever derogatory words she could think of to describe herself and to please both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala as she looked up into their smiling faces. The more Suckle degraded herself the more excited she became. She wanted to masturbate. She wanted to touch herself so bad. She felt the pounding pulsating deep in her pussy that was begging to be satisfied.

Dr. Mary grabbed Suckle by both ears and pulled her face into her pussy. "Suck then you bastard," she said to Suckle. "Yes, yes, stick your tongue in there ... yes, that's the way ... up and down ... up and down the slit ... that's it you fucking white whore ... stick your nose in too you bastard ..." Dr. Mary yelled and urged Suckle on.

Dr. Mary began a gyrating motion on Suckle's face buried deeply into her pussy. Then a back and forth motion as though she was fucking Suckle's face.

"Up a little whore ... a little higher ... find my clit ... that's it ... that's it ... right there, right there ... yes, take the clit between your lips and suck on it ... yes, yes ... oh, shit, oh shit ... I'm cumming ... I'm cumming ... suck it ... yes, I'm cumminnnnngggggggg ... lap all my juices up like a dog ..." Dr. Mary was totally out of control with lust and the feeling of this mouth and tongue bringing her to a total and blissful orgasm.

When Dr. Mary's orgasm finally subsided and she was regaining control she let Suckle's head go. Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala looked down at the still kneeling Suckle. Her face was totally covered with the pussy juices from Dr. Mary. There were even some pubic hairs stuck to her face. They both laughed at their new acquisition.

Dr. Mary turned and kissed Miss Tamala in a long and loving kiss. "This is going to be a wonderful weekend," she said to Miss Tamala. "We are going to have a wonderful time with our new whore."

"Yes darling," Miss Tamala replied. "Shall we go inside?"

(To be continued).............

Chapter IX---Suckle visits Dr. Mary's Laboratory

Suckle was still kneeling, her face covered with the vaginal drippings of Dr. Mary's intense orgasm. She was totally aroused after, for the second time in her life, performing oral sex on another woman. Her life, as she once knew it, was changing at a rapid pace and what was surprising to her, was that she was finding some deep and weird satisfaction in her new life as the property of Miss Tamala. Even more surprising was the fact that just the thought of getting her head in between the legs of one of these highly intelligent, beautiful and mature black women was enough to make her nipples spring to life and her vagina begin to drip with excitement. These were sexual emotions that she never felt before. It not only stirred unexplored and new sexual arousal in her vagina but also gave her psyche the feeling that doing, what she had once considered as being appalling behavior for someone, was making her feel good and fulfilled in her own mind, almost as though it was in reality her destiny.

Right at the moment Suckle would have loved to be able to masturbate herself to ease the craving that was soaring through her entire body. Every cell in her body was alive with sexual desire from the way her head, face, nose, mouth and tongue had been used by Dr. Mary. But she was becoming accustomed to denying her own feelings in deference to her Mistress's pleasure.

While Dr. Mary had entered the front door to the house, Miss Tamala was 'tending' to their new bitch.

"Suckle, pick up Dr. Mary's slacks and fold them very carefully being sure to keep the seams straight. Do the same with her panties keeping the crotch area that touched Dr. Mary's pussy and asshole face up. When you have them folded as I have instructed you, carry them in the palms of your hands. Keep your hands waist high and out in front of you at all times," Miss Tamala was directing Suckle in a 'teacher' tone of voice again.

The preciseness of Miss Tamala's orders to Suckle was very important in Suckle's training. This procedure would train Suckle to listen very carefully to Miss Tamala's every word and make her believe, and in fact later become, a very dumb, stupid and brainless bitch that depended on Miss Tamala or Dr. Mary to be able to function in any manner.

"It was like training an animal," Dr. Mary had told Miss Tamala, "get them to a point where you yell a command and they jump through the hoop without even a moment's thought."

"You must learn that any clothing or undergarments that belong to one of your Mistress's are sacred as far as you're concerned and you are to treat them with the reverence that you would any sacred object," Miss continued teaching Suckle. "Do you understand that idiot," Miss Tamala was enforcing the thought in Suckle's mind that she was stupid and had to depend on her for directions."

When Miss Tamala was satisfied that Suckle had complied with her instructions she opened the front door and led Suckle, who was now walking like she was in some kind of religious procession the way she carried Dr. Mary's slacks and panties as she had been instructed to, into the foyer. When Suckle was only a few feet into the vestibule, Miss Tamala made her stop. She then took the slacks and panties of Dr. Mary from Suckle's outstretched hands and held them up to Suckle's mouth.

"Kiss them," Miss Tamala said to Suckle referring to Dr. Mary's clothing, "learn to love and adore any article of clothing that touches the wonderful and beautiful bodies of your Mistress's."

"Yes Mistress," answered Suckle. Suckle placed a soft kiss on both articles of clothing as though they were objects to be worshipped. Miss Tamala was pleasantly surprised to hear Suckle sniffing in a loud and very audible manner at the slacks and especially the panties of Dr. Mary in order to fill her senses with the scent of this clothing. "I didn't even have to tell the bitch to smell and to do it loud enough so I could hear her. The fucking bastard did it on her own," Miss Tamala was thinking. It was apparent to Miss Tamala that Suckle was doing this from her heart. She was really becoming what Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary wanted her to become ... a idiotic white bitch that they could use for their pleasure in any way they so desired.

Miss Tamala was still in a high state of sexual arousal from all the day's activities. She had been telling herself all day to 'wait, hold back, it will be better later.' She had let Dr. Mary use Suckle for her pleasure first and now she could almost feel Suckle's tongue running up and down the slit of her own pussy as she watched her training efforts coming to fruition in Suckle's behavior.

"Now turn around, walk as close to the corner as you can get, put your hands down to your sides and stand at attention facing the corner until I come back for you," Miss Tamala continued.

"Yes Mistress," replied Suckle. She walked the two steps that was necessary and got into the corner of the foyer as close to the wall as she possibly could. She put her feet together with her arms and hands down at her side and stood as rigid as a statue. Then she waited as she was instructed.

Before Suckle had been ordered into the corner, she had a few minutes to glance around the vestibule. It was a magnificent entranceway. The floor was covered in ceramic tile ... the walls were covered with rich colored printed wallpaper that was of an African motif. It gave Suckle the sense that she was stepping into another country ... a country she was not familiar with. On the table against the one wall of the foyer was a large colored photograph of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. The view of the couple in the photograph was only from the neck up but she could plainly see Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary in a cheek to cheek, smiling and happy pose as though they were sisters ... or lovers.

It seemed like a very long time before Suckle heard the sound of high heel shoes coming up behind her again. Yet, she did exactly as she was instructed and kept her position facing the wall. She was having a hard time standing so erect and at attention but nevertheless she didn't move an inch. While Suckle was holding her position, it gave her a little time to reflect on what was taking place in her life. She was thinking of how intimidated she was in the presence of these two beautiful demanding women. She was trying to recall what she had come to this city for in the first place. She tried to remember her interview with Miss Tamala and the career as an attorney she so very much wanted. Yet none of that seemed important now. Here she was, her blouse hanging from her shoulders, her bra cut in two and also hanging from her shoulders and her breasts hanging bare for anyone to see. Her hand and nipples hurt from the abuse they had received at the hands of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. And still she felt a sense of fear mixed with lustful excitement at being at this place.

As the sound of the high heel shoes approached closer and closer to Suckle she began to tremble with trepidation again. Then she felt the very cold steel of a metal collar being placed around her neck. Suckle let her eyes drift downward to see the rich wide chrome chain link collar that had been placed there. She felt something very cold touching the bare skin part of her shoulder that was exposed. Suckle realized it was some sort of chain as she felt it being attached to a steel link on the front of the collar.

"Turn around whore," she heard the stern voice of Miss Tamala.

"Yes Mistress," replied Suckle to voice she recognized as belonging to Miss Tamala. As she turned, Suckle was flabbergasted at what she saw. She was now face to face with Miss Tamala who held in her hand a long chrome chain that was attached to the link in the collar around her neck. But Miss Tamala's appearance had totally changed. Miss Tamala's hair was no longer in the bun style it had been earlier. The jet black hair now hung down loosely to her neckline. Her face was, as always, perfectly made up. Her rich full lips had a new application of an orange colored lipstick. Miss Tamala had changed into a negligee type of gown. It was also a soft orange color and was almost transparent. It was also sleeveless with very deep cleavage and narrow bands of material running from her shoulders to her waist in a v-shape ending in the center of her torso. There was no bra and the silky soft material had a very hard time containing those beautiful dark breasts of Miss Tamala and seemed as though they were on the verge of 'spilling out at any moment.' The darker brown nipples of Miss Tamala's breasts were clearly visible as they made pointed peaks in the soft material. The gown only had three decorative buttons. They started far below the breast line, the second was about at belly button level, and the last button ended at just above Miss Tamala's loins. The negligee gown ended just above Miss Tamala's ankles. There were very wide slits on the side of the gown that ran from her ankles to her waist.

Suckle stood in awe at the beauty of this African American woman. There was rich dark brown flesh everywhere ...her beautiful face, her large firm breasts ... the thickness of Miss Tamala's thighs were clearly visible with just the slightest movement ... the dark muscular calves of her legs played a game of peek-a-boo with Suckle's eyes through the slits in the gown.

Suckle again felt insignificant in front of this beautiful taller mature woman as she looked up at her face. She had the urge to kneel as a way of paying homage or tribute to Miss Tamala as she imagined someone of 'lower status' would to a Goddess. Instead she felt the chain of her choker metal collar pull her face closer to Miss Tamala.

"Look at you, you fucking whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a condescending tone of voice, "you still have all of Dr. Mary pussy juices on your ugly face."

The words 'whore' and 'ugly' had an intense effect on Suckle's mind. She didn't have much more doubt in her mind that she really must be a 'whore.' After all she thought to herself "how many girls suck another woman's pussy like I did?" But the work 'ugly' was a new description that Miss Tamala was using to portray her. Everyone in the past paid her compliments and told her how pretty she was. She even had offers to do some modeling. "But," she was thinking to herself again, "I must be really ugly if Mistress Tamala sees me that way. Look at how beautiful she is, so I must be ugly compared to her."

Suckle saw Miss Tamala's free hand coming up to her face. She saw the long and beautiful brown fingers with the manicured finger nails moving toward her face cheeks. Then she felt the finger of Miss Tamala scraping all the pussy juices on her face cheeks and push them all in the direction of her mouth.

It took a few seconds for Miss Tamala to gather up all the left over and abundant pussy juices of Dr. Mary from the cheeks and face of Suckle down toward her mouth. When she was satisfied with her effort she looked directly into the eyes of Suckle.

"Open," she said to Suckle. Without a bit of hesitation Suckle opened her mouth. Miss Tamala, with her long finger pushed the juices over Suckle's parted lips and into her mouth.

"Now close your mouth but don't swallow until I tell you too. I want you to run your tongue all around your mouth and all over your teeth. Let the nectar of Dr. Mary's pussy fill your taste buds. Savor the taste you fucking nitwit," Miss Tamala said feeling the rush of excitement flash through her body at the power she had to freely abuse and degrade this white bitch.

Suckle did as she was told. There was a large quantity of vaginal juices in her mouth and they were becoming somewhat sticky from being open to the elements on her face for some length of time but she managed it and even felt a tingle of excitement as she thought of how depraved this act would seem to the average person. Yet she couldn't deny the excited sexual feeling running throughout her subservient mind and body as she obeyed and degraded herself for the pleasure of her Mistress.

Miss Tamala watched Suckle closely. She watched every movement of Suckle's mouth. She saw her face cheeks move in and out and the protrusion of Suckle's lips as she ran her tongue over her upper teeth and then her bottom teeth. The more Miss Tamala watched Suckle obey her every order the more apparent it became to her that Suckle was becoming hers body and soul. She was getting Suckle to the point that she would do anything ... anything at all if she thought it would somehow please her Mistress and bring pleasure to her.

Miss Tamala was so engrossed in observing the obedience of Suckle she didn't hear Dr. Mary walk in the foyer and stand in back of her.

"Stop," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, "open that filthy mouth of yours and let me see how you are doing."

Suckle opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could as though she was attempting to show Miss Tamala how obedient she was. In her own mind Suckle thought that the faster and wider she opened her mouth in this almost perverse manner, it would demonstrate her total devotion and would please her Mistress.

"Good," Miss Tamala said. "You did a good job of spreading all of Dr. Mary's cum juices around your mouth. Now tip your head backward and swallow all of it."

Suckle felt proud at the 'good' compliment Miss Tamala gave her. She immediately tipped her head backward and swallowed. She knew Miss Tamala liked to not only watch her swallow but also liked to hear her so she made an audible gulping sound as she swallowed. When all of the liquid mixture had disappeared down her throat, she ran her tongue over her lips just because she thought this action would please Miss Tamala ... and she was right.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing at this voluntary act of Suckle running her tongue over her lips retrieving the last of the sticky substance that was there as though it was cotton candy that had stuck to her lips. "Don't worry you little motherfucker," she said to Suckle, "there's a lot more where that came from."

Dr. Mary had been watching her protégé and Suckle. She walked over closer to Miss Tamala to make her presence known. "My, you look beautiful sweetheart," she said to Miss Tamala. "You look absolutely yummy in orange. It contrasts with your beautiful skin perfectly."

"Oh, thank you darling," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary. "Looks like you are prepared to give our whore her physical examination."

Dr. Mary had changed into a 'scrub' type of hospital clothing. She wore a v-neck top that was sleeveless and had been altered to end at just below her ample breasts where there was a drawstring. The drawstring was pulled tight making the front of the top bulge out from the size of her large and firm breasts. There wasn't any doubt that Dr. Mary was not wearing a bra as you could distinctly see the jutting out of her large nipples. She also wore a 'modified' pair of 'scrub' pants. They were tight fitting; however, they had been cut-off high on the legs. This gave anyone who saw her, an excellent view of her muscular dark thighs and, of course, the prominent ass that Dr. Mary was so proud of.

Suckle saw Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala exchange a lip to lip kiss to go along with their exchange of compliments of one another.

"Shall we go down to the examination room darling?" Dr. Mary asked Miss Tamala.

"By all means doctor," Miss Tamala answered emphasizing the word 'doctor' as though she knew something about what was about to take place in the examination room. "Take your shoes off whore," she said to Suckle.

"Yes Mistress," Suckle answered. Suckle's eyes were large with apprehension after seeing Dr. Mary in the hospital clothing and hearing the conversation about a 'physical examination.' Yet as soon as she heard the stern voice of Miss Tamala, she snapped back into her obedience mode that was now becoming ingrained in her mind and took her shoes off.

"Pick up your shoes and carry them with you," Miss Tamala ordered Suckle. When Suckle had her shoes in her hands Miss Tamala gave a hard pull on the chain attached to Suckle's choker chain collar that had the effect of tightening the metal collar around Suckle's neck, biting into the skin for just a moment in order to cause a sharp instant of pain. "Now pay attention bitch," Miss Tamala continued speaking to Suckle, "I never want to have to waste my breath on a dumb bastard like you, so whenever I pull on your chain you will recognize it as a signal to follow, do you understand?" Miss Tamala again pulled on the chain even harder than the first time to emphasize her instructions.

"Ahh ... ahh ... yes, Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle obviously feeling the bite of the metal collar links on the skin of her neck.

Dr. Mary watched the beginning phases of the training of Suckle with a very large smile on her face. It was clear that she thoroughly enjoyed seeing Miss Tamala in action. It was even more obvious that she enjoyed watching the expressions of pain on Suckle's face and was deriving some sort of sexual satisfaction from it because she had her one hand down the front of her scrub shorts. From the movement of this hand it was pretty clear that she was stimulating herself.

The procession started down the hallway toward the basement door. Miss Tamala in her beautiful negligee-like gown walking as though she was a model walking down a runway with her very shapely ass moving in an up and down motion, Dr. Mary in her 'modified' hospital type scrub clothing, her prominent ass swaying back and forth, and Suckle in her opened blouse and pieces of her bra hanging from her shoulders ... her bare breasts bouncing up and down as she walked and her new addition ... a wide steel choker chain collar around her neck attached to another chain being held by her Mistress.

For a moment the old thoughts of doubt were flashing through Suckle's mind. This thought process was brought on by fear ... fear of the unknown. She didn't understand what was happening to her. For a moment she wished she was home ... home safe in her dorm room at college ... or maybe somewhere safe with David, her fiancé. But as she watched the model-like walk of Miss Tamala, and the prominent and swaying ass of Dr. Mary she began to recall sucking both of their pussies. The more she thought of this, the more she could swear she could smell their scent ... the scent that got her aroused. She felt her nipples getting hard again, the little twitches of excitement in her stomach muscles leading down into her vagina area. Even the steel choker chain collar around her neck was having the effect of confirming her submissive personality as she was being led behind this two beautiful and mysterious African American woman ... "led to where?" she thought to herself. Then her mind felt like it was spinning again but this time the 'old thoughts' weren't prevalent anymore. "Listen, listen, listen ... obey, obey, obey ..." she was thinking now. "I want to suck ... I want to suck ... ass licker ... ass licker ..." The words that Miss Tamala had repeatedly planted in Suckle's mind by repetition were taking over her thought processes. Now Suckle was reaching new heights of sexual arousal and that large lustful and involuntary smile appeared on her face again as she followed her Mistress and Ma'am Dr. Mary to wherever they were taking her.

As the trio reached the vicinity of the door in the hallway leading to the basement, Miss Tamala stopped for a minute. "Piglet," Miss Tamala yelled in the direction of the kitchen.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Piglet as she immediately appeared in front of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. Piglet had also changed into her prescribed dress for the day. She had a transparent spandex type of very short briefs on. They were very tight fitting and ended at just below her crotch area. However, the entire crotch area had been cut away completely exposing her vagina. On the top part of her body she wore another modified type of transparent bra made of the same material. There wasn't any fabric in the 'cup' area of the bra. There were only bands of tightly fitting spandex material that ran around the very base of her breasts. This type of 'bra' made Piglet's breasts jut outward in a distorted cone shape from her chest. Her nipples appeared to extend out even further with her breasts constrained so tightly in this fashion. Each of her nipples had a chrome ring in them. Each ring had a hook from which an ornament in the shape of a small African bongo drum was hanging. One bongo drum had the name 'Mistress Mary' clearly inscribed on it and the other was inscribed with the name 'Mistress Tamala'.

Suckle stared at Piglet. She had never seen or even imagined any one being 'dressed' in this way. She was equally amazed at the Piglet's distorted and bulging breasts with the ornaments attached to them. But when she let her eyes look downward, what even startled Suckle more was the stretched out lips of Piglets outer vulva lips. She had never imagined that a female's genitals could be stretched out to hang this far down. She didn't get too much time to observe anything else when she heard Mistress Tamala's voice.

"Bring a card board box and a two large glasses of ice tea with lemon to Dr. Mary's laboratory," Miss Talama ordered Piglet. "And also bring your plastic urinal with you." Miss Tamala pulled sharply and hard on Suckle's choker chain without saying another word. Suckle remembered Miss Tamala's instructions and with a little 'ahh' sound coming from her mouth from the pain caused by the tightening of her collar she immediately obeyed the pulling of the chain by following her Mistress and Dr. Mary.

As the trio descended the stairs into the basement a whole new set of fears arose in Suckle's mind. The cinder block walls gave the basement a gloomy atmosphere and unlike the first floor of the house the basement was damp. It appeared to Suckle as a place that someone might go and disappear and never be seen again. Even the thought of death entered her mind and between the dampness of the air and the fear she was feeling within her mind she was again visibly shaking.

Miss Tamala led Suckle by her collar and chain down to the far end of the basement following Dr. Mary. This was Dr. Mary's half of the basement. Dr. Mary unlocked the entry door, opened the door wide and entered the room where she turned the lights on. Immediately the florescent lighting flashed on in its bluish tinted brightness and was almost blinding after coming out of the more dimly lit rest of the basement. Suckle felt the bite of the choker chain sink into the skin around her neck. "Move and follow," her brain told her in response to the signal her Mistress had sent her by 'pulling her chain.' And like the very obedient little bitch she was becoming she followed Miss Tamala into Dr. Mary's brightly lit room.

Suckle stared in astonishment as her eyes adjusted to the light in the room. It appeared as though she had just entered some sort of medical facility. The walls appeared to be made of stainless steel and there was a very large examination table in the center of the room. It had a very high intensity circular and adjustable light above it as though this examination table could also be used to perform surgery. The examination table also had many attachments and moving parts. At almost the end of the table were a pair of stainless steel stirrups and Suckle knew from past experience what these stirrups were used for.

Miss Tamala watched the worried look on Suckle's face. Her mind flashed back to the first time she and Dr. Mary had Piglet in this room for her first physical examination. That day seemed like so long ago and yet she remembered how exciting it was. The excitement and ecstasy of that day long ago ended with her and Dr. Mary making intensive love on the floor with Piglet still on the examination table sobbing in a mixture of pain and pleasure from her very first physical exam by Dr. Mary. As Miss Tamala was thinking of the first time with Piglet she felt the pent up desire in her vagina that had been building all day. Many times during this day she had felt the urge to grab Suckle's head and push it between her legs. Many times during this day she wanted so desperately to feel Suckle's novice tongue lapping away at her slit, her vagina lips and finally teaching her how to suck on her clit like a baby would suck on a pacifier. As she watched the trembling and worried Suckle she knew it would not be long now and she would be able to release and satisfy all these repressed desires that was making her pussy throb with need.

"Bring the bitch over here," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala pointing to a corner in the room. Miss Tamala pulled on Suckle's choker chain and led her over to the place designated by Dr. Mary. When Suckle was in place, Dr. Mary wheeled over a stainless steel medical cart that had a large amount of what seemed to Suckle as medical instruments on it. She placed the cart in front of Suckle so she would have a clear view of it. Then Dr. Mary looked directly into the face of Suckle to see what kind of effect the medical cart was having on her. She smiled as she saw Suckle begin to shake even more with fear.

Dr. Mary walked over and grabbed Suckle's nipples between her finger and thumb and squeezed tightly pulling them outward and shaking them violently up and down.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch," Suckle began to moan in short spurts of apparent pain.

"What are you afraid of ass licker," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she was moaning out loud. "Miss Tamala and I are just going to have some fun with you. You want us to have fun, don't you?"

"Oh, oh, ouch ... ye ... yes ma'am," Suckle answered in little sobs.

"Well you stupid bitch, tell us you want us to have fun with you," Dr. Mary told Suckle as she eased off somewhat on the shaking of her breasts by the nipples.

"Ahh, oh, ... yes ma'am," replied Suckle. "I ... I," Suckle started to answer, and then paused for a moment to try to remember how Miss Tamala had taught her to answer these types of questions. "This ... this stupid bitch wants Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary have to have fun with her," Suckle continued.

Miss Tamala got a big smile on her face with Suckle's answer. She was very pleased to see her efforts in the training of Suckle were taking effect. However she watched as Dr. Mary raised her hand high above her head and slapped Suckle very hard in the face. Dr. Mary, Miss Tamala knew, was never one to go easy when she was in a disciplining mood. The hard slap snapped Suckle's face to one side and it was only a second before her eyes began to fill with tears.

"From this moment on you with always address me as Madame Doctor Mercy. You Suckle, the idiot whore, must always show the deepest respect and reverence for my position. Do you know Madame Doctor Mercy has a medical degree with a master's degree in psychiatry?" Dr. Mary yelled in the face of Suckle putting an emphasis on the words 'Madame Doctor Mercy.' Dr. Mary had purposely used her last name because she enjoyed the stimulation she felt in her loins when she heard the sound of Suckle's voice asking 'Mercy' for forgiveness after she had disciplined her.

"I … I'm ... Suckle is sorry ... Madame Doctor Mercy," Suckle answered correcting herself faster this time in referring to herself in the third person.

Miss Tamala walked over to Suckle and began petting her head back and forth ... the 'poor' puppy modus operandi again.

"Dr. Mary," Miss Tamala started explaining to Dr. Mary in a soft voice while continuously petting Suckle, "I guess I should have told you that Suckle isn't very smart. As a matter of fact Suckle is one of the 'dumbest white bitches' I have ever come across. I even had to tell the 'nitwit' how to use her tongue on my pussy and show her where my clit was," Miss Tamala continued using a tone of voice that seemed to be showing concern for Suckle while it was really meant to instill and reinforced Suckle's stupidity in her thought processes.

This mind control procedure was used to keep Suckle unsuspecting and confused. Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had perfected their technique on Piglet to the point where it was almost like second nature to them now. Slowly the last little remnants of Suckle's past self confidence and self respect were disappearing from her mentality.

Piglet walked into the laboratory with the ice tea, card board box and plastic urinal that Miss Tamala had ordered. She was holding the two glasses of ice tea on a serving tray with one hand while the other hand held the card board box and plastic urinal.

"Put the card board box over here in front of your sister whore Suckle," Miss Tamala ordered Piglet. "Put the serving tray and the urinal on the table and then get in your holding position and wait," Miss Tamala continued instructing Piglet.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," obeyed Piglet.

Dr. Mary picked up a large pair of scissors and walked behind Suckle. "Bend your head forward fuck head," Dr. Mary told Suckle. "Throw your shoes in the card board box in front of you," she continued.

"Yes Madame Doctor Mercy," answered Suckle remembering to address Dr. Mary in the 'respectful' way she had been instructed to.

Suckle felt Dr. Mary removing her choker collar. When the collar was removed, Suckle felt cold metal on the back of her neck. She then heard the sound of scissors cutting and the feel of the cold metal blades of the scissors as they went down her back, through the back of her blouse, through the straps of the back of her bra and stop when the cold metal blades reached the back of her waist. Dr. Mary then cut up both of her sleeves toward her neck until the tattered and cut blouse and bra fell on the floor. Suckle was now completely bare down to the waist. Her face turned a complete shade of red as she realized what had just taken place and that her back, breasts, nipples and chest were completely exposed to everyone in the room.

Next Suckle felt the cold metal blades again start at the back of her waist and begin cutting down through her skirt and her panties until they both fell to the floor. Suckle was naked as a baby with heaps of cut up clothing around her ankles. These were some of the newest and best clothes she owned ... the same clothes she had taken so much care to dress in this morning in order to impress Miss Tamala on her first day of orientation. More importantly Suckle was completely naked for the very first time in front of her beautifully clothed Mistress Tamala and medical-like clothed Madame Doctor Mercy.

"Bend down and pick up your worthless clothes and throw them in the box with your shoes motherfucker," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a tone of voice that didn't leave any doubt that it was a distinct order.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle as she did as she was told.

After Suckle had thrown her clothes in the card board box, she again straightened up.

"Piglet, take this box with Suckle's things and throw them in the garbage. She won't have any need for them any more," Miss Tamala told Piglet. "And then get back to work doing the laundry you brainless pig."

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Piglet as she picked up the box with its contents and left the room.

Miss Tamala reached down with her dark beautifully manicured hand and ran it through Suckle's pubic hair. "Oh look," she said to Dr. Mary, "Suckle has a thick mat of hair here. But it is the same shade of brown as her head. I think I would rather have it bright red."

Dr. Mary walked in front of Suckle and her wonderfully manicured hand joined Miss Tamala's hand as they examined Suckle's pubic hair. "Yes, I see that," answered Dr. Mary. "No problem, we can dye it red. She also needs a trim down here too, especially around the pussy lips," Dr. Mary continued as her fingers dropped down to separate the Suckle's vagina lips.

"How are her pussy lips doctor?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Very tight but they are thicker than Piglet's were," Dr. Mary answered as she grabbed first one of Suckle's vagina lips and pulled on it and then did the same to the other vagina lip as she seem to be testing them for flexibility. "I got Piglet's to hang down a good two inches. I think I may have to do a little cutting but with 'weight' training I think we can get them to hang more. I'd say we go for four inches," Dr. Mary continued talking to Miss Tamala.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed as she looked into the eyes of the scared and naked Suckle. "How would Suckle like to have the longest pussy lips in the world?" she said to Suckle.

"I ... I ... Suckle ... Suckle would ...," Suckle just couldn't finish. After listening to this last conversation between Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary describing her 'private' parts and the 'modifications' they were planning for them, her imagination was running wild. Moreover, she just didn't know how to answer that question. She knew how she was supposed to answer but she was afraid of what she might be agreeing to ... as though she had any choice.

"I, I, Suckle, Suckle," Miss Tamala was mocking and taunting Suckle and mimicking her voice. "You're so fucking dumb you can't even answer a simple question. I have to put the words in your mouth for you because you are too stupid to figure it out, don't I slut?" Miss Tamala continued. Watching the uncomprehending expression on Suckle's face was turning Miss Tamala on again. This type of discipline, the insulting, name calling, the use of 'vulgar' language, and the brain washing of her bitch made her get so wet she actually could feel the dampness on her upper thighs. "Look what your ugly face does to me bitch," Miss Tamala continued talking to Suckle as she reached over and took Suckle's hand. She led Suckle's hand to her own pussy which was soaking wet.

As soon as Suckle's fingers touched the wetness of Miss Tamala's pussy she breathed in a deep and audible breath. "Ooohhhhhh, oooohhhhhhh," the sounds of passion automatically came from Suckle's mouth as she sucked in air deeply. As soon as Dr. Mary heard the deep breathing of Suckle, the audible grasps of excitement and the glassy appearance of her eyes, she reached over and started to squeeze Suckle's breasts and pull at her already hardening nipples. She knew Suckle was reaching such a high state of arousal that she would do anything she was ordered to do or perform any sexual act she was told to perform while at this peak. And so did Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala reached over and ran her finger along Suckle's pussy slit letting her long and polished finger nail scrape and dig in the vagina lips. But when Suckle tried to slowly move her hips downward, so slowly that she thought Miss Tamala wouldn't notice, Miss Tamala, knowing what Suckle was attempting to do, would adjust her finger so it wouldn't go inside but would rather just tease the outside of her vagina lips.

Dr. Mary knew Miss Tamala was in need of an orgasm. She herself was again getting 'horny' with all this activity but she had already had the pleasure of the use of Suckle's head, mouth and tongue earlier on the front porch so she decided to let Miss Tamala have the pleasure of using Suckle this time.

"Why don't you get your cock stud darling," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala, "it's over there in the drawer," Dr. Mary continued speaking to Miss Tamala while pointing to another medical cabinet in corner of the room. "Let's decorate this white bitch with her first ornament."

"Oh baby," answered Miss Tamala in a very excited voice, "now you're talking turkey doctor." Miss Tamala went over to the cabinet and came back to Dr. Mary carrying a very small box that fit into the palm of her hand. It was the type of box used for carrying some type of precious jewel. She handed to box to Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary opened the box and showed the contents to Suckle by holding it in front of her face. "See Suckle the whore," she said, "this little tongue stud will made you more useful to your Mistress's. When you learn to use it correctly you will have the potential of becoming an excellent pussy and ass licker. That's what you want, isn't it dummy?" Dr. Mary kept talking to Suckle in a tone of voice that was more subtle and instructional.

Suckle stared at the little polished sterling silver gadget in the box. It was only a quarter of an inch in size and the top part of the gadget was a perfect replica of a penis that protruded upward from the base of the two piece stud. The 'penis' part was a full inch in height from the base to the top which ended in a perfectly molded cock head.

"I ... I ...," Suckle tried to answer Dr. Mary's question but her voice was stammering and failing her. Suckle had never heard of a 'tongue stud' before let alone seen one, but she had a vision in her mind of what it might be used for and this vision brought a new round of fright mixed with excitement to her.

Dr. Mary didn't wait for an answer. Instead she went over to another part of the room and wheeled back what appeared to be a small stainless steel chair. It was two feet in height and had a padded adjustable reclining back. Along the one side of the chair was an electronic console with switches and dials on it. On the seat part of the chair was another perfect carbon copy of a large black penis made of ridged rubber. This carbon copy of a penis was so perfectly molded to the chair that it gave the appearance of being all one unit. The black rubber penis was eight inches in height and had a circumference of at least three inches. Suckle had never seen a penis so large and the black color of the rubber material even made it more foreboding.

Dr. Mary wheeled the chair in front of Suckle so she would have an excellent view of it. She liked to give Suckle an idea of what was about to happen to her. The fearful expression she saw on one of the bitches faces always brought about a special delightful arousal deep in Dr. Mary's vagina. After Dr. Mary was satisfied that Suckle had a good look at this 'special' chair and the larger than life rubber penis, she pushed the chair behind Suckle.

Miss Tamala, who was still teasing Suckle's outer pussy lips to keep her in a state of arousal, was also watching Dr. Mary and her interaction with Suckle. She knew Dr. Mary's special idiosyncrasies and always delighted at the extent to which she could use her imagination. She had seen Dr. Mary use this 'special chair' on Piglet so she was smiling at thought of what was in store for Suckle.

When the chair was lined up behind Suckle's posterior, Dr. Mary again walked in front of the naked Suckle, picked up a pair of surgical rubber gloves from the top of the medical cart and handed them to Suckle.

"All right you ugly fucking whore," Dr. Mary said to Suckle, "you may put my gloves on my hands." Dr. Mary held her arms and hands in the position a surgeon would while preparing for surgery only inches from Suckle's face.

"Yes Madame Doctor Mercy," answered Suckle in a barely audible voice.

Dr. Mary stared at Suckle through her thin framed glasses. She saw the red marks and the outline of her fingers still on Suckle's face cheek from the hard slap she had given her earlier. She saw the moistness from the tears that had swelled up in Suckle's eyes still there. She knew Suckle was very frightened. But there was that strange look of yearning on Suckle's face also from the continuous teasing of Miss Tamala's fingers.

Dr. Mary had a smile of wickedness on her face. "It is so thrilling and so much fun making this bastard her self assist me in my preparations to abuse her," she was thinking to herself as Suckle carefully pulled the gloves over her dark brown hands. Dr. Mary's sadistic temperament was causing that familiar twitching between her legs and a few times she rubbed her thighs together to keep her arousal in check.

After the rubber gloves were in place on Dr. Mary's hands, she again began to direct Suckle. "Hold your arms straight out from your shoulders," she told Suckle.

"Yes Madame Doctor Mercy," Suckle answered as she complied with Dr. Mary's instructions.

Dr. Mary moved behind Suckle and asked Miss Tamala to stand in front of Suckle and hold her hands. Miss Tamala held Suckle's hands tightly looking directly into Suckle's eyes while smiling at her.

"Sit down slowly bitch," Dr. Mary ordered Suckle. As soon as Suckle's knees began to bend to comply, Dr. Mary reached down to spread the cheeks of Suckle's ass while lining up the large black rubber penis with Suckle's vagina. Miss Tamala assisted Dr. Mary by guiding Suckle down holding onto her hands from the extended arms. When Suckle's vagina was two inches from the head of the rubber penis, she heard the loud voice of Dr. Mary yell 'stop!' Suckle held her position, legs bend in an almost sitting position.

Dr. Mary reached for a large jar of a greasy substance that appeared to be petroleum jelly. She unscrewed the top and was about to reach in the jar to retrieve the greasy substance but abruptly stopped. Instead, she walked around to the front of Suckle and whispered something into Miss Tamala's ear. Immediately Miss Tamala started to smile and laugh out loud.

"Oh yes, darling doctor," that is a great idea and would indeed be a wonderful present to me," Miss Tamala told Dr. Mary in a buoyant tone of voice.

"Just something I thought I would like to do for you sweetheart," Dr. Mary answered Miss Tamala while going back behind Suckle.

Suckle was very frightened because she knew from her recent past experiences when Miss Tamala got that large sexy smile on her face and when she laughed the way she was laughing now it usually meant something was about to happen to her.

Dr. Mary rested her rubber gloved hands on Suckle's shoulders. She smiled at Miss Tamala. "For you baby," she said to the smiling Miss Tamala.

"Down bastard," she shouted at Suckle while pushing violently down on Suckle's shoulders.

"Eeeeeeee ... ooohhhhhhhh ... oh, oh, oh ... aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ..." Suckle was screaming louder then she had ever screamed in her life. The large black rubber penis that had been lined up with her vagina suddenly disappeared inside her pussy. She felt like she was completely impaled and her vagina felt like it was about to split into two if it already had not. Even her stomach seemed to bulge outward from the largeness and thickness of the rubber penis.

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala were laughing at Suckle out loud, their laughter mixed with Suckle screams.

"The bitch got it all in her cunt dry," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "That's my present for you baby," she again said to Miss Tamala. Dr. Mary was referring to the fact that she had decided to make Suckle take the complete rubber penis inside her pussy all at once and without the benefit of any type of lubricant.

"Wonderful, beautiful ... thank you, thank you darling," Miss Tamala told Dr. Mary. "I love it ... it was wonderful."

"Ohhh ... ah, ah, ah," came the very rapid and short screams from Suckle's lips as she tried desperately to catch her breath. She made a slight attempt to rise up from the chair seat but Dr. Mary held her down by her shoulders.

"Don't you fucking dare try to get up, you dumb fucking slut," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle.

"Ye ... yes ... yes Madame Doctor Mercy," answered Suckle between the little sounds of anguish that she emitted from her sobbing voice. She was trying to get used to the 'stuffed' feeling between her legs. Dr. Mary took her hands off of Suckle's shoulders and stepped to the side of the 'special' chair with all the dials and switches. She turned one of the dials and Suckle felt the rubber penis that was rammed deep in her pussy begin to get warm. Dr. Mary had turned the heating elements in the rubber penis on and was monitoring the temperature.

When Dr. Mary felt it was warm enough, she shut the heat off and flipped another switch to the 'on' position.

Suckle, along with the now warmed up rubber penis, began to feel it move in her pussy. The warmth and new vibrating movement made Suckle's natural lubricants start to flow easing the pain that Suckle had felt when the penis was first rammed into her. Although tears were still flowing freely down her face cheeks she was trying in her own mind, to gain some kind of control over the multitude of emotions running through her body. First came the terrible and sudden pain and now this 'overstuffed' feeling of movement deep in her pussy. Even Suckle's ass felt like it was spread as wide as it could possible go.

Miss Tamala sensed that Suckle was confused from the mixture of pain and the new beginnings of excitement in her pussy. She let go of Suckle's hands and started to squeeze Suckle's breasts and then rub the palms of her hands around Suckle's nipples.

"Little dirty whore Suckle got big toy prick in her pussy," Miss Tamala began to speak to Suckle in a soft motherly tone of voice as though she was a mother trying to soothe her baby.

"Ye ... yes, Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle in a low sobbing voice.

"Little dirty whore Suckle likes big toy prick in her pussy, doesn't she?" Miss Tamala kept talking to Suckle in the same fashion while picking up the pace of the squeezing of her breasts and rubbing of her nipples.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Miss Tamala in a little girl tone of voice that seemed to come naturally to Suckle as she responded to the motherly tone of Miss Tamala's voice.

Dr. Mary also was watching the arousal of Suckle. She knew Miss Tamala was making Suckle's sexual senses awaken all over again with her manipulations of Suckle's breasts and the 'motherly' way she was speaking to her. Dr. Mary turned another dial. This started a new movement of the large rubber penis in Suckle's pussy. It was now not only warm and moving in a slow vibrating movement but was moving very slowly up and down. This new 'up and down' motion made Suckle feel as though the very large black penis that filled her completely and stretched her vagina lips to their capacity was beginning to fuck her as though it had a mind of its own.

Miss Tamala heard the little moan of pleasure come involuntarily from Suckle's mouth as she felt this new movement of the rubber penis.

"Tell Mistress Tamala what little dirty whore Suckle likes," she prodded Suckle in the same soothing motherly voice. Miss Tamala sounded just like a mother trying to get her baby girl to admit to something 'bad' she had done.

As soon as Miss Tamala ended this last direction to Suckle, Dr. Mary turned the speed of the rubber penis up so it was now vibrating faster and moving up and down faster. She watched as Suckle's face changed its expression from fear and bewilderment to a lustful smile. Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala knew they were getting Suckle to the state of arousal that they wanted her.

"Little ... little dirty ugly whore Suckle likes big fat toy prick in her pussy," Suckle said to Miss Tamala again mimicking a little girl answering her mother.

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary exchanged big smiles. They could tell the way Suckle added the self-degrading words 'ugly' and 'fat' on her own in her answer to Miss Tamala that she was highly aroused and sexually pliable to what they were going to do to her next.

Dr. Mary picked up a latex skull cap from the medical cart, walked behind the sexually aroused Suckle and gathered up all her long brown hair and tucked into the skull cap as she covered Suckle's head with it. When she had finished, all that was visible of Suckle's head was the latex skull cap and her face. Suckle was sexually in another world by now and she didn't even slightly resist Dr. Mary.

"Think the bitch is ready darling doctor," Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Oh yeah," answered Dr. Mary as she was busy moving the medical instruments she wanted front and center on the medical cart. "Just keep the little fucker hot," she told Miss Tamala.

"My pleasure doctor," answered Miss Tamala as she stepped to the side of Suckle's 'special' chair in order to let Dr. Mary get in front of Suckle. Miss Tamala kept manipulating Suckle's breasts as she began to give the sexually charged Suckle directions again.

"Now little dirty whore Suckle," Miss Tamala began, "bend your head backward and open up your pig mouth and stick out your tongue for the good Doctor Mercy."

Suckle didn't even answer. She just did exactly as she was told to do by Miss Tamala. Suckle's compliance was immediate as her submissive personality was spurred on by the degrading words of Miss Tamala. She opened her mouth wide ... so wide that it seemed as though she was really trying to demonstrate to her Mistress what a good obedient bitch she was by doing even more than she was told to do.

Dr. Mary moved rapidly as she grabbed Suckle's tongue with a 'gripper' instrument that looked like a pliers. She pulled Suckle's tongue out as far as she could and with the other hand, immediately applied a long clamp that captured and squeezed Suckle's tongue, top and bottom, at the very base. The clamp fit across Suckle's entire face so it would not move and Suckle's tongue would stay in this stretched out position as long as the clamp was in place.

Strangely enough Suckle again didn't resist. This surprised Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary somewhat because they expected some resistance from Suckle when she was put in this most uncomfortable position.

"The fucking bitch must be somewhere in outer space with ecstasy from the movements of the dildo in her cunt," Dr. Mary said laughingly to Miss Tamala. "See how hard her nipples are?" she continued talking to Miss Tamala in her doctor tone of voice.

"Yeah, this white bitch is hot one all right," answered Miss Tamala.

Dr. Mary reached over to the medical cart and picked up another instrument that resembled a 'leather punch' pair of pliers. It was very pointed at the tip and tapered upward wider and wider. Dr. Mary set the instrument an inch inward on Suckle's tongue. Suckle's tongue was now in between the top and bottom of the instrument. Then Dr. Mary squeezed until the pointed tip sunk into the soft tissue of Suckle's tongue and went all the way through to the other end.

Suckle screamed as loud and as much as she could with her mouth in this position. Dr. Mary held the instrument closed as Suckle wiggled and moaned.

"Yeah little whore, go ahead and scream for me," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. It was very obvious that Dr. Mary was enjoying this procedure. "Set the penis dials 'off' and hand me the stud," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala let go of Suckle's breasts, turned the dial on the electronic console controlling the movement of the rubber penis inside of Suckle's pussy to off, retrieved the tongue stud from the medical cart and handed it to Dr. Mary. Dr. Mary unscrewed the top of the penis stud from the bottom retainer part. She removed the medical punch instrument from Suckle's tongue and examined the hole it had left in the tongue tissue. When she was satisfied with her handiwork, she put the penis top part of the stud through the hole in Suckle's tongue and screwed it into the bottom retainer part of the stud.

"Calm down, calm down," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "You should be proud to be decorated with a gift that I bought for your Mistress Tamala."

Miss Tamala bent over to get a better view of the stud in Suckle's tongue. "Oh shit, that is beautiful ... it's even longer than I thought it was when it was in the jewel box," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary gave Suckle a few minutes to regain her composure somewhat and then removed the clamp. Miss Tamala removed the latex skull cap from Suckle's head and Suckle's rich brown hair fell down to her shoulders.

Suckle tried to pull her tongue back into her mouth but the inch long protruding penis top was very hard to get over her top lip. When she did finally get her tongue back into her mouth she found she couldn't close her mouth because the penis top of the stud struck the roof of her mouth.

Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala were watching Suckle's reaction to her first ornament. They were amused watching her try to maneuver her tongue.

"Let your tongue hang out of your mouth stupid," Dr. Mary told Suckle. "Let the 'cock' tip rest against your upper lip," she laughed at Suckle.

"Yesh ... yesh ...," Suckle tried to answer but was finding it very difficult to talk clearly with this new attachment on her tongue. But she did as she was told even though it felt very awkward having this 'metal penis' against her upper lip.

Dr. Mary got up and went to the dial side of the 'special' chair again. She started to turn dials and flip on switches. Immediately Suckle felt the movement in her loins again. Dr. Mary had made the penis stuffed in Suckle's pussy hotter this time and the movements were vibrating, twisting and in and out motions now. Suckle's nipples sprung to hardness again and her sexual emotions which had never left her completely during the stud installment on her tongue were again being turned on.

Miss Tamala got a comb from somewhere and started combing Suckle's hair down to her shoulders. She took a tube of lipstick and applied the 'hot pink' color to Suckle's lips working around the studded tongue hanging out from her mouth.

"My, my," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, "doesn't our little dirty whore look much better now." As Miss Tamala was talking and applying lipstick to Suckle's lips, Dr. Mary had attached two clamps to Suckle's nipples. The clamps had wires attached to them and the wires ran back to the electronic side of the chair. She then turned another dial on the console of the chair that sent a low but steady stream of surges of electrical current to Suckle's nipples. The surges of electrical current made Suckle's nipples feel as though they were being turned 'on and off' in perfect cadence to the 'in and out' motion of the rubber penis in her vagina.

"Aaaahhhhh ... oooohhhhh," the moans started coming from Suckle's mouth again. These weren't moans of pain but rather from the expression on Suckle's face it was very easy to tell they were moans of pleasure, of excitement, of feelings running throughout her body that she had never imagined could be possible.

"Does our dirty little whore want to see how we decorated her?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yesh ... yesh ... Mis ... Mistess," Suckle did her best to answer Miss Tamala with the new tongue stud.

Suckle was breathing heavy from the electric current prickling at her nipples and the movements of the rubber penis in her overstuffed pussy. Miss Tamala returned with a mirror and held it in front of Suckle's face.

Suckle stared in the mirror with sexually glazed over eyes. Too much was going on throughout her body for her to care what happened to her any more. She felt dirty and bad ... but she was beginning to enjoy that feeling. Her mind was spinning with obscene thoughts as she looked at the penis like stud on her tongue. She felt her 'special' chair being lowered in the back. Somewhere she faintly heard Dr. Mary's voice telling her to lie back in the chair and of course, she obeyed.

Dr. Mary moved in front of Suckle, took the mirror from Miss Tamala and held it in front of Suckle's face so Suckle would have an unobstructed view of her reflection in the mirror.

"Oh look," Dr. Mary began speaking to Suckle now, taking over for Miss Tamala and using the same motherly tone of soothing voice. "Our little ugly dumb whore has a 'cock' tongue now."

Suckle moved her face closer to the mirror to get a better look at herself. She moved her tongue up and down and heard Dr. Mary laugh at her effort to inspect the tongue stud.

"Yes, that's right, move your tongue up and down," Dr. Mary was talking to Suckle. "We know you are too stupid to know how to use your cock tongue yet, but don't worry, Miss Tamala will teach you how to use it."

She looked up from her almost prone position in the chair and saw Miss Tamala removing her gown. Her nostrils were picking up that scent again, the scent she was rapidly becoming familiar with. The early training she was given in the art of picking up the different scents of her Mistress was beginning to come to fruition. Her mind was trying to tell her something about this scent. "It's not the scent of my Mistress's shoes," she was thinking. "It's not the scent of her underclothes," again she was thinking further. "Yes, yes ... that's it ... that's it ... pussy, pussy ... I smell my Mistress's pussy ... I want to suck ... I want to taste my Mistress's pussy ... I'm an ugly whore who needs my Mistress's pussy ... please ... please ..." Suckle's thought processes were successfully being reprogrammed and were being renewed. She was indeed becoming what Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had visions of her becoming ... 'a blabbering idiot toy' that would not any longer be capable of thinking for her self but would follow her 'new" animal instincts to obey and bring pleasure to her Mistresses. Suckle in her 'new' position would be someone who they could have fun with and fulfill all of their most decadent desires.

"Does my stupid ugly whore want to try out her new tongue," Miss Tamala was saying to Suckle as she lowered herself very slowly over Suckle pretty head ... the head with the long brown hair she had just combed out, the pretty face with the lips she had just applied lipstick to ... the tongue with the inch long penis shaped stud sticking out from her mouth. Miss Tamala was fussy that way. She always like her bitches to look 'pretty' when they sucked her pussy.

"Yesh ... yesh ... please ... please Mistesss," Suckle was begging now. "Shuckle ... Shuckle ... wans to tuck ...Shuckle wans to tuck Mistess puusie," Suckle continued to beg, her speech impeded by her tongue stud.

Suckle felt the hot skin of Miss Tamala's ass touch her forehead. She could feel the heavy weight pushing her head down into the back of the reclined chair. She could smell the pungent ass odor of Miss Tamala as the dark cheeks of Miss Tamala's ass spread down and hung over the forehead. She could feel massive black ringlets of wet pubic hair of Miss Tamala spread across her eyes and hang down on both sides of her nose. Miss Tamala, who had been balancing her self with her feet on the floor while she lowered her body down on Suckle's head, now picked her feet up off the floor. This caused her full weight to rest on Suckle's head.

Suckle's head almost completely disappeared underneath Miss Tamala's ass. She felt like she was a seat ... a chair. She couldn't breathe and she began to jerk her body and trying to move her 'captured' head. Just as Suckle thought she would surely be smothered she felt the weight of Miss Tamala's ass ease up just a little ... just enough to barely give her nose and mouth room to gasp for air. Suckle inhaled in deep gasps and her nostrils were filled with the scent of Miss Tamala's pussy. She could feel the sticky juices from Miss Tamala's vagina fill her eyes, cover her nose and the taste of the wetness in her mouth.

"Run your cock tongue along my pussy lips," she heard Miss Tamala say somewhere above her.

Suckle followed directions. As her tongue ran along Miss Tamala vagina slit even more of the juices Suckle now craved so much poured into her eager mouth.

"Yes ... good ... good, that's it ... stick your cock tongue in deep now ... yes ... yes, good ... good," Miss Tamala was yelling at Suckle in a voice filled with passion and excitement. All the pent up desires of this day's activities had taken their toll on Miss Tamala and she was finally letting loose. She started to rub her ass and pussy back and forth on Suckle's head as though she was in a saddle riding a horse. "Yes ... that's it you motherfucking stupid bitch ... taste your Mistress ... find my clit ... bring your Mistress pleasure ... enjoy your Mistress's nectar ... oh, shit ... oooohhhh shit ... I'm cumming ... yes, I'm cumming ..."

Dr. Mary had timed the orgasm of Miss Tamala to perfectly coincide with what she had planned for Suckle. As she heard the excited voice of Miss Tamala reaching her climax she turned up the dials on the electronic console to increase the 'in and out' motion of the rubber penis stuffed in Suckle's pussy. As Miss Tamala reached her peak so did Suckle have an intensive orgasm. This was a very important sequence in Suckle's training. Now Suckle would always equate her ability to reach this intense orgasm and to feel this deep and satisfying feeling flow through the very core of her being with her ability to bring pleasure to her Mistress. In Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala's world, nothing happen by accident!

(To be continued ... as time permits)

Chapter X----Suckle Gets a Shower

There was an eerie calm in Dr. Mary's laboratory and medical room after the passionate orgasms of both Miss Tamala and Suckle. Dr. Mary had given Suckle a very mild sedative by injection to calm her down a bit. Dr. Mary had deemed this necessary because even after Miss Tamala had 'dismounted' from Suckle's head, Suckle was still moving her tongue up and down and stretching her tongue out from her mouth as far as she could as though she still wanted to suck more of the pussy that had just been removed from her head, nose and mouth. Suckle had closed her eyes immediately after receiving the injection and fell asleep. Dr. Mary also removed the 'cock' tongue stud from Suckle's tongue and the large black rubber penis from her vagina after administering the sedative. But before removing the tongue stud she had taken many pictures of Suckle using an electronic camera. She had printed them out on her photograph printer and was now relaxing with Miss Tamala in two chairs that were just a few feet from the lightly sleeping Suckle sipping on their ice tea and looking at the photographs.

"Look at this one," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala as she handed her a picture. The picture was of Suckle's head and face just as Miss Tamala was removing her ass and pussy from Suckle's head. The picture showed a close up of Suckle's face with the thick and massive black pubic hair of Miss Tamala's pussy just a foot above it. There was still a stream of Miss Tamala's vagina juices dipping down toward Suckle's face from her pussy lips which were also visible in the picture. Suckle's face was completely covered with Miss Tamala's vagina lubricants. It almost appeared as though someone had deliberately covered Suckle face with a whitish translucent paste. The juices formed little tiny pools in Suckle's eye sockets and one could very plainly see the translucent substance almost filling both of her nostrils. Most of the secretions were gathered around Suckle's mouth and were dipping from her chin. Mixed in with all of these lubricants were dozens of the black curly ringlets from Miss Tamala's pubic hair.

"Damn, I really gave the bitch's head a good fucking, didn't I," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary.

"Ha, ha, ha, yes, you sure did darling girl," Dr. Mary replied. "For a while there I thought you were going to drown the bitch with your juices you were flowing so much."

Sometimes when Dr. Mary was fucking Miss Tamala with one of her favorite dildos, she would call Tamala 'Miss Juicy' because of Miss Tamala's unique ability to emit such enormous amounts of natural lubricants. This fact became a little 'private' playful banter between them when they were making love.

"Shit, look at the white fucker's face in this picture," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary as she exchanged pictures and handed the one she was referring to Dr. Mary.

This new picture was another close up of Suckle's face taken just a few minutes after Miss Tamala had gotten off of Suckle's head. The same abundant pussy juices were there but in this picture Suckle had her mouth closed as far as she could close it. The tip of her tongue was extended out from between the closed lips and the inch long silver polished penis part of the tongue stud rested obscenely against Suckle's upper juice covered lip. Her nose looked like it was still flattened down from Miss Tamala's weight and her face cheeks were a bright red color probably from the rubbing of Miss Tamala's thick thighs as she was reaching her climax. This picture was taken a few minutes before Dr. Mary injected Suckle with the sedative. Obviously, Suckle was still on a sexually induced extreme adrenaline high because she had a very depraved smile on her face.

"You know girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala, "I think this little whore is going to be much easier to train than Piglet was. "Maybe that's because Piglet was married at the time her training began and she was used to having a dick in her on a steady basis. I don't think Suckle has had that much experience with men. Did you see the way she bucked her ass when I made her cum at the same time you were having your orgasm?" Dr. Mary continued in her analytical tone of voice.

"Yeah, I noticed how high she was bucking," Miss Tamala answered. "How the hell fast did you have that rubber dildo pumping in her."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed again. "Probably a little too fast. Guess I got a little carried away with the way you were fucking her face. I think that eight inch dildo might have been a little too much length to start her with. When the bitch was in that reclined position, I noticed every time the rubber cock was on its 'in' cycle and reached maximum depth her pussy lips were completely stretched out at the base of the dildo and I could clearly see the outline of the cock head bulge out in her tummy. But it was a lot of fun, wasn't it?" Dr. Mary continued.

"Oh hell yes, darling doctor," Miss Tamala replied. Suckle has one of the prettiest faces I ever rode. It didn't take her long to learn how to use that tongue stud either. She hit my clit at least a hundred times with it. I had one of the best orgasms I've had in a long time," Miss Tamala continued.

"Well are you still thinking about domesticating her?" Dr. Mary asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Miss Tamala answered. "I would like to train her as a house pet. I really don't need her at work. Piglet can do the work I need done at the office and if I need help I can always make Suckle work at home. But we have to figure out a way to get her damn fiancé out of the picture. He has a record you know, and we may be able to use that to our advantage," Miss Tamala continued.

"I know he has some kind of a rap sheet from what you told me," Dr. Mary replied. "But what do you have in mind?"

"Well he was never indicted, but he was arrested for impersonating a woman. The police picked him up in a gay bar. My contacts in the investigating department found that out. Hmmmm ... I was thinking, we do need a male around the house to take care of the grounds, know what I mean?" Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary.

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed. "My beautiful partner is very ambitious. But be careful. Make sure you do a thorough background check on him. We don't want to stir up any suspicions around here," she continued.

"Oh I know ... I have the best investigation people in the country that owe me plenty of favors. I'll be sure before I suggest we move in that direction," Miss Tamala answered.

"Good. Now getting back to this white whore, if you really want to make her a house pet I would suggest we make some modifications and model her after European slaves," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "Here, look at these pictures I got from Mistress Katrina when I was in Amsterdam last year."

Dr. Mary went over to her desk drawer and brought pictures back and handed them to Miss Tamala.

"See, these are a couple of Mistress Katrina's female slaves. See how big their tits are? Look at how small their waists are and how fat their asses are. These are all modifications that Miss Katrina had made to them," Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala.

"Wow ... that's amazing. Can you do that to Suckle?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Honey girl, I can do anything you want done. Remember, Suckle is my gift to you because I love you so much. I can make her tits as big as you want them and her ass as fat as you want it," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "What I can't do I have friends that can do."

"Oh shit, I'd like to make Suckle's ass fat ... even fatter than those in the picture. Shit, I am getting so hot just thinking about it I am starting to get wet again. Shit, let's make her tits hang down to her belly button ... ha, ha ... let's ...," Miss Tamala was saying to Dr. Mary in a voice that was building more and more with excitement.

"Shhhh ... ssshhhhh ... calm down girl. You are going to catch on fire," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala while watching a new sexual arousal beginning to take place in her partner and lover. Dr. Mary reached over and kissed Miss Tamala on the lips. "I love to see you hot like this honey girl, but we have to take one step at a time."

"I know, I know," Miss Tamala answered. "Just looking at the fucking white bastard laying there naked and thinking about making changes in her stupid body makes me want to go over there and fuck her head again," Miss Tamala continued as she looked at the sleeping and naked Suckle still reclined on the 'special' chair a few feet from her.

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed at Miss Tamala's hot natured comments. "My, my, you're sure 'randy' today my sweet beautiful black baby," Dr. Mary continued while again kissing Miss Tamala on the cheek. "Listen, we have to start using some more psychology on the bitch when she wakes up. When we get through with her she will have nothing but the desire for sucking pussy in that stupid honky brain of hers. I promise you a lot more fun with your 'present' before the evening is over. OK?" Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala trying to slow down her building sexual arousal.

Dr. Mary knew Miss Tamala well enough to know she had a very strong sexual drive. That's what she so loved in Miss Tamala. She had a libido that could be 'turned on' very easily. She also knew that when Miss Tamala got in this state of mind, she sometimes would stop at nothing in order to satisfy herself. "I'm the same way," Dr. Mary thought to herself, "that's what probably makes us so attracted to each other. But with my training and experience in psychiatry, I can usually get some control in this situation," Dr. Mary continued thinking.

Miss Tamala reached over to the intercom and flipped the switch to 'on.' "Piglet, get your ass down here now," Miss Tamala yelled in the intercom in a sexually frustrated sounding voice.

"Yes Mistress," returned Piglet's voice over the intercom.

For a minute after Piglet arrived in the laboratory, Dr. Mary thought Miss Tamala might take her rising sexual frustration out on Piglet. At first she was going to try to soothe Miss Tamala some more but them she thought ... "the hell with it; let her do whatever she wants with the bitch."

When Suckle entered the laboratory, she immediately glanced at the reclining, naked, and sleeping Suckle. She saw the mess on Suckle's face and knew from past experience what had happened to Suckle. Piglet felt a twitch of desire in her own loins. She had been ridden in this fashion many times by Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary and she always looked forward to having her head and face used in this way. But she knew better than to give any indication of her slight arousal to Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala was always the one to decide such things. So after glancing at Suckle, she immediately cast her glance downward in order to be sure to not offend her Mistress.

"Get the urinal, I have to piss," Miss Tamala said to Piglet.

"Yes Mistress," answered Piglet as she went over to the table to get the urinal.

Piglet had been well trained in this procedure. She knew what to do when she was summoned by one of her Mistress's for this purpose. She returned in front of Miss Tamala with the urinal in her hand and knelt down in front of her. Miss Tamala picked up her gown to a height above her waist. Miss Tamala's beautiful pubic hair and pussy were totally exposed and Piglet could see the wet remnants of the juices Miss Tamala had just recently spread all over Suckle's face still soaking those black curly ringlets surrounding her pussy. The odor of recent sexual release was also very conspicuous.

Now Piglet's training took over and she followed her now natural instincts that did'nt any longer require any thought on her part. Piglet reached her head up and placed a soft kiss on Miss Tamala's belly button. Then she placed another two soft kisses precisely an inch apart a little lower down on Miss Tamala's belly just above where her pubic hair started its descent. Next Piglet put her head as far under Miss Tamala's pussy as it would go. She kept her face upward, stuck her tongue out and searched for the very back of Miss Tamala's vagina lips in an area where the crack of her ass stopped and her pussy began. When Piglet found the right 'spot' she put her tongue just inside of the vagina lips and licked, back to front, until she reached the very top of the pussy slit. Piglet did this three times. This was the procedure she was always to use when was summoned to assist one of her Mistress's in their need to urinate.

Dr. Mary watched Piglet's performance with pride. She knew from her training in psychiatry that through the use of fear mixed with sexual desire, repetition enforced with very strict discipline, and finally rewards for fulfilling a task in the precise manner as instructed made an excellent and obedient slave. So as she watched the preciseness with which Piglet assisted Miss Tamala with her need to urinate just as she had been trained to do, she felt an overwhelming excitement go through her body.

After Piglet finished preparing Miss Tamala's pussy for urination with her tongue and lips, she placed the plastic urinal under her, keeping her face very close to the opening of the plastic urinal. Also immediately the yellow liquid began to spray out in a hard steady stream. Miss Tamala looked down at the kneeling Piglet and saw her breathe in deep through her nostrils as the scent of urine rose up from the urinal catching the yellow stream. Miss Tamala hadn't released her urine for quite a while so it came out in a thick and hard stream splashing up from the urinal with the wet yellow drops hitting and dotting Piglet's face. This was the purpose for Piglet to keep her face close to the opening of the urinal. Miss Tamala felt any splashing or overflow caused by her urination would be better on Piglet's face than on her clean floor.

After the stream of urine stopped coming out from Miss Tamala's vagina, Piglet carefully put the plastic container down. She again put her head under Miss Tamala's pussy in the same manner as she previously did doing the pre-urination preparations and cleaned Miss Tamala's pussy of any remaining drops that might be still on the pubic hair or vagina lips and being very careful to make sure she also dipped her tongue further inside to clean up any urine there. Then she sat back on her legs to await further instructions from her lovely Mistress.

"Good girl, good little pig," Miss Tamala said to Piglet giving her the 'back and forth puppy pet' on her head again. "Piglet is such a good piss girl," Miss Tamala continued talking down to the sitting Piglet. "Do you think you can teach Suckle to be as good a piss girl as you are?"

"Thank you Mistress Tamala," Piglet responded looking up into the beautiful face and eyes of the dark skinned Mistress she loved so much. Piglet had a very big smile on her face from the compliments and petting she had just received. She even ran her tongue around her lips in a very lewd gesture in her own voluntary effort to demonstrate to Miss Tamala what a good pig she could be. "Oh yes, Mistress Tamala, I think I can show sister Suckle how to be a good piss girl," Piglet continued.

"Good. Now get back upstairs and finish the tasks I have assigned to you," she said to Piglet.

"Yes Mistress," Piglet answered with another little smile on her face. She got two 'good's' in a row and she was really proud of pleasing her Mistress.

Miss Tamala saw Dr. Mary over by Suckle. Suckle was just beginning to wake up from the mild sedative she had been given and Dr. Mary had pulled her chair over closer to Suckle to observe her.

Suckle was moving her head side to side very slowly as she was trying to wake up. She tried to open her eyes but some of Miss Tamala vagina juices were still in her corners of her eyes. When she finally got her eyes part way opened everything was blurry as through she had been swimming under water and had just opened her eyes. Dr. Mary reached into the corners of Suckle's eyes with her pretty manicured red fingernail and gathered up what vagina juices were there in an effort to help Suckle see better. Dr. Mary had gotten a good amount of Miss Tamala's vaginal secretions on her finger from both of Suckle's eyes so she just smeared it under Suckle's nose and just above her top lip of her mouth.

Miss Tamala had come over to stand by the reclining Suckle and watch what was going on. Dr. Mary looked up at Miss Tamala from her sitting position in the chair. "I figured I would let her smell you're pussy odor for the time being," she said to Miss Tamala. "I can't think of a better way for this little bastard to wake up than with the odor of your pussy in her brain." Unless you have other ideas," Dr. Mary continued.

"How is she doing?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Oh fine," Dr. Mary answered. "She is a very healthy young girl and will be fine. She will probably have a sore pussy for a while because I rammed her pretty good. She also has a very high sex drive. Look, her nipples are still hard," Dr. Mary continued.

"Yes, I see," Miss Tamala answered. "I knew she was a hot one the first time I got her head between my legs. I knew she never sucked pussy before but once I gave her some instructions she dug right in," Miss Tamala continued.

"OK, she is waking up now," Dr. Mary said. "I want to keep her hot and sexually at her peak. Her emotions and thoughts are still filled with her last orgasm so it is a good time to use some more psychology on her. Just follow my lead dear," Dr. Mary continued speaking to Miss Tamala.

"Right doctor dear," Miss Tamala answered. "But you know I am getting hot again so I may have to take her again."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed. "You're such a bad girl," she said to Miss Tamala in a teasing tone of voice.

"Suckle ... Suckle, time to wake up ... come on, open your eyes," Dr. Mary was saying in a gentle tone of voice to Suckle while lightly tapping her face.

Suckle tried to open her eyes. First she moved her tongue around trying to remember why she couldn't get her tongue back in her mouth earlier. She was still somewhat groggy and her tongue was still a little sore. She felt like there was still something attached to her tongue but yet she could now get her tongue back in her mouth. Suckle was asleep when Dr. Mary removed the tongue stud so since Suckle could now maneuver her tongue she felt as though she might have been dreaming and had imagined what had just taken place.

She turned her head and looked over at Dr. Mary who was looking back at her through her thin rimmed glasses. Suckle, still somewhat dazed, thought for a moment she might be in a hospital somewhere just coming out from being under some type of analgesia. She turned her head to look up at Miss Tamala standing in front of her.

Dr. Mary pressed a button and lifted the reclining part of the chair up so Suckle was now just half way reclined. She stopped tapping Suckle's face and moved her hands over to Suckle's breasts and started to softly massage the firm globes alternating between the soft squeezes and the light pinching of her nipples. It only took a few minutes for Suckle's body and mind to respond to these expert manipulations of Dr. Mary.

"Look Suckle, look at Mistress Tamala," Dr. Mary started to speak to Suckle in a very soft tone of voice keeping up the massaging of her breasts. "Isn't your Mistress beautiful?"

Suckle's head was clearing. "Ye ... yes ... beautiful ...," Suckle was still struggling to remember. "Yes, Madame Doctor Mercy, yes ... beautiful ... Mistress ... beautiful," Suckle spoke, her voice clearing up, memories of her training coming back.

"That's right Suckle," Dr. Mary spoke again to Suckle. "Tell your Mistress Tamala how beautiful she is. You do want to do that, don't you," Dr. Mary continued in that soft persuasive tone of voice.

"Yes ... oh, yes ... Mistress Tamala, you are beautiful ... so beautiful ... yes," the rapidly increasing enthusiastic and excited voice of Suckle replied while responding to the kneading of her breasts and nipples.

Dr. Mary took one hand away from Suckle's breast and began to pet her. "Good Suckle, good Suckle," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

A big smile came on Suckle's face as soon as she felt the petting on her head and the words 'good, good.' It was like a trigger that went off in her mind telling her she was doing something that pleased one of her superiors so she was being rewarded. "It still amazes me," Dr. Mary was thinking to herself as she observed the responses of Suckle, "just how easy it is to reprogram someone with a submissive personality by exploiting their sexual emotions and to this point in time, their yet latent sexual desires."

"Why don't you pull your chair over here by Suckle," Dr. Mary said to the still standing Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala pulled her chair over close to the half reclining and naked Suckle to join Dr. Mary who was in the same position on the other side of Suckle. When they were both in position, Dr. Mary again began applying her expert psychological suggestions to Suckle.

Dr. Mary stopped her caressing of Suckle's breasts. In one hand she picked up the mirror from the side of the chair and with the other hand she grabbed a cluster of Suckle's hair and pulled her head up abruptly so she faced her reflection in the mirror.

"Now stupid Suckle," Dr. Mary spoke to Suckle in a completely changed tone of voice. The soft persuasive voice was gone. In its place was a very dominant and harsh voice. "Tell Mistress Tamala what that ugly thing with the pussy juice smeared face is in the mirror." At this point Dr. Mary wanted to analyze Suckle's memory to see if she retained this part of her training.

"I ... it's ... I ...," Suckle was struggling again. The rapid change in Dr. Mary's behavior and voice and the hard pulling upward of her hair caught Suckle by surprised as she tried to recall what she had been taught.

Dr. Mary didn't give her a second chance. She pulled Suckle's hair very hard so her head was almost was straight up and shook her head violently. "Think you dumb bastard, think ... whose face is in the mirror," Dr. Mary yelled even louder.

"Suck ... Suckle the whore ... Suckle the ugly whore ... Suckle," Suckle answered quickly in response to the painfully pulling and shaking of her head trying her best to satisfy Dr. Mary with her answers.

"Who is Suckle the whore," Dr. Mary questions came faster.

"I am Suckle the whore," replied Suckle just as fast.

"Why are you a whore Suckle?" Dr. Mary kept up the rapid pace of her questions.

"Suckle is a whore because ... because ... because Suckle likes to suck pussy," Suckle did her best to think as fast as she could and keep up the pace set by Dr. Mary's questions. She remembered ... "Miss Tamala told me that so that must be correct," she thought to herself

Dr. Mary, ever the perfectionist in psychological training, eased off on the pulling of Suckle's hair and shaking of her head. She leaned over closer to Suckle's ear and began speaking softly again and in a very concerned tone of voice.

"Yes, that's right," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. You are a nasty little whore. You are a bad, bad girl because you love to suck pussy and lick asses. But that's all right Suckle. You can't help yourself if you're a whore. Mistress Tamala knows that you are a bad girl and is willing to give you what you need. Isn't that wonderful of your Mistress?" Dr. Mary continued inserting new thoughts into Suckle's mind.

"Yes ... yes, my ... my Mistress is wonderful," Suckle answered. Suckle felt a rush of excitement flash through her loins as she acknowledged and paid compliments to her Mistress. Just saying the word 'Mistress' seemed to excite her any more.

Miss Tamala watched as Dr. Mary conducted her almost magical implanting of thoughts into Suckle's mind. Miss Tamala smiled at Dr. Mary. "I guess I better get the whore cleaned up," she said to Dr. Mary.

"Good idea," Dr. Mary replied. "And I will clean up a little around here. Maybe we can give the bitch the rest of her physical examination later on," Dr. Mary continued.

"Sounds good to me," Miss Tamala said as she got up from the chair, reached for Suckle's collar and chain and put the metal choker collar back around Suckle's neck.

Suckle felt the cold metal lock around her neck again. Then she felt the quick pull on the chain.

"Aaahhhh," Suckle moaned at the first pull as the choker chain performed as designed and dug into the soft skin of Suckle's neck. Miss Tamala kept a steady pull on the chain in order to make Suckle get out of the chair. Once Suckle was on her feet she wobbled a little. She felt a little weak from all the expended energy that had left her body during her orgasm. She felt a little soreness in her vagina but her natural lubricants had made the soreness subside somewhat so it was more uncomforting then painful. Once Miss Tamala pulled on the chain again Suckle didn't hesitate. Even though her legs felt a little weak, she nevertheless followed her Mistress.

Miss Tamala walked over to the other end of the laboratory. As she was leading Suckle there, she stopped momentarily and opened a drawer in another cabinet. She took out what appeared to Suckle to be a two foot long stick made of genuine African ivory. It was an inch thick at the base but tapered very slowly to the tip which seemed to be very thin. Miss Tamala shook the stick up and down a few times as though testing its flexibility and it made a little 'whooshing' sound as it cut through the air.

Miss Tamala took a moment while flexing this ivory implement and stared at Suckle as though she was more or less inspecting her. She looked at this young woman who just a few days ago was a complete stranger to her. She looked at Suckle's very firm young breasts that jutted out so proudly from her chest, the red nipples that now seem to be in a perpetual state of hardness, the flatness of her young stomach and the thick mat of light brown pubic hair, the well shaped legs and flawless white skin that seemed to flow from Suckle's face to the bottom of her feet.

"She is really a beauty," Miss Tamala thought to herself. "But I must never let her know I see her that way. In order for her to become completely subservient to me she must be trained and convinced to think she is an 'ugly whore' who is unworthy to be in my presence. I must become the most important person in her life. Then, and only then will she truly belong to me."

Miss Tamala snapped out of her trance like observation of Suckle. She pulled on the choker chain again and continued leading Suckle to the other side of the laboratory. She only stopped when she came to a very small shower stall. The shower stall was made to accommodate only one person. It too, was made of the same stainless steel as the walls and most everything else in this room. However, it did have a clear glass door. The faucets, along with other dials, were located on the outside of the shower stall as were the soap dishes and an assortment of brushes.

Inside the 'shower stall' the shower head was very large. It started in the center of the top of the stall and almost took up the complete ceiling area. Along the sides of the stall, placed three feet apart, were high pressure nozzles. The whole 'shower stall' appeared to be a place where you would put something that you would want thoroughly cleaned through the use of water inserted at a very high pressure.

After Miss Tamala opened the glass door to the shower stall, she pulled on Suckle's choker chain leading her over to the door.

"Stand in front of the shower," Miss Tamala spoke in a loud firm voice to Suckle.

Suckle obeyed the pull of her chain, stepped up to the opened door and looked into this very strange shower. She had never seen anything remotely like it and she began to visibly tremble.

Miss Tamala loved to watch the fearful look on Suckle's face increase as she tried to anticipate what was going to happen to her. She even felt that familiar quiver shoot through her vagina as she took the time to watch the trembling Suckle. Miss Tamala turned one of the outside faucets on. The water began coming out of the large sprinkler-like shower head installed on the ceiling in a steady hard stream until it reached a temperature of Miss Tamala's choosing. Miss Tamala knew the water was very hot ... not hot enough to do any damage but hot enough to be very uncomfortable to anyone who would enter this hard stream of water.

Miss Tamala unhooked the chain from the link on Suckle's collar and Suckle's body was really shaking now as she watched the steam rising up from the hot water as it struck the stainless steel floor of the shower stall. Suckle had a strange feeling running throughout her mind and body. "Oh God," she was thinking to herself, "please ... please ... Mistress wouldn't put me in there ... it's too hot ... it's too hot," her brain continued flashing these warning signals to her.

Miss Tamala dropped the lead chain that she had uncoupled from the Suckle's choker chain on the floor outside of the shower stall. Suckle heard the metallic sound as it stuck the floor.

"Get in," she heard Miss Tamala speak in a loud voice.

Suckle hesitated again for a moment. Then, as the authoritative voice of Miss Tamala flickered through her mind ... the voice that had become what seemed like very natural to Suckle now to obey ... she stepped into the very hot water with her foot and right leg up to knee level. Immediately she pulled back.

"Whaaack," the sound of Miss Tamala's ivory cane-like whip stuck Suckle's ass cheek making it bounce violently. "Get in," Suckle heard Miss Tamala's voice even louder now.

"Aaaahhhh, aaahhhhh," Suckle's voice filled the basement as she reacted to the very sharp pain of the blow she felt on her ass cheek.

Miss Tamala had purposely chosen this ivory disciplining tool. This ivory cane, unlike a leather whip, was meant to cut very deep into the soft flesh of Suckle's ass. Miss Tamala knew this was the very first whipping Suckle's ass was receiving and she wanted to make an unforgettable impression on Suckle.

She also knew that the pain would last a long time and leave large red welts on Suckle's ass. Miss Tamala loved to watch a red welt rise on one of her bitches' asses. It always brought her to a higher state of arousal.

"Get the fuck in whore," Miss Tamala yelled again at Suckle.

"It's ... it's ... Suckle tried to protest, stuttering because her thought processes and her exposure to her recent 'training' was telling her she didn't have a right to protest. "It's hot," she tried anyway.

"Whaaack, whaaaack," Suckle felt two sharp strikes on her other ass cheek.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch," the rapid cries came from Suckle mouth as she reacted to the vicious strikes on her other ass cheek. These last too blows took her breath away and she inhaled deeply trying to fill her lungs with a new supply of oxygen to cope with the pain she felt on her ass cheeks. Suckle didn't hesitate any more. Rather she stepped into the hot hard stream of water rapidly in an attempt to get it over with as fast as she could. In a few moments the hot water completely soaked her from head to toe. "Aaaaah, ooohhhh, ooohhhh ...I'm burning ... I'm burning ... oh God, oh God ...," Suckle was crying in a loud voice that gradually tapered off to moaning sounds as her body adjusted to the very hot water.

Miss Tamala let the water run for a few minutes until she was satisfied that Suckle was completely soaked, then she shut the water off. She looked at the very deep pink color of Suckle's skin that the hot water had brought out. She looked at the single red puffy welt on Suckle's right ass cheek and then looked at the two welts rising on Suckle's left ass cheek.

"Do you see and understand what disobedience brings stupid?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle in that teaching tone of voice again.

"Yes Mistress, yes Mistress," Suckle answered, "yes ... yes ... I won't disobey ... I ... I ..." Suckle was searching for the right answers to appease her Mistress ... "Suckle ... Suckle won't disobey anymore," Suckle said again now remembering to refer to herself in the third person as Miss Tamala had taught her.

"Good, very good," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Remember it well dummy. Your Mistress always expects you to obey without hesitation. "Obedience brings rewards, disobedience brings punishment," she continued teaching Suckle. "Repeat it for me whore."

"Obedience brings rewards, disobedience brings punishment," Suckle dutifully answered still softly sobbing.

"Say it again whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Obedience brings rewards, disobedience brings punishment," Suckle submissively answered again.

Miss Tamala reached over and picked up a long handled stiff bristle brush that had a thick pointed and circular top. She dipped it into a can of commercial type liquid soap and starting at the top of Suckle's head began to scrub very hard. This type of soap made heaps of suds. After scrubbing Suckle's head and hair, she scrubbed her face leaving streaks of red from the bristles of the brush intertwined with the pinkness of her heated skin. Then she scrubbed Suckle's back with hard up and down strokes of the brush again leaving brush marks. Now she turned her attention to Suckle chest and her breasts. Miss Tamala put the rounded head of the brush under first, the right breast of Suckle and lifted it upward as though she was weighing its girth. She did this several times before turning her attention to Suckle's left breast. Then she did the same to the left breast.

Miss Tamala now turned her attention to the nipples on Suckle's breasts.

Suckle had already responded to the lifting and dropping of her breasts. She stopped sobbing and was beginning to get that 'far away' look in her eyes ... the look of desire as the 'lifting' of her breasts had the effect of making her feel as though the undersides of her breasts were impaled on the points of needles.

The change of expressions on Suckle's face wasn't lost on Miss Tamala as she began scrubbing Suckle's nipples ... softly at first, then harder and harder digging the stiff bristles in the soft pimply texture of the aureoles. Suckle sucked in deep breaths as she felt the sensations starting in her nipples and moving down her belly ending up in slight contracting spasms deep in her pussy.

Miss Tamala scrubbed Suckle's belly, then, to the very obvious disappointment of Suckle as Miss Tamala could tell by observing the expressions on Suckle's face and the motions of her body, she moved the brush down to Suckle's legs and feet, skipping her pussy and ass.

Suckle's body was completely covered in thick heavy soap suds. The commercial soap had a disinfecting agent added to it and this left a stinging effect on Suckle's skin.

The very hot water that Suckle had been soaked in, the scrubbing by Miss Tamala with this stiff bristled brush, and the disinfecting agent in the soap left Suckle with tingling burning sensation all over her body. Her body was a bright pink from the hot water and red bristle marks from the very coarse hairs of the brush were on her face, arms, belly, back, legs and feet.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing at Suckle as she stepped back momentarily to observe her 'handiwork'. "I bet if I put you in a dark room you would glow in the dark," she continued in between laughs taunting Suckle.

Miss Tamala stepped forward, reached in the shower stall with the long handle of the brush and with the circular head of the brush lightly tapped the insides of Suckle's thighs. Without a second of hesitation Suckle parted her legs responding to the signal from her Mistress's brush.

"Turn around you scummy filthy thing," Miss Tamala told Suckle in a tone of voice that didn't leave any doubt in Suckle's mind that it was an order and must be obeyed. "Reach back and spread the cheeks of your ass," Miss Tamala continued.

Suckle again responded immediately. Her obedience even impressed Miss Tamala. She had thought Suckle might need some prodding to expose her asshole in what would have been a few days ago, this most obscene manner. Yet, here she was, doing just that for her Mistress. Miss Tamala was even a little disappointed that Suckle's rapid compliance negated the opportunity for her to put a few more red stripes on her ass. But here was Suckle, the fingers of her hands firmly gripping each of her ass cheeks, pulling them apart even wider than necessary in order to comply with her Mistress's directive and to impress her as much as she could with her obedience ... and without a bit of hesitation.

Miss Tamala felt her whole body awakening again with the 'power rush' she was experiencing watching this very pretty white bitch degraded herself in any manner that she wanted her too. The 'power rush' flashing through Miss Tamala's body made her feel like she was ten feet tall, like she was the most powerful woman in the world and that feeling was working like an aphrodisiac as her nipples became rigid with excitement and she could feel the dripping wetness the sexual craving was causing in her vagina. She knew she would definitely be using Suckle's mouth and tongue before long because her body was beginning to demand it.

Miss Tamala dipped the brush in the soap container again and started to rub Suckle's ass cheeks in a rough manner. Then she aimed for the separation in the ass cheeks ... the divide that hid Suckle's little 'rosebud.' After moving the brush head up and down between Suckle's ass cheeks she placed the point and tip of the brush at the entrance and crinkled rosebud. She turned it very slowly and applied just enough pressure on the tip of the brush to enter a half inch. Observing the tightness of Suckle's asshole, Miss Tamala decided not to go any further at this time. "Better to let this to go for another time," she thought to herself. "This is Dr. Mary area of 'expertise' and I don't want to deprive her of the enjoyment she receives 'breaking in' Suckle asshole.

Miss Tamala kept turning the brush very slowly and kept the brush tip inserted in Suckle's ass. This served to keep her own arousal in a high state and also gave Suckle reason to anticipate again. Miss Tamala loved to watch the frightened expression on Suckle's face when she didn't know what was go to happen to her.

Suckle could feel the preliminary stretching of her asshole and the rough bristles of the brush scratching an area of her ass that had never been exposed to anyone before. The fact the she was holding herself 'opened' to permit this brush to enter gave her a sexual feeling and new excitement that she couldn't quite understand. But she could feel the stimulation in her pussy ... and she liked it. She even made a feeble attempt to push her ass backward, slowly of course, so it wouldn't be noticeable to her Mistress, in order to get just a little more of the brush inside. But, like a 'trained animal' the thought of being punished for being disobedient flickered through her mind and she gave it up.

Miss Tamala pulled the brush backward, lowered it down and inserted it between Suckle's legs just lightly enough for Suckle to feel its presence up against her vagina lips. Then she waited ... waited to observe Suckle's reaction. Suckle didn't move for what seemed like an eternity, and then very slowly, she started to move her torso back and forth. Miss Tamala let her go. She knew Suckle wanted to feel more. She knew Suckle was losing control of her emotions. She knew Suckle's sexual instincts were taking over. She watched the large, ear to ear lustful smile on Suckle's face.

Abruptly Miss Tamala pulled the brush away. She stepped to the side of the outside of the shower stall and twisted a handle and the water jets were turned on. The hard stream of very hot water from the high pressure nozzles rocked Suckle back and forth. She felt like a top being spun helplessly around as the water from the jets stung her body from head to toe. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ended. All the soap suds were gone. Suckle stood still, dripping water and her skin glowing a bright red color. Another moment passed and a very light mist began coming from the ceiling shower head. The tiny beads of water forming on her skin from the mist were very comforting. There was even a very light fragrance mixed in with these beads of water. It smelled like a fresh bouquet of lilacs. Lilac ... although Suckle didn't know it at this point, it was Miss Tamala's favorite scent.

Suckle felt like she was waking up on a beautiful spring morning. She could smell the sweet aroma of flowers and the softness of the water soothing her overheated skin. She could feel the muscles in her vagina begging for stimulation. Suckle was now at her highest peak of arousal once again.

She saw Mistress Tamala enter the shower stall. She had removed her negligee and was now completely naked. This was the very first time Suckle was seeing her Mistress in all her glory. Miss Tamala moved into the space of the shower that was only designed for one person. They were face to face with little more than a quarter of an inch of room between them. The mist began covering Mistress Tamala beautiful bronze skin ... the sweet smelling water beads were dancing on her skin.

Suckle looked up into the face of the taller mature face of her Mistress. The thick luxurious jet black hair was seemingly becoming 'pasted' to the side of her face and gave her an appearance that Suckle had never seen before. Her face with her high cheek bones was even more beautiful with these little beads of fragrant water on it. The full lips, with the orange colored lipstick complimented the color of her skin. Suckle let her eyes drop to the firm and much larger breasts of Mistress Tamala. For a moment she compared the large bronze colored breasts with her own smaller and white colored breasts. They extended out from her chest without a bit of sag in them. Mistress Tamala's nipples were twice the size of Suckle's and a darker brown color than Suckle had ever seen. Even further down, Mistress Tamala's stomach was flat and it seemed that the curly ringlets of rich jet black pubic hair was everywhere from her stomach to her loins.

Suckle picked her head up again. She stared in the dark charcoal eyes of her Mistress; the eyes that spoke to her without a decibel of sound. Suckle felt like a speck in comparison to Mistress Tamala. The frame of her body was much smaller than the frame of the mature yet fit body of Miss Tamala. Suckle had the distinct feeling that Mistress Tamala could reach out and completely absorb her into her body and there would be nothing left of her.

Miss Tamala reached out with one hand and put it behind Suckle's head. With her other hand she lifted her breast until the dark nipple was aligned with Suckle's mouth.

"Suck," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a very soft voice.

Suckle took the nipple into her soft mouth. She began to suck on the nipple like a baby starved for her mother's milk. She let her tongue slowly rotate around the nipple and felt waves of ecstasy fill her very core. Slowly, without being directed by Mistress Tamala, she moved her mouth over to the other breast. She did the same here.

Miss Tamala removed her hands and put them down to her sides. From this point on she would let Suckle take the initiative. She wanted Suckle to reinforce in her own mind who owned her ... who she belonged to ... who and what she had become. She wanted Suckle to now become what she had been training her to become ... her whore ... her pet ... her slave!

And Suckle didn't disappoint her.

Suckle let her legs bend slowly, very slowly down to her knees. She kissed Mistress Tamala belly button. She stuck her tongue out and rotated it around the indentation. She felt the coarseness of Miss Tamala's pubic hair on her chin as she was sucking her belly button. Suckle lowered her face and rubbed her face back and forth through the pubic hair she was becoming familiar with. Suckle even turned her head around a few times to feel the ringlets of Miss Tamala's pubic hair on both sides of her face.

Miss Tamala looked down at Suckle through the mist that was deliciously causing tiny beads of water to dip very slowly off her body and onto Suckle's face. It seemed to Miss Tamala that Suckle couldn't get enough of rubbing her face in her pubic hair. Miss Tamala loved looking down at this white bitch ... her white bitch ... paying homage to her superior body.

Suckle hesitated there for minutes. She couldn't decide whether she had permission to do what she really wanted to do. Her mind was working rapidly. "Obedience brings rewards, disobedience brings punishment," Suckle was thinking. She didn't want to be punished. She didn't want to be disobedient. But her mind was ruling her body any more. Her sexual desire was ruling her mind. She wanted to show and demonstrate how much she loved her Mistress. She wanted to demonstrate how much she adored and worshipped this great lady. Her sexual desires told her to risk punishment ... and she did!

Suckle let her lips drift down through the pubic hairs placing soft and worshipful kisses as her head descended. There wasn't a sound above her. She didn't hear any voice telling her what to do or what not to do. Instead, Suckle felt a little movement in Mistress Tamala's hips. They had moved slightly outward and upward. Was this a signal to Suckle to proceed further? Suckle wasn't sure ... should she? The scent coming from Mistress Tamala's pussy mixed with the sweet fragrance of lilac filled her nostrils. Her sense of taste, smell and touch were filled to overflowing.

Suckle wanted more ... more ... more. The overriding desire going through Suckle's mind at this point was to please ... to bring pleasure to her Mistress. This is what her Mistress wanted from her ... expected from her ... demanded from her. "This is what I am here for," she was thinking to herself. "I am Suckle ... Suckle the whore ... Mistress Tamala's whore ... I belong to Mistress Tamala ... I only live to bring her pleasure ... pleasure ... pleasure ...

Suckle made the move. She let her tongue slide further down until it reached the beginning of the slit of Miss Tamala's pussy. She placed a soft worshipful kiss here, then stuck her tongue out again letting it slip inside of Miss Tamala's pussy lips. It was very warm here ... and wet ... wet with the juices she wanted to taste ... to fill her mouth with ... to swallow so they would become part of her. Miss Tamala moved her hips again but it wasn't a demanding or rough move. Instead it was a move to encourage Suckle to continue.

Suckle moved very slowly this time as though she didn't ever want this contact of her mouth and tongue with Miss Tamala's pussy to end. She wanted to bring pleasure to her Mistress like she had never done before. Suckle ran her tongue deeper into Mistress Tamala's pussy, moved it backward along the length of her slit. Then she moved her tongue slowly from the back to the front, stuck it in deeper and curled the tip of her tongue until she found Miss Tamala's clit. Miss Tamala showed her where her clit was the first time and now Suckle felt proud that she had found it on her own. She heard the light sounds of pleasure coming from above her as she flicked her tongue at the clit. The soft sounds of ecstasy coming from Miss Tamala was like a spark of electricity spurring Suckle on.

Suckle brought her head upward and pushed her face deep into the folds of Miss Tamala's pussy lips until her nose was completely inside and the her pussy lips were resting on her face cheeks. Suckle's whole face was now covered by Mistress Tamala's pussy and pubic hairs. She moved her face from side to side making Miss Tamala's juices flow down both of the cheeks of her face.

Suckle was in heaven ... she never felt more bliss in her life. She found herself wishing her head could be an extension of Miss Tamala's pussy. She could barely hear the moans of Miss Tamala becoming louder and louder and then she heard her Mistress's voice speaking to her.

"Put your fingers in your pussy whore," Miss Tamala said. "I want you to masturbate and bring yourself to an orgasm at the same time your mouth and tongue brings me to an orgasm. Be careful dummy. I want you to time your orgasm with your Mistress's orgasm."

"Yesmmmmm, yemmmmm, Mistesmmmmm," Suckle attempted with answer with her face buried in Miss Tamala's pussy.

Miss Tamala was pleased with her last instructions to Suckle. "Wonderful," she was thinking to herself. "Mistress Tamala and her whore slave cumming at the same time. Me by the use of my slaves tongue and her by her own stupid slave fingers."

Mistress Tamala was bucking her hips faster and faster. She reached down and grabbed the back of Suckle's head with both hands. While holding Suckle's head firmly she began to use the back and forth fucking motion across Suckle's face again. She was indeed fucking ... fucking Suckle's face, mouth and tongue.

"Ooooohhhhhh, yes, yes, yes ... that's it my whore pussy licker ... keep sucking ... suck ... suck ... yes ... I'm cumming bastard ... don't stop ... yessssss, yesssss," the voice of Miss Tamala filled Suckle's ears.

Suckle had timed her own orgasm perfectly with her Mistress's. She felt all the energy leave her body in an orgasmic explosion at the same time the most violent bucking of Mistress Tamala's hips crushed her face in an equally explosive orgasm.

This was the second orgasm for both Miss Tamala and Suckle in a little more than an hour. Now there was silence ... just the sound of dripping water coming from Miss Tamala's belly and seeping down on Suckle's face. And yet Suckle didn't stop. After her face had left Miss Tamala's pussy she licked at her thighs. She was trying her best to suck up the 'left over' vagina juices that had leaked down over her face and ended up on the inside of Miss Tamala's thighs.

Miss Tamala looked down at the kneeling Suckle lapping at the insides of her thighs. Suckle looked so obscene the way she stuck tongue out to retrieve her juices. She reminded her of a little teddy bear licking at honey that had come from a beehive.

She was even more amazed when she saw Suckle lower her head way down and kiss each of her feet.

"Yes," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself again, "my newest whore slave is a fast learner and is going to bring me a lot of pleasure and be a lot of fun."

Chapter XI----Suckle's Submissive Orientation Continues to Surface

[This chapter dedicated to regine]

Miss Tamala had stepped out of the shower stall shutting the glass door and leaving Suckle sitting on the floor. She let Suckle there for a few minutes with the misty perfumed water dripping all over her body while she regained her composure again after the wonderful job Suckle had done on her pussy. Miss Tamala was really proud of the way Suckle had responded to her training lessons. She was proud of the fact that Suckle voluntarily lapped at her vagina juices after her orgasm and brought her down from her sexual high in a very slow manner.

"Little bastard even kissed my feet without being told," Miss Tamala was thinking. "That's a sure sign of devotion and worship. But she needs a lot more training if I am going to domesticate her," she continued thinking to herself.

Miss Tamala walked over to the shower stall and opened the glass door. Suckle looked like a soaked rag doll sitting on the floor, facing downward with her sopping wet hair hanging down covering her face. Miss Tamala reached over and shut the valve controlling the slowly dripping misty water off.

"Get up bitch," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "You have work to do. What the hell, do you expect me to dry myself?"

"Yes Mistress ... I mean no Mistress ... yes ... Suckle ..." Suckle was trying to acknowledge Miss Tamala's order and at the same time answer the question she was asked and ended up stammering in a weak tired sounding voice.

"Oh shut the fuck up, you stupid whore," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle pretending to lose patience with Suckle knowing that she had confused her with her order and question. Miss Tamala always jumped on a chance to confuse and insult Suckle knowing what effect this had on Suckle's mind and what was remaining of her self esteem. "You're so damn dumb you can't even answer a simple question."

Suckle had a shattered expression on her face after being scolded by her Mistress. She had so much wanted a 'good girl' and some 'petting' from Miss Tamala especially after the effort she had put into sucking her pussy, bringing her to a climax and working so hard to please her by doing the things she thought she would enjoy. Instead, her thought processes were telling her she was a 'bad' girl again.

Miss Tamala threw a very large soft Turkish towel at Suckle. "Get busy drying me and be very careful. Just pat my skin dry with slow soft patting motions. Let the thick and fluffy towel absorb the water. Never rub the towel on my skin. Remember, your Mistress has very delicate and beautiful skin and it is your responsibility to care for it at all times. Do you understand," Miss Tamala said to the soaking wet Suckle.

Miss Tamala had made a subtle and cunning change in speaking to Suckle. She was now referring to herself as 'Mistress' something she hadn't done on a regular basis before. This was very important in the implanting in Suckle's mind that she was a very special and imperious person that was superior to her in every way.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered listening very intently to Miss Tamala's directive.

Suckle picked up the towel and walked in front of Miss Tamala. She looked up into the face of the taller woman and started to move the towel toward Miss Tamala face. But she stopped. Suckle was so afraid she would be making a mistake by patting Miss Tamala's face. "Am I allowed to touch her there?" Suckle was thinking. I don't know if I am allowed to touch Mistress's face ... I don't know ...," Suckle had a very bewildered expression on her face.

"Mistress ... uh ... uh ... Mistress Tama ...," Suckle voice was cracking.

"Now what the fuck is the matter with you," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle.

"I ... Suckle didn't know if she was allowed to touch your face Mistress," Suckle managed to get it out in a little meek sounding voice. Being chastised twice in so short a period of time brought a fear in Suckle that she had never felt before. She could have sworn the inside of her stomach was doing flips.

She bowed her head down while waiting for an answer from Miss Tamala.

Dr. Mary had walked over and was watching the interchange between Miss Tamala and Suckle. She stood back from them so she could observe them without interfering.

Miss Tamala reached over and put her hand under Suckle's chin and lifted her head upward so she was facing her. "You are the stupidest white whore Mistress has ever come across. Do you know that?" Miss Tamala spoke right into Suckle face in a soft tone of voice.

"Yes Mistress," answered Suckle.

"Do you have any idea how dumb you are?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle in the same voice still holding her chin in the palm of her hand.

"Yes Mistress," answered Suckle again.

"Well then ... you just go ahead and tell your Mistress how dumb you are," Miss Tamala said to Suckle leading her into the 'acknowledgment' trap again, just how Dr. Mary had taught her.

"Suckle ... Suckle is the stupidest white whore Mistress has ever come across," Suckle said feeling a very disappointing sensation deep within her heart as she heard her own voice confirming her stupidity. Suckle felt sorry for herself for being so dumb ... and she surmised that her Mistress was not satisfied with her.

"Pull that stool over here for Mistress to sit on," Miss Tamala said to Suckle leaving go of her chin. "Then I am going to teach you how to care for your Mistress after she has bathed."

"Yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered as she got the stool and brought it over for Mistress Tamala to sit on. Suckle put the stool behind Miss Tamala and waited for her to sit down. But ... she wasn't making any move to sit down.

As Suckle was going to get the stool Dr. Mary had walked over by Miss Tamala. As she walked in front of Miss Tamala she winked at her. Miss Tamala took that wink as a signal that Dr. Mary was going to 'contribute' to Suckle's training at this point.

"Do you know what part of your Mistress's superior and beautiful body is going to touch the stool," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a teaching mode of voice that Suckle now knew was becoming a indicator that she had better be listening very carefully so she didn't upset Dr. Mary by making her repeat herself. Suckle was heeding the warnings of her Mistress's to not make them waste their valuable breath on her.

Dr. Mary had changed from her 'medical scrub clothes' into a very shiny silk light mint colored robe. The color of the robe blended beautifully with, and highlighted the dark color of her skin. The robe was only held closed by a tie belt around Dr. Mary's waist. The cleavage was deep and the silk material strained mightily trying to contain the very large breasts of Dr. Mary. Dr. Mary's breasts were much larger than Miss Tamala's and combined with her broad shoulders, wide hips and that ass, that beautiful ass that extended outward so sharply from her body it would make one wonder if there was any 'panty material' strong enough to contain those fine ass cheeks ... all these combined 'assets' gave Dr. Mary a commanding appearance.

Suckle was truly afraid of Dr. Mary. Maybe it was because of the fact that Dr. Mary radiated a more 'masculine' appearance than Miss Tamala or maybe it was because she had a medical background. Suckle wasn't sure.

With Miss Tamala, the fear Suckle felt wasn't in the same category. The fright that Suckle experienced from Miss Tamala came to her because she was worried she wouldn't please her and therefore would be punished and not accepted by her Mistress.

With Dr. Mary it was pure unadulterated fear that Suckle felt throughout her body.

"Ah ... yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied.

"Ok, then tell me what part of your Mistress's body will be touching the stool," Dr. Mary said.

"Ah ... yes Madame Dr. Mercy ... ah ... it's Mistress's ... ah ... it's," Suckle was trying to think how she should describe that part of Miss Tamala's body. During her 'past' life, Suckle had never used anything other than what she considered 'proper' language. Words like 'tits,' 'cunt,' 'pussy,' or 'ass' were just words that Suckle would not use because they made her feel 'dirty.' Even when she was with other girls at college she would refrain from speaking that way. Now, the 'old proper' Suckle was struggling to find some way to answer Dr. Mary's question.

"Ah ... it's Mistress's back ... her ... Suckle thinks its Mistress's as ... it's ... Mistress's 'ass' is going to touch the stool." Suckle thought she knew what Dr. Mary wanted to hear. She struggled to get it out, still fearful it might not be the correct word, but somewhere, something told her this is what Dr. Mary wanted to hear from her. Maybe it was the training she had been undergoing ... or maybe it was just the fact that she was beginning to really feel like she was a dirty whore so it was alright to use these words anymore.

"Doesn't Mistress Tamala's whore think her Mistress's ass should be respected?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle like it was the most natural thing to say.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied.

Miss Tamala stood still listening intently at her 'partner' training Suckle. It brought a knowing smile to Miss Tamala's face. "It's so much fun to watch and hear Dr. Mary at work," she was thinking to herself. "It is so exciting to listen to Dr. Mary twist and turn Suckle's mind like it was a piece of putty.

"Now how do you suppose Mistress's whore should show her respect?" Dr. Mary asked in demure voice, stringing Suckle along.

Suckle tried so hard to think ... but thinking or trying to reason was becoming harder and harder for Suckle now. She knew Dr. Mary expected correct answers when she asked her questions. That unadulterated fear of Dr. Mary was flowing throughout her body ... fear like she had never experienced in her prior life.

"I ... Suckle thinks ... Suckle thinks she ...," Suckle was giving up. The fear of not answering Dr. Mary correctly took its toll. Suckle hung her head down and started to cry. The sobs weren't loud but from the low sniffling sounds coming from Suckle as she sucked in air through her nostrils in little spurts, it was clear she had been defeated again in her attempt to do what was expected of her. "Suckle ... Suckle doesn't know Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle said in between the sniffling sobs.

Dr. Mary walked around to the front of Miss Tamala. They exchanged broad smiles. Dr. Mary placed a light kiss on Miss Tamala's lips and Miss Tamala reciprocated with a kiss of her own. They were both experiencing that sexual overriding thrill that comes from having a dominant personality and from "breaking down' and gaining full authoritative control of someone with a submissive personality.

Dr. Mary walked back around to the sobbing Suckle again ... the still soaking wet Suckle ... Suckle, with her head hanging down, still holding on to the large soft fluffy Turkish towel that she was suppose to dry her Mistress with.

Dr. Mary 'puppy petted' Suckle's head again with slow soft strokes. "Do you have something to dry this bitch with?" she asked Miss Tamala.

"Well don't use my towel," Miss Tamala replied. "I don't want to waste my good towels on that ugly bitch. Look, there's that burlap bag that the straw for the garden came in over there. Why don't you use that," Miss Tamala continued in her reply to Dr. Mary.

"Yeah, that will be fine," Dr. Mary answered as she went over and picked up the burlap bag off of the basement floor. Dr. Mary shook the burlap bag after she picked it up off the floor. Dust, little pieces of straw and even little pieces of burlap material filled the air.

"Wow, this damn thing is really dirty," Dr. Mary said to no one in particular. "But I guess it is all right to use to dry the whore's hair anyway."

Dr. Mary walked back to where Suckle stood with her head hung down. "Sit on the stool Suckle," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered as she sat on the stool. Miss Tamala was still standing with her back toward the now sitting Suckle. Suckle's head was only twenty inches from the beautiful bronze colored ass of Miss Tamala.

Dr. Mary started to rub Suckle's wet hair with the burlap bag. Not only was a light coating of dust being transferred to Suckle's hair but there were pieces of straw and burlap material falling loosely and becoming entwined in the strands of her hair.

"Why is our whore Suckle crying?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle in that soft motherly tone of voice.

"I ... Suckle doesn't know Madame Dr. Mercy", Suckle answered from underneath the dusty burlap being used to dry her hair.

"Is it because Suckle is too dumb to know how to pay her respects to her Mistress's ass?" Dr. Mary asked, again in that same tone of voice.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," replied Suckle. The soft motherly tone of Dr. Mary's questions was easing the apprehension in Suckle's mind just a little bit. Suckle had almost stopped sobbing as Dr. Mary, satisfied that Suckle's head was dried enough, threw the burlap bag on the floor.

Dr. Mary went over to another cabinet and came back with a very large jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, a large comb and an eight inch long tube that was four inches in diameter and made of woven straw. Dr. Mary had bought this tube from some natives in Africa on one of her visits. Miss Tamala would look over her shoulder once in a while to watch Dr. Mary and Suckle.

"Suckle the whore doesn't have to feel bad," Dr. Mary spoke in that almost magical tone of voice that Miss Tamala knew she was using to embed thoughts in Suckle's mind. "Your Mistress and Dr. Mary know you have a feeble mind. Would Suckle the whore like Dr. Mary to teach her how to respect her Mistress's ass?" Dr. Mary continued speaking directly into Suckle's ear while applying a thick coat of Vaseline in Suckle's hair.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered meekly.

"Well now little slut," Dr. Mary continued, "tell Dr. Mary what Suckle the whore wants to learn." As Dr. Mary was talking to Suckle, she had combed and pulled the thickly Vaseline coated hair of Suckle into a point on the very top of her head. The coating of Vaseline was so thick that Suckle's hair raised straight up from the top of her head to a height of ten inches and could remain in one stack by itself without any kind of support. Suckle's hair was pulled tightly up from the sides of her face and the front and back of her head until it was in one thick stack on the top of her head.

"Suckle the whore wants to learn how to respect Mistress Tamala's ass," Suckle replied, her voice much more at ease now.

"Oh oh," Miss Tamala broke in the conversation, speaking to Dr. Mary. "You're going to get me hot enough to start dripping again if you are going to make the bitch do what I think you are going to make her do doctor dear," Miss Tamala continued her voice rising in a teasing manner.

"Ha, ha, ha ...," Dr. Mary laughed lightly at Miss Tamala's statement. "You've had a couple of orgasms today already my sweet black beauty. Don't go getting all hot and bothered on me too soon." As Dr. Mary was answering Miss Tamala, she slipped the straw woven tube over the stacked up hair on the top of Suckle's head until it came out the other end of the eight inch tube. Now all that was on Suckle's head was the heavily greased and flat hair that was pulled up from all angles of her head and pulled through the eight inch woven tube. Dr. Mary took the last two inches of Suckle's hair at the top of the tube, greased it some more with the Vaseline, and combed it straight down so it was hanging a few inches downward on all sides of the tube. If it wasn't for the brown color of Suckle's hair it would almost look like an eight inch palm tree on her head.

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary was laughing loudly this time. "If I could color Suckle's skin black she would look just like the African natives I saw on my trip to Africa," Dr. Mary continued.

Miss Tamala turned around to look. "Holy shit," Miss Tamala said. "The fucking bitch looks ridiculous! Wonderful my inventive doctor, you've out done yourself again. Shit, I want a picture of this. Take the bastard's picture. I want this one to keep and show to my friends," Miss Tamala was almost yelling in an excited voice.

Dr. Mary went over to get her electronic camera. When she came back she not only had the camera but she also brought the mirror. She handed the camera to Miss Tamala. "Here honey girl," she said to Miss Tamala. "You take the picture. I want one of me holding Suckle's head so everyone will know who her 'hairdresser' is," Dr. Mary continued laughing. Miss Tamala also joined in the laughter.

"Wait, wait," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "I want the bitch to see what she looks like." She bent down and with one hand held the mirror in front of Suckle's face and with the palm of the other hand she grabbed the back of Suckle's neck, her thumb on one side and her fingers on the other side.

"Look you little dumb whore," Dr. Mary said to Suckle pushing her face in front of the mirror. "See ... now you are our native whore."

Suckle was totally shocked. She looked at her once beautiful hair ... the hair she was once so proud of. The hair she used to devote so much time to make sure it was perfect. Now it was pulled straight back from all sides of her head until it went up the woven straw tube. The hair that was still on her head was 'pasted down' with what appeared to be greasy Vaseline. Suckle just stared in the mirror with an astonished look on her face.

"Oh look, Mistress Tamala," Dr. Mary said in a tone of voice mimicking someone who was very disappointed. "Our whore doesn't seem to like her new hairstyle. She isn't even thankful for all the work I did fixing her hair," Dr. Mary continued.

"Here darling, please hold the mirror for me a minute," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. Dr. Mary handed the mirror to Miss Tamala. Then she straightened up and walked away for just a minute. Suckle still had the shocked look on her face as she stared at herself in the mirror. When Dr. Mary came back she had Miss Tamala's ivory cane-like implement in her right hand. She had walked up behind the sitting Suckle. Suckle was not aware that she had returned ... for just a minute!

Suckle heard a 'whoosing' sound. It almost sounded like a bomb that had been dropped from a high flying aircraft. The sound seemed to start far away and got louder and louder as it got closer. Then Suckle felt the pain ... a red hot shearing pain that started at the top of her shoulder blade and shot downward like lightning across her back.

It was as though the whole world stood still for a moment in time. All at once Suckle's mouth opened up and let out a bone chilling scream.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Suckle's voice reverberated throughout the basement in one long continuous scream. As Suckle gasped for breath trying to refill her now empty lungs, she heard the loud rough voice of Dr. Mary that she feared so much.

"You fucking good for nothing bastard," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle. "I break my ass drying and fixing your hair and you don't even appreciate it. You didn't even say thank you."

Miss Tamala watched as she saw Dr. Mary again raise the ivory disciplining implement high above her head for the second time. Miss Tamala wasn't smiling. Sometimes when Dr. Mary got in this state of mind she even frightened her. Then Miss Tamala heard the 'whoosing' sound; she saw the ivory bend from the speed it was moving on the down stroke and then dig into Suckle's skin for the second time as though everything was in slow motion. Then the loud and chilling scream again left Suckle's mouth and seemed to bounce off the walls of the basement.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," Suckle screamed twice in a row as she fell off the stool onto the floor. The second strike of the pure ivory cane on Suckle's back was even harder than the first. Suckle crumpled up in a ball, her knees rising up to her stomach in a natural reaction to the pain coming from her back. Suckle collapsed to the floor ending up in a fetal position, breathing heavily and crying in a loud voice.

Dr. Mary dropped the ivory cane on the floor. She too was breathing heavily. But Dr. Mary's heavy breathing wasn't from pain. It was from the sexual stimulation she felt in her loins from punishing Suckle. She walked over to Miss Tamala who still had a somewhat blank look on her face, the sounds of the hard ivory cane striking the soft white skin of Suckle's back still ringing in her ears. Dr. Mary took Miss Tamala's face in her hand. She kissed her on the lips, lingering a little longer than usual.

"Punishment is necessary honey girl," Dr. Mary said very softly to Miss Tamala. Dr. Mary began to fondle Miss Tamala's breasts, squeezing lightly and slowly rotating her finger around her nipples. "Remember," Dr. Mary continued speaking to Miss Tamala in a soft teaching tone of voice, "if you don't punish your bitches in a way that they will never forget they will be prone to make the same mistake again. Plus, you will never fully own them. If you don't make the punishment severe you will leave just a little bit of space in their mind that will never belong to you."

The fondling of Miss Tamala's breasts, plus the soft lecturing voice of Dr. Mary was making Miss Tamala excited. Dr. Mary could tell her protégé was coming back from the little bit of shock she felt watching Suckle's punishment. She could tell by the way Miss Tamala's nipples were responding to her fingers. She could tell because Miss Tamala was getting that 'horny' look on her face again.

"Nice stripes I put on her back, huh?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala while both of them were looking down at Suckle who was lying on the floor and still sobbing quite a bit. Dr. Mary had struck the blows from opposite angles to form red 'criss cross' welts on Suckle's back. "Notice that they are almost perfect where they meet in the middle," Dr. Mary continued in a sort of bragging tone of voice.

Miss Tamala turned to Dr. Mary and gave her a long passionate kiss. She put her arms around her so tight that the nipples on their breasts were pressed against one another. As Miss Tamala broke the embrace slightly she looked into Dr. Mary's eyes.

"I love you so very much," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary. "You are a wonderful and exciting woman darling." Then she looked down at Suckle. "Yes my darling doctor, I love the red stripes on Suckle's back." Miss Tamala was back to her true natural dominant orientation again. She was getting sexually aroused just looking at the crumpled up bitch on the floor close to her feet. For a moment she felt like an African queen who had just had Suckle placed at her feet as a human sacrifice. And Miss Tamala loved that feeling. She rubbed her thighs together in a back and forth motion trying to ease the excitement she felt building up there.

"Shall we get our pictures now?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, I would like that," Miss Tamala replied.

Dr. Mary walked over to Suckle. She kicked her lightly in the ribs. "Get up," she said to Suckle in a lot calmer tone of voice.

Suckle heard the order from Dr. Mary and picked her head up slightly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Suckle kept blurting the words out rapidly over and over again in between sobs.

"Sshhhh, sssshhhh, ssshhhh," Dr. Mary was speaking to Suckle in a completely different tone of voice. She was playing the 'mother comforting her baby' role again. But the vicious welts on Suckle's back were still causing her lot of pain and she wasn't convinced her punishment was completed yet. She was so frightened and convinced that Dr. Mary was going to hit her again.

"Suckle's sorry ... Suckle's sorry Madame Dr. Mercy ... Suckle's sorry," Suckle was still crying out to Dr. Mary as though she was pleading for her life.

"Sssshhhh, ssshhhhh," Dr. Mary continued almost whispering to Suckle. Dr. Mary smiled at Miss Tamala as she noticed that Suckle had the wherewithal, even though she was really frightened, to correct herself by referring to herself in the third person. She was smiling at Miss Tamala as though she was saying: 'see ... training and punishment work. See how Suckle corrected herself even though she is still in pain.'

"Come on now ... up, up, up. Sit back down on the stool," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she put her hands under Suckle's armpits in an effort to help her up.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered, her sobbing subsiding a little at a time.

"We still have to get your picture ... we want to get your pretty picture with your new hairdo," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a cheery voice as though Suckle's vicious caning had not even happen at all.

Suckle was sitting back on the stool. Dr. Mary bent over again to look in Suckle's face. "Stop crying now. Mistress wants a happy picture of her whore. You want your Mistress to have a happy picture, don't you?"

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied just about getting her sobbing under control.

"Good girl, good girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she was patting the back of her head. "Oh look, she said to Miss Tamala. "Our little whore got some dirt on her face when her face was on the floor. Don't worry, Dr. Mary will fix it," she turned back and was now talking to Suckle again.

Dr. Mary picked the wet burlap material back up off the floor. She went back over to Suckle and turned her head sideways. "See, Suckle got dirt right here on the cheek of her ugly face," she said to Suckle. "Hold your head still now ... hold it still," she was directing Suckle.

Dr. Mary moved her face over to Suckle's face until it was only an inch from her cheek. She then gathered up a large amount of salvia in her mouth and with a loud, very distinct sound, spit it on Suckle's cheek. "There there now, we needed a little moisture," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she saw Suckle's head recoil just a fraction of an inch when she felt Dr. Mary's spit hit her face. Dr. Mary wiped Suckle's face with the burlap cleaning the dirt from Suckle's face with her salvia.

Miss Tamala was starting to get really aroused now. Degradation always had this effect on Miss Tamala. She absolutely loved to degrade her bitches. The more Miss Tamala could debase and humiliate, the hotter her arousal would become. Watching Dr. Mary spit in Suckle's face got her 'motor' running again and her hand almost automatically dropped down between her legs to rub her pussy lips lightly. She bent over and with her other hand grasping Suckle's chin she tilted Suckle's face upward so she could look into her tear stained face.

"Wasn't that nice of Dr. Mary to clean your face for you?" Miss Tamala was speaking softly to Suckle. "And she was even good enough to use her own spit," she continued taunting Suckle, getting more and more excited as led her deeper and deeper in self degradation.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle meekly answered.

Dr. Mary was glad to see Miss Tamala getting back into the 'activities' again. It was always more fun when the two of them, working in tandem, took part in the training of the bitch. With the two of them contributing to Suckle's training at the same time, Suckle would tend to become more confused and much more susceptible to the submissive suggestions they were implanting in her mind. Besides, observing Miss Tamala getting 'turned on' always got Dr. Mary hot and bothered too.

"Don't you want to thank Madame Dr. Mercy," Miss Tamala said to Suckle still tilting her head upward.

"Yes Mistress," Suckle replied remembering what happened to her the last time she didn't thank Dr. Mary.

"Well, go ahead you jackass," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Do I have to tell you to how do everything you dumb fucker." As soon as Miss Tamala got the words 'jackass' and 'dumb fucker' out of her mouth in reference to Suckle, she could feel her juices begin to build up in her vagina. It was so pleasurable for Miss Tamala to see Suckle's face as she guiding her along the path to becoming the 'brainless idiot' that Dr. Mary had promised her as a gift. Someone who would, in time, think about nothing but bringing pleasure to her Mistress.

Dr. Mary was really starting to get aroused listening to Miss Tamala working on Suckle. She could always tell when Miss Tamala was moving toward the top of her sexual arousal because she would always start using degrading terms on her bitch.

"Thank you Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle began. "Thank you for cleaning my face."

"Now listen you dumb piece of shit," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a much louder and more serious tone of voice while squeezing her grip on Suckle's chin. "Mistress is getting very tired of your stupidity. I want you to try to think of the proper way to thank Dr. Mary. I'm going to count to ten and you had better do it in the correct manner or I will have to ask Dr. Mary to punish you again for me."

"One ...," Miss Tamala started counting.

"Oh God ... oh God," Suckle was whimpering. "I have to think ... I have to remember ... remember, remember, remember ...," Suckle was thinking to herself trying to get the correct words in her mind so she could get them out of her mouth.

"Two ... three ... four," Miss Tamala kept counting.

The expression on Suckle's face was priceless to Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. They both loved to see the worried and fearful expression on Suckle's face as she struggled to 'think' of an answer. A few days ago, the old Lynn Langley would not have any problem at all with her memory. She had been a brilliant girl. But for the last two days, under the severe training of these two very beautiful and dominant African American women, her mind had been bombarded with suggestions of how 'dumb' and 'stupid' she was. Her mind was becoming altered to fit the desires of her trainers to the point where it was very difficult for Suckle to think of anything but bringing pleasure to her Mistress and Dr. Mary.

And now Suckle was being give a limited amount of time to come up with an answer to satisfy her Mistress or she would be punished again. She was struggling so hard to think she felt like crying again.

"Five ... six ... seven ...," Miss Tamala kept counting and squeezing Suckle's chin harder and harder. Suckle's heart was beating faster and faster and she felt like she would soon explode. She was even beginning to sweat a little. And all the time Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary were smiling, their sexual excitement very apparent by the licentious expressions on their faces.

"Eight ... nine ...," Miss Tamala continued raising her voice as she got closer to the deadline as a final warning to Suckle.

"I ... thank ... I mean ... Suckle thanks Dr. Mercy ... I ... thank you Madame Dr. Mercy for cleaning my ... Suckles face ... Suckles ugly face ... with your spit," Suckle finally got some words out her trembling mouth, stammering and stuttering all the way through it.

Miss Tamala left go of Suckles chin and immediately Suckle bowed her head down as though in shame. She was sure she had failed again to satisfy her Mistress with her answer. In her heart and mind, she really thought she was too dumb and stupid to be able to perform such a complicated task that her Mistress demanded of her. And she so much wanted to please her Mistress. As her head was bowed, a few tears dripped from her eyes and fell to the floor. It seemed like Suckle, who was once such a cheerful young lady as 'Lynn Langley' was almost always crying anymore.

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary let Suckle sit in this position for a while anticipating what she thought would be her coming punishment for failure. They knew her self respect was at a complete low point at this time. This was when Dr. Mary was at her best and when Suckle's mind was pliable for implanting new thoughts and suggestions.

"Did you ever see such a pathetic piece of flesh and bones?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala loud enough for Suckle to hear. She reached over and got a hold of Suckle's ear squeezing it hard and pulling her head back upward. Then Dr. Mary reached over with her pretty dark skinned finger and started brushing the tears from Suckle's eyes.

"Poor little dumb whore," Dr. Mary started talking to Suckle in her 'motherly' voice again. "She tried so hard to thank me in the proper fashion. Poor little Suckle, she can't help it if she is dim-witted can she," Dr. Mary continued, directly the last statement to Suckle.

"No Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle sobbed almost so meekly that you couldn't hear her. "Suckle can't help it if she is dim-witted."

"Beautiful," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself. "Absolutely beautiful the way the 'master' Dr. Mary was manipulating Suckle's mind. It was almost like speaking into a tape recorder and then playing it back," she continued thinking to herself almost getting worked up into a sexual frenzy watching her 'tutor' at work.

Dr. Mary moved her hand down and started pulling lightly at Suckle's nipples. It only took a minute before Suckle's nipples stiffened. Dr. Mary looked up at Miss Tamala and winked at her. Miss Tamala knew this procedure that Dr. Mary was using on Suckle and the wink confirmed it. Dr. Mary was giving Suckle a 'reward' for her self degradation. This is something that would make a deep impression on Suckle's mind. Just like giving an animal a 'treat' for doing what you told it to do. Suckle was having her mind reinforced to equate rewards with obedience.

Dr. Mary knew all too well the effect her pulling on Suckle's nipples were having on her. She was beginning take short breaths, the sobbing was stopping and the expression on her face was changing.

"I accept your thank you whore," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "You won't have to be punished this time."

"Oh thank you, thank you, Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle said with a big smile on her face. "Thank you, thank you," she continued as though she couldn't thank Dr. Mary enough.

Miss Tamala bent over Suckle again looking directly into her eyes. "Now isn't that wonderful of Dr. Mary to be so kind to you?" she asked Suckle.

"Oh yes, Mistress Tamala," Dr. Madame Mercy is so kind and wonderful to me," Suckle replied in a very sincere tone of voice.

"Yep, her mind is working just like a tape recorder," Miss Tamala thought to herself with a big sexual stimulated smile on her face.

"Now we have to get you ready for your happy pictures, don't we?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Yes, Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied. "Suckle the whore wants to make happy pictures for you." Suckle was reaching a new level of submission now. With her sexual passion going higher and higher from the effect Dr. Mary's hands were having on her nipples and motherly sounding voice was having on her mind, Suckle was even beginning to add self degrading words she felt would please Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala.

"Good, good girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Do you feel nice and warm and tingling down here," Dr. Mary continued as she reached down and rubbed her middle finger along Suckle's pussy lips.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied with a big smile on her face, her breathing coming in short gasps as she felt the sensation of Dr. Mary's finger. "Nice ... warm ... tingling ...," was saying in short out of breath squeals.

"Be a good whore now, make a big smile for the camera, make a big smile so we can make a happy picture," Dr. Mary was telling Suckle as though she was speaking to a very young child. "Be a good girl now and fold your hands behind your neck. Push your chest out so your tities stick out. Be a good whore and Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary will give you some nice rewards."

Miss Tamala looked down in amazement to see how fast Suckle compiled with all of Dr. Mary's directives. What was even more amazing was that the 'new' Lynn Langley, now known by the name of 'Suckle', a name her Mistress had given her was really enjoying it. Suckle had a very large smile on her face as she posed in the manner in which she was directed to. Her eyes were reflecting a glazed sexual filled appearance.

Miss Tamala took several pictures. Suckle was posed just as Dr. Mary directed her. In between pictures, Dr. Mary would pull on Suckle's nipples and rub her pussy to keep her at a sexual high without giving her any release. With Suckle in this emotional state of mind and with nothing but the thoughts of sex filling her mind she was just too happy to comply. After several more pictures, Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala she thought they should make a picture to keep in Suckle's file just in case there was ever any controversy over the relationship of Suckle with her Mistress's. "You can never be too careful," Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala.

Dr. Mary went over to a desk in her laboratory and got a twelve inch square piece of white cardboard and a black felt tip pin. She also brought over a tape recorder. On the square cardboard she wrote: 'I am a pussy eater and an ass licker,' in large very explicit block letters. Then she brought it over to Suckle. She pulled on Suckle's nipples a few more times to keep her stimulated and held the sign up so Suckle could read it.

"Can you read this sigh out loud for your Mistress and me?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle.

"Yes, Madame Dr. Mary," Suckle answered. "It says 'I am a pussy eater and an ass licker,' Suckle read.

"Good girl Suckle," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a very pleased tone of voice that made Suckle feel like she had done something really good. "And Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary know that you like to suck, right?" Dr. Mary again directed her question to Suckle.

"Yes, Madame Dr. Mary," Suckle replied.

"Good," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. Immediately Suckle felt a feeling of pride sweep through her. She was getting all these 'good' compliments from Dr. Mary and her submissive mind felt exhilarated by them. "Now we want the whole world to know what kind of a dirty whore you are, don't we?" Dr. Mary asked the sexually aroused Suckle again.

"Yes, Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied immediately with a smile on her face.

Dr. Mary brought the tape recorder over in front of Suckle. "Now, Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary want you to hold this sign in front of you. Hold it low enough so everyone can see your tities. Then I want you to speak loud enough so we can record your voice while you tell the whole world what you are. Do you understand that?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Yes, Madame Doctor Mercy, Suckle understands," Suckle replied in an enthusiastic tone of voice.

Dr. Mary knew Suckle was ready for anything now. Just to make sure she pulled on Suckle's nipples a few more times and inserted two fingers in Suckle's vagina pumping her a few times. Then she handed Suckle the sign who immediately held it facing the camera just below her breasts.

Dr. Mary turned to Miss Tamala. "The bitch is ready to go. She's soaking wet. Are you ready with the camera?" Dr. Mary asked Miss Tamala.

"Yep, I'm ready darling," Miss Tamala replied.

"I'm really anxious to see how she does," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "This is where we see how good our training of this bitch is coming along, honey girl."

"Alright Suckle the whore, go ahead and start. Remember to speak loud enough so everyone can hear you and keep a happy smile on your face," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she turned the tape recorder on.

"I am Suckle the whore. Suckle is a dirty whore. Suckle likes to suck pussy and to lick ass. Suckle is ugly. Suckle is dumb and stupid ... Suckle is ...," Suckle was speaking into the camera as though she didn't want to stop ... as though she was really proud to be doing what she was told to do by her Mistress's ... as though she had finally discovered her true sexual orientation ... and was enjoying admitting to the world that she was indeed what her Mistress's told her she was.

Dr. Mary shut the tape recorder off after Miss Tamala got several pictures.

"OK ... ok ... that's enough ... ok, that's enough Suckle," Dr. Mary was yelling at Suckle to stop her.

Dr. Mary went over and embraced Miss Tamala. They were both looking and laughing at the once pretty, proud and intelligent Suckle sitting on the stool, completely naked and holding that sign in front of her. She even kept that big smile on her face. It was becoming apparent to Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary that when Suckle was sexually and emotionally stimulated she was like a 'run away fright train' in her willingness to do anything to please them. It was also becoming apparent to Suckle, at least somewhere deep in her mind, that by pleasing and obeying her Mistress's, she herself was becoming sexually fulfilled like she had never been before in her prior life.

"Well, what do think honey girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "Can you believe the fucking blabbing idiot? Shit, before we get through with her you may had to put a muzzle on her or she'll be after your pussy and ass all the time," Dr. Mary continued.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at that. "Why should I put a muzzle on her. That's exactly what I want. I wish somehow I could tie her head between my legs and let her suck all day long."

"Girl, you are the hottest woman I have ever met," Dr. Mary replied to Miss Tamala.

"Do you think I should use a dildo in her to cool her down a little?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"No, no," Dr. Mary replied. "I don't want her to have any release yet. It is better to keep her in the highly aroused emotional state of mind. I want to teach her how to respect your ass yet. Why don't you put her choker chain on and take her for a walk outside for a little while. That should cool her down enough to stop her from blabbing like an idiot," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Ok, that sounds like a good idea. She's got me so hot I feel like fucking her face again. Maybe the walk will do me some good too," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary.

With all the activity, Miss Tamala had just about dried off from her shower. She used the fluffy Turkish towel to finish drying herself and put her negligee back on and went to get Suckle's choker collar and the chain. When she got back she walked over to Suckle who was still sitting on the stool holding the sign in front of her breasts.

"Ok Suckle the whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Give me the sign. The whole world knows you are a dumb whore now. Maybe we'll send one of these pictures of our dumb whore to your fiancé." Miss Tamala continued talking to Suckle as she was 'puppy petting' her head again. "Would you like that slut?" she asked Suckle.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle with a smile on her face.

After Suckle gave Miss Tamala the sign she had held in front of her, Miss Tamala put Suckle's collar on her neck and fastened the 'leading' chain back in the link on front of the collar. Then she jerked the chain hard to make the links of the collar bite into Suckle's skin and almost pulled her up and off the stool.

"Aaahh," Suckle responded to the pull of the choker collar just as she had been trained to do and got to her feet. As Miss Tamala started to walk, Suckle followed obediently.

Miss Tamala stopped by a small dresser for a moment. "Open the bottom drawer and get a pair of shoes out to put on my feet. I don't want my feet to get dirty where we are going. Get the loafers out," she said to Suckle.

Suckle did as she was instructed. When she got the pair of loafers out of the drawer, she stood in front of Miss Tamala holding them. Miss Tamala looked straight into Suckle's eyes but didn't say a word.

Suckle had a confused look on her face. Then she realized what she was required to do. Miss Tamala didn't have to give her vocal instructions anymore. Her eyes, those dark charcoal eyes floating in a sea of white, told Suckle where her place was. Suckle kneeled down on the floor. When Miss Tamala picked up her beautiful bronze brown skinned foot, with the perfectly painted toe nails, Suckle bent her head down and kissed the instep of that foot. She then slipped the loafer on so carefully it was apparent to Miss Tamala that Suckle loved and cherished her and this was her way of demonstrating her devotion to her Mistress. Suckle did the same to Miss Tamala's other foot. The kiss placed by Suckle on the insteps of Miss Tamala's feet was totally voluntary on Suckle's part. That act was another indication that Suckle was truly becoming the devoted slave of Mistress Tamala. Then Suckle felt the bite of the choker chain links sink into her neck again. Again she responded as she was trained to do.

Dr. Mary retrieved the electronic camera and went over to the photograph printer to run some of their latest pictures of Suckle through the printer. "After I get through here I'll prepare for the bitch's ass respect training," she said to Miss Tamala as they parted.

"I can't wait doctor darling," Miss Tamala replied. "That ought to be a lot of fun."

Chapter XII----Suckle's Submissiveness Advances

{This chapter dedicated to Julie Les}

Miss Tamala led Suckle up the stairs to the main floor of the house by pulling on the lead chain, fastened to the choker chain around Suckle's neck.

Of course, Suckle was completely naked while Miss Tamala had her orange colored robe style negligee on. As they reached the top of the stairs and Miss Tamala opened the door to lead Suckle through, the odor of food cooking filled the air. Piglet had finished the laundry, carefully folded all the clothes of her Mistresses, being very careful to make sure all the seams of the clothing were aligned perfectly. All clothing that bore the initials of her Mistresses was folded with the initials facing outward and clearly visible.

Piglet then went to the kitchen and found the menu that Miss Tamala customarily left for her with instructions for the evening meal she was expected to prepare for her Mistresses. Tonight Piglet was preparing a rib roast, baked potatoes, fresh green beans, and a fresh mixed salad.

As Miss Tamala led Suckle through the kitchen to the French doors leading to a large oak deck, the delicious odor of the food being prepared by Piglet reminded her that she hadn't eaten since shortly before noon. Neither Piglet nor Suckle had eaten since the morning meal of high carbohydrate power bars and coffee Miss Tamala had provided for their breakfast. The 'power bars' were provided by Miss Tamala as a supplement to keep the energy of her bitches at a high level.

The rampant sexual arousal that Suckle had been experiencing in the basement had subsided somewhat since she wasn't any longer being stimulated by the pulling of her nipples and the fingering of her vagina by Dr. Mary. Suckle's mind was still overflowing with the thoughts of sex but the throbbing she had felt in her pussy a little while ago had dropped off and she wasn't constantly wet. The feeling in her vagina was more like a dormant craving now that was just waiting to be awakened again. Make no mistake about it. Suckle's sexual arousal had just been pushed in the background but it wouldn't take too much to get her 'fire roaring' again.

"Dr. Mary was right as usual," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself. "Walk the bitch around a little and let her 'cool off' while at the same time denying her any type of climax. Miss Tamala knew Dr. Mary was an 'expert' in keeping Suckle's mind 'fertile' for the suggestions and commands she would need to give Suckle during her 'ass respect' training.

When Piglet saw Suckle being led through the kitchen she stared at her. She knew that Suckle was going through her training but she was still a little startled to see the change in her. Suckle almost looked like she came from a different country, or maybe even a different planet the way her hair was 'fixed.' In addition, Miss Tamala had put a thick leather belt around Suckle's waist. This belt was called a 'waist reducer belt' as Suckle would soon learn. It was four inches in diameter and two inches in thickness. The leather belt was adjustable by use of a buckle on the front of the belt. When Miss Tamala had put the 'waist reducer belt' on Suckle, she pulled the adjustable bucket very tight in order to keep Suckle's waist as small as possible. Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala that over a long period of time this would keep a bitch's stomach muscles constrained and with daily exercise it would reduce the bitch's waist to a size of their liking. On the side of the leather belt were cuff-like restraints that Suckle's wrists had also been 'buckled' into.

There were three steel hooks in the front of the belt and four steel hooks on the back of the belt. On one of these hooks, Miss Tamala hung the ivory cane like-stick that she had punished Suckle with earlier. Thus, the 'waist reducer belt' not only served as a 'waist reducer' implement, but also as a sort of 'utility belt' forcing Suckle to carry around with her the very equipment that her Mistresses used to discipline her. This 'belt' had a frightening effect on the person 'locked' into it with whips, canes, ropes, and other disciplining equipment hanging from the hooks. It was even more frightening when that person felt a piece of equipment being taken from one of the hooks knowing full well what was about to happen.

As Suckle was being led outside to 'cool off,' she was told by Miss Tamala to keep her head down and her eyes on the floor. She was not to look anywhere except one inch in front of her feet. Suckle was trying to imagine where the one inch area in front of her feet was so she would be sure she was being obedient to her Mistress.

Dr. Mary had impressed on Miss Tamala the importance of issuing 'precise' orders and directions to Suckle during her training period. This would configure Suckle's mind to listen to very word that came from her Mistress's mouth as though it was the most important sound she could hear. The benefits of this part of Suckle's 'education' would be very valuable when Miss Tamala gave her orders and directions on how to bring her pleasure.

The deck attached to Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala's house was made of highly polished oak wood. Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary liked highly polished wood, not only because of its luxurious appearance but also because it created the atmosphere of a type of castle or temple in which people of 'high stature' would reside. This always gave both beautiful and successful African American women a feeling of superiority and was a source of pride that went along with their beauty and success. On the other hand, it had the opposite effect on Piglet and would soon, on Suckle. One step into these luxurious surroundings would reinforce the sense of inferiority that someone with a submissive personality would experience, especially in the presence of these two beautiful dominant women.

Miss Tamala had led Suckle by her chain and both wrists locked on the sides of the waist reducer belt strapped around her waist around the deck a few times. This was another new and embarrassing experience for Suckle since she had never been 'outdoors' completely naked. Although the house itself was pretty well hidden from the main road, cars were visible traveling up and down the road through the sporadic clearings in the trees surrounding the garden. As Suckle was being led through the French doors and saw the cars, she hesitated afraid she would be seen by people from the road. One hard pull of the choker chain around her neck by Miss Tamala and Suckle stepped out 'in public' for the first time as Miss Tamala's bitch.

Miss Tamala loved the look of fear on Suckle's face as she realized that anyone who cared to take a careful look from the road could see her. Of course, Miss Tamala knew the traffic traveling up and down the road moved at a pretty fast pace and it was unlikely that anyone would even be able to observe the deck or the people on the deck for any length of time. Nevertheless, it was exciting for Miss Tamala to see the embarrassed look on Suckle's face and even more exciting to make Suckle obey the pull of the chain as she was being trained to do.

"Piglet," Miss Tamala yelled in through the French doors leading to the kitchen.

"Yes Mistress," Piglet replied as she came to the doors.

"Bring me a glass of ice tea with two slices of lemon," Miss Tamala ordered Piglet.

"Yes Mistress," answered Piglet.

After walking Suckle around the deck a few times, Miss Tamala sat down in a chaise lounge chair with large stuffed pillows. She told Suckle to kneel in front of her with her head down and her eyes looking down at the floor of the deck. Of course Suckle, with the customary acknowledgement of obedience which was becoming natural to her answered, 'Yes Mistress,' and knelt in front of her Mistress as instructed.

Suckle felt Miss Tamala's loafer clad feet come to rest on her shoulders. This was a very uncomfortable position for Suckle to be in with her wrists locked firmly at her waist. She kept her head bowed and experienced the consciousness of obedience flowing through her body and mind. She was being used as a 'foot rest' for her Mistress and it was again causing a stirring feeling in her vagina.

"Why do I feel this way?" Suckle was thinking to herself. "Why does Miss Tamala this affect on me?" Suckle was trying to identify with her submissive nature. The closeness of Miss Tamala ankles to her face left Suckle with a sense of gratification that she didn't understand. Yet she couldn't deny the feeling of sexuality she felt. In fact, she felt so excited just by the contact she was having with Miss Tamala that she wished she could turn her head and kiss or lick Miss Tamala's ankles and feet.

"Your tea Mistress," Piglet announced to Miss Tamala as she reappeared on the deck. Suckle had to walk over to the side of the chaise lounge to hand her Mistress the tea she had ordered since Suckle was being used as a 'foot rest' in front of Miss Tamala. Even Piglet could feel a stirring in her vagina while observing her beautiful Mistress, sitting relaxed in the chaise lounge with her bronze brown, loafer clad feet, resting on Suckle's white shoulders.

The 'excited' look on Piglet's face wasn't lost to Miss Tamala. She knew Piglet had become an almost 'insatiable' whore under her and Miss Mary's tutelage and with one snap of her fingers Piglet would gladly bury her face in her pussy and suck with enthusiasm to bring her Mistress to a climax. But Miss Tamala had to 'tend to' Suckle right now. Piglet would just have to wait until later to taste her Mistress.

Piglet was trained to serve Miss Tamala's tea on a 'bamboo serving tray' that Miss Mary had bought on one of her trips to Africa. There was always a straw, napkin and extra lemon wedges in a small wooden bowl on the tray. Piglet would bend, waist level, until Miss Tamala would take her glass of tea. She would then wait until Miss Tamala took her first sip of tea, pick up the napkin and, in a very sincere and caring manner, pat Miss Tamala's beautiful full lips of any moisture from the tea that might remain there.

Piglet would feel a flash of excitement go through her submissive body wherever she had the 'privilege' of serving her Mistress in this way. Today, it was especially thrilling to Piglet to observe her Mistress with her 'sister whore,' Suckle.

"Go back and finish preparing dinner," Miss Tamala ordered Piglet.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," answered Piglet as she disappeared from the deck.

Since Suckle had been ordered to keep her eyes on the deck in front of her in her kneeling position, she couldn't observe the interchange between Miss Tamala and Piglet. However, out of her peripheral vision she could see Piglet's bare feet and heard Piglet's voice as she obediently served Miss Tamala. It gave Suckle a very uncomfortable feeling somewhere deep in the pit of her stomach as she realized that she might end up in the same position as Piglet.

Suckle's mind was working overtime now. The combination of having her wrists in the cuffs, strapped to the sides of her body, and the tightness of the belt buckled around her waist made her become conscious of just how helpless she was. Suckle had never had her hands completely immobilized before and she felt an eerie frightening feeling of being unable to protect herself if the need should arise. Her tongue was still a little sore from the piercing Dr. Mary had done there. The pain from the blows of the ivory cane on her back had subsided somewhat but it still hurt enough to remind her of what had happened to her. "What's going to happen to me," Suckle was thinking to herself. "I can't move my hands. I am naked outside of the house. No one knows where I am. What if Mistress decides to kill me," The thoughts flashing through Suckle's mind were building up into a severe foreboding fear. Suckle began to tremble and tears were filling her eyes and dripping to the deck.

Miss Tamala looked down at her new obedient bitch. She was recollecting the last few days. She still was finding it hard to believe that Suckle had been so easy to take this far. She thought back on how she and Dr. Mary had led Piglet into her new life of servitude. "Maybe we are going too fast with Suckle," she was thinking to herself. "I don't want to lose her now. Damn it, she has a good mouth and tongue and she is going to be fun when she really learns how to bring me slow long orgasms," she continued thinking to herself. Then she remembered what Dr. Mary had said to her in a discussion about Suckle when they were alone.

"Suckle," Dr. Mary had told her after seeing Suckle in action, "is a really hot bitch with a libido that won't stop. She has the strongest submissive biological urges I have ever seen in a woman. All we have to do is implant the ideas in her mind and give her the freedom to act out her submissiveness and she will never want to go back to what she considered a 'normal' life before. She was born with these latent desires to be dominated by someone with a strong personality. All we are doing is making her realize a dream that was always in her mind but lay dormant just waiting for someone like us to awaken her fantasy and bring it to reality."

Miss Tamala was satisfied that Dr. Mary's explanation made sense. "Anyway," she thought, "Dr. Mary is the expert." Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary knew long ago they were multi-orgasmic. They simply loved sex. When they coupled sex with domination it was like lighting a fuse on a thousand firecrackers. Miss Tamala told Dr. Mary she was sure she could have a dozen orgasms a day and Dr. Mary promised her one day she would make her prove it.

Miss Tamala felt Suckle begin to tremble underneath her feet. When she looked down at Suckle, she saw the tears coming from her eyes and dripping on the deck.

"What the fuck is wrong with you now," she yelled at Suckle.

There was no reply from Suckle.

Miss Tamala lifted her right foot from Suckle's shoulder and let her loafer slip off and drop to the deck. She then put her bare foot under Suckle's chin and moved Suckle's head upward. "Look at me," she ordered Suckle.

Again there wasn't a reply from Suckle but her head did rise up and was facing Miss Tamala. Suckle kept her eyes closed and tears were still flowing down her face cheeks, the tears dripping slowly down to the deck.

Miss Tamala was getting angry with Suckle's lack of a reply to her questions and orders. She knew this called for punishment but Suckle was trembling more than she had ever seen her up to this point so she decided to delay any discipline for the time being.

"You're crying again. "Maybe I should have named you 'cry baby' instead of 'Suckle," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a somewhat softer tone of voice. Miss Tamala pushed down on Suckle's lower lip with her big toe. "Cat got your tongue stupid," Miss Tamala said. "Open your eyes and look at me," she continued in a now louder more demanding voice.

Suckle didn't reply but she did open her tear filled eyes looking directly at the very beautiful face of Miss Tamala.

"Now, when I ask you a question you better answer or you're heading for a severe punishment. You know I warned you about making me repeat myself. Even a jackass would understand that. Are you even dumber than a jackass?" Miss Tamala kept up the verbal pressure on Suckle.

"I ... I ... Suckle is afraid," Suckle replied, remembering to refer to herself in the third person as she had been taught.

Miss Tamala raised her bare foot six inches above Suckle's head and with a audible 'thud' she brought the heel of her foot down on Suckle's face cheek just below her right eye. The blow knocked Suckle to the floor directly in front of Miss Tamala.

"Ow, ow, oowww," Suckle involuntarily cried reacting to the pain from the blow. It was another unexpected surprise for Suckle. The earlier soft sobs became much louder. Suckle's face stung and even felt numb for a moment. She thought for sure her face would be swollen.

Miss Tamala reached down and pulled Suckle back up to her knees by the woven tube on top of her head. Suckle was still crying loudly.

"Is that the way you were taught to answer your Mistress," she yelled at Suckle. "Don't you ever disrespect Mistress again by not addressing me in the way I deserve to be addressed," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle.

"Suckle is sorry Mistress, Suckle is sorry ... Suckle is sorry," Suckle answered repeatedly between sobs deadly afraid of being kicked by Miss Tamala's heel again.

"Now explain to Mistress what you're afraid of Suckle?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle.

"I ... Suckle doesn't know what is going to happen to her," Suckle answered in a very low voice ... "I ... Suckle means Mistress," Suckle was trying to correct herself, still frightened that she might be kicked again.

Miss Tamala sensed that Suckle was struggling to understand her submissive nature and her sexual orientation. She was confident that Suckle was so docile and easily managed that she would never want to leave her especially after participating in sexual acts in a way she had never experienced before. She decided to make use of Suckle's thought processes to reinforce her submissiveness.

"Does Suckle want to go home?" asked Miss Tamala in a very soft voice. "Does my little stupid Suckle want to go back to being that boring and unpretentious Lynn Langley?"

"Suckle doesn't know Mistress," answered the sobbing Suckle in a meek unsure voice.

Miss Tamala reached down and took Suckle's face in both of her hands, rubbing her thumbs softly in corners of Suckle's eyes in outward motion in an effort to dry her tears. To Suckle it seemed like an 'act of kindness,' as though Miss Tamala felt remorseful for being required to inflict punishment on her once again. This mixture of 'punishment' followed by 'kindness' served to confuse Suckle's thought processes even more as Suckle struggled to understand her emotions. "It's my fault," Suckle was thinking to herself, "Mistress had to punish me because I was bad." Then as Miss Tamala continued holding Suckle's head, her thumbs softly rubbing her eyes and face cheeks, she heard Miss Tamala's voice begin to speak again.

"Let me tell you right now," Miss Tamala said in a soft voice as though she was telling Suckle something that was very important. "You are free to leave here at any time you want to. But Suckle must understand that once you leave your Mistress, you will never be able to come back. Do you understand?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle while looking straight into her eyes.

Miss Tamala stopped rubbing Suckle's eyes and face and sat back in the chaise lounge waiting for Suckle's reply. She let her negligee slip open to give Suckle a good view of her upper legs and thighs.

Suckle knelt there in silence looking up at Miss Tamala ... looking up the beautiful brown legs, up to the muscular thighs, and up a little further to the mass of jet black ringlets of Miss Tamala's pubic hair that seemed to be peeking at her. The words 'free to leave' ... 'never come back' ... were going through Suckle's mind over and over again. It felt so 'natural' for Suckle to be on her knees looking up at this beautiful mature woman ... and it made her feel good in a way she didn't understand.

Miss Tamala let Suckle struggle with her thoughts for a while. She knew Suckle was looking at her legs, her thighs and into the darkness surrounding her vagina. Then she decided it was time to 'assist' Suckle's thinking by embedding more suggestions in her mind. She knew Suckle reacted best when she was stimulated sexually. She had just witnessed Suckle's shameless interchange with Dr. Mary while taking pictures.

Miss Tamala bend over and started pulling Suckle's nipples very softly. "Does my bitch Suckle want me to pack her clothes and send her home?" she asked in that sexy tone of voice that always got Suckle's attention.

As soon as Suckle felt the first touch of Miss Tamala hands on her nipples she took a deep breath. "Ohhh, Ohhh ... aahhh ... ahhh ...," the little gasps came from Suckle almost automatically. "Mistress ... Suckle ... Suckle ...doesn't ...." Suckle couldn't finish speaking. The feelings stirring deep within her vagina were betraying her again.

Miss Tamala leaned over a little more ... just close enough for the cleavage of the negligee straining to hold her magnificent breasts to come within a few inches of Suckle's face.

Suckle could smell the sweetness of the lilac perfume that had poured over Miss Tamala's body in the shower and it filled her nostrils to what seemed like an overflowing sensation. She could just get a glimpse of the large dark brown circles surrounding Miss Tamala's nipples that made them seem like little twin peaks on the top of two mountains. Suckle's mouth began to fill with moisture as she salivated remembering sucking on them. She remembered the warmth between the twin mounds when Miss Tamala pulled her head there earlier at her office. She looked at into the face of Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala's hair was drying from the wetness of her earlier shower and it was naturally starting to billow outward from her head, the jet black color glistening in the late evening sun and accenting the beauty of her face ... the richness of her bronze colored skin ... the high cheek bones ... the full lips.

Miss Tamala pulled Suckle's hardened nipples a few more times until she was satisfied that Suckle was involuntarily surrendering to the sexual impulses going through her body. She leaned back in the chaise lounge pushing her hips outward and spreading her legs until Suckle's head was just above her knees and in between her lower thighs.

Suckle's nostrils immediately picked the scent that her mind automatically associated with sex. Mixed in with the smell of lilac was a light musk ... the scent she was now familiar with, coming from behind the curly jet black ringlets of Miss Tamala's pussy. Suckle sexual urges were overriding any other thoughts that had been going through her mind ... and Miss Tamala knew it!

Miss Tamala smiled at Suckle. She leaned over and grabbed Suckle's chin in the palm of her hand and squeezed very hard. Her face was only two inches from Suckle's face. Suckle looked up into Miss Tamala's dominant eyes. "You little fucking slut," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a low methodical tone of voice, "I know what you are. You're a white slut, a weakling. I knew from the first time I laid eyes on you that you were a dumb bitch. Where do you think you would ever find someone like me or Dr. Mary that would put up with your unintelligent and stupid mind not to mention taking the time to satisfy your unnatural sexual cravings?" Miss Tamala continued lecturing Suckle. Miss Tamala put an emphasis on the words 'unnatural sexual cravings' to make Suckle think she was a pervert of some kind. By embedding this thought in Suckle's mind, not only would it increase Suckle's inferiority complex but it would make Suckle think that as a 'pervert' she would have no where else to go and no one else would want her.

Making Suckle think of herself as a 'perverted person' would increase her trust in Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary, who she would think were the only two persons who understood her true character and who would let her live out her immoral desires.

Miss Tamala let go of Suckle's chin and stood up. She pulled on Suckle lead chain very hard and made the collar bite deeply into Suckle's neck. "Get up," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. "Dr. Mary is waiting for us."

Any doubt that was running through Suckle's mind was over now. She knew she could never even think about leaving her Mistress. As she followed Miss Tamala back through the French doors into the house, being led by the chain attached to the collar around her neck she suddenly felt free of any doubt about what she was becoming. "I am Suckle the whore," she was thinking to herself. "I belong to Mistress Tamala." The more Suckle thought in this manner the more excited she became, especially walking behind and looking at the sensual figure of Miss Tamala in front of her.

By the time Miss Tamala had led Suckle back down to the basement Suckle's pussy was beginning to moisten up again. As soon as she saw Dr. Mary walking toward her she thought about the large rubber dildo Dr. Mary had inserted in her pussy and the sexual exhilaration she felt from it.

"Well the dumb fucker is back," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she held up the pictures she had just finished running through the printer. "Look at your 'happy picture' she said to Suckle showing her the large eight by ten picture of Suckle holding up the sigh that said 'I am a pussy eater and an ass licker' in front of herself with a big lustful smile on her face. Dr. Mary reached down and rubbed her finger back and forth across Suckle's pussy lips as she was talking to her.

Immediately Suckle responded to Dr. Mary's expert rubbing on her pussy. Dr. Mary seemed to know just where to touch and how to touch Suckle. She got a smile on her face as she looked at herself in the picture. She felt sinful and wicked. She indeed felt like a pervert, just as Miss Tamala told her she was ... and it made her feel good and excited.

While Dr. Mary was talking and manipulating Suckle's body and mind, Miss Tamala had removed Suckle's collar, freed her wrists and unloosened the waist reducer belt. Suckle was completely naked again and felt a little more at ease, especially since her hands were free. Miss Tamala stepped back to watch Dr. Mary 'go to work' on Suckle sensing the exciting imminence of sexual activity 'in the air.'

"Do you know the little slut in the picture," Dr. Mary asked Suckle in that high pitched motherly tone of voice.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," answered Suckle again responding in a little girl tone of voice following the lead of, and responding to Dr. Mary.

"Tell Mistress Tamala who's in the happy picture," Dr. Mary asked Suckle making Suckle, once again, acknowledge and degrade herself.

Suckle was involuntarily getting caught up in the 'acknowledgment' trap once again. Suckle looked at Miss Tamala and with a smile on her face she said: "It's me Mistress Tamala, its Suckle the whore."

Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary chuckled at Suckle. They knew Suckle was getting turned on. When Suckle got into this 'state of mind' she was just about ready for anything.

"Good girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle patting her lightly on the head. "Doesn't Suckle look like an ugly idiot?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle, continuing to work on Suckle's thought processes.

Like a little girl getting a lollipop, Suckle was thrilled with the 'good girl' she got from Dr. Mary. "Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered and then added "Suckle IS an ugly idiot." Suckle volunteered the last phase hoping for another 'good girl' from Dr. Mary and another pat on the head ... and she got it!

Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary chuckled even louder and longer at Suckle's apparent enjoyment at humiliating and debasing herself in front of these two beautiful, strong and confident African American women.

"Good girl, good girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle, again patting her lightly on the head. "Now come over here. I have a special stool for you to sit on," Dr. Mary continued, taking Suckle by the arm and leading her to another place in the basement. Of course, Miss Tamala followed them.

The 'special stool' sat in a space by itself. It was twenty-four inches in length and 6 inches in width. On the bar-like stool was a large black rubber dildo with numerous little points, an inch long, sticking out and completely encircling it. Almost directly in back of that dildo was another dildo, much narrower and not quite as long. This dildo also had little points encircling it but the points were only a quarter inch long.

Suckle wasn't quite sure what 'special stool' was going to be used for, but the feeling in her vagina ... the pulsating she felt, indicated to her, at least in her mind, that it was going to be used on her. When Dr. Mary saw Suckle looking at the bar-like stool, she began to fondle Suckle's breasts again, squeezing the globes and then letting her fingers work up to Suckle's nipples, squeezing and pulling on them too. Suckle's breath quickened almost immediately letting out the now familiar little gasps of involuntary bliss.

Dr. Mary heard the little sounds coming from Suckle's mouth. "Yes, yes," she thought to herself, "this bitch is getting close to the point of no return."

Ok Suckle, you dirty little bastard," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in the proverbial words she used to demean Suckle. "Straddle your legs over the stool and lower your self down slowly."

Suckle didn't even hesitate for a moment. She did as she was instructed under the watchful eyes of both of her trainers.

"Stop," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle just as the both dildos were a few inches from her vagina and ass. "Let me take this thing out of your hair. You're ugly enough without it," Dr. Mary said to Suckle laughing at her as she continued humiliating her stimulating her submissive orientation.

Miss Tamala was observing closely. She felt the moisture building up inside of her pussy too. She didn't know what made her 'hotter' ... Dr. Mary controlling Suckle or the sight of Suckle being so completely dominated and lowering herself over these exact replicas of male penises. Miss Tamala also knew Dr. Mary must be 'boiling over' by now because she knew her well enough to know she thoroughly enjoyed this type of activity.

Suckle held this uncomfortable position, her knees half way bent down while Dr. Mary removed the woven tube from her hair. Suckle's hair was so greasy from the Vaseline that it only took a minute for the tube to be removed. Dr. Mary then took a comb and pulled Suckle's greasy hair back in one bunch and tied it with a piece of braided white rope that had three little bells attached to it an inch apart. She then rubbed the Vaseline that remained on her hands from Suckle's hair on both the 'front dildo' and the 'rear dildo.' Dr. Mary knelt down beside the stool and took the front dildo and the rear dildo in each of her hands.

"Ok slut," Dr. Mary said to Suckle, "lower yourself down until I tell you to stop."

Suckle obeyed and felt the beginnings of the double penetration of both dildos as Dr. Mary guided them to their targets ... one in her vagina and the other in the posterior opening of the alimentary canal.

As soon as Suckle got an inch of both dildos inside of her she stopped. She had a sensation of feeling 'stuffed.' The dildo in her vagina caused a sort of pleasant sensation which she had become familiar with earlier but the dildo piercing her 'rosebud' was causing a new feeling to surge through Suckle's body that she hadn't experience to this extent before.

When Dr. Mary was satisfied that there was enough penetration in both of Suckle's openings that it didn't require any more of the guidance from her hands, she got up from her kneeling position and walked in front of the 'squatting' Suckle.

"Whack," the sound of Dr. Mary slapping Suckle's face broke the silence in the basement. "You dumb bastard," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle, "did I tell you to stop?"

"I'm sorry ... Suckle is sorry Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied. "I ... Suckle ... the ... ah ... my ... my ass felt ... it hurt ... it ..." Suckle was trying to justify what she suddenly realized was disobedience.

"Give me your hands," Dr. Mary told Suckle in a very stern voice. "Excuses are not tolerated in this house. Excuses are just another form of disobedience," Dr. Mary was lecturing Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered in a low voice. "Suckle understands Madame ... Suckle understands," Suckle added on her own trying to ward off another slap in the face by placating Dr. Mary.

Miss Tamala had a large smile on her face. "It's astonishing to see how Suckle is getting to the point where she will to go any extreme to avoid punishment ... even to the point of begging," she was thinking to herself.

Suckle held her arms straight out and Dr. Mary took her smallish white hands in her beautiful dark hands. "Lower yourself until you are completely impaled on my toys," Dr. Mary directed Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," answered Suckle. The word 'impaled' scared Suckle but she wasn't about to disobey Dr. Mary again. Suckle lowered herself slowing feeling more and more of the dildos filling her both openings. As the last of the dildos disappeared between Suckle's ass cheeks and legs she closed her eyes. Now she felt really 'stuffed,' almost as though her pussy and asshole were one and the same.

Dr. Mary left go of Suckle's hands, bent down and picked up a little control box that had wires attached to it. The wires ran down under the bar-like stool, something Suckle hadn't noticed before.

"Look at me Suckle. I want to see if I can make you make a 'happy face," Dr. Mary said to Suckle again changing the tone of her voice to sound like a mother or teacher patiently instructing a child.

"Ohhh, ooohhh, aahhhhh, oh, oh, oh," the involuntary sounds came from Suckle.

Dr. Mary had turned some of the dials on the control box. One dial controlled an adjustable pulsating electrical current, another dial controlled movement, and another controlled temperature. Dr. Mary had turned on a small amount of electrical current which was emitted through the rubber dildo. The electrical current flowed through each of the points protruding out on the dildo. As each of these pulsating 'sparks' of electricity flickered 'on an off' in Suckle's pussy she would moan. At first the moans coming from Suckle sounded like gasps of pain but slowly they changed to sounds of someone experiencing an extraordinary amount of ecstasy.

Miss Tamala walked over to stand beside Dr. Mary. They were three feet from the sitting Suckle. Suckle had her hands on her thighs and was making little bouncing movements every few seconds in reaction to the impulses of electrical current which would also caused her breasts to bounce up and down slightly.

"I didn't see this one of your inventions," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary.

"I had it made a few months ago. Suckle is the first one to try it out. Would you like me to explain how it works to you?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, I sure would," Miss Tamala answered Dr. Mary.

After Dr. Mary explained the controls to Miss Tamala, she handed the control box to her and walked over to stand on the side of Suckle.

"Suckle the whore feel good?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle in that sweet disalarming tone of voice.

"Oh yes, aahhhh, oh yes Madame," Suckle answered Dr. Mary, turning her head to look into the beautiful of her trainer. Suckle had a little smile on her face that indicated to Dr. Mary the 'stool' she had specially built was doing its job.

"Feel good down here piggy girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she reached down through Suckle's pubic hair until she was rubbing on Suckle's stretched out pussy lips. Dr. Mary's hand alternated between rubbing Suckle's pussy lips and the rubber dildo as though she was illustrating to Suckle just how much of the large rubber dildo she stuffed inside of her.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle said in rapid excited sounds.

"Shit, she's flowing like a river," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"She's getting me wet just watching her," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary put her hands on Suckle's thighs and pushed her body in a backward motion. Suckle felt the rubber dildo in her pussy bend with her backward movement and felt the dildo in her asshole push forward.

"Turn the movement dial on the ass dildo," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

As soon as Suckle felt the rubber dildo turning in a circular motion in her asshole, she could feel it rubbing through the connective tissue separating both openings. It felt like the back dildo was rubbing against the dildo in her pussy.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Suckle was almost yelling out loud from the sensations she felt making her body tremble with sexual desires she could never have imagined as the feeling in her ass was resonating with the feeling in her pussy.

"Shut everything off," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "I want to keep this bitch aroused as much as possible. She's got some sucking to do." Dr. Mary was concerned that Suckle would reach an early orgasm and she didn't want her sexual arousal to 'drop off' just yet.

Miss Tamala laughed as she turned all the dials on the control box off. "Doctor dear, I do believe you are getting horny."

Suckle stopped making the little licentious sounds she had been making in response to the pulsating and moving dildos. But one glance at the lustful look on her face told Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala she was still highly aroused.

Dr. Mary untied her robe and let the front fall open. She walked over to the front of Suckle, straddled the stool facing her and sat down on Suckle's thighs letting Suckle feel her full weight and the warmth of her ass on her legs. Dr. Mary took Suckle's hands and placed them under her own dark brown breasts and let them rest there. Then she didn't do anything else but watch the expression on Suckle's face.

Suckle's expression was one of complete desire. She was amazed at the largeness and beauty of Dr. Mary's breasts. Just the sheer weight of Dr. Mary's magnificent breasts on Suckle's hands caused a stirring in Suckle's vagina. She wasn't sure if she had permission to do anything other than leave her hands where Dr. Mary had placed them. Then slowly she let her unsure little white hands squeeze and caress the beautiful twin globes gradually working up enough courage to run her little white fingers around darker brown circles surrounding Dr. Mary's nipples as though she was a girl scout on an exploring expedition. She looked into the beautiful face of Dr. Mary. She could see a large smile on Dr. Mary's face. Suckle was in heaven. She was pleasing Dr. Mary and by pleasing her trainer she in turn was pleasing herself.

Dr. Mary reached down between her own thighs and ran two of her fingers along her pussy lips. Slowly she inserted the two fingers deep in her vagina gathering up as much of her pussy juices as she could. Slowly she pulled her fingers out, being careful not to spill any of her juices. She held her two soaked fingers up in front of Suckle's face.

"Open your mouth you dirty pig of a girl and I will let you taste my honey," Dr. Mary said in a deliberate soft tone of voice.

Suckle was so excited she didn't even take the time to acknowledge Dr. Mary's order. Instead her mouth snapped open as though she had been starving for a week. Suckle even opened her mouth wider than she thought she could in an effort to demonstrate just what a slut she was for Dr. Mary. As soon as Suckle's nostrils picked up the scent coming from Dr. Mary's fingers, her mind went into a dizzily spin. "Pussy ... sex ... suck ... taste ... suck ... suck," the thoughts went through Suckle's mind so fast she thought she was becoming delirious.

Suckle felt Dr. Mary's soaked fingers on her tongue. Immediately her taste buds reacted. It was a taste Suckle had become familiar with in the last few days and it seemed like the more of the taste she got, the more she wanted. She waited and waited for what seemed like forever. As she waited she fought her natural instincts to close her mouth and suck on Dr. Mary's fingers. But Suckle's obedience training overrode her natural instincts. She knew she had to have permission to do just about anything anymore. She put a 'sad puppy' look on her face hoping that 'sad look' would gain her permission to close her mouth and do what she wanted to do. Then the voice of Dr. Mary came ... the voice she recognized as the voice of authority.

"Close your mouth and suck my fingers slowly whore. Leave all my juices on your tongue. Don't swallow. I want to watch my juices go down you crummy throat and into your belly," Dr. Mary told Suckle obviously building up her own sexual arousal by the continuing degradation of Suckle.

Permission!!! Suckle's ears rang with the word she had been waiting for ... craving for. Dr. Mary told her she has permission. Her mouth closed and her tongue went to work. She ran her tongue all around Dr. Mary's fingers. Then she slowly pulled in her cheeks in an effort to make sure she got all the flavorful juices off the two fingers. Suckle looked just like someone had put a rich creamy fudge Popsicle in her mouth the way she was sucking on the two brown fingers. And all the time she was sucking she kept running her fingers over the hard nipples of Dr. Mary.

"Enough you hungry bastard," Dr. Mary abruptly said to Suckle. "Open you mouth and let me see how you did."

Again Suckle didn't answer. She was running on 'automatic pilot' now. 'Listen for commands ... obey commands ... listen for directions ... follow directions.' Suckle's mind was like a 'finely tuned instrument,' just the way Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had planned.

Suckle opened her mouth. Dr. Mary could see the abundant creamy almost translucent juices there. "Keep your mouth opened as wide as you can and let my pussy juices slide down your throat," Dr. Mary told Suckle. Suckle did as she was told and tipped her head backwards trying to let the juices flow backward of their own accord.

"Now swallow piggy," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. With an audible swallowing sound Suckle did as she was told ... and she liked it. Suckle purposely made the swallowing sound as loud as she could because she thought it would please these two strong superior women. And Suckle was getting to the point where more than anything else in the world she wanted to please her trainers. She yearned to see the smiles of satisfaction on her Mistresses faces when she obeyed whatever they told her to do.

When Suckle was through swallowing she ran her tongue around her lips and made a 'smacking' sound.

"Ha, ha, ha," both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle's antics as Dr. Mary got up off of Suckle's thighs.

"Did you see the stupid fucker smack her lips?" Dr. Mary asked Miss Tamala.

"Ha, ha, ha," she is becoming a real slut, isn't she?" Miss Tamala replied.

"Yes, even more so than I expected," Dr. Mary said. "Are you sure you didn't find this white bitch in a whore house somewhere?"

"Nope," Miss Tamala replied. "Straight out of her third year of law school. An honor student too. And a religious instructor too. Looks like she would eat shit if you told her to."

"Hey glorious lady," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "Don't give me any ideas. Speaking of shit, let's give the bitch some 'ass respect' training."

"I have been looking forward to it. Sounds like something I would enjoy," replied Miss Tamala.

Suckle was still very highly aroused. She would make little tiny rocking movements of her hips. Just enough to keep the bodily stimulation from the dildos flowing throughout her nervous system but not enough that she thought she would get in trouble for by not having permission to make these movements.

Dr. Mary moved over closer to Suckle again. She wanted to make sure Suckle was fully aroused and very close to her peak. She knew she would have to use a lot of 'mind control' coupled with 'sexual desire' for this next part of Suckle's training. Dr. Mary started rubbing Suckle's nipples. They were already very hard. The dildos were doing their job, Dr. Mary decided. She was ready to go.

Dr. Mary moved her face very close to Suckle's face. "Now little dirty piggy girl, you have been so good your Mistress is going to give you a reward. Would Suckle the whore like that?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle switching to that motherly tone of voice that always made Suckle feel like a little girl.

"Oh yes, yes Madame Dr. Mercy," replied Suckle with enthusiasm even though she had no idea what type of 'reward' Dr. Mary had in mind.

Miss Tamala had taken her negligee off and was walking over to Dr. Mary and Suckle. She was completely naked except for the loafers she had used to walk outside earlier.

Suckle looked at Miss Tamala. This was the second time she had seen Miss Tamala without clothing of any kind. The first time was in the shower but with the water pouring over her she didn't get the time to appreciate her beauty. As Miss Tamala walked slowly toward Suckle, she had a little more time.

Suckle stared for a moment taking in the beauty of her Mistress ... the woman who was becoming the owner of her soul. She saw the richness of the color of her skin, the beautiful large firm breasts, and the brown circles surrounding the erect nipples. She looked downward at the thick mat of jet black pubic hair that seemed to glisten in dancing ringlets reflecting the light in the basement. She remembered rubbing her face in that hair and enjoying the coarseness of the strands against her face. She saw the thick thighs leading down to the muscular calves of her legs. "Truly, she is the most beautiful woman in the world," Suckle thought.

Dr. Mary directed Miss Tamala in front of Suckle. Under Dr. Mary's supervision, Miss Tamala turned around so her ass was only a few inches away from Suckle's face.

"Look Suckle, look. Isn't your Mistress's ass beautiful?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy, oh yes, yes," Suckle again replied in a highly pitched excited voice.

"Put your hands on the cheeks," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

Suckle put her smallish white hands on the dark skin of Miss Tamala's ass cheeks. They were warm, soft and firm at the same time. Suckle got another big smile on her face. It just felt so good to Suckle to be touching Mistress Tamala here. She felt as though she had gained entrance into a 'secret place' where few people have ever been ... and it was very exciting to her.

"Let's play a little game called find the 'rosebud', ok piggy girl?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle again in that sweet motherly voice.

Suckle was getting caught up in the 'little girl' routine that Dr. Mary was expertly implanting in her mind.

"Yes, yes, piggy girl wants to play," Suckle replied to Dr. Mary's suggestion. As soon as Dr. Mary heard Suckle refer to herself as 'piggy girl' she knew she was gaining control of her mind. She looked up at Miss Tamala who was looking over her shoulder and winked at her.

Miss Tamala was aroused now too. She knew that Suckle had probably never heard of the 'anus' referred to as a 'rosebud' before and it was exciting just to know where Dr. Mary was leading Suckle. In addition, she also heard Suckle refer to herself as 'piggy girl' and was familiar with Dr. Mary's methods of training. The thoughts of what was taking place behind and below her were causing the muscles of her pussy to expand and contract in a delicious way.

"Move your hands all around the two mountains toward the 'valley' piggy girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she took each of Suckle's hands and helped her move them. "See how the how the color of your Mistress's ass changes from light brown to darker brown as your hands get closer to her ass 'valley,' she said to Suckle.

"Yes Madame, yes," Suckle answered, too excited to think about addressing Dr. Mary as she had been told.

"Did you find any rosebuds yet piggy girl?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle in a playful tone of voice.

"No Madame Dr. Mercy, I don't think so," replied Suckle seemingly a little disappointed. She wasn't sure what she was looking for but, for some reason Suckle, in her new way of reasoning, knew Dr. Mary would tell her when she found what she was looking for in this 'little game.'

"Oh well, move your hands over closer to the valley ... that's right, just like that," Dr. Mary said, again directing the movement of Suckle's hands on Miss Tamala's ass cheeks. "Slide your thumbs down into the valley ... slowly ... slowly ... good, leave them just like that."

Dr. Mary took her hands away from guiding the movement of Suckle's hands. She put her hands on Suckle's hips, and rocked her back and forth a few times so Suckle would again feel the dildo in her ass press against the larger dildo buried deep in her pussy. She knew the sensations Suckle would feel and she was right. Suckle put her head back in an obvious display of the lust and pleasure bordering on abandonment. Then Dr. Mary moved her hand down between Suckle's legs. Using her fingers, she slowly rubbed Suckle's outstretched vagina lips that were encircling the rubber dildo stuffed there.

"Now you little bitch," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a more serious tone of voice, "pull the two 'mountains' apart using your thumbs."

Suckle put her head back down and looked at Miss Tamala's ass. Her eyes were glassy and she had a mischievous grin on her face, almost like she knew what she would find between the 'mountains' when she obeyed Dr. Mary's last order. Suckle did as she was told.

"Oh look piggy girl," Dr. Mary shifted back to her 'motherly' voice. "It's the rosebud," she said as though she was very surprised. "Do you see it piggy girl?"

"Yes, yes, Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied going along voluntarily with the game Dr. Mary had conceived. Suckle couldn't deny the excitement going through her mind and body just looking at this very private part of Miss Tamala's body at such a close distance.

"Why don't you smell the pretty rosebud piggy girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

Suckle hesitated. She had only been this close to this part of Miss Tamala's ass once before. On that occasion, and for some reason she still couldn't understand, she did put her mouth there voluntarily for just a second. At that time it was dark and she did everything mostly by 'feel.' Now it was right there in front of her eyes ... 'so close' ... 'so close' Suckle was thinking to herself.

Dr. Mary saw the hesitation on Suckle's part. She rubbed again on Suckle's pussy lips to keep her highly stimulated. With her free hand she pushed Suckle's head forward softly ... just to give her encouragement. That's all Suckle needed.

Suckle went the rest of the short distance herself. She put her pretty little white nose between the dark ass cheeks of her Mistress. The scent caught her sense of smell immediately. But it didn't repulse her in the least little bit. Rather her head was spinning with the thoughts of what this scent represented. Suckle knew it was a nasty thing to do ... but she wanted to do nasty things anymore. The change in her thought processes from the old 'Lynn Langley' to the present 'Suckle' was almost complete. "It makes me feel good to do nasty things ... Suckle is a whore ... Suckle is a sucker ... Suckle is an ass licker," her mind was telling her. The thoughts that both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had embedded in her mind, plus Suckle's own submissive sexual orientation were taking over. Suckle stuck her tongue out and started to go toward Miss Tamala's asshole. As soon as Dr. Mary seen Suckle's tongue stick out she pulled her back by her hair.

"The game is over you dumb whore," Dr. Mary said reverting back to that stern authoritative tone of voice. "Look at me."

Suckle turned her head to look at Dr. Mary. The rapid change in the voice and attitude of Dr. Mary always totally confused Suckle. One second she sounded like a 'loving mother' or a 'caring teacher' and then, in the blink of an eye, she became a 'drill sergeant' or a 'tough task master.' Thus, Suckle's emotions went from being very 'at ease' enjoying the sexual feelings throughout her mind and body, to becoming a fearful 'obedient puppet' ready to do anything she was told to do.

On the other hand, Dr. Mary was the 'ultimate dominant expert.' She knew exactly what she was doing at all times. She decided now was the moment to degrade Suckle like she had never been degraded before ... and she loved every minute of it. Dr. Mary's pussy was totally soaked just thinking of what she was going to make Suckle do. These are the moments Dr. Mary lived for.

When Suckle looked into Dr. Mary's eyes she saw the fury in them. She knew she had better not disappoint this 'side' of Dr. Mary's personality. Yet the sternness in this highly educated, beautiful, and strong African American woman brought a different kind of sexual gratification to Suckle. Her 'submissive nature' had been awakened and now Dr. Mary was enforcing the 'sexual orientation' that had always lived deep within Suckle's soul.

"Tell me what you see in front of you whore," Dr. Mary said loudly to Suckle.

"Suckle sees ... ah ... Suckle ... it's ...," Suckle was stammering again. She was afraid she might give the wrong answer.

Dr. Mary didn't wait for Suckle to think of an answer to her question. "That's your Mistress's beautiful ass, isn't it?" she said to Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," replied Suckle in a shaky tone of voice realizing by the continuing stern tone of Dr. Mary's voice whatever game they had been playing was indeed, over.

"Spread your Mistress's ass cheeks as far as you can," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Now tell me what you see."

"Suckle sees ... Suckle sees Mistress Tamala's ...," Suckle was thinking as fast as she could. She knew from her training what Dr. Mary wanted to hear but it was still a little difficult for Suckle to get used to saying the exact descriptive word ... especially that 'word'. "Suckle sees Mistress Tamala's asshole," Suckle said feeling a shiver of excitement flash through her as she said 'asshole.'

"Good girl, good piggy girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she gave Suckle a 'puppy pet' on the head.

Suckle eyes lit up at the 'good girl' approval and 'the petting' she got.

"What kind of a girl does Suckle suppose would want to suck on Mistress's asshole," Dr. Mary asked slowly changing her voice slowly back to that gentle inquiring tone.

"A ... a ... Suckle ... Suckle thinks a dumb girl?" Suckle answered in what sounded more like a question then a statement.

"How about a dumb piggy girl," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as though she was trying to help her with the answer to her previous question as she kept 'puppy petting' Suckle's head.

"Yes, yes, a dumb piggy girl, Madame," Suckle answered in a tone of voice that clearly illustrated the building excitement in Suckle's demeanor.

"I wonder if there are any dumb piggy girls around here," Dr. Mary said playing with Suckle's mind for all it was worth.

Suckle took the bait as she almost always did when Dr. Mary had her aroused to this point. "Suckle's a piggy girl ... Suckle's a dumb piggy girl," Suckle said in a voice imitating a young child.

"Oh yes, that's right. Suckle's a dumb whore. Suckle's also a piggy girl. Suckle likes to do dirty things with her mouth and tongue, doesn't she," Dr. Mary said using a 'fake surprised' tone of voice.

Again Suckle jumped into the flow of suggestions and ideas Dr. Mary was planting in her mind. "Yes, yes, Suckle is a dirty piggy ... Suckle likes to suck ... Suckle likes to use her mouth and her tongue ... yes, yes ... please, Suckle wants to suck Mistress Tamala's asshole ... please, please ..." Suckle couldn't contain herself. The more she degraded herself to please Dr. Mary the more excited and if possible, the more aroused she become.

Dr. Mary pulled on Suckle's nipples again. This time she would pull the stiffened nipples out as far as she could and then would let them go to spring back by themselves.

"Don't you dare cum bitch until I give you permission, do you hear me?" Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle.

"Yes, yes ... only with permission ... only with permission ... yes," Suckle answered in a rambling voice.

"Good girl, good girl," Dr. Mary told Suckle going back to petting her head. "Do you know what kind of sound pigs make?" she asked Suckle.

"Yes, Suckle knows ... Suckle knows," Suckle replied.

"Good girl, show Mistress Tamala what kind of sound pigs make," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

Suckle looked up at Miss Tamala who was looking down at Suckle over her shoulder. "Oink, oink, oink, oink," Suckle started imitating the sounds she thought this animal would make. Suckle had a very mischievous expression on her face as she looked up at her Mistress. It was as though Suckle's very life depended on how well she could demean herself for the pleasure of her Mistress.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing at Suckle. "You even look like a stupid pig," she said to Suckle.

"Ok piggy, I'm going to show you how to suck your Mistress's ass. Put you face down at the bottom of the crack," Dr. Mary told Suckle.

Suckle didn't hesitate. It seemed to Suckle as though she had been waiting to do this all her life. She had a big smile on her face as though she was a child who just got permission to get cookies out of the cookie jar.

"Now stick your tongue out and start sucking at the very bottom of the crack and go all the way to the top," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as though she was instructing a student in class.

Of course Suckle did exactly as she was told.

"Now go back down to the bottom ... back up to the top ... back to the bottom ... good girl, good piggy ... slow down, slow down, don't go so fast ... now stop and kiss Mistress's asshole lips," Dr. Mary kept supervising a very cooperative and anxious Suckle.

"Good ... you are a good piggy," said Dr. Mary. "Now stick your tongue right in between the little pretty asshole lips and suck, keep sucking moving your tongue in as deep as you can and make a lot of circles with your tongue when you get it inside. Don't stop until I give you permission to stop," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she got up and walked in front of Miss Tamala.

When Dr. Mary got in front of Miss Tamala they hugged each other in a tight embrace. They kissed ... a long passionate kiss. Dr. Mary looked in the excited eyes of her lover. "How does it feel, beautiful girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Oh damn ... damn ... the bitch has her tongue in deep ... damn, I never felt anything like it ... shit, you have to try it," Miss Tamala replied very excited.

"Oh don't worry honey girl, I will. You can count on that," said Dr. Mary thrilled at seeing the excitement of Miss Tamala. "Listen my beauty," she continued talking to Miss Tamala, "do you mind very much if I fuck the bitch's face. I'm soaking wet and I need it very bad."

"No, no, not at all darling. Go ahead ... be my guest. The bitch took me 'over the top' in the shower. Hell, it's your turn. Besides, you did all the work getting the little fucker to this point." Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary.


Dr. Mary let Suckle suck Miss Tamala's ass for another ten minutes while Miss Tamala brought herself to an orgasm using one of her favorite dildos. Dr. Mary made sure Suckle didn't reach her climax. Suckle was still in a high state of arousal as Dr. Mary made her get up from the bar stool, dislodging the dildos from her pussy and asshole. Miss Tamala went upstairs to make sure Piglet had prepared dinner satisfactorily and that their dinner table was properly set.

Dr. Mary was leading Suckle back into her laboratory holding her hand.

"Come with me bitch, you need your face cleaned. Look how filthy your face is from sucking Miss Tamala's ass," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle replied.

Dr. Mary pulled the 'special' chair out again and reclined the back down until it was flat.

"Take my robe off you ass licking bastard," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in her stern sounding voice again.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," answered Suckle again the stinging degrading words of Dr. Mary flooding her ear drums and making her feel very intimidated and inferior to this beautiful black woman.

As Suckle took Dr. Mary's robe off, she realized this was the first time she had seen Dr. Mary completely naked. Her breasts were larger than Miss Tamala's and her hips were much wider. Her thighs were also much more muscular. She also had a thick mat of jet black pubic hair that spiraled in pretty short ringlets. But it was her ass that caught Suckle's attention. It was much bigger and stuck out very prominently from her hips. Suckle ran her tongue over her lips as soon as she saw Dr. Mary's ass.

"God," Suckle thought to herself, "I am really becoming a pig. I can't help it. I want to suck her ass ... I want to put my tongue in there."

Dr. Mary didn't give Suckle too much time to think. She was very hot. She needed an orgasm for the last hour and now that the time had come she was going to make it a good one.

"Lay down flat on your back on our 'special' chair," Dr. Mary told Suckle. "Put the dildo on the end of the chair in yourself and don't you dare cum until you feel me cumming. Do you understand that?"

"Yes Madame Dr. Mary," Suckle replied. Suckle sat down slowly on the end of the chair, inserting the large black dildo in herself as she lowered herself. Then she lay flat on her back.

Dr. Mary straddled Suckle head. She reached down and grabbed both of Suckle's ears until she had a solid grip on them.

"Now bitch, I am going to fuck your face. I want you to try to get as much of your face inside my pussy as you can. I definitely want to feel your tongue and nose in there. I'm going to fuck your face so hard I am going to make the bells on the back of your head ring", Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary continued, "what the hell did you think I put the bells on the back of your head for ... ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary continued laughing at Suckle.

Dr. Mary's hips lowered over Suckle's face slowly. Suckle's face was buried in her coarse pubic hair ... then the scent flooded her nostrils ... the scent Suckle loved so much ... the musky scent the equate to sex to Suckle ... then she felt the soaking wetness as Dr. Mary's pussy lips separate and enveloped her nose and tongue. She felt the soft slippey tissue of the inside of Dr. Mary's vagina on her tongue. Suckle was in heaven ... she loved to suck. She was becoming worthy of the name Miss Tamala had bestowed on her.

Dr. Mary moved her hips back and forth on Suckle's face. She could feel Suckle nose, her tongue flicking in and out and felt her wetness seeping down on Suckle face cheeks. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more. She wanted to hear the bells on the back of Suckle's head ring. She pulled as hard as she could on Suckle's ears to bring her head up deeper into her pussy ... so hard that she figured she had two thirds of Suckle's face inside of her pussy. Then she pumped, back and forth, harder and harder, faster and faster ... until she made the bells on the back of Suckle's head ring ... and ring ... and ring.

"Hear the bells ringing you bastard," she yelled at Suckle. "Hear them ring ... ha, ha, ha ... the bells are ringing bitch ... the bells are ringing ... aahhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh, ... move your tongue up ... move it up more ... find my clit ... that's it, that's it ... take it between your lips and suck on it ... good, good ... oh, shit, I'm cumming ... I'm cumming, you fucking bitch ... keep sucking ... keep sucking ... aaaahhhhhhh."

Chapter XIII---Suckle Begins to Accept Her New Life

Suckle was completely exhausted. She had never participated in such intense sexual activities in her life. She had reached three exhilarating orgasms in the last 12 hours, something she never thought possible in her former life. Her ears were still sore from the very hard 'pulling' Dr. Mary had applied to them while tugging on her head in an 'up and down' motion while pumping her face back and forth as though she was having intercourse. As Suckle lay here in a darkened room that measured only eight feet in length and five feet in width, her exhausted mind was recollecting the last few days.

She had been placed in this room after Dr. Mary completed 'using' her for her satisfaction earlier. Suckle had 'timed' her own orgasm to coincide with Dr. Mary's, exactly as she was taught by Miss Tamala earlier. Suckle was becoming good at it. Immediately after Dr. Mary's sexual passion had subsided, she removed the bells from Suckle's head and made Suckle reenter the 'special' shower, completely washed and scrubbed her down from head to toe with the brush and the soapy disinfectant mixture, turned on the high pressure jets to rinse her off with very hot water and then instructed Suckle to exit the shower and to dry herself.

Dr. Mary then put a hand cuff made of leather on each of Suckle's wrists, made her put her arms behind her back and connected each of the cuffs by small steel interlocking links that hung from each cuff. She also put a leather collar around Suckle's neck that had a small chain attached to a steel link in the back of the collar. Dr. Mary connected the chain leading from the collar to the leather handcuffs. Suckle now had her hands cuffed behind her back held in place by a chain leading to her leather collar. If Suckle tried to move her hands more than 2 inches the chain attached to her collar would tend to choke her.

When Dr. Mary led Suckle to this room and put her inside initially, the lights were still on. Suckle noticed how small the room was and the fact that there was only a very thin mattress on the floor in the upper corner of the room. The mattress was so thin it almost looked like a heavy large towel. It definitely couldn't support much weight or give any type of comfort. There was a very large TV screen on one side of the room that was built into the wall. It had a forty two inch screen. All controls for the TV and lights were located outside of the room. The door to the room was also locked from the outside. One wall in the room was mirrored from ceiling to floor.

Dr. Mary led Suckle straight to the mattress.

"You have permission to either lie down or sit up on the mattress. I do not want you to go to sleep in any case. I want to watch the television screen and see if you can learn to appreciate just how wonderful and patient your Mistress and I have been with you. I may give you a quiz later on so you better pay attention," Dr. Mary told Suckle.

"Yes Madame Dr. Mercy," Suckle answered.

"From now on you may address me as 'Madame.' I think you know my stature and position in this house by now so 'Madame' will be enough to demonstrate your respect for me from now on. Do you understand," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Oh yes, Madame," Suckle answered. "I do respect you very much," Suckle added on her own in a very sincere voice.

"I'm going upstairs for dinner. Demonstrate your respect for my ass before I go," Dr. Mary told Suckle while turning around, picking up her robe and backing up until her large firm ass was only a few inches from Suckle's face.

Even though Suckle was completely exhausted, even though her pussy was still a little sore from the thrusting in and out of the dildo, and even though just a few minutes ago she felt so totally spent she swore she wouldn't be able to even think of sex for days, as soon as Dr. Mary's ass got close to her face, she felt that little familiar tingling in her vagina.

Suckle even compared Dr. Mary's ass to Miss Tamala's ass. Dr. Mary's ass was firm but was bigger and she had a darker tone to her skin. As Suckle let her eyes wander over to the 'valley' as Dr. Mary described the crack of Miss Tamala's ass earlier, she took notice of the change in skin color ... to a much darker shade of rich brown as the 'ass cheeks' sloped into the 'valley.'

"The valley," Suckle thought to herself. "It's so nice in the valley ... so warm ... so intimate ... I want to ... I want ...," Suckle's mind kept working. Suckle felt her chest fill up with emotion. It made her feel good ... a kind of 'good' she could never explain to anyone else. "Dr. Mary is so good to me ... so good to let me ... me, a dirty pig ... to let me be so close to her beautiful ass ... to the valley ... to her asshole ...." The more Suckle thought of herself as an 'undeserving slut' and Dr. Mary as her wonderful superior who was granting her the 'special' privilege of being so close to this very private part of her body, the more she could feel the emotion she felt in her chest move down to the area of her sexual organs.

Suckle leaned her head over until her lips touched Dr. Mary's ass cheek. Then she pressed her lips hard against the firm rich brown skin ... pressed hard until her lips were completely flattened against the firm ass cheek as though she was trying to get as much of her lips to touch this part of Dr. Mary's body that made her feel so good. By pushing her lips so hard against Dr. Mary's ass cheek Suckle's mouth came open and she stayed there for a moment savoring the taste, then moved over to the other cheek.

Dr. Mary felt Suckle's obedient lips touch her ass. She knew from the passionate way Suckle was kissing her ass cheeks with her open mouth, lips pressed hard; it was coming from deep within Suckle's soul ... her submissive soul. As Dr. Mary was thinking of some of the things she had in store for Suckle she felt the heat in her own vagina start. "This little bitch has no idea of what I am capable of," Dr. Mary thought to herself.

"You may spread my ass cheeks and kiss my asshole lips ... just kiss, no tongue you hungry bastard. Do you understand?" Dr. Mary told Suckle. Dr. Mary wanted to see just how Suckle was going to manage this task because she didn't have use of her hands.

"Oh yes, Madame, yes. Suckle the whore understands," Suckle answered as though she was just given a piece of candy. Suckle's hands were cuffed behind her back so she used her nose to try to spread Dr. Mary's ass cheeks gently. Dr. Mary's ass was much firmer than Miss Tamala's and it took a little more effort to spread her cheeks. Again the scent hit Suckle's nostrils as she entered the 'crack' and felt the warmness of both of Dr. Mary's ass cheeks on her face. The scent that Dr. Mary's ass gave off was much stronger than Miss Tamala's, yet, it didn't deter or repulse Suckle. Rather Suckle loved the excitement of pushing her face and nose here. She would rather have use of her hands so she could see better but she was determined to kiss Dr. Mary's asshole lips in any case ... and she did!

Dr. Mary pulled away almost immediately upon feeling Suckle's lips. She didn't want to get all worked up again and she knew very well she would if she let this go on for too long. "You'll get an opportunity soon to put your tongue inside of my asshole lips. I told you, I just love ass lickers. But for now, I'm hungry and am going to dinner. Remember to watch the television and see how much you can absorb in that simple mind of yours whore," Dr. Mary said as she closed the door, locked it and shut the lights off. From the outside of the room she put a video tape in the television video recorder and turned it on.

Suckle never thought she would come to this point but she was honestly disappointed when Dr. Mary had taken her ass away from her. She didn't get too much time to fret before the picture on the television screen came on. On the screen was a very pretty heavyset blonde aristocratic appearing woman. Suckle figured her height at well over six feet and her age at somewhere in her early fifties. If, upon seeing this woman for the first time, you had to immediately use one word to describe what your first impression of her was, undoubtedly you would say 'royalty.' She remained Suckle of one of her elder female college professors who had her formal education in Europe and taught physical education. She was also coach of the girl's wrestling team. But that is where the similarity stopped.

The aristocratic blonde mature woman was dressed in a leather halter type of bra that made her breasts jut out. The straps of the leather bra fit tightly under her breasts. There weren't any bra cups so the leather straps under the bra left the blonde woman's breasts completely bare and emphasized their size. She had a leather garter belt on that was holding up dark mesh nylon stockings that seemed to strain to contain her heavy muscular legs. She wasn't wearing any other type of under garment. The blondish fluffy pubic hair on her 'mons pubis' was light enough in color so her vagina was clearly visible. On her feet were high heeled leather boots that came up to her knees. Suckle thought that the blonde woman either was very heavy or the skimpy clothing she was wearing was a few sizes too small. After viewing the blonde woman from a few different angles on the television screen, Suckle determined that she was just a heavy weight. She appeared to be very strong and not someone to trifle with. The woman on the screen introduced herself as Mistress Katrina in a voice that had a distinct foreign accent, and said she would be taking the viewers on a tour of her home.

During the tour Suckle saw things she never thought possible. She watched wide eyed as both women and men were whipped, chained and disciplined in numerous ways. In one scene she saw two men summoned by Mistress Katrina. They walked up to her and stood by her side. Both of the men had their hands cuffed behind their backs. The penis of each of the men stood out, rock hard as though standing at attention. Mistress Katrina said she would demonstrate just how hard she kept her 'man' slaves. On her command, both men bent down until Mistress Katrina was able to step up, with each foot on their individual penises. Mistress Katrina snapped her fingers and both men stood straight up bringing Mistress Katrina with them. Mistress Katrina then balanced herself by standing with each of her boot clad feet on each man's penis. To demonstrate further that the only thing holding her up was the penis of each man, she folded her arms in front of her to show she was not supporting herself in any way other than by her feet.

In another scene she introduced one of her female slaves. She said she named this young short haired, fragile looking girl 'Urine.' She then proceeded to exhibit why she named her 'Urine.' When she snapped her fingers the young looking girl sat down between the legs of Mistress Katrina and put her head back. When Mistress Katrina was satisfied she was in the correct position she straddled her head and let go of her urine. The urine went directly into the mouth of the girl. Suckle could clearly see the movement of the young girl's throat as she swallowed. What surprised Suckle even more was the girl under Miss Katrina didn't miss a drop.

The scene on the television screen changed again. In this scene, Mistress Katrina was naked except for the extremely high heel shoes she wore and an almost identical leather bra that she had worn in an earlier scene that fit almost like a 'harness' and held her large bare breasts straight out in front of her. Suckle stared at Mistress Katrina and determined that although she was a very heavy woman, there wasn't much fat on her body at all. Mistress Katrina was just a very large and seemingly strong woman.

Mistress Katrina snapped her fingers once more and two women appeared, each wearing thick belts around their waists. Other than the belts, they were completely naked. Suckle was momentarily taken aback by what she saw. As the two women walked up to stand next to Mistress Katrina, Suckle couldn't help but notice the 'oddities' of their bodies. Mistress Katrina smiled as the women stood next to her as though she knew in advance that anyone who viewed the video she was making would be surprised by their appearance. She introduced each of the women by names she had given them. The one woman on her left she introduced as 'Cat' and the other woman on her right she introduced as 'Dog.' She explained to her viewers that she took 'possession' of both women went they were eighteen years of age and has 'owned' them for the last fifteen years.

Mistress Katrina walked over to a small table and picked up a riding crop. She came back and immediately swung the riding crop at 'Cat's' ass. It was evidently a very hard blow which the viewers would undoubtedly be able to determine by the sound of the riding crop cutting through the air and the loud 'smacking' sound it made as it struck the flesh of 'Cat's' ass. A small sound of obvious pain came from Cat's mouth and she immediately took two steps forward. As Cat stepped forward, Mistress Katrina went to the table and came back holding a large photograph. As she held it up, the camera moved in to fill the television screen with the photograph. Miss Katrina explained to the viewer that this was a full photograph of Cat when she first took 'possession' of her at age eighteen. The photograph illustrated a picture of a very young pretty girl with a very slender figure.

Suckle stared at the television as she looked at his young girl in the photograph. As the camera moved back to show Cat as she appears today, Suckle stared again at the difference in the 'young' Cat, and the 'present' Cat. There wasn't any doubt that they were the same person. The facial features were almost identical but that was about the only way someone would be able to tell they were the same person.

Miss Katrina picked up the riding crop again and walked over in front of Cat. The camera moved in on Cat's breasts. Suckle stared again at the incredible difference. Miss Katrina put her riding crop under Cat's left breast which hung down from her chest to the bottom of her rib cage. Cat's breasts had been reshaped and now took a long narrow form instead of the normal circular globe shape form. She lifted Cat's breast up with the riding crop while she explained to her audience, in a voice that seemed to be filled with pride, that she had stretched both of Cat's breasts to a length of six inches. Cat's nipples, she explained, were elongated to four inches. Miss Katrina pulled the riding crop out from under Cat's breast and it fell down with a 'slapping' sound back against her body.

Mistress Katrina explained that she had compressed Cat's tits to a mere diameter of 4 inches. It appeared to Suckle that someone probably had squeezed Cat's breasts in some kind of a 'vise' to get them so narrow and long. The camera moved to show a large picture of Miss Katrina's face as she began to laugh. "Ha, ha, ha," Miss Katrina laughed, "try to buy a bra for those fucking tits," she said to the audience. As the camera moved back out, Miss Katrina raised her riding crop and stuck Cat very hard on her shoulder. Again the 'smacking' sound of the crop striking flesh filled the sound coming from the television. Immediately Cat turned around with her backside facing the camera.

It seemed to Suckle that Cat had been taught to 'obey' the riding crop. Miss Katrina never spoke a word to her. She just hit Cat with the riding crop on different parts of her body and seemingly Cat would move in reaction to the strike of the crop. Suckle again stared at the size of Cat's ass. It was the largest and widest ass Suckle had ever seen. Mistress Katrina held up another photograph illustrating Cat's ass when she was eighteen years old. At that time, she had a 'normal' sized ass, maybe even a little on the slender side.

Mistress Katrina walked over to the table and got a tape measure. When she came back to stand by Cat, the camera again moved in to show a full picture of Cat's ass. Mistress Katrina held the tape measure against Cat's ass. It measured almost thirty inches across and was completely out of proportion to the rest of Cat's body. Miss Katrina took the tape measure and measured Cat's waist. It was only twenty-two inches and Miss Katrina smiled for the camera as though she was really proud of the 'modifications' she made in Cat's body.

Miss Katrina raised her riding crop over her head and struck Cat's other shoulder. Immediately, with a little 'grunt of pain,' Cat turned so the audience could get a 'side view' of her body. Suckle stared at the sight on the television screen. She saw Cat's elongated breasts and nipples hanging like 'udders' on some type of animal. Coupled with that very large and fat ass, Suckle for a moment thought Cat looked like a 'freak.'

Miss Katrina walked to the side of Cat, facing the camera as the camera moved in for a closer view. Miss Katrina began to speak to the audience.

"As you probably surmised by now, Cat is only one of my many pets," Mistress Katrina began speaking in that foreign dialect. Even the sound of Mistress Katrina speaking in a slow foreign sounding voice make her appear to be a 'woman of very high intelligence' and added to the sexually of her dominant orientation. "Cat is very obedient and takes great joy in bringing excitement and pleasure to me, the owner of her body and soul," Mistress Katrina continued. "If you are a Mistress viewing this tape, I highly recommend you consider fattening and widening the ass of your slaves or pets. The sound of your crop, whip, or cane striking a fat ass will give you a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to duplicate. I can usually get through about ten strikes without having an orgasm. After that, darlings," Mistress Katrina continued in the sexy sounding voice, "I lose control and it just pours out of me. I suggest you turn the sound up on your television and I will demonstrate."

Miss Katrina stepped back one step. She raised her riding crop over her head and bought it down in a slightly circular motion. If you watched closely you could see the flexible tip of the riding crop bend on the downward motion from the sheer velocity that it was traveling. When the crop stuck Cat's ass it filled the sound of the television with the unmistakable sound of something very rigid striking flesh. The crop sunk deep into the fat of Cat's ass making that particular ass cheek bounce and quiver. Miss Katrina repeated the ferocious whipping again ... and again ... and again ... and again, as though the raising of the whip over her head, the circular motion, and the striking of flesh was all one motion. She divided the blows equally on Cat's ass cheeks.

By the fourth or fifth blow, Cat hung her head down, her whimpers becoming louder and louder with each new blow. Yet she stood there and took it. She even raised her ass up after each strike as though she had been trained well in this process. The expression on Mistress Katrina's face was one of someone who was in a sexual frenzy. There could be no doubt that Miss Katrina was thoroughly enjoying delving out this type of discipline.

Until a few days ago, Suckle had lived a very sheltered life. She never even saw a pornographic film. Yet here she was, sitting naked in this darkened room, hands cuffed behind her back and those same hands chained to her neck. Yet watching this very stern and dominant looking woman exert such control over her 'subjects' or 'property' made Suckle feel slightly aroused. The television played for another hour with Mistress Katrina using the same process of introducing and exhibiting the other woman she had named 'Dog." Then she demonstrated a few other 'techniques' that she was an 'expert' at. When the tape finished and the television finally went black, the room was completely dark. Even though Suckle was still a little bewildered by what she had just witnessed, she found herself wishing she could meet this large heavyset woman, Mistress Katrina, and this scared her ... Suckle was moving deeper and deeper into the lifestyle that Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had planned for her. And what scared Suckle was ... she found herself wanting more and more.


Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had a very relaxing dinner. Piglet served dinner in the usual way, standing in her usual place waiting to fulfill any order from either of her Mistresses. Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala got in a discussion about Suckle while enjoying their meal.

"That fucking bitch Suckle is the hottest bastard I could ever imagine," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "She even surprises me and you know I've been around the block a few times so to speak."

"Well, do you think we are going too fast with her darling?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Hell no, honey girl," replied Dr. Mary. "I'm having a lot of fun with this bitch. Her mind is so easy to work on. It's almost like bending a pretzel. Did you hear her acting like a pig when I embedded that thought in her mind?"

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed. "Yeah, I thought I was going to have an orgasm right on the spot when I heard her oinking."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary joined Miss Tamala in laughter. "All you have to do is touch her tits and her mind goes to mush. Stimulate the fucking whore and she'll do anything you tell her to do. Of course, a little 'mind control' doesn't hurt," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, I can see that. Anyway, you're an expert working with Suckle's mind," Miss Tamala replied.

"Well you did ok too. Look how far you took her when you were alone with her in your office honey girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

"But I had a great teacher darling," Miss Tamala replied. "The fucking bitch didn't even hesitate when I put her head between my legs the first time. But she still has a lot to learn about sucking pussy. I like it slow and easy. But Suckle gets so excited she sucks too fast ... like she wants more and more."

"Yes, you're right. I noticed that. That's what I am trying to explain to you honey," Dr. Mary explained in her professional sounding voice. 'Suckle's mind is like a fertile field that was just waiting to be planted. She never had much sexual experience, which is very obvious. The sexual gratification she feels, and what we allow her to have by doing what we make her do is all new to her. The stupid bitch thinks its normal what the hell ever normal is. But it is also very important that she learns that we are very superior to her, that she is stupid and could not ever get along without us. I promised you before I am through with her she will be a like a sexual deviant worshipping the ground you and I walk on," Dr. Mary continued. "I know she sucks too fast right now. The few times I had her sucking me, I ended up fucking her face."

"Well it is hard to control yourself when you see that pretty white face between your legs," Miss Tamala replied. "But you still have to try the bitch with that tongue stud. I love it. It really felt wonderful feeling that cock stud on my clit."

"I was going to put it back on her before I fucked her face the last time but her tongue is still a little red. I will have to put some medication on her tongue before we bed her down for the night," Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed. "Right, we don't want anything to happen to that tongue. Now that you mentioned bedding the bitch down, I still have to feed her. She hasn't had any food since early this morning. Plus, I still have to take care of that stupid fiancé of hers."

"Well, as soon as we finish dinner we better do it," Dr. Mary replied.

As soon as dinner was finished Miss Tamala made Piglet get today's garbage. She scraped the leftovers from Dr. Mary's plate and her own plate, mixed it with the garbage and fed Piglet. Then Miss Tamala gave Piglet specific instructions as she and Dr. Mary left to go down to the basement where Suckle was locked up in the room in the back end of the basement.

Suckle had been in the darkened room, without the TV on for about an hour. Suddenly the lights came on in the room. When the door opened Suckle saw both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. Miss Tamala had combed her hair perfectly. The jet blackness of Miss Tamala's hair shined in the light from the room as though she had a million twinkling stars in her hair. She had changed her orange negligee robe to a white terry cloth robe that had a center tie and came down to her ankles. On her feet she wore open toe heeled slippers that had a little puff of white fur on top of the strap crossing her instep. The top part of the robe showed an extreme amount of cleavage as her firm brown breasts strained against the white material of the robe. She had changed her lipstick to a very rich red color. Her high cheek bones were lightly brushed with red blush rouge.

Suckle stared at this beautiful strong woman ... 'her Mistress' ... her mind was telling her as she felt a sincere humbleness at being chosen to be owned by Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala's bronze brown skin was highlighted even more by the whiteness of the robe. Suckle saw the perfectly polished brown toes at the open end of Miss Tamala's slippers and remembered having them in her mouth ... another thought that made her feel 'good' in her loins.

Dr. Mary had pulled her hair back into a bun and had changed into a multi-colored housecoat that had symbols of Africa printed on it ... another item she bought while on one of her visits to Africa. The way Dr. Mary's hair was fixed plus the thin rimmed eye glasses gave her a very stern appearance. Suckle was always scared when Dr. Mary was close by. She remembered the lashes she had gotten on her back from Dr. Mary. They had made a lasting impression on her and yet ... yet she still had an 'urge' ... an 'urge' she couldn't understand but felt ... to put her nose and mouth back in that beautiful large and firm black ass of Dr. Mary that Suckle saw jutting out from the multi-colored housecoat.

Piglet was walking in back of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary carrying two chairs.

"Put the two chairs in here Piglet and then go get the food I put out for Suckle," Miss Tamala told Piglet. "Also bring the bag and the dish you ate your garbage out of."

"Yes Mistress," answered Piglet as she put the chairs down and left the room. Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary sat down in the chairs facing Suckle who was still on the mattress.

Dr. Mary spoke first. "Come over here sucker," she said to Suckle in that no nonsense tone of voice.

"Yes Madame," answered Suckle as she moved over in front of the two chairs.

"Tell me and Miss Tamala what you learned by watching the video tape of Mistress Katrina," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Ah, ah ... Suckle ... ah, Mistress Katrina ... Mistress Katrina is very ... ah," Suckle wasn't sure how to answer this question. When Suckle heard the mere mention of the name of 'Mistress Katrina' come from Dr. Mary's lips she felt her heart beat a little faster and her pulse quicken. The image of this large heavyset disciplinarian formed a picture in her mind that instantaneously caused a quiver of excitement to flicker throughout her body.

Dr. Mary knew Suckle had never been exposed to the type of activity she saw on the TV screen. But she wanted to test Suckle impression of other Mistresses. She knew Suckle was struggling to put into words what she had just viewed.

"Isn't Mistress Katrina a wonderfully big Mistress?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle.

"Yes, yes, Madame," Suckle replied.

"Did you see how big and strong Mistress Katrina's legs and thighs were?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle, cleverly implanting the thought in Suckle's mind that 'big strong legs and thighs' were something that Suckle's should desire.

"Yes, Madame, Suckle seen Mistress Katrina's big strong legs and thighs," Suckle answered in a voice that expressed a little more excitement.

Dr. Mary reached down and took each of Suckle's nipples between her forefinger and thumb. She pulled them straight out, slowing stretching them to almost their full capacity. "Who else has big strong legs and thighs?" Dr. Mary asked Suckle faking a genuinely inquisitive sounding voice.

"Aaahhh, ooohhhh, aahhh," ... Suckle was gasping in response to the manipulation of her nipples ...the mixture of pain and pleasure. "Dr. Mary ... Dr. Mary has big strong legs ... and thighs ... yes ... and Mistress Tamala ... too ... Suckle ... Mistress Tamala has big strong legs too," Suckle kept saying in between gasps, getting more and more excited at the picture in her mind of her trainers' legs and thighs that her words were describing.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing. "You're turning the fucker's mind to mush darling," Miss Tamala told Dr. Mary referring back to their discussion at dinner.

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary returned the laughter at their 'private joke.'

"Mistress Katrina is a very dear friend of mine," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she released Suckle's nipples all at once by just suddenly opening her thumbs and forefingers. Suckle's breasts snapped back on their own but it was very obvious by the redness of Suckle's nipples that Dr. Mary had squeezed them very tightly while pulling them out so far. "She may be coming to visit us soon. If you are a good slut we may let you meet her in person," Dr. Mary continued while watching Suckle's eyes widen with what appeared to be fear.

Suckle didn't know what to say ... "Mistress Katrina here?" she was thinking to herself ... really ... the same Mistress Katrina she had just seen on the television?" Suckle's mind was in a tail spin. She felt a bolt of excitement go through her body as she was thinking of Mistress Katrina ... but the feeling going through her was also mixed with fear as she remembered the vicious whipping Mistress Katrina had applied to Cat's ass.

Suckle's thoughts were interrupted by Piglet's sudden appearance back in the doorway to this room.

"Mistress Tamala," Suckle said. "I have Suckle's food Ma'am."

"Good, give it to me and go sit in the corner facing the wall. Put your hands behind your head and get your stupid face as close to the wall as you can," Miss Tamala ordered Piglet.

Suckle watched Piglet. Piglet had what appeared to be an extra large t-shirt of some kind on that ended just above her pubic hair. It was made of cotton, was short sleeved and was white in color. Across the front of the t-shirt printed in capital letters were the letters CUNT. Just seeing the obscene and disparaging word on the t-shirt Piglet was wearing as a sort of advertisement or description of herself excited Suckle.

Miss Tamala, under that watchful eye of Dr. Mary, put the dish on the floor. She slipped her feet out of the slippers she was wearing and moved the dish over until it was between her feet. She also put the 'bag' next to the dish.

"Move over in front of me," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle as she shuffled over to kneel in front of her Mistress.

"It is time for your evening feeding," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "You will be allowed to feed twice a day unless I determine otherwise. Usually it will be early in the morning and late in the evening. The rest of the time in between meals you will get any nourishment I decide you should have from my body or Dr. Mary's body. Do you understand?" Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle understands Ma'am," Suckle replied adding the 'Ma'am' in an attempt to demonstrate to Miss Tamala that she was a 'good girl.' Suckle was finding herself yearning to be 'petted' on the head more and more by either or both of these beautiful statuesque African American women. Looking up at Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary, Suckle felt so insignificant, even finding herself comparing her white pale skin to the richness of their brown skin.

"Now I want you to read the description of the food I am giving your for your evening meal," Miss Tamala instructed Suckle. "And read it out loud so the good doctor can hear what you are 'enjoying' tonight. After all, Dr. Mary likes to know our stupid whore is being well cared for."

Dr. Mary was sitting almost right next to Miss Tamala. She already knew what was in the 'bag' and she loved the game she was playing with Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered as she began to read from the bag.

"It's says 'Super Nuggets' ... dog food for medium sized dogs, can be fed to puppies after weaning also ... nuggets are basted in real meat juices ... can be mixed with warm water ..." Suckle was continuing to read out loud when Miss Tamala stopped her.

Both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary were getting aroused watching the kneeling Suckle, her hands tied behind her back, her hair straddling and unkempt after being scrubbed with a heavy bristled brush with just soap and disinfectant. They both had smiles on their faces as they heard Suckle describing her evening feeding.

Dr. Mary leaned over and kissed Miss Tamala on the lips. "That was beautiful thinking honey girl," she said to Miss Tamala. "I'm enjoying listening to the little white bitch. It's getting me hot again."

"Look at the dish that I am going to put your food in slut," Miss Tamala told Suckle. Suckle leaned over and saw some old dried up drippings in the dish that didn't give off a very pleasant odor. "This is the dish you and your sister whore will share. There isn't any need to waste two dishes on you worthless white pigs. And you are never to wash this dish unless I tell you too. Understood?" Miss Tamala continued instructing Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala, Suckle understands Ma'am," Suckle replied.

Miss Tamala opened the bag and poured the hard brown nuggets in the dirty dish from which Piglet had eaten her meal of garbage earlier. She put her bare feet right next to the 'bowl-like' dish, which embedded another 'subliminal message' in Suckle's mind. From now on, whenever Suckle ate at 'feet of her Mistress' she would equate this 'symbolic gesture' automatically with the thought that she was being allowed to feed only by the 'generosity and goodness' of her Mistress for which she would feel a debt of gratitude. This simple little act would, in Suckle's mind, make her more dependent on her Mistress for even the 'necessities of life.'

Then Dr. Mary winked at Miss Tamala. Right away, Miss Tamala knew that Dr. Mary was going to get in on the 'fun' they were sharing with Suckle. She knew once Dr. Mary started to get aroused she was capable of anything.

"Hey you stupid doggy," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Are you such a dumb dog that you don't know how to act when your Mistress puts food in your dish?"

Suckle just kneeled in front of the dog food filled dish with a blank expression on her face not having any idea how to answer that question. But she wanted to please both her Mistress and Dr. Mary so she tried to say something that she thought would please them.

"Yes, Dr. Mary ... yes, Suckle is a dumb dog," Suckle answered.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle's answer. "Look like a dumb stray dog. The 'fur' on your head is a mess. You look like you were sniffling around dumps or something."

"Don't let her eat yet," Dr. Mary said excitingly and sternly. "I'll teach the motherfucking whore how a dog is supposed to display its gratitude when it's beautiful Mistress gives it food. Dr. Mary got up and left the room. She was only gone a minute. When she returned she had a three foot cat-o'-nine-tails with her.

As soon as Miss Tamala saw the cat-o'-nine-tails in Dr. Mary's hand she knew what Suckle was in for. Even though this 'side' of Dr. Mary frightened Miss Tamala somewhat, it also excited her. She couldn't deny it because she could feel the wetness in her vagina building up just thinking about what she perceived was to come.

"Now you motherfucking mutt," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle in a very stern voice, "bend your head over your food dish and don't eat until you are told to. Raise your ass up in the air."

"Whish" ... the sound of the whip cutting through the air filled the small room. It was immediately followed by the 'splat' as the nine different knotted cords struck Suckle's ass.

"Aaahhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhh," Suckle really screamed as the fiery pain shot through both of the cheeks of her upturned ass at the same time. The cat-o'-nine-tails was one of Dr. Mary's favorite disciplining implements since she could cover both cheeks of Suckle's ass with one blow.

"Aaaaahhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhh, ... oooohhhhh ... oh God, oh God," Suckle screamed again as she felt the second blow reach her ass from the whip Dr. Mary was using on her.

"Whenever your Mistress puts food in your dish you are to wiggle your ass," Dr. Mary yelled again at Suckle. "Do it now."

"Oh yes, oh yes ... there ... there ... I ... I am wiggling ... Suckle is wiggling her ass ... please, please ... Suckle is wiggling her ass ... please don't hit me ... please don't hit Suckle again ..." Suckle was struggling to do everything right including putting her verbal responses in the 'proper' form ... the way she was trained.

"Shut up," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle. "Don't you ever beg not to be hit! Your trainers know what is best for you and what you need for your education in the service of your superiors. Remember, disobedience brings punishment; obedience brings rewards. Is that understood?" Dr. Mary's stern voice filled the room. "Now wiggle your ass again and don't stop until your Mistress tells you to eat."

Miss Tamala had slipped her hand under her robe and was lightly rubbing her wet pussy. She saw the bright red marks where the knotted tails of the whip had struck Suckles white ass. There were at least a dozen marks from the knots on the whip that were about the size of a half dollar spread on both of Suckle's ass cheeks. Some of the marks had red striped lines below them where the leather string-like individual lines that had the knots attached to them left their imprints.

Piglet was shaking a little in the corner of the room. But her vagina was also very wet from the sounds she heard of Suckle being punished. Piglet wished it was her because she knew that following most punishments rewards would sometimes follow ... and she also knew that a lot of times the rewards consisted of the opportunity to suck one or both of her Mistresses pussies. Piglet, of course, was just about insatiable went it came to tasting her Mistresses. She was addicted to the feeling she got from sucking on just about any part of her Mistresses body.

Suckle was wiggling her ass fast. She moved her ass from side to side repeatedly the way she imagined a dog would wag its tail. She even exaggerated the movements of her ass to show Dr. Mary and her Mistress that she had learned her lesson well.

Dr. Mary came back over and sat in her chair. "Your fucking stupid dog whore is all yours honey girl," Dr. Mary said between gasps of air. Dr. Mary always got so sexually aroused punishing one of the bitches that she got a little out of breath from the excitement she felt. "Do you like the way it wags its tail?"

"Yes, yes ... thank you darling," Miss Tamala replied. "You looked extremely beautiful, as you always do, when you are imparting your wisdom on these stupid bitches."

Again they leaned over and kissed ... lips to lips ... a long passionate kiss of two very dominant beautiful women who understood and accepted their sexuality, who knew what 'turned each other on' and were intoxicated by the arousal they got from it.

When their lips parted, Miss Tamala put her arm around her lover's shoulders. She raised her beautiful brown foot up and put it on top of Suckle's head.

"Eat you dumb dog whore," she said to Suckle while pushing her head down into the food in the dish. Miss Tamala also gave Dr. Mary a little squeeze as she gave Suckle this order to begin eating the dog food ... and Dr. Mary in turned put her arms around Miss Tamala to return the squeeze.

Suckle took one nugget at a time in her mouth. They were very hard and had the consistency of a very hard grainy type of dry cereal. The sounds coming from Suckle's mouth as she chewed was loud as the hard nuggets crunched against her teeth. When her saliva mixed with the ground up pieces of dog food in her mouth, the taste it left almost gagged her. It tasted like some kind of rotten meat and even left a rancid odor seep into her nostrils. But she swallowed. "Wasn't that what 'good girls' were supposed to do," she reasoned with herself. The odor of 'dog food' coming from Suckle's mouth acted as another 'stimulant' for Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. You could see the arousal of both women building just by the look in their eyes and lustful expression on their faces.

Dr. Mary got up from the chair and knelt down next to Suckle.

"Ah, poor little doggy," Dr. Mary said in Suckle's ear as she 'puppy petted' Suckle's head. "Is your doggy food too dry?" she continued in the 'motherly, sympathetic' sounding voice again.

Suckle didn't answer. She wasn't about to risk giving Dr. Mary the wrong answer and get her upset again. She just took another nugget of dog food in her mouth again and started crunching on it.

"Maybe your Mistress can make it easier for her dirty whore to eat her dog food by moistening it for you," Dr. Mary said again to Suckle in that sweet gentle caring tone of voice.

"Tha ... thank you Madame," Suckle said to Dr. Mary after swallowing the dog food that was in her mouth. She didn't know if it was right to 'thank' Dr. Mary for her suggestions but her 'trained' mind flashed back to earlier when she was punished for not thanking her when she spoke in a suggestive manner to her.

Miss Tamala took the hint from Dr. Mary. She knew how Dr. Mary 'worked.' It was as though they could read each other's mind. Miss Tamala stood up and loosened the 'tie' around her waist that held her robe closed. She let her robe fall open.

"Pick your head up little dirty doggy," Dr. Mary told Suckle as she helped her raise her head by grabbing her hair and pulling her head upward. "Now put you head back like this," Dr. Mary said to Suckle again as she positioned Suckle's head in the proper position for what was about to come. That 'caring' tone of voice coming from Dr. Mary always put Suckle almost completely at ease as she obeyed.

It only took a minute for Suckle to pick up the scent of Miss Tamala's pussy. It was right there in front of her face. The scent made her a little dizzy with desire as she felt the contractions of a new arousal beginning in her own pussy.

As Suckle looked up she could see the beautiful face of her Mistress looking down at her with a large smile on her face. She saw the beautiful dark eyes come alive with a lustful glare in them. She saw Dr. Mary's hand come up on Miss Tamala's belly as she make little slow circles with the palm of her hand around Miss Tamala's belly as she began to speak.

"Does our dirty dumb doggy know what's in here?" Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a teasing tone of voice.

Suckle thought for a minute. "Better not risk a wrong answer," Suckle thought. "No Madame, Suckle doesn't know."

"There is nice warm 'pee pee' in there. Mistress Tamala's belly keeps it nice and warm just for doggy Suckle," Dr. Mary said, hardly able to contain the building up of juices in her pussy as she led Suckle through this new act of degradation.

"Open your mouth and keep your head back," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. Suckle obeyed. Dr. Mary took her hand away from Miss Tamala's belly, reached down in the dish and took two nuggets of dog food and put them in Suckle's mouth. "Now don't chew on your food until Mistress Tamala makes them nice and moist and juicy for you," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she looked up and winked again at Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips. She lowered her pussy until it was just above Suckle's opened mouth. She leaned her head over a little so she could aim the opening of her vagina and also watch her urine go into her bitch's mouth for the very first time.

Suckle wanted to watch too. She remembered how 'Urine,' Mistress Katrina's pet took urine in her mouth. As the picture of 'Urine' drinking Mistress Katrina's piss formed in Suckle's mind, she was eager and thrilled to think she would soon be doing the same thing. She stared at the opening of Miss Tamala's vagina surrounded by the beautiful jet black ringlets of pubic hair and saw the first yellow spurt leave Miss Tamala's pussy. Instantly a new 'scent' filled her nostrils ... the scent of urine from Mistress's pussy. Even though Suckle recognized the odor of urine from her own toilet needs, the scent coming from the closeness of Miss Tamala's urine took on a whole new meaning to Suckle, especially when she felt it hit her lips and mouth. She felt the warmth of the liquid in her mouth as the salty taste mixed with the dog food nuggets. Miss Tamala only gave Suckle enough to fill her mouth and then 'shut' it off.

"Don't chew the nuggets or swallow yet slut," Dr. Mary told Suckle. "Let the dog food soak in your Mistress's piss until they get nice and soft." Dr. Mary was starting to reach the peak of her arousal as she looked in Suckle's mouth and saw the yellow liquid mixed with the dog food. The thoughts of the new depravity they were making Suckle undergo was bringing her to the edge ... and she knew it.

"Piglet, put your hands down and get over here," she told Piglet.

"Yes Mistress Mary," replied the excited voice of Piglet. Although Piglet and kept her eyes on the wall in the corner of the room she knew from the sounds, movements, and odors what was going on behind her. She was soaking wet and very eager to participate and was thrilled to be summoned by Dr. Mary.

"Get under me and I want you to suck my pussy slowly. Don't hurry, you dumb cunt," Dr. Mary said to Piglet as she lifted her torso to make room for Piglet's head. "Just take long slow strokes back and forth on my pussy lips until I tell you I want to cum. Then, and only then, I want you to take my clit in your mouth and suck on it like it was a pacifier."

As soon as Piglet got her head under Dr. Mary vagina, buried her face in the mass of black pubic hair and began to perform with her tongue as she was instructed, Dr. Mary reached down to Suckle's pussy with her free hand. She looked again into Suckle's opened mouth as she began to rub Suckle's swollen and throbbing pussy lips.

"Ok," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Your dog food is nice and soft now. You can chew your food and swallow." Both Miss Tamala from her view standing over Suckle and Dr. Mary watched as Suckle closed her mouth and began to chew. They could tell by the way Suckle's face cheeks puffed out that she had a mouthful of dog food mixed with urine. As Suckle swallowed, Dr. Mary brought the hand she had been rubbing on Suckle's pussy lips up to her belly and started to make small rotating movements on Suckle's belly.

"There now, doesn't that make your belly feel nice and full," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she swallowed the last of the mixture in her mouth.

Suckle turned her face to look into the excited face of Dr. Mary. "Oh, yes, yes, Suckle's belly feels nice and full," Suckle answered in a tone of voice that indicated she was in a very high state of arousal both from thoughts of the act she just performed and the stimulating by Dr. Mary of her pussy.

Miss Tamala reached down and unhooked Suckle's hands from her handcuffs. "Pick up your dish and hold it under my pussy and I will moisten the rest of your food," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. Miss Tamala took over for Dr. Mary. She knew Dr. Mary was just about ready to reach her orgasm using Piglet's head and she wanted to give her lover something to go 'off' on.

Suckle picked up her dish and held it directly under Miss Tamala's pussy. Miss Tamala spread her pussy lips a little more and let the balance of her urine go into the dish. Suckle watched with a lustful smile on her face as the yellow urine filled the dish. When Miss Tamala had emptied her bladder she told Suckle to put the dish back between her feet.

"Mix your dog food with your fingers until my piss makes your nuggets nice and soft," Miss Tamala directed Suckle. Suckle did as she was told eagerly. Dr. Mary rubbed Suckle's pussy a few more times to keep her very stimulated and aroused. Then she took her hand away and used both of her hands to take hold of Piglets ears.

"Is you nuggets soft yet?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle.

Suckle was breathing heavy with excitement. "Oh, yes ... yes, soft ... nice and soft ... Suckle's nuggets are nice and soft ..." Suckle was blabbering now.

"Put your head in the bowl and eat just like the fucking dirty dog you are," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "Don't you dare use your hands."

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary watched as Suckle obeyed without hesitation of any kind. "The fucking white bitch is 'flying again,' Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala using that expression to indicate that Suckle was now completely under their control.

"I know it and I love it," Miss Tamala replied as she inserted two of her fingers into her own pussy and begin to masturbate herself to the sight of Suckle eating dog food mixed with her urine and watching Dr. Mary as she starting pumping away at Piglet's face and mouth.

Miss Tamala felt the sudden urge to go even further. She wanted more ... she wanted to exert and test the power she had over her new bitch. She picked up one foot and put on top of Suckle's head. Suckle had been picking up the piss soaked and soft nuggets one at a time, chewing them a little and swallowing. When Suckle went down to the bowl to get another bit of dog food, Miss Tamala pushed down on Suckle's head with her foot until Suckle's face was completely in the bowl. Miss Tamala pushed so hard that some of the mixture came out of the bowl as Suckle's face hit bottom.

When Miss Tamala took her foot away from Suckle's head, Suckle's head came back up. It was covered with dog food made soft and mushy from Miss Tamala's urine. The sight of Suckle, with that stupid, lustful and self degrading smile on her dog food covered face sent both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary 'over the edge.' Miss Tamala brought herself to an intense orgasm by masturbating while staring at her 'slaves' face. Dr. Mary likewise couldn't hold back any longer. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on Piglet's face, covering Piglet's face from chin to forehead until she too reached an intense orgasm.

When both Mistresses started to relax and come down slowly from the excited feeling that only a completely satisfying orgasm can bring, Miss Tamala looked down at Dr. Mary, who was still sitting with her full weight on Piglet's head: "Damn," Miss Tamala said, "does life get any better than this?"

"Oh yes, honey girl," just wait until tomorrow ... and the next day ... and the next day ..." Dr. Mary replied, letting her voice trail off.

Chapter XIV---The "Morning After"

It was early dawn on Saturday morning. The sun was coming up in a cloudless sky. It promised to be a beautiful day. The temperature had dropped down to 45 degrees during the early spring night and with the windows opened, there was a cool, almost chilly breeze blowing across the bed. Miss Tamala was just waking up after a restful and thoroughly satisfying night of sleep. She pulled the covers up around her neck as she opened her eyes. She was in the 'extra' bedroom, one of the five bedrooms in her and Dr. Mary's house. This was a 'special' bedroom that was specifically equipped and designed by Dr. Mary.

The first thing she saw was Suckle in her rubber latex suit, still sitting erect in the wooden straight backed chair, eyes taped shut, gagged with a 'nipple apparatus' in her mouth, earphones on her head and her pussy stuffed with a very large black colored dildo. Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had decided against placing Suckle in the training cage in the basement for the night. It had only been two full days since they 'captured' Suckle, introduced and initiated her into her 'new' life of servitude and slavery and Dr. Mary suggested that they keep their new white whore close by to reinforce and intensify her 'education,' the term they used, and Suckle readily accepted, to describe the training Suckle was undergoing. Dr. Mary didn't want to give Suckle any time to 'think' the way she was accustomed to thinking in the past.

As Miss Tamala laid in bed, still in the state of waking up, she was recalling the events that took place the evening before ...

She was remembering that both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala decided it would be preferential to keep Suckle's mind in a 'submissive' mode. They were both completely satisfied and even surprised at how easily Suckle had been to seduce into her new 'station in life' and were totally pleased with her progress. But Dr. Mary thought it was best to keep 'deleting' Suckle's old thought processes and values and to instill and reinforce the direction in which they were taking her. Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala it was important to make Suckle understand and accept the fact that her body, as well as her mind, did not belong to her any more. "Rather, her body now belonged to her Mistresses, her Goddesses, her owners. Her body was here for our pleasure and to do with as we please," Dr. Mary explained to Miss Tamala. Her mind was be filled with only thoughts of pleasing her Mistresses ... to work hard to get her reward ... to hear one of her Mistresses tell her she was a 'good girl' ... or to be overcome with joy whenever she 'earned' a pet on the head by obeying her Mistresses.

In order to further Suckle's 'education,' they decided to dress Suckle up in a black latex body suit that covered her from the bottom of her neck down to her feet. The black latex was made of a very thin, pliable, but strong material that was capable of stretching to outline very bit of Suckle's body. It was 'skin tight,' fit like a glove and showed and highlighted both of Suckle's breasts. The latex material was thin enough to clearly show the nipples of Suckle's breasts protruding out from her twin mounds. The latex body suit also tucked in tightly around Suckle's pubic mound displaying her vagina lips and ass cheeks. Now that Suckle had the latex rubber suit on, it almost appeared as though someone had painted her body in a black colored paint.

This particular 'body suit' was fitted with 'snaps' at strategic locations. Although the snaps were not visible to the naked eye, the 'owner' of the suit would know where they were located. The snaps, once opened, would give anyone who so desired, a means to gain entrance to parts of the occupant of the latex suit's body without the need to remove the latex suit itself. One 'snap entrance' was located exactly between the legs at the spot where the suit showed the outline of Suckle's outer vagina lips. Another was located at the entrance to Suckle's asshole and two others at the nipples of Suckle's breasts.

Dr. Mary had suggested that they insert a specially designed large black dildo in Suckle's pussy through the front entrance. Once the dildo was inserted, the snaps were again closed and no one looking from the outside of the suit would have any idea that Suckle had this large dildo inserted in her pussy, except of course, Suckle, who's vagina was stretched to the maximum. The dildo was an 'electronic marvel' as Dr. Mary had described it, and was controlled by remote control. It could also be controlled by a timer mechanism. The 'timer box' controlling the dildo was on a night table by Miss Tamala's bed. Dr. Mary suggested that they set the timer to go off every hour. Miss Tamala, upon hearing this suggestion felt a new stirring in her own pussy just thinking of the effect the large rubber penis would have on Suckle all night long. She readily agreed on Dr. Mary's plan. The 'movement dial' on the timer box was set to go off on the hour thus, the dildo stuffed in Suckle's pussy would move slightly in the area of Suckle's clit. The movement was set so it would not be enough to bring Suckle to a climax, but would just be enough to renew her arousal every hour leaving her totally 'unsatisfied' and 'frustrated.'

"Better to keep the bitch's sexual desires at the highest point," Dr. Mary explained, "this will make her mind easy to reprogram to fit our needs."

Of course, this 'movement dial' had many settings and could be adjusted at the will and desire of the controller of the box. The latex suit would also keep all of Suckle's body heat inside causing her to sweat and feel 'clammy' all night.

After Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had Suckle 'dressed' up in her latex suit, Suckle heard Dr. Mary speak.

"Kneel down you fucking bitch," said Dr. Mary.

There wasn't any 'let-up' in the derogatory words Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala used when speaking to Suckle. These 'words' would reduce Suckle's self-esteem and any self-confidence she had in herself.

"Yes Madame," answered Suckle obediently as she kneeled down in front of Dr. Mary. It was difficult for Suckle to kneel down with that large black dildo stuffed in her pussy, and the constrictions the latex suit placed on her body, but slowly she managed it. Suckle hadn't been allowed to reach her climax since 'being fed' a little while ago and her pussy was very sensitive to every movement of the dildo. As she knelt down, she had that stupid lustful smile of someone at the peak of arousal on her face ... the pliable smile of lust that Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala loved to see.

"How so you like that smile, honey girl," Dr. Mary asked Miss Tamala knowing from the experience she had the last few days with Suckle that when Suckle was at this sexual emotional high, they could make her do anything and she would eagerly comply.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed, "the motherfucking dumb whore is hot, isn't she?" Miss Tamala said it loud enough to make sure Suckle heard every descriptive derogatory word she or they used to describe her.

"You bet the bastard is hot and that's the way she is going to stay all night," Dr. Mary said. "By morning this white slut will be begging to lick your ass again and again and again," Dr. Mary continued in that commanding sounding voice.

Dr. Mary picked up a three inch wide gag that had a large rubber nipple shaped attachment on one end. The nipple attachment was about the size of a tennis ball and almost filled Suckle's mouth which was apparent by the way her face cheeks moved outward in little 'puffed out' circles. After placing the 'nipple' end in Suckle's mouth she then tied the gag around Suckle's head.

"Listen carefully bitch," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "You are going to need liquids to keep you from dehydrating during the night because you are going to be sweating like the white pig you are inside of your pretty latex suit. When you feel like you need a drink, just suck on your nipple just like a baby would when feeding from a bottle. Do you understand?"

"Mmmmm ... mmmmm ..." Suckle shook her head up and down in a 'yes' manner unable to speak with the large nipple in her mouth and the gag tied around her head.

"Good," Dr. Mary said while attaching a small transparent clear plastic hose to the nipple part of the gag going into Suckle's mouth. Dr. Mary then picked up a long narrow transparent clear plastic enema bag. "And now for your liquid," she said to Suckle.

Dr. Mary stood up in front of the kneeling Suckle, placed the open end of the clear plastic enema bag between her own legs, spread her large dark pussy lips until the pinkness of inner lips appeared and began to urinate in the bag. Suckle watched as the rich yellow liquid streamed from Dr. Mary's pussy and went into the bag and the scent of Dr. Mary's piss filled her nostrils. Again the intimate scent of Dr. Mary's urine did not in the least repulse Suckle. Instead, if anything, it served to stimulate her even more. The 'bag' was half full of the yellow frothing liquid when Dr. Mary handed it to Miss Tamala.

"Would you like to contribute honey girl?" Dr. Mary asked Miss Tamala.

"Of course darling," Miss Tamala answered Dr. Mary in a cheery excited sounding voice. "Anything to keep our stupid bitch from dehydrating," she continued in a humorous gleefully sounding voice while looking down directly into Suckle's eyes to make sure Suckle understood what she would be drinking during the night.

Miss Tamala continued urinating in the clear plastic enema bag until it was full and the white bubbling foam was at the top of the bag. She then handed the full bag back to Dr. Mary.

"Thank you sweetheart," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. There was a hook on the front of Suckle's latex suit just under her chin and on her neck line. Dr. Mary attached the urine filled bag on this hook and placed the opposite end of the clear plastic hose into the bag. Now the device was complete. The narrow bag hung from Suckle's neck down between her breasts which were stretched out tautly by the tight fitting latex. The hose ran from the enema bag into the nipple that was in Suckle's mouth. After Dr. Mary had completed her work she stood up.

"Try it whore," she said to Suckle. "See if you have enough brains in that stupid head of yours to learn how to keep yourself from dehydrating."

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary stood next to each other, smiles on their faces and with their arms around each other waists as they watched the still kneeling Suckle, in her black latex glove fitting suit ... an enema bag full to the brim with their combined yellow urine ... looking up at her wonderful and beautiful Mistresses. It was apparent to both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala that Suckle was getting excited by what was transpiring because the nipples of her breasts were very erect and could be easily detected by the outline they made in the latex material around her breasts. Suckle was getting ready to suck on the nipple as Dr. Mary had told her when she heard Miss Tamala's excited loud voice.

"Wait, I just have to take a video of this," Miss Tamala said. "I want to show my friends how this white pig looks drinking our piss."

"OK honey girl, go get your video camera," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala.

When Miss Tamala returned with the camera, Dr. Mary knelt down next to Suckle. She roughly grabbed a handful of Suckle's hair and tilted her head backward until her face was looking up at Miss Tamala.

"Now whore," Dr. Mary started directing Suckle. "Suck hard on the nipple in your mouth. You must suck hard because the nipple works like a pump. Keep sucking hard until you get our piss running in your mouth. Don't stop or swallow until you have enough piss in your mouth to drink or the suction will stop and the piss will go back down into the bag. Then you will have to start all over again. Do you understand?"

"Mmmm ... mmmm ...," Suckle shook her head up and down to signal she did indeed understand Dr. Mary.

"Open you eyes wide and try to make a happy face. Always remember Mistress Tamala likes 'happy' pictures,' Dr. Mary said to Suckle urging her on.

Suckle's face cheeks moved in and out. It was evident that she was beginning to suck on her nipple just as Dr. Mary had instructed her. She opened her eyes wide so she could look 'happy' to please Mistress Tamala. As the yellow liquid started coming up the clear plastic hose from the enema bag, Miss Tamala started the video camera running.

"Suck harder you dumb bastard," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle while pulling her hair harder shaking Suckle's head back and forth. "You only have the piss half way up the hose." Quickly Miss Tamala moved around keeping the video camera running while Dr. Mary was shaking Suckle's head back and forth. Miss Tamala could feel that familiar awakening deep in her pussy watching Dr. Mary's dark skinned face next to Suckle white skinned face. It excited Miss Tamala even more to watch Dr. Mary's dark hand shaking Suckle's white head to make her point. The contrast in the color of 'skin' turned Miss Tamala on even more than usual.

Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala watched as Suckle started to suck on the nipple in earnest. They could see Suckle's face cheeks moving in and out, faster and faster, squeezing the large tennis ball sized nipple as she worked to get the urine through the nipple and into her mouth. As the yellow liquid rose higher and higher into the clear hose Miss Tamala switched the focus on the video camera for 'close-ups' to capture Suckle's face cheeks working hard and the movement of the yellow urine higher and higher in the plastic hose.

Then it happened ... the clear hose was fully 'yellow' in color and it was apparent that Suckle had completed her task of filling up the hose. It was also apparent that Suckle was getting the first of the warm piss in her mouth, letting it accumulate in a little puddle at the bottom of her mouth just as Dr. Mary had told her to do. When she had enough, again, just as Dr. Mary had instructed her, she then began to swallow.

Both Miss Tamala, who continued making the video, and Dr. Mary watched and listened as they saw the swallowing movement of Suckle's throat and heard the 'gulping' sounds she was making as she drank their urine.

Dr. Mary was overly excited to see how easily Suckle had obeyed her in degrading herself in this manner just as she had instructed her to do. "Good girl, good girl, you dumb fucking slut," she yelled at Suckle in a highly excited sounding voice. "Drink and enjoy the fine 'wine' from your Mistresses pussies you hungry stupid pig," she continued talking to Suckle while she rubbed Suckle's belly in small circles. "Get some of our warm piss down here in your pig belly."

After Suckle had swallowed about a pint of the urine her cheeks tired from the hard sucking and she lost the 'suction.' The remaining yellow liquid slowly dropped down the hose and back into the transparent enema bag.

"That's good, that's enough for now piggy Suckle," Dr. Mary said to Suckle changing her tone of voice to that 'sweet motherly sound' again. "You have been a good girl and you learned your nipple sucking well," Dr. Mary continued talking to Suckle as she 'puppy petted' her head again. "Wasn't your Mistresses pussy wine good?"

"Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm," Suckle shook her head up and down to signal yes. Suckle was highly excited and aroused sexually because of the 'good girls' she was getting, and the 'puppy petting' of her head that Dr. Mary was applying for being obedient. The 'compliments,' the 'good girls,' and the 'petting of her head like a good puppy,' were what Suckle lived for now. She was becoming lost in her new world of 'commands' and 'obedience.' The thrill and spurts of excitement she felt running through every nerve of her body as one of her Mistresses, in their crude way, acknowledged what they deemed to be Suckle's obedience and 'good works' was a new sexual excitement that was becoming habit forming to her. She was fast becoming addicted to this type of sexual arousal to the point of where she wanted more and more.

Just the thought of drinking the urine of both of these two beautiful superior African American women excited her beyond belief. She smiled to herself when she thought of their warm piss that she had in her stomach.

"I am really a dirty pig," Suckle thought to herself. "I am very lucky to have my wonderful Mistresses who have discovered and made me realize what I am. Oh God, I want to suck ... I want to drink ... yes, yes, yes, ... I am a stupid whore, ... a pig ... I need my Mistresses ... need, need, need ...," Suckle's sexually aroused mind was flooding over with the thoughts her Mistresses had been implanting in her mind the last few days. She wiggled her legs ever so slightly to feel the large black rubber dildo in her pussy. But Suckle's obedient mind told her she didn't have permission to climax ... to cum. "I must wait for permission ... must have permission ... must be obedient ...," she thought to herself fighting back her urgent need for release.

"Wait honey girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "Pause the camera for a moment and let me help you get some good pictures of this whore."

"OK darling," an excited and eager Miss Tamala answered.

Dr. Mary untied the gag from the back of Suckle's head. She slipped the large nipple out of Suckle's mouth.

"Open your mouth you piss drinking pig," Dr. Mary said to Suckle, again changing back to her 'instructional' and 'stern' tone of voice. "Don't do a thing unless I tell you to."

"Yes, Madame," answered Suckle in a sincere soft obedient sounding voice.

"OK honey girl, I will direct this scene for you so you can get some good shots," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "When you are ready you can start your video camera rolling again," she continued.

"Sounds like a great idea to me darling," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary. "I always thought you would make a good director. I'm rolling again," Miss Tamala continued talking to Dr. Mary in a humorous tone of voice as she turned the camera back on.

With the video camera turned on, Dr. Mary took the 'nipple' end of the hose in one hand, put it at the opening of Suckle's mouth and started to squeeze it.

"I'm going to put a couple of spurts of our piss in your filthy mouth," she said to Suckle. "Keep your mouth opened wide so Mistress Tamala can get some good pictures of the piss going in your mouth and leave it there until I tell you what to do next."

"Yes, Madame, Suckle understands," Suckle replied in an almost motivated sounding voice as though she really was looking forward to whatever Dr. Mary was going to do to her.

Dr. Mary squeezed the nipple a few times and in a moment a half pint of the yellow liquid was in Suckle's mouth. Dr. Mary turned to look up at the camera. "Are you getting a good video honey?" she said to Miss Tamala. "Can you see it in the bastard's mouth?"

"Oh, yeah ... yeah ... it's beautiful," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary getting more and more excited at the thoughts of having a video of the events taking place below her. "I can't wait to show this video to all my friends. They'll be cumming in their panties when they see this whore drinking our piss."

"Now put your head back and swallow slowly ... very slowly so Mistress Tamala can get a good picture of the piss going down your throat," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

Suckle did exactly as instructed. When she finished swallowing, she closed her mouth, struck her tongue out and licked her lips. Then in the most obscene gesture Suckle had done of her own free will to this point, she opened her mouth wide, struck her tongue out as far as she could and posed for Miss Tamala's video camera, as though to demonstrate that she did indeed swallow all of their piss.

"Ha, ha, ha," the laughter of Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala filled the room as they watched the 'newest addition' to their household becoming the type of unrestricted whore and pig they were training her to become.

"Look at the motherfucking white whore, will you?" Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala in between laughing. She grabbed Suckle's hair and shook her head back and forth pulling her hair very hard. "You're becoming one of the dirtiest little piggies I have ever seen." Dr. Mary tilted Suckle's head back.

"Look right into the camera and tell the camera what you are," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

Suckle got that stupid looking and lustful smile on her face, a feeling of pride swirling throughout her body and mind, proud of the fact that Dr. Mary told her she was becoming the 'dirtiest pig she had ever seen'. It was as though she had just received some kind of award. There was no doubt the state of sexual arousal she had been containing all night was catching up with her ability to process any thoughts of any kind except the orders coming from Dr. Mary, one of her Mistresses. She was acting now on instinct ... sexual instinct. Her eyes were glazed over with desire ... and the more she looked at her beautiful dark Mistresses and the beautiful richness of the smooth dark skin, the thick ringlets of pubic hair surrounding their pussies, the more she wanted to please them. Just answering 'yes' as an acknowledgement of obedience on her part was enough to cause unrelenting sensations in her own vagina.

Then she started to speak in an apparent sexually aroused sounding voice. "I'm Suckle ... I'm ... I'm Suckle the whore ... I'm a dirty pig ... Suckle is a dirty pig ..." Suckle stopped just for a minute. She was gasping for air ... gasping as though she couldn't contain herself, as though she was confessing a long kept secret that lived deep within her submissive soul. "I'm a sucker ... Suckle is a sucker ... I'm a pussy sucker ... Suckle is a ... I drink piss ... I'm an ass licker ...

"Ha, ha, ha," the laughter of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary filled Suckle' ears and Suckle was thrilled hearing their laughter. She knew she was pleasing her Mistresses by degrading herself for their pleasure. She could tell by the way they were laughing at her.

"Tell the camera how dumb you are," Miss Tamala said to Suckle excitingly joining in the directional process. "And talk loud enough so all my friends can hear you."

When Dr. Mary heard Miss Tamala give Suckle these orders, she reached down and rubbed the dildo in Suckle's pussy knowing this stimulation would give Suckle more 'incentive' to obey fully and try to impress her Mistress ... and she was right ... Suckle began her sexually charged, uncontrollable babbling again ...

"Suckle is dumb ... ha, ha, ha," Suckle even laughed, thrilled at the sound of her own voice confessing and stating what she really believed about herself. It was as though a heavy weight had been relieved from her shoulders and she was discovering herself for the first time, realizing she was at the point where she would do anything to please Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala and to hear the words 'good girl, coming from one or both of them. It was exhilarating to hear her mouth speak the words of inferiority to her superior Mistresses. "Suckle is an idiot ... I'm stupid ... Suckle is stupid ... no brains ...

"Good girl, good girl ... yes, yes ... keep it up whore ... tell everybody what you are," Dr. Mary was again 'petting' Suckle's head, urging Suckle on knowing the effect her voice and petting was having on her.

"Why don't you make Suckle show everyone what a good ass licker she is?" Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary, thrilled at the submissive sound of Suckle's voice.

"Sure honey girl," Dr. Mary answered Miss Tamala. "Come on fuck head," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "Your Mistress wants you to demonstrate for the camera what a good little ass licker you are."

Dr. Mary stood up, raised her housecoat, and bent over in front of Suckle's head. Suckle's hands were encased in the latex suit so Dr. Mary reached around and using her hands, spread her ass cheeks in front of Suckle's face.

"Now listen bastard," Dr. Mary started giving Suckle instructions, "turn your head sideways so Mistress Tamala can get some good pictures of her ass licking slave."

Miss Tamala maneuvered the camera in order to get the best picture she could. Then she gave Suckle directions.

"Lick around the rosebud ... that's right ... now stick your tongue in ... now out ... that's right ... in and out ... in and out ... deeper, deeper ... good girl ... good girl ... that's pretty ... yeah, that's really pretty ... your ugly white face looks nice in between those beautiful black ass cheeks of your Mistress ..." Miss Tamala kept talking to Suckle.

Suckle, for her part was entirely engulfed in what she was doing and at the sound of Mistress Tamala's voice encouraging her to go farther and farther into the depths of depravity. She loved the intimate scent, the taste, the warmth coming from Dr. Mary's ass cheeks that she felt on her face ... the fact that she was actually doing this ... she was actually and precisely obeying every direction Miss Tamala was giving her without a moment's hesitation ... and doing it for the camera ... making a video for anyone who cared to see.

Dr. Mary was gasping for air at the feeling of Suckle's tongue going in and out of her asshole. She felt Suckle's tongue go in deep, then deeper ... she felt Suckle's tongue make little circles in her asshole ... again and again. Her vagina was dripping wet from the manipulations of Suckle's tongue and she was contemplating using her own fingers to satisfy herself. But she wanted to 'hold off.' She knew by Miss Tamala's excited voice that she too was ready for release. They wanted to be together tonight ... just the two of them. Dr. Mary had promised Miss Tamala they would make love before retiring for the night celebrating their 'newest addition' to their household. And she was determined to keep that promise.

"OK Suckle," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "That's good ... that's enough for now. Just turn around and smile for the camera so we can see how much you enjoyed licking Mistress Mary's ass."

Suckle was disappointed at hearing Miss Tamala's last instructions. She wanted to stay here ... she didn't want to stop ... every nerve in her body was alive with sexual driven sensations she thoroughly enjoyed ... it felt so good ... so good to be doing what she was doing ... it felt so good to obey ... to belong to these two very dominant and beautiful black women ... to be so close to the most intimate parts of her Mistresses bodies ... to please them and to hear them moan with pleasure from what she was doing to them ... to realize she was giving her mind, body and soul to her Mistresses. But, she also knew it was very important to obey. It didn't matter what she wanted. What was important was what her Mistresses told her to do.

"Obey ... do what you are told ... never question ... obey, obey, obey," Suckle's mind was pounding with the thoughts instilled by her Mistresses. Her training was coming to fruition ... her 'old mind' was almost completely erased. Her 'new mind' ... the mind Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had instilled in her thought processes was taking over ... and the continuing surrender of the core of her very being felt good to Suckle.

In one last effort to demonstrate to Miss Tamala what a whore she was and to try to make Mistress Tamala proud of her, Suckle removed her tongue from Dr. Mary asshole, started at the very bottom of the crack of Dr. Mary ass and ran her tongue from the bottom to the top of the crack ... then she did it again ... and again ... and again!

"Ha, ha, ha, ... wonderful slut ... that was nice," Miss Tamala said to Suckle as Suckle pulled her face away from Dr. Mary's ass. Suckle's heart was pounding from the acknowledgement that she had done something to please and make Mistress Tamala happy.

"Oh, oh shit ... oh shit," Dr. Mary yelled in reaction to feeling Suckle's tongue running up and down the crack of her ass. She turned around and slapped Suckle's face hard ... the she slapped her face again on her other cheek. "You almost made me cum, you bastard. I don't want to cum yet. I'm saving that for later."

The hard slaps to Suckle's face brought tears to her eyes and her face was very red with the imprints of Dr. Mary's hand clearly visible on each of her face cheeks. Even though Dr. Mary had slapped her extremely hard, even though her face was still stinging from the slaps, Suckle kept that lustful expression on her face as though she realized she was being punished for a reason ... a reason that was her fault.

"Suckle is sorry for displeasing Madame," Suckle said to Dr. Mary in a very sincere tone of voice. "Thank you for slapping Suckle's stupid face and taking the time to correct Suckle."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary burst out laughing. "Listen to the motherfucking bitch, will you?" she said to Miss Tamala. "The fucking bastard is learning her lessons well, isn't she? She is really beginning to realize she nothing but a piece of shit, a brainless slut, and her whole world revolves around her owners ... ha, ha, ha, ... did you get a video of that ... did you?" Dr. Mary continued talking to Miss Tamala excited at what she had accomplished so far in making Suckle a complete wanton slave.

"Ha, ha, ha ... yes, yes, I got it. I got the whole sequence on tape ... the ass licking, the blabbering ... everything," Miss Tamala answered.

"Good, good, this movie should win an academy award," Dr. Mary replied laughing.

Suckle's face was still stinging from the hard slaps as she felt Dr. Mary replacing the nipple back into her mouth and the gag being retied around her head.

Miss Tamala replayed the video back on the viewfinder to make sure she got the pictures of Dr. Mary slapping Suckle's face. She realized that she had even shifted the focus on the video camera to 'close up' so the camera could record the imprints of Dr. Mary's hand on Suckle's face. She wanted to show her friends the kind of control they had over their new slave. While she was viewing the replay, she rubbed her own pussy lips and felt her own wetness and excitement. Miss Tamala even dripped more when she heard Suckle's voice on the tape thanking Dr. Mary for slapping her face. Then she shut the camera off and put it away for now.

"Ok fucker, that's the end of you for the night," Dr. Mary said to Suckle.

"Would you like me to help you get the whore ready for bed?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Yeah, that would be great. Once we get the slut out of the way you and I can have some fun together," Dr. Mary answered. "Why don't you get rid of her hands while I finish adjusting her refreshment bag," Dr. Mary continued while she adjusted the urine filled enema bag between Suckle breasts and made sure all the hose connections were correct.

Miss Tamala took Suckle's latex encased arms and forced them behind her back. She then took two removable leather handcuffs sets and with one set, locked both of Suckle's wrists behind her back. She then attached one of the other cuffs to each of Suckle's elbows. With a leather strap, she ran each end of the strap through eye hooks that were attached to each of the cuffs on Suckle's elbows, pulled the strap tight until Suckle's elbows were almost touching. The way Suckle's wrists and elbows were tied up forced her shoulders back and her breasts to protrude outward from her chest.

Miss Tamala knew this was a totally uncomfortable position for Suckle. She could see it in Suckle's eyes as she tightened and pulled together Suckle's elbows. But she couldn't deny the excitement she felt deep in her vagina knowing she was making Suckle, her new whore, suffer for her. The more Suckle's eyes confirmed the 'pain,' she felt in her shoulders and arms, the tighter Miss Tamala pulled on the leather straps.

"Suffer you fucking dirty white pig," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in an excited sounding voice, "learn to suffer for your Mistress, for the owner of your mind and body."

"Hee , hee, hee," Dr. Mary giggled as she heard her protégé's excited voice. She recognized, by the sound of Miss Tamala's voice, that she was experiencing a dominant sexual high. She couldn't wait to get Suckle out to the way so they could both experience each other's bodies.

Dr. Mary reached over and placed her lips on Miss Tamala's lips. Miss Tamala met Dr. Mary half way. It was a very deep kiss ... a passionate and long lasting kiss ... mouths opened, tongues searching. They were kissing each other right in front of Suckle's face in a sort of celebration of their conquest over this young white girl. They both knew they 'owned' Suckle now ... and the way they kissed each other make that obvious ... and they wanted Suckle to see by the way they were kissing each other, she was just something they would use for their pleasure and she would never experience the love they have for each other.

"Let's get this motherfucking bitch put away honey girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala as she broke off the kiss. "I think we are both ready for each other."

"Yes, darling," Miss Tamala answered, "I'm on fire and ready for some action."

They each picked Suckle up from her kneeling position by gripping her under her armpits. It was very difficult for Suckle to walk with the large dildo stuffed deep in her pussy and with the constraints the latex rubber suit placed on her body. But step by step, they got Suckle upstairs and into the 'special' bedroom.

Miss Tamala made Suckle stand by the side of the bed while Dr. Mary lowered a hoist from the ceiling. Dr. Mary placed a thick, four inch wide belt around Suckle's waist. There was a large silver eye hook on the back of the belt. The belt had a wide buckle on the front that could be adjusted to any size.

"Pull in your dog food, piss filled belly whore," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle filling Suckle's ears and mind with the derogatory words she used in order to make Suckle completely understand what she thought of her as a person. Suckle's mind recognized that tone of voice coming from Dr. Mary. She knew 'her obedience was required instantly' ... and Suckle did!

When Suckle 'sucked' in her belly by trying to breathe as deep as she could with the large nipple in her mouth, Dr. Mary quickly connected the buckle to make sure she couldn't let her belly back out. Suckle could feel the edge of the leather belt under her rib cage and she knew this was going to cause her more pain. Suckle was constrained to taking short breaths by this latest addition to her body.

Dr. Mary then connected the hook on the hoist to the eye hook on the back of Suckle's waist. Miss Tamala grasped the rope connected to the hoist to hold Suckle still while Dr. Mary finished making the connections.

"Pull her up a little honey girl," Dr. Mary said to Miss Tamala. "Let's see how the motherfucker looks."

"OK, here we go," Miss Tamala answered as she pulled slowly on the end of the rope connected to the hoist. Suckle's feet left the floor and her body immediately went lengthwise. She was connected to the hoist only by the hook on the back of her waist and her body swayed a little back and forth.

"Shall I pull the whore up?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Just one minute dear," Dr. Mary answered. "One more thing for Miss Piggy here and we can put her away."

Dr. Mary went over to the nightstand by the bed, opened the drawer and came back with a roll of adhesive tape. She then cut two pieces two inches long as Miss Tamala watched. Miss Tamala wasn't sure what Dr. Mary had in mind but she knew it would be interesting.

"Come over here and grab the whore's eye lashes and pull them backwards," Dr. Mary instructed Miss Tamala.

Miss Tamala came in front of Suckle's face, grabbed her first eye lash with her finger nails at the end of her long brown fingers and pulled it backward until Suckle's eye lid was even with her eye brow. Dr. Mary applied the adhesive tape to Suckle's eye lid, fastening it to her eye brow. She pressed on the tape to insure it was fastened tightly. This forced Suckle's eye to remind wide open. She didn't have any choice. She couldn't close her eye ... couldn't even blink as long as the tape reminded where it was.

"Oh shit darling," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary, "I never saw this one before."

"It's something Mistress Katrina taught me while I was visiting her last year. She does it all the time to her slaves," Dr. Mary answered. "Now get the other eye."

Miss Tamala grabbed Suckle's other eye lash and Dr. Mary did the same to that eye.

When Dr. Mary was finished taping Suckle's eyes opened, she walked in front of Suckle's perpendicular body, grabbed her by the hair and stared into Suckle's wide opened eyes.

"See you motherfucking whore," Dr. Mary said to Suckle. "I even have control of your stupid eyes. You will soon learn to sleep with your eyes opened if I decide that is what you should do. Besides, you are going to have a ring side seat watching your two superior black Mistresses make love. Now shake your head up and down as a sign to demonstrate your thankfulness for my kindness in my effort to educate you in your new life."

Dr. Mary left go of Suckle's hair. Immediately Suckle shook her head up and down to obey and thank Dr. Mary as she was told to do.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle as she shook her head. "Bet this whore could never get an education like this in law school."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed at Miss Tamala's comments. "But she has a long way to go before she graduates from our school of higher education," Dr. Mary continued taunting Suckle.

Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala sat on the bed. They looked at their whore, their slave. Suckle was completely encased in a latex rubber suit. Her arms were tied behind her back by her wrists with her elbows tied almost completely together pulling her shoulders back and causing her breasts, especially the nipples, to protrude outward in the most obscene fashion. She had a large nipple in her mouth secured by a gag tied around her head. She had a urine filled bag hooked to her neck between her breasts that had a transparent hose attached to the nipple going in her mouth and the urine filled bag. And now, she had her eyes taped wide opened.

Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala kissed once again and congratulated each other on their 'creation.' Then Dr. Mary pulled Suckle upward by the rope attached to the hoist until she was only two feet from the ceiling and almost centered over their bed. They left the twin nightstand lamps on so Suckle could see everything that happened on the bed. Then they disrobed, gave each other another long passionate kiss and got in bed.

Dr. Mary opened the drawer to the nightstand on her side of the bed. She retrieved a 'double pronged dildo,' one of her favorite 'toys,' and she fastened it to her own waist by use of a belt specifically made for that apparatus. She inserted one end of the dildo in her own soaked and throbbing pussy and turned to Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala gave Dr. Mary an opened mouth kiss, reached down and took the other end of the dildo and inserted it into her own extremely wet pussy. They were now 'connected.'

Suckle looked down at her beautiful Mistresses ... her owners. She watched as they kissed ... deep passionate kisses. She watched as they moved their beautiful and mature bodies ... the hips of each going back an forth ... the beautiful and strong asses moving, first Miss Tamala's and then Dr. Mary's as they pumped the double pronged dildo into and out of each other's pussy. The sounds and scent of lovemaking filled her ears and her nostrils as she watched with her eyes taped wide open.

"Ooooooooooohh ... Aaaaarrhhhh ... I'm ... I'm cumming ... cumming," Suckle heard the mixed voices of her Mistresses below her. She heard the deep breathing, the grasps for air and the cooing and relaxing sounds as her Mistresses went 'over the edge' one by one. They both had reached that magical pinnacle that only comes when one's sexual mind and body is stimulated to the point of no return. Now they began to relax as they slowly came down from the pinnacle, their dominant appetites satisfied, and their physical bodies equally satisfied.

And Suckle loved it. She felt a special 'privilege' had been awarded her to be able to witness her Mistresses as they made love to one another. Her mind was working again ... just the way it had been programmed to work ... she found herself wishing she could have been on the bed with her Mistresses ... wishing she could have been sucking both of their pussies and asses as they made love to one another. Suckle found herself wondering what it would be like to taste both of her Mistresses at the same time ... over and over her mind was working ... suck, Suckle wants to suck ...

As Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary relaxed and the 'calm' of release replaced the 'storm' of lovemaking, they held each other in their arms. They both looked up at their slave, their play thing, their newest whore. They looked at Suckle's taped opened eyes and they could tell by the way Suckle was making slow movements with her hips that she had enjoyed what she had just witnessed.

"Shall I give the whore some release?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Yeah, that might be a good idea," replied Dr. Mary. "Hell, tomorrow's another day," she laughed.

Miss Tamala reached over to the nightstand and turned the dial that controlled the timer on the rubber penis stuffed into Suckle's vagina to 'off.'

She then picked up the 'remote control' and turned it to medium speed. Both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala watched as the rubber dildo begin to make a buzzing sound as it moved in and out of Suckle's pussy stretching the latex suit on its outward motion and pulling the material back into her pussy in the inward motion. Suckle began to make moaning sounds through her gag, thrashing her legs in an effort to adjust to the movement of the dildo in her pussy. Suckle had been so aroused for so long during the evening that it only took a minute before she began to moan as loud as it was possible for her and move her hips in the familiar intercourse movement.

Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary watched and laughed as Suckle, suspended above their bed by a single attachment on the back of her waist and in her heat of passion, seemed to be trying to fuck the large rubber dildo stuffed in her pussy by moving her ass forward to meet the inward thrust of the moving dildo. They watched her latex encased legs flailing back and forth as she attempted to satisfy the feeling deep in her vagina. They watched as her whole body seemed to relax and it was obvious by her low moaning that she had reached her climax.

"I am pretty sure the pig came," Miss Tamala said to Dr. Mary. "I guess I can shut this thing off now. I will rearrange her for the night."

"Ha, ha, ha," Dr. Mary laughed. "That's up to you my honey girl," Dr. Mary continued. "I would let the fucking white pig hang there all night. But you do what you want to. Just don't let that little soft spot in your heart get the best of you," Dr. Mary lectured Miss Tamala. "Always remember, you are the Queen and she is your slave. If you truly want to domesticate this slut, you must always reinforce this in her mind."

Miss Tamala looked at her tutor, her partner, and lover. "You are a remarkable and beautiful woman darling," Miss Tamala said. "Don't worry sweetheart, I know what I am and what I want."

"Good," replied Dr. Mary. "Now, I have to get some sleep. I'm exhausted and I have to be in the office in the morning. I plan to take Piglet with me in the morning. I want her to clean my office and do some other work for me. I'll be back home in the afternoon."

"Ok darling," Miss Tamala replied to Dr. Mary. "Thank you for all you gave me tonight. It was fun. I love you."

Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala exchanged 'good night' kisses and as Dr. Mary turned to go to sleep, Miss Tamala softly got up from her side of the bed. She put on her robe and untied the rope holding up the hoist lowering Suckle down until her feet rested on the floor. She unhooked the clamp from the eye hook on the back of Suckle's waist and walked her over to a wooden upright chair in the corner of the room across from the bed. She could see by the 'glazed over' looked in Suckle's taped opened eyes that she was exhausted. There was no doubt in Miss Tamala's mind that Suckle had reached an intensive orgasm ... an orgasm and release that she had been denied all evening long. The denial ... the fighting back of Suckle's natural need to release her sexual and physical emotions only made the orgasm stronger ... and her exhausted eyes was evidence of that.

Suckle again, had a hard time walking over to the chair because of the large dildo inserted in her vagina and the restrictive material of the latex suit. When she did get to the chair, Miss Tamala untied the leather straps holding her elbows together in back of her. The relief from the loosening of her elbows was apparent by the moans she automatically made at the moment they were unrestricted.

"Don't get too comfortable or take my act of kindness for granted little whore," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "You must learn to suffer for your Mistress because it brings me pleasure. It gets me excited and wet to see my whore suffer for me and to do it willingly. You do want to bring me pleasure, don't you?"

Suckle couldn't speak because of the nipple apparatus in her mouth and the gag around her head but she indicated 'yes' by shaking her head up and down enthusiastically.

"Good," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, pleased with the rapid and enthusiastic response from Suckle. Miss Tamala knew this 'response' signaled another step in Suckle's enslavement to her. Suckle didn't any longer have to contemplate her answers to Miss Tamala. She was now acting on instinct ... an instinct that came from her submissive inner core.

"Your hands will stay tied," Suckle heard Miss Tamala say as she sat her down on the upright chair. She felt Miss Tamala grip the end of the tape securing her eyelids to her eyebrows. As Miss Tamala lifted the first eight of an inch of the tape to get a good grip on it, Suckle knew the adhesive tape was stuck to her eyebrows because she could feel the bite of the first of the hairs being pulled out. Then she felt Miss Tamala's fingers stop. There was still more then and inch and a half of the tape to be removed. Suckle was scared ... she was contemplating the pain the removal of the tape would cause if it was not removed carefully.

Miss Tamala let her fingers linger on the tape end. She could see the 'fear' in Suckle's eyes ... and she loved it! Her deeply ingrained dominant nature was surfacing again. "Damn," she thought to herself, "it feels so good to have complete control over this pretty young girl."

Then with her other hand she lifted Suckle's chin up. Suckle's greenish eyes met her Mistress's dark black eyes ... the eyes that reached deep within her soul. Suckle watched the beautiful full red lips of Miss Tamala as they began to form a smile on her bronze brown beautiful face. After two days of 'training' her instincts told her what that smile meant. Usually when her Mistress was smiling directly in her eyes something was about to happen and Suckle was trying to brace herself for whatever was coming fully expecting it to be painful.

Instead Miss Tamala surprised her. She removed the adhesive tape from both of her eyes very carefully causing her the minimum amount of pain possible. Suckle's heart was pounding in gratitude for this simple act of kindness showed her by her Mistress. Given the chance, she would have liked to kneel down and kiss her Mistress's feet to express her thankfulness ... just the way her training had taught her.

Miss Tamala knew this. The 'kindness' incorporated with 'pain' was part of Suckle's training. Anytime her Mistress showed any amount of 'kindness' to Suckle, she would become deeper and deeper indebted to her, thus the process of 'obedience' and 'punishment' and 'reward' would become part of Suckle's psyche.

Miss Tamala disappeared for a moment. When she reappeared she was carrying a wet wash cloth in her hand. Suckle felt the softness and warmness of the wash cloth as Miss Tamala softly patted her eyes with it. The wash cloth had apparently been heated by warm water and again, Suckle was comforted by Miss Tamala's act of kindness.

"Sit up straight," Miss Tamala told Suckle in a sudden stern voice snapping Suckle's mind back to the reality of just who her 'owner' was. "You must learn to keep your posture perfect even while you are sleeping. I want to be proud of my new whore when I display her to my friends."

Suckle reacted immediately by pushing her hips back with some difficulty because of the large dildo still stuffed in her vagina. Then she pulled her shoulders backward to align with the straightness of the wooden straight backed chair as best as she could with her hands still tied behind her. She straightened her legs out so her feet were flat on the floor and the calves of her legs were at a perfect angle with her knees. While Suckle was complying with her last order, her mind was racing with thoughts again ... "displayed to her friends???? ... displayed to her friends??? ... would Mistress really display me to other people???? ...."

Miss Tamala opened a drawer in a table next to the chair and took out some various lengths of rope. She tied Suckle's shoulders to the chair by forming a sort of harness around each arm and pulling it back tightly. She then tied Suckle's waist back in similar fashion. Miss Tamala then went to work on Suckle's legs, tying them in various places to insure they would stay at 'perfect' angles to the chair. When Miss Tamala was satisfied with Suckle's posture, she began to speak again.

"Close your eyes. I'm going to tape them shut. I don't want you to see anything else for now," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, again in that 'instructional' tone of voice.

Suckle closed her eyes and she again felt adhesive tape being applied to her closed eyes. Dr. Mary had told Miss Tamala that 'tape,' rather than a 'blindfold,' was a much better method of closing off Suckle's vision when they deemed it necessary. The 'crudeness' of the use of 'tape' would have a deeper psychological effect on Suckle, making her more susceptible to their suggestions, orders, and commands.

With Suckle bound to the chair and her eyes taped shut, Miss Tamala picked up a set of earphones that were attached to a tape recorder. "I'm putting these earphones on you now bitch and you are to concentrate on the lessons you are to learn. Listen carefully because I may test you later to see if your stupid brain is making any progress," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

That was the last thing Suckle heard before the earphones were in place and the sound of soft music began to play in her ears. She heard Dr. Mary's voice in the background talking about Mistress Tamala ... her achievements, describing her anatomy in detail in sexually explicit terms. Then the music would change and the voice would change also ... now it was Miss Tamala's voice in the background talking about Dr. Mary ... again her achievements, and describing her anatomy in a soft sexual voice. The subliminal messages being 'implanted' in Suckle's mind was working to perfection, just the way Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala they would.

As Suckle sat erect in the chair with her eyes taped shut, her hearing senses became sharper in the darkness ... and her mind was absorbing, continually absorbing. Suckle could see a vision of each of her Mistresses as the voices of each alternated. She saw their perfect mature bodies, the beauty of their large breasts, their nipples, the thickness of the black ringlets of pubic hair extending down from just below their belly buttons, the strong legs and thick thighs, the perfect feet with their highly polished toenails ... the richness of their dark skin and how it changed shades of color at different areas of their bodies. In one segment of the 'message' Miss Tamala was describing Dr. Mary's ass ... how firm and large her ass cheeks were. The 'voice' took Suckle across each ass cheek to the 'valley' ... described how the skin color changed from a rich dark brown on the ass cheeks to a dark, almost black color just before the globes dipped into the valley ... the valley that hid the 'rosebud' ... the rosebud Suckle was learning to adore ... to worship. At this segment of the message, Suckle automatically pushed her tongue around the nipple in her mouth as though she was trying to stick her tongue out ... trying to suck this vision of the 'asshole' that was being so cleverly implanted in her mind.

In another segment of the 'message' flooding Suckle's ears she heard Dr. Mary softly and sexually describing Miss Tamala vagina ... the black thick pubic hair, the dark thick outer vagina lips that gave way to the pink wetness of the inner vagina lips. She even described the scent the aroused vagina of Miss Tamala's private parts emitted and Suckle felt as though she was actually close by.

As Suckle was listening in an almost hypnotic state, she felt the slight movement of the dildo stuffed in her vagina. Miss Tamala had reset the timer to go off on the hour. When the timer set the dildo off, Suckle could feel the pleasure of the movement on her clit ... not enough movement to get her fully aroused or enough to make her reach a climax but just enough to get her attention and make her appreciate and absorb the messages being implanted in her mind. And in between the movements and the sounds, Suckle would fall asleep ... precious restful sleep ... only to wake up again to the music, the voices, and the movement deep within her vagina ... again, and again, and again ...

Miss Tamala was waking up to the present now ... her thoughts of 'last night' fading into the background. The thoughts of last night stirred that familiar feeling of excitement in her vagina again. After a restful night's sleep, she felt renewed and it was easy to become aroused again. She looked over to Dr. Mary's side of the bed. It was empty. Dr. Mary had already left for her office before Miss Tamala had awaken. Miss Tamala looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 6:45 a.m.

"Time to get up," Miss Tamala thought to herself. As she looked over at Suckle sitting erect in the wooden straight backed chair, her eyes taped shut, the earphones on her head, and the dildo still stuffed deep in her pussy, she could feel herself getting highly and dominantly aroused again.

"Time to take my new whore further into her new submission lifestyle," she thought to herself as she got out of her bed. This was the morning after ... and the start of a new day ... it promises to be fun!!!!

Chapter XV----Moving On

Miss Tamala walked over to the closet. She had been naked while in bed and the early spring breeze blowing lightly through the windows was chilly on her skin. That was apparent by the little 'goose bumps' rising on her bronze brown skin. She took a light pink colored robe out of the closet and slipped it on. The robe was made of a very smooth satin material that clung to every part of her body. Then she walked over to the floor length mirror.

"Beautiful," Miss Tamala thought to herself as she 'fluffed' her rich black hair outward to get the 'night time' kinks out. The light pink color of the robe accentuated the beauty of her smooth rich skin. But it was the way the satin material clung to her body that would make someone looking at her begin to 'drool' with desire. The satin material outlined the size of the beautiful full globes of her breasts while her large nipples made telltale peaks in the front of the robe that left no doubt they were erect and stiff. The feel of the soft and silky material against her skin always had a 'sexual' connotation on Miss Tamala. She loved the way it clung to her belly, her hips, and outlined the thickness of her ass cheeks and thighs.

Adhering to the advice of Dr. Mary, Miss Tamala had been under the supervision of a 'personal physical trainer' for almost two years now and she was admiring the effect it had on her body. Since she had become successful in her business, she took advantage of all the benefits that a wealthy person could afford. A personal trainer was just one of these benefits. Another 'fringe benefit' of being wealthy was the fact that she could have a 'personal beauty consultant.'

Miss Tamala's personal physical trainer was an ex pro football player by the name of 'Rudee.' He was a very large African American male that kept in perfect physical condition himself. Two years ago, when Miss Tamala hired Rudee as her personal trainer, he had tried several times to 'hit' on her even though Rudee was married. After a while, when it became clear that Miss Tamala was not going to give into his advances, Rudee finally settled down. However, they became good friends and had many long conversations between them while Miss Tamala was in his training center working out. Eventually, probably because of Miss Tamala's 'natural dominant' personally, they felt there was enough 'trust' between them to be able to discuss almost anything. It was at that time that Miss Tamala told Rudee about her sexual orientation and her alternate lifestyle.

Rudee was fascinated by the 'lifestyle' that Miss Tamala led and always looked forward to talking to her. He loved to see her coming into his training center to hear what was going on in her 'other' life. He would be in a constant state of arousal as she told him of her latest exploits. Miss Tamala kept Rudee 'up to date' as she was slowly dominating Piglet and making Piglet her full time slave. Rudee was fascinated with the way the beautiful Miss Tamala had taken Piglet, an attractive young and married white woman and completely took over her life using her as her sexual plaything and devoted servant. While Miss Tamala, herself, was not interested in Rudee in a sexual way, she did feel kind of guilty every time she left the training center and observed the gigantic bulge in Rudee's sports shorts. Eventually, after taking Piglet on as her full time 'slave' she would take Piglet with her and, on occasion, she would let Rudee have intercourse with Piglet. Miss Tamala always 'supervised, these sexual activities to ensure that Piglet knew her status at all times. It was under Miss Tamala's supervision that Rudee initiated Piglet into anal sex. Rudee had an enormous penis and it was a 'turn on' for Miss Tamala to see Rudee penetrate Piglet's asshole with his large black pole for the first time.

Miss Tamala also supervised Piglet's initiation into 'complete' oral sex with Rudee. Although Piglet had engaged in oral sex with her former husband, they only used oral sex as a prelude and 'foreplay' to 'normal' sexual intercourse. After meeting Rudee and they become good friends, Miss Tamala told Piglet that she must learn to become a 'proficient cocksucker.' Miss Tamala, much to Rudee's satisfaction, taught Piglet how to 'suck a cock' to completion. Thus Piglet became very adept at bringing Rudee to a climax and swallowing every drop of sperm he gave her. After Piglet became proficient at her new 'talent,' Miss Tamala would use Piglet as a pawn, to win some very big government contracts by sending Piglet out on 'assignments' to the people, both men and women, that were in a position to award her business lucrative contracts. Of course, Piglet would never even dream of disobeying Miss Tamala. Whatever her Mistress told her, Piglet would readily comply.

Rudee's wife, 'Lyric' was in the beauty consulting business. She was introduced to Miss Tamala by Rudee after about six months as her personal trainer. Lyric was a former model and a part time actress. She was also a very talented hair dresser and makeup artist. She was a 'copper colored,' very light skinned African American woman with very exquisite features. She was even a little taller than Miss Tamala, and just as beautiful with very large and firm breasts, a very slender waist and along with Rudee, kept herself in excellent physical condition. Rudee and Lyric were in their middle thirties and being somewhat younger than Miss Tamala, they both were absolutely awe struck with Miss Tamala's dominant lifestyle and always listened with enthusiasm whenever Miss Tamala told them about her exploits as 'Mistress' of her household. Both Rudee and Lyric were highly sexual people and very open minded and led a 'swinger's' lifestyle within a very tight circle of select people.

Miss Tamala and Lyric also became very close friends and, in time, Lyric became Miss Tamala's personal beauty consultant. She took care of all of Miss Tamala's beauty needs which included hair styling, skin care, makeup, etc.

As time passed and after being introduced to Dr. Mary, they all became close and trustworthy friends. Eventually, both Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala financed Rudee and Lyric in the expansion of their businesses. Rudee now had four successful training centers while his wife, Lyric, had a chain of ten beauty salons spread throughout the city.

Miss Tamala was fully confident of herself and the 'effect' she had on most people. Dr. Mary had made her realize long ago that she was extraordinarily beautiful, both physically and mentally. Dr. Mary told her that once she learned to let her confidence and beauty flow outward naturally; she would have an overbearing effect on the people around her. She would become a leader, a dominant force, that would demand admiration, respect, and in the right circumstances, worship!

At this point in her life, Miss Tamala had become quite content in her own 'skin' and in her 'mind' of who she was. Therefore she didn't have any trouble looking in the floor length mirror at herself and saying, to herself, in her 'mind's eye' ... 'beautiful.' She admired the 'athletic' figure she saw looking back at her ... the firm breasts that didn't have a bit of sag in them, the flatness of her stomach, the firm thickness of her thighs, and the muscular tone of the calves of her legs.

Miss Tamala left her feet bare and turned to walk softly across the room to the chair in which she had placed Suckle late last night. As she approached Suckle in silence, a smile appeared on her own face as she thought of how easy she had seduced the old "Lynn Langley' ... and how close she was to making Suckle her full time devoted servant, her slave, her plaything. She and Dr. Mary were rapidly erasing Suckle 'old mind' ... the way she used to process thoughts and desires ... and they were implanting a whole new system of thinking ... and desires!

Suckle's head was bowed downward as though she was sleeping. Miss Tamala noticed that Suckle's hair was hanging down the sides of her face almost dripping wet with moisture from the heat that the latex suit had kept trapped 'inside' all night. The hair that Suckle always kept so neat and luxuriously flowing with 'waves,' was now wimp and straight. She also noticed the 'refreshment bag' hanging between Suckle's breasts was half emptied. Suckle had drank half of the urine out of necessity to keep herself from dehydrating.

Miss Tamala felt the first twinge of arousal in her vagina as she stood looking at how pathetic this once beautiful and proud girl now appeared. It gave her a feeling of 'power,' ... of having the power to do anything to Suckle just because it made her 'feel good' ... and that power was dominantly intoxicating and sexually stimulating. As she stood in front of Suckle, she saw Suckle's head come up and she watched as Suckle's nostrils flared in and out in a 'smelling' motion.

"Good," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "the bitch is using her sense of smell. It's amazing," she continued thinking, "how the cutting off of one of someone's senses, makes another sense becomes sharper."

Suckle, for her part, caught the smell of lilac close by her. Although she couldn't see anything because her eyes were taped shut and the earphones prevented her from hearing anything outside the preprogrammed subliminal messages, her sense of smell told her that her Mistress was close by. The odor of lilac, her Mistress's favorite perfume, awakened her mind and immediately she felt a twitching in her vagina. Just like a 'little puppy' that was learning to recognize the scent of their 'owner' Suckle reacted with enthusiasm. Then she felt her Mistress's hands.

Miss Tamala removed the earphones and began loosening the various ropes that held Suckle to the chair. Then she then untied the gag and carefully removed the large 'nipple' from Suckle's mouth and removed the clear plastic, half full urine bag from around her neck. Suckle didn't make a sound during this time ... she didn't have permission to say or do anything and her mind was reacting in the way it had been 'conditioned' the last few days.

After Miss Tamala has removed all the ropes securing Suckle to the chair she untied her arms. Then she stepped backward a little.

"Get up," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. These were the first words Suckle heard this morning and she quickly recognized the voice as Miss Tamala's confirming what her sense of smell had told her. The first sound of Miss Tamala's voice vibrated through Suckle's brain and a little burst of fear ran throughout her body.

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she tried to adjust her mouth to the feeling of emptiness since the nipple had been removed. Her mouth was sore both from being in that 'stretched out' position and from the 'hard sucking' she had to do on the 'nipple' in order to get some 'refreshment'. She moved her mouth up and down and in and out in order to try to get it somewhat back to normal. Suckle tried to stand but fell back on the chair. Her knees were very stiff from being 'locked in' the same position all night. But she quickly attempted to stand up again, and once more her knees and legs failed her. Finally, on the fourth or fifth attempt she stood up although she was still somewhat shaky.

Miss Tamala was amused as she observed Suckle attempts to obey her order. She purposely left Suckle's eyes taped shut. She wanted to keep some semblance of bondage for Suckle's mind to contemplate. Then she knelt down and unsnapped the clasps leading to Suckle's pussy. As soon as the opening leading to this area of Suckle's body was unsnapped, Suckle heard Miss Tamala's voice again.

"You rotten bastard, did you pee in your nice suit?" Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. "You stink like a rotten barrel of fish."

"I ... ah ... ah ... Suckle ... Suckle doesn't know ... Suckle doesn't know," Suckle's fearful voice replied, her ears filling once again with the harsh and derogatory language Miss Tamala was using. Suckle ready didn't have any sensation of urinating at any time during the long night because of the large dildo stuffed in her pussy. Every time the timer went off and the dildo began to move within her pussy, she got so carried away with the excitement she felt on her clit she couldn't think of, or feel anything else.

"Slap," the sound of Miss Tamala's hand striking the side of Suckle's head vibrated through the air. "You must learn to control yourself no matter where you are. You will only pee when your Mistress gives you permission." The slap was very hard and it stung Miss Tamala's hand. But it also felt good to give Suckle a good slap just to enforce in her mind who and what she had become. "Besides," Miss Tamala thought to herself as she felt a shiver of excitement run through her dominant mind, "it's fun and makes me feel some wetness in my pussy to have this much power over this white bitch."

"I ... I'm sorry ... Suckle is sorry, Mistress," Suckle replied while she tried to adjust to the stinging pain the slap caused to her face. Her taped shut eyes felt like they were filling up with tears as her 'altered' mind began to work. "Mistresss Tamala must be right," she was thinking to herself, "Mistresss Tamala is never wrong about anything. If Mistress Tamala says I peed in my pants, it must be true ... Mistress Tamala is never wrong ... Mistress Tamala is wise, smart, successful, beautiful ... yes, beautiful ... beautiful ... beautiful ...

The recorded subliminal messages that Suckle had been listening to all night coordinated with the sexual arousal she felt as the 'timed dildo' massaged her clit had done the job they were intended to do. Suckle's mind was filled to overflowing with thoughts of her Mistresses ... especially Miss Tamala. The relationship building in Suckle's mind toward Miss Tamala was of complete and undisguised love, worship and respect based on fear and admiration. While the emotions she felt toward Dr. Mary were based on worship and fear. She knew if she didn't please Miss Tamala she would be punished and deservedly so. She knew if she didn't please and obey Dr. Mary's instructions she would be reprimanded vocally and punished severely. Thus, the way Suckle's mind was beginning to function, she looked to Dr. Mary more as her 'teacher Mistress' while she looked at Miss Tamala as her 'Goddess Mistress.'

Miss Tamala removed the large rubber dildo from Suckle's sloppy and wet pussy. She went around to the back of Suckle and unzipped and removed the latex suit. Suckle, for the first time in around eight hours was naked and without any restraints on her body except for the tape that still kept her eyes shut.

Her body was soaked with perspiration caused by the enormous amount of heat the latex suit had kept trapped inside all night. When Suckle felt the first wave of cool air coming from the opened window on her perspiring body she took in a deep breath.

With that deep breath, Suckle also got the first 'whiff' of the odor her body was emitting. "Mistress Tamala is correct," Suckle thought to herself, "Suckle smells bad." True to her training, Suckle thought of herself as a 'third' person ... someone that Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had created. Then Miss Tamala removed the tape from Suckle's eyes.

Even though Suckle felt the tape being removed, when it was done she kept her eyes closed. She didn't hear Mistress Tamala tell her to open them. The fear of being disobedient, of not 'pleasing' her Mistress was the only thought flashing through Suckle's mind. So, rather than risk her Mistress's displeasure, Suckle, in a split second, in reaction to her 'training' ... kept her eyes closed.

Miss Tamala stood in silence ... a large smile on her face. She felt the building up of the wetness beginning deep in her pussy. She was proud of herself ... proud of the fact that this white girl she had in front of her and in her power, wouldn't even open her eyes because she didn't have permission.

Miss Tamala reached down and touched herself. She inserted one finger in her own vagina and could feel the wetness of desire there. "Damn," she thought to herself, "it makes me feel like masturbating just looking at how we made this once proud girl, this once straight 'A' college student into a stupid looking asshole." Miss Tamala stood in silence ... dead silence ... not a sound in the room ... and Suckle remained still, eyes closed, even though she really wanted to open them.

Miss Tamala took her time looking over Suckle. She really liked Suckle's model like features, the beautiful face with the clear complexion that was at the moment a rose colored pink, the effect of the sweating the latex suit had caused last night, the perfect nose, the firm young breasts and the flat stomach. Miss Tamala remembered reading in Suckle's law school profile that she was very active in sports ... basketball, volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics ... "gymnastics," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "gymnastics is where she probably almost perfected her form. Yes, she had the body of someone who worked out regularly, just as a gymnast would." These thoughts brought another big smile to Miss Tamala's face as her mind, rekindled by thoughts of just how many 'new positions' the 'gymnast' Suckle would be learning while undergoing training under herself and Dr. Mary again 'relit' the spasms of excitement she felt deep in her pussy. She looked downward at Suckle's 'mons pubis' covered with brown fluffy pubic hair that was 'matted down' with a mixture of her own 'cum' and sweat right at the moment, again the result of the effect the latex suit and dildo had on her last night.

After what seemed like an eternity to Suckle, she heard her Mistress's voice again. "Open your eyes and do it slowly so your eyes can adjust to the light," Miss Tamala told her.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle said as she opened her eyes very slowly. Suckle found herself wanting to add 'Tamala' to her answer of 'Yes Mistress." She felt a twinge of excitement flash through her whenever she heard herself say Miss Tamala's name as though by saying her name out loud she was truly acknowledging Miss Tamala's superiority. She felt like a 'little girl' recognizing and obeying an 'adult authority figure.' The brightness of the new day make Suckle blink a few times before she could finally open her eyes all the way.

Suckle let her eyes wander around the room without moving her head. She didn't want to take the chance of getting Miss Tamala upset by doing something she wasn't told she could do. Last night this 'special' bedroom was only lit by the light coming from the nightstand lights. Now it was bright with daylight and sunshine and Suckle could see all the different 'implements' in the room.

First she looked at the hoist that had lifted her off her feet almost up to the ceiling. The shelves by the one wall held all different kinds of dildos in many shapes and sizes and much too numerous for Suckle to ever be able to count. On another wall there were numerous different kinds of 'hooks' of some sort and many of these hooks held whips, canes, harnesses, and other implements that Suckle had never imagined existed.

As Suckle's eyes adjusted to the brightness of the bedroom, she looked at her Mistress. Suckle had been imagining Miss Tamala in her mind all night long and now, again, Miss Tamala was standing before her. Suckle was totally intimidated. She felt so 'unworthy' and inferior in front of this beautiful African American woman whom she was beginning to know very intimately. Suckle didn't even have the courage to look at her Mistress for long. Rather, a feeling of inferiority ... a feeling of being timid and unworthy rushed throughout her thought processes. As Miss Tamala's beautiful full black eye balls that seemed to float in a liquid background of white looked into Suckle's eyes, Suckle immediately dropped her head in a sign of submissiveness.

Again Miss Tamala was pleased with this sign of Suckle's submissiveness. "Follow me you stinking pig," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Keep your eyes on my ass as we walk."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied in an embarrassed sounding voice after being called a 'stinking pig.'

Miss Tamala led Suckle down a hallway and Suckle, as ordered, kept her eyes on the beautiful swaying ass of her Mistress that was outlined and highlighted by the clinging soft satin pink robe. If anything, the way the robe clung to the curves of Miss Tamala's ass only served to 'wet' Suckle's sexual appetite even more than usual as she used her memory to imagine having her face buried in between those beautiful swaying ass cheeks. The memory was so strong and clear in Suckle's mind that she swore she could smell the very intimate scent she had found there as though the scent of Miss Tamala's ass was forever 'locked' in Suckle's sense of smell. Suckle had to swallow a few times to 'settle down' as she followed her Mistress.

Miss Tamala led Suckle into a large bathroom. The bathroom was decorated in a light lilac colored tile and wallpaper with an African motif. Suckle felt as though she was stepping into a different world as she entered the bathroom. The décor of Miss Tamala's and Dr. Mary's house was done with African culture in mind. For Suckle, stepping into this new and vastly different culture made her feel like a 'stranger' ... someone who would have to depend on another to get her through this new world. Of course, that dependence would make Miss Tamala totally indispensable in Suckle's mind. Again, Dr. Mary carefully planned the African décor and environment this way. She left nothing to chance.

"Listen to me carefully whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "You will relieve yourself twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You will never do this by yourself but will only relieve yourself under the supervision of me or Dr. Mary. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle quickly answered.

"If you ever try to relieve yourself other than the designated times, or if you have an accident, you will be severely punished. Is that understood?" Miss continued lecturing Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle meekly replied.

"Good," Miss Tamala said as she walked over to another part of the bathroom and brought back two gallon empty coffee cans. Just as with Piglet, one was clearly marked 'piss' and the other 'shit.'

"These are your toilet utensils. This is where you will relieve yourself when I or Dr. Mary tells you to. You will never, I repeat never, use any of the normal toilets in this house. These toilets are reserved for the beautiful asses of your Mistresses and you are never to soil them with your pig body. Is that clear?" Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle said even more meekly than before realizing that even her most personal body needs were going to be done under the supervision of her Mistresses.

Miss Tamala put the can marked 'piss' behind Suckle. "Squat down, spread your legs and piss," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Mistress Tamala, Suckle doesn't have to ..." Suckle tried to say.

"Piss," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. I own and control your body and you will piss on my command."

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," a startled Suckle replied to the loud firm voice of her Mistress as she began to squat. After a minute or two, Suckle managed to get about a half of pint of urine in the can. But Suckle stayed in her 'squatting' position waiting to be told what to do next. Her mind was becoming totally dependent on orders from her Mistress.

Miss Tamala shoved the 'piss' can out of the way with her foot. Then she shoved the 'shit' can under the squatting Suckle in the same manner.

"Shit," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle.

"I ... Suckle doesn't ..." Suckle made a feeble attempt to tell Miss Tamala she didn't feel the need to defecate. But she knew that was of no use. She was just told that she must learn to do these things on command.

Suckle pushed. Nothing. She pushed again trying to do as she was told. Nothing.

Miss Tamala walked behind the squatting Suckle to get a better view of her ass. She watched as Suckle's little asshole spread as Suckle pushed only to close up again as Suckle let up. Miss Tamala laughed at the sight of fully exposed Suckle trying to obey her. "Now this is fun," Miss Tamala taught to herself as she felt the awakening in her vagina ... the thrill of having her white whore's most personal area fully in her slight was overwhelming to her ... and she loved it. "Now shit you bastard," Miss Tamala yelled again at Suckle.

"Yes ... yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she pushed as hard as she could. Suckle could feel the first little movement of her bowels. She felt her asshole open and was embarrassed to realize Miss Tamala was watching her defecate. Again Suckle got a small stool in the can.

"Is that all you have in your stupid belly pig?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied.

"Well, you didn't have too much to eat yesterday. Damn, smells just like dog shit," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a humorous and teasing tone of voice. "I wonder why. Do you know why your shit smells like dog shit?" again she said teasing Suckle.

"Yes, Miss Tamala, Suckle knows why," Suckle replied.

"Tell your Mistress why you smell like a dog," Miss Tamala said in a tone of voice that was apparent she was enjoying degrading Suckle in this manner.

"Because Suckle had dog food for supper, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle's acknowledgement and degradation. It was apparent this was a 'turn on' for Miss Tamala. "That's right you dumb fucking pig, you had dog food mixed with my piss ... ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala continued laughing.

"Oh, one more thing whore, you are not allowed to wipe whenever you relieve yourself. We don't waste toilet tissue on bitches in this house," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied feeling more and more embarrassed and degraded at this last 'rule' by her Mistress.

"Now get up. I will show you how to dispose of your waste later," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

Miss Tamala led Suckle over to a sunken tub that was six feet in length, four feet wide and three feet deep. It was a 'Jacuzzi' type tub that was surrounded by numerous jets inside the tub.

Miss Tamala turned the hot water on and it began to pour into the sunken tub with steam rising up from the water faucet. "Put your hands behind your head, elbows straight out from your body and wait for the tub to fill up," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "And don't come too close to me you stinking fucking whore. I don't want any of the filth from your body to get on me."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered as she complied with Miss Tamala's orders. Again Suckle's face turned red with embarrassment because she was told she stunk so much. Even though Suckle was not the cause of the odor coming from her body, she blamed herself for it. She just couldn't imagine ever blaming or finding any type of fault in Miss Tamala.

"After all," Suckle thought to herself, "Mistress Tamala was 'perfect' ... and very 'beautiful.' She could never do anything wrong. It's me, Suckle the whore, dumb, stupid Suckle, that brought this chastisement on myself," ... Suckle's newly docile and inferior mind was telling her.

As Suckle stood still with her hands behind her head in front of the sunken tub filling with water, she could barely hear the footsteps of Miss Tamala leaving the room. After a few minutes alone, the realization of being completely naked and exposed to another woman as though she was some kind of animal or sub human being struck her. Suckle's confused mind began to wander again. Suckle was trying to deal her sexual orientation ... this complete feeling of submissiveness, something she had never gave much thought to before. She began to feel ashamed, guilty, as she recalled some of the perverse sexual acts she had performed on Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. She remembered sucking Miss Tamala's pussy and Dr. Mary's ass. Suckle was trying to reason with herself while trying to figure out how she got here, what she was doing. She tried to remember who she was, what she really wanted to do with her life ... getting her law degree and passing the bar exam, getting married, have a family ... wasn't that being normal???? She remembered David ... David Webster ... her fiancé ... wasn't she supposed to get married as soon as she graduated from law school?

Then Suckle heard the footsteps returning and the scent of lilac sweep through the bathroom. She could feel her heart begin to beat faster as she watched out of the corner of her eye as Miss Tamala, the beautiful Miss Tamala, returned carrying a small leather bag in one hand and what appeared to be a riding crop in the other hand. Immediately Suckle felt a surge of apprehension go through her body intermingled with some kind of sexual awakening. Just seeing the riding crop in the beautiful carefully manicured hand of her Mistress brought the submissive Suckle back ... the Suckle who was discovering her sexual orientation. Miss Tamala put the bag down by the tub and looked at Suckle.

Miss Tamala saw the somewhat confused expression on Suckle's face. "What the fuck have you been thinking of whore?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle in an assured tone of voice as though she had the ability to read Suckle's mind. Suckle was frightened ... somehow she felt Miss Tamala, her Mistress, had the ability to look into her mind, her body, her soul! "Speak up when I ask you a question," Miss Tamala said in a firmer voice, the tone of voice that always sent little shivers of fear through Suckle. Suckle, somewhere in the back of her mind, was amazed how someone who looked so highly educated, aristocratic, beautiful and successful could speak to her using such derogatory language. She had always been taught that 'ladies never use that kind of language.' Yet, Suckle couldn't deny the stirring she felt deep in her pussy every time she was called a 'whore,' a pig, a slut, or whatever her Mistress wished to called her. Her mind hung on every word as they left the beautiful full red lips of Miss Tamala.

"I ... I mean ... Suckle just doesn't ... maybe I should ... I mean maybe Suckle ... ah, Suckle ..." Suckle tried to reply but she was fast losing the ability to even put a coherent sentence together mostly because of the fear and discipline her training had instilled deep in her mind. She was afraid she would answer in the wrong way and upset her Mistress and she never, never wanted to upset her beautiful Mistress.

"Does my Suckle feel confused?" Miss Tamala said in a completely different tone of voice as though she was a mother trying to assist a child. Dr. Mary had told Miss Tamala that there would be times in the beginning of Suckle's training when she would question herself and her sexuality. This was the old 'Lynn Langley' trying to resurface again. But Dr. Mary told Miss Tamala, Suckle's sexual urges and hidden inner desires would dominate her ability to return to her old self. It would be up to them, Dr. Mary instructed Miss Tamala, to reinforce Suckle's submissiveness and her submissive sexual urges until they became so deeply ingrained in her psyche that everything in her past would be eliminated forever from her mind.

"I ... Suckle ... yes, yes ... Suckle is ..." Suckle began to cry as she again tried to answer, the change of tones from firmness to gentleness of Miss Tamala's voice catching her off guard.

Miss Tamala walked behind Suckle and with the tip of the riding crop, she tapped the inside of Suckle's thighs. "Spread your legs," Miss Tamala said in that soft gentle voice.

"Yes, Mistress," Suckle replied.

Miss Tamala took the tip of the riding crop that had a small flat surface to cover a larger area of flesh when used as a whip, and very softly rubbed Suckle's sore outer vagina lips while standing behind her. Immediately Suckle felt the sensation of the pent up desire in her vagina betray her again. Just one stroke, one little rub of the riding crop on her outer vagina lips and Suckle's mind was turning to 'mush' again as Dr. Mary was fond of saying. What it really meant was that Suckle no longer had self control of her own sexual emotions ... and Miss Tamala knew it!

Miss Tamala kept moving the riding crop softly, outside of Suckle's vagina lips and then inserted the tip of the crop slightly inside, partly in Suckle's inner vagina lips in a 'teasing' motion but not going anywhere near Suckle's clit. All the while she kept talking to Suckle, again in the soft motherly tone of voice.

"Some people are beautiful people with strong minds and forceful wills, strong and beautiful bodies and are able to succeed in all that they do in life," Miss Tamala was telling Suckle. "Other people are weak in mind, and if they are weak in their mind their bodies are also weak. Strong people are dominant and they should be worshipped for what they are. Weak people need strong people to lead them, to tell them what they are to do and to train them for their rightful role in life," Miss Tamala continued talking to Suckle as though she was teaching a class on psychology. And Suckle was listening intently as best as she could while Miss Tamala kept up the manipulations with the riding crop on Suckle's vagina.

"Now turn around, keep your hands on the back of your head and look at me," Miss Tamala said a little more forceful tone of voice this time.

"Yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered in a meek voice.

Miss Tamala untied the front of her robe and let it slip open. She knew what effect her beautiful body had on Suckle, especially when she had Suckle slightly sexually stimulated. She heard the distinct gulping sound as Suckle, being confronted with the partially nude body of her Mistress swallowed hard.

Suckle gazed at her Mistress ... and was truly appreciating the beauty of this mature, African American woman. She didn't understand why Miss Tamala had this effect on her but it made her feel so unworthy of being in her presence. Suckle couldn't even look in her eyes anymore. Rather she was becoming more timid and docile by the hour. She lowered her eyes and it was almost like there was now and forever more, a clear unspoken understanding between them. One was strong, one was weak. One was dominant, one was submissive. One was born to be worshipped, the other was born to worship.

"Tell me what you see when you are given the privilege of looking at your Mistress," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"I ... Suckle sees a beautiful strong ... Suckle's Mistress is beautiful ... Suckle is lucky to have the privilege of looking at her Mistress ... Suckle's Mistress is intelligent ... Suckle's Mistress is a great lady ... Suckle's Mistress ..."

"Good, good," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, stopping her in mid sentence as Suckle started to get more and more enthusiastic with the praise she felt compelled to heap on her Mistress as she let her eyes wander over Miss Tamala's large, firm beautiful breasts, the darker brown nipples that seemed to peak on two mounds of chocolate, her stomach, where the course black ringlets of pubic hair started just below her belly button and ran down to a mass of rich blackness between her legs ... between the strong firm muscular thighs where yesterday and last night Suckle had her head ... her mouth ... her tongue. The more Suckle looked, the more her desire increased.

Miss Tamala let Suckle look for a while knowing the overbearing effect she was having on Suckle. She smiled when she noticed Suckle run the very tip her tongue on the outside of her lips automatically and uncontrollably.

Miss Tamala took Suckle by the arm and led her over to a closet on the other side of the bathroom. The doors on the closet had floor length mirrors installed on them and she placed Suckle in front to them.

"Now tell me what you see in the mirror," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. Miss Tamala knew she would have to keep implanting the feeling of inferiority in Suckle's mind if she was to completely own her.

Suckle was startled by her own appearance. This was the first time she saw herself since last night. Her unkempt and straight hair was damp with sweat and hung down haphazardly on the side of her face and down to shoulders. Her face looked so red and plain without a trace of makeup or lipstick. It was even a little puffy from the slaps she had received earlier. Her body looked so plain, small and "beatdown' in comparison to the 'luxurious' and 'aristocratic' appearance of her strong Mistress. Suckle felt ashamed of her appearance and the words and descriptions of herself that Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had been using when speaking to her were now firmly implanted in her mind.

"I see ... Suckle sees ..." Suckle replied, again having a very hard time trying to answer her Mistress. She thought she knew what Miss Tamala wanted to hear but she was so very afraid of not being able to use the right words to satisfy Miss Tamala's demands to her to describe herself.

Suckle dropped her head again looking away from her own image in the mirror. Then she used the first few words that came to her mind ... the submissive and sexually altered mind that had almost been completely taken over by the dominance of Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala.

"Ugly ... dumb," Suckle said so sheepishly she could hardly be heard.

'Whack' ... Suckle heard the whishing sound of the riding crop cutting through the air as though every thing was happening in slow motion. Then she felt the sharp pain as the flat top part of the riding crop made contact with her ass cheeks.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... ooohhh ... aaahhhh ..." Suckle's voice sounded throughout the bathroom. Her ass felt like it was on fire from the deep, excruciating pain caused by the riding crop. Suckle gasped for air and her whole body shook as she tried to regain her composure somewhat.

"Twice you have questioned my authority, you fucking dumb whore," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. "You did the same thing yesterday and I can assure you this will be the last time."

"Suckle is sorry Mistress ... Suckle begs your forgiveness ... please Mistress Tamala ... please," Suckle replied in a sincerely begging sounding voice.

"Pick your stupid ugly head up and look at yourself in the mirror," Miss Tamala directed Suckle.

"Yes, yes, Mistress Tamala ... Suckle is sorry ... yes Mistress Tamala," Suckle was trying her best to atone for her indiscretion. She could tell Miss Tamala was very upset with her.

"Shut up and listen to me," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Look into your eyes and repeat very slowly the 'pledge' and 'greetings' I took my valuable time to teach you. And say every word slowly and deliberately so it sinks into that worthless dumb brain of yours."

"Yes, yes, Mistress Tamala, yes ..." Suckle quickly replied. "My name is Suckle. I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my owner and Mistress. I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity, has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud to own me."

Suckle said every word very slowly, her voice cracking as she realized once and for all that her life had changed completely. She realized that she could never go back to her old life. She was now Miss Tamala's slave. Miss Tamala was her owner. She would work very hard to make Miss Tamala proud to own her. The more it sunk into Suckle's brain, the more she got excited ... and the more excited she got the more relaxed and comfortable she became with her 'position.'

Miss Tamala made Suckle repeat her pledge and greetings again and again. After the fourth time and as Suckle was repeating her pledge that was now becoming her 'mantra,' Miss Tamala reached down and rubbed the deep red slash mark on Suckle's ass cheeks she had made with her riding crop.

Miss Tamala could feel the deep sexual sensation in her pussy. She loved to use her riding crop and as she realized just how hard she had hit Suckle she became more and more aroused. She rubbed her own pussy with her fingers a few times just to feel the wetness that was building up there. Then she took the same two fingers and rubbed Suckle's outer pussy lips while watching Suckle's facial expression in the mirror. Suckle was soaking wet again. She knew Suckle's mind was now equating pain with sex ... 'punishment with pleasure.' Miss Tamala saw the frightened look on Suckle's face change to that small lustful smile she loved. The smile that made her look like someone who was deeply craving sex ... sex in the way Miss Tamala had trained her to expect and to crave.

"Stop," Miss Tamala told Suckle in mid sentence as Suckle began reciting her 'mantra' for the fifth time. Miss Tamala was proud of the fact that Suckle remembered her 'greetings' word for word, just as she had been taught, as she took Suckle by the shoulders and turned her body to face her. Suckle still held her hands behind her head as she had been told to do earlier. Miss Tamala bent over a little and kissed her slave on the forehead.

"Good girl," Suckle heard Miss Tamala say. Immediately she felt a feeling of pride go throughout her senses. 'Good girl,' the words she wanted so badly to hear from her Mistress ... the words that meant she was a good slave ... the words she wanted to earn and hear from her Mistress more than anything else in the world now. And a kiss ... a kiss on the forehead from her Mistress ... a kiss ... Suckle was almost delirious with pride ... from the overwhelming feeling of being a 'good' slave for Miss Tamala.

"Get over to the tub," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala, thank you Mistress Tamala," Suckle said in the tone of voice of a child joyfully celebrating the fact that she was told she was a 'good girl' by the one person that mattered most in her new life ... her Mistress!

Suckle stood facing the tub, hands still on the back of her head, waiting to be told what to do next. Miss Tamala went over to a built-in closet and came back with a gallon bottle of bleach and a large box of heavy duty soap flakes.

She opened the gallon of bleach and poured about half of it into the tub of hot water. Then she did the same with the box of soap flakes. She mixed the combination of bleach, soap and hot water around with her riding crop.

The smell of bleach filled Suckle's nostrils. The steam rising up from the tub of hot water also filled her nostrils with vapors coming from the strong odor of the mixture of cleaning ingredients that Miss Tamala was mixing up with her riding crop. The lustful smile that was on Suckle face slowly disappeared as the thoughts of what might come next filled her mind.

Miss Tamala enjoyed the expression of fright on Suckle's face. She loved it! "Get in whore," she said to Suckle in that 'no nonsense' tone of voice. "I want all of that stinking putrid smell off of that worthless body of yours.

There were three steps going down into the sunken whirlpool tub and Suckle picked up one foot, reached over the tub rim to put it in the water and immediately pulled her foot back.

"Ow, ow, ow," Suckle screamed as she pulled her foot back instinctively from the very hot water in the tub. "It's ... it's hot," Suckle said

"Whack, whack," the sound of Miss Tamala's riding crop striking the fleshly cheeks of Suckle's ass cheeks ricocheted off the bathroom walls.

"Aaaahhhhh, ooohhhhhh, oh God, oh God," Suckle screamed even louder as the riding crop bit deep into the flesh of her ass. The blows were very hard, at least as hard as the time Dr. Mary had whipped her on her back.

"You fucking bastard, don't you ever hesitate when your Mistress tells you to do something," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle.

"Oh, oh, oh," Suckle was breathing in little short gasps ... trying hard to catch her breath from the effects of the hot water on her foot and the searing pain on her ass cheeks. "It's ... it's hot ... hot," Suckle continued in a voice that was getting lower and lower in tone as she realized she was going to have to obey her Mistress.

"Now, let's try it again. And if you hesitate even for a second I will whip you until you collapse," Miss Tamala yelled again at Suckle. "Repeat after me," Miss Tamala continued instructing Suckle. "Mistress Tamala is my owner. I will obey her at all times without hesitation and without any consideration for my own stupid body or feelings."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied in a voice that sounded labored as she was still trying to catch her breath. "Mistress Tamala is my owner. I will obey her at all times without hesitation and without any consideration for my own stupid body or feelings."

"Get in," Miss Tamala yelled to Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she stepped into the tub saying in a low tone of voice ... "Mistress Tamala is my owner. I will obey her at all times without hesitation and without any consideration for my own stupid body or feelings." As Suckle stepped into the hot water she felt like her skin was boiling ... but she was doing it ... "I must do what my Mistress tells me," Suckle was thinking to herself. "I must be willing to suffer for my beautiful Mistress."

Miss Tamala knew the water was not hot enough to do any permanent damage to Suckle's body. But she also knew it was hot enough, that under normal circumstances, a person would not be able to stand it on their skin. It also was hot enough to make Suckle's skin sting for a long time ... a reminder for her of her obedience. She watched her Suckle ... watched her obedient slave as Suckle's skin turned a bright red from the hot water ... from the bleach and soap mixture she had put in the water.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle. "You look like a fucking chicken cooking in a pot. From now on you will take a 'bleach' bath at least once a day until your skin is porcelain white. When your skin gets to a shade of my liking, then I will decorate it the way I want it," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "Is that understood?"

"Yes, yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered without hesitation.

Miss Tamala was getting more and more aroused at Suckle's obedience. "Damn," she thought to herself, "it gets me so damn hot making this fucking bitch do whatever I tell her to do." The more Miss Tamala thought of some of the things she had in store for Suckle, the more aroused she got. As she watched Suckle 'cooking' in the hot water and soapy mixture, she reached down and rubbed her own pussy. It was dripping wet and she knew she would need some relief soon. After a good night's sleep, her body had been 'restored' from yesterday's activities and she was ready for the thrill of reaching an orgasm all over again.

Miss Tamala reached over to the leather bag she put down by the tub and took out a bottle of peroxide and a box of baking soda. She almost took out a very large brush that looked like a hard bristled brush used to scrub pots and pans. She took a clear glass, put it in front of Suckle's face so Suckle would have a clear view of what she was doing. Miss Tamala then poured in the peroxide and baking soda until it made a thick paste.

Suckle watched her Mistress intently as she mixed up the ingredients in the glass with the brush. Again Miss Tamala watched the frightened look on Suckle's face, the look that always brought new sensations deep in her pussy and made her hotter and hotter.

"Open your mouth wide slut," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "And keep it opened until I tell you different. I am going to scrub your piss drinking mouth out because I am going to use it for my own satisfaction soon."

Suckle obeyed immediately and without saying a word. It felt sexually good to obey her Mistress any more. It felt good deep in her pussy to open her mouth wide, just like her Mistress told her too. Suckle was really beginning to feel like a whore, like a slut, like her Mistress's slave, her plaything. And the more she felt this way, the more sexually aroused she became.

As Miss Tamala began to roughly scrub Suckle's mouth out and brush her teeth with the hard bristled brush, she kept talking to Suckle. Miss Tamala was reaching that high state of sexual arousal where her dominant orientation was taking control of her emotions.

"One of these days I will have all of your teeth removed," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "I think it would be fun to fuck your face and mouth even more if you didn't have any teeth. Don't you think so whore?" Miss Tamala was talking in that soft voice again, the voice she used when she was leading Suckle into new areas of submission and the voice that always almost seem to have a hypnotic effect on Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered.

Miss Tamala smiled at Suckle. She put the glass and brush down and reached down and started pinching and pulling Suckle's nipples. She left the thick pasty mixture of peroxide and baking soda in Suckle's mouth. Immediately Suckle's nipples were erect. "This bastard is really getting to be a real slut," Miss Tamala thought to herself pleased with the effect she had on Suckle, her slave.

"Tell me what you think your Mistress would enjoy and have fun doing," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. She knew Suckle had agreed to her suggestion but it was more exciting hearing it from her own mouth and listening to her slave's voice. Besides, as Dr. Mary told her many times, 'make your slave say it in her own voice, since it enforces the thought strong in her mind when she says it in her own voice.'

"Miss Tamala would enjoy fucking my face and mouth more if I didn't have any teeth," Suckle replied in a lisping tone of voice that came from a mouth full of pasty mixture.

"And what is your Mistress going to do with your whore mouth," Miss Tamala said urging the sexually aroused Suckle on.

"Mistress Tamala is going to have all my teeth removed so I can be more pleasing to her and she can enjoy my face and mouth more," Suckle answered without hesitation.

"Damn," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself, "I wish Dr. Mary was here to see where I got this white whore this morning. She would be proud of me."

Miss Tamala took the glass, dipped it down into the dirty water that Suckle had been bathing in and filled it up. "Here, rinse your pig mouth with this," she said to Suckle handing her the glass. "Just spit the water back in the tub."

Suckle took the glass, and rinsed her mouth out a few times. The mixture of bleach water and soap tasted terrible in Suckle's mouth but she obeyed just as she was taught to obey. She repeated rinsing a few times because she wanted to make sure Miss Tamala would be pleased with her efforts.

"Turn around and lean your head over the side of the tub," Miss Tamala directed Suckle.

Suckle did as she was told to do. When she got in the position that Miss Tamala directed, her head was leaning over the tiled lip of the sunken tub. Her chest was pointed upward out of the water and her breasts and erect nipples were clearing visible and accessible. The tile material felt hard on her head. She looked up to see Miss Tamala removing her satin robe.

"You are in for a real treat this morning whore," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "You are getting the privilege of tasting both your Mistress's and Madame Mary's left over love juices from our lovemaking last night."

Suckle heard Miss Tamala and got excited. She had a good idea what this meant as she watched the dark legs of her Mistress separate. She watched as the darkness above her got closer and closer, the muscular dark thighs separate and encircle her head. She felt the first brush of the thick and course ringlets of Miss Tamala's pubic hair touch her face ... and it felt good to Suckle. The scent coming from just be on the black hairy mat was strong ... it was the scent of sex ... the scent the urged Suckle on and made her pussy tingle with excitement ... the scent that Suckle looked forward to anymore. "This is where my face and mouth belong," Suckle was thinking with her 'newly' implanted thought processes. She wanted so much to stick her tongue out, to taste her Mistress, to taste the 'treat' her Mistress told her she was giving her, the taste of the remains of the lovemaking she witnessed between her two beautiful Mistresses, her owners! But she didn't dare ... she was fully dependent on her Mistress now, she needed to wait for permission and further orders ... and they came.

As Suckle felt the wetness of Miss Tamala's outer pussy lips separate over both sides of her nose and press down toward her mouth, she got the first taste of Miss Tamala's abundant juices that dripped on her tongue. Suckle wanted more, more, more! Suckle's head was now totally buried in Miss Tamala's pussy, the thick black pubic hair almost engulfed her face, the soft, warm wetness of the inner pussy lips blocking her nostrils so she was having a hard time catching her breath. Suckle felt the full weight of Miss Tamala's ass on her forehead. Her head hurt against the hard tile, but her sexual desire was stronger ... she wanted to suck, suck, suck! She wanted to feel her Mistress shake and tremble from the pleasure her slave tongue was giving her. This is what Suckle lived for anymore ... to bring pleasure to her wonderful Mistress.

"You may suck now whore," Suckle heard Miss Tamala tell her. "But use your tongue slowly. This is my first orgasm of the day and I want it to last a long time before I cum. And keep your nose buried as far in my pussy as you can. I am going to use your nose like a little prick when I start to fuck your pig face," Miss Tamala continued telling Suckle in a highly aroused voice.

Suckle didn't hesitate any more. She had been in this position before and her Mistress had taught her well. She let her long tongue explore its surroundings. She took a bunch of the thick black ringlets of hair between her lips, sucking any of the old juices from the lovemaking of last night she found there. It felt wonderful to Suckle to feel Miss Tamala's pubic hair in her mouth. She let her tongue explore the outer pussy lips, then go inside to scoop up volumes of the thick hot nectar of her Mistress. She kept the juices in her mouth, then took another mouthful of pubic hair and pressed her lips together as though she was trying to make sure not one drop of juice she found there escaped. All the while she was very careful not to go anywhere near her Mistress's clit. She must wait for permission ... for permission to taste that delicious part of her Mistress ... the part she learned to suck like a pacifier.

The tension and urgency for release was building up fast in Miss Tamala. She would have liked to make it last a longer time but Suckle had learned her position so well ... her tongue was driving her to the brink. Miss Tamala pounded her ass cheeks hard against Suckle's forehead as she started the 'fucking' motion on Suckle's head. Suckle's nose felt really good buried deep in her pussy and it was serving as a little dildo ... a warm little dildo. Miss Tamala pounded so hard on Suckle's forehead with her ass a few times that she could hear the 'bang' of Suckle's skull on the tile. "Fuck the bitch," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "it feels good, too good to care about the bastard's head ... fuck her, fuck her." When Miss Tamala reached this state of arousal there was only one thing that mattered to her ... her satisfaction, her pleasure, her fun!

When Miss Tamala would pull her ass backward on the 'back' stroke on Suckle's head, her outer pussy lips would totally engulf Suckle's nostrils forcing an abundant amount of her juices up both nostrils. Suckle nose was 'stuffed,' her mouth was filled to overflowing and she began to swallow all of her Mistress's nectar.

Miss Tamala heard the sound of Suckle swallowing. She could feel her juices flowing like never before and she knew that Suckle was swallowing them. This excited Miss Tamala to the point of no return. She grabbed both of Suckle nipples between the forefinger and thumb of each of her hands. She pulled on them hard as though she was holding onto the 'reins' of a horse and she used Suckle's head and face like a saddle.

Now Miss Tamala was in full motion ... her ass banging on Suckle's forehead, the sound of Suckle's bouncing skull on the tile, the tongue of Suckle doing its job without any regard for the pain she felt every time her head banged against the hard tile. "My clit ... my clit ... go to my clit ... go, go, go," she yelled at Suckle. "That's it ... that's it ... suck, suck you motherfucker, suck ... suck like it's a pacifier ... yeah, yeah, yeah," Miss Tamala's sexual emotions and desire had taken over complete control of her body and her mind at this point.

Then like a bolt of lightning it came ... the highest peak and then over the top. "Yes, yes, yes ... oh shit, oh, oh ... yeah, yeah ... oh, you motherfucking whore ... you fucking slut ... that was good ... oh shit, that was great ..." Miss Tamala's 'fucking' gyrations on Suckle's head were slowing down as she reached an intense orgasm. But she didn't want to stop just yet. She rubbed her ass the whole length of Suckle's face, from her forehead down to her chin. When her ass cheeks separated over Suckle's nose, she felt Suckle's tongue come out. Miss Tamala stopped for a moment when her asshole was directly over Suckle's mouth. Suckle knew what to do. Miss Tamala felt Suckle's tongue go in between her ass cheeks. She felt Suckle lick up and down the crack of her ass ... and it felt so good. Just the thought of her 'slave' licking her ass stirred a feeling of 'renewal' in her loins. Then she felt Suckle's tongue rimming her asshole ... go inside ... then out ... back in ... and out.

Miss Tamala took her ass away from Suckle's eager tongue and rested it on her forehead as she tried to recover from her intense orgasm. She was still breathing a little heavy as she relaxed.

"Good girl, good whore. I'm proud of your progress. You are beginning to make your Mistress proud to own you," she said to Suckle. "I should have installed your tongue stud before I fucked your face. But hell, we can do that later. After all, you aren't going any place ... ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala said in a light hearted mocking tone of voice. "Go ahead and masturbate yourself you fucking unsatisfiable pig."

Suckle's both hands went immediately to her own pussy. She loved to masturbate for her Mistress now ... loved the feeling of lewdness she felt go throughout her very being as she performed for her Mistress ... the one who owned her. She had earned a 'good girl, a 'good whore,' ... her Mistress told her she was making her proud to own her. Wasn't that what she wanted?

"Of course," Suckle thought to herself "that is what every good dedicated slave wants from their owner. To be obedient, to bring their owner pleasure and to entertain them in whatever way they were instructed to," Suckle continued thinking to herself.

The combination of the way Suckle's 'new' mind was working and her masturbating herself was bringing her arousal to the peak. She was getting ready to cum ... to masturbate herself to an orgasm. She got that lustful smile on her face again ... the smile of someone who was so sexually high that the only thing in the world that mattered at this split second was their satisfaction ... their release.

In one last act of wantonness, of complete abandonment of her prior inhibitions, Suckle stretched her head over the side of the tub where her Mistress was kneeling while watching her masturbate. Without a word, and without any orders from her Mistress, she voluntarily opened her mouth wide ... as wide as she could in an effort to demonstrate to her Mistress just what a slut she had become.

Miss Tamala smiled at the sight of the total depravity of her white whore. She was bringing Suckle 'full circle.' There would never be any question or any doubt in Suckle's mind anymore. She knew where she belonged and who she belonged to.

Miss Tamala stretched over to put her face just above Suckle's wide opened mouth. Suckle looked at the beautiful bronze brown skinned face of her Mistress. She looked into the dark eyes of this very aristocratic lady. She watched as the red full lips of Miss Tamala began to squeeze together and her mouth moved as though it was gathering a large amount of salvia. Suckle's submissive heart was pounding as she watched the red lips part and the salvia come slowly out of her Mistress's mouth and pour down into hers. Suckle was once again tasting the very essence of her owner ... and she was becoming addicted to it. Just as the second large of amount of saliva came from Miss Tamala's mouth into hers, Suckle's body shook indicating that she had brought herself to a climax. Suckle had timed her orgasm perfectly. She came just as she was swallowing her Mistress's spit. It made her feel so bad, yet so good.

As Suckle's heavy breathing from her climax subsided and she was returning to a more relaxed state of mind, Miss Tamala reached over and 'puppy petted' her head. Back and forth Miss Tamala petted her slave's head and saw the almost puppy like look of gratefulness on Suckle's face.

"Good girl, good little piggy girl," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a soft voice. "Now finish cleaning yourself up. Rub the bleach and soap mixture into your skin good so we can get your skin pure white. I want your skin as white as a ghost so I can dress you up like a porcelain doll. I always wanted a doll to play with ... a doll that I could play with and dress and decorate any way I wanted to. You my little fuck head, are going to fill that desire. Hurry up, we have a lot to do today and you have a lot more to learn."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala, yes, oh, thank you Mistress Tamala," Suckle emotionally and eagerly answered.

Miss Tamala picked up her robe and turned to leave the room. "I'm going to take a shower in my bathroom. Someday soon, I will teach you how to bathe and care for your Mistress's body. But right now, we have other things to do. When you are cleaned up, go over to the mirror and put your hands behind your head, elbows straight out from your body and look at your stupid face in the mirror until I come for you. Concentrate on becoming a good whore for your Mistress so I can be proud of you," Miss Tamala gave Suckle her final instructions as she left this bathroom.

Suckle was reaching the pinnacle of submissiveness. She 'hung' on every word from her Mistress's mouth as Miss Tamala told her some of the things she had to look forward to. It almost seemed like she couldn't wait to see how else she could make her Mistress proud of her. Suckle's mind was going in one direction anymore and it seemed like she was always in some degree of arousal. Just her Mistress's voice did that to her. "Fuck Lynn Langley," Suckle thought to herself with that little lustful smile on her face, surprising herself that she reached the point where she would be thinking such 'dirty thoughts' and saying such 'dirty words' under her breath. Then in a 'daring' impulsive instant, daring for Suckle, she said out loud so she could hear the words herself, "I would rather be Suckle, Mistress Tamala's and Madame Mary's whore!!!

Chapter XVI---Suckle's Progess Pleases Mistress Tamala

As Suckle was scrubbing herself in the potent mixture of 'cleaning' agents Miss Tamala had put in Suckle's bath water, she took a minute to look around at her surrounding. The bathroom she was in was very large and very luxurious. It was very easy to tell this bathroom belonged to someone who was very wealthy. The marble tile work on the floor, walls and surrounding the sunken tub was obviously made of very expensive material and the African décor was extraordinarily beautiful and gave anyone in these surroundings the feeling of actually being in another country, maybe even in another time period. For some reason that Suckle didn't understand, the interior decorating of the bathroom, and the rest of the house she had seen so far, gave off an atmosphere of something that was forbidden and foreign to the average person. Mentally, Suckle felt as though she was a sort of 'captive' and had no control over being here, and yet she also felt as though she was very fortunate and had been given a special privilege just to be in these surroundings. All of these feelings contributed to 'lighting up' the submissive emotions running through her very soul.

Now, Suckle had been standing in front to the floor length mirror with her hands behind her head for what seemed like an hour. The back of her head was a little sore from being banged against the hard tile of the tub while Miss Tamala was 'fucking her face,' as Miss Tamala described it to her, and she still felt a little stinging on her ass that the riding crop had inflicted earlier. Her skin was tingling from the mixture of very hot water and the harsh soapy agents. Miss Tamala had left a towel made of a combination of 'jute' and 'hemp' on the floor next to the tub for Suckle to use to dry herself. Miss Tamala had explained to Suckle, that this type of 'towel' was used in Africa to wipe down animals and served to brush off any insects that resided on their skin. Trying to dry with a 'towel' made of this type of course fabric scratched Suckle's skin and was painful ... even more so because Suckle's skin was already tender from her 'bath.' Suckle was also instructed not to dry her hair but to just 'leave it soaking wet.'

Yet, as Suckle looked at her naked reflection in the mirror and was thinking of how excited she had made Miss Tamala, her wonderful Mistress, by using her tongue slowly and deliberately as she had been taught, she could feel that now familiar stirring deep in her loins that thoughts of this sort caused anymore. Being naked and fully exposed to Miss Tamala, her owner, made Suckle feel embarrassed and very inferior to her Mistress. Yet, again it also 'kindled' waves of excitement that flowed like an electrical current throughout her body. She even had a little smile on her face when she recalled the almost 'abandoned lust' Miss Tamala displayed as she took her Mistress's clit between her lips and sucked on it as though it was a 'pacifier' just before her Mistress reached her orgasm earlier.

Suckle found herself longing to feel the weight of Miss Tamala's ass on her forehead again ... to feel the coarse ringlets of pubic hair on her face along with the warmth and wetness she found between those wonderful dark muscular thighs. Suckle swore she could even now, standing in front of the mirror, smell the different scents of these most intimate places and surprised herself at her new capability of thinking these 'dirty' thoughts as she would have described them in her former life.

Out of the corner of her eye, Suckle saw Miss Tamala coming into the bathroom again. Suckle was startled to see how beautiful Miss Tamala looked. Miss Tamala had bathe, fixed her hair and dressed. She had on a very tight black leather skirt that came up at least three inches above her knees and showed a lot of those wonderfully built legs and thighs. She also wore a pure white tight blouse with ruffles starting at the collar and descending downward into the valley between her breasts exposing a lot of rich bronze brown cleavage. The black colored bra that encased her large breasts was clearly visible through the thin satin material of the blouse. She didn't wear any stocking but had on a medium height pair of opened toed black high heels. The toe nails were perfectly pedicured and highly polished in a rose red color to match her fingers nails and lipstick. Her shiny jet black hair was freshly combed out and was parted on the right side of her head and fell to the bottom of her neck. The jet black hair outlined the strong and stern beauty of her face, the large eyes that looked out at her from under the long black eye lashes, the high cheek bones, the full lips ... all perfectly makeup up.

Suckle took a deep excited breath as Miss Tamala approached her. She could feel her heart beating faster with anticipation. This was the kind of effect her Mistress had on her anymore. All of what Suckle used to think of as 'forbidden' emotions were visible and soaring through Suckle's psyche at the moment ... fear, excitement, appreciation, worship ... It was a feeling like Suckle had never experienced before in her young life.

"Come over here," Miss Tamala told Suckle as she walked over to the bathroom sink.

Suckle obeyed, shaking a little at the first stern sound of her Mistress's voice she had heard in over an hour. Suckle kept her hands on the back of her head and walked over to stand in front of Miss Tamala.

"Open your mouth," Miss Tamala told Suckle as she approached her.

Suckle didn't answer. Without any hesitation she just opened her mouth as ordered.

Miss Tamala turned the water faucet on in the sink, cupped her hand and put her cupped hand under the dripping water to catch some cold water in it to form a little puddle. She then placed two pills in Suckle's mouth. "Swallow these pills," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

The thought of asking Miss Tamala what the pills were for never entered Suckle's ever changing thought processes. The only thought that entered her mind was to 'obey' so she swallowed just as she was told. Of course, Miss Tamala never even considered telling Suckle what they were. Why should it ... she owned Suckle now and she could make Suckle do anything she wanted to. But Miss Tamala knew the importance of keeping Suckle totally submissive and degraded so she decided to 'play' with her mind some more.

"These pills contain a mild antibiotic," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Since you have been drinking our piss and eating a lot of our pussy juices, I want to make sure you stay healthy. A sick whore is no fucking good to me," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. Of course, as Miss Tamala spoke to Suckle, she always put an emphasis on words like 'fucking,' 'piss,' 'pussy,' and 'whore,' to refresh Suckle's mind with the realization of her submissiveness.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered, thrilled to have the chance to speak her Mistress's name once again, the submissiveness of her sexual orientation resurfacing at the sound of the derogatory terms Miss Tamala used when speaking to her.

Miss Tamala saw Suckle looking at the water in the cup of her hand. "Does my little doggy want some water?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle in that 'innocent' tone of voice as she led Suckle along reinforcing her submissive impulses.

"Oh, yes, Mistress ... please, yes," Suckle answered in a sincere desire for some of the precious liquid she had been denied for so long.

"Is that the way you were thought to 'beg' for food or any other item of nourishment that your Mistress places in front of you?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle, again stringing Suckle along.

"I ... Suckle ...," Suckle was trying to think of what she was supposed to do.

"Do I have to go get my whip?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle.

As soon as Suckle heard the mention of the whip she remembered the cat-o-nine-tails. She remembered Dr. Mary's instructions and the dog food. Suckle immediately started to wiggle her ass just as she imagined a dog would wiggle its tail ... and just the way Dr. Mary taught her last night. Then she waited for permission or some other sign to go ahead and drink.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle. "See whore, even a dumb bastard like you can be trained with the use of a whip. Use your tongue to lap up the water in my hand," Miss Tamala ordered Suckle, again changing the sound of her voice back to the stern training sounding tone."

Suckle bowed her head and stuck out her tongue to 'lap' up the water from Miss Tamala's brown hand. While Suckle was 'lapping' up the water she noticed how the inside of Miss Tamala's hand was a lighter shade of color than the rest of her hand. It was almost a light cream color and contrasted beautifully with the rest of the darker shade of her skin. Maybe it was because Suckle had never had many African American friends before and had never been this close to a woman of color before but every day she was discovering more and more the beauty of someone of another race. For some reason, this contrast in color excited Suckle.

Miss Tamala repeated the process of getting water from the sink faucet, putting it in her 'cupped' hand and watched intently as Suckle lapped it up with her tongue. Miss Tamala smiled watching Suckle ... "just like feeding a pet," she thought to herself. "How nice," she continued thinking, rubbing her thighs together at the little stirring of awakening she felt there as she watched the 'workings' of Suckle's tongue.

The excitement Miss Tamala felt at making Suckle perform this 'puppy-like' act, spurred her on to think of other ways to demean Suckle. She had put a 'high protein' power bar in her pocket with the intention of giving it to Suckle to get some nourishment in her body remembering Dr. Mary's admonishment to always keep your slaves as healthy as you can. Now, she had other ideas!

Miss Tamala took the power bar out of the pocket in her skirt. She unwrapped the paper and put the bar under Suckle's nose. She held it there for a few moments, moving the bar back and forth ... watching Suckle's reaction to the odor of food all the time.

The smell of the fresh protein bar sparked Suckle's senses. It was the first time she had smelled food, other then the dog food, since last night. Suckle remembered how the protein bar tasted the last time she had one with Piglet the morning of her 'orientation' which seemed so long ago now. She could feel the saliva in her mouth build up as she let her imagination soar thinking of how wonderful that food morsel being passed right under her nose would taste. It might as well been a steak as far as Suckle was concerned.

Suckle waited and waited ... waited some more to hear the words of permission to 'feed' come from her Mistress's lips. Nothing ... not a sound. Then Suckle remembered ... "damn," she thought to herself. "I have to wiggle my ass ... err, tail."

As soon as she wiggled her ass Miss Tamala began to smile. With her free hand she began to 'puppy pet' Suckle's wet head. "Good, good, my little animal," you are learning your lessons well and you are beginning to make me proud to own you," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

Of course Suckle was full of pride to hear these precious 'complimentary' words coming from the mouth of her Mistress while feeling the wonderful 'contact' of her hand 'petting' her head from front to back. Suckle responded by wiggling her ass even more, just like an excited puppy.

Miss Tamala took the protein bar away from under Suckle's nose. She broke the protein bar in half and dropped half of it on the floor. "Remove your hands from the back of your head and put them by your side," she said to Suckle as she moved the half of protein bar between her own feet.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied. As Suckle moved her hands from in back of her head she felt pain in her shoulders from her hands being in this position for so long a time. She let a little groan out as she started to move her arms. Finally she got both of her hands at the sides of her body. Miss Tamala watched every move Suckle made, pleased that Suckle did exactly as she was told to do and not a thing more.

"Move your shoulders around to get the stiffness out you dumb bitch," Miss Tamala instructed Suckle.

Suckle had been too afraid to make these movements on her own. Now she was being chastised and called a 'dumb bitch' because she had to be told what to do. But now that Suckle was accepting her 'new life' and her status as Miss Tamala's slave, she realized that she really depended on Miss Tamala to instruct her on even the most minor things to do.

"Fold your hands behind your back and look down at your nourishment on the floor," Miss Tamala told Suckle getting more and more aroused as she watched the bewildered look on Suckle face. "Damn," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "it's so much fun to have complete control of this bitch."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle as she complied with Miss Tamala's instructions.

"Now watch your nourishment being prepared for you by your Mistress," Miss Tamala said to Suckle as she stepped on the half of protein bar with the front part of her high heeled shoe crushing it again and again until it was in tiny pieces on the floor. Miss Tamala gathered up all the tiny pieces with the toe part of her shoes until they were between both of her high heeled feet.

Suckle watched as she was instructed not daring to pick her head up. As Suckle watched, she saw a big glob of something 'wet' drop into the crushed pieces of protein bar making a 'splatting' sound. It took Suckle only a minute to realize that Miss Tamala was spitting into the 'nourishment' on the floor. After a number of large globs of Miss Tamala's saliva had dropped into the crushed protein bar, Suckle watched again as Miss Tamala took the toe of her high heeled shoe and mixed the moisture in with the dry tiny pieces until she was satisfied it was of the consistency of her choosing.

"Your Mistress has prepared your nourishment piggy," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "I've given you the privilege of tasting your Mistress's 'essence' mixed in with your feed. Besides, I want you to get used to eating soft feed because by practicing now it will serve you well when I have all of your teeth removed," Miss Tamala continued telling Suckle.

Suckle was visibly shaking at this point with small tremors shooting through her body. 'Feed' ... 'nourishment' ... never once did Suckle hear the word 'food.' Miss Tamala had been referring to her as though she was an animal! And the description of 'having all her teeth removed' once again really shoved Suckle over the top with fear. But Suckle didn't get too much time to think before she heard her Mistress's voice again.

"Look into my eyes and beg for your feed whore," Miss Tamala told Suckle in that authoritative tone of voice.

Suckle didn't hesitate for a moment. She knew what was expected of her. Her 'training' kicked in almost instantaneously as she began to wiggle her ass. She saw and then felt Miss Tamala's hands on her breasts. Miss Tamala was making small circles on her nipples with the palms of her hands. Suckle's nipples were becoming engorged with excitement as she watched and felt the bronze brown hands of Miss Tamala manipulating them. Again the contrast of the brown hands with the beautifully manicured red finger nails against the whiteness of Suckle skin excited Suckle. As she looked into the large black eyeballs floating in the pure white background of Miss Tamala's eyes Suckle realized that she was losing all of her prior inhibitions from her former life. More than anything else in the world she wanted to please her Mistress. She craved to hear the simple words, 'good girl,' 'good whore,' or 'good piggy,' come from her Mistress's lips. But Suckle also knew from Miss Tamala's 'teachings and training' that she had to 'earn' her rewards.

With this thought in her mind, Suckle felt the sudden urge to do something extraordinary degrading to 'earn' a compliment from her Mistress. While continuing to wiggle her ass as she thought an excited dog would, she opened her mouth wide, struck her tongue out as far as she could and started to 'pat' and make the little tiny sounds of a dog begging for food. At first Suckle was afraid that she had done something on her own without the permission or instructions from her Mistress and might be punished for it. But then she saw the smile on Miss Tamala's face. In response to that smile Suckle was encouraged even more to make her 'yelping' sounds trying as hard as she could to imitate a dog begging for food.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at Suckle. Miss Tamala laughed again and again at the sight of Suckle wiggling her ass and 'yelping' with her tongue extended down over the lower lip of her opened mouth.

"You motherfucking little cuntlapper," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a very pleased sounding voice. "You're even more perverted than I could have imagined. You please me when you act like the slut you really are. Yes ... good, very good ... beg just like a puppy ... ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala continued laughing at Suckle as she stopped running the palms of her hands around Suckle's nipples. Now she took both of Suckle's engorged nipples between the forefingers and the thumbs of her hands. She pulled on them very hard letting her long polished fingernails dig into the flesh.

"Ohhh ...ahhh ..." the little whimpers came from Suckle's mouth in between the 'yelping' puppy-like sounds she was making. Suckle felt the 'fire' begin deep in her pussy. It matched the pain she felt from having her nipples pulled and dug into by her Mistress's fingernails. Even though she had cum and reached an orgasm just over an hour ago, she was beginning to get wet again. Suckle was pleasing her Mistress ... she was making her Mistress proud to be her owner and Suckle in turn, was over flowing with joy and submissive stimulation. Suckle, in her own mind, would do anything to see the smile of satisfaction on her Mistress's face. She would degrade herself in anyway to please her Mistress. This is what she lived for now.

Miss Tamala pulled Suckle's nipples as far outward as she could until Suckle's breasts almost completely changed shape from an oval shape to the shape of two 'cones.' Then as the nipples reached her maximum 'stretched' position she suddenly opened her fingers and thumbs and just let the nipples and breasts snap back into their prior shape.

"Now keep your hands behind your back and kneel down and eat the 'feed' your Mistress, in her generosity, has provided for you," Miss Tamala told Suckle, her voice changing back to that authoritative tone again. "Use only your mouth and your tongue you stupid bitch."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered. "Thank ... ah ... Suckle the whore thanks you, Mistress." Suckle was proud of herself for remembering to thank her Mistress just as Dr. Mary had taught her. She was also proud that she remembered to refer to herself as a 'whore' because she knew by this time that this pleased Mistress Tamala. And, oh, how Suckle wanted to please Mistress Tamala. Besides all this, Suckle derived a feeling of sexual satisfaction by acknowledging with the words coming from her own mouth, her 'new status' as Mistress Tamala's whore.

Suckle put her head down between the two high heeled shoes of her Mistress where Miss Tamala had moved the crushed pieces of the protein bar. Making Suckle eat her 'feed' from in between her feet would instill and reinforce Suckle's submissiveness in her mind. This was another technique Dr. Mary had taught Miss Tamala.

Suckle picked up the little pieces of 'moistened' protein bar with her lips and tongue, chewed on them and swallowed. She also was aware that the moisture mixed in with the protein bar was actually her Mistress's saliva, and of the high heeled feet close to her 'feed' and kept moving her eyes from side to side to look at them. Again, it excited Suckle to think that she was actually tasting the saliva that came from the beautiful mouth of her Mistress and to see the beautiful dark toes with their highly polished toenails protruding out from the toeless shoes.

Suckle was getting so aroused that she would have liked nothing better than to insert her fingers in her own pussy and masturbate herself. She would have enjoyed it even more if she could have 'sucked' on those beautiful toes while she masturbated. But Miss Tamala had other ideas.

Miss Tamala knew when Suckle got so sexually aroused she was like 'putty' in her hands, or, like Dr. Mary liked to describe it, Suckle's mind had turned to 'mush' and was very pliable. Miss Tamala was determined to keep Suckle in this state of mind. She had other plans for her today.

The half of crushed protein bar didn't make much 'feed' for Suckle and she finished eating rather quickly. Miss Tamala also was thoroughly aroused watching her 'whore' on her knees, her hands behind her back, eating the food from between her feet with her lips and tongue. But she also knew she must keep her own sexual needs 'in check' for the time being.

Suckle was finished, yet she kept her head between her Mistress's feet. She didn't have permission to do anything else so she waited patiently for some further direction from her Mistress.

Miss Tamala moved the toe of one of her feet to point to a few crumbs that had fallen in the grout indentations between the tiles of the floor. "Stick your tongue out and clean up the crumbs over here," Miss Tamala told Suckle tapping her toe to direct Suckle's mouth.

Suckle immediately obeyed, sticking her tongue out and running it between the tiles to make sure she had cleaned up all the crumbs.

"Now lick the tiles and make sure they are very clean. You must always make sure that my floor is absolutely clean you dumb fucking pig," Miss Tamala told Suckle in a louder instructional tone of voice. "You have no idea of how many of my things you will be cleaning with that whore tongue of yours."

Suckle again obeyed and felt a 'new' sensation of sexual awakening licking clean the tiles of her Mistress's floor. She even wondered what other 'things' she would be required to clean with her tongue. Somewhere deep in her newly discovered submissive mind, she briefly found herself wishing she could lick her Mistress's asshole clean ... and then, just as suddenly, she felt embarrassed to have thought such a 'dirty' thing. But Miss Tamala didn't give Suckle much time to think as Suckle heard the stern voice of Miss Tamala above her.

"Get the fuck up, pick up your toilet cans and follow me," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered, moving quickly to comply with Miss Tamala's orders. She picked up the cans marked 'piss' and 'shit,' carrying one in each hand and followed her Mistress keeping her eyes on and watching her beautiful swaying ass all the time ... just as her training had taught her.

Miss Tamala walked down the long hallway, down the stairs leading to the living room, then down another set of stairs leading to the basement. This was the first real chance Suckle had to observe her surroundings and to see another part of this beautiful house that her two Mistresses lived in by 'sneaking' some peeks here and there. Everything was beautifully decorated in African décor, and everything was perfectly in place and immaculate. It almost felt to Suckle like was in some kind of sanctuary. It gave her a weird feeling following her fully clothed Mistress in her naked state, one hand carrying a can with her 'shit' in it and another can with her 'piss' in it. She felt so humble ... like she was nothing, an animal, a pig, a whore! And yet, even this feeling of 'worthlessness' sent a shiver of sexual arousal through her body that finally settled deep in her loins.

As Suckle got to the bottom step leading down to the basement, she felt shivers run through her body. Suckle was somewhat familiar with this area of the house. This was where she was 'initiated' and 'introduced' into her submissive self. This is where Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary 'fucked her face' as she remembered them describing this act. She also remembered the bench like apparatus with the large black rubber penis attached that she was forced to stick in her pussy ... and she remembered how deeply and fast the electronic mechanism had pushed it in and out of her vagina. This was also where she was whipped so violently across the back when she failed to please Dr. Mary. All these thoughts flowing freely through Suckle's mind was building the small hot flame she felt in her pussy into a raging fire.

Miss Tamala led Suckle to the far end of the basement until they came to a corner with a door. It was very dark and there was a damp musky smell in this part of the basement. Miss Tamala opened the door and pulled on a chain extended from an open light bulb on the ceiling. When the light went on, Suckle saw a very small toilet and a very small sink. The room itself was very small with barely enough room for one person to fit in. The room was also very dirty as though it had not been cleaned in months, maybe even years. The toilet bowl had all types of stains inside of it with a thick dark ring at the edge of the where the water reached its maximum height in the bowl. It was very obvious to anyone looking at it, that it had not been cleaned for a long, long time. There wasn't even a toilet seat or toilet seat cover. The very small sink was just about in the same condition with bright orange rust stains running down the sides of what was once a white bowl.

Miss Tamala stepped aside of the opened door. "Get in pig," she said to Suckle. Suckle stepped inside the tiny room and immediately the musky and smell filled her nostrils taxing her sense of smell. Suckle carried her 'toilet utensil' cans inside the tiny room. The room was so small that Suckle could not help but stand in front of the commode. Suckle also could not help noticing that the commode was partially filled with excrement. Miss Tamala saw the somewhat startled expression on Suckle's face.

"That's your sister whore's waste from this morning," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "This toilet is only flushed once a day. One of you will be appointed to this duty after your evening bowel movement."

Suckle swallowed hard when she heard Miss Tamala's clarification of the rules for use of this toilet facility. She again felt a new sense of derogation and it really heightened her sense of fear. But she didn't get too much time to think as she heard her Mistress's voice again.

"Empty your cans, wash them out and put them on the floor for now. Then wash your hands and follow me," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle said. Miss Tamala waited and watched Suckle closely. Suckle did as she was told. After she washed her hands, she looked for a towel to dry her hands. There was none. Then she looked for some type of tissue. There was none. Then Suckle remembered Miss Tamala instructions that she would not be allowed to use any toilet paper to wipe herself. Suckle was too frightened to question any of these proceedings so she just turned to follow her Mistress leaving her hands wet.

As Miss Tamala turned to lead Suckle away from this 'toilet facility,' she smiled to herself. This little toilet was the 'brain child' of Dr. Mary. It was just another way of lowering one of their 'acquisition's' self esteem and sense of worthiness. She could tell by the passive expression on Suckle's face that it indeed succeeded in obtaining the desired effect on Suckle's psyche.

As Miss Tamala led Suckle to the far end of the basement she saw the door to Dr. Mary's laboratory was opened. That's the direction they were apparently headed. Miss Tamala led Suckle into the 'office' area of Dr. Mary's laboratory where there was a large desk with a large leather chair behind it. There were also two small wooden chairs with straight backs in the room. Miss Tamala sat behind the desk.

"Bring one of those chairs over to the front of the desk and sit up straight in it. Put your hands on your thighs and keep your posture perfect, back against the back of the chair, shoulders pulled back with your breasts pushed outward. I never want to see you slouching, even when you are alone. You must always remember to make your Mistress proud to own you. By keeping your posture perfect at all times will impress me ... and you do want to impress me and make me proud, don't you whore?"

"Oh yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala. Suckle the whore wants so bad to impress you and make you proud to own me," Suckle answered in an aroused sounding voice. "Mistress Tamala's orders and directions are so explicit," Suckle was thinking to herself. "She is so intelligent and beautiful," Suckle continued thinking as she was satisfied that somehow she had pleased her Mistress by answering her question in the manner in which she had been trained. She even found herself wondering if she would be granted a 'reward' for being a 'good girl.'

But that was not to be ... at least not right now. Miss Tamala pushed the telephone in front of Suckle. "We have some business to take care of right now. Piglet told me that you had told her you were to call your dumb fucking fiancé every night after work," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Ahh ... ahh, yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied surprised at the mention of her fiancé who she had just about forgotten about since being under the control of Miss Tamala. Again Suckle was astonished at how easily Miss Tamala, who was highly educated, intelligent, and successful, could so readily use these derogatory and disparaging words to describe someone like she just applied to David, her fiancé.

Miss Tamala handed Suckle a typewritten sheet of paper. "Read this over," she said to Suckle. "I typed it while you were cleaning yourself and waiting for me. You will use the information on this paper to inform the stupid bastard about your job and to answer any questions he asks you. Do you understand?" Miss Tamala said in a very harsh tone of voice that Suckle knew by now indicated that her Mistress was very serious and not to be fooled with.

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered in a shaky voice while reading from the sheet of paper she had been given.

"Good," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "You may have to improvise a bit but you're to follow the information I have given you. Use the paper as a guide. Don't you dare disappoint me."

"No, Mistress, no ... Suckle won't disappoint you Mistress. Suckle wants to be a good girl," Suckle answered in a sincere, almost pleading voice in response to the word 'good' that just came from her Mistress's lips.

Miss Tamala reached over and switched the phone to the 'speaker phone' setting so the conversation would be heard by both of them. "Now, dial the fucker's number," Miss Tamala told Suckle as she got up from her chair and walked around in back of Suckle's chair.

Suckle did as she was told. The phone only rang two times before it was picked up.

"Hello," Suckle heard David's voice for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

"Hello, David?" Suckle answered.

"Lynn ... Lynn, where the hell have you been. I have been calling you all night. Late last night they told me you checked out of the motel and ..." David was talking fast in an excited tone of voice.

"David, wait ... David," Suckle tried to break in. It was so strange just to hear her 'old name' once again. Suckle had all she could do to keep from telling David her name was not 'Lynn' but rather 'Suckle.' The process of making Suckle repeat it over and over again, vocally and out loud when referring to herself was working just as Dr. Mary said it would.

"Lynn, damn, I was worried about you. You didn't even call or leave me a number to call you. What is ..., David again began to talk again.

"David, David, listen to me. I have something to tell you," Lynn replied looking at the sheet of paper from her Mistress to be sure to read what she was ordered to say. "I have the job and I am going out of the country on an assignment," Suckle told David.

"What, what the hell are you talking about," David shouted in the phone his voice loud enough to be heard throughout the room.

Miss Tamala smiled and put her hands over Suckle's shoulders, reached down and began to massage Suckle's breasts. She grabbed the twin globes in her dark hands and used her fingers to lightly squeeze them. After a few squeezes, she would take Suckle's nipples between her fingernail and thumb nail, pulled them outward and dig her nails in them. She repeated this process of stimulation over and over again as Suckle continued the conversation with David.

"I have an assignment that I can't say too much about right now because it concerns government contracts," Suckle said to David reading from the sheet of paper and trying to adjust her voice so it sounded 'normal,' a very difficult task with her Mistress squeezing her breasts and pulling and pinching her nipples.

"Lynn, what the ... Lynn, I don't understand. I thought ...," David tried to get some more words in but again Suckle cut him off.

"Listen David, I am about to catch my plane," Suckle said as she felt Miss Tamala leave go of her one breast, reach down and take Suckle's free hand from her waist and put it down between Suckle's legs.

Then Suckle felt Miss Tamala's hot breath in her ear as she whispered to her, "Play with yourself whore." Miss Tamala then returned her both hands to Suckle's breasts.

Suckle almost said 'yes Mistress' before she realized she was on the phone with David. Instead she inserted first one finger, then two fingers in her vagina and began a slow in and out motion. Miss Tamala again started the massaging and pulling of Suckle's breasts.

"Lynn ... Lynn did you say a plane?" David asked.

"Yes ... yes ... I'm catching ... oh, God ... I'm catching my ... my plane ... now," Suckle answered breathing rapidly from the workings of her fingers in her own pussy in coordination with Miss Tamala's manipulation of her breasts and nipples.

Lynn, you sound like you're out of breath. Is something wrong?" David's excited voice came over the speaker phone.

Miss Tamala almost burst out laughing, but she held it in. "The stupid fucking honky," she thought to herself. "If he could only see this white bitch right now."

"Yes ... yes," Suckle answered between little gasps of air, "yes, I'm running to catch my plane. That's why I'm breathing hard," Suckle had improvised this last answer. It wasn't on the sheet of paper containing her instructions.

"Listen Lynn, where can I reach you ... please Lynn ..." David continued trying to talk to Suckle.

"I'll call ... oh, oh, ... I'll call you when I get ... when I get a chance," Suckle finally got the words out, again in a highly aroused state and breathing even more rapidly as she was getting close to reaching the 'point of no return.'

"Hang up," Suckle heard Miss Tamala whisper in her ear.

Suckle immediately obeyed putting the phone back on the phone platform.

Immediately Miss Tamala grabbed the hand Suckle was using to masturbate herself and pulled it away. "Stop, you fucking rotten pig," can't you control yourself?" Miss Tamala shouted at Suckle.

Suckle was confused at this action by Miss Tamala. "After all," Suckle thought to herself, "Mistress put my hand there ... why is she yelling at me?"

Miss Tamala walked in front of Suckle's chair. "Put your hands back on your thighs and sit up straight. Push your face outward so I can see and reach it better," Miss Tamala told Suckle in that stern voice tone.

"Yes ... yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala ... Suckle is sorry Mistress," Suckle replied as she did as she was told still confused as to why her Mistress was displeased with her. Suckle wanted to defend herself verbally, explaining to her Mistress that she thought when Mistress Tamala put her hand between her legs she thought she had permission ... but she didn't make a sound! She remained silent and obeyed her Mistress's last order.

When Suckle had pushed her face outward she saw her Mistress's hand go above her head. Then in what seemed like a split second she felt the hard slap on her face first ... another split second and she heard the sound as Miss Tamala's hand as it made contact with her face. The slap was so hard it rocked the chair Suckle was sitting on almost causing Suckle to fall over. The pain from the slap seemed to sink deeply into Suckle's cheek and she immediately began to cry, her sobs filling the office they were in. Yet, even though Suckle was feeling this pain on her face, even though her sobs were loud enough to be heard, somehow her thought processes told her to put her face back in the position her Mistress had ordered.

Miss Tamala smiled at the 'robot-like' obedience of Suckle. Her hand stung from slapping Suckle's face. As she watched the bright redness build up on Suckle's face from the slap and as she watched Suckle, obviously in pain, push her face out again in obedience she could feel the wetness starting to flow deep in her vagina. Miss Tamala loved this part of her control over Suckle. She loved to bring Suckle to the brink of an orgasm and then deny her release. She even loved the see the tears flowing down Suckle's pretty white face making the redness there brighter and even more visible.

"Again I will tell you ... you are never, never to cum without my permission. Do you understand that clearly now you uncontrollable little slut?" Miss Tamala yelled again at Suckle.

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle understands. "But ...," Suckle again thought about trying to explain to Miss Tamala that she really thought she had been given permission to masturbate ... but again she remained silent. Suckle knew there was no use. "After all," Suckle thought to herself, "her beautiful Mistress is never wrong. How could she be? Wasn't she intelligent, successful and beautifully strong? No, no," Suckle continued thinking to herself, "it's me ... it's stupid me ... I am just too dumb."

"Suckle is sorry Mistress Tamala ... Suckle the whore is sorry she is too dumb to understand Mistress Tamala ... please Mistress, please forgive Suckle ... ah, Suckle the dumb whore," Suckle was pleading with Miss Tamala in a tearful and sincere voice.

Again Miss Tamala was ecstatic to see her young and pretty slave begging for her forgiveness and using her own words trying as hard as she could to please her Mistress. It was the most sincere begging she had heard or seen from Suckle yet and it thrilled her to watch the disintegration of Suckle's will and character. She could feel the wetness dripping from her vagina and it was all she could do to control herself. She picked up a few tissues, grabbed Suckle's hair and pulled her head back. Then she roughly started to wipe the tears from Suckle's face.

"Stop crying stupid," she commanded Suckle. "We still have a lot of business to take care of.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered trying as hard as she could to hold her tears back. It took a few more minutes for Suckle to get herself under control. When Miss Tamala had dried her face, Suckle sat back up in the chair with her back against the back of the chair, her breasts pushed out and her hands on her thighs. Miss Tamala returned to the chair on the other side of the desk. She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a very long tee white shirt with the words 'dumb cunt' written on the front in large black letters.

"Read what this tee shirt says and then put it on," Miss Tamala said in a stern voice, "I am getting sick of looking at your puny excuse for a body."

"Yes, Mistress," Tamala said as she reached for the tee shirt and read what it said on the front.

"Read what it says on front out loud," Miss Tamala ordered Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle. "It says 'dumb cunt,' Mistress.

"Do you think it appropriately describes you?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered feeling the embarrassment of her acknowledgement of this demeaning name seep through her very being.

"Then continue putting it on," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

Suckle obeyed. The tee shirt fell over Suckle's shoulders and fell downward until it reached the top of her thighs. Then she returned her hands to her now covered thighs. Suckle was surprised when she saw Miss Tamala pick up a card board box and empty its contents on the almost bare desk top. The box contained almost all of Suckle's personal belonging. Even the contents of her purse had been emptied on the desk top. The only furnishing left was her wallet. Now Suckle watched again as Miss Tamala emptied her wallet on the desk top. Out fell her driver's license, credit cards, pictures and business cards. After Miss Tamala was satisfied the wallet was emptied, she threw the wallet back into the box.

Miss Tamala opened another desk drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. She placed them in front of Suckle, got up from her desk, picked up a waste basket, walked around the desk and placed it in front of Suckle. Then she returned to the opposite side of the desk.

Miss Tamala began going through the contents on her desk. She pushed Suckle's lipstick, perfume, and a few other cosmetics in front of Suckle.

"Throw this junk in the basket," she told Suckle. "I will decide what kind of makeup, if any, you wear."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," answered Suckle as did as she was told dropping the items in the waste basket.

Next Miss Tamala laid out a number of pictures in front of Suckle that had been in her wallet. "Tell me who these people are," she ordered Suckle.

Suckle bend over the desk. "This one is my girlfriend Maria. This one is me and David. This one is David's class picture. This one is a picture of my Mom and Dad," Suckle was saying as she described the pictures one by one to her Mistress.

Miss Tamala picked up the picture of Maria. The picture was taken from the waist up. "This fucker looks like she could have the makings of a good whore for me," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Do you think she would make a good cunt lapper like you whore?" Miss Tamala continued, changing the tone of her voice more to a teasing sound now. She was enjoying making Suckle think of herself as a 'cunt lapper' and making her think of her girlfriend in this same manner.

"I ... I don't know Mistress," Suckle answered.

"I ... I ... is that what I heard?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle chastising her somewhat in a little louder voice.

"I ... I mean ... ah ... Suckle is sorry Mistress. Suckle doesn't know Mistress," Suckle replied realizing her mistake.

"Suckle doesn't know what," Miss Tamala strung Suckle along, making her 'vocalize' as Dr. Mary had taught her.

"Ah ... ah ... Suckle doesn't know if ... ah ... if Maria would ... ah ... if Maria would be a good ... ah ... a good cunt lapper like me ... ah ... like Suckle ... I mean like Suckle the whore," Suckle found herself struggling to put her answer to her Mistress's question in the form her Mistress expected it.

Miss Tamala was pleased watching Suckle struggling to learn what was expected of her. "Damn," Miss Tamala thought to herself. "It is so much fun training this bitch. I wish Dr. Mary was here to watch."

"Cut it up and throw it in the waste basket," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "Her lips are too thin anyway. I don't think she could get a good grip on my clit with those thin lips."

Suckle picked up the scissors and cut up Maria's picture. Again Suckle found herself getting slightly aroused at the ease with witch these 'crude' words flowed so freely from her Mistress's beautiful lips.

"Cut up the picture of you and David," she said to Suckle.

Suckle obeyed throwing the cut up pieces in the waste basket.

"Your mother and father have passed on, haven't they," Miss Tamala asked Suckle trying to make sure the research she had done on the old 'Lynn Langley' was correct.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered.

"Cut up the picture. It's time to move on," Miss Tamala said. "You belong to me now anyway. Your Mistress and owner should always be the only one on your mind. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes, Mistress Tamala. Suckle understands," Suckle answered.

"I'm going to save this class picture of David. He looks stupid to me. When you make your evening bowel movement, you will put this dumb picture in your shit can and shit on it," Miss Tamala said. "I think that would be an appropriate end to that relationship."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered finding herself a little shocked at what she was being told to do with David's class picture. Suckle also found herself amazed at the way her Mistress's thought processes worked. "Who else in the world would think of making me shit on my fiancé's picture," Suckle thought to herself. And yet, just the thought of completing this 'task' on the orders of her beloved and beautiful new owner made the little submissive 'trigger' go off in Suckle's mind adding to her feeling of arousal. Suckle wasn't sure if it was the thought of actually shitting on David's picture or the act of obedience to her Mistress in doing this that made that trigger go off.

Miss Tamala put Suckle's driver's license and credit cards in her desk drawer without any explanation. Of course, Suckle didn't expect any explanation. Her Mistress could do any thing she wanted to do at any time without explanation to anyone. The only thing left on the desk after Miss Tamala had thrown Suckle's remaining purse items away was a small medicine bottle. Miss Tamala was well aware that this bottle contained Suckle's birth control pills.

"And what is in this bottle?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle as though she didn't know.

"Ah, they are ... ah, my ... ah, Suckle's birth control pills," Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed. "Throw the fucking things away whore," Miss Tamala said in a laughing tone of voice. "I will decide when to breed you. And I can guarantee you right now, you dumb slut, it won't be any normal breeding. Dr. Mary takes frequent trips to Africa and always expressed a desire to see a white girl bred by some of the native people who still live deep in the jungles there. I think I would like to witness that too. I think watching you getting bred in that fashion would be very exciting for me, don't you think?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle as though she was holding a everyday type of conversation.

"Oh, yes ... ah ... yes," Suckle was trying to answer and yet she was terribly frightened. Even her lips were trembling as she tried to absorb what Miss Tamala had just told her. "Bred ... Africa ... Natives ..." Suckle was trying to think of what that meant. "Would Mistress really do that?" Suckle continued thinking to herself.

Miss Tamala watched Suckle intently. She watched Suckle's lips trembling and the little tremors of fear shake her body slightly. "It is so delicious taking the last little bit of willpower and self esteem from this pretty little white bastard," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself. She felt the force of her dominant power surge through her body as she rubbed her thighs together hardly able to control her arousal watching her young frightened slave.

"Are you too stupid to answer?" Miss Tamala asked Suckle in a louder tone of voice snapping Suckle out of her thoughts.

"No, no, ... ah, no, Mistress Tamala ... ah ...

"Well," Miss Tamala interrupted Suckle stumbling voice.

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala, yes, Suckle thinks it would be very exciting for her Mistress to see Suckle bred by natives in Africa," Suckle replied without stumbling on a word this time.

Miss Tamala got a big smile on her face. The training of Suckle was making astounding progress and Miss Tamala was pleased. She was tempted to get up, pull her panties down and fuck Suckle's face right there she was getting so aroused. Miss Tamala longed to feel Suckle's tongue again, to feel her lips take her clit in between them, to suck just as she had taught her. Her body was alive with the electrical currents of arousal pulsating deep in her vagina. But she kept her self control. There were other things she had planned for this morning.

Instead Miss Tamala got up and walked around the desk to stand in front of Suckle. Suckle braced herself because she felt sure she was about to be punished for something again. "Probably a slap in the face," Suckle thought to herself, her face still feeling the effects of the last slap. She pressed her lips together trying to brace herself for what ever was to come. Suckle wasn't looking up at the towering Miss Tamala. Instead she kept her face pushed outward but diverted her eyes so she didn't have to look into her Mistress's face.

Miss Tamala reached down with her hand cupped Suckle's chin and tipped her head upward. "Look into my eyes little piggy," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a very gent tone of voice. "You would do anything for your Mistress, wouldn't you ... anything in the world that would bring me pleasure and excitement ... wouldn't you little white whore," Miss Tamala continued.

Suckle felt a feeling of tenderness sweep over her at her Mistress's gentle sounding voice and the feel of her beautiful bronze brown hand under her chin.

"Yes ... oh, yes, yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered feeling a wave of excitement in this, another moment of surrender. "Suckle would ... oh, yes ... Suckle would do anything for you Mistress Tamala," Suckle continued in a tone of voice that left no doubt she sincerely meant every word she said.

"Good, very good girl ... your Mistress is very happy with the way your 'education' is progressing ... very, very pleased," Miss Tamala said as 'petted' Suckle's still damp head. Then Miss Tamala bent over and kissed Suckle on the forehead again.

Suckle was blissful again. She found it hard to believe she had gotten so many compliments from her Mistress. "Good girl, very good girl," the words were filling Suckle's submissive mind and triggering all her submissive emotions. "And a kiss on the forehead too," she thought to herself.

"My Suckle the whore has been such a good girl that I'm going to dress you and take you out for breakfast," Miss Tamala said to a still blissful Suckle. "You are going to meet two of my very good friends. Their names are Mistress Lyric and Master Rudee. See little piggy," Miss Tamala continued, "your Mistress told you obedience brings rewards."

Again Suckle was delightfully surprised. Suckle no longer felt like a young twenty-six year old attractive woman, a law student about to enter her last year of law school and just about to find her place in the world. Now, in front of this beautiful, strong African American woman, the woman who had taught her to taste and worship at all her 'secret' places, the woman who had brought discipline into her life ... now she felt like a little child who had been given a 'good grade' by her teacher.

"Let's see if that little dumb brain of yours can remember how to say thank you," Miss Tamala said to Suckle her voice changing into the 'teacher' mode again. Miss Tamala turned so her ass was just a few inches from Suckle's face. She pulled down her panties and pulled up her skirt. Then she waited ...

It was only a moment before she felt Suckle's hot breath on her left ass cheek. Then she felt Suckle's lips kiss that cheek and linger for just a moment. Then she felt Suckle's hot breath on her right ass cheek, then the hot lips. Still Miss Tamala didn't move ... she just waited. She wanted to see how well Suckle learned to pay her 'respect' to her. She didn't have to wait long. She felt Suckle's breath in the vicinity of her ass cheeks, then felt her nose press between her ass cheeks ... then the lips, the lips of her 'student,' her 'intern' ... then the hot wet tongue push against the 'rosebud' and in ... and out ... and in and out ....

As soon as Suckle's nostrils picked up the scent of Miss Tamala's ass she was in another world. The more she pushed her nose between the ass cheeks the stronger the scent got and the stronger the scent got the more Suckle knew she was reaching the 'secret' place ... a place not many white girls her age got to explore. As she felt her Mistress's big brown and warm ass cheeks envelop her face she could resist no longer. She kissed, and then sucked with her tongue ... just the way she was taught ... in and out ... in and out. Given the choice, Suckle felt like she could stay here forever, especially when she heard her Mistress's moans and whimpers of pleasure her 'sucking' was causing. How Suckle loved to bring her Mistress pleasure. But after a few minutes she felt Miss Tamala pull away.

"Come with me little dumb cunt," Miss Tamala said reading from the printing on the tee shirt Suckle wore, "it's time for me to dress you up like my little white doll and let you meet my special friends," Miss Tamala said.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle as she followed her Mistress in obedience.

Chapter XVII---Miss Tamala dresses Suckle for her Public 'Outing'

Before Miss Tamala and Suckle left the office, Miss Tamala had put Suckle's 'choker collar' around her neck and attached the leash. She now led Suckle back through the basement and up the stairs to the first floor. This choker chain and lease apparatus was important in Suckle's training or 'education' as Miss Tamala was fond of calling it, to instill the feeling of 'ownership' and 'servitude' in Suckle's mind.

As Suckle was led down the open hallway leading to the stairs to the second floor the odor of incense filled the air. Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had an automatic incense dispenser that was 'timed' to ignite and dispense its sexually intoxicating fragrance at certain times during the day and night. Dr. Mary had acquired the automatic incense dispenser from a 'high priestess' while on one of her trips to Africa. Supposedly, according to the 'high priestess' the fragrances which came with the incense dispenser were specifically 'hand dipped' using secret ingredients to 'set the mood' for sexual activities.

Suckle, while following her Mistress down the long open hallway leading to the steps going up to the second floor had another opportunity to view this portion of this beautiful house. Again she noticed that every thing was immaculate and in order. On the one wall facing the large black leather sofa was a very large tapestry, at least eight feet by eight feet in length and width that was illustrated with perfectly painted masks that were used in African ritual traditional dances. On either side were long spears and arrows. In the corner of the room were two large high back, hand carved chairs that had figures of 'native' women with large bare breasts and short straw skirts carved into the rich dark wood. Next to these chairs were an assortment of different drums carved of ebony, an Ethiopian Cross and the bell and bust of a Ugandan woman. The drums had an assortment of vases and candles on them. Some of the vases contained large brilliantly colored peacock feathers.

On the opposite wall were two very large hand painted portraits. They measured at least six feet in height and four feet in width. One portrait was of Dr. Mary and the other was of Miss Tamala. Both seemed to be wearing some sort of 'horse riding' clothing complete with black riding hats and pleated pants that narrowed to a skin tight fit just above the calves of their legs and then disappeared into very shiny black riding boots. Both of women in the portraits were holding a 'riding crop' that Suckle immediately thought might be the same riding crop that Miss Tamala had whipped her with in the bathroom.

The 'African décor' now intertwined with the odor of incense made Suckle once again feel as though she was in a sanctuary or temple of some sort. The combination or these two elements assisted in making Suckle's memory of her 'former life' fade deeper and deeper into the past. This was another in Dr. Mary's carefully thought out plans to 'enslave' and to take control of the minds of those people of her choosing.

Miss Tamala knew that although Suckle was supposed to keep her eyes on her ass as she walked, she was 'sneaking' peeks at her surroundings. "Fine," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "let her get a good look." As soon as Miss Tamala was certain that Suckle was looking at the twin portraits, she slowed the walking pace down to let Suckle 'linger' a bit longer.

Suckle let her eyes drop down to the large three foot by three foot enlarged and framed picture that was centered just below the two portraits. It was of a young white woman on both hands and knees. The woman in the picture had a small 'riding saddle' on her back complete with 'stirrups.' Her two front hands were encased in gloves that looked, for all practical purposes, to be a horse's hooves. Her hair had been pulled back and combed out to resemble some sort of 'mane.' Her mouth contained a 'bit' set that was attached to a 'leather bridle.' 'Reins' from the bridle were tied back at the saddle on her back.

Then Suckle was really shocked. A longer and closer look made Suckle realize that the woman in the picture with all the 'riding gear' was Ann ... or 'Piglet' as she was now known. A look of pure astonishment covered Suckle's face as she wondered if something like that was in store for her. Yet, the more she looked at the enlarged photograph of Piglet, the more the first feelings of fear dissipated and were replaced with a feeling of mild stimulation that pulsated through her body and lingered in her loins. She let her mind wander as she envisioned Miss Tamala or Dr. Mary 'riding' her like a horse. At this point in her 'education,' Suckle was unaware of just why the portraits of her Mistress and Dr. Mary, the photograph of Piglet and the deep fragrance of incense in these strange surroundings made her feel somewhat excited. All she knew is that if she had the chance or if she had permission she would have liked to masturbate herself while looking at this strange display of portraits and pictures on the wall.

Miss Tamala was very efficient in what she was doing. She could tell by the look on Suckle's face that she was a little 'turned on' by all that she observed. And, this is exactly the state of mind Miss Tamala wanted Suckle in right now.

Miss Tamala, after speaking to Dr. Mary, decided to take Suckle to a breakfast brunch. This would be Suckle's first 'public debut' in her position as a slave to Miss Tamala. Dr. Mary was confident that Suckle's training had progressed so well that there would be very little risk in exposing her to friends. Miss Tamala wasn't so sure. But she deferred to Dr. Mary's judgment since she was the psychiatrist and the 'expert.' Miss Tamala loved to show her friends the power she had over her 'subjects.' She could feel the wetness between her legs just thinking of it. Now, as she led Suckle up the stairs by the lease fasted to the choker chain around her neck, heading for the 'dressing' room she felt herself breathing a little heavier as the thoughts of what was to come raced through her mind.

Miss Tamala opened the door to the dressing room and pulled hard on the lease. The choker chain did its work as it bit into the softness of Suckle's neck making her stumble a little.

"Get in," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle as she pulled on the lease.

The dressing room measured fourteen feet by twenty feet. There was one window on one wall, two closets filled two walls, and the other wall was finished into a little cove that contained a three-way floor to ceiling mirror. When you looked straight ahead you would see your front view. The slightly curved sides of the cove gave one a right and left side view. The small cove also contained a dressing table and a stool for sitting.

"Sit on the stool motherfucker," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Your Mistress is about to make you up and dress you."

Again the few minutes of silence during the trip from the basement to the second floor was broken by the derogatory names Miss Tamala used on Suckle. And again, Suckle felt that feeling of inferiority go through her thought processes.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle as she sat on the stool, remembering to keep her back straight, shoulders pulled back and breasts pushed outward.

Miss Tamala reached down to the dressing table and picked up a large comb and brush. She parted Suckle's damp hair in the middle, then combed and brushed her hair into six equal braids on each side of Suckle's head. The braids hung down to Suckle's neckline. Miss Tamala then began to apply Suckle's makeup using a small amount of a foundation that was a 'pasty' white in color. Suckle's complexion was perfect and the foundation was only used as a base for the rest of the makeup to come.

"As soon as I get your skin pure white with your "bleach baths' this will even be more fun for me," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "I love dolls and you are going to be my 'live' and 'breathing' doll.

Suckle didn't even know how to reply to this statement by Miss Tamala. Instead she just watched in the mirror as her Mistress finished applying her makeup. Miss Tamala applied a very light shade of bright red eye shadow after carefully picking out the color by first holding the color up to Suckle's skin. Then she applied Suckle lipstick. She used a makeup pencil outlining Suckle's lips in a shape that she desired. The shape was extended above Suckle's normal lip line and appeared to be in the shape of a 'heart.' Next, Miss Tamala filled in the 'outline' with a bright red lipstick to match Suckle's eye shadow.

Suckle was transfixed with her image in the mirror as she watched the drastic change taking place right before her eyes. She watched as Miss Tamala took some bright red rouge and made two distinct red circles on her face cheeks that covered at least two inches of her face.

Suckle was indeed beginning to look like a child's doll. She could see Miss Tamala's reflection in the mirror and could see the pleased smile on her face. There was no doubt in Suckle's mind that her Mistress was enjoying herself making Suckle up just as she chose to. And Suckle could feel the little fire in the pit of her own stomach ignite shooting little sparks of excitement deep within her vagina. Suckle wasn't sure if it was the image of herself in the mirror or the fact that her Mistress was 'having her way' with her that excited her but at this point she really didn't care ... she just knew the arousal was there!

"Take your tee-shirt off dumb cunt," Miss Tamala said to Suckle, mocking the printing on the tee-shirt she had made Suckle wear. "And be careful not to mess up your make up or you will get a good whipping on your skinny ass. Soon I'll have your ass twice the size it is now. Then it will give me an ample target to practice my marksmanship with my whip."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied, the words 'skinny ass' reverberating through her mind. This was the first time Suckle had ever heard this part of her body referred to in this manner. This was the second time Suckle heard her Mistress say that she was going to 'fatten up her ass' and she wondered what she would look like with a fat ass. Then she remembered the images of Mistress Katrina's slave ... she remembered how Mistress Katrina had bragged about her achievement in making her slave's ass so fat. Suckle was filled with a mixture of fear and excitement. But she didn't get much time to think when she heard her Mistress's voice again.

"Stand up and put this on," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. Miss Tamala had gone to one of the closets while Suckle was removing her tee-shirt. Now she was standing in front of Suckle with a very short, bright red pleated skirt and handed it to Suckle. Miss Tamala also had numerous other pieces of clothing with her.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered as she got up from her stool. Suckle stepped into the skirt. When she had it on, it came about four inches above her knees and displayed a generous amount of her thighs.

"Hold this slut," Miss Tamala said to Suckle as she handed her a white silk slipper-over blouse. Suckle didn't reply, she just took the blouse she was handed. Miss Tamala picked up a tube of lipstick, encircled the base of one of Suckle's breasts in her hand squeezing it tight to make the nipple protrude out and then applied a thick coating of the bright red lipstick to Suckle's entire nipple. She did the same to the other breast and nipple. "Don't worry little pig," Miss Tamala continued talking to Suckle as she finished applying the lipstick. "It's water proof and non smearing. It can only be removed with make-up remover."

The thoughts of the lipstick's properties didn't even enter Suckle's mind. But the hard 'squeezing' of her pure white breasts by her Mistress's beautiful bronze brown hand, the application of the cold lipstick on her nipples and the image and feeling of her breasts being squeezed and manipulated in this manner in the mirror had a profound effect on Suckle's psyche as she felt her vagina begin to flow freely. She squeezed her thighs together very slowly in an attempt to gain some self control ... or was it relief!

Miss Tamala never missed a 'trick.' She saw the effect this all had on Suckle and even saw her pull her thighs together very slowly. She saw Suckle's nipples stiffen which was made even more obvious because of the way the lipstick accentuated their prominence.

"Fucking bitch," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Dr. Mary is right about you. You are the most uncontrollable little pig I have ever seen. You have a filthy mind, you damn scumbag. Look what the fuck you do to me," Miss Tamala shouted at Suckle in a tone of voice that feinted anger.

Suckle put her head down. Miss Tamala's loud voice really frightened her and she felt like crying as her self esteem sank to a new low by the stinging demeaning words Miss Tamala shouted at her. But Suckle didn't cry. She held it back afraid that if she cried she would be punished and her face was still a little sore from the slapping her Mistress had given her earlier.

"I'm ... Suckle is ... Suckle is sorry Mistress Tamala ... ah ... Suckle is sorry she is such a pig, Mistress," Suckle struggled getting the words out because she wasn't sure her Mistress would accept her apology.

Miss Tamala smiled to herself being careful to not let Suckle know she was pleased at how easily Suckle 'admitted' and 'acknowledged' her 'status.' Miss Tamala knew without a doubt that Suckle's mental state now would accept anything her Mistress told her as 'fact' or, for that matter, called her. She knew Suckle now really believed herself to be a whore, a pig, or anything else her Mistress wish to tell her she was. Suckle looked like a little 'fawn' with her head bowed down in shame, the red circles of rouge on her face cheeks and her lips 'painted' in the shape of a heart ... and it was really turning Miss Tamala on ... she was reaching the 'boiling' point.

Miss Tamala took one of Suckle's hands. She led the hand under her black leather skirt and down inside of her silk panties. Immediately Suckle felt the how wet the course black ringlets of pubic hair were ... and immediately Suckle's heart started to beat faster. Her hand felt like a prisoner caught in between the tight silk material of Miss Tamala's panties and the wet pubic hair. Miss Tamala let Suckle's hand in that position for a little while.

"Pick up your head and look into my eyes," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "See how wet your Mistress is?"

Without saying a word Suckle obeyed. This is when Suckle's was at her most vulnerable point. The large black eyes of her Mistress completely controlled her mind. Suckle was now totally helpless to even be capable of thinking or acting on her own. She needed direction from her Mistress. She didn't dare move her hand.

Miss Tamala kept silently looking into Suckle's eyes. She wanted to see if Suckle would seek out the sweetness of her pussy on her own. Suckle didn't move. After a few more seconds Miss Tamala very slowly pushed Suckle's hand lower and lower until the fingers of Suckle's hand reached the plumpness of her outer vagina lips.

To Suckle it felt like she had entered another world. Her head was spinning with ecstasy. She remembered having her mouth here, her tongue and her lips. She swallowed hard as she recalled the intimate scent and taste she had found here when she had her head down there. In reaction to her thoughts she moved her fingers ever so slowly ... seeking ... seeking. It felt as though her fingers were moving on their own ... as though she didn't have any control over them.

Miss Tamala smiled at the movements of Suckle's fingers. "Go ahead you little perverted pig," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "It's your damn fault your Mistress is so wet and horny. Now I will teach you how to masturbate me."

Suckle was confused. She didn't know whether she should be feel bad for causing this 'condition' in her Mistress since Miss Tamala had said it was 'her' fault and she was to 'blame' or whether she should feel happy at being allowed the 'privilege' of learning how to masturbate her Mistress. Again Miss Tamala's voice cut her thoughts short.

"Move your fingers slowly ... slowly and gently along my outer pussy lips ... see how big and plumb they are?" Miss Tamala was directing Suckle now. She was in full control.

"Oh ... oh, yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied obviously thrilled at what her fingers were feeling. Suckle's fingers and hands were soaked with the moisture she found here. She took her fingers and played slowly with the slippery liquid gathering little globs of moisture between her finger and thumb and then moved them apart as though she was testing the elasticity of the wet somewhat sticky substance.

"Slowly ... gently," Suckle heard the voice of Miss Tamala. "Bring your fingers back to the front of my pussy and put one finger inside ... slowly, very gently ... now two fingers ... feel how slippery it gets there?" Miss Tamala kept talking to Suckle in a soft tone of voice that indicated that Suckle was pleasing her. "Go in deeper with your fingers little slut."

'Slowly' ... 'gently' ... the words that Miss Tamala had been 'teaching' her kept going through Suckle's mind as though it was a drum beat tapping in perfect rhythmic sequence. As Suckle felt the heat getting more intense deep inside of Miss Tamala's pussy her breathing became more rapid and was distinctly audible. Suckle was breathing hard and out loud. Suckle got that lustful smile on her face ... the smile of 'out of control' passion, of pure sexual lust ... the abandonment of any sensible reason.

"Aaahhhh, aaahhhhh ... yes, yes ...," Suckle heard Miss Tamala's low almost moaning voice. "In and out ... in and out ... slowly ... gently," Miss Tamala's low instructional voice filled Suckle's ears ... and her mind! "Bring your fingers up to the front of my pussy ... slowly ... find my clit ... find my little cock."

Suckle got an even bigger smile on her face. Her eyes took on the appearance of a person in a trance ... a trance of bringing another woman pleasure ... of bringing her precious Mistress enjoyment! As Suckle brought her fingers out of the entrance to Miss Tamala's pussy, she started to move them up over the slippery insides of the 'labia minora' until she they reached the place where the entrance narrowed. Suckle was familiar with this place. She remembered having her mouth and lips here. She let one of her fingers touch the 'hood' that covered Miss Tamala's clit and rubbed that finger in an 'up and down' motion.

Then Suckle did something on her every own. As her one finger rubbed the 'hood' she replaced her other finger back into Miss Tamala's pussy entrance. Now she had two motions going at once. She was rubbing 'up and down' on the hood covering Miss Tamala's clitoris with one finger and 'in and out' of Miss Tamala's pussy with the other finger.

Suckle felt Miss Tamala's powerful hips buck forward as though they were trying to swallow her whole hand. Suckle let her one finger slip slowly under the hood covering and rubbed softly on Miss Tamala's clitoris ... it was stiff and engorged ... ready to explode!

"Yes ... sonofabitch ... oh, shit ... oh damn it ... shit, shhiittt ... aaahhhhhh ... good, good ... I'm cumming ... I'm cumming," Miss Tamala voice was overflowing with excitement and her excitement filled Suckle's own body with throbbing sensations she had never felt before.

The palm of Suckle's hand was 'cupped' in the front of Miss Tamala's vagina while the back of her hand was 'imprisoned' by Miss Tamala's panties. As Miss Tamala reached her orgasm Suckle could feel the rapid flowing juices filling the 'cupped' part of her hand. Miss Tamala held onto Suckle's shoulders as she slowly let herself down from her orgasm with little movements of her hips on Suckle's fingers.

Suckle's own inner core was begging for release. She could feel her own pussy pulsating in a rhythm of rapidly shortening movements. She reached down with her free hand to try to touch herself. But before she could reach her 'target' she felt that hand grabbed by Miss Tamala and pulled away.

"No," Miss Tamala shouted to Suckle. "You are not to cum without my permission. How many times to I have to tell you that you fucking moron."

Suckle's senses were snapped back to reality by Miss Tamala's firm voice. She felt so weak, so helpless. She also felt her knees buckle from the desire and need she felt deep in her vagina.

As Miss Tamala's heavy breathing was returning to normal, she reached down and took Suckle's hand out from under her skirt. She held Suckle's completely soaked hand by her wrist. With her free hand she reached over to the dressing table and picked up the long handled circular hair brush.

"Spread your legs and pick up your skirt pervert," Miss Tamala told Suckle in that firm tone of voice that indicated to Suckle that obedience was not an option.

"Yes ... yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she picked up her red pleated skirt with her free hand while spreading her legs.

Miss Tamala brought the 'brush' part of the three inch circular hair brush

to the entrance of Suckle's soaking wet pussy just putting slight pressure against her outer vagina lips ... and stopped!

"Impale yourself whore," Miss Tamala ordered Suckle.

Suckle pushed her hips downward. She felt the stiff bristles of the brush begin to penetrate her pussy. The first inch or two of the insertion of the hair brush sent shivers up Suckle's spine and almost automatically she knew she needed more. Miss Tamala didn't move an inch and Suckle was hesitant to make any further movement without some direction from her Mistress.

"All the way down to the handle bitch," Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

Without a word Suckle complied. Her vagina felt 'stuffed' ... the bristles of the brush going in further and further until she could feel her cervix expanding to accommodate the complete bristle part of the hair brush.

"Fuck yourself bastard," Miss Tamala almost shouted at Suckle. "Up and down, in and out ... do it!"

Suckle obeyed, that licentious smile on her face and her eyes taking on a 'far-away' appearance. Suckle was in another world ... a world where the only thing that mattered was the feeling of gratification.

Miss Tamala took Suckle's hand she had held by the wrist ... the hand that had just masturbated her and brought her to an orgasm. It was soaked with Miss Tamala's pussy juices. The abundant juices were just beginning to congeal from being exposed to the air and were taking on a solid white sticky appearance. She brought Suckle's own soaked hand up to the entrance of her mouth.

"Clean your hand whore, eat the liquid essence your Mistress has provided for you out of her generosity," Miss Tamala told Suckle. "Taste the richness of your Mistress's honey pot."

Suckle took her own 'cum' soaked hand in her mouth, sucking and licking at the thickening sticky liquid she found there. Suckle knew where that liquid had come from and the realization that she was sucking and licking her Mistress's pussy juices from her own hand brought new sensations to Suckle. She felt her head spinning at the depraved, yet to her, somehow wonderful act she was performing for her owner. Suckle felt as though she was doing this to 'prove' her worth to her Mistress ... to make her proud of her.

Miss Tamala stared at the face of Suckle. She looked at the mouth of her slave working so hard to please her. Suckle's appearance took on the appearance of someone who was totally engulfed in the moment ... another 'milestone' in the 'surrendering' of her mind and body to her Mistress's will.

Miss Tamala smiled. She was pleased with herself. She felt the distinct 'rush' of her dominance over Suckle surge through her body and mind. She waited a few moments to enjoy that feeling of power and then emboldened by the sexual effect of the knowledge that this young and pretty white girl belonged to her, she pulled up on the handle of the brush until the bottom bristles were against Suckle's clit.

"Release yourself sucker," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Make yourself cum."

It didn't take Suckle long. She was already on the verge of exploding. She moved her hips in a back and forth motion three or four times. Then it happened!

"Ooohhhh ... aaahhhhhh ... oohhhh, God, oh God ..." the sounds of ecstasy came from Suckle's mouth as she pushed downward until almost the entire brush disappeared in her vagina. Her mind and body was beyond reason, beyond self control. Suckle was on 'automatic' pilot with only one thought in mind ... release of all the pent-up desires that had been stored in her body ... satisfaction ... she had to have it!

Suckle had reached another intense orgasm and she was too weak to stand up from the emotional surges of electrical current every nerve in her body was releasing at her climax. She was still 'impaled' on the hair brush and it, in and of itself, was holding up Suckle's body weight. Miss Tamala let go of the handle of the hair brush and Suckle collapsed at her feet. Suckle ended up in a 'half sitting' position at her Mistress's feet, her breathing slowing down from the rapid pace at which it was coming at her orgasm. She was coming down from this intense emotional sexual high ... very slowly.

When Suckle had regained some control of herself, she kneeled down further and placed a kiss on the toes of her Mistress that were peeking out from the 'open toed' high heel ... first one foot, then the other. Suckle did this on her own, without instructions and with out any direction from Miss Tamala. Suckle did it as a sign of respect and admiration, as a symbol of her adoration of her Mistress.

Miss Tamala stood towering over her slave. To watch Suckle kissing her toes and doing it on her own without any prodding or directions from her Mistress was a totally satisfying feeling to her and she waited a while longer to enjoy this sensation of dominance.

Suckle had let the white blouse Miss Tamala had handed her a while ago fall to the floor during this last episode. Now as she sat at her Mistress's feet she again heard her Mistress's voice.

"Pick up your blouse little pig," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Stand up. We have to finish dressing you. We have an appointment for brunch to keep."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle. "Thank you Mistress."

"How cute," Miss Tamala thought while laughing to herself. "The little bitch masturbates me, eats my cum, kissed my feet and then thanks me for it. Does it get any better than this?"

Suckle was on her feet now. "Put this blouse on and be careful not to spoil your braids. I still have to finish your hair," Miss Tamala told her.

Suckle faced the floor to ceiling mirrors as she carefully slipped the white blouse over her head. It was sleeveless and was cut in a very deep 'v' showing so much cleavage that it seemed Suckle's breasts would 'pop' free of their own accord.

It was also very tight fitting and the outlines of Suckle's breasts were clearly visible through the thin fabric of the blouse. Of course Miss Tamala had no intentions of giving Suckle a bra or panties to wear. Suckle's nipples, painted red by the lipstick Miss Tamala had put on them, also jutted outward from the blouse in two red pointed circles. The red color left no doubt where Suckle's nipples began or where they ended. As Suckle looked at her image in the mirror she saw Miss Tamala tying red ribbons shaped in a bow on each of her braids ... six on one side of her head and six on the other side. They all matched the red skirt and stood out in contrast to the while blouse she was wearing. Suckle was becoming startled viewing the change in her person taking place right before her eyes. She was beginning to look more and more like a toy ...a toy doll!

Miss Tamala disappeared for just a moment, and then returned carrying a pair of patent leather sandals with closed toes and a buckle strap running across the instep of each sandal. She also carried two long white cotton socks.

Put your socks on first, pull them up and then put your shoes on," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala." Suckle replied as she sat down, put on her socks and pulled them up. The white cotton socks came to just below her knees. Then Suckle slipped on her patent leather sandals and buckled the straps across the insteps of her feet.

"Now stand back up, put your feet together and hands down at your sides. Look at yourself in the mirror," Miss Tamala directed Suckle.

Suckle did as she was told.

"See, you stupid fruitcake" Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a somewhat gleefully sounding voice. "Don't you look nice? Just like a little toy dolly. Just what I always wanted ... a living, breathing doll that I can dress and play with ... ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing at Suckle's image in the mirror. "And you know how your Mistress likes to play, don't you motherfucker," Miss Tamala said to Suckle again changing the tone of her voice to emphasize the last sentence.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," replied Suckle with a little sound of sorrow in her voice. The thoughts of going out in public to a brunch dressed the way she was scared Suckle. "What would anyone who saw her think," Suckle was thinking to herself. It was the first time today that Suckle actually had a thought in her mind concerning herself. But that thought didn't last long. She felt and saw something being put around her neck. At first Suckle thought it was her 'choker chain.' But as she looked closer, she realized it was a chain all right, but it had a very large brooch attached to the chain that hung down from her neckline to the valley between her breasts. It was oval shaped and had a picture of Miss Tamala on it.

"Wear this in my honor," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a very serious and soft tone of voice. "The people we are going to meet are familiar with the wearing of this brooch. They will know that it signifies that you are my property, that I own you and that you are dedicated to my welfare and happiness. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered with a little more confidence in her voice in reaction to the seriousness of her Mistress's voice. "Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle repeated. "Suckle understands Mistress. Suckle understands and will make you proud to own me."

"Good girl, very good, my little whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. Miss Tamala reached over and gave Suckle a kiss on her forehead. "If you are a good little piggy girl for me today and you make me proud of you in front of my friends, I may let you sleep with me tonight. You can put your little whore head between my legs and suck my pussy and ass all night long. Now, wouldn't that be nice?" Miss Tamala ended saying to Suckle in that sweet motherly tone of voice that always had the effect of making Suckle relaxed and feeling comforted.

"Oh ... oh, yes, yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered. The 'good girl,' the 'kiss on the forehead' was all too much for Suckle. The thoughts of being rewarded for being a 'good girl' by having the privilege of having her head between her Mistress's legs all night long just seemed to overwhelm Suckle. She felt her heart begin to beat faster. She felt the submissiveness in her soul rise to the top. This is what Suckle dreamed of. This is what Suckle wanted more than anything in her life now. Every day the urge to serve this beautiful mature African American woman and her good friend Dr. Mary got stronger and stronger. Suckle turned and looked into her Mistress's eyes.

Then in an effort to prove her worth to her Mistress Suckle abruptly blurted out: "Greetings, my name is Suckle. I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my owner and Mistress. I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity, has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud to own me."

Miss Tamala smiled at Suckle. "Damn," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "the little bitch didn't miss a word of her pledge." She took Suckle by the hand and led her out of the room. Suckle was on her way to her first public acknowledgement of 'new life.' And Miss Tamala was satisfied that she had indeed made another 'acquisition.'

Chapter XVIII----The "Bamboo Room"

The "Bamboo Room" ... the 'brain child' of Madame Sheri and Master Klan. Both Madame Sheri and Master Klan were of 'oriental' lineage although little was known of their origin. Dr. Mary had been introduced to them by Mistress Katrina on one of her European tours ten years ago. Mistress Katrina had told Dr. Mary that this 'couple' were 'specialists' in Asiatic methods of 'mind control' and 'dominance' and were 'world traveled.' They held duel citizenships in America and Thailand although it was never made clear if Thailand was their birth place. They were very 'secretive' about their personal affairs although Dr. Mary had found out that they held 'business' interests in America, Thailand, and in a few European countries.

Dr. Mary had observed Madame Sheri and Master Klan demonstrate their unique abilities at an 'exposition' hosted by Mistress Katrina at her home while visiting her and was immediately fascinated by the severe methods of training they had imposed on some of the women in the servitude of Mistress Katrina. Over the next few years, Dr. Mary had made trusted friends of both Madame Sheri and Master Klan. Thus, Dr. Mary had become a 'business' partner to them when they proposed opening the 'Bamboo Room' in an area nearby her medical practice.

Eventually, Dr. Mary had introduced Miss Tamala to both Madame Sheri and Master Klan. All four had become trusted friends, limited business partners, and shared their experiences in the dominant/submissive lifestyle as well as their knowledge of the many 'disciplines' and 'equipment' available to obtain the goals they wished to achieve to 'enrich' their lifestyles as well as fulfill their sexual desires.

The 'Bamboo Room' itself was a very private club and fine dining facility located on the outskirts of Washington, DC., and was build on one hundred acres of heavily wooded land close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The surrounding five acres around the actual building called the 'Bamboo Room' was beautifully landscaped to resemble an Asian dining facility complete with 'water' gardens, exotic plant species, etc. The 'Bamboo Room' facility also served as the home of Madame Sheri and Master Klan. They occupied a beautifully furnished and large apartment on the second floor. Immediately, when going through the 'security' gates and entering the grounds of the 'Bamboo Room' a person would have the reaction of leaving everything 'American' and suddenly being in a place that was all 'Asian' as though you had completely left one country and entered another.

This is where Miss Tamala was taking Suckle for 'brunch' on this beautiful late Saturday morning. Of course, Miss Tamala had called Madame Sheri to 'make' reservations.

As Miss Tamala's car left her 'estate' Suckle was sitting in the back seat in a position that her Mistress instructed her to be in. Suckle's hair had dried and the braids Miss Tamala had made in her hair were shining from the hair spray she had used on them. Miss Tamala was observing Suckle through the rear view mirror. She could see Suckle's image from the waist up, the rest of her body hidden by the height of the car seats.

Miss Tamala was staring, in between driving, at the way she had applied the 'make-up' to Suckle's face. She admired the large 'perfect' round circles she had 'painted' with rouge on Suckle's face cheeks, the almost 'perfect' shape of a 'heart' she had 'painted' on Suckle's lips with the lipstick going outside of Suckle's normal lip line to accentuate the shape of the heart. Along with the red bows in her braids, the black patent leather shoes and the knee height white cotton socks, the make-up had the effect of making Suckle look years younger than her twenty-six years. "If Suckle wasn't breathing and making small movements sitting there with perfect posture and the palms of her hands on her thighs, someone seeing her would think I was transporting a mannequin of some sort," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself.

Miss Tamala also admired the 'brooch' or 'pendant' that was hanging from Suckle's neck. It felt 'exciting' to see her own likeness imbedded in that pendant signifying her ownership of this pretty white bitch. The contrast of Miss Tamala's beautiful bronze brown face in the photograph hanging low into the cleavage of Suckle's breasts also added to the exhilarating feeling of 'ownership' surging through her thought processes. Miss Tamala smiled to herself as she decided that now was the time to add a few last minute 'ornaments' to her 'live and breathing' doll.

"Here whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle as she handed Suckle a small jewelry box that she had picked up from the front seat of the car. "These are your ear earrings. Put one of them on."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she reached to take the jewelry box from her Mistress.

Miss Tamala slowed the car purposely to see the expression on Suckle's face when she saw her 'earrings.'

When Suckle opened the box her eyes took on an awestruck appearance. She looked at the three pieces of jewelry in the box but didn't move to retrieve any of the pieces until her Mistress's voice brought her back to reality.

"Well?" Miss Tamala blurted out while staring at Suckle in the rear view mirror. "Are you going to make me repeat myself dummy?"

"Aahh, no, no, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered immediately remembering what seemed like Miss Tamala's long ago warning early in her very first 'interview' not to make Miss Tamala 'waste her breath' by making her repeat herself.

Suckle picked up one of the earrings and held it between her thumb and forefinger and again looked at it. Hanging down one inch from the 'clasp' of the earring was a two inch exact replica of an 'erect penis and testicles,' finished in life-like color and cast in some kind of metal. The very 'head' of the penis was colored in bright red as though to accentuate its existence. The whole earring itself was quite heavy to the feel of Suckle's fingers. Again Suckle was transfixed by what she 'considered' the obscenity of the earring.

Then Suckle, withdrawing herself from her fixation, remembered her Mistress's orders to 'put the earring on.' Quickly, out of fear of making Miss Tamala repeated herself, Suckle picked the earring up to her ear, unhooked the clasp, ran the clasp through her pierced ear lobe and tightened it back up. The earring was now in place and Suckle's first impression of the earring being 'heavy' was correct as she felt the weight of it pulling and stretching her ear lobe downward.

Suckle held the jewelry box still containing the other two 'pieces of jewelry' in one hand while looking ahead. Her eyes met the large black eyes of Miss Tamala staring back at her in the rear view mirror.

"Sweet, my dumb little whore," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "Looks to me like that earring was made just for you. Don't you have anything to say to your Mistress for the gift she just gave you?"

"Oh, oh, yes ... ah, I ... Suckle thanks you for her gift Mistress," Suckle replied a little upset with herself for not thinking of thanking Miss Tamala on her own and without being reminded of her 'manners.'

"Look at the earring left in the box and describe it to me," Miss Tamala told Suckle.

Suckle looked down in the box. Her lips began to tremble a bit. Her mind was working hard trying to think of just the right words to say ... the right way to describe the 'ornament' on the earring. "Oh God, Suckle was thinking to herself, "how am I going to do this." Again she started to shake a little bit knowing that she was going to have to use 'words' that in the past she would never even dream of using.

Then Suckle began to speak. "Ah, ah, it's ... it looks ... Suckle thinks it looks like ... it's a man's thing ...," Suckle was stammering, wondering in her own mind if she was capable obeying Miss Tamala's orders.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing at Suckle. "A man's thing ... ha, ha, ha ... a man's thing. That's rich you stuttering idiot," Miss Tamala's voice tone was changing from a 'high pitched' laugh to a 'stern ridiculing' tone emphasizing the fact that Suckle was unable to answer in a straight forward way. "It's a man cock and balls, dummy," Miss Tamala yelled at Suckle. "Now describe it correctly."

Just a few moments ago before leaving Miss Tamala's house, Suckle was so sure in her own mind that she had accepted her 'submissive role' in her 'new life.' And as a 'reward' and an acknowledgement of that acceptance she was given a 'good girl' ... even a kiss, a kiss on the forehead from her precious Mistress. Now she was full of fear again ... fear of not being capable of living up to her Mistress's expectations.

"It's ... it's a man's cock and balls ... the earring has a man's cock and balls attached to it Mistress Tamala." Suckle made just one little hesitation in answering this time and although she was still a little surprised at the words leaving her own mouth she was still happy with herself at her improvement in not sounding like she was stuttering again.

"That's right bitch," Miss Tamala said to Suckle. "You get to wear one now. The other earring you will have to earn."

After Miss Tamala finished talking to Suckle, she paused looking at Suckle again through her image in the rear view mirror. She watched Suckle as her words 'have to earn' began to sink into Suckle's mind and waited to see if Suckle dared say anything. Suckle just 'frowned' a bit, as though she was trying to make sense of Miss Tamala's last statement.

Then Miss Tamala broke the silence. "Today, my little pig, your education will take a new turn. Today you will earn your other earring. You will soon have your first training session in cock sucking. Do you understand?"

"Ahh, Ahh, yes ... ah, Suckle understands, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered not sure if she really understood the implications of what Miss Tamala just told her.

As Suckle was trying to make sense of Miss Tamala's last statement the cell phone in her car rang. Miss Tamala pushed a button on the hands free cell phone console.

"Hello," Miss Tamala said into the microphone.

"Hello, Miss Barker?" the obviously male voice replied.

"Yes, this is Miss Barker," Miss Tamala said.

"Hi ... this is Tom Markum. How are you today?" came the reply.

"Oh yes, Mr. Markum ... I'm very good sir, and how are you sir," Miss Tamala said.

"Good, very good. Just thought I would pass some good news on to you," the male voice said. "The contracts you have submitted bids on look like they are in good shape and it looks very good for your company."

"Well that's just wonderful, just wonderful, Mr. Markum," Miss Tamala replied in a very pleasing business tone of voice.

Suckle was listening to the conversation taking place right in front of her and was amazed at how different Miss Tamala's voice sounded. This was a side of Miss Tamala she had never really seen since coming here for her interview for the internship. This was the 'intelligent, highly-educated' business woman that Suckle had read about in Miss Tamala Barker's business profile when she was considering applying for the 'internship' with her company in the first place. This was the Tamala Barker that became a very successful and wealthy business woman.

"Yes, I thought you would be pleased with the results. That's why I wanted to reach you today. I'll be calling on you some time next week. My secretary will make an appointment with you," the male voice on the phone console speaker said.

"Yes, yes, I certainly am pleased," Miss Tamala replied. "Oh, by the way, I met your wife at the conference a few weeks ago. She is very attractive."

"Well thank you, Miss Barker," the male voice replied. "She mentioned the fact that she met you and she was very impressed with your credentials and I might add with your company. I may as well tell you she had a lot to do with my final decision in awarding these contracts."

"Well, that's nice to know. Your wife and I had a pretty long chat and became pretty good friends while we were at the conference. You're a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife," Miss Tamala said to the male voice.

"Thank you. I know I'm a pretty lucky man," the male voice replied. "Oh, by the way, she said to thank you for the 'gift' whatever that means."

"Oh, no problem, Mr. Markum. No problem at all. I'm glad she ... ah ... I'm glad she enjoyed ... ah ... found it pleasing. Tell your wife I will be in touch with her again soon," Miss Tamala replied.

"Ok, I'll do that. I look forward to getting these contracts done. I'll be in touch with you soon," the male voice said. "Good-bye for now and have a great day."

"Well thank you for calling me, and yes, yes. I do intend to have a great day. Good-bye for now," Miss Tamala said as she clicked the cell phone console button to 'off.'

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala began to laugh out loud. "The dumb motherfucker doesn't know his wife is bisexual. She likes to have her pussy sucked. I sent Piglet up to her to spend a weekend. Piglet must have done a good job. You see whore, that's why you have to learn to be a good cocksucker. I can make use of you in my business.

Suckle was shocked at the change back in the tone of Miss Tamala's voice. Just a moment ago while discussing 'business' with Mr. Markum, Miss Tamala's voice sounded so intelligent, so soft and business-like. As soon as she cut the cell phone off, the 'other' Miss Tamala returned. It was almost as though Miss Tamala had two distinct personalities ... one that the 'every day' world saw and another that Suckle saw. One of Miss Tamala's 'personalities' was so confident and comforting and the other was so domineering and commanding. But Suckle didn't get too long to dwell on her thoughts before she heard the loud firm voice of her Mistress.

"Did you hear what I said?" Miss Tamala said to Suckle.

"Yes, Mistress Tamala, Suckle heard you Ma'am," Suckle replied, the sound of fear very apparent in her voice as she tried to appease her Mistress with her answer.

"Good," said Miss Tamala as she turned the car into the driveway and in front of the large 'security gates' blocking the entrance to the Bamboo Room. Miss Tamala stopped the car in front of numerical key pad and rolled down the driver's side window. She then punched a few numbers into the key pad and the gates in front of the car opened up. "I want you to understand that you are to treat everyone you meet here with deep respect. As I introduce you, you will address every female as 'Mistress' and every male as 'Master.' They are all your superiors. You must always remember that you are 'property' ... my property. You have been granted a precious opportunity to serve me, to feast and capture my scent at all my secret places and to savor my very essence. Never forget that. I can just as easily throw you out in the street like garbage ... just like the weak bag of shit you are. Do you understand?" Miss Tamala continued 'lecturing' Suckle.

"Oh ... yes, yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle was quick with her answer. "Yes, Mistress Tamala Ma'am, Suckle understands."

Miss Tamala smiled to herself when she heard Suckle adding the 'Ma'am' to her answers. It sounded to Miss Tamala like Suckle was trying extra hard to please her and that was a good sign. It was a positive indication that Suckle was sinking deeper and deeper in her sincerity to totally surrender her will and body to Miss Tamala.


Suckle had noticed the sign on the large brick pillars that the security gates were attached to. The sign read: 'The Bamboo Room," "Private—Members Only." And immediately Suckle was 'lost' in the Asian décor of the gardens on both sides of the driveway. As the car pulled up to the large front door, Suckle again felt as though she was entering a world that was so different from the one she was used to.

Miss Tamala got out of the car on the driver's side, came around to the back door of the passenger's side, opened the door and said, "Get out whore, and remember my instructions. Follow my lead and do not speak unless I tell you to."

"Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle replied as she got out of the car. A new sense of fear ran through Suckle's mind as she realized that she was actually going to be seen by other people dressed the way she was.

As Miss Tamala led Suckle to the front door, Suckle noticed the large Chinese dragon carved into the highly polished wood of the door. Just as Miss Tamala reached to open the door, it opened by itself as though someone on the inside had opened it and was waiting for their arrival.

As soon as the door opened a very beautiful oriental woman stepped out and put her hand out to Miss Tamala. "Ah, so good ... so good you come again," the beautiful woman said in an oriental dialect to Miss Tamala.

Suckle stared at the beauty of this woman. She had a somewhat narrow face that was splendidly make up. The almond-shaped eyes matched her perfect small nose. Her hair was jet black and was pulled back with a number of large glistening combs to just in back of her neck. The woman's hair hung down from that point at the base of her neck to almost her waist running the full length of her back. She wore a very bright purplish color, what only can be described as a 'kimono' of some sort. It had very wide sleeves, was loose fitting and was tightened around her waist with a large orchid flowered sash. The woman wore high heeled shoes that ended with the 'sharpest' points in the front toe area that Suckle ever saw. Suckle even wondered for a moment how someone's toes could possibly fit in a pointed area like that. Suckle watched in wonder as she saw Miss Tamala take the oriental woman's hand, bend down as if in a semi bow and kiss the back of her hand. For a moment Suckle had the impression that Miss Tamala was observing the superiority of the oriental woman by going through this sort of 'kissing of the hand' ritual. Again Suckle was brought back to the reality by the sound of Miss Talama's voice.

"Madame Sheri, this is my newest property Suckle," Miss Tamala told Madame Sheri.

Suckle was dumbfounded for a moment as she realized she was being 'introduced' for the first time to another woman as Miss Tamala's property. But at the sound of Miss Tamala's words and the realization that she was being exposed to a stranger as 'property' Suckle could feel a new sensation racing through her submissive mind and the awakening of that little 'pulse' of excitement deep in her vagina.

"Ah, good, good ... Suckle, good ... Madame Sheri like name ... you give name, yes?" Madame Sheri asked Miss Tamala in her oriental accent and that little soft high pitched sounding voice that one usually found in women of oriental descent.

"Yes, I named it Suckle," Miss Tamala said to Madame Sheri. "It has a good long tongue and likes to suck. That's why I named it Suckle," Miss Tamala continued addressing Madame Sheri. "But it is stupid and needs to have a better education in the 'service arts' than I can give it. So I talked to Dr. Mary and she recommended bringing it to you. Kneel down and kiss Madame Sheri's feet you stupid moron," Miss Tamala turned and shouted at Suckle.

Suckle was filled with another new fear. Never before, in the presence of Miss Tamala, Dr. Mary, or even Piglet had she been referred to as an 'it.'

Suckle 'gulped' as she heard herself being call an 'it' over and over again. Yet, there it was again! She could feel those little 'contractions' in her vagina. A flash of 'worthlessness' filled Suckle deep within herself ... and that feeling was having a sexual affect on her mind ... and body. Suckle, without saying a word or making a sound, dropped down to her knees and began to kiss the sharp toed highly polished leather high heel shoes of Madame Sheri.

Ah, I see ... I see," Madame Sheri replied to Miss Tamala while looking down at the kneeling Suckle kissing first one of her shoes and then the other. "We take care ... no worry ... Madame Sheri take care," Madame Sheri continue talking to Miss Tamala. "I give first lesson now ... you watch."

Suckle was just starting to pick her head up from kissing Madame Sheri's shoes when she heard the high pitched kindly sounding voice of the oriental woman above her.

"No ... no, keep head down ... Suckle keep head down," Madame Sheri was telling Suckle as she looked down at her kneeing body. Then as though to emphasize her directions, Madame Sheri picked up one of her feet, put it on the back of Suckle's head and without any further warning rapidly pushed Suckle's head down the remaining six inches until her forehead hit the marble tile walkway with a thumping sound loud enough for Miss Tamala to hear.

"See ... see ... down with head ... down, down, down," Suckle heard that 'high pitched' oriental voice of Madame Sheri above her becoming more firm in its tone. "When you kiss Madame Sheri's shoes you lick also ... use tongue ... see ... see. Use tongue, lick, kiss, use tongue, lick, kiss, use tongue," Madame Sheri was now yelling at the kneeling Suckle as though it was part of a 'drill' that Suckle was required to learn.

Suckle was startled to feel the push on the back of her head. The sudden pain of her forehead hitting the hard marble walkway made Suckle see little flashes of light blink before her eyes. 'Lick, kiss, use tongue, lick, kiss, use tongue,' the words were going through Suckle's mind as though it was part of a cadence of some sort. Then Suckle felt the shoe of Madame Sheri being placed under her head again and close to her mouth. Instantly the scent of the leather shoes mixed with the scent of feet filled Suckle's nostrils. Suckle felt a little dizzy from the aroma that was filling her senses and with the sexual sensation of doing something so subservient in front of these two very beautiful and superior women.

Almost immediately Suckle pushed her tongue out and began licking the toe area of the polished leather pointed high heel shoe of Madame Sheri. First she licked the leather softly, then kissed, stuck her tongue out further and licked again, then kissed. Suckle began to feel the 'lust' build up in her loins and she swore she could actually feel her nipples getting hard. "God," Suckle thought to herself, "I'm really beginning to feel like a slut ... and I like it!"

"Do better ... always you try to do better ... better, better, better," the words of Madame Sheri came at Suckle rapidly now. Madame Sheri reached over by the entrance to the door and picked up what appeared to be a 'long bamboo cane' at least four feet long. The bottom part of the 'cane' was a good two inches thick and tapered at the tip to about one half inch. It was one of the thickest canes Miss Tamala had ever seen as she watched Madame Sheri closely.

Madame Sheri looked at Miss Tamala who was also getting thoroughly aroused watching this 'expert' disciplining and teaching Suckle. "You pick up skirt please ... yes ... you help Madame Sheri please," Madame Sheri said to Miss Tamala pointing at Suckle's short red skirt with the bamboo cane.

"Oh, sure, sure," Miss Tamala replied to Madame Sheri while she reached down to pull Suckle's skirt up over her waist to expose her bare ass cheeks.

"Oh, good, good ... no panties ... good," Madame Sheri said seeing Suckle's bare ass. "Nice white ass ... little small but nice white ass," Madame Sheri kept saying to Miss Tamala as though she was evaluating an animal. Then Madame Sheri turned to Miss Tamala and said in a little soft voice so as not to seem too 'pushy,' "but we made white ass fatter ... ok ... yes?"

"Yes, I would like to have 'it's' ass a lot fatter," Miss Tamala replied to Madame Sheri.

"Good, good ... Dr. Mary know how ... she made white ass fat for you ... don't worry," Madame Sheri said to Miss Tamala in the high pitched innocent sounding voice as though she was trying to reassure her that her wishes could be carried out.

Miss Tamala watched as Madame Sheri put her pointed high heel shoe back on Suckle's head so the heel rested on the top of Suckle's head and the toe was all the way down the back of her head almost reaching Suckle's neck. This forced Suckle forehead back down to the marble tile walkway. With Suckle's head in this position and her knees on the walkway, it forced Suckle's ass high in the air in a steep angle upward. Then Madame Sheri seemed to shift her body somewhat to put a lot of weight on her foot on top of Suckle's head while she raised the bamboo cane high above her head gripping the base of the cane with both of her smallish hands.

Suckle heard the sound coming. It was a sound she heard before. The 'swishing' sound of something cutting air ... a sound she was becoming familiar with. But even though every thing seemed to be moving in slow motion it was also so fast that Suckle's mind couldn't register any logic. Searing pain, deep searing pain, deeper than ever before ... burning, hot, hot, hotter, hottest ...

The sound of the bamboo cane striking Suckle's ass cheek was the sharpest 'cracking' sound Miss Tamala had ever heard. Miss Tamala was watching as the bamboo cane, held in both hands of Madame Sheri, struck the flesh of Suckle's ass cheek. It appeared to Miss Tamala as though the cane sunk at least an inch into the ass flesh and as Madame Sheri picked up the bamboo cane almost instantaneously a large, deep red welt appeared outlining perfectly the imprint of the cane. Miss Tamala stared at the red welt. It was one of deepest red welts she had ever seen. There was no doubt about it. Madame Sheri had put all her strength behind that blow to Suckle's ass.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ow, ow, ow ... oh God, oh God ... eeeeeeeeee ... aaaaahhhhh, aaahhhh, aahh, ah, ah ... oh, oh, oh my God, oh," the sounds of anguish coming from Suckle's mouth were loud as Suckle literally screamed in pain. She wiggled her ass back and forth, pushed out her leg as though she was somehow trying to get the pain to ease up or better yet to go away. Suckle was breathing rapidly in quick short breaths trying to replenish the air that had escaped from her lungs from the screaming sounds that kept coming from her mouth. Then in what seemed like a complete collapse, Suckle pushed her knees outward as her body went flat on the ground.

"No, no, no ... ass up ... keep ass up in air," Suckle heard the oriental voice of Madame Sheri above her. Madame Sheri's voice was so misleading to Suckle. It had a soft high pitch to it that sounded so kind it would disarm Suckle's fear for a moment. But now Suckle knew that Madame Sheri was no one to 'fool' with. Madame Sheri, Suckle would soon learn, was one of the strictest and sadistic 'trainer's' of slaves in the world.

As Miss Tamala was watching this 'extraordinary expert' giving Suckle her very first lesson in obedience employing the 'Madame Sheri method', she could feel the wetness in her vagina building up again. She could actually feel herself 'dripping' she was getting so aroused at the sight before her eyes.

Suckle was still making whimpering sounds that were kind of 'trailing' off as she was trying so hard to regain some of her composure. Even though she heard the directions coming from Madame Sheri, Suckle was still lying almost flat on the marble tile walkway, still unable to move her ass upward, still breathing deeply although in longer gulps of air. In her mind, Suckle could still hear the words and commands of Madame Sheri ... 'ass up' ... 'ass up' ... but Suckle just was having a hard time making her body obey.

Madame Sheri walked around to the side of Suckle and pushed the bamboo cane under Suckle's waist just above her 'mons pubis' and picked up on the bamboo cane as though she was trying to get Suckle to pick her ass back up in the air.

"Ass up ... ass up ... pig Suckle always keep ass up ... no put ass down even when hit ... pig Suckle learn ... must always keep ass up," Madame Sheri kept talking to Suckle. Suckle could hear her voice and she knew she had to obey, but the pain was so deep and lasting that it was very difficult. Suckle managed to get her legs back into 'half' of a kneeling position. Suckle's screams had been replaced with little sobbing sounds and the tears coming from her eyes were flowing freely and dripping to the marble tiles on the ground. Finally Suckle pushed her ass up with all the remaining strength she had while keeping her forehead on the walkway.

Madame Sheri came back around to the front of Suckle. She stooped down in a 'hunching' position so both of her feet were on either side of Suckle's head. Then with one hand Madame Sheri grabbed a hold of a few of Suckle's braids and pulled her head up roughly and backward far enough so she could look directly into Suckle's face. Suckle's face was soaked with her own tears of agony. The pain was still there on her ass ... and it seemed like it would never ease off or go away.

"You keep ass up ... always ... always," the oriental sounding voice of Madame Sheri filled Suckle's ears again. "You keep ass up in air ... no matter Madame Sheri punish you ... no matter, you pig Suckle, keep ass up in air ... no matter how hard Madame Sheri hit ... you keep ass up in air," Madame Sheri kept telling Suckle in a loud accented voice while shaking Suckle's head back and forth once in a while as though to emphasize her words.

"You look in face of Madame Sheri ... you pig Suckle, look now ...," Madame Sheri said to Suckle pulling her head even further backward to make sure Suckle could look into her face. Suckle saw the beautiful Asian face of Madame Sheri just six inches from her own face. Madame Sheri's excited almond-shaped eyes seemed to be shining brightly with dancing flames of fire. Suckle had never in her life seen such passion in someone's eyes like this before. Even though Suckle's ass was still hot with pain, and even though Suckle could still feel the distressful after effects of her forehead hitting the walkway, Suckle knew she was becoming lost in the strange mysterious domination of this oriental woman.

"Now you learn ... you learn keep ass in air ... always, always ... no matter what," Madame Sheri continued speaking to Suckle as she stared at her eyes. "You pig Suckle ... you pig ... no brain in head ... Madame Sheri teach you pig Suckle. Now you tell Madame Sheri what you learn," Madame Sheri said to Suckle as though she was sure she had driven her 'lesson' to Suckle deep in her thought processes.

Suckle knew an answer was required. She tried to move her mouth but her lips were trembling from the words of Madame Sheri that seemed to be flashing through her brain ... 'now you learn' ... 'keep ass in air' ... 'you pig Suckle' ... 'you pig' ...

"You talk piggy girl ... you tell Madame Sheri what you learn ... NOW!" Madame Sheri screeched at Suckle while shaking her head again back and forth again demanding an answer from Suckle.

"I ... ah ... ah ... Suckle ... no ... pig Suckle ...," Suckle was struggling. Miss Tamala stared again at 'her' Suckle being put through Madame Sheri's 'no nonsense' method of training ... and she loved watching. She loved to see Suckle in this position, stammering to get the correct words out of her mouth ... the words that would satisfy the demands of her trainer. Miss Tamala thought back to just a few days ago at the pretty intelligent young 'Lynn Langley' that came into her office for an interview. She was so well dressed and had the features and physical body of a model and was applying for an 'internship.' "Now look at the bastard," Miss Tamala was thinking to herself. "It's so exciting to be able to break someone's spirit, to take over their mind, will, and body and make them want to satisfy you in any way you wish," Miss Tamala continued thinking and these thoughts also contributed to her arousal.

Miss Tamala was watching as Madame Sheri reached into Suckle's low cut blouse to fondle her breasts, squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Madame Sheri knew all the tricks. Madame Sheri was the person who taught Miss Talama and Dr. Mary on the finer 'techniques' of dominance. She knew she had to make Suckle understand in her submissive mind, pain, pleasure, and sex were somehow related. As soon as Madame Sheri felt Suckle's nipples harden she knew she had her. She redoubled her efforts, squeezing and pulling, first one breast and one nipple and then the other.

"Now you talk piggy girl ... now you tell Madame Sheri what she teach you," Madame Sheri said into Suckle's face changing her voice to the kind soft high-pitched oriental tone that was intended to lessen Suckle's fear again and give her an incentive to speak.

As soon as Suckle felt Madame Sheri's smallish hands on her breasts and nipples her whole demeanor changed. She found herself even trying to judge the different feel of the hands and fingers now working her breasts and nipples and compare them to Miss Tamala's or even Dr. Mary's. "Madame Sheri's hands were different," Suckle was thinking to herself. "Madame Sheri's fingers pulled slowly and gently, rubbing and pinching slightly in comparison to the more violent pulling and pinching of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary.

Suckle was becoming awakened sexually. She could feel the first 'contractions' and 'palpitations' of the muscles deep inside of her pussy as the inner lips of her vagina and the outer lips seemed to melt into one and the same. She swore she could even feel her clit becoming engorged with 'anticipation' and ready for the touch that would make her explode. That 'tell tale' smile was forming on her face ... the lustful smile that had an expression all its own, an expression that indicated that Suckle was entering a new emotional state of mind. Now that Suckle was reaching a high state of arousal she was ready to talk ... now Suckle 'wanted' to talk!

"Suckle learn to keep her ass in the air ... yes, Suckle is a pig ... Suckle must learn to use tongue, lick, kiss, use tongue, lick, use tongue ... keep ass in air ... no matter what, keep ass in air," Suckle said.

Suckle was on 'automatic pilot' again. Every fiber in her body was alive and every nerve pulsating with the need for sex. Suckle was off and running. She was even trying to imitate Madame Sheri's voice ... trying to form the words just as she heard them coming from her trainer's mouth. Now that Suckle was fully sexually stimulated nothing else in the world mattered ... just pleasing her trainer, obeying her commands, and thus satisfying the intense heat deep within her own vagina.

"Good, good," Madame Sheri said to Suckle as she moved her own body a little closer to Suckle's head spreading her legs and letting her kimono fall open to expose her legs and the valley in between. "Now you kiss and lick temple of knowledge," Madame Sheri was talking again to Suckle. "Now you show gratitude to teacher. You give thanks at temple of knowledge."

Suckle's nostrils quickly picked up the scent of a woman again. Her nose made little flaring movements as she inhaled in as much of the scent as she could. 'The temple of knowledge' ... the words of Madame Sheri filled Suckle's mind as she looked at the smooth baby-like skin of Madame Sheri's thighs. 'The temple of knowledge' again the words were repeated in Suckle's mind as she saw the silky like mass of jet black pubic hair centered between those thighs. Suckle was moving her head in between Madame Sheri's legs, further and further until the scent coming from there became stronger and stronger.

As Suckle slowly moved her head deeper in the 'valley' of Madame Sheri's spread legs, the 'space' narrowed until Suckle could feel the soft baby-like skin of Madame Sheri's thighs on the cheeks of her face. Madame Sheri's skin felt hot and sweaty on Suckle's face. Suckle's nose touched the silky and soft pubic hairs of Madame Sheri's pussy and immediately and involuntarily Suckle noticed the difference between the texture of Madame Sheri's pubic hair and the pubic hair of Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary. Madame Sheri's pubic hair was so massive, long and soft on Suckle's nose in comparison to the stiff ringlets of Miss Tamala's and Dr. Mary's.

Suckle could feel her heart begin to beat faster in this 'environment' that she was becoming familiar with. The scent of woman, the heat of the skin of another woman's thighs on her face and the wetness of the pubic hairs on Suckle's nose was more than Suckle could take. Her recent 'training' under both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary slowly took over her thought processes as she slowly stuck out her tongue and gathered up the first taste of the juices coming from Madame Sheri's vagina and immediately Suckle knew she had to have more. She moved her head downward until the tip of her nose penetrated the opening of Madame Sheri's vagina at the very top, and then stuck her tongue out as far as she could until she reached the back of the opening.

This was what Suckle really yearned for anymore. She was beginning to love having her head in between another woman's legs. It made every nerve ending in her body tingle with sparks of electricity the likes of which she could never explain to anyone. And when she could feel the exhilaration her tongue was causing by the moans and gasps coming from above her by the 'other woman' her instincts were to try even harder to 'satisfy.'

Madame Sheri had extraordinary big and plump outer vagina lips for a woman of her stature and when Suckle moved her tongue forward to lick at the entire length of the vagina opening these soaking wet 'outer' lips completely covered her mouth. Suckle knew where to go. Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had taught her well. Suckle was looking for her 'target.' She was using her tongue to search taking her time to 'flick' it in and out a few times at the deepest part of Madame Sheri's pussy. Then Suckle used her 'imagination' as she softly pushed the hood covering Madame Sheri's clit upward with her nose exposing the clitoris. Suckle was where she wanted to be ... she was 'on target.' She ran her tongue over the stiff engorged clit a few times and then clasped it between her lips. Again Suckle's 'training' kicked in as she remembered Miss Tamala's admonition to 'suck on it like it was a pacifier.'

It only took a minute before Suckle heard the words of Madame Sheri somewhere high above her.

"Yes, yes ... you suck ... yes, you worship at temple of knowledge ... aaaahhhhh, oohhhh ... good, good," the excited accented words of this oriental and beautiful woman filled Suckle with profound excitement as she redoubled her efforts to conform to the words coming from Madame Sheri.

Then she felt Madame Sheri's thighs tighten on her face cheeks. Now her face was red hot with the heat and wetness of the sweat coming from the thighs that captured her head. But Suckle wasn't prepared for what happened next. With one final thrust of her hips, Madame Sheri had reached her orgasm. And Suckle actually felt Madame Sheri 'squirt' in her mouth. This was a first for Suckle. Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary had flowed intensely at their orgasm, but Suckle remembered thinking this was an actual 'squirt' with tremendous volume.

Suckle was on fire with desire. She so much wanted to touch herself, to go 'off' and feel the intense shaking of her body in coordination with her hand. But it was not to be. Suckle didn't have 'permission' and by this point in her 'new life' she knew better than to act on her own regardless of the state of her arousal.

As Suckle felt Madame Sheri separate her vagina from her lips and mouth, she felt deep remorse and disappointment knowing that she would be denied her 'release' again. And yet the feeling of taking the full 'blast' of Madame Sheri's orgasm in her mouth and swallowing again and again along with the awareness that she had done exactly as her 'trainer' told her brought a weird sense of satisfaction to Suckle's ever deepening submissive mind. Suckle felt a certain contentment in being a 'good girl' ... even of being a 'good pig' for her 'teacher.'

Miss Tamala had watched with passionate scrutiny at the way in which Madame Sheri, the expert, had taken complete control of Suckle in just a few minutes. But Miss Tamala also knew that Suckle hadn't even begun to understand or experience the depth of Madame Sheri's 'method of training' or just how sadistic Madame Sheri could be. Although Miss Tamala was soaking wet from watching the scene take place before her, she denied herself 'release' too. She was saving herself, saving herself for what she knew would be taking place a little later. Miss Tamala was anxiously awaiting Suckle's first training session on 'cock sucking.'

Madame Sheri had fixed her kimono and retied the sash around her waist. "You kneel up ... up piggy Suckle ... you kneel up straight ... keep back straight," Suckle heard the somewhat relaxed yet firm voice of her oriental trainer.

Suckle lifted her head from its low position to pull herself upward but remained in the kneeling position. She took in a deep breath, straightened her back and sucked in her belly so even in this kneeling position her posture was excellent. She picked her head up to look into the face of Madame Sheri who was standing directly in front of the kneeling Suckle.

Suckle's face, from forehead to chin was completely covered with the abundant and somewhat sticky residue from Madame Sheri's orgasm. Most of the sticky and opaque creamy liquid was around her nose and mouth. Miss Tamala watched as Madame Sheri pushed Suckle's head back so her face was looking upward toward her.

"You open mouth ... open wide," Madame Sheri told Suckle.

Suckle didn't answer but she did as she was told opening her mouth wide. Madame Sheri looked directly into Suckle's mouth. "Yes ... good ... you swallow most of Madame Sheri's gift of knowledge ... good, good girl," Madame Sheri said to Suckle as she moved her forefinger toward Suckle's face.

Madame Sheri gathered up all the creamy substance of her orgasm from Suckle's nose, under her nose, from around her lips and chin and little by little with her forefinger pushed it into Suckle's opened mouth until almost all of the thickest portions disappeared from Suckle's face and was now on her tongue and in her mouth.

"You no waste ... you never waste fruit of knowledge ... delicious fruit come from Madame Sheri's temple of knowledge ... you eat and swallow like good girl," Madame Sheri said to Suckle. "Now you run tongue around mouth ... show Mistress Tamala you love fruit from pussy ... you show Mistress Tamala."

"Temple of knowledge ... pussy," Suckle was thinking to herself. Now she understood what the 'temple of knowledge' that Madame Sheri had been talking about was! It struck Suckle like a bolt of lightning. "It was her pussy," Suckle thought to herself. "She was talking about her pussy." Suckle found it strange and yet sexually exciting to have someone give a name like this to that part of her anatomy. Suckle had a little evil smile on her face as she turned her head toward Miss Tamala and began to run her tongue around her opened mouth as though she was proud to display its contents.

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala was laughing out loud watching Suckle. "The motherfucker is really getting to be a bigger slut every day, isn't she?"

"Yes ... yes ... good slut ... good slut," Madame Sheri replied to Miss Tamala obviously proud of the little 'exposition' she had just put on for her. "You like?"

"Yes, I liked it very much," Miss Tamala answered Madame Sheri.

"Good, good ... we now go inside?" Madame Sheri said to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, by all means, let's go inside," replied Miss Tamala.

"Wonderfu ... wonderfu ..." Madame Sheri said in her broken and heavily accented English. Then she turned to the still kneeling Suckle. "Now you show Mistress Tamala ... you show how you swallow ... you swallow."

Suckle looked up at her Mistress, closed her mouth and swallowed hard making a loud 'gulping' sound as if to demonstrate that she had indeed swallowed the remains of Madame Sheri's climax. Miss Tamala petted Suckle on the head, the 'puppy pet' that Suckle was so fond of getting for being obedient. As soon as Suckle felt her Mistress's hand going back on forth on her head she got a big smile on her face. She got her 'good girl' and she gotten 'petted' by her Mistress. These little gestures were more important than gold to Suckle any more.

"Now you get up ... yes, you get up ... we go inside," Madame Sheri said to Suckle.

After Suckle got back up to her feet, she followed her Mistress and Madame Sheri to the highly polished wooden door ... the door with the hand craved dragon on it ... the Bamboo Room! Suckle felt herself wondering what was behind these large doors as she walked forward, her ass still hurting, and her forehead still a little sore. Then, a little bit of doubt flashed through her mind. Did she really want to know?

Chapter XIX-Inside the Bamboo Room

Madame Sheri held the door opened as Mistress Tamala followed by Suckle entered, and then closed the door behind them. The lighting was dim but not dark as the trio entered the foyer type entrance. Again Suckle was immediately struck by the oriental décor of the foyer. Chinese lanterns, oriental floral arrangements, the odor of incense filled the air and there was even some very oriental sounding music playing softly in the background.

Suckle wondered to herself 'how many different worlds have I entered in the last few days?' 'Surely,' Suckle thought, 'this establishment showed signs that gave her the feeling as though something weird and wonderful was about to happen in here.' Suckle was still feeling the exciting effects of having just brought Madame Sheri to an orgasm and could feel her own arousal beginning to set in her psyche and this place just added to it.

"We go meet you guests now, ok?" Madame Sheri asked in that almost innocent and disarming high pitched oriental voice of hers directing her question to Miss Tamala.

"Yes, of course," Miss Tamala replied to Madame Sheri as Madame Sheri led the way out of the foyer and down a long circular sort of hall way.

"You guests here ... dining room eight," Madame Sheri said to Miss Tamala as she sped up her walking pace to get in front of the trio.

"Good, seems like I'm running a little late," Miss Tamala said to Madame Sheri. "But you know I had to dress the little whore too."

"No worry ... you do good job dressing ... it look like little dolly whore," Madame Sheri said to Miss Tamala, the 'it' being Suckle, as she opened the door to dining room eight.

"Ha, ha, ha ... I like that Madame Sheri," Miss Tamala said to Madame Sheri. "Little dolly whore, I like that."

As Suckle entered dining room eight, she was again stuck with the fear of having another surprise sprung on her. The room was not very large, had a round table in the center, wallpaper with an Asian motif on three side walls and the single wall that seemed to be in front of the table had a large drape covering it.

As Suckle glanced around the room at the paintings on the walls, she noticed that most of the girls in the paintings were Caucasian and were all in some kind of restraints. All of the men and women 'tending' to the restraints were either Black or Oriental. One painting featured a very pretty seemingly young white girl with a braided rope tied around her neck being pulled so tightly by a beautiful oriental woman that it made her eyes kind of bulge out and her mouth was opened with her tongue hanging out. Standing next to the white girl was a very muscular black man, holding his penis and urinating straight into the open mouth of the white girl. The oriental girl holding the rope had a very large wicked looking smile on her face.

The lighting was somewhat dim but everyone in the small room could distinguish each other without a problem. But it was the moment Suckle realized that there were others in the room that she began to tremble slightly. Seated around the table was Dr. Mary; Miss Lyric, a very beautiful copper-skinned woman that Suckle instantly thought must be some type of model she was so startlingly beautiful, and Mr. Rudee, a black man with much darker skin that gave Suckle the impression of being some type of athlete because of his physical appearance.

"Oh, look at this," Dr. Mary spoke first. "Oh shit, honey girl, what did you do to the little fucker?" she said to Miss Tamala.

"Do you like the way she looks?" Miss Tamala asked Dr. Mary.

"Oh shit yes," Dr. Mary answered. "My God, she looks like a little fuck doll honey girl ... just like you always wanted for yourself. Come here Suckle, I want you to meet these beautiful people."

As Suckle moved over to Dr. Mary, she was visibly trembling. She started trembling as soon as she heard Dr. Mary's voice. Suckle was afraid of Dr. Mary. She remembered how violent Dr. Mary could be. She remembered how hard Dr. Mary had whipped her on the back in the basement. She remembered how violently Dr. Mary had fucked her face. Yet, mixed in the fear that Suckle felt toward Dr. Mary was a feeling of respect and a feeling of sheer obedience. Somewhere locked forever in Suckle's submissive mind she knew she would always obey Dr. Mary without question.

"Suckle," Dr. Mary began to speak as she got out of her chair, "this is Mistress Lyric," she said to Suckle as she led Suckle in front of Miss Lyric.

Miss Lyric had a surprised look on her face as she looked at the way Suckle was dressed and the way she was made up. "Oh my God Tamala honey," Miss Lyric said out loud, "where the fuck did you get this one?"

"Do you like it Lyric?" Miss Tamala answered Miss Lyric with a prideful smile on her face obviously proud of her new 'possession.' Miss Tamala's voice had such a 'ring' of satisfaction in it; it sounded as though she might just as well as have purchased a new car or some other valuable commodity.

Suckle couldn't help staring at Miss Lyric. "She is so beautiful," Suckle thought to herself. Miss Lyric's lighter colored skin flowed in perfectly with the powder blue blouse she was wearing. It was cut very low in the front and Suckle could clearly see the very deep valley between Miss Lyric's abundant breasts. Miss Lyric's hair was a straight silky black, and hung down to her shoulders. Her face, as usual, was perfectly made up, with just the right amount of blush on her cheeks to blend in with her skin and gave the impression of someone with a natural glow to her face. Her eyes were perfectly make up with long eyelashes that only made her dark eye balls seem to dance in their white backgrounds.

Suckle didn't get a chance to stare too long when she again heard the strict voice of Dr. Mary. "Get down on your knees, you stupid fucking white pig," Dr. Mary yelled at Suckle. "Don't you see you are in front of a very superior Black woman?"

Suckle dropped to her knees immediately. While dropping to her knees, she glanced at Mistress Tamala. She knew Miss Tamala had warned her about being respectful to her superiors and Suckle felt ashamed of herself for not remembering. As soon as Suckle dropped to her knees, she didn't wait to be told anything else. She wanted to 'make up' for her forgetfulness by demonstrating what a good whore she was. Suckle began to kiss Miss Lyric's toeless high heeled shoes. She kissed the straps going across the shoe ... first one and then the other ... then remembered Madame Sheri's admonition ... 'kiss, lick, use your tongue, kiss, lick, use your tongue' ... and immediately began to lick Miss Lyric's toes. Miss Lyric legs were bare and Suckle's mind was reeling with the feeling on her tongue on Miss Lyric's bare toes.

Miss Lyric was looking down at Suckle in almost total disbelief. She was always amazed at the times when Miss Tamala would tell her such things but now she was actually witnessing this white girl, dressed up in what appeared to be 'little girls clothes' sucking and licking so obediently on her toes.

Miss Tamala came over by Miss Lyric's chair and at the same time, Rudee got up from his chair and was standing next to Dr. Mary. They were all watching the slavish tongue and mouth of Suckle working on Miss Lyric's toes. Miss Tamala put her arm around Miss Lyric in a little hug.

"Do you like the way it feels honey?" she said to Miss Lyric. "Does it feel good to have your very own white pig girl cleaning your toes for you?"

"Oh God, yes, yes," Miss Lyric answered in a very happy and ecstatic sounding voice. "Damn, look at her suck and use her tongue!"

Miss Tamala could see how excited Miss Lyric was getting. She leaned down and gave Miss Lyric's breast a little squeeze and brought her mouth close to her ear. "Why don't you slip your shoe off honey," Miss Tamala whispered in Miss Lyric's ear, "the little fucking white pig has been trained to do anything we tell her to."

"Really?" Miss Lyric answered still in somewhat disbelief that anyone could have such power over someone else. "Will she really do anything you tell her to?" Even as Miss Lyric was saying this she was slipping off her pretty toeless high heel.

Dr. Mary watched the high heel shoe coming off as did Miss Tamala and Mr. Rudee. Miss Tamala had a big smile on her face watching the training her and Dr. Mary had instilled in Suckle coming to fruition. Dr. Mary walked back over to her chair and picked up a riding crop she had carried in with her. It was a fancy riding crop, made of black leather and was somewhat stiffer than most riding crops. It had very little flexibility in it and was used mostly to train very wild horses and to teach these horses by painful means who their Mistress or Master was.

Miss Tamala kept her eyes on Dr. Mary. She knew Dr. Mary was reaching her peak arousal and she knew from experience how nasty Dr. Mary could become in this frame of mind. Nevertheless, she also knew that her 'mentor' was going to have her way, no matter what. Miss Tamala reached over Miss Lyric's shoulders and squeezed both of her breasts. Miss Tamala was getting excited just by squeezing Miss Lyric's beautiful breasts, something she had wanted to do for a long time. But she also knew she had to keep Miss Lyric aroused and prepared for what was going to happen next. Miss Tamala put her ear next to Miss Lyric's ear and began to whisper loudly enough so every one could hear.

"Watch my honey Lyric," Miss Tamala began, "watch how a superior African American woman should be treated by a white whore girl. Watch how we train our white pig girls to be obedient to us."

Dr. Mary walked back over to the kneeling and licking Suckle. Suckle knew better than to stop doing what she was doing without being give an order to do so. Dr. Mary reached down with the crop, put the tip under Suckle's chin and raised her face upward until she was looking upward and her eyes met the stern looking eyes of Dr. Mary.

"Now you stupid fucking moron," Dr. Mary almost spit the words out at Suckle with a terrorizing look on her face, "I want you to demonstrate for our guest Mistress Lyric what a good foot cleaner you are. And if you fail to make Mistress Tamala and myself proud of you, this is a sample of what you are going to get."

The words 'stupid fucking moron' once again bit into Suckle's mind like a knife piercing her brain. What very little self esteem Suckle had left seemed to seep out of her pores. But she didn't even get a second to contemplate what was coming next, but somewhere in the back of her mind ... she knew!

"Whish" ... the familiar sound of an instrument of pain that Suckle had heard before was cutting through the still air in the room. Then it was the familiar bright flash of light that shot across Suckle eyes and the pain ... the pain shot through Suckle's complete body as Dr. Mary's crop made contact with its target. It struck Suckle high on her back, almost across her shoulder blades. So hard was the blow that it ripped Suckle pretty white blouse almost from shoulder to shoulder.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhh ... oooohhhhh ... eeeeeeee ... aaahhh ... aahh ... oh, oh, oh" the cries left Suckle's mouth a second after the loud whacking sound filled the room. Suckle was breathing hard and fast, sucking in large gulps of air.

"Holy shit ... geeze ... wow," Miss Lyric almost jumped out of her chair at what she just witnessed. "Damn, that was hard," she said in a surprised tone of voice.

Miss Tamala saw the startled look on Miss Lyric's face. She quickly and lightly rubbed her hands all around Miss Lyric's breasts and again whispered in her ear loud enough for everyone to hear.

"It's all right ... it's all right," Miss Tamala said in a reassuring tone of voice. "It's all part of the whore's training. She loves it ... just watch honey, just watch."

Dr. Mary leaned down and started tearing the already ripped blouse from Suckle's shoulders. Then she grabbed Suckle's hair and pulled it back hard so her head was completely backward almost on a forty five degree angle. She pulled the rest of the torn blouse off Suckle's arms. Suckle's breasts sprung free and were now visible to everyone who cared to look. The tears were streaming down Suckle's face causing little thin streaks of black eye liner to mix in with the red circles Miss Tamala had painted on her cheeks with lipstick.

Dr. Mary let go of Suckle's hair and Suckle's head was upright again. Then Dr. Mary began to fondle Suckle's breasts ... first one and then the other. She had a smile on her face. It was a gentle, almost kind smile now that Suckle saw. Then the familiar 'teaching' voice of Dr. Mary started again.

"There, there now slut," Dr. Mary's much softer sounding voice began. "You know you have to be a good girl for your Mistresses don't you."

"Ye ... yes ... yes, Ma'am ... yes Ma'am, Suckle understands Ma'am, yes," Suckle answered in between little sobs. "Suckle understands ... ah ... that she must learn to be a good girl."

It was the first time Mistress Lyric had heard Suckle's voice. Suckle's voice tone was even more higher pitched than usual because of the way she was taking in fast little gulps of air in between the subsiding sobs. She felt a little tingling going throughout her body and for the first time she felt an awakening deep in her vagina. "Damn," she thought to herself, "I never thought something like this would start to turn me on, but it does."

Mr. Rudee was dressed in his usual tight sweat pants and a pull over sweat shirt. It was no secret that Mr. Rudee liked to show off his body build. "It's a form of advertising," he always told his wife Lyric. "After all, I'm a physical trainer and that's my business I'm advertising." But now that tight sweat pants had an extraordinary large bulge in the front and it was apparent to anyone looking that he was getting an erection watching Dr. Mary's training methods.

Dr. Mary kept using her 'expert technique' on Suckle's breasts. She would put her large brown hand around Suckle's pure white breast and squeeze ... first one, then the other. She would run her beautifully manicured finger nails around the little brown circles of Suckle's breasts and then end up taking Suckle's nipples between her forefinger and thumb and pull on them ... first a little bit ... then a little bit further.

"See my little fucking moron," Dr. Mary was saying to Suckle in a soft sexy sounding voice, "see how good that feels to our little dirty slut. You can't help your self it if this makes you excited can you. You know why?" Then without giving Suckle a chance to answer the question she just asked she added, "because you are a dirty piggy girl, that's why, and all of your superiors know it. Isn't that right?"

Suckle, in her own mind, couldn't deny the feelings beginning to convulse through her body. She was still somewhat aroused at the events that happened a little while ago outside. Now this manipulation of her breasts, even though sometimes painful when Dr. Mary was pulling the nipples out further and further, was causing her to feel that downward pressure on her stomach muscles leading down to her vagina. She even started to push down and up on her lower trunk in a motion that almost simulated a fucking motion ... as though she was just shamelessly fucking the thin air. After a few minutes the sobbing stopped. Suckle's arousal was starting to reach new heights and the sobbing was replaced by a smile on Suckle's face ... a smile that gave off the impression of a little wickedness.

"Yes, yes ... oh, yes Ma'am," Suckle began to answer Dr. Mary's last question. "Yes ... Suckle is a piggy ... Suckle is a moron ... Suckle is a whore ... yes, yes, Suckle is a slut ..." Suckle's mind was running on all cylinders now ... all the cylinders that had been recalibrated by her trainers the last few days. It seemed like the more she degraded herself the more she wanted to do it.

"See ... see," Miss Tamala said to Miss Lyric. "See how our little white whore is reacting honey. She knows she is a slut and a stupid whore. She knows this is all she is good for." Miss Tamala's voice was reflecting the building excitement she was feeling.

"Holy shit," Mistress Lyric said in a surprised but pleasant tone of voice. "Look Rudee, the fucker really does like it. Damn, she acts like a fucking trained animal ... like a human dog or something," Mistress Lyric was saying to Rudee in an almost unbelieving tone of voice.

"Yeah," Mr. Rudee answered, "but all this stuff is giving me a hard on."

"Ha, ha, ha," Miss Tamala laughed at their guests. "Hell, it gets a lot better than this." She stopped caressing Miss Lyric's breasts and walked over to Suckle.

Dr. Mary moved slightly away from Suckle and said, "push out your chest and stick out your tits so Mistress Lyric and Master Rudee can see them."

Suckle immediately did as she was told. Her breasts appeared to be slightly swollen and had deep red fingers marks made by Dr. Mary's hands. Her nipples appeared to be almost standing at attention they were so hard. Yet Suckle pushed her chest out even further as though she was proud of what she was doing. She had a very lustful smile on her face now. Both Mistress Tamala and Dr. Mary knew Suckle's motor was running. They knew her sexual arousal was climbing toward its peak and this is when Suckle was most susceptible to suggestions and most obedient to commands.

"Now my fucking worthless whore," Miss Tamala was obviously taking over the training and demonstration. "Now greet Mistress Lyric and Master Rudee properly," she ordered Suckle.

Yes, Mistress Tamala," Suckle answered. "Greetings Mistress Lyric and Master Rudee," Suckle began. "My name is Suckle. I belong to Miss Tamala. She is my owner and Mistress. I am a brainless slut. My Mistress, through her enormous generosity has undertaken the responsibility for my further education. I dedicate myself to work hard to always bring pleasure and comfort to my Mistress and to make her proud to own me."

"Well I'll be damned," Miss Lyric said to Miss Tamala. "That's the wildest thing I ever saw. Geeze, I love it. I love it," Miss Lyric continued in an excited tone of voice.

Miss Tamala gave Suckle her 'puppy pet' ... petting Suckle's head back and forth with the palm of her hand. "Good little whore ... good little whore," she said as she petted her. Suckle immediately got a large smile on her face. She was being rewarded for 'being good' and it showed on her face.

"Now let's show Mistress Lyric what a good foot cleaner you are," Miss Tamala said to Suckle in a soft sweet sounding voice.

"Oh yes, Mistress Tamala, yes Ma'am," Suckle answered as through she was given permission for something she really wanted to do ... and she did!

Miss Lyric raised her beautiful and well pedicured light brown bare foot up a few inches off the floor and Suckle immediately bent down to meet her foot. She started to lick with her tongue along Miss Lyric's toes and she was really doing it with a lot of enthusiasm. Dr. Mary walked behind Suckle and picked up her skirt with the crop tip. She turned the crop around so the thick part was almost touching Suckle's pussy. Then she started to rub the crop handle softly up and down Suckle slit, going in a little deeper with each rub.

"The little fucking moron is soaking wet," Dr. Mary said to everyone in the room as though she was talking about some 'object.' Then Dr. Mary spoke to Suckle. "Talk to yourself while you're cleaning Mistress Lyric's feet ... talk to yourself out loud so we can hear what you are doing," Dr. Mary instructed Suckle while continuing to keep Suckle highly aroused with the crop handle in her pussy.

"Aahh ... Suckle is sucking toes ... Suckle is licking the soles of feet ... Suckle cleaning between toes with tongue ... Suckle is sucking ... Suckle licking ... Suckle takes toes in mouth and sucks ... sucks ... hhmmm ... aahhhh ... hhhmmm ... Suckle sucks ... Suckle is a moron ... Suckle is a slut ...".

Everyone was smiling at each other. It seemed like this white girl, this girl kneeling and working so hard to please her Mistress and to please Mistress Lyric was almost out of control. She was babbling ... and she was doing it out loud ... she was doing it with enthusiasm ... she was doing it as though her life depended on it ... and the more Dr. Mary worked the crop in and out of her pussy and more it egged her on!

Miss Tamala walked back over to the back of Miss Lyric's chair. She bent over and put her arms over Miss Lyric's shoulders, letting her hands drop inside of Miss Lyric's low cut blouse ... one hand on each of her breasts. She softly pushed her hands inside of Miss Lyric's bra until she had cupped each of her breasts, then softly began squeezing and fondling them.

"Do you like to have your toes and foot sucked and licked honey?" Miss Tamala asked Miss Lyric.

"Oh God, yes ... damn, it feels good. Look at the way she sucks between my toes. Ha, ha, ha ... the fucking cunt is a damn good sucker, isn't she?" Miss Lyric answered in a heightened tone of excitement.

Miss Tamala got a big smile on her face. She happy at the way Miss Lyric was responding to Suckle. She always thought she would like to bring Miss Lyric into hers and Dr. Mary's little organization of dominant Mistresses. Beside that, she thought that some day she may like to make love to Miss Lyric. She was really a very beautiful woman and Miss Tamala liked the thoughts having her in their fold.

"Would you like to punish her?" Miss Tamala asked Miss Lyric.

"Huh ... punish her, you mean really ...," Miss Lyric answered trying to understand exactly what Miss Tamala meant.

"Sure," Miss Tamala replied in a tone of voice that seemed to indicate it was just the 'natural' thing to do. "How about giving the moron a slap in the face? It will make you feel nice and warm and wet down here," Miss Tamala continued, removing one of her hands from Miss Lyric's breast and rubbing her between her legs.

"Really ... I mean, ah ... could I do that ... would it be all right?" Miss Lyric replied somewhat surprised at her own feelings of really wanting to see what it felt like to slap Suckle's face.

"Sure, sure you can honey ... its fun. Here, I'll get the fucking bitch ready for you," Miss Tamala said leaving the back of Miss Lyric's chair and walking around to stand by Suckle. Dr. Mary saw Miss Tamala coming and took the handle crop out of Suckle's soaking pussy and stepped back.

"Stop bitch," Miss Tamala yelled down at the kneeling Suckle in that firm tone of voice. "Bring your stupid face up here ... put your arms behind your back and clasp your hands ... push your tits out and keep your back straight," the orders were coming fast from Miss Tamala now and Suckle was responding to each and every one just the way she was trained to do ... without even thinking, just obeying them as fast as they came. "Now, don't you have something to say to the beautiful Mistress Lyric?" Miss Tamala continued.

Suckle was on her knees in the exact position her Mistress had ordered. But now Suckle was trying to think again. She knew she was being 'tested' by Mistress Tamala ... she knew she was required to do something, but it was becoming so hard for her to think anymore. "Something ... say ... something to Mistess Lyric ... oh, oh ... give thanks ... yes, that's it, give thanks," Suckle was struggling to think to herself and felt a little relieved that she had remembered she was always required to give thanks to one of her superiors when they bestowed a privilege to her.

"Well?" Miss Tamala was losing patience with Suckle.

"Ah ... Mistress Lyric," Suckle began speaking, "you are very beautiful Mistress, and ... ah ... ah, thank you for allowing Suckle the whore to suck and clean your ... your ... ah, your beautiful toes and ... ah, your beautiful feet ...". With each word that Suckle spoke she could feel the exhilaration of submissiveness flowing through and lighting up her senses. But Suckle was snapped back from the sensations she was feeling by the sound of her Mistress's voice again.

"Make a happy face for Mistress Lyric you stupid brainless pig," Mistress Tamala yelled at Suckle. "Mistress Lyric wants to slap your face and no one wants to slap a stupid looking face. Make a big happy face and stick your face out so Mistress Lyric doesn't have to stretch," Mistress Tamala kept yelling at Suckle while she walked back to stand beside Miss Lyric.

Suckle had a big lustful smile on her face as she pushed her head forward just in front of Miss Lyric's knees. Suckle felt the adrenaline pumping through her veins. It was apparent to everyone in the room that Suckle wanted to be slapped. She actually wanted to feel the sting of this beautiful model-like woman's hand on her face. Suckle was breathing a little more rapidly now in anticipation.

"Go ahead Lyric honey, give the bitch a slap, see how good it feels to you," Miss Tamala spoke to Miss Lyric in a much softer encouraging voice.

"Oh God, geeze ... can I really do this?" Miss Lyric was questioning herself even as she began to raise her hand.

"Sure you can Lyric honey. Wait until you feel the power rush go through you. I guarantee you will love it ... go ahead," Miss Tamala continued trying to encourage Miss Lyric.

Miss Lyric raised her hand about six inches from Suckle's face. She pulled her lips inward and squeezed them together and swung her hand toward Suckle face.

"Swalap" the little light sound came as Miss Lyric's hand make contact with Suckle's face.

"Ha, ha, ha," both Miss Tamala and Dr. Mary began to laugh at the very first slap Miss Lyric had applied to Suckle's face. "Lyric baby, what the fuck was that," Miss Tamala said in a laughing, teasing tone of voice. "Shit, the little whore would never learn anything from a slap like that. Here, let me show you how it's done," Miss Tamala continued talking as she moved toward the kneeling Suckle.

"No, no, honey girl, this lesson is mine. I'm just in the right mood," Dr. Mary broke in while holding her hand up to stop Mistress Mary's approach toward Suckle.

Suckle stood passively on her knees. The slap Miss Lyric had applied to her face did sting a little. But when she heard Dr. Mary's voice she immediately began to tremble. She knew all too well now, just what Dr. Mary was capable of. So did Miss Tamala. Miss Tamala also knew better than to try to interfere with her 'mentor.' "What the hell," Miss Tamala thought to herself, "Dr. Mary is tough but I can't argue with the results she gets."

"Sit back and enjoy my darling Lyric," Dr. Mary said as she approached Suckle. Dr. Mary reached down and gathered up the braids Miss Tamala had made in Suckle's hair. She pulled them upward from both sides of Suckle's head until she had all the braids bunched up in one pile and she could grip them on top of Suckle's head and hold them in one hand. Then she put her free hand in front of Suckle's face and by her mouth.

"Kiss my hand bitch," Dr. Mary said to Suckle in a calm steady tone of voice. "Kiss my hand and show me how much you adore the hand that teaches you what you are."

Suckle knew this was the 'calm before the storm.' She knew what was coming and yet she could no longer help herself. She couldn't fight the feelings that Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had caused to surface from her personality. Her submissive nature and orientation had now controlled every part of her brain. She glanced up at the strong and stern face of Dr. Mary's dark skinned face. She looked straight into the black eye balls and those eye balls were looking right back at her in utter contempt. Suckle watched as Dr. Mary bent over and brought her face to within inches of her own face. She watched Dr. Mary's mouth come closer to her lips, and finally came to rest on her lips. Dr. Mary was kissing Suckle, kissing her right on the mouth. Suckle's vagina was flowing freely now. She was reaching uncontainable heights of arousal.

Dr. Mary pulled her head back from Suckle's mouth. "Open and stick your tongue out little piggy," Dr. Mary said in her 'teaching' voice. Suckle immediately obeyed getting even more excited if that was possible. "Watch my lips ... watch my lips," Dr. Mary said to Suckle as she moved her mouth and closed lips around and around. Suckle knew what this motion signified. She knew Dr. Mary was gathering up a large portion of saliva ... and Suckle only pushed her tongue out further. She so desperately wanted to please Dr. Mary, and by pleasing Dr. Mary, pleasing herself.

Dr. Mary brought her lips closer and let the first large glob of saliva drip onto Suckle outstretched tongue. And Suckle didn't move an inch. She knew better. She knew Dr. Mary would tell her what to do. Dr. Mary again let another even larger glob of saliva drip on Suckle's tongue. Suckle's tongue was almost totally covered with Dr. Mary saliva ... so much that it appeared to be almost a mountain of white bubbly secretions.

Dr. Mary straightened herself up. She moved just slightly to the side of Suckle so Miss Lyric, Mr. Rudee and Miss Tamala could look at Suckle's saliva filled mouth. Both Miss Lyric and Mr. Rudee appeared to be extremely excited. Mr. Rudee had moved closer to his wife Miss Lyric and was now unashamedly rubbing the increasing bulge in his sweat pants. Miss Lyric too was rubbing her hands between her legs. Dr. Mary just smiled at them. It was a 'knowing' smile, a smile that told her both of her 'guests' were indeed getting 'turned on' by the demonstration of her complete dominance over Suckle. Dr. Mary turned her attention back to Suckle.

"Run my spit around your mouth bitch," the voice of Dr. Mary had changed again. Back was the stern tone; the tone of voice that Suckle knew only too well was to be obeyed at all costs. "And make sure you show my guests how much you enjoy the spit of your trainer."

Suckle did exactly as she was instructed. She got a big smile on her face, a happy face that Dr. Mary and Miss Tamala had taught her she was to use to demonstrate her obedience and enjoyment of the 'reward' she was given. Miss Lyric and Mr. Rudee stood transfixed by the sight before their eyes. Here was this bare chested, pretty white girl kneeing before them, hands still behind her back, and the braids of her hair on top of her head being held by the golden brown and perfectly manicured hand of Dr. Mary. And she was slurping the saliva of Dr. Mary around in her mouth as though it was the sweetest candy in the world.

"Swallow," Dr. Mary practically yelled at Suckle. "And then open your mouth to show everybody that my spit is now in your pig belly."

Again Suckle obeyed, doing exactly as she was instructed.

Dr. Mary moved a little closer to Suckle and positioned herself directly in front of her face. Dr. Mary's facial features seemed to change instantaneously into a fierce looking, no nonsense expression. Now she pulled on the braids that she gripped on top of Suckle's head until her body was in a straight line from her knees to the top of her head. Suckle seemed to be stretched out as far as she could go in this position. Then Dr. Mary raised her free hand high above her head. She took a deep breath, closed her lips together in a biting manner and swung her hand with all her physical might.

"Craaaaccccckkkkk!" the sound of Dr. Mary's hand making contact with Suckle's face filled the room. For a moment it seemed as though the whole room shook and even the drapes on the one wall seemed to move from the concussion. If Suckle's head wasn't being held in place by Dr. Mary's other hand it could have possibly spun a complete rotation.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ... eeeeeeeeeeee ... aaaahhhhhhhhhh ..." the loud cries of Suckle's screeching voice mixed in with the still reverberating sounds of the slap also filled the room.

Dr. Mary changed hands. She replaced the hand holding the braids of Suckle's hair with the free hand that she had just used to slap Suckle. She again raised her free hand high over her head, and again slapped the other side of Suckle's face. Again the loud cracking sound mixed in with Suckle's cries filled the room. Dr. Mary repeated this process three more times. Then she stepped to the side of Suckle to give everyone a good view of her 'finished product.'

Suckle face was complete red ... a very deep red ... almost a blood red. There were finger marks all over both sides of her face that were even a deeper red in color. Tears flooded down the face of Suckle's no longer smiling face. She took on the appearance of a beaten rag doll.

Both Miss Lyric and Mr. Rudee had large lustful smiles on their faces. They were still rubbing themselves ... Miss Lyric now had both of her hands under her skirt and Mr. Rudee had pulled down his sweat pants and was vigorously masturbating himself. Miss Tamala, unable to contain herself was also masturbating herself.

Dr. Mary had hiked her own white medical smock up and had pulled down her white panties. She pulled Suckles beaten and crying face in between her legs. "You motherfucking stupid bitch," she yelled at Suckle. "You got me fucking hot you bastard. Now finish me off!"

As Suckle began to suck Dr. Mary's pussy in between sobs and deep gulps of air, she could hear her trainer's voice above her. "Oh shit, I love it this way. Yes, yes ... I love to feel the heat of a white whore's face that I had just beaten on my thighs. Eat you motherfucking slimy slut ... eat it all and make me cum ... yes ... yes, that's it ... that's it ... drink everything I give you!"

It was obvious that Dr. Mary's sexual needs had taken over. Her voice was loud and the expletives and degrading words she shouted at Suckle only intensified. Miss Tamala had bent over and was now kissing Miss Lyric in a very deep kiss. Both were reaching their orgasms and as they were getting there they only kissed deeper and deeper. Mr. Rudee had long ago abandoned concern about exposing himself and masturbating in front of anybody. He too was fast reaching his release.

Ten minutes had passed. Everyone was back sitting around the table. Suckle was almost completely under Miss Tamala's chair lying on her side. Madame Sheri's oriental waitresses and servants had placed a large and scrupulous brunch on the table. The smell of delicious food filled dining room eight. Brunch was served!!!

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