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Pink Ladies

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Synopsis: Two women and an average joe find pleasure in the femdom world.

	Joe was average.  Nothing about him stood out.  He was average height
and weight.  His looks would leave people thinking that he looked like 'someone'
but they would rarely remember meeting him.  He was one of the many faceless
drones that worked for a large cooperation.  Anyone higher then his immediate
boss would never know him.  Joe excelled at one thing, numbers.  He was the best
accountant the company had ever had in their employ.  Joe's lack of motivation
and liking the status quo kept him from advancing up the cooperate ladder.  And
that is just the way he liked it.  Joe did twice as much work as the other
drones in accounting and his work was always accurate.  This earned him an
office, without a window, on the outer fringe of the cubical farm his fellow
drones toiled in. 

	Joe had no family to speak of, no significant other either.  He was
extremely shy and could never approach a woman even though he had a deep desire
to be with one.  He was a loner and as one had no friends.  Joe pretty much
could drop off the face of the earth and no one would notice.

	Joe's entire life revolved around his job and his one interest.  Joe had
a deep dark secret interest.  Joe had always dreamed about being a slave to
women.  He wished for a woman or women to worship.  His submissive fantasies
grew as he discovered a whole new world on the World Wide Web.  Joe would spend
hours at work after all his fellow drones left for the day.  His boss just
thought he was a dedicated employee, but in truth Joe used his company computer
to explore his dark perversions.  Joe explored leather, femdom, bondage, S&M,
B&D, forced womanhood, dildo rape and much much more in depth each night 

	Joe was not alone in the building during his nightly explorations.  A
cleaning crew consisting of two Hispanic women went about their job as Joe
explored.  They resented his staying late and could not wait for him to leave
for the night.  They hated working around him and preferred the building empty.

	Both women were of Puerto Rican decent.  Maria Martinez was born in
Puerto Rico and her family moved to New York City when she was very young. 
Maria Hernandez was born in Newark, New Jersey.  English was a second language
to both women.  Both women were 28 years old and have been the best of friends
since Maria M's family moved to Newark when she was 14.  The women lived
together and neither one was involved with a man.  Both had many troubled
relationships with Hispanic men in the past.  Both detested the machismo exuded
by their male counterparts.  Most of the men viewed them as too head strong and
didn't want anything to do with them.

	As much as Joe was faceless to most people he interacted with, the two
women were just as faceless to Joe.  Joe, like most people seemed to look past
the custodians.  Joe was aware that they were working in the building but he
would never be able to pick them out of a line-up.  Had Joe taken a minute of
his time to acknowledge them, maybe they would not resent him as much.  He would
have also seen how pretty each of them was.  Neither Maria would ever grace the
cover of a magazine, but many a man had his head turned by them.  Maria M was
darker in complexion then Maria H.  Her hair was black and straight.  If it was
out of the bun she wore to work in then you would see it was below her
shoulders.  Maria H's hair was more brown and a little on the kinky side.  She
also wore it to work in a bun.  Both women barely reached 5'3" in height.  Both
had hourglass shapes with proportional sized breasts.  They were always mistaken
as sisters.

	Both women had worked for the cleaning company for several years but
both had plans for the future.  Maria M studied computers during the day.  Maria
H was studying business. They liked working at night so they had the day for
school.  They plan to start a business of their own some day.  They just have
not figured out what it would be just yet.

	Of course the Marias were curious as to why this guy was in the office
late just about every night.  They would sneak peeks into his door-less office. 
They caught enough glimpses to know that it was not work he was doing.  As weeks
turned into months their resentment and curiosity grew when it came to Joe.

	Joe had stumbled onto a web site called Akasha's Web and had read the
Domina's fiction.  He was particularly drawn to her "cooperate slut" series of
stories.  So aroused was he by these stories that he needed to masturbate in the
worst way.  He couldn't do it in his office because the cleaning ladies were on
his floor.  So he decided to make an early night so he could go home and take
matters into his own hand.

	The Marias were surprised by Joe's early departure.  Both also had a
hard time not noticing his state of arousal.  They were overcome by their
curiosity.  They doubled their speed at cleaning the offices so they would have
time to snoop around Joe's office and find out what he is doing in there all
night long.

	As Joe was settling into his bed with a silk scarf wrapped around his
hard cock to masturbate, Maria M was booting up his computer and about to put
her computer skills to use.  As Joe was cleaning up the mess he had made, Maria
M was tracking Joe's cookies through the web.  Joe was very computer illiterate
when it came to covering his tracks.  Maria found it no trouble at all to
unearth Joe's secrets.  In a way she was disappointed in the lack of a challenge
she encountered. However she was startled by what she found.  Joe was exploring
a world they never knew existed.  With Maria H huddled over her shoulder they
went deeper and deeper into Joe's fantasy world.  Both of them were breathing
hard as they gazed on men in bondage and women clad in leather whipping them. 
They were aroused.  This was what was missing in their relationships.  A world
where men were slaves and women ruled; it felt right to them.

	Maria M found a hotmail e-mail account Joe used to try to communicate
with dominant women,  Maria created a hotmail account for
her and Maria as well,  She wasn't sure yet what
their plans would be but she was sure slave_j would be hearing from MistressMM
very shortly.
	During his lunch break the next day Joe checked his e-mail account on
hotmail.  He was pleasantly surprised to find something other then spam waiting
for him.  He had an e-mail from MistressMM with a subject line of "you were a
bad boy last night".  When he opened the e-mail it read:
		you cannot control yourself.  you are in desperate need of
		you will receive commands from me shortly.

								Mistress MM

	He stared at this e-mail for a very long time.  Hope and fear had him in
their grip.  Who was this?  Do they really know me?  Is this a joke?  Does
someone know my secret desires?  These and many more questions flooded his mind. 
He tried to recall but could not remember ever seeing a Mistress MM on the net.

	He found it very hard to concentrate on his work after lunch.  After
everyone left work for the day he went into his hotmail account.  He made
several attempts at a reply to Mistress MM but could not find the right words. 
In the end he did nothing.  He did not know how to reply.  He also did not feel
like surfing the net that night and left for home much earlier then he had in a
long time.  His feelings were tearing him into two different directions.  Part
of him had hoped this was real and it would not just be fantasy any more.  The
other part was worried that someone found out his secret and would expose him as
a pervert.  Also part of the worry package was his wondering if this is what he
really wanted.  How did the saying go, 'be careful for what you wish'?

	The Marias were surprised and delighted to find that Joe had left the
office.  They once again sped through their work so they had time to explore the
world of femdom further.  They saw that Joe had opened his e-mail from them and
wondered why there was no reply.  They wanted to send him a new e-mail but were
unsure what it should say.  So instead they spent the rest of their shift
surfing the net to feed their growing curiosity.  Maria M was finding corporal
punishment to be where her interests were, while forcing men to wear women's
clothes fascinated Maria H.  When they stumbled on a web site that was all about
male chastity, they both took a keen interest in it.

 	When Joe arrived to work the next morning he was both relieved and
disappointed that there was no new e-mail from Mistress MM.  Maybe it was
someone's idea of a joke, he thought.  After work hours that night the Marias
found Joe once again in his office surfing the net, Mistress MM now put behind
him.  After first checking out several Yahoo! Groups Joe belonged to he once
again found his way to Akasha's Web.  Like the night before last he found
himself very aroused when reading Akasha's fiction.  He broke one of his
cardinal rules and decided to print a few of the stories so he could masturbate
at home while reading them.  There was a main printer for the drones on the
floor and it was as far away from Joe's office as you could get on the floor. 
Maria H happened to be next to the printer when it whirled into life.  Curious
she picked up first page to look at what was being printed.  At the top of the
page bold letters read. 'Office Rape'.  She also noted that it was printed from
a web site called Akasha's Web.  She placed the page face down under the growing
pile of papers the printer was spitting out.  Seconds after the printer had
stopped she watched Joe come towards her at a fast pace.  Joe's face reddened as
he saw a cleaning lady next to the printer.  He dropped his eyes in
embarrassment as he brushed passed her and grabbed the freshly printed sheets. 
He made an about face and quickly headed back to his office.  Maria H was
fuming.  No hi or any acknowledgement of any kind from him.  He was very

	Joe was mad at himself for breaking one of his own rules.  He was so
embarrassed when he saw the cleaning lady near the printer.  What if she saw
what he was printing?  She probably can't even read English he thought trying to
reassure himself.  Joe packed up his things and rushed out of his office.  He
was late for a date with a scarf.

	Although she was mad at Joe she also found him kind of cute the way his
face had reddened as he approached her.  As she watched Joe walk away from her,
she imagined for the first time in her life, what Joe would look like in a pair
of pink ruffled satin panties.  To her he looked pretty damn cute in them.  She
saw Joe leave the office and rush to tell Maria M what had just happened.

	Once again the pair went through the building like a tornado so they
would have plenty of time to explore Joe's computer.  Maria H suggested they go
to Akasha's Web.  They started reading her stories and enjoyed them.  They were
intrigued by the use of a strap-on.  They also found a section in Akasha's web
site called 'For Women'.  This was very helpful to these two budding dominants. 
They decided what to do with slave j next.

	The next morning Joe found a new message from Mistress MM.  He held the
cursor of the mouse over the message a long time while trying to decide to open
it.  The subject line read, 'you were bad again'.  Joe was in a battle with
himself.  Part was thrilled that she had written to him again, the other part
was gripped in fear.  Eventually loneliness and the thrill won out.  Joe opened
the e-mail that would change his life forever.  The e-mail instructed him to
purchase two items.  Links to these items were provided.  Mistress MM stated
that Joe could not control himself and she was going to fix that problem.  The
first link was to a CB2000 chastity device.  Joe knew right away that this
device was made to keep men from masturbating.  Joe himself never was in to
chastity; to him it defeated his sexual fantasy.  The second link was to a
special little heart shaped pad lock designed to lock a man into a CB2000. 
Mistress MM demanded that he purchase these items immediately and to e-mail her
when they arrived by overnight mail.  Failure to follow her commands will have
her disappear from his life forever.  She also would not tolerate dishonesty. 
He was to masturbate no more without her permission.  After re-reading the
e-mail several times Joe thought, 'what did he have to lose'?  He pulled his
barely used credit card from his wallet and purchased the items on-line.

	Maria M had gotten Joe's apartment address from his computer records. 
While Joe was following Mistress MM's instructions and purchasing on-line, the
Marias were picking Joe's locks to his apartment.  Maria M had taken a mail
order locksmith course.  Joe's apartment was spartan at best.  No decorations
hung from the walls.  There was only essential furniture scattered about.  In
his nightstand drawer Maria M found several silk scarves and femdom related
magazines.  Much to her delight, Maria H found a pair of silky ladies panties in
Joe's sock drawer.  There was not much of interest in anything else in the
apartment.  It simply was a place where Joe ate, slept, bathed and dressed.

	Maria M had bought with her two mini surveillance cameras that she had
plan to install.  With the cameras installed they would be able to monitor Joe
via Maria's computer.  They would be able to tell if he dressed as Mistress MM
instructed and if he masturbated without permission.  These cameras put her and
Maria H back financially but they looked at it as an investment that should be
profitable to them.  She found it very difficult to hide the cameras since Joe's
apartment was so barren.  Once they were mounted they were ready to vacate the
apartment but Maria H stopped and went over to Joe's bed.  With Maria M watching
her with a quizzical stare, she pulled down her pants and panties and pulled
Joe's pillow through her legs.  She made sure her very moist pussy came in full
contact with the pillow.  She put the pillow back and pulled up her pants.  As
she went out the door passed the opened mouth Maria M she said, "You'll see". 
	Joe struggled through the rest of the workday.  He found it very hard to
concentrate on his work.  He left work early once again.  Mistress MM had made
no further contact with him.  He could do nothing except wait for his purchases
to arrive.  He sighed to himself thinking he couldn't even jerk-off when he went

	The Marias were happy to see that Joe had already left for the day. 
They had a lot of work to do in preparation for there control of Joe.  Maria M
booted up Joe's computer.  She had installed a program that would record every
keystroke Joe made.  After several minutes of searching the keystrokes she found
what she needed.  Right there in front of her was Joe's credit card number and
it's expiration date.  Writing down the information she yelled to Maria H, "come
on Maria its time to go shopping"!  With Joe's credit card number they ordered
leather dominatrix-like outfits for themselves.  Maria M ordered several paddles
and crops plus an expensive elk skin flogger.  Maria H ordered leather bondage
gear, which included a very interesting penis gag.   She also ordered a
double-sided dildo with a leather strap-on harness.  In all they ran up $2,000
on Joe's card.

	Maria M thought it was time to check on Joe.  She logged on to a
member's only web-cam site that was run by Mistress MM.  The site provided a
real time feed directly from Joe's apartment.  Instantly they saw Joe's bedroom. 
A push of a button and a click of the mouse bought you to Joe's bathroom.  Maria
M smiled to herself when she saw it all work like a charm.  Her years of school
were paying off.

	At home Joe's evening was uneventful.  The TV had no interest to him. 
Most of the shows on you needed to be a regular viewer to understand them. 
Since he spent most of his evenings at work he had watched very little TV.  He
was probably the only apartment in his whole building that was not hooked up to
cable TV.  He decided to make it an early night and go to bed.  He figured the
morning would come quicker if he slept.

	Maria H shouted, "There he is"!  Joe's choppy moving figure came into
camera view as he sat at the foot of his bed.  Maria H was excited being the
voyeur as she watched Joe undress.  Once Joe was stripped to his shorts, Maria H
was disappointed that shorts not the panties she had found were what he was
wearing, he disappeared from view.  Maria M switched to the bathroom camera and
once again they saw Joe brushing his teeth.  They also watched as he peed into
the toilet.  Back to the bedroom camera they found Joe getting into bed.  He was
reading a paperback book but could not make out the title of it.  This scene was
unchanged for a long time and both the Marias were getting bored.  Just as Maria
H was about to nod off, Joe reached up and turned off the light on his
nightstand.  Maria M was satisfied when she saw the infrared part of the camera
switch on.  As Joe rolled over and placed his face in to the pillow Maria H
said, "now watch what happens".  An evil smile spread on her face.

	As Joe settled in for his sleep he noticed an odor that he could not
identify.  Had Joe not been a virgin he would have known right away what the
strange smell was.  He did not find the smell unpleasant; in fact he liked it a
lot and found himself inhaling deeply into his pillow.

	Maria H noticed that Joe had discovered her little present.  "See,
that's me he is smelling", she beamed at Maria M.

	Joe could not stop himself from inhaling and soon his body was reacting
to the musky scent.  Before he even realized what was happening he had a
full-blown erection.  The more he tried to ignore it the harder it seemed to
get.  He wanted to be good for Mistress MM but the erection would not go away. 
He thought that soon he would be locked up, caged cock so to speak.  What harm
would there be in jerking off one more time.  He threw off his covers and
reached for a scarf from the nightstand drawer.

	Maria H giggled as she saw Joe throw his covers off revealing the
hard-on he had.  Maria M laughed, "not very big, is he"?  Maria H frowned at the
comment.  Both women's eyebrows crossed when they saw him reach for a scarf. 
"How dare he", Maria M exclaimed!  They watched as he wrapped the scarf around
his hard-on and started masturbating.  It did not take long for the scarf to
come off and Joe shoot his load onto his stomach.  As Joe cleaned himself up
with tissues Maria H stated, "soon he will be cleaning that mess up with his
tongue".  Maria M made a gagging sound at that idea.
	Joe had barely slept all night worrying about the life change he was
about to make.  Wondering if this is what he really wanted.  Concerned if he
would be able to live up to Mistress MM's expectations.  Was Mistress MM right
for him?  What if this was someone's sick idea of a joke?

	Joe found an e-mail from Mistress MM in his mailbox.  A cold sweat broke
out on his forehead as he prepared to open the letter with the subject line:
SCUM!!!  The e-mail instructed him to enter a private chat room at 5:00 p.m.
sharp.   Enclosed was the web address to get him to the chat room and a
password, 'ball-gag', to log him on.  She also reminded Joe of her commands in
the past e-mail and her distaste for disobedience and dishonesty.  Joe was
really worried.  He knew somehow that she knew what he did last night.  He was
going to lose her before he was ever in her presence.  A little sane voice
inside Joe's head insisted there was no way she could know that he jerked off
last night, but Joe knew that voice was wrong.  He could not understand it but
he knew that she knew.  What was he going to do?  What if she has him lock
himself into the CB2000 and sends her the key and never contacts him again?

	The day dragged on painfully slow for Joe.  Although he dreaded 5:00 he
also longed to get this over with one way or the other.  Around 1:30 his
packages arrived drawing curious stares from fellow employees.  Joe blushed with
humiliation.  What if someone asked him what was in the boxes? Joe hid the boxes
out of sight under his desk.  He dared not open them while other workers still
lurked about.  Finally 4:30 came and little by little his coworkers vacated the
building.  It was almost 5:00.

	The Marias arrived early to the office.  They needed time to find a
vacant computer and set up the chat room.  They found a cubical that had been
recently vacated on Joe's floor.  Employees still ending their day paid no
attention to the two women.  As Maria M booted up the computer, Maria H stood
watch.  She could see Joe squirming at his desk.  Maria M had everything set up
and Mistress MM entered the chat room to await slave_j.  5:00 was here.

	slave_j joins the room
	Mistress MM right on time slave
	slave_j  hi
	Mistress MM hi!!! Hi what slave? No manners!?
	slave_j  hi mistress.  Sorry, Mistress but I am new to this.
	Mistress MM  No excuses!  You have been a very bad slave already.
	Mistress MM  Be careful here slave.  If you do not follow orders I will
be gone.
	Before we start is there anything you want to tell me.  Think carefully
before you answer.

	Joe was sweating, she knows, I have to tell her.  If I tell her she will
leave me for not following her commands.  If I don't tell her she will leave me
for lying to her.

	"Boy do you have that little worm squirming", Maria H whispered to Maria
M at the keyboard.  "This is the big moment, if he lies to us we are ghosts",
Maria M whispered back.  "If he tells us the truth he is ours", she added.

	slave_j   I was bad last night Mistress.  I disobeyed you.

	"We have him", Maria M exclaimed a little too loud.  Maria H shushed her
while making sure Joe did not hear her.  Both women were wearing huge grins and
both women's silky panties were dampening.

	slave_j  I pleasured myself last night in bed.

	No response, Joe sat there thinking it was over.  Was that his only
chance?  The seconds ticked by and still no response.

	slave_j  Mistress?
	slave_j  Please Mistress give me one more chance.

	Nothing, but Joe saw that she was still in the room.

	"Well, are you going to answer him Maria"?  "Of course I am but he needs
to sweat a little.  Keep watching him".

	slave_j  Please Mistress I'll do anything to make up for my
	Mistress MM  Anything slave?

	Relief flooded Joe.

	slave_j  Anything to please you Mistress.
	Mistress MM  You are my property.  Your cock is mine to play with.  Are
	you ready to give me your body and soul slave?
	slave_j  Yes Mistress, all of me is yours.

	Maria H's eyes filled with tears of joy.

	Mistress MM  You will be punished for your disobedience.  Did your
	arrive slave?
	slave_j  Yes Mistress.
	Mistress MM  Good, open them and put them in place.  Do it slave and
	remember I'll know if you fail me.
	slave_j  Never again Mistress.

	Maria H watched as Joe pushed back his desk chair and bent down.  She
saw him bring up the boxes.  She ducked down behind the cubical wall as she saw
Joe look out his door-less office.  "He's doing it", she whispered to Maria M.

	Joe was sweating.  This is really going to happen, he thought.  He
looked out his office to make sure everyone was gone.  He did not need to be
caught with his pants down.  He thought he saw some movement and got up from his
desk and gave the office floor a hard look from his door.  No one here, I guess
its just nerves.  He went back to his desk and opened the boxes.  He pulled out
the CB2000 and the heart shaped padlock with a key in the lock.  He stared at
the cock cage.  Once he put this on there would be no turning back.  He stared
more at the chastity device and had no idea how to put it on.  Joe was not very
good when it came to mechanics; he was very much the geek when it came to such
things.  He had to drop his pants and figure it out with his cock exposed.

	Maria H peeked over the cubical and saw Joe mooning her.  Giggling, "he
has his pants down but I don't think it's on yet".  "What could be taking him so
long", Maria M growled?

	Mistress MM  Are you done yet slave?
	Mistress MM  Answer me slave!

	Joe out of the corner of his screen noticed that Mistress MM was trying
to communicate with him.  Oh god, how he is feeling like such a fuck up.

	slave_j  Sorry Mistress.  No I have not finished yet.
	Mistress MM  Can't you do the simplest of tasks!?
	slave_j  I am sorry Mistress.  I will get it on as soon as I figure it
out.  Please
	forgive me.
	Mistress MM  Do not keep me waiting much longer!
	slave_j  No Mistress.  As fast as I can Mistress.

	"What an idiot", Maria M seethed.  "I can't wait to sink a crop into
that pasty white ass!"  " Quiet, Maria he'll here you, besides do you think we
would know how to put it on the first time?"  "We would have it on his sorry
cock by now!"  "Ssh, he'll hear you".

	Joe's fingers were shaking he is failing.  I'll never get this stupid
thing on he thought.  Just then everything sort of fell into place and he was
able to put the padlock on and lock it all together.  "Yeah", Joe let an
exclamation of triumph escape him.

	The Marias hearing Joe shout figured he was successful.  Maria M smiled
in front of the computer.  Maria H reached down and felt how wet between the
legs she was.

	slave_j  Finished Mistress.
	Mistress MM  Very good slave but keeping me waiting just added to your
	slave_j  I am very sorry Mistress.
	Mistress MM  I am sending you instructions on what you are to do with my
			Be quick in your actions!
	Mistress MM  has left the room.

	Joe logged out of the chat room and went into his e-mail.  Just as she
said there was an e-mail with the subject title of Instructions from Mistress
MM.  He was to place the key in an envelope.  Address it with the address she
provided ( a P.O. box) and put it in the office out going mail.  He was to
follow her instructions to the letter and then go home for the day.
	The Marias watched Joe leave, hidden from his view in the cubical.  They
watched him get on the elevator and head home.  They raced each other to the out
going mailbag.  Maria H was faster and pulled the envelope out of the bag.  She
held it up over her head as they both jumped for joy.  The fun was about to
	The next morning most of the items the Marias ordered with Joe's credit
card arrived at their apartment.  They spent the day figuring out how to put
things on or how to use them.  Maria M was beating a pillow and their couch with
the flogger and crop she had chosen. Maria H kept interrupting her to perform
various fashion shows of the dominatrix clothes they had purchased.  They both
thought she looked very hot in them.  Along with the equipment and clothes they
had purchased several 'how to' books on BDSM as well as a series of videos from
Ona Zee called 'Learning the ropes'.  Reading the books, watching the videos,
trying on the clothes and playing with the equipment were turning the women on
like they could not believe.  They knew this was their destiny.  Maria H wearing
a leather corset and black spiked heels was fighting with getting a strap-on
harness with a dildo attached strapped to her hip.  She realized how Joe must
have felt last night and like Joe everything finally fell into place.  She
looked down at her 'cock' and felt so empowered.  She watched herself in the
mirror giving it a few test thrusts.  God, she loved the look of this cock
between her legs.  She wanted badly to fuck Joe with it.  Maria M laughed at her
when see was thrusting the dildo in the harness but she to wanted to experience
fucking a guy with that tool.  It was closing in on quitting time for most
people.  The Marias had to pack up and get ready for work.  It was Friday
evening and they had the whole weekend ahead of them.  Mistress MM sent an
e-mail to slave_j.

		Joe arrived at work the next morning looking like he had been
out on a bender all of last night.  In truth he barely slept a wink.  The CB2000
was not comfortable to him; he was always aware that it was on him.  He had also
wanted desperately to jerk off last night and was stopped by this new addition. 
He could not stop thinking about Mistress MM.  Where did she live?  What did she
look like?  Would she ever allow him to meet her?  How long did he have to wear
this damn thing?  He was very disappointed that there were no e-mails from her. 
He had checked the chat room but it was empty.  Would he ever hear from her

	Again the workday dragged on.  He barely accomplished anything work
related.  His work production had slipped badly and it was only a matter of time
till his boss noticed his deficiencies.  Around 3:30 an e-mail hit his account. 
He was very relived to see that it was from Mistress MM, his Mistress. 

	The e-mail was titled 'Don't Fail Me'.  It contained instructions that
he was to follow to the letter.  If he failed she would be gone from his life
forever.  Joe swallowed hard as he read the instructions for the third time.  He
was to sit at his desk until 6:00.  At that time he was to go to the men's
restroom on the fourth floor of the office building.  He was to enter the second
toilet stall and close the door.  On the back of the door will be a black trash
bag.  In the bag he would find items that he would have to put on.  He was to
dress as instructed and place his clothes into the garbage bag.  These
instructions had Joe very worried.  It didn't concern him what he was going to
be required wear; whatever Mistress wanted he would do.  What concerned him most
is that Mistress MM knew who he was in real life.  She knew where he worked and
could be in the building at this very moment.  Has this been someone who had
been spying on him?  Stalking him?  Was Mistress MM even a woman?  He was afraid
to follow the instructions and he was afraid not to follow them.  His mind
wrestled with this problem as the clock crept its way to 6:00.

	Maria M and Maria H debated long and hard as to what should go into the
trash bag they would leave for Joe.  Since discovering the wonderful world of
femdom their tastes have gone in slightly different directions.  Maria M went
for the naked male slave suffering pain being inflicted by a woman.  Maria H
went for the forced feminine transformation of a male captive.  They finally
compromised that Joe's punishment will be given by Maria M and he would be
dressed in women's lingerie but no make-up or dresses.  So Joe's trash bag
contained a black leather collar with matching leash, a leather blind fold, a
pink ball gag, black leather wrist restraints with matching ankle restraints,
seamed black nylon stockings, black garter belt, hot pink silk panties, a black
rubber medium size butt plug and a pair of nipple clamps connected by a thin

	6:00, Joe on shaky knees got up from his desk and made his way to the
fourth floor men's room.  He was so nervous he was trembling with fear.  To him
it felt like he was climbing the steps to the top of the Empire State Building
instead of just one floor up from his office.  He was a wreck as he entered the
fourth floor.  The door to the bathroom felt so heavy to him he did not think he
would be able to open it.  It felt like he had to throw his entire weight at the
door for it to finally swing it open.  He stood their staring at the second
stall door trying to will himself over to it.  Finally his feet shuffled over to
the stall and he swung the door open. He felt a weight shift on the back of the
stall door.  He entered the stall and locked it behind him never looking at the
bag hanging on the back of the door.  He lifted the seat of the toilet, pulled
down his zipper and pulled out his penis.  He let a flow of urine lose to relive
the built up pressure of his nerve-wrecked bladder.  He shook off, pushed back
his penis, pulled up his zipper and flushed.  The noise from flushing was
deafening to him.  Slowly he turned and faced the bag.

	The Marias were in the third floor women's room.  Peeking out of the
door they watched Joe leave his office and head for his surprise on the fourth
floor.  As they heard the stairwell's door close they closed the bathroom door
and prepared for the night's fun.  They began to dress the part of the
dominatrix of Joe's fantasies.  Although, they themselves were turned on by the
fetish wear the fantasy dominas wore.  Maria M's favorite color was black and
her wardrobe reflected that taste.  She dressed in a strapless black leather
corset that accentuated curves in her body she didn't even know she had.  Eight
garters on each leg held tight her black silk stockings.  Knee-high black boots
with four-inch stilettos graced her legs.  3/4 length black leather fingerless
gloves encased each arm.  A black silk ribbon circled her throat and another
black ribbon bound her hair into a ponytail.  The only color other then black
she donned was her blood red lipstick and matching fingernail polish.   Maria H
went with a little more color.  Her legs were dressed with black seamed nylon
stockings held in place by a hot pink garter belt.  Pink patent leather
five-inch pumps gave her legs a sexy look.  She wore matching hot pink silk
panties the same, as Joe would have on.  A black leather waist cincher equaled
Maria M's curves.  A hot pink satin push up bra accented her 34C breasts.  She
tied a black silk scarf around her neck in honor of Joe's favorite masturbatory
tool.  White silk opera gloves finished her outfit.  Just putting on the clothes
had given the women an empowering feeling.  They were also both turned on by how
they and their partner looked.  For a fleeting moment Maria M imagined Maria H
tied to the bathroom stall receiving the business end of her crop.  They
finished off their outfits by putting on matching black leather dusters.  The
dusters made them feel very powerful and could cover them up quickly in the
event of uninvited guests.  They packed up and headed for the fourth floor.  God
help Joe if he had not followed their instructions and was not yet ready.  The
women walked toward their destiny.

	Joe opened the bag and found typewritten instructions.  He had twenty
minutes to place on him everything that was in the bag.  When he was finished he
was to kneel on the floor with his forehead resting on the floor tiles and wait
for his Mistress.  If he failed to follow these simple instructions his life as
a slave would be over before it had started.  'Oh no', Joe thought looking at
his watch, 'I've already wasted eight minutes'.  He emptied the bag and stared
at all the items; things he had only dreamed about.  He quickly undressed and
placed everything in the trash bag.  Next he attached the four leather cuffs. 
He next reached for the stockings and realized he had to take the ankle cuffs
off; he began to panic.  He pulled the stockings on and tried to straighten the
seams but he gave up due to the lack of time he had.  The garter belt went on
next and he wasted precious time figuring out how to attach the garters to the
stockings.  The panties went on next and they felt smooth and cool on his ass;
he regretted having the CB2000 on and his cock not being able to enjoy the silky
smoothness.  He was getting very erect.  Next he put on the dog collar and
attached the leash.  He opened wide and shoved the ball gag into his mouth, he
tighten it in the back of his head using the roller buckle.  He winced in pain
as he caught some of his hair in the buckle.  He had a very strong unpleasant
taste of rubber in his mouth.  Three items to go.  He picked up the butt plug. 
He had dreams of anal penetration but was still a virgin; he was a virgin in
every sense of the word.  He attempted to shove the plug home but it was causing
him pain and would not slide in.  Panic set in once more, as he had to take the
ball gag off.  He spit on the plug and gave it another try.  He was able to put
it in to the hilt without too much pain.  He had a hard time keeping it in; it
kept trying to pop out of his anus.  He put the gag back in place not catching
his hair this time.  Next he picked up the nipple clips.  He eased one on then
the other; pain flared in his chest.  It was funny though to feel his cock grow
harder.  He hoped they would not be on long since they caused him great
discomfort.  Last but not least he placed the blindfold on blacking out the
world.  He had glanced at his watch lying on the floor and saw that it was 6:20
on the dot, so he fixed the blindfold in place and knelt on the cold tiled
floor.  Forehead down he waited for his Mistress.

	The tiled restroom floor was cold and hard.  Joe began to shiver waiting
for the Mistress.  His shivering was as much out of fear and anticipation as it
was due to the cold.  The nipple clips burned as he waited.  The butt plug
slipped out a little as he waited.  A garter popped off as he knelt down on the
floor.  His knees ached as the tiled lines imprinted on them.  A small amount of
drool dripped from behind the ball gag onto the floor.  Still he waited.  Maybe
this is a joke.  Then a strong shiver took control of his body as he thought,
'what if one of the cleaning ladies finds me like this'?  Just then he heard
movement outside the bathroom.  Fear gripped him.

	The Marias took their time dressing; they wanted Joe to sweat a little. 
They also wanted to be sure he was ready when they made their entrance. 
Climbing the stairs was a bit of a challenge to the women.  Their legs were not
steady with the heels on their feet; neither woman had worn heels much before. 
They were also nervous about the night ahead.  Would they be able to handle Joe? 
Do they really want a slave?  Was this the lifestyle for them?  These thoughts
filled their minds.  They hesitated at the restroom door.  As if they were of
one mind they answered all their questions with a resounding YES and flung the
door open together.  Both were wearing confident menacing smiles.

	The sight awaiting them melted their hearts and heated up their pussies. 
There was Joe, their slave, naked (except for the women's underwear) on the
restroom floor awaiting them.  They were consumed by the power they had over
this man.  It was the ultimate turn on for both of them.  They had decided
earlier that they would maintain the charade of Mistress MM for a while longer. 
Maria M would do all the talking since she was also Joe's punisher.  With his
blindfold in place he will never know the two of them were there until they
wanted him to know.  Maria H unzipped the backpack she carried and pulled out
rope they had packed as the two dominas walk toward their victim.

	Joe nearly wet himself when the restroom door was flung open.  His
shaking increased; the more he tried to stop shaking the more he shook.  The
distinctive click of high heels came toward him.  It was funny that they sounded
out of step; maybe it was the echo in this place he thought.  The sound of the
stilettos was also a bit of relief to him since he knew the cleaning lady would
not be wearing high heels on the job.

	"Stand at attention slave.  Let me get a good look at you".  Joe stood
up slowly in the doorway of the toilet stall.  Maria M had pull her crop out of
the leather backpack and was now swinging it into her open palm.  "What a sorry
sight you are slave.  Maybe you are not worthy of my attention".  Joe shook his
head no.  The butt plug slid fully out of his anus and was trapped by his silky
panties.  "Be still slave!  Don't you understand basic commands?"  Her crop flew
out and slapped him on his stomach.  A muffled yelp escaped to ball gag.  This
made Maria M very wet; she was going to truly enjoy inflicting pain.  Maria H
winced at the sharp sound of the slap and felt a little pity for Joe, but she
was very turned on by seeing his stocking clad legs.  Maria H started tying the
rope to D-rings on the cuffs.

	Joe's fear washed away as he was stung by Maria M's crop.  This was
real.  This was really happening to him.  He was happy and excited.  Maria H's
gloved hand touched him as she was attaching the ropes to his cuffs; it tingled
like an electric shock to him.  He had not laid eyes on this woman but he
already knew he would do anything for her.

	Maria H had tied ropes to all four cuffs.  Maria M grabbed the leash
that was attached to Joe's collar and pulled him from the doorway of the stall. 
Treating this man like a dog on a leash gave her a new and powerful thrill; she
could get use to this real easy.  A fire sprinkler pipe ran just outside the
bathroom stalls.  Maria M guided Joe under it.  Maria H tossed the ropes
attached to Joe's wrists over the pipe.  "Raise your arms slave", Maria M
commanded.  Maria H secured Joe's arms to the pipe.  Next she wrapped the ropes
attached to Joe's ankles around the stall supports.  "Spread your legs wide",
Maria M barked.  Joe's ankles were secured to the stall supports.

	Knowing how long the leash was that he attached to his collar, he
wondered how the Mistress still held the leash but tied him up too.  He tested
his bonds and found them tight and strong.  He was going nowhere until she
decided otherwise.

	Maria H stepped back and admired her handy work.  The sight of this man
in bondage, that she bound, was a sight she had only dreamed of before, but the
sight of this bound man in panties that she made him wear nearly sent her over
the top.  Maria M lightly ran her crop over his body "lets take a good look at
you.  You do remember you are to be punished for being a filthy pig and jerking
off when you were told not to.  You were lucky you did not lie to me or we would
not be here now.  Are you ready to except my punishment, slave?"  Not sure if he
should move Joe nodded his head yes with just the slightest of movement.  "Good,
but first we must inspect how you prepared for us, I mean me". 

	Joe felt her crop on his cheek.  The smell of the leather was
intoxicating.  It trailed down to his neck and then his chest.  It touched the
left nipple clip and the clip popped off causing Joe to scream in pain as blood
flowed back into his nipple.  "I guess that was not on too well and will be
added to your punishment".  Maria M grabbed the dangling clip and placed it at a
45-degree angle from the original position.  Joe once more screamed into his
gag.  Her crop dragged across his chest to the other clip and grazed it.  Joe
held his breath waiting for the pain, but the clip held much to his relief.  Her
crop continued to travel down over his slightly bulging stomach and the red welt
from a hit by the crop earlier.  "We'll have to do something about this fat if
you are to be my slave"; the crop next traced the top of his panties and garter
belt.  Her hot breath whispered in his ear, raising goose bumps on his flesh,
"Such pretty pink panties.  I didn't know you were a sissy boy".  Joe's cheeks
burned as she laughed.  The crop next tapped hard on the cock cage.  "I see you
were a good boy in following my instructions.  No more of that filthy jerking
off with my property".  Joe heard her heels click sharply on the tiles as she
made her way behind him with the crop never leaving his body.  The crop suddenly
was pulled away from his body and landed hard on his ass.  "What is this?! 
Can't you even dress properly?!"  Again she swatted his ass with the crop. 
"Look at these seams! What kind of sissy goes around with crooked seams?" The
crop slaps against Joe's nylon clad thigh causing him to jump in his bonds. 
"And this", Maria M hissed as the crop played with the garter that had popped
off while Joe was kneeling.  Maria M backhanded the crop into his pink panty
ass, "What is the reason for this laziness?  All of this will be added to your
punishment!"  The crop dipped down to the sag in the back of Joe's panties.  It
jiggled the rubbery mass, "What the hell is this!?"  His panties were roughly
pulled down revealing the escaped plug.  Joe felt his face redden once more. 
"You obviously can not do anything right.  You are either stupid or sloppy.  I
have no need for such a slave".  Joe's heart sank.  He was already mentally
beating himself more then Mistress MM could.  He felt he would lose her due to
his incompetence.  "I am going to give you this weekend to prove yourself worthy
of my attention, but first you must endure my punishment".  Joe's heart rose; he
would not fail her.
	Maria M pulled a heavy black and purple flogger, made out of elk hide,
from the backpack.  She decided against use of a cane, which she is dying to use
but she does not want to inflict too much damage on Joe and she knew her first
time beating a man should not be with a cane.  The flogger was well balanced and
sliced easily through the air.  She was a quick study and knew to watch for
'wrap-around'.  Just swinging the flogger gave her such a rush; her panties were
soaked by her excitement.  Maria H had knelt down in front of Joe with the key
to the heart-shaped padlock.  Her satin encased hands cradled the CB2000 causing
Joe to flinch.  She unlocked the lock and freed his semi-erect cock.  She blew
on it through her pink covered lips; she smiled at the reaction see got from
Joe's cock.  'What was the saying ', she thought, 'can get it up with a stiff
breeze'? Her soft-gloved hands stroked his cock to a full erection.  She reached
into the bag and pulled out a leather cock ring that fit tightly around the base
of his dick.  It also tightly separated his balls.  The maker of this ring
guaranteed that the wearer would not be able to cum while wearing it; 'we shall
see', Maria H thought to herself.  How cute his balls look; she found herself
getting very wet.  'I'll have to do something about that nasty hair', she mused
to herself.  Maria H stood up in front of Joe as Maria M bought the flogger down
on Joe's ass.  Joe's body jumped in its bonds from the force of the blow.  Maria
H winced at the sound made by the force of the hit and Joe's reaction.  Maria M
exploded with an orgasm as she swung back around for another hit.  She screamed,
"Take that you filthy pig!"

	   Joe was wondering what the punishment entailed.  He hoped he could
take it not knowing his own limits.  It occurred to him that he was bound and
gagged and had no other choice but to take what ever the Mistress gave him.  The
restroom was already filled with the intoxicating scent of new leather but that
aroma increased to fold as the Mistress swung something through the air.  The
smell of leather was overwhelming and he felt drunk on it.  Just then unseen
hands grabbed his cock cage.  He jumped at the touch.  He had the perception
that the Mistress was behind him.  He never heard her move around to the front
of him.  His cock was freed and it started to spring to life.  'Was she blowing
on his cock', he thought as he grew harder.  A pair of soft satin hands stroked
him to full erection.  That same electrical like shock went through his body as
his Mistress touched him.  She started to bind something around his cock and
balls.  It was so tight he thought his balls would rip through their sack.  As
she finished wrapping his cock he was aware of something still slicing the air
behind him as the first blow landed on his unprotected ass.  He had a split
second thought, 'How did she get back there so fast?' just before the initial
wave of pain hit.  That wave crashed over him as flash bulbs went off behind his
blindfold.  He was only vaguely aware of the Mistress screaming at him as the
second blow hit.  Several more blows landed on his ass and stocking clad thighs. 
Although the force of the blows remained constant the pain had lessened as he
retreated to a space in his mind.  Part of him became excited as he realized he
was being whipped by a woman for real and not just in one of his masturbatory
fantasies.  His body tensed as he tested his bonds and there was a feeling of
satisfaction as he realized there was no escape for him.  A warm glow started to
come over him and he was very certain that if his cock was not bound he might be
able to cum.  The Mistress's blows move toward his back and shoulders.  He
moaned more from pleasure then pain into his gag. 

	Maria H was equally horrified and fascinated by the scene being played
out in front of her.  Her friend had turned into some blood lusting monster. 
Maria M's teeth were showing as she yelled obscenities at Joe.  Maria H saw a
trail of liquid running down Maria M's thigh and didn't think a woman could flow
like that.  She was trying to signal Maria M. to be a little quieter but Maria
never took notice of her.  She was concerned about the harm Maria was causing
Joe but then she looked at him.  He seemed almost at peace in his bonds. 
Although she was afraid to admit it to herself, the sight of a bound man being
whipped was getting to her on a whole new sexual level.  She started
masturbating herself to Maria M's rhythm.  She quickly bought herself to a soft
yet satisfying climax.  Just then she saw the flogger tear the stocking on the
front of Joe's right thigh.  She knew Maria had 'wrapped-around' and from her
brief lesson earlier she knew that was not good.  She made a move to stop the

	Maria M was in a place that sent electrical shocks to her clit with each
blow landed.  She had never felt so incredible in her whole life.  A little part
of her was telling her she was out of control and that this was not good.  She
realized she might not be able to stop herself and she was finding it hard to
concentrate on landing her blows correctly.  She felt her arm growing weaker
from not being use to the weight of the flogger.  At that moment she was stopped
in mid-swing by Maria H's hand tightly wrapped around her wrist.  She flashed
and angry look at Maria for interrupting her but came to her senses and realized
what was happening to her.  She fled the restroom when tears started to flow
from her.  Maria H followed her and grabbed her tightly in the hallway.  Hugging
her and telling her everything is all right.  "Maria, what have I turned into? 
I'm scared at what I have done.  I didn't know if I could stop", she sobbed. 
"Its ok I'm here for you", Maria hugged her tighter.  "It was your first time,
maybe we should have worked up to a flogging instead of starting with it".  "I
don't think I can handle this Maria", she said with a wail.  "Sure you can dear,
you are the strongest woman I know, and you can handle anything.  This is just
new to you and you need to learn slowly just like your computers".  "Maria, you
have no idea what that did for me in there.  I came without even touching
myself.  It felt like heaven".  "I have a pretty good idea", she pointed to
Maria M's cum soaked thigh.  "Oh god look at me, I should be ashamed of myself. 
But I'm not.  You are right Maria; we need to go a little slower.  I will not
let this control me, I'm in control".  "Good, I must confess that I too came",
she pointed at her soaked pink panties.  Both women giggled and hugged again. 
"Lets get back to our slave".  "I like the sound of that".
	Joe's whole backside was inflamed.  It took him a few moments to
register that he was no longer being whipped.  There was an erotic tingle
running through his body.  A strong stinging pain in his thigh however
interrupted this warm feeling.  His mind was also telling him he was alone.  He
began to panic that she had left him.  He wondered if he had done anything
wrong.  His ears were picking up female voices; maybe it's the cleaning ladies
and they have scared the Mistress off?  What would they do if they found him
like this?  His face reddened with the possibilities.  Just then the restroom
door opened and it felt like his heart had stopped.  The now familiar click of
high-heels was a comfort to his mind.  "Slave, I got a little careless in your
punishment and need to administer some first aid, but don't think your
punishment is over.  We are just warming up".  'First aid', he thought, 'what
happened to me?'  Just then he felt bare fingers, not gloved ones, tear open the
stocking over the thigh that stung him so much.  He heard the water in one of
the sinks running and then a wet paper towel was pressed into his thigh.  'I
must be cut'.

	As they re-entered the restroom they saw the blood.  Maria M saw fear
and panic in her friend's eyes but she never broke stride and went over to look
at the wound she had caused.  She tore open the stocking and applied a wet
towel.  She worried a little about disease since they never thought of checking
Joe's medical records.  She did feel her risks were minimal given what she knew
of Joe's lifestyle.  She smiled to herself when she realized Joe was probably
still a virgin.  The gash on his thigh was not too bad and the blood stopped
easily.  She glanced back at Maria H's tear filled face and gave her an ok
signal.  Maria H gave her a brave smile to let her know she was ok too.  "Slave
your wound is superficial.  The whipping you just received was for being
sloppily prepared for us...I mean me.  I will now punish you for disobeying me
and playing with my cock.  I'm going to make you think twice the next time you
think about getting yourself off".  She knelt down and scratched her nails
lightly over his erect penis.  Joe jerked in his bonds slightly as a soft moan
came from behind the ball gag.  She stroked her nails harder across his cock and
balls.  With each stroke she increased the pressure until Joe was pulling hard
at his bonds and screaming into his gag.  She laughed at his reaction, opened
her mouth wide and went down on him.  Maria H looked shocked as she saw Maria
take Joe's cock in her mouth and start giving him a blowjob.  She used her teeth
on his sensitive head and continued to suck his cock.  Just then it hit Maria H
as to what her friend was up too.  Joe could not cum and this would drive him
crazy with lust.  She looked at Joe and saw his whole body was straining against
his bondage.  He was screaming a constant tune through his gag.  Maria M stopped
suddenly, "What's wrong slave?  Don't I suck cock good enough for you?  Well I
know when my mouth isn't wanted".  A frustrated sigh emanated from Joe.  Maria M
reached into the bag and pulled out a leather penis whip.  As Joe was humping
the air wishing for a mouth again, she flicked the whip at his very red cock. 
Joe jumped in surprise and pain as the whip hit its mark again and again.  Maria
H watched fascinated by the many colors Joe's cock could change.  She found
herself enjoying his torment; she also saw the delight and lust in her friend's
eyes.  With that lust though she also saw control.  Joe was pulling so hard
against the pain, the pipe he was tied to started to creak.  Maria M stopped the
whipping and motioned to Maria H to come over.  Maria H looked at her
quizzically and then as if a light went on she got it.  She knelt down in front
of Joe and took his abused purple and red cock into her soft wet mouth. Maria H
concentrated on giving him the best blowjob of his life.

	'Oh no', Joe's mind screamed 'not the blow job again'.  The Mistress
must have put her satin gloves on again since he felt them caressing his red hot
whipped butt.  All other thoughts quickly left him as one single thought took
him over completely.  'I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to come...' The
scream started in his throat again. 
	Maria M had to pull Maria H off of Joe's tortured cock.  She was afraid
they were doing real damage to him.  Maria H looked in admiration to what she
had reduced their slave to; he was covered in sweat and straining in his bonds. 
She was positive he had no idea she had stopped.  He was very red from his
struggles and looked as if he would explode at any second.  Maria M went to the
sink and soaked a towel with cold water.  She then wrapped the towel around
Joe's rigid dick.  He reacted like she had slapped him hard in the face and so
that's what she did.  With her open hand she slapped him hard on his cheek,
"Snap out of it!  That's enough pleasure for you!"  Joe stopped his struggles. 
"For now your punishment is over.  You have a lot of training to get through and
a long way to prove you are worthy.  I am going to release you from your bonds. 
If you fail to obey me or try anything funny, I will leave and you will never
see me again.  Nod if you understand what I am telling you".  Joe nodded a
vigorous yes.  "That's good.  Before you are fully released I feel I deserve
some pleasure, don't you think?"  Again he nodded yes. "You will pleasure me in
two ways.  If I fail to get pleasure from you, you will fail and I'll leave you
just as you are until someone finds you.  Understand?"  A slower yes nod from
Joe this time.  "Good slave lets get started."  Maria M motioned to her partner
to untie him.

	 Joe was coming to his senses.  The cold and the slap in the face bought
him back from some place deep inside of him.  He had no idea that his torture
had stopped until she slapped him hard across his face.  He felt grateful that
she had hit him like that and bought him back.  He felt her struggling with a
bound wrist.  He was sure in his struggles against his bonds he had tighten the
knots.  Just then he felt one wrist released from the overhead pipe.  His
shoulder ached as he slowly lowered his arm.  Soon his other arm was freed and
slowly lowered to his side.  The freedom of his arms was short lived as the
Mistress grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back.  Again the satin
covered hands of his Mistress sent pleasurable shocks through his body.  He was
positive that her bare hand slapped his face yet now her hands were gloved
again.  Those hands tied his wrists tightly together behind his back.  Each of
his legs was then released from bondage.  "Lie down on your back", his Mistress
commanded.  With some difficulty he did what he was told.  He went down a little
too hard and slammed his head into the tiled floor; he saw stars. Before he
realized it his ankles and knees were tied together.  The gloved hand softly
stroked his still erect cock causing him to moan with pleasure.  He heard her
giggle but the laugh sounded different then prior laughs from his Mistress.  'Oh
god, please let me cum', he found himself drifting off again.  He needed to cum.

	Maria M couldn't believe she was teasing him again.  She went over and
stopped her hand from stroking his shaft.  She wagged her finger in Maria H's
face telling her no more.  Both of them silently argued on who would be first to
be pleasured by Joe.  Maria M won out and she sat fully on Joe's chest.  Her
hands gripped the straps of the ball gag, "I am going to remove your gag.  You
are not to speak; if you do you will fail to please me.  The gag will go back in
and I will leave this place.  Understand?"  Joe nodded.  "Its time to prove to
your Mistress that you are capable of pleasing her", she unbuckled the gag and
popped the ball out of his mouth.  She stood up and peeled her sheer cum soaked
panties off of her.  She sat back down on Joe and shoved her panties into his
mouth, "taste me slave.  Suck my panties clean.  Do you like how I taste?"  Joe
nodded his head very fast.  She pulled them from his mouth as he sucked hard on
them.  She then slid her very hot pussy towards his waiting mouth.  She forgot
about the nipple clips attached to Joe and as she dragged her body they pulled
off of his nipples.  Joe screamed in pain causing her to flinch away from him. 
She was angry with herself and took it out on Joe slapping him hard on the other
cheek, "I gave you no permission to make noise!  You must like being punished". 
As his pain subsided she clamped her pussy over his mouth and started fucking
his face.  "Don't just lay there use that tongue!  Lick me good slave!"  She
rode his face with abandoned.  She always found it hard to get any of her past
Hispanic boy friends to go down on her and never did she ride one of their
faces.  She loved the power of this position and she loved what she felt Joe's
tongue doing to her.  She came big time and let out a guttural scream causing
Maria H to blush.  She stood up slowly and looked at Joe's cum slicked face.  He
was taking in huge gulps of air.  Maria H helped steady her as she got away from
Joe.  She had a big grin of satisfaction on her sweat-streaked face.

	Joe could not believe it; he was eating pussy.  Never had he ever gotten
it before.  He loved the smell and taste of his goddess.  He swore that his cock
grew even harder then it was.  This was his chance to prove himself to her.  She
was really humping his head; god she could move.  He was busy licking at
whatever his tongue could get to and throwing in some teeth for good measure
when he realized that his air had been cut off.  He was afraid to stop licking
for fear that he would not please her but he was finding it more difficult to
operate.  What if he died while being face fucked; how would that look?  He
thought he had only one chance and took it by increasing his tempo.  Her silk
covered thighs muffled he ears but he still heard her scream.  He had gotten her
off and if he were going to die he would die happy.  He was proud of himself.

	Maria H whispered into Maria M's ear, "my turn".  She peeled off her
soaked hot pink panties and tossed them onto Joe's huffing face; he partially
inhaled them into his mouth.  She pulled them off as she squatted down on his
face while facing his cock.  He started licking without being told and she
wiggled on his face until his nose nuzzled her anus.  She wrapped her damp
panties around his cock and stroked him as she slowly humped his face.  She
increased her humping and her stroking.  His tongue went faster too.  All of the
sudden he was screaming into her pussy and that got her off like never before. 
She stopped stroking his cock and pushed down hard on her face as a soft moan of
pleasure escaped her.  Never before had a tongue touched her pussy and she was
determine to get a lot more of it.  As her climax subside she shift her body so
that her asshole was on his mouth, "lick it good slave".  She felt his tongue
dart into her tight hole sending shocks of pleasure to her brain.  She fingered
herself and came again.  Maria M looked on in amazement; 'where did she learn to
do that', she thought with admiration. 

 	All Joe could think about was cumming.  The musky scent of a woman was
really setting him on edge; he needed release.  Underneath this main thought
though were other less important thoughts.  This lovely scent from his Mistress
was different this time.  Not real different but he knew something had changed. 
Her style had also changed not that Joe was an expert on women but the two face
sittings were very different.  Maybe after an orgasm women change, he didn't
know.  He didn't know anything except that it was different.  Once again he was
proud of himself for pleasuring her.  He only hesitated for a second when she
demanded him to lick her asshole.  Women must not be anything like guys if she
could cum three times in a matter of minutes.  I need to cum; this woman was
driving him crazy.

	Maria M grabbed the double-sided penis gag that Maria H insisted on
buying.  Holding it in her hand now, she smiled to herself and was glad Maria
wanted it.  She now understood the fun they were about to have with it.  "Slave,
you have done an admirable job so far but now I want you to suck on my nice hard
cock", she said as she placed the tip of the longer dildo to his lips.  "Come on
sissy boy; any boy that can wear such pretty pink panties must love to suck
cock", Joe's lips parted and she slid it into his mouth.  About half way in he
started to choke on it.  She withdrew it, "tisk, tisk, surely you can do better
then that.  I guess you'll have to practice your cock sucking.  Maybe this
short, fat cock will be better for you", she added as she shoved the short side
of the penis gag into his mouth.  "That's much better.  You like those fat
cocks", she teased as she tightened the leather strap around his head.  "Oh
don't you look the lady killer with that big cock of yours sticking out of your
mouth.  Mind if I help myself", she laughed. Maria M slowly squatted on Joe's
face impaling herself on the dildo.  "Mmm, that's nice", she cooed.  She rode
the dildo faster; squeals of pleasure coming from her as she fucked his face. 
Finally she sat down hard on his face and grabbed two handfuls of his hair
pulling his face as far into her as he could possibly go.  She let out a loud
scream of pleasure as she came once again.  She released Joe and got off of him. 
Kneeling down next to his cum soaked face she whispered, "that was the best lay
I ever got from a guy.  Joe you are the best", she finished by snaking her
tongue into his ear.

	Maria H was so turned on by watching her friend ride the dildo that she
hopped on it herself as Maria M stood up.  She rode him like a wild woman. 
Maria M was worried that she would hurt herself or Joe and tried to slow her
down but Maria H ignored her.  Then she stopped and got off of Joe.  She reached
down and grabbed the black leather leash that was still attached to Joe's collar
and pulled on it trying to get him to rise.  "Get up slave!  On your knees!" 
She pulled harder on Joe's collar and he struggled the best he could while
bound.  Maria M tried to quiet her, she was the one that was to do the talking. 
She ended up helping Joe get into a kneeling position.  She was afraid Maria H
would hurt Joe's neck pulling on the leash like she was currently doing.  Soon
Joe was in an unsteady position on his knees.  Maria H then straddled his
shoulders and grabbed his hair.  She plunged the dildo into her hungry pussy by
pulling Joe by his hair.  She then pulled him out by his hair too.  Soon she was
masturbating herself with her human dildo at a steady pace.  Maria M was very
turned on by what she was seeing.  Her friend was much more creative sexually
then she ever thought she was.  Sweat was pouring off Maria H as a low soft
growl started to grow within her throat.  It reached a high-pitched moan as she
came.  Her knees grew unsteady after her orgasm hit.  She had never cum while
standing before and it was a very different experience.

	"Slave you have done well and have earned the right to gaze briefly on
your Mistress.  After I remove your blindfold you will have fifteen seconds to
gaze at my beauty after that you are not to look at me unless I so order it. 
Besides you will need your sight to further your training.  Do you understand
these instructions slave?"  Joe nodded.

	He was so happy; he could not wait to see his Mistress.  He was sure she
was a goddess.  He could not believe how highly sexually she was.  She had at
least five orgasms in a short period of time.  He was very happy that he was
able to bring her that much pleasure.  He was very confused by her.  When she
demanded that he get on his knees she sounded different, maybe it was the
excitement in her voice.  How was she pulling on his leash and helping him rise
at the same time?  These thoughts were interrupted by an overriding thought, 'he
needed to cum; his balls were about to explode'.
	A cool wet towel swabbed his face.  He was still on his knees with his
hands tied behind his back.  The penis gag was removed and he was given a few
sips of water.  The foul tasting ball gag was shoved back into his mouth and
strapped tightly to his head.  His cock and balls were being untied, "you better
not cum or I'll whip you until you are a bloody mess!"  He was rock hard still
and was in fear that the slightest breeze would make him cum.  His Mistress
attempted to put the cock cage back on him but he was too erect.  "This should
take care of this situation", she started hitting his cock and balls with some
sort of whip causing him to cry out into his gag.  His member finally deflated
to a point where the CB2000 was placed back on him.  He felt a great sadness as
the padlock snapped into place.  He would never get to cum; 'god did his balls
ever ache'.  "Slave, I am going to remove your blindfold now.  I want you to
close your eyes and do not open them until I tell you to do so.  Remember all my
instructions, understand?"  Joe nodded; he could hardly wait.  He felt the
leather blindfold loosen and then fall away from his face.  It took all his
control not to open his eyes.  He waited for what seem like hours until he heard
those words he was longing to hear, "you may open your eyes now slave".  Joe
opened them too quickly and could only see shadows due to his eyes not being use
to the light.  He blinked his eyes in frustration, as they got clearer.  He
could not believe what his eyes were seeing.  There were two women standing
before him with arms around each other.  These women were dressed in what he had
always envisioned in his head.  He cock grew uncomfortably hard in its cage. 
Who was this second women and which one was Mistress MM?  The one clad mostly in
black leather spoke, "I know the questions your eyes ask and will answer them. 
You have gone long past your allotted time to gaze on us and you will be
punished for this infraction".  'Damn', he thought as his eyes dropped to their
high-heeled feet.

	"Slave, we are both very disappointed that we saw no recognition in your
eyes when you gazed upon us.  You will be punished for this.  You would think a
guy would recognize two beautiful women he sees every work day".  Joe's mind
replayed their images in his head; he had never laid eyes on them before.  He
was sure of it.  "Now that you had a moment to think about it slave, do you know
who we are?  Answer truthfully, Joe", Maria M added.  He had no idea who these
women were.  Maybe he should say yes he did.  No, he thought, they would know I
was lying.  Joe shook his head no.  "I can't believe this little shit does not
know us", Maria H fumed.  "Take it easy 'Mistress', he will know who we are from
now on.  He may be stupid but at least he is honest".  Maria M continued,
"Slave, I am Maria Martinez, you shall call me Mistress Black.  This ravishing
woman to my left is Maria Hernandez; you shall call her Mistress Pink.  Together
we are Mistress MM, which by now your puny brain should have figured out.  This
weekend is your try out to be our slave.  If both or even one of us are not
happy with your performance then this relationship will end this weekend.  Do
you understand slave?"  Joe nodded yes.  "Good, now for who we are in your
everyday life.  Slave do you know how the office you work in remains clean?"  Of
course Joe did; there was a cleaning company hired to do that work.  What kind
of question was that he thought?  He nodded yes.  Maria H jumped in, "I don't
think you do scum since you don't know who we are.  You never paid any mind to
us when we worked!"  They are the cleaning women?  He didn't know.  He felt
ashamed and wished the ball gag was not in place so he could tell them how sorry
he was.  He absently looked up at them with his eyes begging forgiveness.  It
was too late by the time he realized what he just did.  Mistress Black stepped
forward and smacked him hard across the face, "can you not follow the simplest
of rules!  Maybe you are too stupid to be our slave".  Tears rolled down his
face, as he shook his head violently back and forth saying no.

	Both of the Mistresses started donning their black leather dusters.  The
aroma of the new leather smell made Joe's head swim.  The icy feeling of fear
gnawed at his stomach as he thought they were leaving him.  He raised his head a
little to get a better look but he made sure not to look too high so he would
accidentally make eye contact.  They were busy packing up the equipment they had
used.  His eyes welled up with tears as he thought he had failed them and they
were leaving.  Maria H, Mistress Pink, watched tears run down Joe's cheeks.  At
that very moment her heart melted for him and she had to restrain herself from
rushing over and giving him a great big hug.  She did go over and wiped a tear
from his cheek with her pink satin-gloved hand.  "Don't worry yet slave, we are
not leaving you.  You have screwed up and will be punished but you have not
screwed up enough for us to abandon you.  You have a hard night of training
ahead of you."  She reached into the black leather bag and fumbled around until
she found what she was looking for.  A large evil grin spread through her face. 
"Ah, here it is, your new uniform.  Stand slave".  She unfolded the pink
translucent material.  It was nylon and had lots of ruffles.  As she held it up
to him he realized it was an apron right out of the 1950's.  She tied it around
his neck and then his waist.  While standing behind him she snaked her gloved
hands under his arms and rubbed the silky feeling apron on his hairy chest.  He
felt ridiculous but the material felt good against his skin.  That in
combination with Mistress Pink's rubbing, started to get him hard once more. 
"Oh, you look and feel so pretty now, slave", she cooed into his ear. The Marias
laughed in unison at their apron-clad slave.  Maria M, Mistress Black, spoke,
"now slave you are ready to go to work.  Mistress Pink is going to watch the
door to make sure we have no surprise visitors.  You and I will go over your
training to clean this building.  You see slave it is very demanding of our time
to be great mistresses and we have no time left to do our work.  We thought it
only fair that from now on you will clean the building for us.  It's only fair
is it not slave?  You wouldn't want to see me scuff my nice high heeled boots,
would you?"  Joe shook his head no.  "Good then tonight you will learn the
proper way to clean the offices and the restrooms too.  Are you happy that you
are able to do this task for us?"  A vigorous head shake yes by Joe. 
"Excellent, let's get started".
	Joe was happy; here he was on his hands and knees wearing panties,
stockings and a see through frilly pink apron scrubbing the floor of the men's
restroom.  Mistress Black was also enjoying her task of instructing the slave in
the proper cleaning procedures.  She would use her crop on his ass if he were
doing something wrong.  She also enjoyed leading him around by his leash.  Joe
was amazed about how much was involved with office cleaning.  Mistress Black had
taught him a lot about what she and Mistress Pink did on a daily basis.  He knew
that she was pleased with his work even though she did not tell him so and
criticized every little mistake.  From time to time Mistress Pink would relieve
Mistress Black.  She seemed more interested in exciting Joe then teaching him to
clean.  She would have him kneel on hands and knees and then rub her soft satin
gloves over his body.  She poked at his anus, which would cause Joe to shiver
with excitement and cause her to giggle in a most delightful way.  When Mistress
Black returned Joe would double his efforts to try to relieve the horniness
built up in him.  Ten hours later the office was cleaner then it ever had been. 
The Marias made sure he took no short cuts that they themselves have taken. 
Items that they would skip got done for the first time in months.

	They all ended up in the bathroom where their long evening started.  The
two mistresses stripped Joe of everything but his leather cuffs and collar. 
Even the hated CB2000 was removed.  They tied Joe to the pipe and stall supports
once more.  Mistress Black spoke, "slave we are pleased with your work and if
you continue to do well then we will keep you as our slave.  We only have the
matter of your punishment left.  Mistress Pink has also suggested that you be
rewarded for a job well done.  So I am going to administer the punishment while
she gives you your reward".  Smiling Mistress Black reached into the black
leather bag and removed a red leather paddle that looked like an over size
ping-pong paddle.  Slapping it in her hand, "we have removed your gag.  Slave do
you think you can remain quiet during your punishment or shall I gag you?"  Joe
was not sure if he could speak so after a long pause he shook his head yes. 
Mistress Black smiled when Joe did not fall for her trick.  "Very good slave
there may be hope for you yet. Should I gag you?"  Joe shook his head no. 
"Alright but no loud noise from you or you will be gagged and your punishment
will be very severe.  Let's get started".  She went behind Joe and started
hitting his ass with the paddle.  Joe gritted his teeth and his body jerked
forward to try to escape the blows.  A soft groan escaped his lips.  Mistress
Pink appeared in front of him, "time for your reward", she said softly as her
gloved hand stroked his face.  When she knew she had his attention she slowly
removed the pink silk scarf from around her neck.  Joe watched her every move as
Mistress Black smacked away at his ass.  "You like to masturbate with these,
don't you? You dirty boy", she cooed as she wrapped the scarf around his swollen
cock.  She gripped his cock tightly but did not move her hand.  The blows from
Mistress Black were causing him to thrust forward basically fucking Mistress
Pink's silk covered fist.  "You want to cum bad don't you boy?"  A frantic head
nod from Joe was her answer.  "Well not just yet", she chuckled as she squeezed
her fist tighter.  With her other hand she stroked Joes balls with the satin on
her gloves.  A soft child like cry started coming from Joe's frustrated body. 
Maria M was working up a sweat from the exertion as well as the excitement from
beating Joe's naked ass.  His ass was a fire engine red and Maria M realized
that the color of his ass was really turning her on.  Maria H was also very
turned on knowing her teasing was torturing her slave more then the ass beating
he was getting.  She let go of his cock and grabbed the hair on the back of his
head.  She planted her lips on his and snakes her tongue into his mouth for a
long embrace.  She pulled away and saw her lipstick smeared on his mouth.  With
just one light satin clad stroke Joe shot his load with one loud primal scream. 
Maria M froze to see what the screaming was about.  Maria H had a big smile, as
she pumped more cum from Joe's cock.  Maria M clamped her leather-clad hand over
Joe's mouth to quiet him in fear that someone might have heard.  Through
clenched teeth she whispered in his ear as Joe continued to scream into her
hand, "you blew it slave.  Now you will be very sorry for your infraction".

	Mistress Pink stopped her stroking and Joe's screams ceased.  He knew he
was in trouble but he didn't care at this moment.  He just had the best orgasm
of his life.  He thought he was going to squirt his balls out of his cock. 
Mistress Black released her hand from his mouth.  "It will be the cane for you
now.  Lucky for you its not here right now", Mistress Black said coldly.  Just
then he saw Mistress Pink look down on herself.  "Eew, you pig look what you
have done!"  She slapped him in the face.  Joe saw that his cum had shot onto
her stocking clad leg and dripped onto her spiked heeled shoe.  "You are
cleaning this mess up right now, bitch!"  She slapped him again and then untied
his arms and legs.  When released, Joe started to head to the paper towel
dispenser.  "Numb-nuts, where do you think you are going!?  Get over here now on
your knees and clean this up with your mouth!"  Joe dropped to his knees and
crawled to Mistress Pink.  He had never tasted cum before and hesitated. 
Mistress Pink slapped him on the head, "move it we don't have all day!  Get that
disgusting slime off of me!  Now!"  Joe started licking the cold jelly-like
spunk off of her leg.  He didn't like the taste or the texture but he loved
licking her stocking covered leg.  Maria H shook with excitement as she watched
the slave lick his cum off her leg.  She started rubbing her clit with soft long
strokes from her fingers.  "Don't forget my pump, Hun".  Joe obediently started
cleaning her pink leather shoe.  His tongue slid easily over the shiny patent
leather surface.  Maria H could stand it no long; she pushed Joe over on his
back and brought her crotch to his face.  "Eat me", she commanded.  'What a slut
I am', she thought.  'How many times tonight am I going to cum?'  In one night
Joe's tongue had become very good at orally pleasuring the mistresses; in no
time at all Mistress Pink dug her heels into his sides and climaxed all over his
face.  As Maria H stood up, Maria M commanded Joe to crawl to her.  "My turn
slave", she said as she grabbed his leash and pulled his face into her waiting
moist mound.  Joe became playful and teased Mistress Black's clit.  He would
sense when she was on edge and change his strokes.  After a while pain ripped
through his skull as Mistress Black grabbed a handful of his hair and shouted,
"finish me you bastard or you will be sorry."  With tears in his eyes his tongue
hit the bull's-eye and Mistress Black reached orgasm.

	They had Joe dress in his clothes except he wore pink panties, the
leather collar and cuffs.  They tied his writs behind him and left him in his
office.  They hurriedly got dressed.  The Marias were nervous about their boss
or someone else finding them in the building long after they should have left. 
They escorted Joe to the parking deck and his car.  He was untied and told to go
to a bank machine and withdraw $300; he was treating them to a late dinner. 
After he got the money he was instructed to drive to his apartment building and
park the car.  He was to wait in the car for his mistresses.  If he were not
there by the time they got there, they would leave without him.

	He got the money and made it to his building with no trouble.  He waited
for his Mistresses.  He found that his body hurt all over but that it was a good
hurt.  He could not wait to be used by his two beautiful Mistresses again.  He
made a promise to himself to be more obedient next time.  He remembered he had a
punishment with a cane coming to him and that scared him.  The cane seemed to be
one of the wickedest punishment implements.  He hoped he would not fail them.

	The Marias were floating on clouds; the night had been near perfect for
them.  What a rush they are experiencing controlling a man like this.  This was
the beginning of something big for them.  "Can you believe how many times we
came tonight?"  We are such sluts", Maria H added.  "I don't know about you but
I know I could have a go at that tongue right now", Maria M laughed.  Then she
added, "we'll be getting sex this good the rest of our lives.  Joe could just be
the beginning."  Excitedly Maria H shouted, "There is his car!  I guess we got
him hooked big time."  "We are not done with him yet.  By the end of this
weekend he will be ours forever or until we tire of him", Maria M joked.
	The women pulled their car behind Joe's.  They got out and to Joe's
disappointment he could see that they had changed into tee shirts and jeans,
although both women still sported their black leather dusters.  They ordered Joe
out of the car.  Maria M took his keys from him and locked his car.  Maria H was
already binding his wrists behind his back.  She then pulled out the large black
penis gag and held it in front of his mouth, "suck it slave.  Let me see how
much you like to suck cock".  Joe hesitated; even though the hour was late he
was afraid one of his neighbors might see him.  His hesitation earned him a hard
slap to the face, "suck it", she hissed.  Joe opened his mouth in an o-shape and
went down on the black penis part of the gag.  Mistress Pink cooed in his ear,
"good boy.  You are going to be a good cock-sucker yet" and stuck her tongue in
the ear as an exclamation point.  "Lets go", Mistress Black ordered. She grabbed
the straps to the gag and tightly lashed them to his head.  They walked Joe to
the back of their car and opened the trunk.  Joe couldn't believe they would put
him in there but then the leather blindfold went over his eyes.  At the same
time he felt his ankles being tied together.  Arms pushed him forward to the car
his knees hitting the rear bumper just before he flipped forward and landed hard
in the trunk.  The Marias heard his futile muffled protests.  Maria M slipped a
rope through his ankle bindings and then through the wrist bindings.  She then
tightened the rope bringing his ankles and wrists together.  She smiled at her
handy work, "my first hogtie".  Maria H slammed the lid of the trunk shut.  Joe
shook with fright.  What had he gotten himself into?  How long will they leave
him in here?  "Why did we put him in the trunk?  Wouldn't the back seat have
been easier", Maria H wondered?  "It wouldn't have been as fun.  This will scare
him real good.  Besides it's a short ride to our place".  The budding Dommes
laughed together.

	With the traffic so light at the late hour of the night the Marias made
it to their apartment in just under a half hour.  Maria M suggested that they go
inside and leave Joe in the trunk "to sweat a little".  They busied themselves
for the next forty-five minutes getting ready for their houseguest.  Joe had no
idea where they left him or how long they intended to keep him locked up in the
trunk.  His body was protesting its confinement.  It had already been abused for
the last twelve hours and it had had enough.  One of Joe's calf muscles cramped
up causing him a great deal of pain.  'Please come and get me, please'.

	The Marias each showered and dressed casually for dinner.  Only Maria
M's leather vest and boots and Maria H's pink pumps hinted of the women's
kinkiness.  Once they put their makeup on they were ready to get Joe. 

	When the trunk opened Maria M removed the blindfold and was quite
delighted to see the fright in Joe's eyes.  "What's the matter boy?  Afraid we
had left you?"  She untied Joe and they both helped him out of the trunk.  Joe
moved slowly and stumbled forward with a limp.  Maria H was feeling sorry for
him as he ascended the stairs to their apartment.  Once in the apartment they
removed the gag and the rest of the bondage equipment.  Maria H ordered him to
remove all of his clothes.  He was very embarrassed to be standing in the middle
of a cluttered living room with two clothed women.  Maria H grabbed his elbow
and escorted him to the shower.  She supervised his bathing, which made him even
more embarrassed.  She even scrubbed his backside.  She then took a bag from the
vanity and ordered him to bend over.  Through the mirror he could see Mistress
Pink holding a pink butt plug that had an odd thin wire protruding from it.  She
lubed up his anus and slowly inserted the plug.  Much to his surprise Joe found
himself getting an erection.  Mistress Pink noticed this development and took
hold of his semi-hard cock.  "Mmm, I see this boy likes backdoor action.  That's
good since I like it too."  The plug slid home and locked into place.  This one
fit much better then the one he had earlier.  She ordered him to stand up and
turn around.  His fully erect cock was staring at her face.  She parted her lips
and engulfed his penis.  Joe moaned in pleasure.  She popped his cock out of her
mouth and smacked it hard with an open hand.  "I just love the taste of freshly
cleaned cock but this boner will never do.  Down boy", and she smacked it again. 
Joe's erection subsided and Mistress Pink pulled out another gadget.  It was a
vibrating cock ring that fit tightly around the base of his cock.  It too had a
wire protruding from it.  She then produced a small velvet bag that she fitted
over his ball sack and tied the drawstring tightly around his nuts.  This bag
also had a wire.  Lastly she had another pair of pink satin panties for him to
put on.  She rubbed his cock through the silky material, "oh don't you look
pretty now.  She then handed him clean clothes that Joe recognized as his and
told him to hurry up and get dressed.  He wondered how they had gotten hold of
his clothes.

	They all left to go eat.  This time they tied Joe up in the back seat of
the car and once again blindfolded him.  Soon they were at an upscale all-night
dinner.  The ladies escorted Joe on each arm.  At that moment Joe was the envy
of every guy in the dinner.  Maria M requested a semi-secluded corner booth. 
Joe slid in first then the women on either side.  They did not allow Joe a menu
and when the waitress came they ordered only a salad for him citing that he
needed to be in better shape if he was to be their slave.  The women ordered a
feast for a queen.  "You sure do work up an appetite whipping a slave's ass all
night long", Maria M chuckled.  While they were waiting for their food to arrive
Maria H pulled out three remote controls.  She fanned them out and told Maria M
to pick one.  When she had one Maria H explained how to work it.  An evil grin
crossed her face when Maria was done with the instructions.  With an uncertain
fear Joe figured out what exactly the remotes controlled.  Mistress Black turned
the setting low and pressed the switch.  Joe jumped, causing the Marias to
giggle like schoolgirls, as he felt a vibration in his butt.  He watched
Mistress Black increase the setting and the vibration increased its intensity. 
He looked on in fear as Maria H picked up the second remote and threw the
switch.  Joe jumped again as his cock started to vibrate.  Between the two
vibrators Joe grew rock hard in seconds.  He shifted uncomfortably in the booth. 
Mistress Pink reached over and ran her hand over the boner in his pants, "what's
the matter boy?  Do we have a situation here?      Mistress Black whispered in
his other ear, "what are you doing?  I did not give you permission to enjoy your
self.  You better not cum".  Joe tried to get himself under control and found it
difficult since the Mistresses kept changing the vibration intensity.  It was
extremely hard to remain calm when the waitress bought their food over.  She
kept giving Joe an odd look.  The Mistresses were relentless and Joe started
moaning causing stares from other tables.  Mistress Black hissed in his ear,
"you better be quiet boy or I will gag you here and now.  Joe was a wreck but he
made it through the meal, even desert.  When the waitress came over the final
time to see if anything else was needed, Maria H said, "yes, one favor please,
could you turn this on for me?"  She handed her the third remote.  Joe shook his
head no.  The waitress looked at Maria H strangely but then got that 'what the
hell' look and threw the switch.  Joe's balls jumped into life and he screamed
out "no" as he came again and again in his panties.  "Please stop", he
whimpered.  The waitress stared at the three of them and then flipped it off. 
She handed back the remote to Maria H who thanked her for her time.  The
Mistresses turned off their remotes and Joe slumped down on the seat.  "You will
be punished for causing that commotion and did we cum in our panties after you
were ordered not too", Mistress Black hissed.  Eyes down and a defeated look on
his face, Joe nodded yes.  "Lets go home, it is punishment time.  Don't think I
haven't forgotten the punishment you already owe.  Pay the check slave and leave
a very generous tip; remember she got your rocks off for you.  Joe paid the bill
and left a 50% tip.  The waitress thanked them and couldn't help notice the
stain on Joe's crotch as they got up and left.  The waitress had no idea what
these three were about but she liked the women's style and how they controlled
their man.
	Once back in the apartment Joe was ordered to strip.  The dominatrixes
then bent him forward over the back of their couch.  Mistress Pink tied his
wrists to the front legs as Mistress Black tied his ankles to the back legs of
the couch.  Mistress Pink then forced the dreaded penis gag between his lips and
tightened it in the back of his head.  The Mistresses then left him there and
went into the bedrooms. 

	Joe knew his punishment was coming.  Mistress Black had promised to use
a cane on him.  Joe knew from viewing pictures and reading erotica that the cane
was very painful.  He understood he had been bad but was not sure he could take
the pain.  Joe tested his bonds and found them tight; he was going nowhere.

	Maria M dressed the part of a whip wielding dominatrix.  She put on
black-seamed stockings but only the lacey tops showed after she put on her
thigh-high paten leather black spiked-heeled boots.  Just putting on the boots
made her feel powerful.  She then put on a black leather bra that left her
already hardened nipples exposed.  A black leather spiked choker fastened around
her neck; while black leather gauntlet gloves finished her outfit.  She then
picked up the polished rattan cane and lovingly ran her black leather clad
fingers up and down the shaft.  It made her very wet thinking about the pain
this implement can cause a boy.  She ran the cane between her legs and
masturbated with it.

	Maria H was torn between looking hard and looking soft.  Her friend was
the hard punisher of the duo but she did not want to be perceived as weak.  She
decided against gloves for this session with their slave.  She wanted to feel
his body directly when she touched him.  She did however paint her nails a hot
pink.  She worked her way into a pink satin corset trimmed in black and
connected black silk stocking to the attached garters.  Five inch black pumps
and a black scarf finished her look.  She admired herself in the mirror.  She
liked dressing up like this almost as much as controlling the boy.  She found
that she was getting wet in anticipation of the coming events.

	Both of his Mistresses entered the living room together.  The sight of
their beautifully dressed bodies made his cock hard right away.  To see dominant
women dressed in fetish gear in real life was a sight to behold.  He realized
the magazines and web pages did not do justice to the true beauty of the
dominant woman.  He was thinking himself the luckiest man on the planet until he
noticed what Mistress Black was slapping into her open gloved hand.  She was
really going to cane him.  His penis shriveled at the thought of the cane
meeting his ass.

	"Time for your punishment slave", Mistress Black said almost cheerfully. 
"Mistress Pink, how would you like to warm him up?"  Mistress Pink walked around
behind Joe and Mistress Black soon joined her.  Their beauty no longer graced
Joe's vision.  The women inspected Joe's ass.  It was still very pink from Maria
M's paddling earlier in the night.  Maria M was also impressed with the bruises
she had caused. 

	Maria H started stroking Joe's flaccid cock.  It was the first time her
fingers had felt his manhood.  She liked the softness and was thrilled when it
started to expand in her grasp.  Once the cock reached its full hardness she
tied a thin cord tightly around the base and around each ball.  She wound the
cord around the balls until each were about to burst the scrotal sack.  She then
rubbed the balls lightly enjoying her handy work.  She then started spanking his
ass with an open hand.  She felt Joe flinch as the first blow landed and heard a
muffled protest through the gag.  As she continued alternating between cheeks,
Mistress Black spoke, "slave when Mistress Pink is done I will be administering
your punishment.  You will receive five strokes for speaking without permission
and five strokes for cumming at the diner without permission.  I will not go
easy on you.  You have to learn control and to obey.

	Mistress Pink finished with two very hard slaps to each cheek.  She
admired the redness his ass now glowed.  Joe felt his ass was on fire and he
found himself holding his breath in anticipation of the cane. He heard Mistress
Black's boots creak and the click of her heels as she got herself into the right
position.  Maria M rubbed the cane between her legs once and bought it up for
the first blow.  It glistened with her juices.   Maria H nervously wrung her
hands as Maria M held the cane poised for the first blow; she hoped that Maria
would not damage Joe too much.  

	Maria M swung the cane down hard and fast.  It took Joe a moment to
register the pain.  It felt like a Great White shark had just bitten off his
ass.  All he saw were stars before him and he did not even realize he was
screaming.  He had not even had time to recover when the second blow hit.  His
muffled scream went up an octave.  The third blow landed and he felt himself
withdrawing in his mind.  He was still aware of the great pain and he was still
screaming but now he felt like he was not part of the whole scene.  It was
almost as if he was watching it play out on a movie screen.

	Maria M looked down after the third stroke and saw three straight angry
red welts across the slave's butt cheeks.  All three were spaced about an inch
apart and were perfectly parallel to one another.  She was on the verge of
climaxing and did not think she would make it all the way through the

	Maria H looked on in horror.  She could tell Joe was in great pain.  She
also hoped the neighbors would not hear his screams.  Even with the thick penis
gag he was still very loud.  Her heart felt for him as she watched tear after
tear roll down his cheeks.  She could also tell the caning was having a strong
effect on Maria too.  She looked distant and full of lust.  She wondered if she
should stop her.  She wondered if she could.

	The fourth blow landed and Maria H actually watched as sweat poured from
Joe's pores.  Joe's body strained with all its strength at the bonds holding him
to the couch.  The fifth stroke found its mark and Maria M exploded in orgasm
nearly knocking her off her feet.  She let out a scream of her own and Maria H
quickly clamped her hand over her mouth for fear the neighbors would call the
police.  Maria M recovered and looked at Joe's stripped ass.  She dropped the
cane and ran into her bedroom.  Maria H was torn between aiding Joe or following
Maria.  She saw the last blow had broken the skin and a little blood flowed from
the wound.  She decided she needed to see to her friend first.

	She found Maria face down sobbing into a pillow.  She went over to the
bed and comforted Maria.  "Maria, why are you crying?  I think Joe will be
alright".  Through sobs, "I'm sure he will be.  I'm not crying because I hurt
him, Maria.  I'm crying because I enjoy hurting him so much.  I feel I have
turned into a monster.  Why should this bring me such pleasure?"  "Just lucky I
guess.  You are not a monster.  This is part of training a slave.  He must know
discipline.  You enjoying it so much is just a bonus.  I don't think I could do
it.  Come on you have an ass out there waiting for five more strokes.  You
compose yourself and come out when you are ready.  I'll see to him and maybe
even tease him a bit till you are ready."  "Thank you for the pep talk, you are
my best friend."  "By the look of the juices on that cane I would say you have a
new best friend."  They both laughed at that.

	Joe was no longer screaming when Mistress Pink entered the room.  She
did notice his body shudder as he sobbed.  She went over and cupped his
tear-streaked face in her hands.  "Ssh, boy your punishment is half over.  I
need you to be brave for me.  Show me you are a worthy slave and can take the
punishment you deserve".  She stroked his hair.  He could barely make out
Mistress Pink's form through the tears welled up in his eyes.  'Yes', he
thought, he had to be brave for her, for them. 

	Maria H went and soaked a towel with cold water.  She went back and
applied the towel gently to Joe's ass.  His body stiffened at the touch.  "Its
just a cool towel for your red butt".  She pressed the towel in to the open
wound to stop the blood.  Joe moaned in pain.  "You have some beautiful marks
back here slave.  You should be proud to wear the marks from your Mistress". 
With that statement, Joe did feel a sense of pride.  Then Mistress Black entered
again and a feeling of dread came over him.  Maria H noticed the changes and
pulled up a chair in front of Joe so all he saw was Mistress Pink.  When looking
at Mistress Pink all Joe could think of was pleasing her.  "Be brave for me my
lovely boy."  Joe nodded yes.

	"Are we ready for our next five, slave?"  Maria M was very surprised as
Joe nodded his head yes.  Maria M positioned herself so that the next five
strokes were at a forty-five degree angle from the first five.  Maria took a
deep breath and took the first cut.  Joe was fixated on Mistress Pink and her
image blurred as tears once again formed.  "Be brave", Mistress Pink whispered
to him as the next blow fell on his ass.  He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed
into the gag as these blows crisscrossed the first five blows.

	'Be brave, be brave' was his mantra and he collected his wits and opened
his eyes to see Mistress Pink smiling at him.  The third stroke bit deep into
his ass and once again he squeezed his eyes shut and screamed.  Mistress Pink's
delicate hands were wiping away his tears.  Again her smiling face greeted him
as he opened his eyes.

	Maria M felt her juices flowing down her legs, as her pussy was too wet
to hold any more liquid.  She was under control more on these strokes and
although it excited her very much to be caning his ass, she did not feel as if
she would explode into another climax.  She also wondered if she had
unconsciously eased up on her swings since Joe seemed to be more in control of
his self.  So she doubled the power of her last two strokes and gave no break
between the final two.  Both cut the skin on Joe's ass.

	Grasping Joe's face once more Maria H tried to calm him.  "Its over now. 
What a brave boy you were.  Don't forget you deserved this punishment.  You must
behave better if you want to avoid the cane".  Joe opened his eyes and she saw
understanding there.  She gently dropped his head and went around to Maria. 
When she got within full view of Joe's ass she exclaimed, "How did you do that? 
Its almost perfect!"  She was referring to the perfect diamond pattern on Joe's
ass.  "I guess I'm just a natural", Maria M smiled also a little amazed at her
talent.  Maria H started cleaning the blood up with the towel, "go get the
digital.  We need a picture of this."
	After the bleeding was stopped and pictures taken, Maria H added a salve
to Joe's ass to help in the healing.  While she did that Maria M got a chair and
pulled it up to the front of the couch.  Maria M removed Joe's gag and placed
her booted feet in front of his face; "start licking, slave", she commanded. 
Joe's pink tongue tentatively reached out and licked the black leather of her
boot.  A shutter of pleasure shot through her as she watched his tongue lick her
boot.  She could not feel anything but the visual effect excited her greatly. 
Joe had no idea how to worship Mistress Black's boots, plus his range of motion
was very limited.  Also he had a lot of drool that had built up behind the gag
and that was making his Mistress's boots too wet.  Mistress Black was revolted
when she saw a trail of drool sliding down her boot.  "You are the most
incompetent... I should cane you again!"  Joe shook his head violently no and
pleaded his forgiveness with his soft blue eyes.  Instead she brought her hips
forward and rested her spiked heels on his back.  Her wet, musky pussy was
shoved in his face.  "Pleasure me slave and do a good job.  I may even forgive
your poor performance".

	Mistress Pink suddenly reappeared as Joe's tongue got to work.  "Well
how do I look?"  Joe shifted his eyes over to Mistress Pink.  At first she
looked the same as she was dressed earlier, but then with a little shock and to
be honest, a little thrill, Joe saw the large black dildo strapped to her hips. 
"You look great!  I would spread my legs for you", Mistress Black giggled. 
Mistress Pink thrust her hips a couple of times, "thanks for the offer but
tonight I'm all his.  Slave I have been waiting a long time for this moment. 
I'm going to fuck you long, slow and hard.  Baby are you in for it tonight."

	Mistress Pink disappeared from his sight.  Strap-on play had been Joe's
biggest fantasy.  He really got into the fantasy after reading several stories
on "Akasha's Web".  He however was still a virgin and the thought of being taken
with a strap-on scared him as much as it thrilled him.  His ass still felt as if
it was on fire and he worried that the fucking that he was about to receive was
going to be very painful in more ways then one.  Interrupting his thoughts,
Mistress Black's boot heels dug into his back.  "Did we forget our task at hand
slave?  Please me and don't anger me", she threatened.

	Maria H smiled down at her protruding cock.  She didn't know why but
wearing a strap-on made her feel so sexy.  It was only a few days before that
she didn't even know there was such a thing as a strap-on.  When Maria and her
first started exploring Joe's computer she saw her first picture of a woman with
a strap-on, a large black dildo just like the one she was now wearing.  It was
love at first sight.  Then she found that Akasha's web page with all the stories
and her thoughts on strap-on play and knew she had to try it.  Now here she is
about to take her first male and a virgin to boot.  She was smiling even broader
as she stroked her cock with a lubed hand.  Next she penetrated Joe with a lubed
finger.  She heard a sharp intake of breath from Joe followed by movement of
Maria's boots and another warning to Joe.  This was not going to be easy for
him.  A second lubed finger probed Joe deeper.  A third finger followed close
behind as she rotated her hand in his backdoor.

	"Here I come boy!  Get ready to take all of my thick cock".  Joe felt
the cold head nuzzle his sphincter.  Slowly she pushed the dildo deeper into
him.  At first there was not much pain.  He guessed the butt plug earlier and
Mistress Pink's fingers helped loosen him up.  Then he started to feel like his
asshole was tearing apart.  A burning pain shot through his body.  He cried out
and was immediately chastised by Mistress Black.  He was finding it near
impossible to pleasure Mistress Black while getting fucked by Mistress Pink. 
Then there was even a greater burning pain as Mistress Pink's garters and thighs
came in contact with his diamond cut ass.  A small part of his brain was able to
register the fact that Mistress Pink had sunk her cock into him to the hilt.
	Slowly she started to pull out of his ass.  'His ass is so nice and
tight.  I can't believe that I am fucking this boy', Maria H thought.  She
bought the dildo back out until just its head was still in and then she thrust
forward once more.  With each stroke she increased the tempo.  She heard and saw
Maria finally get off with Joe's tongue.  Maria M took her booted feet off of
Joe's back and admired the indentations she had left.  She moved her chair
further away to get the full view of the ass fucking.  Maria M could tell by
Joe's cum slick face that he was enjoying it and her friend's eyes looked glazed
over; she was really into it. 
	Maria H slowed down her tempo to almost a stop.  She swore she heard Joe
whimper.  "What's the matter slave?  Don't want me to stop?  Beg me like a good
little slut.  Beg me to fuck you hard", she laughed.
	Despite the pain, Joe was enjoying being ass fucked more then he ever
imagined.  His bound cock swelled to greater proportions.  The cord that bound
his cock cut painfully into it.  Mistress Pink started to slow down just as he
was really getting into it.  He even involuntarily tried to push back to keep
the fucking going, but tied as he was it had little effect.  He saw Mistress
Black smiling at him, enjoying the show.  This embarrassed him and he felt shame
for enjoying what was happening to him.  Now Mistress Pink wanted him to beg
like some slut to fuck him.  How degraded he felt but he wanted her to continue. 
"Please Mistress, please fuck me more", he pleaded.  "Oh, slave you have got to
do better then that.  You will need work on your groveling skills".  Mistress
Pink did not move.  "Mistress Pink, please fuck this slut with your big black
cock.  Please, Mistress, please fuck me good and hard."  He felt his face redden
as he pleaded with Mistress Pink.  "Do you like to be fucked in the ass, slave?" 
Almost in a whisper, "yes, Mistress".  "Are you my pretty little slut?"  "Yes
Mistress."  Both women laughed at him.  Joe's shame deepened.
	Maria H started fucking Joe's ass again.  Joe's pleading to her made her
weak in the knees.  The power she had over this man was incredible.  Before long
she was really pounding the dildo into Joe.  It was almost as if the dildo was
part of her and she was getting the same pleasure from it as a man would get
from his cock.  All of the sudden it felt like she came like a man.  She swore
she thought she was pumping gallons of cum into his ass.  She let out a grunted
scream as she climaxed and continued fucking Joe's ass.  Bit by bit she slowed
to a stop and collapsed on top of Joe, panting wildly.  In a raspy voice she
whispered in Joe's ear, "damn, slut, you are one fine piece of ass."
	Mistress Pink took a few moments to recover but she finally pulled out
of Joe.  Mistress Black applauded the two of them.  Joe needed to cum real bad. 
If his cock and balls were free he knew he would of shot a load.  He heard
something behind him hit the floor with a dull thud.  He assumed that Mistress
Pink had removed her strap-on.  He then felt her releasing his bound cock.  This
was a big mistake.  As soon as the cord loosened he shot a load.  "No", he
screamed, as he could not stop the flow of cum shooting from his cock.  He knew
he was in trouble.
	"Oh you pig!  Who gave you permission to enjoy yourself!  Look at this
mess!  Maria untie him."  Maria M started releasing his wrists while she
released his ankles.  "Stand up!"  He was very sore and stiff after being in the
same position for so long, not to mention his abused ass.  He was too slow
standing for her and she grabbed him by the hair and jerked him up.  "Look at
what you have done, you pig!" Joe looked and saw his cum dripping down her black
nylon clad leg and on to her black paten leather pump.  She turned him around so
that his back faced her.  "Hands behind your back!"  She tied his writs together
with a scarf.  "Now on your knees and clean up this mess!" 
	Joe got down on his knees and was staring at Mistress Pink's stocking
clad legs.  He thought she had a really great pair of legs.  He really didn't
want to taste his cum again but decided to be quick about it.  He started
licking cum off her leg and it was turning him on.  He like the way the stocking
made his tongue feel.  He spent more time the he should have licking her leg and
she reminded him that there was a shoe to clean too.  He quickly moved down to
her shoe and cleaned it off thoroughly.  He could even see his reflection in the
paten leather.  She kicked him lightly in the face, "stop, I think you are
through for now slave.  Stand up."  He stood and they all noticed his new
erection.  Joe's face reddened.  " Can't you control yourself for one minute?!" 
He watched as her hand swatted his erection.  He bit into his lip to keep from
crying out.  Finally she stopped as his cock deflated.  From the shelf behind
her she grabbed the dreaded CB2000 and locked him into it.  "For your punishment
you will be locked into this for one week.  You need to learn control."  Joe's
head went down, 'a week', how will he last a week with these two tormentresses?
	The rest of the weekend was like a dream/nightmare for Joe.  He was
living his fantasy but was tormented by his mistresses and the CB2000.  They
always seemed displeased with him.  Sunday morning breakfast found him spilling
a bowl of cereal on Mistress Black.  He was always in trouble.  Mistress Black
looked for any reason to discipline him and Mistress Pink looked for different
ways to tease him.  He was trying to pick which one he feared more.  At the end
of the weekend he was still their slave and that made him happy.  He was sent to
work Monday morning and then had to clean the offices that night.  Each night
they would rotate who would supervise his work.  Who ever did not supervise him
would get him for the night.  Each night he slept on the floor by the bed of one
of his Mistresses.
	When he slept in Mistress Black's room he was disciplined in some shape
or form.  She loved to dress him in leather cuffs, collar and harness.  She
would then spank or whip him and have him pleasure her orally.  On rare
occasions she would use a strap-on but only after she turned his ass a flaming
red color.  He would sleep bound in leather.
	Mistress Pink was very different.  She would usually dress Joe in very
feminine lingerie.  Ruffled panties, garter belts, stockings, teddies and
sometimes bras.  Although this humiliated Joe he also could not deny that he
liked the feeling of the sexy clothes against his skin.  She also started
removing his body hair, much to Maria M's dislike.  She almost always used the
strap-on with him and even had started applying lipstick to him and having him
suck the dildo.  Although she did punish him from time to time, she was more
sensual then sadistic.  Although he loved both of his Mistresses he felt he was
falling deeper in love with Mistress Pink.
	Before a month's time Joe signed all his finances over to his
Mistresses.  They also had him give up his apartment.  He was now financially
dependent on his Mistresses.  Even his paycheck was signed over to them.  The
Marias were very surprised to see how much money Joe had.  Joe had worked all
his life and lived a Spartan life.  He never had anything to spend his money on. 
As a result he had a very hefty nest egg. 
	This nest egg gave the Marias an idea and soon Pink Ladies Inc. was
born.  The women first recruited more submissive men and trained them in office
cleaning.  The men would work at night for Pink Ladies just for the pleasure of
being punished and humiliated by the women.  Since Pink Ladies operated with
almost no payroll they were able to under bid other janitorial services for
building maintenance contracts.  Soon they got too big and had to find women to
supervise the submissive men.  They trained the women in office cleaning,
beating and humiliating men.  In return they started paying the men who would
then turn their checks over to their women supervisors.
	Joe recognized one of the first women they recruited as the waitress at
the dinner that cause him to climax.  Maria M taught her how to whip a man using
Joe as practice and Maria H taught her the finer points in strap-on use.  Joe
was frequently used as a training tool.
	As the money started rolling in the Marias had Joe quit his job and do
Pink Ladies finances as his new job.  Maria H spent most of her time on the
administrative end of the business.  Maria M was more hands on and took delight
in breaking new slaves.  As time went on Maria H and Joe became closer while
Maria M barely interacted with Joe.
	In just two years time Pink Ladies grew into the biggest office
maintenance business in the entire metro area.  They were well known for their
low prices and excellent service.  Recruiting several key political figures as
slaves kept prying eyes away.  All the male workers were required to wear hot
pink satin shirts and matching pink pants, while the female supervisors wore
black satin shirts with either black leather pants or skirts.
	It was on the two-year anniversary that the Marias took Joe as a slave
that Maria H decided it was time to expand her relationship with Joe.  By this
time both of the Marias own their homes and Joe spent most nights with Maria H. 
After a long day at the office Joe went to Mistress Pink's home and cooked the
dinner she requested.  They ate in candlelight and Joe had no idea that this was
a special day.  Mistress Pink smiled at him all through the meal.  After dinner
Joe cleaned up and was ordered to shower and prepare himself for his Mistress. 
Mistress Pink had laid out the exact items that Joe had to wear the very first
time they had meet as Mistress and slave; it was then that Joe knew there was
something special about the night.  Once he was dressed Mistress Pink came into
the bedroom wearing the same thing she wore the first time Joe was allowed to
gaze upon her.  She was still as beautiful today as she was then, perhaps even
more so.
	Joe's outfit differed slightly from the original in three ways.  He did
not wear a blindfold, the gag he wore was the penis gag not the ball and the
butt plug was larger and stayed in place.  Mistress Pink had him lay back in her
bed and she tied his wrists and ankles to the bedposts.  This was different, Joe
thought.  Once Joe was securely fastened Mistress Pink straddled his chest being
careful not to disturb the nipple clamps.  She smiled softly at Joe, "my sweet
slave, it has been two great years that we have been together.  Tonight I have a
question to ask you and I want you to give it some thought before you answer". 
She stroked his face with the satin fingers of her glove, "will you marry me?"
	'Marry her', Joe's mind froze at the question.  He was caught completely
off guard.  What did this mean?  There were so many questions he wanted to ask. 
He stared at her and realized she would wait patiently for an answer but she was
not going to remove his gag or get off his chest until she got an answer.  Joe's
heart had only one answer and that was a big yes but he had to think of what it
all meant.  He sucked hard on the rubber penis in his mouth while he thought of
what he should do.  The answer was he could not say no, any way he looked at it
and wanted to spend the rest of his life in Mistress Pink's service.  Slowly he
started shaking his head yes as a tear ran down to his ear.  Mistress Pink
shrieked with joy.  She hugged and kissed him with great passion.  In her
excitement her legs knocked off both his nipple clips causing him great pain.
	She reached over on the nightstand and grabbed a ring box that was
there.  She held it out and opened it slowly, making sure Joe had a good view. 
It was a silver ring with a small diamond embedded in to it.  The ring however
did not look like a ring that went on your finger.  His eyes told Maria he had
no idea what kind of ring it was.  Laughing she asked him, "do you like it?  It
will look so pretty on you and will tell everyone you are mine.  It is time for
the ring to be put into place.  This may sting a little."  'Sting a little',
what did that mean?  Joe watched as she retrieved a small bag from the
nightstand.  She pulled out some cotton balls and a bottle of iodine.  She
swabbed Joe's left nipple with an iodine soaked cotton ball.  Joe realized the
ring was a nipple ring; she is going to pierce me right here and now!  A muffled
protest came through the gag; Maria smiled softly at him, "don't you want to
wear my ring next to your heart for me?  Can you not take a little pain for me?" 
Joe felt shame; of course he can bare pain for his Mistress.  He nodded a solemn
yes to her.  Her smiled brighten as she pulled a pair of forceps from the bag
along with a gold needle.  She tightly gripped the tip of his nipple and pulled
it away from his chest causing him to cry out in pain.  Swiftly she pierced the
nipple with the needle and inserted the ring.  She did it so smoothly Joe had
not known the ring was inserted.  She dabbed the wound to stop the bleeding and
then gave Joe a big hug.  Joe was smiling into his gag.
	She released Joe from the bedposts and went to retrieve her strap-on. 
Joe looked at himself in the mirror and felt pride when he gazed upon his newest
addition.  Maria came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him.  He felted
the dildo nuzzling his ass.  Her finger played with the ring.  "Do you like it?" 
Joe nodded yes.  "Come to bed dear so I can fuck your brains out.  She led him
to the bed by his leash.  She had him get on all fours and she still held onto
the leash as she plunged into him.  She was certainly enjoying herself.  Joe on
the other hand was not.  His hard cock strained against the hated CB2000. 
Mistress had not let him out of the cage for nearly three weeks and now he
needed to cum more then anything else.  Maria had bought herself to two
climaxes.  She liked getting off with the strap-on better then any other way. 
Now was even better, now she was fucking her soul mate.  It was always best with
Joe.  She had torn into many a male's ass over the past two years but it was
never like fucking Joe.  She now knew he was the only one for her.
	She dismounted Joe and removed her strap-on.  Next she removed the penis
gag from Joe's mouth and gave him a hard passionate kiss with lots of tongue. 
She produced the key to the CB2000 and held it up to Joe's face.  Then with a
big smile Maria released Joe's manhood from it's prison.  She lay back on the
bed and pulled Joe to her by his leash.  "Joe, make love to me.  Fuck me like
there is no tomorrow".   Joe was overwhelmed by this request.  He had never been
allowed intercourse with his Mistresses before.  In fact he had never had
intercourse with a woman.  "Are you sure Mistress?"  Maria's eyes knitted
together in mock anger, "are you questioning your Mistress, boy?  Speaking
without permission too?  Now get over here and show me what you've got." Joe
didn't hesitate this time and gently mounted her.  Their stocking clad legs
intertwined causing a wonderful sensation to Joe.  He slid easily into her very
moist pussy.  Maria wrapped her legs around Joe digging her heels into his
thighs.  "Fuck me hard", she heatedly whispered in his ear.  Joe obeyed readily
and increased the strength behind each thrust.  He soon exploded into her,
letting out a roar as he came.  "Don't stop", she commanded breathlessly.  Joe
continued his pounding.  Soon Maria's nails, through her gloved hands, sank into
Joe's shoulders as she reached her climax.  She pushed Joe off of her and they
both were out of breath lying next to one another.  After she regained her
composure she ordered Joe to clean her with his mouth.  Joe had gotten used to
the taste of his own cum over the past two years but his cum never tasted as
good as it did at that moment.  Maria was bought to her fourth orgasm of the
night.  They fell asleep in each other's arms.
	They were married two months later.  Maria H had Joe wear a traditional
tuxedo but his under garments were anything but traditional.  Maria M was Maid
of Honor.  She also gave Joe a resounding spanking in front of everyone in
attendance to start the wedding.  At the end of the ceremony the bride led the
groom down the aisle by a leash. 
	Seven months later Maria H gave birth to twin girls.  Joe turned out to
be an excellent father.  He also was a wiz in the stock market and the Marias
became very rich women.  Pink Ladies expanded into a mega-corporation.
	While putting his two girls to bed for the night, Joe looked out over
the expansive lawn the mansion sported.  He thought about how much his life had
changed in just three short years.  Why was he so lucky?  Just then his
wife/mistress slid her arms between his arms and wrapped them around his chest. 
She tweaked his ringed nipple and told him it was time to take care of his other
girl.  It was then he felts the dildo poking his rear through his robe and
panties.  She led him by his collar to their bedroom.  With a smile he wondered
again, 'how did he get so lucky'?

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