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Fleur, A Flower Torn

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Synopsis: Mistress Fraulein Elsa Frisch entertains a longtime client during the third and final segment of a multi-part session. The client has brought a new girlfriend, who is ‘interested’ in the lifestyle. The mistress performs extreme nipple torture and CBT on him, together with her slave girl. But there seems to be plenty of room for female suffering as well, this night.

Fraulein Elsa Frisch

Fleur – A Flower Torn


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All acts described in this work of fiction are performed by consenting adults over the age of 18.

Synopsis: Mistress Fraulein Elsa Frisch entertains a longtime client during the third and final segment of a multi-part session. The client has brought a new girlfriend, who is ‘interested’ in the lifestyle. The mistress performs extreme nipple torture and CBT on him, together with her slave girl. But there seems to be plenty of room for female suffering as well, this night. 27058 words.


Chapter One: Fraulein Elsa


It was a sunny and humid summer night. Fraulein Elsa Frisch had just finished a short after-dinner session with one of her many run-of-the-mill regular clients. He could only afford an hour of her services, so she kept it short and to the point. She gave him pain and he came. End of story. Now it was time for a quick cigarette break.

Her thoughts were already with another client, who'd be coming in shortly. She'd known him for the better part of ten years now. He was special to her, coming in every four to six weeks for his dose of deviance, if not more often. He was her first slave when she started doing commercial work and she held a special place in her heart for him.

He'd even brought his girlfriends with him from time to time to watch or participate in sessions that had evolved over the years from moderately hard but straightforward bdsm to downright nasty sadomasochistic torture. As she dove deeper into her twisted sadistic mind, he was right there with her as her willing subject. Feeding off of each other, they created an intense dynamic that she had yet to experience with anyone else.

Today was special for two reasons. First, he agreed to do a third installment of a multipart session, meaning that the torture from last time would be continued today, with him being prepared in such a way that they would be able to continue exactly where they left off three weeks ago. Elsa's girlfriend and slave girl assistant Tessa would prepare him with exactly the same bondage and puncture wounds. This allowed them to get the intensity level up quickly and build it even higher from there.

The second reason for this day to be special was that he would bring his new girlfriend over. They'd been together for little over six months and he'd been gushing whenever he spoke of her, his new muse.

At 35, he was nearly twice her age, but that seemed to be no obstacle for either him or her. Elsa was interested to meet the girl she had heard so much about. If she really looked and acted the part he described, she might have a use for her.

Not even five minutes later they arrived at Fraulein Elsa's, right on time. He was his charming self as always, tall, handsome and now sporting a stylish short beard.

"Probably to make up for the thinning hair on top," Elsa though to herself as he handed her the mandatory envelope with the results of his latest STD test. Since he'd been exclusively with his new girl over the last few months, Elsa requested him to have her tested as well and just like him, she was squeaky clean.

Elsa quickly made introductions with the girl who was with him. The girl wore a tight black crop top that left most of her belly uncovered and a long black split skirt. She was taller than Elsa expected, probably around 5'9". She also wore a large hat and oversized sunglasses, which were quickly taken off. She extended her hand.

"Hi! I'm Fleur. Nice to meet you!" Her smile radiated with her wide lips.

Elsa reciprocated and looked into the girl's greenish brown eyes.

"Welcome to Fraulein Elsa's," she said. "I am Fraulein Elsa Frisch. You can call me Fraulein or Mistress. Please follow me."

Fleur made sure to take a good look at the woman. Her new boyfriend had told her a lot about Elsa, who had been his mistress for almost ten years now. At first she had found it a little strange and even upsetting that he had this arrangement with a commercial mistress outside of their relationship, but she had eventually accepted it as part of the deal. He had been very open about it from the start, explaining his long professional relationship with Fraulein Elsa and all the intricacies that were involved in it.

Since he came home every couple of weeks with his most sensitive parts abused, bleeding and scarred, it would not have been possible to hide any of it, even if he wanted to. Instead, he shared his experiences, including photos and videos. Once Fleur accepted that this was simply part of the deal, she slowly found out that all of this intrigued her very much.

Even though she was still young and fairly inexperienced with the stuff he dabbled in, she was actually the one who actively pursued their relationship ever since they met at a bdsm play party a little over a year ago. It actually took her a while until he took her seriously, with him citing their big age difference as the major reason for his reluctance. Slowly she'd been able to impress him with her own sadomasochistic deviance and eventually got him where she wanted him and they'd been together as a couple for the past six months. She was excited but nervous to be here at Fraulein's studio to watch one of these torture sessions live. It turned out to be something that could be beneficial for her as a learning experience.

The mistress had long raven black hair, which was put up into a high pony tail. Short layered bangs framed her small pale face with piercing blue eyes and dark red lipstick. She wore a tight black latex body suit with long arm sleeves and a pattern of small round holes. It closed at the front with a zipper, which rested right under her breasts, closing the top tightly around her abdomen, but creating the largest cleavage possible with her breasts barely being contained. The bottom of the suit fit like a swimsuit, leaving her buttocks and thighs free. She wore ornate stockings and platform boots with a very high stiletto heel. The back sides of the boots were covered in silver spikes, which matched the spiked bracelet on her right arm.

Elsa was 27. She was originally from a town called Osnabrück in Germany, but moved to Utrecht in The Netherlands when she was little. It was there and in nearby Amsterdam where she grew up and first entered the whole gothic and fetish scene as a teenager. Her interests took her deeper into the Dutch and German bdsm underworld as she got older and that is where she'd met him when she was first starting out as a young commercial dominatrix. She eventually moved back to Germany to set up shop, but he kept coming no matter where she went.

The Mistress led the pair to a spacious room that was divided into what looked like a lounge area and an office area. The lounge featured several chairs and sofas next to a long white table covered in books and magazines.

When they entered, another black-haired girl greeted them as she got up from one of the chairs. She seemed excited and kissed him on the lips as they greeted each other. They exchanged some words that only they could hear and he nodded. Then she gave him a bottle of water, which he drank down immediately.

"Fleur, meet Tessa, my meat bitch," Elsa introduced her slave girlfriend, who gave Fleur a dirty look as she was ready to shake hands. Tall and lanky, the skinny girl eyed Fleur from top to bottom, as Fleur did the same with her. Tessa was dressed in a skimpy black leather bikini bottom and top, ruined fishnet stockings and black platform boots. Her outfit was revealing, to say the least. It showed immediately that this girl underwent regular full body punishments from her Mistress, judging by the bruises, scars, scabs and puncture wounds that covered her skin from her neck down to her boots.

Fleur was kind of taken aback by the dirty look she'd received, but shrugged it off as the introduction formalities were over and she sat down at the long table. Fraulein Elsa, Tessa and him discussed something between the three of them, so Fleur decided to browse one of the many photo albums on the table.

Before she got far into the book, he came over and gave her a kiss, after which he told Fleur to relax here and wait for someone to call her to come up to the play space when everything would be ready. Then he left the room hand in hand with that bitch Tessa.

When the two of them were gone, Fraulein Elsa turned to Fleur, who was still flipping through the photo albums, and said: "She will prepare him for the session. We will continue right where we left off last time, so he needs to be in the exact same position with everything else in place. It will take about twenty minutes I guess. If you want something to eat or drink, just take it from the pantry there."

Fleur nodded, but her eyes didn't leave the pages of the album she was looking at.

"Ah, I see you've found my portfolio," Elsa said, watching Fleur closely.

"Yes, these are pretty intense! Were all of them taken here?" Fleur wanted to know. Her eyes rested on a photograph of a hooded woman with her breasts bound into bulging balloons. Half a dozen thick and long metal pins ran straight through both her breasts from left to right, with shorter ones crossed through each individual breast. Her areoles and nipples were basically invisible because of the colorful caps of an insane amount of needles pushed into them.

"Which one is that? What does it say on the front cover?" Fraulein Elsa wanted to know.

"Delicious: women", Fleur replied as she checked out the cover, which featured no photographs, just simple white text on a dark red background.

"That's the middle one of the menu, so to speak," Fraulein said as she stepped behind Fleur and flipped some pages of the album.

"Menu?" Fleur wanted to know. She was curious and wanted to find out as much as possible about this new world.

"We have this one, Delicious, in the middle of the pack. Before that is Tasty and after it comes Exquisite. Let me explain."

Fleur tilted her head back to find that the Mistress was half hanging over her,

"As I'm sure he has told you, I cater to some acquired tastes here. Out there, you have your bdsm ranging from the annoying soft core stuff like Fifty Shades to the harder stuff you see on specialized web sites these days. I try to pick things up where those sites stop."

Fleur looked back over her shoulder and nodded her curious face, which prompted Fraulein to continue.

"Tasty is a natural next step for people who have experience in bdsm and who would like to explore their sadomasochism further, adding more depth to their sessions by stretching limits and nudging a little closer to genital torture than the bondage and discipline thing."

"And that's the start of the menu here?" Fleur wanted to know. "What's next after that?"

"Delicious is definitely a step up on the intensity scale. Every client who books this package is required to select between two and four specific areas on their body for me to work on without any limits or safe words. The men and women who book this package for themselves or their slaves want their bodies to be simply used as my meat to be tortured. See?"

Elsa opened the second book, titled 'Delicious - Men', somewhere in the middle and the page fell open on pages showing photographs of a man kneeling behind a simple wooden chair with his hands cuffed behind his back. His long, erect cock was pulled through a hole in the back at the bottom of the back rest and his torso was tightly strapped against the back of the chair.

"I respect their wish to keep most of their body parts out of harm's way," the mistress continued, "but I will severely torture whatever parts they do offer me."

Fleur looked closely at the second page of pictures, which showed close ups of the tortured man's body. His cock head was pulled to the far side of the chair's seat with four big fish hooks that went in through his pee hole and came out through the sides of his glans. The hooks were connected to thin metal chains, which were pulled away from his body by heavy weights dangling off the far side of the chair's seat.

But that was far from all. Fleur followed the series of photographs like a comic book story to find out that the man's chest was not simply strapped to the back of the chair. The back of that chair featured tons of sharp pins of about an inch in length that pressed into his chest. His large nipples went through holes in the back of the chair, just like his cock, and they were similarly pulled forward with fish hooks going through them and weights pulling them forward.

While Fleur examined the pictures, Elsa tried to get a good look at the girl at her table. She was definitely in her late teens, which was unusually young to be here. Good looking, with a pretty face, big eyes, long blonde hair and a well-proportioned body. Her crop top revealed the considerable volume of her breasts, while also showing off her flat stomach, tiny waist and nonexistent butt.

The girl kept analyzing the pictures in the book in front of her. She looked closely at the man's predicament.

The tips of his nipples were clamped with electrified alligator clamps and it looked like they were crushing his nipple flesh against a thick skewer that was pushed into his nipples straight from the front. A second alligator clamp with a wire was clipped on the skewer itself, right in front of the man's nipples. And then another picture showed his balls, bound tightly with a thin rope into individual packages and stretched down between the legs of the chair with weights hanging from them individually.

That seemed to be the basic setup. The rest of the pictures showed the progress of the torture session with close ups of his stretched cock getting nails hammered through it and a small torch heating them up, his nipples decorated with dozens of pins and needles and his bound purple balls receiving three skewers each through them before being clamped with heavy jumper cable clamps.

"Wow, that's intense," Fleur exclaimed as her eyes followed the series of photographs from beginning to end. "So this is just the 'moderate' kind of stuff for you?" she wanted to know as she flipped the page to find more intricate painful experiments leading up to photos of the bloody aftermath.

"Very much so," Elsa replied as she reached for the last of the albums, pushed it in front of Fleur where the previous one was, and flipped it open.

"Lastly I offer 'Exquisite' for my special clients who crave the most extreme physical stimulation one can imagine. Pay top dollar for these sessions and you know that you will be taken for a ride that will get you off even if you are the most seasoned pain pig in the world.”

She paused for a second before continuing.

”Book this kind of session with me and I will break your limits, definitely your skin and maybe some bones. Intentional permanent damage is simply part of the deal and my clients who book Exquisite expect me to dish out the most depraved and experimental sexual torture on them and riddle their bodies with scars. There are no safe zones or safe words here and you won't easily find this stuff on the Internet."

Fleur’s mind went in overdrive when Fraulein opened the last book in the series. She had never seen anything like it, even on her browses through Motherless and the likes. What she saw here equally scared and intrigued her and she studied the photographs closely without saying a word.

"You work on couples together as well?" She asked when she flipped the page and saw a man and a woman being sewn together with fishing line by their lips, nipples and further down their bodies. It was just the start of an intense and bloody session featuring whipping, piercing, cutting, suturing, stapling and a lot of branding with a soldering iron.

"Sometimes. It is difficult to find couples who are into this kind of stuff and who seek out a professional like me to work on them simultaneously. Sometimes I pair a client up with one of my own slave girls. Most couples I get have only one of them interested in me working on them, while the other just wants to watch. Just like the two of you."


Fleur sighed.

"He thinks I'm too young and inexperienced still."

She sighed again as she flipped through the pages of the book and stopped at another series of photographs of a different couple. Both the man and woman were in all kinds of extremely specialized physical stimulation, but the one constant factor seemed to be that his cock was made to bleed excessively onto her body and into her pussy, ass and mouth. 

"Interesting," Fraulein Elsa said as she watched the young woman studying her portfolio with great interest. She intentionally paused for a few moments.

"Interesting, so what do you think yourself?"

Fleur looked up.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you think? Are you too young and inexperienced?"

Fleur hesitated. "I, uh, I don't know," she stuttered and looked down.

"How old are you?" Elsa wanted to know.

"Nineteen" Fleur replied.

"And have you done anything like the stuff you see in those pictures?"

"I've done bondage and needles with him. And clamps and hot wax, and weights and whips."

"On him or on you?"

"Just together. On each other."

"Anything before that?"

Fleur took a few seconds to reply.

"I've always liked hard, rough sex," she finally said, blushing and surprised at her own candidness in front of this stranger.

"My previous boyfriend played harder with me, but he doesn't know that. I think he likes the idea of educating me, so I never fessed up yet."

"What do you mean, 'harder'?"

"I started out as his sex toy at first, you know, dressing slutty and just sucking him off any time he wanted day or night, letting him fuck me whenever he wanted.  But he never got rougher than a spank on the ass. Then one day he brought another girl for a threesome and she just knew there was more to me than being a sex toy. I don't know how she knew, but she just did. She simply used her hands and teeth and everything that she could find around the house to tie me up, clamp, beat, bruise and whip me. I let it happen willingly and I remember how shocked he was when she showed him how extremely wet I was. Ever since then he would invite the girl over from time to time to work on me. She'd bring her toys and work on me before he'd fuck me. And her as well.”

“She liked this one thing over and over again where she'd fill me up with an inflatable dildo inside my pussy which was kept inside by shutting my pussy lips with safety pins. They then would tie my elbows behind my back and he'd fuck my ass over and over again. She'd tease my tits and nipples with more of the safety pins while he fucked me until she'd finally push them through my nipples and twist and tug them while he fucked me."

"So you were a pain toy then whereas now with him you kind of switch?"

"Yeah definitely. And I like it, I mean, it really gets him off when I give him pain. It turns me on how hard and horny it makes him."

"So, again: What do you think? Are you too young and inexperienced?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well, let me rephrase: do you think you could handle this stuff? I mean, you're old enough to make your own decisions and you're obviously very interested in what you see."

Fleur looked up with a startled gaze. She blushed again.

"Was I that obvious?"

"Sorry, yeah, people who are not interested turn their heads away when I open those books. Girls who are curious usually get giddy. And girls who study the photos like you did, usually end up in the books themselves sooner or later."

Fleur was perplexed at Fraulein Elsa's assessment. But she didn't have any time to reflect on it, because the million dollar question came again.

"I'm going to be blunt," Elsa said. "You have a great body. And it seems like you've got the brains to match it.  He is a lucky man. I would be a lucky woman if I got to work on you. Even if it was just once. Do you think you can handle this stuff?"

Fleur didn't know what to say. She was conflicted. This woman was into stuff that was way beyond what she had ever participated in. Even though she's dabbled into moderate to heavy bdsm, this was a completely different ballpark, something that had existed only in her most secret dreams and deepest fantasies that she had not even shared with him yet.

"I... I don't know," Fleur stammered. "It sounds exciting, but it is scary at the same time. And I don't know how he would feel about it."

"What does his cock do when he has you in bondage and shoves needles through your nipples?"

"It gets hard."

"And what does your pussy do when that happens?"

"It gets wet." She looked down and giggled a little.

Fleur felt where this was going, but deliberately didn't cut off the conversation.

"And do you guys watch bdsm porn together?"

"Yeah, we do. A lot. We share clips we find online." Fleur chuckled.


"We always try to outdo each other."

"What do you mean?"

"Like, he'll find a video with breast suspension and we'll watch it and the next time I'll have a video with a chick hanging from her breasts while getting them skewered, like the ones from Extreme Toyland and TG."

"What happens to his cock when he watches those girls get their tits and cunts tortured?"

"It gets hard, haha, it's crazy how fast that goes."

"And what does your pussy do when you watch that?"

"It uh, tingles and it gets wet."

"So what do you think would happen if you showed up in front of him in a few moments, naked, in bondage and me working some magic on your body right in front of him?"

"I think that will either upset him greatly or get him harder than he's ever been for you… Wait, I think that he will get harder than he's ever been for you regardless."

"Wouldn't you like to see him get rock hard tonight? I mean, you did come along to watch him get off from my work? Right?"

Fleur thought Fraulein Elsa sounded very convincing. But she was also still hesitant because she didn't anticipate any of this.

"Say I were to say yes," she started. "What part of me would you work on?"

"Whatever you choose. You can go with either of the three packages, but this first time will be free of charge obviously, because I'm inviting you."

"What package does he take?"

"He's on a mix of delicious and exquisite."

"Let me guess... nipples, cock and balls?"

"Those three and ass. You seem to know him pretty well already."

"So, would breasts and nipples count separately for me as body parts?"

"Does that mean you're going to say yes?"

"Maybe. I don't know."

"Well, you don't have to list body parts like that. What I do is take some pictures of your body and you just circle the areas you authorize me to work on. You mark them for preference, with 1 being the primary target area and so on."

"It's that simple?"

"Yes. And of course I have you sign a standard contract for the type of session you choose. Just so you know, everything here is medical grade and sterilized. If you so choose you can receive aftercare here in my clinic. And I already have the results of your blood test, so everything has been covered."

"Of course."

"So? Are we going to surprise him?"

Fleur hesitated for another moment, but the thought of taking the next step in this world excited her more than it scared her. And Fraulein seemed to be a seasoned professional where she'd be in good hands, so to speak.

"Yes, let's do it. I want to surprise him!"

"Very well," Elsa exclaimed. "Let's get the formalities out of the way then. Please get up and follow me."

Fleur did as she was told and followed Fraulein to the other side of the room, where she stripped quickly for the photos that were required of her body. As her shoes, crop top and shorts came off, it was apparent that she wasn't wearing any underwear and within seconds she stood naked against a white wall.

Fraulein Elsa told her to spread her legs a little and made her stretch her arms in a V above her head. She checked out the girl's body from head to toe. Everything was perfect about her, even now she was fully naked in front of her. Pretty face with big blue eyes and wide lips, long curly bright blonde hair, protruding collar bones above her remarkable chest, which featured perfectly symmetrical full and round breasts, completely out of proportion with her super tiny waist and slender abdomen. She had no real buttocks or thighs to speak of, but her long legs were toned and seemed to go on for miles.

"Are they real?" Elsa wanted to know, pointing at Fleur's chest.

"Y--yes," Fleur stammered, genuinely perplexed because of the question. She'd never thought that her breasts looked like they were fake.

"I'm sorry, I have to make sure," Elsa apologized. "They are so large for your frame and if I'm going to work on them, I need to be sure there's no silicone bags that I might accidentally pop."

Elsa snapped five pictures: full body shots of Fleur's front and back, as well as close ups of her breasts, pussy, ass and upper thighs.

"No need to get dressed again, just leave your stuff where it is. Do you have an ID card on you?"

"Yes, let me get it."

Fleur handed Elsa her ID from her wallet.

"Thank you. Sit here."

Fleur sat down at a small table where Elsa pointed to.

"Here's the contract, please fill out your personal details and select your package. In a minute I'll have your photos and a red permanent marker. Please circle up to four areas like we discussed."

Fleur took the materials from Elsa and started by filling out the form. It only needed her full name, birth date, today's date and signature. And of course a check in the "Delicious" box, which was one of only four additional things to check off. It was done in less than 30 seconds. She quickly moved on to the photographs and the marker when she received them from Fraulein Elsa, who had checked out Fleur's ID card and made a photo copy of it. 

"Is that you?" She wondered out loud.

"Yeah, haha," Fleur laughed. "That photo is old. I was, like, 15 when I got that ID."

"So you were born on May 6, 1996?"


"One thing we haven't discussed yet that is very important to me, and which is in the fine print also, is that regardless of what package you choose or what body parts you mark for use, your mouth and throat will be available for oral service at all times during a session."

"What does that mean? I mean, what can I expect?"

"Haha, anything and everything, maybe even a few golden showers, but don't worry, I won't make you eat shit unless you checked the 'full toilet service' box there."

"I sure didn't!"

"That's fine. But just know that I may have you lick, suck and swallow stuff from time to time. I'm sure he's made you taste his golden nectar before, right!?"

Fleur nodded. She's never done that with anyone else before, but she'd wanted to show her devotion and submission to him when he asked her if she'd be open to it, so pretty quickly she ended up kneeling in the shower, receiving his piss all over her. He'd been surprised how quickly she opened her mouth to receive his fluids and even swallowed, but she didn't know any different from the videos she'd seen online, where all the girls opened up wide and swallowed it all down. Her favorite being Anne Black.

The Mistress continued: "And, before I forget, please keep in mind that whatever areas you mark on your photos, you not only sign over the consensual use for the skin in that area, but also for the tissue underneath. When any orifices are present in the marked area, the full extent and depth of them will be covered as well."

"What does that mean exactly?"

Fraulein Elsa grinned. "You didn't read the small print, did you? To put it bluntly, it means that if your asshole is part of a marked area, I could put something up there until it poked out of your mouth again, in theory."

"Are you going to take it easy on me because this is my first time?" Fleur wanted to know.

"Would you want me to?" Elsa asked with a frown.

"No, please treat me like any other client." Fleur finished up her work with the marker.

"Testing me already, eh? We'll treat you better than every other client, how about that?"


"I will probably be doing most of the work, but Tessa always assists me when I have more than one slab of meat to work on. She also usually does the foreplay. She's actually emptying his balls right now, so I can work on him without having him squirt his cum all over the place."

"What is she like? I mean, I didn't get the chance to talk to her."

"She's a piece of work, a sick puppy, I'll tell you. But I love her to death. She is definitely my ultimate masochist, but she really knows also how to dish it out on someone else. You'll find that out for yourself soon enough."

Fraulein Elsa grabbed the paperwork and photos from the table and took a good look at the photographs. Fleur had marked exactly the way she hoped: the full front and back of her torso on the full length pictures. Front being 1 and back being 2. All three close ups were fully marked, just the way Elsa liked it.

"That's all taken care of. Here's your ID back. Any questions at this point?"

"Will you use a vibrator to get me amped up for play?"

"No, your enjoyment is of no concern to me. I will play with the selected body parts as I see fit for as long and hard as I want. If you can cum from it a million times or not at all is irrelevant to me.

Fleur nodded her head to indicate she understood. "And everything will be videotaped and photographed, right?"

"Yes, we have several mounted cameras taping the session from different angles. You will receive a copy of all material that is shot. Anything else?"

"No, I think I understand. But I'm pretty nervous."

"He must be almost ready and in position now. Let us go to the play space as well, so I can prepare you."


Chapter Two: The Session


Fraulein Elsa had led Fleur to a dressing room where she could take a shower and go to the toilet before the session. Even though she was getting kind of nervous, she finished up in less than 20 minutes, taking a shower, doing her hair and makeup and telling herself it would be OK.

Before she knew it, Elsa had dressed her up in her bondage gear for the night, which covered every inch of her head and limbs in heavy leather harnesses and straps. She was also struggling with a large ball gag. All of the skin that she had marked red before, was free and accessible. Her head harness featured small holes for her eyes, but they were quickly covered up with an eye mask.

Her arms and shoulders were fully encased in leather, connected to her hood at the neck. Her legs and feet were wrapped up in very tight thigh-high leather boots with stiletto heels. They were very uncomfortable to walk in. Luckily Fleur only had to walk a short distance, led by her new mistress, who had put the finishing touches of tight breast bondage on her before getting her in place for tonight's surprise session.

In the meantime, Elsa's assistant Tessa was done with her preparation of him as well and when Fleur was in her final position, Fraulein Elsa removed her eye mask so she could see him right in front of her, getting fed another bottle of water by Tessa.

Fleur herself was suspended from the ceiling in a harness that consisted of wide leather belts pulled tightly around her upper thighs and connected with thick and heavy metal chains to the harness around her arms and shoulders, which featured a thick horizontal metal pipe with which she was actually suspended from the ceiling with a pulley system. Her arms were strapped behind her back, first with half a dozen individual straps, pressing her wrists and elbows tightly together, forcing her breasts up and out. Then they were double bagged in a leather single sleeve, which was pulled down at its very tip with another chain connecting it to a metal spreader bar between her ankles.

She felt very uncomfortable in her own immobilized position, but was kind of shocked to see his predicament at the start of his session. She couldn't believe that things would only progress from here.

He was strung up to a thick metal frame which was shaped like a ladder hanging horizontally. His leather encased head and torso came forward between the two horizontal bars of the frame. His arms were spread wide and secured to the top bar with thick leather straps at his shoulders and with iron shackles at his wrists. The frame featured vertical crossbars right where his elbows were. His knees were secured with wide leather straps to the intersection of these crossbars with a lower horizontal bar of the frame.

The vertical crossbars ran down a little longer and his ankles were also shackled to them with iron cuffs. The whole setup made him hang in a squatting position. In addition to his head and torso, his legs and feet were also encased in thick leather. The leather on his legs ran high up his thighs but stopped a few inches below his ass, his crotch area was open, with his prepared cock and balls hanging down, out for torture. The only other part of his body that protruded through his leather harness were his ridiculously large nipples. 

The session had yet to begin or rather continue, but they had received some harsh treatment already: both of them were tied off at the areoles with tight orange castration bands. Then they were pulled though two circular holes in a thin, rectangular stainless steel plate that was about a quarter of an inch thick. The nipples or rather the plate was held in place with two fairly thick skewers on each side that passed though small tunnels in the plate, then though the meat of his chest right under the castration bands on his areoles, and then through the remainder of the plate, with its sharp tips protruding an inch or so below the plate.

His long and erect nipples were fully pushed through the plate, with the castration bands sitting at the same level as the rectangular plate. What Fleur couldn't see, but what he was very aware of, was that the plate featured dozens of thin but very sharp spikes that were pressed against his chest.

What she could see, however, was that both of his nipples had six or seven heavy gauge hypodermic needles crossed through them and alligator clamps on their very tips.

Looking down, she saw his long, erect cock encased mostly in a metal tube, with the cock head clearly protruding from this tube, which featured small pointy bumps on its whole outside surface and some very sharp looking pins sticking forward from what appeared to be something like a spiked cock ring at the base. The shaft directly behind his glans was pierced horizontally with two skewers, making it impossible for his glans to retract into the tube even if his cock got soft. The cock head itself was mostly untouched, except for a fairly large padlock that was hanging from it. It was inserted into his pee hole and came out though a pierced hole on the underside of his glans. The lock was closed and had a thick metal chain hanging from it, its weight pulling his cock down with force.

Behind his cock hung his balls. His scrotum was tightly encased in the metal ball stretching discs that Fleur knew he wore often. The fourth and lowest hanging disc now featured a ball press which could be tightened by turning a handle. It looked like it was applying some pressure already on his purple balls.

Last thing Fleur noticed was a metal rod with an o-ring sticking out of his ass. The rod was about seven inches long and about half an inch thick.

Fleur's nervousness mixed with an increased amount of excitement and arousal as she realized that this would be the first time she would see her new lover undergo one of those intense sessions that he had told her about so many times. It had intrigued her from the start and she found herself a bit surprised at how little it bothered her that soon two attractive women would be administering exquisite pleasure to her man's most sensitive parts.

She didn't have much time to contemplate the situation, as things were about to start. Hard rock music started playing and Fraulein Elsa and her 'meat bitch' Tessa came into the room. Elsa looked stunning like before. She'd changed into a black semi-corset which left her perfectly shaped breasts free and showed the bottom part of her tight and toned abdomen. She wore a black thong and leather thigh high boots on the most ridiculous stiletto heels. Her outfit accentuated her fit hourglass shape.

"Goals" was the only thing running through Fleur's mind as she watched the gracious mistress in front of her. Almost ten years her senior, Fraulein Elsa looked and acted like a goddess. Fleur, while strikingly beautiful in the face and well-endowed with a nice pair of breasts larger than both other women in the room, was hoping she would develop out of her current body shape into a more womanly figure with a well-defined ass and thighs. She was getting tired of seeing other girls her age develop while she felt her lower body hadn't changed a bit since her early teens.

Tessa came up to her. She was completely naked, except for the pair of black platform boots and her ripped fishnet stockings, which seemed to be held up to her thighs by safety pins through her skin. She had her raven black hair up in a high pony tail. As she got close, Fleur saw she was bringing two things: a wooden paddle and two sets of alligator clamps on short chains that she put down in front of her.

Before Fleur knew it, Tessa had sunk her teeth into her left nipple and used her left hand to manipulate Fleur's right breast. The skin of her tits was stretched taut from the tight bondage Elsa had given her. Both breasts were tied individually at the base with thin elastic rope. They stood like round balls on top of her chest.

Fleur closed her eyes for a few moments and moaned as the assault on her tits began with Tessa sucking and biting on her nipples, alternating sides and working the sharp tips of her fingernails into the sensitive flesh that was freshly ground by her teeth.

She opened her eyes when she heard a sudden grunt and a low moan right in front of her.

Fraulein Elsa had started on her toy by clamping a large jumper cable clamp on his cock head. As Fleur watched, his pierced nipples received the same treatment. The mistress then proceeded to inspect the preparation work that was done by her assistant. She ran her fingers over the metal plate against his chest and screwed eyelets into sockets at the plate's top and bottom corners. Then she lifted his clamped and encased cock to inspect his stretched balls and to tighten the crusher. Last up was an inspection of the rod sticking out of his ass. She pulled on it and revealed a large rubber ball attached to the rod. It was huge, at least three inches in diameter. From it, now a short metal chain ran into his asshole. More pulling on Elsa's part revealed another similar rubber ball, this one being slightly smaller, but featuring rubber spikes all around.

"Drei?" Elsa asked.

Tessa pulled her mouth away from Fleur's nipple and replied "Ja, Fraulein, mit das Dildo Ding."

"Wieso? Hat er dass gesagt?" Elsa wanted to know if this was a request on his part.

"Nein, Fraulein, aber ich wollte gern sehen wie das Ding rein ging."

"Hier! Sofort!" Fraulein commanded. She was clearly not happy that her slave girl assistant had deviated from the setup by inserting a new dildo toy inside his ass before inserting the rubber balls. Tessa let go of Fleur's hard and erect nipples, turned to face her mistress, kneeled, and put her arms behind her back.

Fraulein Elsa pushed the two rubber balls back behind his sphincter and stepped over to a nearby supply of tools and toys and picked something up that was ready on a tray.

"Brüste hoch!"

Tessa immediately obeyed and pushed her tits up and out. Elsa snapped castration bands shut around the base of Tessa's nipples and discarded the pliers she used to snap them on. Two short but thick pins went through the base of each nipple, from left to right and from top to bottom right above the castration bands.

Fleur watched closely as Tessa silently underwent the punishment for her misstep. It seemed like a mild treatment for a slave girl whose body was covered in so many scars, bruises and welts already.

"Danke, Fraulein!" Tessa thanked her mistress for her punishment. Elsa told her to get up again and handed her the tray with tools.

"Drei links, drei rechts!" She commanded her slave girl, who took the tray over to Fleur and put it down below her.

As Fraulein Elsa returned to her stack of toys and instruments, Tessa had already prepared the first castration band on its applicator. In her other hand she held a forceps. Quickly and efficiently Tessa placed the castration band over Fleur's left nipple, grabbed the nipple as far down as she could with the forceps and pulled it out while pressing the pliers with the castration band tightly against the girl's bound breast before letting the band snap shut. She caught a nice long part of Fleur's areole and nipple, which now stood up from her breast like a big marble.

Fleur's right nipple received the same treatment and within a minute, both her areoles and nipples were crushed into small balls of nerve endings on top of her already bound tits.

It hurt. Quite a lot. But not enough to evoke a sound from Fleur, who was trying to divide her attention between her own predicament and the private show in front of her. For the time being, the focus came on herself, as Tessa started the next phase of the nipple torture by inserting the first of six metal pins. Fleur didn't want the bitch to have the pleasure of seeing her cry, so she toughened up for whatever was to come.

The pins were fairly thick, thicker than anything Fleur had ever had inserted into her, but she was surprised at the ease with which the pin slid in on its very sharp end. The pain was sharp, but manageable, hurting the most as the tip of the pin broke skin on the way out on the other side. Tessa crossed the pins from left to right and top to bottom on both nipples.

But that was not all, as Fleur already knew since she heard the word 'drei', knowing that whatever was to come had to do with the number three.

And indeed a third pin was inserted into her nipples, this last one a little more to the front, the tips of her nipples. She grunted into her ball gag as Tessa pushed them through and the stinging sensation burned her chest some more. Next up Tessa placed the wooden paddle between Fleur's bound tits, so she would have no problem grabbing it when it was needed later on.

When the pins were in, Fleur felt a sense of pride, knowing that she was able to take this so well so far. Of course, this was just the beginning and things would get a lot more extreme and intense, but she was glad she was feeling a good kind of nervousness and excitement. He would be so proud of her, hopefully, when his mask was going to be removed much later in the session and he would see her hanging there, her body used like their favorites Hilde, Bianca and Eve from TG. It turned her on immensely.

She was snapped back into reality when Tessa snapped the first of two alligator clamps shut on her left nipple, its tips grabbing the skin that had just been pierced with the third pin. A sharp jolt of pain shot through her breast. Almost immediately her right nipple received the same treatment.

But she was not to suffer alone. Both alligator clamps were connected to very short metal chains that had another clamp on the opposite end. These clamps went straight on the tips of Tessa's own nipples. The girl had to stand very close to Fleur to be able to put them in place and she blocked Fleur's view of the torture session in front of her.

There was one major difference in the way the alligator clamps were connected to Fleur's nipples and Tessa's. Tessa's were clamped on first. When they were in place, she pierced a fairly thick pin through each of them, including her nipples, so they were secured in place.

Tessa pulled back with her chest and then moved forward again, making Fleur swing back and forth in her suspension bondage, which caused the alligator clamps tug on both their nipples with the swinging motion.

Of course this was just a simple test. It didn't take Tessa long to start doing what she set out to do, which was to play a nasty and unfair game of tug of war.

She grabbed the wooden paddle that she had previously brought and smacked it down hard on the side of Fleur's left breast.

Fleur cried out into her ball gag and closed her eyes as the paddle came down a second time, but now on the side of her right breast. She'd been on the receiving end of a paddle before, but never before was it smacked down so ferociously on her bound breasts.

Tessa held the paddle in her left hand and started leaning back slowly, pulling at the alligators on Fleur's compressed nipples, stretching them as far as they could go and then some more, dragging the sharp teeth of the clamps agonizingly slow to the tips of the nipples, while her own nipples were stretched as well, albeit without the dragging of the teeth due to her clever backstop mechanism with the sharp pins. Tessa kept grating the sensitive nubs until the alligators finally snapped off at the very edge, evoking a muffled shriek from Fleur.

Fleur's suspended body swung back as soon as the clamps slipped off and the alligators dangled from the short chains and the clamps on Tessa's nipples. Little droplets of blood formed on Fleur's compressed nipples.





Like a tennis player on center court, Tessa smacked and backhanded the paddle left and right on Fleur's bound tits, sending the girl into a long low moan.

Her tits felt like they were being ripped off. Each slap with the paddle sent a wave of fire though her chest. She was wondering how long the smacking would go on, but it stopped fairly quickly after just six hits.

Not that Tessa's game was coming to an end. She was about to up the ante. It appeared that when she first installed the alligator clamps on herself and Fleur, she hadn't used all of the supplies that she received from her Mistress. She was fiddling with more than a handful of additional clamps, four of which were considerably larger than the ones she had used so far.

The clamps were all connected to the short chains that had been used before. Next to the one that was previously used came another one of the same size. On the outside of the two smaller ones came the larger ones.

Tessa didn't use the large clamps yet. She did, however clip the second smaller alligator clamp on her own nipples right next to the one that was already in place. This one, too, received a freshly pierced pin as backstop before she pushed herself up to Fleur again and clipped the alligator clamps on the other end of the chains on Fleur's nipples in the same way she did with herself: neatly side by side. But again, Fleur didn't receive any pins to keep the clamps in place.

Fleur bit down hard on her gag as the double clamps sent a sharp burning sensation through her grated flesh. She wondered if her tormentrix realized how aroused this made her and how wet her pussy was getting. She knew exactly where this was going with the double clamps and braced herself against her tight bondage to prepare for the intense ripping she was about to receive.

But it wasn't time yet for Tessa to lean back again and start pulling away. First there was the wooden paddle.



Tessa brought the paddle down hard against the sides of Fleur's bound tits again. It made the chains between their nipples dance left and right. Tessa leaned back, pulling, stretching at their nipples and brought the paddle down once more.


First on the left side. Then the paddle changed hands and Tessa smacked down hard on the right side.

Fleur's muffled grunts and screams didn't get far past her large ball gag. She tried to keep her cool as much as possible, but sometimes the pain was just too sharp to stay composed.

Tessa dropped the paddle and arched back again, slowly putting more and more tension on her own and Fleur's nipples. She seemed unfazed by the two alligator clamps on her own nipples, which were held securely in place by the pins she inserted as a back stop. The clamps on Fleur's tied areoles, however, slowly started to drag their teeth again, grating the tender flesh between them. With two clamps, it seemed to cost Tessa considerably more effort to make the clamps inch forward. Her own nipples seemed to be much more stretched by her efforts than those of her victim, but then again, the clamps on hers didn't slip forward at all.

When the alligators had grated halfway down Fleur's nipples, Tessa decided to literally take matters in her own hands as she cupped Fleur's breasts with her hands and started massaging the bleeding bound areoles while pushing Fleur away from her, again increasing the pull on the alligator clamps.

Fleur howled into her gag as Tessa masterfully manipulated the girl's mangled nipples with the sharp tips of her fingernails. Slowly but surely the sadistic assistant pushed and pushed until the clamps slid to the very tips of the nipples and snapped off. The ones on Fleur's right nipple were the first to go, with the other side following quickly after.

Small drops of blood pooled at the tips of Fleur's nipples and rolled down her bound tits. She felt like her whole chest was on fire and ripped in two. If only someone would pick up a vibrator...

Then all of a sudden Fraulein Elsa's voice sounded in her ear. She hadn't noticed that the mistress had come up to her.

"Almost done with your foreplay, beautiful," she said.

Fleur tried to compose herself. She was under the impression that Fraulein was busy at the other side of the room, but apparently she was not.

Elsa had nothing more to say but simply gestured Tessa to come up close to Fleur again. She grabbed her meat slut by her clamped nipples and pulled her in.

"Dass hast du ja ganz wunderbar gemacht! Aber jetzt möchte ich mit meine Spielzeuge spielen."

"Het is nu mijn beurt," she added in Dutch to make it clear to Fleur that she was now taking over from Tessa.

Elsa didn't need much time to move on to the next step of what she called 'foreplay'. With Tessa's tits now again right in front of Fleur's, she quickly adjusted the clamps and chains to a new and even more brutal configuration. She removed the short pins from Tessa's tits and unclipped the alligator clamps, only to swiftly switch them out with the bigger versions that were already on the chain. But she did not just clamp them on the same way. She first rotated them 90 degrees, so that they bit down on Tessa's nipples sideways instead of up and down. And for good measure, she clipped on two large clamps side by side, right next to each other.

They also received another back stop, but not with small thick pins this time. Fraulein Elsa produced a foot long and much thicker meat skewer which took quite some effort to get through the holes in the top clamps and through Tessa's nipples.

Tessa had not yet made any sound throughout the whole length of the nipple play so far, but this harsh treatment of her nipples evoked a couple of grunts from her.

Then came a second skewer which went through in exactly the same fashion. Elsa aligned it with the holes in the alligator clamp and used considerable force to push the meat skewer through Tessa's clamped nipples. First her left, then the right. The slave girl was now fitted with two brutally strong large alligator clamps on each nipple, which were kept in place by two long and thick meat skewers.

A little blood trickled from the skewer's puncture wounds as Fraulein Elsa pulled Tessa's clamped and pierced nipples forward with a swift tug. She first pulled on the chains that were connected to the clamps, then she used her index finger to lift the two skewers up, stretching Tessa's tits up with force. Then she let go to watch the tormented little breasts fall down.

Tessa looked at Fleur and Fleur looked at Tessa. She saw the large alligator clamps with their ridiculously strong spring clasps and she knew that pretty soon she'd have to endure the same.

But the mistress didn't have the same thing in mind. Fleur's side of the tug of war needed to be yet again similar, but slightly different. When she saw that Fraulein Elsa picked up another one of the thick meat skewers and a forceps, she just closed her eyes and bit down hard on her ball gag, waiting for the sharp pain to set in.

And boy, did that pain come. Elsa used the forceps to grab the girl's bound off areoles and nipples and pushed the sharp end of the skewer through, in one swift motion, from bottom to top. She then proceeded to turn the skewers 90 degrees before pushing them through the nipples on the opposing end. Fleur cried out from the sharp pain. She couldn't help it. She was staring into the smug face of the seasoned pain bitch in front of her and wanted to act as tough as possible, but she couldn't stop the tears. She knew what was coming next, it was obvious at this point, and tried to composer herself for the next step of the brutal assault.

She didn't have to wait long until Fraulein Elsa opened the first of the large clamps on Fleur's end of the chains and let its teeth sink relentlessly into her swollen and bound areoles.

A tremendously sharp new pain shot though her nipples once again as the heavy alligator clamps bit down on Fleur's freshly pierced and already grated nipples, sinking the teeth of their serrated surface into the already bleeding flesh. The pain engulfed her whole chest as Fraulein clamped all four heavy alligators down, two on her left nipple and two on her right.

Fraulein Elsa now had her two slave girls set up for a new game of tug of war. The game was obviously unfair as it was pretty clear already who'd win a pulling contest. Fraulein Elsa inspected her handiwork by first standing behind Tessa, cupping her breasts and squeezing her areoles right behind the alligator clamps. Tugging and squeezing, she found that everything was exactly as she wanted. She then did the same with Fleur, and again found everything to her satisfaction.

But the tugging was done a little differently this time around. Elsa rummaged through her supplies and came back with a trolley table stocked with stuff. First she picked up a studded riding crop. She teased both Tessa's and Fleur's nipples with it by brushing the metal-studded leather flap against their pierced and clamped nipples. She quickly made Tessa move a little back, so the chain between the clamps was pulled tight and there was some tension on their nipples already.

Fleur thought that the current gentle pull on her nipple clamps already felt like a sharp stinging sensation to her mangled flesh. She was in for quite an unpleasant surprise when the first strike with the crop came down on her left breast. The impact of the blow left an immediately visible mark on the top of her bound tit, right next to the castration band clamping off her areoles and nipples.

The first strike on Fleur was quickly followed by a hard strike on Tessa's right breast. The girl gritted her teeth and groaned as a bright red mark appeared on top of her right breast.

Fraulein Elsa stepped to the other side of the two girls and repeated the process on their other breast, only to walk around once more to do the whole thing over again until both girls had tears in their eyes.

"Oh, come on!" She exclaimed. "Toughen up, this is just foreplay!"  She was obviously getting frustrated, especially with Tessa, who she immediately addressed: "Du! Schmerzfotze!"

Tessa opened her eyes and looked at her Fraulein.

"Brüste hoch ziehen! Machen wir's schnell!"

Tessa did what she was told and cupped her breasts with her hands and pulled her tits up, pulling on the chains between the eight alligator clamps on the girls' nipples.

As Tessa held her tits up high enough to put a strain on the alligator clamps, her mistress raised the riding crop high and aimed straight for the two alligator clamps on Fleur's right nipple.


The crop came down with force and tore one of the clamps clean off. Fleur wailed into her gag as she felt like her nipples were being torn off. While this wasn't fully the case, the brutal alligator clamps did tear away at her grated flesh and might have taken a few bits with them between their teeth here and there. Blood pooled on the girls mangled areole and dripped down, leaking down her bound tits, on her abdomen and the floor.

The second clamp had ripped down to the tip of her nipple, but managed to hold on to a piece of flesh there. Fraulein Elsa sadistically wiggled it around with the tip of her riding crop, sending Fleur into a sobbing frenzy before giving it another good smack with which it came clean off.

Tessa watched as Fleur's nipples were brutally abused right in front of her. She only had to hold up her right breast now, but decided to keep cupping both of them, while keeping a firm pull on the chain that still connected her right nipple with Fleur's left.

Fraulein walked around the two to their other side and raised her riding crop once more. She was determined to get both clamps off with one swift strike this time.


The crop came down and indeed struck the two alligator clamps in such a way that the clamps both came off at once.

Fleur couldn't wail and sob any louder than she already did, trying to cope with the brutal abuse of her nipples and areoles. She felt like her mind went blank, like she didn't know exactly where she was or what was happening. She knew her tits felt like they had just been ripped off with a bear trap, and what frustrated her the most is that she really had received no sexual stimulation so far whatsoever. Of course she knew this. Of course she had double checked with Fraulein Elsa, who had indeed confirmed to her that she would not be masturbated during the session. But still. A girl could hope.

As Fleur hung in her suspension harness, bleeding quite a bit from her still skewered nipples, Tessa was now free, with the clamps that used to be clipped on Fleur's nipples dangling across her abdomen from the chains connected to her own nipples.

Fraulein nodded to Tessa, who proceeded to pull out the two long skewers from her own nipples and discarded them on the supply trolley. She also took off the four heavy alligator clamps and placed them down as well. Then she walked over to the side of the room where the guy was still hanging in his extreme bondage while she massaged her breasts and squeezed her nipples, which were still clamped off with a castration band and pierced with pins at their base.

Elsa herself turned to Fleur and said with a grin: "I'll leave you hanging for a while, but I'll be back and then I'll have some fun with those nice tits myself. Enjoy the show!"

With those words Fraulein Elsa turned away and walked over to where Tessa was waiting for her. The two of them exchanged a few words after which Tessa fed him yet another bottle of water and removed the large jumper cable clamp from his cock head as well as the padlock through his glans and the heavy chain hanging from in. She then proceeded to suck him off aggressively, sinking her front teeth down deep in his shaft behind his glans, pressing her lips against the tube that encased his shaft and circling her long tongue around his cock head.

Fleur watched her man as the two women started their sadistic genitorture ritual on him.

"Just making sure you're still empty," Elsa said as she removed the jumper cable clamps from his tormented nipples and massaged the pierced flesh by squeezing down on the thick needles and twisting them left and right as her slave girl continued her fellatio on him.

"Shoot your load in her mouth now if you still have any in you, pig! Anything later on will get both of you in serious trouble!"

He grunted and moaned as the two increased their assault on his nipples and cock until he came when Elsa ripped of the alligator clamps on the tips of his nipples with a few ferocious twists. Tessa pressed his engorged glans down on the tip of her tongue in hopes to catch any cum he may have produced between her milking him and now, but sadly nothing came out as he trembled in his bondage.

"Now that is a good empty pig meat!" Elsa laughed. She stopped squeezing his bleeding nipples and proceeded to pull out the dozen or so needles that were pushed through the enlarged nubs.

"Open your mouth" she commanded and he immediately complied. She wiped her blood-covered fingers on his lips and slid four of them in his mouth as far as she could. He eagerly sucked off his mistress' hands as she alternated them between his mouth and his bleeding nipples, squeezing the blood out of them and collecting drops and streams on her fingers.

Fleur couldn't believe what she saw. She didn't know what to think. She'd never seen this kind of blood play before and the eagerness with which he sucked his own blood off of Fraulein's fingers equally disturbed her and turned her on.

Fraulein Elsa had transformed his nipples into bleeding strips of meat and as she stepped away to get some supplies, Fleur realized how big his stimulated nipples really were right now. Of course they were banded at the areoles, but still were standing up from his chest at an impressive length of about two inches from the metal plate against his chest to their tips.

The mistress returned with a new toy that she was excited to try out on his nipple meat. What she brought were some small rectangular metal plates, about three inches in length and two inches wide and about a quarter of an inch thick. One side of them was completely smooth and the other was covered in very small but very sharp serrated metal spikes. The plates featured eyelets on each side and had holes drilled through them in various places, with aligned bigger ones along the edges.

With Tessa's help, Fraulein Elsa was installing the plates as the ultimate nipple clamps. Tessa placed one plate under his left nipple and one on top, serrated side towards his nipple of course, while Elsa started pushing bolts through the holes, which aligned nicely in both plates. She screwed wing nuts on the bolts and tightened them just enough to keep the newly created clamp in place. She used six bolts, three on each side, to secure the plates and it didn't take the two of them long to fit both his nipples with the sadistic clamping devices.

Elsa compressed her meat between the plates by tightening the wing nuts one by one, making sure that both nipples were crushed evenly. He didn't make a sound until the plates were about a fifth of an inch apart, the serrated teeth had really found a way into the flesh and the mistress needed pliers to keep tightening the wing nuts. Elsa didn't pay any attention to him, but kept tightening the plates until they almost touched. Then she put her pliers down and gave the compressed plates a few firm tugs, evoking some grunts from him. Tessa went off to get some supplies from the other side of the room.

As if this over-the-top clamping mechanism wasn't enough to really secure his nipples, Elsa proceeded to take the destruction of his flesh to another level. When Tessa returned, she handed her mistress a large tray and a wireless power tool. She also had two heavy metal chains wrapped over her shoulders.

Those chains were thick and about four feet long. While Fraulein Elsa rummaged around the large tray she had just received, her slave girl connected the large and heavy chains to the eyelets at the front of his brutal nipple clamps. They were instantly pulled down by the heavy weight of the chains.

Elsa had taken a studded riding crop and started smacking it down on his exposed cock head, which had grown as big as it could be from the extreme nipple stimulation he was receiving.

"How does that feel, my meat? Good?" She cooed as she continued hitting his glans with her crop.

"Whore!" She yelled at Tessa, "cut those pins so they don't stick out much on the sides!

The slave girl went away and came back with cutting pliers and she used them to trim the skewers behind his glans down to about the width of the metal tube encasing his shaft.

"Me?" She wanted to know from her mistress, who nodded in confirmation.

Tessa knew what would be coming next, so she made sure the pins were neatly clipped at the exact width of the tube. Had her mistress answered that it would not be her, but Fleur instead, she might have left the pins sticking out a little to the sides, to see how the pretty and inexperienced cunt would deal with that. Little did she know she would be demonstrating that very thing to Fleur before the night was over.

She put the pliers away when the clipping of the skewers was done and returned in front of him and got on her knees facing away from him.

"Bravo, du Schmerzfotze! Arschloch hoch!" Fraulein Elsa commanded as she put her riding crop away and stepped over to the suspension control box to lower him and his frame almost to the floor.

Fleur watched the scene in front of her and thought it to be pretty obvious what would happen next, and she was right. Clearly they had done this before, because within moments, Tessa was kneeling tits down ass up in front of his encased and throbbing hard cock, ready to receive him from behind. Fleur was sure the whole contraption with the tube would disappear into the slut's ass without much trouble, even though the tube was more than three inches wide. She was more intrigued to see how they were going to fuck it in, because he wasn't able to move in this position and she had her eyes on the ring with sharp pins which would surely destroy any sphincter it was fucked against.

Little did she know that the ass fucking that was about to happen, was merely a means to an end in the game of his nipple torture. The two depraved girls were simply using his tormented cock to give Tessa a good ass gape for the next step in what Elsa had planned for him.

What she also wasn't fully aware of, was what the metal tube around the shaft of his cock actually did. The tube was about eight inches long and had very thick walls, making its outer diameter a little over three inches wide, while the inner diameter was much smaller than that. The tube actually was made out of two parts, which were locked together with screws. The inside of the tube was lined with rows and rows of short stainless steel spikes, which were by now embedded in the flesh of his shaft by the pressure of his engorged cock trying to expand beyond what the tube allowed. The purpose was twofold: of course the spikes gave pain as they pressed against and penetrated his shaft, but they were also meant to tenderize his meat for Fraulein, who of course ultimately had bigger plans than this for his cock.

Tessa scooted up in her position until she was right where she needed to be for Elsa to align his cock with her eager asshole. This girl was a pro, pressing her sphincter against his hard cock head, grinding against it while keeping her tits on the floor. It didn't take her long to get a rhythmic grinding motion going that had his cock disappear slowly but surely into her gaping ass, metal tube and all.

Fleur watched in awe, making dozens of conscious and subconscious mental notes of the scene in front of her, with Tessa gyrating relentlessly against his encased cock, ramming her ass up against the sharp spikes of the cock ring without hesitation or delay. The slave girl was obviously well trained at this, being able to ram her ass down against his pelvis, burying his encased shaft to the hilt and then pulling out until just his cock head remained behind her sphincter, only to ram it back in all the way.

As Fleur expected, the nasty spikes in the cock ring made a mess. Their sharp tips punctured Tessa's sphincter with every thrust. Even though the pins were at least an inch long, they didn't deter the pain slut from taking the anal penetration slow, she kept ramming away at his cock, using the fresh blood as a sticky lubricant until she finally pulled totally away to reveal a massive and bloody anal gape.

"Noch ein Mal!" Commanded Fraulein Elsa.

And so she plunged down on his engorged and tortured cock again for a round of ramming down until she gaped again.

"Ganz gut, Fotze! Jetzt Hände rein! Sofort!"

The girl immediately obeyed her mistress' command and started fisting her bleeding and gaping ass, alternating between hands, popping her clenched fists behind her sphincter and pulling back out, like she was punch fucking her own ass.

Meanwhile, Mistress Elsa had picked up her next instruments of torture and it seemed like they were going to be used on the anal pain slut this time. Fleur watched closely as Elsa demonstratively produced three large metal S-shaped meat hooks and walked over to her slave girl.

"Stretch that nasty hole, cunt!" She sneered at Tessa.

Fleur's mind was racing. Watching the scene in front of her, she had all but forgotten about her own predicament, hanging in her bondage with her tied breasts and skewered nipples. The arousal of watching the depraved but stimulating scene right in front of her, had her forget about the pain and just focus on what would happen next. In her mind, she knew, or rather hoped what would happen with the meat hooks. If she had to make an educated guess based upon her experiences here so far, she knew those hooks weren't just for show. "But then again," Fleur thought, "would she actually? Would she really?"

She didn't have to wait long to find out. And yes, Fraulein Elsa did actually and did really use the hooks in the way Fleur and her depraved mind had hoped and expected she would: Mistress Elsa placed two of the hooks down next to Tessa as the slave girl held her kneeling position with her tits pressing into the floor and both her hands stretching her ass gape wide open. The mistress actually turned Tessa a little bit, so Fleur had an unobstructed view from the side, with Tessa turning her head to Fleur's side and gazing directly into her eyes as the mistress proceeded to do the inevitable.

"Bitch!" Fleur thought, "Let's see how you take this now."

Fraulein Elsa then took the first of the three S-hooks and inserted one of its sharp tipped hook ends into Tessa's gaping ass, tilting the S-curve down and back, pressing the sharp tip against the flesh wall separating Tessa's ass from her cunt.  Tessa moaned as Elsa pushed and pushed until the tip of the hook emerged between Tessa's labia. Elsa tugged a few times and then let the hook rest in place.

Fleur was kind of shocked, but then again, her concept of what was possible had kind of shifted in the last few hours. Her biggest shock was at the way Tessa took this brutal ass hooking with little more than a low moan. The slave girl kept staring blankly at Fleur as her mistress pushed the second and third hook through in the same way she did the first.

When all three hooks were in, Elsa pulled them together and tugged on them a couple of times. Tessa let go of her bleeding sphincter and let it close around the three hooks that were now embedded in her. She picked herself up and assumed a new position on her hands and knees, still pushing her ass up and out.

Fraulein Elsa stepped over to him and grabbed the heavy chains that were hanging from the metal plates crushing his nipples. She took the opposing ends of the chains and locked them together with a snap hook, which in turn featured and eyelet which was used to secure it to the three hooks in Tessa's asshole. Without any instruction from her mistress, the slave girl crawled forward on her hands and knees until the chains were pulled taut.

The mistress still had her power tool laying around, it was so far unused, but that was about to change. Elsa picked it up and also grabbed a handful of short and thin screws from her supplies.

As if the crushing small plates with the serrated teeth weren't enough to ground his nipples into a pulp, Mistress Elsa was now ready to put the icing on the cake, so to speak. He'd previously asked Elsa to add sprinkles of excessive sadism here and there, since it was basically a show-off for Fleur. Elsa had laughed at him and told him that he need not worry, he should know better than to ask such silly things.

He grunted and moaned loudly as his mistress used the power tool to drill the thin screws through his nipples, three left and three right, straight through the aligned holes in the metal plates that crushed his nipples. Elsa administered the torture swiftly and professionally.

When the six screws were in place, Fraulein Elsa put her power tool away and ran her fingers over the elaborate nipple clamps and admired her handiwork. She also inspected his cock and balls, twisting the crusher on his testicles a little more. But she would have her fun with his cock and balls later. Now it was time to actually give his nipples a proper workout, as the clamping was merely a means to an end. She gave him his fourth bottle of water to drink down (as far as Fleur had seen tonight) and pushed it into his mouth, not giving him any chance to breathe before he downed it all and she discarded the bottle.

Elsa walked back over to the winch controls that allowed her to lower or raise the metal frame that he was tied to. Slowly she raised the frame back up, increasing the pull on his nipples and on Tessa's ass hooks as they were connected by heavy chains. The force of the pull stretched his clamped nipples away from his chest grotesquely. Since Tessa had previously moved forward on her hands and knees as far as the chains allowed her, the pulling chain also put a tremendous force on the hooks in her ass. As he was raised back up to his old height again, Tessa was actually slowly pulled back, her knees slowly scraped and dragged over the concrete floor until Fraulein Elsa had the two of them where she wanted them.

He was now back in his old position before Tessa's ass fucking and Tessa was about right below him. She'd been dragged back about three to four feet and the chains running between his nipples and her ass almost ran vertical with the hooks in her ass actually pulling upward now. She still kept her position on her hands and knees.

Fraulein Elsa finally had them the way she wanted them for this next part. She produced two objects resembling microphone stands. As far as Fleur could tell, they actually were microphone stands, but instead of featuring a microphone, these stands featured two candles each. Elsa put them in place beside him and Tessa and bent the upper arms so that the black candles were right under his clamped nipples. The candles were hanging almost horizontal, tipped slightly downward, so that their flames would hit the metal plates on his nipples and that the hot wax would quickly start dripping down, right on Tessa's ass.

The mistress lighted the four candles quickly, paying close attention to their flames and the tilt angle, making sure the flames were right under, but not touching, the metal plates on his nipples and that the wax would melt quickly and run down exactly on Tessa's ass.

Almost instantly, he started moaning and screaming in pain when the flames of the candles heated the underside of the metal plates crushing his nipples. Tessa didn't make a sound as black drops of hot wax dropped down on her ass and the smell of lavender filled the room.

"Oh my dear meat boy," Elsa cooed. "Do you feel that now? I selected the best candles especially for you. They smell nice and they burn at a very high temperature. The way I've set them up, they will burn for at least three to four minutes right under your nipples!"

He tried to move in his bondage, but was totally immobilized. There was nothing for him to do but undergo the brutal searing of his nipples as his mistress diverted her devious attention to her slave girl for the moment.

Elsa used a long and thin bamboo stick and smacked it down on Tessa's buttocks and upper thighs, quickly breaking the skin and creating purple and dark red stripes and welts with every strike. The quiet 'meat bitch' now wasn't so quiet anymore, she screamed out in pain from stroke one as her mistress tried to make her dance a little.

It worked even though she professionally kept her kneeling posture on her hands and knees, it was impossible for her to stay completely still. Every move, though, made her pull down on her ass hooks, which caused her pain in her bleeding asshole. Added intended bonus for Fraulein Elsa and Fleur as the audience was that with Tessa's every move, the chains also pulled on the clamps on his nipples, causing extra pain, discomfort and dramatic visual effect.

He kept wailing while his mistress largely ignored him, but concentrated on beating her slave girl's thighs into a pulp over the next few minutes, even when the candles had burned down so far that the flames weren't below the nipple clamps any more.

When Fraulein realized that the candles had done their job, she halted her assault on Tessa, leaving the sobbing girl on her hands and knees on the floor. She put down her bamboo stick and moved the candle stands a little to the side, so she could lower his frame a foot or so.

With him lowered like that, the chains running between him and Tessa got some slack again and Elsa disconnected the chains from the hooks in Tessa's ass. She then commanded her slave girl to turn around and lie on her back. With Tessa in this new position, Fraulein Elsa manipulated the hooks in such a way that they could again be used to pull her slave girl up in this new position. Before long, the hooks were pulled up and connected to the chains again, with the mistress using the winch control box to raise his frame once more.

So again his nipples were stretched down and her ass hooks were pulled up, but this time Elsa raised his frame even higher, lifting Tessa's ass slightly from the floor, hanging by the hooks from the chains.

The mistress commanded her slave girl to put her hands behind her head and interlock her fingers and to keep them there no matter what. Tessa obediently did as she was told and her mistress grabbed some supplies to finish up this new position.

It didn't take long for her to return with a large forceps, two more large hooks and some additional chains. Tessa's right breast went first. Fraulein Elsa grabbed a considerable chunk of her unbound breast including Tessa's clamped and pierced areole and nipple with the large forceps pliers and pulled it up, while placing the sharp tip of the first hook against the underside of Tessa's breast.

Fleur was surprised at the ease with which the sharp hook sank into the deep tissue of Tessa's breasts as she watched the mistress first hook the slave girl's right breast and then the left. The only thing that seemed to need considerable force and that caused any discomfort was breaking the hook through the skin when pushing it in as well as out when mistress Elsa let the sharp ends exit Tessa's tits again slightly above her areoles.

Once the meat hooks were in Tessa's tits, they were quickly connected to new chains, which were in turn connected to the chains hanging down from his nipple clamps. The mistress made sure she put a good pull on the chains before connecting them, so that Tessa's tits received a nice stretch. Then it was time to readjust de candle stands again.

He could not see what was happening. He could hear some of the sounds of the chains and the moans and grunts that Tessa produced, but he had no clue that his mistress was replacing the black candles and realigned them so that she could sear his nipples once more.

Fraulein Elsa was enjoying herself with her two slabs of meat. She wasn't just going to light a new set of candles, that would have been way too easy. Instead, when the new candles were in place, she didn't light them immediately but first produced four thick needles. She held them up for Fleur to see, before she shoved the first one into his left nipple.

The crushing plates on his nipples obviously couldn't be fully crushed together with his nipples between them. When Elsa had tightened the wing nuts as much as she could, the plates were still about 4 millimeters apart, leaving her some room to stick some needles in between.  Since the meat of his nipples was compressed so severely between the plates, she actually needed a small hammer to push the pins in. Of course she pushed the pins into his nipples straight from their tips, trying to embed as much of the pins into his flesh as she could. She managed to get about an inch and a half in while he wailed loudly from the pain.

Immediately when they were in, Elsa discarded the hammer and lighted the second set of candles. As the flames seared his nipples once again, he came. Hard. And even though he'd been professionally emptied by Tessa before, a string of cum shot from his rock hard cock and landed not too far away from Tessa's head.

"Hahaha you filthy pain pig," Fraulein Elsa laughed as he wailed in pain. "You like this way too much!" Addressing Tessa, she added: "Stupid whore. See what a bad job you did, you'll both pay for creating such a mess."

The mistress picked up her bamboo stick again and started working on her slave girl once more. Where she previously beat Tessa's buttocks into a bloody mess, she now aimed for her girl's stretched tits, alternating her harsh strokes between the underside of Tessa's tits and the top, making the girl wail and cry as loud as him as both their cries of agony filled the room.

Fraulein Elsa made the most of the burn time of the candles and by the time his wailing subsided a bit because the flames had passed his nipple clamps, the waxed and beaten girl continued her cries and moans -- but she didn't once flinch in her posture. The mistress kept working away at her slave girl's stretched and meathooked tits with the bamboo cane, ruining them into a mess with purple and black stripes and bruises.

Fleur was in shock to be seeing the brutality she knew from videos now taken to new levels right in front of her eyes. Deep down, she now understood Tessa's dirty looks from earlier in the evening. That girl was rightfully hesitant to give a newcomer like her a warm welcome. Fleur knew she'd definitely have to prove herself to gain Tessa's respect while her respect for Tessa went up immensely from just seeing how well she took the nasty torture dished out on her.

And while the awestruck Fleur contemplated what she'd just witnessed, Tessa knew they weren't even halfway done with the session. As harsh as this nipple play may have appeared to the new girl, Tessa knew that part two with the real and literal genital torture was to come next. And since this was the culmination of a three part session, she expected her mistress to pull out all the stops.

Elsa halted her assault on Tessa's tits and put the bamboo cane down. But instead of lowering his frame a little bit again, she instead raised it a couple of clicks, lifting Tessa more visible off the floor by the hooks in her ass and also stretching the tit hooks more.

The mistress left her two slaves hanging while she walked over to Fleur, who almost forgot she was as much part of this session now as the other three she'd been watching for a while. Elsa didn't say a word but slid two fingers right into Fleur's dripping wet pussy.

Fleur was kind of taken aback by the sudden and unexpected invasion, but she soon closed her eyes and relaxed in her bonds as Elsa started rubbing her clit with her thumb and slowly finger fucked her wet pussy. Elsa's other hand found its way to Fleur's bound and bulging breasts and started rubbing the sensitive and bruised skin, evoking some ever increasing moans.

Slowly the mistress built up her attack on Fleur's tits, massaging, squeezing the bound orbs while flicking her thumb away at her clit. The squeezing soon shifted to Fleur's bound and skewered nipples. Fraulein Elsa knew exactly when a slut was about to cum and right when Fleur thought she would explode in pleasure, Elsa pulled both her hands away and waited about twenty seconds before the started digging her sharp nails into Fleur's nipples, pressing the flesh against the skewers that were embedded in them.

Seemingly out of nowhere the mistress produced another set of alligator clamps. Three this time, all connected by a chain in the shape of a T. The first two clamps went straight on the tips of Fleur's nipples, causing a sharp and stinging pain again. Elsa flicked them up and down a few times. Then the third clamp went between her legs right on her clit hood. Fleur shrieked as the jaws of the alligator clamp snapped shut. A sharp stinging pain went through her body and it didn't help the frustration of just being denied her orgasm.

"Just breathe, just breathe," Fleur thought to herself as she dealt with the new pain between her legs and the refueled agony of her grated nipples. And so she gritted her teeth and braved the pain.

But the mistress was not done yet. She left for a second to get some stuff from her supplies. One of the things she brought was an inflatable dildo. It was black and already considerable in size, even though it hadn't been pumped up yet. Elsa showed it to Fleur by holding it up in front of her face. 

"Look here," she started. "This thing is going to fill you up. Really. But since you told me you're such a seasoned pro already with inflatables up your cunt, this one's gonna be a bit different from what you are used to."

The dildo featured a shaft of about ten inches in length. "That thing is fricking long," Fleur thought as she gazed at the large head of this dildo, which was oddly sphere- shaped instead of resembling a cock head. But she didn't see the small ball she expected for pumping air into the dildo on the other end.

The mistress didn't elaborate further, but put the dildo down and grabbed something much smaller from her stash. Again, she held it up for Fleur to see.

"I bet this will be a totally new experience for you," Elsa said. "Look how small this is now!"

Fleur looked at a small deflated balloon at the end of a thin plastic tube that was about three feet long.

"You said you like to feel like your pussy is being filled up? Well that's exactly what you're gonna get!"

Elsa continued her preparation by grabbing a fairly large speculum, which she slowly inserted between Fleur's pussy lips.

The device felt cold to the touch, but having it inserted slowly wasn't uncomfortable to Fleur. This was something new for her, she's never had her pussy opened with a speculum before and she was curious to find out if the thing would feel anything like a big toy when stretched open.

It went deeper than she thought it would go and when it bumped against her cervix, she felt a bit of pain when Elsa applied pressure to fit the whole thing in.

"Did I hit rock bottom?" Elsa wanted to know when she saw Fleur flinch a little bit. Fleur nodded.

"Good, now let me open this thing."

It was a strange feeling when Elsa turned the thing 90 degrees and dilated the speculum and opened Fleur's pussy like a tunnel. It felt different from having a long and thick dildo shoved inside.

The mistress opened the speculum to quite a diameter, just trying to see at which point her new girl would start to flinch. But she never did, even when the thing was opened at its widest. The only thing she really felt was the alligator clamp on her clit as the speculum stretched her wide open.

"Wow, you're taking this thing pretty well. And it's a large Collins, too!"

Satisfied with the gaping pussy, Fraulein Elsa took her small balloon implement and a small flashlight and knelt down to get to work. She didn't tell Fleur what she was about to do, nor did she speak another word while she slowly inserted the tube with the small balloon into the girl's gaping pussy. With Fleur's pussy stretched wide, it was fairly easy to line the tube and balloon up with the girl's cervix and slowly start working it in.

Fleur felt the mistress working inside her pussy and she flinched a bit as the woman worked her way up to parts she had never felt before. It didn't exactly hurt as she shoved the tube slowly further and deeper, but it was a strange and new sensation

"That's that!" Fraulein Elsa stood up again. She'd slowly pushed the balloon and tube past Fleur's cervix into her uterus and it was time to enlighten the girl about what was about to happen next.

"You will be so full, girl, you won't know which way is up!" she laughed. "That little balloon that I put deep inside of you," she continued, "that balloon can be inflated to the size of about two soccer balls before rupturing. Trust me, I've tested it. You can ask Tessa." She chuckled.

"But I won't be inflating it with air the way you're used to with inflatable dildos. I will use a nice and warm fluid to fill you up!"

Fleur didn't know what to think. She thought it'd be better to just relax and see what would happen next.

What happened next was that Fraulein Elsa picked up her long and odd inflatable dildo again and started pushing it between the still stretched walls of Fleur's pussy. The flexible thing popped in, even though its spherical head looked like it was wider than the opening the speculum created.

"Wow, you're hungry, aren't you?" Elsa asked rhetorically when the large head of the dildo slid into Fleur with remarkable ease. The girl enjoyed the sensation of the large dildo being pushed into her pussy.

Before long, the big invader filled Fleur's pussy up with the tube to the balloon firmly lodged next to it. There were still about two inches of the dildo sticking out of Fleur's pussy.

"Now how does that feel, cunt?" Elsa wanted to know, "Good?"

Fleur nodded her head. It wasn't a lie. The dildo did feel pretty damn good filling up her wet pussy.

Elsa proceeded to remove the speculum again, which wasn't as easy with the big dildo right there, but she managed to get it out fairly quickly.

"You know the thing has to go in fully, don't you?" Elsa said as she tapped the big dildo which was still sticking out of Fleur by about two inches.

"Of course Fleur knew. She'd been filled with inflatables before. And her former play partner knew how to secure it properly in a greedy wet cunt. Just the anticipation of having her pussy shut around this monster aroused her greatly.

The next part did hurt as Fraulein Elsa started pushing the dildo deeper while also pulling Fleur's pussy lips out. The first extra inch was manageable, but the last part was really uncomfortable for the girl. Fleur couldn't believe that the massive dildo really fit inside her, but apparently she was deep enough, because Fraulein announced victory when the thing had disappeared completely into Fleur with just its inflation tube coming out between her pussy lips right next to the thinner tube from the balloon.

"Good girl!" Elsa lauded her new toy. "Now I will make sure that it won't come out by itself.

The mistress went over to her supplies again and Fleur braced herself for the sharp pain she knew was about to come. Elsa returned with a length of fishing line and a curved sewing needle.

"Better grit your teeth for this, girl. Let's see if I can make you cry! I'm going to make double sure you're closed up, if you know what I mean!"

Fleur soon found out what Elsa meant as the mistress held her inner pussy lips tightly clamped and started sewing them together with the fishing line.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she cried out as Elsa pushed the sharp curved needle through her flesh. It wasn't easy sewing labia together, with every stitch resembling the sewing of thick leather.

Fleur was a sobbing and drooling mess by the time her inner labia were sewn shut and Fraulein cut the line right under the clamped clitoris to start the same procedure on her outer labia, which had received this treatment before.

That wasn't to say that this next part was easy for Fleur. She cursed inside her head and into her ball gag as the mistress went on to seal her pussy completely shut, carefully stitching extra tight around the tubes sticking out from her labia.

Fraulein Elsa had started sewing from the bottom both times and as she got to Fleur's clamped clitoris for the second time, she actually continued sewing the labia but left the clamp and connected chain sticking out, just like the two tubes.

Fleur breathed heavily through her nose as the procedure came to a close. Unable to wipe the tears from her eyes, she tried to squint a couple of times, which helped somewhat.

The mistress put her stuff down and ran her fingers over Fleur's shut pussy and flicked the clamp on her clit a few times back and forth. Then, without a word, she turned around again and stepped over to where her main pain toys were. The first thing she did, was use the winch to lower the frame from which he was hanging, until Tessa's body rested on the floor again. The heavy chains were first disconnected from the hooks in the slave girl's ass and tits and then also from the plates crushing his nipples.

While Fraulein Elsa tended to him, reversing virtually all the stuff she'd put in and on his nipples, Tessa managed to get on her hands and knees again, still sporting all the meat hooks her mistress had used on her.

"Filthy slut, go clean that up!" Elsa yelled and pointed at the cum he'd shot on the concrete floor. Tessa crawled over to where his sticky seed had pooled and lapped it up from the rough floor like thirsty cat.

"Good girl," Fraulein praised her slave girl as Tessa returned on her hands and knees. She waited patiently until her mistress commanded her to stand up and help out.

Together they worked to get the last part of the cruel nipple crushers undone. The mistress had removed all chains, screws and pins. The only thing left was to loosen the wing nuts on the crushers themselves.

Fraulein used her pliers to loosen the nuts after which Tessa started unscrewing them from their bolts. The wing nuts turned easily and it didn't appear to be a hard task at all. But even when all wing nuts and their bolts were removed from the small crushing plates, they didn't just come apart or fall down. Tessa had to strip them off his crushed nipples one by one, revealing his mangled and perforated flesh under a thick layer of dried, wet and coagulated blood, with plenty seeping right out and dripping down.

It seemed like Tessa had a job to do. As soon as his left nipple was free of the plates, she took the bleeding strip of flesh in her mouth and started collecting the blood in her mouth, sucking it off and waiting for drops and streams to fall down. The mistress had already grabbed another tool and used wire cutters to remove the castration band around his left nipple.

He moaned from the pain as blood flow was restored to the abused flesh of his nipples and whatever nerve endings that were still operational after this amount of destruction started waking up again. And of course the blood caused a major dramatic effect. Tessa's face was covered in it as well.

The metal plate that his nipples were pulled though was covered in blood, as was most of the rest of his leather chest harness. It actually took the two women several minutes before all of the stuff they had put on his chest was completely removed and his nipples were free again of any torture implement or bondage mechanism. But the bleeding didn't stop until Fraulein Elsa applied a liberal amount of some kind of powder that both worked as a disinfectant and as a way to stop the bleeding. Whatever it was, it stung like hell and he screamed in pain as it was applied.

Fraulein Elsa exchanged some words with Tessa and the slave girl wandered off to the other side of the room to get some stuff. She returned moments later, pushing some kind of machine on wheels and carrying another length of clear plastic tubing.

She placed the machine halfway between Fleur and him and connected it to a wall socked with an extension cord. Then she knelt down under him and waited for her mistress, who was also fiddling with some stuff.

Fraulein Elsa then approached Fleur with more tubing. Without saying anything, she connected two tubes, one to the small balloon tube and the other to the wider tube connected to the inflatable dildo. The other ends of the tubes were connected to the machine, which she turned on.

"Soon this machine will start filling you up, and then some!" Elsa said.

Fleur was anxious. She was pretty damn well filled already and she didn't know what to expect exactly from the balloon lodged deep inside her.

"But the machine need to be fed first. Cunt, do your thing!"

This was the signal Tessa was waiting for. She connected one end of her long and thin tube to the pumping machine's clear plastic fluid reservoir and took the other over to him.

Kneeling under him, she inserted the tip of the tube into his urethra.

"So that's why they were feeding him so much water," Fleur thought as she watched Tessa professionally catheterizing her man. "I wonder if she herself would've been the recipient if I had said no to Fraulein," she wondered.

Little did she know that Tessa preferred to ingest his fluids rather orally than vaginally, but that was something she'd find out later.

When the tube had reached into his bladder and started to relieve the immense pressure in there from the excessive amounts of water they had him swallow, his urine ran through the tube into the top reservoir of the pumping machine.

Fleur watched as his golden fluid filled up the container at the top of the pump. Fraulein Elsa walked over and pointed at four line markers that indicated the volume of the fluids in the machine, with the surface level already rising above the first mark, which indicated half a gallon.

There seemed to be no end to the stream from his bladder. Tessa kneaded his dark purple balls in their crusher as she watched the fluid continue to run through the tube. Eventually the stream stopped, with the volume indicator well above the second line.

"Wunderbar!" Elsa exclaimed. "Hast du noch Etwas dazu zu fügen, Fotze?"

Tessa nodded her head and got up again. She walked over to the pump and grabbed some kind of funnel from its side, pushed the long, narrow end into a hole in the top of the container and squatted over it, the hooks in her ass clattering against the plastic funnel.

Although it wasn't as much as he had produced, the slave girl added a considerable amount of fluid to the container, much more than Fleur would ever have thought possible from a skinny frame like her own. With Tessa emptying her bladder as well, the volume in the container reached above the third line, indicating that it was filled well over 1.5 gallons of piss, probably close to 1.7.

Fleur had cringed seeing the girl add her pee to his fluids. For some reason it kind of excited her to be filled with his piss. She knew how much he loved giving her golden showers and she took pride in receiving his fluids. Tessa's, however, were a completely different story. Unfortunately they seemed to be an integral part of the deal right now.

"Well look at that!" Elsa said. "A container full of nice warm fluid for you to enjoy! Let's see how this fills you up, we can always add some more later."

She opened one of the two valves that led the fluid to the two tubes running into Fleur and started the pump.

"I can control the speed if necessary," she said. But I don't think I'll slow it down. I enjoy seeing the belly expand quickly. When it's nice and filled up, I'll also open the one feeding the dildo."

Tessa went back over to him and removed the catheter from his urethra. Her mistress gave her some instructions, after which she proceeded to take some of the toys away from his cock and balls, while Fleur watched the pump and Fraulein Elsa watched Fleur.

A lot was happening at once. Fleur could feel warm fluid inflating the balloon deep inside her. It was a strange feeling, something completely alien to her. So far, it was painless, but she wasn't sure it would remain that way. Her eyes shifted back and forth between the machine and him.

Tessa was busy removing the testicle crusher, which she unscrewed and removed to reveal his dark purple balls. Next to go were the numerous metal ball stretching discs that he wore. She used a small tool to unscrew the locks on the discs so she could open them and slip them off one by one.

His ball sack didn't remain undecorated for long, though, as she fitted him with a leather spiked ball parachute with a considerable weight hanging from it, keeping his testicles low in his stretched sack.

As Mistress Elsa brought over some stuff she was going to use on Fleur next, Fleur shifted her attention between three points as the fluid really started to inflate the balloon and she felt like she had to pee. She tried to keep her attention on the pump, but also wanted to see what Elsa was preparing. In addition, she watched as Tessa unscrewed the long tube encasing his shaft, revealing his punctured and bleeding semi-erect cock. When the tube was off, the two pins still embedded in his shaft behind his glans quickly followed, blood seeping out of the fresh puncture wounds.

As Fleur's discomfort from the ever increasing balloon in her uterus grew, she watched Tessa take his half-limp bleeding cock in her mouth, sucking it off professionally until it stiffened enough again to slide down her throat. Sucking and licking up the blood, she performed a little fellatio show for Fleur until Fraulein Elsa blocked the view.

The mistress ran her hands over Fleur's bound purple tits and squeezed them at the base, where they were bound tightly with thin leather strips. It immediately returned all of Fleur's attention to Fraulein. Elsa enjoyed feeling the firm tits, which were much bigger than Tessa's or any others that she'd worked with recently. Even though she generally didn't care much about cup size on her female subs, she found it very nice to have a big pair to work with today.

"Do you have any idea how fucking great your tits are?" Elsa whispered into Fleur's ear.

Of course Fleur knew that her breasts were the kind that everyone wanted; other girls wanted to have them, the guys wanted to see them, touch them, fuck them. They'd always been large for her age and she'd enjoyed emphasizing them by wearing the right kind of bikinis and tight tops as well as revealing her tiny waist and bare stomach. How much fun she had posting selfies to Instagram and waiting to see the comments and likes.

Fraulein Elsa massaged Fleur's bound breasts, starting gently but increasing her grip on the bound orbs. Fleur closed her eyes as the pain increased and the discomfort with her inflated uterus grew.

"You're a fucking 10 out of 10 and your tits are too."

Fleur didn't totally agree about that. Maybe in a few years she'd finally grow some hips and be satisfied in that department. And maybe that mole above her left eyebrow could be removed and maybe her upper lip could be filled up more...

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a sharp pain in her left breast. She shrieked and opened her eyes to find that Fraulein Elsa was using a long and thick meat skewer to pierce her left breast right at its widest point. The sharp tip had already slid into the flesh of her breast and she was kind of shocked that the rest of the skewer slid in rather painlessly. The thing was so long and thick, it seemed surreal. But then the tip of the pin had reached the other side of her breast and started poking at her skin from the inside. It cost Elsa quite some force again to poke it through, and it hurt like hell.

Tears welled up in Fleur's eyes as the tip of the skewer emerged on the other side. Fraulein Elsa pushed it through until about an equal length of the metal pin stuck out on each side of Fleur's breast.

"You know that session where the girl, Daphne I think, from Extreme Toyland is on that Judas Cradle and she's lifted up by elastic rope connected to skewers in her tits?"

Fleur nodded her head as tears ran out of her eyes. Of course she knew that one. Daphne was his favorite model on that site. They'd watched dozens of Mistress Lisa's videos together.

"Then I'll let you in on a little secret," Elsa continued to whisper in her ear. "He specifically requested that tit torture from me when that video first appeared. But you know what? I've never had him bring a girl to me that had the right assets. And you've seen Tessa. Deviant little slut, but nowhere near the rack to pull it off. Maybe one day, if you choose to return, we'll act that one out in full."

Fraulein produced a second skewer and lined it up with Fleur's right breast in the same way she had placed the first one in her left breast. This one also went in horizontally, from the outside in with the sharp tip coming out between Fleur's bound tits.

The pain from these thick skewers never got easier. The second one felt like it hurt even more than the first. And the discomfort in Fleur's abdomen grew by the second, it seemed. The skewers were a big distraction, but the size and weight of all the fluid that was pumped into her uterus now began to take its toll.

When the second skewer was in place, Elsa rubbed her hands down Fleur's exposed and now pretty distended belly.

"Aww, will there be twins?" She laughed and looked over to the pump's container, which still had half the original volume of piss in it. "What do you think? Looks like you're about to enter the third trimester."

Fleur didn't answer. She just concentrated on getting through this ordeal as Mistress Elsa produced another set of skewers. This set went through top to bottom, also at the widest a point of the girl's bulging tits. Elsa first pressed one of the pins halfway into Fleur's left breast before pushing the second one halfway into the right. Then she pushed both new skewers down simultaneously until they poked against the underside of the tits and broke through the skin at the same time, sending Fleur into a frenzy of agony.

There was surprisingly little blood for the thick pins, which were at least twice the diameter of the long skewers that were pushed through Fleur's areoles what seemed a lifetime ago.

"Now that isn't that bad, is it?" Elsa asked, knowing full well that Fleur was unable to answer her question. "Only a few more to go. Let's check on that belly of yours."

She again rubbed her hands over Fleur's tight and extremely stretched abdomen, which now really started to look like the girl was extremely pregnant. Fleur could only feel the constant painful pressure from the silicone balloon being filled inside of her, pushing her organs aside as the balloon expanded her uterus from the size of a pear to the size of a basketball. Not to mention the heaviness of her belly. The whole ordeal made her feel extremely nauseous. And the sadistic bitch hadn't even inflated that huge dildo one bit.

Before Fleur knew it, Fraulein Elsa continued her work on her tormented purple tits with two additional skewers. Again she pushed them in simultaneously, this time pushing them through diagonally from the top down, mirroring left and right. These last two hurt the most as they went through already bruised and pierced flesh.

It took a while for Fleur to compose herself, which was barely possible in the situation she was in. She felt like she was going to burst with the fast inflation of her belly. Fraulein Elsa seemed to be satisfied and closed the valve on the tube leading to her uterus. Now it was time to inflate the large dildo that Fleur had almost forgotten about.

The container on top of the fluid pump was almost empty, so Fraulein needed to fill it up. Instead of seeing if her other toys had any more fluids in them, she opened up the top of the container and walked away to fetch a bucket of crushed ice with water from an adjacent room. The container was filled up again in no time and Fraulein quickly flipped the valve on the tube leading to the inflatable dildo.

Fleur didn't notice too much at first, but when more and more of the ice water started filling the silicone balloon dildo, she felt the sharp contrast between the warm fluid that she had previously received and the ice cold water that was being pumped into her right now. This actually fucking hurt in itself, regardless of the size to which the dildo would be inflated.

To make matters worse, Fraulein started toying with her abused tits once again, using her wicked studded riding crop to further bruise the bound and skewered purple balls of flesh. Fleur decided it was best to just hang limply in her suspension bondage and let happen whatever happened. She just didn't have the strength anymore to strain against her bonds or to keep track of all the things that were going on. She just closed her eyes and received stroke after stroke on her tortured tits while the pump relentlessly inflated the long dildo with the ice cold water. She actually hoped she would pass out from the pain soon because she felt like her body was being ripped apart from the inside.

But she didn't pass out. She felt every stroke of the riding crop with its pointy studs dotting the leather flap at its tip. She felt the insane pressure of the inflatables inside her, a feeling she could not have anticipated or imagined and that made her feel like her pussy was ruined forever. She already lost a lot of her tightness from the ever increasing thickness of dildos that he and she used, but she was afraid that this right here would make it impossible for her to satisfy his cock with her stretched and loose cunt.

Fraulein Elsa stopped her assault on the bloody mess that was Fleur's chest and stepped back over to the machine to close the second valve. Fleur didn't pay any attention, but apparently almost half the contents of the container were pumped into the dildo already.

The mistress came back to Fleur and whispered in her ear: "You're doing fine, I'm proud of you. Just a little bit longer now. You can watch as I play with his cock and balls and finally show him who is hanging here in front of him."

She stepped away and said some words to Tessa, who was still deepthroating his cock. The slave girl stopped her fellatio and wiped a mixture of saliva and his blood off her mouth and nose. She crawled over to where Fleur was hanging and stood up in front of her, inspecting the extent of the ordeal the girl was in.

Fraulein Elsa came back with some supplies, which she neatly organized in various metal trays. Before she used any of them, though, she walked over to him and petted his leather encased head.

"Did that feel good, my little pain pig? Did she suck you off well?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

"But you didn't come here to be sucked off, did you?"

"No, Mistress."

"Tell me again why you come here all the time."

"Because you can give me what I need, Mistress."

"And what do you need, pig?"

"I need to be used like meat."

"Oh, pig, you ARE meat, you are MY meat."

"Thank you, Mistress"

"And why did you bring this girl with you?"

"I wanted her to see what you give me, Mistress. So she can learn."

"And you believe she is still watching, that she has some interest in any of this?"

"Yes, Mistress, I know she wants to learn."

"Isn't she a little young to be seeing this stuff, I mean she's only nineteen!"

"She is young, but she can handle seeing it. She has some experience despite her age. Don't let her pretty face fool you, she is quite the adventurous deviant and maybe if she's up for it I'll bring her another time and she can participate slowly."

Elsa chuckled. "What do you mean with ‘participate slowly’?"

"Well, I don't know. Help you or Tessa out or maybe participate."

"Do you think she would make good meat?"

"Maybe eventually, Mistress, she is starting to be quite a pain slut, but I want to take things slow so she can learn and not be rushed into things."

"Do you know what she wants herself?"

"She just wants to learn."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then let me show you what she wants herself," Elsa said and proceeded to undo the straps on his hood. Before long the thing was loosened and she tossed it to the side.

He squinted his eyes, trying to adjust to the bright lights.

"Look right here at her and learn something yourself!" Fraulein Elsa yelled at him. She pointed at Fleur and Tessa, a couple of feet in front of him.

He couldn't believe his eyes. With her hood on, the bondage position and the immensely distended belly, he didn't immediately recognize Fleur's body. But as he looked closer and understood that his mistress wasn't pulling a prank on him, he was shocked at the state he found her in. Here he thought she was sitting or standing around, watching the two women work on him. Of course he had heard some muffled female screams and moans, but he figured Fraulein had brought in another female sub to further illustrate what kind of services she provides.

He took another good look. There she was, hanging suspended from her shoulders, her head encased in a hood, ball gag deep in her mouth. Her big tits tightly tied into bulging bleeding purple orbs; her nipples tied off as well and clamped at their tips with alligator clamps. And then the skewers. He couldn't believe the skewers. Through her tits, through her nipples. Perfect like Daphne from ET.

Involuntarily his cock started getting rock hard as he admired the exquisite work that his Mistress had done on those perfect breasts. He was shocked at her distended belly, not quite sure how they managed that, but he did see Tessa ferociously licking away between Fleur's spread legs, lapping her tongue from her pussy to her asshole and back.

Fleur didn't know what to make of all the unreal sensations of pain and pleasure. She was confused. She felt the pain. From the stinging sharp skewers through her tits and the alligators on her nipples and clit to the dull aching pressure from the inflatables. And then she felt Tessa's long tongue licking her sore pussy lips and probing her asshole. It was there and then that she realized that she enjoyed this, no matter how extreme it was. The pain had been agonizing at times, but it all came together now as one big fucking arousing physical stimulation. To see the amazed look on his face filled her with a new sense of pride. Fleur realized she was no longer just intrigued by the videos and images of this sadomasochistic world of exquisite torture, she was now part of it and proud of it. She closed her eyes and decided to just let go and enjoy the ride.

Fraulein Elsa commanded her slave girl to stop for a second and show him what was done to Fleur's pussy.

"See this greedy cunt? She told me she likes to be filled up, so I gave her a treat. You have no idea what's in there. I'll show you later. Just know that we had to sew her up to keep it all in place!"

Tessa rubbed her fingers over the stitches in Fleur's outer labia, circling the tubes that were sticking out and teasingly flicking the alligator clamp on the girl's clit before letting her tongue do all the work again.

"But enough about her, as you can see, she is well taken care of by T, so let's start with you, shall we?"

Fraulein undid the bondage on his legs and lowered the frame he was suspended with until he stood with his shaky feet back on the floor again. It didn't take her long before the straps were removed and he could move into a new position for his mistress.

Free from the suspension bondage, he stretched his limbs the best he could while Elsa carried in a new piece of bondage furniture. The thing resembled a simple chair with a seat and a back rest, except this wasn't a chair. The 'seat', about a square foot in size, was height-adjustable and its surface was covered with short sharp spikes. All around the edges of the surface were small eyelets. The 'back rest' of this furniture consisted of two vertical bars on each side with two horizontal crossbars that were also adjustable. These were just as nasty or maybe even more so than the spiked surface, because the bars featured rows of evenly spaced sharp pins, about an inch in length, that interlocked up and down; the bars featured holes on the opposing bar for each pin, so that the bars could be pushed completely together and the pins disappeared into the bars.

He knelt behind the contraption and it was obvious that he was familiar with it as he installed himself quickly without any instruction from his mistress. He pushed his semi-erect cock forward until it hovered over the spiked surface, his balls still stretched by the weighted parachute, dangling down. His chest went forward against the 'back' of the frame and he adjusted the bottom crossbar until its pins were positioned right under his nipples before he locked it into place. The second crossbar seemed connected to the first as it moved down with it. It soon became apparent that the second bar could be screwed down onto the first with three bolts and wing nuts, one on each outer side and one in the middle. He tightened the wing nuts simultaneously and continued without flinching until his nipples were once again completely crushed at their base, with maybe 5mm of space separating the two crossbars, piercing several of the pins completely through his abused nipples.

Fraulein Elsa watched as her slave toy installed himself on the contraption, immobilizing himself by his nipples and subsequently cuffing his hands behind his back with simple handcuffs.

"You think that's tight enough?" she asked him.

"Yes Mistress, but please make sure it is to your liking."

She stepped closer to inspect the job he had done, finding that his nipples were crushed as much as they could be, for now. She loved that flesh was pliable and she knew that within a minute or so, the wing nuts would be able to go just a little tighter again.

Elsa ran her now gloved fingers over the abused strips of nipple flesh. They were still partially covered in the powder she'd used to stop most of the bleeding after the complete mangling they went through. There was no way she was going to enjoy playing with dirty meat like that, so she had to clean it up a little first.

The mistress produced a small spray bottle with a clear fluid and what appeared to be a simple toothbrush. Whatever was in the bottle must have stung like hell, because he moaned and grunted as she applied it to his tits. She didn't just simply spray a little either, but completely soaked his nipples in the fluid before starting her work with the toothbrush, scrubbing away at his tenderized flesh, opening the dried wounds and making him bleed all over again.

He gritted his teeth and moaned as she set his chest on fire again with her biting fluid and grating brush. Blood seeped out from his skin and dripped down on his cock, which was once again getting about as hard as it could be.

"Look at that cock," Elsa exclaimed, "is it ready to be treated by me?"

He didn't say anything but just nodded his head.

"Hey filthy pain pig, I asked you a question. Don't make me repeat myself!"

"Yes Mistress, please treat my cock meat."

"Oh don't you worry, I will treat it like the meat it is. You're not kneeling above the drain grate for nothing, you know!" A wicked smile came to her face.

Fraulein Elsa was getting ready for the final stage of this session, her favorite, where she'd have her way with his cock and balls.

The first thing she did was loop a tight elastic cord around his cock head, stretching it forward and down, pressing the whole length of his shaft down on the spiked surface in front of him. She connected the cord to a hook at the front of the frame, so his engorged cock stayed in place, pressed down, as she had both hands free to massage, squeeze and pull his bleeding nipples and make his cock as hard as it could be.

All of a sudden she let go of his nipples and stepped forward and up, placing the full length of her right boot on his stiff cock, her ridiculous stiletto heel pressing his cock head hard onto the spiked surface that it was tied to.

He screamed out loud as Elsa fully stepped up on the surface, crushing his cock into the sharp spikes. She let her full body weight crush down on him for a moment before she got off again and inspected the result of this first step of his treatment.

The thin stiletto heel of her boot had cut his glans and blood was trickling out. But along the rest of his cock, the dozens of sharp short spikes had punctured his glans and shaft, literally pinning his cock to the surface it was on.

He groaned and moaned. Mistress Elsa raised her other foot and pushed the front part of her boot on top of his bleeding glans. Slowly but forcefully, she put more and more weight on it, grinding the ball of her foot over his tortured cock head, mashing it into the sharp spikes until she stepped up again, lifted her other leg from the floor and let her full body weight crush down on his cock head before stepping down again.

He cried out in pain as the seasoned sadistica dished out her brutal torture on his cock. He strained against the handcuffs, pushing his chest even tighter against the frame to which his nipples were already neatly secured.

Fraulein Elsa didn't give him any chance to compose himself. She immediately continued the destructive assault on his softening and heavily bleeding cock. She produced a bag full of alligator clamps and proceeded to take them out one by one, opening the clamps and snapping them shut on tiny little patches of skin on his shaft, just enough to bite their teeth into. She started at the base of his shaft and slowly worked her way up to his glans, clipping at least two dozen alligator clamps on the skin of his cock.

Elsa didn't place any clamps on his bleeding cock head, but instead worked on his mangled nipples first. The strips of skin were still bleeding, with drops of blood pooling at their underside and occasionally dripping down on his abdomen and the furniture he was secured to. It didn't deter the mistress from clamping the heavily abused meat once again. She pulled the bleeding meat forward and snapped her alligator clamps shut sideways, four in a row from his areoles to the tips of his nipples.

The clamps flattened and elongated his nipples once more and the biting teeth shot sharp pains through his tenderized flesh again. As if the clamps by itself weren't enough, Elsa produced four hypodermic needles and proceeded to push them into his clamped nipples straight from the front, navigating the pins between the clamps and pushing them all the way in, leaving just their colored caps sitting against the tips of his nipples. When she had one in each nipple, she held the third and fourth needle demonstratively above his stretched skin, showing how deep the needles were embedded in his nipples, inserted from their tips almost to his breast plate.

Even for a seasoned nipple pig like him, this treatment was harsh. It was the culmination of three installments of this session in which his mistress had repeatedly grated, crushed, pierced, cut and burned his enlarged lust buttons. She was hardly surprised that this renewed stimulation of his nipples again made his cock rock hard despite the many puncture wounds that were seeping blood at this point.

With his cock head engorged again, she felt that she could continue the torture of his glans and she picked up where she left off with her bag of alligator clamps. She opened another clamp and pushed one of its jaws straight up his pisshole and let it snap shut. He wailed out in pain as she wriggled another clamp in and also let this one snap shut. Seeing as his piss hole could hardly accommodate another one of the clamps, she proceeded to place more clamps around the rim of the crown of his glans, grabbing as much of the delicate and sensitive skin between the sharp teeth as possible. She neatly spaced out four clamps this way before she put her alligator bag down again.

Elsa put the clamps away for now, but she wasn't even close to finished with decorating his cock meat. She walked over to her supplies to grab some more implements of torture and she addressed her slave girl who was still orally servicing Fleur.

"Cunt! That's enough. She's enjoying it way too much. I want her to be able to see this next part without any distraction, so get your tongue out of her ass and start relieving her like we discussed!"

Tessa finished her deep rim job on Fleur and wiped her lips. She got up, only to grab a pair of scissors and then she sat down again in the same position. Fleur couldn't see what Tessa was doing. The discomfort of her distended belly and especially the ice cold water in her pussy grew with the second after the lovely sensation of Tessa's tongue work went away.

The slave girl used the scissors to cut the tube running from the balloon in Fleur's belly and she used the piss that came down to literally take a golden shower. She bathed in the fluids that quickly rained down on her, washing the blood off her face and chest.

Fleur heard the fluids splash down and she instantly felt the pressure inside her subside somewhat. What a strange sensation it was again to feel the rapid deflation of the balloon in her uterus. It was rather uncomfortable despite the decrease in pressure.

Tessa had made quite a mess. She was soaked in piss from head to toe, but she at least managed to get most of the blood off of her skin. The balloon was now nearly empty, with just trickles of fluid running down. Tessa looked at her mistress, who'd been watching the whole time.

"What?" Elsa wanted to know.

"Can I please enjoy her peach cunt again? She is delicious, Mistress!"

"Hah!" Fraulein Elsa laughed. "Look at the mess you made on the floor. And you want to get a treat? First go clean up that floor!"

Tessa looked down in disappointment. She knew what she had to do and started her work.

As the slave girl started lapping her tongue over the dirty floor, trying to lick up the fluid and make it run to the only grate in the room, Mistress Elsa continued her work on her meat. Fleur felt a little more relieved with the piss out of her belly and she watched closely as the mistress did her thing.

Elsa produced half a dozen thick hypodermic needles with purple caps and removed them from their packaging. One after another they disappeared into his glans. Elsa lined them up between the alligator clamps she had previously neatly spaced out. Their sharp tips exited his cock head next to the clamps on his urethra, creating a nice crown of thorns.

With his cock head decorated like that, it was time to turn his shaft into the ground meat she liked so much. He just threw his head back and let out a long and low moan as she inserted needle after needle into his shaft, creating patterns and even interweaving some of the pins.

Fleur couldn't believe the extent of the torture his cock was receiving and she was wondering if the blood loss was going to make him pass out. It didn't. He seemed to be in a parallel world of agony and ecstasy. She could only imagine what the female equivalent of this torture would look and feel like and she was glad that, for now, these kind of exquisite treatments were out of bounds for her.

Fraulein Elsa lit two cigarettes, took a drag of both of them and placed them on top of the needles that pierced the top of his shaft. As they slowly but surely burned and deposited their smoldering ashes on his cock, she went to work on his nipples again, this time with her beloved studded riding crop.

His nipples were completely exposed: crushed between the plates on the bondage furniture, they were the only part of his chest sticking out and available for use. Elsa pressed the tip of her crop against his clamped and pierced left nipple and flicked it back and forth, evoking some grunts from him. Then she did the same with the other side.

"You will count for me now, meat!" She commanded her slave. "You will count each and every one of the clamps that comes off as I whip your nipple meat."

** Smack **

The crop came down hard on his left nipple and he wailed out in pain, but none of the alligator clamps came off.

* Smack Smack **

Two hard strokes on his right nipple did a better job as the first of four alligator clamps was ripped off by the impact.

He tried to compose himself, but was wailing and sobbing too much to start a proper count.

"What, meat? I can't understand a thing you're saying."

"O--o-one, Mistress!" he managed to get out.

"That's better, meat. Now let's continue."

She continued the assault on his nipples while he tried to keep track of the clamps that had come off, but he was distracted by the two cigarettes burning on his cock. After a minute or so, only two clamps remained on his left nipple and one on his right and the mistress paused her assault on his tits.

"Well, meat? What's the count?"

"S--s-six, Mistress!" he responded hastily.

"Try again, pig!"

He tried to look down at the bloody mess, but had no idea which way was up at this point. He wasn't sure, but made a lucky guess.

"Five, Mistress, Five!" He exclaimed.

"See, that's my boy," she laughed. "Three more and then you better be ready to offer me your pathetic meatballs!"

** Smack **

The crop came down hard on his left nipple, but the impact didn't remove any of the alligator clamps that were still on.

** Smack **

Another hard hit came down on his right nipple and this one took off the last clamp there, leaving the bloody strip of nipple flesh decorated with only the thin needles embedded in it.

"Six! Six, Mistress!"

Fraulein Elsa laughed. She was enjoying the destruction of the nipples of her longtime pain pig. While she had plenty of masochistic men to dish out her tortures on, she enjoyed him more, simply because of the fact that she'd trained and enlarged his nipples herself over the course of 10 years.

She put down her riding crop and stepped up to him, taking the flesh of his nipples between her fingers, squeezing and pulling on the pierced flesh, massaging the bleeding strips of skin.

She squeezed down hard on both nipples, pressing the two alligator clamps on his left nipple only deeper into his flesh and twisted and pulled while he gritted his teeth and moaned and groaned. She pulled the four thin needles that were still embedded in his nipples out simultaneously and dropped them on the floor. Then she twisted the clamps on his left nipple until they both ripped off, grating his flesh once more and ultimately snapping shut.

Elsa contemplated for a second if she should play some more with his nipples, but as she squeezed the bleeding flesh again, she felt like she'd turned them sufficiently into ground meat for this session. More needles or clamps wouldn't really satisfy her. She simply admired her work by squeezing the grated meat and watching the blood seeping out, trickling and dripping down.

She also watched her slave girl still licking away at the piss-and-blood-covered floor, making her way to the only grate in the floor where her pain pig knelt behind her custom made torture furniture.

After a few moments of enjoying the sights and feel of her creation, she stepped back again and took a good look at his cock. It wasn't as hard as it had been, even though his nipples had received some good stimulation. One of the cigarettes was as good as gone, the ashes decorating his pierced shaft, the other didn't nearly burn as much.

Elsa picked up the half-burnt cigarette and lit it again. She took a drag and then started toying the smoldering tip around his crown of thorns, rolling the sides of the burning tip over his cock head between the alligator clamps that were still digging into the rim of his glans.

He moaned loudly as his mistress continued her assault with the burning cigarette ever so slowly. She was careful and made sure to only let the cigarette caress his exposed skin where it wasn't covered in blood or anything else, making sure the thing kept burning and that he felt every single touch.

Eventually the second cigarette was also as good as gone and Elsa extinguished it by pressing it down in the middle of his cock head. Then she tossed the butt down to where Tessa was still licking the floor.

"Eat it, cunt!" Was her short but clear instruction.

Tessa looked up for a second and watched her mistress nod her head. She turned her eyes down and took the butt of the cigarette between her teeth and started chewing on it. A few seconds later, she swallowed and opened her mouth, showing her mistress what a good little trash cunt she was.

Fleur was trying to keep up with it all. Even though she wasn't actively used at the moment, her discomfort had grown considerably over the past 20 minutes. Her limbs were totally numb from her bondage, her tits were now turning an even darker shade of purple and with the balloon in her uterus now deflated, she was more and more aware of the inflated dildo in her sealed pussy.

She tried to brave through it, but she got to the point where she was hoping she could just stand on her feet again. Or touch herself. Or...

Her thoughts were interrupted when Fraulein Elsa turned to her again.

"Are you still with us, dear?" the mistress wanted to know.

Fleur nodded.

"I'm sure you're feeling the pressure of your predicament. Let me emphasize it a little," Elsa said as she stepped right in front of Fleur. Her fingers went straight for Fleur's nipples and before she knew it, the mistress had twisted the alligator clamps on her nipples about 90 degrees and then quickly taken them off. The removal of the clamps shot a jolt of pain through Fleur's tits, making her very aware again of the fact that her tits were very much alive despite their current condition. Fraulein Elsa dropped the clamps and let them dangle from the clamp on Fleur's clit for a few moments while she massaged the girls' nipples, squeezing the tender flesh and pressing it down on the two thin skewers that were still embedded in them.

Fleur moaned again. The pain felt good. She felt the sudden urge to suck a hard cock or to stick her ass up for a good fucking, but obviously none of that was possible right now. Elsa knew exactly what she was doing and she kept massaging Fleur's nipples until the girl was on the brink of an orgasm. Then she stopped her work and knelt down to unclip the alligator clamp on Fleur's clit. A wave of pain splashed through Fleur's lower body as the mistress unclipped the clamp and pulled it out from between her sewn pussy lips. She came. Hard.

As she trembled in her bondage, the mistress went back over to him and picked up her riding crop.

“You know,” she said. “I’m going to add in a little punishment for my messy meat bitch which will serve as entertainment for your Fleur. Won’t you like that?”

Tessa stopped what she was doing and looked up at her Mistress when she heard her name.

“Yes, my slut,” Elsa continued when she saw Tessa look up, “did you think cleaning the floor was enough punishment for failing to empty his balls completely?”

Tessa knew better than to answer her Mistress’ rhetorical questions, so she didn’t respond.

“Get over here!”

Tessa crawled the little distance over to her Mistress, who told her to push her ass up. Pulling on the hooks that were still inserted through the wall between her ass and cunt, Mistress Elsa enlightened everyone in the room about the punishment Tessa was about to receive.

"Since you failed terribly at emptying him completely, I just have to find a way to make sure he won't spray his cum and blood all over the room when he shoots another load. You know how he is, getting his nipples worked over works well, but the same goes for his cock and balls."

Elsa removed the hooks from Tessa's pussy and ass, but left the ones in her tits.

"So I want his cock put somewhere where it won't spray around the room when he does come, and I just thought of the perfect place! Get up! You will help me to prepare his balls for play. Get him off of that chair and remove everything from him except the stuff on his cock and in his ass!"

Fleur watched closely as Tessa obeyed her mistress' command immediately and stood up again. Instead of looking bruised and broken, which might have been what a casual observer had perceived, Fleur thought Tessa looked magnificent and strong, still wearing nothing more than her platform heels, torn fishnets, meat hooks through her small tits and a couple of pins and needles. Where other girls might have broken down and cried, here she was, offering herself for another round of brutal physical abuse by her mistress.

Tessa stepped over behind him and started removing his bondage. Over the course of a few minutes, he was disconnected from the torture furniture, but still kneeling above the grate in the floor. Mistress Elsa and Tessa moved everything out of the way, paying no attention to their bleeding slave meat in the middle of the room.

When they were done preparing him for what was going to be the last part of tonight's session, he was on his hands and knees with a spreader bar between his ankles and whatever dildo contraption he had stuck in his ass since the beginning of the night was still there. His balls were stretched away from his body with a metal tube that pressed his testicles down in his scrotum. Attached to the metal tube were two chains, one on each side, running to his ankle cuffs. In this position, he was hardly able to move and if he tried, he’d put immediate strain on his balls.

With his balls stretched out and exposed like that, they were very obviously the main target for the next part of the session. Mistress Elsa had left them alone except for some weight stretching, but all of that was about to change now.

While Mistress Elsa opened a large briefcase and managed the supplies inside, Tessa started the assault on his balls with a small paddle. A simple wooden spoon, really. And as soon as she started smacking it down, not only did he start screaming at the top of his lungs, his cock also immediately responded by perking up from its limp state.

"Harder!" Elsa commanded from behind her briefcase.

Her slave girl eagerly complied and smacked the paddle down a couple of times with considerably more force, leaving dark marks on his already purple scrotum while he wailed out in pain.

"That's more like it, now use this here while I prepare the water."

Elsa took the wooden spoon from Tessa and handed her a cattle prod and a simple ball gag.

"Better put that in his mouth first. And don't worry about the settings, it's all exactly as it should be."

Tessa looked at the device that she knew personally very well. She'd been on the receiving end of its shocks quite a few times. She noticed that the switch marked 'buzz only / low / high' was now gone and that whatever setting the thing was at, could not be changed.

She made sure the ball gag was in place before she pushed the two electrodes of her cattle prod against his testicles and teased him for a little bit. He visibly braced for what was to come next, but she delayed it on purpose, just pressing the device against his stretched balls in various spots.

All of a sudden then she zapped them for the first time. He wailed and almost collapsed, but managed to keep his position on his hands and knees.

"He's such a good boy!" Elsa lauded her slave from where she was. "Give him at least four more!"

Tessa took her time, constantly teasing him with the prod, pressing it against his balls, only to pull back and press it somewhere else.

Every time she zapped it, he wailed out in pain and after the third shock, he was down on his belly, unable to keep his position. His legs moved around, stretching his now marked balls hard away from his body.

“One more!” was Elsa’s command to her slave girl, who gladly obeyed. She pressed the cattle prod back down against his stretched balls, right where the burn marks from the previous shocks started to become clearly visible.

“That’s good! Perfect!” Elsa exclaimed. She commanded Tessa to kneel down next to him and kept talking to the girl as she finished the treatment of his cock and balls.

“I’m going to have some fun with the two of you now,” she continued. “

The mistress inspected his cut and bleeding limp cock. There was no way he would be able to fuck Tessa with it at the moment and Elsa doubted that the treatment she planned for his testicles would bring his limp dick back to life. But there was no harm in trying, so she started to work on them like she planned.

With his scrotum tightly encased in the metal tube stretchers, she had his testicles nicely pressed down in his sac.

“Do you think, Tessa my dear,” she said, “that he will shoot cum mixed with blood if I push these through his balls?”

The mistress produced two fairly thick meat skewers and held them up for Tessa and Fleur to see.

“We will have to see, won’t we?” she asked rhetorically. Fleur watched anxiously. She knew he had experienced this before. She’d seen the round marks on his scrotum and he’d told her about the excruciatingly painful but extremely arousing nature of testicular piercing. It was one of Mistress Elsa’s favorite activities and Fleur thought that two skewers were a modest amount for a mistress like her.

Elsa held the tube around his scrotum with one hand and aligned the first of the two skewers with his testicles. He screamed out loud as she pushed the first skewer into his left testicle. He kept grunting as she aligned the pin and also pushed into and clean through the second testicle, effectively pinning them together.

When it was through, he kept breathing heavily, but did not make any other sound until Elsa continued her work with the second skewer. It went right next to the first and also straight through both his balls.

With the other pin already in, it was more painful for him to receive the second one and he barely managed to keep his position on his hands and knees.

Fleur thought there would be lots of blood, but there was none, surprisingly. She’d only have to wait a little more.

“Do you think two is enough for this pig meat?” Elsa wanted to know, looking at Tessa, who was watching, next to her mistress.

The girl didn’t reply immediately but looked from his skewered testicles up to her mistress and back.

“Well, cunt?” Elsa barked. “I don’t give you a choice often. What’s it gonna be? I have two more right here, or should I save them for you?”

“He is not getting hard yet, Mistress,” Tessa replied after another second. “I think he needs more.”

“Very well, then.” Elsa replied and proceeded to align a third pin against the skewered testicles.

If the second one hurt, then this third one was pure hell. The guy collapsed as Mistress Elsa manipulated the skewer after it went through the first testicle and had to be pushed through the second. Due to his sudden move, the pin didn’t go through completely straight and ran a little to the right compared to the others.

He wailed out in pain and Mistress Elsa pulled him back up by his scrotum.

“What is that, meat?” Stay on your fucking hands and knees. If only you could look at what you’ve done. Now it’s not straight anymore!”

The Mistress discarded the fourth skewer and instead grabbed a box of heavy gauge hypodermic needles. At two inches in length, these were considerably shorter than the skewers and also about one fourth in thickness.

“Now stay still while I decorate your eggs, meat!” she yelled at him. “Cunt, unwrap these for me!”

Tessa now unwrapped the thick hypodermic needles one by one and handed them to her mistress, who started inserting them into his balls. Elsa pushed them through each individual testicle, pressing the caps tightly against his scrotum and making sure the sharp tips of the needles protruded from his balls on the other side.

“Not another strip, get me the yellow gun instead” she said to Tessa when the slave girl handed Elsa last of the ten needles that were given to her. “Since this doesn’t seem to get his limp dick hard, I guess we will have to improvise.”

Tessa got up and walked over to a cabinet where she opened a drawer and picked up what looked like a yellow nail gun.

“You know,” Elsa continued, “I’m going to tube his cock. Just put that thing down there and get me the stump, I’ll be right back.”

The mistress also got up for a moment and went over to the other side of the room, outside Fleur’s view. When she returned, she held a metal toy that looked like a hollow dildo.

It was a hollow urethal sound inside a thick rubber cylinder that had many holes in it all along its shaft.

“That should do the trick,” the mistress said. “I will get his limp cock rigid with the sound and then wrap this tube around. It will almost be like a hard cock.”

While Elsa lubricated the urethral sound and pushed it slowly into his limp and bleeding cock, Tessa went to the far end of the room and fetched what they called ‘the stump’. It was basically a partial log of wood on wheels. It was custom made so that male slaves could kneel behind it and have their cocks or balls or both nailed to the stump. Tessa now wheeled it next to her mistress.

Elsa had managed to get the sound all the way into his limp dick, giving it more of a rigid appearance. His cock was still bleeding heavily from the harsh treatment it had received previously, and it didn’t get erect by itself. Elsa wrapped the tight rubber tube around his cock, making it not only thicker, but also considerably stiffer.

“Turn around, meat!” she barked and the guy did as he was told, even though he had to struggle a little with the spreader bar between his ankles.

When she placed his encased and sounded cock on top of the wooden surface, she addressed her slave girl again.

“Kneel, bitch. And watch as I shoot these nails through his worthless limp cock.”

She pressed the power tool down against his encased cock and aligned the first nail so that it would go through the rubber case and his cock and out the other side, but would not hit the urethral sound.


He shouted and grunted. The first nail was in. The mistress used some pliers to make sure the cock didn’t stay nailed to the surface it was on. She continued with more nails while she kept talking to Tessa.

“You see, I don’t know if he can still cum like this, but like I said, I want his cock put somewhere where it won't spray around the room if and when he does. So I will insert these nails, and when I’m satisfied with them, you will kneel over this stump, push your ass up and then you’re going to fuck him like a good greedy slut and you will take all of his nailed cock deep inside your cunt while I zap his balls some more.”

The mistress shot ten nails through his cock, from the head all the way down his shaft, making sure they went through without hitting the urethral sound. The nails were just a little longer than his encased cock was wide, so when Elsa was done, he had ten pointy pins sticking out of his dick all around.

Whether it was the harsh abuse with the nails or not, it seemed like his cock was rock hard and ready for action again. Elsa pulled the stump on wheels a little forward and she didn’t even have to tell Tessa again to kneel down behind it. The girl got in position by herself as soon as her mistress discarded the power tool she had used.

He still had his hands free and pulled the girl on the stump a little closer and pressed his spiky cock head against her pussy.

“Tell him how you like it, cunt,” Elsa barked at her slave girl. “Tell him what you are.”

“Please fuck me hard. Please,” the girl almost sounded like she was about to start crying.

“Please fuck me deep, I am just meat to be used.”

“That’s right, cunt!” Mistress Elsa barked. She had picked up the cattle prod again and pressed it against his bloody nipples.


“Give her what she wants, slave!” Elsa barked at him and he started fucking Tessa as well as he could. Within moments, the two slaves had a rhythmic fucking motion going and slowly but surely, he was able to ram more and more of his encased cock inside Tessa’s pussy.

Mistress Elsa encouraged the two by alternating her electric shocks between Tessa and him until a few minutes of fucking had passed by.

“Show me your cunt, slut!” Elsa barked as she pulled Tessa’s hair. “Turn around!”

He pulled his blood-covered cock out of Tessa’s bleeding pussy and the slave girl was harshly turned around on her back. Mistress Elsa inspected her meat. She was not satisfied yet. Even though the spikes through his cock had scraped her cunt and made her bleed a little, Elsa expected and wanted more.

“Again!” she barked. “Fuck her like this. Let me see your cock go in and out!”

The mistress continued her assault with the cattle prod and made her slave fuck Tessa until she was bleeding as heavily from her pussy as he had been from his cock when she trampled him on the spiked chair. When she was satisfied, she told her slaves to stop and as they collapsed on top of each other, this exquisite session came to an end.

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