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Never Trust A Stranger

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Synopsis: Recovering from a broken relationship, I hit the town to rebuild my life. After a late night at a club I am unable to hail a cab and decide to accept an offer of a lift from a rather nice guy I met at the club. Innocently I accept an offer of a coffee at his place. It is a decision I would live to regret


It was going all too well. I was recovering from a broken relationship and after several weeks of moping in my flat decided it was time to get out and rebuild my social life. I hit the clubs and was having a ball, dressed in an outfit what was way too short and revealing and way too tight for my own good in 6 inch heels that accentuated by trim but well proportioned figure.

He was with a group of friends but kept looking my way and eventually came over and started chatting. I was having a ball for the first time in weeks and then reluctantly got up to leave. Getting a cab at that time of the night was just impossible and as I was waiting by the curb he exited from the club and noticing me waiting offered to take me home.

Probably having one too many I accepted and we walked to his sporty BMW. Once on the way, he suggested a coffee at his place and I thought what the heck, why not. It was a decision I would so to regret.

His luxury house was in a secluded in a posh area of town and he was the perfect gentleman. Making me a latte like a practiced barista I relaxed sipping the well brewed coffee. As we chatted I started to feel drowsy and my eyes simply could not keep open. I was slipping into a deep sleep and loosing control. The warm darkness was so welcoming .

I don't know how long I was out but when I woke and forced my eyes open, something was not right. I felt bare and terribly uncomfortable an opening my eyes could see my nakedness. But more disconcerting was the fact that I found myself unable to move. My feet were doubled up to my thighs and bound with rope and spread wide apart with my pussy indecently exposed. I tried to speak but something was stuffed in my mouth and strapped in place around the back of my head and the only sounds I could make we muffled incoherent mews.

I seemed to be bound with ropes criss crossing my breasts and waist to a wooden chair of sorts and my arms were pulled over my head and bound to the back of the chair leaving me totally immobile. As if this wasn't bad enough, I was feeling very stuffed and bending my head forward could see to my horror a big fat dildo on a pole sticking obscenely out of my pussy.  A dull ache in my rear told me that that I was sitting on something big that was in my ass.

Awake now I started to pull at the bonds that held me in place, my breasts heaving as I strained to get free. Trashing about until I broke out in sweat all over my body, I tried in vain to free myself. The dildo up my pussy and my ass were so humiliating. It was then that I focussed on a struggling figure on the large screen TV set up in front of me and to my despair realised that I was looking at myself laid out and helplessly trashing about.

I hear a door open and someone walking into the room. "Ahh the sleeping beauty is awake" my gentlemen host announces as he walks around to face me. I try to swear at him but only make meaningless garbled sounds through my gagged mouth. "Oh please don't thank me. I am just training you for the life you are going to lead. You are stunningly beautiful and I am sure you will fetch a princely sum when I auction you off. But first I must train you in the ways you are to serve your future owners"

I could not believe what I was hearing and struggled even harder which was silly as it drove the two dildos further into me.

"Now that you are awake and know what is to become of you, let us start your training. Oh and by the way, you can scream and shout all you want but no one will hear you as we are in my underground sound proofed dungeon specially built for the purpose of training my slaves for their future lives"

I hear more footsteps and a few more men enter the room. My embarrassment increases being so naked and helpless in front of so many strangers but I recognise the men as the group of friends at the club from the previous night.

With practiced ease, they remove the dildo from my pussy, untie me from the chair and pull me roughly off the chair causing me pain as I am lifted off the plug in my ass. They drag me over to two wooden blocks and spread my legs over the two blocks

They swiftly bind my hands behind my back and wrap rope under, over and on top of my breasts binding me tightly to a block behind my back squashing my breasts at my nipples. My hands are bound behind my back to the block and then they wraps coils of rope tightly cinching my waist. In just a few moments I am left sitting legs spread widely apart and upright. To ensure that I stay upright they tie a rope around my neck tied to the ceiling. I can hardly move an inch.

I have hardly any time to adjust to my new position before a dildo to thrust roughly up my ass. Then they bring a vibrator fastened in place to the floor up to my pussy over my clit.

I had head about women using vibrators before but had always wondered how they used it. "We are going to teach you some endurance slut. You see you are going to learn how to cum over and over again without relief". My eyes open wide in horror. What do they mean.

They switch on the vibrator, and it starts to stimulate me. I try to fight the warm feelings that are building up between my legs but bound the way I am I am fighting a loosing battle. I don't want them to think I am enjoying it but the feeling is building and I by body is responding to the unwanted  stimulation I am receiving. Soon I find myself shamelessly pushing my pussy up against the vibrating head to bring on my orgasm. I scream through my gag as my body betrays me and shudders. I am breathing heavily through my nose and wondering when they will switch the vibrator off. But no one comes forward and it dawns upon me that they have no intention of switching it off. OMG how long are they going to leave it on.

An hour and 5 orgasms later I am covered in sweat with saliva drooling from around my gagged mouth onto to my breasts and down to my pussy and that dreaded vibrator, After the second orgasm the intense please is changed intense pain and though I scream and plead no one comes to my aid. I am exhausted and my head would have hung down but for the rope around my neck.

I have no idea how much time has passed but my clit and pussy is sore and I can hardly move. But instead of some rest they tell me that it is lunch time and time to feed me. I am hungry and relieved to hear that but I have no idea what they meant by lunch. One of them laughs telling me that they hope I like a liquid lunch.

With that they untie me and take me over to a wooden bed. Using rope they quickly have my arms stretched out bound at my wrists. Next my legs are spread apart with rope is used to bind my legs to my thighs just above my knees. Bound this way I am forced to lean for ward.

I feel the buckle of the ball gag being released as one of them kneels in front of me and places his cock right in front of my face. I look at his hard cock and up at him and wonder what he expects me to do. Grabbing a handful of my hair he pulls my head back causing me to cry out in pain and as I do so he shoves his hard cock into my open mouth.

Holding onto my hair he starts to pump my head up and down on his cock. "Hurrrmpppfff" is all I can manage to say shocked by his sudden attack on my mouth. He humps into my helpless mouth relentlessly until he stiffens and pushes his cock all the way into the back of my mouth as he cums and dumps his load straight into my throat. I gag and splutter but he holds my head in place forcing me to swallow his hot sticky load.

As he pulls his saliva coated cock out of my mouth with an obscene plop another man takes his place. One after another 4 other men take their turn to fuck my mouth and "feed" me lunch. By the time they are done, my breasts are covered in saliva that has drooled from my cock gagged mouth and my jaws are aching.

My host lifts my head up in his hand by my chin and looking into my eyes tells me that my cock sucking lesson was a good start though he expects my skills to improve quickly. He announces that it was time to move on to my next lesson which he called a sandwich.

They untie me and drag me over to a low table and push me face down onto the top of the table tying off my legs spread apart with leather straps to the legs of the table. Then using more leather straps they strap my hands together and secure them to the other end of the table and then strap my waist to the table completely immobilising me.

I struggle to no avail. I cannot move let alone fight back and am left to await my next lesson. One of the men explains that this next lesson is about using both ends of my body to satisfy clients and he takes great pains to explain that this means having all my body holes stuffed with nice big fat cocks. I cannot believe what I am hearing and before I can even reply, I find my lips around a deeply embedded cock and held in place by hands placed on the back of my head. The cock is so deep it slides down my throat causing me to choke.

While I am adjusting to being face fucked yet again, I feel hands parting my ass cheeks and steel myself to have a cock up my pussy. But to my horror, the cock head starts poking away at my anus instead. I have heard of girls who like to be screwed in the ass but have never allowed myself to be taken this way before.

I try to shake off the impending invader making gurgled sounds that a cock is too big to fit in my ass. But with a forceful shove and with a sudden shearing pain, I feel my rectal muscles stretch allowing the hardened cock to penetrate my anus.

I scream at the top of my lungs silenced by the cock fucking my mouth making only muffled cries "gnuurrrggghg" as bubbles of saliva form around the fat cock in my mouth.

My body is shuddering as my ass tries in vain to accommodate the cock which I feel is tearing my ass apart as he humps away without mercy. After what seems like an eternity being fucked at both ends, they both empty their hot semen into my mouth and ass. My ass feels like it is getting an enema and the man fucking my mouth pulls out and wipes his sticky cum cock all over my face and hair.

Two man take place of the two spent guys but this time they tell me that they want me to "enjoy" myself and make them cum instead. I am horrified. How can they expect me to. But they tell me in no uncertain terms that if I cannot make them cum, they will whip my ass and just to show they mean business the give me two swipes leaving red marks on my ass cheeks.

Sobbing I use whatever little movement allowed me to and start to pump my head up and down on the cock in my mouth and pushing back to take more of the cock in my pussy. Tears well up in my eyes as I think about the way I am behaving.

"Good girl" one of them says. "Now use your tongue to play with the cock and suck like the cock loving slut your are". With tears streaming down my cheeks I brace myself and start to suck on the cock in my mouth. With my lips wrapped around the growing cock I suck and suck while at the same time bobbing my head up and down on the cock embedded in my sore and aching mouth.

In the meantime, I am not allowed to forget the penis holed up in my pussy as the man demands attention by slapping my exposed bottom. I bear down squashing my breasts and push backwards allowing my pussy to grip his cock as a thrust back and forward on it.

I feel like a wanton prostitute begging for more cock as tears continue to stream down my cheeks as I suck greedily on the cock in my mouth saliva foaming around my lips that seal the instrument of my humiliation while lewdly thrusting back on the penis tearing at my cunt lips apart.

In short order both my tormentors stiffen and I prepare myself to be flooded at both ends with their hot sticky semen and fill me.  The man fucking my face grabs my hair and thrusts himself so deep that his extended cock thrusts down my unwilling throat shooting his load down my throat into my belly. The man at my back grabs hold of my waist and slams himself hard all the way into my pussy unloading his cum deep into my sweet abused sex holding me there until he has unloaded every single drop and I feel it creeping up inside me.

"See now that was not too bad a start my dear slut" my host tells me. "Lets see how well you can do squatting sex!".  My mind is in a state of confusion. I cannot understand what he would have me learn. 

I am untied and taken to a white tiled wall with two lengths of chain hanging from the wall. One of the men lies down on a mat on the floor his erect penis standing up. I am led to the wall and made to face away from the wall as leather cuffs at the end of the hanging chains are strapped to my wrists. I am made to straddle the loins of the man on the mat with my still dripping wet pussy directly over his erect standing cock.

I am instructed to squat and impale myself on his waiting cock. My wrists are pulled back behind me as I am slowly forced into squatting position with his cock resting at my cunt lips. He grabs hold of my wrists keeping them behind me. One of them says "Aww is she shy. C'mon slut what are you waiting for". With that he places his hands on my bare shoulders and pushes down. I gasp as the man on the mat enters me. His cock is easily the biggest I have had to accommodate thus far. They wheel a metal frame with a huge cock shaped dildo protruding from some sort of machine. There is no doubting what they intend the big rubber cock to go and I am left in no doubt soon enough as they force it into my mouth through my vainly resisting lips.

"She has done so well learning to be sandwiched that it would be a shame for her to forget that skill". With my mouth now gagged on the mechanical rubber and my pussy stuffed I can only glare at them. Just when I thought things could not get any more humiliating, they turn the machine on and the damn rubber cock starts to pump in and out of my mouth. Oh no being face fucked by a machine.

The man whose cock is impaled in gets impatient and asks "girl what are you waiting for? This is your squatting sex training. Make me cum girl or one of my pals there is going to start whipping those lovely tits of yours.

My goodness, does their depravity know no bounds!! They expect me to make him cum with me doing all the work in such a humiliating way. I attempt to resist but a quick lash of the whip on my breasts serves as a quick reminder that I have little choice. Slowly I push myself up and then drop my bottom again. Up and down impaling myself on his growing cock.

I must be a degrading sight with the rubber cock pumping in and out of my mouth and me squatting up and down impaling myself on his cock with each up and down movement. My breasts jingling obscenely with each bounce. "Come on slut, you better make me cum or have those tits of yours whipped". On hearing this I redouble my efforts like a whore that they are making me into and my body starts to betray me as I pump harder and faster begging for sexual release. He stiffens as I want to cum, nothing else matters. I need to find release and start to suck on the rubber cock invading my mouth.

"Gnuurrghhh, Ahhh ahhhh Aiyeeeeeeeee yess yeeeeeesss" I finally succumb and press down hard to take his whole cock in me wantonly and unabashedly.

He empties his seed deep into me grunting and pushing hard into my vagina savouring my humiliation and degradation. I am exhausted with sweat dripping out of every pore in my body lost in the sexual heat of the moment.

Sated, he releases my hands and one of the other men stops the dreadful fucking machine giving my mouth some relief at last.

But my humiliation is not yet complete as they replace the rubber cock in my mouth with a head hardness with a big red rubber ball gag. Dragging me over to a symbion on the floor they soon have me bound with my legs on either side of the implement with something rubbery firmly at my clit and a rubber dildo up my ass. My hands are bound at my wrists and at my elbows causing my arms to be pulled tightly behind my back. Then they bind my legs to my thighs and tie a rope to my head harness gag at the top of my head and pull it tight to a hook in the ceiling only to attach it to my wrist binds causing my arms to be pulled upwards. I feel like my arms are going to pop out

of its sockets. To complete my humiliation, they tie a rope around my neck like pull it tightly forward. I am completely immovable without an inch of give.

My tormentors then stand in front of me and say "Hope you enjoyed today's training. Time you build up your stamina and endurance for your first assignment tomorrow". I cannot comprehend their meaning until they turn on the symbion and in short order the dildo up my ass. The symbion starts to stimulate my clit and there is no way for me to avoid it much as I try to pull away from the rubbery tips vibrating against my vulnerable clit. Its partner embedded in my poor ass is vibrating at the same time stimulating me without respite. It is only as they start to file out the door that I realise that they fully intend to leave my like that for goodness knows how long. How long can I fight this.........not long as I cave in to an orgasm. But there is no respite and I despair at how many orgasms I can take. Mercy.............

(To be continued)

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