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Four Conversations

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Synopsis: Husband and wife.The four phases of marriage pass as he heads from corporate manager to bedroom slut to his pampered wife.The whole story is just a series of conversations in which the husband goes downhill while his wife asserts herself ever more... He started as her equal, he will finish pleasing her lover.

Four Conversations


An ADULT tale written


Miss Irene Clearmont

Copyright © Miss Irene Clearmont 2013


Four Conversations




“Do you love me?”

“Of course! Do you doubt it?”

“Can you prove it?”

“I thought that I did, every day.”


“What do you mean ‘how’? I married you when you asked me, I work every day to give you the things that you want. I come home and make love to you, I am faithful to you and never look at another woman, your wish is my command.”

“My wish is your command?”

“Of course. I would do anything for you darling.”


“I shall hold you to your word!”



“How about we make love again?”

“Darling, of course, but let’s wait ten minutes until I am hard again.”

“I want it now, I need it now! You promised!”

“As you like. Just turn over and I’ll show you the magic of my fingers.”

“If I can’t have your cock, then I want your lips and tongue.”

“But, Jeannie, we just made love and…”

“You said ‘anything’, remember!”

“I did and I meant it!”

“Then show me that you love me, darling. Prove it to me.”


“No ‘buts’. I want your lips on my cunt, I want your tongue lapping my clit, I want you to drink what you gushed into me, I want you to prove that you would do anything for me.”

“Yes, darling…”

“Start slowly and drink at my cunt, lap it up like a good little puppy and tell me you love me as you drink and satisfy my craving.”

“I love you.”

“Does it taste good?”


“Tell me!”

“You taste of heaven.”

“Let me hear you beg to satisfy me.”

“Please tell me how to satisfy you!”

“Tickle me with your tongue and then push in deep while I smother you with my ass.”

“Is that pleasing?”

“I can feel you deep inside me, that is perfect, but your cock is not hard, are you sure that you love me?”

“I love you.”

“That’s what you keep saying, but if you really loved me, if you really lusted after my gratitude, your tongue would work harder to satisfy me and your little cock would be like stone.”

“What more can I do?”

“You could show my ass that you love it too!”


“That’s better, but your tongue is not pushing hard enough to make me come. Ah, that’s better, now you are really trying to please me. Oh, I’m coming, Jesus that’s so good…”




“That’s what you keep saying, but my heart tells me otherwise, it is so difficult to believe you. I know when you are lying!”

“I am faithful, I have never screwed around, at least not since I got to know you! You know that you are everything to me and that I would never do anything like that. Are you getting jealous of shadows that don’t exist?”

“How can you say such a thing? Is it so wrong if I love you so much that I spend all my time worrying that I may be sharing you with some slut?”

“Now you are exaggerating everything! All you saw was me pecking a work colleague on the cheek. Nothing more! It was…”

“Now comes the reason for smooching with another woman! You waited until I was there and then you kissed her on the lips. That’s more than just a peck on the cheek!”

“If you won’t let me tell you what happened with Jasmine then how can you ever judge me fairly? We make love and then your turn on me with this… I do everything for you, I indulge your fantasies, I please you and ask for nothing in return and then you suddenly act all suspicious.”

“Now you are trying to complicate it all. Changing the subject like some politician on the TV.”

“That’s just not true. I remember just a few months ago when you asked me if I loved you and I replied that I would do anything for you. Your answer was to test me and did I pass the test? Sure I did! I have longed to fuck you properly instead of being trapped between your thighs licking and sucking at your ass! Sometimes, when I am lucky, you give me a hard fast and brutal hand-job and then make me lick it up from your feet to prove that I love you…”

“See! I was discussing you canoodling with that office-slut Jasmine and you moan about my little pleasures. What is so wrong with…  See! You even have me changing the subject trying to defend myself when it is clear that it is you that has to earn my trust! Tell me all about Jasmine then! Tell me why you were tounging her throat and give me a good reason why I should not believe that you are porking the bitch!”

“It was her birthday, it was just a peck on the cheek, I have never had the chance to ‘pork’ Jasmine.”

“So, if you had the chance? Would you then? Is that what you are telling me?”

“Darling, please, don’t be so unreasonable. I do everything that you ask. I have become a servant not a husband! I try so hard to please you…”

“Don’t ‘darling’ me until we have sorted this out to my satisfaction. The question is, can you be trusted or not? Are you fucking that bitch when you say that you are working late?”

“The answers are ‘yes’ and ‘no’. I can be trusted and I am not fucking her.”

“Well at least you are being forthright even if your honesty is still suspect. On the other hand I am starting to think that you can marry the daughter of the man who gave you a great career in his business and yet play the field all the while.”

“I am grateful to your father for giving me the job and you. I would never put that all at risk by messing around, daring.”

“I notice that the job comes first and the wife second!”

“I’m sorry, of course you mean more to me than a mere job!”

“And now you are slighting my father!”

“How can you take every word and twist it around just to make me beg to be allowed to love you?”

“You say that and then you play French kissing with Jasmine? That is supposed to a defense of your infidelity? Pathetic.”

“Please tell me what I have to do to please you? Please help me say the right thing to make you satisfied that I am faithful. All I did was a small birthday peck on the cheek and now I find that I have said so many things wrong. I promise that I will never do anything like it again. If I had known how upset you would be, I would have just wished her a ‘happy birthday’.”

“I am going to think about how you are going to be punished so that you never have an affair again. In the meantime you can sweeten my mood by massaging my feet!”

“Yes darling.”

“Don’t take off my shoes, I like the idea of you having to try a little harder to please me. As you may have noticed, I am not in a particularly forgiving mood.”

“I do love you know, I really do…”

“You have a strange way of showing it, kissing other women and having an affair with some office slut that my father will sack tomorrow.”

“Please, please, darling, don’t do that!”

“You are forgetting my feet!”

“That is so unfair to Jasmine…”

“Tomorrow my father will tell you to fire her ass, you can tell her yourself. You are trying to protect the cow and then you are going to tell me that she is such a nice girl. Well, consider it done, Jasmine is dead meat and you are going to fire your lover!”

“Please change your mind, please.”

“Kiss my shoes and I might reconsider. In fact I might just give you a special little hand-job if you show me that you are sorry for having an affair behind my back.”

“Yes, dearest!”

“You see, all you have to do is admit that you were unfaithful and we can sort this all out. I can understand that a juicy little cunt like Jasmine is so tempting when you have justifiably not been allowed to fuck me for a short while. I can forgive you, you know. I am not unfair, I can excuse you and her if you just tell me what really happened!”

“I kissed her, that’s all!”

“Didn’t you hear me at all? Don’t let this slut come between the perfect love that we have! Please clean the heels as well, my little office stallion, lick them like you mean it, not like some faithless cheat. That’s better…”

“You are forcing me to admit an affair that I didn’t have.”

“Then you will stand firm and allow me to have Daddy get you to fire the little cunt. She won’t mean anything to you and you will be glad that you stuck to your guns! I only want the truth, nothing more or less. Now the soles and I shall show you how quickly you can come for me, darling!”

“OK. I fucked her twice, it was such a letdown and she was such a prig in bed and just lay there while I fucked her. I just had to have some release, some sort of relief and she seemed ideal…”

“You see! That didn’t hurt now did it. You told the truth and I am going to give you a little prize for it. Then you are going to learn  how it is that I am going to make sure that I will never be out of your mind. To make sure that you never screw around again. All you have to do is suck the heels now and I will reward you.”

“Can you feel my hands?”

“One on my balls and one on my prick.”

“That’s right! One hand makes sure that you spray like a fountain while the other squeezes the juice from you as you come. As soon as you swallow my heel like a little prick, I will make you come, darling. Fast and brutal the way that you like it!”

“Mm. Jesus! I’m coming already.”

“Concentrate on pleasing my heels and think of all the things that you are going to be doing for me tonight. Tonight I am going to need some more reassurance that you love me, there are a few things that will be new for you, a little service will show you the direction that you are heading!”

“I’m coming. Oh!”

“That’s a good little hubby, you’ve come loads all over my perfect breasts so you are going to be attending to them soon! Just a moment… there that’s it, that’s right. Just stay still while I get this right!”

“What are you doing?”

“Just something that I should have done months ago, dear. I am showing you a little forgiveness, but forgiveness starts with avoidance of the same thing happening again in the future. That is fair, right?”

“Ouch, what? Fuck that really hurt! Are you sticking a needle in my foreskin? Jesus, fuck!”

“Take a look, dear. It’s the latest thing!”

“What have you done? What is that thing?”

“It’s just a little device that will help you resist future temptation. With this on you won’t wander again!”

“I never did, please. I have never been unfaithful!”

“That’s not what you said earlier! You told me that you fucked her when I asked you to tell the truth. Are you lying now or where you lying then? Which is worse? You cannot be trusted that’s clear. A perjurer who would save his marriage by lying is not a man who can be believed. On the other hand a man who screwed around like a stallion and then fibbed to cover up is also not reliable!”

“I’m bleeding! Jesus, what have you done?”

“It’s just a little piercing to make sure that you do not try to slip out of it for a little wank. That would be cheating on me too! It’ll heal in a day and then you’ll be glad that I loved you enough to forgive you and then make sure that I can trust you. In fact I think that I deserve a little consideration for being so lenient!”

“Thank you.”

“See! That’s better. You admitted your unfaithfulness. I generously forgave you and then made sure that you are a good husband in future. The only thing left is to get rid of that slut Jasmine. Tomorrow you will find all the things that she has stolen locked in the boot of her car. You will call the police and fire her ass and with that and the tight little tube that you are now wearing to show me that you love only me, I can be sure that it is all over and done with!”

“She has been stealing?”

“Darling, you are so naïve! Of course she has, the evidence will be put in her car tonight by Daddy’s security and you will never have to worry that you will ever be tempted again! Consider it a lesson that you had to learn the hard way!”

“That is so unfair…”

“Darling life is not fair. Some people have more than others. More money, more power, more intelligence and more needs and more pleasures. That’s the way that the world is, it’s stupid to think otherwise. Jasmine is just one of those at the bottom of the pile and soon she’ll be in prison and I still have my husband. A husband who loves me and so wants to show me that he does. A man who is a pleasure in bed, a man who knows that I need so much more than most women.”

“I do love you, I really do!”

“Darling, show me how much. Show me that you know how to please me. My ass hole needs your lips, my cunt is longing to be shafted by your tongue and you are going to do so many things to help me forgive you and forget the fact that you fucked some prison-bait bitch. Now, darling, we need to keep those hands from mischief, put on the handcuffs and I’ll get my favorite pink vibrator!”




“How long have we been married now, darling?”

“Three years, now.”

“And how long is it since I last allowed you a little wank?”

“Two years, darling.”

“Now tell me how you are going to support me now that Daddy has sacked you?”

“I’ll find another job!”

“If you think that I want to married to a pleb who stacks the shelves in the local supermarket then think again, honey. I would rather that you stayed home for me than demean yourself like that.”

“How are we going to manage then?”

“Oh, Daddy said that he’s going to make sure that I have enough money, so you really don’t have to worry about that!”

“What am I going to do!”

“What do you mean by ‘what am I going to do’? There is loads to do, I’ll speak to Ivetta and she’ll find you plenty to do!”


“Of course Ivetta, she keeps telling me that she never has enough time to keep the house in order.”

“That’s only because she is forever doing her nails and entertaining that boyfriend of hers.”

“It doesn’t matter, darling. She’ll find you plenty to do, I’ll get her to show you and then she’ll keep an eye on you.”

“You are going to get the Ukrainian maid to train me? As what?”

“Well, really! That’s just a bit ungrateful of you! I want to help you fill in your hours constructively and all you do is complain. Just because Ivetta is from the Ukraine does not mean that she cannot do her work properly. With you helping her for a few hours a day, the house will be as neat as a pin.”

“A few hours a day?”

“Of course. There’s no point in just doing the washing or ironing and then calling it a day! Jesus, do you think that all this stuff does itself? If I hear any more complaints I’ll put you in the room next to Ivetta where she can organize you properly. I’m sick of you snoring in the next bedroom as well, so don’t tempt me to do it.”

“I can’t help it.”

“I know that you can’t help it darling, in fact I am finding that there are a lot of things that you can't help! For instance how about last night? Huh? You didn’t do very well there did you?”

“If you handcuff me, how can I serve you properly in bed?”

“Well, at least you have finished always going on about ‘making love’! The last two years have been a real disappointment for me, because you haven’t fucked me once, if it keeps on like this who could blame me if I go myself a man who really knew how to fuck?”

“But, you put me in this chastity tube, it was you who told me that you were sick of fucking and wanted a more personal attention from me. It was you!”

“Well I never! You have such a cheek, I really despair that you will ever be allowed out of the tube, at least if you do not change your rather offensive turn of phrase. If you remember, I told you that a month in the tube would do you good and make you hot for me when the month was over!”


“But, what? That was the way that I told you, but what did you do? You didn’t please me and were all obstinate and I had to punish you with another three months of chastity. Now here we are, two years later and you blame me for the state that you are in? Who was it that made such a fuss when I just wanted you to wear a simple mask and cuffs in bed? Who was it that complained that he could not breathe when all I wanted was a little oral attention? Who is it that continually wants to be released and yet cannot understand that if he behaves like a good boy and does as he is told all the time, we will have so much fun together? You, that’s who!”

“But, darling, you keep adding punishment months to my chastity and that means…”

“Are you blaming me for the fact that you are useless? I can’t believe it. That’s it! It’s pretty clear that you do not respond to reasonable chastisement, I am going to organize Ivetta to take you in hand. I’m sure that she will know how to get you trained, she seems pretty definite, after all she has that boyfriend of hers well under control!”

“Ivetta? Trained?”

“If you want to stay under my roof, you’ll just have to get used to my rules! You lose your job, you need constant attention and now you won’t do this simple thing. I’ll have Daddy throw you out if I hear another word of argument. You remember what happened to that slut Jasmine? She did her eight months for stealing, well I had a word about her and it seems that she is now in Risley Prison waiting to be moved to Holloway for the next five years for trying to sell drugs or something. The details aren’t at all important! All that I’m saying is that if you think you can get away with treating me like shit, then you can expect me to finish you off!”

“What do I have to do?”

“I’ll have a word with Ivetta and then we’ll see, after all there are all sorts of bits and pieces to organize. I’ll have to give her the key to your tube and of course we’ll need new locks on the basement room which is where you will be sleeping and get the camp bed in there so that you’re comfortable. Then we have to think of all the other details… like a uniform.”

“Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, darling! I’m sure that this is just a passing phase that we are going through. I’ll bet it happens in every marriage where the woman finds that she has to help her inadequate husband along a little.”




“Oh, darling that was so good! When you press that fat cock into my cunt and then push so deep into me so slowly you just hit that spot where I have to scream blue murder!”

“That’s what I like about fucking you, Edith. The way that there are no regrets, nothing holding you back, you are just so good at fucking! Is there anything that you won’t do?”

“Oh a few things, perhaps, but I just adore fucking all night and all day. It’s what makes me tick, a prick!”

“Is it rhyme-time?”

“Fuck and suck.”

“Is that a request or the game?”

“A request of course! No games… You fuck me, I’ll suck you dry, I’ll drain your balls and if you are a good little fuck-stud then I’ll let you in the tight dry back door!”

“That’s an offer that is difficult to resist Edith, but you’ll have to give me a minute or two ‘till I’m ready to shaft you again.”

“That’s fine, I fancy a drink anyway.”

“I’ll get one for you, what’ you want?”

“Don’t be silly, I’ll get Ivetta to get us one.”

“You have an Eastern European maid? Jesus Edith, that’s so very bijou.”

“Wait until you see the slut! She dresses like a tuppenny whore, all long painted nails and fuck-me heels and then she walks around like she owns the place. I love her, she is such a cock magnet! She is such a ruthless slut, one muscle-bound boyfriend after the other!”

“She sounds as if she’s worth a look!”

“Naughty, naughty! I’ll just call her up and she can fix us a couple of drinks, though I’m warning you that anything without vodka in it is not in her vocabulary!”

“OK, make mine an apple Martini then!”

“Oh, very fucking sophisticated. Are you sure that all that alcohol won’t put you out of action?”

“Don’t worry about that. I am never too drunk to fuck.”

“Dead Kennedy’s”

“In one.”

“I can hear her on the stairs, pull the sheet over me, quick.”

“There you go…”

“If you make eyes at her, I’ll be angry. You’re mine!”

“I love you when you’re angry!”

“Well, that sounds fun as well…”

“Come in, Ivetta!”

“What the fuck?”

“Oh shit I forgot!”

“What you forgot that you had a sissy faggot as a maid?”

“No I forgot that I lent Ivetta the Jag and a mink to go away for a couple of days and there’s just Georgette here!”

“Edith, you forgot that you had a shemale maid? You are amazing, or are you playing tricks on me?”

“No, I did forget. Meet Georgette, my kinky perverted little husband!”

“You are married?”

“Five years now.”

“You are one surprise after another!”

“I know. Georgette, two cocktails now. I’ll have a whiskey sour and an apple Martini for my stud here.”

  “Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, and we’ll have  a few nibbles as well, we have to keep our energy up.”

  “Yes Ma’am

“That was your husband?”

“Still is, legally anyway. Actually he’s just a maid now. Ivetta keeps him in hand!”

“Did you know that he was a sissy-shemale when you married him? I mean those heels and the frilly uniform and those breasts…”

“Well, sort of I suppose. He was always into my underwear and I found some rather suggestive magazines which he thought that he had hidden from me. It just went from there. About two years ago I put him under Ivetta’s wing and so he is really all her own work.”

“You mean that she’s fucking him?”

“Of course not! He’s just her slave I suppose, Georgette does all the housework and she makes sure that it’s all properly done in her own inimitable style. I don’t worry about the details.”


“Ivetta likes to dish out corporal punishment with her cane occasionally to keep him on his toes. I had to make her cane him in a special room in the cellar, the noise was just so very irritating. Anyway he’s been in enforced chastity for years now and what with the huge breasts that have been added, I don’t think that Ivetta has much interest in anything other than making him do all of her duties.”

“You are a dangerous woman!”

“Oh, that and more. Make sure that you are a good little boy!”

“I don’t play master and servant.”

“Don’t be so sure, you could be the master!”

“What with you in fetters and sucking my lusty cock like a bitch?”

“Well the chains can be arranged, but I’ll bet that Georgette can manage an acceptable blowjob.”

“Now you are pushing my limits!”

“Am I still inside them?”


“Is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?”

“I can’t decide. That sort of thing has never floated my boat.”

“But, you have never tried it? I mean, you have never had a little sissy-male helping you fuck a beautiful woman?”


“Well then. Let’s give it a try when he brings up the cocktails for us. If you like we can keep him clothed, though even I have to admit that he has a sweet little ass-hole, just like a tight little pussy. Ivetta uses it all the time and I think that she has trained him to personal services that I don’t ask about.”

“The idea makes me a bit uncomfortable.”

“Why, Georgette is just a fuck-slut who loves to please me and spend his days cleaning, polishing and making my life as pleasing as possible. Give it a try and you’ll see that having a personal slave is so satisfying!”

“OK, OK, I’ll give it a try, but you’ll have to lead the show. I have no idea how to do something like this.”

“Fine! I’ll get Georgette to get Ivetta’s cane and we’ll have a bit of fun. Don’t forget, if Georgette refuses to follow orders we punish him very hard. It’s what he’s used to; this is going to be fun…”

“Not for your husband!”

“Serves the little sissy right…”


The End


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