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Collected by lord_odie

Good 'uns (24 stories listed)

  • Veronica\'s Destruction: by TheVariableX
    (Synopsis: For anyone who has read my other works, this one starts fairly ordinary but quickly heads toward a very dark place. There are some codes present in the story that I barely read and have never written before. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed writting this one. In short, an evil dominant sadist/masochist causes one death too many and slides quickly into bleak self hating. She eventually submits to the very acts she has spent a lifetime forcing on others.)
  • Human Mattress: by Hungry Guy
    (Synopsis: A sexist remark whilst chatting among friends in the dorms after class gets Doug in big trouble with the girls. But wait... )
  • The James Family: by TheVariableX
    (Synopsis: In the near future the Chinese have become the last supower and now control most of the world. The iron fisted and discriminatory Chinese Occupation Regime garrison the majority of what was the Free Western Alliance. A minority family of westerners begin an exciting day as the eldest daughter prepares to join her mothers corporation. Pent up emotions and urges are released and things spiral out of control for the family.)
  • Do Pervert Angels fly in Business Class?: by Kaiser
    (Synopsis: An almost naked and masochist girl on a flight makes a spectacle of herself. These are real events I had the luck to watch with my eyes. So, don't expect nothing of particularly strange or crude.)
  • High Heeled Hell: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: Tiffany and Samantha volunteer for a demonstration in Miss Juniperís torture/snuff class, but they have no clue what horrors await them during Miss Jís infamous creativity days.)
  • Group XS: by Saavik
    (Synopsis: Catherine is a public prosecutor who thought she'd quashed the sadistic Group XS. Then her friends and family start disappearing and the spectre of her past comes back to haunt and ensnare her.)
  • Binding Agreement: by Rachael Day
    (Synopsis: Bonda loved her work in the fetish art studio. But she was always short of cash and chose to play some tricks. You can guess what happened to her: she was ended up in School for Slaves for self-discipline training.)
  • Bound in Leather: by J. Cross
    (Synopsis: This lucky guy was introduced to this amazing family: every female members of this family were addicted into leather and extremely strict bondage. Although there is almost no sex scene in this story, you can still enjoy the creative ideas and detailed description of all kinds of bondage.)
  • The Laundromat: by DragonFire
    (Synopsis: A pretty lady tries to find Customer Service...)
  • Slutfest: by ric
    (Synopsis: This years Slutfest would be held a week from tomorrow in an undetermined location. Master and I could not wait.)
  • The Shop Owner's Dream: by Domination King
    (Synopsis: Dildo shop owner gets a welcome surprise.)
  • Sara II: by XtremeInk
    (Synopsis: Sara, Jane and Vicky are back! Jane and Vicky have LOTS of torturous fun planned for little Sara. This is a continuation of the Sara series, but the story is a stand alone. WARNING> It's pretty extreme. And if you didn't like the... unsanitary aspects of the first one, you won't like this one either. OTOH, there's LOTS of great torture in little Sara's future as she continues being used by Vicky and Jane for their pain toy. And boy have they found ways to make Sara hurt.)
  • Sara: by XtremeInk
    (Synopsis: Sara is a teen girl who is dominated by her sister. Her sister is very kinky, very into pain and Sara loves all of it! But now there's a new playmate joining them...)
  • Sunder: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: This is a very long, dark tale that bounces around between many characters. There are 3 heirs to a major privately held corporation, for which their father split into 3 divisions, one for each child, but allowing for 1 of them to end up in control of the entire company. All three are very dominant and have many sexual perversions. You don't want to get on the bad side, as death would be preferable to what they will do to you. They act as if they are above the law as well as above anyone questioning their actions. All three are very dominant both in their public & private lives. All engage in sex with their employees as well as those unfortunate to be captured by this hauty trio. Very erotic and sadistic.)
  • Shayla: by Jay Lieberman
    (Synopsis: Her master had tried everything on her and he was bored. To win her master back, she arranged a special meeting with him.)
  • A Day at the Office: by Chas
    (Synopsis: Says Jasmine: "In the hustle and bustle of the Chasti-Permalock world, where the Corporation continues its bid to reduce overpopulation, extend lifespans, create a lot of sexual excitement and denial (and other more ominous things, if you believe the rumors), a major promotional deal is going down. I just didn't expect that it was going to change my life so drastically....")
  • She Who Is His: by Subher
    (Synopsis: She takes a job and gets more than she bargained for.)
  • Victoria's Secrets: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Dr. Victoria Denning is a consulting psychiatrist for the CA parole board. She uses her position to obtain a torturer and victims for experiments at her secluded ranch. Then she gives herself over for a vacation "massage" at the ranch, and gets a little more than she bargained for.)
  • Gaining Mary: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master.)
  • Female Modification Facility: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A very special women's prison where the inmates are forcibly remade to serve society, as sex slaves.)
  • Jake's Slaves: by Xodus
    (Synopsis: A story of slavery and love.)
  • Stepdad: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: Stepdad punishes Mom and daughter and has sex with them too.)
  • Michelle's Visit to the Clinic: by arobert29
    (Synopsis: Michelle love/hates erotic enema sessions but is tired of doing it on her own. She needs and wants help with her sessions. She thinks she has found the right place. She also has fantasies of going a much further. This is an ongoing ENEMA story of Michelle's slippery slide.)
  • Torture The Widow: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Newly widowed Army Captain Rossalind Donaldson returns home for her husband's funeral. The Donaldson's are incensed at the Captain bacause right before their son was killed, he found out she was behaving like a slut at her posting. The Donaldson's are a rich and twisted family of super patriotic practioners of S&M. They've decided to make Rossalind's wife utter hell beginning at her husband's wake.)

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