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Collected by redwrangler

Blackmailed Mom pays w Her Ass /Hole (1 stories listed)

Ariel/Sorority Girl's Humltn,Red/ Purple Ass Revenge (42 stories listed)
B/O sink Shiny Purple Shorts & Panties pulled dn Elizabeth’s bruised red & purple ass from a spanking “SWIIICK” from above.the tails of the whip cut in all the way from the ECU Coed’s asshole up to her vagina.What a swing! Elizabeth has farted

Broomstick for Julia's Brown Button Spanked Farts Afkd (1 stories listed)

Ariel's Peril must put cucumber up red purple paddledAssFk (35 stories listed)
the entire large cucumber had passed into me. painfully I straightened up,still sniffling back my tears.I could feel every inch stretching & burning inside my behind.

Anal Agony (1 stories listed)
Her panties hauled dn,she shudderd he shovd the end of his penis at her tight brown bud.Squirmn he got inside of her..It must have hurt because she startd spilling tears as he fuckd her ass hard & farted,before he draggd the brown shit streaked penis

Brown Streaked Finger/ Enemas (2 stories listed)
the 21 year-olds tanned digits emerged from his oiled-up sphincter a streaky brown. That is the reality of boy sex without a full preparatory enema.

Schoolgirl Bully (1 stories listed)
“Now put your head on the floor and pull down your pants! I wanna check your as hole.”Kate hesitated, totally humiliated and shamed, but after several kicks on her ass she started pulling them down.It was easy because the tight pants were 100% stretch and

Pants Show The Top of Her Ass Crack (1 stories listed)
U wear tight pants almost see-through bottom seen including the indentation of your of ur bikini panties & that they go into the crack of ur ass in the back. They must ride low enough that the top of your ass crack shows.”

Sorority Panty Raid Teen Fem Doms Paddle & Ass Fuck (12 stories listed)
What do u think u are doing boys!Stealing girls’ panties!Well hang around here & we will show u what we do to a panty raider!Sigma kappa has a simple rule catch a guy stealing panties & he gets them rammed up his ass w a broom handle!

Bikini Bottoms Dn Spankings/Amber Corn Cob Deep Up Her Butt (27 stories listed)
Blkml Ruth-Teacher Revenge.He took a,thick corn cob & shoved it painfully up Amber’s ass.Hands held her hips as the corn was pushed in & pulled out to her humiliating Farts.It was well coated w her brn shit.Mr.Deal held it's stink in her face

Diaries/Gospel Of Deceit,Legs Up/ Spanking & Anal Humiliatn. (26 stories listed)
4/Legs up for exposd humiliatng spanking.A groan from Ariel for as her knees were drawn up & out which,forced her butt up off the end of the table.There she was,butt high in the air w her knees sprd opn.(3)I saw her rectal hole hair had been cut.

Amanda Belt Welt Red Striped Spanked Ass Fucking (17 stories listed)
Deal unzips the back of Amanda's Blk skirt unzips it all the way dn her ass crack.Crouching dn grabs the elastic removing Amanda's blk pantyhose,pulls dn her Carolina Blue Maidenform Panties revealing Amanda's white butt for belt spanks

Amber U need to wake up,reality & put ur big girl panties on (11 stories listed)
Amber Tart Fart, says, some people just need to wake up to reality & put their big girl panties on!

Juli Goes Camping (3 stories listed)

Sgl /Tchr Diaries, Paddles Farts Sits On Chair D (21 stories listed)
Col.Lectuer.B_o ass up I pulld back my arm & swung in hard & fast.Whack!“Yeeeowwch!”That hurt her for sure!Joltd undr the impact,she cried out yelpin w gusto & real meaning as the stinging pain bled dn into her wiggling cherry red bottom.

  • Gaining Mary: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master.)
    Comment: Green cotton panties that were stretched taunt over the curves of her ass.
  • BDSM Playlist -Spanish: by Whipmaster II
    (Synopsis: In Spanish. A complete BDSM playlist organized by themes.)
    Comment: Chair Dildos outside my vagina & asshole.I feel penises & imagined them scraping my insides pairs of dildos reamed in & out of their vaginas & asses.Fucking up & down, back & forth,side to side or screwing,brown fluids Farting out
  • Claire's New Regime: by Claire Gleadhall
    (Synopsis: Claire moves back in with her dad after splitting from her boyfriend to find her Dad had new ideas for her.)
    Comment: Crisp painful hard spanks to my butt.I realized that my choice of panties had provokd him even more."U can't even have the decency to wear proper underwear can u"as he snappd the elastic of my thong against my now red butt.
  • The Willows School for Problem Girls: by BDSM_Tourguide
    (Synopsis: Follow the lives of two students at the Willows School for Problem Girls as they deal with the complexities of being branded violent juvenile delinquents, the pressure from their peers to fit in and a teaching staff eager to discipline any girl stepping out of line. Join Pam, an overweight sixteen year old falsely accused of violent crimes as she tries to deal with teachers and a Headmistress that dislike her because of her weight and are cautious of her because of her supposedly violent past. Also, follow the life of Tish, the former prom queen and all-around snob that finds herself in the Willows School system after becoming addicted to drugs and in trouble for alcohol abuse during her Senior year of high school. How does Tish deal with becoming the favorite target of the school bully and her gang of miscreants?)
  • Am Anfang war das Licht und die Hoffnung (German): by Rainer Drzyzga
    (Synopsis: Eine Frau will einen Mann verführen. Gelingt ihr aber nicht. Ihr Ausweg ist Liebe oder Tot. Sie entscheidet sich für den Tot. Doch auch da versagt sie. Wird sie je glücklich?)
    Comment: His penis workd into her inch by agonizing inch.She screamed in earnest as her tight,tender anus was penetrated by this horrific piece of man was all the way in & so filled up,still screamin w stabbin pain her asshole was bleeding
  • Somalia, One Way Only (german): by kimber22
    (Synopsis: A female bodied boi, just after school, joins a friend to go to Somaila where he wants to start his world trip. But everything comes different. He's kidnapped, interrogated and tortured by a beautiful amazon who loves CBT. In the end the amazon and her Somali friends forcefully turn the boi into a cute medium-titted white T-Girl, right in the middle of Africa.)
    Comment: : Tchr, for homework I will find some excuse to take snotty Miss McLamb out in the hallway & make her bare her butt & give her 10 of my hardest paddle swats.I will then embarrass her by making her come in the classrm & stand w her skirt up p/d
  • Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story: by redlegtiger
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a Mother, Karen and her daughter, Michelle, who each have a sad and sordid past and how they become the slaves of a spoiled little rich girl, Sarah, many years later. )
    Comment: #58,U must fully insert the dildo twice before u move on to the next size.This is a game the one that gets to the largest dildo into her asshole wins.The loser rec. 10 swats for size dif. in dildos being pushd into her butt hole while sitting in class.
  • High Heeled Hell: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: Tiffany and Samantha volunteer for a demonstration in Miss Juniper’s torture/snuff class, but they have no clue what horrors await them during Miss J’s infamous creativity days.)
    Comment: Classroom the girls' cruel teacher assfuck her with her lipstick tube. "Now I am going to park your lipstick up your anus! "It's still in there, isn't it?" Locates it near the exit Fucks her filled ass!
  • Certificate of Correction: by Rollin Hand
    (Synopsis: In the year 2010, corporal punishment will be introduced into the criminal justice system: If correction is needed, whipping and spanking will be applied.)
    Comment: B/o stools,The hems of these dresses had been pulled up and secured @ the small of their backs w a strap.Panties lowered to their ankles.Their bottoms were bare, red, & swollen--the latter 2 characteristics the result of morning strap spankings
  • Grove Academy a story of the New Republic: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: In party dresses. Most were low cut,in order to reveal whatever cleavage the girl had & were tight in order to show the girls waists,asses & legs.It excites the 10 Masters on the bus that the 20 hand cuffed girls trembling on the bus.
  • Historia de Corinne - Spanish: by Sandra Raquel
    (Synopsis: Corinne es una chica que por amor a su pareja decide entregarse al mundo terrible, para salvarle de daños probables (La escribí bastante condicionada sobre la Historia de O, pero le añadí mis propias fantasías). Es algo que realicé desde mis fantasías propias. Es un primer relato o novela al que me lancé, antes de tener PC y en un micro me construí una especie de editor de textos. Después lo pasé a Wordperfect....y en la actualidad lo mantengo en Word.)
    Comment: I slid my jeans dn & stepped out of them.They were full of my shit & left streaks along the length of my legs. Removing my panties in public would have been bad enough but doing it when they were full of shit was rly humiliating.
  • A Sister's Blackmail: by Iggy
    (Synopsis: Sarah's younger sister takes some pictures of her in a compromising position and compels her to do some embarrassing things.)
    Comment: So there I was--topless, pantiless, bent at the waist panties dn ass ready to be SPANKED because my nipples were chained & locked to my sister's locker.The bell rang and I heard the girls filing out
  • Inside The Mind of Dr. Agnes O'Brien: by E. E. Norcod
    (Synopsis: A rif on the characters created by Steve Pervy in his "Its All In The Mind" stories but with the darker overtones of E.E. Norcod. In this short story Steve and Dave take leave of their usual activities and uncork the mind of the Foundress and Headmistress of the St. Margaret's School.)
    Comment: you could see girls in the dormitory lavatory washing their panties to remove the inevitable blood stains that were caused by having to pull you panties up before the bleeding stopped over your cut ass It was awful to sit in her desk
  • Cunt School: by Victor Mann
    (Synopsis: This story is about a very submissive married woman who is sent by her Master and husband to Cunt School, as a finishing school for her. )
    Comment: The seats in the classroom were specially designed w large cock dildoes molded into the regulation,shaped fiberglass school seats.The 5 Sgls bidden to slide ourselves dn on the large dildoes left us impaled,uncomfortably
  • The Frustration Factor: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Never try to top a Domme from the bottom! Most of them, including me, will retaliate.)
    Comment: Lowering herself painfuly on the tall wide dildo combo serves as a drain for her brown shitty farted out brown water kept inside like a butt plug.Uncomfortably seated on the chair it is lined up w the anal drain tube using the hole in the seat.
  • Alternative Schooling: by Teacher.
    (Synopsis: A small school for runaways and street kids where strict discipline and high-expectations are part of the curriculum. Sarah is a fifteen-year old runaway, picked up by a procurer of prostitutes in San Francisco, she's rescued and given the option to enter the school. )
    Comment: eyes locked to her friend’s cotton-covered ass as it squirmed and wriggled between blows of the paddle.
  • De Uitdaging (dutch story !!): by Retorcidos
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: She thinks she's to good to wash ur boy girl shit out of ur panties & is spanked hard blstrd red. What,u didn't know we wash the shit out of ur underpanties?Who do u think does it,We see ur brown shit stains we girls clean on washboard
  • Alexandras Traum - German: by Alexandra
    (Synopsis: Alexandra finds herself in a strange dream.)
    Comment: picturing a naked girl, perhaps bent over the nun's lap, the paddle rising and the falling swiftly onto her unprotected, feminine buttocks, bouncing as it hit, the reddened flesh giving off a meaty smack, probably blistering by now, bumpy and hot
  • Walking on air: by SG
    (Synopsis: Waiting for delayed flights can be stressfull, especially when your walking around a busy terminal with inflatable dildos in your pussy and ass. )
    Comment: : Grimancing my face I used more force on the plug & in a standing position tried to poop & Amber instead farts.The tip of the plug moved & w pain my ass hole was tightly squeezd around the large girth of the plug. An unsuppressed moan escaped
  • Uitdaging verloren (dutch): by Retorcidos
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: Amber"the butt plug slid very roughly into me. the fullness of having both plugs fully inflated inside of me. Stuffed definitely describes what I felt.Pulling my panties & Jns up
  • Amber\'s Email Troubles: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Amber\'s husband finds her emails to a budding romantic affair and consignes her to TRAINING at a bdsm facility he finds on line. She is pierced, branded, and trained... and becomes sexually aware, active and eager... she deeds herself in part to her new Master while returning to her stunned husband )
    Comment: Side door of the van slid open. Amber pushed in. “Let… me… go…” Amber kicked “No… “Please, stop…” Her skirt next as her captor cut it away. Flicks of the knife and the panty she wore fell beneath her. Virgin Anus Ky Butt Plugged Anal Unatural

Miranda's Latin Brn Ass (V P L )Slks Spanking-AF-Mex Ilgl (13 stories listed)
worth displayin.Round,firm & fully packd butt given the strap,10 Best across those curvy cheeks leavin her ass a bright shade of red.

Amber/Diary7/BrattySgl Behavior = Dress Up Panties Dn 4 Hard Spa (13 stories listed)
More modestly dressed than the nonobservant yg ladies & carry themselves more demurely & curtsey.U know that under that dress are pantied bottoms along w the probable existence of a set of purple bruised red butt cheeks & a sore asshole.

Taylor /Janice,See Dn Her Grn Cord Pants at her Ass Crack (30 stories listed)
Taylor w brwn shldr lngth hair spanked hard.Teacher checking her out sees dn her jns her ass crack shows her Carolina Blue nylon bikini panties,Jns pulld dn she b/o for wdn paddle & pain from the swats ovr her freshly red spanked

Camp Bus Btm Fires/Skirt Up Panties Dn Paddled Red Ass Farts (27 stories listed)
In the back of our bus he pulld my short skirt up & my cheer panties pulld dn.I had to go ovr his knee & he spanked my small,tight,shapely lil ass blood red.It was still rly sore from the school paddle.I cried w ea. Hard Spank swelling,raisin blst

Mother Like Daughter Asses Spank Fart AF Diaries GilmoreGIRL (18 stories listed)
I noticed u because of the outline of ur panties thru ur tight skirt & the double outline of ur panties thru ur slacks,far too tight for u to hide ur secrets.B/o,ur firm yg butt thrust into my face,tight material holding ur ass.Ur butt inviting,so rd

Diary/Sherri B/o Desk See VPL's Thru Yellow Dress,Spanked A (17 stories listed)
Col.Instrctr.B_o ass up I pulld back my arm & swung in hard & fast.Whack!“Yeeeowwch!”That hurt her for sure!Joltd undr the impact,she cried out yelpin w gusto & real meaning as the stinging pain bled dn into her wiggling cherry red bottom.

Lauren's Bottom Cooked Paddle Spanked Bldy Ass/AF Diaries (32 stories listed)
Lauren 2" undr 5 ft w a firm apple shapd ass that took dozn upon dozn of vicious paddle swats from the wdn paddle passed from 1 team membr to anothr given a chance to flatten her firm butt swollen to impressive dimensions farting during her paddling

Carolina Panty Hunter.B/o Spanks,Paddles Farts(Ass Fucks) (21 stories listed)
Hold her down w her face dn.Raise up her dress & whip her w ur riding crop upon her naked behind until it is reddened & marked w welts.Be sure to give her a good painful whipping,until she cries for mercy;then u take her ass from behind.

TN Skirt Up,Brmstk up Asshole Diaries Ms. Semones Tchr Paddled V (37 stories listed)
Broomstick bobbing out in the classroom about a foot long, the first three inches or so of it buried in her rectum. She couldn't expel the broomstick even as she farted,commenting on the shitty fudge stains in the back of her panty seat.

Diaries/Charlotta Draped Mth Watering Ass Up Ovr Back Of Sofa (11 stories listed)
There was now precious little white remaining on her backside. Furthermore very brightly red specks were appearing where the blows from the second series were superimposed on the welts from the first series. Two blows, one on top of the other, from this

School's In Session Amber,Wearing Panty Thong Reason For Sp (24 stories listed)
Not Again! Amber u have violated the rules by not completing ur study assignments on time.U will get swats on the bare w the paddle.The paddle made contact w my rear, was shocked_I yelled w the intense pain-CRACK agn went the paddle on my swollen hot butt

Up Skirt Panty Crotch Flash Squats/ Diaries Girl Sits on Toilet (14 stories listed)
He saw the top of the crack of her ass.she reached her seat, and sat down, forcing the plug painfullydeeper into her ass.

Ariel Lea Anna Says Why U Nakee?Spanks Her & SOD/A (26 stories listed)
On the inside of the rubber dildo was a small protruding rubber knob that went into my Mistress This little knob rubbed against her clitoris as She fucked me. The harder she fucked my ass, the more the knob stimulated her

Charlotta Red Faced/UHAUL Trailer/Teen Girl Ass Denial (26 stories listed)
OP 17 Spanking ur red behinds until they're purple & I can spank boys hard, I've done it before!I have a brother.I used to blister his butt "on the reg."for him –Ask him if his behind still hurts from all the spankings I gave him!

Juli Swishes Her Vis. Panty Line In Her Tan Slacks Paddled (10 stories listed)
She would get the paddle until both cheeks were crimson and swollen to the point that they appeared ready to burst if even given one extra whack. It became apparent that a two handed grip did the most damage,her ass bleeding

Elizabeth B/o in Purple Short s Shows Purple Panty Ass Cheeks (3 stories listed)
B/O sink Shiny Purple Shorts & Panties pulled dn Elizabeth’s bruised red & purple ass from a spanking “SWIIICK” from above.the tails of the whip cut in all the way from the ECU Coed’s asshole up to her vagina.What a swing! Elizabeth has farted

Ferris Wheel Asses Pointing Up Paddled Red & Purple Students (13 stories listed)
Missy w Visible Panty Lines.Behind her admiring her shapely ass & how the light blue cotton dress hung off it.Art informed her"Lift ur dress above ur waist",a grin on his face.As the soft cotton caressed her thighs as it was lifted.


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