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Collected by X2fastand2hott4ux

X's Shelf (17 stories listed)
Stories To Read

  • Lisa's Lesson: by fireball
    (Synopsis: A pretty girl gets humiliated and degraded as punishment for the way she treated her tormentor. She won't make the same mistake again.)
  • The Steel Collar: by Steele
    (Synopsis: A successful accountant falls victim to a slaver's unusual recruitment policy.)
  • My Kidnapped Hell: by Liz
    (Synopsis: The three men in the van are waiting for the next pretty young girl to walk by, that girl happens to be me, and they are all more sadistic than i can ever begin to imagine....)
  • The Subjugation of Scully: by Harold Sheep
    (Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is captured and trained as a sex slave)
  • Roffeless: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: A smart girl thinks she has outwitted a couple of sleazballs, but the game she plays leads her down into depravity and ruin.)
  • Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story: by redlegtiger
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a Mother, Karen and her daughter, Michelle, who each have a sad and sordid past and how they become the slaves of a spoiled little rich girl, Sarah, many years later. )
  • Amanda\'s Surprise: by Aussiegirl
    (Synopsis: When Amanda goes in search of her missing friend, little did she know that her life was about to become a roller coaster ride full of dangerous and powerful men.)
  • A New World: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: Set in the not-too-distant future, in a country where females are second-class citizens and the only punishment for crime is slavery. The story of the transformation of a young, carefree teenage girl into a submissive, obedient slave after being convicted of a crime she didn't commit. )
  • A LONG DAY'S NIGHT: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: Katy dresses up like a whore for a party, and then it all goes wrong... A multi-part story of an innocent and naive woman's journey into degradation.)
  • A Foreign Land: by Simone Locke
    (Synopsis: Trapped in a hostile world, Patricia\'s only hope of getting home lies in an alliance with the man she despises)
  • The State: by The Odd Side of Jeff
    (Synopsis: An epic story about a near future world of legal slavery.)
  • New World Order: by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Stallion Rape machines are used by the NWO to break the women of the oposition party. Based in the notorious Felicity Camp.)
  • Sam and the Sadistics: by Ferranartist
    (Synopsis: Sam and his group love to hurt women. A lot.)
  • Taxing Times: by Ededas
    (Synopsis: Elaine Salvage is a 27 year old graduate tax officer. She is beautiful, highly intelligent and destined for the top. Until she makes the mistake of angering Keith Fields, a multi-millionare business man with a sex and vice empire and some sadistic ideas on having fun.)
  • Bondage Club: by Doush
    (Synopsis: The exposing of a world-wide conspiracy of powerful individuals dedicated to the kidnapping, torture, training and enslaving of beautiful women, and the murder of anyone who gets in their way ...)
  • The Trainer: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Collecting for her brother's paper route, Adrienne knocks on the wrong door, walking into the hands of a man whose job is procuring slaves.)
  • Night Prowler: by Paddymellon
    (Synopsis: Having inherited money, he enjoyed his early retirement and planned and executed a perfect abduction.)


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