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Collected by Gordi

torture stories (38 stories listed)
I'm collecting to most graphic and extreme stories of torture.

not read yet (27 stories listed)

  • Trust and Toilets: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Basic tale of a trusting young girl in need and the greasy creep who ingratiates himself, gains her trust through promises of aid. Pretty scummy story, if I do say so myself.)
  • Revenge For Sale: by nastyaryana
    (Synopsis: The story revolves around an illegal prison for women who have been placed there by those who seek revenge upon them The central characters are two nasty female bounty hunters whose job it is to capture the prisoners and who enjoy torturing and humiliating the women they hunt.)
  • Render Unto Caeser: by Mad Lews
    (Synopsis: A grim and grisly tale of Roman Justice. A Judean village runs afoul of Roman rule. The tenth legion responds with murder, rape, and general mayhem. The ringleaders and their surviving family members are crucified and those few villagers unfortunate enough to survive become the fodder for games in the arena.)
  • Hell Island: by HT
    (Synopsis: A group of schoolgirls and their teachers are abducted and taken to an island, where they are to be sex slaves for any wicked perversion that the owner's customers want.)
  • Sonata of pain: by Woodburn
    (Synopsis: In Nazi Germany a few women are imprisoned and brutally tortured.)
  • Model Bus: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: Captured beauty contestants' coach full of lovely girls destined to be tortured to death.)
  • Undercover: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: An undercover female officer decides to take a situation into her own hands with painfull regrets. )
  • Ravaged: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Attractive woman living alone in the country becomes the helpless victim of a sadistic stalker.)
  • Calendar Girls: by Dave_166
    (Synopsis: 12 models from a nude calendar find themselves kidnapped and being trained as sex slaves and pain sluts by a brutal master.)
  • LYNN'S TRAINING: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Lynn is unwittingly caught up in a drug sting. Set up by a friend, involving a small amount of pot and zenex's, she's given the choice of being prosecuted or being trained as a submissive for the undercover agent. Choosing the later, she doesn't realize the depth or severity of her training. )
  • Test Subjects: by Xodus
    (Synopsis: Four teenagers are abducted by aliens, two boys and two girls. The boys are forced to watch as the girls are humiliated and tortured. The girls end up having to help each other in order to survive the ordeal and fall in love with one another.)
  • Alex - The Suffering Submissive: by Lewis Chappelle
    (Synopsis: A devilish dominant subjugates a long-suffering submissive in unimaginable ways. )
  • Strip Searching Rebecca: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs. She is forced to strip naked, bound and forced to perform sexual perversions at the hands of her captors.)
  • FETISH VIDEO INC.: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Two women on vacation in Florida are offered modeling photo sessions. Without realizing the severity of the offer, they accept and find themselves facing extreme treatment from a BDSM club. )
  • The Torment of JAG: by dr_midnite
    (Synopsis: Based on the TV show JAG.-----6 of the females from JAG are captured, tortured, raped and abused by a Navy Seal that was falsely convicted of rape because of them.)
  • Jonathan gets a classical education: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: The young student Jonathan is captured and broken by his outrageously brutal professor, who makes sure that he knows just what a useless little slave boy he is. When he tires of Jonathan, he is sold to a master who likes doggy-slaves.)
  • Group XS: by Saavik
    (Synopsis: Catherine is a public prosecutor who thought she'd quashed the sadistic Group XS. Then her friends and family start disappearing and the spectre of her past comes back to haunt and ensnare her.)
  • The Dictator's Claw: by General Dom
    (Synopsis: Diana Palmer, crusading female journalist and human rights advocate, runs afoul of evil dictator General Tara, while attempting to expose his human rights violations to the world.)
  • Sexual Tortures of Rebecca at the Psychiatrist Hospital: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: This story is about a "rich bitch" that became more trouble to her family. Her family sends her to be cured, but the treatment includes rape, humiliation, bondage and torture. This story is a collaboration between Zone and myself, Powerone. We hope that by combining the writings of a female and a male writer a better story would appear. If you liked this story, please send us an e-mail to either one of us.)
  • Nazi Nurse: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: Nurse Heidi and her SS captain boyfriend capture some former female tormentors and introduce them to Nazi Medical Experimentation. Set in WW II.)
  • Purveyors of Pain: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: The s.s. Desadee cruises the world providing a safe haven for wealthy sadists to enjoy their dreadful pleasures in secrecy.)
  • The Sex Slave: by Romy
    (Synopsis: Sarah wakes up to realise she is a prisoner in a high rise appartment block. With no hope of escape she must act out all the sick fantasies of her kidnapper and sadist Master.)
  • Given to the Women: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: Nineteen year old Monique Desalle in a prisoner of a cruel and sadistic Emir in a remote part of North Africa. When her plan of escape fails she faces an ordeal at the hands of the Emir's female torturers in his infamous Punishment Courtyard.)
  • The Ordeals of Kazumi and Chiyoko: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: In 17th century Japan, a noblewoman and her maidservant are abducted by a rival lord and suffer hellish violations.)
  • Anne's Obedience: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: A young college student is kidnapped and tortured in a concrete isolation cell. After undergoing agonizing tortures she focuses on pleasing her trainer, "the Doctor", in every possible way. Heavy on asphyx / breath control.)
  • Just one hour with my sister-inlaw: by Finc
    (Synopsis: Kidnap and nasty cellar rape fantasy about my real life snooty bitch sister-inlaw.)
  • Kathy's Torture And Humiliation: by Dreamer
    (Synopsis: Kathy is abducted and forced through both physical and mental torture to become a willing sex slave.)


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