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unhappy dykes

Part 2

The Clown

This is a sequel to Unhappy Dykes, one that I havent written for a year and a half since the original.  I wont have any prejudicial warnings  on this part, but as I will be taking my time and writing one thing at a time, instead of an overload like the first I cant guarantee that there wont be more stuff in later installments. 

       I cant believe I got away with it.  I had killed before, but this time I hadnt done something quick where I was afraid to really enjoy it.  Killing Destiny and Jessica had been even more enjoyable because I had taken my time.  I knew this proved that I was seriously fucked up in the head, but I didnt really care. 

       I knew that if I was going to do it again, I would need to be as careful in planning as before.  I knew there was no way I would be able to do the things in advance I had, like putting cameras in Destinys room.  I was so stupid but lucky there.  I certainly couldnt kill anyone I knew.  But, I would need to set things up carefully, and then I could take my time.  I wasnt going to take more than one girl or woman again unless chance allowed for it. 

       I carefully set things up, knowing that whoever I took, she would have a while to contemplate her fate.  I got the idea from a rape comic, but didnt know if it would really work for real.  I just went ahead and built it.  The main frame of it fit in my trunk, as did the other parts separately. 

       Chances always present themselves, and this time it came in a way I hadnt planned.  I was headed home from another town about sixty miles away when I saw a girl walking along the road.  I had taken a shortcut, and late at night the road was pretty deserted.  She was crying as she flagged me down.  I rolled down the window on her side and she leaned in and said, “My asshole boyfriend left me out here in the middle of fucking nowhere”.  I said, “What happened”?  She told me that they had a fight and she wanted to go home and break up.  I thought she sounded like a teenager, although she was obviously in her twenties. 

       She told me her name was Cassidy, as I let her in.  I told her that I needed to check a noise I had heard in the engine and opened the hood.  I told her I was going back to the trunk to get some tools, but actually grabbed a few things I carried with me all the time.  I walked up her side as I headed to the front of the car, and tazed her through the window as I walked by.  She had long blond hair, and I pulled her out of the car with it while she was still out cold.  I stuffed a penis gag in her mouth and cuffed her hands behind her.  I slammed her against the hood of the car as she began to struggle and scream in the gag.  She had a black t-shirt and short jean shorts on.  I groped her tits through the shirt and was cupping her breast through her bra.  I forced her to walk back to the trunk and slammed her down on the side of the trunk with her stomach, causing her to lose her breath. 

       As she fought to catch her breath, I used another pair of cuffs to bind her ankles.  I unbuttoned her shorts and slowly ran my hand under them and then under her panties.  She tried to scream as I forced a couple of fingers into her pussy, but the gag was working.  It was hard to scream I had found with a rubber penis holding your tongue down.  I took my fingers out and licked the moistness off them.  She tried to scream again, and then gave up and I could see she was trying to curse at me.  Fear had turned into anger, and I could see hate in her eyes.  I forced her to look in the trunk at the device in there.  It wasnt hard to figure out what it was for, and she went back to screaming as I forced her up and into the trunk and slammed it. 

       She had some time to think about what was coming as I drove to the abandoned house that was to be her last place.  I had found her ID and saw that she was 24.  I thought to myself that I couldnt always have a virgin.  I had been debating about my personal rule of no one under 18, but knew that the legal difference and how much more I would be searched for if I went for kids and thought no way.  I went back to the trunk after putting my car behind the old house.  When I opened the trunk, she immediately started what sounded like begging.  I uncuffed her feet and said, “Dont fight me and youll be okay.  Do as I say”.

       I led her to the center of the room and uncuffed her hands and recuffed them in front of her.  There was a hook hanging from the ceiling and I forced her handcuffs up and over it.  It didnt seem so bad I guess, until I used a pulley to raise her until her toes were barely touching the floor.  She screamed at the pain, and then in shame as I used a knife to cut away her t-shirt and shorts.  I pulled her panties down and off her feet, making sure my hands ran over her legs all the way down.  I unhooked her bra, which fastened in the front, and left it hanging.  I undressed in front of her and said, “Im pretty big, am I as big as your boyfriend?  I bet you wish you were back with him right now”.

I forced her ankles back into cuffs, and then forced my way up between them.  I had put her at the right height so that when I lined her pussy up with my cock, she had to try to use her legs to leverage up to stay off it.  It didnt do any good.  I thrust up into her and yanked her down, which I could tell hurt her arms and wrists.  I continued to do this, getting more excited as I went.  I bit her on her breasts, which caused her to scream more.  I finally came in her, but stayed in her for a bit.  When I finally pulled out, cum was dripping down her legs. 

I told her I would be back in a bit as I went out to get something to eat.  After going through the drive- thru at Wendys, I came back and ate in front of her.  I asked her if she wanted something to drink.  When she nodded yes, I threw a soda in her face.  I told her, “This isnt nearly over.  I intend to keep you up there for a while”. 

I went around behind her, and lowered her a little bit.  She was relieved at first to be able to stand a little, but then she felt my fingers as I rubbed some lube in her ass.  She started screaming into the gag again as she felt my cock up against her and then as I slowly forced my way into her.  I was big enough to actually lift her off the ground as I got into her.  I lifted her a little up and down on my cock as she tried to kick with her cuffed ankles.  I was going in and out as deep as I could go.  She didnt seem to be happy with six inches in her ass, but I had her pretty well pinned so that there was no way to move.  I finally came in her and pulled out.  I stepped back as shit and cum flowed out.  I told her, one more surprise for you, and then Ill leave you alone.  I dont know if youll like it, though”. 

First thing I did was uncuff her enough to pull her bra off.  She tried to fight a little, and pull off the gag, but punching her in the stomach took care of that.  I went outside and got my surprise out of the back of the car.  When she saw it she started desperately screaming into the gag.  It didnt look like much at first.  It was a sawhorse, but with two dildos attached.  They were both big, and there were wires dangling from them.  I then went and got a small generator and an alarm clock that was wired to it.  I put the sawhorse down under her and tazed her as she hung there.  While she was barely conscious, I forced her down onto the dildos.  I tied her cuffed ankles to the sawhorse behind her and then pulled on the rope she hung from enough so that she couldnt get off the hook or the dildos.  I waited until she came around and then took the two wires from the dildos and attached them to the generator.  I attached a set of nipple clamps with a chain to her breasts, and then attached the wire from the generator to it.  I picked up the clock and showed her that it had little bolts to mark 12, 3, 6, and 9.  I told her, “you get a little gift every fifteen seconds.  Let me get the clock started and you can see what it is”. 

I think she already guessed because she was shaking her head and screaming into the gag when I put the battery in the clock and started it.  At 10 I said, “Here it comes, get ready!”  I barely got the words out before the second hand hit the bolt at 3 and a jolt of electricity.  If I had done it right, she would only get a very painful dose.  For one second, she was in real pain, and then all she felt for another 14 seconds were the dildos and the nipple clamps.  She looked at me and I could tell she was saying “No, please, no!” into her gag, but I told her, “Ive seen those clocks go for days on those batteries.  The generator is made to go for days too.  Ill stick around for a while too.  I want to see how long you last before your mind goes”. 

I had brought a John Sandford novel with me.  I really loved his first novel, “Rules of Prey”, and thought that some of his rules would be good to implement to keep from being caught.  I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, and thought about going and coming back.  I looked at Cassidy.  She already after a couple of hours had forgotten me.  All of her attention was on that clock.  She tried to prepare herself for the shocks, but there wasnt any way to do that.  I told her, “Ill be back in a while.  Dont go away, okay?” 

She cried and tried begging again.  I laughed at her and took off.  The bad news was, I had a bad reaction to one of the Wendys hamburgers.  Wouldnt that be ironic- the cops couldnt catch me, but I would be brought down by a bad burger.  I remembered the bitch from Wendys I saw cooking it and thought about a visit to her when I got better.  I thought about calling the cops and letting them get Cassidy, but figured I wasnt going to risk getting caught.  I had my souvenirs and a beautiful picture of her on the sawhorse looking desperately at the clock. 

When I finally called the cops, it had been three days.  They found her dead, but still her body was getting shocks.  The medical examiner said she had only been dead for a day, so she had been there for two days, somehow alive, although I wouldnt have bet on whether she even knew who she was by the time she died.  Her picture and bra and panties joined my gallery in the basement as I started to plan what to do to that bitch from Wendys.     

Review This Story || Author: Utter Destruction
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