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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 99 Part 3 Michelle's Story

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 99

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Chapter 99: Miranda’s Ordeal at the Mall

Aminda woke up at 5:30 in the morning in spite of having gotten to sleep only two hours before.  During their time being trained as pony girls, it had become habit for her to always wake up before their trainers so that it saved them from additional humiliation and punishment.  She gently shook Michelle awake.  The two girls quickly cleaned up in the sink in the wash room and then went to sort through the boxes that had been brought from Marta’s Kennels.  They both knew that Marta had started training pony girls right after they got back so they wanted to see what equipment was available to them.

They spent about fifteen minutes searching through the boxes when Michelle found a wad of straps.  She immediately turned to Aminda and said, “Help me spread this out.  If they are what I think they are then we can use them this morning.”

Aminda joined Michelle and they took about ten minutes to untangle the bunch of straps.  Once they were untangled, they both immediately recognized what the straps were for.  They had some very personal experience at Clearview with straps just like these.  Aminda smiled and said, “I think these are perfect to get our two new pony girls started.  I think it’s time we go wake them up.”

Aminda and Michelle took the straps and placed them outside of Storm and Snow’s stalls.  They then went down to a stall at the opposite end of the barn.  There was a mare in estrous in the stall.  The mare had a special contraption hooked onto its tail that covered its entire hind quarters.  There was a large tube that hung down from the bottom of the device and ended in a bucket.  The bucket was almost full of the mare’s piss.  There was another bucket set to the side of the stall that was full of piss as well.  Aminda smiled as she said to Minda, “I see suk got everything ready for us yesterday just like we asked.  I’ll get the one under Missy. You get the one by the wall.”

As Michelle went over to pick up the bucket by the wall of the stall, Aminda approached Missy and pet her nose to let her know she was there.  She then patted her on the neck and worked down to the horse’s backside.  She bent down and disconnected the tube from the bucket of piss and then replaced it with an empty bucket.  When she was done, she took the bucket of piss and walked out of the stall to join Michelle.  She smiled and said, “Our two little pony girls are sure going to be surprised.  This ought to get them smelling just right for their stallions.”

Aminda went to Snow’s stall and Michelle went to Storm’s stall.  As they entered the stalls the horses started snorting and stomping their hooves.  They each held out a treat for their horse that was laced with an equine version of Viagra.  Once the horses had eaten their treats, they moved over to where their new pony girls in training were asleep.  As soon as they were in position, they both took the bucket with both hands and threw the piss over Kelly and Hannah almost simultaneously.  The two new pony girls screamed as they woke up from the cold piss splashing over them from head to toe.  What didn’t fall on them soaked into the horse blankets they were sleeping on and covered up with for warmth.  As they jumped up off of the bales of hay they were sleeping on, Hannah screamed out, “What the hell did you do that for?”

Michelle turned around and went to the outside wall of the stall and took the riding crop down from the hook it was hanging from.  She reentered the stall.  Hannah was bent over trying in vain to get the piss out of her hair and spitting out what had gotten into her mouth.  Her ass was prominent so Michelle began to whip her with the riding crop.  Hannah screamed out in pain again and quickly stood up to cover her ass with her hands.  Michelle was ready for her and whipped her sore tits as they came exposed.  Hannah started moving around trying to avoid the whipping that Michelle was giving her.  Finally she collapsed into a fetal position and cried as Michelle continued to whip her.  Eventually Michelle stopped the whipping.  When she stopped, she commanded, “Kneel like you were taught, slut.”

As Hannah slowly got up into a kneeling position, still crying from the whipping, Aminda brought Kelly to the stall entrance and stepped inside.  Once both Kelly and Hannah were kneeling, Aminda said, “You will be awakened every morning like this until you learn to wake up on your own.  The piss we dumped on you is from our mare Missy.  She’s currently in estrous so all of the hormones that excite the stallions are in the piss.  That will keep your stallion excited whenever you are in the stall so he will readily achieve an erection so he can mate with his mare, which is you. Now each of you will help us put a special harness on your stallion.”

Aminda and Michelle stepped out of the stall and picked up one of the bundles of straps they had left there.  Aminda took Kelly back to her stall with Snow and they began to put the straps on the horse.  There were three straps that went up around the horse at its withers just behind the front legs, around the horse’s back and ribs and the final one around its flanks and loins.  Once the three inch wide straps were tightened firmly so they would hold, there were still a series of straps that hung below the horse’s belly.  Michelle helped Hannah lay on the ground with the straps under her.  She then began to pull the middle strap tight.  Hannah lay there wondering why she was being strapped under the horse’s belly.  Once she had the straps started Michelle left the stall telling Hannah not to move as she did.

Michelle went to Snow’s stall and found Aminda connecting the third strap on Snow.  Michelle went to the strap around the withers and together they pulled the straps hard until Kelly was lifted to about a foot below Snow’s belly.  They buckled the straps and then Aminda quickly pulled the middle strap tight and buckled it.  When they were done, they went into Storm’s stall and repeated the process with Hannah and Storm.

The whole time they were putting the straps on, both of the horses’ cocks started to extend out of their sheath because of the smell of the mare’s piss.  Once the new pony girls were strapped into their harnesses, Aminda and Michelle took some lubricant in their hands and reentered the stall with their respective pony girl.  Michelle knelt down beside Storm and first applied lubricant into Hannah’s cunt.  When she did, Hannah finally figured out what was about to happen.  She began to beg, “Please don’t do this.  It’s perverted to fuck a horse.  It’s too big anyway.  Please, it will tear me up inside.”

Michelle just ignored Hannah’s begging and started applying the rest of the lubricant to Storm’s cock.  Michelle took hold of the harness holding Hannah and pushed her forward.  She lifted Storm’s semi hard cock and then stimulated it, causing it to stiffen even more.  As it grew, she aligned the tip with Hannah’s cunt hole.  She worked it until the tip was inserted into Hannah’s cunt and then she pulled back hard on the harness, impaling Hannah on the huge cock.  The horse tried to thrust its loins a couple of times.  Each time it did, his cock sunk further into Hannah.  As it went deeper and deeper, Hannah screamed in pain as her cunt was stretched beyond anything that had ever been in it before.  The screaming spooked the horse enough that he reared up, causing his cock to drive all of the way into Hannah’s womb.  The pain that Hannah felt as the cock drove through her cervix, caused her to pass out.  Michelle grabbed Storm’s reins and gently talked to Storm, calming him down.  Since Hannah was out cold, it didn’t take but a few moments for her to calm him down.

Once Storm was calmed down, Michelle led him out of the stall.  Aminda was waiting for them with Snow.  Kelly was strapped under him with his cock in her cunt as well.  Poor Kelly had thought that she had already sunk as low as she could.  But being made to fuck a horses cock while the horse walked around was a new low.  She was so despondent that her eyes had a vacant look to them.

Aminda and Michelle led the horses to the automatic horse exercising machine.  They hooked up the horses on the poles opposite from each other and then started the machine.  They set the machine to start at a walk and then go through various speeds taking the horse up to a full trot and then back down over a three hour period.

At first, the two pony girls were groaning loudly from the pain of the horses’ cocks impaling them, moving in and out as the horse walked as the machine took them around.  As time went on, the pain gradually subsided to a tolerable level and the constant stimulation started to take its toll. The horses’ cocks constantly went in and out as the horses walked.  Within fifteen minutes, Hannah was the first to cum.  Her entire body vibrated and shook as her cunt muscles squeezed down on the horse’s cock.  The extra stimulation was enough to cause the horse to cum.  Hannah’s cervix was clamped around the horse’s cock so tightly that the cum filled her womb until she looked about four months pregnant.  Finally, the pressure of the cum built up enough to break the seal of her cervix and it sprayed out of Hannah’s totally filled cunt.  It was about ten minutes later that Snow came in Kelly with much the same results only Snow hadn’t penetrated past her cervix yet and the cum immediately sprayed out around the horse’s cock.  

As the horses continued to walk due to the horse exerciser pulling them along, their cocks started softening and retracting.  The way that the girls were strapped onto the horses though and the drug they had ingested with their treat kept their cocks from getting too soft and pulling out as they softened.  The stimulation from the girls’ cunts on their cocks soon started them growing again within a few minutes after the horse they were belly riding came.

Back at the house Sarah was just waking up.  It was just eight in the morning.  She immediately pulled Charlie out of bed and the two of them went and took a shower together.  After they returned to the house last night, Sarah invited him to join her for a bit of fucking before they went to bed.  Shortly, they were sitting at the breakfast table cleaned and dressed waiting for suk to bring them their food.

Just after Sarah finished eating, she received a phone call from Marie.  After a lengthy conversation with her, Sarah hung up the phone.  Jeremy had walked into the dining room as she was on the phone.  When she hung up, she turned to Jeremy and ordered, “Bring Luna and Tara up here now.”

Jeremy quickly went down to the slave quarters and pulled Luna and Tara out of the bed.  They immediately went up and joined Sarah.  Sarah had moved to her chair in the family room and when they entered, Luna and Tara knelt in front of her.  When they were in place Sarah asked, “Did either of you know a Milicent Halls?”

Luna spoke up and said, “I knew her last year at school before her father moved.”

Sarah asked, “Can you tell me anything about her and why they moved?”

Luna nodded and answered, “Mili and I were pretty good friends.  Not as close as Tara and I but almost.  She had a hard time with school during the spring semester last year.  It was because her parents were getting a divorce.  I don’t know what their first names were since I addressed them as Mr. and Mrs. Halls.  Mili told me that it was all her fault.  She said it all started when she came home from my house one Friday night when she was supposed to be staying over for a sleepover.  I got sick so my dad took her home. When she entered the house she heard a loud cracking sound coming from the bedroom followed by some screams.  She followed the sound to her parent’s bedroom.  The door was open just a little and she saw her mother naked and on her knees tied up with her head and shoulders on the bed and her elbows pulled back around her thighs and tied together.  He would spank her with a paddle and then rub her ass for a few moments and then spank her again.  She thought her dad was hurting her mother so she was getting ready to storm in when her mother had an intense orgasm.  She watched in amazement as her mother came and came.  Her father threw the paddle down on the floor and got behind her on his knees and drove his cock into her mom and fucked her hard.  She put her hands down her pants and fingered herself while her father fucked her mother.  She came almost at the same time as her father came in her mother.  She quickly ran to her room and got into bed.  She told me that she made herself cum over and over all night long from what she saw.” 

Luna continued the story about Mili, “After that she dreamed of her father tying her up and fucking her.  After about a month she finally got up the nerve to ask her father to do to her what she saw him do to her mother.  He refused of course but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Over the next few weeks, every time they were alone she would pester her father to tie her up and have sex with her.  She finally wore her father down and he agreed to tie her up but not to paddle her or have sex with her.  They did it one night when her mom was at a school board meeting.  Mili stripped in her room and went down to her father, who was watching the news, and demanded that he keep his promise.  She said her father tried to talk her out of it but she insisted and threw a tantrum until he gave in.  He took her into their bedroom and tied her up in the same way that he had tied her mother.  He was upset with her for the tantrum she threw and for putting him into this situation so he took the paddle and started spanking her.  Just like her mother, Mili screamed in pain when she was spanked but then he massaged her ass for a few minutes and it felt real good.” 

Luna paused for a moment and then continued, “As he was spanking her they didn’t hear her mother return early from the meeting, which had been canceled at the last minute due to a power failure.  Her mother walked in on them just as Mili started cumming.  She went into a rage and started pounding on her father and yelling at him to get out of the house.  She started throwing things at him until he left the house.  After he left, her mother untied Mili and held her in her arms.  Mili finally came around and realized what happened.  She tried to explain to her mother that she had asked her father to do that to her.  She explained that she wanted him to tie her up, spank her and have sex with her like she had seen him do to her.  Her mother didn’t listen though.  She made her go to her room and stay there.  She wouldn’t believe Mili that her father didn’t have sex with her.  She even asked her mother to check and see that her father hadn’t taken her cherry but her mother wouldn’t do it.”

Lune looked at Sarah to be sure she wanted her to continue and knew from the look in her eyes that she did.  She concluded Mili’s story, “Her mother filed for a divorce the next day, claiming that her father had sexually abused her.  Her mother tried to get Mili to tell the lawyers and judge what happened but Mili refused.  Mili had to be examined by a doctor to verify whether or not she had lost her virginity or for evidence of physical abuse.  Of course it all came back negative.  During the custody trial, Mili’s father showed her mother in all kinds of bondage poses and perverted situations where she was being gang banged and whipped by other people.  Of course they claimed that it was a private eye that took the pictures but it was really her father.  Mili sided with her father in everything because he was only doing what she had wanted him to do.  Well, the judge decided to award custody to Mili’s father and they moved away, leaving the house to her mother.  I keep in touch with Mili through Friendconnection on line.  She still complains that her father won’t have sex with her though he does tie her up and spank her whenever she wants to.  That’s about all I can remember about her.”

Sarah nodded and thanked Luna for the information.  She sent them on their way to get cleaned up and eat breakfast before the day’s activities began.  It was about an hour later that Marie brought Miranda Halls to the house.  Miranda looked very ragged and tired like she had been put through hell all night.  Marie led Miranda in front of Sarah and made her kneel.  Miranda was dressed in a blue plaid micro mini and a see through blouse that was tied beneath her tits.  She also wore six inch spiked heeled shoes.  Marie stepped back and asked, “Would you mind if Roberta and I stay and listen to what your new little subbie has to say?”

Sarah smiled and said, “You’re almost a part of the family so be my guest.  As a matter of fact, I’d like to extend an invitation to you and your slave to join my little BDSM group I’m organizing.  Before you answer though, wait until all of my slaves are up here and after Miranda tells us her little tale from yesterday.”

Marie and Roberta quickly brought in a bunch of bags from Miranda’s shopping exploits the day before and set them inside the living room against the wall.  It took about ten more minutes before everyone wearily made their way to the family room except for Aminda and Michelle and the two pony girls.  They were busy introducing Kelly and Hannah to their new life.  As soon as all of the newly initiated masters, mistresses and slaves were in position and forming a U shape around Sarah with Miranda in the middle facing Miranda Sarah commanded, “Tell us what happened to you yesterday, Miranda.  I want to hear every little detail and don’t leave anything out.  If you leave anything out or try to lie to me then you will pay dearly.  Now, let’s hear it.”

Miranda began, speaking very quietly so no one could hear.  Sarah immediately got up out of her chair in a flash and hit Miranda on the cheek with her open hand with such force that it knocked her over.  Miranda let out a little scream of surprise and pain from the slap.  When she got back up on her knees, she was visibly shaking as Sarah stood over her and angrily said, “Start over and speak loud enough so everyone can hear you.  I won’t have a slave get away with mumbling to try and avoid being embarrassed.  Now get on with it and speak up.”

Miranda began again loudly.


I’ll start the story from when I woke up yesterday morning.  I woke up about five in the morning tied spread eagle on Jim Meyers’ bed.  I hadn’t really slept much the night before because Jim fucked me and brought several of the teachers from the high school and also Wayne Matson and one of the teachers from the middle school.  They spent the night fucking me in all of my holes over and over until they were all worn out.  After they were finished with me, they tied me to Jim’s bed covered in cum and with cum leaking out of me.  About ten minutes after I woke up, Jim came in and untied me.  He took me in to the bathroom where he had a whirlpool tub filled with water with the whirlpool going.  He helped me into the tub and ordered me to clean up and wash my hair since I had to be presentable when I went to the mall.

He allowed me to soak in the tub for about an hour.  He finally came in carrying a tray of food.  He told me to get out and join him on the bed.  After I got out of the tub and dried off, I joined him on the bed.  He had changed the sheets so I didn’t have to climb into the puddles of cum that I had left on the other sheets.  I got onto the bed and sat with my back against the headboard.  He handed me a bed tray with biscuits and gravy, orange juice and a big mug of coffee.  As I dug into the food, he apologized for what he and the others had done to me the night before but said that he really had no choice.  He said that he had to follow your orders or he would go to jail.  I told him I knew what he meant.  He was kind enough not to ask what you had over me and I didn’t volunteer.  But I did tell him that I actually enjoyed the gangbang that night.  As you know, I am submissive and being forced to fuck all of those men that I know against my will was right out of one of my fantasies.

Anyway, after eating breakfast, he allowed me to get dressed in my business suit that I had worn Friday.  We then got in his car and he took me to the mall.  We arrived just before the mall opened so after we got out of his car, I took Jim’s cock out and as a last thank you, I sucked him off right there.  When I finished there were people starting to line up at the entrance to the Mall and a few of them were close enough to the car that they could have seen what I was doing.  A couple of the men looked at me with lust in their eyes and their wives looked like they thought I was the most disgusting and depraved thing on earth.  I finally put his cock back in his pants and got out of the car.  He told me which store to go to as I got out. 

I arrive at Marie’s House of Style about fifteen minutes before they opened their doors.  Roberta saw me and opened the front doors so I could get in.  She closed and locked the doors behind me and then took me to the back room.  When I got there, Marie was standing there waiting for me with a tape measure in her hand.  She made me stand on a platform and ordered me to strip.  I took off my clothes and folded them nicely before putting them on a chair by the platform.  I stood there in my bra and panties then but she told me to take them off too so I quickly stripped them off and threw them on top of my clothes.

Once I was standing on the platform naked, she started taking my measurements in every way possible.  She seemed to go out of her way to tell me how saggy my tits are and how I was starting to develop cellulite in my legs.  I guess that happens when you start to get close to forty.  When she took the measurements on my tits, she lifted them and let them drop a few times to demonstrate how saggy they were and to humiliate me as much as she could.  When she measured my inseam, she made a point of pushing her fingers into my cunt.  She commented on how wet I was and seemed to take great pleasure in finger fucking me until I was almost ready to cum.  I was just on the brink when she stopped and stood up saying she was all done taking measurements. I wanted to cum so badly I begged her to finish me off and make me cum.  She looked at me like I was a squashed bug and told me that slaves cum when their mistress wants them too.

After that, Roberta took me to a dressing room that had a chair and a dressing table.  She sat me down and started putting make up on me.  As she did, she told me that we didn’t want anyone to recognize me so she was going to make me look a lot different than my normal pale complexion.  She used a darker base and highlighted my nose and cheeks so they looked to be more prominent.  Once she was done, she braided my hair and wrapped it up on top of my head.  Finally she put on a platinum blonde wig on my head.  I looked in the mirror and was astonished at how different I looked.  I barely recognized myself so I was sure that no one else would either. 

Once Roberta had me made up the way they wanted, Roberta led me out of the dressing room and back to where I had been measured.  Soon Marie came in with some clothes for me to wear.  She handed them to me and ordered me to put them on.  As I grabbed them I noticed that my business suit was gone.  I asked her where she put them because it was a very expensive suit.  She smiled and told me not to worry about it anymore since I wasn’t going to be wearing it again.  I was a bit stunned at that and she had to order me again to put the clothes on that she gave me.  I quickly stepped into the skirt and pulled it up.  It was at least two sizes too small but she made me zip it up and button it closed.  It was very tight and very short.  If I pulled it up to my waist my cunt, was exposed.  When I pulled it down to just barely cover my pussy, the waist band was right at the top of my pubic mound.  It was the same obscenely short blue plaid micro mini I’m wearing now.  When I went to put on this blouse, I noticed it was almost sheer enough to see through.  I knew that my dark areoles and nipples would be visible through it.  It too was too small and I couldn’t even button it up.  The only way to get it to cover my tits was to tie it under them like it is now.  When I looked into the mirror, all I saw was an old woman trying to dress like a teenager.  I just knew by the way I was dressed that they were going to humiliate me like I had never been humiliated before and it excited me like nothing else. 

When I was done dressing she gave me a folded sheet of paper.  She told me to go to the other end of the mall to Art’s Women’s Shoes.  She ordered me not to look at the note as it was instructions for Art.  She told me that I was to only talk to Art and when I did to give him the note and do everything he told me to.

I immediately left in nothing but this short, short skirt and blouse and my comfortable shoes that only had an inch heel.  As I walked across the mall, I heard wolf whistles and rude comments from many of the men and women.  I walked by a group of women about my age and they all called me names like whore, hussy and slut.  I had tears in my eyes from the humiliation and I know my face was red from blushing so much.  But deep down it excited me too, like the humiliation was fueling some inner furnace deep within me. 

I finally made it to the shoe store and asked the female clerk at the register for Art.  She looked at me like I was a two bit whore as she picked up the phone and told Art that his customer he was expecting was here.  Within a few minutes, I was joined by an older, fairly portly man who was balding and still in denial since he was trying to cover the bald spot up by combing over what little hair he had. 

When Art arrived, I told him Marie had sent me to get some shoes and handed him the note.  I could have read that note any time I wanted as it was not taped shut or anything but I never even thought of opening it and reading it.  As soon as Art read it, he gave me a lecherous smile and told me to follow him.

Art took me to a chair that looked like one of those chairs the shoe shine guys in the airport use.  It was elevated well above everything else and was plainly visible from the mall walk way.  He made me get in the chair and then he spread my legs apart, exposing my bare cunt to anyone that wanted to look.  I was clearly visible to anyone who walked by the window of the store.  After he spread my legs, he took the measuring device and measured my feet.  After he measured each foot and jotted down the measurements, he went to the back of the store and soon came out with several boxes. Two guys were with him and they also had their arms loaded up with several boxes. 

As Art knelt in front of me and my exposed cunt, he started to put on the first pair of shoes.  They were a pair of three inch spiked heeled black pumps.  When I looked back up from the shoes, I saw that the two guys that had come out with him were just standing there staring at my bare cunt.  I looked over at the girl at the cash register and she was shaking her head like she couldn’t believe I was exposing myself like I was.  I know I said I blushed when I was in the mall walking to the store but it wasn’t anything like I was blushing then.  I could feel my face burn in shame at sitting there with my most private places exposed for all to see. It was terribly exciting too, to be on display like that.  Here I was the president of the school board and I was acting like a wanton slut for the whole world to see.  My cunt was leaking juices, leaving a puddle in the seat where I sat.

When Art had the new shoes on my feet, he made me get up and walk back and forth across the shoe store to make sure they fit correctly and to display me to people walking by outside.  After I told him they fit fine, he had me sit back down to try on another pair.  When I sat down, I didn’t spread my legs so he pushed them wide again, exposing myself to the world before he tried on the next pair of shoes.  For the next couple of hours I tried on pair after pair.  He was very good at what he does because all of the shoes fit fine.  After each new pair, I was made to walk back and forth in front of the windows looking into the mall.  After a while, the store filled up with about a half a dozen guys acting like they were shopping for shoes.  I think they spent more time staring at me though than looking at any of the shoes.

By the time I tried on all of the shoes, I ended up with three shoes with three inch heels, three with four inch, three with five inch and a pair of six inch spiked heels.  The five inch heels were difficult enough to walk in but the six inch heels were extremely hard to stand in let alone walk in.  I was essentially standing on my toes wearing them. They were built up under the toe so that it looked like any other high heeled shoe but inside of them, I was really on my toes.  They really felt uncomfortable on my heel and ankle and it got worse the longer I stayed up on them.  Unfortunately, Art made me practice walking in the six inch heeled shoes until I was able to get by with little if any wobbling.

When he was satisfied that I was able to walk in the shoes, he led me to the back room as he told the girl at the register to mind the store and to organize the guests to come back to the special fitting room one at a time for a special treat.  The two goons that had spent the last couple of hours just staring at my pussy followed behind us as Art led me to a room in the back of the store.  When we got in back, Art forced me down on my knees and before I know it he had his smelly, fat little cock out and sticking it against my lips.  He grabbed my hair and ordered me to open my mouth.  I knew better than to disobey so I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck.  As I sucked him off, I reached down under my skirt and began to finger my clit and cunt to try and bring myself off.  I was just about to cum when all of a sudden Art pulled his cock out of my mouth and started masturbating his cock until he came all over my face.  The sheer humiliation of having him cum on my face was enough to send me over the edge and I came, screaming out my orgasm.

After that Art sat on a chair opposite from me and waved the two other guys to me without saying a word.  One of the guys pushed my back until I was on all fours.  Then as one of them fucked his cock into my sopping cunt, the other started face fucking me.  The guy I was sucking had a short fuse and quickly came.  He shot into my mouth on the first spurt but the rest he shot all over my face.  He left and sent one of the men that had come into the store back.  He was instructed that he could get a blow job but that he had to cum on my face.  The guy fucking me came just as the new guy started face fucking me.  When he came, I did too and I let out a loud scream of passion as I came harder than I have in my memory.  That’s the way it went for a long while.  One guy would cum and another would come to the back and take his place.  If they fucked me, they came in my cunt but if they fucked my throat, they came on my face.

By the time I had fucked or sucked all of the men, many of them twice, I had cum dripping down my cheeks and off of my chin.  I also had cum leaking out of my cunt and down my thighs.  When it was all over, Art had me stand up and handed me a bunch of sacks with my shoes in them.  He then instructed me to immediately return to Marie’s store.  He ordered me to leave the cum on my face and legs until I was told by Marie to clean it off.

As I slowly made my way through the mall back to Marie, I was really ridiculed by people.  Women would look at me with disgust, but the men couldn’t take their eyes off of me.  By the time I was half way back to Marie’s store, I was being followed by a gang of boys that were taunting me.  Some were even brazen enough to get close enough to reach under my skirt and grab my bare ass.  A couple of them actually reached around me and grabbed my tits and, since my hands were full, I couldn’t do anything about it.

I finally made it back to Marie’s store and went in to the back room where I had been before.  Roberta saw me as I walked by her and she taunted me saying ‘That’s a nice look for you.’

I put my bags for my shoes with a pile of other bags containing clothes that Marie had selected for me.  I just prayed that there would be some conservative clothes in there that I could wear to my school board meetings.  I put my bags down on a table against the far wall. Marie came into the room and stood there looking at me.  She smiled when she saw me covered in cum.  She immediately said, “I see Art did a number on you.  Just before I opened my store a while back I looked for a good store that had the type of quality shoes that would go with the designer clothes I was selling that I could feel comfortable referring my customers to.  When I went there to talk with him I noticed the shoe polisher’s chair that he had there and knew it would be a great way to embarrass Roberta.  I immediately called Roberta and had her dress in her mini dress uniform without panties or bra, then told her to come to the shoe store to be fitted for her work shoes.  When she got to the store I made her get up on the shoe shine chair and spread her legs wide while Art fit her for a pair of black three inch spiked heeled pumps.  By the time Art was finished with her, poor Art was as hard as a rock.  I chastised Roberta and told her to go with Rob and do whatever he wants and just send her back to my store the way he leaves her when he was done.  She returned to my store looking very much like you look right now except not nearly as bad.”

After she said that, she showed me my new business suits.  She had two of them, one gray pin striped and the other brown pin striped.  Both of them had knee length skirts but the skirts had slits up the sides that would show a lot of thigh when I walked.  The suit coats were extremely tight and form fitting when I tried them on.  They really showed off my figure but if I gained any weight at all, it would soon be too small. They had a single button that was about halfway between my belly button and my tits.  Once buttoned, the material was so tight over my tits that you could see my nipple pushing out through the material.  There was no way you could wear a bra with the suit coat and I was concerned about the image I would be presenting.  When I complained to Marie about how much skin I was exposing, she just smiled and said that I would be wearing something else besides the suit.  She wouldn’t tell me what it was when I asked but I knew it wasn’t going to be a blouse or a bra. 

After I complained, Marie smiled and handed me another folded piece of paper.  She ordered me to go to Prissie’s Secrets which was a lingerie store that was much raunchier than Victoria’s Secrets.  I was to ask for Prissie and do whatever she told me to do.

When I walked into the store there were a bunch of women in the store and a few couples looking at the lingerie.  There was a salesgirl dressed in sexy lingerie helping the customers.  I walked up to the girl at the cash register and asked for Prissie.  She immediately called her on the intercom and told her that the customer she was expecting was there. 

When Prissie came up to me, I was totally stunned.  She was over six feet tall and had the thickest most luxurious auburn hair that I’ve ever seen.  She had large breasts that were obviously augmented.  When she introduced herself to me she had a bit of an effeminate lisp.  She took me to the back of the store where there was a surround mirror.  She ordered me to step up onto the platform and take my clothes off.  I looked out and though I was unable to be seen from the front of the store, anyone shopping in the back half of the store could see me in all my glory.  I sighed and stripped again until I was standing there nude.

Prissie gave me a lustful smile and she stepped up in front of me.  The first thing she did was grab my nipples and began to twist them.  That just got my juices going again and I started feeling a glow deep in my gut.  When my nipples were as hard as they could get, Prissie put a tight band around each nipple that would keep them hard.  She ordered me to always put them on my nipples every time I got dressed.

After she put the bands on my nipples, she went behind me and reached around and began to knead my tits for a few moments.  I noticed two of the couples had wandered over to watch what was going on.  Once they got there, Prissie took out a measuring tape and began to take measurements of my tits.  She started taking measurements around my waist and from the base of my tits to the top of my pubic mound.  Then she took measurements above my tits, below my tits, across the nipples, from the tops of my tits to my shoulder, from the sides of my tits to my underarm, then between my two tits at the base and from nipple to nipple.  After that, she measured from one side of my tit to the other side of my same tit across the nipple, then from the top to the bottom of the tit across the nipple.  Finally, she took measurements around the base of each tit, the middle of each tit and around the areola.  By the time she was done I had cum twice just from her stimulating my tits while she measured them.  I noticed that a few more couples had gathered to watch.  I blushed terribly at being publicly exposed like that, especially with the drying cum still on my face and running down my thighs.

Prissie then ordered me to stand there like that and she’d be right back.  About ten minutes later, she arrived with a bunch of bras and corsets.  She started with the corsets and took the first one that was a dark grey that would go well with my new grey suit.  She put the cups under my tits and then began lacing up the laces of the corset.  As she did, she pulled it tighter and tighter until I could hardly breathe.  Finally she tied it off and she had me look at myself in the mirror.  I had to agree with her that I liked the look.  I looked like I had taken a couple of inches off of my waist.  With this on, the suit wouldn’t be so tight as when I tried it on.  The only problem was that I would have to have help putting it on.  The other thing I noticed is that the cups lifted my tits up so that they didn’t sag.  With my nipples banded like they were, they would be very prominent bumps in the material of the suit when I wore it. 

Once Prissie was satisfied with the way I looked in the corset, she set the two corsets aside.  The other corset was a solid brown color and was meant to go with the brown suit.  Next, she stood behind me and reached around and lifted my breasts and let them fall a few times.  She said in her effeminate voice that my breasts were old and saggy and that she had just the thing for that.  She let my breasts go and turned to retrieve what she called a shelf bra.  By this time, there was a virtual crowd standing around watching Prissie put me through my paces.  She put the cups of the bra under my tits and then pulled back and hooked the bra behind my back.  She took each of my tits individually and put it into the shelf of the cup.  The result was that my saggy tits were lifted up so that they almost looked like they did when I was in my twenties.  She had me turn to the mirror so I could see how I looked.  I was a bit shocked at how sexy I looked for an almost forty year old woman.  As I looked at myself, Prissie told me that I was to wear these bras with all of my sheer and almost sheer blouses and dresses to maximize the viewing pleasure of everyone around me. 

After having me try the shelf bra, she next brought out an open tip bra.  The bra cup on this bra was open and had about two inches around the outside of the cup with the center over the nipples open.  Prissie told me that this bra was to be worn with my non see through clothes.  Finally Prissie picked up one last bra after putting a variety of the open bras in a bag with the shelf bras she had selected.  This last bra was a special type of open bra.  The cups of the bra were actually supportive underneath but made of elastic Lycra on the top half of the cup.  The opening in the center of each cup was the exact diameter of my areoles.  When Prissie put my tits into the bra cups and hooked the bra behind me, the cup pulled extremely tight.  Prissie took a hold of my nipples and pulled my areola through the opening.  The cup of the bra was tight enough that the areola and nipples were pushed out in an exaggerated fashion. They made my areola and nipples, especially with the band around my nipples, look like the top of a cup cake with a cherry on top.  Prissie told me that this bra was to be worn whenever I wore skin tight tops so that everyone could see my best assets.

Prissie was happy with the fit of the bra and put it away.  She handed me a white lace shelf bra to wear with my blouse I had worn.  I immediately put it on while she got out several types of panties.  The first was a standard thong with a transparent panel over my pussy.  She put it on, stood back and then quickly spun me around to look in the mirror.  What I saw was extremely embarrassing.  My cunt hair was sticking out all around the triangle.  Prissie grabbed a bundle of my pubic hair between her thumb and forefinger and pulled as she said that she would have to remove my forest. 

Prissie made me take off the thong panties and then had me lie on my back.  I lay like that with only the shelf bra on for everyone to stare at.  Soon there were a couple of attendants around me setting things up.  Within five minutes, they were applying wax to my pubic mound and cunt.  The wax was hot and I just barely kept from screaming when they applied it and then put the binding tape over it.  After a few minutes the wax had hardened and Prissie worked one end of the wax loose and then when she got a good grip she yanked it off, taking my pubic hair with it.  I screamed bloody murder from the pain of my most private hair being pulled out by the root in my most sensitive area.  They applied a second layer of wax and when they removed that, it got all of the hairs that the first waxing missed.  It wasn’t nearly as painful since most of the hairs had already been removed.

After my cunt hair was removed I put the panties back on and it actually looked sexy.  Prissy took the thong and several others in various colors to match the different bras I had so that they were matching sets.  The next set of panties was a pair of crotch-less panties.  They were really sexy looking but I couldn’t imagine wearing them anywhere but in the bedroom but Prissie said that these were the panties I was to wear when I had a special date or meeting with someone. 

The last thing that Prissie made me put on was a bulky pair of leather panties.  These panties actually came up to my waist and had a wide crotch band.  When I looked inside I noticed that there were two dildos in the panties.  One of the dildos was set in the crotch and was about six inches by one and a half.  The second dildo was in a position so that it would fit in my asshole.  It was six inches but only one inch wide.  I looked at her like she was crazy.  She slapped me for my insolence and ordered me to put it on.  I stepped into the panties and after some effort I got the heads of the dildos inserted into my cunt and ass.  When the dildos were inserted I pulled the panties up until the dildos sank all of the way into my cunt and ass.  I was burning with humiliation again as I looked up and saw that there were about twenty people watching me.  Finally I turned to look in the mirror.  I was shocked at how plain I looked.  I felt perverted standing there with the dildos in my cunt and ass but by looking you couldn’t tell.  I looked into the mirror until I was looking into Prissie’s eyes and she said that these panties were for when my mistress wanted me to be put through my paces when I was in my suit on special occasions like school board meetings and such as that.  She opened up a wooden case and in it were three more sizes of each of the dildos.  There was also a control in the box.  Prissie took the control out and pushed the on button.  Both of the dildos instantly came on and began vibrating.  I almost fell over as they immediately triggered an orgasm.  I had to lean with a hand against the mirror to support my weight to keep me from falling as I came and came.  Finally, it stopped and I was able to stand up after that. 

When I stood back up, Prissie had me take the leather panties off and clean the dildos by sucking them clean first and then wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe.  When I handed them to her, she put two of them into my bag so that I would have one to wear while I cleaned the other.

When she was finally done with me, Prissie ordered me to get on my knees, take off her panties and suck her to orgasm.  I reached under Prissie’s skirt and pulled her panties down.  As I did, I got a big surprise.  One of the largest cocks I’ve ever seen crashed down onto my forehead.  There was a collective gasp from the crowd.  When I regained my composure I took the cock into my mouth and began to suck it.  I worked the cock deeper and deeper into my throat until I was fucking the whole thing down my throat.  I could tell that it had been a while since Prissie, the transvestite had been sucked off.  He came within a couple of minutes.  Unfortunately he pulled out and added his cum to the rest of the cum on my face. 

After Prissie was done with me, he looked out at the crowd and invited anyone who wanted to receive a blowjob to get in line.  The only requirement was that they would have to cum on my face.  After that, I knelt there and sucked at least eight guys off, all of them cumming on my face.  Most of the couples left before the face fuck gang bang but there were a couple of them that stayed.  In both cases, the guy got his cock sucked by me while the girl either sucked or fucked Prissie.  Each girl that fucked him came at least two times while they did. 

When I finished taking the last man’s cum on my face, I was allowed to take my purchases that had been selected for me back to Marie’s.  I had several bags in each hand.  Again, I was stared at, insulted, made fun of and that same group of teenage boys followed me, getting in as many gropes of my ass and my tits as they dared. 

When I returned to Marie’s House of Style, Marie took me back to the fitting room where she had measured me.  She stood me in front of the surround mirror and made me look at myself.  I looked absolutely grotesque.  My face was covered with cum that was dripping down onto my already opaque blouse making it see through in many spots.  I had cum dribbling down my thighs and well below my knees now.  I looked every bit a slut that had been the target of a bukkake party.  I was close to tears from the humiliation of having walked through the mall looking like that.  Then I felt a hard swat on my ass.  I screamed more in surprise than from the pain.  When I focused my attention on Marie, she exclaimed, “For the third time, I said to scrape it all off with your finger and eat it.  That includes what is leaking out of your sopping cunt and down your legs.  After that, you will go to the food court for lunch.  I’ll give you your instructions once I’m satisfied you are clean.”

I started scraping the cum off of my face bit by bit.  I sucked my finger clean each time.  The last thing that I wanted was for my sexual arousal to increase with each finger full of cum I sucked into my mouth.  It seemed that with each finger that I sucked clean, images of my morning of debauchery came flooding back to my mind.  I actually came about three quarters of the way through cleaning my face without any other stimulation. 

After I cleaned my face thoroughly, I began scraping it up off of my legs.  After about ten minutes, my legs were clean but I kept sticking my fingers into my sopping cunt and then sucking them clean.  My eyes were closed and I was reliving everything that had happened to me the last couple of days.  My ex-husband and I had played a bit with BDSM while we were married but he had never taken me as far down the path as I had been taken the last couple of days.  I stood there and fingered myself to climax after climax until I was paddled again by Mistress Marie.  She made me bend over and grab my ankles.  She lifted the short skirt, baring my ass and began to paddle me.  As she did, she chastised me for cumming without permission.  Unfortunately, the spankings just fueled my passion and excitement and I came while she paddled me.  She told me that I was a classic pain and humiliation slut.  She said she was sorry that I didn’t belong to her. 

After the paddling was over some thirty swats later, Mistress Marie ordered me to go to the food court and buy myself some lunch.  She ordered me to sit at the table that was on the elevated level that gave the best exposure to the rest of the food court.  I was to sit there with my legs spread wide apart and eat my lunch.  If anyone came up to me and asked that I do something sexual with them then I was to have them sit down at the table and then crawl underneath and suck them off or sit down in their lap and stick their cock up my cunt or ass depending on what they wanted.  I was then to work my vaginal or ass muscles to bring them off.  I was not to look like I was fucking anyone even though I was but was just to look like I was sitting on their lap.  She warned me that someone would be watching so I had better not try and cheat.  She allowed me to change into a pair of my three inch heeled shoes and then gave me ten dollars to buy myself some lunch.

I left the store and headed to the food court.  Well, the group of boys that had followed me from Prissie’s store had been loitering just down the hall and they immediately began following me again.  Fortunately, they stayed back until I was able to purchase a hamburger and fries with something to drink.  I took my food and walked around the food court until I saw the raised area that Marie had told me about.  There were three tables there that could seat four people each.  I went up and sat in the one in the middle and a bit to the front.  It was the one most viewable from the rest of the food court.  I set my food down, took a deep breath to calm my nerves, and then sat down.  After I sat down I looked around in nervousness because I was worried that someone would recognize me. I sighed in resignation and spread my legs apart as wide as I could, exposing my cunt to anyone that would look my way. 

I had just started to eat my hamburger when that group of boys surrounded my table.  The apparent leader of the group came up to me and said loudly, “You’re a sexy bitch.  I want you to put out for me and my buddies like you did to the men in that lingerie store.  If you can suck that fag’s cock then you can suck each of ours too.  We’ll show you what real men are like.”

I really wanted to say no but Mistress Marie had told me I had to fulfill any request that was asked of me as long as I did it right there.  I nodded my head to the boy and said okay. 

The boy that was the leader took my hand and tried to pull me up saying, “Come on then.”

I stayed sitting and held his hand firmly and stared at him as I said, “It has to be here.  If you want me then I’ll do it but it has to be right here.  Why don’t you pull the tables together so everyone can sit around the tables?  I’ll get under the table and suck you all off like I did those guys at the store.”

The boys immediately started to scoot tables together.  I looked over across the food court and saw my ex-husband and daughter.  They were talking about something but weren’t paying any attention to me so I turned my focus back to the boys surrounding me. 

I continued eating my food as fast as I could knowing that once I started doing sexual things for these boys I would likely be at it for a while.  I was able to get about half of my hamburger and my fries eaten before they started to sit down in chairs across from me.  I took a quick look around and noticed that I was pretty well concealed from the rest of the food court so I sunk down under the table and, starting with the leader I opened their pants and pulled out their cocks.  I started sucking the leader, and reached over to masturbate the boys on either side of him while I did. 

God I was hotter that a fire cracker.  Mistress Marie was hitting fantasy after fantasy of mine and I couldn’t help but get more and more excited as the actual reality of what I was doing far exceeded the excitement of the fantasy.  Doing a bunch of school aged boys in the middle of a public place was always one of my kinkiest fantasies.  Now here I was actually acting it out.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t be arrested as a sexual predator.  I sucked the boy I was working on like my life depended on it.  The other two boys I gently rubbed enough to just keep them hard.  It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get that first boy off.  I sucked his cum down and swallowed it like it was ambrosia.  As soon as he quit cumming, I kissed the tip of his cock and then moved to my left and started sucking the next boy. 

For the next hour it seemed I sucked cock after cock.  There were eight boys to begin with but as time went on, it seemed that new boys were showing up.  Apparently they were calling their friends and telling them what I was doing and inviting them there.  I totally lost count of the number of boys I sucked off.  When I finally worked my way to the leader for the second time he pulled me up from under the table and said he wanted to fuck me.  I told him what I was able to do but that I couldn’t just fuck him in the food court and make it obvious.  It had to look like I was just sitting on his lap.

The leader agreed and pulled out his hard cock.  I sat down and lined his cock up with my cunt as I did.  Once I had him fully seated, I started squeezing with my cunt and gently rocking back and forth a little.  The other boys were standing around and mostly blocking the view from the food court.  Fortunately, the boy I was fucking had a short trigger and I soon felt his cum squirting into my juicy cunt.  I stayed in his lap for a few moments until his prick shrank and fell out of my cunt.  Then I stood up and leaned over to kiss him.  The bunch of boys behind me got an eyeful of my nicely fucked cunt with a bit of their leader’s cum starting to ooze out of me.  I took a drink from my remaining soda to get the taste of cum out of my mouth and then walked away heading back to Marie’s House of Style.

I was almost halfway to the store when I looked back and saw a man and a young girl of about thirteen following me a little ways back.  When I got to the store, I told Marie what I had done and she said she had received a good report on me so I wouldn’t be punished.  She told me to go to the surround mirror and get on my hands and knees and just look at myself until she or someone she sent in came to me.  I immediately did as she said, noticing that as I went through the door to the fitting room, the man and young girl came into the store.  I hoped that they were customers and wouldn’t involve me but I suspected otherwise.

I was right to fear because within ten minutes the man came into the room.  I felt like dying from the embarrassment of my position.  He told me that I had been a naughty girl for sucking and fucking all of those school aged boys and needed to be punished.  He took the paddle that Mistress Marie had hung up on a hook by the door and started paddling me.  The pain was so severe that I screamed bloody murder.  He only gave me twenty swats but they were hard enough to really get me going.  I was blubbering and begging like a fool to get him to stop.  Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he took his hard, seven inch cock out and stuck it in my sopping wet cunt once.  He pulled out and then moved it up just a bit and immediately sank it into my unprepared ass.  I screamed again but that didn’t deter him.  He started to fuck me with slow but strong strokes. 

The man had only fucked me for a minute when the young girl came into the room.  The man immediately told the girl to leave but she said, “I’ve seen it before, Dad.  I’ve seen you fuck Mom lots of times.  I’ve seen you tie mom up then spank or whip her like a slave.  I got so excited that I even looked up bondage on the internet and every time I found a picture or read a story of women in bondage, being whipped or being made to do unspeakable things, I always imagined myself in the woman’s place and I would make myself cum over and over again.  That’s why I started pestering you to tie me up and fuck me like you did Mom.  It took me a few months but I finally got you to strip me naked and tie me up but you refused to take my cherry then and you still refuse to take my cherry now.  I’m horny and I want a good cum.  I watched this bitch come out of a shoe store covered in cum.  As she walked through the mall, she allowed young boys my age to grope her tits and pussy without saying anything.  Then I saw her being groped in front of a mixed crowd in the lingerie store for almost an hour and then made to suck off a guy dressed up as a woman and then most of the guys in the crowd until her face was totally covered in cum.  You saw how this bitch sucked and fucked those boys in the food court.  Some of them are my age, I know because I went to school with them last year.  Watching this bitch do all of that has got me horny and I don’t care what you say, I want her to make me cum and I’m not going to take no for an answer.  Since you won’t fuck me, then let me do this since it won’t affect my so called precious virginity.  Don’t even try to stop me.”

The girl was very forceful with her father and he didn’t say a word to stop her after that speech.  She came around in front of me and stripped off her panties. With one hand, she lifted my head by the hair.  She slapped my face several times and then looked into my eyes and ordered me to suck her pussy and make her cum.  She pushed her naked pussy in my face after that.  I refused to start licking but she twisted my hair with her left hand, reached under me, and grabbed my left tit with her right hand. She squeezed my tit hard, leaving bruising behind as you can see.  Between her twisting my hair and my tit, I opened my mouth,screamed for a moment, and then started licking her pussy. 

While this was all happening, the guy had stopped fucking my ass.  After a minute of me licking the girl, he started fucking me again even harder. The two of them fucked me like that for about fifteen minutes before the father came.  I was able to lick and suck the girl to three orgasms before he came.  When they were done, the girl took my hair and wiped her leaking pussy with it.  Just before they left, the girl patted me on the head and called me a good bitch, like I was a puppy.

After that, the rest of the day was anticlimactic.  Mistress Marie dressed me up in different outfits and had me parade back and forth in the display window.  Some of the outfits were very risqué and didn’t really hide anything.  The only thing that saved me from dying of humiliation was that, with the wig and makeup, I don’t think anyone recognized me.

When they finally closed the store for the day, they took me home.  We took a good long shower with all three of us.  I had to service both Mistress Marie and her slave Roberta’s cunts.  After I brought both of them to several good orgasms, they double fucked me with strap on dildos.  I’m still sore from the size of the dildos.  After that, I was allowed to sleep on their hardwood floors, chained to Mistress Marie’s bed.  When I woke up, they brought me here.


About halfway through Miranda’s story, the doorbell had rung.  Suk had answered the door and had the guests wait in the sitting room just to the right of the door.  She then waited at the entrance of the family room until she was acknowledged by Mistress Sarah.  But before Sarah addressed suk, she asked Miranda, “Are you sure you’ve shared everything about your experiences yesterday?  If you left anything out, I promise you that you will be punished.” 

Miranda answered with her head bowed, “Yes Mistress. I shared everything with you.”  In her mind, she was worried that Sarah would find out the one thing she was too ashamed to share.

Sarah sighed in a combination of disappointment and excitement.  Disappointment in that she knew a little of what Miranda didn’t want to share and excitement in that she was now going to be able to punish her.  She finally looked up at suk and asked, “Who was at the door, suk?”

Suk stood proudly in her revealing French Maid’s Dress and answered, “The guests you were expecting have arrived and are waiting for you in the sitting room Mistress.”

Sarah smiled and as she stood up she looked at Angie and ordered, “Get the immobilization collar and bind this lying bitch so that she can’t move.  Make sure that I have access to her tits and cunt.  She has a little punishment session coming when I get back.  Luna, you be ready to join me in a few minutes.”  Sarah then left the room to see to her guests.

Back at the barn, Aminda and Michelle had just stopped the exerciser.  Hannah and Kelly were near exhaustion from belly riding the horses for the last two hours.  Hannah had a better go of it at first since the horse’s cock she was riding had actually penetrated her cervix to her womb when her horse reared up in the stable.  Kelly on the other hand had her horse’s cock pounding against her cervix for the better part of forty minutes as the horse was exercised on the auto exerciser.  It caused her a combination of pleasure and pain.  After about fifteen minutes, Storm came.  Because Hannah’s cervix created such a tight seal, the horse’s cum couldn’t escape and it caused her belly to swell up until she looked about four months pregnant.  Snow, the horse that Kelly was belly riding came after about twenty minutes.  Because the cock hadn’t forced past her cervix yet, the cum sprayed out of her cunt around the horses cock.  Neither of the horses’ cocks shrank enough to pull out of the girls after they came due to the drug they had been given. 

It was over an hour after they started when the exerciser took the horses up to a trot that the force of Snow’s hard cock pounding against Kelly’s cervix increased and dilated it enough to finally push through. She screamed in pain as the cock finally filled her up to the end of her womb.  If you could have seen her stomach, you would have seen the swelling where the tip of the cock finally ended in her womb.  It was about ten minutes after that, when Snow came in her womb, swelling her stomach like Hannah’s had. After the cock had gone partly soft, Kelly’s cervix kept a tight seal on it and kept it from pulling out.  Shortly thereafter, Snow started pissing in her womb.  Already swollen to look like she was four months pregnant, her womb expanded more and more, causing her untold pain from the rapid swelling.  By the time the horse was done pissing, her stomach had swelled so much that she looked to be over five months pregnant.  Luckily for Hannah, Storm didn’t piss during the exercise period but he did cum again and the swelling of her stomach was almost as bad as Kelly’s but not quite. 

When Aminda and Michelle stopped the exerciser and released Hannah and Kelly from their horses, the girls fell to the ground.  As soon as the horses’ cock pulled out of their wombs and cunts, the cum flowed out of Hannah and the cum/piss mixture shot out of Kelly with great force.  Both girls curled up into a fetal position holding their stomachs because of the internal pain they felt.  The constant battering of the horses’ cocks against the top of their womb had bruised it, and the sudden expansion of their stomachs caused their stomach muscles to be sore.

Aminda and Michelle quickly pulled their charges up off of the ground and attached a rein to their collars.  They then led both the horse and the pony girl to their respective stall.  Aminda took Hannah into the stall with Snow and turned her over to Michelle.  Michelle then instructed both Kelly and Hannah on how to properly groom their horse, using Snow to demonstrate on, and then instructed them through the entire process which included making them lick clean the horse’s still semi hard cock before they cleaned it with soap and water.  When they were done with Snow, Michelle had them groom and clean Storm the same way, correcting them as they went.

Aminda went back to the stall with the equipment from Marta’s.  She went through several trunks until she found what she was looking for.  She took out a small box and opened it.  Inside were four silver bullet dildos.  Two that looked well used and were similar to the ones she and Michelle were familiar with from when they were trained to exercise their cunt muscles at Clearview.  She remembered the pain that the pins caused when they were forced into the sides of their cunts when the dildo started to slip out.  They were only one inch in diameter.  She knew that they would slip out easily if she put them in Hannah and Kelly’s cunts at the moment but she would definitely use them later.  It was the other two brand new looking and unused dildos in the box that caught her attention.  They were similar in design and function with the exception that they had expanding sides.  There were a couple of bulb pumps and hoses that connected to a point in the bottom of the dildo that allowed you to expand them up to three inches in diameter.  Aminda quickly read the instructions and found that once expanded, they could be made to stay inflated or set to slowly deflate over an extended period of time until they were like the first two dildos.  Aminda smiled and knew she had the perfect dildos for what she needed to do.

Aminda returned to the stall just as the girls were finishing licking Storm’s cock clean.  Once they cleaned it with soap, she had the girls come out of the stall and stand with their legs spread wide and their hands behind their heads.  As they stood there, Aminda explained the operation of the dildos to Michelle out of hearing range of the two new pony girls.  After explaining and handing a bulb pump, hose, and dildo to Michelle, the two girls went to their charges and inserted the dildos into their dilated cunts, and pumped them up until the girls groaned with pain.

Aminda stood in front of the girls after that and, holding up one of the non-inflatable silver bullets in her hand, demonstrated as she instructed, “The dildos that we put in you just now are similar to this one.  After riding those horses’ cocks for so long, your pretty little cunts are stretched horribly.  If a boy put his cock into you now, he wouldn’t get any pleasure because you are so loose.  This dildo is designed to teach you to strengthen your cunt muscles so that no matter the size of the cock you have in your cunt, you will feel as tight as a virgin to the man or boy fucking you.  You will notice as I turn this on that a set of sharp pins pop out around the top of the dildo.  That is because it is temperature sensitive.  As long as it is inside your cunt, the pins stay retracted.  But if the dildo slips out over a fourth of the way, then the pins pop out and they sink into your sensitive cunt flesh.  I can assure you it is very painful.  They will stay that way until one of us has mercy on you and turns the dildo off, thereby retracting the pins.  Now the difference between this one and the ones you have is that this one doesn’t expand.  We decided that it wouldn’t be fair to you to have to try and keep this in your loose cunts.  The dildos in your cunts now, as you can tell, were expanded until they were tight in your cunts.  Over time, they will gradually shrink back to the size of this one.  That way you have time to exercise your cunts as the dildo gradually shrinks down in size.  Let me warn you.  If the dildo does fall out enough for the pins to deploy, it will stay that way for a while.  You two are filthy so let’s go hose you down before we head back up to the house.”

Aminda and Michelle led the new pony girls to the wash area.  They hosed the dirt and caked mud off them and their butt plug pony tails with cold water until they were clean.  The girls hopped around and shivered from the cold spray as they were hosed down. 

Once the girls were clean, Aminda and Michelle put the training harnesses on the girls.  They each had a bit put in their mouth.  The harness consisted of straps that went horizontally around their waist, below their tits, and above their tits.  There were two vertical straps that went through their legs on either side of their cunts and then up on either side of their front, going over their tits.  There was a ring that could be adjusted so that it fit directly over the nipple.  The strap went over their shoulders, and then down their back, until they went into the girls’ butt cracks.  Nipple clamps were attached to their nips and the reins attached to them were threaded through a ring on the strap of each corresponding shoulder.  These reins were connected to the bit reins so that when the right rein was pulled both the bit and the right nipple clamp would pull to the right.  The same would happen with the left nipple and bit when the rein was pulled.  She put leather straps with bells on them around Hannah’s ankles so that she would make more noise with each step.  Finally their arms were pulled behind their backs and their forearms strapped together with a leather sleeve.  The effect caused their tits to push out on display.  Of course, where the straps went over where the girls had been branded or tattooed caused them severe pain.

When they were ready, Aminda took Hannah’s reins and Michelle took Kelly’s.  Aminda said, “We are going back to the house.  You are to pony step like you saw us do yesterday.  We will whip you every time you get it wrong.  We have to make a couple of stops along the way.  Kelly, you are to pony step in time with the ringing of the bells on Hannah.  You are to step off with your left foot every time you start off.  You are then to stay in step with each other.  If you get out of step, we will whip you both.  If you don’t pony step correctly, we will whip you.  If you don’t look straight ahead, we will whip you.  We will whip you once on the buttocks to get you started.  Then, each time you feel a single strike of the whip on your butt you will speed up.  If we pull back on the reins then you will come to a stop.  If we pull the right rein, you turn right and if we pull the left one, you turn left.  You will keep turning until you feel the rein go slack. Now let’s get going.”

Aminda and Michelle then simultaneously whipped their pony girl’s butt with the crop.  They started out with a pony step but not nearly satisfactorily so they felt the sting of the buggy whip that flipped over their shoulder and down on their tit.  Aminda and Michelle alternated whipping the left tit and the right tit of their pony girl as the girls made mistakes.  As they were whipped, they were told what they were doing wrong.  Of course, that would cause them to get out of step and they would be whipped again. 

They pony stepped down to the cabin where Tara’s mom had been brain washed and detoxed for the last few days.  They stopped in front of the cabin and went in.  Aminda and Michelle turned off the device and took all of the equipment off of the woman.  She wasn’t completely detoxed and still had cravings but the withdrawal symptoms were reduced enough, and in her mind, the cravings had been changed from a need for drugs to a need for doggy cock.  Also, she had been brainwashed to think her name was kennelbitch and had no recollection of her former name.  As soon as she was awakened and removed from the brainwashing device, she started begging for a fix.  They put a collar and a leash on her and then led her out to where the two pony girls were waiting.

Aminda attached kennelbitch’s leash to Hannah’s collar.  Aminda then ordered her to walk to the right side of stormgirl.  Aminda and Michelle then whipped their pony girls on the buttocks and they started off towards the kennel.  Kelly was a little slow to step off so she was whipped with the crop right off.  Again, as they went to the kennel they were constantly corrected and whipped. 

As they pony stepped to the kennel, the silver bullet dildo in stormgirl’s cunt had deflated enough that it started to slip down. She was concentrating so hard on pony stepping correctly that she didn’t notice until all of a sudden she felt an intense pain that stopped her in her tracks and caused her to double over in pain as the pins deployed, to keep the dildo in her cunt.  Of course, she was whipped over and over again with the crop until she stood back up and started off again.  She grimaced in pain with each step she took as the needles of the dildo moved within her sensitive flesh.  Snowgirl was quick to figure out what had happened and remembered the dildo in her cunt.  She clamped down on her dildo just barely in time to prevent it from slipping out of her far enough to release the pins.  She didn’t want to experience the obviously severe pain that she saw stormgirl go through.

They finally made it to the kennel.  Michelle stayed with the pony girls and kennelbitch while Aminda went in and brought Prince out.  He had finally recovered enough from his injuries from the attack by the hunters.  He hadn’t had sex since then either so he was particularly randy.  When Aminda brought him out and got close to where kennelbitch was standing, he immediately smelled her excitement. 

As soon as kennelbitch heard the dogs barking when Aminda entered the kennel, she started salivating and her cunt started streaming juices.  She needed a fix badly at the moment and the dogs would fill her need.  When Aminda arrived with Prince, she wanted to get down on her knees and let him fuck her but she was leashed to stormgirl.  She couldn’t get down and let the doggy fuck her until she was ordered to anyway.  Aminda attached Prince’s leash to snowgirl’s collar.  Then, before they took off, they reset the dildos in both stormgirl and snowgirl.  The trip to the house was just like the one to the cabin and the kennel.  The ponygirls were continuously corrected as they went.

They brought the pony girls to a halt just outside the kitchen door.  They quickly took the straps off the pony girls and undid the leather sleeves on their arms.  They handed the girls the straps and then turned the dildos off and released the air so that they slipped out of their cunts.  The dildos quickly dropped out into either Aminda or Michelle’s hand.  They presented them to the other girl’s mouth to clean.  Stormgirl cleaned off snowgirl’s dildo and vice versa.  Finally, Aminda took kennel bitch’s leash and Michelle took prince’s.  They then entered the house.  Even if they didn’t know where to go, they would have been able to tell from the screams they were hearing.  They went to the family room and joined the rest of the slaves that were watching Miranda’s punishment.

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