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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 98 Part 3 Michelle's Story

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 98

By Redlegtiger

Chapter 98: The Branding Party

It wasn’t long after they went to sleep that Aminda awakened to the soft sound of sniffling and crying behind her.  She turned over and faced Lisa who was the one that was crying.  Aminda reached up and brushed the hair of her friend.  She whispered, “What’s the matter Lisa?”

Lisa sniffled a couple of times and then answered, “Mistress Sarah doesn’t want me.  She never does anything to me like a mistress should and she isn’t including me in the initiation to mark me as her slave.”

Aminda continued to brush Lisa’s hair and answered, “Mistress Sarah has been very busy with her new recruits.  The reason you aren’t being included in the initiation like the others is because you’ve already been initiated enough as a bitchpup.  I promise that if you just have a little faith and be patient that everything will work out just fine.  Besides, you are my slave too, remember?”

Lisa let the hint of a smile form as she wiped her eyes with her hands and reached around Aminda and hugged her tight.  She looked into Aminda’s eyes and said, “Thank you for reminding me.  I forgot that Mistress Sarah is allowing me to be your slave.”

After that the two finally fell asleep.  A couple of hours later, Charlie came into the slave quarters and woke up Geri and his mother.  When he did, he woke up Aminda also as Sarah had asked and handed her a bag.  He then left with his two slaves.  

Aminda woke Michelle and quickly cleaned up.  After they cleaned themselves and checked to be sure the initiates were okay, Michelle went over to the counter where they had put the bundle of Hannah’s hair after it was cut the previous evening.  They quietly left the quarters, taking the two bags with them. 

A few minutes later they arrived at the horse barn.  They headed straight to the back two stalls on the right side where all of the pony girl equipment was kept.  Aminda opened a trunk and dug through it, pulling out first one butt plug and then another.  She handed one of the plugs to Michelle.  She dug through the chest again and found a special pair of crimping pliers that had an electrical cord attached to it.  The business end of the pliers was a round steel ball about an inch and a half wide when the pliers were closed.  When opened, there was a quarter inch slot in each side of the ball.  Aminda reached back into the chest and pulled four one-inch half disks.  She handed two of the half disks to Michelle and the two of them each took a bag. 

Michelle pulled out Hannah’s hair and started creating small bundles of hair.  She created a total of twenty equally sized bundles.  She used a bit of rubber tape to wrap the end of each of the bundles of hair.  When she had all of the bundles prepared, she took each taped end and inserted it into one of the holes in the half disks.  Once she filled all of the holes with hair, she put the two rubber half disks together and taped them on the back side with the special rubber tape.  She sat back when she was done to watch Aminda. Aminda took the special pliers and inserted her disk with Kelly’s hair in the slot on one side of the piers and then closed the other end over the other half.  One end of the ball was open and had a ceramic insulation around the edge of it where the hair came out.  She pressed a switch in the handle and the ball of the pliers quickly started to heat up.  The ceramic lining around the hole where the hair came out protected the hair from the intense heat of the ball.  She held it like that for five minutes as the ball end turned red hot and the smell of burnt rubber began to spread through the barn.  After the five minutes were up, she released the button and let them cool down for about fifteen minutes. 

While the pliers were cooling down, Aminda and Michelle went to the two stalls opposite from theirs.  In one stall was Storm, a black Arabian stallion with a jagged white mark down his nose that looked like a lightning bolt.  In the other stall was Snow, a pure white Arabian stallion.  These were horses that Sarah had had brought back from Marta’s kennels when they brought the dogs to the estate from Washington.  She got them for Aminda and Michelle for when they went riding.  The two, well trained horses were going to come in real handy for their new pony girls.  The two girls spent fifteen minutes grooming the horses.  As they did, Aminda looked around assessing the area and decided the eight by eight inch post that went from ceiling to floor and formed the front of the center wall between the two stalls was suitable for what they wanted.  She decided it would be strong enough to attach the heavy chains to keep Hannah and Kelly secure in their stalls.  The stalls were just big enough that the new pony girls would fit nicely. 

After grooming the horses, the two girls went back across to the other stalls.  Aminda picked up the pliers and felt the ball end.  It was cool to the touch so she opened them.  She picked up the bundle of hair and inspected the rubber disk.  There was no hint of where the disks joined in the middle.  The heat had melted and hardened the special rubberized material into a solid disk.  She was happy with the result and handed the pliers to Michelle.  While Michelle put the disk on her bundle of hair in the pliers, Aminda took the bundle of Kelly’s hair and set it aside.  She picked up one of the butt plugs she had put down earlier.  She fiddled at the edge of the flat end of the plug until she was able to separate an outer layer enough to grab it and pull it down the butt plug.  Once the outer layer was half way down, Aminda grabbed the flat end and unscrewed it from the base.  She then reached in and pressed a small button on the edge which released half the dildo from the outer covering to the end.  Midway down the plug was a gap that was the exact size of the rubber disk that she had made on the bundle of Kelly’s hair.  She put the disk into the gap and pushed it in.  The fit was very tight and she had to push fairly hard to get it seated right.  She carefully aligned the hair in a long groove going down the center of the plug from the disk.  She replaced the part that she removed and aligned a similar gap in the plug with the disk and pushed down hard until she heard a click. She took the flat end that she had unscrewed and very carefully threaded the hair through a hole in the center of the base plate.  She brought the base plate to the end of the plug and while holding the hair to keep it from twisting, she gently screwed the plate back onto the butt plug.  Once it was firmly seated, she took the tight, thick rubber covering and pulled it back into position.

The whole process of making the pony tail butt plug took about ten minutes.  When she looked up, Michelle was sitting there watching her as she waited for her disk to finish cooling.  Aminda walked over to her and took her hand and pulled her to the stall next to them.  She went to a corner and moved a stack of horse blankets that they were storing there and when she removed the last one, there was a long section of chain with two inch long links.  As she bent down she said, “Help me with this, shelle.”

Michelle bent down and the two girls tried to lift the chain all at once but it was too heavy.  They then grabbed the loose end at the top and pulled the chain over to the stalls with Storm and Snow.  They pulled about eight feet of chain into Storm’s stall.  They got a couple of step ladders and set one up on either side of the post and began to wrap the chain around the post above the stall wall that ended about six feet up.  They stopped wrapping it around the post when there was about eight feet of chain left which they left in Snow’s stall.  Aminda went across to the trunk in the first stall across from them and took out a padlock and then returned.  She put a lock through a link on the end of the chain going to Storm’s stall and then through a link of the end going into Snow’s so that it couldn’t be removed.  Aminda grabbed the end of the chain at her feet and pulled it away from the post.  She found that she could move about five feet from the post within the stall if she was standing, and only about four feet if she was kneeling.

When they were happy with the chain, they dragged four large hay bales and lined them up so they were two deep lengthwise and two deep width wise.  Finally, they put two of the horse blankets on the bales of hay in each stall.  After that, they went across to where they had been making the butt plugs so Michelle could make the pony tail butt plug with Hannah’s hair.  When she finished, both Aminda and she began to dress up in their pony girl outfits.  When they were dressed, they took the pony tails they had made and then hooked themselves up to the sulky.  They headed back to the house.

About a half hour after Aminda and Michelle left, Angie and Lisa were awakened by Heather.  They both immediately went and took hoses and returned to the long line of initiates.  They each started at opposite ends and turned the spray of cold water onto them.  They sprayed each initiate down, including their hair.  They took a bottle of soap and washed each of the initiate’s hair, rinsed it and then combed it out.  Once the initiates were clean they took strips of cloth and blindfolded each of the slaves.  They then plugged their ears with foam ear plugs to deprive them of their hearing with the exception of Kelly and Hannah who were neither blindfolded nor made deaf.  When they were done, they released the initiates one by one, putting a strap on dildo on all of the females but Kelly and Hannah.  The type of strap on dildos that they used left their cunts free and accessible.  The dildos on them were two inches in diameter and about 8 inches long.  Kelly and Hannah had egg vibrators inserted deep into their cunts.

Once the initiates were prepared, Angie and Lisa quickly readied themselves.  They each wore white corsets that lifted their bare breasts and left their pussies exposed.  When they were ready, Angie took Kelly while Lisa took Hannah by the hand and led them from the basement and out of the back door.  When they exited, they found Aminda and Michelle waiting there dressed up in their pony gear.  Angie led Kelly to Aminda’s side and took the pony tail butt plug from her fellow bitchpup.  She pushed Kelly on the back of the head until she bent over at the waist.  She then took the butt plug pony tail and shoved it unmercifully into her ass.  While she was doing that, Lisa was doing the same with Hannah over by Michelle.  Once the pony tails were in the two new pony girls were given collars that covered their entire neck and held their head up high and then a bit gag that was strapped onto their heads.  There was a D ring in the center of each bit and a long leash was attached to it and the other end attached to the tongue of the sulky just behind Aminda and Michelle.  The leash was long enough that the two girls could walk to the rear and outside of Aminda and Michelle so that they could easily see them.  Once they were prepared, Angie spoke up loudly so that both of them could hear, “You two are to be trained to be pony girls like you see Aminda and Michelle.  Today starts your training.  As we go to the dungeon, you are to watch and copy how Aminda and Michelle move.  We will be following closely behind you and if you aren’t perfect we will whip you with the crop until you are.  Now stand here while we bring the rest of the initiates out.”

The next initiates they brought out were Heather’s two slaves Tamara and Jack.  When they led the initiates up and out of the back door, they saw Heather standing there with Jeremy, Jason and Sean, all naked and blindfolded.  She looked at Angie and Lisa and said, “Jeremy, Jason, Sean and I are going to be initiated into the group as dominants so we are to be first in line.  I will be first, then Jason and Sean behind me.  Jade will be behind Jason and Sean but in the center.  Jeremy will be behind Jason just a little farther back than Jade with his slaves behind him and Roberta will be behind Sean similarly with her slaves behind her. Tamara, Jack, and Charlie’s slave, Rhonda, will be the last three in line.” 

Heather walked behind the sulky and tied a rope to the back of the sulky and then wrapped the other end around her waist and tied it off.  She finally put on her blindfold and then stood there waiting.  Angie took Sean and Jason behind Heather.  Sean was then tied to the rope around Heather’s waist on her left and Jason was tied similarly on the right.  While Angie was taking care of Jason and Sean, Lisa went and brought Jeremy back up.  She tied him onto Heather’s waist rope as well but his rope was longer and he was placed a couple of steps behind Jason and Sean.  Lisa then brought the slaves up in order as Heather had ordered.  But instead of tying them with ropes to their waists, they put a collar on them and attached a leash to the collar and then tied it off to the person in front of them.  When they had them all lined up, they cuffed them all with their hands behind their back.  When they were done, Angie and Lisa turned and knelt to the right of the sulky and waited for Mistress Sarah.  Only then did they notice that there were several cameramen filming the whole thing.

Right at eight in the morning, Sarah came out dressed in a leather body suit.  She went up to Angie and Lisa and ran her hand over their head slowly and said, “You both have done well.  You may take up your positions now.”

Sarah then walked in front of Aminda and looked her in the eye and then glanced over to Michelle who was looking straight ahead.  She said just loud enough for both of them to hear, “I so love my pony girls.  I can’t tell you how much it excites me when you dress up like this just for me.  We don’t do this nearly enough.”  She then ran her hand lovingly across Aminda’s left cheek and leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  She repeated the gesture with Michelle and then climbed onto the sulky.

She cracked the buggy whip on Aminda’s bare butt cheek and the two girls took off at a slow pace in perfect pony step.  When they felt the first tug on the rope, most of the initiates stumbled.  They quickly caught their footing as the cart moved slowly forward.  It took them every bit of an hour to get to the path leading to the cave.  Angie and Lisa whipped Hannah and Kelly the whole way as the new pony girls tried to copy the experienced Aminda and Michelle.  Sarah took them halfway up the path leading to the cave from the valley and then stopped.  She ordered, “Lift the blindfolds but don’t remove them, we have a special surprise for them as we come to the cave.”

Angie and Lisa quickly went down the line of slaves and lifted their blindfold up onto their forehead so that they could see.  When they were done, they took up their positions behind Kelly and Hannah.  Sarah cracked the buggy whip on Michelle’s buttocks this time and they started off again.  They soon rounded the curve leading to the cave and when all of the initiates could see the cave entrance they stopped.  The initiates gasped at what they saw. 

Hanging upside down from a branch over the path a few feet from the entrance to the cave was Geri.  She was bound in rope wrapped several times around her upper body above her tits and then below her tits.  The same length of rope was passed down her body, through her cunt lips and up between her tits and then over her shoulder on the right, down between her butt cheeks, through her cunt, up between her tits and over her left shoulder.  This was repeated a couple of times and then the rope was wrapped through her crotch and up over her hips over and over again.  Finally the rope was wrapped around her left thigh just below the crotch level then down below the knee and a single wrap diagonally around her left shin and around her ankle.  The ankle rope was then tied to a rope hanging from the tree that had a gymnastics ring.  Another rope had been weaved into the crotch wrap and tied to the ring.  Her right leg was bent back and her hands were tied to her right ankle behind her back.  The initiates just stared at her for a long time wondering what they had gotten themselves into. 

Standing at the entrance of the cave was Charlie.  The initiates soon noticed him and then the cameramen that were capturing everything as they had proceeded around the curve.  After a few moments, Sarah dismounted from the sulky and walked to the cave.  No orders were necessary.  Angie and Lisa untied the end of Kelly and Hannah’s ropes from the tongue of the sulky.  They led them each into the cave.  When they entered, they led them to the open area to the right of the lake.  There were two long 2x6 boards that were hanging from the roof of the cave side by side about three feet apart.  The boards were oriented so that the thin side was perpendicular to the floor of the cave.  The top of the board had been cut into a point.  It was these boards that Kelly and Hannah were led to.  They were each led to the end of one of the boards and made to straddle them at one end.  Angie and Aminda then went to the table that was stationed at the end of the boards.  They each took three strands of wire and led them to their initiate.  Two of the wires had nipple clamps on them and the other a clit clamp.  They quickly attached the alligator clamps to each girl’s nipples and clit.  To make sure that the connection was good, Angie turned the machine on and pushed the button.  Each of the girls let out a scream of pain from the shock.  Then she pushed another button and the eggs in their cunts began to vibrate, exciting them even more than they were from walking so far with them inside their most sensitive organs.

Angie turned the machine off and then went out and brought the slaves in, starting with the last ones they had attached to the sulky so that Jack and Tamara were positioned over the boards.  Jack was behind Kelly and Tamara was behind Hannah.  Once they were straddling the boards, they made Kelly and Hannah bend over.  They put a very tight cock ring on Jack’s cock so that he couldn’t cum and on top of that he had been given a Viagra to keep his cock hard.  Angie guided Jack’s cock to Kelly’s exposed asshole and had him push it into her.  Lisa was helping Tamara force her strap on dildo into Hannah’s ass at the same time.  Once their cocks had been impaled in the initiate’s ass in front of them, they had nipple clamps put on them. Tamara was given a clit clamp and Jack had the alligator clamp attached to his ball sack just behind the base of his cock. 

After that, the initiates were all brought in and placed in order behind the previous slave and had their dildos or cocks put in the asshole of the person in front of them on the board and then given nipple and clit or ball sack clamps.  Each of the clamps was attached to the clamp of the person in front of them by a wire.  When they had the last of the slaves in position, Angie picked up a remote control and pressed a button.  The boards began to rise up into the sex of each of the initiates.  She didn’t stop until the tallest of them was standing on their tip toes.  This left several of the girls with their entire weight being put on the sharp point of the board.  For all of the girls that couldn’t touch the ground, they put a block of wood under them to give them something to push against to give them some leverage.  The only one that didn’t was Hannah.  She was made to support her entire weight on her cunt until she was taken to receive her tattoos and piercings. 

When all of the initiates were properly prepared, there was already moaning and groaning from the discomfort of their position.  Then Angie turned the machine on and set it on random.  It sent a shock into each of them and there was a chorus of screams.  The vibrating eggs would turn on and excite Kelly and Hannah.  When they came, it would make them squirm in excitement, causing them to grind their pussies into the rail harder and causing everyone else to have to move, eliciting a series of pain-filled moans and groans.

Angie and Lisa turned and knelt beside the initiates when they were finished, waiting for their orders.  Across the way there were several stations.  There were four manned with tattoo artists and one with a piercing artist.  Jason, Heather, Jeremy, and Sean were in four chairs with the tattoo artists.  They were each in the process of being given a tattoo of an eagle with handcuffs in one talon and a curled whip in the other.  The eagle was overlaying a large W.  This was something that Sarah had decided to add to her slave’s mark that identified them as belonging to her.  Only her bitchpups and Karen would be exempt from adding the W to their brandings.  Charlie was in the piercing chair being given nipple rings. He already had his tattoo identifying him as a member of Sarah’s group since he had been there when the tattoo artists arrived.  What the initiates had missed was that each of the dominant initiates received ten swats with Karen’s large fraternity paddle before they climbed on the table to get their tats.

A few minutes later, Aminda and Michelle arrived and took up position on either side of Angie and Lisa.  When they were all present, Sarah came up to them and simply ordered, “Prepare her.”

Aminda and Michelle stood up and grabbed Lisa by her hands.  They led her over to the Saint Andrew’s Cross with Angie following close behind.  Aminda attached Lisa’s right hand to the cross and Michelle attached her left while Angie attached her left ankle and then her right.  Once she was secured to the cross, her three fellow bitchpups stepped back.  Sarah stepped up when she was secured and said, “When Aminda and Michelle came to me and told me about the bitchpups, I thought that I would never get to meet you, let alone own you as my slave.  We all thought that you were gone from us forever and possibly dead.  Yet here you are, rising like the phoenix that is born of the ashes.  You are my phoenix now and just like I branded your fellow bitchpups I am going to brand you.  I know this is going to hurt but for me to properly mark my ownership over you, you must be branded or I wouldn’t be a proper mistress.”

Sarah reached over to the brazier and took out the number one branding iron.  She turned to Lisa and carefully aligned the brand on her upper stomach just below her tits and pressed the red hot iron into her tender flesh.  Lisa screamed in agony as the iron burnt her flesh.  When she finally took it away, the iron had left the eagle brand with the cuffs and whip on her flesh.  Sarah put the iron back into the fire and picked up the number two brand.  She carefully positioned it over Lisa’s right nipple and pressed.  Again Lisa screamed in pain and Sarah let out a little groan of her own as she felt a rush of sexual excitement at what she was doing.  She found that inflicting pain was exciting her like she would never have believed.  She pulled the iron away leaving behind a brand that formed a sun around her areole and then above that was ‘SARAH’.  She put that brand down and picked up the third iron and pressed it between Lisa’s tits.  As Lisa screamed in pain, Sarah’s cunt twitched in excitement a couple of times and dribbles of girl juice began to trail down her inner thighs.  She removed the iron, leaving behind the ‘&” symbol and put it down.  She picked up the fourth iron and lined it up with Lisa’s tit and pressed it into position.  Much to Sarah’s surprise, Lisa was taking the burning pain much better than any of the other bitchpups had.  It seemed that Lisa was absorbing the pain into her very being.  She even noticed that Lisa’s cunt was very wet.  When she took the third iron away, there was the sun around Lisa’s left areole and ‘MINDA’S’ on her tit over the nipple.  Lisa screamed again and Sarah became even more excited.  Finally, Sarah put that iron down and picked up the last of the irons.  She lined it up with Lisa’s bare pubis and pressed.  This time Lisa screamed even louder from the pain but as she did she had a violent orgasm and passed out.  When Sarah removed the brand, left behind appeared to be flames coming out of her clit and spreading out and surrounding ‘PHOENIX’ that was spread evenly and centered across her lower stomach just above her pubis.  Sarah put down the iron and stepped back. She ordered, “Take her down and wake her up.”

Aminda, Michelle and Angie quickly moved to do just that.  Aminda grabbed the ammonia capsule and broke it under Lisa’s nose as Angie and Michelle unlocked first her hands and then her ankles from the cross.  They helped her into a kneeling position in front of Sarah.  Sarah waited until Lisa had assumed the proper position and then asked, “What do you have to say, phoenix?”

Lisa was in tears but it wasn’t from the pain and it wasn’t because she was sad.  She was so happy that Mistress Sarah cared enough about her to brand her as her slave.  She looked up at Sarah and said, “This humble slave thought that you didn’t love her because you didn’t prepare me like the other slaves for the initiation.  I thought you were upset with me and felt me unworthy to be your slave.  I now know that you want me and have given me such a beautiful slave name that I am happier than I have ever been.  I thank you, Mistress, for branding me as yours and minda’s slave.  I promise that I will strive to always make you happy with me.  How may I prove my love for you, my Mistress?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Branding you has made me terribly excited.  I wasn’t able to do the branding on my other bitchpups because I couldn’t stand.  You are my first slave to brand as my own and I find it terribly exciting.  I am going to go sit in that chair and I want you to worship my cunt until I tell you to stop.  Welcome to the family, phoenix.”

Sarah walked over to the chair that had been brought down for her to sit in and watch the activities.  After she sat down, she opened her thighs.  Lisa dove in and began to expertly suck and chew on Sarah’s cunt and clit.  She quickly made her cum with little effort but Sarah didn’t allow Lisa to stop.  She just sat there and enjoyed her new slave’s efforts as she watched Aminda and Michelle bring Jade over and hook her up to the cross.  They had stripped off her nipple clamps and strap on dildo before they brought her over.  Angie was busy putting two irons in the brazier.  One was the eagle iron and the other was a special iron that Angie had chosen.

While that was going on, Lisa became aware of the occasional shrieks and moans of pain coming from the initiates.  She looked over and saw that they were squirming around trying to find a comfortable position which was an impossible task.  Every time one of them moved it created a cascading reaction to the person in front of or behind them as their cock or strap-on fucked in and out of them.  This caused that person to move and do the same thing.  That was complicated by the occasional shock from the machine passing into their tits and clit or cock or Kelly or Hannah cumming and squirming around as they came.

Lisa’s attention was brought back to the cross as Jade let out a loud, agonizing scream.  She passed out from the pain of receiving the eagle brand on her upper stomach.  She was awakened with an ammonia capsule and the second brand was pressed on her pubis.  Again she screamed in agony and passed out.  This brand left behind a cross wrapped in a thorny vine with ‘JADE’ across the horizontal bar of the cross.  Aminda and Michelle took Jade down and then awoke her with the ammonia capsule.  When she was alert, they helped her into a kneeling position in front of Angie.  Angie reached down and said, “You are mine now for real.  There is no going back.  From this time on, you will always carry Sarah’s and my brand.  But your initiation isn’t over yet.  You have a very important tattoo to be given.  It will take several days to finish so don’t despair when you find it incomplete at the end of the day.  I know you have seen Misery.  I am marking you with the thorny cross as my slave.  That is why I used her as my canvas to choose which I wanted so that I wouldn’t mar your pretty little body that I cherish so much.  Now come with me so that we can get you started.”

Angie took Jade’s hand and pulled her up.  She led her to the tattoo artist that had just finished with one of the masters.  When she got there, she explained the tattoo she wanted and made sure he understood how it was to cover her body.  The tattoo artist went to his book and pulled out a picture of Misery and showed it to Angie to be sure he understood correctly.  Angie quickly explained which one of the tattoos she wanted while pointing to it on the picture.  The artist nodded and immediately put Jade onto his table on her stomach.  He then started sketching the art onto her skin before he tattooed her.  Angie thanked the man and then returned to the cross. 

When Angie returned to Sarah and the others, Lisa was kneeling beside Sarah while Aminda and Michelle brought Roberta over and attached her to the cross.  Sarah stood up and ordered, “Take phoenix over to get her tattoos.  The artist that is open knows what to do, just tell him she is to have the phoenix and he will take care of her.  Don’t forget to have him tattoo ‘AMINDA’ on her inner left thigh.”

As Sarah moved to brand Roberta, Angie led Lisa over to the open tattoo artist.  As she explained what Sarah wanted, the man immediately understood and took over.  He had Lisa lay on her back and began to draw a phoenix on her stomach starting at the flame around her brand on her pubis and then up her stomach until the head stopped just below the eagle brand.  He then drew in the wings stretched up around her sides circling the eagle  With the tip of the wing ending at the edge of the S on the ‘SARAH’ brand on her right and the A of the ‘MINDA’ brand on her left.

Angie returned to assist Sarah and the others with the initiates as the artist began his drawing.  As she was returning, there was a scream echoing through the cave as Roberta received her eagle brand.  This was the only brand that Sarah gave Roberta; the rest would be done by the tattoo artists.  They left her hanging until a tattoo artist was available.  When one was, she was taken down and Wendy was placed on the cross for her brand.  While they were waiting Angie said, “Mistress Sarah, could I ask a question?”

Sarah responded, “What is it Ange.”

Angie explained, “I was just thinking that it would be nice if we bitchpups had a tattoo that identified the four of us.  Could we have that tattooed on our lower backs with some fancy artwork around it?”

It didn’t take long at all for Sarah to answer.  She immediately responded, “That is a wonderful idea.  Go tell the tattoo artist working on Lisa what we want and bring their sample book to me so I can choose the style of the lettering and artwork.”

Angie immediately went over to the artist working on Lisa and told him what they wanted.  He showed her the fanciest stylized lettering they did and recommended that they use that.  She took it back to show Sarah and she agreed to use that style.

Sarah immediately said to Aminda and Michelle, “Minda and schelle, I want you to work yourselves in to the tattoo artist rotation.  Angie made a suggestion and I think it was a wonderful idea.  I want all of you to have BITCHPUP tattooed on your lower back.  The artist working on Lisa knows the style so work yourselves in with him when he is available.”

Both girls simply answered with a ‘Yes Mistress’ and went back to work.

The masters that were tattooed quickly came up to where Sarah was sitting and sat down in chairs that had been set up behind hers.  They waited for when their slaves would be brought forward to be branded and tattooed and enjoyed watching the activities as they did.  When Wendy was secured to the cross, Jeremy grabbed the number one iron and pressed it onto Wendy’s upper stomach.  She of course screamed in agony from the pain.  She had imagined many things happening when she joined Sarah’s group but she had never conceived of the cruelty of branding someone.  She passed out from the pain of the branding. 

Aminda woke her up and then Jeremy picked up his branding iron that he had chosen.  He couldn’t believe it when Sarah had approached him at school and ordered him to develop a brand for his slaves.  He thought she was just trying to psyche him out and didn’t really believe it until the branding started.  He wasn’t about to back out now though and he pressed his iron on Wendy’s lower stomach half way between her belly button and her pubis.  When he removed the brand, there was the silhouette of an anatomically correct man with a leash attached to a collared woman.  Had he known he was going to have to wear a tattoo of his chosen brand he would have thought up a better one but it was too late.  He knew he would get comments from the guys at school.  He hoped that his stock would go up with his buddies.  Of course, his tattoo was in the same location as where the girls were being branded. 

When he was done with Wendy’s branding, she was taken down and allowed to kneel while Luna was brought to the cross and attached.  Sarah looked over to see her father’s reaction to his daughter being branded.  She shouldn’t have been surprise to see him with his cock out jacking himself off as she was prepared.  Sarah divided her attention between watching Luna being branded and her father jacking off.  She shook her head in disbelief when Sam came when Luna received her first brand. 

Luna screamed in pain as the eagle brand was applied.  She was determined to stay awake for all three of her brandings.  When Sarah told her that she had to develop a brand for Tara and understood that it was going to really be burnt into her friend, she told Sarah that she wouldn’t brand her friend and slave unless she was branded too.  So Jeremy branded her with his master, slave brand and then picked up the third brand.  He applied it just to the left of his brand and held it.  To her credit, Luna screamed bloody murder from the pain but did not pass out once.  When Jeremy pulled the brand away, it was a crescent moon that was centered top to bottom with Jeremy’s brand, with the silhouette within the crescent.

When Luna was taken down, she wanted to run to her daddy and have him embrace her because she hurt so much.  But she didn’t want to show any kind of weakness.  She stood there and cried as the pain slowly turned into an ache.  She waited as Aminda and Michelle brought Tara over and strapped her into the cross.  Luna took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself.  If she was going to be Tara’s mistress, she had to be strong.  Finally she went over and took the first iron out of the brazier.  She didn’t want to mess this up so she very carefully aligned the iron and pressed it into her upper stomach.  Tara screamed and cried and begged for Luna to stop but Luna knew she had to hold it there for the set amount of time to ensure the proper scarring to form the brand.  Finally, she removed the brand, leaving the eagle behind on her best friend’s young flesh.  Next she grabbed the second iron and branded Tara with the master, slave silhouette indicating Jeremy’s ownership.  Finally, she took the last of the brands out and pressed it in place.  That was all Tara could take as she passed out from the pain.  When Aminda and Michelle came over to help take Tara down, Luna yelled, “NO… I’ll do it.”

While Luna was branding Tara, one of the tattoo tables came open.  Wendy immediately got up and went around the pond to the other side where the tables were set.  She got up on the table as Jeremy told the guy what tattoo to give her.  Shortly, the tattooist turned around and walked up to Wendy.  He pulled her by the legs until her cunt was at the edge of the table.  He took out his seven inch cock and sank it into her well lubricated cunt.  It didn’t take long before the guy came.  After he did, he stuffed his cock into his pants and started drawing her tattoo on her pubic mound.  It was just one more insult that Wendy had received as Jeremy’s slave.

Aminda and Michelle looked over to Sarah, who nodded in agreement.  They stepped back and let Luna lovingly remove her best friend and slave from the cross.  As she did, she kissed each hand and foot as she released them.  Finally, as she helped Tara into a controlled fall from the cross, she embraced her and whispered in her ear, “I’m so sorry I had to hurt you.  I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Tara was still unconscious but a hint of a smile appeared on her face.  Luna held out her hand and was given an ammonia capsule.  She broke it under Tara’s nose and she immediately sputtered awake, coughing.  Luna looked over at Jeremy and asked, “May I have permission to do as I requested master?”

Jeremy responded, “By all means.  Just make sure that she immediately goes to get her tats when it is her turn.”

Luna took Tara by her left hand and helped her to stand up as she said, “Thank you master”. 

Luna and Tara walked across the cave where Luna’s father, Sam was standing catching his breath.  His cock was still out and flaccid after having cum from watching his daughter being branded.  Luna stopped in front of him and forced Tara into a kneeling position in front of him.  Sam looked at Luna with a questioning look and she immediately said, “I know you have lusted after Tara for a while.  Since she is now my slave for real, my first order for her is to suck you and fuck you to your heart’s content right here.  The only thing is that when a table comes open after I start getting my tattoos, she is to go get hers.  This is my present to you for letting me learn about sex myself and for supporting me in this.  I’m happier now than I can ever remember even though it hurts.  Thank you, Daddy!”  Luna leaned in and hugged her father and held it for a couple of minutes.  She then backed away and when she did, she gently pushed Tara’s head until she took his cock into her mouth.  She held it there until she was sure that Tara wouldn’t pull away.  When she backed away, she immediately noticed that a couple of the cameramen had closed in on them and were filming the whole thing.

About that time one of the tattoo stations came open and Luna left to get her tattoo.  She asked, “Daddy, can you hand me the copy of the Moon Fairy that I asked you to bring?  Be sure to give Tara the copy of her fairy when it is her turn.”  Master Jeremy had discussed it with them and let them have input as to what they would get.  Luna loved fairies of all kinds.  She loved them so much that she had a large book of fairies that gave full descriptions of them and had a picture to accompany their description.  As she approached the open table, she noticed that it was Roberta that was getting up.  She had a very simple tattoo on her lower abdomen just below her belly button and above her pubis.  It was a very stylized capital ‘D’ with a simple lower case ‘d’ inside it.  It didn’t take Luna long to make the connection.  She guessed correctly that the big ‘D’ represented her being a dominant and that the little ‘d’ represented that she was a dominant even though she was a slave.  When she thought about it, she figured that Roberta and she were really at the same level, being a slave with a slave.  As she passed Roberta she said, “Nice tat D…d.” 

Roberta blushed and hoped that that wasn’t what she was going to be called.  Unfortunately for her, Luna had said it loud enough and at that moment the cave was quiet enough that Sarah heard it.  It was time for Becky to receive her branding so Sarah yelled loudly, “Hey D…d, get over here and take care of your slave.  She’s all ready for you.”

Roberta blushed at being called D…d.  She gingerly walked over to where the cross was set up.  Becky was hanging there, still blindfolded.  They had left earplugs in too so that she wouldn’t be able to hear.  Sarah really didn’t like Becky and she wanted to make the experience as horrific for the girl as she could so she had ordered her to be left like that instead of having them removed like the others.  Roberta looked at her friend quickly and noticed that her inner thighs were completely wet.  She couldn’t believe that she was getting excited by everything that was happening.  She wondered if Becky would get turned on from the pain too.  Somehow she doubted that, but she also knew that the only way to find out was to brand her.

Roberta didn’t hesitate as she picked up the number one branding iron and pressed it firmly into position.  Becky immediately screamed and tensed up from the pain.  After a few seconds, her lower stomach visibly contracted and her scream took on an eerie tone to it.  A heavy stream of fluid shot from her cunt, spraying all over Roberta’s lower legs.  Roberta stepped back, letting the iron drop away from Becky’s body.  She couldn’t believe that Becky would cum like that from being branded.  She had seen Becky cum many times and none had been so violent or been as all-consuming as this one had been.

When Roberta looked back at Sarah, she noticed she had her mouth open in surprise.  She closed it quickly when she realized that Roberta was looking at her.  She immediately said, “I think you have a real pain slut on your hands D…d.  You are definitely going to have to explore this with her in the future.  Who would have ever believed that little ole stuck up Becky would be lowered to be nothing but a pain slut?  Aminda, go check the branding and make sure it was deep enough to take properly.”

Aminda immediately scrambled up and looked closely at the brand.  She ran her finger over the burnt flesh, knowing that it would cause Becky pain.  Instead of screaming in pain though, the poor girl just groaned and came again with a smaller ejaculation.  Finally Aminda stepped back and turned to Sarah and said, “It looks like it might be okay.  There is plenty of the dye in the wound and it is deep enough to scar.”

Sarah then ordered, “Continue D…d.  Reheat the iron, dip it in the dye and do it again.  This time if she cums all over you, don’t move.  We want to be sure the brand turns out right.  Be sure you are careful to line it up correctly.  If you mess it up, I’ll beat your butt red.”

Roberta did as she was ordered.  When the iron was ready, she pulled it out and moved her head in real close to Becky’s stomach so she could see the actual part of the iron that pressed into the flesh.  She was so close that she could feel the heat on her cheeks.  She pushed the iron into the already branded flesh and Becky screamed in real agony as it burnt deeper into her flesh.  But that didn’t stop her from cumming and spraying her mistress as she ejaculated. Roberta counted the appropriate time and finally removed the brand. 

This brand was deeper than any of the other brands.  Aminda checked it really close and turned to Sarah.  She explained, “This scar is going to be much bigger than the others because the burn is much deeper.  It shouldn’t affect the end result though.”

Sarah smiled and answered, “Good.  It’ll remind her of what a pain slut she is.  Now finish her branding.”

Roberta grabbed the second brand and quickly branded Becky with the D…d brand in the same spot that Roberta had hers.  Becky came twice while she held the branding iron against her.  When she was done with that, she picked up a third brand and she pressed it right below the eagle brand.  She had dipped it in red die and when she pulled the iron away at the appropriate time, there in bright red letters was ‘BECKY’ on top and ‘BITCH’ below it. Becky finally passed out from the overwhelming pain and pleasure to which she had been subjected. 

Roberta began to undo the cuffs to release Becky from the cross.  She was actually disgusted with her friend.  She couldn’t believe that Becky actually enjoyed pain that much.  She was barely able to make it through her branding, let alone cum from it.  When she released Becky’s second wrist cuff, she wasn’t prepared to catch her and Becky collapsed in a heap with her ankles still cuffed to the cross.  She hit her mouth on the hard rock floor and it knocked one of her two front teeth out by the roots.  Even though she was passed out, Becky let out a moan of pleasure and came as she started bleeding from where the tooth had been. 

After she released Becky’s ankles from the cross, Roberta went to hold an ammonia capsule under her nose to wake her up.  It was then that Roberta noticed the puddle of blood and the tooth in the center of it.  She looked up at Sarah in a combination of fear and worry.  She said, “Mistress Sarah, Becky knocked her tooth out when she fell.  We need to get her to a dentist to get it fixed.”

Sarah thought for a minute and then said, “Hold her head up and let me look at her.”

Roberta reached down and put her hand under Becky’s chin and lifted it up.  Sarah said, “I can’t see her teeth.  Make her smile so I can see what it looks like.”

Roberta positioned her hands so that she was holding Becky’s head from the side and then used her fingers to force an open smile.  Sarah sighed and said, “Actually I think she looks better this way.  Now she looks like the trailer trash she thought everyone else was.  Bring her tooth to me and I’ll consider having it implanted when we finish here.  Wake her up then take her to the water and clean her up.  When you’re done, your next slave should be ready.”

Roberta took Becky’s tooth and handed it to Sarah.  She then broke an ammonia capsule under Becky’s nose until it woke her up.  She led her poor, abused friend to the pool of water and washed the blood away.  When she was done, she returned to the cross.  She made the stunned Becky kneel next to the cross and watch.  She took the first iron out and quickly pushed it onto Bobby’s upper stomach.  He screamed and begged like a little girl from the pain.  Halfway through the branding, he lost control of his bladder and he pissed all over Roberta’s lower body.  Roberta became very angry at him for doing that but she held still as she held the iron in place.  As she did, she said through gritted teeth, “You are so going to pay for that, you useless piece of shit.  I ought to cut that puny dick of yours off for that.”

Roberta took the iron away. Next she branded Bobby with the D…d brand, and finally she picked up a third brand and placed it under the eagle brand.  She held it in place as he continued to scream and beg.  She removed it and admired the brand that was left behind.  It had SISSY on the top just below the eagle and BOYTOY underneath that.  As she lowered the hot branding iron, she purposely let it run over Bobby’s flaccid cock.  He screamed and passed out in agony.  There was a second-degree burn running down the entire length of his skinny cock.

Roberta turned to put the iron away and heard, “That was cruel D…d.”

Roberta’s heart seized in panic at what Sarah said.  Had she done wrong?  Was she going to be punished?  As she cleaned up after branding her slaves, she finally decided to defend her actions.  When she finished she turned to Sarah and said, “Yes it was cruel, Mistress Sarah, but the sissy bitch deserved it for pissing on his mistress.  I’m not done with him yet either.”

Sarah responded, “I know what you mean.  I would have done at least that and probably a lot more.  I can’t wait to see what you do.”

About that time, Roberta heard a loud crack followed by a scream.  She looked over by the line of initiates. Wendy hung there as Jeremy whipped her with a single tail whip.  He whipped her twenty times, eliciting screams from her each time.  Roberta noticed that Wendy had a Wind Fairy tattoo on her pubis.  She thought it actually looked beautiful.  She had decided on a more lurid tattoo.  Since Becky spent most of her time in the kennels she figured she would have the silhouette of a dog fucking a girl on her lower stomach and was going to do the same for Bobby with the dog fucking a boy.  It was her way of getting back at Becky for getting them all into this mess.  She wouldn’t stop now for anything because she was learning to like dominating her friend and humiliating her. From all appearances, Becky was enjoying it too.  She knew she would have never tried any of the things they had done if Becky hadn’t pressured her into joining.  She would have to remember to thank her properly next time they were alone.  She backed away from Bobby and turned to Becky and ordered knowing the pain it would cause, “Suck him off and make it quick.  We need to get you two down to get your tats.”

Becky moved in front of Bobby and knelt down.  She looked at his burnt cock.  Second degree burn blisters were already forming along the length of his cock.  She took it into her mouth and began to suck.  As his cock stiffened, it pulled on the burnt flesh and Bobby quickly woke up screaming.  The pain of the burns kept the boy’s excitement from building like it normally would.  Becky had to work extra hard to keep him erect because the pain of the blisters kept causing him to soften.  Bobby was constantly pleading and begging for Becky to stop.  Roberta never thought she would ever hear a boy beg for a girl to quit sucking him off.  Becky finally concentrated on just sucking on his head and flipping her tongue under the frenulum of his cock.  It took a while but he finally came and with each spurt of cum he experienced severe pain.  As far as Bobby was concerned, the psychological impact of what was happening was creating a fear of having sex.  This single event would make it very difficult for him to get an erection in the future.  It’s a shame that because of this event he won’t ever have children in the future.  No, his future was assured now.  He and Becky would be a couple but all of her children will be by other men, men that Roberta chose for her.  When he was done, Roberta had Becky help take Bobby down from the cross.  When he was down, an alert Roberta said, “Now get over here and lick your piss off my body.  It’s the least you can do since you pissed all over it.”

Bobby blanched at the idea of licking Roberta’s still wet lower body.  He did however crawl over to Roberta and began to tentatively lick her body.  The piss tasted nasty but he dutifully licked his piss off of his mistress.  He didn’t enjoy a minute of it until he licked the lips of her cunt and was greeted with the sweet taste of her juices.  When he brought his tongue over her clit, she grabbed his head and forced his open mouth over her piss hole and immediately started pissing in his mouth.  When she did, she loudly ordered, “You better drink every drop if you know what’s good for you, sissy boy.  You better get used to it, too.  I’m going to be doing this every chance I get, even at school, especially during lunch.  Now get up, you have a date with a tattoo needle.”

Sarah sat there and clapped as she said, “Very good D…d…… very good.  You are becoming quite the mistress.  I’m going to enjoy having you around.”

Roberta led Bobby and Becky away with a big smile on her face.  She barely felt the pain of the branding she received earlier.  She led the two slaves over to the one open table and ordered Becky up.  As she climbed on the table, the burly tattooist looked at Roberta and said, “Man, I was going to get a blow job before I did the tat.”

Roberta announced, “Don’t worry.  You’ll still get your blow job.  Sissy boy here will be glad to suck you off.  Just close your eyes and imagine it’s her pretty mouth doing it.”

Bobby’s eyes went wide.  He hadn’t expected this.  He slowly got down on his knees in front of the man though.  He slowly reached out and unzipped the man’s pants.  He could tell that the man’s cock was huge.  This wasn’t some boy’s cock.  He reached in and pulled out the guy’s cock and it flopped down on his nose.  It was flaccid and already eight inches long and two inches in girth.  It smelled horribly too, like the guy hadn’t washed in a week.  He moved his head forward and opened his mouth as he did.  It was like slow motion as he slowly engulfed the man’s cock with his mouth.  He closed his mouth around his cock and started to suck on the head.  He tried to think about what he would like if someone was sucking his cock and he knew that the underside of the head was the most sensitive part so he twirled his tongue there to get this over with as soon as possible.  As he sucked, the big, burly man wasn’t satisfied so he took hold of both sides of Bobby’s head and held him tight as he drove his eleven inch by two and a half inches of cock into the poor teenager’s throat.  Bobby initially gagged and tried to throw up but the huge cock fully plugged his throat. 

Roberta was standing there watching in amazement as Bobby quit struggling and allowed the man to face fuck him.  She looked over at Becky and loudly said, “Look at your boyfriend, Becky bitch.  He deep throats cock better than you do.  Get down there next to him and watch what he’s doing.  I want you to be at least as good at deep throating a cock as your sissy boyfriend.”

Becky immediately blushed at Roberta’s insult that Bobby could suck cock better than she did.  She didn’t want him as her boyfriend either though she wasn’t going to be given a choice.  Just a bit over a week ago she wouldn’t have given him the time of day.  But now everything had changed.  Not only was she being forced to do all sorts of sordid things but she was being forced to take Bobby as her boyfriend.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she got down next to Bobby and saw close up as he was face fucked by the man’s huge cock.  The guy looked at Roberta with a pleading look and she nodded yes.  The man pulled his cock out of Bobby’s throat and he turned and pressed the head of his cock against Becky’s mouth.  Roberta leaned down and whispered into her right ear and ordered, “Now open your mouth, bitch, and suck that cock down that little throat of yours.  You better do as good of a job as Bobby did or you’re going to find yourself getting more practice with cock than you know what to do with.”

Becky opened her mouth and the man forced his huge cock down her throat.  Becky panicked and put her hands on the man’s jeans covered thighs and tried to push away.  That just incited the guy and he forced his cock down her throat even harder.  Becky chocked and gagged as her stomach heaved, trying to bring everything up.  Fortunately, there wasn’t anything in her stomach to bring up except a little bile.  The guy fucked her face powerfully several times and then pulled out.  He turned to Bobby and forced his cock back into his throat several times before he switched again.  He switched back and forth like that several times until finally he forced his cock all of the way down Bobby’s throat and held it there as he started to cum.  He pulled back enough so that he was cumming in his mouth.  As he came, he ordered gruffly, “Don’t you dare swallow, sissy boy.  I want you to take my whole load in your mouth and then share it with your girlfriend.”

Becky’s face was already a rosy hue from humiliation but being forced to accept a man’s cum from her so called boyfriend’s mouth caused her to blush even more.  All she wanted to do at that point was to find a hole and climb in she was so embarrassed.  She knelt there until the man quit cumming and pulled his wilting cock slowly out of Bobby’s mouth.

Bobby didn’t mind having cum in his mouth.  He would have rather not had to take another man’s cum but he had tasted his own cum several times.  He had heard the man’s orders so, without contradictory orders from Roberta, he turned to Becky and grabbed her head and mashed his mouth into her mouth excitedly and began to force his tongue against her lips.  Becky rebelled and forced her lips closed. 

Roberta immediately noticed and reached over to a table a few steps away and picked up a single tail whip.  Becky was still refusing to open her mouth when she returned so she let loose on Becky’s back.  Becky opened her mouth and screamed in pain from the welts the whip left behind.  Bobby took that opportunity to push the cum into Becky’s mouth as Roberta yelled at Becky, “Take that cum and swap it back and forth until it is all gone.  You are going to pay for your little act of rebellion.  Now hurry up so we can get your tats started.”

Becky quit screaming and took the cum into her mouth.  She then pushed it back into Bobby’s mouth and they swapped the cum back and forth for several minutes.  Finally it was all gone and they pulled back from each other.  When Becky sat back, she opened her mouth to show that it was empty.  Roberta motioned for her to get back up on the table.  She immediately looked around as she got up and noticed that two of the cameramen had been filming the entire event.  She lay tenderly on her back on the table because of the welts from the whip.  The big tattoo artist then began to draw the tattoo on her stomach that Roberta had ordered.

About that time, another of the tattoo tables came open.  The tattoo artist at this table was a woman.  She wore a tight white tube top that barely contained her 42DD tits.  She also wore a black leather mini skirt.  She came over and briefly talked to Roberta about which tattoo Bobby was getting.  Once Roberta told her what she wanted, the woman grabbed Bobby by the hair and pulled, saying, “Come on, sissy boy.  It’s time to finish your decoration, but first I need you to take care of something for me.”

When they got to the table, the woman had Bobby lie on the table with his head hanging over the edge.  She stepped up so that his head was under her skirt.  She then ordered, “Eat me out, sissy boy.”

Bobby quickly started licking the woman’s smelly cunt.  He could barely stand the smell of the woman’s sweaty crotch.  It was all he could do to keep from throwing up.  It took him about five minutes to bring the woman off.  After she came, she grabbed Bobby’s head and pulled it into her cunt and began to piss.  Bobby dutifully drank it all.  He knew Roberta would punish him if he didn’t.  Finally she quit pissing and stepped back.  She patted him on the chest and said, “That was nice, sissy boy.  Now let’s get that tat started.”

Back at the branding station, Heather was in the process of branding Tamara.  She had just finished with the eagle brand and was in the process of putting the dye on the red hot brand with her sign of ownership.  When she had it ready, she turned around and pressed the brand onto Tamara’s bare pussy mound.  She pressed the red hot iron down hard and held it as Tamara screamed from the hideous pain that was being inflicted on her.  Finally after counting to ten, Heather removed the branding iron.  Left behind was the black outline of a shield with a green heraldic wolf standing on two legs in the center of the shield facing to Tamara’s right with its upper legs extended and one of those holding a pair of hand cuffs.  She then picked up a third brand and pressed it above the shield.  When she withdrew the iron, it left behind the word ‘TRAMP’ in green letters.

When she was done with tramp, Heather quickly took her down and put Jack up on the cross.  She first took a pair of trimmers and cut his pubic hair off.  She then shaved it clean, including his balls so that he was baby smooth.  When she was done, she branded him with the eagle brand and then her brand.  Finally she branded him with the third brand above the shield, leaving behind the word ‘WHELP’.  When she was done, she ordered tramp to suck him off.  Tramp knelt gingerly in front of him and took his cock into her mouth.  She quickly brought him to full hardness and then started deep throating him.  It was a credit to her skill that she could get him hard and bring him off in a couple of minutes since he was hurting as much as she was.  When he finally came, without being told she kept it all in her mouth.  She turned to Heather and opened her mouth to show it was full of cum.  Heather ordered, “Give it back to whelp.  He needs to take it back and swallow it.  That’s all he’s good for is to drink his own cum from your mouth.  From now on, whenever you take a load of cum in your mouth from him you are to give it back.”

Tramp quickly grabbed Jack by the back of the head and pressed her lips against his.  He opened his mouth and she pushed the cum into it.  He struggled to swallow the cum.  It was all he could do to keep from gagging.  When he was done, Heather ordered them to follow her to the other side of the cave where the tat and piercing stations were.  She led them to the piercing area.  She had them kneel to wait their turn while she talked with the piercer and selected the rings that they would be wearing.  Heather told the piercer that he was not to use any anesthetic and to do it by hand instead of with a piercing gun.  She chose nipple rings with a wolf’s head on them.  She also selected a wolf ring for tramp’s clit then a curved barbell stud for Jack’s cock. 

The piercer took tramp first.  He had her lay on her back on the table.  He pinched and twisted her nipples until they were swollen as big and hard as they would get.  First, he marked either side of the nipple right at the base with a blue dot on either side to make sure the piercing was perfectly horizontal.  He used an antiseptic swab to disinfect her nipple.  He took his piercing needle and then pressed it on the outside blue dot on her right nipple.  He pushed the needle through the nipple slowly.  He had to pull back and push the needle back in a couple of times until he got it to exit at the blue dot on the other side.  She groaned in pain each time he had to move the needle but didn’t scream.  Even as he did her left nipple she just grit her teeth and groaned.  When he pierced her clit however, she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.  She let out a blood curdling scream as the needle was pushed through.  Finally, she had her three piercings and was allowed off of the table.

Next, whelp was made to get up on the table on his back.  The piercer immediately did his nipples just like he had tramp’s.  Whelp screamed like a little girl each time the needle was stuck through his nipples.  When it was time to pierce whelp’s cockhead, he first had tramp suck him hard.  Once whelp was hard, the piercer used an antiseptic wipe to clean the head and then took a long sanitized curved needle.  He took hold of whelp’s hard cock and stuck the point of the needle into his piss hole with the curve of the needle oriented so that the needle went through the bottom of his piss tube and out under the frenulum at the base of the head on the underside of the stiff organ.  Whelp screamed even louder as the needle pierced his most sensitive flesh and he passed out.  The piercer immediately put the curved barbell stud through the piercing and glued the ball on the end to make it permanent.  When he was done, there was a ball at the opening of his piss hole and a ball on the underside of his cockhead.

Heather broke an ammonia capsule under whelp’s nose and he immediately came awake.  Heather ordered, “You and tramp go kneel and wait for a tattoo station to come open.  All I want for your tats is to have the shield filled in with white and the heraldic wolf filled in with green. Then you’ll be done for a while.”

While Heather was getting her slaves pierced, Charlie was busy branding Rhonda with the eagle brand and his brand which was simply, ‘CHARLIE’S SLAVE’ on her lower abdomen.  He was in the process of branding the eagle onto Kelly’s upper abdomen when tramp and whelp knelt to wait for their tattoos.  Kelly’s second brand was placed on her lower abdomen and when he removed it, it said ‘CHARLIE’S’ across the top and centered directly under it was the silhouette of a pony girl. Underneath the pony girl was ‘SNOWGIRL’ to indicate she was to be housed in the stable with the white stallion, Snow.  The brands would be in the center of a white snowflake tattooed around them. 

When he was done with Kelly, he took both Rhonda and Kelly over to the waiting area where Rhonda would eventually get a small cock above a dog tattooed on her pubic mound.  It was his way of reminding her that she was his cock hound.  For Kelly, she would have a white feather headdress tattooed on the head of the pony girl brand and a white tail tattooed on the ass.  She wasn’t going to receive her piercings today since the guy making them didn’t have time to do more than one set before today but she was to receive the same piercings that Hannah received.  The final thing that she would have to endure after her hair grew back was that it would be bleached and dyed until she was a platinum blond with pure white hair.  Her pony girl tail was already being bleached and dyed to turn it white so that her tail would be white.

It was getting late in the afternoon and Hannah was the last of the slaves sitting and being tortured on the rail.  Charlie returned from where he took Rhonda and Kelly.  He had a cat-o-nine tails in his hand.  He stood there and watched her squirm for a few minutes and then went up to her and yanked her head back by the hair.  He leaned over her until his face was inches from hers and as he stared into her eyes he said vehemently, “You almost screwed up the best thing that ever happened to me and my family.  If the cops would have done any serious investigating and found out what Sarah and the other masters and mistresses have done they would have arrested the lot of us.  Then everything you have sacrificed to stay out of jail would have been for nothing and we would be in there right along with you.  Sarah has punished you as is her right.  But I’m your master and I’m responsible for you.  Now I’m going to show you what happens to a slave that jeopardizes everyone in her slave family.  I’m going to whip you fifty times while you squirm on that nice uncomfortable rail.  I’m setting the shock controls so that they are at the highest setting.  When I’m done doing that I’m going to brand you and then turn you into a pony girl.  I’m going to name you ‘STORMGIRL’ and that will be branded permanently into your skin.  From now on, you will be housed in the stable with Storm, the black stallion with the white mark on his nose that looks like a lightning bolt.  You and Kelly will be trained by Aminda and Michelle to be pony girls.  Then I will have you take me all around the estate in a sulky like they do Sarah.  Your only boyfriend now is Storm.  From now on, you will fuck and suck no one but Storm starting tonight before you go to bed.  Now let’s get started.  Make sure you count each strike of the whip or it won’t count.”

Charlie turned the shocking control on and started whipping Hannah’s already bruised back, running the strikes up and down from her shoulders to her calves.  She counted after about a third of the strikes.  The ones she missed counting was because she was too busy screaming as she was shocked by the machine.  She passed out twice and had to be awakened while he whipped her.  When he was done, she had received sixty seven strikes of the whip and her back was streaked with blood where the whip had broken skin in several places.  Charlie had anticipated this and had a container of salt water set aside.  He took it out and dampened a rag with it.  He proceeded to wash her back with the salt water, causing her to scream as the salt penetrated the cuts from the whip.  Hannah was crying and sobbing uncontrollably as Charlie removed her from the shocking nipple clamps and then removing her from the rail.  Her torment wasn’t over either.  He put her up on the cross and then branded her with the eagle brand, the pony girl brand, the ‘CHARLIE’S’ brand and finally below the pony girl he branded her with ‘STORMGIRL’.  When he was done he took her over to be tattooed.  Her pony girl would be given a black feathered headdress and her tail would be pure black.  The ponytail that she had worn to the cave was in the process of being dyed black.  Around her brands, Hannah would receive a tattoo of storm clouds with lightning coming out of them and hitting various parts of the brands.

It was about eight in the evening when Dave from the jewelry store was brought to the cave blindfolded.  When Sarah removed his blindfold, he gasped and stared as he looked around at what was going on.  He looked at Sarah and said, “You guys are more perverted than anything I ever imagined.  I can’t believe what you are doing here.  This can’t be consensual.  No one would subject themselves to this kind of stuff.  Let me out of here now!”

Sarah grabbed his arm as he was turning and said, “Don’t give me that shit, Dave.  You knew that something like this was going on when you saw what we did to Hannah last night.  You go and ask anyone here that you think is being abused and you’ll find that they’ll tell you they are doing it of their own free will.  Go on and satisfy yourself that this is all voluntary.  When you’re ready, you can come over to the piercing station and help do all of Hannah’s piercings.  I’ll let you participate in Kelly’s piercings too once you finish making her jewelry.  Now go and talk to whoever you want.  I’ll be wandering around looking at everything going on.  I want to be there when you start piercing Hannah though so come let me know when you’re ready to start.”

Dave slowly agreed and walked over to Jade where they were working on her tattoo on her back.  He watched for a while as she grimaced from the constant needle pricks on her back.  Finally, he cleared his throat loudly enough to get her attention and when she turned her head to look at him he asked, “Are they making you do this against your will?”

Jade grit her teeth from the continuing pain of the tattoo needle she answered, “No, I wanted to do this.  I asked Angie to be my mistress.”

Dave then walked up to Lisa who was getting the phoenix tattooed on her front and asked the same question. She smiled with just a hint of pain as she answered, “Oh my god no.  I am where I belong.  I am happier than I have ever been.  My mistress is decorating me so beautifully.  It shows she really cares for me.”

Next Dave went over to Becky who was kneeling, waiting for a tattoo station to come open, and asked her the same question.  She thought for a moment about that day in the cafeteria how her invitation for Sarah to join her group was turned down and how she accepted Sarah’s challenge to join her group.  She always thought of herself as the queen bee in any group she was in.  But Sarah saw right through her and had manipulated her into becoming subservient to Roberta.  She realized now that she had had no clue as to what would happen but she also realized that a whole new world had been opened to her that she would never have thought to try in her wildest dreams.  The old girl that she was would have thought that the things they were doing were perverted and wrong and would have told the jeweler that she was being forced to do this.  But the girl that she had become over the last couple of weeks actually enjoyed the perverseness of all of the acts that she was being made to do.  She reveled in it and had come to accept herself as she is now, especially after the mind shattering orgasms she experienced as she was branded.  It had hurt like hell but she also came harder and longer than she had ever done before and she definitely had never squirted during an orgasm before.  Finally after a long pause as her thoughts flooded through her mind she turned to the jeweler and simply answered, “I asked for this.”  She then turned to face back in front, sitting a little straighter and showing that she was proud to be where she was at that moment. 

The jeweler gave up at that point.  He went back to Sarah and said, “Okay, I’m convinced.  I don’t know how you convinced all of these girls and boys to be your slaves but I can see that they did come here willingly.  I must say you are all as perverted as they come though.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Yep.  You see those three girls over around Lisa watching her get her tattoo.  All four of them grew up as slave girls in that slaver’s organization you saw in the news.  They know no other way of life.  The three standing have been with me for several months.  They went to the same slave school together along with Lisa, the girl getting the phoenix tattoo.  Lisa was lost to them until a couple of weeks ago.  In the slave organization school they went to, they called them the bitchpups after Michelle’s slave mother who was known as ‘Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’ and who was the only slave to ever successfully escape the slavers’ organization.  They named Aminda, Michelle and Lisa the bitchpups as an insult but they accepted the name with pride.  They helped Angie survive the first few months of the torture they put the girls through at that school when they first got there.  She asked and they accepted her into their group as the fourth of the bitchpups.  Their real mother, the escaped doggyslut, has been my Nanny as long as I can remember and my parent’s closest and dearest friend.  It was only natural that when she rescued her daughter and her friends that they would come to live with us.  They asked me to be their mistress and so I accepted.  They did so out of love.  Love for me because I showed them a kindness they had never known before and they knew no other way to show their love but to offer themselves to me as my slaves.  They got me started in this and it has just snowballed from there. I find that as time goes on, I keep accumulating more and more slaves.  I am not only recruiting slaves but mistresses and masters as well.  I even allow my slaves to have slaves.  Angie is my slave and Jade is a school mate that asked her to be her mistress.  Aminda and Michelle are both my slaves but Michelle is deeply in love with Aminda and had made herself Aminda’s slave long before she came to me.  It almost cost all of the bitchpups their lives but they are now stronger for it.  Now I think it’s time for you to do Hannah’s piercings.”

Dave just nodded in stunned silence at the abbreviated version of events that led to this perverted orgy of pain and mutilation that he was witnessing.  He knew that in reality that he really couldn’t say anything.  Not after he had young Hannah suck him off in his office the night before.  He was in a bit of a daze as he found himself at the piercing table just as Bobby was getting off after getting his piercings.  All of the slaves had managed to make their way to the piercing station at various times throughout the day and received their piercings at that point except for the ones that were still getting their tats.  Even the ones waiting for their tats had already received their piercings.  Jeremy was the only master that required one of his slaves get their labia pierced.  Wendy ended up with two gold rings in each of her labia.  He had read on the internet about piercing a slave’s labia and found it exciting.  He decided only to do Wendy since she was almost fully developed sexually.  He thought that Luna and Tara were too young yet to pierce their labia.

As Dave watched, the piercing specialist made Hannah lay on her sore back. Hannah groaned from the severe pain as her weight lowered onto her back.  As she lay there, her wrists and ankles were cuffed to the table to keep her from moving too much.  Once she was in position, the piercer put blue dots where Hannah was to be pierced.  Dave wasn’t surprised at the number of blue dots since he had a box full of piercing jewelry in his possession for her.  Finally, the piercer stood up and handed a straight needle to Dave and said, “Let’s start at her ears and then work our way down.  I’ll give you instructions as we go so that you do it correctly.  The most important thing to know is that the blue dots are where the needle goes in and exits the skin.  If, as you push it through, it doesn’t go through the blue dot you’ll have to pull back and reorient the needle until it does.  I didn’t give her any anesthetic so she will feel pain as you pierce her but that is what her master has asked for.  Now let’s get started.”

Dave took the needle and dipped it into the alcohol to sterilize it.  He then pushed it through her right ear on the outer lobe opposite of the ear canal.  He placed a diamond stud in the hole and glued the ball on the back so it couldn’t be removed.  He did that four more times up her ear about a quarter of an inch apart.  Before he started on her left ear, he placed one of the tear drop rings in the existing piercing in her lower ear lobe.  He used the special pliers to close the pointed end of the ring into the female end after he put a drop of glue in the female end. 

As Sarah and Charlie watched, they smiled when they saw the addition that Charlie had asked to be added to the tear drops.  There was now a small gold bell that hung down from the bottom of each tear drop.  Over the next hour Hannah received five diamond studs in each ear in addition to the permanent diamond and gold tear drop ear ring with a quarter carat diamond in each ring.  She received a diamond stud in both eyebrows, the left side of her nostril, and her left lower lip.  Each nipple received a slightly larger tear drop, each containing a half carat diamond on them.  The largest, one carat diamond that was on the old bracelet was put into the largest teardrop that was put in her belly button piercing.  The piercing that Dave enjoyed doing the most was Hannah’s clit piercing.  He purposely moved the needle around and jabbed it a couple of times in the wrong direction before he finally pushed it through her clit on the other side where the blue dot was.  Hannah screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure as she came hard from the effects of the needle.  He attached the permanent quarter carat diamond tear drop and stepped back.

The original piercer undid the cuffs on Hannah’s wrists and ankles.  When he stepped away from Hannah, Sarah commanded, “I want you to prance around the cave like you did following Aminda and Michelle this morning.  You are to continue like that until I tell you to stop.”

Hannah slowly got up from the table, leaving a few blood stains on the table from her still oozing welts on her back.  She put her hands behind her back and thrust out her tits like they had trained her that morning and then began to high step around the shore of the water in the cave.  As she pony stepped away, they all could hear the tinkle of the bells that were on the tear drops.  Charlie was extremely happy with the effect.  He turned to Kelly and announced, “Soon you’ll receive your own jewelry just like hers.  Both of you will make the loveliest sounds as you carry me around on my sulky.  I imagine you’ll turn an eye or two in school too when they hear you tinkling away as you walk down the hall.  What do you think of that?”

Kelly blushed and looked down.  She still hated everything that Charlie was doing to her and her sister but had long ago accepted the abuse.  The fact that she had been tricked into becoming his slave never even crossed her mind anymore.  She just accepted whatever humiliation he piled upon her.  To refuse always led to very severe consequences so she was a willing slave to any perverted thing that Charlie could think up just so she could avoid any pain.  Making her become a sex toy for a stallion was the ultimate humiliation and degradation as far as she was concerned.  She knew that after a horse fucked her, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy having sex with normal people any more.  Her only consolation was that at least she wouldn’t be alone. 

It was about one in the morning when all of the tattoos were finished except for Jade’s.  Sarah yelled out, “All slaves that received new brandings or tattoos line up in a line by the rail you were on earlier in the same order.”

It took a couple of minutes for everyone but Jade to get into position.  When they were, Sarah looked over at Charlie and nodded.  He left the cave for a few minutes.  While he was gone, Sarah told Dave, “I want you to look at each of my slaves and figure out the best design for their new piercing jewelry to replace the ones they have.  Use their brands and their tats as inspiration.”

Dave took a blackberry out of his pocket and started down the line.  He took a picture of each of the slaves to be able to look at their tats and brandings later.  He made notes about what impressed him the most about each one.  Finally, he shut down his blackberry and went over to Sarah.  He said, “I think I’ve got enough to work with now.  I give you my word that no one but me will see these pictures.  I’ll get to work on Kelly’s set tomorrow.  It will probably take every bit of a week to finish them with everything else I’ve got to do.  Then I’ll start work on the others, one at a time.  If you have a preference in the order I do them, just let me know when I bring Kelly’s piercing jewelry for her.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Thanks Dave.  I promise we’ll do plenty of business with you.  I’m sure I’m not done acquiring new slaves just yet.”

About that time, Charlie returned with Geri who had a large bag with her.  After everyone entered the cave that morning, she had been released and sent back to the mansion to get the supplies for the slaves to use after they were finished with their initiation.  She walked up to the first slave and opened a jar of cream.  She gently rubbed the cream on the brands.  After she did, she would close the jar and handed it to the slave.  She then took out a tube of antibiotic ointment and rubbed it into the new tats.  When she was finished, she handed the large tube of ointment to the slave as well and then moved onto the next slave.  She didn’t stop until they had all been treated.  When she finished, she stood in front of them and instructed, “Put the salve from the jar on your brands three times a day to help them heal properly.  Put the ointment on your tattoos twice daily to keep them from getting infected.  Help each other out if you can’t do it yourself.  If you don’t, you could get a life threatening infection.  I will examine you every day at the end of the day to ensure you are all healing properly.  I will also give you a note for school excusing you from any physical activity until you have healed.  If any of you have any questions, just talk to me back in the slave quarters.”

By the time that Geri had finished her little speech, Aminda and Michelle had dressed back in their pony girl outfits and were hooked up to the sulky.  Sarah and Charlie got onto the sulky as Angie and Lisa blindfolded and attached the slaves to the sulky in the same order as when they arrived.  They left leaving the four tattoo artists now working on Jade.  Two of them continued to work on her tats as the other two pulled out a couple of cots and took a nap for a couple of hours.  They would continue swapping out every couple of hours until they completed the tats.  Before she left, Geri gave Jade a sedative to allow her to sleep through the rest of the tattooing process.

It took Aminda and Michelle a bit over an hour to make their way back to the mansion with only a couple of stops due to a slave stumbling and falling.  It was almost three in the morning when the slaves finally reached the slave quarters.  They found a power bar and a carton of juice for each of them.  The only exception to that were Hannah and Kelly.  Once everyone else had been left at the mansion, Aminda and Michelle took the now empty sulky with Hannah and Kelly tied to the back.  They took them to the barn and, after unhitching from the sulky, led them to their stalls. 

Kelly was led to Snow’s stall by Aminda while Michelle led Hannah to Storm’s.  Aminda quickly placed the heavy leather collar that Kelly had worn earlier back on the new pony girl, forcing her chin up.  She then locked the heavy chain attached to the big support post onto the D ring in the front of the collar and locked it on.  Once Kelly was locked to the chain, Aminda ordered, “I want you to suck Snow off before you go to bed.  I am going to stand here and watch you until you do.”

Kelly looked at Aminda and asked, “How can you make me do something so perverted?  I bet even you haven’t sucked a horse’s cock in your life.”

Aminda moved faster than Kelly could imagine as she quickly grabbed her by the collar and pulled her toward her until they were nose to nose.  Aminda said in as forceful manner as she could, “You have no idea of the hell Michelle and I have been through.  We could whip you all day long and make you suck off a hundred horses and you wouldn’t even come close to the perversions we have been made to do just to stay alive.  Now get down there and suck that horse cock until he cums and you better damn well drink every bit of his cum down your throat.”

Aminda pushed Kelly down to the ground just to the left of Snow.  He was shuffling around nervously as the poor girl looked back up at Aminda and saw the firm resolve in her eyes.  She turned around and crawled under Snow.  She reached out and tentatively stroked his cock.  He wasn’t unfamiliar with being handled due to his training at Marta’s Kennels.  He snorted a couple of times and pawed the ground but held still otherwise.  After feeling the fleshy appendage for a couple of minutes, Kelly took both hands and started to jack the horse’s cock off until it became hard.  When he was hard, she leaned in and took a little lick of the head. 

As Kelly licked Snow’s cock, she heard a snort and a whinny as Storm in the stall next door came in Hannah’s mouth.  Hannah hadn’t given Michelle nearly the trouble that Kelly had given Aminda.  She had immediately dropped down and started working Storm’s cock until it was hard.  Then she sucked him off, fearful that if she didn’t she would be whipped more.  She knew that she couldn’t stand any more whippings like the ones she had been given.  She was a broken little girl and would only live to follow the orders she was given.  She would never allow an impulsive notion to enter her head again.  This is what all of her stealing had done to her.  It had been bad enough being a slave to Charlie but now she was essentially a slave to a horse.  She heard Michelle telling her that she was to make Storm cum three times a day, once with each hole in her body.  After school and homework, she would be trained as a pony girl until she was perfect. 

Meanwhile, back in Snow’s stall, Kelly was barely started at getting her horse to cum.  She was still slowly sucking the horse when she felt a sharp pain in her butt.  She sat back and looked at Aminda as she said, “Hey, what did you do that for?”

Aminda answered sternly, “Because you were taking your own sweet time to comply with your orders.  You’ll be at it all night doing it the way you were.  Now, put the damn cock in your mouth and suck it like your life depends on it.  I want you to force that cock right down your throat until you feel like your jaw will dislocate and then add two inches.  Next time, I’ll whip you where it really hurts and then make you take his cock up your ass before you’ve been properly prepared.  Now get to it.”

Aminda whipped Kelly on the ass with the crop again to give emphasis to her order.  Kelly quickly turned around and opened her mouth as wide as she could.  She leaned forward and took the horses cock into her mouth.  She forced the cock down her throat as far as she could.  She was too fearful of the crop hitting her on one of her brands.  She drove the cock into her throat until she couldn’t open her mouth anymore without dislocating her jaw.  Only then did she start to suck and twirl her tongue on the underside of the horses cock.  The cock was so far down her throat that she couldn’t breathe.  She held it until her face started to turn blue and then pulled off, running her tongue along the underside of his cock as she did.  Just as she pulled off and took a deep breath, the horse started cumming.  She inhaled a bit of the cum and fell in a coughing fit onto her hands and knees.  As she did she heard Aminda say, “Clean that mess up and go to bed.  You’ll find a couple of blankets on the hay bales at the side of the stall.  Tomorrow you will learn to suck Snow off properly until you can take his cum into your stomach every time.  Training starts early tomorrow so I’d recommend you get to sleep as soon as possible.  It’ll be dawn in a couple of hours.”

Aminda and Michelle left the two slave girls and went to the stall with their gear.  They got out of their pony gear and cleaned it thoroughly before putting it away.  They both made a straw bed in the middle of their stall and lay down on it to get some sleep.  Morning would come soon enough for them as well.  They couldn’t wait to start training a new pair of pony girls.

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