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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 91 The Wedding

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 91

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 91 The Wedding

Sarah took Jeremy and Wendy to Detention after the triple fuck in the Principal’s office.  There she over saw their and Becky and Roberta’s training.  After she entered the room and watched the training commence, she noticed that Hank Johnson was sitting at his desk and stroking his cock through his pants.  After watching the triple fuck earlier, she was excited and wanted to fuck so she went over to him.

Hank Johnson was so focused on the naked students in front of him that he didn’t notice Sarah until she reached down and removed his hand from rubbing his cock through his pants.  She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.  She then straddled his lap with her back to him and pulled up her skirt with one hand as she guided his cock into her cunt with the other as she lowered herself down onto his cock.  She let out a sigh of pleasure as she settled into his lap.  She didn’t just start fucking him though, she reached behind her and pulled Hank’s hands around her and put them on her tits on the outside of her blouse.  He immediately began to squeeze and massage her tits as she began to gently move her hips back and forth gently. 

Sarah didn’t want Hank to cum too soon though.  She wanted the fuck to last until the end of the detention.  She just gently rocked back and forth and squeezed her cunt on his cock.  When she felt him begin to try and speed up thrusting into her she would stop and scold him until he stopped.  She would wait a few minutes to let his excitement wane and then start her gentle rocking again.  She managed to cum several times during that hour as she watched her new Doms and Slaves being coached by Aminda and Michelle.  Finally, with about five minutes until the end of detention, she increased her speed as she came closer and closer to cumming again.  She could tell that Hank was getting close by his thrusting.  She was so close she knew that his cum would trigger her orgasm so she ordered, “Cum for me Mr. Johnson.”

Hank Johnson immediately went into overdrive and began to thrust into Sarah as fast and hard as he could in that position.  It only took a half dozen strokes for him to begin pumping spurt after spurt into Sarah’s fourteen year old womb.  He closed his eyes and screamed out his long sought orgasm, drawing the attention of the others.  Finally he collapsed back and became aware of the students clapping and cheering him.  He blushed red in embarrassment, realizing that there were now more witnesses to his statutory rape of the young Sarah.  He knew that the control Sarah had over him was even tighter now because she could at anytime claim he raped her and she had multiple witnesses to that fact.  He just hoped that she was able to control them, especially the new kids, because if they said anything his life would be over.

After that, Sarah declared the detention over.  As they all left, Roberta again stopped Becky and waited until they were alone in the room.  She then asked Becky, “Have you thought about doing what I asked and taking my virginity?  I really want you to be the one.”

Becky sighed; she knew this wasn’t going to go away.  She also knew that her best friend loved her in a way she could never return.  She wasn’t wired to be a lesbian, or at least she didn’t think she was.  She also didn’t want to upset her friend so she answered, “I haven’t decided yet.  I’ll let you know when I decide.”

They left school with the matter unresolved.  Becky thought hard about it over the next day.  She wanted to be in good with Sarah in the worst way.  She knew that with the power she obviously had over the school administration that there was no way she could ever usurp her power.  She thought about just telling the authorities until she remembered that Sarah had managed to have the history teacher arrested.  The kids at school still talked about that.  Most of the students had no clue as to the real range of power that Sarah had and she was sure that she had only seen the tip of the iceberg.  She decided that the only thing to do was to get on Sarah’s good side.  To do that, she had to be able to give her something of value.  Money wasn’t an option because everyone knew that Sarah was by far the wealthiest girl in the school.  She also knew that she could have any guy in the school if she wanted.  No the only thing she had that was unique enough to gain her some attention and hopefully move her up in Sarah’s view was to offer her Roberta’s virginity.  She was quite sure that with Sarah’s focus on sexual things that, that would at least get her noticed and possibly elevated in her eyes.  But she also knew that if she just ordered Roberta to give her virginity to Sarah then it would devastate her best friend.  Somehow she had to convince her friend to offer her virginity for that purpose.  She spent the rest of the night pondering on just how she was going to accomplish that.

The next day, Becky purposely avoided Roberta until detention. She thought of little else than how she was going to get what she wanted out of her friend.  When she got to the door to the detention room, she saw Roberta waiting for her.  Roberta immediately accused, “You’ve been avoiding me all day today, what’s up?”

Becky gave a half hearted smile as if forcing herself to smile.  She said, “I’ve been thinking.”

Roberta asked, “About what?”

“About what we’re doing with Sarah,” Becky said and then continued saying, “Right now there is really little difference between you and me.  We are peons in her world.  Just toys for her to play with.  I want more than that.  I want her to think of me as a friend, someone that is willing to give up something that is precious enough to let her know I am her friend.  Do you have any idea what that could be?”  Becky stopped talking hoping her friend would take the bait and answer in the way she hoped she would.

Roberta stood there for a few moments thinking and finally said, “Well money is definitely out.  She has enough money to do absolutely anything she wants.  You would have to give her something that really hits her in the area that is most important to her.  Do you know what that is?” She asked, knowing the answer already.

Becky knew exactly what she thought it was but wanted to know if her friend was coming up with the same answer as she had come to.  After a deliberate pause as if she was deep in thought, she just shrugged her shoulders and looked as if she didn’t have a clue. 

When Roberta saw Becky shrug she immediately volunteered, “Well from what I’ve seen in the last few weeks, the thing she craves most is power.  Not just the power to do normal things but to control peoples’ lives, especially in a sexual way.  To get on her good side you would have to give her something that is yours.  Something that demonstrates that you are willing to give her something that is valuable to you.  Show her that you have the power to give it to her in a demonstration of your own power, showing that you are willing to use your power to increase hers.  Of course it should be something sexual in nature to really get to her kinky side.”

Becky wanted to smile because Roberta had spoken the same conclusion that she had come up with.  She didn’t smile though.  As a matter of fact she acted like she was clueless; drawing her friend in to hopefully say what she wanted her to.  She was cruelly manipulating her friend, she knew, but it was the only way she could think of to get what she wanted but in a way that makes it seem like it is Roberta’s idea and not hers.

When Roberta saw the look of cluelessness on Becky’s face, she assumed that Becky didn’t have a clue of what she was saying.  She knew that there was only one thing that Becky had that she could offer Sarah that would make any difference.  Something that Sarah would see as precious and valuable to Becky and would hit Sarah’s kinks in a dramatic way.  She blurted out, “The only thing you really have to give her is something that I have offered to you out of love.  If you gave my virginity to her and do it in the right way, like you were giving her something that is precious to you, it would show her that… that your love for her is greater than your love of me.”

Becky smiled inwardly at hearing what she wanted from Roberta.  She had just offered her virginity to give to Sarah.  But she wanted to firm her friend’s commitment a bit more.  She said, “Are you sure you want to give up your virginity to Sarah.  I mean, you said you loved me and wanted me to take it.”

Roberta looked at Becky with love and said, “I know.  The thing is that I want you to be happy.  If you can get on Sarah’s good side it could really make a difference in how she looks at you and you have a chance to get what you want out of her.  If that is what it takes to make you happy, then out of love for you, I am willing to give my virginity to her as readily as I am willing to give it to you.”  She said the last with a hint of disgust at the thought of giving her most precious gift, her virginity, to Sarah.  She continued after a pause, “I will always love you and will serve you in any way you need me to.  You know I will.  I always have supported you, even when we were little girls, even when I knew it would get us in trouble.  It’s all I know how to do.  I just can’t deny you anything.  So as I said yesterday and the day before, my virginity is yours to take and do with as you see fit, even if that is to give it to Sarah.”

Becky was a bit shocked at the steel in Roberta’s eyes.  She meant everything she said.  She knew that her friend was always willing to do things with her but she didn’t know how deeply she felt about it.  She initially began to think that maybe she should take her best friend's virginity, but after a few moments she realized that getting in Sarah’s good graces meant more to her than her friend.  She knew that Roberta might be disappointed but she would still be happy for her, even if she did give her to Sarah.  She looked at her and said, “You know it means a lot to me that you feel that way.  Under other circumstances it might have worked out differently.  If you had told me earlier, before we got ourselves into this I would have taken it myself.  But this is my only chance to get on Sarah’s good side.  So if you’re sure that you are willing to do this for me then let’s go tell Sarah.”

Becky grabbed Roberta’s hand and pulled her into the room without waiting for an answer.  As they entered, Sarah frowned and said, “It’s about time that you came in here.  I hope that what you were discussing was important because if it isn’t, you both will be punished.”

Becky smiled and said, “It was Sarah.  It was very important.  You see, I’ve been wanting to find a way to show you how much I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to be a part of your group.  There is nothing that I could give you that you couldn’t get yourself.  But there is something that is precious to me.”  She looked at Roberta lovingly and continued, “and that I think will show you how much it means to me that you are giving me this chance and how much I want to be your trusted friend.”

Sarah was a bit surprised by what Becky was saying.  She asked, “What do you possibly have that I can’t take myself.”

Becky said, “That’s just it.  You can pretty much take anything you want.  But you can’t take something that is given with love.  You see, Roberta and I have been friends as long as we can remember.  There is nothing that we won’t do for each other.  She loves me so much that she asked me to take her virginity so that you wouldn’t take it.  When I told her I was looking for something to give you that would be meaningful to you she offered to let me give you what she felt was rightfully mine to take.  So I offer you something that is very precious to me and to Roberta.  I give you her virginity, something she has given me to use or take as I see fit to make me happy.  You could take her without my consent and she would resent it like I’m sure that many of your…… slaves resent what you are doing to them.  But that would be nothing different from what you have.  She could just willingly submit to you as one of your mindless sex groupies but then you have several of those as well and that isn’t unique.  What is unique about her giving you her virginity is that she is willing to give it to you simply because she loves me.  She belongs to me and she is willing to do whatever I want of her.  And what I want of her is to show her love for me by giving her virginity to you.  She will still only love me, but is willing to submit to you and give her most precious gift to you and when it is all over, she will still only love me.  She has made it clear to me that I am the only one that she will willingly give her virginity to or allow to give it away as I see fit.  So to show you how serious I am… I offer you my best friend’s and lover’s virginity for you to take in any way you see fit.”

Sarah had come to know enough about Becky since she asked to join that she would do just about anything to get what she wanted.  She suspected that she was just using her friend to get in her good graces.  As she thought about it, she realized that she too used people she loved to get what she wanted.  She even used her own mother as a slave and controlled her.  Was she really that much different than Becky?  She decided that Becky in many ways would be a good ally to her if she could be controlled herself.  So to that end she said, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing Becky.”

Becky looked a bit taken back by the comment and started to say, “But……”

Sarah looked sternly at her and interrupted, “There are no buts.  I know who and what you are Becky.  Your whole life you’ve connived with your friend to get what you want.  Sometimes you won and sometimes you lost but in the end you always seemed to come out on top.  Don’t think I don’t know that you would give anything to be a member of my group.  I know that you are just using your friend in an attempt to get what you want and be a leader with us instead of being another peon.  It’s that reason that I am going to let you prove yourself to me.  If you really want to be by my side as one of my most trusted like Heather has become then you will have to earn my trust.  The thing right now is that I don’t know whether I can trust you or not to let you get that close.  So you will have to do things that I would not otherwise make you do to prove yourself to me.  And believe me when I say that if at any time that I find that I can’t trust you, I’ll turn you into a mindless sex slave like I did to Tamara.  And yes, it will be far beyond what you will make Roberta do.  Now I accept your offer if you accept mine.”

Becky was a bit surprised at what Sarah said about having to do things.  Could she really do what Roberta is being made to do and more?  If she wanted to get on Sarah’s good side, she would have to.  Sarah had just upped the ante on her, recognizing her gambit to gain favor.  She had thought that just giving her friend to her would be enough but it obviously wasn’t going to be.  Sarah was a lot smarter than she thought she was and had a lot more information about her than she could ever hope to have about Sarah.  But to get what she wanted, she knew she would have to go through everything that she could throw at her without complaint.  It never dawned on her to even think about quitting.  Finally she looked at Sarah in the eyes with a look of confidence and said, “I will prove myself to you.  I’ll do whatever it takes to earn you trust.  So Roberta’s virginity is yours to take in any way you see fit.”

Roberta listened to this exchange.  It went pretty much as she thought it would.  She knew that Becky didn’t love her like she loved Becky.  She sighed and knelt there like she had been trained the day before to show respect until she was ordered to do something.  Finally the conversation ended and Sarah accepted Becky’s offer.  She sighed in resignation that she would not be able to give her virginity to the one she loved but took solace that she would at least give it up to make her friend happy and help her to get what she wants at least.  She wondered in what perverted manner that Sarah would take her virginity.  Then she heard Sarah say, “I accept your offer.  I will let you know tomorrow what I want.  But for now, you have training to do.”  The rest of the afternoon went like the day before with Sarah fucking Hank while the others went through their training naked.”

Sarah thought about things long and hard during detention and most of the evening. It was after dinner that she came to a decision.  She called doggyslut over to her.  As soon as doggyslut was kneeling in a perfect slave’s position in front of her she asked, “What is the most precious gift a girl can give her husband on her wedding night?”

Doggyslut kept looking down at the floor as she answered, “Her virginity of course.  She can only give it once and to give it to the one she loves is by far the most wondrous thing she can give her lover.”

Sarah smiled and said, “And do you have any virginities in any of your holes to give to your new master when you marry him?”

Doggyslut looked up at Sarah briefly and then bowed her head down wondering where her daughter was going with this line of questioning.  She answered, “You know I am not a virgin in any of my holes anymore.  They were taken a long time ago when I was not much older than you are.”

Sarah smiled and responded, “Oh but you do.  You can give your master that most precious gift. You will be able to give him a virgin cunt, ass and throat to fuck.”

In surprise doggyslut asked, “But how mistress?”

Sarah answered, “I have a virgin for you to give to your master to fuck on your wedding day.  How does that sound.”

Doggyslut responded, “But I don’t want my master to rape a virgin on our wedding day.  That is something that should be given willingly.”

Sarah laughed and proclaimed, “But it is being given willingly.  So will you give your master the most precious thing you can on your wedding day?  Will you give him a virgin cunt, ass and throat to fuck?”

“If I’m sure the girl is doing it willingly and without being forced then I would be grateful to use her for my master.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Then go ahead and make your plans to give your Master a wonderful gift on your wedding day.  I’ll let you decide the details of how to do it.  While you’re doing your planning I have two other girls and a boy from school that are available to use as you see fit.  You may also use any of the slaves here too.”

Doggyslut wanted to jump up and hug Sarah but was too well trained a slave.  She gracefully looked up into Sarah’s eyes and said with a smile, “Thank you mistress.”

The next day at detention Sarah ordered her new initiates, “Tomorrow night you are to come to my house.  You will be staying the weekend.  You will be there the whole weekend so make sure your parents know not to expect you home until Sunday night.  Before you leave this afternoon, you will let Aminda and Michelle get your measurements.  Now get on with your training.”

The next night as each of the initiates arrived, suk met them at the door dressed in an extremely short and revealing French maid’s dress.  Before she let them in the house, she would order them to strip saying, “Mistress Sarah has ordered that you strip before you enter the house.  Give me your clothes.”

They all knew that this was the first of many tests.  After being naked at school in detention the whole week, they didn’t even blink at stripping though they did blush because the security guards could see what was going on.

As they entered the house, they were led into the living room with Wendy and Roberta kneeling in front of the burning fireplace.  Becky and Jeremy sat in hard uncomfortable wooden chairs on either side of the two kneeling initiates.  Jeremy was next to Wendy and Becky was next to Roberta.  They were close enough to the fireplace to make it a bit uncomfortable for them but not to really burn them.

After a few minutes to get them to squirming from the heat of the fireplace Sarah announced, “We have some special things planned tomorrow.  I promise you that things will get very sexual.  If you make it through the next week then you will become a member of my group.  If you fail or refuse any task, no matter how disgusting then you will be given one additional opportunity to do what you were ordered.  If you refuse a second time then you will have failed your initiation.  If you do fail, that means I can no longer trust you so you will be turned into a mindless slut like Tamara was.  She tried to betray me so I turned her into Heather’s sex slave.  If you have any doubts as to whether or not you want to do this, this is your last opportunity to back out.  What has happened up to this point, no one has forced you to do, except for Wendy of course.  Her fate was sealed the moment she held back on me.  She has no choice but to continue or become like Tamara.  So do you three want to continue or leave now?”

Becky was the first to speak up and said, “I agreed to do whatever it took to prove myself to you and will follow through with my promise.  Roberta will as well.”

Jeremy smiled and said, “I’m in.”

With that Sarah waved her hand and suk threw their clothes into the fireplace.  Becky was the one that spoke up and asked, “Aren’t we going to need those clothes to go home in?”

Sarah smiled and said, “We’ve already bought your clothes for the next week.  You will wear them and nothing else during your initiation.  Once you finish your initiation, I will buy you a completely new wardrobe like you’ve seen the rest of my girls wearing.  Now let’s go eat.”

Sarah got up and went into the dining room.  She sat at her normal spot.  Aminda, Michelle, Angie, Lisa and the others took up their normal spots kneeling to the side and rear of their master or mistress.  The initiates entered the room and sat in the four remaining chairs.  Sarah had arranged it so Charlie and Heather waited a few moments before entering the dining room.  The initiates all looked at the others that were kneeling around the table and saw the four empty chairs and sat down at them.  Becky just happened to sit in Charlie’s chair.  Wendy was sitting in Heather’s chair.  When they entered the room Charlie immediately thundered, “Get out of my chair Becky.”  Heather immediately followed that with “And that’s my chair Wendy, get out.”

Becky and Wendy both got up and looked around in confusion.  Becky was the first to understand what was expected.  She went over to the chair Roberta was sitting in and ordered, “Roberta… that is my chair.  Look around.  Where do you think you’re supposed to be?”

Roberta looked around the room and saw that Sarah, Charlie and Heather were all seated at the table and that the other girls were kneeling on the floor to the side and a bit to the rear of the person they were subservient to.  The thought that first went through her mind was how perverted and strange it was to see Sarah, Charlie and Heather seated around the table clothed and to see the others all kneeling around them naked.  She wondered what kind of world she had agreed to join.  But she knew as long as Becky was set on going through with this she would too, as if she had a choice anymore.  She sure didn’t want to turn out like Tamara.  But then the way things were looking, that is exactly what was going to happen.  After she heard Sarah clear her throat she finally knelt down to the right of Becky.  Wendy was standing there looking confused until she saw Roberta kneel down.  She quickly looked around and saw the way everyone was seated or kneeling and then got down on her knees to the left and a little to the rear of Jeremy. 

Sarah watched and smiled at Wendy and then looked at Becky.  She announced, “Dinner won’t start until everyone is in their proper place.  I’m going to count to ten and I expect that everyone will be in their proper position or there will be extra punishment in addition to the punishment you have already earned.”

Becky knew that Sarah was talking directly to her.  She looked around trying to quickly figure out what was wrong.  Then when she saw across the table at Wendy and back to Roberta she realized that Roberta was not in the proper position.  She then ordered, “Roberta, you are on the wrong side.  Get to my left and little behind me like you’re supposed to be.”

Roberta looked around guiltily and quickly moved to the correct position.  After she was in position suk and doggyslut began serving dinner.  First Sarah, Charlie and Heather were served their meals, plated elegantly as if they were eating in the finest restaurant.  Then their slaves were given their dog food bowls of the same meal mixed up.  Becky and Jeremy were served their meal on plates but it was just dished up like you would at a normal family meal, nothing elegant to indicate their favored status but let them know that they hadn’t earned the right to be considered the same as the others yet.  Then Wendy and Roberta were given their dog food bowls of the mixed up meal.  When everyone was served Sarah said, “I expect the initiates to finish every bite of their meal.  If you don’t eat properly according to your status, you will be punished.  Aminda and Michelle will be watching closely.  Punishment will be given immediately after the meal.  Now let’s eat.”

Wendy and Roberta watched the other slaves very carefully and noticed how they were eating.  After a few moments they leaned forward and began to eat out of the bowl without hands like they were doing.  Unfortunately they hadn’t been trained in how to eat and several times they used their hands to grab a piece of meat to help tear it apart or pick up something off of the floor that fell out of the bowl.  Aminda and Michelle noted each and every misstep.  All four of the initiates did notice a strange off taste to the meal.  They looked around and saw the others eating the food with relish.  They could only assume that they were used to the off taste. 

All too soon the meal was over and Sarah announced, “Everyone back into the living room for punishment.”

Once they were back in position where they were sitting before dinner Sarah said, “Jeremy, you were lucky that Wendy was smart enough to assume the proper position.  You have no punishment coming.  Becky, Roberta is your responsibility and she assumed the wrong position at the table.  I expect my friends to be smart enough to evaluate their surroundings and come to the correct decision as to how to act.  If you aren’t smart enough to do that then you are no more use to me than the rest of my slaves and shall take your place among them.  You will receive ten swats.  Wendy, you used your hands to eat six times.  You will be spanked twice for each infraction.  Slaves are never allowed to eat with their hands.  If you would have been observant, you would have noticed how my slaves were eating and acted accordingly.  Finally Roberta, you will be punished ten swats for assuming the wrong position and two times for every time you used your hands, which was eleven times.  That will be a total of thirty two swats.  Now Jeremy, to demonstrate just how hard you are to spank Becky, you will take one swat, given by Charlie.  Stand up and bend over until you grab your ankles.  Now begin.”

Jeremy slowly got up and stood in the center of the living room.  He immediately bent over and grabbed his ankles, keeping his knees straight.  Charlie, who Sarah had told before the others arrived what was to happen in the event of punishment being given picked up a paddle off of the end table next to him and went over to Jeremy.  He took one practice swing and then swung as hard as he could onto his exposed ass.”

Jeremy gritted his teeth to keep from yelling and jumped up holding his butt with his hands.  After he quit dancing and stood there facing Sarah she said, “That is how you will swat Becky.  If I think that you are taking it easy on her then I will have Charlie spank you ten more swats like you just received.  Oh and if Becky stands up after the swat, it doesn’t count.  Now take the paddle Jeremy and Becky, it’s your turn.  Get in position.”

Becky slowly got up.  She thought of bolting but then she would lose everything.  She realized that this is what Sarah meant that she would be given difficult tasks.  This was just the start.  She wondered how bad it could possibly get.  She moved to the center of the room and bent over like Jeremy had. 

No sooner had Becky leaned over than she felt the hard sting of the paddle.  She immediately screamed and danced around in pain.  Sarah exclaimed, “That one doesn’t count.  Do it again.”

Becky cursed herself for moving.  She bent over again and grabbed her ankles as tightly as she could.  She concentrated intensely on not moving.  Shortly after, there was a loud crack followed by a stinging, burning pain.  She jerked but just managed to keep from jumping up.  That didn’t stop her from crying and screaming though.  Before she was fully ready, Jeremy hit her again.  She jerked up and let go of her ankles, dancing around and holding her reddening ass.  As soon as she did, Sarah announced, “She moved, start over.”

Becky looked at Sarah like she wanted to kill her.  She had never in her life been treated like this.  Her parents had never spanked her.  Sarah just smiled at her and kept eye contact until Becky finally broke eye contact in defeat and resignation and bent over.  She grabbed her ankles and held on even tighter.  She wasn’t about to give Sarah the satisfaction of seeing her fail to take her swats.  She would show her, no matter how much it hurt.  She was sure going to exact her revenge on Roberta for getting her into this position. 

Jeremy laid another swat onto Becky’s naked ass.  Becky jerked but stayed in position.  Then he hit her with another and another.  Becky wanted to do nothing more than to jump up and run away but that would be failing the test.  No, she thought, she would show Sarah and the others that she could take her punishment.  Finally the blows stopped falling and she heard Sarah announce, “Well done Becky.  You took that a lot better than I thought you would.” 

Becky stood up as regally as she could, being naked and tears running down her cheeks as she sobbed as silently as possible.  She wanted to rub her burning ass but through her intense will she stood there facing Sarah with her hands down at her side. 

After a few moments pause Sarah ordered, “Take your seat in your chair.  It’s time for Jeremy to punish his miscreant slave.”

As Becky slowly and gingerly sat down she heard Sarah say, “My, my Jeremy.  It seems as if you get off on spanking a naked helpless girl.”

Becky looked up and saw that Jeremy’s quite respectable seven inch cock was sticking straight up, hard as could be.  As she stared in amazement Sarah continued, “After you finish administering your slave’s punishment you may take care of it in your slave or Becky.  Roberta is off limits though.  You may now begin.”

Jeremy looked down at Wendy and ordered, “Get over here and in position Wen.”

Wendy slowly got up out of the chair and moved to the center of the room.  As she reluctantly got into position she heard Jeremy say, “I’ve just added five swats to your total for taking so long to get in position.  When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it immediately.  I will not have you causing me to receive any punishment.  Now get ready and don’t you dare move.  I promise you it will be hard and painful.  I will not be easy on you.  You saw what happens if you move.  I don’t care if you don’t move until the very last one, if you do, I’ll start over again.  You have a total of seventeen swats coming, take them like a good girl.”

Wendy was fortunate.  She had grown up getting spanked by her father.  He was a cruel task master so she knew how to take a swat.  She had learned to keep her tears and crying at bay to deny her father the satisfaction of making her cry.  Becky and Roberta had never been spanked before and so this was especially hard on them. 

Jeremy swung the paddle hard.  With the crack of the paddle against her ass, Wendy jerked but held fast.  When he saw how steadily she took the swats, Jeremy began to swing harder and quicker.  In short order, Wendy had taken all seventeen swats without having to start over once. 

When it was over, Becky stood up.  Jeremy ordered, using the term that he had noticed that Sarah had been using all evening saying, “Bend back over slave. I need to take care of this erection you caused.”

Jeremy put his hand on her back and pushed her forward with one hand.  With his other hand he guided his cock into her weeping cunt.  She gasped in surprise as she became aware of the sound of clapping at her ravishment.  She slowly came out of her trance like state that allowed her to take such severe punishment and smiled as she stood there, bent over with Jeremy fucking her in front of everyone.  Jeremy came quickly because he was so excited.  After a few moments, Sarah announced, “Well done Jeremy.  You have shown us what I expect of a good master.  You take from your slave what is rightfully yours, when you want.  Wendy, you are to be commended as well.  I don’t think you could take to being a slave any better than that.  You take punishment quite well.  I assure you that we well test your endurance before the week is out and just see how much punishment that ass of yours can take.  Now I do believe it is Roberta’s turn.  Becky, you will do the honors.  She is your slave.  I expect you to swat her just as hard as Jeremy did you.  She is the one that caused you to get spanked.  But I want you to use that cane leaning against the wall next to the fireplace.”

Becky was more than happy to get out of the chair.  Her ass was sore and the hard chair just caused it to hurt more.  As she got up and went over to get the cane, she ordered, “Get into position Roberta.”  She grabbed the three foot long, quarter inch bamboo cane.

Roberta quickly moved to the center of the room and bent over like the others.  As she did Sarah announced, “The reason that you are getting the cane Roberta is because dear Becky can’t swing as hard as Jeremy.  The cane is an equalizer and will hurt worse when swung just as hard.  Now I believe it was thirty two swats.  Let’s make it an even thirty five.  I wouldn’t recommend that you move.  The thing about the cane is it hurts worse and worse with each strike of the cane.”

Becky swung the cane a couple of times to get the feel of it as she walked to where Roberta was standing.  She moved into position and began to swing.  Before Roberta knew what was happening, she had taken five hard strikes of the cane with each one burning more and more.  The strikes of the cane weren’t well and strategically placed like a trained master or mistress might do but they criss crossed across her ass.  Where they crossed, some of them began to seep a little blood.  On that fifth stroke she could take no more and jumped up, screaming and dancing with her hands on her ass.  After a few moments Sarah announced, “It seems as if our dear Roberta can’t stand the sting of the cane.  Doggyslut, will you bring the handcuffs please.”

Doggyslut quickly moved into the room carrying two pair of handcuffs.  The four initiates noted that it was Karen, Sarah’s guardian that she was calling doggyslut.  They wondered if that name had specific meaning.  If it did, then they could be expected to do even more perverse things than they had expected.  Doggyslut quickly moved to Becky and handed her one of the cuffs.  She knelt down and took Roberta’s right hand and put the cuffs on her wrist.  She then made her bend over and attached the other end of the cuff to her ankle.  Becky saw what Karen/doggyslut was doing and quickly knelt down to put the cuffs she had on Roberta’s left wrist and ankle.  When that was done, doggyslut left and Becky stood back up and picked the cane up from where she dropped it when she took the cuffs. 

As Becky was getting ready to swing Sarah said, “I want to hear you count Roberta.  We’ve taken away your freedom so if you can’t move to earn extra stripes, then a failure to count will.  Now thirty five I think it was.  You may begin.”

Becky swung and there was a loud crack.  Roberta screamed and cried, jerking her hands to try and get up.  After a few moments she said, “One”.

That’s the way it went one swat after the other.  Roberta screamed and cried a little more after each swat but eventually counted out the stroke, even if she couldn’t stop crying.  She didn’t want to get anymore.  She didn’t think she could stand the ones she was getting let alone any extra.  By the time that Becky had finished, Roberta’s ass was a welted, bloody mess.  Where she was bleeding were just small tears and they would heal easily.  The welts weren’t too bad and would disappear by morning with very little bruising.  Becky just didn’t have the strength to do too much damage. 

Finally Sarah announced, “Thank you initiates for your little show.  It was great entertainment.  Now Aminda and Michelle will take you to your quarters and will show you how to tend to your sore asses.  We will wake you in the morning when it is time to get you ready for the day’s events.”

Aminda and Michelle quickly moved in and released Roberta from the cuffs.  They led the four initiates to the basement slave’s room.  There they were shown to an area near the open bathroom that was used by the slaves.  When they arrived, Aminda went to a cabinet and returned with a jar of salve.  She handed it to Becky and then pointed to a mat saying, “You need to massage that salve into her welted ass to help it heal more quickly.  Be thorough and use plenty of salve.  When you are done, give it to Jeremy to take care of Wendy.  You each have a floor mat here.  Two of them have pads under them to cushion you a little but the others are just a rug and a blanket to lie on.  I’ll let you decide how you arrange yourselves to sleep.  This is where you will go to the bathroom.  There is no privacy here.  We will be sharing the room with you.  I assure you that it will go worse for you if you wake us up throughout the night.  Now get busy.”

Aminda went back up stairs to the living room while Michelle stayed to supervise the initiates.  When she got upstairs Aminda went straight to Sarah who was watching a video replay of the whipping that had just occurred and said, “They are taking care of things like they should.  Shelle is staying there to make sure they do it right.  Will there be anything else mistress?”

Sarah looked at Aminda and asked, “After what just happened, what do you think about what we’re doing with them?  I want an honest assessment.”

Aminda smiled and answered, “Master Jeremy is a natural.  You saw his reaction.  He thoroughly enjoyed what he did and he took his punishment quite readily without a hint of hesitation.  You won’t have to worry about him.  Wendy has already learned how to withstand severe punishment.  She has experienced it before and has adapted.  I don’t think she’ll be a problem, especially with what we know about her always needing to compete with Becky.  As long as Becky is in this, she will be too.  Roberta is a total slave to her love for Becky.  She’d walk across a bed of hot coals to make her happy.  She too is in this as long as Becky is.  Becky is the only one to worry about.  But as you may have noticed, she didn’t complain about her paddling.  It was obvious it was her first time being paddled but she took it quite well.  She wants status in the worst way and will do whatever it takes to get it.  She will make a good mistress.  She has already shown that she will not hesitate to use the ones she loves to get what she wants.  That is a necessary trait for a master or mistress.  If she doesn’t revolt at the tasks you plan for her, she should be a good addition to our growing group.”

Sarah smiled and said, “Thank you Aminda.  That’s pretty much my thinking.  Now you all have your orders for tonight and tomorrow.  Let’s not let doggyslut down.  Tomorrow is her big day.”

That night, the initiates all found themselves running to the toilet every twenty or thirty minutes with a bad case of diarrhea.  There meal had been spiked with a laxative to help them void their stomachs. It was about six in the morning that Aminda, Michelle, Angie and Lisa came over to wake them up from their fitful sleep.  They only had a couple of hours of restless sleep the whole night because of the cramping in their stomachs.  When they were awakened they were each given an Immodium to stop their diarrhea. 

Then they were all led over to the shower area and made to bend over like they had for the spankings the previous night.  There they saw that there were four enema bags hanging from the ceiling with long tubes hanging down.  Everything had been prepared while they were asleep and the enema nozzles were lubed and ready.  They were each given an enema and then made to hold it for twenty minutes before voiding.  This was repeated two more times to ensure that their bowels were clean. 

After the enemas, each of the slaves took the girls to the showerheads and washed them down and shampooed their hair.  There wasn’t anything remotely sexual about the way they did it either.  When the initiates were all cleaned to their satisfaction they each were led to a separate area of the basement.

Aminda led Becky over to a stand that had several things on it.  Becky watched while she handed her a container that looked like they held contact lenses.  Aminda ordered, “Put those in now then we’ll finish getting you ready.  Remember this is the beginning of your initiation.  A lot of things are going to happen today.  It is all about humiliating you and testing your resolve.  I expect that you will do as you’re told.  I will not be with you.  You will notice as you put the contact lenses in that they are specially made.  To anyone looking at you, it will seem as if you can see normally but you will also notice that after you get them in, you are totally blind.  They are each made to look just like your iris and pupil so no one will be the wiser unless you tell them.  This is a matter of proving your trust.  You will be exposed to a lot of guests that are a bit on the kinky side.  I am sure you will be asked if you are doing this voluntarily as it will be obvious that you are a young girl.  If they ask you are to confirm that you are over eighteen, even though you aren’t.  You will also confirm that you are doing this voluntarily.  Trust us, we will know immediately if you say anything to the contrary and you will be taken from there and be considered a failure at these tasks.  Now put these earpieces in.  You will notice that they block out any sound.  The only thing you’ll hear will be what we want you to hear.  One of them has a speaker and receiver in it so that from time to time you will be given instructions that only you can hear.”

After Becky was deafened and blinded, Aminda reached over and picked up a mask.  She put it on her face and buckled it into position.  Next she took a mitten and as she put it on Becky’s right hand she instructed her to grab the bar at the base of the mitten and make a fist.  She did the same with her right hand.  After her right hand was encased in the mitten, Aminda made her get down on her hands and knees.  She then made her bend her right knee up and put a leather sleeve and bound her lower leg up against her thigh.  She repeated the process with her left leg.  The leather sleeve covered her knee so that they were protected from gravel or other sharp objects.  Next she picked up a medium sized dildo with a dogs tail attached to it.  She quickly pushed the lubed dildo into Becky’s ass.  She let out a surprised yelp and then groaned in pain as she felt her ass penetrated for the first time.  The last thing Aminda did was lay a tan pelt across her back.  It was big enough that it fell just down her sides.  It had a strap on the right side at tit level and one on the left, both ending with a clamp on the end.  There was a strap on either side at her waist that came around her waist and connected to a single clamp.  Aminda attached the vice like clamps to Becky’s nipples and clit and tightened them tightly.  Becky screamed in pain as she tightened them down hard enough to keep the pelt from coming off.  Finally Aminda put a black dog collar around her neck and attached a leash. 

Becky felt the collar go around her neck and then she heard through the ear plug, “You look like a nice doggy.  You be sure and obey your masters and mistresses.  Remember, you are to follow whatever orders you hear in the earpiece.  Don’t disappoint me now.”

Aminda led her to the center of the basement and waited for Jeremy to join her and the others.  Roberta and Wendy were both naked and led by a collar and a leash.  Roberta was the only one that wasn’t blinded or deafened by the ear plugs.  They each had alligator nipple and clit clamps and nothing else.  They had been blinded and deafened in the same way that Becky had been.  From looking at them you would think they could hear and see normally.  Michelle was dressing up Jeremy.  He was being turned into a big cat, a tiger to be exact.  He definitely let out a yell when he felt the dildo pushed into his ass.  His waist bands however were banded around his balls and a cock ring was attached to his cock to keep him hard.  Finally he was collared and leashed.

When they were all ready to go, the initiates were led slowly upstairs and out to the area where the wedding was to take place.  The dog and tiger were leashed to a post on either side of the stand where the ceremony was going to take place.  Wendy was led to a St. Andrew’s cross and attached to it.  Roberta was taken over to a set of stocks and she had her hands and head put in and the top locked down.  What they couldn’t see was that directly opposite from where Wendy was strung up on a St. Andrew’s cross was Hannah on a St. Andrew’s cross of her own.  Kelly and Rhonda were outfitted just the same and were a little ways up on either side of the seating area.  They were hanging by their arms from an upside down L shaped post that held them up on their toes.  They weren’t blinded and deafened like the initiates though.  They were able to see and hear everything that was going on.  Fortunately for them all, the weather was a nice warm seventy six degrees.

After finishing preparing the initiates all of the slaves went and got ready for their part in the ceremony.  It was noon exactly that the ceremony started.  Guests started to arrive about an hour before the ceremony.  Suk, misery, tramp and whelp were the ushers.  The women were all dressed in sexy, stylish mini dresses that were a pale blue and were almost see through.  None of them wore any bras or panties so it was obvious that they were naked underneath.  These weren’t cheap outfits either.  They were designed by a fairly famous designer that specialized in extremely sexy clothing.  They each wore five inch spiked heeled shoes.  Whelp was dressed in a pale blue vest with a black bow tie and a black leather thong and nothing else but his shoes.  He had a cock ring on his cock so it was obvious to anyone that he had an erection under his thong. He also had a cumberbund around his waist.

Karen had invited quite a few people to her wedding.  The majority of them were members of either the Omega Psi fraternity or the sisters group of the fraternity.  All of them were quite familiar with Karen’s kinky side because the vast majority of them were alumni that were at the fraternity when Karen was initially rescued from the organization.  There were a few like the shop owner and her sub at the boutique that they bought the girl’s clothes from. 

Carl had invited only his parents.  His mother was a Domme and his father a submissive.  They never hid their life style from their son and had been surprised when he didn’t join the lifestyle himself.  They had moved next door to Karen’s Parents as a young couple.  They had a friend in the organization that had introduced them when they were in college.  They had hoped to be able to eventually join the organization but couldn’t come up with the hundred thousand dollar membership fee and they didn’t want to join by enslaving a couple of people to turn over to the organization as a membership fee.  Over time they found that all they needed were themselves to get their kinks and gave up on joining the organization.  The nice thing was, was that they never had to try hard to hide their activities from others.  They were frequently asked if they were going to join the organization and the answer was always that they were saving up for the membership fee.  The fact that Carl’s father and mother never joined the organization was a large factor in them rarely getting a promotion at their jobs. 

The important thing to Carl was that his parents could attend his marriage and see that he finally did join their kinky lifestyle.  He didn’t know exactly what Karen/doggyslut had planned but he knew it would be right down his parent’s alley.

The wedding Ceremony was held out back in the grassy area right behind the patio.  It was a large grassed in area.  There was a paved trail that led from next to the patio up to the kennels and the barn.  After everyone was seated and promptly at noon, there was the sound of clip clopping that sounded eerily like the hooves of a horse. 

As soon as they heard the sound, Carl walked up to the stand and stood to the right as any groom would.  Standing on the stand was Judge Braxton dressed up in a leather suit with bow tie that Karen had specially made for him.  His slave Kathy Kreshman, Hannah’s mother was kneeling behind him and to his left.  All she wore were patent leather high heeled shoes with six inch heels and a Black leather corset.  The corset lifted her tits up, exposed for all to see and ended just above her bare cunt.  It had straps that hung down and were attached to black hose.  It was obvious she was embarrassed to be exposed like that in front of all these people.  She couldn’t believe that there were so many people that did this kind of thing.  She also couldn’t believe how they had her daughter Hannah hung up naked as a display on either side of the seating area. 

Shortly after the clopping sound became audible, the guests could see Aminda and Michelle, dressed in new pony gear, pulling a sulky with Sarah driving it.  Aminda and Michelle were in white leather corsets that pushed their tits up and exposed them.  They had white patent leather boots that came up to their calves.  The boots were specially made pony girl boots and had small horse shoes on their soles to create the clopping sound.  On their heads were white pony girl head pieces that they had put the hair from their other head pieces to these to create the mane.  They also had a long feather plum that stood up strait on top of their head like you see on the hats of many marching band uniforms.  The reins were attached to their nipples just like they usually were.

Sarah was dressed up in a black leather pantsuit and top.  Her hair was tied up in a nice pony tail.  The sulky was draped with boughs of pale blue flowers.  Tied to the back of the sulky was a single white nylon rope.  It led away from the cart and was attached to a gold chain.  At each end of the chain were four smaller gold chains with a gold clip on the end.  The clips were attached to the ends of the permanent skewers that were in doggyslut’s tits. 

Doggyslut was dressed in a white leather corset that ended just under her tits with a notch in the center of each bra half cup so that it would not interfere with the chain connecting with the skewers.  She had on white patent leather six inch heels and white opaque stockings that came up to mid thigh and were being held up by white clips hanging down from the bottom of her corset.  On her head was a white lace veil that she wore covering her face and that had a train that flowed down to the top of her buttocks.  On each arm she wore elbow length white gloves.  Next to her, padding along beside her in the perfect heeling position was prince, the Saint Bernard that she had acquired at the beginning of the takedown of the organization when they raided Marta’s kennels.  He was still limping a bit from his injuries from the assault but he appeared to be doing fine.

When the guests saw her, they gasped in surprise.  They had expected something kinky at this wedding but they assumed it would be at the reception.  But from the way things were set up and the way Karen was dressed, they knew that this was definitely no ordinary wedding.  Many of them suspected that the girls on display were in fact younger than eighteen but many of them had gone up and asked them and were assured that they were and that they were their voluntarily.

Sarah stopped the sulky right in front of the path that led up the middle of the chairs that were set up for the guests.  She immediately got off of the sulky and went to the front and disconnected Aminda and Michelle.  She turned and walked up the aisle to the chair that was open at the center front and stood there waiting.  Aminda went behind the sulky and attached a white leather leash to the collar on Prince and led him up next to Carl.  Michelle unclipped the rope attached to the chain hooked to doggyslut’s skewered tits.  She attached a white leather leash to the chain and then commanded, “Heel”.

As Michelle led her mother, who was crawling on all fours, forward down the aisle, the traditional wedding march was played as they slowly moved toward the stand.  The keyboardist was one of the first girls Karen recruited in the sisters and had kept in close contact with her through the years and always attended the initiation of each term’s new sisters along with Karen.  When Michelle had led her mother to the stand on the left of Judge Braxton, she stood to the side holding the leash in a position where the maid of honor usually stood. 

At that moment Judge Braxton asked loudly, “Who gives this slave to be married and bound to her master this day.”

Sarah responded loudly, “I her daughter and mistress do hereby give this slave to Carl Antonio Bertinelli to rule over her as her husband and master second only to myself as her primary mistress.”

Judge Braxton announced, “Very well.  Will the slave bride and the master groom please step forward?”

Carl stepped up until he was directly in front of Judge Braxton just a little to the right as you looked at the judge.  Karen/doggyslut crawled to the complimentary position in front of the judge on the left and assumed a perfect slave’s kneeling position.  When they were in position the judge began reading, “My friends and honored guests we are gathered here to join together this man and this woman in matrimony and as master and slave.  This covenant between this man and woman is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly.  This man and woman come to this place to be joined.  If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

There was a quiet pause and no one spoke up. 

Judge Braxton continued, “This marriage is a union of husband and wife and master and slave.  This is a union of body and mind.  It is intended for their mutual joy and for the help and comfort of the master.  Whether through prosperity or adversity she shall give him comfort and he shall give her the firm hand of discipline that she deserves.  Most importantly this union is a means through which a stable, loving and disciplined environment may be attained.

Through marriage, Carl Antonio Bertinelli and Karen Miller make a commitment together to face their disappointments, embrace their dreams, realize their hopes and accept each other. Carl will promise as her master to aspire to these ideals and correct every fault and provide a firm hand at all times as slave Karen needs or at his pleasure.  This is a beginning and a continuation of their growth as individuals. With mutual care, respect, responsibility and knowledge comes the affirmation of each one’s own happiness, growth and freedom. With respect for her master and with a master’s responsible pushing of his slave’s boundaries comes the freedom to love unconditionally, within the emotional safety of a loving relationship, the knowledge self-offered one another becomes the fertile soil for continued growth. With care and responsibility towards self and one another comes the potential for full and happy lives.  By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for Carl and Karen from all present here, we assure them that our hearts are in tune with theirs. These moments are so meaningful to all of us, for “What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together; to strengthen each other in all labor; to minister to each other in all sorrow; to share with each other in all gladness.  This relationship stands for love, loyalty, honesty and trust, but most of all for friendship. Before they knew love, they were friends, and it was from this seed of friendship that is their destiny. Do not think that you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, shall direct you.  Marriage and bonding as master and slave is an act of faith and a personal commitment as well as a moral and physical union between two people. Marriage has been described as the best and most important relationship that can exist between them. But the Master/slave relationship takes that relationship even further.  It is filled with overwhelming trust of the slave for her master to expand her knowledge and desires in all things but most importantly to use a firm, yet loving hand to provide her with the discipline that she needs.  This relationship is the construction of their love and trust into a single growing energy of life. It is a moral commitment that requires and deserves daily attention. Marriage should be a lifelong consecration of the ideal of loving kindness, backed with the will to make it last.  The groom will now speak his vows.”

Carl looked at Karen and said, “Above all else I will cherish you as my love and my wife Karen and as doggyslut my slave.  I will be loving but strict and take full advantage of the power you have given me and know to share with you the pleasure that comes from that precious gift.  I promise to control myself first and foremost as a stern and demanding master as I know I can cause you real tears of pain and anguish and that you will accept said pain with love and trust.  As your consummate lover I will kiss those tears away to show that no matter how I discipline you that I still love you and accept you as my slave and partner in life.  In times of trouble I will be a supporting partner and friend, never forgetting that this is a loving relationship between two caring individuals.  I will be quick to understand the difference between fantasy and real life.  I will never ask you to put me before your responsibility to your first mistress Sarah or your daughter Michelle just to satisfy my own pleasure.  I will earn your trust and will show you kindness, warmth and humor until the time I own your mind, body, soul and love.  I will fight for your honor and defend you until you come to lean and depend on me.  When it comes time to teach you lessons in obedience, I will be a strong and unyielding professor.  I will accept no flaw nor do I expect anything less than perfection from you my love.  I will never use discipline without good reason.  When I do it will be with a careful and knowledgeable hand.  I will always be open to communication and discussion.  I will always be willing to hear your wants and needs.  I will take time to learn your limits and as you learn to trust me I will expand them.  I always expect you to serve me with compliance out of a want to serve and please me and not out of fear of punishment.  I understand the fragile nature of your mind, body and soul and if you ever feel that I have violated your trust or that you desire to assume a normal and natural life as man and woman, it will be done as you desire.  I am your husband first and foremost and your master second.  All of this I swear to do out of my love and respect for you as the strong and willful woman I have come to know and love.”

Judge Braxton looked down at Karen and said, “The bride will now speak her vows.”

Karen/doggyslut looked up at Carl with loving eyes and said, “I am a slave, a submissive woman.  I find pleasure, joy and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship.  I am not weak or stupid.  I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life.  I do not serve you out of shame or weakness but out of pride and strength knowing I am owned by you, my loving master.  I look to you my loving master for guidance and protection, for I am never more complete than when I am with you.  I know that you will protect my mind, body and soul with strength and wisdom.  Only in serving you and Mistress Sarah will I find complete freedom and joy.  I expect your punishments to be harsh when deserved and will accept them gladly and with a thankful heart knowing that you have my best interest at heart.  If you desire my body for pleasure then I will joyfully give it to you.  It will give me great pleasure knowing that I have pleased you.  If you say I am beautiful I will believe you and if you say I am your princess I will behave as regally and royally as any real princess.  And if I witness laughter at me then I will not acknowledge it for who are they to contradict my loving master.  My mind, body and soul are yours to learn and to expand and explore, to know as only you can know.  I have no secrets from you for secrets are a thing that would keep me from behaving perfectly as your worshipful slave. Never a moment will go by when I do not feel your presence with me be you miles away or standing over me.  My submission is a gift I do not give lightly and can only be given to you and my mistress, both whom I love more than life itself.”

Judge Braxton looked at Carl and asked, “Do you Carl, take this woman Karen as your wife and slave doggyslut?”

Carl looked Karen in the eyes with love and answered, “I do.”

The judge then looked at Karen and asked, “Do you Karen and slave doggyslut take this man Carl as your husband, lord and master, to be subservient to him in all things?”

Karen looked up and staring deeply into Carl’s eyes she answered, “I do.” 

The judge handed Carl the wedding band and said, “Place this ring on Karen’s finger and repeat after me.”

Carl leaned down and took Karen’s left hand and lifted it up.  He slipped the ring on her fourth finger and looked into her eyes.  The judge said, “Karen, with this ring you are now bound to me as my wife and slave from this day forward.”  Carl repeated the vow.

The judge continued, “I give you this ring as a pledge of my love and as a symbol of our unity and with this ring I do thee wed.”  Carl repeated the vow.

Then the judge looked down at Karen and handed her a ring and said, “Repeat after me.”

Karen looked up into Carl’s eyes and the judge said, “Carl Antonio Bertinelli, with this ring you are now bound to me as my husband and master from this day forward.”  Karen repeated the vow.

The judge continued, “I give you this ring as a pledge of my love, devotion and obedience and as a symbol of our unity and with this ring I do thee wed.”  Karen repeated the vow.

Aminda led Prince up to the stand next to Karen and the judge said, “And do you hereby take Prince as your canine master.  To love and be his bitch as he desires and take care of his every need as if he were your one true master?”

Karen answered, “I do.”

There was a loud gasp from several of the guests when she essentially married a dog.  They were used to Karen’s kinky side and that she occasionally fucked a dog at sister initiations but they never suspected that she would submit herself to a dog at the dog’s whim, essentially making her a slave to the dog.

The Judge continued without pause and asked, “Do you Prince, take doggyslut to be your bitch, to take and use whenever you need a bitch?”

Prince let out a whine that sounded, “Aaauur Oooooooo”.  It was obvious to all that he had been trained to respond that way.  He ended with a loud Bark.

The Judge then said, “As a symbol of your subservience to Prince, Take his collar and wear it proudly for all to see.”

Doggyslut bent over from her kneeling position and undid the buckle on the collar and then knelt back up and buckled it around her neck.  When she was done the judge said, “I now pronounce you Canine Master and Bitch.”

The judge continued, “May you three always share with each other the gifts of love and be one in heart and in mind.  May you always create a home together that puts in your hearts, love, generosity and kindness but with a firm hand of discipline when needed.  In as much as Carl and Karen and Prince have consented together in marriage to each other and before this company of friends and family, have pledged their faith and declared their unity by giving and receiving a ring, they are now joined.  You have pronounced yourselves husband and master and wife and slave.  And so, by the power vested in me by the State of California and Almighty God, I now pronounce you man and wife, master and slave, and Canine Master and bitch.  May your days be good and long upon the earth.  You may kiss the bride and after the bride may kiss her canine master.”

Carl pulled Karen up by her left hand into a standing position and they looked into each others’ eyes with love.  He lifted the veil and placed it over her head so that her face was no longer covered.  He leaned in and gave her a kiss to end all kisses.  When they were done, Karen knelt down and sucked Prince’s tongue into her mouth in some semblance of a kiss.  When she was done she stood up and then the two turned to face the guests looking flushed.  Karen announced, “My dear friends.  I thank you for coming to our special ceremony.  As you have noticed this is no ordinary ceremony.  As a matter of fact there is nothing about my life that is ordinary.  Some of you don’t know who I was before I became Karen Miller and started this life.  You see I was enslaved by the Coch Slaver’s Organization from the age of sixteen to nineteen.  It was only through the brave efforts of my dear friend Darren and his friend that I was freed from that existence and through the willingness of his dear wife Sherri, my adopted sister, to assume the identity of her dearly departed sister in order to escape detection from the hunters that were searching for me in order to kill me for escaping.  You have all heard the news over the last few months of this organization and I can tell you that I have lived in fear until this very day that they would come end my chance for a happy life.  It was during a visit to Washington to help bring the perpetrators to justice that Carl, my love, saved my life at dear cost to him.  He is still recovering from that injury.  I can never repay him enough for what he has done for me but will try until my dying day to prove that I am worthy of his love and sacrifice.  Because of this past I had forever given up hope that this day would ever come for me.  I always assumed that the proverbial cat and dog would live together before that would happen.”  At that moment she nodded her head.

Aminda led Jeremy, crawling in his cat costume forward in front of Carl.  Michelle led Becky in her dog costume to a place in front of Karen but with her back side turned toward Jeremy.  Both blushed a deep red at being exposed in front of so many people dressed the way they were.  They had been able to hear the wedding because their ear pieces had been turned on.  They heard the gasps of the guests so knew they were exposed in front of a fairly large number of people.  At that moment, in their ears they both heard, “Becky stay still while Jeremy gets on your back and fucks you doggy style.”

Becky felt a hand grab her collar to hold her steady.  Jeremy on the other hand felt his collar being pulled forward and up.  He lifted his upper body up when the leash was relaxed he lowered himself down to find he was lying over the top of someone’s back.  He could tell from the feel of the fur pelt that whoever it was, was dressed up in some way like he was. He then felt a hand reach down and take hold of his erect cock and guide it to Becky’s cunt.  If he didn’t have the cock ring on, he knew that he would be flaccid from the embarrassment of being exposed.  But he was a guy and his cock was in a wet and ready cunt and he began to fuck Becky for all he was worth.  The cock ring slowed his excitement down so he built slowly up to an orgasm.  This gave Becky plenty of time to get over her embarrassment and begin to feel the effects of the coupling.  Fifteen minutes later and after two orgasms for Becky, Jeremy finally came.

In their ears Becky and Jeremy heard, “Jeremy kneel on your knees only and Becky, suck his cock clean.  Then you will be available for the pleasure of our guests.  Remember that you are both over eighteen and you are doing this voluntarily.”

Jeremy felt his leash pulling up and he lifted himself into a kneeling position.  Becky felt a hand pulling her leash and then guiding her head forward.  She soon smelled and then felt a cock at her mouth.  She slowly opened it and with a grimace that was hidden by the mask took the cock into her mouth and began to suck.  After she had thoroughly sucked Jeremy’s cock clean the two were pulled apart and led back to their positions.

Karen/doggyslut smiled the smile that only a new bride could have and announced, “I guess that cats and dogs do live together now so it must be official.”  Everyone laughed at the comment.

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