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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 87 Hanna Kreshman’s Takedown

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 87

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 87 Hanna Kreshman’s Takedown

Karen/doggyslut woke up lying next to her love and master Carl.  He was still asleep and it was too early yet to get up and help get the kids off to school.  She lay there and thought about how all of Michelle’s closest friends were now together, almost as if fate had meant it to be that way.  Then she thought about how all of them as well as she were slaves to her other daughter Sarah, again as if the stars all aligned to make it that way.  She was convinced that it wasn’t mere chance that they had been brought together again.  She just knew that everything would work out as it should.  She remembered back as she left the orgy and how proud she was of her girls and their friends.  She just hoped that nothing would happen to ruin everything.  She knew that the organization was always in the back of everyone’s minds.  They all knew that at any moment, everything could come to an end.  She just hoped that they had been able to identify and have all of the key players arrested.

Karen/doggyslut’s thoughts turned back to her master.  He had agreed to Mistress Sarah’s terms and would marry her with the understanding that doggyslut was a slave to Sarah and that her wishes were always preeminent.  Doggyslut decided it was time to reward her master.  She turned around, sliding under the sheets.  She found Carl’s flaccid cock and took it into her mouth and began to gently suck on it for the first time.  It had a little bit of a musky taste because he hadn’t bathed in a couple of days other than a sponge bath but that didn’t bother her.  She soon had him hard and began to suck his cock harder and deeper.  She put all of her skill towards making it the best blow job he had ever had.  This was the first time that she had done anything sexual with Carl and she wanted him to remember it.  He had always been too sick before but finally he was almost back to good health.  It wouldn’t be long before the doctor would give him a clean bill of health.  Then they could start planning the wedding for real.  She wanted it to be a true slave’s wedding in June.  She hoped that Carl would acquiesce to her desires but in the end she knew that it was her master’s wishes that mattered.

Doggyslut had been sucking on Carl for a few short minutes when she felt hands on the back of her head.  Shortly after that her mouth was filled with spurt after spurt of cum.  It was obvious that he had not cum for a while because there was a lot of it.  Doggyslut quickly swallowed all of it and sucked on his cock until she had drained every last remnant of his cum out.  Then she crawled up next to him and they held each other in an embrace, looking into each others’ eyes.

Carl smiled at Karen as he thought of her.  He knew that her slave name was doggyslut but he wouldn’t ever think of her as that.  She was his Karen, the girl that he grew up next door to and lusted after his whole life.  The only girl he ever thought about being with and had given up hope that he would ever get a chance to fulfill those desires.  Yet here he was, lying next to her after she gave him the most beautiful blowjob he ever had.  He looked into Karen’s eyes and whispered, “What a wonderful way to wake up. Whatever did I do to deserve that?”

Doggyslut smiled at Carl and answered with all sincerity, “You are my master.  You know who and what I am and you still want to marry me, even though my mistress has placed certain requirements for you to do so.  I had all but given up on finding love.  It is something that I have never been shown in my entire life, either from my parents or my former master.  Oh there have been those I wanted to love but there was always someone else that was there first to ruin it for me.  You came to me out of nowhere when I needed you most and saved my life.  Even though you were convinced that we could never be together, you were willing to sacrifice yourself to protect me.  How could I not love you after that?  No one has ever shown me that kind of love and devotion. I am so happy to be with you I can’t even tell you how much.”

Carl smiled and thought about his Karen’s situation and how strange it all seemed to him.  It was just a fact of life to her.  He just hoped he could do things right so that she would be happy, even if he thought that her lifestyle was depraved.  But he had come to learn that after all of the abuse that she had suffered in her life, and in her daughter’s life, it was no wonder that they had such a warped view on life.  He had decided he would honor her wishes and do things the way she wanted.  Doing that was better than not being with her at all.  He knew that he would have to learn how to be a good master.  But if being a master led to him receiving the kind of pleasure she just gave him, then he was going to be happy.  He looked at his Karen again and said, “Now that I have you in my life, I will do anything it takes to never lose you again.  If that means that I have to be your master, then so be it.  If that means that your Sarah is to be your mistress and have priority over my desires then I’ll accept that.  I will do whatever it takes for us to be together.  I do want to marry you and love you for the rest of our lives and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen even if it means that you need me to whip you or punish you.  Now when do you want to be married?”

Doggyslut smiled and answered. “I thought it would be nice to be married on the Summer Solstice, June 21st.  Would that be alright with you master?”

Carl smiled and answered, “Of course it is alright.  It is your wedding and as your master I want you to plan the wedding just the way you want it.  I don’t want you to have to keep coming to me to get approval to do things so consider it an order to plan the entire wedding yourself.  All I need to know is what my part in the wedding will be.”

Doggyslut was ecstatic and hugged Carl tight and kissed him passionately.  Carl groaned in a bit of pain and she immediately released him and apologized saying, “I’m sorry master.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Carl answered, “You still need to be careful.  I’m not fully healed yet, so none of that for awhile.  It won’t be long though.”

Doggyslut reached up and caressed Carl’s hair and kissed his forehead.  She answered, “I can’t wait until we can fuck like two normal human beings.  I can’t wait until you can be my master in a proper fashion.  I’m hoping that by the time of the wedding that you will be back to normal and we can have a proper slave’s wedding and all that entails.”

Carl responded, “A proper slave’s wedding.  What does that entail?”

Doggyslut was worried that if she told Carl what she had in mind, he might refuse so she said, “Master, you did say that I could plan my wedding the way I wanted and to just let you know what to do, isn’t that correct?”

Carl answered, “Yes of course, but…”

Doggyslut put her finger on his lips and said, “I want a proper slave’s wedding.  I haven’t decided yet on what that will entail but it will be such a ceremony that it will truly reflect my relationship with you.  So please master, let me plan it and I will let you know what you need to do when it is time.  All you need to worry about is getting healthy and getting a tux.  I promise you that it will be a ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your life.”

Carl asked, “I have one request then.  I’ll do the wedding your way but I want you to get a normal wedding dress so we can have pictures taken for my family.  They aren’t going to appreciate a slave’s wedding I’m sure.”

Doggyslut smiled as she thought, “We can have two ceremonies then.  In the morning we’ll have a slave’s wedding which will be the true wedding. Then in the afternoon we can have a ceremony and reception for all of our friends and family that we want to be there, with mistress’s approval of course.”

Carl sighed and said, “Of course.”

Doggyslut got up out of bed and started getting dressed.  She had moved some of her clothes into his room so that she would be able to dress properly.  She thought about all that she wanted to do for her slave’s wedding.  It was going to be fun; painful but fun.  And Carl was right. The average person could not be invited to the slave’s ceremony.  Only those people that were aware of her life now would be invited to the slave ceremony. 

After she was dressed, doggyslut went downstairs to help suk get breakfast ready for the kids.  They had school to go to.  She hoped that nothing came about to interfere with her mistress’s plans and desires for school.  So far it seemed that she was thriving and doing better than at any other school.  She was even getting good grades so far.  She wondered if Michelle and her friends had anything to do with that.  If they did, then it was a good thing. 

When doggyslut came down the stairs, the smell of breakfast being cooked was wafting from the kitchen.  Suk had come a long way from when she started cooking for the family.  She had been receiving some training from a local chef and combining that with watching the many different shows on the food channel on TV she had been gradually becoming an exceptional chef.  She was getting to the point where she was making every meal a culinary experience for the family.  As she earned the praises from her mistress and the others she began to really feel at peace with her lot in life.  She hadn’t had to be punished in many days for failing, as a matter of fact she had been allowed to have an orgasm a couple of times, albeit at the hands, or should I say tongue or cock of one of the dogs.  Because of her past abuse of others as a mistress, the only pleasure she was ever allowed was with one of the dogs, and that only when she had done something exceptional. 

This morning, she had a crowd that was twice as large as what she had been used to cooking for.  But she got up a little bit early and made a large quiche with onions, mushrooms, a bit of jalapeno and a blend of spices and cheeses.  It smelled delicious as doggyslut came into the kitchen.  Suk was in the process of plating the food, decorating them as if she were the chef in a high priced restaurant.  Doggyslut immediately began taking the plates to the dining room.  She set the plates for Sarah, Charlie and Heather at the table.  Then she placed the plates for the slaves on the floor to the left of their master or mistress.  For those slaves that belonged to another slave, their food was placed in dog bowls to the left of their slave mistress.  It had been decided by the slaves that the ones that belonged to other slaves would not be afforded the same luxuries that their mistresses were allowed. 

Just as doggyslut was finishing putting out the last of the food and juice, there was a thundering noise coming from the direction of the basement door.  The slaves were all rushing up from the basement to be in place when their master or mistress showed up.  As they came into the room, doggyslut directed them to their appropriate place.  It went very smoothly as if they had been doing it their entire lives, even though it was the first time that they had been set up this way.  There was even a place for Lisa next to Aminda.

Lisa stopped and looked at the place for her on the floor next to Aminda and then she saw where Michelle was placed with a dog dish to the left and behind Aminda.   She realized that their current mistress had allowed their special relationship to be formalized.  She really wanted to have the same kind of relationship with Aminda that Michelle had.  She looked at doggyslut and asked, “Doggyslut, can I be Aminda’s slave?  I love her more than anything and want to show her that love by submitting to her in the same way that Michelle has.”

Doggyslut looked at Lisa and said, “The only one that can make that decision is your mistress Sarah.  She knows your story so she understands that you love Aminda.  So you need to ask her if it is okay for you to be Aminda’s slave too.”

Lisa answered meekly, “Yes doggyslut.”

Just as Lisa said that, Sarah walked in the room.  Having heard her say ‘Yes doggyslut’ she quickly asked, “What’s that all about doggyslut?”

Doggyslut jumped a little in surprise as she had her back turned to the door.  She quickly recovered and turned to face her mistress.  She immediately fell to her knees to the slave’s position.  The experienced slaves had done the same thing just a fraction of a second behind doggyslut.  The newer slaves stood there for a moment.  Sarah began to stare at them until they realized that they were expected to do the same thing.  When everyone was in position as they should be, Sarah asked again, “Would you now explain to me what it was I missed doggyslut?”

Doggyslut, with her eyes still focused on the floor said, “I think it will be more appropriate for slave Lisa to ask her question of you mistress.  It will explain everything.”

Sarah turned towards Lisa who was kneeling in the perfect slave’s position, even more rigidly than doggyslut or her three friends as if she were afraid of severe punishment from some mistake in posture.  Her former master had punished her many a time for any infraction, real or imagined.  She waited for Mistress Sarah to acknowledge her and when she did she quickly asked, “This slave is sorry for bothering you with such an insignificant request……”

Sarah interrupted and said, “Lisa, you are no longer a slave of the organization.  I want you to be yourself.  You can refer to yourself normally like you did before you ever went to Clearview.  Now start over and tell me what YOU want.”

Lisa had frozen in fear when she had been interrupted as if she were bracing to be struck.  In fact if it had been her old master, that is exactly what would have happened.  She quickly regained her composure and asked hesitantly, “I…I…I… w…w…was wondering i…if I c…c…could be slave Aminda’s slave l…l…like Michelle is.  I love her more than anything and want to be with her and Michelle as long as you will allow it.  Please mistress.”

Sarah smiled at Lisa’s request and answered, “Well of course that is absolutely permissible if Aminda wants you.  I know your story and was going to ask you if you wanted to be my slave directly or to be Aminda’s slave.  Either way, you belong to me because minda is my slave.  So the answer is yes.  However, I think that next weekend we will have to mark you accordingly so that anyone who sees you will know that you belong to Aminda.  Michelle did it in a very permanent and radical way.  I won’t expect you to cut yourself like she did, but you will get a tattoo in the same place in the same style as she has now.  That is the only way I will allow it.  Speaking of marking slave’s to indicate ownership, we have a lot of new slaves who have yet to be initiated and marked properly. By the way Angie, what did misery look like when she returned last night from the tattoo shop?”

When I was told that she was back, I went out to the kennel to see her.  She looked absolutely fantastic.  I liked the combination of the thorns and the snakes.  It is a cool look but I think that I liked the thorn theme better and will go with just the thorns for Jade.  It seems more appropriate as a symbol for how I came to be a slave.  She will have a big cross on her back with a sexy naked lady attached to the cross by the vines.  There will be two vines come up from the top of the cross, over her shoulders and down to her tits.  The vine will wind around her tits and end in a rose with her nipple and areola being the center of the flower.  I want her to have a nipple stud that has a rose on each end too.  From the arms of the cross there will be a single vine.  They will come around her and join just under her tits and intertwine down to her belly button where each one will have a rose in bloom on either side of the belly button just above the top.  From the belly button the vines will split apart again and one will go down to her pussy and end in a rose centered on her clit with the same kind of stud on her clit as on her nipples.  The other vine will go around to her back and down her crack ending with a rose centered on her asshole.  At several spots along the vine, thorns will prick the skin and show a drop of blood.  It will be an awesome tattoo.  On the tits of the naked woman on the cross, slave will be on the right tit, and Jade will be on the left tit.  On the post of the cross, starting just below her cunt and in single letters going down to the bottom of the post will be ‘I BELONG TO ANGIE’.  That is how I will identify her and any other slaves that I happen to acquire in the future.  They will all have that thorny vine tattoo.”

Sarah looked at Jade who was kneeling to the left and behind Angie.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks as Angie described what she was going to have done to her.  She was already an outcast at school.  This was bound to make her a freak.  But she had pledged herself to Angie and Angie had freed her from the hell her life had become with her father.  As she was thinking along that line she heard Sarah ask, “Slave Jade.  You are the only slave here that has come to us voluntarily of her own choice.  As such I will allow you to choose whether you accept such a radical design or not.  I will not allow you to free yourself of your slave status but I will reduce the design to something similar but smaller so that it isn’t so freakish.  What is your decision?”

Jade, had never imagined that she would be given a choice to accept or reject the tattoo of her mistress.  Her first impulse was to reject her mistress’ wishes but that was quickly rejected.  She had asked to be Angie’s slave and she knew in her heart that she would never be happy with herself if she refused to go along with her chosen mistress’ wishes.  After a short but intense internal struggle she made her decision.  She looked at Sarah first and said, “Thank you mistress for giving me the choice but…”, then she turned to Angie and continued, “I pledged my life to Mistress Angie.  If it is her wish to mark me like that so that everyone will know I belong to her then I have no choice in the matter.  I accept her decision as any slave should.”

Angie was beaming at Jade’s response.  When she heard Sarah give her a choice, she had feared that she would not choose to have the gaudy tattoo that she planned.  But she had underestimated Jade’s desire to be a slave.  She essentially had turned her life over to her totally in that decision. She had a big grin on her face and said, “You are learning to be a good slave Jade.  I promise you that you will be rewarded like a slave should be for making that wonderful decision.”

Sarah sat down at her chair just as Charlie and Heather came into the room.  Heather had never eaten a meal at the house before and was amazed at how everyone was set around the room.  Even her slave Jack and Tammy were there beside a chair.  She guessed that was where she was to sit and sat down.  Once they sat down, Heather asked, “So Charlie, what are you going to do with Hannah Kreshman?”

Charlie smiled and said, “We’re going to play that by ear.  For most of the week I’ll be tightening the trap on her and teaching her what her new facts of life entail.  But the wild card in the whole thing is going to be her mom.  I think there may be something going on between mom and the judge and if there is, I want to take advantage of that.  I might be able to use that to separate her and bring her here permanently.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Michelle, if your geeks find out anything else, please have them bring it to me immediately.  I want all the ammo I can get on her.  I’m going to give her a copy of what we have on disk before school starts.  I plan on giving her until lunch to decide how she wants to play it.  Her choice is to be my little slave or go to jail for life for being a three time offender.  I am going to make her come to me with her decision at lunch.  I’m assuming we’ll all be sitting at the same table so you will see what happens then.”

Sarah said, “Make sure she understands that she has to support anything I want done at the school no matter how detestable it might be to her.  Also, just so you know, I plan on using her as a personal model in front of an auditorium full of people to get the student body to decide the minimum standards they want for the girls to wear.  If you want to stack the deck with a bunch of your friends ahead of time to really humiliate her then make sure they are there on Friday and know what to do.  I will do it right after the announcement which will be done in an assembly right after the noon lunch break.  Just make sure the guys you invite know that nudity is not allowed.  But anything just shy of that will be.  It should be absolutely humiliating for her.  That should teach her where she stands with me and will teach her what happens to people who oppose me.  Now there is one thing that concerns me.  There is a gang at the school who is constantly intimidating some of the kids.  I want to bring those guys under my control.  Do you have any idea how we can do that?”

Charlie laughed and answered, “I think that will be fairly easy.  I’ve already set up the method with my previous activities with my needing money to get by.  Those guys are used to paying good money for pussy.  If we provide them with some good pussy on occasion for free then I think we can convince them to support you.  As long as you keep them in the pussy, then they will be happy to support you.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking about using them to intimidate those that oppose you aren’t you?”

Sarah smiled and said, “I want them to treat other students normally unless I say so.  If I tell them someone is giving me a problem, I will leave it up to them to decide how to take care of it.  I’m sure we can keep them happy.  How often do they get the whole gang together?”

Charlie answered, “They meet once a month on average.  There is no set time; they just call a meeting when they need to.  The ones they will want some extra entertainment for would be when they invite some of their alumni members.  That’s what they were doing when I provided them Kelly and Rhonda for entertainment.  They were suitably impressed with what they were able to do with them.  Why don’t I let them know that if they are willing to support you, then they will get to have a go at Hannah?  I know that she had ticked most of them off at one time or another.  How that girl has become so popular I’ll never know.  She has made more enemies than anyone I know.  She’s also one of the most stuck up bitches I know.  I think that everyone has the idea that she is rich or something.  That’s probably because of the way she dresses.  But we now know how she has been able to dress so well.  I think her make-believe world is going to come crashing down around her ears, one way or another.”

Sarah shook her head in agreement and said, “That sounds good.  Let’s arrange it.  Let me know how it goes.  Now let’s eat and get going or we’ll be late for school and that won’t fit into your plans.”

They all launched into their quiche and were soon done.  They all complimented Suk on her cooking and then ran out to get in the two SUVs. Sarah and her slaves climbed into the first one and Charlie and his slaves into the other.  Heather took Tamara and Jack in her car.  They all arrived at the school over a half hour early.  Charlie posted himself at the entrance that all of them knew was where Hannah almost always entered the school.  Sarah and Heather moved to a U shaped set of benches close by and sat down to chat and wait to witness the start of Hannah’s demise.

As time went on they began to think that they may have missed her because she hadn’t arrived at the door yet.  It was just before the first bell that she was finally dropped off by her mother.  She rushed up to the door.  As she approached Charlie, he recognized that she was wearing the blouse that she had stolen.  Her skirt was also very stylish and appeared new and he assumed that she had most likely stolen that as well.  He stood up as she got near, with several of her books held up to her chest with both hands.  As she came up to him he reached out and grabbed one of her arms.  She had been concentrating so hard on getting to class after being dropped off late by her mother that when Charlie grabbed her arm it pulled away and her books went flying.

Hannah turned around and screamed, “What the hell are you doing dwebe.  How dare you knock my books out of my hand!  Now get out of the way so I can pick them up before I’m late for class.”

Charlie held the CD up and waved it in front of her face and with a sinister grin on his face said, “Now is that any way to talk to your new master.”

Hannah wasn’t used to being talked to that way and pushed Charlie aside and began to pick up her books.  As she did, Charlie announced loud enough for Sarah and Heather to hear as well, “You better listen well Hannah.  I hold your future in your hands.  You see I know that you stole that blouse from ‘In Style’ out at the Mall and I have the video to prove it right here on this CD.”  He paused as she looked at him in shock and he decided to just test a little.  He guessed that the skirt was stolen on the same day and he guessed it was probably from one of the more popular stores.  He continued, “I bet you even stole that skirt you have on from Nieman Marcus, now didn’t you?”

Hannah stood up with a look of fear on her face and a blush of embarrassment because she had stolen the skirt from the very store he suggested.  But she was wondering how this pervert knew about what she had done.  Then she saw the CD in his hand.  She quickly approached Charlie and grabbed the CD out of his hand saying “Ha, I’ve got the evidence now, so what are you going to do?”

Charlie began laughing as did Sarah and Heather who had heard her outburst.  That wasn’t quite the reaction that Hannah had expected.  Charlie quickly got control of himself and looked at Hannah severely and announced, “If you think that is the only copy we have then you are delusional.  That is your copy to keep.  Now, I want you to review that before lunch and at lunch, you will come over to me and my friends at our table and tell me your answer.”

Hannah looked at him in confusion and asked, “Answer to what, you aren’t making sense?”

Charlie smiled his evil little smile and exclaimed, “What does using the term ‘your master’ imply my little slave.

Hannah was shocked at the implications and replied indignantly, “I will not be your slave you… you… degenerate.”

Charlie chuckled knowing he held all of the cards and said, “That is your choice but I assure you that by the end of the day, the store will have a copy of that video along with this top that you left at the store in the place of that blouse.  Oh and the police will get a copy too.”

Hannah’s experience had told her that if she got caught then she might get a little slap on the wrist or at the worst a little probation.  Nothing serious was going to happen to her.  She looked at Charlie and responded, “Even if I did take something, the worse that could happen is that I might get a little probation.  So I don’t think so you asshole.”

Charlie got a serious look on his face and looking fiercely into her eyes he said, “Now listen to me you stuck up little bitch.  You go and look at what is on that CD and then you check what happens to three time offenders in the state of California.  When you’ve done that then like I said, you come to me and my friends at lunch and tell me your answer.  Your choices are to be my slave or to go to prison for the rest of your life and be the bitch slave to some inmate.  Those are your only two choices.” 

The last bell rang just as Charlie said that.  He turned and walked toward Sarah. He saw Michelle and Sean there talking to her and approached them.  Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Hannah finish picking up her books, looking over at him and then rushing off.  Charlie asked as he approached, “So what’s up?  It has to be good for you to be distracted from our little scene at the door.”

Sarah said, “It seems that Michelle’s friend here has found some extra evidence for you.  I’ll let you talk to him.  We need to get to class.  We have tests to take.  Good job by the way.  She’s scared stiff, I could tell by the way she was arguing back with you.  She’ll acquiesce, especially when she sees the extra evidence.  Now we’ll talk at lunch.  See you then.”

Sarah, Heather and Michelle scurried off and left Sean with Charlie.  He looked at Sean and asked, “What do you get out of all of this?  Why are you doing this for them?”

Sean smiled and said, “I get to fuck Michelle any time I want.  She is an absolutely amazing fuck too.”

Charlie asked, “Have you fucked her ass yet?”

Sean honestly answered, “God no, that is gross.  Besides, she would never let me.”

Charlie laughed and said, “You don’t know what you’re missing.  Besides, she is a sex slave.  You tell her what to do and she’ll do it.  You have to be her master.  It’s who she is.  She won’t refuse you I promise.”

Sean said, “You mean rape her.  I couldn’t do that.”

Charlie Just said, “It isn’t rape if she obeys your orders without objection.  I assure you that she will never object because she is too well trained.”

Sean finally said, “Okay, I’ll give it a try next time I’m with her, now about that new evidence. I checked to see if any of the stores she visited the other day had digital security.  I found three of the stores did and hit the jackpot in two of them.  One is a video of her taking three skirts to the dressing room and only coming out and putting two back.  You can tell by looking at the original skirt she was wearing that she had something else on under it when she left.  That isn’t the good one.  One of the stores was a jewelry store and she entered just as the only clerk went into the back.  She grabbed a pair of ear rings and left the store.  The video is very clear.  I checked the prices at the store and the skirt was one hundred and ninety five dollars and the ear rings were two hundred fifty.  Combine that with the cost of the blouse and she stole over seven hundred dollars worth of stuff in those three stores alone.  I’ll bet she stole items from other stores but they had regular video surveillance and I couldn’t hack into them.  The stores I hacked into, I put a code into the system that makes the picture fuzzy and unreadable.  If we need to, I can remove the code and it will be clear again.  They usually keep the videos on file for a year or two depending on the type of security system and how much memory they have available on their hard drive.”

Charlie took the CD that Sean offered and said, “Thanks Sean.  Remember what I told you.  Just tell Michelle what to do and she’ll do it.”

The two separated as they entered the doors and headed off towards their classes.  They knew they didn’t have to worry about being tardy because they both knew that Sarah would take care of it.  As they went down different hallways to their class, Charlie saw his contact from the gang entering the bathroom.  He realized this was a golden opportunity so he followed him into the room.  As he entered he said, “Hey Roger, you got a minute.  I need to talk to you about something important.  I think you’ll like it.”

Roger looked at Charlie and said, “I’ve been meaning to look you up.  We were talking about having another little get together like we did last time with that Kelly bitch.  She was a real good fuck.  So what do you think, can you get her for us again?”

Charlie answered, “Let’s talk first and then I’ll let you know.  You know that Sarah Warren is trying to really change this school to something we students will really enjoy instead of the prison it is.  One of the things she wants to do is to stop the bullying and the gang activity at the school.”

Roger said, “There is no way we are going to stop recruiting new members or collecting our money.  We need the money to help pay for our meetings.”

Charlie said, “I don’t see why you should have to stop recruiting at the school.  Just stop the severe intimidation unless we request it.  In exchange, we will keep you in pussy for all of your meetings.  If everything works out like I expect, I’ll have an extra special surprise for you Friday Afternoon.  By the way, how much money are you extorting from your victims?”

Roger said, “It varies from a hundred to a hundred fifty a week.  Do you really mean you can provide us with pussy for our meetings each month?”

Charlie answered, “I’ve fallen into a bevy of cunts at my disposal so yes I can provide you pussy.  I can give you one or more at a time.  Some of them are even good looking adults.  You’ve seen Sarah’s Guardian Karen haven’t you?  I could even get her for you if you wanted.”

Roger responded excitedly, “Man she’s hot.  I’d love a shot at her.  If she is included in the deal on occasion then we might be able to work something out if you could find a way to replace the money we would be losing.”

Charlie smiled and said, “From what you said, how about we provide you four hundred a month guaranteed income for the gang.  That would keep you from having to extort the wimps for their money and it will make it so that it looks like Sarah will have kept her promise.  Now if we do this, we may come to you from time to time to take care of someone that is giving us trouble.”

Roger said, “Make it five hundred and I think I can sell it to the guys.”

Charlie turned to go and said, “Thanks Roger.  I’ll let you know the answer at lunchtime.  I’ll also tell you if I have a surprise for you on Friday.  By the way, if there were anyone in the school you guys would want to have a go with like you did Kelly, who would it be?”

Roger laughed and answered, “That’s an easy one.  It would be that stuck up bitch Hannah Kreshman.  That girl needs to be brought down a peg or two.  If you arranged that, you would have most of the gang on board in a heartbeat.”

Charlie almost burst out laughing.  He turned and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.  I’ll talk to you later Roger.”

Charlie left and went to his second class.  The bell had rung shortly after he left the bathroom.  The rest of the morning was uneventful for Sarah, Charlie and Heather but poor Hannah was having the worst day of her life.  She had a test during first period so couldn’t do anything about the CD that Charlie gave her.  She was so worried about it that she couldn’t concentrate on the test and just knew that she flunked the test.  As soon as the class was over she rushed to the library.  She inserted the CD into the computer and watched the whole thing.  She could see that the image wasn’t very clear but she could tell from the video that it was her and that she had changed blouses in the changing room.  She started silently crying as she watched the video again. 

After watching the video a second time, she thought about her statement that all she would get would be probation.  She knew that she had two convictions for shoplifting, one a misdemeanor and the last one a felony.  She remembered Charlie saying something about three strikes and you’re out law in California.  She looked up the law and her face went white.  She knew that she was screwed if the evidence on the video tape was ever turned over to the store and police.  But the fuzziness was her only hope.  It was hard to tell it was her unless you looked close.  That was her only hope, to make Charlie think that the video wasn’t good enough to identify her.  That was her last straw she could grab onto.

Hannah had spent the second and third periods going through the video over and over.  It was half way through lunch hour before she felt brave enough to go.  She made her way to the cafeteria and got her food.  She sat down and looked around until she saw Charlie sitting at a table with Sarah, Aminda, Michelle, Heather, Angie.  She then noticed that that tramp Jade was kneeling on the floor beside Angie and she saw on the opposite side of the table that Tamara was kneeling behind Heather.  She stared at them as she fiddled with her food.  She didn’t have much of an appetite.

Hannah waited until a couple of minutes before the lunch period was over.  She finally took her uneaten food over and dumped it and went over to Charlie at the table.  With her courage built up and all of the bravado she could muster she was about to tell him to pack sand but before she could say anything Charlie beat her to the punch and said, “I can tell you are all worked up to tell us off.  I’m sure it’s because of the fuzziness of the video on the CD but before you say anything here’s a picture of you going into the changing room of ‘Nieman Marcus’ with three items and then one of you coming out with two items and if you look, your skirt is all puffed out like you have something on underneath.  But the one I really like is this picture of you grabbing a pair of ear rings from ‘Wright’s Jewelry’.  Now the skirt is debatable and could be argued by itself.  The jewelry store however is pretty obvious.  When you put the three together it is pretty damning evidence that I think the judge would like.  Oh and as you can guess we have videos to go along with the pictures.  Now if I’m correct, that is a huge violation of your parole which means you go to jail directly.  Then of course you have these three crimes to account for and I’m sure the stores and police will find this evidence very convincing when we send all three videos to them together.  I wonder what the police will find when they come to search your house.  I’m betting they’ll find a lot of stolen merchandise there.  Wonder what the implications of that are considering the three strikes law?  Now what was it you were going to say?  Think carefully now, your future depends on it.”

When Charlie started laying out picture after picture Hannah’s face went white and all of the courage she had built up went with it.  Tears started streaming down her eyes.  She knew that there was no way to fight against the evidence they had.  She also knew that he was right that if the judge that sat over her last case saw this she would go straight to jail immediately.  The last thing she wanted was to go to jail.  On top of that she knew that if word got out about what her life was really like, then she would lose her status at school. 

Hannah knew that she had no real friends.  It was just the appearance of money from her dressing in the fancy designer clothes she stole that kept everyone trying to be seen with her.  It was the source of her popularity.  No one really knew that her mother had to work three jobs to just make ends meet.  She had no extra money for her.  Her mom always gave her some money at the start of the year to go to the local second hand store and get clothes.  That is where her mom thought she got the cool clothes she wore.  She was even able to convince her mom the first time she got caught that it was only the first time she ever did that kind of thing since she was caught at the age of twelve taking some music from a store.  Last time though, her mother was devastated when she got caught.  She wondered what she had said to the judge to get him to go easy on her.  From what he had said during the trial she was sure he would throw the book at her.  No she knew that they had her over a barrel.  She really only had one choice.  Anything was better than going to jail, she foolishly thought.  Finally she made the toughest decision of her short life and quickly and quietly blurted out, “I’ll be your slave.”

Charlie wasn’t satisfied with the way she answered and responded, “You see how Jade and Tamara are kneeling.  I want you to get down on your knees like they are and beg me to take you as your slave.”

Hannah’s tears were flooding out now and because she knew she had no choice she got down on her knees and said, “Please, oh please don’t turn me in.  I’ll be your slave.  I’ll do what you want.  Please let me be your slave.  I don’t want to go to jail.”

There was a gasp that collectively welled up from the others in the cafeteria that were in hearing range.  Charlie was satisfied with that response.  He said, “Okay slave.  I accept your request to take you as my slave.  To show me how sincere you are I want you to stand up right here and give me your bra and panties.”

Hannah was shocked.  She hadn’t even imagined that he would suggest something so rude.  She responded, “I can’t do that.  I’ll go to the bathroom and take them off.  I’ll get in trouble if I do it here.”

Charlie said, “I would worry more about going to jail than getting in trouble at school.  Now get them off and give them to your master or am I going to have to take those videos to the authorities.”

Hannah stood up broken.  She reached under her blouse and began to undo her bra when Charlie said loudly, “NO THAT WON’T DO. I want you to unfasten that blouse and open it so I can see my tits when you open that blouse.  You don’t have to take it off, just open it and remove your bra and let me see those tits.”

Hannah stood there in the middle of the cafeteria with the last stragglers just making their way out. She glanced around nervously and reached down and untied the bow at the side of her blouse.  She pulled it open and then reached up behind her back and undid the bra.  There were only a couple of students left in the cafeteria but they noticed something going on and stared.  They watched as the most popular girl in the junior class undid her blouse.  From their angle they couldn’t see anything, only the ones at the table with Charlie could see what was happening.  But the two voyeurs knew something major was happening and couldn’t believe it.  They watched as with a couple of shrugs, Hannah lowered first one strap and then the other of her bra and then she first pulled one arm out of its sleeve and returned it.  Then the bra became visible as one end of the back strap where it hooks fell below the level of the blouse.  Then they watched as she pulled the other arm out of its sleeve and the bra dropped down.  She just barely caught it before it fell to the floor.

Charlie watched the whole process and as her tits were bared and she almost dropped the bra, he watched as she dipped forward a little to catch it sending her tits shaking and wobbling.  He couldn’t resist and reached out and grasped her tits, one in each hand and began to knead them.  He only did it for a moment but the two students that were watching were stunned.  Hannah may have been popular but she had the reputation as an Ice queen.  Yet here she was letting this guy grab her bare tits in the cafeteria.  Their friends were never going to believe this.  They were flabbergasted as they watched Hannah reach under her skirt and when she brought them out, she was pulling her panties down.  They watched as she stepped out of them one leg after the other and then handed them to Charlie. 

Charlie reached forward and took the panties with one hand when she handed them to him.  He brought them to his nose and took a long whiff to further embarrass her.  He noticed that the crotch of the panties were very moist.  He looked at Hannah and said, “I do believe that you are getting excited.  I bet that if I reach in and feel your cunt that it will be juicy.  You want to bet?”

Hannah turned a bright red in embarrassment and shook her head no.  She mumbled, “No sir.”

Charlie reached under and ran his finger through her slit, spending a moment fingering her clit.  Her knees almost buckled from the glorious sensation she was feeling.  But as soon as it started it stopped.  Finally to add one final insult, Charlie held his finger at her lips and said, “Suck my fingers clean.  Then make sure you meet me at the door you came in this morning when school lets out.  I wouldn’t be late or I might just think you reneged on our little agreement.  You may now fix yourself up and go to class.”

Hannah quickly tied the blouse closed.  It was a fairly thin blouse and though you couldn’t see through it, it did show her erect nipples and the bumps of her areola when she had it tightened up.  The two boys watching everything realized that the show was over and left while she was tying her blouse.  Hannah turned and headed toward the door just after they left, never realizing that her humiliation had been witnessed by anyone other than those at the table.

After Hannah left, Sarah looked at Charlie and said, “Now that was absolutely delightful.  You really had her going Charlie.  But that’s just the beginning.  I can’t wait to see what you do next.  What do you have planned this afternoon?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I know her mother has two jobs that she works so I know she didn’t pay off the judge last time with money to save Hannah.  If I’m right, then she is likely going to the judge on a regular basis to have sex with him.  I’m going to go home with Hannah and play out my hunch.  If I’m right, I’ll play it by ear but it could end up with me going to the judge’s house.  I won’t give up what we have on Hannah to the judge but he will know we have something and if I’m right about what is happening, I’m going to arrange for the judge to have a permanent slave himself so we can have Hannah full time at the estate.  That will make things easier.  Oh, by the way, I talked to Roger about the gang backing off of their activities.  He thinks they’ll go for it if we provide them some sweet pussy from time to time and replace the income they extort from their unwilling victims at the school.  He said that $500.00 per month should be more than enough.”

Sarah said, “Good luck then.  Let me know what happens.  No matter how late you get in, come in my room and tell me all about it.  You can sleep with me tonight.  It’s about time you and I got together.”

They all got up then and left for class, albeit a little late.  It was in his fifth period class that Charlie sat next to Roger.  He passed him a note that said, ‘Your wish is my command.  You should plan on having fun with Hannah Kreshman Friday after school.  There will be no charge for this.  As you know by reputation she is likely a virgin in all of her holes.  So this is a valuable piece of property that I am letting you play with.  I consider this a good faith payment on our arrangement.’

Roger looked at Charlie with a look of surprise.  All Charlie did was shake his head yes and then turned to pay attention to the teacher.  At the end of class Roger came up to Charlie and said, “Are you for real?”

Charlie laughed and said, “I’ve never lied to you before have I?”

Roger answered, “No you haven’t.  You may be a devious bastard but one thing you are to a fault is honest.  I’ll arrange a meeting for Friday afternoon.  How long will we be able to keep her?”

Charlie said, “Just have her at the football stadium by the end of the game.  She has a date with the football team if they win tonight.  I’m betting on a major upset because I’m going to let them all know that she will be there for a gangbang as an award.”

Roger exclaimed, “You can get away with that kind of stuff after the game?  Won’t the coach stop you?”

Charlie laughed and said, “Trust me.  I don’t know what Sarah has on the coach but they definitely call the shots with him and a few other of the teaching staff.  She really is a power to be reckoned with.  You guys aligning yourself with her will make her even more powerful and will make you guys become her enforcers for the most part.  If she works things the way she wants, you will become the good guys and you will have more power and influence than you ever did.  You won’t have to keep looking over your shoulders like you do now.”

Roger shook his head in amazement and said, “Man, I don’t know how you got hooked up with that bitch but it sounds like she has you under her control.  I’ve never known you to submit to anyone.”

Charlie shook his head and said, “Nah, she and I are equals.  She has her bevy of slaves and I have mine.  She connected with me when she found out that I had enslaved her nurse and the two girls she was guardian over that had been daughters to her nurse that was killed in a plane crash.  She decided that we both were too much alike to not work together so she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She invited me to move out to her estate and pay all my bills.  She’s in the process of fixing up the house and Kelly and Rhonda’s old house to rent.  I tell you that girl is filthy rich and I would be a fool to not take advantage of her offer.  I’ve got it made and I’ll tell you, getting Hannah Kreshman is her doing, not mine.  I’m just the one that got the privilege of doing the takedown and enslaving her.  That’s what I like to do best anyway.  Anyway, I’ll make sure you have her at the usual place on Friday immediately after school.”

After school, Charlie was waiting for Hannah at the entrance to the school.  It was fifteen minutes after the bell and he was about to turn and leave when Hannah came rushing down the hallway in a panic.   She had been held up by her last teacher after class because she was crying so much during class.  She had to finally make up a story about having broken up with her boyfriend from another school and she was just over emotional about it.  He didn’t believe her but he got frustrated at her insistence and finally let her go.  She ran straight from the room to the entrance where she knew Charlie would be waiting.  She didn’t have a chance to go to her locker.  She was in a wild state of panic as she sprinted to the entrance just as Charlie turned to walk away.  She yelled, “Charlie… wait.  I’m coming.”

Charlie turned around and waited for her.  When she finally caught up to him he handed her a black collar and ordered.  “From now on, you will wear this collar everywhere.  I never want to see you without it unless I take it off of you.  Now how do you normally get home?”

Hannah lowered her head and answered, “I normally take a bus a couple of blocks down but I’m too late to catch it now.”

Charlie smiled and said, “You’re in luck because I’ve got a car here with me.  He walked up to Heather’s car and got in.  He had gotten the keys from her at lunch before Hannah had come over.  She rode home in the SUV with his slaves.  He got in and waited until Hannah got into the car.  After she was in and had closed the door he lowered the convertible top and then ordered.  I want you to open your blouse so your tits are showing.  Also, lift your skirt up around your waist so I can see your cunt.”

Hannah stared at Charlie and started to cry.  She hesitated a few moments and Charlie reached across and opened the passenger door and ordered, “Either do what I say or get out.  You know what will happen if you get out.  It’s your decision.  You can stop anytime you want but the only other choice you have is to go to jail.”

Hannah slowly untied her blouse and pulled it open exposing her tits.  She then reached down and lifted her skirt up to her waist and sat back down.  Finally she looked down and put her head in her hands and began sobbing in deep humiliation.  Charlie just smiled and drove out of the parking lot.  As he drove he reached over and lifted Hannah’s head up and asked, “Where do you live.  I want to meet your mom.  While we go I want you to tell me everything you can about her.  Tell me the truth because I’ve already checked out a lot of things and I’ll know if you’re lying.  I can assure you that is something I will not accept.  If I ever catch you in a lie, I will take that as you deciding you don’t want to be my slave anymore and you know where that leads.  Now start with when your dad died and go from there.”

Hannah gave Charlie directions to her house and then began telling Charlie what he wanted to know saying, “M…m…my father died when I was four.  Before that my mom had never worked.  She hadn’t gone to school after high school and having never worked before, all she could do was get a minimum wage job.  That wasn’t enough to keep up with the house payments so she found another job working in the evenings.  She worked from nine to five at one job and from midnight to eight at the other.  She would get off from one job and then go to the other.  When I started school she would pick me up at the sitters between jobs and drop me off at school and then I would ride the bus back to the sitters where she would pick me up.  When I started junior high school, she started leaving me alone.  She would always be with me in the evening and she would go to bed about seven after spending some quality time with me.  I would go to bed around nine or ten and then sometime before midnight she would get up and go back to work.  Her days off for each job were on different days so four days a week she only had to work one job.  She always did that on weekends and then the two days during the week varied.”

Charlie pulled into the drive of the home and said, “Let’s go.  You can finish when we get inside.”

She started to pull her blouse back together and pull her skirt down and Charlie ordered, “Don’t you dare change how you look.  If you try to cover up in any way, I’ll have you strip down right here in the driveway and make you walk naked to the house.”

Hannah began silently crying as she opened the door and with her tits and cunt bared, walked up to the door with Charlie following close behind.  Fortunately for her, there was no one to witness the event.  After she closed the door behind them she stood there and waited for Charlie to look around.  He walked into the dining room and found what he wanted and brought it into the living room and put it in front of the television facing the easy chair.  He then sat in the easy chair and sat down.  He looked at Hannah and ordered, “I want you to strip right there and sit down in that captain’s chair I just put in front of the TV.”

Hannah slowly took her blouse and skirt off.  She started to take her shoes and socks off but was interrupted by Charlie.  She then made her way naked to the chair that he had ordered her to sit in.  When she finally sat down, Charlie ordered, “Now put your legs over the arms of the chair and start playing with your cunt.  If you don’t do it to my satisfaction then I will consider it a violation of our agreement and you know where that leads.  You are allowed to cum as often as you like, the more the merrier.  Now tell me when you first started taking things from the stores.  I want to know the earliest time you took anything and what your mom did about it.  I want every instance you can think of.”

Hannah started playing with herself, slowly at first but gradually began to increase as she got more excited. She had never let anyone see her naked before today, let alone having to masturbate in front of them.  She found herself getting excited over the humiliation much to her chagrin.  She didn’t want to get excited but she was learning something about herself that she would have never believed.  That didn’t change the fact that she was being forced to do these things against her will. 

Finally after a short cough from Charlie she began, “When I was a child I would take things from the shelves that I wanted.  Mom never got anything extra and of course as a young kid if I wanted it then I took it.  When mom caught me she would just take it and put it on the shelf.  Sometimes she didn’t catch me until she was checking out and then she would just go ahead and buy it.  I was about five and a half the first time I remember picking up a candy bar off the candy shelf and her leaving without catching me.  When we got to the car she caught me with it and didn’t bother taking it back to the store.  She let me keep it and all she did was tell me I shouldn’t have taken it.  I kept doing that and got better and better about hiding the things I took.  When we would get to the car I would take it out and start eating it.  Mom would lecture me about not stealing but she would never take it from me and make me take it back or do it herself.  As time went on I started taking bigger and bigger things.  The first time I was caught by anyone at the store was when I was twelve when I tried to take a music CD.  I was turned over to the police and ended up with a juvenile conviction for shop lifting and had to do some community service.  The records were sealed because it was my first offense and I was on probation for a year afterwards.  That did scare me so I didn’t shoplift during that year. But soon after my probation ended, I decided that I was tired of wearing second hand clothes.  I started going to the mall with friends when I could and sometimes by myself.  I learned my lesson about being caught and really spent the first few months scoping out different stores.  At first I found the mom and pop type stores that had some pretty cool clothes that had low security.  I would go in them and try things on over and over again just dreaming about wearing some of the items.  After about five months of dreaming I saw a girl get some clothes off the rack and go in and try them on.  When she came out she didn’t have any clothes to put back up but she was still wearing the clothes she came in with.  I watched her walk right out of the store.  I picked several items to try on that I liked and went into the same changing room.  There were no clothes in there, just a couple of empty hangers.  I thought she had a good idea but doing it with just one outfit was begging to be caught.  I tried on several outfits and then picked the one I liked the best.  I put my blouse and jeans over the outfit and then went from rack to rack putting the clothes back.  I faked going to the racks I took the outfit I kept from and just acted like I was putting them away.  When I was done I walked by the counter and told them I didn’t find anything I liked and left.  My heart was pounding until I got home.  I just knew the police were going to come get me.  When nothing happened, I started to wear the clothes to school.  Having got away with it I learned that the important thing about shop lifting is to know everything you can about the store first and then act like a normal shopper but keep an item or two.  I continued to work the stores with the least security for a while but eventually began casing the more expensive stores.  The hardest thing to get around there was the security devices they attached to the clothes.  After some research and a little trial and error I finally figured out how to get the devices off in most cases.  I still wasn’t good enough to get away with it all of the time and was caught when I was fourteen.  My mom got a good lawyer and they were able to get me off with a misdemeanor charge with two months of community service and again a year's probation.  This time though the record wasn’t sealed like they did the first time.  I realized my mistake at that store and soon after my community service I started shop lifting clothes again.  I got better and better at it and was able to get away with it in higher and higher end stores as well as the mom and pop stores.  As I started wearing the nicer clothes at school, everyone began to wonder where I got them from.  I told them my mom had a rich boyfriend that bought them for me and everyone began to treat me like I was something.  As time went on, the clothes I stole became higher and higher end.  I was caught again last year and thought I was really going to jail.  My mom told me she would take care of it and when the judge read the verdict, he sentenced me to just three years of probation.  Even our lawyer was amazed at the light sentence.  That was when mom started working her third job.  I hardly see her anymore because of it.  The job isn’t regular but she gets called in several times a week during the time she use to be off.  She never knows when it will be.  Well, I figured nothing had really changed so I was soon back to shoplifting after doing a quick analysis of what I did wrong to get caught last year.  As you saw from the films, I’m very good at it and get away with it most of the time.  No one caught me until you did.  I don’t know how you guys caught me but it’s obvious you did.  That’s about it.”

Charlie smiled at Hannah and said, “Well, your shop lifting days are over.  This coming weekend you will be taken shopping for a whole new wardrobe and I can assure you that it will be top of the line.  The only difference is that you will only get clothes that I approve of.  Now I noticed that you haven’t cum yet but you are definitely excited.  I want you to bring yourself to orgasm now or I’ll take my belt off and tan your hide for disobeying me.”

Hannah began to really work on her cunt and clit.  She was very excited from having spent the last several minutes playing with herself.  After a few minutes of intense concentration she moaned as she came for the first time in front of someone else.  When she was done cumming she looked over at Charlie and saw that he had his cock out and it was hard.  She just knew that this was going to be bad and she wasn’t disappointed.  Charlie ordered, “Now that you have had your fun, get over here and kneel between my feet and suck me off.  I expect you to do it well or I’ll punish you.”

Hannah got up from the chair stiffly.  She had been in that position for over an hour and her lower legs had gone to sleep.  She shakily got over to Charlie and knelt down between his legs.  She reached out and took his cock in her hands and looked at Charlie and said, “I’ve never given a blowjob before.  I’ve never had sex of any kind.  Please don’t hurt me.”

Charlie said, “Don’t worry.  As far as a blowjob goes just put my cock into your mouth as deep as you can.  Eventually I’ll teach you how to deep throat a cock but since this is your first time then we’ll forgo that.  Once you have my cock in your mouth be sure to keep your teeth covered.  If I feel your teeth, I promise you a severe punishment.  Be sure you use your tongue to rub my cock as much as you can.  When I cum, I expect you to swallow it all.  Now get sucking.  I assure you that I won’t be taking your virginity today.  I’m going to save that for something special.”

Hannah moved her head down and took his cock into her mouth.  She began to suck her like Charlie said.  One time she accidently scraped her teeth on the head of his cock and received a hard enough slap on the face to knock her down to the ground.  When she got back up Charlie said, “Next time I promise you will regret hitting my cock with your teeth.  That’s a cakewalk compared to what I’ll do to you.  Now get back to work, I was almost ready until you scraped me with your teeth.”

Hannah went back to sucking Charlie and after several more minutes she had him cumming.  She struggled to swallow all of his cum since it was her first time and a little dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.  Charlie reached down and scrapped the cum off of her chin and held his cum covered fingers to her mouth and ordered, “Clean my finger’s off.  One thing you need to learn is that you always clean off any cum that leaks out of your orifices.  Whether it is a cock that fucked your cunt or ass or a finger that has done the same, you will clean it off so your master doesn’t have to.  Now go to the kitchen and make us a couple of sandwiches or something.  I’m hungry.  When does your mom get home?  It’s almost six now.”

Hannah said, “She must have been called to work at her third job.  She’s usually home by now otherwise.  If she was called to work, she may not be back until late.”  She said it hoping that Charlie would decide to not hang around anymore. 

Unfortunately for Hannah, Charlie followed her into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table as she pulled a couple of frozen dinners out of the freezer.  She turned to him and asked, “Do you want Lasagna or meatloaf with gravy.”

Charlie answered, “Fix me the Lasagna and then put the meatloaf up.  Tonight you’re going to go without a meal as punishment for your attitude towards me this morning.  If I have any left over, I’ll feed you some.  When you’re done, kneel beside my chair on my left and just a little behind me.”

Hannah put the meatloaf back and put the lasagna in the microwave.  After she turned it on she turned around to look at Charlie and asked, “Can I get dressed in case mom gets home?”

Charlie smiled and said, “No, We have all night. I want you just the way you are when she does come home.  If my assumption is right, I think your mom is at the judge’s house, keeping you out of jail.  If she was willing to go that far last time, just what do you think she’ll do to keep you from going to jail for life?”

Hannah had never thought that her mother might be trading sexual favors with the judge to keep her out of jail.  Her face went white as the blood drained out of it from the realization of what she had done to her mother if that was true.  She realized that the coincidences were just too close and that Charlie was right.  She had to catch herself on the counter as she got wobbly legged and almost passed out.  Tears started streaming down her cheeks.  Charlie watched with interest and figured that she was just starting to realize what her actions had cost her family.

The microwave dinged and after a couple of minutes pause, Charlie had to clear his throat to get Hannah’s attention.  She finally became alert and scrambled to get the food.  She put the tray in front of Charlie and he looked at her sternly for a moment and said, “Is this the way you serve the most important person in your life.  Now you plate that like I was the president of the country.  And hurry up before it gets cold.”

Hannah rushed around and got a plate and glass.  She filled the glass with ice water then put the lasagna on the plate.  She got the parmesan cheese out of the refrigerator and put all of the items along with some silverware onto a tray.  She took it all over to Charlie and set the items in front of him.  When she was done she took the tray back and then returned to kneel by Charlie as he ordered. 

As he ate Charlie said, “Now just because we caught you and enslaved you doesn’t mean you give up on your campaign to become the Junior Class President.  From all indications, you are leading so we want you to keep it up. We want you to keep on campaigning like you have been except we want you to start supporting Sarah’s policies that she is trying to implement.  Now I promise to take it easy on you this week until after the results of the election are announced.  After that we will have a little meeting with a good portion of the school students to determine what the minimum dress requirements will be.  You will volunteer to be our model to demonstrate what that is so Friday; you will dress very conservatively with a skirt and including a bra and panties.  Until then, bra and panties are no longer in your wardrobe.  If I find you with them on, I will punish you severely.  If you start your period, just use a tampon.  Pads are no longer allowed.  That was a decent meal for a microwaved meal.  Too bad there was none left.  Now clean up everything and then let’s go wait for your mom.  You can sit back in the chair and masturbate for me while we wait.”

Charlie watched the naked Hannah as she cleaned up and washed the dishes.  He followed her into the living room and enjoyed her blush of embarrassment as she began to finger her cunt and clit.  Charlie sat back and enjoyed the view.  By the time Hannah’s mother got home a little over an hour later, Hannah had cum about ten times.  She was totally exhausted as well as humiliated that she was forced to do what was supposed to be her most private acts in front of a monster like Charlie.

When Hannah’s mother entered the house she was walking a little stiffly.  She had already had a rough night and what she walked in on absolutely sent her over the top.  She yelled, “What the hell are you doing young lady.  That is absolutely disgusting behavior.  Don’t you have any respect for yourself?”

When Charlie heard what Hannah’s mother said he knew he had an opening.  At the moment she had no idea that he was there.  It was time to inject himself into the fray.  He turned on his blackberry and turned the recorder on and then announced boldly, “Now that is the pot calling the kettle black.  You coming from whoring yourself to Judge Braxton and you get onto your daughter for following your example?”

Hannah’s mother was stunned.  Charlie had hit the nail on the head.  Hannah’s mother was full of guilt for what she was doing, even though it was for her daughter.  She had just spent the evening with the judge and had to repeatedly fend him off to keep him from fucking her ass.  He ended up fucking her cunt and then spanking her ass instead which was why she was walking stiffly.  She was an anal virgin and refused to let him even push a finger in her ass.  When Charlie said what he did she panicked because her meetings with the judge were supposed to be secret.  She couldn’t deal with the idea that he knew about them.  She believed that he actually had evidence about what she was doing.  She broke down crying and in her response she confirmed what Charlie had guessed.  She said as she cried, “But I did it to keep her out of jail.  I couldn’t let her rot away in prison for something so minor.  I’d do anything to keep my wonderful daughter out of jail.  Please let her get dressed.”

Charlie stood up and led Hannah’s sobbing mother to the couch and made her sit down.  He looked at Hannah and looked sternly at her as she had stopped masturbating.  She finally realized what he wanted and slowly started to play with her spread cunt again.  Her mother just looked at her and then Charlie.  Finally she asked, “What do you want and why are you doing this to her?”

Charlie chuckled knowing he held all of the cards.  He sat back down and after punching a couple of keys sent the audio of her confession about the judge to his email address then answered, “You said you would do anything to keep your daughter out of jail.  You are going to be put to that test sooner than you could imagine.  You see, we, meaning my friends and I have video evidence of dear Hannah shoplifting clothes and jewelry amounting to over seven hundred dollars.  We know she already has two convictions and that this third conviction means that the three strikes rule applies.  That is life in prison.  Now what are you going to do to keep her out of jail for life.  It’s obvious that it will take a lot more than just whoring your worthless cunt to the judge.  What is your answer going to be?”

Hannah’s mom answered, “It’s obvious that you have shown the evidence to my daughter or she wouldn’t be in that position.”  She looked at her dejectedly for conformation when she said that and saw her nod her head in confirmation.  She continued, “I…I…I guess that I will have to do whatever vile things you want to keep her out of jail.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Right answer.  Now let’s go and visit the judge.  I’m sure he needs to know that his secret is out.”

Hannah’s mom went white with fear and said, “No… no… no… no, he can never find out.  He will vacate her parole.  He made it absolutely clear that no one could ever find out our agreement.  I don’t know how you found out but it can go no further.

Charlie laughed out loud and announced, “You are giving me orders.  I hold all of the cards to her, cunt.  You will take all of us to the judge now or I will make sure the stores she stole from, the police and he gets copies of the video evidence we have.  You know where that will lead.  Now before we go, I want you to lose the bra and panties to show the judge you really mean business.  Now get moving before I lose my patience.”

Hannah’s mom blushed red but she stood up and took her blouse off.  She removed her bra and Charlie saw the bite marks on them.  Hannah gasped at the obviously painful bites.  Her mom put her blouse back on and then reached under her skirt and removed her panties.  When she was done, Charlie ordered, “Okay Hannah, put your blouse and skirt on and let’s go.”

Hannah scurried out of the chair and to her clothes and quickly put them on.  When she was dressed Charlie announced, “Mom, you get to drive.  Now let’s go.”

They went out to get into Hannah’s mom’s ten year old Buick Regal.  She got in the driver’s seat and Charlie got in on the passenger side and scooted over next to her on the bench seat.  Hannah started to get in the back seat and Charlie said, “No Hannah, you sit here next to me in the front seat.  I want to have a little fun on the way.  You know what that means.  Now get dressed like you were coming home.”

Hannah reluctantly complied and then sat down next to Charlie with her tits and pussy exposed.  Charlie turned to her mom and ordered, “You can keep your tits covered for now but raise the skirt bitch.  I want to play with that sloppy cunt of yours while you drive.  Now get to it and let’s get going.”

Hannah’s mom started crying just like Hannah was as she lifted her skirt.  After she lifted her skirt she sat down and began to back out of the drive.  No sooner had she put the car in drive than she felt Charlie’s hand reach down and begin to play with her bare cunt.  She glanced over and saw that his other hand was playing with her beautiful daughter’s.  She wanted to scream at him to leave her alone.  She wanted to stop the car and just claw his eyes out.  But she knew that to do any of those things would lead to a life worse than death for her where her daughter would waste away in jail.  She could never stand for that.  Besides, she had whored herself out to the judge and on numerous other occasions just to keep the house her husband and she had bought when they got married.  It was about all she had left to remember her beloved by.

Hannah stared at Charlie’s hand that was playing with her mother’s cunt.  Never in her wildest dreams would she have believed that her actions would lead to this.  If she had had any clue that her mother had to trade sexual favors to keep her out of jail she thought that she would have tried harder to keep from shoplifting. 

It took about twenty minutes for them to drive to the Judge’s home.  During that time, Charlie brought Hannah’s mom to three orgasms but only gave Hannah one.  That was mostly due to Hannah’s cunt being extremely sore from the constant rubbing over the last several hours.  Both of them were extremely embarrassed and humiliated.  They knew that what was coming wasn’t going to end well for them.  Hannah’s mother was beginning to regret how she had raised her daughter.  She had obviously failed her and this was all her fault for not being stricter with her.  But what could she have done. She was always working and was only able to spend a little time with her daughter.  She was so busy working that she never had time to try and find a new husband to take care of them. 

They got out of the car, fixed their clothes and walked up to the door.  Charlie made Hannah’s mom stand in front and he and Hannah stood on either side of her a little behind her.  Hannah’s mom rang the doorbell and they waited.  It was well after ten and it took awhile before the judge answered the door.  He was an older man, in his mid fifties, about six foot tall and weighing over two hundred pounds.  His wife had passed away from cancer the previous year, a few months before Hannah’s case was tried.  Hannah’s mother had managed to hit him up at a weak moment; otherwise he would have never gone along with her suggestion. 

When he opened the door and saw Hannah’s mother standing there with two young teenagers, one of which he recognized as her daughter.  He exclaimed, “Damnit Kathy.  I told you that no one could ever know about us.  This violates our agreement.  You know I can’t stand for this, if it ever got out I would be ruined.”

Charlie stepped around Kathy and looked into judge Braxton’s eyes and said calmly, “Your secret is safe judge Braxton and Kathy didn’t tell me what your involvement in Hannah’s light sentencing last time was.  I figured that out for myself.  Now you are right that I could ruin you if I wanted to but that is not what I want.  You see I’ve come to see if we can’t just sweeten the agreement a little more.  But first we need to talk a little and then I’ll explain myself.  I promise that it will be worth your while.”

The judge hesitantly stepped back and let them in the house.  When they entered the house he led them into a formal living room with expensive leather furniture.  He sat in a single chair and Charlie sat in the other single chair.  Hannah and her mom sat together on the couch. 

When they had all sat down, Charlie looked at the judge and asked, “Tell me judge.  This is all theoretical mind you but what would happen to Hannah if she was caught shoplifting say over seven hundred dollars worth of merchandise from three different stores?”

The Judge responded saying, “Son, if you have evidence of a crime, you should turn the evidence over to the police.  She needs to be punished for her crime.  Now if you don’t mind, I was almost asleep when you interrupted me.”

Charlie whispered under his breath, “She will be judge, she will be.” But said aloud to the judge, “Judge, please just entertain me.  Theoretically, what would happen?”

The Judge answered with exacerbation, “First she would be sent immediately to Jail to fill out the rest of her current sentence.  Then she would be charge on three counts of felony shoplifting since it was three different stores.  If it had all been from one store it would only be one charge.  If convicted, considering her four other convictions, including the one I ignored at age twelve, she would most likely be sentenced under the three strikes rule and go to prison for life.”

Charlie answered, “Thank you judge.”  He looked at Hannah and her mom and continued, “See, I told you that is what would happen.  Now that we have established what will happen if something like that ever came out, let’s talk about how we got to this situation.  Kathy, you have been a bad mother.  When Hannah was young you allowed her to take things from the store without paying.  Sure you told her ‘no’ at the time but when you caught her after you left the store you allowed her to keep the spoils of her crime.  She informed me that you caught her over and over again and even though you were still in the parking lot of the store and could have gone back in and paid for it, you never did.  That taught her that if you could get away with it then it was okay.  Well she learned her lesson so well that she gradually escalated the types of things that she stole.  Especially when you were always gone, she would go to stores and case them out, learning the best ways to get away with stealing from them. All those clothes you thought that she was getting at a second hand store.  I don’t think you really believed that’s where she got them.  You just turned a blind eye to her stealing.  You see, you are just as at fault as she is and deserved to be punished for her crime.  What do you think judge?  Do you think she is just as at fault?”

Judge Braxton nodded as he asked, “Is that really how she was raised?  No wonder she is a thief.  She is definitely at fault for the way her daughter is.”

Charlie answered, “Yes judge it is.  Don’t you think it’s time that mom and daughter got the discipline they both deserve?”

Judge Braxton was beginning to get really curious as to where Charlie was headed.  He enjoyed what he had done with Kathy earlier that evening.  He had wanted to fuck her ass but she refused so he spanked her with his bare hand.  He got a thrill out of dominating her like that and almost fucked her ass anyway but he stopped short because that would have been rape.”

Charlie turned towards Kathy and said in a voice that could not be refused, “Kathy?  Don’t you think after hearing how you failed to teach your daughter to be honest that you are at fault?”

Kathy wanted to scream that it wasn’t her fault.  That she had to work all of the time to just make ends meet.  But she knew that wasn’t the answer that Charlie expected and she knew that to refuse would end with Hannah going to jail for life and she had gone too far already to let that happen.  She lowered her head and said quietly, “Yes.”

Charlie ordered, “Speak up Kathy, we didn’t hear you.”

Kathy looked up at him with hatred in her eyes and said, “Yes Damnit, yes!”

Charlie continued and asked, “Since you admit you are at fault, don’t you think you deserved to be punished?”

Kathy knew the answer that Charlie wanted.  She wanted to scream no but again her daughter’s future was more important to her.  She looked at Charlie and then the judge and finally looked down at the floor and said, “Yes I deserve to be punished.”

Charlie was looking at the judge and he saw that he was filling with lust at the thought of Disciplining Kathy or Hannah.  After a moment he said, “Judge, I think it’s time that Kathy got what she deserves.  Do you want to do the honors?  I see that it excites you.”

The judge hadn’t noticed but as he thought about spanking Kathy earlier, he had gotten an erection and it had slipped out from under his robe.  He looked at Charlie and asked, “What do you have in mind young man?”

Charlie smiled as he had the judge now.  He said, “Well I thought that you could punish the mother and I could punish the daughter.  What do you think?”

The judge asked, “What kind of punishment.  My hand is already sore from spanking her earlier.”

Charlie answered saying, “Well since we already know that you have been having sex with and punishing Kathy already, I think that it would be only right that she be stripped naked to embarrass her.  Lay her across my lap and then have you whip her ass, back and front with a belt or other implement of your choice.  That way I can hold her still for you while you punish her.  When you are done, then I get to do the same to Hannah only she’ll lie across your lap.”

The judge smiled and said, “I like the way you think boy.  I have just the belt.  It used to be my wife’s and it will definitely punish her.”

Charlie looked over to Kathy and ordered, “You heard what I said.  Now strip and get over here.”

Kathy stood up and reluctantly took her blouse and skirt off.  When the judge saw that Kathy wasn’t wearing any underwear his eyes widened in surprise.  He watched pleased at her obvious acquiescence to the absurd situation.  She was submitting without argument to whatever this boy suggested.  He had enough experience with her to know that he had to have something on her or her daughter in order to get her to obey.  But he decided to let it all play out.  He watched as the naked Kathy walked slowly over to Charlie and laid herself over his legs. 

The Judge stood up and went upstairs for a minute and then hurried back down.  He had a belt in his hand that was made of a combination of black and metal threads braided tightly together.  It had a round metal tip on the end that would really hurt when it hit.  As he came up to Charlie and Kathy, Charlie said, “That’s a wonderful choice judge.  It will be very painful for her.  I’ll let you decide how many times you want to whip her.  Just let me know when you want to turn her over and whip her tits.  I’ll even hold her legs open for you if you decide to whip her cunt.  That will teach her that she should have disciplined her daughter better.  Oh, and be careful that you don’t hit me.”

Charlie put his hand on Kathy’s head and on her lower thighs and held her tight.  The judge stepped up and after a practice swing he began to whip her.  Kathy screamed in pain as the belt struck her over and over.  It left long thin welts over her back as she was whipped and a dark purple bruise where the tip hit.  She cried and screamed from the pain.  The judge continued whipping her and gradually moved from her shoulders down to her ass.  When her back and ass was covered in welts he stepped back.  Without another word, Charlie turned Kathy over and then held her down by her head with one hand and a hand on her cunt.  The judge started whipping her again, beginning with her tits. 

Kathy began to beg between her screams asking for mercy.  The judge just kept at it, getting more and more excited as he whipped her.  When he was done he stepped back. Charlie asked, “Do you want to whip her cunt?”

The judge answered, “No.  I want to fuck her ass right now.  She’s been refusing to let me for the last three months even though I asked her nicely and told her I would be easy on her.  So why don’t you just lay her over the couch and I’ll have a go at her.”

Charlie stood up, dumping Kathy on the floor where she lay sobbing.  Charlie kicked her and ordered, “You heard the judge.  Now go get on your knees and lay over the couch next to Hannah so she can see what awaits her in the future.”

Kathy struggled to her hands and knees, being too weak to walk, and crawled over to the couch.  She looked up at her daughter with a look of accusation.  No words were said but the message was clear.  Hannah could see that her mother blamed her, and rightfully for the situation they were in.  They stared into each other’s eyes as the judge stepped up behind her, knelt down and then without warning, slammed his cock into her ass.  His cock was a good eight inches long and two in diameter so it wasn’t huge by any means but for a virgin asshole it felt like someone was forcing their hand up her butt. 

The look of blame that Hannah saw in her mother’s eyes turned to a look of pain.  She watched as her mother screamed in pain as the judge fucked inch after inch of his hard cock into her ass.  Because he had already fucked Kathy once that night earlier in the evening, he lasted a long time.  It took over twenty minutes for him to fuck her ass until he came.  After he came he turned to go clean up but Charlie said, “Wait judge.  It’s a rule in my house that a slut always cleans a cock that she dirties.  Now present that filthy thing to her face and let her do her job right.”

Kathy sobbed in humiliation at what Charlie said.  She knew that she had no choice.  She opened her mouth and cringed as the judge forced his shit covered cock in.  She kept thinking how she just had to suffer this indignity to save her daughter and that is the only thing that allowed her to survive what she was being put through.  She closed her mouth around his cock and almost threw up but just managed to swallow down the bile.  She was sure that she would be punished if she did.  She swallowed time after time as she sucked the shit off of the judge’s cock.  Finally she was done and the judge pulled out.

Charlie stood up clapping as he said, “Nice one judge.  That was just what the doctor ordered.  Now it’s time for little Hannah to receive her punishment.  Only I’ve decided that it will be mom that does the punishment instead of me.  She has neglected her daughter’s discipline for too long.  Now Hannah, get naked and get on the judge’s lap for your turn.”

Hannah stood up and began to strip out of her designer clothes that she had stolen.  She slowly moved over to where the judge had gone to sit in his chair.  She lay down over his lap like her mother did.  The judge held her by her thighs but instead of holding her head, he put his hands on her seventeen year old tits and began to play with them.

Charlie took off his belt and looked at Kathy.  He took one swing of his belt and hit her on her already sore ass to get her attention and ordered, “Now it’s time for you to discipline your errant daughter like you should have been doing all her life.  Only you are going to have to make up for all of those times you should have whipped her and didn’t.  Now go get the judge’s belt that he whipped you with and get busy.  If you don’t then I will continue to whip you.  If you don’t whip her hard enough then I will whip you.  Now get moving.”

Kathy slowly got up and went over to where the judge had dropped the belt he had used on her.  She picked it up as Charlie continued to rain down strike after strike with the belt on her already sore back and ass.  She slowly moved, sobbing over to where the judge was sitting holding Hannah.  The first time she swung and hit Hannah it was just a half assed swing and only caused Hannah to moan in pain.  Charlie whipped her harder and ordered, “Definitely not hard enough.  Now whip her harder or I’ll keep beating you until you can’t stand it anymore.”

Kathy took a swing back and swung down harder and this time Hannah screamed a little.  But Charlie wasn’t satisfied and whipped Kathy again yelling “Harder bitch.  Teach her a lesson.”

Finally on the third try, Kathy had had enough pain to last a lifetime and she put all of her strength into the swing.  Hannah yelled and screamed in pain from the pain of the lash.  Something had broken inside Kathy and she began to rain down strike after strike with the belt.  As she did she began to yell as she swung the belt down on each syllable, “You ungrateful little bitch.  I slaved my ass off just to provide you some semblance of a life after your father died.  And how do you repay me?  You go out and ruin the family name and steal time after time.  I told you not to do it and you continued to do it.  I sacrificed my life for you and that wasn’t enough.  I sacrificed my dignity for you and you just took more.  All you cared about was whatever you could get for yourself.  You didn’t care about anyone else.  Now quit your screaming and take your punishment.  You know you deserve it.”

Shortly after Kathy started to go ape shit over whipping Hannah, Charlie moved in front of Hannah and took his cock out.  He grabbed her hair and forced his hard cock into her mouth silencing her.  He began to fuck her mouth, working his cock into her deeper and deeper.  As he did she began to gag as his cock finally entered her throat all of the way.  She gagged and struggled for air as her mother whipped her.  Charlie held his cock in her throat and enjoyed the struggles until it was obvious she needed air.  When her struggles began to slow down because of the lack of air he finally pulled out long enough for her to gasp for air and then he forced it in again.  He kept doing this until he was close to cumming and then he grabbed her hair around the ears and began to pump in and out over and over again until he came down her throat.  All the time he was doing this the judge was playing with Hannah’s tits and Kathy was whipping her. 

After cumming, Charlie pulled out and put his cock away.  He moved over to Kathy and pulled her away from her daughter and the judge.  When she finally stopped and realized what she had been doing, she broke down and collapsed to her knees.  She sobbed and cried the cry of the totally despondent.  Charlie looked at the judge and said, “All I want is this fine young lady here.  I promise that she will never appear in your court again.  If you think that she should be punished, I think you can see that she will be and on a regular basis.  She will become a model student at school and will go on to college and be a productive citizen of society.  But she will have no say in how she lives anymore.  That is for me to decide.  Now I can’t do that if I have to worry about mom here interfering with what I want to do.  If it is okay with you, I give you her mother to do with as you want.  If you want a twenty four hour slave to take care of your every need she will willingly obey because she knows her daughter’s future is at stake.  If she doesn’t you can call me and tell me what the problem is and I’ll give her some additional motivation.  If you just want her as a part time slave then so be it.  That is up to you.  Truthfully, I recommend that you make her a permanent slave and have her move in with you.  She’ll have no need to work anymore unless you want her too and she will always be available to do what you want.  I promise you that if you keep her off my back then you will never hear from me again.  What do you say?”

The judge smiled and said, “I’ve been dreaming of having her as my permanent housemate but a slave is good too.  I like the way you think kid so I agree.  Just go ahead and leave with Hannah and I’ll take good care of Kathy.”

Charlie grabbed the sobbing Hannah by the hair and pulled her up as she struggled to free his grip from her hair.  He threw her over to her pile of clothes and ordered, “Get dressed bitch.  We are going to go get you some clothes and then go to your new home.  Your stealing days are over as are your days of freedom.  It is time you earned your keep instead of stealing for it.  Now move.”

Hannah struggled to get up.  She was sobbing and crying and had her hands rubbing her ass because of the pain.  She started to get dressed but Charlie stopped her and made her leave the house naked and carrying her clothes.  In only a few moments, they had her mom’s keys and Charlie was driving back to Hannah’s home.  When they arrived, Charlie made her leave the car naked.  He went in with her and they went to her room.  After going through all of her clothes, Charlie picked the ones that would make her look her best without a bra or underwear so that she would look nice for the campaigning the rest of the week.  For Friday he picked a white opaque blouse, a skirt that could have the length easily adjusted.  He finally chose a pair of plain white panties and bra, a style much less glamorous than what she usually wore.  For shoes, they picked several normal stylish pairs for the first part of the week when she was going to be campaigning and her highest heeled black shoes that had a four inch heel.  Once they had the clothes, they returned to Heather’s car, leaving Kathy’s car keys on the kitchen counter in case she returned.

Charlie drove to the Warren estate and took the naked Hannah to bed with him.  It was one in the morning by the time they got there.  They immediately went to Charlie’s room and went to bed.  He made Hannah lay down on the bed and then got in with her.  Hannah lay naked in the bed with Charlie draping his arm over her and cupping one of her tits.  She lay there, unable to sleep wondering what would become of her.  It took her a couple of hours of silent crying before she finally cried herself to sleep.

The next few days Hannah did as she was told and campaigned as if the rest of her life depended on it, which it did.  As she had been instructed, she began supporting Sarah’s platform instead of her own.  She did try to hide her true feelings but others noticed that she always seemed to be distracted.  The clothes she wore those days were the fanciest that she had and would have been at home on any fashion runway.  The other thing that happened was that the two boys that had seen her expose herself and let Charlie play with her had told everyone about what they had seen.  Most of the students didn’t believe the rumors but quite a few did.  Those that considered her to be their friends noticed that she had become more distant and that she had started going without a bra.  All of these things worked to erode her popularity. 

On Friday, Hannah wore the conservative outfit with bra and panties that Charlie had selected for her.  When she showed up at school, there were gasps from her more popular friends because it didn’t fit the stylish way she typically dressed.  At three in the afternoon on Friday there was a special assembly called to announce the results of the election.  It ended up a lot closer than it would have otherwise.  Principal Meyers got up and announced the winners of the election.  After everything that happened, Hannah won by only ten votes over Billy.  Sarah, Angie and Heather all won theirs as well by significant margins.  As was the tradition in the school, The Senior class president was designated the student body president.

After the announcement of the winners, Student Body President, Heather got up to make a small speech.  At the end of the speech, Heather turned to the Principal and asked, “As you know Principal Meyers, one of Sarah’s and our campaign promises was to open the campus at lunch so that students can take advantage of the fast food restaurants a block away.  Will you change the policy?”

The principal really didn’t want to but when he saw Sarah staring at him and shaking her head yes he stood up and announced, “Consider it done with the proviso that if a student gets back late they will receive the same punishment as if they were late for school or any class.” 

Sarah smiled and nodded her head in agreement to that proviso, though she knew that it wouldn’t apply to her or her friends.  The auditorium erupted in cheers. After the applause went down, Heather looked at the principal and said, “We would like a little time with just the students.  Would you please take the teachers and staff out?  This next part just involves us students.  Sarah and the rest of the student council need the time to discuss the new minimum dress code.”

Principal Meyers got up and asked the teachers and staff to leave and then left himself.  After all of them had left, Heather announced to the student body, “Okay everyone.  As you just saw, we were serious about our campaign promises.  One of the promises was that we would get a more lenient dress code.  Now that the teachers and staff are gone we would like to involve all of you in determining the new minimum dress code for the girls.  We have our own junior class president who has graciously volunteered to model the changes you decide on for us.  Once we have determined the minimum, we will go straight to the principal’s office for his approval.”

Hannah slowly got up and reluctantly moved to the front of the stage.  When she was in place, Heather asked, “Now the first thing we need to ask is should a girl be forced to wear a bra if she doesn’t want to?  If you think bras should be optional, then raise your hands.”

Now normally a lot of students would have voted against going braless, especially the girls, but members of the gang were spaced throughout the auditorium and were strongly encouraging the students around them to vote for going braless.  As a result over two thirds of the students raised their hands out of fear of reprisals.  Over ninety percent of the guys voted for it though.  When the vote had been taken, Heather turned to Hannah and said, “You saw the vote.  Take off your bra.”

Hannah reluctantly and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she began to unbutton her blouse.  She hated having to expose herself in front of the student body but Charlie had made it abundantly clear that to do otherwise would lead to terrible consequences.  She pulled the blouse out of her skirt and opened it after she undid the last button.  Then she proceeded to take off her bra.  She had worn a front clasping bra, even though it was a plain white bra.  The girls in the audience all gasped when they saw her plain bra.  Wearing the old fuddy, duddy clothes was bad enough but to wear a plain bra just wasn’t cool.  And then to take it off in front of the whole student body was just plain sick.  The guys of course all loved it.  When she had removed the bra, one of the guys yelled, “Throw the bra out here.”

Hannah looked down at Charlie, who was in the front row and saw him nod yes.  She took a deep sigh and then wadded up the bra and just threw it out with all her strength.  The guys all cheered when she did that.  When it quieted down there was another guy that yelled, “Take off the panties too.”

Heather asked the students, “Raise your hand if you want panties to be optional too?”

Again because of the intimidation of the gang members a majority of the students raised their hand.  Hannah sobbed when she saw the vote and having no other choice but to acquiesce, she reached down and lifted her skirt exposing her panties.  She reached down and grabbed her plain white grandmother’s panties on either side and began to push them down.  Never in her wildest nightmares had she ever imagined she would be essentially stripping in front of all the students at the school.  She lowered them until they dropped to the ground.  She stepped out of them and then picked them up.  Without letting her skirt drop down she wadded them up and threw them out into the audience and again to the cheers of the guys. 

Heather looked over at Hannah and then said, “Cover yourself slut.  You know that we will never be able to get approval for you to expose yourself like that.”

As she had been previously instructed, she lowered her skirt and then started to button her blouse.  One of the gang members yelled, “Tie it under your tits.”

Heather asked, “Is that what you want?  If it is raise your hand.”

Of course the result was the same as before and soon Hannah was tying her blouse under her tits.  With the sheerness of the blouse, you could see her nipples and areola through the blouse and the material clung tight to her tits.  She might as well have been naked.

Another of the gang members yelled, “Raise the skirt, it’s way too long.”

Heather looked at Hannah and ordered, “You heard the request, start rolling up that skirt.”  She turned to the student body and said, “Cheer when you think the skirt is high enough.”

As she had been instructed Hannah rolled the skirt one turn which shortened it up from her knees about a half inch.  When she was done, she looked up and waited a moment until several of the male students yelled, “More.”

Hannah rolled it one more turn and even more of the male students picked up the yell for more.  She turned it again and there started a chant going ‘More… More… More…’ over and over again.  Hannah rolled up the skirt over and over again.  When she knew that if she rolled it up again her pussy would be exposed, she stopped.  That didn’t stop the chant from continuing.

Heather was ecstatic at the response and was delighting in Hannah’s humiliation.  She ordered, “I didn’t hear a cheer Hannah, keep going.”

Hannah turned to her and said as quietly as possible, “But my pussy will be exposed.”

Heather laughed and said, “So what.  You already showed it off to everyone a few moments ago, now keep going until they cheer.”

Hannah started crying again but did as ordered.  She began to role the skirt up again.  First just a hint of her pussy showed and then a bit more and then more until the bottom of the skirt was at the top of her pussy hair.  That’s when the cheers started.

Heather looked at Hannah and then turned to the students in the auditorium and announced; “Now you all know that we will never get it approved for us girls to expose our cunts like that, no matter how much you guys want it.”

Heather walked over in front of Hannah and she unbuttoned the button at the side of her skirt and unzipped it a little.  She pulled the skirt down until the top was now where the bottom had been at the top of her pussy hair.  This lowered the bottom to just below her cunt.  The bottoms of her lower ass cheeks were visible behind her.  If she bent over, then she would be exposing her pussy.  The students seated just in front of the stage had a straight shot view of her pussy under the skirt.  When she was done, Heather stepped back to the podium and announced, “There, her pussy is covered now.  How is that?”

Cheers went up in the auditorium, though there were a few students who booed.  These were the very conservative religious kids.  Heather stepped up to the podium and said, “I can tell that some of you don’t like the new look.  Just remember that this isn’t the mandatory dress code.  This is the minimum that will be allowed.  You can dress as conservatively as you want.  Don’t ruin it for everyone that wants to dress this way.  Besides, we aren’t done yet.  There is one more thing to add to make the look right.  As you girls know, heels aren’t normally allowed but they really make our legs look good so Hannah here is going to put on some high heels to round out the effect.”

Charlie then threw the pair of four inch heels he had selected for Hannah earlier that week.  They bounced on the stage behind her.  Hannah had been instructed on how to pick them up earlier and she turned around and bent over, keeping her legs straight.  She took off one shoe and then picked up one of the high heeled shoes and put it on.  All of the guys and some of the girls erupted in cheers when she did.  When she bent over again, cheers went up in the auditorium again.  She then took her other shoe off and put on the remaining high heeled shoe.  When she had them on, she stood up slowly and turned back around.  Her face was totally flushed from the continuing humiliation that she was being forced to endure.  She had no clue how bad her day was going to be yet.  But she would find out soon.  Finally she faced the student body and Heather asked, “If you all think this should be the minimum standard for the dress code then raise your hands and cheer.”

Almost all of the guys and half of the girls voted for the new look.  Hannah was crying openly and Charlie had a shit eating grin on his face.  He had totally broken Hannah in a week.  That was a record for him.  The others took several weeks to take down.  He did have something more severe on her than the others though.  He smiled at what he had arranged for her that afternoon.

Heather announced to the students and said, “I appreciate everyone’s participation in this.  We will go to the principal’s office right now and get his approval.  Hang tight and we will be back with news whether it is approved or not.  This should only take a few minutes.”

Heather and Sarah took Hannah by either hand and led her off of the stage.  They took her off the stairs at the front side of the stage instead of out of the back.  They did this to parade her through the student body as they went up the aisle out of the auditorium.  As they walked up the aisle, a lot of the girls that Hannah had considered friends yelled out insults like, slut, bitch, whore and tramp among many other insults.  Hannah cried even more because she knew she had just lost any remaining status that she had.  Heather and Sarah moved very slowly to allow for the maximum humiliation. 

They finally led Hannah out of the auditorium and took her to the principal’s office.  They walked straight into his office without waiting.  He was in a meeting with the assistant principal and started to say something until he saw who it was.  When they entered the office Sarah said, “This is the new minimum dress code.  If a girl wants to dress like a slut then you will allow it.  You will also remove the restriction against public display of affection.  If students want to make out in the hallway then you will allow it.  You can set a limit that anything sexual is still outlawed.  So no playing with bare tits or pussy is allowed nor is having sex.  But a quick grope here and there will be allowed. Do you understand?”

Principal Meyers said, “That’s going to cause trouble.  Even this outfit is going to cause problems.  There are a handful of kids that take great joy in telling their parents or complaining about anything that doesn’t meet there views and standards.”

Sarah said, “Give us a list of the names you are worried about and we will take care of it.  Now as a reward for approving our new dress code and the rest of our platform, our new slut is going to give you two a blow job.  You are to cum on her face.”

Hannah was shocked at how Sarah was giving orders to the principal and how the assistant principal wasn’t doing or saying anything about it.  Then when Sarah told them she had to give them blow jobs she about died of humiliation and looked at Sarah with shock.  Sarah looked back at her and ordered, “You heard me.  Get over there and give the principal and then the vice principal a blowjob.  Or do you want me to tell your master that you couldn’t follow orders.  I know he told you that you were to consider me as your mistress so think about the punishment he will give you if you fail to follow orders.  Now get to it.”

Hannah swallowed hard but didn’t dare refuse.  Her ass had been whipped numerous times that week already for not moving fast enough.  She knew she was in for a punishment as it was for just delaying.  She scurried behind the principal’s desk and quickly got out his cock.  Sarah smiled as she watched Hannah take his cock into her mouth.  Heather stepped behind Hannah and with a rolled up belt that she had in her bag she began to whip her exposed ass as she sucked.  As she whipped Hannah, she said, “You moved just a bit too slow in the auditorium when you were given orders cunt.  Then you hesitated to follow orders here.  You better learn that you don’t have a choice anymore.  You do what your master or mistress orders.  That is the only choice you have.”

Heather kept whipping Hannah until Principal Meyers pulled his cock out and started cumming on Hannah’s face.  As soon as he finished cumming, Hannah scurried over on her knees to Assistant Principal Johnson and took his cock out.  She quickly began to suck him off.  He was so excited from what was happening that he quickly pulled out and came on her face.

After Hank Johnson came on Hannah’s face the three girls left the office.  They returned to the auditorium where the noise had gotten pretty loud from all of the students trying to talk over each other.  To add to Hannah’s humiliation, they took her down every aisle in the auditorium before going to the stage.  They didn’t move fast either.  Finally after about five minutes of taking her through the aisles they went up on stage.  Heather stepped up to the podium and announced, “The results are in.  This is now the minimum dress code so you girls that want to dress sexily, feel free.  Now as far as the rule against public display of affection, that has been modified.  If you want to make out then go right ahead.  Just don’t go groping the private parts or trying to have sex in the hallways.  If you violate the rules, they will punish you.  Now I know that there are some of you here who disapprove of what is happening.  I ask that you consider the majority’s wishes before you go complaining.  There are always consequences to actions that you take.  Now the final item to cover is the establishment of a bullying council.  We know who the key bully’s are.  They are on notice that bullying will no longer be allowed.  If you are being bullied here at school then tell one of your student council members.  We will take action against any bully.  If we can’t manage to stop the individual ourselves, then we will get the administration involved.  Neither of those options will be good for the bully.  I know some of you have been having trouble with the local gang.  We have negotiated an agreement with them that they will stop and desist all activities at the school.  If any gang member violates that agreement then let us know and we will let the gang leadership know.  They will take immediate action on the one that violates the agreement.  If any of you have any questions, then please stay after your released and feel free to come up.  If you want a closer look at our model for the new dress code, she is at your disposal.  We will have someone with her to make sure you don’t get carried away though so keep that in mind if that is what you were thinking.  Be sure to come out and support our football team tonight at the game.  You are all dismissed.”

Charlie hurried up to the stage before anyone else.  He went up to Hannah and noticed the red stripes on her ass.  He smiled, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I told you to obey Sarah as you did me.  I assure you that I wouldn’t have you if it weren’t for her.  If there is anyone that is responsible for your demise, then she is it.  It was someone loyal to her that caught you and videoed you stealing that blouse and then provided the extra security videos.  So she and I are a team in this.  Now be the good little slut and just stand there.  If the students coming up want to play with you then you let them finger you.  I’ll stop them from taking your virginity.  That is safe for the moment.  I have something very special designed for that.”

About that time a line of male students and quite a few females lined up to get a closer look at Hannah.  Most of them came up to get a close look at the slutty way she was dressed.  Some reached out and grabbed her tits or to play with her cunt.  Charlie allowed it for a few short seconds but then made them go on their way.  There were quite a few of the girls that had acted like they were Hannah’s friends because they thought she was rich.  During the assembly though the gang had made a point to pass on to everyone around her that she was poor and only managed to dress the way she did by stealing.  Many of them had fawned over her in order to convince her to be their friend and they were mad at the deception.  When they came up, they came up together.  One after the other as they stepped up they slapped her hard and called her all sorts of vile names.  They then wiped the cum that got on her hand they slapped her with on her blouse over her tits, causing the blouse to turn transparent where they wiped the cum.  To add additional insult, most of them spit on her face as well and the spittle dripped down onto her tits. By the time the dozen or so girls finished, Hannah’s face was a bright red from the slaps and the humiliation and her blouse was almost totally transparent.  She was standing there sobbing and crying uncontrollably, fearing to move out of her position.  She really wanted to just curl up and die.  No student had ever fallen so far so fast in the history of the school and she was totally devastated. 

Finally all of the students had filed out.  Hannah thought her humiliation and torture were over.  But Charlie had other arrangements.  He hooked a collar around her neck and then attached a leash to it.  He led her off of the stage, down the hall among the few remaining students and then out the back door to the high school.  He led her to the abandoned clearing where he had taken Kelly and Rhonda to be initiated into their life as sex slaves.  When he got there he quickly saw Roger and said, “Here she is as promised.  You know the drill.  No permanent damage is allowed.  You can do anything you want to her otherwise.  The more humiliating you make it the better.  Be sure to have her at the football team’s locker room at the stadium before the end of the game.  There is no need to clean her up.  As a matter of fact the filthier she is the better.  Now have fun.”

Charlie handed the leash to Roger and then turned and left.  Roger led her to the middle of the circle and then loud enough for everyone to hear he said, “You’re here to get your just punishment for treating all of us like shit.  We know that you have nowhere to go to complain about what we do so I hope you enjoy your reward.”

Just like they did with Kelly they started by pushing her back and forth between them and ripping her clothes off until she was naked.  Hannah was too stunned to scream or complain.  Her mind was only beginning to imagine what was in store for her at the hands of the gang.  Then they started pushing her to one another and as she got close they began to whip her with switches they already had made beforehand. 

After Hannah was covered from head to toe with welts from the switching, Roger pulled a bench into the center of the circle.  He forced her down across the bench and tied her there.  He took the leash and pulled it back and tied it to the bench so that her head was pulled up and she couldn’t move it forward.  Then the gang leader stepped up and took his thirteen inch cock out.  He put it against her pussy and in one hard push he plunged it in all of the way, tearing through her hymen.  Hannah screamed in pain, only to have another gang member stuff his cock in her throat.

For the next few minutes the two fucked her cunt and mouth.  Hannah was screaming around the cock in her mouth the whole time as she was buffeted back and forth.  When the gang leader came he pulled out and Roger stepped up behind Hannah.  As the one that arranged the little get together, he was rewarded with getting Hannah’s anal virginity.  He reached down and spread her ass cheeks, pushed his cock against her anal rosebud and then pushed in hard.  He then began to force his nine inch cock into her ass inch by inch with each thrust until he had all ten inches in.

Shortly after Roger started to fuck Hannah’s ass, the guy fucking her mouth came.  He pulled out and came all over her face.  As soon as he pulled out, another guy stepped up.  They already had established a pecking order and it became an organized gang bang.  For the next several hours the guys took turn fucking her until they all had enjoyed all three of her holes.  Initially Hannah cried from the pain and humiliation.  Then the pain turned to excitement and she started to fuck back which humiliated her even more because she was participating in her own gangbang.  After that she started cumming over and over again.  That lasted for about an hour and she enjoyed more orgasms in that hour than she had enjoyed her whole life.  It seemed to her that she had one long orgasm the final fifteen minutes.  She was exhausted then and on the verge of collapse.

But the gang wasn’t done with her.  They continued to fuck her over and over again until they all had their three shots.  By the time they were done, both her ass and cunt were sore and her throat was raw from the constant fucking.

It was still early evening and the football game was just starting when the last of the gang members came.  When no one else stepped up to fuck her, Hannah thought her ordeal was finally over.  But then she heard some whining and the click of claws on the pavement.  She glanced at the direction the noise was coming from and saw that there were three gang members leading three huge Rottweilers to the circle.  She noticed that none of the gang members had left yet.  There wasn’t much light left and all of a sudden cars started pulling up around the outside of the circle. 

Soon the area was lit up like daylight from all of the car lights.  The guys with the dogs brought them into the circle and let them go.  Suddenly Hannah had dog’s licking her over and over again on every part of her body.  Soon one of the dogs launched up on her back and began to try and sink his cock into her.  It didn’t take long and soon he found purchase. 

Hannah now knew that she could be brought down even lower than she was.  She knew that this was arranged by Charlie and that she couldn’t tell anyone about it.  To her this was the greatest insult and she started shutting down mentally and just letting what happened, happen.  

It didn’t take the dog long to fuck his twelve inch cock into her cunt.  What Hannah didn’t expect was the knot that began to hammer against her cunt.  She started screaming in pain from the insult as it hammered into her, forcing her cunt wider and wider until it finally slipped in.  After driving his cock in as far as possible, the dog finally howled and began cumming in her cunt.  While all of this was going on, the other dogs were continuing to lick all over her body, cleaning all of the cum off. 

After a couple of minutes of the big Rottweiler cumming, he finally finished and turned around ass end to ass end.  As soon as he was in that position, one of the gang members went over and led another Rottweiler over.  He helped it step over the dog knotted with Hannah and then lined his already hard cock up with her asshole.  When the dog felt the tip of his cock pressed against her anal orifice he humped forward hard.  All of the cum that was seeping out provided plenty of lubrication and the dog cock slipped right in.  Hannah screamed again in pain as the cock spread her constricted ass hole as she was fucked in both holes for the first time in her life.

Hannah didn’t think things could get any worse than they were at that minute.  But she was wrong.  As soon as the dog fucking her ass forced its knot in and started cumming, the other dog was led up to her face.  He was helped up onto her back and she was presented with a smelly dog cock into her face.  She closed her eyes and opened her mouth because by that time she knew she had no other choice.  The gang member guided the cock into her mouth and soon the dog was fucking her throat over and over again. 

Hannah’s humiliation and degradation was complete.  She knew she could sink no lower.  She knew that they could make her fuck dogs or any other animal and would.  She had heard the dogs barking at the Warren estate and now knew what that meant.  She didn’t know that they also had a stable of horses with several stallions that she would get to know too.  But that is in her future.  For now she just knelt there in a state of shock letting the dogs have their way with her.  Finally the dog fucking her mouth howled and started cumming.  The cock was far enough down her throat that it cut the air off.  Fortunately the knot hadn’t been able to enter her mouth though it had bloodied her nose as it hammered against her over and over.  When her face started to turn blue, the gang member finally pulled the dog off of her.  Hannah gasped in air over and over again.  It was another fifteen minutes until the other dogs had pulled out.

Finally Hannah thought her ordeal was over.  The gang was dispersing and she was being led to one of the cars.  They made her get in the trunk though, saying that she was too filthy and smelly to ride in the car.  It took another ten minutes of driving before the car pulled up.  She knew immediately that they hadn’t gone to the Warren estate like they had hoped.  She heard the cheering and guessed that they were at the football stadium.  As soon as the trunk was opened, she knew she was correct. 

The gang member wrapped her in an old smelly blanket and hauled her over his shoulder.  He carried her into the team’s locker room and put her on a bench.  He took his blanket and told her, “Charlie said that you are the teams reward for winning the game.  When we came in, the score was 42 to 7 in our favor with two minutes to go.  I would guess you have about ten minutes before they come in.  You can go shower if you want, I know how skuzzy you must be feeling after what you’ve been through but I leave it up to you.  Don’t even think of leaving.  We have the entrances guarded in case you get the inclination to try and run for it.  Thanks for a good time and have fun.”

Hannah watched the gang member leave and then numbly got up and went to the shower room.  She turned the water on as hot as she could stand it and then stood under the shower and let it try and wash all of the filth away.  Unfortunately it couldn’t cleanse her soul of what had happened to her.  She stood there and sobbed until she heard the sound of yelling and cheering.  She knew what was expected.  She turned the water off and without drying off she walked out of the shower and into the locker room full of 36 boys, all who wanted a go at her.  She stood there as the coach announced that the quarterback was the game MVP and had first go with her. 

After what happened in the principal’s office she wasn’t surprised that the coach was being controlled by Sarah too.  She thought that she had been the most influential girl in the school but she knew now that in the short time that Sarah had been there she had essentially taken over the school.  The whole school was just a pawn for her new mistress to play with.  These were the thoughts that were going through Hannah’s mind as her second Gangbang in just a few hours began.  It was her minds way of escaping the constant torment. 

Outside the door, Charlie came up to Roger who was guarding it and handed him a sheet of paper.  He told him, “This is a list of kids that could cause problems for the new status quo.  Sarah wants you to intimidate them into not complaining.  I’ll leave it up to you on how you do that.  But try and not hurt them.  The fear of violence I’m sure will be enough.  If that doesn’t work then we’ll discuss our options then.  Sarah said to just have you let me know when you need some pussy for a party.  She appreciates you agreeing to support her.”

Roger said, “Man, with what she is doing and offering we’d be fools not to go along.  We’re still the muscle in the school and everyone will give us the respect we are due.  And besides, it doesn’t affect our activities outside the school.  Just let us know what you need and give us the names of anyone causing you trouble.  You can plan on us asking for some more pussy about once a month.  Thanks again for giving us a shot at that cunt in there.  Most of us had a score to settle with that bitch. 

Roger and Charlie shook hands and left.  The football players gangbanged Hannah until the wee hours of the morning.  When it was finally over, she was in such a state of shock that she didn’t move.  Even when Coach Mary Beth came in after her gangbang by the coaches, to get Hannah and to take her home, she barely moved.  Mary Beth stripped and struggled to help Hannah up and led her to the shower.  She washed her thoroughly from head to toe, and inside as well as out.  As coach washed her, she gradually came around and was better able to stand on her own.  When she became more aware of who it was that was washing her she groaned and said, “Not you too.”

Coach Mary Beth finished up, got dressed and then took the naked Hannah back to her new home.  She had been instructed on where to take her and took her to the kennels.  She threw her into a kennel with six dogs, all of which immediately began to fight for the right to fuck her first.  Hanna cowered in fear and just sat there in shock until one of them came over.  The dog quickly worked her into position by growling and nipping at her.  When she was the way he wanted her he launched himself up onto her and humped at her until his cock found purchase and sank into her sore cunt.  Hannah zoned out in a state of shock wondering when her day of hell was ever going to end.

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