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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 85 Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 85

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 85 Surprises

After the football game while Jade and Tramp were entertaining the football team and Mary Beth was entertaining the coaches, Charlie was having a little fun of his own.  He was in Tina’s home with Geri, Rhonda and Kelly.  He was standing in front of them in the living room with a flogger in one hand and four leather sleeves that were able to be tied up with laces in the other.  The three women were kneeling naked in front of him in the slave’s position.  They were all three very sad and had tears in their eyes wondering how things could get any worse.  Never before had Charlie come into their home to abuse them.  It had always been their sanctuary against his perverted onslaught.  They weren’t entirely sure why he had just barged in and ordered them to strip out of their clothes and kneel in front of him.  They only knew that if they didn’t obey immediately that they would be punished.

Charlie looked at the three of them and ordered, “I want Geri to get down on her hands and knees facing away from me and then I want Rhonda and Kelly on their hands and knees facing toward me.  Now move!”

The three girls got down into position as they had been ordered.  As they did, Charlie whipped them and directed them until they were pressed against each other.  When they were in position he knelt down in front of Rhonda and then put the large leather sleeve on her left arm and around Geri’s right thigh.  He laced the sleeve up until it was tight and the two could not move their arm or leg.  He moved over in front of Kelly and repeated the process on her right arm and on Geri’s left thigh.  When he had the laces tightened as tight as he could get them, he walked to the other side and then repeated the process, putting the sleeves on Geri’s arm, attaching them to Rhonda and Kelly’s legs.  When he was done, the three women could not move without the cooperation of all three of them. 

When Charlie finished he stood up and announced, “Now I want you three to listen up.  This is the last night you will be living in this house.  After this we will all be living out at the Warren estate where Geri works.  We are going to sell these two homes and the proceeds will go to my account.  Now I didn’t want you to leave your home without giving you a nice memory to cherish of your time here.  So this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to start with Kelly and have her suck me hard.  Then I’m going to move to Geri and fuck her.  I will then move to Rhonda and have her suck Geri’s slime off of my cock and then I’ll get behind her and fuck her.  After a couple of strokes I will move to Geri and let her clean Rhonda’s slime off before I fuck Kelly.  We are going to keep this up until I can’t get hard anymore.”

Charlie quickly stripped out of his clothes.  He picked up the flogger and then stood directly in front of Kelly and began to flop his cock onto her nose.  Kelly had tears in her eyes as she opened her mouth and tried to take his cock into it.  Finally after teasing her for a few moments he let her catch his cock in her mouth.  She did a half ass job of sucking him off and he took the flogger and began to whip her back as he ordered, “You aren’t trying hard enough Kelly.  I know you can do better.  Until you do, I’m going to keep flogging you every time I fuck one of your holes.”

Charlie then pulled his cock out of Kelly’s mouth with a resounding slurp and popping sound.  He stepped to his right and quickly slammed his cock into Geri’s cunt.  Geri groaned in pain and humiliation.  She was a devout lesbian and hated having any guy do anything with her.  She felt totally defiled as Charlie fucked into her cunt.  Her cunt was dry and it hurt her terribly as he sawed his cock in and out of her.  After a couple of strokes, he pulled out and moved in front of Rhonda and slapped his hard cock onto her nose a couple of times.  She just knelt there with her mouth open.  She didn’t even try to capture his cock, she figured he would stick it in her mouth when he was ready.  Charlie began to flog her and yelling, “You better put a lot more effort into servicing me Rhonda.  If you don’t, your back is going to be shredded like hamburger by the time I’m done.”

Charlie pulled his cock out of Rhonda’s mouth and then moved behind her.  Because she hadn’t put any effort into sucking him, he decided to fuck her in the ass as punishment.  He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.  He then lined up his cock with her anal sphincter and rammed it in as hard as he could.  Rhonda screamed in pain from the sudden invasion.  Charlie pumped his cock in and out a couple of times and whipped her with the flogger as he did.  Rhonda screamed and begged for him to stop but he just kept on flogging her.  He only rammed his cock into her ass a few times and then pulled his shit covered cock out. 

Charlie moved over in front of Geri and pushed his shitty cock against her lips. He taunted, “Open up my lesbian child molester.  It’s time you tasted the shit from your ward’s ass.  Get used to it because you’ll be tasting it quite often in the future.”

Charlie began to whip Geri with the flogger.  He hit her extra hard until she opened her mouth to allow him to sink his shit covered cock in.  The second she tasted the shit her gag reflexes kicked in.  The bile surged forward as his cock surged inward plugging her esophagus.  Her stomach spasmed as it tried to expel its contents but there was no outlet for it to go.  Charlie waited until Geri quit spasming like she was throwing up and then fucked her throat, reminding Geri to be sure to clean his cock well so that he didn’t get any shit in Kelly’s pussy.  Geri cried and sobbed as he fucked her throat. 

After about a half a dozen slow strokes in Geri’s mouth, Charlie pulled out and moved to Kelly next to her.  He rammed his cock into her pussy and fucked her hard, bringing the flogger down on her back as he did.  Kelly was putting all of her effort into fucking back in hopes that he would take it easy on her.  It was not to be though.  Charlie kept flogging her as he fucked her and then moved around and forced his cock into her mouth.  The whipping never stopped during the whole time he worked on her.

That’s how Charlie continued.  He would thrust his cock into an ass, cunt or mouth for two or three thrusts, whipping the girl’s backs as he did then he would switch and move to the next.  The way he had them bound together, he always went from an ass or cunt directly to a mouth.  After about fifteen minutes he finally came.  It just so happened that he came in Rhonda’s ass.  After he came he pulled out and presented his cock to Geri to clean again with much the same results as the first time.  He stayed there with his cock in her mouth until he started to get hard again.  When he was hard he moved to Kelly and started the process over again.  He fucked the three girls for another thirty minutes before he came, this time in Kelly’s ass. 

When he pulled out of her he waited for a few minutes and then presented his shit covered cock to Kelly’s mouth.  He had to grab her hair in a handful and twist it hard to make her scream before he could put his cock in her mouth.  Because his cock wasn’t hard, it didn’t plug her throat like it did when he did the same to Geri.  As soon as she got the full taste of his shit covered cock, she threw up.  Charlie began to thrash her back with all his strength as he watched her gag and spasm as her stomach emptied its contents.  He had expected it and was able to step aside before she did. 

When Kelly finished throwing up Charlie looked at the mess and then at the three bound women and said, “It looks like little Kelly couldn’t hold her dinner down.  Now you three are going to have to clean it all up.  Here’s the catch though.  You have to use your tongues to lick it up off the floor.  If you throw up yourself, you will have to clean that up too so I’d recommend that you work hard at keeping it down.  Now until you get Kelly’s mess cleaned up, I’m going to whip you over and over again.  Then once that’s done, we will go one more round of fucking until I cum in Geri.  That should ensure that you have some wonderful memories of your last night in your old house.

Charlie started whipping the three girls over and over as they tried to clean up Kelly’s mess.  Geri wasn’t able to keep her stomach contents down so they had extra puke to clean up.  Rhonda was the only one to keep from throwing up but it took a herculean effort to do so.  During the almost whole hour that they were cleaning up the mess, Charlie continued to whip them.  The girls were screaming and begging for mercy before they were finally finished.  Then Charlie stepped up to Kelly and presented his hard cock, still covered with a bit of shit from before.  He warned her, “Make sure you get all of your shit off without puking this time.  I promise that I won’t be so easy on you a second time.”

Kelly had to struggle mightily to keep from throwing up but she managed.  The shit was actually easier to take than the vomit.  After his cock was cleaned well he started the round robin fucking again.  Because he had gone twice already, it took close to an hour for him to cum.  His cock was actually beginning to rub raw after the constant nonstop fucking.  He did end up cumming in Geri when he finally came.  He looked at the girls when he was done and ordered, “Now don’t think that this is the end of your night.  Tomorrow everything is going to be moved to the Warren estate so you need to get packing.  The truck outside is loaded with all of the paper and boxes you will need to pack the stuff up properly.  We will take everything over there but I’m sure that there will be a lot that isn’t usable.  That will be donated to the local mission.  Now I’m going home to go to bed.  I expect you to have everything boxed up and ready to load into the truck by morning.  Oh and by the way, I’m not going to help you out of your bindings.  I’m going to leave this little knife here on the fireplace mantel.  You can get it and cut the laces holding the leather sleeves closed.  I warn you though, if you cut the leather, I will make your life a holy hell.  Now have fun.  See you in the morning.”

Charlie left and went next door to his house.  It was close to midnight and he saw that his mom and sister were not making very much progress.  They had been working on the kitchen since he left and they were now just beginning to finish.  Granted the kitchen was probably the worst room with all of the breakable dishes they had to wrap with paper before they packed them to provide cushioning.  When Charlie walked in, the two immediately assumed the slave’s position.  He looked around, seeing that they hadn’t made nearly enough progress and he took the flogger and whipped their tits, hitting his sister’s tits with the forehand stroke and his mother’s tits with the back hand.  He spent the next ten minutes whipping their tits until they were screaming and begging for mercy, something they rarely did when he punished them.  Finally he stopped and said, “It’s obvious that two people aren’t enough to pack the house up in time.  Go down stairs and let that worthless cunt out of her cage and make her help you.  When you’re done packing things up though, I want you to secure her in her cage and prepare her for transport too.  There is a cover for the cage down there in the bottom of the cabinet.  Remember that you have to pack out the dungeon too.  We should have some help tomorrow to move the big stuff so tonight Make sure you pack up all of the small stuff.  Don’t even think about getting to bed until everything is done and ready.  If you’re not finished by the time I wake up, then you can expect a more severe punishment.  Now get busy.”

Charlie’s sister and mother quickly headed down into the basement through the door in the kitchen.  They let the young blond slave out of her cage.  She was five feet five inches tall and weighed 102 pounds.  She had 34C tits, a 22 inch waist and 33 inch hips.  She looked like she was undernourished.  She also looked like it had been a long time since she had a bath.  Her hair was greasy and matted and she looked like she had been wallowing in the dirt.  She had pretty much been given just minimal attention since her master had left them there at the house.  It wasn’t intentional, it was just that Charlie kept forgetting about her and the other two slave’s had been ordered not to go into the basement unless Charlie ordered them to or took them down.  When you looked into her eyes, they looked vacant and lifeless like there was no reason for her to live.  When she crawled out of the cage, she stared vacantly at the two slaves that let her out and waited for orders.  She didn’t even try to talk.  She had learned a long time before that speaking just got her punished.  She waited until Charlie’s mother said, “You are going to help us pack up.  If you do a good job and help us finish before Master Charlie wakes up, you will have time for a bath.  Now come on.”

The three slaves went up to the kitchen and finished wrapping and packing up the things there.  They then proceeded to pack out the rest of the house except for Charlie’s room.  They had packed it out while he was next door.  That’s why the kitchen wasn’t done yet.  They knew he would be back to sleep and didn’t want to have to try and pack up the room while he was sleeping.

That morning at the Warren Estate, Angie woke up early.  She had asked Sarah for special permission to do something before they went over to help move Master Charlie and his slaves as well as Mistress Heather.  She hurried out to the kennel where she found tramp and Jade asleep in their kennel covered in dry cum.  She banged on the cage and yelled, “Get up you lazy cunts.  Get up now.”

The two slaves had only been asleep a couple of hours, having gotten back from their gang bang with the help of Mary Beth who had not been in any better shape than they were after taking on the four coaches all night long.  They didn’t hear Angie, they were so sound asleep.  Angie went and got a couple of the dogs and let them into the kennel.  When she did, she gave them the command, “FUCK”.

The two dogs rushed in to the kennel one after the other and went up to the two sleeping girls and started barking and nipping at them.  The first girl to wake up was Jade.  She screamed in fear at the aggressiveness and fierceness of the large German Shepherd that was attacking her.  The dog did as he had been trained and kept nipping at her and growling at her to get her to move into a good fucking position. As he was doing that, tramp finally awoke with a scream of her own.  She quickly realized what was going on, having been through it before.  She got onto her hands and knees and allowed the large Great Dane to launch up on her back and begin to try and seat his cock into her cunt.  She reached back and guided the dog’s cock into her cunt and as it seated itself into her, she let out a grunt.

After the Dane had been fucking tramp for a few moments she saw that Jade was trying to get away from her dog.  She gasped out, “Jade, he just wants to fuck you.  Get on your hands and knees and let him.”

Jade screamed out, “I can’t let a dog fuck me.  It’s sick.  I won’t do it.”

Finally Angie spoke up saying, “You better slut or he will bite you where you will least enjoy it.  He has been trained to get you into proper position to fuck.  The longer you resist the more vicious he will become.  There is no refusing him, trust me I know from personal experience.  So just get on your hands and knees and let him fuck you.  Besides I’m in a hurry and the longer you take the madder I’m going to get at you.  I need your help and you wouldn’t wake up so I thought since you all liked to fuck so much that you couldn’t even clean yourselves up before you went to bed that you wouldn’t mind one more fuck.  Now if you don’t want to incur any more punishment I suggest that you let the dog fuck you now.”

Jade tried one more time to get out of the dog fuck by starting to say, “But mistress……………”

“No buts cunt.  Now get on your hands and knees and let the damn dog fuck you or I’ll make you let him fuck your ass.  I guarantee you that is an experience you don’t want.”

Jade slowly rolled over and got onto her hands and knees, crying as she did.  She had never imagined that becoming Angie’s slave would lead her to end up fucking a dog.  She hoped that no one ever found out.  She was already being called enough names from the way that her mistress had forced her to dress and act in school.  She let out a grunt as the Shepherd landed on her back.  She felt the dog’s cock begin to bang against her ass between her cunt and asshole.  As he fucked into her trying to seat his cock she raised her ass up a little to get her cunt more in line so that the cock was pounding around her cunt.  Finally she reached under her and guided the cock into her cunt. 

Angie watched as Jade took the dog’s cock into her cunt for the first time.  She knew the psychological turmoil that Jade was going through.  But she also knew that deep down, when it was all over that she would enjoy the fucking.  As the two slaves were being fucked she ordered, “Look at me and listen.”

Angie waited for them to direct their attention towards her and then continued, “I’m going to go get Jack and then go down to the dungeon cabin and get some equipment put together.  I want you two to clean up immediately after the dogs are finished with you and then go get Jade’s father and take him to the family room.  He is to be naked and kneeling in the slave’s position when I get there.  Make sure you tell him I demand it.  I’ll meet you there along with the rest of the family.  Don’t dawdle because we have a busy day ahead of us and I don’t want to be the cause of us being late to help Master Charlie.  Do you understand cunts?”

Both girls gasped out that they understood and Angie turned and went to Jack’s(whelp’s) kennel and woke him up.  Angie quickly took his hand and pulled him up saying, “Follow me.  We have some work to do.”

They first went to Laura’s part of the kennel.  She was awake cuddled up with her canine husband.  Angie gave her some instructions and then she and whelp left the kennel.  Angie and whelp immediately went towards the cabin where Mary Beth was staying.  She went in without knocking.  She went to the bedroom and found the coach asleep on the bed.  She had at least taken a bath.  As a matter of fact, she had soaked in the tub for a good hour as she tried to let the filth of the four coaches’ gang rape wash off of her.  She had wondered how much worse it would get.  She had convinced herself that whatever it was it would be better than going to prison and being labeled a sexual predator for molesting a student. 

Angie went up to the bed and shook Mary Beth until she woke up.  Mary Beth groggily opened her eyes and when she saw Angie there they opened wide and she exclaimed, “What are you doing in my house?  Get out… now?”

Angie went, “Tsk… tsk… tsk.  Now you know that is no way to treat someone that has the authority from your mistress to do what I want.  Now get up.  You need to help me get some things together to take up to the house.  Then we have someone to punish.  Now get your lazy ass out of bed and help me.  Oh and take off that night gown, there is no need for clothes.”

Angie waited as Mary Beth got up slowly, stretched and yawned and then reluctantly took her night gown off.  When she was naked Angie turned and ordered, “Follow me.”

Mary Beth followed and gasped in surprise as they left the bedroom and she saw whelp standing there naked.  She stopped in her place and didn’t move until Angie noticed and turned and ordered, “Come on.  I know that this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a naked boy.  Now come on with me.  We’ve wasted enough time as it is.

They went to the dungeon cabin and Angie got a couple of empty boxes and began filling them with numerous strap-on dildo harnesses and dildos of every size and shape and function.  Once she was satisfied with the number of dildos she placed several floggers, paddles and whips in the boxes.  When the boxes were full, Angie had Mary Beth and whelp put them on a bench and then carried it out of the cabin and towards the house. 

When they entered the house, Angie noticed that it was almost 7 am.  She knew that the rest of the family would be in the family room at 7.  She hoped that tramp and Jade made it to the house as she ordered. 

As they entered the family room, there was Jade’s father kneeling in the center of the room with the two girls on either side of him.  Angie ordered whelp and Mary Beth to place the bench in the center of the room and then ordered, “It’s time we gave you your slave name Steve.  You will no longer be known by any other name.  Now get up on the bench and lay face down.”

Steve got down on the bench.  When he was lying down on his stomach, Angie knelt down and cuffed his arms to the legs in front and his knees to the legs in back of the bench.  When he was secured, Angie stood up and said, “You are going to be initiated into your future as soon as everyone gets here.  I am going to give you your new slave name and that is the only name you will be known by from now on.  You can forget your real name because that person is dead.  I am going to name you gardner.  I decided that because that is all you are good for around here that calling you by your job is a way of destroying any personal identity you may have left.  As your priestess and mistress of all things, I command that as you are fucked over and over again.  Each time you are fucked, your old name will be harder and harder to remember and your new name will take hold.  When we are done with you, you will be turned over to the dogs to be fucked for the rest of the day.  As each one fucks you, your new name will become more firm in your mind until there is no other name you remember.  By the time the dogs are finished with you, you will know only that your life is and always has been to take care of our estate’s landscape and to fuck dogs.  The thought of being used by any female will be abhorrent to you.  Yet you will submit to any female as your mistress and follow their command as long as the command does not conflict with mine or Goddess Sarah.  Do you understand your instructions?”

Steve answered, “Yes priestess.  Your wish is my command.”

At that time Sarah and the rest of them came down the stairs followed by Aminda and Michelle.  Doggyslut came down and went into the kitchen, returning with suk in tow.  When they were all there Angie began handing out the strap-on dildos and a whip, paddle or flogger.  There was one for each of the women.  She gave whelp a flogger.  She stood back and announced, “It is time that Jade’s father be initiated into his duties in this household.  We will not be tattooing him or branding him yet but we will teach him all that he is good for.  As we proceed, he will no longer be Steve, Jade’s father and rapist but will become gardener, slave to an estate of women and dogs.  He is lower than the low.  Even the lowest among the slaves here are to be considered his mistress and that includes suk.  He is to follow all orders given to him by anyone belonging to this estate without question unless he is currently following the orders of Mistress Sarah or myself.  He will know no other name other than gardener when he has finished the day.  His fate today will be to be fucked by each of us in this room and then by every dog in the kennel so that he will know that he is lower even than the dogs.  He will live in the kennels and will be given a canine master like all of us have.  We will now start by having Mistress Sarah fuck him first.  While she is fucking him in the ass until she cums, I’ll fuck his throat.  When she is done, I will take over fucking his ass and minda will take over fucking his mouth, then shelle, Doggyslut, Jack, tramp and finally suk.  When we are done, Jade will fuck him last with the shocking dildo.  She will fuck him until she cums twice while fucking him in the ass and twice while fucking his throat.  When she finishes fucking him then suk will take him to the kennel and turn him over to Laura who will take him to the dogs and make sure that each one fucks him.  He will spend the entire day and most of the night being initiated.  Mistress Sarah, he is yours to have.”

Sarah was the only one in the room that had a robe on.  She immediately shucked the robe off as she stood up.  She stepped into the harness for her dildo.  Angie had made sure that she had the worst of the dildos.  It was the dildo with the wires covering it that went in and pinched the lining of the tissue as it changed directions.  When she was done, his ass and throat would be raw and bloody.  All of the rest had regular dildos of various sizes.  The only one that had one different was Jade.  Angie gave her one of the shocking dildos so that whenever she drove it into her rapist father it would shock him inside and out.

Sarah stepped up and without the benefit of any lubrication slammed the dildo into gardener’s ass.  He screamed out in pain as she began to fuck in and out of him.  She took the flogger she had and began to lash his back with it with every in stroke of the dildo.  It didn’t take Sarah long to cum.  After she did, she quickly pulled out and moved around to his head.  She lifted him up by his hair, twisting it as she did.  He screamed out again in agony and she forced the shit covered dildo into his mouth and throat.  He gagged as she fucked his throat. 

As Sarah fucked gardener’s throat, Angie stepped up and began to fuck his bloody ass.  She had a twelve inch long dildo that was three inches wide.  She forced the large dildo into his ass causing him to scream around the dildo fucking his throat.  Angie had a cane in her hand and she lashed his back with the cane while Sarah whipped him with the flogger in between Angie’s strokes with the cane.  She lasted longer than Sarah did.  She fucked him for almost ten minutes before she came.  As soon as she came, she pulled out the bloody dildo and moved to his head.  Sarah pulled her dildo out of his mouth and then went to her chair.  She took the dildo off and donned her robe before sitting down to watch the rest of the show. 

Aminda stood up next and moved into position.  She fucked her ten inch by two and a half inch dildo into his ass as Angie went back to fucking his throat with the large dildo.  That’s the way it went when they came, the next one would step up and take their turn at his poor abused ass and then his throat.  Jack didn’t really want to fuck him in the ass or throat and had to stop and masturbate himself hard several times before he could cum.  It took him almost twenty minutes to cum in his ass and almost thirty to cum down his throat.  Then it was tramp and suk’s turn. 

They fucked poor gardener quickly and came as quick as they could.  Suk, especially didn’t take long as she hadn’t had any sex since she had come to the estate.  It only took her a couple of minutes to cum. 

Finally it was Jade’s turn.  When she stepped up behind gardener she did it with trepidation.  Her years of abuse by him had her intimidated.  She initially felt like she could never fuck her father but then she remembered what her mistress had said.  This was gardener, not her father.  She could fuck gardener.  She stepped up and rammed the shocking dildo into the hilt.  He screamed in agony as he was shocked. Jade fucked him slowly at first and then as the memories of the abuse he had put her through came flooding back she fucked into him harder and harder.  It took her just a few minutes before she came the first time but the second cum took another twenty minutes.  She pulled out of his bloody, abused ass hole and went to his head.  She lifted him by his hair and looked him in the eyes and ordered, “Take my cock in your mouth gardener.  Suck my cock like the stupid fuck that you are.  NOW DO IT!”.

A hint of recognition of his once slave daughter flashed across his face and then his programming took over and he opened his mouth.  Jade stuck the shocking cock in and fucked him down the throat.  He began to groan and scream in agony around the cock as the shocks came fast and furious.  It took only ten minutes this time for her to cum and her final cum only took a couple of minutes after that one. 

On the last cum, Jade had forced the cock all of the way down his throat and left it there as the glorious ecstasy of her cum shook her to her very core.  It was the best cum she had ever had, even better than the ones that her mistress had given her.  It was a combination of having cum so many times and the feeling of revenge that she was finally getting back at her father for everything he had done to her.  It wasn’t until he started struggling and shaking, trying to get oxygen that she finally came around enough and pulled out.

When Jade backed away from the man who had been her father, Angie stood up and ordered, “Suk, take this piece of refuse and turn him over to Laura and the dogs.  We have to get dressed and go over to help Master Charlie and Mistress Heather.  Tramp since you are Priestess Heather’s slave, you will go to her house and help her move.  Her parents are not to know that you are her slave so address her as Heather like she was your best friend.  You will not be punished for it.  Once you have helped her pack her things and loaded them into the car that will be sent with you, then come back here.  The minute you leave your priestess’ house, you are to refer to her properly.  The rest of us will be going over to Master Charlie’s house and helping him and his slaves move.  His slaves are to have everything ready to be loaded up on the truck when we get there.  Doggyslut and Jack will go pick up the U-Haul and bring it to their house.  Here is the address so hurry on and get dressed.  As soon as you are ready, then go ahead and leave.”

Everyone scattered and went about getting dressed.  They were soon all on their way to their assorted tasks.  About an hour later, they were all at Charlie’s house.  Just as they arrived, Charlie ordered his sister and mother to take the other slave down to the basement and secure her in her cage and prepare it for moving. 

Charlie’s sister and mother took the slave to the basement.  First they put a six inch dildo gag in her mouth and strapped it on.  Next they had her crawl into the cage backwards.  At the other end were a couple of dildos that were attached to the center bar of that end.  They had her back up, pulling her knees under her as she did until they could align the dildos with her cunt and ass.  They helped pull her all of the way back until her ass cheeks were against the bar.  They then pulled her legs apart until they lined up with cuffs on the bottom of the cage and locked the cuffs to her legs.  From the top of the cage they connected an adjustable bar with a collar on one end.  They adjusted the length until it came to the girl’s neck and then they buckled the collar around her neck.  Finally they took her hands and brought them up behind her head.  So that her head was encased on both sides with her upper arms and that her lower arms were locked at the top of her head hand to elbow.  They put a leather sleeve around her forearms and buckled them closed.  There was a loose buckled strap in the center of the sleeve.  They took the two ends and laced them over the center bar.  They pulled the buckle until the sleeve was tight against the bar and then buckled it closed.  Finally they closed the door of the cage and locked it.  When they were done, they put a leather covering over the cage.  There was a square piece that fit on top of the cage and it had a leather piece that hung down each side, completely covering the side.  Each side had buckles on the edge that lined up and when down allowed the edges to be buckled together.  At the end of each side were additional straps and buckles that fit around a corresponding bar connector below it where it could be threaded through and then the cover buckled on.  When they were done, they went up to tell their master that everything was now ready. 

For the next couple of hours they all helped move the boxes and furniture onto the truck.  The beds were last as they were the most important pieces of furniture to be taken off at the estate for the slaves.  Sarah and Charlie followed behind the slaves as they picked up and carried the items and whipped them if they didn’t think they were moving fast enough. They only whipped them when they were inside the houses or the trucks so the neighbors wouldn’t see what was going on. When they had the truck filled, they all drove to the estate.  One of the guards drove the truck for them so the rest rode in a couple of cars. 

When they all got to the estate they unloaded the truck and took the furniture down to the basement for the slaves.  The beds they lined up at one end of the basement putting them next to each other with a chest of drawers between them.  The furniture from the living room they put at the other end of the open basement to give them a place to relax.  The kitchen table they set in the center to give them a place to do homework.  The kitchen items and other stuff that they would not need they set aside outside for future delivery to the good will. 

When they were done unloading everything from the truck, they returned and repeated the process with Tina’s old house.  Again they took it all to the estate and put the beds at one end of the basement and furniture at the other end.  Before they went back to get the last of the stuff they drove the truck down to the cabin that Mary Beth had been living in and packed her stuff out and hauled it back to the house.  The bed and furniture were moved in with the other items.  Finally they made one final trip to Charlie’s house and moved the dungeon equipment from the basement.  Luckily most of the heavy equipment, like the adjustable chair and the St. Andrew’s cross, were able to be taken apart into smaller more manageable pieces.  The items in the cabinets had already been boxed up and were ready for moving.  Everything was moved out except for the cage that the blond girl was in.  It took everyone to lift the cage.

As they moved, Angie asked Charlie, “Why didn’t you just let the girl walk out with the rest of us Master?”

Charlie answered saying, “When her previous master left her with me, he made me promise that I would always keep her in the cage when I wasn’t using her.  That if I ever moved she was to be strapped into the cage like she is and moved in it like you see it now.  He made me promise that even if he was killed and never returned that I was to continue keeping her like she was as long as she was my slave.  I’m a lot of things but I am a man of my word.  So even though you say her master is dead, I’m treating her as if he were alive because that is what I promised.  You will all get to eventually meet her when we decide to have some fun and games at the estate.  Until then, she will be kept in the cabin where all of this equipment is being kept.”

After they loaded the cage onto the truck, the slaves split up and went through the two houses and made sure that there was nothing left behind.  The next day would find the homes being renovated and made into duplexes so that they could rent them out for income property.  Doggyslut had convinced Sarah that it would be better to have a couple of rental income properties than a lump sum from the sale of the house.

When they finished going through the homes to be sure they were empty they returned to the estate.  They unloaded the truck at the cabin that Mary Beth had been staying at this time.  They set up the dungeon and left the cage there with the girl in it.  They left Charlie’s mother and sister there to release her from her moving bondage and the others went to the front of the main house and began to load up all of the unwanted items onto the truck.  The slaves rode in the back of the truck while doggyslut drove as they delivered all of the items to the good will.

When they returned to the mansion, they all went down to the basement and decided on who got which beds.  There were two king sized beds, two queen sized beds and four twin sized beds.  It was decided that Aminda and Michelle would get one of the king sized beds and Angie and Jade would get the other.  Doggyslut and Mary Beth would share one of the queen sized beds and Charlie’s mother and sister would share the other.  Geri, Rhonda, Kelly and Jack would all take a twin bed each.  Suk would continue to sleep in her pantry, tramp and gardener would stay in the kennels.  That left misery without a bed.  Mistress Heather would move into the room next to Mistress Sarah’s where Aminda and Michelle had been sleeping.  Charlie would sleep in Sarah’s parent’s room and Carl would sleep in the room across from that one.  That left the room with Sarah’s therapy equipment and the adjoining room that the nurses had stayed in and two rooms on the side where Carl and Charlie were sleeping furnished but with no one staying in them.

They were discussing where misery would stay once she came home and doggyslut remembered that they had moved a twin sized bed from the cabin she stayed in to the storage area in the garage when they moved the dungeon equipment from Brittany’s in.  They all rushed up to the garage and quickly moved the bed and the chest of drawers down to the basement with the others.  They were all satisfied now that everyone had a place.  Doggyslut knew that she would not be staying too many nights in the basement because she had been spending her nights with Carl so Mary Beth really made out because most of the time she would be in a queen sized bed by herself.  Other than no sense of privacy from the other slaves who were all students at the school she taught at it was the best she could hope for.  Once they had decided on who sleeps where, they began to load their clothes into the chest of drawers next to their beds.  When they were finally done with everything it was well past dinner time.

During the afternoon while everyone in the Warren estate was moving, Sean the black computer geek that had paired up with Aminda during the JV Cheerleader entrapment was at the mall.  He knew what Sarah was trying to do by running for the school government and he knew that Hannah Kreshman was the only real competition for them in the Junior class.  He was enjoying himself at the food court of the mall when he saw Hannah walk by, looking around like she was a bit nervous.  He decided that he would follow her and see what was going on.  As he did he stayed far enough back so that she wouldn’t realize she was being followed. 

Sean followed her from store to store and was beginning to get bored because he didn’t see her doing anything but window shopping.  She would pick things up and then put them back usually after trying them on in the dressing room.  She went into clothing stores mostly and she would take several things off the racks and take them to the dressing room, supposedly to try them out.  After several minutes she would come out and take the items back to hang up on the racks.  It was after she had done this in about four stores that he realized that sometimes she was hanging up less items than she took into the dressing room. 

Sean decided to take his blackberry out and video record the next store if she went into one and tape it.  He had a sixteen gigabyte chip in the phone which he hoped would be able to have enough memory to record the whole thing.  He was in luck because Hannah had saved the most expensive top end store for last.  He stayed back and filmed her going from rack to rack taking things off and then going into the dressing room.  He counted the number of items she took with her and then waited.  About fifteen minutes later she came out of the dressing room and went back to each of the racks and hung up an item.  He still had the camera filming as she put everything up.  The thing that confused him was that she hung up as many things as she had taken down. 

As Hannah left the store, Sean ducked out of site.  He went back to the food court and sat for most of an hour looking at the video recording over and over.  Finally he noticed that there was a slight difference in color between the shirt that Hannah wore under her jacket going in to the dressing room from the one she wore leaving.  He decided to go back to the store and see if he could find the shirt she left behind. 

From watching the video, he knew every rack that Hannah had stopped at and he went through the store.  As he went in the store he told the clerk that his girl friend thought she had accidently hung her old pullover jacket after she tried on some clothes.  The clerk followed him as he went from rack to rack.  Finally after about ten minutes, Sean found the pullover.  It was on a rack of designer tops with price tags between three and four hundred dollars each.  It was obvious to the clerk that it did not belong to the store so she let Sean take it, believing the story that he told. 

Sean quickly left the store in as normal a fashion as he could.  He pulled out his blackberry and called Aminda.  When she answered he explained everything to her.  When he was done Aminda said, “I bet this isn’t the first time she has done something like this.  It sounds to me like she has a lot of experience shop lifting.  Why don’t you hack into the County and municipal court systems and see if she has any priors.  I’m betting that she just might.  Please go home and do it immediately because I want to be able to give the good news to Sarah.  I won’t say anything though until you know for sure so call me whether you find something or not.”

Sean drove home immediately and went to his room.  He sat down at his computer and began his hack into the court computers.  It took him several hours but he finally hit pay dirt.  It was in the county court files.  It seems that Hannah had two prior arrests for shop lifting.  The first was a misdemeanor conviction which resulted in her serving 400 hours of community service.  The second was a felony conviction where she had stolen over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise, mostly clothing from various stores.  One store had caught her and when the police caught up with her at her car they found the other items she had stolen.  This conviction led to a three year sentence which she was to serve on probation.  It seemed that her father had the ability to pay for a really top notch lawyer that was able to convince the judge that she wouldn’t steal again.  Part of the sentence was that Hannah would have to undergo therapy for kleptomania. 

Sean smiled as he knew that with what they had, they could make Hannah do just about anything.  Under California’s three strikes law, she would be sent to jail for life if she were convicted for this offense.  He immediately called Aminda and told him what he had found.  She asked him, “Can you make copies of everything to include the video and bring them and the shirt over to our house tonight?”

Sean answered, “It will probably be close to nine or ten before I can get it done.  Is that going to be okay?”

Aminda quickly answered and said, “That’s fine.  Who knows, I might be able to reward you when you get here.  Why don’t you see if you can stay the night?  That way if it works out then you don’t have to call back to get your parent’s permission.”

Immediately after the phone call, Aminda finished helping to unpack the rest of the boxes.  It was a couple of hours before they finished.  In the process Aminda got so busy she temporarily forgot about the good news.

At the dinner table, Sarah sat at the head of the table, Charlie sat at the foot of the table and Heather sat to Sarah’s right.  On either side of Sarah, along the side of the table, was Aminda and Michelle on one side and Angie and Mary Beth on the other next to Jack who was just to Heather’s left.  On either side of Charlie was his mother and sister next to whelp and then Heather.  Geri, Rhonda and Kelly were on his other side.  All of the slaves were kneeling on the floor with dog dishes in front of them.  The only ones in chairs were the master and two mistresses.

Suk served them a nice meal of pot roast and potatoes with carrots with a nice cheese cake for desert.  Her cooking skills had greatly improved since she had started as the kitchen slave a couple of months previously.  When they finished Sarah said, “I feel like we need to do something to celebrate our new set up here.  What do you say we have a little orgy?”

The slaves all stayed quiet though Mary Beth, Geri, Rhonda and Kelly all looked a little white.  But they all understood by now that they really had no choice in the matter.  It would be up to their Mistress Sarah, Mistress Heather and Master Charlie.  They waited for response from the other two to Sarah’s suggestion.  Heather was the first to speak up saying, “I’m game if you are.  But we don’t have enough guys around here.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little bi action but I do love to have cock more.  Where are we going to get some more guys?”

Sarah smiled and answered, “Well we have Charlie, whelp and gardener.  We can also have our three personal guards come in.  I know that we haven’t played with Gar, Harry or Trip in a while.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a nice little orgy.  That increases it to six guys.  The slaves can do with a dildo or dog cock if they are really horny.  Personally I think Charlie should get to choose which slave he wants to fuck and then you and I will chose who we want to fuck.  I plan on fucking Gar, my security guard.  I assure you that all of the guards are good and are clean.  They have to get tested regularly to stay employed here.  They are dismissed immediately if they come up positive for any STD.  That is a requirement for their continued employment.  The slaves can chose from whoever is left after you chose your fuck for the night Heather.  I would personally prefer that gardener not be included.  Besides, I don’t think he’ll be in any condition to after the day he’s had.”

Heather looked at Charlie and then whelp.  She didn’t really like either one of those two options.  And after what gardener did to Jade, she definitely didn’t want to fuck him.  That would be like rewarding him for raping his daughter.  She looked at Sarah and said, “I’ll take one of the security guards.  I haven’t seen them at all, are they cute?”

Aminda and Michelle giggled and Aminda said, “They are all hunks.  They aren’t your average security guards.  They are all ex members of the special forces or secret service.  We can attest to their virility too.  We played with them all of the time, at least we did until school started.  Since then, it seems that we’ve had other things going on.  Michelle, go invite our three boys in.  They are past due for some fun and games.  That is if it is okay with you Mistress Sarah?”

Sarah happily exclaimed, “By all means bring them in.  Charlie, why don’t you bring your other slave in from the cabin?  I’m sure that we can think of a lot of ways to have fun with her.”

Charlie turned to his mother and sister and ordered, “Go get the bitch.  We haven’t played with her for a while.  Besides, I’m sure she could stand to be out of that cage for a while.  Did you unbind her after you moved the cage to the cabin?”

Charlie’s sister looked at Charlie and smiled saying, “Oh yes master.  I wouldn’t leave her bound like that any longer than necessary.  Do you want us to prepare her in any way?”

Charlie answered, “No.  Just bring her here.  But why don’t you take one of Sarah’s slaves with you and show her how everything works.  That way if they ever have to move her or take her out during the day while we are all at school, they will know what to do.”

Sarah immediately looked at doggyslut and said, “Go with Charlie’s slaves.  I want you to watch closely and help as needed.  I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.”

Michelle got up and went out to the security office to get Gar, Harry and Trip.  Doggyslut followed Charlie’s mother and sister out to the cabin.  As soon as the three entered the cabin, they saw the cage with the skinny blond girl in it.  She was naked and had her feet and hands on the top bars of the cage and was doing exercises, pulling herself up and letting herself back down slowly.  When they entered the cabin she froze hanging from the top and looked at them.  She didn’t say anything but her eyes stared at doggyslut as the three approached them. 

As Charlie’s mom undid the lock of the cage doggyslut paid close attention.  It was a combination lock and she had to memorize the combination as it was unlocked.  It was a five combination lock and then once it was coded in, the key had to be inserted into the slot and turned two full revolutions.  Anything less or more would result in the lock being closed out for 24 hours.

As Charlie’s mom was dialing the combination and turning the key, the blond girl stared at doggyslut.  Finally as she was being pulled out of the cage, she couldn’t stand it anymore.  She leaned toward doggyslut, still staring at her and asked quietly, “Are you doggyslut.  My master has been hunting doggyslut for years and I swear you look like her picture.  I stared at it every day at my master’s home.  You look just like the picture only older.  You are her aren’t you?”

Charlie’s mom and sister looked at the girl surprised and then at doggyslut.  Doggyslut smiled and answered, “Yes I’m doggyslut.  I’m not surprised that your master would have my picture hanging in a prominent place since he was a hunter.  He was killed trying to kill my daughter and her friend.”

The girl exclaimed, “He tried to kill your daughter.  You mean Michelle?  Did he hurt her?  Is she okay?  Tell me she’s okay.  I couldn’t bear the thought that she was hurt by master.”

Doggyslut was a bit surprised at what the girl was saying.  She acted like Michelle meant something to her.  She didn’t think they had ever met before.  She had to get to the bottom of this so she asked, “You act as if you know my daughter.  Why does it matter to you if something happens to her?”

For the first time in a long time, the blond girl smiled with life in her eyes.  The hopeless look was gone at least temporarily.  She said, “Your daughter and a girl named Aminda were my best friends before master took me away.  I never got to say goodbye.  We were inseparable.  They even called us the bitchpups and punished us together because we were so close.”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “You must be Lisa.  Michelle has told me all about you.  She and Aminda are both here.  Even Angie is here.”

When doggyslut said that Michelle and Aminda were here, Lisa got excited for the very first time since before they were sent to Clearview.  She exclaimed, “They’re here… oh my god I don’t believe it.  I thought I’d never see them again.  Please take me to them. Please.”

Charlie’s mother and sister were staring in stunned amazement at the exchange.  This was the first sign of life that they had seen in the girl.  They would have never believed that she could be this alive.  Doggyslut looked over at them and said, “Come on then, let’s get her over to the house.”

They all headed to the house.  They could hardly hold Lisa back.  She wanted to run there to see her long lost friends.  Finally after what seemed an interminable amount of time they entered through the back door.  Doggyslut led them to the family room where they were going to have the orgy.  As she entered, “Michelle and Aminda we have a surprise for you.”

There were two girls kneeling naked in the center of the room waiting for everyone to get there.  Only it was Aminda and Angie not Aminda and Michelle.  Because of their years of training, they stayed in the slave’s position.  They both wanted to look but they had been trained to hold their slave position.  Lisa however saw Aminda kneeling there and immediately ran to the two girls screaming.  She ran around in front of them and almost tackled them as she lunged down onto her knees screaming, “Michelle, Aminda… I thought I’d never see you again.”

When she saw Aminda, Lisa just assumed that the person next to her was Michelle.  She didn’t get a good enough look at Angie before she embraced them in a hug to realize that it wasn’t Michelle she was hugging.  She kept jabbering, “Aminda… Michelle… I’ve missed you so much.”

Even with all of the years of training, seeing their good friend right there in front of them was too much.  Both Aminda and Angie quickly grabbed their long lost friend in a bear hug.  They were crying but the tears were tears of happiness at being reunited with each other after so long a time.  They had all assumed that they would never see each other again.  It was about that time that Michelle came in the door with the three guards.  She saw the three girls in the center of the room hugging each other and crying.  As she watched, Lisa sat back on her heels and rubbed her eyes.  When she did that, Michelle recognized her immediately and ran to the group.  She almost tackled them as she screamed “Lissaaa”.

For several minutes the four girls cried and hugged, telling each other how much they missed each other and loved each other.  While they were doing that, Sarah looked over at Charlie and said, “This changes things.  Lisa is one of the bitchpups.  The four girls go together so I want Lisa as my slave.”

Charlie said, “Wait a minute now.  She’s my slave.  Her master said that she was mine if something happened to him.  I’m not about to give her up.  Besides, we’ll all be living under the same roof anyway.”

Sarah responded, “I don’t care.  The bitch pups are a set.  They all belong together.  How much do you want for her?  I’ll buy her from you.”

Charlie frowned and said, “It’s not the money Sarah.  I like having a bunch of slaves.  If you take her you have to give up one of your slaves.”

Sarah said angrily, “You know that my slaves are all part of the bitch pups or older slaves like doggyslut or suk.  I have no say about the others because they belong to someone else.  Come on now, help me out.  There has to be something else we can arrange.”

Charlie started to say, “I’m sorry Sarah but unless you give me a replacement slave to my liking, there is no deal.  I will……

Aminda heard the two arguing and got into a kneeling position and said, “Excuse me master and mistress but I think I have a solution to the problem.”

Charlie and Sarah looked at Aminda and Sarah said with a twinge of anger, “Well we’re waiting slave.  It better be good.”

Aminda looked down at the floor and said, “It is mistress, it is.  Not only will it solve the problem with Lisa but it will solve the potential problem for the school election.”

“What are you getting at slave?  Spit it out.”  Sarah exclaimed.

Aminda sighed and said, “Well first I think the guards should wait outside.  They don’t need to be hearing this.”

Sarah agreed and looked at the guards saying, “Could you wait out front for a few minutes.  We’ll bring you back in when we’re ready.  We want you to participate in our little celebration orgy.”

Aminda waited until the guards were outside and then turned to Mistress Sarah and Master Charlie and said, “Sean caught Hannah Kreshman shoplifting today.  I had him hack the court system to see if she had any priors and it seems as if she has two convictions already for shoplifting and under California’s three strikes law, the third conviction will lead to life in prison.  He has video of her stealing that he took on his blackberry and he is making copies of the court files.  He is bringing them over this evening to present them to you.  I invited him to stay the night as a reward.  I got so busy with the move that I forgot to tell you about it.  I’m sorry mistress.”

Sarah smiled an evil little smile as she imagined all of the things they were going to be able to do at the school with not only the administration and some of the teachers but the school government all totting her line.  She looked at Charlie and said, “Do you think you can handle Hannah.  I would think after what you just recently accomplished with Rhonda, Kelly and Geri that with that kind of evidence that it should be a breeze.  I’ll let you have her in exchange for Lisa, with the understanding that she is to follow my lead at the school if she wins the Junior class representative election.”

Charlie smiled as he thought about all of the times over the years that Hannah had rebuffed him and made snide remarks to him.  In his opinion, she had the attitude that her shit didn’t stink and everyone but a few of her special friends were lower than snake shit and she treated them like that.  He never understood how she got to be so popular.  This would be a chance for him to get back at her.  He looked at Sarah and said, “Agreed.  That is more than a fair exchange.  I’ve wanted to get my hands on her for ages.  She always treated me and my friends like shit.  I can assure you that pay pack is definitely going to be a bitch in her case.”

Sarah said, “It’s agreed then.  Lisa belongs to me and you get Hannah.  Feel free to use my slaves to help you coral her.  I’m sure that they can make it more interesting for you.  Just let me know ahead of time so that I can plan accordingly if I need something done.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Agreed.”

About that time the doorbell rang.  Suk went to the door to see who it was.  She had him stand just inside the door and went into the family room to announce, “Mistress Sarah, a Master Sean is at the door.  He says he has business with slave minda.”

Sarah excitedly ordered, “Well don’t make him stand there, bring him in.  He’s staying the night and he deserves to be part of this orgy as well.

Suk went back to the foyer and led Sean into the family room.  He was shocked to see that all but two of the people in the room were naked.  He saw Aminda and went up to her.  Aminda stood up and gave him a kiss and asked, “Did you bring them?”

Sean held up the folder and gave it to her.  Aminda took it and went over to Master Charlie and handed him the file.  Sarah moved over next to him and they scanned the evidence.  They saw the DVD in the file and Sarah decided that it was time for a video.  They had Aminda put it in and began to play it.  For the next thirty minutes they watched as Hannah went from rack to rack.  Sean pointed out the scenes of interest as it played.  In particular the scene of her coming out of the dressing room where she had on a designer top that was just slightly different in color to the pullover she had and that couldn’t be distinguished unless you looked closely.  Then the video ended with a video of where she put items back on the rack and a close up of the obviously used pullover that was left behind on the rack.  At the point he went back to the door and picked up a sack and took it back to Charlie.  He said, I got the stores permission to take the pullover she left behind.  They think that she accidently hung it back up but we have the evidence that she stole a top.  The rack she took the top on had prices of between three and four hundred dollars.  This was a major offense and this is just the last store of many that she went in.  I’m betting that if push came to shove, she was stealing from every store she went into.  When you blackmail her, I would include the other stores.  There’s a list in the folder of the stores she visited.  Bottom line is we have her over a barrel.  I just ask one thing.  That bitch has made my life a living hell since the first grade.  Once you have her under your control, I want a crack at her.  I’d love to be able to take her virginity in one of her holes but you’ll be the one taking the risk so I’ll leave it up to you.”

Charlie grinned and said, “I could think of nothing better than to have a group of brothers to have their way with her as her first initiation into her new life.  Do you think you can arrange for about a dozen of your black friends to have a little fun?  I’d let you decide just how you work it out with them.  The only thing is that getting a girl’s virginity is worth something.  I’ll let you have one but the guy that gets the other if it is available will have to pay two hundred dollars at least.  Everyone else will have to pay fifty dollars a person to participate.  That is everyone except you.  You’ve already earned the right to get the virginity of your choice.  Do you think you can accomplish something like that?  Oh and if they want to bring a dog or two then that would be fine as well.  So what do you say?”

Sean smiled and said, “That won’t be a problem man.  I can arrange twenty for you if you want.  Just let me know when you want to do it and I’ll make it happen.”

Charlie stood up and walked over to Sean and shook his hand saying, “It’s a deal then.  I love a good brotherly gang fuck, especially for a girl’s first time, isn’t that right Kelly?”

Kelly lowered her head and shoulders as the memories of her first time with the gang came flooding back.  She was crying as she answered, “Yes Master”.

Charlie looked at everyone and said, “I don’t know about you all but I’m ready for an orgy.  Let’s all get naked and have some fun.”  He looked over at Sarah and said, “That includes the guards too.  The girls couldn’t say enough about how much they wanted them again so go ahead and bring them back in.  They feel bad at neglecting them since school started, so let’s let them make it up to them.  Now let’s party.”

Sarah stood up and walked up to Gar and led him up the stairs to her room.  She had to lean on him a little for support but otherwise made it on her own.  Aminda and Michelle got up and grabbed Harry and Trip and pulled them to the center of the room.  They began to unbutton their clothes once they were in the center of the room.  Aminda took Lisa’s hand and guided her to take over with Harry and when she was helping him undress she turned her attention to Sean.  She immediately went to help him out of his clothes.  Charlie went over to Kelly and led her to the middle of the room.  He turned to his mother and sister and said, “Mom, you get Rhonda and Sis you do Geri.  I wouldn’t want them to feel left out.”

Doggyslut looked on as the orgy got underway.  She felt left out of the activities.  It had been a while since she had been in an orgy.  She decided to go upstairs and spend the night with Carl.  She headed up the stairs as the orgy was getting under way.

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