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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 74 Gaining Perspective

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 3 Michelle’s Story Chapter 74

By Redlegtiger

Edited by msboy8 and CuteLittleFreak

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 74, Gaining Perspective

Karen had spent the night being fucked at least once by every dog in the kennel, most of them more than once.  She took them in every hole, most of the time with two or all three of her holes occupied by a dog cock.  Doggy cum was streaming out of her ass and cunt and dribbling down into a container.  There was about a quart of cum in the container now.  Right at six, Laura, Karen’s mother, barked a couple of times and the two dogs that were not knotted to Karen got down and went to their kennel.  The one remaining dog was knotted to her cunt and she had to wait for it to go down enough for it to slip out. 

Karen was in a stupor as she didn’t get much sleep through the night.  Her body ached from the tortures and especially her tits which had supported her weight and the weight of the dogs as they fucked her.  She was almost delirious from the combination of the torture and lack of sleep.  Her mother took the note that Sarah had left for her to give Karen and placed it under her face so that she could read what was said.  Karen wasn’t paying attention and it took a couple of hits on top of her head with her gnarled hand before Karen looked at her mother.  Laura motioned with her hand down to the letter until Karen looked down and saw the note.  She read it.


I have arranged for your mother to release you this

morning after you read this letter.  You will not clean

up at all from your ordeal.  I have something I want

you to do.  Cheerleading Coach, Mary Beth, needs to be

further humiliated and put more under our control so I

want you to go over there during her fourth period class

which begins at eleven.  She has that period free as

well as the lunch hour.  The doggy cum in your cunt and

ass are for her to clean up.  You will go over there and

have her do the honors so when you go, all you are to wear

is a robe.  You may take a sexy outfit to put on afterwards. 

The cum that has been collected from all of the dogs is to

be taken with you and you will pour it over your body for

coach to clean up.  That is why I don’t want you to clean up

after your ordeal is over.  I gave your mother instructions

to take you down and let you sleep until it is time to leave

to go to the school so you will be able to get a little rest

before you go.  I give the coach to you as your slave.  Do

with her as you will but remember that you always belong to

me.  You are to tell the coach to have a mandatory overnight

party for the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders this Friday and

Saturday as a team building exercise.  It will be here at

the estate.  Varsity cheerleaders will be in attendance and

will participate in the initiation ceremony Friday night but

will be free to go or stay as they choose.  Laura will now

let you free of your bindings.  See you tonight at dinner.

Mistress Sarah

Karen/doggyslut looked up from the letter and looked at her mother and quietly said, “I understand my instructions.  Please let me down now.  I need to get some sleep, I’m exhausted.”

Laura spent the next few minutes releasing Karen from all of her bindings and then helped her over to her doggy bed.  Karen looked at her mother and said, “Wake me up at ten so that I can go to the school to meet coach Mary Beth.”

Karen then closed her eyes and slept for the next three hours.  Laura did wake her up at ten as she requested.  Karen immediately got up and took the sealed quart container of dog cum that Laura had set beside her.  She went to her room and put on a robe and put a change of clothes into a bag.  She immediately ran to her car and hopped in without telling her security guards.  She took off to drive to the school.  Her security detail was just able to get in their car and follow her.  Karen arrived about ten minutes before the end of Coach Mary Beth’s third period class.  As she entered the office she heard the noise of all of the girls coming into the locker room just outside the office.  Fortunately there was only one window in the office on the side of the locker room and it had a set of closed blinds.  She put the container of cum on the desk, hung up the robe she was wearing and sat down in the chair behind the desk.  She put her feet up on the desk with her legs spread as wide as she could get them and leave room for someone between her and the desk.

Just as the last of the noise abated in the locker room, the bell rang.  Shortly thereafter, Coach Mary Beth started to enter into the office and stopped in her tracks in the doorway.  Her mouth dropped open in shocked surprise.  She was not only shocked to see Karen sitting there in the lewd position she was in at her desk but at the whip marks, bruises and the new brand that was visible on her stomach. 

Karen wanted to keep Mary totally off balance and not have a chance to gain some semblance of control.  Karen ordered, “I have a little present for you.  You will strip out of your clothes, get on your knees and crawl over here and suck my cunt until I tell you to stop.”

Mary Beth finally snapped from the pressure and said, “I will not.  This has gone far enough.  You can get out of my office right now or I’ll call the police.  Now get out.”

Karen wasn’t even fazed by Mary’s announcement.  She reached over to her purse and grabbed her cell phone.  She hit speed dial 1 and waited for the other end of the call to answer.  While it was ringing she hit the speaker button so Mary Beth could hear. 

Finally they both heard, “Los Angeles FBI Office, how may I help you?”

When Mary heard that her face went white in fear.  Karen said into the phone, “Would you please get Pete Towns.  Tell him that it is Karen Miller calling.”

When the operator put her on hold Karen looked at Mary and said, “You have until Pete gets on the phone to be over here and eating my cum filled cunt out or I tell him about you forcing an underage girl into having sex with you.  I wouldn’t wait too long, he’s usually very prompt in answering my calls.”

Mary Beth knew when she was beat and quickly stripped out of her gym clothes and got down on all fours and crawled over to Karen.  She had just tentatively stuck her tongue into Karen’s slit when she heard, “Karen, this is Pete, how are you doing?  I know you’ve had a hard time the last few weeks.  Are you and the girls handling everything okay?”

Mary Beth couldn’t get over the familiarity the FBI agent had with Karen.  She listened as Karen answered, “We’re doing as good as can be expected under the circumstances.  Sarah is doing wonderfully.  We found out from the Warren’s lawyer that she is the daughter that I gave away to adoption when I first escaped.  She and I have had such a close relationship it is like we’ve always been mother and daughter.”  She lied to Pete.  She continued, “She is able to walk short distances unassisted now.  I think she’ll make a full recovery soon.  The other girls have all made the cheerleading team and that has given them something to distract them. As a matter of fact I’m in the cheerleading coach’s office right now.  I thought I would come over and see if we couldn’t come to an understanding about all of the activities that will be happening with the cheerleaders this year.  But anyway, that’s enough personal business.  What is going on with the investigation into the organization?”

Pete answered with concern, “I hate to tell you this but there seems to be one additional member of the hunt team that was responsible for Sarah being shot.  He is apparently the leader of the hunt group and isn’t normally involved in the actual nitty-gritty of the hunt, just the planning.  From the computer data base we’ve been able to trace it back to the high school your kids are going to now.  It also seems as if he is the one responsible for the disappearance of at least six young girls from the Los Angeles area, maybe even more.  Some of the references are very vague and we can’t tell for sure.  They refer to him as Teach.  We are just in the process of going through all of the computers in the school to see if we can find anything that would tell us which of the teachers it is.  Do you know of anything that might help?”

Karen thought for a minute and then remembered the information Aminda had shared about seeing the girl come out of the history teacher’s office.  She said, “I think that you might start with the history teacher.  Aminda saw a girl come out of his room and she thought she saw cum in her hair.  Then a male student came out with the teacher and they were both talking like the history teacher was conspiring with the student.  I know it may be totally innocent but Aminda said it just reminded her of two masters talking after having their way with a slave.”

Pete answered, “Thanks Karen.  That helps a lot.  We were in a meeting discussing how to proceed when you called.  This will definitely help us know where to start anyway.  Thanks again, and if you hear anything else, give me a call.  Take care and tell the girls I said hi.”

Karen answered, “I will Pete, Thanks.”

Karen hung up the phone and looked down at Mary Beth who was looking her in the eyes as she licked and sucked on her cum filled cunt.  She said, “Next time I tell you to do something, don’t you dare refuse or I’ll make that call and tell him everything that you did and give him the pictures.  Who knows, maybe he’ll think you are the one they’re looking for.  Do you understand?”

Mary Beth moved away from Karen’s cunt long enough to answer, “Yes Karen.”

Karen slapped Mary on the face and said, “That will be Mistress to you from now on.  You will call me that as well as Sarah, Aminda, Angie and Michelle.  You will still call them by their names when around others but if you are alone, you will call them mistress.  They are your owners now.  Now get back to work and suck that cum out of my cunt and ass.  You need to hurry up and get to it because we aren’t going to stop until you have licked up every drop that is in me and on me, including that jar full over there.  Now get busy.”

Mary looked down on the ground and answered meekly, “Yes Mistress,” and then she put her head back down and started licking at Karen’s cunt again.  Karen picked up the jar and began to dribble the cum on the top of her bare pubic mound so the cum dribbled down over her cunt where Mary was licking her. 

They had been there for about fifteen minutes and had gone through about a quarter of the cum in the jar when a big burly man walked into the office with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.  He exclaimed, “My god Mary… What in the hell are you doing?”

The sound of that voice caused Mary Beth to panic and she immediately stood up and turned around exclaiming, “Barry, what are you doing here?”

Barry stood there with his hands down at his side, the bouquet of flowers on the floor in a heap.  He said, “I should be the one asking you that.  You always told me that you would never tolerate being around a lesbian and here you’re having lesbian sex with t…t…that whore.  I go away for a couple of weeks and obviously something has changed.  What’s going on Mary?”

Mary stood there in a daze not even trying to cover up.  She was still in a mild state of panic and fear from the conversation Karen had with the FBI.  She looked at Barry and then at Karen several times as she tried to decide what to do.  Karen just sat there and decided to let the situation play out a bit before she got involved.  Mary finally decided that in the current situation she had to comply with whatever Karen ordered her to do, especially after the conversation that she just heard Karen have with the FBI.  She knew that there was really only one choice and that was that she would have to break up with her fiancé.  She looked at Barry and as she took off her engagement ring she said with as much firmness as she could, “I met Karen while you were gone and she showed me how much better it is with a woman than a man.  I can’t marry you anymore Barry.  Here’s your ring back.  I don’t want it anymore.”  She threw the ring at him as she said the last bit.

Barry looked at Mary with such a shocked look it was hard to tell if he was hurt or just angry.  He burst out and said with a bit of anger, “But we were going to be married weekend after next.  Everything has been arranged.  You can’t do this to me.”

Mary strengthened her resolve and answered, “I can and I am Barry.  What part of my finding women better than men don’t you understand?  Now go and leave us alone.  The wedding is off, if you haven’t figured that out yet you big moron.”

Barry’s anger rose and his face turned a deep red.  He yelled back, “Fine you bitch.  Don’t ever bother to come by the apartment again.  I’ll have all of your stuff delivered to your current apartment.  I don’t want to see you again you filthy lesbian bitch.”

Karen turned the chair sideways from the desk so that Barry could see her cunt from where he was standing just inside the doorway.  Karen said to Mary as she looked into Barry’s eyes, “Enough of this bitch.  You know what you should be doing, now get busy so you can finish licking up all of this wonderful doggy cum.  You know we aren’t stopping until it is all gone.”

Mary blanched at the thought that the cum she had been licking up was dog cum.  She had just assumed that it was another man’s cum.  Her face visibly paled and then blushed a bright red immediately after as the humiliation of the situation hit her hard, especially with her fiancé there.  As she thought about how much she had already licked and sucked down already, she only hesitated a moment as she got down in front of Karen again and began licking and sucking her cunt.  As she was doing it she let the tears start to fall.  She was having a hard time keeping her composure.  She loved Barry dearly and had planned on spending the rest of her life with him.  It was all she could do to lick Karen’s cunt.  She knew she wasn’t doing a very good job and was shocked when Karen leaned over her and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them out wide, exposing her asshole to Barry. 

Karen looked up at Barry and said, “Why not have a going away fuck Barry.  I’m sure she has a nice tight asshole.  I’m quite sure she won’t argue.”

Barry looked at the offered asshole and back at Karen.  He had tried several times without success to get Mary to try ass fucking and she always called him perverted.  It now seemed that in the short time of two weeks at his business meeting this woman had changed her into some sort of lesbian sex slave or something.  If he hadn’t been so angry at the moment, he would have noticed the quiet muffled ‘no’ that Mary let out but he didn’t hear it and he stepped forward as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.  He pressed it against her anal rose bud.  Karen let go of Mary’s ass cheeks and grabbed her head and held it against her cunt.  Barry pushed in as hard as he could, forcing his ten inch cock all of the way into his former fiancée’s ass in one swift thrust.  Mary screamed in agony and the vibrations set Karen off into a wonderful cum.  She was just able to keep a hold on Mary’s head as she came.

Barry couldn’t believe what was happening.  He had dreamed of fucking Mary’s ass and now he was, but under decidedly different circumstances than he had ever dreamed.  He also had fantasies of having sex with more than one woman at a time and this Bitch that stole his Mary from him had made that dream come true as well.  It didn’t sway any of his anger at Mary though.  She had betrayed him and he couldn’t forgive her for that.  That’s why he slammed his cock into her ass as hard as he could, trying to cause as much pain as possible. 

Barry fucked her ass for a good ten minutes before he finally lost control and began cumming up her ass.  When he came he grabbed on tight to both of Mary’s ass cheeks and pulled her ass onto his cock to the hilt and began grunting each time he slammed hard into her ass.  When he was ready he slammed into her ass as hard as he could and held her ass against his pubic bone as he came and came in her ass.  Finally he recovered enough to pull out. 

When Barry pulled out, he started to put his filthy, deflating cock into his pants.  Karen looked at him and with an evil smile on her face said, “Don’t put that wonderful cock of yours away yet.  Mary got it dirty so she should be the one to clean it.”

She grabbed Mary Beth by the hair, looked her in the eyes as sternly as possible and ordered, “You turn around now and suck Barry’s nice shit covered cock clean.  You owe him at least that much for fucking your sweet ass for you.  When it is clean, I want you to look him in the eyes and thank him for fucking your ass and being the first one to stick a nice hard cock into your ass hole.”

Mary had tears streaming down her face as she looked into Karen’s eyes.  She saw no mercy in them and said, “Yes Mistress” as she bowed her head down and turned around to take Barry’s shit covered cock into her mouth.  She sucked it for a couple of minutes until she could no longer taste the shit on it.  She hoped it would satisfy Karen and sat back on her heals.  She looked at Karen and then back at Barry.  She looked down at the ground and mumbled, “Thank you for fucking my ass Barry.”

Karen could barely hear what she said but what she heard didn’t satisfy her at all.  She got behind Mary Beth and began to spank her ass as hard as she could.  Mary looked back over her shoulders at Karen and saw the anger in her eyes.  She knew she had screwed it up.  By the time Karen quit spanking her she was truly sobbing and crying.  Barry just stood there with his cock sticking out in front of him as hard as a rock.  The next thing she knew, Karen was pushing her head forward until her mouth was pressed against the tip of his cock.  She opened her mouth and began to suck.  She continued sucking and sucking for a long time.  As she sucked she listened intently as Karen ordered, “I told you to thank Barry for fucking your ass and being the first to do it.  That means you look him in the eyes, and you tell him and convince him that you are truly happy that he took your anal virginity.  I’ll give you one more try or else.  You know what the consequences will be if I’m not happy so you better do it right this time.”

Fortunately for Mary, Barry took a long time to cum.  It gave her time to get control of herself and think of what to say.  She hated what Karen was doing to her by humiliating her in front of her now formal fiancé.  After almost thirty minutes of sucking on him, he finally came in her mouth.  She sat back on her heels as she looked him in the eyes and swallowed his cum.  She then continued looking at him with as much confidence as she could muster.  She then said with apparent sincerity, “Thank you Barry for making my first anal fuck so memorable.  It will always be etched in my mind as a truly spectacular occasion.”

To Barry it sounded like she truly liked what he did to her.  He really believed that she meant what she said.  The fact that he had watched her spanked into compliance never entered his mind.  He put his now soft cock away and zipped up his pants.  He was about to leave but he turned around just outside the door.  He reminded Mary, “Don’t forget what I said about not wanting to see you anymore.  I can’t trust you now and will not forgive you for cheating on me w…w…with that whore you call mistress.  I don’t know how she turned you into the sniveling little cunt you are now but it definitely isn’t the strong woman I thought I was going to marry.  This is goodbye forever Mary.  I’ll send your stuff to your apartment.”

Barry turned and walked out as Mary Beth broke down into heaving sobs.  She had just lost the best thing that had ever happened to her.  She was so humiliated that she knew she would never be able to face him again.  As she sobbed in her misery, Karen rolled the chair over to her and spread her legs wide.  She grabbed Mary by the hair and pulled her around quickly and forcefully, and pushed her face into her cunt.  She said, “We don’t have any time for your histrionics.  Now get back to sucking my cunt like you were before we were so rudely interrupted by your ex-boyfriend.”

Karen waited as Mary got control of herself again.  She pulled her head a couple of times and told her to get busy before Mary finally began to lick and suck her cunt.  Karen reached over and grabbed the jar of cum and began to pour the congealed cum onto her pubic mound.  She poured faster now as they were running out of time.  There was only about thirty minutes left before Mary had a class starting.  It would do neither of them any good to get caught like this.  As she poured the cum in a steady but light stream she said, “Listen up cunt.  We’re running out of time and I’ve got some instructions for you from Sarah.  You will be having another mandatory cheerleading function for the JV Cheerleaders.  The Varsity Cheerleaders will be there on Friday after the game, along with the JV’s but they’ll be allowed to leave at the end of the night.  The JV Cheerleaders will stay the night and won’t be able to go home until Saturday night.  Do what you have to do to make that happen.  Mistress Sarah will be most upset if you fail so I would advise you to get it done.”

Karen poured the last of the cum out as she said the last bit.  She was beginning to get excited again.  She decided to have a little fun.  She was on the edge of cumming now and knew she could hold off as long as possible.  Karen said, “I’m feeling a little bit merciful right now.  You are doing a wonderful job and after that little show with your fiancé, I think I’ll give you a chance to win your freedom.  I want you to try and make yourself cum as quickly as you can.  As you do, you keep right on sucking and licking on my cunt.  If you can cum before I do, then I’ll give you the pictures and let you go free.  But if I cum before you do, then you have to swear to willingly do anything and everything I tell you from now on.  What do you say?”

Mary was getting excited at the possibility of winning her freedom.  She grasped at the chance to get out from under the blackmail that Karen held over her head.  She didn’t even think about what the repercussions would be if she failed.  All she thought about was that she had a chance be free again.  And then she would go back to her boyfriend and beg for forgiveness.  She pulled her head away briefly and said, “Yes Mistress Karen.  I accept your challenge and promise to willingly obey you if you win.”

Karen smiled because she knew she was about to crush any resistance that Mary may have had.  All she had to do was let her control go and she would cum while Mary had to bring herself from a point of not being excited at all to having a good cum.  She leaned back and said, “Get to it then slave.  Just remember that the deal is off if you don’t keep sucking me as you have been and try to bring me off.”

Mary began to attack her cunt and clit with one free hand.  She scooted closer to Karen so that she could have both hands free to work on her tits and cunt at the same time while still being able to lean forward to suck and lick on Karen’s cunt and clit.  She went to town on herself and it took a long time for her to stimulate herself and put her near that cataclysmic precipice of joy.  She started to slow down her licking and sucking of Karen’s cunt and Karen said, “Don’t slow down now or that will invalidate the deal.  You wouldn’t want to lose out on a technicality when you are obviously this close.”

Mary knew she was close now.  She redoubled her efforts on her cunt and tits, trying to speed up her approaching cum.  She also redoubled her efforts on Karen’s cunt.  Karen was watching the signs of Mary’s increasing excitement and knew she was close.  She had been needing to cum for ages and it had taken all of her will power to hold off from cumming.  She watched as the signs of Mary’s impending orgasm became more and more apparent.  Mary actually was beginning to think that she was going to win the deal and gain her freedom. 

As Mary got closer to cumming and more and more confident that she would win, her breathing started getting more rapid and she rubbed harder and faster on her tits and cunt.  Karen watched the signs and waited until she knew that Mary was just about to cum.  Mary truly thought she was going to win.  But just a split second before she started to cum, Karen let her control go and came hard.  Mary felt her cum start immediately afterwards and she sat back on her heals and screamed, “NNNNnooooooooooooooooooo” as she continued to squeeze her tits and rub her cunt through her orgasm. 

Mary felt a mixture of misery and glorious ecstasy as she came.  The fact that she had lost by such a close margin crushed all resistance she had left.  She wanted to cry but she was cumming harder than she had ever cum before from masturbating and she just couldn’t stop.  Karen sat back and watched as it was obvious that Mary was having a wonderfully long orgasm.  She knew that this cum was like torture to her.  Her mind was telling her that she had failed by the narrowest of margins and that she was now the total sex slave of Karen and her girls.  Her bid for freedom was crushed.  As her orgasm finally worked its way out of her body, Mary collapsed into a sobbing heap.  She was totally crushed from what happened and curled up in a fetal ball as she hysterically and uncontrollably sobbed out her misery, letting all of her frustration and pain out in that one cathartic cry. 

Karen looked at the clock and saw that they only had about ten minutes left.  She took Mary by the hand and pulled her up.  She led her to the showers where she cleaned her up so that she would be presentable for her next class.  At first, Mary was almost catatonic and just went where Karen led her.  But as the shower began to come to an end, she finally began to come out of it.  She didn’t do anything to help Karen or herself get cleaned but she at least was able to dry herself off when they got out and went back to her office to get dressed.  Karen dressed into her outfit that she had brought with her as the coach got back into her gym clothes for her next class. 

As she got to the door, Karen said, “Don’t forget what I told you about the JV Cheerleaders this weekend.  There will be severe consequences if you fail to obey Mistress Sarah.  I’ll see you again Friday night.”

All of a sudden Mary remembered that her lease for her apartment was up in two weeks and the landlord had just rented the space to someone else.  She began to panic because she had planned to be married and moved in with Barry by then.  Now that, that wasn’t going to happen, she had no place to live.  She said, “Mistress Karen.  I don’t have a place to live any more.  I canceled my lease last month, effective on the date Barry and I were to be married.  Where am I to live now?”

Karen looked at the clock and said, “Why don’t you move out to one of the cabins at the Warren Estate.  One of them is currently empty and it would be a very nice apartment for one person.  I lived in one of them for years.  That will also put you close so that we can have access to you anytime we want.  I’ll talk to Mistress Sarah and let you know.  For right now, just plan on that being where you will live.  Now I have to get out of here and you have a class that is getting ready to start.”

Karen turned and left, just as the bell rang and several girls came barging into the locker room.  She smiled to herself as she knew that Mary wouldn’t be a problem at all anymore.  She had crushed the last vestiges of her resistance.

During the past hour, Sarah and the girls were sitting at a table in the far corner of the lunch room with seven of the geeks from the computer club.  These were the ones that had the most promise of really helping Sarah with finding things to use against teachers, staff and students at the high school.  As soon as they all were sat down, there were a lot of stares from other students because cheerleaders never associated with the geeks before.  Fortunately no one bothered to come over to their table.

Sarah was the first to speak up and said, “Okay Aaron.  Michelle tells me that you are the President of the Computer Club and just about the smartest guy around on computers.  She also said that you found out some juicy tidbits that I could use.  What do you have for me?”

Aaron got a huge smile on his face and said, “Yeah, I found some really hot stuff on the coach’s, the history teacher’s and the principal’s computers.  The stuff I showed Michelle was of them with underage girls.  I actually think they were students at the school at one time.  Some of the girls actually looked familiar.  After showing them to Michelle, I went back and dug some more and I found some pictures they will really want to keep from going public.  It seems that both the coach and the principal had a thing for boys.  The coach has quite a few pictures of him screwing some of the schools star athletes.  The principal was in on some of them with the coach.  It seems that most of the pictures came from the history teacher’s computer.  That one was the hardest to crack too.  He had a section that was totally password protected and I eventually had to go in through a back door.  They knew what they were doing because all of the normal ways in were blocked.  The only way I knew it was there was he had an icon on the desktop that was a sun with a red star in the center of it.”

When Aaron described the icon on the computer, Angie, Aminda and Michelle all went white in fear.  Sarah was blissfully ignorant and didn’t pick up on the description of the icon.  Angie was the first to say something and interrupted saying, “Are you sure it was a sun with a red star in the center Aaron?”

Aaron looked at Angie and said, “Yeah, and when I finally got into the file there was a lot of stuff in there with detailed information on quite a few students, present and past.  Some of them had a red X across the picture and the word ‘ACQUIRED’ across them.  There were over a dozen of those.  There are at least half a dozen girls that are current students that he has in there like that as well, except they aren’t X’d out.  There was also something else there that I didn’t understand.  There was a lot of communications with a group of guys last summer about going on a hunt.  It seemed to be an urgent priority for him but for some reason he didn’t go on the hunt and after midsummer he stopped all communication with them.  I did as you asked Michelle and set it up so that there are no longer any links from his computer to the coach or the principal.  I also made it so that they can’t erase any of the pictures on the computer.  They could totally reformat their hard drive and when it was reloaded and rebooted the pictures would be downloaded to the hard drive for anyone to find.  It took a while to get it done with this antiquated computer but I was able to get it done.  I doubt if anyone will ever be able to track what I did on the computers.  If they try, they’ll just be forwarded to a dead internet page.  Here are the folders with the pictures of everything for each of them.  You should find them useful I would think. That’s all I have for now.”

Sarah looked over at Angie and the other two and saw they had worried looks on their faces.  She said, “What’s with you guys.  You look like someone just stole all of your homework.”

Aminda was the first to speak up and said, “The history teachers a member of the organization and is one of their hunters.  We need to be real careful around him.  It would be very dangerous for any of us to ever be alone with him.”

Sarah paled as she remembered the hell of the last couple of months and quietly said, “You mean he is the same as those assholes that shot me last summer?”

Aminda shook her head yes saying, “Yes he is, and most likely the leader of the hunt team which is why he wasn’t involved in the actual hunt.”

Sarah turned back to Aaron and asked, “Can you make it so that others can find the back door and gain access easier.  We have to report him to the FBI.  He’s part of the group that was responsible for putting me in this wheel chair.  They were hunting Aminda and Michelle and they shot me instead.  These two managed to save me from a certain death and I’ll always love them for that.  So whatever you can do to make it easier for the FBI to get into his hidden files would be great.  But do it so you don’t get in trouble.”

Aaron smiled and said, “That should be easy.  I can set it up so that when they type in a password I create, the program will go in through the back door.  If his password is entered, it will react normally and open the program as he would expect.  It will only take about ten… maybe twenty minutes.  I can do that right after we’re done here if you want.”

Sarah smiled and said, “When you’re done eating will be fine.  Now does anyone else have any information for me?”

A toe headed boy with braces and big black glasses, sitting next to Aaron spoke up and said, “Hey Sarah, I’m Jason Weir.  I was doing a little snooping in the school financial records and I found some really interesting shit.  It seems that Assistant Principal Hank Johnson and the school secretary, Sandra Jones, have been embezzling money from the school.  The school received money for trips to competitions and things like that for the cheerleaders, the debate club, and other different programs.  From my estimates, I have figured that they have gotten away with stealing at least 600,000 dollars from the school.  You know, I always wondered how the assistant principal could afford the Corvette he always drives around.  All of the expenditures have the secretary’s signature on them.  I was able to hack into their bank statements and found that she got one dollar for every two he got so he got $400,000 and she got $200,000.  Here are the folders, with all of the documents that show what I found.  There’s no way they can deny what they did.  The evidence is overwhelming.  I also took measures so that they can’t go in and change the documents to cover things up.  If they change something, the original will replace any changed document every time they boot up.”

Sarah looked at the folders of both the secretary and the assistant principal and said, “This is great stuff Jason.  This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m looking for.  You give me a little time and we’ll own this school.  None of the teachers and staff will be able to do anything to stop us.  Now to show you the kinds of rewards that you all will get when you do what I want like Aaron and Jason here, Aminda and Michelle, take care of our two fine computer hackers.  They have definitely earned a chance to get a sample of what you can do for them.”

Michelle looked at Sarah with a bit of shock while Aminda looked around the cafeteria to see if anyone was looking.  When she saw that no one was looking she scooted down off of the bench she was sitting on and under the table.  Michelle quickly followed suit.  Michelle took Aaron’s cock out and Aminda took Jason’s.  They quickly went about giving each of the boys the very first blowjob they had ever received.  All of the other boys were just staring at the look of ecstasy on the two boy’s faces.  The ones that were sitting on either side of the two were looking into their laps where they could see the girls sucking on their cocks.  All of their eyes were bouncing back and forth between the two guys. 

This being the first time for both of them, neither one lasted very long and came like gangbusters into Aminda and Michelle’s mouths.  The two girls got back up into their seats and each had a little cum dribbling out of the corner of their mouths.  Aminda opened her mouth and looked at each boy and showed them the cum that was in her mouth and Michelle quickly followed suit.  When each of the boys had a chance to see, they turned to one another and gave each other a deep French kiss, passing the cum back and forth until they had swallowed it all.  There were several groans around the table as several of the boys came in their pants from just watching their two classmates making out like that. 

When they were done, Sarah smiled at the look on all of the boys’ faces and said, “If you would like the same treatment, then give me things to use like Aaron and Jason here.  That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for.  I don’t care if it’s a teacher, staff member, student or student’s parents.  I want anything and everything I can use to get people to see things my way.  To show you how bad I want this, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.  I’ll buy each of you a top of the line laptop computer, built to your specifications so that you can do the job as easily as possible.  You do well and I’ll consider having you do other computer related things for me like possibly making a web site and running it.  If we do that, I will finance it and share the profits with you.  I haven’t decided whether to do that or not, but I have thought about it.  Now this Saturday, you are all going to be at my house.  If you don’t show up this Saturday, then I don’t want you anymore.  I promise that I’ll make it worth your while.  If things work out and you all have the guts to act and take advantage of the situation, you just might find that each of you has your own little cheerleader to do things with you like Aminda and Michelle just did for Aaron and Jason.  Do we have a deal?”

Every one of the boys shook their heads yes.  They all looked over at Aaron as if they had elected him their representative.  They were so used to going to him for everything in the computer club that it was almost the natural of order of things for them to defer to him for anything major.  He knew they were expecting him to speak up for the lot of them so he answered saying, “I’ll get with each of the guys and will put a list of the types of computers we will need.  I promise you that it will be expensive because the latest computers and accessories always are at the top end of prices.  I’ll bring you the list on Saturday.  As for being at your place, I don’t think a team of wild horses could keep us away this weekend.”

Sarah smiled and said, “That sounds great.  Why don’t you all show up about ten in the morning?  Please don’t show up earlier than that because we won’t be ready for you yet.  Dress like you were going to be doing some hiking because you will have to do a bit of walking in order to get your own private little cheerleader to play with.  As soon as I have the list from Aaron for the computer specifications, I will get them ordered for you.  Don’t worry about cost.  I want you to have the best computers that you can get to work with.  Now if you don’t mind, I need to talk to my girls alone for a bit.  How about giving us some space to talk?”

All of the boys quickly left the table and when they were alone, Sarah looked at Angie, Aminda and Michelle and said, “Angie, you will take the coach.  Here is the folder with his information to blackmail him with.  I think it would be hilarious if you made him a slave to the cheerleaders.  Why don’t you take Heather with you and turn him over to her with the understanding that she and the other cheerleaders are to treat him unmercifully.  Aminda and Michelle, you will take the Assistant Principal and the secretary.  They acted as a team and I think that it should be a team that puts them in their place.  I will take the principal.  I think that with the information we have on the history teacher, we should see if doggyslut can get Pete to come arrest him at the beginning of the lunch hour.  I would love for that to go down while we are in the offices so that we can use our familiarity with him to scare the shit out of them.  Once they know how well we are hooked up to the FBI, they will do just about anything we tell them to, to keep their butts out of jail.  What do you girls think?”

Aminda asked, “Does it matter which of us takes the assistant principal and which the secretary.  I’d really like a shot at that smug asshole.  He threatened me with suspension because of my almost see through blouse a couple of days ago.  Otherwise I think that your plan should work.”

None of the other girls said anything so Sarah continued saying, “Angie, you will wear your new cheerleader outfit to see the coach.  But until the end of the fourth period you will wear the jacket with it so that it won’t look so obscene.  Aminda, Michelle and I will wear slutty clothes tomorrow that are way beyond what the rules allow.  Again we will each wear a jacket or sweater over it so that no one can say anything until we want them to.  The last fifteen minutes of fourth period is when we will make our move and take the jackets off.  I don’t want you to put them back on for anyone.  You can even get belligerent if you want because at that point it is all about getting sent to the office.  Once the teacher sends you to the office, go to your respective target with the information you have.  Show them no mercy.  When the day is over, I want them bending to my will.  Now let’s enjoy what’s left of the lunch hour and eat.”

That afternoon at cheerleading practice, Angie worked out with the Varsity Cheerleaders for the first half of practice.  She was able to coordinate with Heather, the Cheerleader’s Captain to join her as she confronted the coach the next day.  Heather did react to the tiger stripes tattooed on Angie but accepted Angie’s explanation about covering up the scars covering her back.  It was during the last half of practice when she was helping teach the sexy moves to the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders that she saw a younger female student in the bleachers across the field watching.  It was just a few minutes after that when an older boy came up to her.  She watched as the two argued and then the girl bowed her head and the guy put a collar around her neck.  Angie stopped in the middle of the drill and called over to Aminda. “Hey Minda, come here for a minute.”

Aminda quit what she was doing and went over to Angie.  Angie pointed to the guy leading the girl out of the bleachers and asked, “Is that the guy you saw earlier arguing with that girl in the hallway that you thought might be a master?”

Aminda looked over to the two that were now heading toward the back of the school grounds.  She turned to Angie and said, “That’s definitely him but that isn’t the same girl, though she looks a lot like her.  From the looks of it she could be that girl’s sister, they look a lot alike.”

Angie looked at Aminda and said, “Take a five minute break and then you take over here and practice the moves I just taught you.  I’m going to follow them and see if I can find anything else out.  During the break, go tell my guard what I’m going to do but to stay far enough back that no one will get suspicious.  I want them there in case I have to be bailed out of trouble.  Okay?”

After that Angie took off in the direction the guy and girl had headed.  They had just gone out of sight when she turned and ran in that direction.  Aminda called a break and went and did as Angie asked. 

Angie got to the corner of the building and peeked around just in time to see them go down a trail that went through a woody area behind the school.  Angie had been warned about what was on the other side of the woods.  There were a couple of old buildings that belonged to an old factory that had been abandoned several years earlier. 

The area they were going to had a reputation for being a druggie and gang hang out.  From what she learned, about three years ago a female teacher followed a student that just up and left her class.  No one knew exactly what happened, but when the teacher got back her clothes were torn and she immediately went home.  She never returned to teach after that.  The word was that she had been raped.  The school administration got the police to drive through the area periodically in an attempt to stop the illicit activity but that only lasted a couple of months.  Then last year, a male teacher saw a couple of guys going down the trail and he followed them to bring them back to the school grounds.  He ended up in the hospital and it took over a month for him to recover from the brutal beating they gave him.  After that the teachers just left the area alone and ignored anything they heard coming from there. 

Angie watched as the guy led the poor crying and begging girl onto the trail going to the gang area.  Once she was sure they were out of sight enough that they wouldn’t be able to see her she ran across the clearing and to the entrance to the trail into the woods.  She saw them about half way through.  She went into the woods a little bit off to the left of the path where she could still see the path but would have some cover to hide behind if they turned around to look.  They finally came out the other side of the woods and through a large gap in a dilapidated fence.  The gap was a couple of hundred feet wide at that particular point.  The poles were still there but the fence itself was gone.  Angie found a large bush she could hide behind without being seen but that allowed her to have a good view of what was happening in the clearing. 

Angie took out her camera and watched and took pictures as the boy walked up to a group of eight boys.  It was a group of mixed race with equal representation of blacks, Hispanics and whites.  The largest of the group walked up to the boy and said, “Hey Charlie, I see you brought the cunt you promised.  She’s a fine looking one.  A lot better looking than the cunt you gave us last year.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Yeah Raphael, she is better looking than her cunt sister Rhonda that you guys played with last year.  Her name is Kelly and she’s fourteen years old and a virgin too.  I checked her out this morning so by the way I figure it that will be $500.00 for bringing you a virgin then $50.00 per person here.  That’s a total of $900.00 for you to get to use this bitch.  You got the money?”

Raphael smiled and said, “Yeah, I got it.  Same rules as last time?”

Charlie chuckled and answered, “You know that the only rule is that there is to be no permanent marks or damage to her.  You know what happened to Manuel last year after he took his knife and cut my girl’s tit.  He’s still recovering from it and will probably be tube fed for the rest of his life.  I mean business when you cut up one of my girls.  Now I know you like to inflict pain and that’s okay.  Bruising is okay but no broken bones or cuts.  If you want a way to inflict a lot of pain without too much damage, just go over to the woods and cut a bunch of switches.  They’ll hurt her like hell and leave welts but they aren’t permanent.  I’ve switched her a lot of times and you can’t even see any marks can you?”

Raphael shook his head no as he said, “No you can’t.  Sounds fine then.  Here is your money.  Now let me have the bitch.  We want to have some fun.”

Charlie took the money and put it in his pocket.  Before he turned to leave he said, “You’ve got her until 6:30.  She has to be back at my place by seven for something else we have planned.  I don’t care what state she is in when you’re done with her as long as she is able to get back home on time.  She can be naked and covered in cum for all I care.  As a matter of fact that would be hilarious and would truly show her what her place in this world is.  But if she isn’t back on time, I’ll charge you double what you just paid me and you’ll end up the same as Manuel.  Do I make myself clear Raphael?”

Raphael smiled and said, “Yeah we got it.  We’ll let her go on time but it will be up to her to get home.  None of us are going to give her a ride or anything.  What happens if she isn’t a virgin?  How do we get our money back?”

Charlie smiled an evil smile and said, “Let’s just verify that little fact right now.  Why don’t you reach in with your finger and feel it.  But be careful, because I don’t care if you break it now or later the cost is still the same.  It would be a shame if you broke it trying to verify her status.”

Raphael pushed his hand down her pants in the front.  Kelly tried to back away from him but Charlie was standing behind her and prevented her from moving.  She had tears of humiliation running down her cheeks as the big black guy stuck his hand down her pants and pushed his finger into her cunt.  When he pulled his hand out, he sucked his finger and looked her in the eye as he talked to Charlie saying, “All right, she’s a virgin.  You’re a man of your word.  We’ll take good care of the cunt for you.  I promise that you will have a thoroughly broken cunt by the time we’re done with her.”

Charlie shook hands with Raphael and turned to leave.  Angie had watched and listened to the whole exchange and made note of Charlie’s and Kelly’s name and the fact that Rhonda was another slave of this boy.  She crouched closer to the bush to hide as Charlie came by.  All he would have had to do was look to the right as he entered the path.  But her luck held and he didn’t.  She was startled and almost let out a yelp of surprise when she heard and felt the rustling of the large bush she was behind.  It seemed that one of the boys was cutting some switches from the very bush she was hiding behind.  Fortunately the bush was very large and hid her well enough that he didn’t see her.  He cut a dozen switches off of the bush and turned around to head back to the group without ever realizing that there was someone there.

Angie let out a sigh of relief when the boy left and tried to relax.  Her heart was pounding in her chest at the nearness of being found out.  She turned her attention back to what was going on and she watched as the boy handed out the switches.  She started back up taking pictures of what was going on.  The boys made a circle around Raphael, leaving a gap where four others could join in.  There was a switch at each place for that boy. 

Raphael said, “Now guys, this is how it’s going to go down.  I get this cunt’s cherry then Petre gets her anal cherry.  After that I don’t care how you all decide to do her.  But I promise you that if one of you breaks a bone or cuts her, I will put you in a hospital.  I won’t wait for the guy that Charlie has to do it.  Now let’s let this cunt know what she’s in for.  Right now, leave her clothed until the rest of the gang gets here.  You’ll know when to start removing them by what I do, just follow my lead.

At that point, Raphael took the leash off of the collar and began to squeeze Kelly’s tits through her clothes, none to gently.  He did it for a couple of minutes and pushed her over to Petre.  Kelly stumbled into Petre’s hands and he just caught her to keep her from falling.  He felt her tits up as well for a couple of minutes.  He then pushed her across the circle to another gang member.  They all followed suit and kept passing Kelly back and forth like that until they all had a good feel and then she was pushed back to Raphael.  He then started the process over again but this time he squeezed her tits with one hand while playing with her covered cunt with the other.  He then pushed her to Petre when he was done.  During this round of feeling the crying, sobbing and begging Kelly, the rest of the gang members joined the group.  They took their positions in the open spaces in the circle and got a chance to feel her up before she was pushed back to Raphael. 

This time when he felt Kelly up, Raphael grabbed the top of her blouse with one hand and pushed her hard with the other.  The force was just enough to pop a couple of buttons off her blouse.  Petre did the same thing and it resulted in popping the rest of the buttons off.  The next guy felt her up and when he pushed her to the next gang member the blouse started to rip down the back.  The gang members kept pushing the hysterically screaming and crying girl and gradually ripping her blouse off.  When that was gone it was her pants, then her bra and finally her panties.  She was screaming as loud as she could as they now began to pass her around naked so they could feel her naked tits and cunt. 

The next insult occurred when they began to push her to the next guy and grab her pubic hair a pinch at a time.  When they pushed her away, they would pull out the little patch of hair that they had pinched.  They kept this up until her cunt was bald.  Kelly’s screams turned from screams of fear to screams of pain as her hairs were pulled out a few at a time in the most painful manner. 

When the last of Kelly’s pubic hairs were finally pulled out, Raphael started whipping her with the leash.  When they pushed her back and forth between them this time, they began to use the switches on her.  They pushed her back and forth over and over, first switching her back, arms and thighs.  Then they began to focus on her tits.  Kelly was screaming and begging in agony as the painful fire that the switches caused weakened and overwhelmed her senses.  By the time they were done, Kelly was so weak that she could hardly stand on her own.  That’s when Raphael yelled, “Grab her and hold her spread eagle for me.”

The four biggest of the gang members converged on the much weakened Kelly and grabbed an arm or leg each and held them spread out as far as they could.  Raphael stepped up and began to spank Kelly’s cunt with the leash.  He kept whipping and whipping her until she couldn’t scream any more.  Then he said, “Put her down.  It’s time to initiate this cunt into womanhood.”

The guys holding Kelly dropped her to the ground.  She let out a grunt of pain as she landed hard onto her hip.  Raphael quickly stripped off his pants and got down between her legs.  Without any preparation he lined his cock up with her cunt and thrust his cock into her bone dry cunt.  It was obvious that Kelly was screaming in pain, even though no sound was coming out.  The agony was etched on her face.  He had ripped through her hymen in that first thrust and sank all of the way down into her cunt.  Raphael began to saw his cock in and out of her bloody cunt.  He didn’t even try to take it easy on her.  He slammed his eleven inch by two and a half inch cock into her cunt over and over, seeking only his pleasure and caring not a bit about hers.  After about ten minutes of pure hell for Kelly, he finally came in her unprotected cunt.

Raphael pulled out of her and stood up.  He kicked her in the side and ordered, “Turn over cunt and get on all fours.  It’s time to get that sweet ass of yours fucked.  If you liked my cock, you’ll love Petre’s.  It’s two inches longer and a bit thicker.”

Kelly’s entire body was wracked with her sobbing.  She just laid there for a minute until she got kicked a second time, followed by the leash whipping her aching tits.  She slowly and painfully turned over and got on all fours.  As soon as she was in position, Petre got down on his knees behind her and forced his cock into her once virgin cunt.  He fucked her for a few strokes and then he pulled out and lined his massive cock up with her virgin asshole.  He grabbed both sides of her ass cheeks and pushed his cock in while he pulled her towards him with all of his strength.  It took a few moments before her anal rosebud spread enough for his cock to force a couple of inches in. 

Kelly would have been screaming bloody murder if she wasn’t already screamed out from the switching and her previous rape.  The pain was horrendous and she did the exact opposite of what she should have done and squeezed her sphincter muscles to try and prevent his entry.  That just made it that much harder for him to enter and more painful for her.  But he didn’t let anything stop him.  He pulled back an inch and then forced his cock four more inches into her virgin ass.  He began to saw his cock in and out of her ass now that he was almost half of the way in.  He forced it in each time with more and more force until he finally had his cock all of the way into her ass.  He then began to fuck her ass as hard as possible, spanking her ass as hard as he could with each in stroke. He continued fucking her like that for almost twenty minutes until he came.  He yelled out his orgasm as he came. 

When Petre pulled his shit covered cock out, he went around in front of Kelly and grabbed her head by the hair.  He yanked her hair back causing her to open her mouth in a silent scream.  When she did, he forced his filthy cock into her mouth.  She gagged from the taste as he forced his semi hard cock down her throat.  Finally he ordered, “Suck it clean bitch,” as he gripped her hair tighter and pulled on it harder to cause her more pain.  Tears of anguish and humiliation poured down her cheeks.  When he pulled out, she threw up the contents of her stomach.

Over in the bushes, Angie watched and took pictures of the whole scene.  She was getting so excited at watching the girl’s rape that she began to finger herself with one hand and play with her clit while she took pictures with the other. She knew that she shouldn’t but she just couldn’t help herself.  She watched as the rest of the gang began taking their turns fucking Kelly.  They did it one, two and three at a time.  Each of them would pull out at the last minute and cum on her.  This continued on for the better part of two and a half hours.  Angie played with herself through the whole rape.  She came at least five times during the whole thing. 

Finally the gang wore themselves out and couldn’t come anymore.  They all stood around her and began pissing on her as she lay there in a fetal position.  She just sobbed and sobbed out her misery as they pissed in her face and all over the rest of her body.  Then it was all over.

As she lay there and cried, the gang began to disperse.  Raphael took her panties and Petre took her bra for souvenirs.  The rest of the gang tore her clothes apart and kept part of them for their souvenir.  The youngest of the gang only got a sock or a shoe, but at least it was something to remember the gang rape by.

Kelly lay there in the open like that, crying and sobbing while in a fetal position until about twenty minutes until seven.  She finally got up and searched around for her clothes for a couple of minutes.  When she realized that they didn’t leave any for her to wear, she remembered what Charlie had said about not caring if they left her naked.  She decided that she better get going or she would get home late.  It only took a little less than ten minutes to walk home from school fully clothed, but she didn’t have a clue how long it would take trying to do it naked and she figured she would need every spare minute to get home. 

Kelly took off toward the path leading back to the school as fast as she could, walking in her bare feet.  All she had on was the leather dog collar that Charlie had put on her neck before the rape.  She rushed down the path through the woods and stopped on the very edge.  Angie was following far enough behind to keep an eye on her without being seen.

Kelly stopped at the entrance to the woods from the school grounds.  She looked at the forward corner of the school and then straight across to a bush next to the school straight across from her.  If she ran to the forward corner of the school it would cut the time and distance in half but she would be exposed for a longer period of time and might get seen.  She knew that if she was seen, the police would be called and she couldn’t let that happen because that would make her late getting back home.  She didn’t know what might happen but she knew it would be bad for her sister. 

Kelly broke down into a sobbing mess again and fell to her knees on the ground.  The memories of the last few weeks came flooding back.  It all started with an email from someone threatening to kill her sister if she didn’t do what they said.  It showed a picture of her walking into the school with the cross hairs of a rifle on it.  She was warned about going to the authorities with the threat of both her sister and her mother being killed. 

Kelly loved her mom and sister with all of her heart and didn’t want anything to happen to them.  She read the instructions that ordered her to strip down until she was naked and then run around the block after midnight.  She did that and the butterflies of nervous energy just flooded her every being as she ran around the block.  The next day was the same thing except in the daylight.  This was much worse for her.  Day after day, she received new instructions that took her into more and more dangerous territory where she had a higher and higher risk of exposure. 

After a week, she received an email that ordered her to go to her neighbor’s house where she was to beg to borrow his computer in exchange for a blow job.  She almost refused to do that one but she remembered the pictures of her sister.  She finally went to the boy next door, which just happened to be Charlie.  She begged him to use his computer, but he refused.  She offered him a blow job and he still refused.  She became so desperate that she finally explained what was happening and she had to be able to use his computer so that she could get her next message.  She explained that the instructions said that she had to give him a blow job with the camera on so that they could see proof that she was doing what she was ordered. 

At first her neighbor refused to cooperate because he didn’t want to get involved in something that was obviously illegal.  She had to promise him blow jobs whenever he wanted for him to agree to do what her email suggested.  He showed her how to turn the video camera for the computer on and then got in front of it so that she could give him her very first blow job.  She was crying silently as she sucked him off.  When she was finished sucking him off she looked up her email on the computer. 

Of course what Kelly didn’t know was that it was Charlie doing it all along.  He already had her sister Rhonda enslaved and now was going after Kelly.  He had sent all of the emails to her computer after getting Rhonda to get her email address for him.  On his computer he had a dummy email account that mimicked hers.  When she signed in to what she thought was her account, it was actually the dummy one he set up.

What Kelly found when she signed in was a video of Rhonda going into the local mall.  Kelly believed it was Rhonda at that very moment because she had left a little over a half hour before to go to the mall to meet some friends and shop.  What she didn’t know was that this video had been staged earlier so that Kelly would believe it was truly a live video feed.  When the video started playing, Rhonda was walking towards the mall entrance.  The video was being taken as if it were through the perspective of a rifle’s scope.  As her sister opened the door to the mall, she saw a big red spot spread between the shoulder blades on the white blouse she was wearing.  At first Kelly thought that her sister had been shot and screamed out in despair, believing that she was dead.  It was only after Charlie brought her attention back to the screen that she saw that it was just a paint ball and that Rhonda was looking around to try and see who shot her with it.  The implication was clear to Kelly though.  She either followed their instructions or there would be consequences. 

The instructions after the video ordered her to become the sex slave to Charlie and to do everything that they instructed him to have her do.  From that point forward, he would get emails giving him instructions for her to complete and that they had her use his computer this time so that they could trace his IP code.  The last instruction was for him to open his email account and read his next instructions. 

Charlie opened his account as the email had directed and it had given instructions for him to get a buddy and make her suck both of them off by tomorrow at the same time.

That was the beginning of an ever increasing spiral down.  It was just giving blow jobs but it kept escalating and escalating, giving more and more guys a blow job at one time until she was doing ten guys at a time.  What Kelly didn’t know was that each of the boys was paying Charlie ten bucks a pop for a blow job.

It was when the email Charlie had created and sent to himself that ordered Kelly to suck off the dog that Kelly finally had enough and refused.  For the next day and a half, she received emails warning her of severe consequences to her mother or her sister and telling her that she had to comply or one of them would be hurt.  That was when Kelly’s mother, Tina, was killed in the plane crash.  Of course Charlie had nothing to do with the crash but the timing was perfect and he used it.

The very next day Kelly was at Charlie’s back door and she was begging to be able to suck the dog’s cock in order to save her sister.  Charlie smiled because he knew that he had her completely at that point.  He watched in satisfaction as Kelly stripped down and got down on her hands and knees and took his dog’s cock into her mouth and sucked it until he came, spraying her face with his hot cum.  From then on, all Charlie had to do was tell her about what happened to her mother anytime that she began to get cold feet and she would capitulate and do what he wanted. 

The day before, after school, was when she found out that it was Charlie that had been blackmailing her from the beginning.  By then he had enough video of her doing disgusting things that she would do anything to keep people at school from seeing them.  She was getting quite the reputation as a slut anyway but she absolutely didn’t want any of them seeing her do those disgusting things with his dog.  That was what he used to get her to do the things with Rhonda that they did with Geri to set her up for blackmail.  That was also what he had used on her at the bleachers that afternoon to get her to willingly go to the gang bang.  She knew ahead of time what was going to happen but she did it to keep the pictures of her with the dog from being released. 

Kelly finally came back to the here and now and realized she had lost precious time.  She ran over to the bush straight across.  She then went from bush to bush along the side of the high school until she got to the front.  Angie had moved up to the spot in the path where Kelly had been where she had her little flash back and watched the nude girl make it slowly and steadily from one bush to the next.  When she finally disappeared around the corner of the front of the high school, she trotted to the bush at the corner. 

When Angie arrived at the bush at the corner, she watched as Kelly made it from bush to bush in front of the school, being exposed to the school but hidden from the street.  Fortunately all of the janitors were long gone and the school was empty.  There was a bush to Kelly’s far left that was next to the street and just across from an alley.  She made it to that bush without incident but had to wait a few moments as a couple of cars drove by.  She pressed herself as close to the bush as possible to stay out of sight. 

Angie watched as Kelly finally ran across the street and into the alley.  When she disappeared down the alley, Angie made a beeline for the bush across from it.  When she got there, she saw that Kelly was going from dumpster to dumpster in order to keep from being seen.

It was about halfway down the alley that Kelly ran into her first and only scare of her naked trip home.  Just as she was about to take off, the back door to a deli opened.  A boy that was not much older than her stepped out with a couple of bags of trash.  Kelly quickly threw herself back against the wall of the building that the dumpster was against and hugged herself as close to the dumpster as possible.  The boy opened up the far end from Kelly and threw the two bags into the dumpster and closed it.  He then took out a cigarette and lit up.  He stood there and smoked on it and Kelly just knew this would make her late.

The boy was only half done with the cigarette when there was a yell from inside the restaurant.  Kelly couldn’t hear what was said but the boy obviously did.  He flicked the cigarette butt over the dumpster on the far side and it landed on Kelly’s thigh.  If it hadn’t been for the squeak of the door as she let out a short squeal of pain, he surely would have heard her.  Fortunately for her he didn’t.

Kelly then made it from the alley and into the residential area on the next block.  Angie followed as close as she dared without being seen as Kelly went from yard to yard for a couple of blocks until she went inside a house. 

Angie went up to the back yard and took several pictures of the house.  She continued taking pictures and wished she could see what was going on.  It wasn’t but a few minutes that the back door of the house opened and a naked Kelly came out followed by an older teenage girl who led none other than Geri out of the house on a leash.  All three of the girls were naked and it was obvious that Kelly hadn’t been allowed to clean up as her hair was still matted with the drying cum and piss from her gang rape.  Angie took a lot of pictures as the three went across the yards and into the house next door.

Angie went up to the back door of the house where they entered and tried to see what was going on.  She could see through the house to the front door.  There was a room off of the front door and she could tell that there was someone in there but she couldn’t see from the back.  She worked her way to the front of the house.  She found a window on the side of the house where she would be hidden by a bush and she snuck there.  When she looked in she had a perfect view of the action in the room. 

Angie saw that the television was on and that there was a tape playing.  She watched in amazement as Geri was having sex with the two girls in the room who Angie correctly assumed were Tina’s daughters.  She now knew that something was up and that Geri was being blackmailed.  She also deduced that the other two girls had been put up to setting Geri up.  Angie took picture after picture, capturing what was being shown on the television. 

When the video was over, Angie listened and watched as Charlie told Geri that she would do anything and everything that he told her to do or he would turn the video over to the authorities and she would go to jail.  She watched and listened through the window as Charlie ordered Geri to crawl over to him and suck him off.

Geri of course refused because the thought of sucking any guy off was abhorrent to her as she was a lesbian in every way.  It would be the most humiliating and dehumanizing thing that could happen to her. 

Angie watched as the two girls quickly grabbed Geri and cuffed her hands and lifted her arms above her head, hooking them above her head to a hook in the ceiling.  As the girls were doing this, Charlie was getting a cat-o-nine tails out.  As soon as the two girls stepped out of the way, Charlie began to whip Geri over and over again.  Each time he told her in no uncertain terms that she belonged to him now and that she would either submit to him or go to jail and lose the two girls forever.

The whipping had been going on for about fifteen minutes when an older naked lady came into the room and told them dinner was ready.  She acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening in the house.  Charlie told her to set the table and they would be in when he was done.

When the older woman left the room, he took the sobbing Geri down and again ordered her to suck him off.  This time she crawled in front of him and with a look of pure disgust took his cock into her mouth and began to suck.  Charlie grabbed her head and literally fucked her face over and over until he came.  After he came he left her in the living room curled up in a fetal position and sobbing out her anguish.

As he stood there he ordered her to call and tell the people she worked for that she quit.  Geri, in abject fear and humiliation picked up his phone and dialed the Warren house and told whoever answered the phone that she couldn’t work with them anymore.  It took a bit of arguing on the phone but she eventually got whoever was on the other end to agree.  Angie assumed that she was talking to Karen.

When Geri hung up the phone, she turned and yelled at Charlie, “I hope you’re happy.  You just cost us six million dollars.”

Charlie went into a fury and started whipping her with the cat over and over as she was standing there.  Geri tried to get away but he followed her everywhere she moved and continued to rain the whip down on her already sore body.  Finally she collapsed to the floor and sobbed and cried in a fetal position to protect her face, tits and stomach which were the more tender parts of her body.  That was when Charlie finally stomped out of the room and down the hall, presumably to go eat.

Angie left at that point.  She looked at her watch and saw that it was almost eight thirty.  She met her guard at the end of the block and they went home. 

When they arrived home, Angie rushed into the house and knelt beside Sarah who was just finishing up at the dinner table.  She saw Angie kneeling in position wanting to speak.  She told her, “I see that the prodigal slave has finally decided to come home.  I hope that she has a good excuse for making all of us wait for dinner.  We finally gave up waiting and decided to eat without you.  It better be good slave.”

Angie burst out with excitement as she said, “Oh yes mistress.  You will really like this information.  As minda should have told you I followed a girl that was with the guy that she thought was a master.  I can confirm that he is and his name is Charlie.  The girl that was with him this afternoon was Kelli and is the sister of the older girl that Aminda saw with him at school.  Her name is Rhonda.  He whored Kelli out to a gang who spent the afternoon whipping her with switches and raping her.  I have lots of pictures for you.  After the gang rape I followed her home to see if I could find anything out about this master.  She took quite a while to get home because she was totally naked and covered in piss and cum and she had to keep from being discovered.  When I got to her house, she and her sister soon came out with Geri wearing a collar and being led by a leash.  It seems that this master made the girls have sex with her in order for him to be able to blackmail her into being a slave.  I know that she called and said she couldn’t work anymore.  Well when he found out that that cost her six million dollars he went berserk and whipped her over and over again until she just curled up in the center of the floor.  He stormed out and that was when I left.”

Angie smiled and responded saying, “It sounds like our little nurse has gotten herself into a situation that she doesn’t know how to handle.  She hasn’t called back yet so I’m sure she’ll be calling before too long.  Doggyslut, when she does call, don’t tell her she has the job until she meets you personally.  I want you to make her aware that we know of what she did.  Of course use the information that she had sex with her schoolgirl wards against her and get her to agree to submit to everyone in this household.  I also want to meet this Charlie.  He and I should get along famously.  I also want to find out as much as possible about him so have our security do a background check on him.”

Just then the phone rang and Karen/doggyslut walked over to answer it.  After she said hello there was a short pause and then she said, “Hello Geri”.

There was another pause as Geri spoke to Karen and then Karen said, “I’m sorry Geri but you’ll have to come out here for us to discuss this.  This is just too bizarre with you canceling and then calling and begging for your job back.  I’ll see you at nine in the morning.  Don’t be late or I can guarantee that you won’t have a job.”

There was silence as Karen listened on the line and then Karen said, “Bye Geri.  I’ll see you in the morning at nine then.”

Karen hung up the phone only to have it ring as soon as she hung up.  She picked it up and said “Hello”.

She listened for a few minutes and then said, “We’ll make all the arrangements for him to arrive tomorrow afternoon then.  Thank you for calling and letting us know.”

This time when she hung up she turned and knelt down beside Sarah next to Angie.  She held her hands in the position requesting to speak and when given permission said, “Mistress, Geri will be here tomorrow morning at nine.  I will take care of that issue then.  The other call was from the hospital in Oregon.  It seems that Carl has finally made some good progress.  They say he is good enough to leave the hospital but will still need some in home care for awhile.  I told him that we would make the arrangements for him on this end.  Could he please stay here mistress and Geri look after him.  He saved this worthless cunt’s life and begs that he be allowed to stay here.”

Sarah smiled and answered, “I know that was what my mom and dad wanted so yes he may stay here.  But it is because that is what they wanted and not what you want.  If you want him to stay, then you must convince him to be your master.  I remember you saying that he was a programmer so when he is fully recovered, I want him to create a website for me and I will pay him.  I plan on starting to video our little sessions in the dungeon and posting them on a pay site.  I want it to be totally up to speed with the most current technology.  But we can discuss that with him once he is recovered.”

Sarah changed topics and continued saying, “Now we have one more thing to discuss.  We found out today that the history teacher is in fact a member of the organization and is most likely the leader of the hunt team that came after Aminda and Michelle and that shot me.  I want the fucker in jail.  It seems that he has a web page on his computer with a sun and star on it so we know he definitely is a part of the organization.  There were also references on the computer about the hunt for us.  I want you to call Pete and tell him.  Tell him that the best time to arrest the teacher at the school to have minimal disruption is during the lunch hour.  He doesn’t need to know this but we want him to do it then so it will help us out with something we will have going on at the same time.  Now I think it is late.  Angie, you may eat at the table tonight but be quick.  When you are done, you will help me bathe and then go to bed with me.  I want to see some of these pictures you took.”

Suk immediately started clearing the table while the others made their way to their rooms.  Angie quickly picked up her plate of food and put it on the table.  She sat down and relished being able to eat normally for once.  It was a privilege she rarely experienced since being enslaved at Clearview.  She ate as Karen went back to the phone to call Pete.

Karen waited for Pete to answer the phone and when he did she said, “Hey Pete, you know this morning when I said that we thought that the history teacher was in the organization.  Well the girls caught a glimpse of a page on his computer that had the organization emblem on it.  They said he is definitely a member of the organization.  Sarah said that the best time to raid the school to arrest him would be over the lunch hour.  That way there would be minimal disruption to classes.  They are definitely afraid of this guy.  They seem to think that he is the head of the hunt team that shot Sarah.”

Karen listened as Pete explained that they were in the process of hacking into his data base at the moment.  They had just gotten the search warrant to be able to do it legally.  He promised that if the information that she gave them was confirmed, they would make the raid the next day at noon.  Karen thanked him and hung up the phone.

After that, Karen went to help Suk clean up after the evening meal.  She would then spend an hour or two teaching her how to cook another type of meal.  Aminda and Michelle were busy making love to each other in their room.  Angie finished eating and then helped Sarah up the stairs and into the bathroom.  After bathing with her they got into bed and Angie sucked Sarah off while Sarah looked at the pictures from Kelly’s gang rape.  Sarah came thinking about how everything was going just the way she wanted it.  She arched her back in orgasm as she came.  She pulled Angie up to her and they cuddled together as they fell asleep.  Tomorrow would see all of her plans come together and she would gain real control of the school.


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