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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 65 The Pony Girl Competition

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 65

By Redlegtiger

Edited by GuiltyKarma

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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Chapter 65, The Pony Girl Competition

When Karen got to the hospital, she waited in the surgery waiting room for word on Sam and Carl.  Karen’s thoughts focused on how Frank’s death and Sam and Carl’s injury were all her fault.  Frank and Sam had become like family to her and she found it hard to accept their death and injury.  Sam would be scarred for life.  She had already decided that she would pay whatever price it took for plastic surgeons to get her back to as close to normal as possible.  Add to that the fact that her old neighbor that she had grown up with and who had expressed an interest in her at the reunion was injured added to her spiral of self blame and depression. 

Karen’s downward emotional spiral continued as the hours went by as she waited for the surgeons to come out and tell her and Greg the results of the surgery.  They had been waiting for over ten hours when a surgeon came out and told her and Gregg that Sam was out of Surgery and in recovery.  He told them that the damage to her face was extensive and they had to call in a specialist in facial reconstructive surgery to fix the damage.  He indicated that she would most likely require several follow up surgeries to get her to where she would look somewhat normal.  This fueled Karen’s depression and self loathing for putting her friends in danger. 

Karen’s thoughts began to include Sarah’s injury at the hands of the organization.  She was beginning to think that she should have just stayed a slave to Darrell and none of this would have happened.  She knew of slaves that lived their lives happily with their masters until they died just like married couples.  She began to silently berate herself for ever thinking she could escape the clutches of the organization.  She blamed herself for everything that had happened to those that she loved.  She began to think that no matter what happened or what decisions she made, she would always be putting those she loved at risk.

It never even dawned on Karen that those that loved her were more than willing to take that risk for her.  She had been such a positive influence on others that she had come to be loved by not only her family but all of the people that worked for her at Tom’s company.  Karen’s depressive spiral only allowed her to focus on all of the damage that she had caused to those she loved.  After fourteen hours of intensive surgery, the surgeon finally came out and informed her that Carl was in recovery.  He had extensive damage to his intestines and they couldn’t repair it back to normal.  They ended up removing part of his intestines and putting a colostomy bag on him.  They thought that if he was able to make it through the next few days without a major infection, he should recover.  He indicated that there was still a good chance that there would be other complications that could jeopardize his life. 

This news just added more to Karen’s depression.  She began to really question her self worth.  Nothing Gregg said to her could get her out of her funk.  Karen just sat there staring into open space, wringing her hands in worry.  Gregg figured that she would eventually come out of it like she had previously, so he didn’t worry about her too much. 

Karen’s thoughts and self recrimination had taken over any rational thoughts she might have.  As the downward mental spiral continued, her doggyslut persona that had never really gone away, but was just buried deep in her subconscious, started to fuel the downward spiral and recrimination in her mind.  Her doggyslut persona figured that if she could knock her down far enough she might be able to reassert herself and take control.  So the doggyslut part of Karen fueled her depression, making her inner conflict and guilt expand and cripple her mentally.  Karen just stared into space in a conscious stupor, not responding to comments and concerns from Gregg. 

Gregg finally talked to the doctor and asked if he could give something to Karen to get her to sleep.  She had been up for over 24 hours at that point and was also near physical exhaustion as well as mental exhaustion.  The doctor, seeing Karen in a stupor like she was, agreed and gave her a sedative and had her moved into one of the rooms.  While she was asleep, the doggyslut part of her fueled her dreams.  Karen dreamed that the organization killed off all of her friends and family.  That their ghosts came back and haunted her, blaming her for their demise.  These dreams just pushed Karen further and further into her depressive funk, something that she would suffer for weeks.

Back at the Warren’s estate and oblivious to the drama going on in Washington, life continued on as it had since Aminda and Michelle had arrived.  The girls woke up that morning like normal.  As soon as they woke up, Aminda helped Sarah to relieve herself and then after breakfast they did physical therapy for her.  When they were done, Michelle went to the nurse’s bedroom and knocked on the door. 

Geri answered the door which surprised Michelle as normally, Tina was the nurse on duty by this time in the morning.  When Michelle asked her if she could do the check up on Sarah, she answered, “I’ll get her and send her to your room.” 

As Michelle turned to walk away, Geri began to close the door.  She over heard the nurse say, “Tina, the girls are ready to have you check out Sarah.  Do you want to get dressed and do it or do you want me to?”

Michelle smiled as she understood the implications of that.  She didn’t hear the response but she went back to their room and told Sarah and Aminda, “I think our nurses have fallen for each other.  They were both in the room together and from what I accidentally overheard it sounded like they were in bed together.  Isn’t that cool?”

Both of the other girls were excited at the news.  They didn’t have time to respond when they heard a knock at the door.  It was Geri who came in.  She chased Aminda and Michelle out of the room as she did her examination.  While she did, Sarah’s curiosity got the better of her and she asked her, “So are you and Tina an item now?”

Geri was stunned at the question.  She was worried that if Tina and her relationship was discovered that it might cost her their job.  She blushed as she stuttered, “W…w…what m…m…makes y…y…you say that?”

Sarah said with a sly grin, “Oh little signs here and there.  That’s cool if you are.  Everyone deserves a little love.  Don’t worry Geri.  I’m not going to say anything and I know that Aminda and Michelle won’t either.  We all think it’s wonderful for you.  We hope you find happiness with each other.”

Geri was stunned and wasn’t thinking.  She had been all set to deny the relationship until Sarah had so matter of factly said that it was okay and that she knew it for sure.  She had thought they had been very careful to not give any signs away.  She responded, “Thank you Sarah.  That’s comforting to know.  Thank you for being so understanding.”

Geri didn’t say anymore.  But she had said enough to confirm what the three girls had suspected from the conversation that Michelle had overheard.  She told Geri, “You tell Tina that your secret is safe with us.  I know Michelle and Aminda think it is cool too.”

After Geri left and Aminda and Michelle came back in, Sarah shared her confirmation of Tina and Geri’s love affair.  It was mutually agreed that they wouldn’t tell anyone else.  The girl’s decided to head to the cave and get back to work.  They went downstairs, ate breakfast and then on out to the stable to get into pony costume.  Their guards were there waiting on their horses for them.

The girls spent the morning working on their cave with their guards.  When time came for lunch, they decided to go back to the house after each of them took time with their guard for a little sex.  First, Aminda and Michelle had sex with their guard and then Sarah did with hers. 

After they had lunch, Sarah had her two subs take her to the cabin where she whipped Michelle for her afternoon therapy.  She spent twenty minutes whipping her back and then twenty minutes on her front with a cat-o-nine tails.  She focused at least half of the strokes to the front of her body on her tits and pubic mound.  Michelle was screaming in pain after the whipping.  When they were done, Aminda took Michelle down and laid her on a table where they rubbed salve into her red, whipped skin.  The salve numbed the fire from the whipping.

When they turned Michelle over to massage the salve into her front, they began to focus their efforts on her arms and legs first.  Then they moved to her abdominal area.  Finally they began to focus their massage on Michelle’s tits.  They gently and affectionately rubbed the salve in starting at the base of her tits with Aminda on the right and Sarah on the left.  They gently rubbed in circles around the tit and gradually worked their way up to the edge of the areola.  As they progressed up her tit, Michelle’s excitement grew and grew.  She could feel the pain from the whipping feed her pleasure centers and she came closer and closer to climaxing. 

When Sarah and Aminda got to the areola, Aminda leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck and nibble on it.  Sarah saw what Aminda was doing and leaned in and did the same with her other nipple.  Aminda took a gob of the salve and started to rub it in to her vaginal lips and pubic mound. 

Every time that Michelle would get close to orgasm Aminda would back off and have Sarah do the same.  Aminda took the time to instruct Sarah on the signs to look for to determine when Michelle was getting close.  Aminda and Michelle had played around with each other so much over the years that they knew exactly what signs to look for.  After taking her to the brink several times while instructing Sarah, she offered her the chance to take over stimulating Michelle’s cunt and clit with her fingers.

Sarah took over eagerly.  She almost took Michelle over into orgasm the first time but Aminda caught the warning signs and had her stop just in time.  Michelle screamed out a long ‘NOOOooooooooo…… please let me cum.’

Sarah leaned in to her ear and whispered, “Permission denied my beautiful little slut.  Don’t even think of cumming or I’ll hang you from the rafter again and give you another whipping.”

Michelle whimpered in response as her excitement slowly tapered off.  They didn’t let her get anywhere close to normal before Sarah and Aminda began to suck on her nipples again while Sarah played with her clit.  This time Sarah recognized the signs of Michelle’s impending orgasm and stopped in time.  Aminda stopped when Sarah did. 

After taking her to the brink a couple of dozen times and keeping her in a state of near orgasmic torture for almost an hour Sarah ordered, “We are going to keep on stimulating you without stop.  You are not to cum until I give you the order.  No matter how much you want to cum, don’t until I say so.  Do you understand my slave?”

Michelle whimpered out a ‘Yes mistress’ as Aminda continued to nibble and suck on her nipples.  Sarah ordered Aminda to suck on Michelle’s cunt and clit after that. 


Sarah and Aminda began a full out coordinated assault on Michelle’s nipples, cunt and clit.  They took Michelle higher and higher towards orgasmic nirvana.  Michelle began to beg, “Please let me cum mistress.  I beg you to let me cum.”

Sarah let Michelle beg for five minutes and listened to her more and more desperate pleas to be allowed to cum.  Finally she lifted up and ordered, “Cum now for me.  Give Aminda your sweat nectar.  Cum like the little slut that you are.”

Michelle screamed out, “Thank yoooooouuuuu mmmmmmiiissstrreesss aaaaaaiiiiii iiieeeeeeeee.”  She came and came in orgasmic bliss as Sarah and Aminda continued to stimulate her nipples and clit by sucking and nibbling them.  Finally Michelle passed out from the extreme pleasure.  Only then did they stop their dual assault on her.

Sarah had Aminda go get one of the ammonia capsules and break it under Michelle’s nose.  When she awoke, Michelle was extremely groggy and not fully coherent at first.  It took her a few minutes to finally gain her bearings and focus her eyes on Sarah.  When she did, she gasped out breathlessly, “Thank you mistress.  That was wonderful.”

Aminda set out to clean up the cabin while Michelle was recovering.  It was mid afternoon when they finally made their way back to the house.  They went straight up to Sarah’s room where Aminda got the recorder.  And after assisting Sarah into her bed so that she was sitting with her back against the headboard, she started the digital recorder.  Michelle then proceeded to continue their story about the pony girl competition.


The next morning after the attack, we woke up to a sudden splash of ice cold water in our faces.  We were taken to one of several places where they had facilities set up for pony girls to relieve themselves and then get cleaned up.  We pissed and shit onto the floor and then we were hosed down and scrubbed from head to foot.  Special attention was made to clean our hair with a special shampoo that made our hair lustrous. 

We were taken back to our stalls where they dried our hair with hair driers and combed our hair until it was shiny and smooth.  Then they put it up into a pony tail.  That is when we were fit with the dress hood like the one we wore for you.  The difference is that it didn’t have hair laced into it like they do now.  There was a small hole in it that allowed them to pull our pony tail through.

After they were satisfied with our hair and hoods, they began to put the harnesses on.  This harness wasn’t the fancy dress one that we had been measured for though.  This harness was made of lambskin leather and was very soft.  It was still stained black and had a shiny texture to it.  The leather was much lighter and more flexible than the heavy training leather harness or the dress harness.  The trainer explained that this harness was for the races only and that the dress harness would be used during the dressage competition and the award ceremony.

After being fit with a dildo in our cunt they helped put the harness and our pony boots on.  We were now ready for the race to begin.  Only once we were ready to go were we given our feed bags.  The feed was saturated extra heavily with honey this time.  The honey was almost dripping off of it.  After the bland feed we had been eating the sweet taste of the honey was wonderful.  I ate it down quickly because it tasted so good.  I think that the extra honey was there to give us extra energy.  When I finished eating, I went to the trough and saw a bowl of orange juice in addition to the normal trough of water.  I quickly drank up every drop of the orange juice and then drank a fair amount of water as well.  When we were finished eating, we were instructed to do stretching exercises to limber us up.

Finally the time for the race arrived about an hour after eating.  We were led out of the stall and taken to a large bay area next to the stalls that had our carts in it.  When our trainers led us in there was a couple of other slaves that were going over every part of the sulkies to insure that they were in top running order.  We were each hooked up to a pony cart along with one other pony girl from the school.  We hadn’t met her before but our training wouldn’t let us even try to converse.  We got into position and was hooked up to our sulky as we stared straight ahead in the proper present position with our feet shoulder width apart and our hands clasped behind our backs hand to elbow.

After we were hooked up to the sulkies, Aminda was led out first.  She told me later that she was led to an assembly area at the south end of the central grassy area.  There was supposed to be six contestants in the first race but because of the incident last night, puntapet was disqualified so there were only five in the first set of racers.  When all five were ready they were led up to the starting line half way up the east side of the arena.  Aminda had been lucky and was assigned the post position.  That would give her an advantage at the first turn if she got a good start.

As soon as they began leading the first set of 400 meter sulky, pony girl racers to the starting line, they led the second six pony girl racers to the staging area at the same time.  I was in the second group.  I was the first one led to the waiting area and could just see Aminda in position at the starting line.  She and one of the other pony girls were in perfect present position.  The other three were moving around and stamping their feet like you might see a horse do. 

The way that a pony girl was supposed to stand before starting is to stand in the present position without moving.  If they moved after the ‘on your mark’ warning then a penalty time of five seconds is added to the final time of the racer.  If they move after the ‘get set’ warning then the penalty is increased to ten seconds.  The pony girls are allowed to move only after the starting gun goes off.  They must do so from a perfect present posture.  When they hear the start pistol go off, they must grab the sulky rails and take off running or they can keep their hands in place in the present position.  They can’t have their arms and hands free as they are running. 

All of the Baybee Ranch pony girls were trained to run with hands on the rails. This makes the process of starting take a few split seconds longer to get to a full out run.  The advantage is that it is much easier to run and breathe with your hands on the rails than clasped behind your back so the few seconds lost will be quickly made up, even in a 400 meter race.  Fortunately most of the competitors were trained in the same manner. 

Also of note is that Mistress Baybee was the driver of all of the sulkies for the ranch in the individual competition unless there was more than one pony girl in the race.  Then fyre drove the second sulky.  They had another older pony girl that would drive the third if necessary.

I watched as the starter raised the pistol, gave the warnings and then pulled the trigger.  The pony girl next to Aminda took off just before the pistol was shot and they were all called back to the line.  That incurred a ten second penalty on her.  They all got in position again and this time no one moved before the pistol shot.

It was a thing of beauty to watch Aminda take off.  When the pistol sounded, she immediately took off running while bringing her hands up to the rail in one smooth motion.  We were trained to allow the weight of our sulky to pull on our tits as we took off.  This allowed us to get a very quick start though it did cause some pain.  Minda was very good at her starts and she was immediately in the lead.

I remember thinking how proud I was of her and how good she was doing.  As they made the first turn, one of the outside pony girls began to catch up to her.  I began to worry that she might catch up to Aminda but she increased her speed.  In the back stretch, Aminda kept her lead over the second place person but began to pull away from many of the other ones.  At the last turn, the one with the ten second penalty began to really gain ground.  Her driver was whipping her with the buggy whip repeatedly to get her to go faster.  As they approached the finish line, she pulled up even with Aminda’s cart.  I was really worried that she might pass Aminda.  Mistress Baybee wasn’t too worried though.  She knew that even if the other pony passed them that she had the ten second penalty added.  She didn’t push Aminda at the end.  As a matter of fact, Aminda said that she started pulling back on the rains to slow her down toward the end because she was so far ahead of the others. 

The end result was that Aminda won her first race and the girl that had pulled up even with her ended up in last place because of her penalty.  The first two pony girls were led to the grassy area in the center where they were made to stand for the duration of the preliminary races.  The pony girls that were disqualified were taken to the center of the grassy area where their drivers whipped them until just before the next race was ready to go.  All of the girls that were being whipped were soon screaming as we were being led up to the starting line.

When we were all lined up and ready to go, the whipping stopped.  The warnings were given and when the starter pistol went off, I took off as fast as I could.  I wasn’t as lucky as Aminda in drawing position.  I was in the middle whereas she had been at the post position.  I was the second fastest start though and quickly pulled in behind the lead sulky for the first turn.  As I came out of the turn, I moved out a little wider and put on a spurt of speed and pulled up side by side with the leader.  As we were approaching the turn, I felt the brush of the buggy whip.  I knew that mistress wanted me to be in the lead for the turn so I turned on the speed.  All of that training with the extra weight and the much heavier trainers paid off.  I was able to get far enough in front of the other racer that I was able to cut them off at the turn.  This gave us the lead and threw that pony girl off her gait. 

I began to put everything I had into running but mistress pulled me back.  I easily maintained the lead as the pony girl we passed started to fall back.  Another one began to gain some distance but she was too far behind.  When the race was over, I was led over to the area where the two winners of the first race were waiting.  I smiled and neighed at Aminda when I was led up next to her.  The disqualified ponies were taken for their punishment while they led the final group of racers up to the starting line.  The pony girl from the Baybee Ranch had drawn the outside post which put her at a disadvantage.  She managed to take second place in her race so there would be three of us in the final race.  There were now six of us for the final race with two from each of the preliminary races being included.

There was going to be an hour break before the final race to provide time for all of the racers to recover from their first race.  During the hour, Master Rodriquez and the slave that cut Aminda and maimed the other pony girl were led in.  They were naked as the day they were born except that they had this big wooden collar on.  It looked like they took the end of a barrel and cut a hole in the center and forced it around their neck.  They were each made to dig a hole in the punishment area of the central grassy area.  The hole they dug went down two feet and was just a bit wider than their head.  That is except for the top four inches which they dug out so that it was as big around as the wood collar around their necks. 

When the two were done digging, which took all of thirty minutes, they were made to stick their heads into the hole until the collar was resting inside of the hole on the lip they had dug out for it.  When they had their heads in the hole, two trainers came up and hammered four garden spikes through pre drilled holes on the four sides to keep them from lifting out. 

Two trainers came in leading two of the biggest Australian Mastiffs I have ever seen.  The trainers leading the dogs in, each had a bottle of yellowish liquid.  They came up to the two being punished and squirted the contents of the bottle on their asses and squeezed over half of the contents into their assholes. 

The mastiffs began to sniff and lick at their assholes.  The dogs were obviously getting antsy from the stuff they squirted in the guys’ ass holes.  Soon they were licking with a passion.  That lasted a couple of minutes before the dogs were mounting the guys’ backs.  They were in perfect position to get ass fucked too. 

The trainers guided the dogs’ cocks into their assholes.  We could hear the muffled screams as the dogs sank their cocks into each of their assholes.  The crowd cheered when that happened.  The dogs continued to fuck the two men for a good fifteen minutes.  It was only when both dogs had knotted the guys’ assholes and turned ass end to ass end that they lined us all up for the final pony girl individual sulky races.

We were all led up to the track.  I got post position and Aminda was in the second position.  The other pony girl from our school was in the fourth position.  The positions were determined by the qualifying times.  Mistress Baybee was driving my sulky, fyre was driving Aminda’s and the other senior pony girl was driving the other.  We stood there in the present position until the warnings were given and then the starting pistol went off.

Mistress Baybee cracked the buggy whip on my ass immediately after the pistol went off and I took off like a bat out of hell.  Aminda was right beside me.  When we hit the turn, she pulled in behind me and kept pace with me.  We were in perfect synchronization with each other.  I was thinking of running as fast as I could and apparently Aminda was as well.  We began to feed off of each other and began to pull away from the rest of the racers.  Mistress Baybee wasn’t pulling back on the reins like she did with the preliminary races.  She was encouraging us to go as fast as possible.  She cracked the whip next to my ear to cause a snap which meant for us to go faster and faster. 

When we hit the back turn, we were at a full out sprint, in perfect synchronization with each other.  I was in the lead with Aminda behind me.  As we came out of the turn, Aminda went wide and began to pull up next to me.  We were competing with each other now.  We were both so far ahead of the rest that they were just entering the turn when we were heading into the home stretch.  We each kept thinking of going faster and faster and it did help us both to increase speed.  But we were so fine tuned to one another that when I sped up, Aminda was right with me and vice versa.  Neither of us could pull away from the other no matter how fast we ran.  We crossed the finish line side by side with each other.  The crowd was cheering excitedly.  The rest of the racers came across the line with the other Baybee Ranch pony girl in third place.  It was the first ever time that Mistress Baybee had three girls come in first, second and third.

Mistress Baybee, fyre and the other driver slowed us down to a cool down pace.  The three of us eventually ended up side by side as we did our victory lap.  When we came up to the starting line we were taken to the center of the grass in the center where they had the organizer standing there.  I had a wreath of red roses in a horse shoe shape hung around my neck.  A blue ribbon was pinned to my left nipple that extended just past the clamp there.  I just grit my teeth and bore the pain from the pin on the ribbon.  My nipples were pretty numb by that point due to the clamps anyway.  The flowers were beautiful and I was very proud of what we had accomplished.  Aminda was awarded second place and received a horse shoe wreath of white roses and a white ribbon.  It seemed that in the photo finish, my toe hit the finish line just before hers by a fraction of an inch.  The third place finisher was awarded a horse shoe wreath of ivy and a yellow ribbon. 

As soon as the awards ceremony was over we were taken to the stalls to wash down and get ready for the dressage part of the individual competition.  As we were being led off I noticed that some male slaves were coming into the arena with wheel barrows full of concrete.  I could only imagine what that was for but had an idea.

We were immediately unhooked from the sulky and then stripped of our pony gear.  We were led to the stalls where we were washed and our hair shampooed.  Our hair was done in the same manner as before.  This time we were dressed up in our exhibition harness which is the one we wear for you Sarah.  The exhibition harness was different in that it had the band of leather around the base of our tits that caused them to balloon out into balls.  Both Aminda and I had turned fifteen during the year at the ranch and our tits, while not fully formed yet, were at a 34C for me and a 34B for Aminda. 

When we were outfitted to the trainers’ satisfaction we were led to the staging area for the dressage competition.  We stayed in the present position until we were called out when it was our turn.  They called us out in alphabetical order.  Because we were listed as blondie and blondiespony, we were in the first five called.  There were thirty two of us that were competing in the dressage. 

Aminda went before me.  I went out immediately after she returned.  My trainer hooked a rein to my bridle and led me out to the dressage competition judge’s area.  I pony stepped as perfectly as I could to get there.  I was first made to pony walk around a series of obstacles that were set up to form a figure eight that was about fifty feet long and ten feet wide.  I pony walked with my arms held behind my back with my hands on my elbows.  After one complete circuit at a pony step I did a circuit at a trot, at a canter and at a full out run.  Each time I concentrated on keeping exact form and keeping my arms from moving away from my back.  This is something that we trained for over and over during the last year.  

After being put through my paces on the figure eight track I was brought to a present position directly in front of the judges.  My trainer dropped my rein and stepped away from me to the side.  The three judges came up to me and began going around me.  At first they just looked at me.  At various times they would reach out and touch me or pinch me in an effort to try and get me to move.  Part of being a good pony girl is to stay in the present position while waiting for orders from her driver. 

After withstanding repeated touches and pinches in various places they began to get harder and in more sensitive places.  After a significant amount of time, the head judge came up to me in front and grabbed both of my nipples and pinched them with his finger nails.  That hurt like hell but the numbing caused by the clamps kept it bearable.  When I didn’t move with him doing that he reached in his pocket and pulled out a chain with little hooks on the ends.  He connected the hook on each end of the chain to one of the clamps on each of my tits.  He then grabbed the chain and started yanking the clamps back and forth and up and down. That really hurt like hell and I wanted to scream out.  I knew that if I did though, I would be punished even more afterwards.  The only sign I gave them that it hurt were the tears that were streaming down my cheeks from my eyes. 

When I didn’t react to my nipples being tortured he removed the hooks from the nipples and before I knew it the hooks were being pushed through the tops of my areolas.  The hooks weren’t very sharp and they hurt worse than anything I had experienced during my time at the Baybee Ranch.  But it paled in comparison to some of the pain experienced during our punishment in the maze.  I went into an almost trance like state as I breathed in deeply as they pushed the hooks through.  The tears were flowing freely down my cheeks but I didn’t scream or moan out like a good pony girl.  When I didn’t react to that he started pulling the chain back and forth which hurt even worse.  That got a little bit of a moan of pain out but I cut it off almost as soon as it began. 

After several tugs of the chain on my tits the judge took another chain out of his pocket and attached it to the dildo in my cunt and then to the center of the chain hooked into my tit.  When it was all hooked together he reached up and removed the rein attached to my bridle.  He hooked the rein to a large ring that was in the center of the chain connecting my dildo with the tit chain.  After he hooked it up he commanded me to walk.  I pony stepped in the direction that he pulled the chain.  There were times when I was pony stepping that he would yank on my reins and cause the dildo to pull forward hard in my cunt and on the hooks through my tits.  I thought he was going to pull the hooks right through the skin.

As the judge was putting me through my paces the other two were watching my form very closely to see if I broke from form due to the distraction from the pain.  I had to really concentrate hard to stay on form.  We hadn’t trained to be led by a rein connected to chains hooked through my tits.  When they were satisfied with the pony walk they had me trot, canter and run, all while the head judge yanked my rein and tried his best to throw me off form.  Finally after what seemed like forever, but was probably no more than five minutes, I was led back to my position in front of the judge’s stand.  The head judge removed the chains and hooks from my tits and then reconnected my rein to the bridle.  When he returned to his seat he nodded at my trainer who came up and grabbed my rein.  He led me back to the stable area.

I was led back to the stall and had my dressage pony girl outfit removed.  My trainer gave me a feed bag of honey saturated feed for lunch.  I ate my fill and drank down another bowl of orange juice.  When I was done I was told to get some sleep while they did the rest of the other ponies.  We had almost three hours before the two pony girl team sulky races.

They woke us up about an hour before the next race.  We were showered and groomed like before and dressed in our racing harness.  Both Aminda and I were led to the stall where the sulkies were stored and hooked in to it.  We were then led out to the staging area.  We were the second team to arrive in the staging area.  We were soon joined by the rest of the six teams.  About five minutes until five we were led out onto the track.  We stood side by side with Mistress Baybee in the driver’s seat of the sulky.  We were in perfect present position.

We tensed in preparation on the first warning.  When the starter fired the pistol, Aminda and I were off immediately in perfect synchronization.  The others took a few steps before they got into some form of synchronization as they ran.  We took the exact same length of steps at exactly the right pace together.  Some of the teams actually had ponies with different strides and that slowed them down a bit.  By the first turn we had a two length lead over our closest competitor.  By the end of the back stretch our lead had extended to four lengths.  We took the back turn at maximum speed and came out five lengths ahead.  Mistress encouraged us by flipping the reins but didn’t even crack the whip once.  By the time we crossed the finish line, the last three of the racers were just finishing up the back turn.  We did our victory/cool down lap and then were driven onto the grassy area where we were awarded our rose wreaths and blue ribbons for winning. 

This time after the races were over we were led back to the edge of the grassy area by the starting line and I saw that the two guys were still in the punishment area with their heads in the ground.  The pony girls that lost were led into the punishment area.  The three losing teams that didn’t place were disconnected from their sulky and then made to get on their knees and lay across their backs.  The pony girls were then whipped with a cat-o-nine tails.  The guys were receiving as much punishment from the cat as the pony girls were.

When they had been punished for five minutes, the pony girls were connected to their sulky and sent off.  They did this for each of the last three teams.  When the last of the pony girls were finished being punished, two male slaves came up to the two men that had spent the better part of the day with their head in a hole in the ground.  They went up to one of them and reached down and grabbed onto a large eye bolt and pulled up hard.  That’s when we saw what had been in the wheel barrows they hauled in.  There was an almost four inch thick circle of concrete now around the neck of formerly Master Rodriguez and his trainer.  As soon as they had Master Rodriguez standing they removed the wooden collar, leaving the heavy concrete collar on.  They lifted his hands up and attached handcuffs to his wrists and then the other end to the eye bolt in the concrete.  They repeated this with the trainer.  They were led off as masters and mistresses came up to congratulate Mistress Baybee on her successful first day of racing.

The next day was a repeat of the first except that there were three races in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The single sulky 800 meter races were in the morning.  I was in the first preliminary race and Aminda was in the second.  Aminda won her preliminary but I came in second by a fraction of an inch from the pony girl that won.  In the finals race, Aminda took first by a fraction of an inch and I came in second.  The third place pony was right there with us and was only about an inch back from me.  She was the one that had beat me in the preliminary race.  It was the closest of all of the races. 

During the noon break on Monday was the sulky dressage competition.  I was led up to the judging area pulling a sulky.  The trainer got off and the judges did something similar to what they did the day before.  After they tortured my tits and cunt to try and get me to move, the head judge got into the sulky and put me through my paces.  I was made to walk, trot, canter and run around the figure eight.  Again he had a chain hooked into my tits and into the dildo like yesterday.  The judge had a long rein attached to it that went over my shoulder and back to him.  This allowed him to pull on the chain and torture my tits and cunt.  All of our training at Clearview and at the Baybee Ranch helped me to be able to concentrate and stay on form.  One thing I noticed is that we never found out the winner of the dressage competition like we did the races.  I couldn’t wait to find out how I placed.  I just hoped that we did all right and at least place in the top three.

There was about a two hour break between the dressage part of the competition and the two pony sulky 800 meter race.  When the dressage competition was over, they brought out Master Rodriguez and his trainer.  They had the large concrete collars on with their wrists handcuffed to the eyebolts that had been concreted in.  They now had heavy steel shackles on their ankles with a very heavy two foot chain between their ankles.  There was a four foot chain that connected to the center of each of the chains connecting there ankles.  They were marched out to the punishment area where they had dug their holes. 

When the two made it to their holes, they were made to get down on all fours with their heads down in the hole again.  The heavy concrete collar was too heavy for them to get up on their own without help, which was the intent for putting the collars on them.  When they were finally in place, two lines of slaves started to form behind the two.  Most of them were male slaves, including the ones from the Baybee Ranch, but some were female slaves with dildos on.

For the majority of the two hours, the two were ass fucked repeatedly.  When it was time for the races, there was still a long line of slaves waiting to get a chance to fuck the downfallen master and his slave trainer that had injured a pony girl for their own personal gain.  The slaves were especially delighted to take it to a fallen master and ass fucked him as hard and painfully as they possibly could.  The decision was made that they would keep up the fucking marathon while the race was going on.  They figured that a well trained pony girl would ignore what was going on. 

The afternoon race was the two pony sulky 800 meter race.  We were faced towards the ongoing orgy when we were brought out to the staging area for the race.  We came out third to the staging area and saw what was going on.  Mistress Baybee stopped us so that we were facing the scene so as we stood in the present position, we got to watch what was being done to the two men.

When the time came, Mistress Baybee cracked the buggy whip between us and guided us to the starting line.  The race was no contest with Aminda and me taking the blue ribbon by three lengths.  When the losers were taken to the punishment area for the post race punishment, the fucking of Master Rodriguez and his trainer didn’t stop.  The masters and mistresses came up with their pony girl slaves, made them lie across the backs of the two while whipping the pony girls.  They made sure that the two men being punished got more than their fair share of hits with the whip.

We returned to our stable immediately after the masters and mistresses finished congratulating Mistress Baybee on her excellent pair of pony girls this year.  She had already won more trophies than any other year thanks to us and we still had the better part of a week to compete.  We were given free time to relax in the stables.  After another meal of honey saturated feed, we were allowed to go to bed early.  I wished that they would let Aminda and I stay in the same stall like they did that first night after the attack.

The next morning started like the others and we were scrubbed clean, groomed and hooked to the individual sulky.  We were led out to the track for the 1500 meter race after an hour of washing and grooming and an hour of stretching to limber up.  We had the typical competition meal of honey saturated feed with orange juice to drink. 

There were six pony girls competing in the 1500 meters.  When we all lined up, there was one false start which added 10 seconds to that pony girl’s time.  The second time around was a clean start.  This race was a little different in that we had to pace ourselves.  Aminda paced just behind the leader while I paced just behind her.  It was just after the middle of the back stretch on the fourth lap that the leader began to weaken.  Aminda and I had trained for much longer distances with much more weight than we were pulling and had plenty of energy left.  We both passed the first place sulky before the back turn on the fourth lap.  What we hadn’t noticed was that there was another racer coming up on our outside that also passed the former lead pony girl.  I was still behind Aminda on the curve but swung out wide coming out of the curve.  It was as I was moving to the outside that I caught a glimpse of the quickly approaching racer.  I moved out a little wider than I normally would have to try and make her go inside to block her or make her go so wide that Aminda would still win.  My strategy worked better than I could have hoped because they tried to move inside and pass me that way.  I was quickly guided toward the rail by my driver before they could get in the gap.  This effectively blocked the team behind Aminda and her driver with me and my driver to the side.  I was even with Aminda’s sulky.  They realized their mistake and slowed enough to get back outside but there just wasn’t enough time before the finish line.  Aminda came in first, I came in second and the one that tried to pass us came in third by half a length.

We went to the winner’s circle again while the losers went to the punishment area where Master Rodriguez and his trainer were back.  They punished the losing pony girls like they had all of the other times, lying across the back of the two and being whipped for losing so that the two guys received as much punishment as the girls.

From eleven in the morning to two in the afternoon was the two pony sulky dressage competition.  Aminda and I were driven to the judging area where the judge was given the reins and our trainer stepped away.  The head judge stepped in front of Aminda and tortured her tits trying to get her to break.  He pinched and pulled her nips and then he did the same to me.  Then he hooked a chain onto the nipple clamps on our tits and yanked them around.  He did it so hard that it brought tears to both our eyes.  Then he hooked the dildos in our cunts to the chain between our tits with another chain.  Then he connected a long rein from the center of the chain between our tits over our inside shoulder so that he could torture us while we were being driven.  He did this to try and throw us off form.  He then drove us through the figure eight at a pony walk, a trot, a canter and a full out run.  He yanked that chain so hard that he caused blood to flow from our abused nipples.  I think he was trying extra hard to make us break.  I can honestly tell you that it was very hard to concentrate on what we were doing.  It was only our previous punishments that allowed us to withstand the torture.

We were one of the first teams in the dressage competition.  When we were done, we had three and a half hours till the race at four.  We went to the stable where we were fed and then ordered to lie down and rest.  I actually dozed off for about an hour.  We were awakened at three and cleaned and groomed for the afternoon race.  We made it out to the standby area with about five minutes to spare.  There were only five racers for the two pony 1500 meter race.  This one wasn’t nearly as exciting as the single race.  We won this race hands down.  We were both so in sync with the other and ran so fast that we were a full half lap in front of the second place team.  We went to the winner’s circle where even more masters and mistresses came up to congratulate Mistress Baybee.  She had a bigger grin than I had seen on her all year long.  When it was time to finally go back to the stalls, she came up to us and pet one of our tits in each hand and told us, “You two pony girls keep this up and I’ll be set for business for the rest of my life.  No master or mistress has ever brought a team that allowed them to win as much as you two have here.  And to think that you haven’t even done your best events yet.  I think you’ve earned your surprise.  Wait until the end of the competition.”  She led us personally to the stalls as she talked instead of turning us over to our trainers.

The next day was the 5k single sulky races.  We were fed and prepared like normal and then led out to the ready area as before.  The stands weren’t nearly as full as before because many of them were out somewhere along the 5k route.  When all of the teams were there we were led up to the starting line.  We took off with the starter pistol and did one lap around the track.  We ended up in the first and second position after the first lap.  When we got to the north end on the second lap, Mistress Baybee guided Aminda through the door into the stall area.  Fyre drove me through the door as well.  I was wondering why we were going into the stall area until I turned to go in and saw there was a door on the other side that opened up on a gravel drive that led to the road.  The race then proceeded to go on a marked course through the outback.  The road had a lot of turns and obstacles that we had to either go around or through.  This road wasn’t nearly as rough or as bad as any of the trails around mistress’s ranch and we weren’t carrying a heavy trainer and all of the extra dead weight they kept adding on during training. 

We maintained our first and second place position until just before we entered back into the arena.  That’s when I began to get over confidant and didn’t watch where I was stepping.  I tripped in a pot hole and stumbled.  I was lucky I didn’t injure myself.  That allowed the third place sulky to pass me.  After recovering, I just couldn’t catch up.  She actually pressed Aminda pretty hard but ended up settling for second place.  Aminda was first and I was third.  I still placed so I didn’t get punished at least.  Mistress wasn’t too happy with me for getting third though. 

When I was led back to the stall, the trainer undressed me and immediately put me over his lap.  He proceeded to spank me over and over again.  He told me, “You failed your mistress blondiespony.  You should have taken second place but you didn’t watch where you put your feet and stumbled.  Mistress was very disappointed in you.  I have to go to her this evening and explain why I didn’t train you well enough.  That means punishment for me.  If she would let me I would whip you senseless.  I assure you I will whip you twice for every stripe of the whip that I get when we get back to the ranch.  If you want me to go easier on you, you better win the 10k race in a couple of days.  I want you to think about what could have happened if you did that in the two pony sulky race.”

He spanked me with every word he said.  I lost count after 60.  He added one extra after he quit talking.  My ass was sore when he got done and I was crying terribly.  When he was done he took me to my stall and pushed me in.  I stumbled down onto the floor where I curled up into a fetal position and cried.  I didn’t get honey saturated feed for lunch.  I was given a half ration of normal feed as punishment.  I guess I should be thankful I didn’t have the whole meal taken away.  I guess they just wanted to make a point that I was still at their mercy.  I dreaded the whipping after the event was over so I committed myself to winning the 10k.  I felt that reassuring blanket of love from Aminda which helped me to regain my proper focus after a while.

We didn’t do anything for the afternoon.  We were left in our stalls except for a few minutes where our trainers came and led us around the circumference of the arena on the outside to keep us flexible.  We only walked but it was enough to stretch our muscles out. 

The next day started as the day before except we were hooked up to the two pony sulky.  We started the race and took the lead immediately.  We never relinquished the lead and came in first almost half a kilometer ahead of the others.  We were treated much better after this race.

The afternoon went much like the previous day without the spanking.  The next morning we were hooked up to the individual sulky for the 10k race.  To make a long story short, I won the race.  But it was more because Aminda let me.  She is much better at long distances than I am so I know she slowed just enough to let me win.  That same pony girl that took second two days before ended up third this time.  I was grateful that Aminda would give up her first place to allow me to win.  I know she heard my trainer tell me about my whipping.  I really loved my lover and true mistress.  The final event was the two pony 10k the next day.  We won that one hands down.  It wasn’t even close.

The afternoon after the two pony 10k sulky race was the closing awards ceremony where they announced the Dressage competition winners and the overall trophy competition winner.  Aminda and I tied for first place for the individual dressage competition.  I won the individual sulky dressage while Aminda came in second.  We also won the two pony team sulky dressage.  It was no contest for the overall pony girl competition winner.  Mistress Baybee’s Pony Girl Ranch and School won the trophy.

After the awards were given, they announced that Master Rodriguez, his trainer and puntapet would be punished for maiming not only sparkle but killing the two other pony girls at previous competitions elsewhere.  They announced that the masters and mistresses had voted and given the death sentence to the two men.  They had been tortured every day of the competition and this was their final torture session.  Puntapet would be whipped five times by every master or mistress in the arena that participated in the events.  If she survived, she would be turned over to Mistress Baybee.  Then they announced for them to bring in Master Rodrigues. 

Two male slaves drug in the former master.  He was yelling and screaming obscenities the whole way.  They pulled him up to two six by six posts that had been put into the holes they dug and filled in.  He was shackled to heavy steel rings at the top by his wrists and at the bottom by the ankles.  He was then stripped naked by cutting the burlap sack that he was wearing off.  His body was covered with bruises and scabbed over stripes where the whips had cut his skin. 

Sparkles’ master was called up and given the right to do the final torture.  He took the scalpel that had been used on sparkle and started cutting the guy.  He first cut X’s across the guy’s nipples and extending about two inches beyond.  He then cut a big circle connecting the ends of the X’s.  He did the same thing on his belly button.  Then he knelt down and picked up each foot and put five long cuts into the sole’s of his feet.  He next cut the Achilles tendon in his heels.  The next cut was the cruelest of the cuts.  He jacked off Master Rodriguez’s cock until it was stiff.  Then he took the scalpel and cut it in half from base to tip.  He took each half and cut it as well.  Master Rodriguez began to weave in and out of consciousness from loss of blood.  Sparkles’ master decided the time had come to end it so he took the scalpel and cut his neck from side to side.  He cut the carotid arteries, and the wind pipe.  Master Rodriguez was dead in less than five minutes after that.  The crowd groaned in disappointment that the torture had been so quick.  The slave’s came in and removed him from the two posts and hauled his dead body off.

Two more slaves brought Master Rodriguez’s trainer to the posts and strung him up.  After he was shackled to the posts, Mistress Baybee came up to us.  She told us, “I’ve decided that because you two were the ones that he assaulted, I would give you the opportunity to punish this trainer.  Do you want that?  Feel free to speak.”

Aminda spoke up and said, “Yes mistress.  We would like that.  But could I talk to blondiespony for a minute first?”

She answered, “Yes, but don’t take too long.”

Aminda turned to me and whispered, “I know how much he scared you when he cut me.  I just suffered a little pain in my tit after I woke up.  I didn’t feel anything when he did it.  I know you thought I was dead when our connection was broken.  I can only imagine what fear that caused you.  I offer you the opportunity to take out all of our combined hate for what has been done to the both of us out on him.  Do you want to do that or do you want me to?”

I didn’t have to think twice.  I hated this man more than Mistress Brittany for what he tried to do to my Minda.  I would happily torture him for what he did.  Then I thought about what I heard from the announcement.  He had been given a death sentence.  I didn’t know if I wanted to kill someone.  I knew I could and would if that was what was ordered but I would prefer not to.  I turned to Mistress Baybee and asked, “Do I have to kill him?”

She smiled and said, “You can do anything you want to him. You can do it as quickly or take as long as you like.  And no, you don’t have to kill him if you don’t want to.  But I expect that the torture will be severe and at least take him to near death.  I can have your trainer finish him off at the end if that is what you want.  I want you to have him begging for death before you are finished though.”

Michelle got an evil look of determination on her face and said, “I accept mistress.  I would love to take revenge for what he did to blondie.  Do you have any way to electrically torture him?”

Mistress Baybee smiled and turned to Aminda’s and my trainers.  She ordered, “You heard her.  Go get her everything you can find that can be used to torture this fool.  I want her to have every option and piece of equipment you can find in the dungeons.  Get all of the other slaves and have them help you and don’t take too long.

Mistress turned to me and said, “While they are getting your equipment, go ahead and get the cat-o-nine tails.  I want you to whip him until the equipment gets here.  Then you can choose what you want to do.”

I grabbed the whip and started toward the hanging trainer.  I stopped and turned around and asked, “Is there a really large horse available for the final part of the torture.  I think it would be cool to have him fucked in the ass by the largest horse you can find when I finish.  Maybe the horse will do him in.”

Mistress Baybee reached up her hand and put it on my right cheek and caressed it as she said, “My how I wish you were mine.  I know I would love having you as my own personal pony girl.  I love it when they have a bit of Dom in them like you have.  Now go and get your revenge.”

I turned and walked up to the hanging man.  I started whipping him with the cat.  The cat had knots in the strands and I was hitting him with all of my strength.  I saw blood trickle periodically as the knots broke the skin.  The guy didn’t scream a lot.  So I decided to alternate between his cock and balls and the rest of his body.  My first strike to his balls got the scream the crowd wanted.  I heard cheers as the convicted trainer screamed.  I then whipped his nipples and then back to his cock.  I hit his ass and then his cock.  He was pleading for mercy but I had none.  He would have left my Minda for dead and I actually thought he had killed her.  I could never forgive him for that.  I took out all of my hate for him and for all of the other punishments we had ever been forced to go through.  I was more than willing to inflict whatever punishment I could to exact every bit of pain and suffering I could.

About five minutes into the whipping, slaves began to haul tables and set them up around the hanging trainer.  There were other slaves that brought out equipment.  There were two slaves that came out carrying a generator.  They set it up under the table closest to the guy I was torturing.  Other slaves followed and started placing all sorts of stuff on the table to be used with electricity.

I stopped whipping to some moans and boos from the crowd.  I walked over to the table and started looking at the equipment.  I picked up a large dildo and another item that I thought would be fun… for me, not him.  The dildo was at least twelve inches long and two inches wide.  I walked up behind the guy and lined the dildo with his anal pucker.  I started pushing but it wouldn’t go in.  I leaned in and licked his ass to lubricate it some.  When I thought there was enough spit to get it started, I pushed the dildo again as hard as I could.  It slid in about an inch and then became difficult to push in again.  I stepped back and put my pony boot on it and pushed with all of the force my well trained pony legs had.  The dildo slid right in, eliciting a loud cry from my victim.  I looked at his dildo stuffed ass hole and it was bleeding.  ‘Too bad’ I thought to myself.  If he didn’t like that, I could guarantee that he wouldn’t like what I was going to do next.

I picked up the other item that I had laid on the ground while I put the dildo in.  It was a long thin metal rod with a small quarter inch ball on one end and a wire connected to the other end.  I began sucking his half hard, bleeding cock and brought him to full hardness.  When I was satisfied with his hardness, I put the rod to his piss hole and pushed hard.  Again he screamed out in agony as I forced the rod all of the way down his piss tube until all that remained was the wire.  The crowd went wild when I did that. 

I went back to the table and found a ring that looked like radiator hose clamps and also alligator clamps attached to wires.  I grabbed them and a flat tip screw driver.  I went back to my victim and proceeded to attach the alligator clamps onto his nipples.  He begged me saying, “Please… don’t do this.  You don’t have to do this.  I was only doing my master’s bidding.”

I didn’t even acknowledge what he said.  He had injured my Minda with intent to maim or kill.  I didn’t care if god had told him to do it.  I would have been just as angry and out for revenge.  I knelt down and put one of the radiator clamps on his left testicle.  I began using the screw driver to tighten the ring until it started squeezing his ball.  I kept turning it until he was screaming bloody murder.  The crowd erupted in cheers.  It felt like I was in a Roman coliseum in ancient Rome putting a show on for the emperor.

I did my victim’s right nut the same as his left getting more cheers from the crowd.  It seemed that the more cheers I got, the more I got into the torture.  I couldn’t believe I was starting to get excited from torturing this man.  I wondered if it would be that way with anyone or just this one.  I probably would never get another chance like this so decided I would take advantage of it.  I grabbed the control box that was connected to the generator.  I took the wires from the dildo, the rod, the alligator clamps and the ball bands and connected them to the control.  I set the setting at ten and then hit the button for the ball bands.  He screamed bloody murder as electricity surged through his balls and passed out.  The crowd erupted in cheers at the obvious pain and distress that he had suffered.

I went over to the tables and found a box of ammonia capsules.  I broke one under his nose until he woke up.  When he did he started begging, “Oh please have mercy on me.  I can’t stand it.  I can’t take anymore of this.  Please…… I was just doing my master’s bidding.”

Of course I wasn’t about to show him mercy.  I went up to him and looked him in the eyes.  I shouted, “Look at blondie.” 

He didn’t look so I hit the button very briefly at 5 and told him to look at blondie again.  The reminder shock motivated him and he quickly turned to look at Aminda.  When he did I yelled into his ear, “That fifteen year old girl went through ten electrical torture stations without rest.  Most of them were much worse than here.  How would you like to be fitted into an electric chair like she was and shocked for 45 minutes at various settings in multiple locations like her cunt, ass and tits?  She did that and survived and you don’t see her complaining.  You get one little shock to your balls and you start crying like a little baby.  She also had to swim for thirty minutes in a pit of electric eels twice, forced to stand on an electrified bed of nails and then made to piss on the electrified grate so that the current would flood right into her very core.  It might feel something like this. “I pushed the button for the rod up his cock causing him to scream.”

I continued, “There were many more electrical punishments they went through as well so I have no mercy in my body to show to you.  You tried to hurt the one person in this world that I care about.  You made me think she was dead and she would have been if I hadn’t stopped you by yelling.  So quit being a sissy or I’ll cut your balls off and feed them to you.  At least that would shut you up.”

When I had started shouting the arena had gone deathly quiet.  After I got done, they erupted in a cheer.  I turned and curtsied as if I had a long dress on and they all started laughing at my antics.  I put the setting back at ten and then went through each button controlling the different devices to his cock, ass and nipples.  Then I turned the contraption on automatic and let it start cycling through the various settings with a minimum setting of five which was merely painful and ending at ten.  Of course it would go off on an item individually or in multiples up to all of the going off at a ten. 

As the electrical torture began, I went back to the table and found a box of long hat pins.  There were at least 50 pins in the box.  I took the pins and began by running one through his nose from one side to the other.  Next I took his ear lobe and pushed the pin through from back to front.  After pushing it through I bent it forward and then pushed the pin up through the top of the ear lobe.  I repeated the process with his other ear.  Next I went down to the guys nipples.  I leaned in and began to suck and chew on them to get them stiff.  I wasn’t gentle either.  I chewed down hard and yanked my teeth back and forth on them.  By the time I was done, both of his nipples were swollen and bleeding.  I started to push the pins through the raw nipples.  He screamed in pain each time I pushed a needle through.  I pushed one through each one horizontally, then vertically.  After that I moved out about an inch and at angles stuck the pins through the muscle of his chest and then out about an inch on the other side.  I tried my best to scrape bone as I did it but just couldn’t get it done.  Of course the way I wiggled the needle around as I pushed down, then across and finally back up cause plenty of pain as it was.  He was crying and pleading like a baby by the time I was done.  Remember that while I was doing all of this, he was being shocked every fifteen seconds by the infernal machine. 

That left about 37 pins to go.  I looked at him as he screamed out from a shock from several of the devices that must have been at the highest setting.  His entire body shook as he screamed before he passed out.  I broke an ammonia capsule under his nose and taunted him by saying, “My, my aren’t you the little sissy boy.  You were screaming, crying and blubbering like a little baby.  I haven’t even started yet.  I still have a lot of pins to go and there are so many more wonderful toys to play with.  We are going to be here a long, long time.  I have no intention of killing you quickly and every time you pass out, I will wake you up and keep on going.  And I assure you it will get a lot worse.”

I got down on my knees to his still hard cock.  I laid the box of pins on the ground and picked one up.  I took the first pin and put it at the base of his cock at the top.  I pushed it down through the center.  It hit the rod so I pulled back and pushed it a bit to the left of the rod.  After passing the rod I pulled the pin left as I pushed to force the point to the right so it would come out in the center. I took another pin and pushed it through the base horizontally.  After those two pins, I moved up a half inch and repeated the process but putting the pins a couple of degrees off the vertical and horizontal direction.  My victim had about an eight inch cock.  That meant that he had 32 pins filling it.  I pushed the pin that went into the head of his cock on either side of his piss hole.  I made sure that each one came out at the base of the head on the bottom where they are the most sensitive. The points crossed and were on the opposite side of his piss tube from where they entered.  He was screaming and crying like a little baby. 

I had five pins left.  I took the first of the five and lined it up so that the edge was against the clamp around his ball.  I pushed it through, wiggling it and ensuring that it came in contact with the ring on the other side.  He screamed and passed out as I assaulted his most sensitive body parts with the point of the needle.  The crowd was clapping and screaming for more.  I broke an ammonia capsule and berated him again after he woke up.  This time he begged me to have mercy and kill him.  I just ignored him after he said that.  I began to wonder if it wouldn’t be merciful to just kill him.  The one that deserved this type of punishment was the master that directed it.  But he was already dead and I was given the opportunity to torture the one that actually did the deed.  No I wasn’t going to be merciful to him.  No one had ever been merciful to us. 

I took the second needle and pushed it length ways through his ball so that it went through the middle along the long axis.  I wiggled the needle around until I felt the connection with the other needle and then pushed it the rest of the way through.  I didn’t bother trying to push the point out through the other side.  I let it go right up into his pubic area above so that he would experience pain from every movement.  Of course my victim screamed and cried. 

My victim received a jolt at ten at that point to the bands around his balls and he screamed and I could visibly see his stomach contract involuntarily.  He passed out from the agony.  I broke an ammonia capsule under his nose and wiggled the needle there until he was fully awake again.  I still had another three pins to go so I treated his other ball the same way with one needle horizontally across the band and one lengthwise, contacting the needle in the center.  He passed out again from the agony of the torture.  After waking him up I took the final needle.  I pulled his balls down so that the points of the horizontal pins were facing inward and pushed them together so that the points stuck into the opposite ball bringing more screaming and crying.  Then for the final needle, I stuck it through horizontally so that it passed through both of his balls.  I of course wiggled the needle as much as I could to inflict as much pain and damage as possible.  He passed out again from the pain I was inflicting.  The crowd was alive with a blood lust by now and were cheering and chanting for more.

I went back to the tables to see what other kinds of torture devices they had.  I was hot as could be and was almost ready to cum from the excitement of torturing this piece of shit.  I was beginning to understand what the masters and mistresses got out of torturing us slaves.  I wanted to be more involved with the torture for my pleasure.  I saw a dildo harness and one of those dildos that shocked you every time you thrust it in to the base.  I looked over at another table and saw some vampire gloves with all of the sharp pins on them.  I knew from experience the agony that those could cause.  I went over to the table and put them on.

I walked back to my victim and yanked out the dildo in his ass.  A mix of blood and shit came running out along with a bit of smoke and a hint of a burned flesh smell.  I exaggerated pinching my nose, showing the crowd what I thought of the stench and they laughed.   I stepped up and found I was a bit too short.  I turned around to find my trainer bringing a small step up platform to bring me up to the right height. 

After my trainer set the step down behind my victim, I stepped up and bent my knees down a little to line my cock up to his bloody ass.  I forced the cock into the hilt in one thrust.  My victim wasn’t expecting the shock and he screamed and pleaded as I reamed his asshole out, shocking him over and over again.  Of course the other electrical torture toys were still attached and doing their job.  I reached around with my vampire glove covered hands and started pressing the pins into his chest with each nipple centered on a palm of one of my hands.  I carefully kneaded the pins in and out so I didn’t get stuck by the hat pins.  I kept that up until he was pleading and pleading for me to let him die.  Blood was streaming down his chest and stomach from all of the pin pricks and scratches I was inflicting on him.  But that wasn’t causing him enough pain for me.  I reached down with one hand and pulled the pins out of his cock.  I wiggled them back and forth as I did to inflict as much pain as possible.  When all of the pins were out, I reached down with one gloved hand and grabbed his cock and squeezed tight.  This added injury to his already pain filled cock. 

Next I reached down and took his pin filled balls and clasped them from front to back where the pins weren’t sticking out.  I took a couple of minutes to knead his balls with the vampire glove.  He cried like a baby as I tortured his cock and balls and continued to fuck him with the shock dildo.  The shocks kept coming from the electric torture devices I put on him too.  I could actually feel some of the shocks as they coursed through his body, especially where I held his balls.  But that just fueled my excitement.  I hadn’t cum yet but I was getting close. 

I had been torturing this guy for the better part of an hour and was really getting into it now.  The crowd went wild at the sight of the blood streaming down his chest.  They went even wilder when it was evident that I was going to give his cock the same treatment.  But what they didn’t know was that I wasn’t just going to knead his cock with the pins.  I opened up my hand enough and began to masturbate him with the pin filled glove.  The pins scraped along the surface of his skin, tearing scratches into it.  He finally began to beg for me to let him die over and over.  He begged for mercy and it turned me on to hear him.  I held his life in my hands and I wasn’t feeling in a very merciful mood.  His begging just fueled my excitement.  I began to really put some energy into jacking him off.  As I went, I put more and more pressure on his cock.  I wasn’t paying any attention at all.  I just kept at it. 

Finally the fucking with the dildo and the excitement of torturing him caught up with me and I came.  I came hard too.  When I came I squeezed harder on his cock as I jacked off with jerking motions.  Finally I collapsed back into the arms of my trainer who had seen me jerking uncontrollably.  He kept me from falling to the ground.  It took a moment for me to become alert again.  I looked at him and said, “I’m ready for the horse now.  I don’t think he’ll last much longer.  Let me disconnect the equipment so the horse isn’t injured though. 

I went around to my victim’s front and saw for the first time the bloody mess that I left where his cock used to be.  There was nothing but a mess of fleshy strands and blood just pouring out of him.  He wasn’t going to last long.  That was for sure.  I hoped he would last long enough to experience the horse cock though.  I quickly took out the pins and put them in the box.  There was no causing extra pain this time.  I wanted him ready when the horse came.  I took off the alligator clips and the ball clamps too.  When I was done, I motioned the male slaves that were monitoring and assisting over.  I told them to take him down and get him ready to be fucked by a horse.

Aminda’s trainer and another one came over and released the shackles.  My victim groaned in pain as he fell to the ground in a heap.  When his ankles were released, they picked him up by the arms and drug him over to a platform specifically designed for a horse to mount a human.  They put him in position and shackled him onto the platform. 

I looked toward the entrance to the arena and saw my trainer leading the naked thirteen year old girl by the hand.  She had in her other hand the reins to the biggest draft horse I had ever seen.   They arrived at the platform with the girl’s father just as the other two stepped away.  My trainer sprayed the guy with the piss from a pregnant horse.  I watched as he then leaned down and whispered into the girl’s ear.  I watched the girl look at the horses cock and then back at my trainer and she shook her head no.  He slapped her and then whispered in her ear again.  She finally shook her head yes and got down on her knees by the horse’s cock.  I watched as she tentatively leaned in and started licking and slobbering all over the horses cock.  I heard my trainer order her to suck and then watched as she tried to get the end of the horses cock into her mouth.  It was so large that she couldn’t do it.  She could only get the very end into her mouth but she moved her mouth all around and left behind lots of spit.  The horse’s cock was finally as solid as it could get.  My trainer coaxed the horse up onto the platform and lined his massive cock up with the girl’s father’s ass hole. 

When I had asked for a large horse, I had imagined a riding horse like the ones we were constantly fucking.  I had no idea that they would bring a horse this big.  I knew then that this horse’s cock would rip the guy’s insides to shreds.  His cock was almost three feet long.  The end was almost three inches wide and it expanded as it went back until it was seven or eight inches across.  It would definitely rip his asshole apart. 

My trainer leaned down and whispered in the girl’s ear again.  When he leaned back up, the girl took hold of the horse’s cock and guided it to her father’s still distended ass hole. 

When my trainer saw that the girl had the horse’s cock lined up with her father’s ass hole he slapped the horse on the rump.  The horse humped his cock into her father.  That was enough to bring him out of his stupor.  Blood continued to stream from his shredded cock while his ass hole ripped to accommodate the horse’s large cock.  The guy screamed as he felt his flesh tear.  The horse just wanted to fuck his mare and went by instinct.  It repositioned his hooves and thrust forward again.  This forced another six inches up his ass.  The horse drew back and thrust again and sank another ten inches in.  The girl’s father now had two feet of horse cock being forced into his body.  He was convulsing in spasms as he screamed and started to spit up blood.  The girl was hysterical as she watched her father being fucked by the horse from about a foot away. She tried to get up but the trainer pushed her even closer.  The horse took one more lunge and forced several more inches in.  It seemed as if some barrier had been breached as it ripped his ass wider and forced his cock into the guy to the tune of almost three feet.

I knew that the horse’s cock was in his victim’s chest cavity.  I could tell from the way his body moved.  There was no way that he was going to live.  I thought about it later, how my thinking had gone from him being my victim and when the horse started fucking him, he was his victim.  It was as if I had nothing to do with him any longer.  But he really was my victim.  He wouldn’t have survived the shredding of his cock that I caused.  Not without medical assistance which I was sure he would never have gotten.  Not with the way the crowd was cheering.  No, I watched as the horse just sped up the process of my first real killing of a human being.  I didn’t feel bad about it either, not like we did when we thought we killed Lisa’s mom. 

The girl had collapsed there next to the horse’s cock watching her father’s body go into his final spasms of life with the cock up his ass hole inches from her face.  Her entire body was shaking from her heaving sobs.  She obviously blamed herself for her father’s death.  Finally the horse came.  When he did a pinkish flood of blood and cum mix sprayed out around his cock.  The girl was so close that it covered her over her head and body.  When he pulled out, the flow was initially white, then pink, then dark red with blood.  With the amount of blood he lost he was surely dead.  The crowd cheered at the sight of all of that blood and the little girl that was covered with it.  They got even louder as his body spasmed a couple of last times and then lay still. 

He was now dead and I was the cause.  There was no way around that fact.  I was from this day forward a murderer.  I walked up to Aminda and hugged her as I whispered, “That was for you my love.  He shouldn’t have hurt you.” 

I didn’t dare say anymore.  I felt her love for me and was content.  I went over to Mistress Baybee and stood in the present position like I had been trained.  She said, “You did a good job blondiespony.  I do wish that your owner would let me buy you.  You are exactly the type of pony girl that I strive to produce.  I don’t think I’ll ever have another pair like you and your mistress.  Yes, she may be a slave but she is your mistress and there is no way anyone can refute that.  That is why you were sent as a team to me for training and why you will go back.  You are forever linked together and if I bought one of you, I would have to buy both.  As well as you performed, I know that I couldn’t afford the bid that you would bring.  I’ve seen pony girls that aren’t nearly as good as you two go for millions of dollars a piece.  I can only imagine how much the two of you would bring.  But your master isn’t interested in auctioning you.  I know because I asked him last night.  It seems that you two have multiple masters and mistresses who share you.  They are also tied to you by blood as well by being your parents.  So they have decided to keep you for now.  I hope they change their mind but I don’t think they will.  Now turn around and watch puntapet’s whipping.  It’s a bit anticlimactic after that show but it is still going to happen.”

We watched as puntapet was shackled to the posts so that she could see her husband’s dead body in front of her.  Her daughter was drug over, still sobbing and covered from head to toe with blood and cum, to some stocks that had been brought out.  She was positioned so she could see both her mother and her father’s dead body.  Both mother and daughter were crying hysterically.  The masters and mistresses were already lining up with a whip in hand.  Mistress went up to them and said, “You can only whip her five times each.  When you are done, pass the whip you are using to the next one in line without a whip.  When you get done whipping you can enjoy any of the girl’s three holes you want.  You may now get started.”

Mistress Baybee let the first master up.  Puntapet was whipped unmercifully by him and numerous other masters and mistresses for the better part of an hour. They each went over and enjoyed fucking puntapet’s daughter when they got done.  The poor girl was fucked unmercifully as she watched her mother being whipped and her father’s dead body.  Finally all of the masters and mistresses that had a pony in the race that wanted to participate had whipped puntapet.  Cum was streaming down the daughter’s legs and covered her face from being fucked over and over in all three holes.  She watched as Mistress Baybee’s slaves came up and took her mother down.  Puntapet collapsed into their arms as she groaned in agony.  She was alive and would be reunited with her daughter.  That much I was sure of.  She and her daughter would live out their lives as Mistress Baybee’s pony girls.

Mistress Baybee went over and released the girl from the stock.  She grabbed her hand and led her over to us.  The girl looked absolutely miserable after her ordeal.  Mistress stopped in front of us and said, “Your name is now spice.  You will never know another name.  You and your mother will become my pony girls.  That is the price I demanded for what your father did to blondie here.  She has stitches on the bottom of her tit from where your father cut her.  He almost killed another pony girl and did maim her for the rest of her life.  He is responsible for killing two other pony girls at other competitions as well.  That is why you were all punished.  Retribution had to be taken for such a severe violation of our laws.  Your mother is good and will become the staple of my competing ponies in the near future.  But you are going to be my next super pony like blondie and blondiespony.  Be warned that if I become displeased with you then you will share your father’s fate.  I will broker no disobedience whatsoever.  These two can fill you in before you are all led to the stables.  They will both be leaving soon and you will replace them.  I hope to have you in shape to compete next year.”

We spent the next few minutes as the trainers and slaves cleared all of the equipment from the field.  We answered all of her questions.  We told her how if she really tried hard that they weren’t too hard on her but if she didn’t she would be whipped every day.  She was sobbing the whole time we were telling her what life as a pony girl is like.  We both told her that we would rather stay there and be pony girls rather than go back to the hell we lived in at Clearview. 

Before we were led off to the stables, Master Darrell, Mistress Tyree along with Aminda’s mom and dad, Master and Mistress Jenson, came up to greet us.  Master Darrell spoke for them all as he came up to me and said, “We are so proud of you my pets.  You have far exceeded what we expected of your training here.  We have a special celebration scheduled at the Baybee Ranch.  You two are going to bring us all so much joy and pleasure that I can’t wait.  We’ll see you at the celebration.”  They all turned and walked away then. 

We were finally led off of the center grass of the arena and into the stall area.  We were cleaned up and then allowed to go to our stalls.  We were surprised to find our trainers there with a nice hot steak dinner for us.  That was a surprise.  I never enjoyed a meal as much as I did that one.  When we were done eating the trainer took the dishes away.  I lay down in the straw and started to doze when the door to the stall opened.  I looked up and saw my trainer.  I saw him naked for the first time.  His loin cloth and cock sheath was no longer on.  He lay down next to me and told me, “Mistress has given you a special gift for the night.  I would like to make love to you.  I will not rape you because you have far exceeded anything any other pony girl has that I’ve trained.  But I ask for your permission.  If you don’t want to then I’ll lay here and cuddle with you through the night.”

I smiled and said, “Can you make love to me and then cuddle with me through the night.  I would like that very much.  Thank you for training us so well.  Blondie and I both enjoy being a pony girl.  You helped bring out the best in us.”

I turned over on my back and held out my arms to him.  He got down on his knees and lined his cock up with my excited cunt.  As soon as I felt his cock enter my tunnel I thrust up onto his cock.  I don’t know who fucked who but I was a very active participant in it.  It was the first real male cock I had had in me since I had arrived in Australia a year ago.  We fucked until he came and then we fucked until I came and came until he came again.  It was wonderful.  I could tell that Aminda was receiving the same treatment as well.  I could feel her passion in me as I knew she could feel mine.  It fueled us both on.  I don’t know what time we finally went to sleep but I know it was well after midnight.

This is the end of Chapter 65

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