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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 61 Pony Girl Training Begins

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 61

By Redlegtiger

Edited by GuiltyKarma

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 61, Pony Girl Training Begins

Aminda and Michelle took Sarah back to the house in the pony girl cart after sharing the first part of their story about the year in Australia.  They returned in time to clean up before dinner. 

Aminda and Michelle carried Sarah up the stairs together and took her to the bathroom.  Aminda adjusted the water while Michelle helped Sarah into the tub.  They climbed into the large tub with Michelle behind and Aminda in front of Sarah.  They began to wash Sarah down, taking time to ensure that Sarah received the maximum amount of pleasure.  While Michelle washed Sarah’s back, Aminda washed her front while paying an extraordinary amount of time on her tits.  When Aminda moved down to wash her legs, Michelle reached around and began to manipulate her tits while she nibbled on her ears.  Aminda washed up her legs and when she was done, she put Sarah’s legs over her shoulders and brought her nice clean cunt up to her face.  She began to lick and suck alternately on Sarah’s cunt lips and clit and at times pushing her tongue as far into her cunt as she could get.  Every so often, she would raise her up and rim her ass.  They kept this combined assault up until Sarah was screaming in orgasm.  Aminda kept it up until Sarah ordered her to stop because she just couldn’t take it any more.

Aminda and Michelle quickly washed themselves and then helped their mistress out of the tub.  This time Aminda held her while Michelle dried both Sarah and Aminda off.  Then Michelle held Sarah while Aminda dried her off. When they were done, they took her into her bedroom and helped her get dressed.  They then carried her into their bedroom and sat her on their bed.

Aminda looked at Sarah and asked, “My mistress.  How would you like us to dress for dinner this evening?”

Sarah answered, “I want daddy paying more attention to you two than to what we are saying so let’s put you in your half T-shirt without bra and your daisy dukes without panties.  I want both of you to flirt with both mom and dad all evening.  One of you will go to bed with them.  I don’t care which so surprise me unless they decide to invite one of you.”

Aminda looked at Michelle and saw her smile and felt her love for her.  She ordered, “I think we will let Shelle seduce your parents tonight.  Shelle, you will pull out all of the stops and get Tom and Nancy to invite you to bed tonight.  I don’t want you to ask them.  I want you to get them to ask you through your actions.  Failure to do so will mean an hour of punishment tomorrow in addition to what Mistress Sarah gives you for her therapy.  Do you understand my love?”

Michelle answered, “Yes my Minda.  I will do everything you ask, you know that.  I promise they will invite me to their bed tonight.”

Sarah watched the exchange between the two and smiled.  Then she got an idea and asked, “Aminda, do you have a whip or a crop in your room?  If not, I want Michelle to go to the cabin and get the whip, flogger or cane of her choice to present to mom and dad.  You will beg them to whip you because you miss it.  That you want them… no, need them to whip you.  I want them to really get into the BDSM stuff so that they will eventually join me as yours and doggyslut’s master and mistresses.  That is what both of you will do from now on.  Each night one of you will convince one of them to invite you to bed and that they must whip you before they make love to you.  Now take me down to dinner.”

Both Aminda and Michelle were getting excited at what Sarah had ordered them to do.  Because of the years of punishment and the constant mix of punishment and pleasure, they had come to really crave the orgasms that the mix of pain/pleasure that usually gave them.  They didn’t really like the pain but it was the cums at the end that they loved.  This was an order they would gladly fulfill but with just a little trepidation.  Both of them answered in one voice, “Yes Mistress.  Your wish is our command.”

Aminda and Michelle picked her up off of the bed after helping her get dressed and carried her as she sat on their arms between them with her arms around their neck.  They decided not to use the wheel chair and made their way down to the living room and could smell dinner being cooked.  They were famished from all of the exercise the day had brought them and their stomachs were audibly growling.  They were just beginning to put Sarah on the couch when Nancy called that dinner was ready.

They carried Sarah into the dining room and put her at her spot at the table.  After she was seated, Aminda sat across from her close to Nancy and Michelle sat across from her close to Tom.  Michelle said in as sultry of a voice as she could to him as she batted her eyes and put her hands on his forearm that was on the table, “So what did you do this afternoon Tom dear.

Tom was so surprised at the contact and the tone of voice that he didn’t even hear the question.  He stared at the hand that was on his arm.  He felt an almost electric excitement course through him.  His cock started to get hard.  Finally he shook it off and looked up at Nancy who had a knowing smirk on her face.  She didn’t say anything though.  She wanted to watch and see how he handled the obvious seduction that was under way. 

Tom finally cleared his throat and asked for the steak.  They passed the food around so that everyone could take what they wanted of the T bone steak, pan fried potatoes, corn on the cob and baked beans.  Each time that Michelle wanted food she would seductively ask Tom and lean toward him, getting her breasts to jiggle and putting her hand on his arm.  Each time, the half T-shirt rose up.  She knew that the undersides of her breasts were starting to show but did nothing to stop it from rising.  As a matter of fact she found excuse after excuse to move so that it would continue rising.  To anyone looking, it would look absolutely accidental, but it was a skill that they had been taught during their time in Clearview.

They finally finished eating and Aminda helped clear the table while Michelle turned up the heat on Tom.  She had scooted over towards him and was holding his hand.  She looked into his eyes with all of the love and lust that she could while she said, “Tom, you and Nancy have been our saviors.  Without your support, Aminda and I would have never been freed.  I so want to find a way to repay you.”  She leaned in and laid her head on his left shoulder.

Nancy was walking into the room with a bowl of mixed fruit with a vanilla cream sauce on it.  She saw Michelle with her head on his shoulder and how she was talking to him.  She said, “Good grief Tom.  Can’t you tell the girl is in heat?  Do you want to make her beg you to take her to bed?  Tell her that she can join us tonight if that is what she wants.”

Michelle heard every word and got that ten thousand watt smile that teens get when they have managed to get their way.  She said, “Really.  I can sleep with both of you tonight?  That will be wonderful.”

Tom finally broke out of the trance he had been in at the seduction Michelle had focused on him.  He answered Nancy’s invitation by saying, “Michelle, if that is what you really want.  You may come to bed with Nancy and I tonight.” 

Tom took a difficult swallow as Michelle launched herself at him and gave him a bear hug and kissed his cheek.  She kissed him over and over again and said, “thank you… ‘kiss’ thank you… ‘kiss’ THANK YOU!  May I be excused please?  I don’t want any desert.  I think I’ll go for a walk while you guys enjoy desert.”

As she walked out of the dining room and out the back door, Aminda felt a sudden hunger for the desert.  She immediately realized that Michelle really wanted some but wanted to get the whip like she had been told.  She said, “I’m going to put some of this wonderful fruit in a bowl for her.  I’m sure she’ll want some latter.  She probably just needs some time alone to think.”

Aminda began to dish the fruit and cream into a bowl for Michelle.  Sarah looked at Tom and said, “Daddy, I have a big favor to ask of you.”

Tom finished chewing the mouthful of fruit that he had in his mouth and once he swallowed he said, “Anything sweetheart.  What do you want?”

Sarah smiled and said, “This afternoon we did a little exploring and found a secret hideaway.  It has one hidden entrance and a super secret exit that is almost impossible to find unless you know about it.  We want to make this our special place to go and be by ourselves.  We also want to move the equipment in the cabin there as well.  It is a very big place and very well protected.  The only other people who know about it are our security team.  We want to keep it that way.  We don’t want any of the other members of the security team to know where this is.  Our team will always be there so if an emergency happens they can bring in the cavalry.  They have agreed to do the work we want done if you okay it.  We will help out as well as much as we can.  Please say we can… pleeeeaaaase.”

There was a long pause as Tom thought about what Sarah said.  He looked at Aminda and asked, “Is this a really good place where you can be without worry from the organization?”

Aminda answered, “Oh yes.  It is much more secluded than the waterfall.  And there are two entrances, but only one is easier to find though that is relative.  If you didn’t walk right up on it, you would never know it was there.  We plan to make it even harder to find than it is.  Please let us have it modified so we have a place to go that is away from everything.”

Tom looked at Nancy and raised his eyebrows, asking in a glance whether she thought it was a good idea.  Nancy understood their need for a secluded place.  She shook her head yes.  Sarah and Aminda let out a deep breath, neither realizing they had been holding it.  Aminda immediately got up and hugged Nancy and then went over to Tom and hugged him.  Sarah said, “I would get up and hug you too but my legs don’t work yet.  Aminda, can you help me?”

Aminda went over to Sarah and picked her up with Sarah putting her arm around her shoulders while Aminda carried her under her thighs and back.  She took her first to Nancy and then to Tom so Sarah could hug her mom and dad.  When she was done, she put Sarah down in the chair next to her place at the table. 

Aminda finally sat back down and then broached the next subject she wanted to get approval for.  They had decided that she would be the one to breach the next subject.  She started off with saying, “Uuuhhhmmmm…… There is one more thing we need you to do.  You know how much sex we need after being raised as a sex slave for so long.  Could you have Gregg tell our security team that it is all right for them to have sex with us if we ask for it?  We don’t want them to get in trouble, but sometimes we just feel the need for some good hard sex.  We know them and trust them with our lives and they are the only ones we really trust other than you guys.  So please talk to them for all three of us.”  Aminda and Sarah both crossed their fingers hoping that they wouldn’t blow up at her requesting for all three of them.”

Tom was getting ready to say yes when it finally dawned on Nancy what Aminda had said.  She asked, “What did you mean by saying ‘All three of you’.”

Aminda smiled her best smile and answered, “I meant that Michelle, Sarah and My self all want this to happen in the worse way.  Sarah wants to learn about sex.  We have exposed her to a lot since we came here.  She wants to experience sex again.  She wants it as much or even worse than we do.  She’s afraid that no one will ever want anything to do with her if her legs don’t recover.”

Nancy responded, “Are you sure about this Sarah.  I mean, you don’t have to do this.”

Sarah answered, “It was my idea in the first place.  Neither Aminda nor Michelle was willing to breach the subject because they didn’t want me to have to suffer.  I couldn’t in good conscience make them suffer like that so I decided that the only way to be fair to them is to join them.  It will be wonderful to have someone I respect and trust to help me with this and with the club house.  So please let them have sex with us if we ask for it.  Please… with sugar on it.”

Nancy looked at Tom, who was there shaking his head yes.  He said looking at Nancy, “We have always answered her questions about sex.  We agreed that we wouldn’t get all hot and bothered when she decided to have sex whenever that was.  She has watched us and joined us in bed.  She has seen and heard things that most never experience in a lifetime.  If this is really what she wants and she takes the necessary precautions then I give my cautious approval.  We need to make sure that all three of the girls are on birth control and their guards will have to be tested.  I don’t want the guards rotated unless the girls ask for them to be replaced.  That’s my stand on the matter.”

Nancy sighed in reluctant acceptance and answered, “We’ll call and arrange it with Gregg.  I’m sure he’ll give the approval.  Don’t do anything with them until we get approval though.  Aminda got up and picked Sarah up again and took her to Tom and Nancy so Sarah could hug them both.

When Michelle left the house she walked toward the path that went to the cabins.  She was soon joined by her grandmother who came bounding up to her on all fours.  When she came up to Michelle she rubbed herself against her leg, more like a cat than a dog.  Michelle reached down and with a smile said, “I love you too grandma.  I’m going for a walk to the cabin.  Do you want to keep me company?”

Laura barked happily and continued crawling beside her granddaughter.  Michelle slowed down so that it was easier for her to keep up as they went.  Michelle enjoyed having her grandmother with her and would reach down and pet her head to let her know she loved her.  She didn’t say anything to her but it would have been obvious to anyone looking that there was love between the two. 

When they arrived at the cabin Michelle told Laura, “Grandma, I’m going to be selecting a whip or two so that I can get Tom and Nancy to whip me.”

That shocked Laura and she stopped in her tracks and shook her head no and barked as angrily as she could.  She began drawing in the loose gravel of the path, ‘No…can’t make you’.

As soon as her grandmother stopped and started barking in a tone that clearly indicated she was upset she turned around.  She watched as the message was scraped out in the gravel.  Her grandmother was so adamant about it that she really forced her hand into the gravel and it was cutting her knuckles, causing them to bleed.  Michelle saw the message and she understood.  Her grandmother thought that the Warrens were forcing her to get a whip so they could torture her.  She got down on her knees in front of Laura and hugged her.  She put her hand under Laura’s chin and lifted up until she could see in her grandmother’s worried eyes.  When she had her attention she said, “The Warrens aren’t making me do this.  This is something I want them to do.  It adds to the excitement and gives me better cums.  I spent all evening flirting with Tom to get him to invite me to bed with him and Nancy.  They don’t even know I’m down here to get a whip or flogger for them to use on me.  But it’s what I want and what Minda and Mistress Sarah wants.  Minda and I are going to take turns getting them to whip us so that we can get them used to the lifestyle and maybe become our master’s and mistresses for real, especially with mom agreeing to become Sarah’s sub.  So do you want to come in and help me choose?”

Laura barked once and slowly shook her head yes, still shaking a little from her angry outburst.  She then followed Michelle into the cabin.  Michelle walked to the wall with the whips on it.  She immediately saw a dildo flogger and decided that that would be one of the whips she got.  She stripped off her daisy dukes and bent over as she sucked on the dildo handle of the flogger.  She then brought it to her ass and pushed it in all of the way into her asshole.  She then wrapped the strands of the flogger around her hips as she pulled her shorts back on over them.  The flogger puffed the shorts out a bit but unless you were looking close, you wouldn’t notice.  She then looked at the rest of the whips and decided on a riding crop.  Once she had made her choices she looked at the dildo cabinets and pulled out a strap on dildo harness and selected the next to the largest dildo there.  It was twelve inches long and two inches across.  She attached it to the harness and with what she wanted in hand she turned to leave.  When she did she saw Laura over at the water sports area looking at the enema equipment almost wistfully.  Michelle recognized the look for what it was and walked over to the area and asked, “Would you like an enema grandma?”

Laura was startled at the sudden question coming from beside her.  She had been so focused on looking at all of the equipment that she hadn’t noticed Michelle come over to her.  She looked up at her as she blushed.  She hesitated momentarily but finally shook her head yes.  She really did enjoy a good enema and the fullness it provided. 

Michelle patted the table and said, “Well get up on the table and I’ll give you one.”

Laura pushed up with her arms and then proceeded to pull herself up.  It was a struggle for her but she did get up on the table with just a little assist from Michelle.  Michelle turned the water on in the sink and adjusted it until it was very warm, but not painful.  She filled the enema bag with two quarts.  She turned to Laura and asked, “Is two quarts enough?”

Laura shook her head no and held up four curled up fingers.  Michelle asked, “So you want four quarts then?”

Laura shook her head yes.  Michelle filled the enema bag up to the four quart mark.  She took out the two inch wide enema plug and held it up for Laura.  She shook her head yes so Michelle attached it to the end of the tube coming from the enema bag.  She hung the enema bag on the hook at the corner of the table.  She pulled out a tube of KY and lubed up the butt plug and shoved it into Laura’s ass.  She turned the knob and let the warm water begin to flow into Laura’s ass.  It took a few minutes for the entire amount to flow into her ass.  Michelle rubbed her abdomen during the whole time that it took for the enema bag to empty.  Finally the bag was empty and Laura had all four quarts in her.  Michelle closed the valve in the butt plug and removed the hose.  She took a minute to clean up the equipment and put it away.  When she was done she hugged Laura and said, “All set grandma.  You can take the plug out any time you want.  Let’s go”

Michelle helped Laura off of the table and she could hear her grandmother groan.  Only it was more a groan of sexual excitement than pain.  Michelle headed out of the cabin with the crop and strap on in her hands, Laura crawling more slowly along beside her.  By the time they arrived at the house, Michelle had been gone an hour and a half.  At the kennel, Michelle stopped and got down on her knees and gave her grandmother a big hug.  She whispered, “I love you grandma.  Just let me know anytime you want something in the cabin and I will help you with it okay?”

Laura had tears in her eyes.  Both from the love she was being shown by Michelle and from the cramping in her stomach.  She leaned into the hug and whined a bit.  Michelle understood and patted her on the back and said, “Go on and get to your bathroom so you can void yourself.  I’m sure your hubby will clean you up well afterwards.”  Laura barked and crawled painfully into the kennel to her room so she could void the enema.  What Michelle didn’t see was that afterwards, Laura was in fact cleaned up by her canine mate and fucked in the ass afterwards.  That wasn’t enough for her so she went to a couple of the kennel runs and was fucked by those dogs as well.

Michelle entered the house.  She saw that Tom and Nancy were in the home theater room watching a movie.  She snuck to Tom and Nancy’s room without them noticing and put the crop and dildo harness on the bed.  She decided to leave the dildo flogger in her ass because it felt good.  She then went to the kitchen and found the bowl of fruit Aminda had dished up for her in the refrigerator.  She sat at the kitchen table and ate it thinking about what she was going to do that night.  She was already getting excited.  She took a deep breath to calm herself down.  She finished her fruit and washed the dish before going to join the rest of the family. 

When the movie was over, Aminda carried Sarah up to her room and they enjoyed a couple of hours of non stop sex with each other.  Even though their room was on the other side of the house, they could hear the occasional screams as Michelle was whipped by Tom and Nancy.

Michelle followed Tom and Nancy into their room after the movie.  She wondered what their reaction would be when they saw the crop and the strap on dildo on the bed.  She was more surprised by the lack of reaction than she would have been by an angry outburst.  What she didn’t know was that after listening to Karen’s story and all of the conversations they had with her about what the girls would need, they had been expecting something like this much sooner.  They guessed correctly that the shooting incident and Sarah’s serious injury had short circuited that for a while. 

Nancy got on the bed and picked up the strap on, amazed at the size of the dildo that was attached.  She looked at Michelle and asked, “Are you sure you want me to use this on you?”

Michelle smiled softly and quietly said, “Oh yes Mistress Nancy.  I want you to fuck me in my cunt with that while Master Tom fucks me in the ass.”

Tom quickly responded, “Michelle, we must insist that you don’t call us master or mistress.  You aren’t our slave in any way.”

Michelle looked at Tom and with all of the passion and lust she could draw out she answered, “I have been trained to be a sex slave my whole life.  That is what I am.  So when I offer myself to you, I want you to assume the role of master and mistress and use me as any master or mistress would.  I know it is hard for you to understand but that is what I need.  Please accept my gift of submission to you, if only temporarily.”

Nancy was the one to respond, “If you’re sure that that is what you want, then we will be happy to but please don’t call us master or mistress.  Why don’t you call Tom sir and me ma’am or madam instead.”  What she didn’t say was that she was getting excited at the thought of being a mistress with a sex slave, even if it was temporary.  She continued, “Now since we are going to treat you as a slave for the night, I want you to give us a nice slow little strip tease.  The stereo is over there so choose a CD and dance for us.”

Michelle was ecstatic at how quickly Nancy seemed to get into the master/slave relationship.  Now she just had to get Tom interested.  When she started the music she began by dancing over to Nancy first and swayed to the music as she slowly pulled her arm out of one sleeve of the half T-shirt and then the other.  She lifted the shirt momentarily a couple of times as a tease to Nancy and then finally pulled the shirt up and over her head.  She threw the shirt over Nancy’s head and towards Tom.  Tom reached up and caught the shirt, just before it went over his head. 

Tom watched as the now topless Michelle seductively danced around the foot of the bed and to the side that Tom was on.  She focused all of her attention on Tom the entire time.  She stopped in front of him as she swayed to the music.  She reached out and grabbed both of his hands in one of hers and pulled them to her.  She placed them on the front of her shorts in an obvious invitation for him to unbutton them.  She continued to sway to the music and stare into Tom’s eyes with all of the love and passion she could muster.  Tom pushed the shorts down below her knees so that they would fall the rest of the way down.  What Tom hadn’t noticed because he was more focused on Michelle’s beautiful teenaged tits was the strands of the flogger that fell down as the shorts were pulled down until they hung behind her.

Michelle continued to dance facing Tom and Nancy on the bed.  She looked from one to the other as she began to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples as she swayed facing them.  Michelle was ready to get the show on the road so she began to slowly turn as she swayed seductively to the music.  When she had turned around to the left, Nancy gasped out ‘Oh my’ as she saw the strands of the flogger in Michelle’s ass.  Tom’s eyes opened wide when he saw it. 

Michelle continued to turn until she was facing away from Tom and Nancy.  She started to bend over as she continued to sway her ass to the music.  Tom recognized it for the invitation that it was.  But before he did what she wanted, he slapped her ass on both cheeks before he pulled the flogger out. 

When Michelle felt the flogger being pulled out, she quickly turned around and opened her mouth.  Tom presented her the dildo end of the flogger and Michelle quickly took it into her mouth as she had been trained after so many times at Clearview.  She sucked on it until she was sure it was clean and then she pulled away.  The whole time she looked Tom directly in the eyes with as much lust as she could.

When she pulled off of the dildo handle, Michelle stood up and danced to the foot of the bed and continued to dance until the end of the song.  She then turned off the stereo and stood in the center of the wide open space at the end of the bed.  She spread her legs wide and locked her hands together behind her head.  She said, “Master Tom, would you please flog my back while Mistress Nancy uses the crop on my tits and pussy.”

Michelle closed her eyes and hoped they would both get up and do as she had requested.  The anticipation had her cunt beginning to drip in excitement and anticipation.  The drops dribbled down her thighs, exposing her excitement to Tom and Nancy.  To Michelle it seemed an eternity but was only a few seconds.  She had kept her eyes closed so she had no warning when the first strike of the crop hit her right tit.  It wasn’t nearly as hard as what she was used to.  She screamed out ‘Harder please’. 

Tom and Nancy were surprised when she yelled for them to hit her harder.  They looked at each other, shrugged and began to whip her like Michelle wanted.  For the next twenty minutes they whipped and flogged her.  She screamed in pain but when they would stop she would beg them not to stop.  Nancy was beginning to get more excited and began to really hit Michelle’s tits and clit with the crop as hard as she could.  She began to really feel as if she would cum from whipping Michelle.  She looked over at Tom and saw that his cock was as rampant as she had ever seen.  She finally burst out, “God I need a good fuck. Let’s get this slut on the bed and give her what she wants.”

Nancy dropped the crop on the floor and went to the bed.  She picked up the strap on and put it on.  Once she had it strapped on she said, “Come her you little slut.  Come sit on the cock you so desperately want crammed up your sweet juicy little cunt.”

Tom had continued to flog Michelle on both front and back as Nancy put the strap on dildo on.  When they heard her invitation for Michelle, he dropped the flogger and took her to the bed.  She set Michelle down so that she was kneeling on either side of Nancy.  He then guided the dildo into her cunt as she settled down onto the monster dildo.  When she began to fuck the dildo further and further into her cunt, Tom lubed up his cock, got up on the bed and crawled behind her.  He put his hand on her dark, pink abused back to keep her from coming up again and inserted his cock into her ass.

For the next ten minutes they fucked her together.  Michelle and Nancy had their first orgasm of the night together.  By the time Tom came, Nancy had three cums and Michelle had two, though the second one was continuous and lasted until Tom came.  She passed out in exhaustion from the best cum she had experienced since being freed from the organization.  At least this time she did so with someone she had come to love and care for.  Tom rolled to the left without pulling his cock out taking Michelle with him.  Nancy rolled with them, leaving the dildo up her juicy cunt.  Tom and Nancy lay on either side of Michelle facing toward her.  They cuddled up with her and locked arms together as they with Michelle.  Nancy couldn’t believe how excited she had become.  She thought about how powerful the cum she had was.  It was by far the best one in her life to that point.  That’s all she thought of until she fell asleep. Tom on the other hand had mixed emotions.  He had gotten more excited than he ever had before.  But he couldn’t reconcile that he had done so from inflicting pain on someone he cared about.  His sleep came much later as the conflicting thoughts went from enjoying the experience to his subconscious screaming at him that it was all wrong.  He finally came to the conclusion that it couldn’t be wrong if the person asked for it.  He decided that if you love someone and they wanted you to hurt them like that, then out of love you could do it.  With that rationalization made, he finally fell asleep.  The plan the girls had hatched was succeeding more than they could ever hope.


After the phone call with Michelle earlier, Karen called Bill and explained about Angie.  Bill did a quick check of their database on freed slaves and found that Angie’s name wasn’t listed.  He called her back and told her he sent a team over to the reverend’s church and rectory.  It was late in the afternoon that she got another call from Bill stating that they didn’t find anything there at all.

Karen decided that she would need a little help if she was to save Angie.  She went up to the nurses station and explained everything to her.  The nurse called in the attending doctor.  When he arrived Karen explained again that she needed him to bring Brittany out of a coma.  She needed her to help save a young girl’s life.  The doctor advised against it because of the pain it would cause but reluctantly agreed.

It took about four hours for Brittany to wake up after the doctor stopped the drugs that were keeping her in her medically induced coma.  When she first woke up, she was too groggy to really understand what Karen was asking.  After about an hour though, she was more alert.  The pain was really beginning to get her attention but Karen wouldn’t let the doctor give her anything to take it away.  Not until she found out what she wanted.

Finally Brittany began to be able to talk coherently, albeit between moans of pain.  Karen asked, “Brittany, I need your help with something.  Can you understand me?  I need your help.”

Brittany looked at her savior Karen with adoration and said in a whisper, “How can I help?”

Karen asked, “I’m sorry to have to wake you before you’re fully healed.  I know it hurts a lot.  But do you remember Angie?  She was one of Michelle’s classmates.”

Brittany slowly shook her head a little in acknowledgement.

Karen asked, “Do you know where the Reverend Patterson kept her?”

Brittany was cringing in pain and when it passed she answered, “In room…… off of… secret passageway… to the church.  Entrance… behind furnace… in church… store room.  Easiest way… to find.”

Karen called Bill and gave him the information.  The FBI team was still searching for hidden rooms off of either the church or the rectory.  Once they got Karen’s message they quickly found the store room with the entrance to the hidden tunnel to the rectory.  They hadn’t gone down the tunnel 50 feet before they found a locked door.  Pete was the agent in charge and he kicked the door in immediately.  What he and the rest of the team saw was shocking.  There kneeling at the door was an almost skeletal Angie.  She had heard the chime go off when the team entered the tunnel.  That was the signal that she was to be ready for the reverend, kneeling at the door waiting for him.  She was so weak that she wavered back and forth unsteadily on her knees.  Her eyes were sunken and her skin pallid.  It was obvious to anyone looking that she hadn’t eaten in a long time.

When she saw the FBI on the hats the agents wore, she gasped out, “Help me” and passed out cold.  Pete quickly picked her up and rushed out while the forensics team began to collect evidence.  Pete couldn’t believe that the reverend would not say a word about having a girl locked up when he was arrested.  The sheer cruelty of allowing Angie to starve to death rather than give up the information to save her was nothing short of attempted murder.  And if she died, it would be murder.  He just hoped that they had gotten to her in time. 

Pete hurried to the awaiting helicopter that they kept available in case they needed one for a rescued slave.  They had recovered enough that were in terrible condition that they couldn’t afford to not be ready.  From the message they had received, they guessed that the girl they were looking for was probably in bad shape, if she was even still alive and they had been proven to be correct.  Pete loaded her up on the helicopter and she was flown to the hospital where Karen and Brittany were. 

As soon as the flight took off, Pete called Karen directly and said, “Karen, Pete here.  We found her.  She is in bad shape.  She’s almost starved to death.  She’ll be arriving at the hospital soon.  Thank Michelle for us.  If she hadn’t remembered when she did, it might have been too late.  It still may be but at least she has a chance.”

Karen responded with relief in her voice, “Thanks Pete.  I’ll be watching for her.  I’ll let the emergency room know they have another organization slave coming in.  That will get them geared up and ready for her.  I owe you Pete.  Thanks.”

Karen went in search of the nurse and told her, “You can start the drugs on Brittany again to put her in the coma until she heals.  She’s in terrible pain.”

The nurse went into the room to restart the medication for Brittany to put her back in her coma so she could heal.  She was about half way to where she needed to be before they would release her.  While the nurse was doing that, Karen went to the emergency room to give them a heads up about the incoming life flight.  They told them they had a girl coming in that was almost starved to death.

Karen waited in the waiting room for the helicopter to arrive.  When they wheeled Angie in she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.  Angie was nothing more than skin and bones.  The month long ordeal had taken its toll on her.  She hoped that she would pull through.  Karen had tears streaming down her eyes for Angie.  If she hadn’t come to know the organization like she did, she would have been amazed.  As it was she was just sorry for Angie at the cruelty that she had been put through.

Karen looked at the time and saw that it was near six am in the morning.  She picked up her phone and called the Warren’s house.  Nancy was the one to pick up the phone next to the bed and sleepily said, “Hello”.

Karen said, “Nancy, could you get Michelle for me.  I have some important news for her.”

Nancy turned over and shook Michelle saying “Wake up darling.  Your mother wants to talk with you.  Come on, it’s time to wake up.”

Michelle could still feel the huge dildo in her cunt that Nancy was wearing.  She slowly opened her eyes and said, “What is it.  I’m tired.”

Nancy answered, “It’s your mother Michelle.  She said she has some important news for you.”

Karen was surprised at the quickness that Michelle came to the phone and from overhearing how Nancy woke her up.  She correctly deduced that Michelle had slept with the Warrens last night.  She soon heard Michelle come on the phone and say, “Hi mom”.

Karen’s heart raced at Michelle calling her mom.  She answered, “I’ve got good news honey.  They found Angie early this morning.  She just arrived at the hospital.  She looks like she nearly starved to death.  Hopefully we got to her in time.  If we did, it was thanks to you.”

Michelle got excited, “You found Angie!” she squealed.  She continued more calmly, “That’s great mom.  Tell her that we were thinking of her.  Tell her that we want her to stay with us if she wants.  If she goes back to her mom and dad we’ll understand but we hope she comes here to be with us.  Tell her that for us, will you mom?”

“I promise sweetheart.  I promise to tell her she is welcome to stay with us if she wants.”  Karen told Michelle.

Michelle quickly said, “I have to go tell Aminda.  She’ll want to know.  Here’s Mistress Nancy”

Michelle handed Nancy the phone and scrambled out of bed, winching in pain as the huge dildo pulled out of her cunt.  She had forgotten that she was still impaled on it, because she was so excited by the news about Angie.  She tore out of the room, naked as a jay bird and ran to her and Aminda’s room.

Nancy picked up the phone and said, “I guess she liked the news you gave her.  So what did you tell her to make her take off like that?”

Karen told her about Angie and how Michelle had asked her to look for her and make sure she was safe.  How they found her almost starved to death in a hidden room.  Then she said, “I noticed that you didn’t have to go far to get Michelle for me and what was this Mistress Nancy thing?”

Nancy began to stammer as she tried to explain.  But how do you explain to a girls mother that you had whipped her daughter and then fucked her senseless and that she was still impaled on the dildo you had fucked her with when she was talking to you on the phone.  Finally after several false starts she finally said hurriedly, “Michelle pulled out all of the stops to seduce Tom last night so we invited her to sleep with us.  While we were watching a movie she got some whips for us to use on her and asked us to whip her before she made love to us both at the same time.”

Karen started laughing at the worried tone that Nancy had as she told her what had happened.  She finally got control and said, “Don’t worry Nancy.  That’s to be expected.  If that is what she wants then give it to her.  And don’t worry!  I’m not going to get upset about it unless you try to force it.  If she or Aminda want you to be master and mistress for them then just go ahead.  I know you’ll do it with love.  That’s what they need more than anything.  It’s been a long night here so I’ll call you later to give an update on Angie.  By the way, I would expect that we have another child to add to the growing Warren harem.  This girl will probably want to stay with Aminda and Michelle.”

Nancy said, “Just what we need… another insatiable slut to run around the house.  As if there weren’t enough of us already.  We’re going to have to find Tom some help if this keeps up.”

Karen laughed again and said, “If they get to be too much for him just send them out to the kennel.  A dog is a better fuck most of the time anyway.”

Nancy responded, “Karen!!!!!”

Karen answered, “And with that happy note, I’ve got to go.  I need my beauty sleep.” She then hung up.

Up stairs, Michelle ran into her and Aminda’s room and saw that it was empty.  She went through the bathroom into Sarah’s room and found them intertwined with each other, sound asleep.  She went up to Aminda and shook her until she woke up.  When Aminda turned toward her Michelle held her finger up to her mouth for her to be quiet and waved her to come with her.

Aminda gently worked herself loose from Sarah and followed Michelle to their room.  When they got there Michelle hugged Aminda and began to cry.  She was so happy at the news she couldn’t say anything for a moment.  Aminda patted her on the back and said, “What’s wrong Shelle?  Come on and relax.  Get control of yourself and tell me what’s going on.”

Michelle eventually got control of herself after a couple of minutes and said sniffling, “They ‘sniff… sniff’ found her ‘sniff… sniff’”

Aminda misinterpreting said excitedly, “They found Lisa?”

Michelle shook her head no and said, “No… ‘sniff… sniff’ they found Angie. ‘sniff… sniff’ I told Karen about her this morning and they found her. ‘sniff… sniff’ She’s almost starved to death but she’s alive.”

Aminda said, “That’s wonderful news.  I was wondering what happened to her.  I’m glad you remembered to say something.  I would have thought that they would have found her earlier.  She must have had some food available or she would have been dead already.  We’ll have to find out what happened to her when she recovers.  Do you think she’ll go back home?”

Michelle, now back in control of her emotions said, “I doubt it.  There’s no way they can understand what she has been through.  I told mom to invite her to stay with us.  I would lay odds that she’ll decide to stay with us.  She worships you, you know?”

Suddenly they heard from Sarah’s room, “Hey guys.  Where did you go?  I’ve got to pee.”

Both of them ran into Sarah’s room and Michelle climbed into bed and latched her mouth over Sarah’s piss hole.  Aminda said, “Go ahead and let loose.  Shelle will take care of you.”

Sarah said, “Are you sure?”

“Just do it mistress.  That’s what we slaves are for.  We’re use to it.  That’s part of who and what we are,” Aminda Said.  

Finally Sarah couldn’t hold it any more and she let go with a strong stream of piss.  Michelle drank it all down without spilling a drop.  When Sarah quit pissing, Michelle began to suck and nibble her cunt lips and her clit.  She continued her assault until Sarah had two orgasms.

When Sarah finally ordered Michelle to stop, she asked, “What were you two talking about a few minutes ago?”

Aminda spoke up and said, “Well that girl Angie we told you about from school.  Shelle told Karen to see if she was all right.  Karen had them search for her and they found her almost starving to death.  The reverend never told anyone about her.  It’s a wonder she’s alive.  She is in the hospital now and they are treating her.  She’s going to ask her to come live with us if she wants to.  That may give you another slave to play with mistress or one that can be a mistress.  I’m betting she’ll be submissive like we are but we’ll just have to wait and see what she wants.

Sarah smiled and said, “Are you guys trying to build me a harem.  You do know that I would like to experience my fair share of cocks too?”

Aminda answered, “I think we took care of that last night, don’t you think?”

Sarah responded, “Yeah, but we have to wait for Gregg to give the OK.”

Aminda responded, “I’m sure that will come soon.  I bet Master Tom will call him today.  If not, then Nancy will.  Ask them tonight.”

Sarah sighed and said, “I know.  It’s just hard to wait.  Why don’t you tell me some more of your time at pony girl school?  Michelle can tell the story while you do my therapy.  How does that sound?”

Aminda smiled, looked at Michelle and then ordered, “Go get the digital recorder so we can record it like we have all of the others.  Then we can get started.”

Michelle went over to the drawer that Sarah kept her recorder in and brought it back to the bed.  She sat in a chair beside the bed while Aminda got up on the bed to help her with the therapy.  Michelle began the tale of their first few days at the Baybee Pony Girl Ranch and School.


The next morning we were awakened at five a.m. in the morning.  Our trainers came in and hooked a lead to our collars and the horse’s bridal.  We were led out to the paddock area and told to go to the bathroom.  The rule was that if we pissed or shit in our stall, we would be severely punished.  The only place we were allowed to relieve ourselves was to do so in the paddock area.  We spent 30 minutes in the paddock area together but we didn’t dare talk to one another for fear of being punished some more.

At five thirty in the morning we were taken to a room in the barn.  There was another male sitting there but he wasn’t wearing a loin cloth like our trainers were.  We could see what was covering his cock and it didn’t look comfortable.  His cock was encased it a leather tube except for the about a quarter of an inch hole in the tip for him to piss out of.  All over the leather sheath were metal studs.  I couldn’t see what was underneath the leather but each stud must have extended at least a quarter of an inch inward because they pushed out the leather.  I couldn’t imagine what kind of pain he would have been in if he got an erection.  It had to be excruciating to him and the other male slaves.  His balls were encased tightly in leather sacks that left no spare room.  They were also covered with similar metal studs to the cock sheath. 

I must have been staring because I suddenly felt a riding crop hit my left tit.  That got my attention and I looked up into his face.  He said, “I noticed that you were looking at the one piece of clothing we are made to wear.  You may have noticed that the males you see have either had on loin cloths or this contraption.  Rest assured that those wearing loin cloths are also wearing one of these under their loin cloth.  We are not allowed to get sexually excited in any way.  The studs you see are sharp enough to be painful when my cock is flaccid.  But if I begin to get hard, they will pierce the skin and cause extreme pain.  We aren’t allowed to use our cocks at all for pleasure unless specifically ordered to by a mistress.  There are no masters at this school.  Mistress Baybee is the headmistress and owner of everything you see for as far as your eyes can see.  Now sit down on the stool so I can get measurements of you for your pony girl gear.”

After that he didn’t say anything to us.  He took measurements of our feet, our tits circumference, the depth of our tits, the size of our heads and the circumference around our body above our tits, below our tits and around our waist. This was all for the outfits we would be wearing.  He told us that we would be given a set for training and a set for show.  We wouldn’t get them until we had passed the first phase of training though.  By the time he finished the two of us it was about five minutes till six a.m. when we were to begin our training.

We were led back to our stalls for our training.  The horse had been left in the paddock for the duration of training.  When I walked into the stall, I saw heavy chains attached to hooks in the corner at the top of stall walls.  There were two additional chains attached to the cross beam above the stall.  The chains were attached to a collar that was suspended at about shoulder height in the center of the stall.  Aminda and I were led to the collars suspended in our individual stalls.  The collars were opened and we were made to step to the center of the stall and face the entrance.  The collar was locked closed around our neck and then the training began in earnest.

The trainer instructed, “For the first few days we will have you work on form.  You will put your arms behind you and grasp each of your elbows with your opposite hand.  Once you have them in position, your arms will be locked that way for the duration of your training today.”

I put my arms behind my back elbow to opposite hand.  He put a leather binder and laced it up so that I couldn’t move them.  Once that was done he ordered, “The first phase of your training is to learn the proper pony step.  You will march in place until you can no longer support yourself on your legs.  You will bring your knees up even with your waist with each step.  Once you learn the proper step and do it consistently, you will graduate to phase two of training to be a pony girl.  You will be put on the trainer where we will teach you how to walk, trot and canter.  Once you have mastered those, you will learn to pull a cart as that is what your master and mistress wants you to do.  You will now start.  Don’t stop until I tell you.”

I started walking in place, lifting my knees up as high as I could.  If I went too high I was whipped with a cat.  If I didn’t bring them high enough I was whipped with a cat.  Between fifteen and twenty minutes later, I started to get real tired and my legs began to cramp.  I started to really struggle with getting my legs up high enough.  That resulted in an almost continuous whipping with each step.  I heard Aminda screaming in pain as well.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on marching to a tune in my head.  I focused on doing it perfectly and as relaxed and easily as possible.  Aminda started doing the same.  Soon I could feel her calm assuredness envelope me and somehow the cramping stopped and it became easier to pony step. 

One of the male trainer slaves for another pony girl came out of a stall across from ours and he could see into both stalls.  He did a double take and then exclaimed, “You guys have got to see this.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The two trainers stopped whipping us and joined the other trainer on the other side.  When they turned around and saw both of us pony stepping, the first thing that struck them was that both of us were in exact step with one another.

Aminda’s Trainer yelled at her saying, “All right headpup. I want you to increase your speed.” 

Aminda was tiring but she managed to increase the speed a bit.  We were so connected that as she increased her speed, I increased mine at the same rate as she did.  My trainer then ordered, “Slow down bitchpup.”

I was tired and greatly appreciated the order to slow down.  The thing was, Aminda began to slow down, just like I did.  Somehow we had linked ourselves so that we pony stepped in perfect synchronization.  I don’t know how we did it but we did.  It was something that we didn’t even think about.  It just seemed to happen.  The next thing we know is that Mistress Baybee is being called and asked to come down to the stables.

Ten minutes later, Mistress Baybee came storming into the stables yelling, “When I get my hands on that cunt she’s going to be sorry.  I can’t believe that bitch stole from me.  What is it you miscreant.  This better be important or I guarantee you’ll pay the price.”

The two trainers responsible for Aminda and me looked at each other and then at the other trainers that had congregated around them, and were now beginning to slink away because of Mistress Baybee’s mood.  My trainer stuttered out, “M…m…m…mistress B…b…b…”

The head mistress butted in and said, “Well quit stuttering and tell me what you called me in here for.  If that bitch gets away because you couldn’t get the courage to tell me something, you’ll take her place.  Now what is it?”

Aminda’s trainer decided it was best to speak up rather than let his partner get them to any more trouble.  He said, “Mistress, look at the two new girls that came from the Coch Organization.  Watch what happens.”

Mistress Baybee looked over at us and saw us struggling to continue pony stepping.  She turned to the Aminda’s trainer and said, “I’ve seen beginner pony girls before.  What’s so special about these two?”

Aminda’s trainer answered, “Please mistress.  Look at both of them at the same time and watch.”

Mistress Baybee looked at us again as my trainer ordered, “Speed up bitchpup”.

I did my best and managed to speed up a little bit, but I was getting extremely tired.  I could also feel that Aminda was too.  We tried to wrap our thoughts around each other.  Whenever we did that, it felt like I was smothered in love and it always gave me energy to keep going a little longer.  Aminda has told me that it helps her in the same way.  It is how we have survived so well.  I sped up just a bit more and of course Aminda sped up right with me.  We were still in perfect synchronization.

My trainer, finally over his shyness said, “See mistress.  When one speeds up, so does the other.  The same thing happens when they slow down.  That isn’t necessarily the most important thing.  Look at how they are perfectly synchronized.”

The head mistress again looked at us both at the same time and Aminda’s Trainer ordered, “Slow down headpup.”

Aminda slowed down as did I.  We were in perfect synchronization with one another.  Mistress Baybee gasped in surprise and then got a big smile.  She said, “They said these two were a pair.  They didn’t tell me that they were linked.  I think you will have to make sure they are trained extremely well for the two pony harness.  I want them to do extra long distance running along with extra pony training over the next year.  By next year at this time, I want them participating in the big race and pony show.  I’ll hold you two responsible.  They better be ready or you two will rue the day you disappointed your mistress.  Now where is that bitch of a rich girl that is too good to be trained as a pony girl?  She stole my statue of Aphrodite from me and she is going to pay a big price.  You know that statue has been in my family for over a hundred years.  My great grandfather discovered it on the Greek island of Delos in the Mediterranean Sea.  It is over 3,000 years old and is priceless.  I swear that bitch will pay dearly.  I want all training to cease this minute and all trainers will hunt that bitch down.  Put your most reliable pony girl in charge and have her get all of the pony girls to the punishment arena.  They need to learn what happens when someone pisses me off.”

Mistress Baybee stormed out of the stables grumbling under her breath.  Our two trainers ordered us both to stop.  When we did we collapsed in exhaustion.  We hung by the collar around our necks, our knees a couple of inches above the floor.  The trainers left us hanging there and left.  I was having a hard time breathing and from the gasping coming from Aminda’s stall, I could tell she was too.  We were so exhausted that we couldn’t lift ourselves up onto our feet to save our lives.  How we were able to keep marching in perfect pony step I’ve never figured out. 

It was about ten minutes later that an older woman that was in her 40’s with the reddest hair I have ever seen came rushing in.  She was dressed up in pony gear except her hands were free.  She rushed to Aminda’s stall first and spent about a minute unhooking the collar around her neck.  I heard Aminda collapse and then she came into my stall.  She got behind me and unlocked the small lock keeping the collar on.  I collapsed to the floor.  I groaned from the weakness and the cramping in my legs.  The next thing I know I felt a bucket of cold water being dumped over my head.  Immediately after that, the feed bag was placed on my head as she ordered, “Eat now my little pony.  You need it to get your strength back up.  We have to get you out to the punishment arena quickly or you’ll be joining that snobby little rich bitch in the circle.  I don’t want that to happen to any of the pony girls.  So eat up quickly.  I’ll be back in a few to help you there.”

The woman quickly went to Aminda’s stall and I heard the splash of water and Aminda’s squeal from the cold water.  Then I heard her instruct Aminda like she did me.  I ate as quickly as I could and then tried to push myself up.  I could only get to all fours.  Standing was definitely going to take a while.  My arms were okay, but my legs felt like rubber.  I stayed that way for a moment until I couldn’t hold my self up any more and collapsed to the floor.  It was about ten minutes later that I felt that Aminda was struggling.  I could tell she was trying to get up like I did.  I thought about how much I loved her and felt her love again.  That gave me strength to get up and I could tell she wasn’t struggling as much. 

The pony woman came in leading Aminda on a rein to the chain connecting her nipple clamps.  She reached under me and attached a similar chain to my nipples with clamps.  She attached another rein to the chain and then said, “You two can call me fyre.  That is my pony name.  That is the only name I’ve known for over 30 years so don’t ask me what my real name is.  They said I can give you a pony name for your stay here since you won’t be staying here permanently and have already been given slave names.  Headpup, for your time here you will be referred to as blondie and you bitchpup will be blondiespony since you belong to her.  Yes, I know of why you two are together.  Your masters and mistresses made sure we understood that you are to never be separated and why.  Now let’s get you to the punishment arena.  We need to get there before they find the rich bitch.

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