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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 54 The Maze

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 54


By Redlegtiger


Coauthored and edited by GuiltyKarma



Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.


Chapter 54, The Maze


The next morning at the hospital in Los Angeles, Aminda and Michelle woke up before Sarah did.  They took turns getting cleaned up and then when it was time they woke up their mistress.  Michelle crawled under the covers and latched her mouth over Sarah’s cunt and began to lick and suck her lips into her mouth and gently chew them.  Sarah’s eyes snapped open and then relaxed as she said, “I can feel that.  God it feels good.  Keep going.”


While Michelle continued to eat Sarah out, Aminda began to do her therapy. 

Aminda said, “Shelle, see how many cums you can give Mistress Sarah before I finish with her therapy.”


Michelle attacked Sarah’s cunt with double the passion.  She wanted to make her feel so good for what she had been put through.  And now that she could enjoy sex again, she was going to make sure she knew her slaves were there to give her all the pleasure they could.  She worked around the catheter that was in Sarah’s piss hole, doing her best to avoid the catheter itself, and sucked on her clit.  Before Aminda could get half way through the therapy on Sarah’s right arm, Sarah began to scream out in orgasm. 


The night nurse, Geri, came running into the room to see what was going on. 

The blanket had long fallen off of Michelle and what she saw shocked her. 

She stopped and stared, stunned at what she saw.  There was a naked girl with her face down in the sex of her patient while the other girl was obviously doing therapy.  She could see the pleasure reflected in Sarah’s face as she was coming down from her cum.


After staring at the unbelievable sight for a few moments she screamed,

“Good god what are you doing?!?  You can’t do that!  How dare you do something so nasty to my patient?  You’ll both have to leave.  You’ll both have to leave now.  I can’t believe how you could do such a thing.”


Tina had arrived a half hour early for shift change so she could get an update on Sarah’s progress if any.  She heard the screaming from Geri as soon as she got off of the elevator and made a mad dash for the room, throwing her stuff at the nurse’s station as she went by.  She came running into the room and saw Aminda with a shocked look on her face holding Sarah’s arm.  Michelle was in the process of pushing herself up from Sarah’s cunt and when she turned around she had cum dripping down her chin.  When she saw the ecstatic look on Sarah’s face she put two and two together and began laughing.


Geri heard the laughter coming from behind her and turned to see Tina doubled over, holding her stomach because she was laughing so hard.  Geri looked at her reaction and then back to the girls and saw them with big smiles on their faces and then back to Tina.  Finally she overcame her shock and asked, “Tina, will you please explain what is going on.”


Tina tried desperately to get her laughter under control and when she finally got to the point of giggling off and on she said, “I think that it would be obvious to you, Geri.  Michelle was making love to Sarah while Aminda was doing therapy.”


Tina let out a giggle again and stopped it as she saw the confused look on Geri’s face.  She grabbed Geri’s hand and pulled her out of the door as she looked over her shoulders and said, “You girls just carry on whatever you were doing.  Don’t let us stop you.”


Geri looked at Tina like she had horns growing out of her head.  She couldn’t believe she had just said that.  Finally they were out of the room and the girls went back to Michelle pleasuring Sarah while Aminda did the therapy.  Once the door was closed, Tina put both hands on Geri’s shoulders and looked her in the eye.  She explained about the fact that Michelle and Aminda had been sex slaves and that they knew no other way to act.  That Sarah’s parents knew and had no heartburn with what they were doing and in fact ordered that it be allowed, not encouraged, but allowed as they knew no other way to show love.  She then explained how close she had come to loosing her job because of throwing a tantrum about the girls doing the therapy or being there at all.  How she taught and supervised the two girls doing the therapy.  That they did it in a dedicated and professional manner that far surpassed what normal therapists would do.  How that was how she recommended her to them as the alternate shift nurse which led to her being hired. 


Geri turned pale as she understood that she could have lost her job.  She assured Tina that she would wait until they were done and apologize.  Again

Tina laughed and said, “Why wait?  Just go on in and tell them you’re sorry.

I’m sure they won’t mind.”


Geri did just that and when she opened the door, Sarah was just beginning to wail out in orgasm again.  Aminda looked up from Sarah’s other arm that she had been doing therapy on and smiled at Geri.  After Sarah quit screaming from her orgasm Geri said, “I just wanted to apologize for my outburst earlier.  I didn’t fully understand.  It won’t happen again.  I’m glad you’re free and have found a new friend.”


Geri started to back out of the room to leave and Aminda said, “Thank you Nurse.  All three of us appreciate what you are doing for us.”


Geri just nodded as she backed out of the room with a flush of embarrassment and excitement showing on her face.  She went back up to the nurse’s station and looked at Tina and said, “God what I wouldn’t give to have a friend like that.  I could use a good pussy licking right about now.”


Tina laughed again and said, “Well unfortunately we don’t have time right now.  But if we ever get a chance, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.  I haven’t tasted a sweet pussy since college.” 


Tina then leaned in to her friend and whispered, “Since I divorced that reprobate of a husband I had, I have sworn off men.  I’ve admired you for years but could never bring myself to breech the subject with you.  The reason I asked for you was because not only are you a great nurse, I hoped the situation would break the ice.”


Geri stepped back and looked at her friend with love and answered, “Truth be told, I’ve felt that way about you for a long time but didn’t want to offend you or take the chance of ruining our friendship by asking you out.”


The two of them moved into each others arms and kissed for the first time as lovers.  They had just separated and were both flushed as the elevator dinged and Tom and Nancy got off.  Tina saw them heading toward the room and rushed to catch up.  She caught them at the door to Sarah’s room as Tom was reaching for the door.  She breathlessly explained, “Tom, Nancy, I think it would be better if you joined me at the nursing station.  I think they need a bit of privacy right now.  Aminda’s doing therapy and Michelle is trying her best to make Sarah feel good.”


At about that time, Sarah began screaming out in orgasm again.  Tom was about to open the door when Nancy grabbed his hand and said, “Tom, I think we need to listen to Tina on this.”


Nancy pulled him to the nurse’s station, following Tina.  Tina told them about what Geri found when she went in to investigate just such a scream earlier and what her reaction was.  The three of them laughed at Tina’s description as Geri blushed in embarrassment.  Tom looked at her and told her, “It’s all right Geri.  Those girls can definitely surprise you.  Just be tolerant of them.  You wouldn’t believe what they’ve been through.  They deserve all of the love and pleasure they can get.  I promise you that we won’t make a fuss about it.  As long as they aren’t forcing each other to do it, we’re fine with it.”


Geri thanked him for understanding and then they talked for a while as they listened to Sarah’s groaning and screaming in pleasure.  It was over an hour and a half later that Aminda and Michelle came out of the room fully dressed.  They rushed up to Tom and Nancy and gave them a hug.  Michelle reeked of sex when she hugged them hello.  Aminda told them, “I think she’s able to have visitors now”.


Michelle just giggled like the school girl she was.  Aminda continued, “Though she might be a little out of it for a while.  Her therapy session was a bit more stimulating than usual this morning.”


Aminda said that with a big grin on her face.  Tom answered, “With you two,

I’m sure it was.  Just don’t over do it, okay?”


Both Aminda and Michelle smiled as if to say, ‘Who, me?’  They watched as

Tom and Nancy walked away and then turned to Tina and looked at her and then Geri and back.  She said, “Thanks Nurse Tina for explaining to Nurse Geri for us.  Sarah really appreciated the extra stimulation this morning.  Nurse Tina, didn’t you say you had daughters?  Do you have any daughters Geri?”


Tina answered for both of them.  She said, “Geri has never had any children.  I do have two daughters however.  One is seventeen and the other is fourteen.  They are both wonderful and beautiful girls.  Why?”


Aminda said, “I know both of you will be spending a lot of time with us at the estate and I wanted to let you know that Sarah, Michelle and I would love to have you bring them out on a weekend for some horseback riding.  We promise that we will behave ourselves if they come out.  They can even stay for the weekend.  We have plenty of room.  Geri, I’m sure that if you don’t have anyone to go home to, you will be welcome to stay at the house as well.  We could probably arrange that for you and your daughters as well Tina.  Think it over please.  You don’t have to make a decision until Sarah’s discharged.”


Tina answered, “I’m not sure that, that would be such a good idea.  I’ll let you know when the time comes.  Geri can make up her own mind.  We do need a bit of time alone though so we can go over what happened during the night.  Could you go wait in the waiting room until we’re done.  Then you can come back and talk if you want.


Aminda saw a sack on the nurse’s station that had clothes written on it.  Aminda asked if it was theirs and Tina looked in the sack.  She handed it to the girls and said, “It looks like a change of clothes for you.  We should be done by the time you’re done changing.”


Aminda and Michelle went and changed.  When they came out of the bathroom they went straight to the waiting room.  That’s where they spent the rest of the morning talking.  They wondered about their class mates and what was happening to them.  Finally at noon Tom and Nancy came out and went to work.   Aminda and Michelle waited for Tina to check Sarah out and do all of the normal things that nurses do.  Then they went in and had lunch with Sarah.  After they finished lunch, Aminda got the recorder and set it where they had left off.  She pushed play and Aminda began to tell her tale again.




After we finished filling the pit back up, Mistress Brittany turned and walked farther into the woods from where we were.  We went almost a quarter of a mile into the woods until we came to a large clearing that must have covered about ten acres.  There was a wide expanse of open grass of about 150 feet from the tree line to a large hedge type bush.  The bush was over twelve feet tall and very thick.  You couldn’t see through the bushes at



Mistress Brittany went to the only opening that could be seen from the side we approached the hedge from.  She led us to the entrance and made us kneel there.  She then turned and announced, “This is the last phase of your punishment.  You are going to be required to negotiate this maze.  When you make it through to the other side, your punishment will end and you will be given a final test to see if you have learned your lesson.  Don’t think that it will be easy for you though.  At every turn there will be a torture station or some type of animal for you to fuck.  If you end up in a dead end, when you turn around to retrace your steps, you will have to go through each torture station again.  If you start down a path, you must follow that path to the end.  You aren’t allowed to turn back until you have gone through to the end.  You will not be going through together from the start.  You will be started at fifteen minute intervals.  Each torture station will last for fifteen minutes when you go through it.  If one of you comes up on another that is being tortured, you will be required to conduct the torture until completion.  The one doing the torture in this case will receive double the punishment for every time she is warned that she is not doing it right.  For the first warning it will be thirty minutes, for a second warning it will be 60 minutes and for a third warning it will be two hours.  It is in your best self interest to conduct the punishment to the absolute best of your ability.  The one being tortured will be free to progress in the direction she was going once the torture has been completed.  If you meet up with one of the others in the maze, you can join forces.  But be warned that each of you will have to punish each other if that happens.  When you are done with this punishment, I will inform you of the consequences of your foolishness.  Now the first to go will be pussycat.  The second will be suckpup, third will be bitchpup and the last will be headpup.  Pussy, you may begin.”


Understand that for what happened to each of us in the maze, we all shared our experiences later on.  Michelle filled us in on what she saw of Miss Traci.  One thing we found out later from Miss Traci as we recovered from the maze in the school clinic is that she knew the maze existed for punishing the most stubborn of slaves or slaves that the school felt deserved extreme punishment.  She had heard about slaves that had been sent into the maze and never made it out.  Because she was a slave in a teacher’s position, she was purposely kept in the dark about how it was decided to send slaves through the maze.  As we knelt at the entrance we could see the fear in her eyes when we looked at her.  She was also trembling like a leaf from the fear.  That really added to our apprehension as well.  I guess she now knew what it would take for a slave to be punished in that way.  Keep that in mind as I tell what happened.


Well any way, Miss Traci crawled up to the table that was set up just inside the entrance.  There on the table were four bowls with a dildo on either side of the bowl.  We watched as she picked up the silver dildo on the left and inserted it in her cunt with practiced ease.  When we went through we found out it was the training dildo that shocked you periodically and that if you allowed it to slip out, the change in temperature would cause a set of pins to spring out into the cuntal walls.  It of course was designed to cause great pain.  After she put the dildo in her cunt she picked up the other one which was made of latex but had metal strips down either side.  She was made to put it in her ass.  These dildos were made to shock every fifteen minutes at varying levels of pain.  I won’t mention every shock that we felt as I tell the story.  I will only mention the ones that are critical to understanding how it affected us while we were going through the maze. 


When Miss Traci had finished that she put her hand into the bowl and pulled out a large egg like ball.  She paused as if she didn’t want to do what she was being told to do by the Dom at the table.  She apparently waited too long because the Dom started whipping her tits with a flogger.  When we got up to the table we found out that what she had was a raw, rotting bull testicle.  We watched as Miss Traci brought the ball up to her mouth and took a bite of it.  It was too big to just put in your mouth and swallow.  It was about the size of a man’s fist so it took several bites to eat the whole thing.  She was made to eat three of the things before she was allowed to progress through the maze.


As we watched her eat the rotting bull testicles we saw that she was struggling to keep from throwing up.  Every so often we saw her body shake as the urge to regurgitate her stomach contents kept hitting her.  She managed to make it through without throwing up however.  When she finished the third one she was allowed to get down on all fours and crawl away.  She stopped and hesitated a moment as she tried to decide which way to turn and finally decided to turn left instead of going straight.


As she crawled out of sight, I spoke up and said, “I think it would be best if we all went different ways.  That way, at least one of us should get out of here alive.”


Lisa and I both said we agreed when we heard the Dom call out "suckpup!" She crawled up to the table and put the dildos in like Miss Traci did.  She then began to eat the bull testicles.  She only got half way through the first one before she threw up.  She was right over the big metal bowl they were in and threw up in it.  We heard the Dom order her to eat everything that was in the bowl.  Lisa shook her head no and he started lashing her tits with the flogger.  He was doing it a lot harder than he did with Miss Traci. I guess that was because she was a teacher and thought she might affect his grades if he hurt her too bad.  Finally after about twenty lashes with the flogger, she reached in and picked the testicle back up and began to take a bite.  She struggled to keep it down but again she threw up after about half the testicle was gone.  I guess the good thing for her was that she didn’t have much on her stomach so she didn’t throw up anything other than what she had swallowed and a bit of bile.


Lisa hadn’t made it through the first testicle when the Dom yelled “Bitchpup, get your ass over here and get busy.”


I couldn’t believe that it had been fifteen minutes.  Michelle crawled up next to Lisa and began to insert the dildos.  She did better with the testicles than Lisa did.  She was taking bites so quick that I figured she had to be biting and swallowing.  I could tell she was struggling like Lisa was to keep it down but she was doing a lot better.  She made it through the first one and then half of the second one before she started having a gagging fit.  It seemed as if she was having convulsions but some how, she didn’t throw up, but she was doubled over in pain from the cramps in her stomach.  After a couple of minutes of trying to keep what she had eaten down, the Dom started lashing her tits.  He was soon alternating between Lisa and Michelle as he flogged them and ordered them to get busy eating.


Michelle took the lash for a good twenty strokes before she finally stood up and began taking bites out of the second testicle.  She quickly had it gone and was about a third of the way through the third one when I heard my name called.  I crawled up to the table and looked to my left where I saw a dead horse on its back at the first intersection.  Miss Traci was at the end of the lane sucking a big black man’s cock.  He stood there and made Miss Traci move back and forth on his cock as he alternated paddling her ass cheeks with a big paddle.  When I looked at the dead horse with its cock extended out hard at the first intersection, I could only imagine what sucking on that thing must have been like.  I hoped that the direction I was going in was the right one to find the way out.


As I began to insert the dildos, I noticed that straight ahead was a six foot fence to climb over with a coil of razor wire on top.  That made me glad that I chose that direction but I felt sorry for whoever went that way… little did I know.  I was just starting to put in the anal dildo when Michelle took off crawling toward the dead horse.


When I started to eat the first bull testicle, I found out why they all had such a hard time with them.  They were not only rotting, but were teaming with maggots.  When I bit into it, I couldn’t imagine anything tasting as terrible as they tasted.  I took a cue from Michelle and just bit and swallowed trying to keep from tasting it.  It was working pretty well and I managed to get through it without too much trouble.  I only had a couple of times that I began to gag.  I was about done with the second ball when Lisa finally finished and began crawling toward the fence.


As Lisa entered the maze, before making her decision on which way to go, she looked around. She could only go left or straight.  To her left, she saw the dead horse with a huge hard on which caused her stomach to churn.  Straight in front of her, all she saw was the tall barbed wire fence.  “I’ll climb the fence.”  She thought.  Lisa crawled up the path towards the fence as her stomach continued to churn.  When she finally got to it, she knelt there in front of it on all fours for a moment gathering her thoughts.  She had paused for too long because the Domme she hadn’t seen hiding in the shadows whipped her with a bullwhip on the ass. The tip of her whip was perfectly aimed and left a bleeding cut on her ass.  Lisa screamed and reached out to grasp the fence and was shocked when she did.  Lisa screamed in agony and jumped back from the fence clutching her injured hand, all thoughts of her churning stomach forgotten.  The Domme stepped out and grabbed Lisa by the back of the head causing her to scream and struggle as she reached her arms up to try and break the Domme’s grip on her hair.


I continued to eat the last of the second ball.  I reached in and grabbed the third one and had just taken a bite out of it when I heard the Domme yell, “Listen, you stupid cunt!  You will climb that fence, and climb down the other side or I will beat you to a bloody pulp.  Every time you stop climbing, I will whip you until you start again.”


The Domme let go of Lisa’s hair and let her fall to the ground.  Lisa recovered as quickly as she could considering how weak she was and scrambled back to the fence and grabbed it, feeling the electricity run through her.  She ignored the pain of the electricity and climbed as fast as she possibly could.  She climbed hand over hand feeling the pain of the electricity and the sharp barbs puncturing her hands and feet and dragging on her breasts, leaving long and bloody scratches all over them.  Lisa paused for a moment when she found a spot that wasn’t electrified.  That was a big mistake on her part, because the Dom on the back side of the fence had a good shot at her front side and the Domme on the front side of the fence had good aim at her back. In unison, both whips landed on either side of her. Lisa screamed and fell off landing hard on her back knocking the wind out of her. The Domme whipped her while Lisa laid screaming for mercy.  The dildos in her ass and cunt began to simultaneously shock her and she let the one in her cunt slip and the pins shot out and ripped into the walls of her cunt, sending searing pain through her abdomen.


I must have stopped what I was doing because I suddenly felt fire in my tits.  I was getting flogged on the tits by the Dom at my table because I had quit eating the bull testicle.  I quickly started taking bites again as I watched Lisa curl up in agony to try and avoid the whip.  Finally it dawned on her that she would keep whipping her until she climbed the fence so she ignored the pain and yelled in agony saying, “Please!!!! I’ll climb! I’ll do anything!!  Just please release the pins!!  Oh, god!  It hurts so bad!!!!!”


The Domme stopped and looked down with her hands on her hips.  “I don’t know, cunt. Are you going to be a good little suckpup and climb the fence?”  Lisa screamed in pain, “Yes! Yes! I promise… just please release the pins!!!!”

“Ok, just remember suckpup, if you fuck up again, you can climb with the pins embedded in your dirty little cunt.”


The pins were released and Lisa scrambled up on all fours and took a deep breath.  Both dildos gave her a shock causing her to yelp in pain.  She jumped onto all fours and crawled to the fence as fast as she could and began climbing. She was crying the whole time, oblivious to the pain of the barbs.  She concentrated on ignoring the pain in her ass and pussy as she climbed. She started climbing much quicker this time but about halfway up she froze and held on screaming in agony until she fell off of the barbed wire fence again.  That’s when I realized that it was electrified.  It was shortly after that when I felt the first shock in my cunt and a buzz in my ass.  I sighed as I realized that this was just the beginning.  I finished eating the last of the testicles and began crawling toward the fence.


Finally Lisa made it to the top and put one leg over the roll of razor wire at the top and when she was balanced precariously with one leg on either side of the fence, both of her dildos shocked her and she lost her balance and landed on the fence with the barbs between her legs.  The sharp, knife like razor barbs cut into her already sore pussy and ass. She screamed and scrambled to get the pressure off of her pussy and lift her legs over the wire.  This caused the razors to put small cuts into her pussy lips and inner thighs as well as her hands as she pushed down on the wire to crawl over.


The Dom and Domme were on the ground doubled over laughing at her predicament. Lisa finally managed to get on the other side of the fence.  But then she made another big mistake when she jumped down to the ground, landing on all fours in front of the Dom.  The Dom cracked his whip across her back hitting her directly on her sliced up pussy causing her to scream again in agony.


The Dom yelled, “You stupid cunt, you were told to CLIMB down!”  He hit her with another crack of his whip as he continued, “Are you so stupid that you can’t follow simple instructions??” CRACK! “Now climb you dumb cunt, climb up and straddle the top of the fence and climb down when I tell you.  Do it right this time.”


Lisa was crying so hard she couldn’t see, she begged him repeatedly but only got lashes with the whip for her effort. Finally, she was decided to just climb back up to the top.  Once again, when she got to the top, the dildos went off but she was able to keep her balance.  The Dom made her remain straddled on the fence until it shocked her two more times.  After that he allowed her to climb down on his side.


Lisa had just gotten down on the other side when another Domme wearing a huge ten inch long, by two inch wide dildo came up to her. She made Lisa get down on all fours and removed the dildo out of her ass.  She stepped up behind her and forced the monster dildo she wore into Lisa’s ass hole as hard as she could.  It didn’t sink in for a couple of thrusts but when she finally fucked it in to the hilt, Lisa jerked up and screamed in pain.  This happened each time the Dom bottomed out on the dildo because of the trigger that released a surge of electricity when it was depressed.  It was ten minutes later before Lisa was released to continue on her way.


When Michelle crawled away from the table, she crawled the thirty feet to the first intersection.  Their was a dead horse laying on the ground with its cock as hard and long as it could possibly be.  The horse had been dead for quite a while so the flesh was rotting and decaying.  When she got to the horse she knelt in the slave’s position to await the order of the Dom, As soon as she stopped he ordered, “Okay bitchpup, for this station you get to suck that monster cock all of the way down your throat.  You will do it as far as you can.  If I think you’re not doing well enough, I’ll whip your back bloody.”


Michelle crawled over to the dead horse’s cock.  The stench was so bad that she almost threw up as she lowered her mouth over it.  It was at that moment that she felt the shock in her cunt and in her ass followed by a vibration.  She screamed in pain from the shock but quickly recovered.  Michelle thought about what she was getting ready to do and knew that it could have been worse.  She couldn’t imagine being the first one to suck the decaying cock like Miss Traci had.  It was bad enough as it was with the rotting flesh coming off and the maggots crawling out of the dead and decaying flesh.


Michelle managed to get it in a couple of inches and started pulling back. 

As soon as she did, she felt the whip land on her back.  She made a more concerted effort and got the horse’s cock down about six inches the second time.  She pulled back again and again felt the lash of the whip.  She screamed around the horses cock and drove down hard.  The cock hit the back of her throat and she swallowed, allowing the cock to slide down her throat.  She kept pushing until she couldn’t push any more.  She said she thought she got it down over a foot and a half.  She held it there looking at the Dom the whole time.  The Dom looked at her with his evil, I’m superior to you grin as she began to struggle for air.  Finally Michelle had to back off to get air and when she did he hit her with the whip again.


Michelle kept deep throating the horse’s hard, decaying monster cock like that.  She had the cock buried in her throat all of the way and was about to run out of breath when the dildos in her ass and cunt went off.  Her scream exhausted her remaining air and she barely made it off of the cock before she passed out.  After panting for breath for a minute she forced the cock back down her throat.  She continued sucking the horse cock until the Dom called time.  As soon as he did, she pulled off and began to hack and cough, trying to get her breath.  After a minute, the Dom said, “Unless you want to do that again, you better get going bitchpup.  I won’t be nearly as merciful the second time around.”


Michelle didn’t want to do that again if she could help it so she took the turn to the right from the direction Miss Traci had gone.  She immediately saw that it was another dead horse.  This one was a mare though.  It too had been dead for a while and was bloated and decaying.  She had gone about twenty feet and had another ten to go when the dildos went off again.  This time the one in her ass shocked her while the one in her cunt released the pins.  The pain was so excruciating that she fell to the ground and curled up into a fetal position as she screamed in pain.  The shock and the pins seemed to act in concert with one another to cause her to cramp up, causing even more pain.  Finally the pins retracted and the current of electricity stopped.  It was only about five seconds but it seemed like a life time to Michelle.


Back at the fence, Lisa weakly crawled onwards until she came to the next station.  The Dom was standing there with an obvious erection and a set of nipple and clit clamps.  The Dom ordered, “Get on your knees slut and suck me while I tell you what your task is.”


Lisa knelt in front of the Dom and reached up to take his rampant cock in her hand.  The Dom swung his right hand down hard and slapped her hard enough to knock her down.  Lisa cried out in pain and surprise at the suddenness and pain of the blow.  She quickly struggled back into a kneeling position and again tried to grab is cock with her hand to guide it to her mouth and again she felt the pain of a slap.  Lisa broke down in hysterical, full body sobs of frustration.  She finally calmed down as she blubbered, “Why won’t you let me suck your cock master?  That’s what you ordered!”


The Dom laughed and answered, “I told you exactly what to do bitch.  If you can’t figure it out then I guess you’re going to have to get used to being slapped.  Now what were you ordered to do you stupid bitch?”


It took a few minutes for Lisa to compose her self enough to think.  When she did she thought about what happened when she used her hand and realized that she wasn’t allowed to touch him with it.  She thought she had it figured so she leaned forward with her mouth open.  She had to dip down and tilt her head a bit to get the head of his cock into her mouth but eventually she did.  As soon as she had the head in her mouth she began to suck it and force more of the shaft into her mouth.  She knew from experience that she was expected to take the cock all of the way to the hilt so when she had it at its hardest she forced it down her throat, swallowing repeatedly as she did to allow it to slide in without triggering the gag reflex.


Only after she had her nose and lips mashed against his pubic hair did the Dom start giving her instructions.  He sighed in pleasure and then said, “Here you go bitch.  I want you to pinch and pull your nipples and your clit until they are as big as you can get them.  I expect it to be painful enough for you to cry out in pain.  If I don’t think you’re doing it to my satisfaction then you will feel the full strength of those dildos in your ass and cunt.  When you have them as hard as they can get, then put these on.”  He handed her the nipple and clit clamps just as Lisa pulled off his cock to take a breath.  She forced the cock back down her throat and began to pinch and pull her right nipple as hard as she could.  She didn’t want to experience the full shock of the dildos so she concentrated as hard as she could to cause as much pain as she could, knowing that the pain she caused would be minimal compared to the pain of the dildos.  As she used her fingernail to really torture her nipple she screamed around his turgid cock.  She must have been doing it right because he didn’t activate the dildos.  When she had her nipple as big as it would get she put the clamp on it.  She screamed as the sharp points of the alligator clamps bit into her nipple stimulating his cock.


Lisa pulled off again to get another breath.  When she pushed down to take his cock all of the way down again she started on her left nipple.  It took her a couple of minutes before she had that nipple prepared and clamped.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks as she screamed from the pain of the clamps.  She was almost out of breath and almost passing out when the pain subsided enough for her to quit screaming.  She quickly pulled off and took several gasps of breath.


Lisa sank her mouth back down his hard shaft and started to use her fingernails to pinch, torture and pull her clit.  Her clit wasn’t much more than the size of a small pea, even at its largest.  She screamed as she pinched and pulled it to get it as big as possible.  She pulled off for a breath and then after taking the cock in her throat again she took the clit clamp and attached it to her clit.  Shuddering, Lisa screamed as it snapped down on her most sensitive and tender nub of flesh.


The Dom grinned with an evil sneer saying, “Oh, by the way you dumb ass cunt, you ARE going the WRONG way.  But too bad for you, it’s too late to turn around! You’ve got to see this through to the end.  Only then will you be allowed to turn around-and come back thru everything again.”


At this point, Lisa wanted to give up and die, but our captors wouldn’t let her. She collapsed to the ground into a fetal position sobbing.  The Dom began to kick her viciously in the ass and kidneys yelling. “Get up bitch!  I didn’t say you could give up! You ARE going to go on, cunt! Now get up and go!”


Lisa screamed in agony, as she shakily got herself to her hands and knees. 

The Dom took his steel-toed boot and put it on her kidneys shoving her down, sending her screaming face first into the dirt.  At the same time the dildos in her ass and pussy began to send electric currents thru her body and then the nipple and clit clamps shocked her hard.  She thought her entire body was on fire and screamed bloody murder and begged for them to turn it off.  Finally, screaming in pain, Lisa was able to gain enough control to crawl away.  As she scurried away, she felt a hole in her very soul, realizing that this was only the very beginning.


I had watched as Lisa struggled on the fence.  I didn’t want to have to participate in her punishment so I very slowly approached the fence.  Only when she began to crawl toward the next station did I begin to climb.  I was just about half way up when I felt the first jolt of electricity.  It caught me by surprise and I let go and fell to the ground screaming.  I got up and began climbing again.  This time I was prepared for the shock and just held on.  I screamed as the current flowed through me.  It hurt like hell and I gripped the wire so hard that the barbs were driven deep into my palms.


When the electricity stopped flowing, I started climbing again.  I hadn’t gotten far when I felt a jolt of pain in my ass from the dildo there.  I lost my grip on the fence and began to fall back.  I flailed out with my hands and managed to grab the wire with my right hand to keep from falling off again.  My left hand had gotten close enough that a barb on the fence cut into the palm of my hand.  I pulled myself back close to the fence and held on to catch my breath.  Then I started climbing again.


When I got to the top I saw that it was covered with a coil of razor wire. 

There was no way over without cutting myself on it that I could see.  I was about to go over when the fence electrified again.  I held on for dear life and screamed the entire time.  I was beginning to understand why Lisa had so much trouble getting over it.  At least I had the luxury of watching her go over and learn from her mistakes.


When the current stopped, I began to go over the top.  When I was straddling the razor wire, both the dildo in my cunt and ass went off.  Not only did the dildos shock me but the silver bullet in my cunt released the pins that shot out and punctured my cunt walls.  I lost control and fell down screaming.  It was only pure luck that I fell straight down onto the top bar of the fence.  The razor wire cut my thighs and the bar split my cunt, sending barbs deep into my cunt flesh.  I screamed as I frantically grabbed the bar to steady myself.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on just getting through the agony as I screamed.  Finally the dildo withdrew the pins and I heard laughter coming from the Dom monitoring the station.  Oh how I hated them.


When the pain subsided, I struggled back up and then began to climb down.  I had to hold on through two more episodes of current on the fence.  When I finally got off I was so weak that I wondered how Lisa had managed.  The Dom stepped up and without warning, removed my ass dildo and began to fuck my asshole.  It was just another part of the punishment.  He fucked me over and over for over fifteen minutes.  I finally felt him cumming in my ass.  The warmth flooded through me and it felt almost enjoyable.


When the Dom was done, he pulled out of my ass and forced the dildo back in.  As he did he said, “You should have chosen the other way cunt.  This side is a DEAD END and you have to go all of the way to the end before you can turn around.  Now get going.  There is a lot more fun ahead for you.”  He slapped my ass as I crawled toward the next station.


Back with Michelle, when she got to the dead horse she knelt as the Dom instructed her.  When she heard the instructions, her already upset stomach churned.  She was told that she had to suck and eat out the horse’s cunt.  Michelle got down on all fours and leaned in to the bloated horse’s distended and rotting flesh around its cunt.  She stuck out her tongue because she just couldn’t bring herself to suck the smelly orifice.


That was a mistake because this Dom had a cane and when she hesitated, he hit her hard on the ass.  The force of the blow drove her face into the horse’s cunt.  Her tongue was extended when he hit her with the cane and that little bit of force was enough to put a small rip into the membrane of the horse’s cunt.  A rush of putrefied flesh rushed out into her mouth and up her nose.  That was all Michelle could take.  The stuff was so rancid that she up chucked the contents of her stomach.


The Dom with the cane kept hitting her ass and yelling at Michelle saying,

“Get your face in there and suck that shit up.  Your time doesn’t start until every bit of that vomit is cleaned up.  Now get busy.”  He caned her ass the whole time he was giving her the order.


Michelle swallowed her bile and began to lick up and suck down the vomit her stomach had just purged.  It took her about ten minutes to suck up the vomit.  About five minutes after starting to clean up her mess the dildos went off again.  She almost threw up again as she lost her concentration from the shock.  Fortunately it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last one.  She threw up a little bit a second time but just managed to cut it off.


When Michelle finished cleaning up the mess she created she started sucking the dead horse’s cunt.  She gagged a couple of times but just managed to keep from throwing up again.  She spent the next fifteen minutes sucking and licking the horse’s cunt.  Every time a little piece of decaying flesh came off she sucked it down her throat.  There was numerous times that a maggot or beetle would come wiggling or scurrying out and she would swallow them as well.  It was on one of these occasions when the dildo in her cunt went off at maximum power at the same time as her ass dildo.  She took a deep inhale as a beetle came scurrying out of the flesh and into her mouth.  It was sucked down her throat and into her wind pipe.  She started coughing so hard to get the bug out that the scream never came.  She hacked and coughed for a full minute before the beetle finally was dislodged and went flying out of her mouth along with a spray of blood.  It had managed to cause a couple of small cuts in her throat as it tried to dig in and anchor itself in.  When she finally recovered she went back to sucking the dead horse’s cunt.  She kept it up until the Dom told her the fifteen minutes was up.


Michelle stopped as soon as the Dom told her the time was up.  She looked straight ahead and saw a horse in estrus.  When she looked down the path to the right she saw a female Great Dane in heat.  Michelle quickly decided that she had had enough of horses, dead or alive.


The Dom that had been tormenting Lisa was finally satisfied that she had been degraded and whipped enough so he sent her on to the next station. Lisa weakly crawled towards it, her mind in such a fog that she almost fell into the deep pit that had been dug.  It was about 8 feet wide, 12 feet long with dirty, murky water about six feet down from the edge.  Lisa couldn’t tell how deep the water actually was.


When Lisa looked up at the three Doms standing to the side of the pit, the one in charge said, “That was a pretty good show back there slut.  Before you get to enjoy our little pit here, we want to blow off a little bit of steam.  Now get over here and climb on my partner’s cock.”


Lisa breathed a sigh of relief at the temporary reprieve from the torture.  Sex of any form had to be better than the torture they were putting her through.  She crawled over to the three Doms and straddled the one that was lying on his back.  She reached down to her cunt and removed the silver dildo, put it aside on the ground and then grabbed his cock and sank down on it.  The Dom reached up and pinched her nipples, squeezing them as hard as he could.  He pulled her down until she was mashing her small thirteen year old tits against his chest.  She whimpered in pleasure at the wonderful sensations she was getting compared to the torture they had been getting.


Lisa let out a sigh of pleasure and rocked back and forth on his rampant cock until she felt the dildo removed from her ass and something huge begin pushing against her asshole.  The Dom in charge of the station had his cock out and was trying to push it in to her ass.  She began screaming, “NOoooooo…… AAaaaaeeeeee” as he forced his huge 12 inch monster into her tiny anal rosebud.  To add insult to injury, as she screamed, she was shocked by the collar that had been put on her neck at the last station.  She began to whimper from the pain of the dual penetration as the two Dom’s began to drive their cocks into her cunt and ass at the same time.  This maximized the pain that Lisa experienced.


Lisa was hoping that this would be the extent of the little fuck session but that wasn’t to be.  Her eyes were closed as her ass and cunt were being fucked and she suddenly felt something hit her nose.  She opened her eyes and they crossed as she focused on the huge 10 inch cock that was now lying on her nose.  She heard the owner of the cock say, “You know what to do with it suckpup.  I want to know if you really deserve your cock sucking reputation”.


Lisa opened her mouth and took the Dom’s cock into her mouth.  She concentrated on sucking and deep throating the cock with all of the oral skill she had developed.  She spent the next fifteen minutes being triple fucked by the three Doms monitoring the station.  After about five minutes, she began to get excited by the triple fuck.  Every time she got close to cumming though, one of them would pinch a nipple clamp or the clit clamp.  That would move her off of the impending orgasm.  Toward the end they used the shock collar to keep her from cumming.  Lisa was extremely frustrated by the time they all finished with her.


While that was going on, I had crawled up to the station where Lisa was given her clit and nipple clamps as well as her shock collar.  The Dom at the station had just finished putting a pair of jeans on and told me, “Alright headpup, I want to see just how good at giving head you are compared to your partner in crime.  Take my cock out and suck it.  I want you to do your best to suck me off but I don’t want to cum until I tell you I want to.  I can assure you that if you let me come too soon, you will suffer.”


I knelt in front of the Dom and leaned in.  I grabbed the zipper of his pants and bit it and pulled down.  When the zipper was down I pushed my face in and after moving it around a bit, got the head of his cock into my mouth.  I sucked the cock into my mouth as I drew it out of his pants.  I began to bob my head back and forth on his rampant cock as I twirled my tongue on the underside.  I tried my best to out do what Lisa did but just didn’t quite make it.  I was so focused on sucking his cock that I didn’t pay attention to what the Dom was doing.  The next thing I knew was that the nipple on my left tit was on fire as the Dom pinched it with his fingernails and pulled it out as hard as he could.  I would have screamed out loud if my mouth hadn’t been filled with cock.  The vibrations from the scream however made the Dom groan in pleasure.


All of a sudden, I felt a searing pain in my tit as the Dom let an alligator clamp close on my nipple.  My scream could easily be heard, even with my mouth stuffed with cock.  When my screaming stopped, I felt the Dom begin on my other nipple.  After a few minutes of pinching and pulling he put another alligator clamp on that elicited another loud and long scream around his cock.


When I quit screaming, the Dom pulled his cock out of my mouth.  I was sucking so hard that it made a loud pop.  He lay down on his back, grabbed my hips and pulled my cunt over his head.  He tilted his head up and began sucking on my clit.


I didn’t need to be told what to do.  I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking again.  As soon as I got it down her throat, he bit my clit hard.  I screamed in pain from the assault on my clit as the Dom shook his head back and forth.  The punishment on my clit caused it to swell three times its normal size.  When he was satisfied with how big it was he attached an alligator clamp onto it.  I screamed again and this time I felt him swell as if he was getting ready to cum.  I quit screaming and pinched down on the base of his cock with my lips.  I waited as the Dom’s cock pulsed like it was cumming.  I had my lips clamped down in panic so hard that not one drop of his cum escaped.


I hoped that he wouldn’t punish me for making him cum.  At least I had managed to keep him from ejaculating.  The Dom slapped my ass and said, “Get up slut”.  He then stood and waited for me to get into a kneeling position.  When I was in position, he picked up a wide leather collar that had a couple of small studs on the inside of the leather that connected to my skin on my neck.  There was a little box on the collar that held an electric charge that was triggered by talking or by the push of a switch on a control.


I quickly began to suck his cock again as the guy fiddled with the collar.  He was finally satisfied and reached down and buckled the collar on my neck.   After he locked it on he picked up two chains and connected the alligator clips.  When he was done he took the remote and twisted a knob and then punched a button.  I screamed around his cock and struggled to remain kneeling because of the pain.  The Dom adjusted the controls again and then pressed another button.  The pain ripped through my neck and the dildos in my cunt and ass.  I wanted to beg and to quit servicing his cock but knew better.  For the next few minutes the Dom played with the control and shocked me repeatedly.  Finally he put it on its highest setting and pushed the button.  I screamed as the Dom ordered, “Make me cum bitch”.  The screams I made vibrated around his cock and brought him to completion.  I swallowed as best I could under the circumstances.


Back at the pit, the three Doms fucking Lisa were one by one cumming in her.  The last to cum was the one in her ass.  By the time he came, her cunt felt raw and painful.  When he pulled out, and stepped away from her he said, “Suckpup, this nice little hole in the ground houses many small fish, and two dozen small electric eels.” Lisa began to shake violently as the Dom continued.  “The electric eel is a carnivore but it has no teeth and therefore must stun its victims before it can feast on it.  Your task cunt is to climb down into the pit, swim around for 15 minutes and try to stay alive. If you don’t bother the eels, they most likely won’t bother you.  But beware, if we think you aren’t doing everything like you should, or if we get bored and want some entertainment, we will zap some of that wonderful jewelry you were given at the last station.  If the eels sense the electricity, they might think you are a threat to them and they will come out fighting.  Or they might do something even more amusing such as trying to mate with you.  Now get in there!”  With that, one of the Doms snuck up behind Lisa, put his shoe on her ass and pushed her hard, knocking her off balance and causing her to fall into the water.


Lisa landed directly on top of one of the eels. It sensed a predator and began to zap Lisa over and over.  Lisa screamed and inhaled a mouthful of the murky water and she spluttered and gagged.  She couldn’t get her balance because the eel continued to sting her with shocks.  She was drowning!  Above her the Doms were laughing at her plight.  With the last of her strength, Lisa screamed out “HELP!!!! eeeek…… MINDA… eeek……… HELP… eek……… DROWNING!!!! Eeek.”  Lisa had barely gotten the last word out when she was overcome by the water and the stun from the shocks she was getting from the eels, the dildos and the collar around her neck. Her last thought as darkness overtook her was that Aminda wasn’t there to rescue her and that she would never be together with Michelle and Aminda again.


I had just finished receiving my last shock from the electrified doggie collar and had been released by the Dom when I heard Lisa’s shout.  I took off, still on all fours, in the direction of Lisa’s desperate cry.  I loved Lisa just as much as I loved Michelle, and I needed to show her that I’d do anything for her. 


I got to the edge of the pit, looked down, and saw Lisa, face down, being shocked by electric eels. It looked as though she was dead and her body was twitching in spasms wherever the eels touched and shocked her. Without waiting for instructions from the Doms, I jumped into the water.  I noticed right away that it was only a couple of feet deep, and was grateful that I hadn’t dived in, head first.  It seemed that Lisa had been so overcome between the shocks of the eels, the shocks of her dildos and the shock of the collar that she had passed out and possibly drowned.  I struggled to get Lisa up and out of the pit and then climb out myself.


I was sobbing as I knelt down beside my friend.  Lisa wasn’t breathing.  I knew that she hadn’t screamed for help more than a minute previously.  I quickly began to administer CPR like we had learned in health class. After a couple of minutes, however, I was beginning to think it was a lost cause.  Lisa wasn’t responding.  The Doms were laughing at the two of us girls.  I started sobbing at Lisa’s side screaming at my friend to start breathing.  Finally, Lisa began coughing and sputtering and all the murky water she had swallowed came up.  The two of us girls cried together and held each other in a tender embrace. Neither of us said anything, because no words needed to be said.  Lisa knew that I loved her as much as I loved Michelle now and I knew that Lisa was content with her place.


Our reprieve was short lived, however as the cruel men cracked a whip down on us. “You stupid bitches!  Headpup, you didn’t wait for instructions!  You will have to do double your time now and you will have to punish suckpup now too.  So, suckpup, it’s still your turn.  Headpup, you get the honor of pushing the button to send electrical currents through suckpup’s cunt and ass.”


With that, once again Lisa was kicked into the pit.  This time, Lisa was relatively prepared, and she didn’t land on any eels, so she was able to start crawling around in a circle keeping her eyes peeled for eels.


Meanwhile, back up on the ground, the Dom’s were forcing me to press the button that would send electric volts through my lover’s body.  The Dom’s were cheering me on, an ordering me to hold the button down.  I knew that if I didn’t, things would be even worse for us and after almost loosing Lisa for good, pressing a small button seemed like almost nothing.


Lisa crawled through the pit until the Dom in charge called time.  After her time was up, one of the Dom’s lowered a rope to her to climb up.  She grabbed the rope and shrieked.  The rope was full of glass shards and razors that had cut into her palms.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Lisa burst into tears and laid down ready to drown her self in the muddy water.  I saw this and without thinking, pressed down on the buzzer in my hand.  Lisa yelped and looked up at me with obvious hurt in her eyes.  I glared down through my tears, betraying my real pain and obvious love for Lisa.


“I will NOT let you give up, Lisa Miranda Murrow! Do you hear me?”


The minute that the Doms heard Lisa’s real full name being spoken, they started whipping me.  “That cunt’s name is suckpup.  Don’t you ever call her anything else!  But it was enough.  Hearing her given name just the one time was enough for her to find enough strength to carry on, if just for a little bit longer. Lisa grabbed the rope once again ignoring the pain in her hands and she climbed hand over hand.  When she got near the top, I reached down as far as I could, stretching down to meet her outstretched hand.  Lisa stretched her bleeding hand up to meet mine and I pulled her out to relative safety.  For a moment, the two of us cuddled.  I cooed and comforted Lisa, wiping mud off of her eyes.


The Dom grabbed me by my hair and I cried out trying to relieve the pressure on my head.  “It’s your turn, headpup.  And I hope you drown!  I never liked you much, headpup.  You’re too uppity for a worthless slave.  Don’t forget-if you do start to drown, we will hold suckpup back so that she can’t help you.” 


Still holding me by my hair, he slung me into the pit.  I landed hard, and took a moment to make sure that nothing was broken, and received a shock through my ass and pussy.  I gasped, and inhaled water and then panicked.  Above me, I could hear the Dom’s cruelly chanting “Drown headpup, drown!” over Lisa’s crying. I knew they were keeping her from coming to my rescue.


Finally, I calmed down enough to get my head above the dark water and gasp in a few deep breaths of air before going back under water and swimming around. I had barely got started swimming when I felt the muscles in my ass and cunt begin to twitch uncontrollably.  It wasn’t painful and actually felt rather pleasant.  I knew they had turned on the dildos electric current a little bit.  I was thinking I would really enjoy it as I swam around the murky water.  What I didn’t know was that the current was attracting the young eels and they wanted to get to it the source in the worst way.


The next thing I knew, I had eels trying to push into my cunt and ass.  That also felt good until one of them released a surge of electricity into my cunt.  I screamed and put my feet down on the bottom to push up.  As soon as my head broke water I took a deep breath, only to scream again as the one in my ass shocked me.  That seemed to start a chain reaction in my collar and among the other eels that were touching me all around.  I started feeling shock after shock all over my body below the water which was at my waist.  I put my hands down to pull the eels out of my cunt and ass and I felt what seemed like a hundred eels surrounding me around my hips trying to get at my cunt and ass.  I know there weren’t a hundred eels but that’s what it seemed like at the time.  As soon as my hands went down and hit one of them it would let out an electric shock in response.  I screamed as I was shocked over and over again by the other eels.


I was flailing around from all of the shocks and trying to slap the eels away from me.  The Doms were all laughing at me.  Lisa saw how much I was struggling and she was crying uncontrollably.  One of the Doms decided she wasn’t suffering enough and put the control in her hand.  He set it at its highest setting and then ordered her to push it.  At first she refused but all that got her was a whipping with a crop on her tits.  The Dom whipped her until she pushed the button.  The shock that I got was excruciating and my body seized up. I realized I was about to pass out and arched my back, just in the nick of time before I passed out and began to sink.  The good thing about the shock though was that the electric eels swam away from me thinking I was a bigger eel because of the powerful shock they felt.  I was fortunate that I ended up floating on my back instead of my stomach or I would have been in the same shape Lisa had been when I found her.


As soon as I recovered I managed to finish my 30 minutes without too much trouble.  I kept away from the eels or they kept away from me.  Either way they left me alone.  When the Dom called time, they once again lowered the rope with the glass in it and I climbed up ignoring the cuts in my hands and feet.  Lisa helped pull me out, crying the whole time.  As she was pulling me out, I had a moment to whisper into her ear, “Lisa, you go ahead to the next station as fast as you can.  I’m going to lag behind.  I-I couldn’t stand to punish you any more.  Do you understand?”  Lisa nodded and when I was on dry land again, she looked up at the Doms.


“Go on, you stupid cunts and get the fuck out of here.  You do know how stupid and pathetic you are, right?  You’re both going the wrong way.  We look forward to seeing you again on your way back!”  Lisa ignored them and took off as fast as she could crawl.  I very slowly made my way down the path.  We both could hear their laughter and taunting.


I hadn’t made it five feet before my dildos went off.  They must have been set at the highest setting because I was paralyzed with pain.  I curled up in a fetal position, screaming and begging for them to turn it off.  It wasn’t but a few moments later, moments that seemed to last an eternity that two of the Doms from the eel pit came up to me and began whipping me with riding crops.


One of the Doms began telling me, “It seems like you were trying to take a break to me.  A snail could move faster than you were moving.  I’m assuming you didn’t want to punish your fellow bitchpup so you will take the punishment you would have given her.  Now get up and crawl cunt”


They were still whipping me with the riding crops and I was screaming in pain and begging for mercy the entire time he was telling me what was going to happen.  I began to move fairly rapidly and the whipping picked up even worse.  The Dom said, “If you know what is good for you, you will go slow as you originally intended.  We’ll allow suckpup to get ahead of you again like you obviously wanted.  The difference is that my partners here will be adding a little fun as you go so you will remember how wrongly you chose when you decided to climb the fence and then come running to help your friend.”


I slowed down to a slow crawl, even slower than I had before.  I would gladly take the punishment to allow Lisa to get ahead.  I felt that this was my fault anyway because of my outburst that led to Lisa and Michelle competing to declare their love for me.  If it meant that I wouldn’t have to personally torture one of my best friends, I would take a lot more punishment than a mere whipping with riding crops.  So I crawled slowly to give Lisa as much time as possible.  I made sure that I set a pace that allowed her to go through the station and begin to move on before I got there.  Through my tears, I saw what was done to her and it didn’t look too bad.  I hoped I was right.


At that time Michelle had turned right and crawled the twenty feet to the female dog.  The Dom sitting there ordered, “Misty here is suffering because we won’t let Monster any where near her.  It’s up to you to give her relief so get busy and suck her cunt.  I’m sure that after that dead carcass out there, it shouldn’t be any trouble for you.”


Michelle crawled to the dog’s back side and began to suck on the dog’s distended cunt.  The dog was leaking fluid out of her cunt because she was in heat.  Michelle heard another bark and turned to look in the direction it came from.  She saw the biggest Great Dane she had ever seen.  He seemed to be half again bigger than the standard Great Dane she had experienced at the kennel.  He was sitting next to the Dom and was tied up to a large chain.  He was trying to get to the female Dane that Michelle was getting ready to eat out.


Michelle knew that she was in for a heck of a ride by the dog either during or after she got done with the female dog.  She leaned down and began to suck on the female dog’s cunt.  She found that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the dead female horse she had just done.  That’s when she realized that she would have to do the dead horse again.  Her stomach churned at the thought.


As she was eating the female dog out, the Dom that was sitting in a chair in the corner watching her got up and stripped.  He walked behind Michelle and took her ass dildo out.  He reached down and turned off the silver dildo and slipped it out of her cunt.  He stepped over to the big male Great Dane and let him off of the chain.  He told him to stay and went back to Michelle.  He got down on his back and began to scoot under Michelle.  He picked her knees up until he was in position and then lowered her down.  He lined her cunt up with his cock and lowered her down until her cunt had fully swallowed his cock.  When his cock was in to the hilt he called out ‘fuck monster’.


The big Great Dane got up and rushed over to Michelle’s ass.  He needed no other command.  He had been ready to fuck for a long time being so close to his bitch in heat.  His cock was out and ready.  He launched himself up onto her back and began trying to sink his cock into the first hole he could find.  He worked his hind paws forward until is cock was banging against her ass.  Michelle felt the pain each time the cock stabbed against her ass without hitting her small rose bud.  She reached back and guided the cock to her asshole.  As soon as he felt the tip enter her ass hole he lunged forward, sinking his cock in half way.


Michelle screamed into the female dog’s cunt as the pain of the entry hit her.  Monster began forcing his cock in farther and farther as he rapidly thrust in and out.  Michelle felt as stuffed as she had ever been.  The dog’s knot started slamming against her ass and each time it caused her pain.  She was screaming almost non stop from the pain but she didn’t dare stop eating the female dog out.  All of a sudden she felt a ripping pain as the dog slammed his knot into her ass.  His knot began to expand even further, causing her unimaginable pain.


Michelle was on the verge of passing out from the pain when she felt another sensation.  The Dom had seen that she was about to pass out and reached up and pinched her nipples as hard as he could.  The switch in pain centers kept her from passing out but just barely.  The dog was now fucking her in a rapid machine gun like manner.  The Dom got down on his back and scooted under bitchpup and lined his cock up with her cunt.  When he felt the head of his cock enter the entrance, he plunged in as hard as he could, causing another scream to cum from her. 


It wasn’t long before she felt her ass flooded with cum.  The Dom came shortly thereafter.  Michelle was in too much pain from the huge knot that was stuck in her ass.  When the dog had quit cumming, he turned around ass to ass with Michelle.  The Dom lay there enjoying the feeling.  His cock had softened but the dog’s knot was keeping it from sliding out.  It didn’t take long before his cock began to harden again and when it did he began to fuck her again.


After about ten minutes the Dom hammered his cock into her cunt one final time and grunted out as he came.  He lay like that as his cock began to shrink until the timer on is watch went off.  He pulled out as he ordered, “It’s time to stop slut.  Suck me clean and when monster pulls out, go to the nice pile of shit over there and eat up.”


Michelle gladly stopped sucking on the dog’s leaking cunt and tried to turn around.  She found she couldn’t because she was still quite stuck on the big knot.  The Dom pulled out and scooted forward until his cock was in a position where she could reach it by leaning down.  She quickly swallowed the Dom’s dirty cock and sucked it clean.  When she pulled off it made a loud popping noise.  It was followed by an even louder popping noise and a scream of pain from Michelle as the dog pulled his knot out of her ass.  She turned and slowly began to crawl down the path toward the dead end of the path.  She saw a big pile of shit there.  There was a Domme standing behind the pile holding a leash.  She couldn’t see what was on the end of the leash but it was obviously big because the leash pulled hard occasionally and almost pulled the Domme over.  She began to wonder just how much worse it could get.  If she knew what lay ahead she might have quit there and then but as it was she decided to block out any thought other than accomplishing the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else.  She knew it was the only way to survive.


When Lisa had crawled away from Aminda at the eel pit, she crawled as fast as she could.  As she approached the station she saw a large wooden table that was big enough to lay two people side by side spread eagle.  She crawled up to the Domme and knelt to await her orders.


The Domme ordered Lisa up on the table and strapped her on to it with ankle straps and wrist straps.  Her arms and legs were stretched out as far as they would go.  Her legs were in a splits position so that her cunt was open and exposed.  Once she was strapped to the table, the Domme began spreading a clear gel all over her body.  The gel was warm and felt pleasurable as it began to cause the blood to rush to her skin.  Lisa watched as the Domme wheeled a cart over with a machine of some kind on it.  The Domme reached down and turned Lisa’s cunt and ass dildos on at their lowest setting.  Lisa groaned in pleasure from the low electrical stimulus.


The Domme picked up a tool that had a long cord attached to the machine.  At the end of the cord was a cylindrical device that had a hand grip that curved down and expanded into a two inch flat circle.  The Domme said, “This is a type of Violet wand.  It stimulates the muscles with electrical current.  This particular model can range through several settings from a mild electrical stimulus similar to what your dildos are giving you right now to a strong electrical stimulus that can cause your muscles to contract in the most excruciatingly painful way that you’ve ever felt.  Think of it as a super

Charlie horse only 100 times worse.  At its highest setting, it can actually cause your muscles to contract up until they rupture.  I won’t tell you what the setting range has been set at but for the next ten minutes you will experience extreme pleasure and end with extreme pain.  Only at the end will you know whether or not the final setting allows you to live or die.  Now let’s get started.”


The Domme put the flat disc of the wand against Lisa’s left tit and pushed a button on the machine.  The stimulus from the little bit of electricity the wand sent through her skin felt absolutely heavenly.  She moved the wand all around her tit and over her neck and shoulders.  As she hit her erogenous zones on her neck her excitement grew.  When the wand was passed over her tits she launched into an orgasm.  The wand kept traveling down her stomach and the gel transmitted the current to the muscles of the stomach.  It was extremely relaxing and pleasurable at the same time.  Then the Domme passed the wand over her pubic mound and Lisa launched into another orgasm.  It had been two minutes and the setting increased a level as did the dildos in her cunt and ass.  The stimulus from them was still very pleasurable and then the wand passed over her cunt lips.  Lisa’s orgasm didn’t have a chance to lessen and soared even higher and more massively.  The Domme moved the wand on her cunt lips through out the minute that the setting stayed the same.  Just before the setting changed she moved the wand to Lisa’s clit driving Lisa’s orgasm even higher.  The setting on the wand automatically increased to the next level and the added stimulus launched Lisa into an orgasm so massive that her entire body arched up from the table and she passed out from the overwhelming pleasure. 


The Domme didn’t stop however.  She quickly broke an ammonia capsule under Lisa’s nose.  When she saw that Lisa was awake she moved the wand down her legs as the setting increased again.  The effect was obvious if you looked at her thighs as the muscles were beginning to move under her skin as the stimulus caused the muscles to contract.  With each step up of the stimulus the dildos in her ass and cunt increased as well.


The Domme moved the wand down her legs to her ankles and then started back up again.  The setting had increased two times now and her legs began to jump in her bindings from the severity of the cramps the stimulus was caused.  The pain caused by the muscle contractions was beginning to cause Lisa to groan in agony.  As the wand was dragged over her thighs the setting increased again and it caused her thigh muscle on her left leg to cramp in such a manner that her leg tried to bend.  The shackles didn’t allow that and it caused such excruciating pain that Lisa woke fully and screamed in pain.  The wand was passed over her cunt and the screams became even worse.


Finally for the last minute the setting moved up again and the Domme began to run the wand over her stomach.  Her stomach muscles contracted hard.  If she hadn’t been strapped to the table she would have been forced to involuntarily double over into a jackknife position.  As it was her muscles tried but failed.  The pain for Lisa was more than anyone could take.  It felt as if she had been punched in the gut and all of her breath was knocked out of her as her diaphragm contracted at the same time.  The combination of the pain and lack of air caused Lisa to pass out again.


The Domme turned off the machine at that point and began to undo the straps holding Lisa to the table.  She wiped off all of the gel that she had covered Lisa with.  Only after she had cleaned her up did she break an ammonia capsule under her nose.  Lisa woke up with a start and immediately doubled up, groaning in pain.  Her stomach muscles ached terribly from her ordeal with the violet wand.


Lisa screamed again when the Domme hit her with a switch on her ass.  The Domme ordered, “You better get going unless you want to go through my station again cunt.  Headpup is going to get the privilege of starting two settings higher than you did because she started all of this.  I don’t think you could survive another go around so soon.  By the way, only about half of the slaves that come this way in the maze make it out.  I’ve got money down that says you’re the one that won’t make it.  Now if you aren’t off the table and on your way in ten seconds, I’m going to strap you back down.”


Lisa absolutely didn’t want to have to go through another round with the violet wand.  Her muscles hurt so bad from the spasms it caused that she couldn’t move without feeling like she had been working out for a week without a break.  She mustered all of her strength and rolled off of the table. She began crawling to the next station.




Sarah was falling asleep so Aminda stopped telling the tale.  She and Michelle crawled up on either side of her and held her as she slept, looking across her and at each other with absolute love in their eyes.  They fell asleep shortly after.


Up in Washington, Karen sat beside Brittany’s bed.  She refused to budge. 

The FBI team was busy rounding up the head council and the backup members. 

As well as anyone else they could find that was on the membership lists of the Coch organization.  They had enough evidence now that any of the members caught would be denied bail and be convicted.  Karen felt at peace for the first time in her life.  All of the people that had perpetrated their crimes on her were now feeling the full force of the law coming down on them.  All that was really left for her was to testify at the trials.


It was about mid morning when Sam came in with a newspaper in her hands.  She handed it to Karen and she saw the major headline on the front page.  “FORMER SEX SLAVE HELPS FBI TAKE DOWN INTERNATIONAL SEX SLAVE ORGANIZATION”


Karen was worried and began to read the article.  She didn’t want her identity to be known so she could live a somewhat normal live.  Fortunately the paper didn’t have a picture or an identity.  They just put down ‘unknown woman’ whenever they referred to her.  It made her feel real good that they were protecting her identity.  She looked up from the paper as Bill walked in and asked, “We did it, didn’t we?  We took them down for good didn’t we?”


Bill said, “We will never know if you got them all, but you definitely got most of them.  We will have the majority of them rounded up within the next month.  We have APBs out for the arrest of all members of the organization that we have data on.  I’m sure there are still some out there but rest assured that we will do everything we can to get them.”


Karen dropped the paper, got up and walked over to Bill.  She gave him a big hug and said, “Thank you for everything.”


Bill pulled her away and said, “No, thank you.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  When this is all over, the President of the U. S. wants to meet with you and your girls.  He has something he wants to give you.  You see, there seems to be this young girl who was enslaved by a wicked slaver’s organization.  Who outsmarted them and escaped and then came back with a vengeance and against all odds, took the very organization down that enslaved her, her daughter and their friends.  Does that sound like anybody you know?”


Karen hadn’t even thought of that.  She had been so focused on making the organization pay for what they had done that the enormity of the whole thing and the improbability that she had overcome them had never crossed her mind.  She almost fell down on her chair, stunned as that realization hit her.  Bill smiled at her reaction and he said, “You’re something else Karen Miller.  I’m glad you are on our side.  By the way, Brittany has been declared dead.  When she wakes up, have her pick a name and we will do the paperwork for the witness protection program.  She is to never leave the Warren estate alone.  You have been designated as the agent in charge of her.  The only ones to know that she is alive and living with you are the judge that signed the orders, the District Attorney that approved it, me, you and your family and team.  The hospital staff has her listed as Jane Doe.  Pete told them that we didn’t know her name.  There is nothing else we need from her.  She has done her job in spades.  Let her know how sorry I am for what she went through when she wakes up.  I’ll be in contact.  Let me know if you need anything.”


Karen sat there stunned with the signed orders appointing her as an FBI agent with a pay of one penny a year.  Then she looked at the next paper that was a signed court order putting her in charge of Brittany.  Only the orders didn’t have Brittany’s name on it, it had a blank on it.  She looked up to find that Bill had already left.  She looked at the paper in her hand and then at Sam.  She said, “I guess I’ve picked up responsibility for another person.  How am I going to explain to her that she can never leave the estate?”


Sam shook her head negatively and said, “Based on what I’ve seen, you would have a harder time explaining why she can’t stay.  That woman owes her life to you and you alone.  No one else would have held the hand of someone they considered a mortal enemy and help them live through something worse than hell itself.  I bet my year’s salary that she will come out of that coma totally devoted to you.”


Karen looked at Brittany as she shook her head in understanding.  She picked up Brittany’s hand again and held it as Sam left the room, tears streaming down her face.


This is the end of Chapter 54.


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