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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 52 Kennel Bitches and Retribution

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 52


By Redlegtiger


Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.


A special thanks to Traci for her ideas for the kennel rape and also Guilty Karma for her suggestions for Brittany.


Chapter 52, Kennel Bitches and Retribution


After Breakfast was over, Karen had Gregg get a female guard to come in.  When she arrived, Sam and Karen took her, Sandy and Mandy into Karen’s bedroom.  They then spent the next thirty minutes measuring the mother and daughter and asking them what styles of clothes that they liked.  They had a few fashion magazines that Karen had for some light reading.  Sandy chose clothes that were more typical of a thirty something woman while Mandy chose styles more typical of the teens.  Once they had everything figured out, the female guard left the room with a credit card from Karen with instructions to buy a complete wardrobe for each of them and to get the lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.


After the guard left with an escort, Karen and Sandy sat down with Gregg and Sam in the living room while Mandy stayed in the bedroom reading some of the magazines they had been looking at.  Karen spoke up first and started saying, “Gregg… Sam… I want you to listen to everything I say before you say anything.  Can you promise me that you can do that for me?  What I have to say is very important and I want you to think about it very hard before you decide on what I tell you.”


Sam spoke up first saying, “I promise Karen.  I can see that this is very important for you so go ahead and tell us what’s on your mind.”


Karen took a deep breath to steel her nerves and began saying, “You both know how I am now when it comes to sex and how freely I share it with those I care about.  What you never experienced was what I was like right after I escaped the organization.  If it wasn’t for Darren and his fraternity, I’m sure I would have never achieved a fraction of the success that I was able to.  I had his support as well as the support of Sherri while assuming a completely new identity.  I had the entire fraternity available to take care of my sexual urges as they hit me.  In short, if I hadn’t had that available to me, I would have most likely ended up on the street as a hooker.  That, is a fate that I don’t want for my best friend.  Sandy is going to have a lot of sexual urges that she has never had before, simply because she is no longer being sexually abused on a routine basis.  She is used to being forced to have sex several times a day as well as learning to enjoy pain.  She is going to have those same urges that I had after I was free, and right now she doesn’t have a safe outlet for her to exhaust those urges.  I have come to love you guys and I trust you daily with my life.  I know that neither of you would try to take advantage of someone in Sandy’s state.  The problem is that she will need someone to take advantage of her.  All she knows in life is being a slave to someone else’s whims.  She asked me if I could find her a master and mistress that she could serve.  Someone that would treat her well but provide the firm hand that she needs as a slave.  She also wants someone that will help her to raise her daughter in a manner that will allow her to become a normal everyday teenager.  The only people I trust more than Tom, Nancy, Darren and Sherri are you two.  Tom and Nancy have already taken in their fair share of sex slaves and I’m not sure how that is going to affect Sarah.  Darren and Sherri are already taking Brittany’s slaves, Diane and Ginger.  So I ask you to take in Sandy and Mandy.  I know you are in a new relationship but I wouldn’t ask you if I didn’t think you two were perfect for her and Mandy.  That will also give us the advantage of keeping Sandy and Mandy here so that they can help finish taking down the FBI.  Please take some time to think about it.  I’m going to go spend some time with Mandy while you guys think about it.  Sandy will stay here to answer any questions you may have of her.”


Karen stood up and walked out of the room and into the bedroom Mandy was in.  Mandy looked up and saw Karen and asked, “Where’s mom?  What’s going to happen to us now that we don’t have a home to go back to?  With grandma in jail and papa on the run, who’s going to take care of us?”


Karen didn’t miss the revelation that Mandy had let slip.  She asked, “Is Master Scott you father Mandy?”


Sandy was surprised at what Karen asked and then she realized what she had said. At first a look of fear covered her face and then a look of relief.  She said, “I don’t have to worry about papa any more do I?”


Karen answered, “No honey.  You’re safe.  Your mom is currently talking to someone about taking you in and raising you as any other normal girl.  That way you can decide when and with whom you want to give up your most precious possession.  Your cherry is the most precious gift you can give to someone.  You can only give it once.  We are trying to find someone who will help raise you so you can make a good choice as opposed to taking it from you by force.  If things work out, your mom will continue to serve them voluntarily and they will help you learn how to be like any other teen girl.  Your mom has been a slave her entire life and really doesn’t know how to raise you right.  The people she is talking to are people I trust with my very life.  They helped us rescue you last night.  If they decide to take you and your mom in, you will be a very lucky girl.  In addition, they will be able to protect you from any repercussions from the organization.”


Mandy got up and went over to hug Karen and cry.  It took a while to get her to calm down and Karen asked her, “Are you all right?”


Mandy finally took a final sniff, looked into Karen’s eyes and said, “I’m glad you are mom’s friend.  Without you, we would not have been freed.  I’ve hated the daily beatings before I went to school and after I got home.  I hate papa for sticking his cock in my ass last night and fucking me.  I hate grandma for helping him.  I want to live without having to worry about upsetting anyone at the slightest thing.  You are making that happen and I’m so happy.”  She took a final sniff and tightened her bear hug on Karen then went back to sit on the bed.  They spent the next hour talking about what Mandy had read in the magazine.


An hour later, Sandy came into the room with a smile on her face.  As she walked into the room she announced, “Gregg and Sam are going to let us stay with them at least for now.  They said that they would do it on a trial basis for now and after this is all over, that we can all make a permanent decision then.  I accepted as they are so nice and I really like Sam and think she will be a good mother for you Mandy.  I…I…I can’t be a mother for you.  I…I…I’m afraid that some of my anger at all of my years of abuse might come out and I’ll do something that will make things worse.  I’ll always be there with you but I have asked them to be my master and mistress.  I have been a slave so long that I don’t know any other way.  I will serve them happily and you will be a normal girl.  Will you accept them as your new mom and dad Mandy?”


Mandy ran to her mom and said, “Of course I will accept your decision.  Karen has been telling me about them.  I’m just glad that we’ll be together and we don’t have to worry about being punished all of the time for no good reason.  And before you say anything, I do expect to be punished if I do something bad.  But at least it won’t be several times a day like it has been.  I love you mom.”


Sandy had tears streaming down her cheeks as she hugged Mandy.  She looked up to Karen and mouthed, “Thank you”.  Karen left the room so Sandy and Mandy could have some time alone to talk.  They had, had an eventful 24 hours and needed some time alone.


When she got out to the living room, she joined Gregg and Sam who were talking about security issues.  When she sat down, they stopped and turned toward her.  Karen paused for a moment and then said, “Thank you so much for doing this for them.  She was absolutely my best friend and I know you won’t regret your decision.  She told me that it was to be temporary for now and that you won’t make a final decision until later but I know you’ll love her.  I’ll know she’ll make you both happy.”


Gregg answered, “After we talked with her for a while, we both could tell why you liked her so much.  She really is a sweet gal.  If she is like that all of the time, then we won’t have any problem allowing this to be permanent.  I can tell you that we are a bit leery about this but out of our love for you, we decided to give it a try.  We’ll treat Mandy like one of our own too.”


Karen nodded and answered, “That’s all I could ask for.  It’s about ten now, I think we ought to get going to the headquarters if we want to get there before noon.  I’m worried about Brittany after last night.  What if they found out she was responsible for the raid.  I really feel that I need to be there for her if something goes wrong.”


Gregg answered, “We’re ready to leave whenever you are.  Frank’s out front with the car.  I knew we would be leaving sometime this morning so I had him get the car ready when we came down for breakfast.  Why don’t you tell Sandy and Mandy that we’ll be leaving so they won’t worry?”


Karen got up and went back to the bedroom.  When she opened the door, she found that Sandy and Mandy were lying on the bed asleep, cuddled up again like they had been the night before.  Karen hated to interrupt them but she didn’t want Sandy to worry and she didn’t think that a note would be appropriate nor did she want a guard to be the one to explain to her.  She gently shook Sandy’s shoulder until she woke up.  She whispered, “We’re going to the FBI headquarters now.  I’m going to leave you and Mandy here.  I didn’t want you to worry.  We have a couple of guards here that will protect you and then the two that will return with your new clothes soon will be here as well.  I hope to be back sometime this evening but I just can’t tell you when.”


Sandy answered quietly, “Thanks for letting me know.  I would have worried needlessly if you hadn’t told me.  You be safe out there.  I don’t want to lose you now that I have you back in my life.  Why don’t you call when you leave to come back and I’ll fix you a nice dinner?  That’s the least I can do for you.”


Karen said that she would and then leaned down and kissed her on the head.  She went out to Gregg and Sam and then left.  As soon as the van hit the road she started thinking about Sarah.  She started to feel guilty about her being injured.  She rationalized that if it wasn’t for her, that she wouldn’t be lying in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down.  Her thoughts started running down the guilt track over and over.  After a few minutes of that she remembered what Sarah had asked of her and made her promise.  She promised Sarah that she would take care of her in the same manner as Aminda and Michelle.  Even though she knew what that meant, she agreed that she would do it.  She even gave something akin to approval to their relationship.


Once she started thinking about submitting to Sarah, again she started getting excited.  The doggyslut part of her decided to take advantage of her excitement and fed on it like she did on the plane.  Karen started getting more and more excited.  This led her mind to take her through more and more situations where she submitted to Sarah and to Tom and Nancy.  The fantasies fed her excitement more and more until they were only about ten minutes from the headquarters when Karen groaned as she came.  Gregg and Sam exchanged looks of lust from the front seats as they pulled into the parking lot at the headquarters.  They parked and got out. 


Sam opened the door for Karen and said, “Come on you horny slut.  Get out here and get busy doing something to take your mind off of whatever it is that has you so excited.  Ever since that trip to LA to see Sarah, you’ve been on a hair trigger.  I can’t believe how you just seem to cum without any stimulation.  Anyway, come on inside.  You may want to clean up in the ladies room before you see bill though.  He’ll be able to smell you a mile off the way you are now.”


Karen smiled and responded, “Talk about me.  From the looks of you and Gregg, I’d say you need a good quick fuck to settle down.  Why don’t you and Gregg go into the men’s room while I get cleaned up in the women’s?  You can join me with Bill once you’re done.”


Sam put her arm around Karen’s waist and hugged her as they walked into the building.  Gregg walked ahead of them and held the door open for them.  As they entered the old school house that was now being used as the FBI headquarters, Sam grabbed Gregg’s hand and pulled him in and led him to the men’s bathroom.  She didn’t even knock and as Karen was entering the women’s bathroom, she saw a very embarrassed FBI agent come running out.  She laughed as she went into the bathroom and stripped off her pants and panties.  She washed out the panties and then stood like that with the panties under the air dryer until they were dry.  She quickly put them back on and put her pants back on.  She left and went in search of Bill.


The first stop she made was to Bill’s office, the old Principal’s office, and found it empty.  She noticed from the clock that it was almost one in the afternoon.  She checked several places that she thought he might be and still couldn’t find him.  After asking several agents where he was she finally found one that was hurrying down the hall.  When he saw Karen he turned toward her and came to her.  He grabbed her hand and said, “Come on.  We’ve got a crisis situation that Bill is working on.  He’s in the com center right now trying to figure out what’s going on.  Come on, he’ll want to talk to you.”


Karen quickly fell in step beside him and said, “What’s going on?  What’s happened?” Karen said worriedly.


The agent led her quickly to a second floor class room that they had converted to their communications control headquarters.  It had every conceivable type of communication equipment available. At the moment Bill was standing over a radio and was speaking with intense frustration into the microphone asking, “What do you mean you can’t find her?  She has to be there.  That’s where the call was traced to last night.  How can the place be abandoned??????......  Hold on a minute.  Karen just got here.  Maybe she’ll know what’s going on.”


Bill turned to Karen and said, “Brittany’s disappeared.  I’m afraid that they may have caught on to her.  Right now, we have no clue where she is.  We traced her call last night to an old, apparently abandoned hotel.  It looks as if it has been abandoned for years.  I don’t see how she could have stayed there.  It’s in such a state of decay that I don’t see how she didn’t notice.  Can you help us out here?  We’re stuck right now on what is the best way to proceed.”


Karen thought for a while and then asked, “Have you talked to anyone you apprehended last night?”


Bill answered, “Yeah, but they aren’t very forth coming.  I know that at least one of them knows where they are……” 


The radio came on at that moment and it was the team at the hotel.  The agent called to report that they had found signs that Brittany did in fact stay at the hotel.  One of the rooms was in a bit better shape than the others and it had her fingerprints all over it.  It was also obvious when you took the time to look that it had been made to look unused and decaying.  The agent also reported that there were several fresh tire tracks in the loose gravel that was the parking lot. 


After the report came in, Karen and Bill looked at each other and said at the same time as a statement of fact, “They have Brittany.”


Karen was the first to speak up and asked, “Is Anne McBride in custody here or have you sent her off to prison already?”


Bill answered, “No, we got back so late last night we didn’t get a chance to send them back.  When Brittany indicated that her cover might have been blown, I decided that we better keep them around just in case.  We’ve got them locked into the old furnace room down in the basement.  There is no way out other than the door which locks so it makes it easy to guard them.”


Karen shook her head in understanding and said, “Let me have a few minutes with her alone then.  I think I can get something out of her.  You probably don’t want to know what I’m going to do so just stay here and direct the efforts to get more info.”


Karen turned and headed out of the communications room and as she started down the stairs, Gregg and Sam were heading up with big satisfied grins on their faces.  Karen just said, “Come on you two.  They’ve got Brittany and we have to find her or she’s as good as dead.”


The trio made their way to the basement and found the two FBI agents guarding the door.  Karen went up to them and said, “Bill sent us down to interrogate the prisoners.  He wanted you guys to head upstairs.  We’ll make sure the goons in there don’t escape.”


The two FBI agents gave the key to Gregg and left Gregg, Sam, Frank and Karen with the prisoners.  Gregg took out his stun gun and tossed the key to Frank.  He said, “When I say to, unlock the door.  Jiggle the keys a bit as if you’re having trouble unlocking the door.  I’m going to shoot the first one that tries to get out.  Sam, you be ready in case the other one tries something.  I don’t think we have anything to worry about with the woman.  Once we have them subdued, I’ll secure the first one and you get the second one Frank.  Sam gets the lady.  Now get ready and unlock the door.”


Frank jiggled the door knob and the key for a few seconds and then he turned the key and quickly pulled the door open.  Sure enough, one of the two big slaves was at the door to try and over whelm whoever came through the door.  Gregg shot him with the stun gun and he collapsed.  The other one saw his partner fall to the ground and barreled out of the door at full speed.  Gregg stepped out of the way as Sam fired her stun gun.  The slave kept on going for a couple of steps from sheer momentum before he collapsed.  Gregg had already moved to the first guy and was cuffing him with heavy duty plastic straps around the wrist and ankle.  Frank tossed Sam his stun gun and then went to cuff the second one that was on the floor about ten feet out of the room.  Sam stepped inside the room and pointed the stun gun at Anne McBride.  Anne having watched the two slaves fall so quickly was now cowering in fear in the corner.  Sam stepped aside and allowed Karen to walk in by her.


When Anne saw Karen walk in like that her face got red in anger.  She quit cowering and forgetting about Sam took a few steps toward Karen angrily exclaiming, “You worthless piece of shit.  How dare you take my daughter and grand……


Sam saw Anne start yelling and advancing on Karen so she fired the stun gun.  Anne collapsed at Karen’s feet.  Karen looked at Sam and said, “Strip the bitch before you cuff her.  I want information and if this cunt doesn’t want to fess up, she’ll get to know just how I treat people who rape and torture their daughter and granddaughter.”


Sam started stripping Anne of her clothes while Karen started looking through the room.  She found another locked door and she yelled, “Frank, throw me the key to the room.”


Frank tossed the key to Karen and she put it in the door.  Holding her breath, she turned the key.  At first it didn’t turn, but as she increased the pressure, it finally unlocked.  Karen opened the door and from the light of a small window she saw an old tool box.  She found quite a few items in it, but two in particular caught her fancy.  She grabbed them and walked out of the room.


Karen came up to a now restrained Anne.  Sam was standing behind her with her hands on Anne’s shoulder.  Ann was still out of it and was leaning back against Sam’s legs.  Her legs were spread at a 45 degree angle.  Sam told Karen, “I figured that if you’re going to interrogate her like you’ve done everyone so far, that you would want to have easy access to her cunt.”


Karen smiled and said, “Thanks Sam.  You’re exactly right.  Now let’s get this show on the road and see what information this bitch can give us.  Do you think this will get her motivated?”  Karen finished holding up a round wire brush that was about 2 inches in diameter and about four inches long with a six inch handle. 


Sam said, “Oh my god.  I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like.  I’m glad it’s not me you’re using that thing on.”


Karen knelt in front of Anne and stuck the brush end of the wire brush to her open cunt.  Karen pushed just about an inch of the brush in and stopped.  Anne groaned in pain but didn’t wake up.  Karen pulled back about a half inch and then pushed in about an inch farther than the last time.  This time Anne woke up screaming in pain.  Karen stopped moving the brush and said, “Now Anne, you have a choice.  You can tell me where they took Brittany or you can experience what it feels like to be fucked by this brush.”  Karen gave a quick in and out thrust when she made the statement.


Anne looked at Karen with just a bit of anger still and said, “I don’t care what you do to me you cunt.  You’re nothing but a worthless cunt of a slave.”


Karen got angry at Anne’s defiance and rammed the brush in as far and hard as she could.  She started fucking her with the brush as fast as she could.  Anne screamed in agony as the walls of her cunt were rubbed raw by the wire brush.  A mixture of Anne’s lubrication and blood started to trickle out of her cunt so Karen said as she kept on thrusting in and out, “When you’re ready to tell me what I want to know, I’ll stop.  If you don’t tell me soon, you won’t have a cunt to fuck anymore.  Then I’ll stuff this brush up your ass and do the same thing.”


Anne was obviously experiencing severe agony as Karen forced the brush in and out of her bleeding cunt.  Finally she yelled, “Stop!!!  Please stop, I’ll tell you what I know.  I can’t take it any more.”


Karen stopped fucking Anne with the brush and sternly said, “Out with it bitch.  If I don’t like what you tell me, then it’s back to fucking you with the brush.”


Anne said, “Oh god, please don’t. ‘Sob…sob…sob…’ All I know ‘sob…sob…sob…’ is that I was blindfolded ‘sob…sob…sob…’ as they took us ‘sob…sob…sob…’ to a cabin with a dungeon. ‘Sob…sob…sob…’ I don’t know where the cabin is, ‘sob…sob…’ but it is in the same area ‘sob…sob…’ that the cabin Darrell ‘sob’ took you to is located.  ‘Sob…sob…’ It is a perk ‘Sniff…sob’ for the council.  ‘Sob’ The cabin that the chairman of the council gets has a dungeon in it that is big enough for the council to meet in.  That would be where Scott went after the raid.  I don’t know the exact location b…b…but he does.  Joey drove us there.”


Karen reached down and grabbed the handle of the brush and then pulled it out as fast as she could as she pulled it up.  She said as she did, “Now was that so hard to do.”


Karen turned and looked at the guy Anne had pointed to and her eyes widened in recognition.  She walked over to where he was lying on the floor and kicked him in the balls.  The big black guy woke up screaming as he doubled into a fetal position with his hands cuffed behind his back.


Karen dropped the two items she had to the floor and turning to Frank said, “You make sure he doesn’t get out of hand.  He’s not likely to enjoy what I’m about to do to him.”


Karen reached down and grabbed Joey’s hair and pulled it up so she was looking in his eyes.  When she had his attention she said, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll tell me what I want know.  Now where is the cabin they took Brittany to?”


Joey looked at Karen with pain in his eyes mixed with a little hate and said through gritted teeth, “Doggyslut, you are nothing but a walking corpse.  It’s only a matter of time before someone catches up with you.  I will not be made to turn on my fellow masters.  There is nothing you can do to me that will make me talk.”


Karen was stunned when Joey said fellow masters.  He had always assumed that Joey was a slave too.  She smiled as she let go of his hair and gently caressed his cheek as she said, “We’ll see about that.  You see, there is a certain event that I remember vividly that happened sixteen years ago.  You played prominently in that little nightmare and I can honestly say that I REALLY DON’T CARE if you live or DIE.  But before you go, I’ll make you wish you were dead a thousand times.  I understand a certain record still stands for the worst punishment torture session.  As long as you don’t talk, I plan on devising as many possible ways to inflict massive pain on you as I can.  But before we start, we need to get you ready.  Now stand up.”


Joey looked at Karen and spat in her face.  Karen looked at Frank and nodded her head.  He reached down without saying a word a pulled Joey to a standing position.  Karen thanked him as she wiped off the spit from her face.  She then got down on her knees and began undoing Joey’s pants.  When she had them undone she pulled them down and let them pool around his bound ankles.  She reached out and took his large cock and began pumping it to get it hard.  She leaned in and began sucking his cock to get it as hard as possible.  As it got harder and harder, Karen let the cock push further down her throat.  She finally reached into her pocket as she forced her mouth down his cock to the hilt and pulled back sucking as hard as she could.  As she slowly pulled off of his cock she reached up with both hands and looped a length of fishing line around the base of it and pulled it down as tight as she could and tied it off.


As Karen sucked Joey’s cock, he started up deriding her saying, “What’s wrong with you doggyslut.  You were much better at sucking cock back when you were a teenager.  That’s all you were ever good for you stupid cunt.  Your time will come and a lot sooner than you think.”


Karen was getting angry as she reached behind her and grabbed the two items she dropped on the floor.  One was the wire brush that she had used on Anne and it still had blood on it.  The other item was a pipe cutter.  It looked similar to a C-clamp that had two sharp cutting wheels on top and one cutting wheel on the bottom adjustable part.  It had a screw with a handle that allowed it to be turned and tightened or loosened.  The cutting wheels were still sharp but they were rusty. It was currently opened to its widest point which was about three and a half inches. 


Karen looked at the two items and then made a decision.  Without saying a word she went behind Joey and knelt down between Frank and Joey.  She took the brush and as hard as she could she forced it up his ass.  Joey bellowed in pain from the cuts the thin wires made.  Karen stood up in front of him and looked up into his eyes.  She said, “That was for getting uppity with me.   I promise you that if you don’t make me happy, I will make you cry in agony before I’m through.  Now one more time, where is Brittany?”


Again Joey spit in Karen’s face.  Karen sighed and said, “I warned you.  Now let’s see just how hard that cock of yours really is.”


Karen picked up the pipe cutter and put it at the base of Joey’s cock.  She tightened the cutter until it was snug against his skin.  She then began to spin the pipe cutter around the base of his cock.  It was rough but it wasn’t cutting his skin yet. 


Joey grunted a little from the pain and taunted, “Is that all you can do doggyslut.  I can barely feel anything.”


Karen had an evil smile on her face as she looked at him and said, “Oh don’t worry about the fact there isn’t much pain now.  I can assure you that YOU WILL FEEL PAIN before I’m through with you.  That is unless you tell me what I want to know.”


Karen reached behind Joey, grabbed the brush handle and fucked his ass with it a few times.  She then tightened the pipe cutter a full turn and spun it around his cock.  Joey groaned in significant pain as the cutting wheels cut a little bit as it went around.  When he quit groaning, he taunted again, “You don’t know the first thing about torture you cunt.  I’ll never break and betray my fellow masters.”


Karen was beginning to get miffed at Joey which is what he was trying to do.  He hoped that he could get them to drop their guard so they could escape.  Karen took hold of the brush handle and spent about five minutes fucking his ass with it.  Joey was screaming in excruciating pain by the time she stopped but still refused to say anything.


Once she stopped fucking his ass with the wire brush she left it imbedded deep in his ass with just the end of the handle showing.  She went back in front of him and took the pipe cutter which was still hanging on his cock.  Because it had been tied off, the circulation couldn’t drain and his cock was now almost twice as thick as it normally got.  Karen decided to test it and wrapped both hands around it and squeezed as hard as she could.  Joey screamed in agony again and his knees started to buckle.  Karen kept up squeezing his cock for a minute and then let loose.  Joey sighed in relief but it was short lived.  Karen grabbed the pipe cutter and tightened a full turn and rotated it around the base of his cock. She repeated the process two more times and on the third the rusty cutter wheel finally cut through the skin.  Being cut with a dull knife is very painful.  And the cutter wheels on the pipe cutter were not only dull but rough due to the rust on it.  Joey screamed in pain when it cut but still refused to talk.


Karen went back to fucking his ass with the brush.  After another five minutes he was bleeding profusely.  Karen stopped that and started squeezing and bending his cock as well.  When he still didn’t talk she rotated the pipe cutter three times.  Joey was screaming in pain almost constantly.  This continued on for three more rotations before Joey finally broke and cried, “Okay… Okay… I’ll talk.  Go to Darrell’s cabin, but instead of turning in there, go on up the mountain trail.  The chairman’s cabin is at the end of the road at the top of the mountain.  That’s where they would have taken Brittany if the diner dungeon was compromised.”


Karen let the pipe cutter loose and looking around found an old dirty rag.  She wrapped the old dirty rag around his cock and took her knife out of her pocket and put it at the base of his cock. She told him, “What do you think of my torturing ability now you pig.  I ought to finish the job I started for what you did to me you know.”


Joey was still standing but just barely.  He looked at Karen and with one last surge of defiance lunged and spit in her face.  Karen jerked back out of reflex to avoid him and ended up on her ass on the floor.  With her sharp knife in the already deep cut, it sliced the rest of the way through, cutting off his cock at the base.  Joey screamed in agony as blood spurted out of his remaining stump.  He passed out and crumpled onto the floor.  Frank held onto him and allowed him to go slowly to the floor.  Karen grabbed the rag that was around his severed cock and forced it against his bleeding stump to stem the flow. 


Karen looked over at Anne who was looking at her with even more hatred than she had before.  Then she looked at Joey’s severed cock on the floor and back at her.  She got an evil grin as she remembered making her mother swallow her dad’s cock.  She said, “Sam, would you come here and hold this rag on Joey until the bleeding stops. I have something I want to do.” 


Sam came over and put her hand on the rag and pressed down with force to stem the flow of blood.  Karen reached over and picked up his cock and her knife and walked over to Anne.  Anne had a horrified look on her face and began to shake her head no over and over again.  Karen approached her and said, “You have a choice bitch.  I know what you have done to Sandy and Mandy and you deserve a lot worse than what you’ve gotten.  I should shove this monster up your bloody ass but I think it would be more appropriate if you swallow this monster like I had to do.  Of course you get the privilege of swallowing it in a much less rampant condition than I did.  It’s lost a lot of hardness due to loss of blood.  So open your mouth or I’ll start cutting off your tits and clit.”  She held the bloody knife in front of Anne and then lowered it to her still exposed cunt and next to her clit.  Anne opened her mouth and closed her eyes.


Karen stuck the severed cock into her mouth and started to push it down.  She told Anne to swallow repeatedly or she would end up suffocating.  Anne had deep throated Joeys cock on previous occasions and didn’t gag on it like most would have.  Karen kept on pushing and pushing until the cock was in the back of her throat.  Karen ordered her to close her mouth and swallow which Anne did after a quick push of the knife against her clit.  Karen saw that she was beginning to struggle for air and began to massage her throat to help the cock go down.  She told Anne to keep swallowing repeatedly as she massaged the cock down her throat.  Karen was beginning to get a little worried as Anne began to struggle for breath.  When she was a definite bluish tint, Karen was starting to really get worried and stepped up her massaging.  All of a sudden Anne took in a deep intake of breath as the end of Joeys cock went past her airway. 


Karen was relieved that her little foray into revenge didn’t end up too badly.  She patted Anne on the head as Anne continued swallowing to force the cock into her stomach now that she could breath.  Karen said, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  You did quite well with Joey’s cock.  You must have had plenty of experience with it.  Even most practiced cock suckers would have had a problem with his huge cock.  Well you can sit there and think about all of the things that will be happening to you and hubby Scott as you rot in jail for what you have done.  I assure you that both Sandy and Mandy will be testifying against you in court, if you make it that far.  They don’t treat child molesters well in prison.”


Karen went up to the other slave that Gregg had been holding and told him, “Unless you want the same treatment you better tell me if there is anything else I need to know about rescuing Brittany.”


The guy kept looking from Joey to Anne and back to Karen and after a short pause he made his decision and spilled his guts about how the main road that Joey told them about had sensors about a quarter of a mile from the cabin.  That to avoid the sensors there was a back road that led to a single trail to the cabin.  He told them how to get to the road and the trail and then asked, “Are you going to do me like you did Joey? I don’t want to loose my cock.”


Karen caressed his cheek and said, “Only if you lied to us.  If you did, I will be back and you will suffer the same or even worse fate.  Now we’re going to leave so you better help your buddy Joey there or he won’t make it.  He’s already lost a lot of blood.  So you just do what she’s been doing and he’ll eventually stop bleeding.  Come on Sam, we’ve got to go.”


Karen put the tools back in the toolbox in the adjacent room and locked the door.  Then they all left and locked the furnace room up.  At the top of the stairs they told the guards they were done.  They went on up to the communications room where Bill was.  He was still on the radio giving instructions when they walked in.  Karen said, “Bill, could you come out to the hall for a minute.  We’ve got some information, but there’s something you need to know.”


Bill walked out of the room and said, “Follow me to my office.  We can talk privately there.”


They followed Bill to his office where Karen explained, “We found out where Brittany is.  But I left you a heck of a mess with the Prisoners.  I had to get a little rough with one.  Anne might have a rough time taking a shit for a few days but the big black guy Joey, lunged at me when I had my knife at his cock and I fell back and inadvertently cut his cock off.   I was so mad at him that I really went to town on him because he was one of the ones that raped me when I was 16 and being trained.  I guess that I just got carried away.  I was so pissed at Anne for what she had done to my best friend and her daughter that I forced her to swallow Joeys cock so you won’t find anything left of it.  The other slave is there holding a rag against Joey’s severed stump.  He should be okay once the bleeding stops.  I’m sorry for creating such a mess for you to clean up.”


Bill’s face had blanched at Karen telling him about cutting Joey’s cock off and making Anne swallow it.  He said, “I won’t pretend that it will be easy to explain how a perfectly healthy prisoner ended up having his cock chopped off but I’ll do what I can.  I think we need to get going right now.  It’ll take some time to organize the rescue.  You can show us where the best way to go is.”


Karen told him, “It would be my pleasure.”




Back at the cabin the masters and mistresses had decided to take a break and get a couple of hours sleep.  Scott had ordered Diane and Ginger to torture Brittany all they wanted, but that her cunt and ass were to be left alone except for a complete douche and enema.


After they all left, Diane got an ammonia capsule and broke it under Brittany’s nose to wake her up.  She said, “Now, now slut, no sleeping on the job.  We still have so much fun to have.  The masters and mistresses decided to take a nap so they left you to the two of us.  And we have so many things we want to…… talk about.”  She giggled as she ran her gloved hand across Brittany’s face.  The glove was a vampire glove and was covered with hundreds of tiny pins and the act of caressing her face was extremely painful but it didn’t cut her though. 


After caressing her face with the pin filled glove, Diane pulled her arm back and slapped her hard.  This left a lot of small cuts on her cheek.  Brittany screamed in pain as she felt the hundred tiny cuts in her cheek and then the trickles of blood tickling her cheek.  Diane stepped back and Ginger stepped up and slapped her on the other cheek.  Again Brittany screamed in pain from the many cuts.  The two women kept up slapping Brittany with the gloves until her body was covered with thousands of tiny cuts. 


They took pleasure in rubbing salt into the wounds to stop the bleeding and cause Brittany more excruciating pain.  It was sweet, sweet revenge for the two girls that had been tormented for so long by Brittany and then sent to be hunted to death for no other reason than she had tired of them.  They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mistress Katrina having mercy on them.  They so wanted to make their current mistress happy.  She had been so good to them.  No where near as mean and vindictive as Brittany. 


Diane and Ginger finished rubbing salt into all of Brittany’s wounds and left her hanging on the hook.  They went to the part of the dungeon and got the equipment for the douche and the enema.  They filled the equipment with extremely hot water.  Not enough to blister skin but hot enough to be painful.  They rolled the equipment to her and began setting up. 


Diane picked up the largest dildo for the enema hose.  It was copied off of Joey’s cock so was thirteen inches long and 3 inches wide.  She knew that they weren’t supposed to injure Brittany’s ass or cunt so she lubed it up before roughly pushing it in.  Brittany was so out of it that she only let out a bit of a whimper of pain.  One place she had never been fucked was in her ass hole.  But the pain she already suffered was far worse than what the dildo did to her.  She burned in pain all over her body. 


Once the dildo was in, Diane opened the valve and allowed the enema to flow into Brittany.  This got Brittany’s attention as the extremely hot water surged into her intestines.  She screamed and blacked out from the pain.  Ginger woke her up with an ammonia capsule and said, “You are such a wimp Brittany.  You’ve given worse to Diane and I and we didn’t pass out.  Now stay awake so you can experience the ‘Joy of pain’ like you use to tell us bitch.  It’s not so joyful now…… is it?”


Diane slammed a duplicate dildo to the one that Diane had used except that this one was covered with hundreds of tiny holes.  Brittany grunted in pain from the dildo but when Diane held up a control box in front of Brittany’s eyes and pushed the button.  There was a pump attached to the hose going into the dildo and it started spraying the hot water through all of the tiny holes with extreme force.  The pain from both the hot water and the needle like sprays of water were too much for Brittany to handle again.  She passed out into oblivion. 


Diane and Ginger took Brittany down and drug her over to the enema drain and pulled the dildos out.  It took a couple of minutes for the contents of her bowels to empty and when she was done, they repeated the enema and douche.  When they were sure she was cleaned out thoroughly, they took her over to a bench and strapped her on in preparation for the next phase of the torture.  They each went over to another part of the dungeon and turned on two big pots.  When they were done, they went to the door and knelt in the slave’s position to wait for the masters and mistresses to return.




That same morning down in LA at the hospital, the doctors and Nurse Tina were busy doing tests on Sarah to determine if there had been any improvement since the day before.  They found that she had regained some control over her arms but only a little but that was a good sign so they decided that with the way things were progressing that they would only hold her for a few more days and then release her to go home. 


Tom and Nancy were very excited about the news and decided they would celebrate the night they took her home.  Nancy called to make all of the arrangements and made sure the caterers knew to clear everything through the security team.  Once they were done making the phone calls, they said goodbye to the girls and went to work. 


After the adults left and Aminda and Michelle helped Sarah with her therapy, they sat down next to her.  Aminda took out the digital recorder and pushed the play button.  She listened until it finished the part of being paraded through the quad between the lines of students.  She stopped the play back and hit the record button.  She took a deep breath and then continued her story.




Mistress Lynn and the masters and mistresses led us all of the way over to the kennels.  We went into the front of the kennel and then she led us down the center of the kennel.  There were at least two dogs in every kennel and some had more.  I was beginning to really worry about what was going to happen.  I thought that surely they wouldn’t make us have sex with a dog.


The dogs all barked at us as we crawled through the kennels.  They were all trying to get out of their run and to us as we went by.  I was scared and I know that Lisa and Michelle were too.  We were led through the door at the end of the kennel and into a large room.  There were four platforms or benches if you will, set evenly spaced from one side of the room to the other.  Each of the benches had adjustable legs so that the height could be adjusted to fit the person.  When we entered, Miss Traci was on her knees on the one to the very right as you entered the room.  Lisa’s mom was locking her wrists, ankles and knees to shackles in the floor to keep her from moving. 


When Linda was done locking all of the shackles she assumed the kneeling position in front of Miss Traci and waited for orders.  As soon as we entered the room I was led to the bench next to Miss Traci by mom and dad.  Master Darrell led Michelle by her collar to the first bench to the left and Lisa was led by the collar to the bench on the opposite side of the room from Miss Traci.  Lisa’s step dad then yelled out, “Get over here and lock your stupid cunt of a daughter to her bench you worthless piece of shit.  I’ll never understand why I took you as my slave.  I should put you on this bench.  Maybe you would learn your proper place then.”


Linda scrambled across the room as fast as she could.  She had real fear in her eyes as she ran past me.  She didn’t hesitate at all to start locking Lisa in to the shackles like she did Miss Traci.  I can only imagine what Lisa’s step dad had done to her in the last couple of months since we had been at Clearview.  Whatever it was, it sure had changed her.  She was scared to death to hesitate following any order from him, even shackling her daughter to a bench to endure a punishment that could cause her daughter’s death.


I was shackled in on one side by Master Darrell and the other by Mistress Tyree.  Aminda was shackled in by her parents.  When we were all shackled in Mistress Lynn walked out of the kennel along with all the other masters and mistresses except Lisa’s step dad and mom.  He looked down at Linda and said, “Not bad cunt.  You didn’t even hesitate.  As a reward I’m going to give you a minute to visit with your daughter as this is possibly the last time you may ever see her.  When you leave, make sure you open every single kennel and then join me in the front room of the kennel.  We’ll get to watch the fun for a while on the TV monitors.  We can watch your daughter and her friends have a bit of fun and you can entertain us while we watch.”


Lisa’s dad left and Linda said, “Aminda, how could you do this to my daughter?  What were you thinking?  You can’t just go on with life like everything is normal now.  You guys are slaves, just like I am and you have to do things their way.  Lisa honey, I’m sorry that I ever decided to marry Vincent.  If I had any idea that this would have been the end result, I would never have considered it.  I love you honey.  I hope this isn’t the last time we’ll see each other.  Remember always that I love you.  I’m sorry.”


She left crying huge tears.  After she left the room, we heard the clanging of gates opening.  As the gates were being opened I felt something drip onto the top of my ass.  I looked over at Michelle and apparently she felt the same thing.  I soon smelt a musky smell and just then several dogs came running into the room.


Pretty soon the room was full of dogs trying to get at us.  There was no room to move in the room.  I felt tongues start to lick me all over.  It felt like a thousand tongues were licking me.  They didn’t just limit themselves to my skin either.  I felt their tongues enter my ass and cunt numerous times.  The biggest problem arose though when one of the dogs leapt up on my ass and tried to fuck me.  That started a huge dog fight as another dog attacked him and knocked him off. 


For the next hour, the four of us found ourselves in the center of a huge dog fight for dominance.  After that, one of the dogs launched up on my back and I felt his cock begin to hit the back of my thigh.  That happened several times before his cock entered the entrance to my cunt.  I screamed in pain at the penetration.  The caning of my nether lips by Miss Traci had left me extremely tender there.  I soon heard screams from the others.  We were all being fucked by dogs now.  I was wrong in hoping not to be fucked by a dog.  It wasn’t just one dog I had to worry about.  Apparently we were going to be fucked by all of them. 


No sooner had I thought that but another dog landed on my back with his cock in front of my nose.  I kept my mouth shut and turned my head away from it.  The dog had been well trained though.  He started nipping at me harder and harder as he tried to fuck my mouth with his cock.  Finally he nipped me hard enough to cause me to scream.  When I did his cock forced its way into my mouth and down my throat.  I was surprised and started to gag.  It didn’t stop the dog though.  He kept on fucking my mouth and throat like there was no tomorrow.  If I wasn’t gagging and trying to get a breath, I might have actually enjoyed some part of this.  I can only imagine how Lisa felt having a dog fuck her throat.  I knew how much she loved sucking cock. 


I soon found out though that having a dog fuck your throat was no fun if you couldn’t control it.  As he fucked more and more of his cock into my throat his knot began to swell and mash against my nose.  I soon felt my nose pop and it felt like it started bleeding.  I could only hope that my nose wasn’t broken but it sure felt like it was. I was really hurting now and was getting absolutely no pleasure out of what was happening.  On top of that, with the dog’s cock down my throat as far as it was, I was having a hard time breathing.  Every once in a while his cock would pull out just enough to get a quick gasp of air but it was never really enough to give me enough to feel comfortable.  It felt like I was being slowly strangled to death and just being given enough oxygen to prolong the suffering. 


Soon I felt a flood of warmth deep inside me.  I knew that the dog that was fucking me was cumming.  He howled as he came.  It seemed to me that he was never going to stop cumming.  As soon as he finished cumming he lifted his leg over me and I could feel him get off my back.  I knew that he hadn’t gone away because he was still locked into my cunt by his cock.


These dogs had obviously been well trained.  As soon as the dog turned around, another one landed on my back at an angle from the side.  I felt the new dog as he danced around trying to get into position.  After a couple of minutes I felt him line back up into position, centered on my back like the other dog was.  I wanted to scream for the dog to get off but I had no way of saying anything because of the dog cock that was down my throat. 


I continued to feel occasional spurts of warmth in my womb as the dog in my cunt continued to cum occasionally.  The new dog was now banging his cock against my ass cheeks.  With as much tonguing as I had received earlier, there was plenty of lubrication.  I soon felt the tip of the dog’s cock slip into my asshole.  It hurt but not as bad as his next thrust did.  When he moved in closer and thrust again, his cock forced its way into my very small asshole.  I screamed in agony around the dog cock that was fucking in and out of my throat.  I didn’t scream long though.  The lack of oxygen prevented me from doing that. 


When the dog that was fucking my throat finally came, it went straight to my stomach because it was jammed down my throat so far.  It seemed like forever before he finished coming.  I was starting to really struggle for air when the dog pulled out.  I gasped and gasped for air, trying to refill my depleted oxygen supply.  During the break I looked around the room and saw that the other three were in the same predicament I was, except I was apparently the only one that got fucked in all three holes at that time.  I found out after the punishment was over that all of us had been fucked like that several times.  I only had a few seconds before I felt the weight of another dog landing on my back and a cock at my mouth.  I didn’t want to be nipped by the dog’s teeth any more so I actively sought out the dog’s cock and started sucking him.


The dogs kept cumming and cumming.  None of us were ever left without a dog on either end for longer than a couple of minutes.  There were no respites, no breaks to go to the bathroom.  No breaks for eating, as if that mattered with as much dog cum as we were swallowing.  It was just constant, non stop dog fucking.  Because of the caning on our pussies and assholes, the whole thing started out being extremely painful and didn’t get any better with time.  I really didn’t want to ever see another dog again in my life after a couple of hours yet the dogs kept coming and coming.  Dog cum was flowing out of every one of my holes and still they came.  I hurt all over and throughout all of my body and still they came.  It never stopped and there was never a break.  There were so many dogs there that they kept all four of us occupied being fucked.  I could hear screams of agony from the other three throughout but I had my own problems.  I know they could hear the same screams of agony from me around the dog cocks that were constantly fucking my throat. 


At some point during the night I fell into a fitful sleep from exhaustion.  The fucking didn’t stop.  I just became oblivious to it.  I don’t know for sure if any of the others fell asleep as well but I sure did.  I think I was still aware of the dogs constantly fucking me but I don’t really remember it.  What woke me up was when I had this acrid taste in my mouth.  I jerked my eyes open and mouth shut and quickly realized that the dog had been pissing in my mouth.  That became something that all of the dogs began to do.  They would come up to us and mark us by peeing on us then they would fuck one of our holes.  I could see the windows at the top of the kennel walls and it was getting lighter outside.  We had been in the kennel being fucked since mid afternoon the previous day and it was still going on just as fast and regular as it had the previous afternoon.  I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to take us out of the kennel or if we would be left there until we died.  I remember that Mistress Lynn did tell us that we might not live through the punishment.  I hoped that the dogs were all that was going to be.  But somehow deep down I knew that we were just beginning and that before it was all over, we would truly wish that we were dead.


The fucking continued throughout the whole of the day yet the dogs never quit coming.  I heard a little bit of noise coming from the kennels and guessed that they were feeding the dogs or taking the opportunity to clean the kennel runs.  My cunt, ass and throat were so sore that every cock that entered felt like it was wrapped with sand paper.  The pain was excruciating by now.  I hurt terribly when they started, but that was just on the outside, Now my cunt ass and throat were so used to a steady supply of cock fucking me that even when the dog’s knot swelled, it wouldn’t tie with me any longer.  My cunt was the first to go slack followed by my ass in less than a half hour.  Yet the dogs continued.


By the position of the sun, I thought we had been continuously being fucked by dogs for over 24 hours.  Twenty four hours of pure unadulterated hell.  The bad thing was it wasn’t slowing down one bit.  The dogs kept cumming and cumming.  I began to float in and out of consciousness and I know the others did to.  I could here their moans and whimpers of pain as they were fucked like I was.  It was dark again outside and the seconds drug on into minutes, the minutes into hours and the hours ticked by one after the other.  I drifted in and out of consciousness throughout the night.  Before I knew it, it was dawn again. 


My cunt was raw and stung terribly.  My asshole was no better.  I couldn’t talk or scream anymore.  From the constant screaming and the cock continuously fucking my throat, I could not say anything and have it come out legibly.  I hurt inside and out and the dogs kept coming at us.  I remember wondering if the dogs would wear out first or my cunt and ass and throat.  The light coming in got brighter and the hours continued to go by with no let up from the dogs fucking us. 


It was almost five pm when we heard the PA system come on and we heard it say, “Heal, kennel”.


The dogs that were not in the process of fucking us all left the room.  I heard the clanging and locking of gates coming from the doorway to the kennel.  I couldn’t say anything at the moment because I had a dog cock being fucked in and out of my throat.  It was another 20 minutes before both of the dogs fucking me, finally came.  They immediately dismounted and pulled their cocks out of my holes.  They immediately made their way to the kennel door and went to their kennel.  The other dogs began to finish up one after the other.  The ones on Michelle took the longest. 


When the dogs fucking Michelle finished and left the room, it wasn’t long before Mistress Brittany came in with three senior Doms following her.  They each went to one of us and released our shackles.  As soon as the shackles were released Mistress Brittany ordered, “You have until I get back to get each other cleaned up.  Don’t even think about trying to use water, the only thing you’ll use is your tongues.  Headpup will clean pussycat and suckpup will clean bitchpup.  I expect you to clean each other inside and out so get busy.  Remember that we will be back soon so don’t take too long.”


Mistress Brittany and the Doms left.  I just knelt there on my bench for a minute or two as I gathered my strength.  Finally with all my strength I pushed up and kind of rolled myself off of the bench.  I fell to the ground and lay there crying for another minute or two.  I could here Lisa and Michelle grunting and groaning now in their effort to get to each other.  I didn’t hear a sound from Miss Traci though.  I took some deep breaths again to gather what little strength I had and pushed myself back up onto my hands and knees.  I slowly crawled over towards Miss Traci, collapsing in weakness a couple of times as I went.  I eventually managed to get to her and found her unconscious.  I reached over and shook her to try and get her to wake up.  She was so out of it that she mumbled something but wouldn’t wake up.  I reached over and pulled her toward me.  It took several tries to get her off of the bench but she finally fell to the floor next to the bench.


The jarring of the fall finally woke her up.  At first she mumbled, “Help me Master Mike” over and over again.  As she became more lucid, she opened her eyes and saw me.  I think that is when she remembered the situation we were in.  She looked at me and then she started crying almost uncontrollably.


I held her to me and comforted her saying, “I’m so sorry we got you into this situation Miss Traci.  I’m so sorry.  But we have to clean each other up before Mistress Brittany comes back.  We don’t want to have the punishment get any worse.”


I leaned in toward Miss Traci and began to lick the dog cum that covered her.  I did it as quickly as I could.  It was caked on in layers after two days of constant fucking so it didn’t come off easily.  I had to use my teeth at times to get the crusty layers off and get down to her skin.  I worked on her as fast as I was able to.  It took me almost 20 minutes to get her front side and legs clean and then it started on her cunt.  When I did that she finally started moving and reached over to pull me toward her so we were in a sixty nine.  She didn’t have the energy to do it by herself but with me helping, we eventually got into position.  We sucked and sucked each other until all of the dog cum we could get was drained from our pussies and ass holes.  When we were done I asked her to turn over so I could clean her backside of the cum covering it.  It didn’t take near as long because most of the cum just covered her legs on the back where it had drained down from her cunt and ass. 


When I was done cleaning her I rolled off of her and lay on my back trying to get my breath.  Moments later I felt her start cleaning my tits the way I had cleaned hers.  I closed my eyes and was almost asleep when I felt another tongue begin to lick me clean on the other tit, then another began at my feet.  I cried because I knew how hard it was for them to have crawled over across the entire length of the room to get to me.  I cried because I knew the love they had for me drove them to do it.  I cried because I loved them just as much and was so ever grateful that they were my friends and my lovers. 


I was clean in short order and afterwards we lay there cuddling with each other and Miss Traci.  Michelle eventually quit crying enough to say, “I’m sorry I got you into this Miss Traci.  I didn’t expect that you would have to be punished along with us.  I just wanted to be with Aminda and this was the only way I knew how to do it.  I’m sorry”


It was about that time that the door opened and Mistress Brittany came in with the three Doms.  She attached a leash to the collar on Miss Traci while the three Doms attached one to each of us.  Nothing was said as they turned and began walking out.  We all tried to crawl to keep up but we were so tired that it was very difficult.  As we were led up the center hall of the kennel I counted the individual kennels on one side. I counted 20 kennel runs as we went.  Doing the math in my head, with 20 on the other side that made forty kennel runs.  There were two dogs in some of the runs and three in almost half so there were about 100 dogs in the kennel.  I was stunned that we had been fucked by that many dogs.  No wonder we were fucked non stop for so long.  There were so many dogs that there was always one that was ready and waiting to fuck one of us. 


We were led out of the kennel but instead of heading towards the school, we first headed toward the armory building.  I thought they would take us to the dungeon there but I was wrong.  When we passed by it we turned and went across the open field toward the woods on the far side of the field.  It took us quite a while and I noticed that there were a few college students standing outside of their dorm with their slaves on a leash kneeling beside them.  I could tell that a lot of the masters were talking to their slaves and many of them were crying.  I could only guess that they warned them that the same fate would await them if they weren’t good obedient slaves.




Aminda stopped the recorder and paused telling the tale at that point as they brought lunch in for them.  Nurse Tina brought in lunch for all three of them so they could stay together.  She realized what the Warrens had done for her and was doing everything she could to make things as good as could be expected under the circumstances.  She reminded them that the physical therapy needed to be completed after they finished lunch.


This is the end of Chapter 52.


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