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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 46 First Day Assembly





Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 46


By Redlegtiger


Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.


Chapter 46, First Day Assembly.


Aminda woke up early the next morning.  After lying on the bed in a half dreamlike state for a few minutes, she crawled under the covers and began to gently lick Michelle’s pussy lips.  She did it just enough to stimulate Michelle but not enough to wake her.  She was soon rewarded with quiet moans of pleasure.  She moved her action to Michelle’s clit and the moans got louder.  She used her tongue to very gently caress her clit, taking her higher and higher.


Suddenly Aminda felt the same pleasurable sensations she was giving to Michelle.  She redoubled her efforts on Michelle and quickly brought her to orgasm.  The scream of her orgasm vibrated through Aminda’s cunt and soon had her cumming as well.  Aminda hadn’t gone to the bathroom since early the previous evening and the strength of her orgasm caused her to loose control.  She let go a stream of piss right into Michelle’s mouth.  Michelle latched tightly around her piss hole and started drinking it down without hesitation. 


After Aminda came down from her orgasm, she put her mouth over Michelle’s piss hole and began to tongue it.  From years of experience, Michelle knew that Aminda was telling her to go ahead so she let go.  Aminda drank down her piss and swallowed rapidly until the stream quieted to nothing.  When she was done she turned back around and the two kissed.  Each had kept just a bit of piss in their mouth and they traded it and mixed it as they kissed.  They kept it up until they had swallowed it all.  This was something they had started doing since shortly after they were made to drink piss at Clearview.  It was their way of turning something they were being forced to do into something that was theirs.  They actually grew to like doing it for each other.


When the two girls were done and lying in bed staring into each others eyes with love, Michelle asked, “Why don’t we go wake up your sister like that.  I bet she’s never experienced waking up to someone licking her pussy like I just did.  I know she’d love it.”


Aminda didn’t say a thing as she grabbed Michelle’s hand and got up out of bed, pulling Michelle with her.  They quietly went through the adjoining bathroom and snuck into Sarah’s bedroom.  They gently crawled onto her bed and Aminda crawled under the sheets to lick her cunt and Michelle to her tits.  They were pleased to find that Sarah hadn’t put on any clothes before going to bed the night before so there were no obstructions. 


Aminda nodded to Michelle and they both went to work very gently licking her tits and cunt.  For the next five minutes, Sarah found herself in a dream where she was being made love to by an octopus and that it was caressing her in all of her most sensitive places.  She finally woke up when she tripped over into a massive orgasm, screaming out her pleasure.  If they hadn’t been in a separate wing of the mansion, her parents would have surely heard her and come running, but they were on opposite sides of the mansion.


When Sarah had come down from her waking orgasm she reached down and pulled Michelle up to her to give her a kiss.  For a couple of minutes she and Michelle kissed while Aminda continued to attack her pussy.  Sarah finally broke the kiss and told Michelle, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom or I’ll have an accident.”


Michelle giggled and whispered in her ear, “Go ahead, Aminda won’t mind.  Piss in her mouth.”


Sarah lay back on her pillow and said, “That is so wicked.”  Then louder she warned, “I’m going to piss Aminda.  Be sure to drink it all or I’ll have to spank you.”


Aminda latched her mouth over Sarah’s piss hole and stared into her eyes.  Sarah had a hard time letting go because she had never experienced anything like this. After a few moments her nerves quieted down and she let go a short spurt, then another and finally a full torrent.  Aminda easily kept up from years of practice.  She swallowed down all but the last dregs.  When she was done she moved up to Sarah and opened her mouth to show her that she still had some piss in it.  Then Aminda turned to Michelle and they kissed, swapping the piss back and forth as if they were trading a fine wine.


Sarah just stared in wonder at the two girls.  She had never thought of anything so gross or wicked.  Finally when the two broke up she asked, “Isn’t that gross?”


Michelle answered, “You get use to it after a while.  You’d be amazed at what you get used to when you have to do it to survive.  You should try it some time.”


Sarah grimaced as if something nasty had touched her and said, “Thanks, but no thanks.  But, I find that you guys make a wonderful alarm clock.  Aminda, I want you to wake me up every morning like that, with or with out Michelle, but never just Michelle.  I always want you my sister to serve me like that.  Okay?”


Aminda didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yes my sister Sarah.  I would love to serve you in that manner and in any other way you would like.  You have been so wonderful to Michelle and me that I will gladly do that for you and much more.”


Sarah smiled and said, “Good.  Then get back to work and finish what you started.  Michelle, get that beautiful pussy of yours up here so I can return the favor to you.  You get busy on Aminda.  Don’t stop until I tell you to.”


Aminda got back down and plastered her mouth on Sarah’s cunt.  Michelle lowered her pussy onto Sarah’s mouth while she covered Aminda’s with hers.  They proceeded to lick each other’s cunts.  Sarah was the first to cum, followed by Aminda and then Michelle.  That was mostly because Sarah was too busy cumming to return the favor.  They kept at it through multiple cums.  Finally they separated in exhaustion to catch their breath. 


Sarah said, “Let’s wash up and go get some breakfast.”


They all went into the bathroom and climbed into the large shower together.  They spent over an hour washing each other, paying close attention to each other’s most sensitive parts.  Finally the water began to turn cold and they got out.  They giggled as they dried each other off.  Finally they went to their rooms and got dressed.  They went down to breakfast together and found a note on the table from Nancy.


The note read,




Tom and I had to go to work this morning.  Enjoy the day and feel free to go riding on the horses.  If you need anything, just give us a call.  Make sure that if you go riding that a security guard goes with you just in case.  Michelle, your mother called last night after you went to sleep.  She sends her love.  She wants you to know that things are going very well so far.  She did ask for us to let you know that it is dangerous still and the organization will get more and more aggressive to try and get to you two girls.  One of her security team was injured yesterday when she was shot.  Fortunately she wasn’t hurt too badly but it is important for you to understand that you have to be careful at all times.  Don’t go off alone.  We don’t want to lose you now that we have you here.  If you stay in the house, there is a guard right outside the front and back doors.  There is also a team that is securing the front gate.  Be especially careful around the barn today.  The construction workers will be starting on the kennel today.  They say that it will take a couple of weeks for them to get it built.  Try and stay out of the way.  By all means have fun.  We’ll see you tonight for dinner.  We’ll bring some Chinese in from that restaurant you like so much Sarah.






After reading the note out loud to the other two, Sarah put it down and went to the fridge.  There she found a plate of Sausage, egg and cheese biscuits.  Sarah took them out and zapped them in the microwave.  While they were warming up she put the orange juice and grape juice on the table with three small juice glasses.  The microwave dinged just as she was finished so she put the plate on the table.  They sat down and each took a biscuit. 


As they ate, Sarah asked, “Michelle, could you continue telling your story while we eat?”


Michelle looked at Aminda for approval and Aminda shook her head yes.  Michelle turned back to Sarah and said, “I think I had stopped at the end of the tour of campus and before the evening punishment session.  I’ll begin there.”


Sarah purposely knocked her napkin to the floor, making it look like an accident.  While she was picking it up she took her digital recorder out of her pocket, turned it on and slipped it into the napkin as she sat back up and put the napkin and recorder on the table.


Once Sarah had sat back up, Michelle began.



I guess the place to start is with the punishment session that night after the tour.  They did something that would make my life even harder.  When they had us lined up in the hall for the punishment session, I was the first to be punished.  I received the minimum of ten swats with the paddle.  After that they gave me the paddle and ordered me to do the spanking.  We started with the girls that needed the fewest swats and progressed up from there. 


There were quite a few who only got the minimum.  Those were the ones where I was instructed at the end of the cane on how hard to spank them.  I quickly learned that the harder I spanked, the less punishment I received with the cane.  I quickly made it through the low ones.  There were only two that had over 20.  Angie, the one that had pissed her self and refused to come out of her room had earned 325 swats.  I was ordered to give her 75 tonight and that she would get the rest in the morning at the assembly.  I was made to give her 50 on her ass and 25 on her tits.  I did it dispassionately and the rest of the class thought I was enjoying it.  That really changed their attitude for me, though I didn’t know it at the time.


Finally it was time for Aminda’s and Lisa’s punishment.  They each had 250 coming.  They had Lisa go first and positioned her over Aminda who was kneeling on the floor.  I was made to spank each of them 75 times on the ass.  When one was done with 75, they switched them and then I did the other.  When I was done with that 75 they switched them again, but with them on their backs across the other.  I was then made to cane their little titties.  I was crying desperately BY that time because I knew I was causing them a lot of pain.  I hated myself for what I was doing to my friends.  I had to cane their tits with 75 strokes each causing them to scream in agony.  The rest of the class was staring with hatred in their eyes and it was all focused on me.


After both of them had their tits caned, they had their wrists shackled and then hung up on a hook in the ceiling.  When I looked down the hall, I noticed that there was a similar hook in the ceiling in front of each door.  They also attached a spreader bar on her feet to expose her cunt. 


With Lisa hanging there, I was given a flogger and ordered to whip her with it.  I refused at first.  I was crying so hard and begging them not to make me hurt my friends.  The two seniors began to whip me with floggers until I began to whip Lisa with the proper energy.  Then they made her count each one.  I flogged her over her entire body with the flogger.  The last ten I was made to center on her cunt.  I then repeated the process on Aminda. 


When all of the punishment had been administered, everyone was ordered into their rooms.  I immediately went in my room and saw that Lisa and Aminda were cuddled together and crying into each other’s shoulders.  I tried to go over and comfort them and beg for forgiveness but they ignored me.  It was too soon after the punishment session.  I guess that they wanted to try and drive a wedge between us and it sure seemed to be working at the time.  All of them thought that I was being let off easy and that I enjoyed punishing them. 


I crawled onto my doggy bed and cried myself to sleep thinking that I had just lost my two best friends.  The next thing I know I am being yanked up out of bed by my hair.  I opened my mouth to scream only to have a penis gag forced down my throat.  I was then carried out of the room without Aminda or Lisa knowing.  Angie was also being yanked out of her room in the same manner.


I don’t know what time it was, but it had to be 3 or 4 in the morning.  I know we never left the building.  I thought that we were back on the first floor.  We were taken into a large auditorium that could hold about 700 people.  We were taken up onto the stage and put into stocks.  Once my head and wrists were on the appropriate slots, they lowered the top down and locked it.  I looked straight ahead and saw that Angie was also being locked into a stock.  When they finished locking us in they closed the curtains and left, turning the lights off as they left. 


I could hear Angie crying in the dark.  I told her that we would survive.  All she had to do was think of something else, anything that would take her mind off of the punishment.  She explained that she was a religious girl and that she had been awarded a scholarship by the church to attend Clearview.  She had heard that the school had a good reputation for academics and placement.  She never imagined that it was some kind of sex school for deviant sexual practices.  That’s why she said it was a mistake.


I asked her if her minister was Reverend Patterson and she said that he was.  When I told her that he was a member of the organization that ran the school and that the scholarship was set up to ensnare young innocent girls like her when my mom had been enslaved.  That the scholarship was created with the false premise that it was to save the young girls from becoming corrupt by all of the sexual shenanigans that society kept throwing at them.  I explained that unless her parents were members of the organization, they would never know what happened to her at the school.  That really upset her when she learned that the reverend knew what was going to be done to her.  He was the one that had strongly suggested that she enroll in school at Clearview.  She had trusted him when he said that it was the perfect school for her.  She had no idea that he meant perfect to make her into a sex slave.


After about three hours kneeling in the stocks, we heard noise coming from the other side of the curtains.  For the next half hour, the noise got louder and louder.  We could hear a little crying mixed in, but it was faint compared to the rest.  Finally things got very quiet and the curtain opened.  I heard a gasp come from one area of the assembly hall.  I assumed it was the other 7th graders.  I looked across to Angie and saw she was crying.


Then we noticed that there was a podium to the right of the front part of the stage.  Mistress Lynn was standing there along with Master Darrell and Reverend Patterson.  Mistress Lynn spoke up and said,


“Welcome to the first day assembly.  This is something of a tradition here at Clearview to get everybody in the right frame of mind.  This is especially true for our new students.  I want you all to know that the slave auction last night went wonderfully and that there were no graduating slaves that didn’t get placed with a master.  There will be another auction Saturday night for our new 7th graders that don’t already have a Master or Mistress that is sponsoring them.”


There was a gasp from the new students when she said slave auction and then more crying. She continued, “For our new students benefit, those students that don’t come here with a master already, or who are not selected by a master during their tenure at the school, will be auctioned off at the beginning of the school year after they graduate.  We have never had a student go unplaced after the auction.  That is why we can claim 100% placement.  I would like to thank all of the teachers and the students that helped make the auction a success.  You all know who you are and will be rewarded for it.  Now to start off the assembly, I want to play a video for the benefit of our new students and as a reminder to our returning students.”


She pushed a button and a screen lowered down and covered the front of the stage.  Angie and I could see through the screen when the video started so we saw what was being shown as well.  It was just moments after Mistress Lynn left the podium when the screen suddenly came to life.  There was a view of a heavily forested area that looked to be in the mountains.  The scene changed over and over to different views of the forest as if they were testing cameras.  There was a video of a stream and then an area with trees that had vines hanging from them.  There was a picture of a beautiful mountain lake as well.  Finally the scene of the first camera came back on line. 


After a couple of minutes a middle aged woman came into view and all she had on was a small leather collar that looked as if it had some kind of attachment to it.  She stopped in front of the camera and faced in a direction that was away from the camera at first but quickly changed direction toward the camera so that she was facing it.


The 7th graders and new students gasped at what they saw on the screen, Lisa in particular blurted out a panicked “OH MY GOD I KNOW HER.  SHE’S MY MOM’S BEST FRIEND”.  The woman’s body was covered entirely of welts and cuts and whip marks.  Some had started healing but most were fresh and still bleeding.  Her tits had what looked like thumb tacks covering them and blood was dripping off of them as well.  She was crying as she lifted her arms high above her head and turned 360 degrees so that they could see her back as well as her front.  If her front looked bad, her ass was even worse than even some of the more advanced students thought could be possible.  Her back looked as if the skin had been flailed off.


Several of the students became nauseous at the site of the woman’s back.  Most wondered how long they had been torturing her non stop.  It seemed as if they had had been doing it for weeks.  Many of the younger students were weeping terribly and went silent as they were shaken out of their thoughts as suddenly there was sound and they could here the woman’s sobbing.  They watched as the woman turned to face the camera again.


The woman was in obvious pain as she stood there shifting from foot to foot as if she were standing on red hot coals.  Finally she spoke up and said crying, sobbing and stuttering, “L…L…Linda, they’re t…telling me that y…y…you are able to see me.  W…What you just s…saw is what they just did t…to me since last night.  T…They said that I was being punished because you refused your Master’s orders.  Oh god it was horrible. ‘Sob…sob…sob’ T…T…They have tortured me off and on since I was abducted after leaving your house.  I am so sorry that I didn’t understand your situation.”  She started crying almost uncontrollably at that point.


A whip came from off screen and caught the woman’s right tit and left a gaping wound that started bleeding profusely.  She screamed in agony from the pain.  When she got some control over herself again she continued, “W…W…What you are about to s…s…see is real.  T…T…This isn’t recorded, this is live.  They are going to make me run through these woods naked.  They say that if I’m good that I might be able to escape, but I don’t think so.  They told me that there was a girl they called doggyslut that came real close once to escaping.  So it is possible.  They said that this is where they bring their slaves that have been disobedient and refuse their master or mistress’ orders.  Or if the master or mistress gets tired of their slave and no one else wants to buy them.  Or if a slave attacks their master or mistress.”


The woman paused to sniffle and catch her breath and then continued, “T…T…They want me to tell you that the reason I was punished last night in their dungeon and brought out here was because you would not obey your Master’s orders.  He decided that he wanted to make an example out of me so you would obey better.  You have already seen the torture they put me through.  It was horrible and made me wish I were dead.  They also made me have sex with almost a hundred guys and women yesterday after I was tortured.  Last night they threw me in a kennel with about twenty dogs and they f…f…fucked me until they pulled me out to bring me here.”


Her face was tear streaked as she was obviously fighting to get back control.  Finally she did and continued, “T…T…They want me to tell you that next time you disobey, the person that ends up here will not be a friend but someone even closer to you.  I…I…I think they mean your daughter Lisa.”  A whip came out of no where and struck her other tit, cutting it as it had the other.  The woman wailed in agony at the pain of the strike. 


The woman stuttered out again, “I…I…I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.  I’m afraid Donna.  I know that I most likely won’t survive the day. ‘Sob…sob…sob’  They said that if you tell anyone about this that those most important to you will find their way here to have what happens to me, happen to them, along with anyone they tell.  P…P…Please don’t tell Dillon.  I don’t want anything to happen to him.”  The whip came from off screen again and struck her right between the legs on her cunt.


The woman screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground.  She lay in a fetal position crying with her hands covering her crotch.  From off screen a voice commanded, “Get on your knees cunt.”


The woman struggled up to her knees and got into the slave’s kneeling position that most of the students were all too familiar with.  As soon as she was kneeling, the voice from off screen instructed, “Listen up cunt.  We are going to let you run from here to try and gain your freedom.  We will give you a thirty minute head start and then we will come after you.  Be warned that there are wild animals, big cats, bears, wolves and packs of wild dogs.  If you find yourself being attacked by an animal, the best thing for you to do is to get down in a fetal position on your hands and knees with your hands over your head.  This will protect your most sensitive and vulnerable areas.  We will be hunting you so remember that if you stick to the trails and roads, it will just be easier for us to find you.  If you want a realistic chance of escape you’ll figure out how to set us off your trail and gain some time.  We love a good hunt so the harder you make it for us the better.”


All of a sudden there was a loud wailing cat like sound.  The woman shivered as if in fear at the sound and the voice continued, “That was the sound of a wild cat.  I think it was a mountain lion.  Be sure you listen to what you were told about the wild animals if they approach you.  Your time starts now.  So get running.”


The woman got up and struggled to run.  She ran down the slope away from the road and the camera.  The way she ran it looked as if her feet had been tortured as well.  The students could tell by the way the woman ran that they must hurt her.  Even as she ran farther away from the camera, they could still hear her breathing and groans of pain as clearly as they had before.  Most guessed correctly that the collar had a microphone on it.


About ten minutes, and several camera view changes later, the woman came to a stream.  As soon as she stepped into the water she sat down and the students found out why she had been running so painfully.  They watched the streaming video as the woman pulled tacks out of the soles of her feet.  She sat there for a couple of minutes afterwards soaking them to relieve some of the pain.  Finally she stood up and looked up and down stream.  She finally started heading down stream, still walking with a limp but at a very rapid pace. 


The camera views kept changing from one to the other keeping track of the woman’s progress.  As time went on the students began to hear barking dogs in the background.  They saw the woman start looking repeatedly over her shoulder with fear.  They saw the rapids before the woman did.  Many of the students started silently saying, “Get out of the stream.  Get out of the stream.”


The woman finally came to realize she couldn’t continue down the stream and turned to the right, away from the direction she entered the stream from earlier.  The sound of the dogs was getting closer and then there was the yowling of a big cat added in.  That caused her to look over her shoulder with an even more fearful look than before.


The woman began to run faster and faster in a blind panic.  They watched as she suddenly tripped and fell.  As she started to get up most of the students gasped in horror at what she had tripped on.  It was the skeleton of a previous victim.  The woman started sobbing hysterically as the realization hit her that she had just seen how she would end up.  When she got up she started running even faster.  They could see that she was in extreme pain by the look on her face when they could see it. 


The sounds of the dogs were constantly getting closer and closer with the occasional cat sound thrown in.  More and more bodies in varying stages of decay began to appear along with older skeletons.  All of the newer students and many of the older ones were crying now as they watched in horror at what fate now awaited the woman.  This was being done because a friend had disobeyed her mistress’ orders.  The fear and look of horror on the woman’s face was clear.  It was obvious that she knew that her death was coming closer.  The look of desperation along with a growing look of fearful resignation was beginning to appear on her face.


The sounds of the dogs seemed to be very close.  The woman was looking over her shoulder more and more.  The number of skeletons and bodies on the ground had thinned out and in the distance the lake was coming to view.  The students could see the boat on the shore close to where she would come out.  They hoped that the woman would see it and get in it so that she could gain a little time on the hunters.  If only she could get there in time.  From the view they were seeing from this camera they could see the dogs pulling on their leashes that their masters held and they were a lot closer than most of them thought.  It became obvious that the woman would not make it to the lake.


The woman heard the cat yowling again even louder now and she looked over her shoulder and what she saw made her face turn white.  The students saw the big cat come bounding towards the woman.  There was no leash on it and the students knew what was going to happen even before the woman did. 


The woman saw the boat on the shore of the lake and made a beeline for it.  She glanced over her shoulder again and saw the mountain lion and how close it was.  She didn’t drop down like they instructed.  She was going to try and make the boat.  Virtually all of the slave students were openly sobbing as they watched the mountain lion leap and land on the woman’s back with her only ten feet from the boat. 


The woman screamed in agony as the lion’s claws sank into her sides.  The force of the heavy lion hitting her knocked her down onto the ground.  The students watched in horror as they saw the woman struggle to get out of the lion’s grasp.  But it was to no avail and when she got onto her knees to try and get up, the lion latched his teeth into her neck. 


The entire assembly could plainly hear the garbled scream the woman let out as the teeth punctured her skin.  They could also see the blood start to stream down onto the ground from the wounds.  Students started to turn their head away from the screen, not wanting to watch, but a teacher was there with a cane to make them watch. 


Students were crying uncontrollably now as they watched the big cat finally sink its cock into the woman’s tortured cunt.  She screamed in agony as it sank in.  For the next five minutes the cat fucked her relentlessly and finally yowled as it began to cum.  The woman began screaming at the same time in painful agony.  Suddenly the scream stopped mid scream.  They all heard a crunching sound as they watched the cat bite down and snap the woman’s neck.  The newest students all let out a wail of extreme misery at witnessing such a brutal and savage killing of a fellow human being.  Never in their wildest imagination had they thought that they would witness anyone killed like this.


Mistress Lynn came back to the podium and said, “Remember this.  This is what happens when you don’t obey.  This is all because her friend refused to submit.  She wouldn’t be in this position if that slave would have obeyed her master’s orders.  Remember that the decision to go against a master or mistress is always yours.  No matter who else is advising you to do things, you must obey your master or mistress and while you’re at this school, any of the staff.  You will learn the rules and will learn what is expected of you so every decision and action you make must comply with those rules and expectations.  If you find yourself in a situation the rules don’t cover then you apply your reasoning to act as your master or mistress would expect you to act, not how you would act.  Your body and soul is no longer yours to decide what to do with.  It belongs to this school now and upon placement to your master or mistress.  The sooner you come to that realization the better off for you and your family.  Now finish watching.”


The students wanted to look away.  Wanted to close their eyes and cover their ears at the sounds they were hearing, but the teachers had made it very clear that that wasn’t an option.  They watched as the cat was pulled away from the woman and just as the cat was pulled away, the dogs had come rushing in and began tearing at the woman’s body.  The screen went black at that moment but the sounds were still being transmitted.  They were sounds of snarling and growling over the sounds of tearing flesh and breaking bones.


Over half of the young students were crying hysterically and uncontrollably in full body sobbing as they continued to listen to the sounds being transmitted of the dogs’ growling over the ripping and tearing of the woman’s body.  Mistress Lynn announced, “I thought you would appreciate our new orientation video.  I think it does a lot better job of explaining the consequences than words ever could.  This was recorded earlier this spring.  A slave was refusing to listen to her master ordering her to teach her daughter about the facts of life and introduce her to sex.  Her refusal resulted in her best friend being abducted and you see the results.  Remember that you are responsible for your and your family’s fate.  Remember this video in the future before you try to turn against your master or mistress or disobey them.  Don’t think about your humiliation or the pain you might suffer.  That is expected and desired by your master or mistress.  There is nothing you can do to stop that.  But disobedience puts those you love in harms way as well as yourselves.  It is better to accept your fate and obey all of the orders you are given for their sake.  I want you to think about the consequences your actions may cause and what they could mean in the future if they continue.  Remember that disobedience can result in something similar happening to someone very close to you.” 


Mistress Lynn Continued, “If you are a good slave and do as you are told then you will live a long life.  If you attack a master, teacher or do anything that would jeopardize the Coch organization, then this is what will happen.  There are a few of you in the new class that think you are here by mistake because you received a scholarship to come here through your church.  Rest assured that there was no mistake.  You can see that the reverend is here to show you what happens to girls who refuse to obey their orders.


Before we start with the punishment part of the assembly, I would like to review a few rules for our new students.  The easiest to remember is that this is a school and the same basic rules you had in the schools you came from still apply.  Things such as no disrupting class, no hitting, arguing with the teacher, etc. still apply.  Those actions will get you 10 demerits for the first violation, 20 for the second and 50 for the third.  Remember that you get 5 swats per demerit so the punishment keeps getting worse.  If you are involved in a fight, the perpetrator will receive 50 demerits and the other person involved gets 10.  If no perpetrator can be determined, then both parties get 50.  If you disobey a teacher or a Master, that is 50 demerits.  Any infractions in the classroom will result in 20 swats before the class is dismissed and the full 50 demerits being applied at punishment time.  Any student injuring another student unintentionally is 50 demerits, doing it intentionally will result in 100 demerits.  If you are caught cheating, you will receive 100 demerits at the time as well as an F on that test or assignment.  Grades are important too.  If you have an F in a class then that is 100 demerits.  If you have a D in a class it is 50 demerits.  A C is 25 demerits, a B is 10 and for an A you have 10 demerits taken away.  If you have straight A’s, you will be on the honor roll and will have morning punishment waived for a month.  If you have a B average, you will receive five extra swats during morning and evening punishment until the next time grades are published.  If you have a C average your daily punishment sessions will increase by 10, a D by 20 and an F by 50.  Now if you purposely injure your self, you will receive 100 demerits if the injury is not permanent.  If the injury leaves scars, then you will receive 200 demerits and further punishment and consequences will be determined.  Your value as a slave decreases when you are scarred so the additional consequences can be severe up to and including the hunt if the damage is too much.  If you ever get it in your heads to injure a teacher, school staff or any mistress or master, you will be relegated to the hunt after a long and grueling torture session. 


We have a couple of students here that will demonstrate the progression of punishment.  On your left is Michelle Mitchell, daughter of Darrell Mitchell and that traitorous bitch doggyslut.  She has been designated a special student and will receive double the punishments that normal students receive for the same infractions.  Her friends have decided that it isn’t fair for her to be punished like that so they are included in that special student designation.  Stand up Aminda and Lisa and let the rest of the students see who you are so they’ll recognize you.”


Aminda and Lisa stood up listening to taunts of ‘Great, fresh meat’ and ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on them’ from the Dom students in the assembly hall.  Mistress Lynn continued.  “Michelle, Aminda and Lisa are to be called the bitchpups as a group or individually Michelle is bitchpup, Aminda is headpup and Lisa is suckpup.  Don’t be caught calling them anything else or you will receive the same punishment that they do for a week.  On the other side of bitchpup we have Angie Lane.  She thinks she is here by mistake and refuses to cooperate.  She is here today to show her fellow scholarship holders that they will in fact cooperate or suffer the consequences.  Because she has demonstrated such stupidity as to refuse to cooperate to the point she earned 325 swats in one day, she is now named ‘Little Miss Prissy dumbcunt’ or dumbcunt for short from now on.  Until she learns, she will receive double punishment.


I would now like to introduce the punishers for this morning’s assembly.  On my left is Reverend Patterson who will be punishing dumbcunt.  On my right is Master Darrell Mitchell who will be punishing his daughter bitchpup.  Gentlemen take up your positions.”


They each walked behind us and picked up a paddle along the way.  Then Mistress Lynn explained, “If you have earned 50 swats or less, you will be spanked with the paddle only.  If you have earned more that 50, the first 50 swats will be the paddle.  Those swats will only be on the ass.  Gentlemen, please administer the first 50 swats.”


Angie and I were then unmercifully spanked.  I counted with each swat and thanked Master Darrell as I had been taught.  It took Angie about eight swats before she realized that she needed to count like I was or she would be continuously spanked until she did.  Both of us were screaming and bawling in pain from the paddling we were being administered.


When they were done Mistress Lynn continued, “If a student receives between 50 and 100 swats, the second 50 will be administered to the student’s breasts with a cane.  Usually we would place the student on their back or suspend them so that their tits are exposed.  Because of the position our demonstration models are in today, they will be done with an underhanded stroke.  This has the added effect of expanding the surface area of the tits.  Gentleman, please demonstrate.”


Master Darrell and the reverend then began to hit our tits with the cane.  It was only about an 1/8th of an inch thick, but it stung like hell on your tits, especially when they were already sore from previous canings.  They started swinging at them with an underhanded stroke.  We both counted the strokes, but it got harder and harder with each strike of a cane.  About half way through they started swinging in a manner to strike the sides of our small hanging titties.  I managed to make it through the session without incurring any extra punishment.  Angie however missed on the 42nd one and the reverend made her start over.  As he redid her caning, Mistress Marta explained, “If for any reason, you don’t count and thank your punisher properly after each stroke, you will have to start over and none of the preceding punishment counts.  So as you can see, dumbcunt here is getting 50 more with the paddle and then 50 with the cane.  We will continue once her current punishment has caught up.”


It took about fifteen minutes for the paddling to be completed and another 10 for the caning.  When that was finally done, Angie was an inconsolable, blubbering mess.  Mistress Lynn then announced, “If the swats range between 101 and 200, they will be administered over the rest of the body with a flogger with the last 10 to 20 being administered to the pussy or cock to get it warmed up.  Gentlemen, please administer the punishment.”


Master Darrell and the reverend each picked up a flogger and began to flog us for the next 100 strokes.  Angie seemed to have learned from her previous mistake and kept up with the count no matter how much pain she was screaming from.  I have to admit that I almost screwed up when Master Darrell began to flog my cunt when I still had thirty strokes remaining.  I screamed in pain I can’t describe.  My cunt was already swollen and hurting terribly from my previous punishments.  Mercifully, that phase of the punishment finally ended.  Angie and I were sobbing and crying uncontrollably at that point.  I hoped that it was all over and I’m sure she did too but unfortunately it wasn’t.


When that phase of the punishment ended, Mistress Lynn announced, “For those of you that have earned greater than 200 swats, the final 50 will be administered straight to the girl’s pussy and anus, or the guys cock and anus with a birch switch.”


Master Darrell and the Reverend finished the next 50 rotating between our already abused cunts and our ass hole which was exposed due to the way we were situated.  Both Angie and I could barely squeak out the count because we were hurting so much.  Finally they reached the final strokes with the switch and stepped back.


Mistress Lynn then announced, “If for some reason a student incurs over 250 swats in one day, then the remaining will be forwarded to the next day.  No student will be subjected to more than 250 punishment swats a day.  That doesn’t mean that they will be excused from other types of punishments or sessions.  Now today we have a special treat for the student body.  Each of our students here on the stage is a virgin.  We are going to have a little cherry popping ceremony.  Gentlemen, let the cherry popping begin.”


While Mistress Lynn had been speaking, both the reverend and Master Darrell were stripping out of their clothes.  The new students gasped at the suddenness of it.  When she was done speaking they stepped up behind us with the reverend behind Angie and Master Darrell behind me.  I watched the reverend bend down and whisper in her ear.  She told me later that all he said was that he had waited a long time to be able to take her cherries.  She said she didn’t understand at the time because she knew she only had one hymen for them to take.  But she learned as I did where the other cherry was. 


While the reverend was whispering in her ear, Master Darrell whispered in mine saying, “I took your slut of a mother’s cherry at her prom and now I’m taking yours in front of the entire school.  I want you to know that I asked for the special student status for you because that bitch mother of yours took off and left you behind.”  He then lied to me saying, “She’s received her punishment and is now dead and you are going to receive your punishment for being her bitchpup.  So blame everything you get on her.  If she hadn’t run off, you would be treated like any other student.”


Master Darrell took a little longer than the reverend so when he stood up he lined himself up with my virgin hole and looked at the reverend.  He nodded his readiness and when the reverend nodded back they both plunged in full force.  I screamed as my cherry was ripped away from me.  I now understood why Master Darrell and Mistress Tyree were so adamant about me not having sex.  They wanted to make my first time as painful and humiliating as they could.  They definitely accomplished that.  I cried at the pain.  I cried at the humiliation of being taken in front of an assembly hall with several hundred students and teachers along with quite a few visiting masters and mistresses.  I cried at my lost innocence and I cried that my mother had abandoned me.  I wanted to die in that moment more than I could ever tell you.  If my hands had been free, I would have started clawing at my wrists to rip the arteries out.  But I couldn’t move.  I looked over at Angie and she was just as despondent as I was.  The reasons were both similar and different, but I knew that I looked just like her.  We stared into each other’s eyes and communicated without saying a word that at that moment we wanted to end it all.


We had no clue what was yet to come however.  As bad as we felt at that moment, it got even worse.  First there were the chants that the Dom students were making.  Something along the line of ‘Rape them…Rape them…hoo Ra Ra’.  They kept chanting that as we were both fucked as hard and painfully as our two masters could.  After about five minutes it got even worse when Master Darrell and the Reverend on some unseen signal both pulled out of our cunts and forced their huge cocks up our unprepared ass holes.


I could see in Angie’s eyes the horror and pain that I knew were in mine.  It was bad enough that our cunts and asses were red and swollen from the flogging and switching.  Then they added the insult of tearing our cherries away from our cunts and now they were adding to our pain and humiliation by taking our ass cherries.  Angie now knew what the reverend meant by taking all of her cherries.  The two masters kept fucking our asses for about ten or so minutes.  Master Darrell alternately spanked each of my already sore and abused ass cheeks with each thrust into my asshole.  I didn’t see the reverend doing the same to Angie. 


I didn’t think the humiliation could get any worse until each of them pulled out of our asses and came around to our heads.  They pulled our heads up by the hair hard and we both screamed from the pain.  When our mouths opened, they stuck their shit covered cocks into our throats.  They didn’t just put the end of their cock in our mouth they literally sank the whole thing down our throats until their pubic hair touched our noses.  Keep in mind that neither Angie nor I had an enema that day so their cocks were covered with a heavy layer of shit. 


When they sank their cocks down our throats, they held there as our stomachs tried to purge all of their contents.  If it hadn’t been for the cocks blocking the way, they would have succeeded.  After a bit longer than a minute I started to notice that Angie was really struggling for breath.  I was getting light headed but wasn’t to that point yet.  When it looked like Angie was about to pass out, I was just beginning to struggle.  That’s when they pulled out long enough for us to get a couple of breaths and then they forced their cocks in again.  They kept this up over and over until finally they came down our throats. 


Master Darrell was first.  He had been holding his cock in my throat for a long time and I started to struggle for breath.  When I finally reached the point where I felt like I would pass out, I felt his cum begin to shoot down my throat.  He let a couple of spurts go down my throat and then he made a great show of letting the last few loose all over my face, painting it white with cum.  He had finished and backed away before the reverend began to cum.  It must have been because of the reverends greater experience, I don’t know but he sure could last.  He did the same with Angie that Master Darrell did with me.  By the time he was finished her face was covered with cum like mine was.


After all of our cherries were popped and faces covered in cum I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, but I was wrong again.  When Master Darrell and the reverend picked up their clothes and left the stage, Mistress Lynn announced, “Thank you Master Darrell and Reverend Patterson for your little demonstration.  Before I conclude the assembly I would like to announce a little surprise for you.  The two new slaves you see up here will remain here for the rest of the day.  All faculty and students, including slaves that have been selected by their masters and all male slaves will be allowed to partake in the pleasures of using our young cunts up here.  I would like for the masters and mistresses in attendance to line up at stage left and right to get in line for your chance at pleasuring yourselves with the one of your choice.  That will be followed by the teachers, the college students, the seniors, juniors, sophomores and finally the freshmen.  Middle school children will be asked to go to your classes until lunch time when you will be allowed some time to have a go.  We ask that when you enjoy our young slaves that you do it in the manner demonstrated by our two guest masters.  Start with their cunts then go to their asses and end up in their throats.  Be sure to cover their faces in cum.  That concludes today’s assembly.  Thanks for being prompt in your attendance.”


I couldn’t tell at the time, but I was told later that over two thirds of the people lined up on my side.  I was too busy screaming in pain when the first guy sank his monstrous 14 inch cock up my recently virgin cunt.  He also seemed to endure forever.  He made a point of causing me as much pain as he could to include gripping my small developing tits and crushing them in his grip.  He followed the same course as Master Darrell and after a while pulled out and began fucking my ass with that baseball bat of a cock.  I felt my asshole tear when he forced his way in and I screamed in agony.  He pounded me over and over and spanked me hard with each thrust. Finally he pulled out and came around and forced that monster down my throat.  I was having a hard enough time trying to take his cock down my throat but at the same time another master stepped up and began to fuck my cunt.  And so it went.  While one finished up in my throat and on my face, another began in my cunt.  Most of them spanked me on the ass, squeezed my tits hard or pinched my nipples and clit with their fingernails as hard as they could.  Sometimes they did all of them.  There were a few that decided to get under me while they were waiting their turn and bite my tits.  I was in so much pain by the end of the first couple of hours that there was absolutely no pleasure in it at all.


I lost track of time after a while and just tried to survive.  I was in so much pain already and new pain was being added with each new person fucking me.  I think the women were the worst.  They all seemed to relish using monster dildos on me to inflict the most pain.  They would then keep it up a lot longer in each hole than the males.  I did notice that about a half hour before lunch, no one was taking advantage of Angie any more.  She was ignored in her misery all through lunch and finally Mistress Brittany came in and released her.  Angie told me later that Mistress Brittany took her up to the 7th grade showers and made her clean herself up and take an enema to clean her out.  Finally she was taken back to her room and left.  I’m surprised that she didn’t commit suicide when she was left alone.  I know I would have if it was me.  But my agony wasn’t over yet.  It went on all day and well into the night.  I don’t remember the exact time that they finally quit coming and fucking me, but it was after midnight.


Aminda later told me that just before dinner that evening, she looked for me in the S dorm.  When she asked the senior hall monitor about me, he bent her over and spanked her 50 times just for asking.  She was worried about me but could do nothing.  As she was crawling back down the hall to our room, she heard crying coming from Angie’s room.  Even though she had just been spanked, she felt compelled to try and provide what comfort she could. 


When Aminda crawled into the room, she saw Angie curled up on her doggie bed in a fetal position and crying in pain, humiliation and abandonment.  She looked at her roommates who were sitting on their doggie beds and just staring at her.  They had a stunned look on their faces as if they were in shock.  Aminda crawled over to Angie and spooned herself around her and cuddled her and let her know that she was loved and that she, Lisa and Michelle would be there for her as much as they could.  She just whispered supporting words to her and tried to soothe her.  Finally she had to get up to get dinner so she went over to the other two girls.  She told me that she chewed them out for not supporting their roommate in her time of need.  She actually asked them if they would like to be alone in their pain and suffering or if they would rather have someone to support them.  When they thought about it from that angle, they realized that the only way they would most likely be able to survive was to fully support each other.  As she was crawling out of the room, the two girls went over to Angie and lay on either side of her and began to do what Aminda had been doing.  Aminda made a point of putting all three food bowls out in the hall for the girls so they would get dinner.  She then went down to all the rooms to check that everyone was doing all right.  Most were in some state of shock at everything they witnessed that day.  Aminda talked to all of them about supporting one another so they could help each other survive.


When they finally got done abusing me, I was so out of it that I couldn’t stand on my own after they released me.  They sent a senior up to my room and had him bring down Aminda and Lisa.  They had been lying on their beds awake wondering what was happening with me.  They both immediately got in the slave’s position when the door burst open.  The senior saw how quick they got up and said, “Come on then.  Your friend needs a little help.”


When they got down to the assembly hall and to the stage, they were shocked at the condition I was in.  My entire body was black and blue at that point.  My ass and pussy were both bleeding from being fucked raw and there was cum streaming off of my face and out of my mouth.  They told me that I had a vacant look in my eyes at that time and I believe them.  I wanted to die so badly in that moment that I think my mind had already left.  I vaguely remember the senior telling them to take me up to the showers to clean up and then for one of them to come back down and clean up the stage area. 


My two friends and soul sisters struggled to drag me up the four flights of stairs to the 7th grade hall.  They finally dragged me to the showers and after adjusting the water to the right temperature, Aminda sat down on the floor and supported me all of the way down as I collapsed onto her lap.  Aminda told Lisa to go take care of the stage and stairs mess and she would take care of me.  Aminda then sat there and rocked me as she whispered to me that she loved me. That she was here for me.  That she really needed me there and couldn’t do this without me.  She did this as she tenderly washed me clean of all of the filth.  She waited until Lisa came back up after cleaning everything and then had her bring the douche and enema equipment.  Then Aminda cleaned me out on the inside as she had done on the outside. 


Finally I was clean and Lisa turned the water off.  She then used her hands to squeegee me dry as Aminda held me up.  The two of them then helped me to our room where they laid me down on my pad and then each of them laid down on either side of me and cuddled me.  More than anything else the love that they showed me in that moment kept me alive.  It wasn’t long before I fell into a fitful sleep.


All too soon, wake up came and we were getting ready for morning physical training.  I was still very weak from my ordeal, but I didn’t want any more punishment and didn’t want to cause anyone else more, so I struggled out.  I barely managed to crawl and keep up with my fellow students.  Aminda had to take care of the whole class so Lisa was there to help me.  I somehow made it to the quad and with Lisa’s help stand.  I struggled with the exercises and earned about 50 more demerits because I just couldn’t keep up any more because of my injuries.  But it was better than not even trying.  The only thought that ran through my head was that I had to be there for Aminda.  She had said she couldn’t do this without me so I had to endure it for her.  I knew that if the roles were reversed, she would do the same for me.  And she did many times over in the future.  That morning and evening and for the next few days they only gave me about 50 lashes in the morning and evening punishment sessions.  They decided that I needed a chance to heal from the punishment and abuse I had received.  Somehow I made it through the day of classes and remembered what they taught me.  Aminda and Lisa got me caught up on what I missed the first day.  One thing was for sure.  The three bitchpups were a lot closer after that. 


The other 7th graders never realized how bad it had been for me and still resented me from the punishment I was made to give out that night before the assembly.  I’m sure that was the reason they did it.  They were trying to break any support I had from the other students.  They didn’t count on how close the three of us were.  Both Lisa and Aminda had been mad at me the night of the punishment, but when they woke up and found me gone, they thought I had escaped and left them behind.  When they went to the assembly and watched Angie’s and my punishment and then how our cherries were taken, they quickly realized what they were doing.  They were so worried when I never made it to classes that they risked the wrath of the floor monitor by asking about me right after classes were done.  They of course were told to just go to their room and get busy studying. 


I already told you what happened when Aminda asked again just before dinner.  In addition, when punishment time came around and I still wasn’t there, they asked the senior that had responsibility for us.  They got double the punishment for asking.  After that they decided to just wait.  They told me that they were sure that I wouldn’t survive.  They were so worried about me that they cried almost the whole night long until the senior came and got them to get me.  They were so relieved that I was still alive that they felt guilty about feeling angry at me, especially after they saw the condition I was in.  The next night, they both asked me for forgiveness for the way they had treated me after I had punished them. I told them that there was nothing to forgive.  That they more than made up for it by how much they cared for me the next night.  We made a pact that no matter what, we would never get upset at each other for what they made us do to one of the others.  That was the beginning of our life in hell.  It didn’t get much better with time.




Michelle stopped her story and looked at the clock.  It was almost noon so she said, “I think that’s enough of my story for now.  I want to enjoy the afternoon.  Let’s go horse back riding after we eat.”


Aminda quickly piped up and agreed so Sarah said, “Why don’t you two get the breakfast dishes out of the way and then make some lunch.  I have to go to the bathroom.”


Sarah had her hand under the napkin when she said that and quickly hid the small digital recorder in her palm and got up.  She went to her room and put the recorder in a drawer and after using the bathroom returned down stairs. 


After a quick lunch, they went to the barn and the three saddled their respective horse.  Aminda’s horse was a beautiful Palomino Stallion, Michelle’s was a white Arabian stallion and Sarah’s was a Quarter Horse stallion.  They had a wonderful time riding the horses around the estate with a couple of security guards shadowing them at a reasonable distance.




Up in Washington, Sam was released from the hospital at 8 am in the morning.  Other than being stiff and sore where the bullets bruised her through her vest, she was in perfect health.  After picking her up at the hospital, Gregg, Karen and the rest of the security team left to return to the house.  About half way there, Gregg got a phone call on his cell.  When he answered, it was Bill.


Bill said, “Gregg, I hate to do this to you and Sam but we need you to come up to headquarters here ASAP.  Make sure that you bring Karen.  We have a situation arising that we need your help with.  How long do you think it will be before you can get here?”


Gregg answered, “Come on Bill, we were going to get married this morning and then go out to the hunt area with you.  What’s more important than that?”


Bill answered, “I’m sorry Gregg, I just can’t go into that until you get here.  I would like to talk to Karen though.  How about giving her your cell phone?”


Gregg passed the phone over his shoulder to Karen who was in the back seat.  Karen said, “What is it Bill?”


Bill said, “First, make sure the phone isn’t on speaker so only you can hear. I want to explain why the change of plan from what you guys talked about last night.  It seems that Gregg and Sam have made a big impact on a lot of the agents up here.  They want to be there when they get married.  What we want to do is bring you, Gregg, Sam and Frank under the guise of an important meeting with the FBI director and the Congressman for the area.  We will have suits for the guys and nice dresses for you ladies.  Then we are going to have a little impromptu wedding.  Do you think you can make sure we get the two lovebirds here without too much delay?  I don’t know how long the judge will be able to be here.”


Karen answered, “I agree that we need to do that.  We’ll be there as soon as we can.”


Bill said, “Thanks.  We’ll see you in about an hour and a half.”


After Bill hung up, Karen handed Gregg’s phone back to him and said, “It seems we have some VIP’s that are insisting that we be there to talk to them about this investigation.  He said something about a congressman and Director being there.  He said that if you still want to get married today, then we can take care of it afterwards because the Judge will be there.  As you heard, I agreed that we needed to be there.  We want the FBI to have as many assets available to them as they need to take the organization down.  I would also like you to have a team bring Diane and Ginger there as well.  They may want to talk to them as well.  Why don’t you bring all of your security team and leave just five of the FBI agents at the house?”  Karen added that request more to get as many of Gregg’s Security team to the wedding as possible.


Sam made the call for Gregg to have Diane and Ginger taken to the operations headquarters by Gregg’s security team.  They were closer than Karen and her team so they made it about a half hour before they arrived at the headquarters. 


The headquarters was an old abandoned middle school that had closed several years earlier due to consolidation of several school districts because of decreased student enrollment.  When Karen arrived with Gregg and his team in tow, they were immediately taken to separate rooms.  Karen and Sam went to one room while Gregg and Frank went to one on the opposite side of the building. 


There were several female FBI agents in the room Karen and Sam went to.  They had the two women sit down and began to fuss over Karen and Sam’s hair and makeup.  When that was done, they had them get out of their clothes and into nice dresses.  Sam changed in to a very nice white evening dress that showed off her figure.  Karen Changed into a nice peach dress that complimented the dress Sam wore. 


In the room the guys were in, Bill and Pete Gave Gregg and Frank a nice black suit, with bow tie and told them to get changed.  They changed out of their company clothes and into a nice suit and tie.  Bill helped put a white carnation on Gregg’s collar before he would allow him to leave the room and head to the auditorium.  When he was dressed and ready, Bill led them to a back entrance to the stage and waited. 


About twenty minutes after the guys were ready the women were finally dressed up to the satisfaction of the women fixing them up.  They were led to the main entrance of the auditorium. 


“Pete was on the stage and an agent on the other side at the door where the women came up to gave him the sign they were ready.  Pete went over and let Gregg and Frank onto the stage.  He handed Frank a box and whispered, “You’ll know what to do with it in a few minutes.”


Frank opened the box and saw the simple ring set and smiled.  He let Pete continue to lead them to the center of the stage facing out to the audience.  What he saw were about 80 FBI agents to include several members of his security team.  He was wondering what was up until he heard a tape recording begin to play the wedding march.  At the same time, Gregg’s and Frank’s jaws dropped to the floor, Sam and Karen were handed a bouquet of flowers and pushed a bit to get them started down the aisle.  After the moment of surprise, Sam got a beaming smile on her face that radiated.  Karen was happy with a conspiratorial smile as she turned to the ladies that handed them the bouquets and winked at them.


Sam walked up to the stage with Karen following behind and up to the stage.  When she got to the center of the stage, the judge stepped out from behind the curtain dressed in his official robes.  Frank had to prod Gregg out of his surprise to get him to join Sam in front of the judge.  As soon as he was in place the judge conducted the ceremony.


At the end of the ceremony when he told the two love birds that the groom could kiss the bride, the entire auditorium stood up and cheered as Gregg and Sam kissed their first kiss as husband and wife.  When they finally came up for air, Gregg went up to Bill and when Bill extended his hand to shake, Gregg took him into a bear hug and slapped him on the back as he said “Thanks Bill.  That was a nice surprise”, and released him.  On the opposite side, Sam was being held in Karen’s arms as she sobbed.  She was crying in joy that her long held dream of being Gregg’s wife was now a reality.


Bill led Gregg and Frank over to Sam and Karen along with the judge.  When they were all together he said, “I talked with the judge about what you all had originally planned and he agrees with me that the search of the hunt grounds can wait a couple of days.  We’ll do it the day after Brittany’s meeting with the backup council.  I want you to take the next two days off and enjoy each other.  As dangerous as this situation is, you may not get another chance.  We’ll come by tomorrow night to tell you the results of Brittany’s meeting.  Now get to the cafeteria.  We have a wedding reception to hold so all of your admirers can congratulate you.  Go on and get out of here and go celebrate.”


Gregg shook Bill’s, Pete’s and the Judge’s hands and thanked them for the wonderful surprise.  They all left and went to the cafeteria.  There was a huge sheet cake that said ‘Congratulations Gregg and Sam Bower’.  There was also a variety of other snacks, nuts and drinks that all of the agents had donated for the reception.  For the next couple of hours, they shook hands of agents and listened to not only words of congratulations, but of thanks and of admiration of the kind of risks they were taking for the investigation. 


Toward the end, Karen stepped up to Gregg and gave him a hug.  She whispered in his ear, “I don’t have anything to give you right now, but tomorrow after you and Sam have had your night as honeymooners, I would like to show you both my love for you together.”


Gregg responded, “That will be up to Sam.  I will not ask her so if you want it to happen then you will have to ask her.”


Karen answered, “Oh, I intend to, believe me.”


Karen stepped over to Sam and hugged her.  She whispered the same request to Sam.  She gave Karen a big hug back and said, “That sounds wonderful.  I’ll talk it over with Gregg and let you know.”



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