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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 26 Cherries a poppin all over

Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 26

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 26, Cherries a poppin all over

When doggyslut heard Master Darrell tell everyone to take a ten minute break, she immediately went over and assumed the kneeling position in front of him, seeking permission to speak.  Master Darrell asked, “What is it slut?”

Doggyslut walked on her knees closer to Master Darrell and leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Doggyslut requests permission to take eenie and meenie to the bathroom so that our master’s and mistresses might use us as their toilets instead of having to use that nasty cold toilet.  It should make quite a show with the new slaves master.  You could watch what happens on the big screen TV in the family room.”  She sat back on her heels and waited for her master’s answer.

Darrell laughed and said, “That is a wonderful idea.  By all means, take our new toys and get them ready.  We will all be up in a few minutes.”  He then turned to the guests and loudly announced, “If any of you have to go to the bathroom, and I hope that includes most of you.  The toilets will be in place in a few minutes.  Doggyslut reminded me that there is no better time than the present to begin training our new toys in their new life as soon as possible.  So please drink up, we’ll get started after everyone has a chance to relieve themselves.” 

While Darrell was making his announcement, doggyslut quickly went and grabbed each of the twins by a hand and pulled them behind her toward the bathroom.  When she got into the bathroom, she made them kneel down on the floor of the large shower which was big enough to have six people in it and still have room to spare.  Once they were kneeling, she looked at them and instructed, “Soon our masters and mistresses will be coming in to go to the bathroom.  They will not be using the bathroom stool.  We are their toilets.  You will drink down any piss and swallow any shit that they put in your mouth.  If they aren’t satisfied with your efforts, they will punish you severely.  If you throw up, they will make you lick up everything you puke out of your stomach.  Take my word for it. That is something that you really don’t want to do!  The best thing to do is just to concentrate on the task of the moment.  Don’t think, just do.  If you begin to think about things and what might have been, you will just make it harder on your self.  Do you understand sluts?”

The twins had started crying almost instantly when doggyslut told them they were going to be used as toilets.  They were so distraught that they didn’t hear much of what she was telling them and what they did hear they didn’t really understand.  When they heard her ask if they understood, they just automatically said “Yes” so that she would leave them alone. 

When the twins told her they understood, doggyslut took up the slave’s kneeling position at the entrance of the shower in front of them.  They didn’t have long to wait before Sheriff Rob came in.  When he entered the bathroom, doggyslut spoke up and said, “Master, these worthless sluts are available to serve as your toilets tonight.  You may choose one of us or use all of us. It is our pleasure to serve you in whatever manner is your pleasure.” 

Sheriff Rob looked at the three slaves and saw the two twins shaking and crying at their predicament.  When he looked at slut, he saw that she was almost eager to serve.  He sighed and said to doggyslut, “As much as I would like to use you slut, I think I’ll give equally to our two new toys here.”  He stepped up to Meenie and pulled his cock out and presented it to her mouth.  She refused to open her mouth because she couldn’t stand the thought of having him making her drink his piss.  When she wouldn’t open her mouth, he ordered, “Doggyslut, come here and make this worthless piece of slime open its mouth to accept my golden nectar.  She seems to think she has a choice in the matter.

Doggyslut got up and then kneeled behind Meenie and reached down and grabbed her clit with her right hand and pulled her head back hard by the hair with the other.  When her head came back, Meenie began to scream and doggyslut leaned forward and bit down on her nose hard enough to prevent her from breathing through it but not hard enough to leave permanent bite marks.  At the same time she pinched her clit hard and twisted it with all of her strength.  Meenie began screaming from the pain and as soon as she did the sheriff began pissing in her mouth.  When doggyslut saw that he was pissing in her mouth, she let go of her nose and whispered in her ear, “Swallow it or it will be a lot worse than that for you. 

Meenie looked at doggyslut out of the corner of her eyes in fear and tried her best to swallow the piss.  She spilt some when she did and she almost gagged from the putrid taste.  She got two swallows down when the sheriff stopped pissing in her mouth and moved in front of eenie.  She saw what had happened to her sister and decided not to fight.  She opened her mouth and closed her eyes.  She soon felt and tasted the piss in her mouth.  She tried to just drink it down as fast as possible without thinking.  It was obvious that she managed a lot better than her sister.

When Sheriff Rob was done, doggyslut kneeled down in front of him and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.  She then ordered the twins to thank their master for the privilege of being used for his pleasure.  They both spoke up and thanked Master Rob, but they didn’t say the same things and it was really hard to tell what they really said so doggyslut said loudly, “You worthless cunts. When a master or mistress uses you, then you will say, ‘Thank you master or mistress for allowing this worthless slime to drink your piss, or eat your shit or what ever they make you do.’  Now I want you to say together, ‘Thank you Master Rob for allowing this worthless slime to drink your piss.  It was my pleasure to serve you.’  NOW SAY IT!!”

The two young girls were crying hard now but mumbled out what doggyslut had ordered.  Doggyslut still wasn’t happy and stepped up to them and slapped each one across the face a couple of times with her open hand and ordered, “Say it again like you mean it and do it together.”

The two twins spoke up together and said, “Thank you Master Rob for allowing this worthless slime to drink you piss.  It was my pleasure to serve you.”

Doggyslut looked at Master Rob to see if he was satisfied.  He nodded affirmatively to her that he was and turned to leave.  As soon as he left, Mistress Marta came in the bathroom.  As soon as she did, Doggyslut said, “Mistress, these worthless sluts are available to serve as your toilets tonight.  You may choose one of us or use all of us. It is our pleasure to serve you in whatever manner is your pleasure.” 

It just so happened, that it was that time of month again for Marta.  She stripped off her clothes and stepped up to doggyslut and ordered, “Please remove my tampon for me so that I may share my essence as well as my piss with our new slaves.”

Doggyslut put her mouth on Mistress Marta’s cunt and grabbed the string to her tampon with her teeth and pulled it out.  She quickly sucked the tampon into her mouth and also started sucking up the flow of menstrual blood that flowed out.  When the flow lessened she sat back with a grin on her face and sucked the tampon into her mouth and started chewing on it.  She saw the smile on Mistress Marta’s face, but when she looked at eenie and meenie, she saw that they were white as a sheet and looked decidedly nauseous.

Mistress Marta went over to eenie, grabbed her head and pulled her face into her bleeding cunt.  She ordered, “You better drink up every bit of the piss and blood or you will learn what pain really is before the night is over bitch.”

Eenie was sobbing uncontrollably now, but as soon as piss hit her mouth she sucked it down as fast as she could.  The piss was strong and acrid and made her very nauseous but she held her stomach contents down, but just barely.  Mistress Marta stopped pissing before she was done and moved eenie’s head down to her cunt and ordered her to “lick and suck bitch”.  After about a minute of eenie chewing on her cunt and clit, she pulled away and stepped over to meenie.  She didn’t say a thing and grabbed her head and forced meenie’s mouth to her cunt and just started pissing in her mouth.  Meenie wasn’t quite ready but tried to catch up as quickly as possible.  Her stomach was a bit unsettled, but she held her own until Mistress Marta finished pissing and moved her bloody cunt over her mouth.  Meenie had never liked the sight of blood and almost always felt queasy when she saw it.  That was a bad combination with a very unsettled stomach and she threw up all over Mistress Marta’s cunt and legs.

Doggyslut watched with a grin as meenie puked her guts out all over Mistress Marta.  She had hoped at least one of them would throw up, and to have one throw up on a mistress was even better.  The stench was overpowering and almost made doggyslut empty the contents of her stomach, but she had experienced much worse and could control it better.  Eenie on the other hand was not so fortunate.  When her sister threw up, some splattered on her face and that was enough to make her throw up as well.

When meenie threw up, Mistress Marta exploded in anger.  She yelled, “You worthless piece of shit.  How dare you throw up on me.”  As she was saying this she kicked out with her foot and kicked meenie in her cunt.  She immediately fell to the floor in a fetal position holding her hands on her cunt and howling in pain in between her dry heaves.  Mistress Marta then kneeled down on one knee, placing that knee on meenie’s throat enough to block her air.  She made meenie look into her eyes and then said vehemenently, “You are mine now bitch.  Tonight you will wish that you were dead by the time I’m through with you.  Now when I lift my knee and let you up, you will lick up every bit of puke that you see around you.  Don’t even think of coming out until you’re done.  Keep in mind that for every minute that you take longer than five minutes, your punishment will be increased.  Eenie, unless you want to join her, you better get busy as well.  Doggyslut, being as this was your idea, you get the privilege of licking me clean.”

Doggyslut immediately answered, “It will be this worthless slut’s pleasure to clean Mistress Marta.  May I begin now mistress?”

Marta nodded her head yes and doggyslut crawled over to her and began licking the already drying puke from Mistress Marta’s body.  Doggyslut was use to this kind of thing and concentrated on suppressing her gag reflex.  She was done cleaning up her mistress in short order.  When she was done, she kneeled back and waited for instructions.  Marta ordered, “You may now get a wash rag and wash me with warm soapy water to make sure I am clean.”  Doggyslut quickly went about her duties and washed down Marta.  When she was done toweling Mistress Marta dry, Marta said, “Now doggyslut, I want you to roll that towel up into a rat’s tail, wet the tip and start whipping these two sluts asses until they are done cleaning the shower.  When they are done, clean them up and bring them up so the party can get started.”

Doggyslut answered, “Yes mistress as she turned and left.”

Just as soon as she left, Sonny came in, looked at the sight and ordered doggyslut to tend to him.  She immediately obeyed and drank down his piss.  When he was done, Matt came in and walked past doggyslut and just started pissing over both of the twins, soaking their hair in piss.  Both of them were crying and sobbing hysterically as they tried to lick up the vomit and piss.  Matt had a shit eating grin on his face as he turned and left the bathroom.  Krystal’s friends came in and quickly took turns pissing on the heads of the twins.  Darrell came in and took his turn pissing on the girls and finally it was Krystal’s turn.  She came in and ordered the twins to kneel.  They had barely made a dent in the vomit on the floor.  They were too busy feeling sorry for themselves and the plight they found themselves in. 

Krystal went behind eenie and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.  She then ordered meenie, “Meenie, you will lick up your half of the vomit now.  Doggyslut will snap eenie’s tits and cunt in succession continuously until you are finished.  Then we are going to switch and it will be your turn to have your tits and cunt snapped with the towel while your sister cleans up her half.  I don’t recommend taking too long.  Your sister just might drag out her turn to make you take even more punishment.  Now before we get started, doggyslut will snap each of you one time in the cunt just so you will know exactly what the other will be feeling while you are cleaning up your mess.

Doggyslut took the rolled up towel and wet the thin end as she had been instructed.  Krystal made eenie stand up with her feet planted about three feet apart.  She ordered eenie to keep her feet planted flat on the floor, bend her knees and lean back.  She held eenie by the hair as she leaned back.  This caused her quite a bit of pain already, but when doggyslut snapped the wet tip of the rolled up towel on the center of her cunt she screamed hideously from the pain.  Her ensuing struggle caused by the pain of the strike caused her additional suffering from her hair being pulled.  Finally, when she had quit screaming, Krystal released her hair and dropped her hard on her ass.  She just sat there crying.  Krystal stepped over to meenie and ordered her to assume the same position as her sister.  When she was in position, Doggyslut took careful aim and this time struck her dead on her clit.  The scream that meenie let out was heart rending.  She passed out from the pain.  Krystal just shook her head and dropped her.  She stepped over her face and began pissing on her face to try and wake her up.  When Krystal had filled her mouth full and started pissing on her nose, meenie woke up after inhaling the salty piss into her nose.  Unfortunately she gasped when that happened and because her mouth was full of piss, she inhaled the piss down her bronchial tube.  She sat up and coughed and sputtered, Krystal grabbed her hair again and pulled up hard while standing on her calves to keep her from standing up.  She ordered doggyslut to snap her tits now.  Doggyslut did as she was ordered and hit both nipples dead center.  Again there was a scream of pain.  This time meenie didn’t pass out.  When meenie quit screaming, Krystal ordered, “Now that you have a taste of what your sister will be receiving while you are cleaning up your half of the piss and shit, get busy.  I assure you that the longer you take, the worse your punishment will be.”

Meenie was still coughing, but she got down and started licking up the vomit and piss that Krystal had indicated was hers.  Krystal went behind eenie and grabbed her hair.  Before she pulled up, she kept kicking her knees apart wider and wider until she was almost doing the splits.  She then stood on her calves and pulled up hard on her hair.  She had eenie put her hands up on top of her head.  Krystal proceeded to twist eenie’s long hair around her wrists as tight as she could, keeping a hold of the end.  This locked her arms above her head so that she couldn’t try to protect any part of herself.  She then told doggyslut to begin.  Doggyslut began by snapping the towel on eenie’s clit first, then her left tit and finally her right.  She took her time to carefully aim to get the maximum damage.  Eenie was screaming and crying harder and harder with each strike as doggyslut continued to snap each spot in succession.  After about the fifth go around, her nipples and clit were beginning to turn a very dark red from the constant whipping by the tail of the towel.

Meenie was also crying at the tortured screams of her sister and redoubled her efforts to lick up the vomit and piss as quickly as possible.  She had to stop periodically to get control over her gag reflex as her body would try and betray her and cause her to throw up again.  She somehow managed to keep it down, though it was a struggle.  It took about eight minutes to get her half of the mess cleaned up. 

When Krystal saw that a bit over half of the vomit and piss had been cleaned up, she ordered, “STOP” and both doggyslut and Meenie stopped.  Krystal dropped eenie, who landed hard on her ass in the middle of the remaining vomit mess.  Krystal stepped over to Meenie and grabbed her by the hair and bound her wrists as she had her sister and said, “Get busy you sluts.  I don’t need to tell you what to do.”

Doggyslut rewet the tip of the towel and began whipping meenie’s clit and tits.  Eenie bent down and started quickly licking up her half of the mess.  It took about ten minutes for her to get through hers.  Though she was licking and sucking it up faster than her sister did, she wasn’t able to control her gag reflex and threw up twice more.  Finally though, the floor was clean.  Krystal ordered the sisters to lick each other clean.  When they were done, she made them piss in each other’s mouths while doggyslut popped the receiving twin in the tits and clit.  This took another five minutes to complete. 

Finally Krystal went over to the shower controls and turned on the cold water.  She ordered, “You three get in there and clean up.  Join us in the family room when you’re done.  By the way you two, it is now thirty eight minutes after Mistress Marta gave you five to get cleaned up.  The longer you take, the longer your punishment will be so don’t take too long.”

Krystal turned and left the room.  Doggyslut was the first to get under the water and wash up.  She took her time while the two twins looked on.  They were obviously getting worried about the time and began pleading and begging for doggyslut to hurry up.  Doggyslut just looked at them and motioned for them to join her, but they refused.  She just shrugged her shoulders and kept washing her hair, as if she had all of the time in the world.  Finally eenie swallowed her pride and got under the water with doggyslut.  Doggyslut grabbed the soap and began washing her all over.  She paid particular attention to her breasts and cunt.  As doggyslut was washing down eenie she kept motioning for meenie to join them.  When doggyslut was almost done with eenie, meenie finally began slowly approaching the two under the shower.  Doggyslut could see the fear in meenie’s eyes but tried to reassuringly motion her toward them. 

Just as she was finishing up with eenie, meenie joined them in the shower.  Doggyslut got up off of her knees and whispered to eenie to wash meenie down just like she had her.  Eenie turned around to meenie and taking the soap and wash rag from doggyslut began to wash down her sister.  As she soaped down her sister’s tits, doggyslut pushed eenie’s head down and ordered her to suck and chew on her sister’s clean tits.  By this point, eenie had been worn down to the point that she just did what doggyslut told her. 

Eenie began sucking and nibbling on her sister’s tits while the water kept spraying down on them.  Doggyslut reached from behind eenie and grabbed her hand with the soapy rag and began guiding it in circles down meenie’s taught stomach.  It only took a bit to get eenie started and as she nibbled and chewed on her sister’s tits, she continued to wash down her stomach in concentric circles.  As she gradually washed her way down her sister’s stomach, doggyslut reached both hands around and grabbed her tits and began to gently pinch and knead them.  Eenie finally began to wash her sister’s cunt and after a few moments quit sucking her sister’s tits and knelt down, washing her way down meenie’s left leg.  When she fully knelt down on the shower floor she switched over to her sister’s right leg.  As she began to work her way up her leg, doggyslut took one hand and placed it behind eenie’s head and the other hand on meenie’s ass cheeks and pushed them together.  She bent down and whispered in eenie’s ear, “Suck on your sister’s cunt and bring her off.”

Eenie tentatively took a lick of her sister’s cunt as if it were the vilest thing in the world.  She found that the taste was not too bad, maybe a little metallic, so she started licking and sucking in earnest.  When it was obvious she wasn’t going to quit licking, doggyslut stood up and began nibbling and chewing on meenie’s tits.  Soon, meenie was moaning and groaning from the pleasure.  She reached down and grabbed her sister’s head and forced it hard into her cunt.  She started saying, “Oh god, oh god” over and over again.  Finally she screamed out in orgasm and collapsed to her knees.

Doggyslut stood, turned around and turned off the water.  She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel and started to dry off.  The twins sort of staggered out of the shower, leaning on each other.  When doggyslut was done with the towel she threw it at them and ordered, “Dry off sluts.  The masters and mistresses are waiting for us.  We are already in enough trouble as it is.”

Doggyslut left them in the bathroom and walked out to the family room where everyone had watched the entire scene in the bathroom on a large projection screen.  When doggyslut came in the room she saw that the girls were all giving the master’s a blow job.  Krystal was sucking away at Darrell and the only one without a partner was Mistress Marta.  Doggyslut quickly went over to her and began to suck and nibble on her bloody cunt.  When the twins came in to the room, Darrel called a stop to all of the activities.  He said, “I see our two toys have finally made it back. Everybody stop what they are doing and let’s get the party started.  Doggyslut, take meenie out on the leash and have your master bring her back in to pop her cherry first.” 

Doggyslut got up from Mistress Marta’s cunt and wiped the residual blood from her face with her fingers and sucked them clean.  She went and picked up the collar and leash and placed it on meenie’s neck and led her out the back door.  As they headed to the back door, she reminded meenie of what was expected of her and the signals that Prince would give her and what they meant for her to do.  Once they were outside, she got down on all fours and ordered meenie to do the same.  She crawled to the kennel gate, leading meenie along by holding the leash in her teeth.  She opened the gate and immediately went back on her heels and then leaned all of the way forward until her face was next to the ground.  She held the end of the leash up in offering to Prince.  Prince had been trained, to take whatever was offered when he was approached in this manner and he bit onto the leash and began pulling meenie back toward the door into the house.  Doggyslut got up and followed them in and closed the door behind them. 

Doggyslut quickly made her way around Prince and meenie.  As soon as she entered the family room, she stepped to the left of the door and announced, “Masters and Mistresses, it is my pleasure to introduce Master Prince and his new slave meenie.”  Prince wasn’t very far behind doggyslut and entered the room about half way through doggyslut’s introduction.  He led meenie to the center of the room and dropped the leash. 

When Prince dropped the leash, meenie stopped moving as she had been instructed by doggyslut.  She was silently crying with tears flowing down her cheeks to the floor.  She knew what was going to happen next. 

Prince turned around and faced meenie after dropping the leash and gave a double bark and a growl.  Meenie knew what that meant and the tears really started coming and she let out a mournful yell that spoke volumes to the misery her soul was experiencing.  She opened her mouth as doggyslut had instructed and Prince came up and started pissing in it.  She locked her lips around the tip and swallowed as fast as she could.  She used what she had learned with the vomit and suppressed the gag reflex.  It seemed as if Prince was going to piss forever, and it did take longer than normal.  It had been awhile since he had been allowed to relieve himself.

Prince finally finished and he turned around and barked once.  Meenie collapsed onto the floor and rolled over on her back as she had been instructed.  She was sobbing uncontrollably as well but she was able to open her mouth and hold it open as she had been instructed.  She dreaded the thought of what was going to happen, but she wasn’t ready to take the pain she knew would follow if she refused.  Prince moved over and straddled her face and squatted down and began shitting in meenie’s mouth.  She tried her best to bite and swallow as quickly as possible so that she didn’t have to taste the dog shit.  But there was just too much for her to keep up with.  It had been too long since Prince had gone and the dog shit just piled up on her face.  Darrell ordered, “Eenie, get down there and help your sister out.  There is more than enough for the both of you. 

When eenie saw what her sister was being forced to do, she hoped that she would be spared.  As Prince had finished taking a shit in her sister’s mouth she thought that she was home free.  The order from Darrell was unexpected and she yelled angrily, “No… I won’t do it.  You can’t make us do this stuff.  It’s against the law…………”

As soon as eenie started yelling, Krystal got up and walked up behind her and without warning, grabbed her hair and pulled her back as hard as she could and drug her over to her sister.  She threw her down and then gave her a swift kick in the cunt while ordering, “Meenie, quit eating that shit.  Eenie will eat the rest of it for you.”

Meenie stopped what she was doing as she watched her crying sister get up and crawl over her.  Eenie bent down and began taking small bites of the shit and swallowing it.  She wasn’t going very fast and the next time meenie bent over with her mouth open to take a bite, meenie grabbed the back of her head and pressed her open, shit filled mouth against her sister’s open mouth and pushed the remaining shit from her mouth to her surprised sister’s.  Meenie held her sister to her with both hands as she forced the shit in her sister’s mouth and kept them locked that way until eenie had swallowed all of the shit. 

With eenie’s ass sticking up in the air, it was a target that was too good for Prince to pass up and he quickly mounted her.  Meenie saw what was going on and wrapped both her arms tightly around her sister’s head to keep her from getting up and away from Prince.  She wasn’t about to pass up the chance to save her virginity from the dog.  If she was going to have her cherry busted, she was going to do everything she could to at least have it busted by a human male instead of a dog.

Prince finally hit home and forced his cock half way into eenie’s cunt, ripping her cherry as he sank in.  He withdrew a little and with a mighty thrust sank in to the hilt.  At the shock of the first painful penetration, eenie screamed loudly.  The large amount of shit in her mouth and her sister’s tight hold kept eenie’s mouth pressed tightly against hers and kept her from breaking free.  She arched her back as much as possible trying to break free of her sister but she wasn’t strong enough.  Finally eenie collapsed onto her sister and just took the massive pounding from Prince.  She soon felt his knot banging against her tight entrance.  Not having any experience with dogs, she thought that he was in as far as he could go.  It hurt as his knot banged against her cunt, but it was tolerable.  She finished swallowing the shit in her mouth just as Prince forced his large knot into her cunt.  Now that the shit was gone and Prince was fucking her sister, meenie let her go and eenie lifted up and screamed as the knot forced her tight cunt open farther than it had ever spread.  It happened so quickly that the lining of her cunt didn’t have enough time to expand and stretch and a couple of spots tore and she started bleeding.  The blood provided extra lubrication that eased the knot’s entry until Prince was fully locked in her cunt. 

Meenie rolled out from under her sister and sat up rubbing the shit from her face and looked for something to wash away the nasty taste.  Doggyslut stepped up to her and forced her face into her cunt and began pissing in her mouth.  She cut the flow half way through and then stepped up to eenie and grabbed her hair.  Doggyslut pulled eenie’s face into her cunt by her hair and when she was lined up, she began pissing in her mouth.  Eenie didn’t like the taste of the piss, but it was a far cry better than the aftertaste the shit left.  When doggyslut finally finished and let her hair go, eenie’s upper body collapsed to the floor as Prince was finishing fucking her.  Finally Prince started howling and eenie felt the cum shooting deep in her no longer virgin cunt.  She cried in despair at her lost innocence and her perceived betrayal by her sister.  She couldn’t understand how her sister could do something like that to her.

As she was locked onto Prince’s cock, Meenie had crawled over to Darrell and assumed the kneeling position she had been taught and asked, “Master Darrell.  Since Prince has decided to take my sister’s cherry, I willingly offer you my cherry in her place.”  She waited with dread for his answer hoping that he would fuck her instead of making her fuck the dog.  She knew that she had been selected for Prince, but with the dog taking her sister’s cherry, she was reasonably sure that Darrell would want a cherry to bust for the evening.

Darrell smiled and decided to drive the wedge that he knew had just been placed between the sisters in a bit further and said loudly, “Well since you forced your sister to take Prince’s cock and knot, a cock and knot that was originally planned for you, I need a replacement for the cherry she offered me.  Being that I can’t really tell the difference between the two of you, it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I get one of you.  So yes, I accept your offer.  Now get over here and climb up and impale yourself on my cock.  You are going to have to do all of the work.  I expect you to impale yourself in one plunge on my cock.  Any less from you and I will ram my whole arm up your ass without any preparation.  Now get to it.”

Meenie got up and straddled Darrell.  She grabbed his cock and lined it up with her cunt and when she felt the head begin to enter her virgin hole, she pushed down as hard as she could.  This forced Darrell’s cock in almost to the hilt in one stroke.  Meenie screamed from the pain as the huge cock ripped through her cherry.  When she quit moving downward, she just collapsed against Darrell and started bawling uncontrollably. 

Darrell showed no mercy and began to lift meenie up and down on his cock, fucking her as if his life depended on it.  In fact, Darrell was so excited from the evening’s activities so far that he was already close to cumming.  He reached around with one hand and began pinching meenie’s clit while he lifted her up and down with the other. He also leaned his head forward and started nibbling on her neck and ear, knowing that that was often a very sensitive erogenous zone on some women and hoping that it would stimulate meenie to an orgasm.  His efforts were rewarded as soon meenie was gasping and moaning in pleasure.  Soon afterward he could take no more and started shooting ropes of cum into the young thirteen year old twin.  He used his finger nails and pinched meenie’s clit hard just as he came.  The combination of pain and pleasure mixed with the liquid fire of the cum pulsing deep within her tripped her over the precipice and she screamed out her orgasm.

While Darrell was fucking meenie, doggyslut had returned to Mistress Marta and was sucking and chewing on her bloody cunt with relish.  Krystal had sat down in front of eenie and forced her face into her cunt and made her suck and chew on her cunt.  Pam, Kim and Tanya were each sitting in the lap of their partner.  Each was having her tits and cunt fingered, pinched and kneaded while they were kissing them.

When meenie finally recovered from her orgasm, Darrell ordered, “Meenie, I’m going to lift you off.  When I do, I want you to get down and suck my cock clean.  While you’re doing that, keep a hand down on your cunt so you don’t drip all over my new carpet.  After you finish, go over and have your sister suck my cum and your virgin blood out of your cunt.  I expect you to do the same for her once Prince pulls out.  That should be in a few more minutes.  By the way, take a look at her.  She is still having orgasm after orgasm from Princes knot.  That could have been you receiving all of that pleasure.  Instead, you had your orgasm and it’s now over, even though she started long before you did.  Think about that while she is sucking your cunt.  Think about all of the pleasure you gave up and the cost of your betrayal of your sister.  Now get to it.”

Meenie got up off of Darrell’s wilting cock and turned around and took it in her mouth.  She placed her right hand down and covered her cunt while she sucked his cock to prevent any drips from coming out.  She had no experience in deep throating a cock so she sucked the first few inches clean and then licked the rest of his shaft and balls.  When she was done she looked at Darrell for his approval and he nodded to her to go ahead to her sister.  She got up and knelt next to Krystal and told her what Master Darrell had ordered.  Krystal got up and allowed meenie to get in position so that eenie could suck the cum out.  Krystal then made meenie lay on her back and sat down on her face, ordering meenie to stick her tongue up her cunt and suck on her clit.  Soon all three girls were moaning and groaning in pleasure from their efforts.  Eenie of course was in a state of having one orgasm after the other.  Meenie was still sensitive from her orgasm she had with Darrell and soon launched into another massive orgasm.  The vibration from her screaming from the orgasm, launched Krystal into her orgasm.  The room was soon filled with girls screaming and moaning from the orgasms they received. 

Shortly after Krystal came, Prince’s knot had shrunk enough for him to pull out.  Krystal noticed and got off of meenie so she could get up and suck the cum and blood mix out of her cunt.  Meenie quickly moved into position and was amazed at the amount of cum that was streaming out.  She tentatively stuck her tongue out because she was afraid of what the dog cum would taste like.  But the fear of punishment drove her to go ahead and start sucking and licking the cum up as quickly as she could.  After about three minutes, eenie was orgasming again and screaming in pleasure until she passed out. 

Krystal stood up and looked over at her friends and said, “I think it’s time for some cherries to be popped, don’t you?”  They all three got up and grabbed their partner’s hand and pulled them after them.  The girls had decided earlier that they were all going to have their cherries popped at the same exact time.  Krystal moved a round coffee table into the center of the room.  The three of them got down on all fours and lay down on the table with their heads next to each other and their arms locked over each other’s shoulders.  Their asses were now in the perfect position for the men to come up behind them on their knees. Each guy got behind their partner and started sucking on their cunts and chewing on their cunt lips and clits.  They wanted them to be as wet as possible before the big event.

Krystal stood up with three paddles in her hand and said, “While the sluts were cleaning themselves up, Pam, Kim and Tanya decided that they wanted to have their cherries busted at exactly the same time.  Darrell, please take up a position behind Sheriff Rob.  Mistress Marta, if you’ll do the honors for Matt, I’ll do it for Sonny.”  She handed a paddle to Darrell and Marta and they took up positions. 

When they were standing behind their pair Krystal said, “Now gentlemen, please stop what you’re doing and get in position.  Stick your cock at the entrance of your partner’s virgin pussy, but don’t you dare go any further.”  When they were in position she continued, “Now I’m going to say one, two, three, go.  When I say go, you will plunge your cock into your partner while your partner pushes back on you.  Darrell, Marta and I will give you men one hard swat on the ass at the same time.  That should give you enough momentum to go all of the way on the first in stroke.  We all decided that the best way to go is to just get it over with quickly so that we can start enjoying it quicker.  We do ask that once you have popped your partner’s cherry with the first thrust, you wait until your she is ready before you start fucking her for real.  I can see that you all are past ready so ONE……TWO……THREE……GO!”

When she said go, the three men each plunged in and there was a loud crack at the same time as the three paddles came down hard on the ass of the men.  Pam, Kim and Tanya all screamed or squealed in pain from the cocks tearing through their hymens.  They lay there with tears in their eyes from the pain, but they comforted each other and began kissing each other deeply.  This mutual support helped them over the initial pain and started stoking the fires of pleasure.  Tanya was the first to start moving back and forth on Sonny.  Soon they were going at it full force and Tanya released her hold on her friends and sat back up so that her back was against Sonny’s chest.  She reached back with her arms and turned her head as she pulled Sonny’s head down for a deep French kiss.

Kim was the next one to start fucking back against Matt.  When she started responding, he reached down and grabbed her and pulled her up so that she was sitting on his cock.  He moved a hand to her tits and one to her clit and began pinching and kneading them to stimulate her.  It was obvious to everyone watching that she was enjoying the experience.  She continued to thrust up and down, groaning and moaning, “Oh fuck its s…s…s…o g…g…g…ood, uuuugh.”

Pam had also started fucking back on Sheriff Rob just after Kim did.  But she decided that she wanted to face Rob.  She said, “Pull out Rob and lay down on the floor.  Rob did and Pam immediately got up, turned around and straddled him.  She grabbed his dick and lined it up with her pussy and sank down on it.  Once it was fully imbedded, she leaned forward and put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard as she began to fuck back and forth on his huge cock.  She was moaning and groaning into the kiss as they fucked.

Kim was the first to launch into an orgasm.  She yelled, “It’s starting, I’m almost there.  Please keep fucking me, harder……harder, Ayeeee…………Oh my god.”  She collapsed back into Matt’s arms.  He waited a minute for her to recover and when she did, he picked her up and laid her down on her back and began fucking her again.  She threw her arms and legs around him to try and get as much penetration as possible and was soon having another orgasm.

Pam was rocking back and forth slowly on Sheriff Rob’s cock and was getting close to cumming herself.  She wasn’t in any hurry and wanted her first time to be as gentle and loving as she had dreamed of.  Her kisses with the sheriff were getting more and more passionate as she got closer and closer to cumming.

Tanya was bouncing up and down faster and faster on Sonny’s cock.  She had seen how Pam and Rob had been when they first started and the next time she started to pull up, she pulled all of the way off of his cock and turned around and sank back down on his cock.  She put her arms around Sonny’s neck and leaned up and whispered, “I love you Sonny.  I’ve been dreaming of you taking my cherry since the first time I ever saw you two years ago.  Thank you for being my first.”  She then smothered his mouth with a very passionate kiss and started bouncing up and down on his cock like there was no tomorrow.  She soon began to close in on the ultimate peak and Sonny was close behind.  As her orgasm approached, her rhythm became more uneven.  Finally she went over the edge of the precipice and had the most wonderful orgasm of her young life.  As her orgasm flooded her body, the pulsations of her vaginal walls was enough to trigger Sonny’s orgasm.

They were both yelling out at the pleasure their orgasms were giving them.  Finally they collapsed into each others arms.  Pam was whispering, “I love you” over and over in his ear.  Sonny had always been a bit shy growing up and had only dated a couple of girls.  This was the first time a girl had ever declared her love for him.  He thought Tanya was a beautiful girl and he definitely felt something for her, but he didn’t know if it was love.  He pulled her away enough so he could look into her eyes and he saw the devotion she had for him.  He said, “I have feelings for you too.  I don’t know if it is love, but I’m willing to give it a try and see if it really is.  I will commit to you now that you and I are together.  We’ll have to keep it a secret from your parents due to our age difference so they don’t freak out.  By the time you finish high school, if we feel the same for each other then, we’ll get married.  By the way, that doesn’t mean you have to give up anything that you were going to do with Krystal and your friends.  If we end up together, we will continue to do those types of things as well.  Is that okay with you?”

Tanya squealed in happiness and kissed him passionately in happiness.  When she declared her love to Sonny, she hoped he would have some feelings for her.  She had hoped he would love her as much as she did him but knew that he probably didn’t.  She had dreamed of this day for two years and when he told her he had feelings for her as well, he might as well have told her he loved her.  She knew she would do anything to prove her love for him.  And he didn’t want her to change at all or stop her from the path that doggyslut had put her and her friends on.  She began crying in happiness that all of her dreams and desires looked like they were going to come true.

Pam and the sheriff were still making slow passionate love and Pam finally tripped over into an orgasm.  She stopped for a minute as the pleasure flooded her every molecule.  When it began to recede, she again began her slow, gentle fucking rhythm and continued to kiss the sheriff with even more passion if that was possible.  She very quickly launched into another orgasm and then another until she was having one continuous orgasm.  She couldn’t move on her own any more so Rob maintained the same slow, gentle fucking motion that they had been maintaining.  He was beginning to get close to orgasm, but didn’t want to hurry it.

Kim was at that very minute in the throws of her fourth orgasm and her cunt walls began rippling over Matt’s cock.  This was enough to finally launch him into his orgasm.  When she felt her cunt flood with the warm cum, her orgasm peaked even higher and she bit down on Matt’s shoulder as she screamed out in ecstasy.  When it finally subsided, she saw that she had drawn blood and started apologizing over and over again until Matt laughed and told her not to worry about it. 

Pam and the sheriff were the only ones that had not finished yet.  Pam was making unintelligible and animal like sounds through the kiss from the continuous orgasm that was pulsing through her body.  Rob on the other hand was finally very close to orgasm and began to rapidly thrust his cock into Pam’s flooded cunt.  With one last plunge, he finally came, never breaking the kiss with Pam.  The feeling of the cum flooding her cunt sent Pam into and even more intense orgasm and she screamed into Rob’s mouth.  Rob felt the cum just flood out of her stuffed cunt.  He couldn’t believe that she was cumming so much.  She finally passed out and collapsed on top him.  He just held her there as his cock slowly deflated in her flooded cunt. He was surprised to hear applause coming from the room and when he looked up he saw that they were all looking at the two of them. 

Pam finally came around and sat up, looking around.  She saw that everyone was looking at her and Rob.  She said, “What?” with a dumbfounded look on her face.  Everyone just broke out laughing, except for eenie and meenie of course. They had been made to 69 each other in the corner until they were told to stop.  Krystal was the first to quit laughing enough to say, “That was the most beautiful and sexy thing we’ve ever seen, that’s what.  Matt spoke up and added, “In my many years of life and years as a member of the group, I’ve only seen something as intense as that one other time.  That was when Darrel’s parents did it for the first time in a party very similar to this one on her 13th birthday.  Nancy’s parents had told her that she could pick anyone she wanted to pop her cherry and she had always had a crush on John.  He was about four years older than she was and almost refused because of the age difference.  As you can tell, the experience was enough to bind the two of them together.  Neither one ever dated another person again.  Rob, I know she’s only thirteen, but you have got to hang on to this girl.  You will probably never find another that will give you that kind of experience.  You’ve always told me you never married because you could never find a woman to be as passionate with you as you are with them.  Well I think you found her.”

Rob looked at him and said, “You know Matt, I think you’re right.  I don’t think I will ever find anyone that could do that with me.”  He looked at Pam and said, “You’re still young, but I am yours any time you want for a little fun.  When you are of age and old enough to make that kind of decision, I’ll be there for you if you want to make it a permanent relationship.  I want you to finish growing up and learn all that you can before you make that kind of decision.  So don’t say anything now, just enjoy everything the group is offering you.”  Pam grabbed him and hugged him, whispering thank you into his ear over and over.

Krystal finally announced, “Enough of this lovey dovey stuff.  It’s time for the party to continue and to have a little fun.  Darrell and Marta, we have two new sex toys that have two more cherries to bust.  I want you two to take their ass cherries and then while you are doing it, I want them fucked by a dog.  The only problem is we only have Prince and I was hoping that we could do both of them at the same time.”

Matt spoke up, “Krystal, I think I have the solution to your little problem.  I’ll be back in a minute.”  He got up and without getting dressed, went out the front door.  After a couple of minutes, he came back in with a black lab at his side.  After he closed the door, he said, “Everyone, I would like to introduce Butch.  I take him with me every where I go.  He will be more than happy to fuck one of our bitches.”

Krystal started clapping saying, “Goody, Goody” like a little girl that just had her most precious wish fulfilled. She finally settled down and said, “Darrell and Marta, if you will be kind enough to lie in the middle of the floor side by side.  Doggyslut, please go get a nice big dildo for our dear Mistress to use on one of our new fucktoys.”

Doggyslut quickly ran down to the dungeon and picked up a strap on harness and chose the largest of the dildos.  It was at least three inches around and twelve inches long.  It was bigger than her arm.  She thought how she would like to have that monster stuffed up her ass.  She quickly ran back upstairs and immediately assisted Mistress Marta in putting it on.  She then gave her a big passionate kiss and asked, “Can you use that on me when you are done please Mistress?” 

Marta patted doggyslut on the head as if she were a dog and said, “Of course doggyslut.  I will be happy to abuse you when we get down to the dungeon.”

Doggyslut answered, “Thank you mistress.”

Marta then lay down on her back on the floor a double arms length from Darrell.  Krystal then ordered, “Pam and Tanya you get one of our toys and Kim and I will get the other.”  They quickly moved and separated the two twins.  They didn’t pay any attention to which twin went to Darrell and which to Marta, but it ended up that eenie was going to give her anal cherry to Darrell and meenie to Marta.  The two girls were brought and made to kneel down and suck the cocks.  Of course, there was no need to make Marta’s dildo stiff, but it added to the humiliation factor to be forced to suck the cock that was going to take her ass.  When eenie had Darrell’s cock nice and stiff, they both were pulled up and made to squat over their respective cock until it was pushing against there anal rosebud.  Krystal then counted “ONE, TWO, THREE……GO.”  The two girls on either side of the twins pushed down hard, impaling each of them on their respective cocks at the same time.  Of course, both of them let out a loud scream of pain from their impalement.  They were not all of the way down on their cock yet.  Eenie was about half way down Darrell’s cock and meenie was only about an inch down the huge dildo on Marta.  The four girls again pushed down hard on their respective twins and the screams commenced again.  Eenie was now all of the way down Darrel’s cock, but meenie was only down a quarter of the way.  Krystal and Kim went over and joined Pam and Tanya. Again Krystal counted to three and all four of them pushed down as hard as they could.  This time meenie sank all of the way down to the hilt.  The large dildo split her asshole at the rim and she started bleeding which lubricated the remaining passage of the huge dildo.  Meenie screamed and cried from the pain of the dildo’s passage.  She didn’t pass out, but she wished that she would.  She knew what was planned and didn’t want to be awake when it happened.

Krystal directed Kim to go get Prince.  While she was gone, she leaned down and said to eenie, “Since you so graciously allowed your sister to give up her cunt cherry to Prince, I think it only fair that you have a chance to experience him as I take your ass cherry.”

Meenie screamed out a “Noooooo” and struggled to get off in a desperate attempt to get away. Krystal grabbed a paddle that was on the coffee table next to her and quickly paddled meenie’s tits repeatedly until she settled down and quit struggling to escape.  As meenie cried and sobbed, Krystal leaned in and said, “You aren’t very smart, are you slave.  I would have thought by now that you would have learned that you will do whatever we tell you.  Now do as I say and lean back and let Mistress Marta play with your tits.”

Meenie leaned back and did as she was told.  Marta put her arms around her and started pinching and twisting her tits as hard as she could as Kim led Prince up to them.  When he was in place, Marta gave the command, “Suck Prince”.  Prince immediately straddled Marta’s head and launched up onto meenie’s tits, mashing Marta’s hands into them.  Marta had grabbed meenie’s entire tit in each hand and was squeezing down hard to inflict pain.  The weight from Prince forced her fingernails into meenie’s tit flesh.  Meenie screamed in pain and barely heard Krystal order, “Suck his cock bitch.”  To put more emphasis on the command, Marta pinched and twisted her nipples as hard as she could again.  Meenie opened her mouth in a scream and Krystal guided Prince’s cock into her mouth and she repeated the command to suck.  Meenie began to suck on the cock in her mouth, tears streaming down her face at the humiliation she thought she had avoided earlier.  Soon the cock was hitting the back of her throat.  She started gagging and Marta said, “Just swallow when it hits the back of your throat cunt and it will slide down with do problem.”  Meenie tried as she said and found that the dog’s expanding cock slid down her throat without triggering her gag reflex.  Just as she was getting the hang of it, Prince was pulled off of her and led around to her bottom side.  Marta gave the fuck command and Prince jumped up and his front quarters landed on meenie’s stomach.  Krystal guided Prince’s rampant cock into meenie’s cunt and he gave a massive thrust that sank him in to the hilt.  He started fucking her as only a dog can, pounding in to her with rapid yet powerful thrusts.

Meenie was stuffed fuller than she had ever been filled before with the three inch dildo in her ass and Prince’s massive cock in her cunt.  It wasn’t long until his knot was pounding at her cuntal entrance.  She started screaming in pain from the knot being forced in to her already restricted cunt.  Finally it was forced in and she let out one final scream of pain as she passed out. 

Darrell ordered, “Doggyslut, go get the ammonia capsules from the dungeon.  It seems as if meenie can’t take your master’s cock.”  He laughed as he finished.  Doggyslut quickly ran down to the dungeon and got a card of ten capsules.  She noticed the slave shackled to the torture cross and quickly went over and took his cock into her mouth to the hilt and sucked hard as she pulled off.  She looked up at him and said, “It won’t be long now.  See ya later.”  She turned and ran back upstairs and excitedly said, “Here’s the ammonia capsules you wanted master.”  Darrell pushed one out of the card and gave it to doggyslut and ordered, “Take this and break it under meenie’s nose.  We don’t want her to miss out on her first double fuck with Prince do we?”  Doggyslut took the capsule and excitedly answered, “No master” and ran over to Marta, meenie and Prince. 

Doggyslut immediately put the capsule in front of meenie’s nose and broke it.  She jerked up from the smell and began screaming again almost immediately from the dual fucking she was receiving.  Marta was just laying there enjoying the sensations as prince bounced meenie back and forth as he fucked her.  This had the effect of fucking her on the Dildo that Marta wore and that stimulated Marta’s clit.  She was getting close to cumming and hoped that Prince would last long enough.  She didn’t have anything to worry about as Prince was far from being done and kept hammering away after his knot went down.  It wasn’t long before meenie was feeling more than the pain from the dual penetration.  She started feeling pleasure in areas she didn’t know she could feel pleasure in.  Combined with the pain in her cunt, ass and the constant pain that Marta was inflicting on her tits, she finally stiffened and screamed out in orgasm from the pain/pleasure mixture.  Marta followed soon after and when she had her orgasm, she squeezed hard on meenie’s tits, driving her fingernails into her flesh again and drawing more blood.  Prince of course just kept on humping until he finally started flooding meenie’s cunt with cum.  She just groaned again in the mixture of pain and pleasure as Prince finally turned around ass to ass and waited for his knot to go down. 

Doggyslut went to Prince’s head and hugged him and petted him cooing to him saying, “Did my master enjoy his new toys today.  You always make your fuck toys feel so good master.”

As Prince had been fucking meenie, her sister had been made to lean back and take Butch in her cunt while Darrell fucked her ass.  Eenie didn’t have near the problem of accommodating Butch’s knot as meenie did Prince’s.  Butch didn’t have near the endurance that Prince had either and was soon cumming.  Because he came so soon, she didn’t get to the point of having an orgasm as meenie had.  All she felt was pain.  Darrell noticed that Butch had finished up too soon so he began stimulating eenie’s tit’s and nibbled on her ear and throat.  He reached down and found her stiff clit and began pinching and stimulating that as well.  All of the additional stimulation and the pressure the knot placed on her G spot finally pushed eenie over the edge causing her to scream in orgasm.  Her ass began squeezing and massaging his rampant cock.  She soon felt his cum filling her ass and that pushed her into a second more powerful orgasm.  When she finally quit cumming, she just laid there in exhaustion on top of Darrell waiting for Butch to pull out.

Both twins were now totally exhausted from the night of abuse and rape.  They could do nothing but wait for the dogs’ cocks to go down and withdraw.  Doggyslut stood back and was looking back and forth between the two twins.  She thought that it would probably be butch that pulled out first, but she didn’t know for sure so she waited between them.  Sure enough about fifteen minutes after the grand finale, Butch pulled out of eenie’s cunt.  Doggyslut immediately went over and began sucking out the cum that flowed out of her cunt.  As soon as Butch pulled away and doggyslut had her cleaned out she pulled eenie up and turned her around.  She ordered, “Suck Master Darrel’s cock clean now and when you’re through, thank him for allowing you the pleasure of being fucked in the ass by him and Butch.  Now get to it.”

Eenie kneeled down and took the shit covered cock into her mouth and began to suck Darrel’s cock clean.  Doggyslut got behind her and began sucking the cum and shit mixture oozing out of her ass.  She soon heard eenie thanking Darrell as she had been instructed.

Doggyslut finished just in time.  When she stepped back away from eenie, she saw that Prince was pulling out of meenie’s cunt.  She immediately went over and gladly sucked his cum out of her cunt.  She had come to love the taste of Prince’s cum and sucked away with relish enjoying every drop she could get.  When she could get no more, she pulled meenie up off of Marta’s dildo and turned her around and ordered, “Suck Mistress Marta’s cock clean of your shit and then thank her for taking your anal cherry and allowing Master Prince to fuck your cunt. Now do it.”

Meenie kneeled down and began licking the shit covered dildo clean.  Doggyslut leaned in and whispered in meenie’s ear and said, “Don’t forget to suck her bloody cunt clean as well bitch.”  Doggyslut went back over to Master Darrell and helped him up.  She then helped Marta up after meenie finished cleaning her off and thanking her as instructed.  Doggyslut helped her out of the dildo harness.  When she was up, Marta looked around the room and announced, “I think we have a slave down in the dungeon that needs a little attention.  If we are done popping cherries for the night, let’s head down and have a little fun.  Our new doms could use some lessons in how to torture a male.  I think they have already learned how to deal with a female sex toy, isn’t that right doggyslut?”

Doggyslut smiled and said, “Oh yes mistress, they did quite well.”

Krystal stood up and announced, “If it’s alright with every one else, I am in agreement with Marta.  Pam, Kim and Tanya would like to reserve the ass cherries so that they can choose who they give it to later.  I know I speak for all of us when I say that we would love nothing more than to have a chance to enjoy the dungeon again.  We would love the opportunity to learn first hand from you masters and mistresses who have been involved in this lifestyle for many years.  There is a lot we can learn for you.

This is end of Chapter 26.


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