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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 22 Doggyslut the Punisher

Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 22

By Redlegtiger



Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.



Chapter 22, Doggyslut the Punisher


Darrell left home and headed back towards their home town.  Darrell looked over at doggyslut sitting in the front passenger seat naked with nothing on but her collar and the chain connecting her clit and nipple rings.  She carried in her hand the leash to her collar.  Darrell asked, “I didn’t tell you what to wear for tonight.  Why did you choose to come down as you are now?”


Doggyslut answered, “You only allowed me to dress up for Krystal’s party master.  This is how you normally want me to be, so I assumed that if you wanted me to wear something you would have told me.  Was I correct master?”


Darrell replied, “Yes doggyslut, you are absolutely correct.  As I understand it from my parents, you are a most unusual slave.  Most slaves go through a year or more of training before they adapt as well as you have.  You now seem to take joy in pleasing your master and doing what I tell you no matter what you are asked.”


Doggyslut felt pride in the praise her master was giving her and said, “Thank you master.  It is my only purpose in life to make you happy.  I know that being a good slave means not only doing what you tell me, but to analyze every situation and behave in a manner that is conducive to the rules you have set for doggyslut.  I am only happy when you are pleased with doggyslut’s efforts on your behalf.”


Darrell was surprised.  As he understood what his parents had told him, Slaves only do what they are told when they are told.  To have one conform every situation to the rules she has been given without orders to do so and to blindly obey every order is absolutely amazing.  He thought about what she said and about what was going to be expected of her in the next couple of days.  He decided that the more she knew of the situation, the better she would be at doing what was expected.  He asked, “How would you feel if a slave attacked its master?”


Doggyslut thought about what was said to her when she was hunted.  She answered, “Master, it is never justified for a slave to attack its master for any reason, even if the slave fears that what the master is doing will lead to its death.  A slave’s purpose is only to please its master, even if it means the slave’s death.  A slave that attacks a master must never be allowed to get away with it.  As I understand what I have been told, the normal procedure is for the slave to be punished to the point it is just shy of death and then hunted to death by either a mountain lion or the hunting dogs.  Is that correct master?”


Darrell answered, “Yes you are correct.  We have that situation with a slave now.  If you were in charge of its punishment, what would you do as a slave punishing a slave?”


Doggyslut answered, “It would depend on what was available to punish the slave master.  A slave should never be allowed to punish another slave like a master does.  If a slave must punish another slave, it should be painful for the one doing the punishment, or have the threat of pain but to a lesser degree than the pain of the one to be experienced. This should be done to remind it that it is only by the good graces of its master that it is not in the same position.  Now the punishment that is given to the bad slave should be extremely painful and debilitating to the point the slave thinks it is going to die or wants to die but they are only allowed to experience more and more pain.  Is that a suitable answer master or do you want more?”


Darrell said, “I think you are absolutely correct.  As an example to demonstrate what I think you are saying. Let’s say you determine that the slave to be punished is going to be whipped on its cunt.  The slave doing the punishment should be whipped with a normal whip but the slave being punished should be whipped with a whip with metal barbs on it so that the pain would be more painful.  Is that what you are saying?”


Doggyslut said, “Something like that sir.  But I would take it one step further and make it a competition between slaves.  To use your example, start whipping the slaves on the cunt until each one has an orgasm.  The whipping only stops when the slave either orgasms or passes out.  The winning slave will be able to punish the looser for the time between when the first one orgasms or passes out and the second one does.”


Darrell responded, “I see”.  He paused in thought for a few minutes then asked, “What if a slave attacked someone that you know very well and liked a lot.”


Doggyslut thought about what he just said.  She was trying to remember who she had met since all of this started that Karen liked a lot. Then it dawned on her that it must be Miss Tyree.  She was her favorite teacher in school and in all of the opportunities she had to punish and hurt her she never did.  She always had her punish dipshit.  She finally put it all together and asked, “Dipshit attacked Mistress Tyree, didn’t she Master?”


Darrell looked at doggyslut briefly and then back to the road saying, “Very good doggyslut.  Yes it was dipshit.  She hurt Mistress Tyree very badly.”


Doggyslut almost whispered her request, “Master, could you please tell me what happened?”


Darrell told the story, “Mistress Tyree was having a little party with some of her new friends in the group last Saturday.  She had been preparing all day for it.  About thirty minutes before the party was to start, she had dipshit start setting the food out in her dining room.  Mistress Tyree had just finished cutting up bite size pieces of summer sausage and other luncheon meats and cheeses and gone to her room to get cleaned up.  She decided to lay down for a few minutes to rest up for the party.  She had put the knife down next to the cutting board on her kitchen island when she went to her room.  Apparently dipshit picked up the knife and went up to Mistress Tyree’s room.  She snuck into the room and was just getting ready to stab her mistress when she woke up.  When she woke up she saw that dipshit was right there holding the knife above her head.  Fortunately Mistress Tyree was quick enough to raise her arm and partially block the thrust of the knife but it cut her left arm and then went completely through her left tit slicing it almost completely in half vertically.  Of course she screamed from the pain and if the first guest hadn’t arrived early and heard the scream, she might have died.  She had a male slave with her and when she heard the scream she ordered him to go help Mistress Tyree.  He too was like you and loved Mistress Tyree from school and how she had treated him as a slave since she joined the group.  When he saw them, dipshit was pulling the knife out of her leg and getting ready to stab her again.  He lunged and tackled her.  He took the knife right in the middle of his back and it severed his spinal chord paralyzing him from the chest down.  His mistress took out her tazer and tazed dipshit before she could hurt anyone else.  Fortunately she was a triage nurse at the hospital emergency room and knew what to do to stabilize both victims.  She called the groups emergency medical team and they quickly came and took both to our emergency treatment clinic.  The doctors were able to get Mistress Tyree stitched up and hopefully her scars won’t be too bad.  She has volunteered to take over the care of the slave that saved her so that he won’t be destroyed.  He’s of no use to anyone as a slave if he is paralyzed.  Dipshit has been held in the old library dungeon since the incident.  That is where we are going.”


He looked over at doggyslut and saw two things that seemed to be contradictory.  She was obviously crying because the tears were just streaming down her cheeks.  She was also angry.  He could see the anger and hate building in her and the clench of her jaws made it obvious.  What she said next surprised him though.


Within doggyslut, Karen was crying.  She thought about all of the wonderful times with Miss Tyree in high school and how she was her favorite teacher and seemed always there for her as she struggled getting through while she was two years younger than her classmates.  Then she started thinking about how she had been treated by everyone since she had been raped and forced to marry Darrell. It dawned on her that she was the only adult in the whole group who had never tortured her.  Not only that, but she had given her an outlet to work her anger out.  She had thought that she was just forcing her to be like all of the other sadists in the group, but in fact she was trying to help her cope.  When she realized this, she began to feel really angry. 


Doggyslut felt the change immediately.  She was angry that a mistress had been attacked and that was enough for her.  But as Karen’s anger started fomenting, it magnified doggyslut’s anger and their collective hatred of dipshit began to grow and grow.


Darrell drove on for a few minutes wondering what was going on in doggyslut’s mind, not really understanding the dual personality that resided within.  Finally he noticed a calm look of anger; hatred and determination take over her demeanor. He was about to say something when doggyslut looked over at her Master and asked, “Master, I know I have no right to ask this, but could I have permission to be the one to punish dipshit?”


Darrell was floored at her request.  He wanted her to do the punishment, but he figured he would have to order her to do it.  It would mean a whole lot more if she did it willingly, than if he just ordered her to do it and she did it out of fear.  By asking for permission to be the punisher, she was volunteering to do everything.  He wanted to make sure she understood that and asked, “You do understand what you’re asking for don’t you?”


She wiped the tears out of her eyes with the back of her hands and looked at her master and said, “Master Darrell, I will do everything I explained to you and then some.  Yes I know that I am taking the responsibility to punish her severely to the point that she is barely alive and then have her hunted.  But I have a request as to how she is hunted.  I want her hunted by the mountain lion.  I want her pussy sewn up with something alive inside it like a rat or something.  I want the mountain lion to hunt her and when it catches her I want it to fuck her ass and then kill her with his cock still up her ass so she will know that she died a slave to an animal.  I would like to have tonight alone with her to explore the dungeon and decide what can be done that will allow the torture to occur as I explained to you before.  I want permission to punish her like a Mistress for tonight only with the understanding that I will not do it too severely.  I would like for Mistress Tyree to be there for the punishment so she can see who is doing it for her.  Please Master, I beg you to allow me to do this.”  She again wiped the tears from her eyes and waited for the answer. 


Darrell had to think this one through.  He answered her, “It is not up to me to make that decision.  I will of course talk to the other masters and mistresses about what you have asked.  But the punishment will be determined by Mistress Tyree in the end.  It will be up to her to decide whether or not you will be allowed to do the punishment.  I will ask that they let you explore the dungeon while we discuss it so that you can get some ideas while they discuss it.  Just so you know, Mistress Tyree will be there tonight.”


Doggyslut asked, “Master, I know that normally you would lead me in to the dungeon on my leash and I would wait for your orders.  But would you please allow me to go to Mistress Tyree and ask her myself when we enter.  I so want to do this for her master.”


Just then they pulled up at what looked like an old dilapidated farm house.  He pulled the car into a big old barn.  The barn doors looked like they could fall off, but he pushed a button and they opened automatically.  When they pulled in, doggyslut noticed that there were several cars parked diagonally on either side and that there was only one spot left.  Darrell pulled the car into that spot and got out.  Doggyslut opened her door and as she turned to get out, she presented her leash to Darrell.  He attached it to her collar and they headed to a set of double doors to the left of the automobile exit to the barn.  The doors looked like they went in to a room.   Darrell unlocked the doors and opened them.  When they opened, doggyslut saw that there was a steep incline that seemed to go into a deep dark pit. 


Once they entered and Darrell locked the door, lights came on automatically.  They started down the passageway and Darrell said, “I give you my permission to do as you ask.  I don’t know if she will be in the room so don’t leave my side until you see her.  You do not have to ask for permission again.  Just do it.” 


As they continued down the almost mile long corridor doggyslut noticed that there were rooms off to either side.  She heard a familiar noise that she knew was coming from a mountain lion.  As they got closer, she realized that there were two of them.  They went in a bit farther and she heard dogs barking and she asked, “Are these all master Keplar’s hunting animals master?”


Darrell said, “Yes they are.  You don’t miss much do you?” in more of a statement than a question.  He continued, “All of his animals belonging to the club were brought down here to keep once we learned of the facilities that were available.  This way they are less noticeable and we don’t have to worry about accidents that would require us to answer rather disquieting questions.  You’ll see as we go in closer that there are other animals as well.  Pay close attention as you go.  If you get to punish dipshit, you will be able to choose from them as well as the equipment.  If you want to stop and look just say so and we’ll stop for a minute.  We’re still early yet.”


Doggyslut said, “Thank you master.  Do you have small animals and maybe even insects as well?”


Darrell acknowledged that they did and that if she had something specific in mind that they didn’t have, they could possibly get it for her if it wasn’t to hard to obtain.


They kept on walking the almost mile long corridor and stopped three times to look at the horses, the donkey and the snakes.  She was paying close attention as they went and she saw several small animals as well that might have interesting possibilities.  She really wanted to do this in the worst way.  She just prayed that she would be given the chance.


They finally came to the entrance to the dungeon and Darrell unlocked the door with his key.  As the door opened, doggyslut saw Mistress Tyree sitting in a wheel chair watching as dipshit’s tits were being wrapped in barbed wire.  They had heard the screaming as they approached the dungeon and wondered what they were doing to her.


As soon as doggyslut saw Mistress Tyree she took off running toward her.  Two of the masters started to go to intercept but Darrell waved them off.  Doggyslut fell to her knees in front of Mistress Tyree and bent down and put her head down right at her feet. She said crying, “Forgive this worthless slut for not understanding what you were doing for me.  I realize everything now and beg your forgiveness please.”


Mistress Tyree said, “There is nothing to forgive.  Please come kneel beside me and look me in the eyes.” 


Doggyslut did as she was told and moved to where she was directed.  Mistress Tyree told her, “Give me your hands.”


Doggyslut complied, all the time looking into her mistress’ eyes.  Mistress Tyree finally said, “I always had high hopes for you and your future.  I didn’t think that anything would ever stop you.  Unfortunately your dickhead parents ruined all of that for you.  Once you were taken as a slave, there was only one thing I could do and that was to give you an outlet for your frustrations.  I was hoping that it would help you cope with everything that was going on.  You see, I have been a member of this group since I was a child.  This is how I was raised and I know no other life.  I get enjoyment out of what we do to our slaves, but when I found out it was you, you are so special to me that I just couldn’t treat you like a normal slave.  I am glad that you came to understand that.”


Doggyslut asked with tears still streaming down her face, “May I see where you were injured mistress?”


Mistress Tyree held out her arm towards doggyslut and doggyslut took it and kissed it, pausing for a few seconds and then looking back up with a questioning look.”


Mistress Tyree knew what she wanted and said, “I know you want to see the other, but I can’t open my blouse with my arm like this right now.  You will have to unbutton it yourself.”


Doggyslut carefully undid all of the buttons on the blouse and tenderly pulled it open.  She noticed the row of stitches that went from the top of her tit to the left of the nipple and down through to the base of the tit.  Doggyslut leaned forward and gently kissed the top of the scar, the bottom of the scar and then right on the nipple.  She then sat back on her heels in the slave’s position and asked, “Mistress, I know that it is your right to punish dipshit and decide what to do to her for her horrible crime against you.”  Doggyslut looked up into Mistress Tyree’s eyes and with as much determination and steel in her voice as she could muster said, “I would really like the honor of avenging you and punishing this criminal to the end.  I promise that she will suffer horrendously before she is hunted and when she is….”  Doggyslut leaned forward and whispered what she wanted for dipshit’s demise during the hunt and then sat back in position and waited for the answer.


Mistress Tyree got a smile on her face and then started laughing.  All of the masters and mistresses in attendance stared at her.  When she finally got control of herself she said to doggyslut, “I would let you do the punishment just for suggesting such a delicious demise for the bitch.  I can’t wait to see what you will do.”  She turned to the other masters and mistresses and said, “I don’t want another sole to touch dipshit.  I am appointing doggyslut as my official punisher and executioner for the crimes dipshit perpetrated on me.  What ever she wants in the way of support, you are to give her without question.  Do I here any objections from the punishment council?”


Darrell’s dad spoke up as president of the council and said, “It is your decision Missy.  The council will make an exception to allow doggyslut to punish dipshit on your behalf.”


Darrell spoke up and said, “Doggyslut has full understanding of what is to take place before the hunt.  She feels that because she is a slave, whatever punishment she gives, we should give her a similar punishment as dipshit’s but not as severe.  She has assured me that what ever she comes up with will be entertaining for us.  She asks for the opportunity to be alone with dipshit tonight to explore the dungeon and develop a plan based on what she finds.  She also has asked that for tonight only that she be allowed to punish dipshit as a master would with the understanding that no really serious injury would be incurred until the official punishment starts.  Will this be acceptable to the council and especially to Miss Tyree?”


They all agreed, as did Mistress Tyree.  As Darrell came over to push Mistress Tyree’s wheel chair out, doggyslut said while looking at Mistress Tyree, “Masters and mistresses please forgive this worthless slut but I would like to change my request slightly.”  


John Mitchell said, “You are beginning to try our patience slave but go ahead.”


Doggyslut looked at Mistress Tyree and said, “This slut thought that being alone tonight would be the best thing, but could Mistress Tyree stay here tonight to give this worthless slut advice as needed about the suitability of the punishments that are selected.  It would be this slut’s honor to care for Mistress Tyree tonight as the punishment is planned out.” 


Mistress Tyree said to the group, “I’ll stay, now go and let us scheme.” 


Everyone left and locked the dungeon on the way out.  After they left, Mistress Tyree said to doggyslut, “I know by looking at you that you are filled with anger and hate.  Please take about fifteen minutes and do what you like to dipshit and then we can get to work.”


Dipshit immediately got up and ran at dipshit and planted her fist right in the center of dipshit’s stomach knocking the air out of her.  She then proceeded to pummel dipshit’s tits with her fists.  She punched her over and over again on her tits, her stomach, her pussy and her face for fifteen minutes.  During the whole time she was pummeling dipshit, she yelled every insult she could think of and then some.  Dipshit was screaming in pain and crying from the constant abuse on her already whipped body. Towards the end, doggyslut just started a scream of anger that just got louder and louder until her scream of anger was drowning out dipshit’s scream of pain. 


Mistress Tyree finally called time.  Doggyslut stopped and sat down hard in exhaustion from the exertion.  She sat there crying from the release of all of the emotion.  When she finally composed herself she looked up at dipshit who was passed out and just hanging limply in front of her.  Bruises were already starting to form all over dipshit’s body.  Doggyslut breathed out a sigh of satisfaction.  She got up and knelt in front of Mistress Tyree and asked, “Permission to make love to you please mistress?”


Mistress Tyree noticed that doggyslut had said make love, not fuck.  She was a bit surprised but wasn’t going to turn it down.  She answered, “Of course doggyslut.  I would enjoy having you show me your love.”


Doggyslut got up and leaned down and kissed her mistress.  The kiss seemed to last forever for both participants and both began getting excited.  Doggyslut finally released the kiss and moved to her ear and started chewing and licking her ear.  She spent a few minutes there and then started alternating between her neck and her ear.  She finally nibbled her way down to the uninjured breast and proceeded to gently nibble and lick around the meat of the tit.  She worked her way up from the base to the nipple and then back down again.  She repeated this several times and then switched to the injured tit.  She just gently licked the uninjured part of the tit and nibbled on the nipple.  She finally kissed gently along the entire length of the scar from top to bottom.  When she was done, she started gently biting her way down her stomach, stopping briefly to pay attention to her belly button and then on down, bypassing her cunt and kissing and licking her way down her right thigh all the way to her ankle.  She took off her shoes and then kissed her feet and sucked each of her toes.  She went to the other foot and did the same and then worked her way up. 


When doggyslut got to her injured thigh, doggyslut kissed along the long stitched injury and then focused her attention on her Mistress’ pleasure center.  She began to lick, nibble and gently chew her cunt lips.  She occasionally worked her way back to her asshole and tongued it sticking her tongue in as far as she could and then worked her way back to her cunt.  She would bring her mistress to the brink of orgasm and then back off not letting her trip over the edge.  She did this numerous times and then finally she put all of her effort into sucking and chewing on her clit.  Mistress Tyree launched into a massive orgasm, letting out a scream of ecstasy in the process.  Doggyslut kept up her efforts and just as the first orgasm began to subside she launched into a second and more intense orgasm.  This happened two more times before Mistress Tyree went into a long continuous orgasm that was unlike any other she had ever had.  She finally passed out from exhaustion.


When Mistress Tyree had passed out, doggyslut lapped up her cum until it quit flowing from her cunt and then she buttoned up her mistress’ blouse and fixed her skirt so that she was presentable.  She then started looking around the dungeon to see what was available to use for the punishment session the next couple of days. She noticed that there were still a couple of the old dusty skeletons hanging from the walls.  She guessed that they were left there to make an impact on the slaves they brought in to the dungeon.  She wondered how many slaves had come through this dungeon in its hay day almost a century ago.  As she went through the storage cabinets, she found things of interest that were new and some that were old.  She made a point of remembering the ones that she couldn’t figure out from looking at them so she could ask her mistress. 


Doggyslut heard a moan come from across the room and went to Mistress Tyree.  She was just waking up and when she had her wits, she looked at doggyslut and said, “My god, if I had known it would have been that good I would have made you my slave a long time ago.  That was absolutely wonderful.  I’m going to have to talk to your master about borrowing you from time to time.  Thank you for that.  Now tell me what you have found.  Doggyslut pushed her through the dungeon and pointed to the devices she was thinking of using.  The ones she wasn’t sure of she asked about their function.  There was one that she didn’t understand until Mistress Tyree explained its purpose and she decided that it had to be used.  She explained what she had in mind for the first day and Mistress Tyree approved.  She then asked if she could open the doors to the corridor with the animals.  Mistress Tyree got up and unlocked them and sat back in the wheel chair. 


Doggyslut took her to the animals that she had decided to use for the second days punishment and again she got agreement from her mistress.  She then found a room with a series of small cages in them and she saw a particular animal that she thought would be perfect for the hunt and showed it to Mistress Tyree.  Mistress Tyree saw what she had found and started laughing and clapping.  She said, “You are a sadistic little slut.  I’m glad I allowed you to plan the punishment for dipshit.  You have selected some absolutely marvelous tortures for my dear slave.  Now let’s go to the Master’s room and get some sleep before the big day tomorrow.”


Doggyslut pushed the wheelchair towards the dungeon.  Before they got to the doors, Mistress Tyree pointed to a door on the left.  Doggyslut stopped and Mistress Tyree got up and opened the door then sat back down.  Doggyslut pushed her inside and turned on the light.  She gasped at the opulence of the room.  It was obviously very old, but it had been updated to today’s standards.  The walls were covered with solid mahogany panels on three sides.  The one side that was not mahogany was covered with two large panels of zebra wood.  Mistress Tyree told doggyslut to push the two panels away from the center.  Doggyslut complied and could see dipshit hanging in the dungeon.  She realized that they were looking through a hidden two way mirror that she had not noticed.  From the way they were looking, it had to have been behind the other masters when she came in the dungeon. 


She was startled out of her thoughts by Mistress Tyree ordering, “Doggyslut, please come and help me to bed.  You may sleep with me tonight as reward for that wonderful orgasm and the delicious plan that you have come up with.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.”


Doggyslut walked over to her mistress and helped her up and then out of her robe.  She supported her over to the bed and helped her up onto it.  She scooted over to the center and then invited doggyslut up on the bed saying, “As I said, you will be sleeping with me tonight.  Now get up her and let’s get some sleep.”


Doggyslut crawled up and she spooned herself along her mistress back.  Mistress Tyree was soon asleep and doggyslut was thinking about the next morning.  A couple of hours later she too fell asleep.


Doggyslut awoke first in the morning.  With no windows to let light in and no clocks to keep time, she had no idea how long she had slept.  She felt well rested however and decided to get up.  She looked out through the mirror and saw that dipshit was awake and was struggling to get out of her shackles.  Doggyslut could have told her that there was no way to get free unless someone let you free.  She heard a noise come from behind her and she saw that Mistress Tyree was waking up.  She returned to the side of the bed and assumed the slave’s position and waited for her to wake up.


About ten minutes later, Mistress Tyree was fully awake and she looked around.  She was finally awake enough to notice doggyslut kneeling by the bed.  She moved to the side of the bed and spread her legs and said, “I need a little help with relief this morning if you would slut.”


Doggyslut moved immediately to her mistress cunt and latched her mouth over her piss hole and was rewarded with a drink of piss.  She drank it all down without loosing a drop.  When she felt the last of the dribbles stop, she took a final suck and then leaned back on her heals. 


Mistress Tyree said, “Very good doggyslut.  Dipshit never did take to drinking piss.  She would loose about half of what she was given.  Speaking of dipshit, let’s go get things set up for today’s activities.  I’m anxious to get things underway.”


Doggyslut went over and picked up the robe and started bringing it to her mistress but Mistress Tyree said, “Leave that for now.  I will probably end up naked before the day is over with so I might as well start this way.  Help me to my chair and then let’s go get the dungeon set up.”


Doggyslut did just that and was soon in the dungeon.  She placed Mistress Tyree in front of the hanging dipshit and then went to start getting everything ready.  It took her about an hour to get things set out.  At the end, several of the masters began to show up.  The last to arrive were the group council, led by John Mitchell and Lynn.  She noticed also that the masters and mistresses were stripping down as they entered the dungeon.  They were all naked or wearing clothing that kept their sex organs exposed.  Doggyslut thought it looked funny and had to catch herself before she giggled.


John clapped his hands and everyone stopped talking and gave him their undivided attention.  John read a prepared statement.


      “We are here today because a slave has attacked a Mistress and has incapacitated a healthy slave.  One such act deserves the most severe punishment, but two makes it even more heinous.  Because of this the council has directed that the punishment be extended from one day to two days of torture followed by a hunt to the death.  Mistress Tyree, painslut fucktoy dipshit is your slave.  Do you concur with this verdict by the council?”


Mistress Tyree answered “Yes”.


John continued, “For the record, who have you selected to be your punisher and executioner for dipshit?”


Mistress Tyree answered, “I have selected, Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut as my punisher and executioner.  She will do a fine job.”


John answered, “You have selected slave doggyslut to plan your punishments.   Doggyslut, come kneel before the council.”


Doggyslut came and knelt in front of Master John.  He asked her, “Doggyslut, punishing a slave is a serious business and should not be undertaken lightly.  We are not sure that you will be able to properly punish dipshit but in deference to dipshit’s owner we have agreed to let you try.  Do you have anything you would like to say to the council before you begin?  You may speak freely.”


Doggyslut addressed the council and said, “Master’s and mistresses, I acknowledge that I might not be as harsh on dipshit as is needed.  Also, I feel that if a slave is selected to punish another slave, then that slave should participate in the punishment to remind that slave of what could happen if they commit such an offense.  The punishing slave’s part should be of a lesser severity than the punished.  I have discussed this with both Master Darrell and Mistress Tyree and they have agreed to this concept.  Will the council accept this concept before I explain the first part of the punishment?”


John answered for the council saying, “Master Darrell explained everything to us that you said to him and we agree to let the punishment go as you have planned as long as Mistress Tyree agrees.”  He looked at Mistress Tyree and she nodded her approval and then he said, “Mistress Tyree has agreed fully with your plan so you are free to begin.”


Doggyslut began to explain, “Each phase of the punishment is a competition between my self and dipshit.  The winner of the competition will be able to punish the loser.  The first event will involve the use of hot wax on me and hot oil on dipshit.  We will be laid down on our backs and the hot wax or hot oil will be dripped on our tits and cunts until each of us orgasms or passes out. The first one to orgasm or pass out will then whip the loser for the time that elapsed between them. I would ask that Mistress Lynn to drip the hot oil on dipshit and Mistress Nancy to drip the hot wax on me.  The tables have already been set up and there are lit candles on the table I’ll be on and a pot of heated oil on dipshit’s.”


Doggyslut and the two mistresses went over to dipshit and they took her down and led her to the designated table followed by Mistress Tyree.  They strapped dipshit on her table and doggyslut went to her table and got up and strapped her own legs and then let the mistresses strap her arms down. 


Mistress Lynn looked at the pot of oil and noticed that it was plugged in and set on high.  She could see the heat currents weaving through the oil.  She picked up a glass eye dropper while Mistress Nancy picked up a big candle that had been burning for a while and had a pool of wax melted on it. 


Doggyslut said aloud, “Mistress Tyree will be the judge of who orgasms first and who is last.  When she says go, please drip one drop on a breast and then rotate to the next breast and then the cunt and clit.  She will determine the length of time of the whipping for the loser.  Before we start, Mistress Tyree wants to thank you for participating in dipshit’s punishment.”


Truth be told, the two mistresses were absolutely looking forward to doing their part.  This was the first time any slave was allowed to do the punishment and it was proving to be quite entertaining.  The punisher is usually just one or two masters or mistresses.  They eagerly waited for Mistress Tyree to say go.


Once doggyslut had been strapped to the table, she started mentally preparing herself for the pain to come.  Before she knew it, she heard Mistress Tyree say go.  She immediately felt a searing heat on her left nipple and she groaned from the pain.  She funneled the pain to Karen and focused on the pleasure as the wax cooled.  She heard dipshit scream from the pain of the hot oil as it dripped on her and then began to run a little down her nipple.  Burning as it went and raising second degree burn blisters on her nipple. 


Doggyslut’s excitement was enhanced by the screams of dipshit.  She soon felt another drop of wax on her other nipple and groaned again from the combination of pain and pleasure. She again focused on the pleasure and came closer to her orgasm.  Dipshit on the other hand only experienced pain.  She screamed again as her other tit was burned by the hot oil.  The next instant doggyslut screamed in agony as the hot wax dripped on her clit.  It pushed her ever higher and closer to an orgasm.  Dipshit’s scream of pain lasted longer and sounded more excruciating than the last two. 


Before either slave had a chance to adjust to the pain they felt a second drip on the first tit eliciting screams from both girls.  This was followed by the second one on the other tit of each girl and then on the clit.  Doggyslut got progressively closer with each drip and when the second one landed on her clit, she launched into an orgasm that lasted until the wax cooled. 


Mistress Tyree started the time when doggyslut’s orgasm began. They all waited as Mistress Lynn continued to drip the hot oil on dipshit, making sure to never hit the same place twice.  It took seven and a half minutes before dipshit passed out from the pain. 


Doggyslut was released from the table and she went to each mistress and knelt and thanked them for participating.  She leaned in and sucked each mistress to orgasm and then walked to Mistress Tyree who was holding a flogger.  She told doggyslut, “You have seven and a half minutes to whip dipshit.


Doggyslut took the flogger and went over to dipshit.  She began to flog her on her stomach and inner thighs.  She wanted to make sure that dipshit suffered pain all over.  Dipshit was screaming and screaming from the continuous pain.  When Mistress Tyree said two minutes left, doggyslut began to whip her cunt and clit.  This busted the second degree burn blisters on dipshit’s tits and cunt and she screamed until the sound suddenly stopped even though it was evident that she was still screaming.  If anyone would have looked at that moment they would have noticed that her vocal chords had ruptured from the sustained stress of the screaming.  She finally passed out when doggyslut hit her clit and busted the blister that covered her entire clit and about an inch around it.  Doggyslut stopped and looked at dipshit’s bleeding tits and clit.  She turned and handed the whip back to Mistress Tyree and knelt and bowed her head in front of her. 


Mistress Tyree said, “You have done well for the first event.  I am satisfied for now.  Proceed and prepare her for the break.”


Doggyslut went in front of the council and announced, “After I have prepared dipshit for her next phase, there will be a break for you all to use her for relief.  We ask only that you limit yourselves to her mouth this time as her tits and cunt will be otherwise occupied.”


Doggyslut went to dipshit and readjusted her on the table so her head was hanging over the end.  That made it so that her throat could be fucked by male or female or used as a toilet for relief.  Doggyslut went to a shelf and picked up what looked like a bra that was made of two clear bowls.  They had a foam seal around the edge that prevented things from leaking out.  Mistress Tyree had explained last night that it was to hold insects in so they couldn’t get out.  The top of the bowls could be opened wide enough so that things could be poured in.  There was also a clear plastic contraption that looked a lot like an old style maxi pad.  It also had a seal and an opening that could be opened and closed. 


Doggyslut took the two items to dipshit and put them on her.  She then went back and picked up two jars that were full of angry ants.  She took them to dipshit and proceeded to pour them into the clear bowls covering her tits and cunt.  The ants went to work and the constant biting woke dipshit up and she started to beg for relief from the constant torture.


Doggyslut went to the council and said, “Please come and enjoy using dipshit’s throat for the duration of the break.  Feel free to pinch or slap her stomach but please let the ants do their work on her tits and cunt.”


All of the Masters and Mistresses walked over to dipshit and looked at her condition.  They were amused by the constant squirming that the biting ants caused.  Darrell was the first to step up and stick his cock down dipshit’s throat.  He let her screams vibrate against his cock and by the time she was out of air and starting to turn blue, he came.  He finally pulled out and she gasped for air.  As he left another of the masters took his place.  They all took their turns fucking her throat, including all of the Mistresses.  They then each took a turn pissing down her throat forcing her to drink it up. 


After the break, dipshit went to work cleaning dipshit up and removing the ants.  She used a small vacuum that sucked them up and shot them back into the jars.  When they were all vacuumed off of dipshit’s tits and cunt and the plastic covers removed, it was obvious that they had been at work.  Dipshit’s cunt and tits were now about three times the size they normally were from the torture they had gone through and the toxin from the ants biting.  That was okay with doggyslut. That made it all the more entertaining for the next phase.


Doggyslut led dipshit to a point in front of the council.  She placed a stand with four of the skewers similar to the ones Marta had used on her for her ride through town.  This was going to be the toughest part for doggyslut, but she knew she had an advantage over dipshit, who was already suffering from the tortures.


Doggyslut addressed the council again.  She was holding one of the skewers as a prop.  She held it up for the council and explained.  “Masters and Mistresses, for the next punishment, each of us will have to insert two of these skewers in each of our tits.  One will go horizontal and one will go vertical.  To ensure that the slave does it herself, I ask that Master John use the whip that Mistress Tyree has for you on dipshit.  Master Darrell, I ask that you use the whip Mistress Tyree gives you on me.  Please, only use the whip if either of us stops pushing the skewer through our tit.  Again, Mistress Tyree will take the time between when the first slave is finished and the remaining one finishes.  Time does not stop until the end is screwed on tight on all four skewers.  This will help prepare us for our next punishment.  The winner will get to fuck the ass of the looser with the dildo of their choice for the time difference between the two.”


Masters Darrell and John were surprised at what doggyslut had explained.  They both knew that they would never have thought of such an excruciating torture.  It is one thing to do it to a slave, but to make the slave do it to herself.  How amazing.


They got their whips from Mistress Tyree.  While they did that, doggyslut handed a skewer to dipshit and explained what was required.  Dipshit looked at doggyslut with hatred. She knew that this was all doggyslut’s plan.  She shook her head yes even though she didn’t really understand what was expected.  Doggyslut took up a position facing her and prepared herself mentally.


After the two masters were in position, Mistress Tyree said go.  Doggyslut looked down and lined the point of the skewer at the scar of where the one Marta had used on her was and started pushing.  She closed her eyes and pushed, letting out a scream as the skewer went through her tit horizontally.  She screwed on the end ring and picked up the next one.  She glanced at dipshit and noticed that she was standing there with the point of the skewer at her tit but had not pushed but maybe a quarter of an inch in.  John started at that point to whip her back repeatedly until she started pushing the skewer in again.


Doggyslut picked up the second skewer and pushed it through her other tit, again with steady pressure and a scream.  It was only the ability to funnel the most intense pain to Karen that allowed her to do this too herself so quickly.  She glanced up at dipshit and saw that she didn’t even have the first skewer pushed through her tit half way yet.  She also noticed that Master John had sweat beading up on his brow from the effort of his whipping dipshit.


Doggyslut picked up the third skewer and pushed it down through the first tit, pushing it behind the first skewer.  She quickly glanced at dipshit and saw that she had finally pushed the first skewer through and was screwing the end on.  She shakily reached over for her second skewer while doggyslut reached for her last one. 


Doggyslut pushed the last one down through her last tit and screwed the end on and then looked at Master Darrell.  He had a big grin on his face and whispered, “Well done slut.  I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.  And to think you came up with this yourself.  I’m very proud of you slut.”


Doggyslut grinned as she turned to watch dipshit.  She had to be whipped the entire time to get her to push the skewers through.  Doggyslut was sure that her back was most likely beginning to get raw and bloody. 


It was just shy of twenty minutes later that she finally had the last skewer through her tit and the end screwed on.  Doggyslut noticed that the skewers weren’t stuck straight through and were at odd angles, usually starting close in to the base of her tit and then going upward and coming out the other side about half way up between the tit and the base.  She grinned knowing that it meant that during the last part of the torture that dipshit would be at a disadvantage.


Mistress Tyree announced that Doggyslut had nineteen and a half minutes to rape dipshit’s ass and then they would break for lunch.  Doggyslut took dipshit’s hand and led her to a horse.  She leaned dipshit over it and shackled her arms to the legs.  She then spread dipshit’s legs apart and shackled her ankles to the legs of the horse.  Doggyslut went over to the selection of dildos and choose one that Mistress Tyree explained gave a severe shock whenever it was slammed into the hilt.  It was also huge, being twelve inches long and two and a half inches wide.  She put the dildo harness on and attached the dildo.  She went over and got behind Mistress Tyree’s wheel chair and pushed her in front of the council.  She said, “I invite all of you to circle around and enjoy dipshit’s ass fucking.  When we are done, lunch will be served.”


Doggyslut spit on her hand and wet the dildo.  When she stepped up behind dipshit, she noticed that her back was covered with bleeding welts from the whipping.  She covered her hand with the blood and used it as lubricant.  Of course this caused dipshit additional pain.  Once she had the dildo covered, she started using the blood to lubricate dipshit’s ass.  She finally aligned the dildo up with dipshit’s ass hole and in one mighty push, buried it to the hilt and triggering the shock mechanism.  Dipshit screamed in agony.


Doggyslut began to pummel dipshit’s ass, fucking her in a hard, steady rhythm.  Dipshit screamed in agony at the end of each plunge into her ass from the electric shock.  After about five minutes, doggyslut had her first orgasm.  A couple of minutes later she had another.  She slowed down her fucking so that she had a chance to recover.  She didn’t want to pass out and end the punishing fuck early.  The next orgasm came at the fifteen minute point.  She began fucking her more rapidly again and quickly built to a fourth orgasm and finally for the last minute and a halve she launched into a continuous orgasm.  When Mistress Tyree called time, doggyslut just collapsed in exhaustion on the floor.  The dildo and dipshit’s ass was bloody and it wasn’t just what she had used as lubrication.  The constant friction of the dildo had rubbed her ass raw and it was bleeding. 


Mistress Tyree announced that it was time for lunch.  The Masters and Mistresses turned around and were surprised to see a huge spread of food set up where they had been before.  They were so intent on watching dipshit get fucked in the ass that they hadn’t noticed it being brought in by Wayne Keplar’s Staff.  Marta had also brought a wide selection of breads and other dessert treats.  They all went and started to get food and talk about how things were progressing.


Mistress Tyree wheeled over to doggyslut and shook her.  She asked, “Are you alright slut?  I’m very proud of how you have done so far.  I can’t wait until they see what you have in mind for the final event for the day.  It will be grand.  Now wheel me over to the table and you can have yourself some lunch to build your strength.  I want you as good as new when we start again.”


Doggyslut got up and took off the dildo harness and licked it clean like a good slave should.  She took it and placed it back in its place and put the harness up as well.  Doggyslut pushed Mistress Tyree to the food table and fixed a lunch for both of them.  Doggyslut didn’t take much.  She wanted some for energy, but didn’t want to eat too much.  She did drink a couple of glasses of water though.  As she ate her lunch, each of the Masters and Mistresses came and congratulated her on a wonderful performance so far.  They also told her that she may have just changed the way that all of their most severe punishments were done.


Doggyslut took great pride in the compliments and hoped that they would be even more impressed as they saw the rest of the punishment.  She knelt down and looked at Mistress Tyree and asked, “Do I have permission to set up the final event for today?”


Mistress Tyree said, “Go ahead dear.  You have done well so far.  This one should be absolutely delicious if you do it as we discussed.”


Doggyslut got up and went and got the equipment and moved it into position between two heavy support beams. At about hip high on each of the support beams was a heavy hook.  Doggyslut hooked a cable to the hook and it reached about two feet from the equipment in the center of the two support beams.  She did the same on the other side.  The piece of equipment consisted of a five foot tall heavy 6 x 6 post with a heavy base to hold it steady.  At the top of the post was a series of holes about an inch apart starting at about four inches from the top and going about half way down.  There was a metal plate that was about two and a half feet wide and a foot tall that had a peg in the center that was exactly the right size to fit tightly in the holes.  The plates had two inch spikes on them.  One plate’s spikes were straight, while the other plate’s spikes were barbed and looked much like a straight fish hook.  On either side of the plate at about six inches from the center line was a one inch hole.  Doggyslut threaded four, four foot cables through each hole and one that was about eight inches short of four feet.  The cables had a small hook on each end.  Doggyslut adjusted the plates so that they were a little lower than her tits. 


Doggyslut went over and disconnected dipshit.  Dipshit was waddling because it was so painful for her to walk.  She was already so sore that she could barely move.  Doggyslut had to almost drag her over to the area because she was so sore. Dipshit couldn’t imagine what other tortures were in store for her.  She almost wished that they would just go ahead and kill her.  She was silently crying from a combination of the pain and the utter defeat of any spirit she had left.  She realized now that she made a huge mistake by trying to escape by attacking her Mistress.  If she would have just snuck out, they probably would have punished her severely, but it wouldn’t have been like this.  She would give anything to take it all back.  But she couldn’t even beg now.  She knew that she had no voice to do so.  She just hoped that the next punishment wouldn’t be too bad.


When doggyslut pulled her to the side of the post with the barbed spikes on it, she started trembling in convulsions as she cried in sheer terror.  Doggyslut whispered to her, “I know that you’re afraid dipshit.  You attacked a mistress that I love dearly, or should I say that Karen loved dearly.  You see, I’m doggyslut.  I took over from Karen because she was weak and couldn’t live with the hatred that she received from her parent’s and friends.  The one person that had shown her any mercy is the mistress you attacked.  I would punish you just because you attacked a mistress.  Karen is so mad at you that she wants to punish you worse than I do.  You attacked and almost killed someone she considers a friend.  You see, we are willing to go through this pain just to make sure you suffer as much as possible.  But Karen wanted to give you a chance so she came up with this little game that we are doing.  Everything that happens to you, we will suffer as well.  Just not to the extent you do.  But in the process, we get to get our revenge for what you did.  Now listen while I explain what is going to happen for this little game.”


While doggyslut explained, she hooked the cable attached to the support beam to dipshit’s clit ring.  She then attached the four, four foot cables to the skewers through her tits and the slightly shorter one to her nipple ring.  She held up two leather bands with spikes in them and showed them to dipshit and said, “This is for the loser.”


Dipshit went and knelt in front of the group of Masters and Mistresses.  She got Mistress Tyree’s attention and shook her head yes. 


Mistress Tyree gave a loud whistle, a technique she used in class when the noise got out of hand, to get everyone’s attention.  When everyone was quiet she announced, “I believe doggyslut is ready for the final punishment for today.  Please give her your attention.”


Doggyslut announced, “Masters and Mistresses, you have greatly humbled this worthless slave with your compliments.  I hope that the rest of the punishments that I have planned will meet the expectations that I have raised in you.  This next punishment will consist of a little contest between us two slaves.  You may notice before you how dipshit is hooked up.  I will be hooked up the same way momentarily.  When Mistress Tyree says go, we will start pulling in a tug of war of sorts.  The winner will be the slave that impales the other on the spikes and pulls the skewers through the tits of the other.  You should be able to see that this will also result in the loser’s clit ring being ripped out.  The looser will also have these spiked tit bands wrapped around her tits to hold her in position through the night.  After that, all of you may take your time and fuck the loser in the cunt and ass as much as you want before we stop for today.  There will be no other activities for today as we need to prepare for tomorrow’s activities.  Do you have any questions before we start?”


There were no questions so doggyslut went and took her place, hooking up the cables to her clit ring and the skewers and nipple ring as well.  When she was ready she looked at Mistress Tyree and nodded her head.


Mistress Tyree said, “On your mark, get set… go!”


Doggyslut braced herself as dipshit started trying to pull her toward the spikes.  Doggyslut let herself move toward the spikes just a little with each pull, even though she could have held her ground.  She was getting a feel of when dipshit gave a little slack, just before she pulled.  She also wanted to give dipshit a false feeling that she was succeeding and might be able to avoid punishment this time.  As doggyslut inched forward toward the spikes, she could see a smile start up on dipshit’s face.  She was ready now and the next time that dipshit gave a little slack in preparation to pull, doggyslut scrambled back as hard and fast as she could. 


Dipshit wasn’t prepared for the sudden pull and was pulled off balance.  She struggled to get her feet planted to stop her forward momentum, but doggyslut was back pedaling too fast.  She was almost at the center post when she finally tripped and fell into the spikes.  Doggyslut kept running back with all of her force now and dipshit sank to the hilt on the spikes to the point where she couldn’t move forward anymore.  The power of the momentum that doggyslut had built up had caused dipshit’s clit ring to be torn free and the skewers in her breasts were pulled forward through her breasts and were now crossed against the plate.  This all happened almost simultaneously and dipshit let out a silent scream and passed out impaled. 


Doggyslut removed the cables attached to her totured tits and clit and took the spiked tit bands and proceeded to wrap them around each of the raw, swollen and impaled tits belonging to dipshit.  When she had them tightened down as tight as she could get them, she turned to the group and announced, “The loser is now available for you to enjoy.  Thank you for this opportunity to avenge Mistress Tyree.  You have given this worthless slave a great honor.” 


Doggyslut then went and knelt next to Mistress Tyree’s wheel chair and watched as the masters went over and lined up behind dipshit.  They started fucking her ass and cunt without lubrication or other preparation.  The mistresses went over to the dildo storage cabinet and started getting their favorite dildos to use on dipshit. 


Master Darrell came over to Mistress Tyree and asked her, “Would you mind if I borrow your quarters for a few minutes to enjoy my slave in celebration of the wonderful show she has given us today?”


Mistress Tyree agreed and said, “Yes of course.  Doggyslut, just stay in the room when Master Darrell is done.  I will join you later.  We already know what is to be done tomorrow.  I have already arranged for the appropriate masters to participate as well so don’t worry about that little bit.”


Before doggyslut got up she asked, “Master Darrell, may I take out these skewers before I join you in the quarters?”


Master Darrell answered, “Of course you may.  Bring the antiseptic with you and I will treat you.”


Doggyslut answered, “Thank you master.  I will join you shortly.”


Doggyslut went over to the cabinet that she had gotten the skewers from and she carefully unscrewed the end and then gently pulled each one out.  She clenched her teeth and groaned with pain as the rough edge of the screws pulled against the inner flesh of her tits.  When she had them out, she wiped them down with an antiseptic wipe and placed them in the cabinet.  She quickly used an antiseptic wipe to clean her cunt and ass of the sweat so that she would be fresh for her master.  She then picked up a small bottle of antiseptic and went to the master’s quarters.


When she entered the quarters, she saw her master lying naked in the center of the bed.  He said, “Come and make love to me doggyslut.  I am proud of you.  You have served me very well today.  All of the other masters and mistresses are jealous of you.  They wish that their slaves were as smart and obedient as you.  None of them can remember a final punishment and hunt being so enjoying and excruciating for the one being punished.  I don’t know how you did it, but I think the one with you pushing the skewers through your breasts was unbelievable.  If someone would have told me about it before hand, I would have told them that it wasn’t humanly possible.  I’m afraid that you may be setting an impossibly high standard for any future punishments to match.  I’m glad that you will be the mother of my child.  I can’t wait for you to give birth.  That is a rather unique experience for our slaves.  Now get up here and put that wonderful mouth of yours to work to start with.  If you would like, I will pleasure you at the same time.”


Doggyslut crawled up on the bed in as sexy of a manner as she could.  She crawled up to her master and gave him a deep, passionate kiss and then started licking and nibbling her way down to his nipples.  She spent a few minutes sucking and nibbling on them and then worked her way down to his cock.  She sunk her mouth down on his cock until his pubic hair was mashed against her nose.  As she knelt there with his cock in her throat she lifted her leg and straddled her master.  When he reached up and pulled her cunt down and started sucking and licking the cunt lips and tonguing her cunt hole she started humming.  The vibration on his cock was sensational.  It was a testament to the skill doggyslut had learned in her short time as a slave that she had brought her master to a mind blowing orgasm in less than two minutes.  She hadn’t had to pull off for a breath either. 


She drank down his cum and continued to gently tongue his cock and suck it while he chewed on her cunt lips and sucked on her clit.  By the time she had him hard enough to fuck again, she launched into a massive orgasm.  She stopped sucking just long enough for her orgasm to die down and then she started back up on his cock. 


Master Darrell focused all of his attention on her clit now and when he felt she was near orgasm again he quit.  He pulled her off of him and rolled doggyslut over on her back.  He lined his cock up with her cunt and gently inserted it in to the hilt.  He gently sawed his cock in and out of her flowing cunt with no sense of urgency whatsoever.  He was intent on making this session last as long as possible. 


Doggyslut felt herself building to another orgasm after just a couple of minutes.  She stopped just on the brink, almost as if she needed something else to trip her over.  Darrell bent his head down and started biting and nibbling her nipples and that was just the right stimulus to launch her into an orgasm.  This one lasted longer than her first one and it didn’t get a chance to completely subside before she launched into another.  He kept up the gentle assault on her tits and cunt and she was soon having consecutive orgasms.  By the time that Darrell actually came for the second time, doggyslut was experiencing one continuous orgasm. 


It took a while for them to recover. Master Darrell laid there spooned up against doggyslut’s back with his hands gently kneading her tits.  He said, “Doggyslut, I have decided that from now on you will be living in the house instead of in the kennel.  As long as you behave as you have been, you will keep that privilege.  If you ever make me mad at you, you will end up back in the kennel.  After the party Friday night, I plan on us settling in to a more normal routine.  You have demonstrated very well that you have learned to be a dutiful and obedient slave.  We will have at least one party per week with someone in the group.  I will also expect you to continue to help with soon to be Mistress Krystal and her friends.  Just wait until you hear about her first efforts in obtaining a slave.  She is a natural at it.  I’m sure you will help her in any way that she asks.  What do you think about all of that?”


Doggyslut answered, “If it pleases you master, it pleases me.  You know that my only pleasure is to serve you and make you happy.”


Darrell sighed and said, “Yes doggyslut, I know.” 


They lay there for another half hour before Master Darrell got up and left.  Doggyslut opened the panels so she could see what was happening in the dungeon and she saw that there was still a line of masters and mistresses waiting for a turn at dipshit.  For many of them, this would be the only time they had a chance to fuck her.  They were getting as many fucks in as they could before she was hunted.


Doggyslut watched as Master Darrell went up to Mistress Tyree and whispered something in her ear.  Mistress Tyree shook her head yes and Master Darrell wheeled her in to the master’s suite.  When he had her next to the bed he helped her up and on to the bed.  He placed the wheel chair beside the door and before he left he said, “I will send a slave in with dinner.  You will be having Maine lobster for dinner.  I hope you enjoy.”


Mistress Tyree spoke up and said, “Darrell, would you be kind enough to allow your wonderful slave to have a meal as well.  I think you will agree that she has more than earned it today.”


Darrell just answered as he left, “Of course Mistress.”


Twenty minutes later the two plates of lobster and wild rice with a bottle of Mistress Tyree’s favorite white wine with two glasses was delivered.  Mistress Tyree filled both glasses and invited doggyslut to pick up her glass.  She said, “A toast to a most delicious day, planned by the smartest most obedient slave in the group.  Thank you dear.”


They tapped their glasses in toast and took a sip of the wine.  Mistress Tyree said, “Let’s eat.”



This is end of Chapter 22.


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