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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 17 Karen’s Prince Has Cum

Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 16

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 17, Karen’s Prince Has Cum

When Karen had fallen asleep at the foot of Darrell’s bed it had only been 2:00 pm in the afternoon.  It was now 8:00 am and she was still out to the world.  Darrell had been up for about two hours making arrangements with his mom and dad for Karen’s very busy schedule for the next two weeks.  He unfortunately had to start work at his new job at 9:00 am and with a 45 minute drive to get there He had to leave.  He stood over Karen admiring her beauty and smiled at the thought of the power that he held over her.  Oh how he was going to enjoy playing with his little fucktoy over time.  Just the thought of watching her belly grow with his baby in it gave him a thrill and when she gave birth to their child he would be able to train it to be a perfect slave for him if it was a girl and if it was a boy he would train him to be the perfect little master of his domain. 

He shook himself out of his reverie and put the toe of his shoe against Karen’s branded tit and shook it hard saying, “Time to wake up doggyslut.” 

Karen woke up with a jerk and screamed from the pain.  She quickly got up on her knees and started to say something and was answered with a slap to the face and Darrell saying, “Just shut up and listen bitch.  I have to go to work now so I won’t be able to take you to your appointment with our dear sweet Marta.  Mom has agreed to take care of you this week.  I’ll be staying at our new home getting it all prepared for you.  You need to understand but one thing about your life now.  I am your master and I hold the power of life or death over you.  You will do everything you are told to do, by everyone my mom gives you to.  Failure to comply will upset me greatly.  Upset me too much and I’ll make sure you die in the longest most painful way imaginable in front of your child when it is old enough to understand what is going on.  Keep that in mind when you start thinking about refusing.” 

Darrell threw the keys to the cuffs at her and continued, “You have twenty minutes to get a shower and get cleaned up.  Your clothes are on the bed for you so when you get done with your bath, get dressed and go to the kitchen and kneel by mom like I taught you.  She is your mistress for this week and you will obey her.  And before you even entertain any thought about running away again, remember that two thirds of the town belongs to that church and the ones who don’t are just perverted enough to go along.  They will be looking for every opportunity to punish you in any way imaginable.  I wish I could stay and watch what happens on your way to Marta’s but I have to go.  Now why don’t you show your master just how much you love him for all he has done for you so I can go to work?”

Karen knew instinctively what he wanted and immediately unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  She quickly took his whole flaccid cock in her mouth and started sucking his cock for all she was worth.  She had decided that she would be his perfect little slave if that is what he wanted.  She had no one else to rely on now that her parents had disowned her. She had learned over the last week how to suck cock fairly well and she soon had him cumming down her throat.  When she was done she backed off his cock with a loud pop and looked up at him and asked, “Does Master need to take a piss before he leaves for work?”  He shook his head yes and she closed her mouth over the end of his cock and she immediately felt the hot urine hit her tongue.  She swallowed the initial gag reflex and drank his piss. 

When he was done she gave a last couple of sucks and replaced his cock and zipped up his pants then sat back in her slaves kneeling position waiting further orders.  Of course they were quick in coming.  He ordered, “Three last things before I go.  First, as a doggyslut you are no longer allowed to walk unless given permission to do so.  You will crawl everywhere on your hands and knees from now on, even in public.  Second, you will not talk to anyone unless you are given the command ‘Speak’.  You may bark like a dog all you want but that is the only sound you are authorized to speak.  Third and most importantly, one you must not fail.  Your parents had called and told me last week that your 11 year old niece Krystal is having her 12th birthday party next Monday morning.  Hopefully they have forgotten that you were invited to attend and won’t warn them about you.  Beings as she lives in our new home town not far from where we will live, I want you to think how you will bring her into our fold voluntarily and turn her against her parents.  I know she idolized you and will do almost anything you ask, so I want you to take advantage of that.  You will be expected to turn her into the slut that you were accused of being in every way.  I want her to eventually be fucking anything and everything voluntarily instead of having to be forced to.  I want her to be like Brittany and pick out weaker girls and enslave them.  If you fail, you will displease me and you know what that means.  By the end of next week, I want her at our house ready to let me take her virginity.  That will be her first step.  Do you understand your task?”

Karen was sobbing and crying from the third order Darrell gave her and in her heart didn’t want to do it.  She loved Krystal with all her heart but knew she really had no choice.  She would do it for no other reason than she couldn’t stand the pain and suffering she knew would come her way if she didn’t.  She answered, “Yes Master.” 

Darrell asked, “So do you have any objections?” 

Karen thought ‘of course I have objections, but that is not what you want to hear’ so she said, “No Master, your wish is my command.”

Darrell turned and left to go to work leaving Karen sobbing in misery at what she was going to be forced to do.  She had to destroy her favorite niece’s innocence for these perverts.  How was she ever going to forgive herself after this?  But after what had been done to her by her family yesterday she couldn’t bear the thought of never being able to see Krystal again and eventually her parents would find out about yesterday.  She had to get to Krystal before then and let her know not to believe them.  For that reason alone she would do it so she could have at least one person she loved that she could talk to before they took that away from her as well. 

These were the thoughts that were going through her mind as she quickly unlocked the handcuffs.  She crawled over to the alarm clock and set it to go off in fifteen minutes.  She then crawled to the bathroom and ran the bathtub with water as hot as she could stand.  She noticed that the LORTAB bottle was on the lid of the bathroom stool.  The first thought that crossed her mind was to down the whole bottle and put an end to everything.  As quickly as it came, the thought of her baby dying with her put an end to those thoughts just as fast.  She took two tablets and set the bottle on the sink and opened the stool lid and drank the stool water to swallow them down.  It had a mix of piss and shit in it and when she took the first drink she almost threw back up but was getting to the point that she could almost tolerate the stench.  She lowered the lid and got in the bathtub.  She was able to soak for almost ten minutes with the whirlpool activated.  All of her aching muscles started to relax.  The pain didn’t go away but the edge was taken off of it.

While she was soaking in the tub, Nancy came in and lifted the lid to the stool.  She looked at Karen and said, “Don’t forget to eat your breakfast.  Your master was so nice to leave something for you.  You really don’t want to anger him do you?”  She turned and left, leaving Karen soaking in the tub. 

When the alarm went off Karen got out and grabbed a towel and dried off.  She knew she was pressed for time so she quickly lifted the lid and ate the shit that was in the stool.  When she was done she used the remaining tub water that hadn’t drained yet to clean her face. She dried off and put the dirty towel in the hamper.  Karen kneeled up to see if there was any toothpaste on the sink but all she saw was what looked like a perfume bottle with a note under it.  It said, “Doggyslut, spray all of your brands and tattoos with this extra heavily, it will help.”  What it didn’t tell her was that the spray would increase her scarring even though it did numb the pain some.  The other thing it did was cover her in a super concentrated pheromone of a female dog’s essence when she is in heat, but that is about a hundred times more concentrated.  She did as the note said and by the time she was done the bottle was almost empty.  She thought that the spray had a strange musky smell to it. 

She crawled in to the room and saw what was on the bed.  They could hardly be called clothes.  The halter top she was to wear was white and almost see through.  It tied behind her neck with too very thin spaghetti straps that were connected in the center top of the halter by a silver one inch ring. The ring was threaded through the top that then quickly spread out as it went down to cover her tits.  The material stopped just shy of the base at the outside of her tits.  There was a thin spaghetti strap on either side even with her nipples that tied in the back.  The halter then hung loosely down about two inches below the bottom of her tits.  After she had tied it she noticed that her tit and clit chain was lying on the bed.  She untied it and quickly attached the chain to her nipple rings and clit ring.  She retied the halter and grabbed the black skirt, if it could be called that.  It was so short that if she put it around her waist, her entire mound was exposed.  When she pulled it down to cover her bare cunt it went under the DOGGYSLUT brand.  She sighed realizing that was what was intended.  She then noticed the collar and leash.  This time there was no camera on it.  It was made of black sturdy leather and had a Gold tag on it that read ‘Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’ with ‘Property of Darrell Mitchell’ under that.  Karen sighed and put the collar on.  She crawled out of the room and down to the kitchen.  She saw Nancy at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper.  She had to desperately go to the bathroom and knew she had to go in the yard as per Darrel’s orders.  She went to the door and started to ask to be let out but fortunately remembered that she was no longer allowed to talk.  She got in the slave waiting position and made the best barking sound that she could and waited.

Nancy looked up from the paper and asked, “Does doggyslut need to go to the bathroom?”  Karen barked and shook her head yes blushing from her tits up.  Nancy got up from the table and went to the door and opened it.  Karen immediately went to the spot in the yard that Darrell told her to use and squatted.  She pissed and then shit like she was a female dog because she assumed that is what they wanted.  When she was done she immediately turned around and started eating her shit as she had been made to do earlier.  Karen couldn’t believe how much she was starting to get used to it.  She didn’t even gag once this time. 

Nancy just watched and smiled nodding.  She had to admire the job that her son had done training Karen.  It was few slave masters that could make their slaves perform this well in just shy of a week.  She watched as Karen cleaned her ass with her hand and licked the shit off, repeating the process until her hand came back clean.  Karen crawled back to the house and entered the kitchen as Nancy stepped aside to get out of her way.  When Karen was back in the house Nancy closed the door and turned to find Karen had crawled to the chair she had been sitting at and was kneeling in the slave’s position just to the left and rear of the chair. 

Nancy ordered Karen, “Look up at me and open your mouth.”

When Karen complied, Nancy quickly walked over to her and placed her asshole over her mouth.  She strained a little and started taking a shit right in Karen’s mouth.  Karen bit and swallowed the shit without chewing to try and keep up with the amount that was coming out.  She was barely able to keep up but keep up she did.  When Nancy was done she moved back just a hair and started pissing in her mouth.  Karen drank everything she was given.  When she was done, Nancy turned around and patted Karen on the head and said, “Good doggyslut.  Your one of the best toilet slaves I’ve seen.  You keep it up and you just might survive to have lots of babies.  Now I have set out your food over by the trash can by the door.  You need to eat it all because it is specially designed to give you all of the nutrients you need for your baby.  We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it would we?  I’ll give you five minutes and then we need to get going.  If you don’t eat it all I’ll paddle your ass all the way to Marta’s.” 

Karen quickly crawled over to the dog dishes and noticed that it was the same dog food looking stuff that Darrell had fed her last week.  She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t starving because she really hadn’t eaten any real food since the middle of last week.  She guessed that it must be all of the shit they had forced her to eat that provided at least a little bit of nutrition to keep her from feeling hungry.  She quickly gobbled down the food and drank the water that was provided.  It was the first clean water she had drank in four days.  She just barely got the last bit of food down when Nancy grabbed the leash and said heel. 

Nancy led Karen crawling out of the house but instead of going to the car like she expected she turned and started walking the mile to Marta’s Bakery down town. They were only about a block down when they passed the neighborhood park.  There were about four eleven to twelve year old boys in the park.  One was hitting balls to the other three.  One of them had been at the church yesterday and he called the others quickly to him.  He explained what had happened and that they could do anything to her they wanted.  They didn’t believe him until he yelled, “Hey doggyslut, come play fetch with us.”

Nancy leant done and unhooked the leash and said, “Go ahead.  Remember you have to do whatever they say without protest and you can’t talk.” 

Karen started crawling toward the boys and the three boys that had not believed the other one said “No way” with a look of pure disbelief on their face.  When Karen came up to them she barked and waited for them to give her orders.  The guy from the church swung his open hand and slapped Karen’s face several times and said, “That’s for screwing up my friend’s sister.  Come on let’s fuck her with the bat.” 

The boy grabbed the bat from his buddy and went to Karen’s back side and said to his buddies, “Hey guys, she’s not wearing any panties.  You can see her cunt and asshole.”  He took the bat and put the fat end up against her cunt and started pushing. 

Karen screamed in pain from the violation of the bat pushing in her dry cunt.  Her cunt lips started to spread and the bat began to slip in.  One of the other guys said, “Hey man, we’ll get in trouble if we do that.  She’ll report us.” 

The one pushing the bat into her cunt said, “No she won’t.  Besides, the whole church congregation said that she is the devil and that she isn’t human so she doesn’t fall under the same laws.  The reverend even said that doing sexual things with her isn’t a sin either, if we do it to punish her.  Even her own mother and father fucked her in front of the congregation with the approval of the reverend and the congregation.  Both of the town’s policemen were there, the mayor and the two judges in town and they all agreed to the punishment.  She is being punished for forcing fifteen girls to have sex with girls, boys and dogs.  She wears the mark of the devil on her stomach and tits.”  He looked at Karen and said, “Kneel up so we can see you bitch and show my friends your tits.” 

Karen did as she was ordered and when she kneeled in the slave’s position she pulled her halter above her tits exposing them to the boys.  They all said “cool” and the three that had been watching reached out started roughly squeezing Karen’s tits. 

The boy with the bat had about four inches of the widest end in her cunt when Nancy came up to him and said, “That’s far enough in.  She’s pregnant remember and we don’t want the baby hurt.  Go ahead and fuck her with it but don’t go any further in.” 

The boy nodded his understanding and started fucking her with the bat.  He looked at Nancy and asked, “Can I fuck her.  I’ve never done that before.” 

Nancy answered saying, “You heard what the reverend said didn’t you?” 

The boy answered questioningly, “That having sex with her as punishment isn’t a sin?”

Nancy shook her head yes, and the boy said “Cool” and pulled the bat out throwing it to the side.  He quickly unzipped and pulled out his small erect dick and stuck it in her cunt.  Karen clamped her cunt muscles down so that he would feel resistance and the boy started cumming almost immediately.  He yelled in orgasm, “Oh my god that feels good.” 

One of the boys in front of Karen ordered, “Suck me.” 

Karen got down on her hands and reached up and pulled the boy by his small cock until it was in her mouth.  The other two boys replaced the ones that had just cum and shot off almost immediately.  Karen felt totally ashamed of what she was being made to do but she now knew that she had no choice. 

Nancy grabbed the leash when the last two boys came and said, “Sorry boys but we’ve got an appointment for more of her punishment.  We’ve got to get going.” 

The boys all thanked Nancy profusely and walked with her as she headed back toward down town.  They didn’t hesitate to roughly pinch and slap Karen’s ass and tits occasional causing her to squeak from the pain.  A couple of blocks past the park they were passing the high school.  As they passed the school a window opened and Mr. Gander the Biology teacher stuck his head out and said, “Good morning Nancy.  I’m teaching a summer class on anatomy and physiology and need a good prop.  I was wondering if I could borrow doggyslut for about fifteen minutes?” 

Nancy quickly glanced at her watch and saw that they would have time and answered, “Sure Bob, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” 

They continued to the school entrance and went in.  Mr. Gander met them at the door and escorted them to the classroom.  When they were in the room he ordered, “Karen, I want you to strip and stand up in front of the class.” 

Karen quickly untied the halter top and stepped out of the almost nonexistent skirt.  She now stood nude before the class.

Nancy took an empty seat and enjoyed the humiliation that Karen was obviously experiencing being forced to pose like this in front of her former class mates.  Mr. Gander ordered, “Karen, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs shoulder width apart.” 

Mr. Gander then went down her entire body grabbing a part of her anatomy and giving the scientific name for each as he grabbed it.  When he grabbed her tits he squeezed hard and manipulated them.  Karen groaned from the pain the manipulation of the raw brands caused.  When he got down to her pubic area he ordered, “Karen, sit on the desk and spread your legs apart.  Make sure you scoot all of the way forward until your vagina is just at the edge of the desk and hold your knees wide and keep them against the desk exposing so I can teach the class all of the proper names for your for your vaginal area. 

Karen was now completely open to the class.  Mr. Gander started manipulating her outer and inner labia, naming each as he pinched and caressed.  He pointed out her clitoris and demonstrated that it typically had a hood on it and that it was as sensitive as a man’s penis.  He pinched her clit hard as he taught the class.  When he was done he invited, “I want each of you to now come up and feel Karen’s breasts or tits and her vagina or cunt or pussy.  Feel free to pinch and manipulate them however you want.”

As each student took their turn pinching and sticking their fingers in her cunt, Karen cried silently from the humiliation.  The fourth boy in line had been at the church the day before and wanted to see if they really meant what they said.  When he got his turn he ordered, “Okay doggyslut, I want you to suck me off right now.” 

Karen didn’t even hesitate.  She could still feel the beating she took yesterday and wasn’t about to do anything to cause her to get another one.  She hoped that Mr. Gander would stop her as she got down on her knees and started to unzip the boy’s zipper.  Unfortunately for Karen no such relief was given.  She pulled the boys cock out and immediately went about sucking him to orgasm.  He was so excited that he had a hair trigger and started cumming almost immediately when she wrapped her lips around his cock.  All the other guys ordered her to give them a blow job as well and soon she had eight more loads of cum in her stomach. 

Mr. Gander asked, “Do either of you girls want to do anything?” 

They both declined.  Mr. Gander asked the class when they sat down, “have any of you had sex before?” 

The answer wasn’t unexpected and they all said that they hadn’t.  He asked them, “Would you like me to demonstrate how sex is performed?”

The class all exclaimed loudly, “Yeah”, “Alright”, “You bet”, etc..

Mr. Gander reminded them, “This is an exceptional demonstration.  I must remind you there are those that would find this demonstration objectionable, in spite of the fact that it has been declared that sex with doggyslut is not sex.  Please keep this among yourselves.” 

Mr. Gander ordered, “Karen, I want you to kneel on the top of the desk and make sure your ass is pointed toward the class.  Class, please come up and stand around the desk.  You will be able to see better that way.  Feel free to use your hands to touch, pinch and manipulate her different body parts that I covered earlier.”

Mr. Gander took out his huge 12 inch cock and quickly rammed his cock in her cunt.  He started talking as he fucked Karen, “This position is called doggy style.  The way most of you are familiar with is the missionary position where the female lies down on her back and the male lies on top of her.  There is also the female dominant position where the male lies on his back and the girl mounts his penis in a sitting position. There is also the side by side position where each one lies on their side facing each other.  There are many other ways to have sex and there are books that describe them or you could search the internet for examples.  There are other ways of having sex as well.  Of course there is anal sex.”  

Mr. Gander removed his cock from Karen’s cunt and slammed it into her ass hard and continued, “This is a common way for females to have sex with their male partners in order to preserve their virginity until they get married.  Some women don’t like it initially but most adjust after a while.  Earlier we saw Karen give felatio, or a blow job as you guys know it.”

Mr. Gander took his cock out of Karen’s ass and went around and stuck his shit covered cock into her mouth which got a couple of ‘Eewww Gross’ comments from the two girls as he continued, “Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.  Many people find water sports and scat play, that is piss and shit play to be extremely erotic.  Now finally and one of the most overlooked ways to have sex by teen males is doing the girl orally, which is called cunnilingus or eating her out.”

As Mr. Gander made the cunnilingus statement he came down Karen’s throat.  He groaned in pleasure while he was cumming.  When he was done he pulled out and tucked his quickly shrinking cock back in his pants.  He told Karen, “You can get dressed now.  Nancy, thanks for letting us use her for a most memorable class.” 

When Karen was dressed she got back down on all fours and waited.  Nancy came up and attached the leash to her collar.  They left the high school and started toward down town again.  The young boys were still there and had even added a couple more.  They had only gotten a couple of blocks past the park when a huge Mastiff jumped the fence, having smelled the pheromones that Karen had sprayed on herself earlier.  He came running up to them barking excitedly. 

Nancy instructed, “You boys need to get clear.”

Nancy dropped the leash and went over to a tree and leaned against it to watch the show.  She had hoped that something like this would happen.  She never got tired of watching a slave get fucked by a big dog. 

By the way the dog was acting; Karen finally figured out that the spray she had used had female dog essence in it.  She knew that this was what they wanted and didn’t do anything to stop the dog.  He came up and started sniffing and licking her cunt and ass.  The stimulation of his long tongue going in to her cunt started her juices flowing.  All of a sudden the dog leapt up and put his almost 200 pound body on Karen.  She braced herself as best she could and struggled to stay up.  The dog kept shuffling his hind legs closer until she started to feel his cock bank against her ass.  He kept shifting around and all of a sudden she felt his pointed doggy dick hit her asshole and penetrate just an inch.  He shuffled his feet forward and thrust again and his cock sank about four inches into her ass.  Karen grunted from the force of the penetration and almost collapsed.  The dog shuffled forward one more time and lunged forcing his cock all the way in.  The knot was just beginning to swell and she felt the pressure start to build.  The dog started fucking her in earnest and soon his knot had swollen to the size of a grapefruit.  Karen was moaning from the combination of the strain and the stimulation of the fucking.  All of a sudden the dog let out a howl and she felt her insides flooding with warmth as he pumped come into her ass.  The dog was now tied to Karen and after about a minute he lifted his hind leg and turned until he was ass end to ass end with Karen. 

Nancy looked at her watch and noticed that the time was getting a bit late and went up to Karen and unhooked her leash and attached it to the dog’s collar.  She called ‘heel’ and started walking toward down town.  The dog was obviously trained because he immediately got in the proper position and drug Karen behind by his knot.  Karen tried to keep up by crawling backward but she just couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  Her knees, elbows and tits were getting scrapped and bloodied from being drug along the sidewalk. 

The extra stimulation caused by the constant movement was enough to bring the dog back to full erection and he started coming again.  There was soon a crowd of kids following, some with small branches from trees and they started switching Karen as she was being drug behind the dog.  This is the way they entered the down town area and on to Marta’s Bakery.  It made for quite the comical, but erotic parade to anyone who witnessed it. 

Marta heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on.  When she saw what it was she just busted out laughing almost hysterically. 

Karen on the other hand was too focused on trying to gain her footing while at the same time avoiding the switching to be humiliated.  It wasn’t until they stopped in front of the store that Karen finally became fully aware of the sight she presented.  Her tits were fully exposed with the halter bunched above them and her skirt was flipped up so that her cunt and ass were fully exposed. She blushed from head to toe when she realized how exposed she was and the thought that she had just been dragged down Main Street while tied to a dog and a crowd of kids surrounding her switching her the entire way.  She knew now that everything that they said they were going to do to punish her yesterday was in fact going to happen.  She burst in to a crying fit when she came to that realization.

While she cried uncontrollably, waiting for the dog’s knot to go down.  Marta chased the kids off telling them, “You kids go on now.  Go play.  You’ve had your fun.”

Marta waited until she was sure the group of boys were leaving and then invited Nancy inside for a cup of coffee and one of her famous cinnamon rolls.  Nancy grabbed Karen’s hair and made her look in her eyes.  Once she had her attention she said, “Doggyslut, I want you to come inside as soon as the dog releases you.  She unhooked the leash from the dog and went inside. 

When Nancy sat down with Marta at one of the breakfast tables she kept for customers, Marta said, “I never would have thought that we could ever get away with anything like that.  Darrell and the reverend have sure made things interesting.  If this goes on for a while, they will become desensitized to it and we will be able to get away with things a little easier.  I am impressed.” 

Nancy answered the comment by saying, “Yes, John and I are sure proud of what Darrell has accomplished for the group.  Besides Karen, he brought 15 girls in to the group.  Three of them are potential doms.  On top of that, the church now has a permanent scholarship fund to allow members to send their children to Clearview giving us a perpetual supply of innocents from age twelve on.  The fund has over six and a half million dollars in it.  Because of all of that, John, Lynn and the reverend met together after church yesterday and are recommending that Darrell be admitted in to the group as a member with special standing.” 

Marta was shaking her head in agreement and said, “I can see why.  That’s more slaves than most current members with special standing have brought in.  I’ll add my vote.  I’m sure Joey will vote for it as well.  We may have a little dissention in the ranks but I don’t think it will be anything major. 

About that time they heard a knocking at the front door and heard Karen barking to be let in.  Marta got up and opened the door.  When Karen had crawled in the store Marta closed the door and sat back down with Nancy.  Karen immediately took up the slave’s position to the left and rear of Nancy with out being told.  Marta shook her head and said, “He’s trained her well too, I see.  He is bound to do great things for the group if he is this good the first try.  We have doms who try for years and never get one slave properly trained.”

Nancy replied, “You’ve got that right.  I think for once we can relax just a bit from the constant worry of being found out by the authorities.”  She looked at Karen and said, “Doggyslut, you are Marta’s slave for the next two days.  She will bring you back to Keplar’s Meats Wednesday Morning.” 

Karen immediately crawled and took up the same position to the left and rear of Marta.  They continued visiting and enjoying their coffee and rolls.  As they talked, Karen noticed that there seemed to be quite a commotion going on outside the bakery.  She could see through the front windows and it looked like people were lining up like there was going to be a parade or something.  Finally Marta said, “I think it’s time to get this bitch ready.”

Marta got up, grabbed Karen’s leash and hooked it to her collar.  She said “heel” and started walking to the back door of the shop.  As she left the table she said, “Thanks for running the shop for me while I’m busy with doggyslut.  Give me a call if you need anything.” 

Marta went through to the back room.  Before she went out the door she stopped.  She ordered, “Take your top off Karen.” 

Karen immediately complied.

Marta grabbed a bag and pulled out what looked like short shish kabob skewers except that the sharp end had a ring that had been screwed on to it that matched the ring on the other end.  Marta unscrewed the ring from the threads which were about a half inch from the needle sharp tip.  Marta grabbed Karen’s left tit and put the sharp point of the tip at the base of the tit on the outside. 

Karen started to panic as she figured out what was going to happen.  Real fear showed on her face followed by severe pain and screaming as Marta pushed the skewer through her tit at the base from left to right.  The pain was aggravated by the screw threads that scraped and cut roughly inside causing much more pain than if the skewer would have been totally smooth.  Marta screwed the ring on until it was tight. She reached down and grabbed the other one and repeated the process on Karen’s right tit going from right to left.

Marta next took out four long leather cords.  She connected one to each ring of the skewers and then threaded the two cords on each tit through her nipple ring pulling them tight and then making one loop around the nipple ring.  When she was done with the right breast she pulled the cord which had the effect of pulling both the skewer and her nipple ring which was the exact effect she wanted.  She repeated the process with the other tit. 

When she was done she grabbed the bag and the cords and pulled Karen out the back door.  Karen screamed from the pain of the skewers pulling on her tits.  When they got outside Karen’s eyes went wide with surprise.  There were two horses tethered outside the back door.  Karen noticed that one had a normal western saddle on it but the other had a strange looking saddle.  It had what looked like two cocks sticking up out of it.  Marta led Karen to the horse with the cocks on the saddle and ordered, “Get up on the horse Karen.” 

Karen got on the horse and sat in front of the cocks.  Marta said, “Doggyslut, I shouldn’t have to tell you where you need to be sitting do I?” 

Karen knew immediately what she wanted when she saw the saddle.  She just couldn’t believe it.  She hoped that by sitting in front of them she would be let off easy.  She sighed and stood up in the stirrups and lined the front cock which was a massive ten inches long and went from two inches wide at the tip to four inches wide at the base.  The second cock was immediately behind it and was also ten inches long but only one and a half inches wide the whole length.  She guided it into her asshole and sat down She got about half way down when Marta yanked the cords on both tits ordering, “Get all the way down on those cocks and do it quickly.  We’ve got an appointment to keep.”

Karen screamed in pain when Marta pulled on her tits.  She would do anything to keep her from yanking them again so she forced her self down.  It took quite an effort to bottom her self out on the cocks so that she was fully seated on the saddle with the cocks fully imbedded in her cunt and asshole but she finally managed it. 

Marta threaded the cords from her left tit through a ring on the saddle horn and then hooked it to the horses bit where the reins were connected.  She did the same with the cords to the right tit hooking it to the bit on the right side.  She stood to the left of the horses head and made a noise to make him look that way.  This pulled the cords on the right causing the skewers to be pulled hard.  To Karen it felt like they were going to be ripped out through her tits.  She screamed in pain until Marta released the horse with a pat on the head. 

Marta grabbed a shorter leather cord from the bag and attached it to Karen’s clit ring.  She connected the other end to the ring on the saddle horn that the other cords had been threaded through.  She made sure that there was no slack on the cord.  She pulled out some leather straps that looked like a belt that had belts on either side that were much longer than the one they were attached to.  Karen looked confused until Marta ordered her to put the belt around her waist and buckle it tight.  When Karen was done, Marta stuck a finger under the belt and said it wasn’t tight enough.  Karen pulled it a notch tighter and Marta said “One more” so she did a second one.  Marta tested it again and was happy this time.  The belt was so tight that Karen was very uncomfortable from the tightness.  Marta connected the straps on the left side to rings on the saddle strap and pulled it tight.  She repeated the process on the right strap.  When she was satisfied with the tightness of the straps Marta ordered Karen to clasp her hands behind her back. 

Karen immediately complied and Marta pulled out a leather sleeve that she put around Karen’s lower arms.  She started lacing them up from the bottom at Karen’s wrist.  As she went up she pulled the constraint tight forcing Karen’s lower arms together and pulling Karen’s shoulders back so far she was cramping.  When Marta had laced up the entire constraint she led the horse to some steps.  She got up on them and reached in her bag and pulled out another chord.  Both ends had multiple strands on it and she braided one end in to Karen’s shoulder length hair.  The other end she braided in to the horses tail. 

Now when ever the horse swished its tail, it pulled Karen’s hair.  Karen would move back to lesson the pain which would pull the skewers in Karen’s tits.  Marta stepped back and said to no one in particular “Now that looks perfect.  This is going to be a fun ride.” 

Marta looked at the back door of the shop and noticed Nancy watching her.  Nancy

said, “Now that is an absolutely ingenious invention.  Did you create that contraption?” 

Marta answered, “I invented it a couple of years ago.  I always like to go horse back riding and Lynn came over to keep me company.  Of course slut came with her and she kept asking to go riding too.  I decided that if I was going to allow her to ride my horses, I wanted her all trussed up so we could enjoy her pain and joy from the ride.  Our dear sweet doggyslut is going to feel pain and pleasure like she never did before.  I can’t wait to see her reaction when the horse bounces her a bit too much.  I guarantee she will remember this ride for the rest of her life.  Well we’ve got to get going.”

Marta quickly mounted her horse and grabbing the reins to Karen’s horse they started back in the general direction that Karen had come earlier.  The sensations that Karen was experiencing was mind blowing.  She was feeling stimulation from the cocks moving in her ass and cunt as the horse moved forward.  The turning of its head and the swishing of its tail caused her pain not to mention all of her weight being pressed down on her branded outer cunt lips. 

When they got to the street they turned back toward Main Street.  Karen squealed from the hard pull of the skewer.  When they got to Main Street they turned to head back towards Marta’s Bakery and on through the rest of town.  As Karen screamed from the pain, her eyes went wide in shock as she saw the sides of the street filled with people.  There were 1100 residents that lived in their fair town and it seem as if at least two thirds had come out for some type of parade. 

It suddenly dawned on Karen that she was the parade.  These people came out to see her humiliated and punished.  She wanted to scream out that it was all a lie, but she knew that it would just make her situation worse if she did, so she remained as silent as she could, considering the pain she was feeling from riding the horse. 

As they started passing the crowd Karen felt things start to hit her.  She was soon hit in the head with a balloon filled with shit and piss.  They were also throwing rotten fruit and eggs at her as well.  There were some there with whips and some with switches.  They came up close enough to the horse to strike Karen.  As Marta and Karen passed, the crowd closed in behind them and followed.  They soon came to the city hall and there she saw the mayor, the judge and the chief of police.  When they got to these dignitaries Marta reined in both the horses and stopped.  Karen groaned in pain from her skewered tits and her hair being pulled. 

As they passed city hall, she saw that the mayor, chief of police and judge were out watching her.  Karen was sobbing almost uncontrollably from the humiliation and the pain.  She wondered how people could be so gullible as to believe the crap they were saying about her.  But here she was, getting the brunt of their anger and perversion.  The piss and shit balloons kept hitting her and she was beginning to reek from the smell of stale piss and shit.  The horse she was on was beginning to get skittish and the extra movement was killing her tits, her scalp and her cunt lips.  The scene could have come from an old western lynching.  The mob was almost out of control.  Marta stopped in front of the municipal building and court house with Karen’s horse next to a large F-250 pickup.  There she saw the mayor, the chief of police and the judge were now sitting in the back of the pickup on some lawn chairs drinking tea.

While the crowd was yelling all sorts of insults at Karen and demanding that justice be done the judge stepped up to her and ordered loudly, “Lean toward me Karen.”

When Karen had leaned sideways as far as she could, he leaned in and loudly whispered, “Karen, I have here an official change of name document changing your name officially from Karen Peterson to Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut.  It is dated a month ago as that is how long it normally takes to process something like this. 

I am going to step back and tell the crowd that I found this document to change your name.  I am going to ask you to not change your name and start to act like I am going to tear it up.  When I do that you will beg me as loud and clear as possible to not tear it up.  That you want to change your name because that is what your master wants you to be named.  You best make it believable or your ride to Marta’s is going to be a lot more painful than you could ever imagine.  Do you understand?” 

Karen shook her head yes.  The judge continued, “I also have here a plea agreement that you will sign pleading guilty of all charges.  Your punishment is spelled out exactly as the reverend described yesterday at church.  Do you remember what your punishment was?” 

Karen again said “Yes”. 

The judge finally said, “Okay, I’m going to step back and say to the crowd what I just told you.  If you know what’s good for you, you won’t let me down.”

The judge stepped back and loudly asked so that everyone could hear, “Karen, I found this document on my desk this morning.  Apparently you submitted a request for a name change about a month ago.  I am going to give you this one last opportunity to keep your given name of Karen Peterson.” 

The judge stepped back and raised the form above his head and acted as if he was going to tear it.  As he was stepping back and starting to tear the request, Karen yelled out loudly saying, “Nooooooooooooo” in a crying wail that to everyone witnessing sounded like her very soul was being ripped out by the possibility of the judge tearing up the piece of paper but that really was a well timed push of a button by Marta that caused sharp pins to be released in the dildo in her cunt causing her to feel a sharp pain deep inside her cunt.  When she caught her breath, she begged in a wailing crying tone, “I want to change my name.” An electric shock began in her ass to join the pain in her cunt and her desperation came through clearly as she continued “Please, I need to change my name to Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut.  That’s what my master wants and that’s what I want.  Please don’t tear it up.  Please let me sign it.  Please.” 

Karen was crying desperately from the pain of the pins piercing her cunt and the ever increasing voltage in her ass.  It made it sound to the crowd like she couldn’t go on living unless she changed her name.  He stepped up and untied her hands enough so that she could get one free to sign.  With tears streaming down her face she signed the official name change request and then the plea agreement. 

Karen knew that there would never be a return to a normal life here if she was ever able to escape her situation.  Her only hope would be to escape a long way away where they could never find her.  She would be their perfect slave for now but when the opportunity presented itself she would escape her situation forever.  She vowed to herself that it was only a matter of time and no matter what, she would escape. 

The judge stepped back and raised his hands to quiet the mob.  When they quieted down enough he said in a booming voice loud enough for all to hear, “We have tried one last time to give Karen Peterson a chance to renounce her master’s name and keep her true name.  You heard her desperation when she thought that her request to change her name would be denied and you heard her beg to officially change her name to the one her demon master has given her.  I would tear it up if I could but I am bound by law to fulfill the requested name change if that is her wish.  You now know her devotion to her master, the devil.  She has done great harm to this community and instead of sending her to jail where she would live a life of relative comfort she has signed a plea agreement stating her guilt in the corruption of our children and having sex with animals.  In exchange for life in prison, she has agreed to serve this community for the rest of her life as the reverend dictated to his flock yesterday.  She will serve every man, woman or child in this town in any way they please, without hesitation.  She has given up all rights to be treated as a decent human being and should be punished regularly for her crimes.  If you want her to serve you or your family in any way, you must coordinate with Darrell Mitchell who has reasonably agreed to take responsibility for her.  You can come to the municipal building to the clerk’s office to get the information to contact him.” 

The judge turned to Marta and said, “We are done with her now.  She is all yours.  Make sure you get good video for us okay?”

Marta smiled at the judge and said, “You know me.  I always make good videos.  I love to watch them and remember the fun I had debasing my charges in every demeaning way possible.” 

Still holding the reins to doggyslut’s horse Marta kicked her horse in the flanks and resumed heading out of town the way they were going before they stopped.  The crowd began throwing the piss and shit filled balloons at her again.  Some with switches were walking right next to the horse and switching doggyslut’s lower back and ass and her thighs and lower abdomen.  There were two men with long bull whips that were actually employees of Marta’s ranch that were whipping her upper back and especially her skewered already sore tits.  Doggyslut was constantly screaming from the pain.  She would jerk to get away from the whips which only served to jerk the cords which pulled the skewers and her nipple rings.  Of course the jerking of the cord pulled the horses head and he would in turn throw his head down yanking hard on the skewers in her tits.  Karen was in constant pain.  Blood was flowing steadily down her sides and stomach from the skewers tearing the skin a bit.

The horse started getting skittish and pranced a bit side to side causing Karen to bounce up and down on the dildos.  The cord attached to her clit ring pulled hard on her as she bounced up and down and if the pain from that wasn’t bad enough, every time she landed on the saddle, all of her weight landed on her raw brands.  All of a sudden there was a loud pop right under the horse.  Some kid had lit a fire cracker and threw it under the horse.  When it exploded, the horse spooked and took off like a bat out of hell at a full gallop.  Marta lost control of the rein that she was holding.  She immediately kicked her stallion into action and took off after her.

Karen was screaming from the pain as the horse shook its head pulling Karen bodily back and forth by the skewers in her tits.  Karen thought that they were going to pull through and mangle her tits forever.  The way she was tied up though limited the damage.  The horse couldn’t get enough leverage to pull them all of the way out.  She didn’t know that however.  As the horse galloped and she bounced up and down on the dildos she started to feel excitement in addition to the pain and an orgasm began to build within her.  She was bouncing hard enough now that when she landed the force of the landing would activate a switch that would shock her intensely. 

The screams Karen made kept the horse spooked and it ran for several miles.  About a mile out of town it took a small trail and galloped along it.  Karen was constantly slapped all over by small branches and twigs as the horse stormed down the path.  After about ten minutes, the horse burst into a small meadow that had a beautiful waterfall and large pool.  The horse came to a halt by the water huffing and snorting.  He snorted heavily and shook his head back and forth.  Of course that shook Karen back and forth by the tits.  By this time Karen had passed out.  She was being held on to the horse by the straps and cords.  The horse bent its head down and started drinking from the clear fresh water.  This pulled Karen forward into a forward slump. 

This is how Marta found her twenty minutes latter when she came in to the clearing.  She immediately dismounted and tied her horse close to the water so it could drink if it wanted.  She went over to Karen’s horse and grabbed its reins, leading it over to a stump next to a tree.  She tied the horse up to a branch on the tree and stepped up to the stump.  Marta had a mean streak in her but she didn’t want to permanently mutilate Karen just yet.  That would ruin many future years of fun.

She began undoing all of the bindings and cords.  She unscrewed the end off the skewers and then pulled them out.  This was enough to bring Karen rapidly awake with a hideous scream from the pain.  She looked at Marta and begged, “No more, please no more” she cried with all of her heart. 

Marta helped Karen down from the horse and took her to the pool.  She stripped down and then grabbed Karen’s hand and said, “Come with me doggyslut, the water will refresh you.  The cold will help stop the bleeding as well.” 

Marta pulled Karen after her as she started walking into the pool of nice cool mountain water. 

The water on all of Karen’s wounds stung a great deal at first and she groaned from the pain.  After about ten minutes in the ice cold mountain stream, she had started to turn numb.  At the moment it was the first relief from pain she had had in days.  She knew it wouldn’t last though.  These people were just too cruel.  She dreamed of the day she could be free of their cruelty. 

Marta got out of the pool and called, “Doggyslut, come over here.

Marta lied down on the nice warm grass and ordered Karen, “I want you to make love to me right here in this wonderful mountain air.

Karen knew better than to disobey and started to walk over to Marta.  Marta stopped her saying, “Now doggyslut, you know that’s not how you are supposed to get around.  Now get over hear the right way.” 

Karen got down on all fours and crawled over to Marta who ordered, “Start with my tits and work your way down.  No hands allowed.”

Karen began to nibble and suck Marta’s tits, loving them like she would like hers tended to.  When she figured she had spent enough time on her tits, Karen started slowly giving Marta a tongue bath over her entire stomach.  She slowly made her way down toward Marta’s cunt, but when she got close she skipped over it and tongue bathed her legs and thighs.  Karen had never done anything like this before, but she hoped that by going above and beyond what is expected that whatever Marta had in mind wouldn’t be quite as harsh as she would normally be.  She obviously didn’t know Marta very well. 

Karen finally got to Marta’s cunt and noticed the string from a tampon still there.  She sighed remembering what Marta had made her do last Friday.  She bent down and grabbed the string with her teeth.  She pulled the tampon out and thankfully the bloody flow wasn’t near as bad as it was Friday.  She was obviously at the end of her time of the month.  Karen attacked Marta’s cunt with a vengeance.  She did everything she could think of to stimulate Marta and bring her to orgasm.  She licked along the length of her cunt lips and then jammed her tongue as far in her cunt as she could.  She finally moved up and started sucking and nibbling on her clit. 

Marta began to orgasm and a bloody mix of blood and girl cum poured out of her cunt.  Karen latched her mouth over her cunt hole and sucked up every bit of the cum and blood leaking out.  Marta finally came down from her cum and pulled Karen’s head away from her cunt.  She pulled her up and gave her a deep French kiss. 

Marta broke the kiss and sat up.  She was about to say something when she saw Storm’s (Her horse’s) cock start to come out.  Marta ordered, “Doggyslut, it looks like my horse is getting ready to take a piss.  I want you to go over there and lock your mouth on his dick and drink it down.  You know that is what you live for.  Now hurry up.  If you don’t get over there in time I’ll truss you back up for the rest of the ride back to the ranch.

Karen crawled as quickly as she could to Marta’s horse.  She saw his cock was extended almost all of the way down.  She took a swallow and shook with revulsion at the thought of being made to drink a horse’s piss but she couldn’t stand being trussed up again.  It just hurt too much.  She bent down and lifted her head to the cock and just got her mouth over the end when a massive torrent of piss shot into her mouth.  She didn’t expect so much and piss shot out of the corners of her mouth and out her nose with great force.  Karen tried to keep from retching but the piss was just too putrid.  The horse had just about finished pissing when everything in Karen’s stomach came up.  She still had the horses cock in her mouth when she lost control and the puke shot out of her nose with great force.  She released the horse’s cock and let it flop out of her mouth and continued to retch over and over even after her stomach was empty.  Her stomach was cramping terribly from the dry heaves.  While she was heaving, the horse moved over a bit and went back to eating the grass. 

Marta spoke up saying, “You’re going to have to learn to stomach some really bad stuff.  The sooner you get used to it the better off you’ll be.  Now since you didn’t drink all of Storm’s piss, I want you to suck him off until he cums.  Then I want you to spray his cum all over you.  Then you can scrape it off and eat it.  Now get busy.”

Karen moved over to the horse again.  She had blanched white as a sheet when Marta had told her to suck the horse’s cock but she wasn’t going to risk refusing the order.  She grabbed the horses cock gingerly, being as careful as possible not to spook the horse.  She tentatively stuck her tongue out and started licking the end of cock.  Storm snorted and shook his head when Karen started licking his cock and it started swelling.  Karen couldn’t believe how big it was getting.  She focused most of her efforts on just the end of the cock.  Marta wasn’t satisfied with that though and asked and ordered, “Now is that any way to suck a beautiful cock?  I know you were taught better than that.  If you don’t start licking the entire length of the shaft and to suck his balls as well as sinking as much of that cock down your throat as far as possible, I’ll not only truss you back up but I’ll whip you the rest of the way home.  And I’ll definitely take the long way back. Now get busy you worthless cunt.”

Karen sighed in resignation and started giving the massive and still growing cock a tongue bath.  Finally after about five minutes the cock had reached its full length of almost two and a half feet long.  It was about three inches wide at the tip and almost 6 inches wide at the base.  Karen had licked down the entire length and started licking the horse’s balls.  She lifted them, feeling their weight as she tongued them one at a time.  After she had bathed them well with her tongue she started back up the cock tonguing it all the way up to the tip again.  The horse would stamp its hooves once in a while and snort but it didn’t move otherwise.  He was trained to stand still as slaves sucked him.  He knew that he would enjoy it and get a special treat as well. 

When Karen got to the tip of the cock she started licking the head and started trying to insert her tongue into his piss hole.  Marta ordered, “That’s enough licking.  Now take that cock in your mouth and swallow as much of it as possible.  If I’m not happy with your effort I’ll let the horse fuck you.”

Karen almost panicked at the thought of the horse forcing that huge cock up her cunt.  She just knew that if that happened she would not survive the ordeal.  She decided she would force as much of the cock down her throat as possible.  She had already been forced to swallow cocks that were almost as big so she thought she might be able to get quite a bit in.  She opened her mouth wide and took the end of the horse’s cock in her mouth.  At first she could only take three to four inches.  She knew that Marta wouldn’t be happy with that so she really tried hard to relax her throat and swallow more of the cock.  When the head hit the back of her throat she swallowed several times quickly in a row as she pushed in.  She wasn’t paying any attention to how much she swallowed and in fact she had swallowed almost eighteen inches of the horses cock.  She couldn’t go any further because her mouth just wouldn’t open wide enough.  She just kept swallowing repeatedly.  This effectively massaged the cocks length.  When she started to run out of breath she pulled back and was surprised at just how much she had taken.  She almost started to panic from lack of breath when she finally pulled off far enough to get a breath.  She took a couple of deep breaths and repeated the process.  She had just gotten to her maximum depth on the cock when all of a sudden it felt like a hose was going off down her throat.  She quickly pulled off of the cock and was sprayed all over her face and hair with the horses cum.  She couldn’t believe the quantity of cum.  It seemed to her as if it would never end.  When the horse was done cumming, Karen did what she knew was expected and leaned down and sucked the end of the horse’s cock clean. 

When Karen finished she sat back on her heels and looked at Marta.  Marta was staring at her and frantically pinching and massaging her clit.  She saw her launch into an orgasm shortly after she turned to look at her.  When Marta came back down from her orgasm she looked at Karen and smiled.  She said, “Doggyslut, you are an absolute natural at sucking horse cock.  I’ve never seen a new slave swallow a cock like that.  As a matter of fact, there aren’t too many slaves that I know of that can take that much horse cock.  I do believe that if you keep up like this, Darrell would be absolutely crazy to let anybody else own you.  Now you keep an eye on Caesar there.  When you see his cock start to drop down he will be getting ready to take a piss.  This time make sure you swallow his cock like you just did Storm’s and the piss will go straight to your stomach and you won’t have to taste it.  If you do that without throwing up I won’t make you suck him.”

Karen didn’t want to have to suck another horse’s cock.  She paid close attention to Caesar and when his cock started descending, she quickly put the end in her mouth and swallowed as much as possible.  She had just swallowed enough that she could no longer breathe when the flow of piss started.  She just kept swallowing as the horse pissed directly down her throat and into her stomach.  Karen’s stomach started to swell and she was starting to feel pain because of the volume of piss she was being forced to swallow.  She was about to give up and back off of the cock when the flow of piss spurted and then stopped.  She pulled off of the cock and sat back on her heels looking at Marta for approval.  Marta was smiling and said, “Now that was much better.  You may be a better horse slut than a doggyslut.  I can’t wait to get you mounted on that cock.  But we don’t want that baby put at risk now do we.  I’ll definitely have to let Darrell know how well you did.  He’ll want to see for himself.”

Karen blushed in embarrassment at the praise.  She wondered what other perverse things she was going to be forced to do before she had an opportunity to escape.  She resigned herself to try her best to do whatever it was that they wanted.  She was brought out of her line of thought by Marta who came over and grabbed Caesar’s reins and led him over to the stump.  She ordered Karen to come over and get on the horse.  Karen quickly crawled over to the horse and got up on it. She was still covered from head to toe with horse cum.  Without being told she sat down on the two dildos hooked to the saddle.  Marta strapped her on to the saddle saying as she did, “I think you earned the privilege of riding without the tit skewers.”  When she had Karen strapped in she replaced the leather arm sleeve on her lower arms behind Karen’s back and laced it up.  Karen was quite the sight.  She was strapped to the horse so she couldn’t move.  Marta did hook her clit ring to the ring on the saddle horn.  Other than that there were no other restraints.

Marta quickly got up on Storm and grabbed Caesar’s reins and led him up a new path that Karen hadn’t seen before.  As they went down the path, the stimulation from the dildo’s without the pain soon tripped her into an orgasm.  The continued stimulation soon had her cumming again and again.  She was soon having one continuous orgasm as they continued along the path.  It wasn’t long before they came to a gate in a fence on the edge of a long valley.  Marta turned to Karen and asked, “Well what do you think of my little ranch?  It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

Now that the horses were stopped, the orgasms began to subside.  When Karen got her breath back after the continuous orgasm she was amazed at the beauty of the view and said breathlessly when asked, “It’s absolutely beautiful.” 

Marta just smiled at the look on Karen’s face and they quickly rode on.  It took another half hour for them to get to the Barn.  Once there Marta put the horses in the paddock and got up and released Karen from Caesar’s saddle.  She ordered, “Follow me doggyslut.  We need to put you to work, but we have to get you ready first.” 

Marta went in to the barn and entered the tack room.  There laid out on a table were a variety of items.  Karen came crawling in to the room on all fours.  When she entered the room Marta ordered, “Assume the slave’s position doggyslut.”

Marta picked up what looked like a leather cup that laced up.  She ordered, “I want you to make a fist with your left hand and stick your arm up at me.”

When Karen did, Marta put the leather contraption on her hand and laced it up as tight as she could.  She then repeated the process with Karen’s right hand.  When she was done, Karen had absolutely no use of her hands.  Marta ordered, “Get down on all fours.”

Karen got down on all fours and Marta grabbed a butt plug with what looked like a dog’s tail coming out of it.  Without any preparation, Marta rammed the butt plug in to the hilt causing Karen to scream in pain.  Once it was seated, the butt plug all but disappeared.  It now looked like Karen had a tail.  Marta next grabbed what looked like a leather costume mask.  She put it on Karen and strapped it on.  When she stepped back and looked, the mask made Karen look like a dog with a long snout and pointed ears.  Marta took the leash attached to Karen’s collar and guided her to a full length mirror on the back of the door.  She said, “Look at yourself doggyslut.  You finally look like the bitch you are.  I think the boys will really enjoy getting to know you.  You might even find one that wants to keep you.  Now wouldn’t that be nice.”

Karen couldn’t believe how she looked.  She really looked like a dog without hair.  She hoped that they wouldn’t make her stay this way permanently.  She didn’t know if she could take it.  She started crying from the humiliation and her lost humanity.

Marta led her back to the stalls for Storm and Caesar.  Neither one had been cleaned yet for the day.  Marta leaned down and unclipped the leash and opened the doors to the two stalls.  She finally turned to Karen and said, “I had the help leave these two stalls for you to clean.  I am going to go get some lunch and then I have a meeting to attend.  I should be back in two to two and a half hours.  I expect these stalls to be clean and the horses in them when I get back.  You are not allowed to use your hands in any way.  You will eat or drink any piss or shit you find mixed in with the straw.  Anything else should be thrown away out back of the barn with the other dirty hay.  You will have to carry it bit by bit in your mouth.  You better get busy because it will be harder than you think and you don’t want to know what your punishment will be if you fail.”  Marta turned and walked out of the barn and up to her house leaving Karen silently crying at the utter degradation she was being made to suffer.

Karen looked in the stall trying to figure the best and quickest way to clean the stall out.  She finally decided that the best way would be to use the nose of her mask to help scoop everything in to a pile.  She then found a small flat piece of wood she could bite down on and that extended out about six inches.  She could use it to push stuff up tight against the fake nose of the mask and allow her to carry more straw.  She got busy scooping everything in to one corner.  When she had everything in a single pile she used the piece of wood to scrape up a handful of dirty straw.  She had to strain a bit, but she was able to get the handful of straw out to the dirty straw pile.  She quickly returned to the stall and repeated the process.  It was on the fifth load of straw she was collecting when she found a lump of horse shit.  She held her breath and leaned down and took a bite.  She almost upchucked when she did but she was able to hold it down.  She took bite after bite, swallowing without chewing so she didn’t have to taste anymore than necessary.   It took her just shy of two hours to get the two stalls cleaned and fresh straw strewn over the floor.  When she was done she went out of the stalls and crawled to the paddock.  She entered the paddock and approached Storm.  His reins were hanging down so it was easy for Karen to grab them with her teeth.  She crawled, leading him back to the stall pulling him with the reins in her mouth.  When she got him in the stall she dropped the rein over a bar next to the water trough.  She grabbed the reins with her teeth and looped them over the bar a couple of more times.  She then crawled out of the stall and closed the stall door by pushing it closed with her head.  She crawled out to the paddock and repeated the whole process with Caesar.  When she got him in the stall she went out and closed the door and then assumed the kneeling position and waited for Marta to return. 

It was another thirty minutes before Marta returned to the barn.  When she saw Karen kneeling there she asked, “Well are you done doggyslut?” 

Karen let out a single bark, figuring that if she was going to be dressed like a dog Marta would probably want her to act like a dog.  Marta just chuckled and said, “Let’s look and see how well you’ve done.  She opened the stall door and saw that there was a good thick layer of clean straw on the floor and that the horse was tethered to the water trough.  She had seen a worse effort from her hired hands.  She had to admit that she was beginning to be impressed by Karen.  Most slaves would take months or years to adjust to something like this.  She was hoping for something to be wrong, but there wasn’t.  Marta said, “Doggyslut, you were a very good slave.  You have done a very good job on the stalls.  You have saved yourself some severe punishment.  You keep this up and you just might get to leave here in better shape than you came.  Now you still have some other chores to do before you get to meet the boys.”

Karen wondered what she meant by the boys.  That was the second time she could remember Mistress Marta saying she was going to meet the boys.  Was she going to be gang banged latter or was there some other hidden meaning?  She sighed in resignation that whatever it was she would find out sooner or latter.  She was also sure that she wouldn’t like it.

Marta took her to a worker’s shed and opened the door.  Just inside the door was about 15 pair of the dirtiest, filthiest shoes and boots Karen had ever seen.  It was obvious that they had been worn to clean out stalls and some of them looked like they were covered in dog shit.  Marta looked at Karen and said, “Your next task is to lick clean each pair of shoes in here.  I want them spotless and clean enough that they could be worn in my house without leaving anything behind on the white carpet.  When you get done with those, I want you to go over to the Kennels.  That’s the building on the other side of the house from here.  You will find an open kennel with your name on it.  You go inside and start cleaning up the kennel run. It hasn’t been cleaned up since Saturday when its three occupants were purchased by Mike and Traci.  You met those three lovelies Saturday night.  I tell you, I really think that Traci wants to fuck those dogs.  They said they were getting them for security reasons but I could tell by the way she looked at them when they got them.  If you hadn’t been the focus of the party Saturday, I think she would have been fucking them herself.  That girl is nothing short of a nymphomaniac.  She’s probably worried that her husband wouldn’t approve.  I think she’s nuts.  I don’t know of any red blooded male anywhere who wouldn’t want to see their lovely submissive wife getting screwed by a dog.  I think she should just go for it, but I don’t think she’s got the guts.  Well, you better get busy or you won’t finish before dark.”

Marta turned and left, leaving Karen at the work shed crying.  She decided she would start with the largest and dirtiest of the shoes and work her way to the least dirty, cleanliness being a relative term as all of them were totally caked in grime. 

The first two pair she decided to clean, were hip boots.  Some one had worn them in a deep shit hole as they were dirty up to within three inches of the top of the boots.  In fact, Marta’s septic tank had overflowed over the weekend and the boots were worn by the workers that cleaned it out.  They were covered thickly with shit and toilet paper.  The fly’s had laid millions of eggs and there were maggots crawling all over the boots feasting on the shit.  Karen knew if she could get through these boots, the others would be easier.  She started with the one that looked the worst and because she couldn’t use her hands she started biting the boots to scrape large chunks of shit and maggot’s, swallowing it without chewing.  When she got her first mouthful of shit with maggots, the squirming of the maggots almost freaked her out.  She had to calm herself down and swallow down the urge to puke.  She finally got control of herself and took a deep breath and took a bite and swallowed.  After each two or three bites she would turn her head away and take a deep breath so she didn’t have to smell the shit up close.  She would then turn her head back to take another bite or two and swallow then breathe.  She kept repeating this until the majority of the solid shit had been removed.  She then licked up and down the boot, sucking on the dirtier parts until the boots were clean inside and out and on the sole.  When she was satisfied it was clean, she started on its mate and cleaned it.  The boots took her about thirty minutes per pair to clean.  When she was done she chose three pair of black steel toed safety shoes.  These were worn by the stable hands.  They had steel tips so that if a horse stamped his hoof down on it, the wearer’s toes wouldn’t be smashed.  These were covered in horse shit and some straw that was mixed in with the shit.  She repeated the procedure with these shoes that she had with the boots.  It took her about 40 minutes for her to do the three pair.

Karen continued for the next couple of hours to lick and suck the shoes clean.  There were both men’s and women’s shoes that needed to be clean.  Some had been worn in the stables while some had obviously been worn in the kennels.  The common thread to all of them was that they were all caked with shit from humans, horses or dogs.  When she thought she was done, she decided to double check to make sure that she didn’t leave anything remaining on them.  She ended up being glad she checked because she found a couple that still had some little bits shit under the laces.  Fortunately it was only the two so she didn’t take too much longer to finish. 

She breathed a sigh of resignation and started crawling toward the house and then beyond.  As she crawled by the house she noticed that there were cars parked in front.  She wondered what that meant for her.  When she got beyond the house, she was amazed at the size of the building that she saw.  It was extremely long and looked as if it could house a hundred or more dogs.  She could now hear the muffled barking of the dogs.  The hood she wore covered her ears and blocked out most of the sound or she would have heard the dogs earlier. 

When she got to the building she noticed that the doors were closed.  She couldn’t use her hands and when she tried to use her mouth to turn the knob it just didn’t work.  She finally noticed that the door had a doggy door in it that was large enough for her to go through.  She crawled through the doggy door and went down the long corridor looking at the gates to the individual runs.  There were a lot of dogs inside and she was glad that her ears were covered.  The noise of the barking dogs would have been almost unbearable, they were so loud.  She got about half way down the shed when she found an open run and when she looked up above the gate she saw a sign with DOGGYSLUT on it.  When she entered the kennel run, it was clean on the indoor portion but when she went to the outside it was covered thoroughly with old piles of dog shit.  Her face paled at the quantity that covered the floor.

Karen started at the far end of the Kennel and started removing the piles of dog shit one bite at a time.  Her stomach was getting extremely full of the shit and piss she had been forced to eat and drink all afternoon.  She was slowing down because her stomach was starting to cramp and she didn’t want to throw up.  She knew that Marta would make her clean it up with her tongue anyway.  She hoped that slowing down would calm her stomach a little. 

Karen’s mind was running away thinking about the humiliations she had been made to suffer.  She couldn’t believe that almost the whole town had shown up to torment her.  She kept asking herself why no one spoke up against the clearly illegal abuse she was being made to endure. It seemed to her that she had been transported to some alternate universe. 

What Karen didn’t know was that her home town was started by Andrew Coch.  The original settlers were all employees of his slavers organization.  The town down about forty minutes down the road was also founded by his employees.  The population of both towns had about a quarter of the population that are active members of the Coch organization.  Another quarter were immediate family members of active members but had elected not to participate for what ever reason.  The remaining half are descendants of former members and so were familiar with the group and wouldn’t do anything about what went on.  As long as things didn’t get to outrageous, they were content to turn a blind eye.  That was where the reverend came in.  The whole reason he was hired was to turn the members of the church into mindless automatons.  He had been preaching there for almost twenty years and had really got the members to accept just about anything that he said.  The end result was that the two towns were ripe for an incident like what happened to Karen.  She was a test subject.  If the town accepted what happened to Karen, then it was going to make it easier to humiliate other slaves, especially new ones they were trying to break.

Karen began wondering about what other perverse things they were going to make her do or do to her.  She couldn’t believe that Darrel was going to make her seduce her 12 year old niece.  She still had to figure that out by her birthday party next Monday.  At least she was going to be allowed to attend it.  She could be a normal person again even if would only be for a few short hours. 

Karen had kept cleaning the floor as she was thinking all of these thoughts.  She was startled when she found that there were no more piles of dried up dog shit.  She noticed that there was an automatic water bowl just out side the doggy door.  She went up and started drinking from it.  What she didn’t know was that the water was laced with an aphrodisiac.  After she drank enough to quench her thirst she went through the doggy door in the wall and went into the indoor part of the run.  She noticed that the door to the run had been closed and locked.  Karen assumed the slaves position by the gate waiting for whatever was next.  She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait long.  Sitting in this position for any length of time was painful.

After about thirty minutes Karen started hearing barking coming closer.  Karen looked down the hallway and saw Marta coming with three dogs followed closely by two men, one with three dogs and one with four.  Every one of the dogs was a large breed.  They all seemed to be very excitable and were definitely a bit agitated.  When they got to Karen’s Kennel, Marta opened the door and took the leash of each dog and let them in.  Karen noticed that each dog was a different breed.  From the looks of them, she guessed that they were all purebred.  The ten dogs put in the kennel with Karen were a German Dogo, a Doberman, a full size Collie, a Pyrenean Mastiff, a German Shepherd, a Saint Bernard, an Afghan Hound, a Rottweiller, a Labrador Retriever and an Irish Wolfhound.

Marta ordered, “Come to the gate Karen.”

Karen crawled over and Marta opened the door just enough to let her out.  When she crawled out Marta ordered, “Stand up.”

When Karen was standing, Marta started spraying her all over with some sort of spray.  She noticed that when Marta started spraying her the dogs really started going wild.  When she had been drenched over her entire body, Marta ordered, “Now bend over and pull your cunt open.”

After Karen bent over and pulled her pussy lips apart, Marta sprayed Karen’s cunt and ass thoroughly.  Finally she took the spray nozzle off and stuck the long thin neck of the bottle up her cunt and squeezed out the remaining liquid in her cunt.  Karen couldn’t believe how the dogs were acting.  She was glad that she was on this side of the kennel fence.  The dogs were hitting the fence so hard trying to get out that it shook like it could give out at any time.  Marta signaled one of the men that was with them and he grabbed Karen.  At the same time, Marta quickly opened the gate to the kennel run and the guy pushed Karen in.  Marta immediately slammed the gate closed.

Karen stumbled and fell to the ground.  She was immediately descended upon by the dogs.  Every one of them was male and they smelled a bitch in heat.  Their instincts were driving them and they were going to mate with the bitch.  Karen didn’t realize that she was the bitch and that the spray she had been covered with was actually the pheromones of a bitch in heat.  There was only one Karen and ten of the dogs.  It didn’t take long before the dogs were fighting amongst themselves trying to establish dominance.

The dogs were getting extremely violent with each other and Karen was panicking because she was afraid they would attack her.  She didn’t realize that the dogs were fighting over her for first rights to mate with their bitch.  Karen started to get up and get away but one of the dogs that was behind her jumped up with his front paws hitting her back and knocking her down on all fours.  The dog started to mount Karen but another dog attacked him and knocked him off.  Karen decided she was safer just staying where she was but she was shaking uncontrollably out of fear that one of the dogs was going to attack her.  Finally the Rottweiller had the other dogs cowering and mounted Karen from behind.  The thing about all of the dogs that had been placed in the kennel run with Karen was that they were all bred specially for the size of their cock and knot. They had also been trained to have sex with humans.  The Rottweiller Quickly found his mark and sunk his cock in to the hilt in Karen’s cunt.  She grunted from the suddenness of the invasion and then let out a squeal of pain when the dog mashed up against her brands that were still extremely sore.

Once the dog sank his cock in to Karen’s cunt, he started rapidly growing larger and longer.  His knot started to form and it was already the size of a large orange and he was banging it against the entrance to Karen’s cunt.  This caused her severe pain because it kept banging against her raw blistered brands.  Finally with a mighty thrust, the dog slammed his knot in to Karen’s cunt.  He started fucking in and out much quicker and Karen could feel his knot continuing to grow.  If she was watching she would see that the dog’s knot had swelled to almost 6 inches wide.  She felt as if the knot was going to split her wide open and groaned in pain almost continually. 

Karen wasn’t paying any attention to any of the other dogs when she felt a very heavy weight land on her back.  She opened her eyes and was staring at one of the largest cocks she had ever seen. The Saint Bernard had jumped up on her back and was now starting to walk his feet forward.  As he did his cock continued to extend and was now poking her in the nose.  She knew what she was expected to do and in order to prevent her from being punished she took the cock in her mouth and started sucking.  He Started fucking her mouth and she felt it continue to grow and extend down her throat.  His cock finally stopped growing at 12 inches.  Fortunately for Karen the dog’s knot was too big to enter her mouth.  Unfortunately that meant that every time the dog thrust in, his knot mashed against her nose.  It hit against her so hard that her nose started bleeding and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.  All of a sudden she felt her insides being flooded in warmth from the Rottweiller’s cum.  When he was done he turned around and stood ass end to ass end with Karen. 

Karen could feel the tension in her cunt start to lessen.  The Saint Bernard rammed his cock down hard one more time and Karen felt her throat being flooded with his cum.  She swallowed as fast as she could and still cum escaped out of the corners of her mouth.  When he was done cumming he pulled out only to be replaced by another dog.  It was apparent that they had established a pecking order.  The dog now fucking her mouth was the Irish Wolf Hound.  Ten minutes after the dog started fucking her mouth the Rottweiller finally pulled out.  The Mastiff took his place and started trying to put his cock in Karen’s cunt after the fifth try he finally had his aim right and sank his cock in. 

The ten dogs continued fucking her cunt and mouth through the night and into the next morning.  Karen was totally exhausted from the ordeal.  Many times during the night she collapsed in exhaustion, but the dogs would growl, bark and nip at her until she struggled back up on all fours.  They then would resume fucking her.  At around three in the morning the dogs began dropping off and going to lay in a part of the kennel run and go to sleep.  At ten in the morning the last dog left fucking Karen was the Saint Bernard.  He was on his fifth fuck since they started.  Karen’s cunt was spread so wide and so slick from the dog cum that when he came the last time he slipped out immediately. Karen fell to the ground unconscious right where she was with cum pouring out of her cunt and covering her face and tits where what she couldn’t swallow escaped out around her mouth.  The huge Saint Bernard laid down beside her and put his head on her shoulder and fell asleep. 

At about 11:00 am in the morning Marta came out to the kennels and walked up to Karen’s run.  She saw which dog was curled up with Karen and smiled.  She had hoped that he would be the one to claim Karen.  He not only had the largest cock at fourteen inches long and three inches wide but his knot swelled to an impressive seven inches wide.  The other great thing about him was that he was insatiable when it came to having sex with his bitches.  He would make Karen have sex with him multiple times a day, every day.  Marta went in the run and began taking the other dogs out and back to their kennel runs.  When she was done removing the dogs she locked the gate leaving Karen and the Saint Bernard in the run by themselves to sleep.  She went back to the house to prepare the tags and collars. 

At about three in the afternoon Marta came back out to the kennel and returned to Karen’s run.  She opened the gate and entered.  The Saint Bernard was still lying in the same position with his head on Karen’s shoulder but he was wide awake and looked up at Marta with his big sad eyes when she entered.  Marta called him to her and placed a diamond studded collar on his neck.  The tag hanging from his collar along with the license had ‘Prince Casanova’ on one side and ‘Master of Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’ on the other.

Marta went back to Karen and grabbed her by the hair and started pulling up.  This woke Karen up immediately and she struggled to gain purchase with her feet and lifted her hands to try and grab Marta’s hands to stop her from pulling her hair out.  Karen finally got her feet under her and stood up, releasing the pressure on her hair.  She looked at Marta with a mix of fear and exhaustion.  Marta unbuckled the collar that Karen was wearing and removed it.  She replaced it with an identical diamond studded collar to the one that Prince wore.  Her collar had a tag on it similar to the one Prince had except it read ‘Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’ on one side and ‘Slave of Prince Casanova’ on the other.  Marta attached a special leash to Karen’s collar and gave the other specially made end, that was split into two ends and had a stiff leather handle between them, to Prince.  Prince took it into his mouth without hesitation and followed Marta out of the Kennel pulling doggyslut with him. 

Marta led them up to her house.  She stopped outside at the hose and turned the cold water on.  She sprayed Karen down with the hose washing off the dried dog cum that covered her.  She then stuck the hose nozzle in her cunt and gave her a cold water douche.  She let the water run for several minutes before she finally pulled it out and turned the water off.

Marta turned to go inside and called “heel Prince”.  Prince picked up the end of the leash and led Karen inside.  Once inside they immediately went to the kitchen.  When she got there she stopped in the center of the room and turned towards Karen and Prince.  She ordered, “Slave’s position.” 

Karen immediately sat back on her heals with her hands behind her back as she had been taught.  Marta ordered, “I want you to look up and open your mouth wide.” 

Karen quickly complied.  Marta suffered tremendously from allergies and normally she takes medication to control her hay fever.  She hadn’t taken any since yesterday and her sinuses had become full of mucus.  Once Karen assumed the ordered position, she leaned forward and put her finger against the right side of her nose and blew a massive amount of snot in to her mouth.  She repeated the process with the other nostril.  She then sucked a bunch of snot into the back of her throat and hacked it up and spit it in Karen’s mouth.  Karen again was humiliated to tears.  It seemed as if they were always finding new ways to humiliate her and make her sink even lower than she was.  Marta ordered, “Swallow that bitch.” 

Karen closed her mouth and swallowed as ordered while Marta went over to the sink and took her medication.  She then came back to Karen, stepped over her and placed her cunt over her mouth.  She aligned it so her urethra was lined up with Karen’s mouth and started pissing.  Karen dutifully drank every bit of piss with out spilling a drop.

When Marta was done pissing she ordered, “Alright doggyslut, Get busy.  You know what to do."

Karen did know what was expected and started licking her cunt.  She noticed that there was no tampon in Marta’s cunt this time and said a silent “thank you” to herself.  She could still taste a little bit of blood in the secretions but it wasn’t flowing like it had been the last two times.  Karen really got into eating her out and focused most of her energy on sucking and nibbling on her clit.  She soon had Marta screaming out an orgasm. 

When Marta recovered she moved her pelvis to line up her asshole with Karen’s mouth.  Karen didn’t have to be told what was expected, she immediately started sucking and tonguing Marta’s rosebud.  She quickly felt a piece of shit start coming out of Marta’s ass and did what she knew she would be ordered to do and opened her mouth to let it in.  She bit and swallowed chunks of shit as it came out slowly. Karen had been forced to eat so much shit over the past week that her stomach was no longer doing flip flops every time.  She surprisingly didn’t feel like she was going to throw up at all this time.

When Marta was done she waited a minute as Karen licked her ass clean and then stepped away.  She turned around and saw that Karen hadn’t let anything escape her mouth.  She ordered, “Back on all fours and stay.”  

Prince Casanova came up to her and gave a quick bark, growl, bark combination.  Marta then instructed Karen, “When your master makes that combination of bark, growl, bark, you are to stop whatever you are doing and assume the position you are in now without hesitation.  You will be bitten if you don’t.” 

Marta looked at Prince and gave the order “piss”.  Prince gave two barks and a growl.  Marta instructed, “When you hear two barks and a growl you will assume the position you are in but also look up with your mouth open.”  Karen did as she was told and no sooner than she had assumed the position, he lifted his hind leg so that his cock was perfectly lined up with Karen’s mouth.  He then started pissing in her mouth.  Karen leaned forward and took the end of his cock in her mouth so she could swallow with out having the piss sprayed all over her.  When the dog was done he turned toward her and barked once.  Marta instructed, “He has been taught that if he has to take a shit, then when he finishes pissing in his slaves mouth he just turns around and barks once.  That is your order to lay on your back with your mouth open, so assume that position.” 

Karen immediately complied and Prince moved over her as soon as she opened her mouth and squatted.  Again Karen cried silently with tears flowing steadily out of her eyes.  She couldn’t believe that she was being made a toilet slave to a dog.  That thought had just popped into her head when the dog started shitting in her mouth.  This time the shit didn’t come out slowly.  It came out in a rush and she couldn’t keep up.  It piled up on her face as she struggled to eat it as quickly as she could.  When Prince was done, he stepped away and went to a corner to lie down and started licking himself.  He really wanted to fuck his bitch but knew that their mistress would let him when the time was right. 

As Karen ate the shit, Marta explained some things to Karen.  “If you hadn’t noticed before now, your brand on your right tit doesn’t say Princess it says Prince’s as in belonging to Prince.  So your name is Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut.  You will never respond to your other name again.  Any response to your birth name, unless specifically given permission to respond or use it, will immediately bring you a swift and painful lesson.  Do you understand?” 

Karen barked once to say yes.  Marta continued saying, “Being as you are Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut, I want you to meet your Prince.”  Marta called over to Prince and he got up and came over to assume a heel position next to Marta with both of them looking at Karen.  When he joined them Marta continued, “You can expect Prince to give you the piss order at least three times a day.  You will assume the all fours position you just took with your head looking up and your mouth open.  This gives your Prince an opportunity to relieve himself.  He has been trained to turn around and bark once if he needs to take a shit, which is when you turn over on your back and open your mouth.  That is the only way he can take a shit because he has been trained that he can’t do it anywhere else.  That means you must pay attention to him after he pisses in your mouth.  Do you understand and do you have any questions?”  Karen barked once indicating she understood, paused and then barked twice indicating that she didn’t have any questions. 

Marta then explained the remaining facts of life to Karen.  She said, “Prince is your master now.  You both are wearing matching dog collars.  Your license tag has your name, ‘Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’, on it on one side and ‘Slave of Prince Casanova’ on the other.  Prince’s license on the other hand says ‘Prince Casanova’ on one side and ‘Master of Prince’s Bitch Doggyslut’ on the other.  He earned his name Casanova because he is insatiable.  If left to his own devices he would fuck you nine or ten times a day.  Unless another person is in the room he will expect you to have sex with him when ever he wants.  You have no choice in the matter.  If he decides to mount you, you will let him and help him find a hole and let him fuck you.  He is specially bred to have a large cock and knot.  You will soon adjust to his size and hopefully you will have plenty of orgasms with him.  In case you were wondering, the reason you were paired with him was because at the end of your doggy gang bang, he claimed ownership of you.  As you slept he lay down next to you and watched over you to ensure nothing happened to you.  Just in case you haven’t figured it all out.  You are now the slave to Prince Casanova who is owned outright by Darrell Mitchell.  Being as you are owned by Prince and Darrell owns Prince, that means that Darrell owns you as well.  It also means that you have less stature than the dog. Do you have any questions about what is expected of you now?”

Karen barked twice indicating that she didn’t. 

Marta said, “I originally wanted to keep you here this afternoon and tonight but your owner has requested that I bring you home early.  I think he is anxious to see his new pet and watch him fuck his slave.  Karen turned to walk to the front door of the house and called heel as she turned.  Prince quickly picked up the leash and followed Marta through the house and out the front door.  When they got to the car she opened the trunk and ordered Karen to get in. 

Karen climbed in the trunk and curled up while Marta closed the trunk.  Marta went to the driver’s side door and opened it letting Prince in the front seat.  She got in, started the car and drove off.  She had rolled the passenger side window down and Prince stuck his head out and enjoyed the breeze as she drove down her drive to the gravel country road.  It was about forty five minutes back to Karen and Darrell’s home town.  The town that Darrell now lived in is about forty minutes on the other side.  Marta had over an hour of driving to take Prince and Karen home to Darrell. 

This is the end of Chapter 17.


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