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Group XS

Chapter 30

Group XS

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, watersports and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.


The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.



Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"


Chapter 30


Date Tuesday 26th October 03.00


Lynne was full of life as she shut the lid on Jana.


Under Dr Saavik’s approving gaze, she had given Jana a thorough beating, not only with the vampire gloves, but also with a variety of paddles, whips and canes taken from the walls of Saavik’s quarters.


Saavik was pleasantly surprised at the ferocity with which Lynne had mounted her assault.  Jana, after all, was still recovering from the dreadful series of electric shocks she had received earlier in the evening at Lynne’s hands. 


This hadn’t stopped Lynne from letting fly at her with a force which would have done Mistress XS herself justice.  He was pleased.  It meant he had successfully opened up her dark psyche to such and extent that his plan stood a chance of working.


Having literally beaten poor Jana black and blue, Lynne had insisted that they find the suit she had travelled in to Group XS.  The leather bodybag lined with prickly spikes.  She wasn’t sure why she was so adamant about the suit, but, yet again, Saavik had that knowing look which suggested he knew more about her thought process than she…


As Lynne shut the lid on the helplessly bound, hooded and beaten Jana she whispered, “I’ll see you tomorrow… maybe!”


Lynne turned to Saavik, her eyes bright and fresh with excitement; she said “This is wonderful!  I feel as if I could go on all night!”  She cast a glance towards Alexandra.  “And we still have Alexandra to play with before she gets to sleep with me.”  Her eyes glanced momentarily toward the line of dildos hanging off the wall and settled on the huge strap-on phallus.


By contrast to Lynne, Catherine was longing for sleep as she plunged her head back into the bucket.  She knew, of course, that she wouldn’t be able to get any; the combination of her strained position, the difficulty of breathing and the foul wet taste which pervaded all her senses saw to that.


On the screen in front of her Olga and Mistress XS had finished their assault on the three girls who now stood in a line facing the camera.  They were standing after the evil sadists had changed their position, turning them round, standing them up and running ropes around their breasts.  The ropes had been attached to the same chains which had shortly before held their wrists high; now they had been adjusted to hold the girls on tiptoe, their weight supported largely by their engorged breasts.


Catherine had witnessed the ripe young breasts turn from their natural soft pale pink, to a deep purple hue as they swelled under the unrelenting pressure from the ropes.  That was before the two women began their assault.


Mistress XS worked her way down the line delivering blow after blow to each of the girls’ breasts with a small leather paddle, just so she could ‘warm them up’ as she had confided to Catherine.  She had followed this with a riding crop, taking care to hit the breasts from above and below, roughly holding each breast up by the nipple while she assaulted the underside.  It goes without saying her victims were screaming with pain from behind their gags throughout the entire process.


Her final, and most vicious assault came with the rattan cane.  12 times she struck each breast, leaving line after line of pain on top of the already bruised and battered tit meat.


It was left to Olga to deliver the final phase of the girls’ punishment.  She steadily spanked each breast a dozen or so times with the spike-palmed vampire glove!


Now Catherine found herself staring at the three sobbing girls, their breasts still bound, their mouths still gagged behind yards of silver tape, and their arms still locked together behind them in an armbinder.  Each breast was now a vivid red, black and purple with little spots of blood where either the cane had cut into them or the vampire glove had penetrated the skin.


“As you can see, Catherine,” Mistress XS said, breaking her silence for the first time in a few minutes, “we believe in proper corporal punishment at this school!”  Catherine could only look on silently and agree.  Agree, that is, if your version of corporal punishment included turning the victim’s ass to pulp, battering their breasts and beating their cunts!


“Now we have to get them back into School uniform so they can retake their essays!” She continued. “Naturally, there’s little point in setting the same question – the best answers are already sitting on your desk for Mistress Severity.”  She turned to whisper to Catherine.  “By the way, did I tell you any of the things she did to that girl?  No?”


“Well, she had the girl nailed to the floor!  Can you believe that?  She had her spread-eagled, face down, on the floor with nails through her tits, cunt lips, tongue and even the fleshy part of her hands and feet!”  Catherine couldn’t help casting a quick glance at the wooden floorboards in her apartment.


“And, do you know, she kept her there for a day or more; whipping her, sticking pins into her, pissing on her, fucking her up the ass with a dildo, really just doing whatever she wanted with the poor girl!”  She peered at Catherine coquettishly.  “I’m not just making this up to scare you – I have the video she made somewhere.”


“She even had some shoes with drawing pins stuck to the soles which she used to walk up and down the girl in!”   She stopped and thought.  “Actually, now I come to think of it, I have some of those too!  Mine are black patent leather stilettos, but they amount to the same thing!  I must show them to you sometime.”


“Where were we?  Oh yes, the uniforms – that’s right!”


While Mistress XS had been talking, Olga had released the first of the girls, a pretty brunette who could only have been 18 or 19, with a well rounded figure and the fulsome, albeit battered, breasts which Group XS seemed to favour.


“This is Michelle.”  Mistress XS said by way of introduction.  “She’s joined our little School from her orphanage.  I mean who could resist?  At 18 she was about to be cast out of her comfortable home and along we came, offering her an all-expenses paid scholarship to our fine educational facility!”  She laughed out loud.


“Granted, we may have kept certain aspects of the School from her, but we’ve at least delivered on our promise to put a roof over her head!  Instead of campaigning to put us away, you’d have been better to spend your time sorting out the welfare system, Catherine.  I mean, isn’t it ridiculous that poor Michelle got looked after until her 18th birthday and then she’s thrown out to fend for herself?”


“I see Group XS as doing a public service by taking girls like her under our wing – but there’s only so much we can do!  Most of the girls you’ll see in the School came to us that way.”


Catherine felt sickened to think how these girls felt, abandoned by society when they reached 18; only to be ensnared by these sadists.


“Come over here, Michelle.” She commanded.


The girl stepped tentatively towards Mistress XS and the camera.  “Now we need to get you back in uniform, don’t we?”  She said to Michelle who half nodded in reply, her tear-streaked face showing utter fear for this woman.  As she spoke, Mistress XS deftly pulled the end of the tape wrapped around the girl’s mouth and began to remove her gag.  Once the tape was fully removed, she pulled the black wad in Micelle’s mouth out with the tips of her fingers, holding the wad of cloth like it were a soiled diaper.


She held aloft a pair of black satin knickers, cut high like a schoolgirl’s.


“Yuk!”  She said.  “These look pretty disgusting, I suppose we’ll have to find you some more.  Now then, Michelle, see if you can guess which of these pairs of panties you’re going to be wearing?”  She dropped the panties which had come out of Michelle’s mouth onto the floor and Olga passed her two new pairs, an evil grin across her face.


She held them both aloft.  “These regulation School knickers, nice black satin.”  She began, waving the pair in her right hand. “Or these School punishment panties for naughty girls who’ve had their bottoms spanked?” She waved the pair in her left hand, a much more menacing looking design which reminded Catherine of the infernal girdle she had worn a few days before.


“Now I want you to think carefully, because a wrong answer will earn you further punishment.”  Mistress XS said sweetly.


Michelle spoke softly, her voice quivering with fear.  “The punishment panties, Mistress.”


“Wrong!”  Mistress XS said with glee.  “You were going to wear both pairs, the punishment panties underneath the regulation School ones!  Now, I’m sorry to say, I’ll have to punish you even more!”


“Please, Mistress, haven’t you done enough already?”  Michelle managed to say in her quivering voice.


Thwack!! Thwack!!


Mistress XS delivered two almighty slaps across Michelle’s face. “I’ll decide when you’ve had enough, you snivelling piece of shit!”  She roared.  “Right, just for that we’ll find something extra special for you.”


She left the screen for a while, long enough for Catherine to immerse her head a couple more times, before returning. She appeared holding what looked like two pairs of panties in one hand and a couple of dildos in the other.


“I had to take these off some slut in the Nazi Dungeon, still she didn’t seem to mind.”  She said. “This, my dear, is a somewhat improved version of the punishment panties you were going to wear.”  She said with a menacing tone to her voice.  She picked up the pair she was going to put on the girl and turned them inside out so she could see the rows of short little spikes which lined them.


Catherine recognised those spikes from her own experience.


Then she picked up one of the pairs she had just brought in with her and turned these inside out with an almost manic grin on her face.


The girl screamed.


“What’s the matter, baby. Don’t you like these?”  She said.


Catherine had caught her breath when she had seen them as well.  The spikes in the previous pair were short and sharp but only designed to scratch the surface of the skin.  What she was now looking at was entirely different.  These spikes were a good ½” long and would undoubtedly pierce the skin assuming they were pushed right home!


As if answering Catherine’s immediate thought, Mistress XS said “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure each of these pins is firmly pushed into you… I’ll use a nice heavy wooden paddle for the job!”  She paused again and picked up the second pair she had brought back with her.  “And then I’ll just put these over the top to make sure none of them sneak back out again!”  Neither Catherine nor Michelle needed to be told what effect a pair of tightly laced leather panties would have when tied with dripping wet rawhide laces.


“And there’s more!”  Mistress XS continued.  “Because I want you to suffer, I’ve brought these along too…”  She held up the two dildos which appeared large but not unmanageable.  The strange thing about them was that they appeared to have wires running down the side of them in a series of rows.  Each wire was perhaps an inch long, and at first Catherine imagined they were there to give her shocks or something.


On the bottom of each dildo there was a metal eyelet.  Mistress XS explained, “These two babies go up inside you, you see, and the eyelet pokes out of a slot in the crotch of both pairs of panties.  Do you understand?”  It wasn’t clear whether she was addressing Michelle or Catherine.  Both were focused on the dildos, trying to work out what came next.


“You’re going to be standing up to write your essay, you see.”  She continued, lecturing both Michelle and Catherine as if they were her pupils.  “And we’re going to hang these weights off the eyelets…”  She held up two iron balls, each about the size of a tennis ball, themselves covered with needle-like spikes.  “It makes it pretty uncomfortable for you to put your legs together; still, I imagine a slut like you is used to working with her legs apart.”


“Now watch carefully what happens when I hang a weight off the end of this dildo.”  She put down one of the weights and one of the dildos and held the larger of the two dildos in front of Michelle.  Carefully, avoiding pricking herself on the needle spikes on the ball, she clipped the weight to the dildo.  With a flourish, she let go of the weight and said “Voila!”


The weight dropped and pulled on the eyelet to which it was attached.  Simultaneously the short pieces of wire shot out at 45º making the dildo look as if it had a series of umbrella frames around it!  Catherine counted 6 rows of inch long wires around the thing, each row with probably 12 or so wires in it.  That meant there would be 72 pieces of wire, each acting like the barb on a fish hook, pressing into Michelle’s innermost flesh!


Both Michelle and Catherine stared at the dildo dumbstruck.  Michelle was obviously picturing the thing up inside her and imagining what effect the wires would have as the weight not only held them out, but also pulled down on the dildo forcing the wires to drag against her flesh.  Presumably, Catherine thought, correctly as it turned out, the wires would stop the dildo from slipping far because they would embed their dull, rounded, ends into her inner membrane!


“Don’t worry,” Mistress XS said sweetly, “it won’t drop out, or at least I’ve never seen one fall out even when there’s a lot of weight hanging on the end!”  Catherine shuddered as Michelle began to cry softly and tremble.


Almost maternally, Mistress XS put her arm around the girl and said, “Come on now, you only have yourself to blame; if you’d done your essay properly and hadn’t answered back I wouldn’t have to be punishing you.”  She said it in such a way that it almost sounded reasonable!


Over the next few minutes Catherine witnessed Michelle being fitted with the dildos and the first pair of panties. 


The dildos slid home easily, the wires lying flat against the shaft for the time being, and there was a look of relief on Michelle’s face.  That look only lasted as long as it took for the first pair of panties to be fitted!


It lasted as long as it took for Mistress XS to start fitting the panties with the long spikes.  A pair similar in design externally to those Catherine herself had worn and those she and Lynne had tried years before after the trial – all black, leather, rubber and stretch satin which zipped up the sides and fitted snugly all over. 


Michelle’s face contorted as Olga and Mistress XS tugged with all their might at the zips.  At last the panties were secured at the sides and they were able to tighten the waist and thigh straps as well as the ubiquitous crotch strap which was conveniently slotted to allow the rings from the dildos through. Michelle screamed as the straps went home, not because of the tightness, but rather because the waist and thigh straps were festooned with the longer spikes which lined the panties!


At this point although they were obviously tight, they appeared uneven and bumpy where the elasticated girdle had failed to force the internal spikes home. This all changed when Mistress XS, as promised, produced a wooden paddle!


With Olga holding a bucking, crying and squirming Michelle, she beat a steady tattoo on the poor girl’s ass, hips and lower stomach.  As she did so the bumps disappeared and the girdle miraculously became smooth; of course this also meant that unfortunate Michelle was now pierced with all the metal spikes!


Satisfied with her handiwork, Mistress XS fitted the second pair of panties.  In effect these were just a pair of well-tailored leather panties which mirrored the first pair and provided some resistance to any spikes which decided to work their way out.  Her well-rounded rump now smooth and curvaceous inside the shining leather, it was hard to see any sign of the torture which lay beneath.


Even the tight lacing didn’t suggest that it would shrink to the point where the panties went from being tight to motherfucking and excruciatingly tight!


Catherine was in awe of the cruelty she was witnessing and wondered how she had let this evil woman escape - for surely Mistress XS was the one who was more responsible than any for the terrible scenes she had witnessed to date.


“There!”  She said once she was satisfied.  “That wasn’t too difficult, was it?” 


Michelle was still crying and bucking and making every effort to get her hands down to the panties in an effort to either comfort herself or, more likely, rip them off!


“Perhaps we should cuff her arms above her, Olga?”  Mistress XS asked rhetorically.  “At least that way we’ll be able to get the rest of the uniform on without her interfering!”


They then added the bra and suspender belt, both of which matched the original pair of “punishment panties” she was intended to wear.  Firm, black satin lined with the less conspicuous spikes.


To these were added stockings, ridiculously high black court shoes which buckled and locked into place, and a fetching black rubber school dress which, inevitably, hid nothing.


“Doesn’t she look pretty?”  Mistress XS asked.  “I think our uniform is just perfect for the little sluts we have studying here, don’t you?”  Catherine might have disagreed, but then blushed to the core as she continued. “But then, of course, you know it well, don’t you Catherine.  You and Lynne have kept a set from the trial and play your little games with one or other of you wearing it, don’t you?”


She peered straight at Catherine through the lens of the camera.


“I don’t suppose you’d be so happy to be wearing this version, though would you?”  She said.  “Perhaps I’ll let Lynne try it after Michelle so she can do a comparison for you!  Although for Lynne I’ll find the bra and corset which match these panties…”  She smiled that sick, cold and candidly frightening smile of hers at Catherine.  “Yes we do have a complete ensemble with these nice long spikes; I’m told it’s a bit unpleasant, at least that’s what your friend Tania told me when she wore it last.”


She stopped and laughed.  “No, I tell a lie.  She didn’t say it was a bit unpleasant.  What she actually said was,” at this point Mistress XS threw her head back and let out a blood-curdling scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”


“Yes, that was it!  Mind you, I had just whipped her senseless with the wire whip and coated the spikes with that bee sting stuff Dr Zorhof makes.”  Mistress XS said.  “Oh yes, your precious Lynne will love that.”


Review This Story || Author: Saavik
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