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Group XS

Chapter 22

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 22

Date Monday 25 th October 12.45

Catherine was still stuck in Mina Savage's office, only now, far from being trapped in there alone, she had her boss and the head of human resources with her.

Mina had, at least, helped Catherine by taking a pair of scissors to her raincoat-like top so that she now sat with the tattered black rubber coat wrapped around her and her now free arms awkwardly holding the rubber over her bizarre bra. Once her arms were free Catherine had removed the connections to the shock devices and she was, for the first time in several days, relatively free from pain.

Mina had also found the typed envelope addressed to Catherine which contained the keys to her underwear, but this was still sitting tantalisingly close but unopened on the desk.

“You have to understand my position, Catherine.” Mina was saying. “Your recent behaviour can hardly be described as normal and, as if that weren't enough, I've just received another call from the Police complaining abut your wasting their time with spurious complaints about this ‘Mistress XS' who seems to fascinate you so much, about people being kidnapped and tortured; all at the same time as you are carrying out all these bizarre abuses on yourself.”

Catherine tried to tell her the reality behind her position, but her explanation fell on deaf ears.

“I have to stop you there, Catherine.” Mina interrupted. “I don't care what you think is happening in your fantasy world – it simply doesn't do the reputation of this office any good to have you behaving in such a way.” She paused, obviously trying to work out how to say the next part. “I've got HR here because, I'm afraid, we're going to have to terminate your contract.”

Date Monday 25 th October 12.55

As Catherine absorbed the news that she was out of a job, Lynne absorbed the two dildos running through the wooden pony deeper inside the soft flesh of her ass and cunt.

Dr Saavik had set her up on the pony much as Beth had been earlier, only he'd chosen to have her head held to the ceiling by a harness gag.

Lynne was sliding down on the same rasp-like dildos which had been inside Beth earlier, the rough edges of the metal gouging and grinding her tender membranes as she succumbed to the pain of her predicament. The lube had ceased to help, and now she could feel the metal scraping her dry insides as she had to sink back onto the spiked horse to relieve the pain in her agonised nipples.

She let out a cry of agony as the weight came off her nipples, mixed with relief as the pain in her nipples subsided and her trembling legs began to relax. The relief was only momentary, however, as the spikes bit home and the pain between her legs began to build.

Poor Lynne was learning the insidious nature of the torture the horse imparted. Within seconds of landing back on the thin ridge, the combination of spikes and pressure between her legs made her start to want to stand back on tiptoes to relieve the newfound pain.

As she started to move upwards again, her nipples sent wave after wave of black pain through her and the rasps once again ground against her dry flesh.

Behind her Dr Zorhof was attending to Katie, who had by now had the huge rubber monstrosity inflated inside her dragged out through her tender cunt. Zorhof had needed to cut her to get the large ball out, and was now busily sewing her back up. She was carefully dragging the heavy needle through Katie's torn skin and neatly tying off each rough thread into a perfect stitch.

Unfortunately for Katie, Dr Zorhof would not stop once she'd stitched the wound where she had been cut and torn. She would carry on until she had inserted fully 40 stitches in the girl so her cunt was little more than a thin black line of knotted thread!

In the background Hannah's body was shaking with sobs inside her leather hell. Saavik had told her that she now only had to spend another week where she was, hot, cramped, claustrophobic and nearly insane with fear. Just for the fun of it, Saavik had tightened each of the straps, or at least those he could get tighter, so her leather prison was now more constraining than ever.

Catherine could see none of this happening as she sat with her boss and the woman from HR; in the front of her mind, however, she feared it.

Date Monday 25 th October 12.45

In the neighbouring Nazi Dungeon Becky's cries of anguish and pleas for mercy had diminished somewhat; not because she had stopped pleading, but rather because Mrs Kellerman, the Judge's wife, had gagged her. She'd produced a massive leather gag, shaped like a pear, which she forced into the unfortunate girl's mouth and buckled firmly in place.

Becky was finding out, the hard way, why the gag was called a ‘choke gag.' Whenever she tried to utter a sound she involuntarily bit down on the leather pear and the thicker part of it, buried deep in the back of her throat, expanded so she found herself having to fight back her cries to avoid the gag-reflex.

They evil husband and wife Nazi duo had not yet turned on the electricity, instead Mrs Kellerman was preparing for a little entertainment of our own. “Do you know my favourite number?” She asked Becky. When Becky shook her head, her eyes wide with petrified fear, Mrs Kellerman continued. “No? It's 13.”

Becky heard the sound of something heavy being wheeled beside her by Mrs Kellerman's beaming husband. She felt the heat from the glowing coals in the brazier before she saw them and attempted to move in a brief moment of frenzy. She scarcely moved an inch and the bed frame, which was bolted to the floor, did nothing other than rattle.

In her frenzy Becky had bitten hard on the gag, and, as her movement subsided into frustrated helplessness, she could be heard gagging deep in her throat.

Mrs Kellerman reached over to a shelf at the side of the brazier and picked up a metal ring. “Guess what I'm going to do with these?” She said, waving the ring in front of the terrified girl's eyes. “And guess how many I have?” She paused while Becky comprehended. “That's right, 13! And while you try and work out where they're going, let me show you what I use to fit them…”

She put the ring back on the shelf and picked up a pair of what looked like metal fire tongs Only these tongs, far from being capable of picking up a hot coal, had two metal spikes which came together at the end! The spikes fitted together perfectly, one having a slightly curved end; the other a matching indent, so that when the tongs were closed they looked like they were holding a 3” metal bar between the ends.

“I find it's so much nicer to burn a hole for a piercing,” she said matter-of-factly, “the hole cauterises as it's made; it doesn't bleed; and, of course, it hurts much more than a simple punch!” She placed the tongs back beside her, only this time, not on the shelf but so the end was resting on the coals. There was a faint whirring as the Judge turned on a fan which made the coals burn more brightly.

“Where do you think I should start?” Mrs Kellerman said brightly as she slipped on heat-resistant gloves. “I know!” She said, sounding like an excited schoolgirl. “You're a Jewish slut, you'll appreciate a ring through your nose to make you look like a pig!”

Becky tried to stop them, she tried to wail, she tried to protest, but, while the Judge, dressed as the Nazi officer, pulled her nostrils back with two hooks on a length of cord, his wife applied the red-hot tongs to Becky's septum.

Had the ends of the bars been sharp they would have pierced through the cartilage in her nose in a fraction of a second; as it was Mrs Kellerman held them patiently in place while the blunt end burned their way through. It still didn't take long, but, to Becky, it felt like forever.

She felt the searing metal touch her skin and let out a scream as the pain struck home. The gag prevented her from finishing her scream; instead she choked herself. The pain mingled with the smell of her own burning flesh as Mrs Kellerman took her time, enjoying the girl's pain.

When the tongs were removed, there was a perfect hole through Becky's septum through which Mrs Kellerman threaded the first of the rings. The ring was split and she carefully threaded it through before twisting the ring so the split was away from Becky's nose. If Becky thought this first part of the torturous piercing was complete, she was sadly mistaken. The woman then used pliers to squeeze the ends of the ring together before her husband passed her a small blowtorch and a length of metal rod.

She used the blowtorch to heat the ring, again adding to poor Becky's torture, before touching the rod to the split in the ring and sealing it as the rod melted.

“There!” She said as the ring was sealed and she passed the blowtorch back to her husband. “That's the first one done. That wasn't too bad, was it?” She didn't mean the question seriously. Becky was in agony from her burned flesh, the pain of the piercing and the unaccustomed ring through her nose. Worst of all, she knew there were not only 12 more to go, but also she was being permanently maimed for the sick pleasure of these sadists.

Slowly and painfully the piercings continued. From her nose the woman moved down to her belly button before moving down to her pussy. Here she used three rings; one in either labia and one, the most painful to date, through the base of her clitoris. By the time this 5 th ring was in place Becky was attempting to plead, weeping, choking and praying for death.

As she finished with her clitoral ring, the woman said, “Those ones are very useful. We can padlock your cunt shut and make sure no decent, Aryan, Nazi uses your cunt by mistake!” She paused. “Have you worked out where the rest go?”

Becky was surprised there were none in her tits yet, and felt sure they would receive some treatment; also she'd guessed that her tongue was to be treated in the same way as the girls she had recently see. Otherwise she had no idea, or, rather, dared not think.

Her worst fears were realised as the couple unfastened her splayed legs and bent them double over her head so her ass was exposed!

Numbers 6 and 7 went into the soft flesh just above and just below the brown puckered ring of her ass.

Then Becky was lain back flat again, and Mrs Kellerman moved back up to her head. Although Becky's ears were already pierced, she had no intention of adding a simple piece of jewellery to adorn her. Instead she added two larger rings which went through the central part of Becky's ears. Only now was the gag removed.

At first Becky was relieved not to have the choking mass of leather in her mouth, but soon her concerns were realised as Judge Kellerman held her tongue in a pair of tongs and pulled with all his might so his wife could insert another large ring well back in her tongue. As Becky finished screaming and the tongs were removed, she realised to her horror that the ring prevented her tongue from returning to it's normal resting place. “Pleathz!” She said, trying to tell them how painful her tongue now was.

They both laughed, and Becky realised that this was their intention; not only that they intended her tongue to remain strained, but that she would not be able to talk properly whilst it was in place!”

That left 3 more rings. One went in her lower lip and she had guessed correctly that the final two were destined for her breasts. What she had not guessed, however, was just how large the rings destined for her breasts were!

Mrs Kellerman produced the final two rings with a flourish. They were about 5” in diameter and probably ¼” thick!

“I find that if I put the ring too near the nipples, it desensitises them… and you know how much I like to torture nipples!” She said by way of explanation. For these rings she had a second set of tongs. These had massive rods at the end and took forever to heat up. While she was waiting for them to heat, Mrs Kellerman became almost conversational with her victim.

“You know the delight of these rings is the number of ways we can use them to tie, and torture, you! You'll find out some of them shortly, but for now, can you imagine what it's like to be anchored at the nose, tongue and lower lip like those two over there?”

Becky hadn't realised they had rings in either their noses or lower lips; she'd only thought about the rings in their tongues.

“And to have your clitoris and cunt lips padlocked together?” She didn't need to say ‘like those two,' the implication was clear. “Those two rings in your ass will make it difficult for you to sit, especially if we put a large padlock in them both!” She looked quizzically at Becky. “You don't think we'd do that? Not to a whorish pig like you? Well, when we've finished with you, you might like to ‘relax' in our special chair over there.”

She pointed across the dungeon, but Becky was in no position to follow where she was indicating. “It has rings on the seat so we can use the big padlocks to lock your ass and cunt down to the chair; a pole which rises up in front of you, sorry there is no back, so we can lock your breasts to it, your lower lip to it and your tongue! It's perfect for sitting and watching the others being tortured! A little uncomfortable, I'm told, at least for the first hour, but then it becomes merely agonising!”

Becky was in floods of tears as she finished. “Then, of course, when you think I'm coming to let you go, I settle down in front of you with my little skinning knife, my bottle of acid, my paint brush and play with your nipples!” She glanced at the brazier. “The tongs are good and hot now.” She said, picking them up and advancing on Becky.

Date Monday 25 th October 13.15

Catherine was on the point of leaving her boss' office, when Mina picked up a thick file from a tray on the side of her desk.

“It's ironic, isn't it, that we have to ask you to leave just as the appeal hearing for Saavik and Zorhof is about to take place.” She said.

Catherine felt as if the ground had opened up under her. “I'm sorry?” She said. “Appeal? What appeal?”

“Oh come on, Catherine!” Mina said. “Even in your current state of mind you can't pull that one on me!” She waved the file. “This appeal! The one sitting at the bottom of your in tray!” She looked at Catherine with a pained expression. “You need to get out of here and leave me to tidy up your mess. This file must have been on your desk for the best part of a month and you didn't do anything with it. Even if you weren't behaving so strangely we had to sack you, I'd have had to discipline you for your handling of this one!” She opened the file and pointed to a letter on the front. “Look.” She said. “You even failed to respond to the pre-hearing brief and so now Zorhof and Saavik are on limited release!”

Catherine's head was reeling as she left the office for the last time. No job, Saavik and Zorhof on limited release with an appeal looming, Lynne suffering dreadful agonies because of her.

She didn't notice any of the stares or comments as she made her way back out of the office to her apartment.

Review This Story || Author: Saavik
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