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Group XS

Chapter 21

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 21

Date Monday 25 th October 11.20

As Catherine made her embarrassing journey to work to try and find the keys which would unlock her clothing, Lynne stood on trembling legs trying to avoid impaling herself on the needle-studded edge of the pony.

As she stood there she was aware of two newcomers entering the dungeon in which she Katie and Hannah were being held pending Catherine's return.

She was praying Catherine would be back before she was forced to endure more torture, and was only dimly aware of the cameras and other people in the room; her struggle to remain upright above the spikes had become so great.

One of the newcomers crossed the room and stood before her. At first Lynne was only dimly aware of the man in the dark uniform standing in front of her. Then her eyes focused and she let out a muffled cry of anguish.

She was staring into the familiar eyes of Judge Kellerman!

She'd sat in court many times, keeping the court record, while this man had been dispensing justice. Now he was standing before her wearing a Nazi uniform!!!

He was joined by a woman, dressed in a similar uniform, who put her arm around the man and stood staring at Lynne's discomfort with obvious enjoyment.

Lynne knew she recognised this woman too, but could not place her.

“How nice to see you again,” Judge Kellerman said, as if he were meeting Lynne at a social gathering, “I don't know if you've met my wife?” The woman reached forward with her right hand, to Lynne it felt almost as if she were about to shake hands, and stroked Lynne's left nipple.

“We're so looking forward to getting better acquainted.” She said as her gloved fingers gently kneaded the nipple erect. “There's so much we can do to these…” She said dreamily. Suddenly her fingers locked round the erect nipple in a vice-like grip and twisted through 90 degrees.

Lynne let out a cry through her gag and momentarily lost her footing, slumping down on the spiked ridge of the pony.

“We may not get the chance, my dear.” Judge Kellerman said to his wife. “We have other plans for Lynne here if you remember?”

Mrs Kellerman's expression changed as her husband spoke and she relaxed her grip allowing Lynne to regain her strained stance astride the spikes. “Yes, I know. But it would be such a shame not to have one little play with her, don't you think?”

Lynne had no idea what they were talking about - to her it sounded as if her days were numbered.

“Let's go and see how Becky and her friends are getting along, shall we?” Judge Kellerman said. His wife's expression changed immediately, she lost her dreamy look and Lynne saw her eyes flush with sadistic anticipation.

“Yes!” She said eagerly. “They must be missing us!”

Date Monday 25 th October 11.23

As the Judge and his wife were talking to Lynne, Mistress XS made her way down the corridor to the Rubber Dungeon.

She knew that Lisa Shaw, the lawyer, had returned to work and would not be in the dungeon; however her interest in visiting lay not in seeing Lisa, but in visiting the new girl she'd brought in recently.

As she entered the dungeon, she was overwhelmed by the heady scent of rubber which pervaded the room and immediately felt a familiar warm rush between her legs. Her excitement increased as she focused on the two figures in the centre of the room.

One was Ilsa, the girl who looked after the occupants of the dungeon, resplendent in a black rubber dress and stockings; the other, Kelly Brown, the hooker who had been unlucky enough to have been defended by Lisa Shaw.

Kelly's eyes widened with fear as she saw Mistress XS enter the dungeon. Aside from being bound, beaten, abused and tortured in rubber since she'd arrived here, she'd received her worst punishments at the hands of the evil masked woman now standing before her. Twice now she'd met her, twice now she'd been beaten beyond pain by her and, on the first occasion, had her breasts crushed between rollers until they were one mass of bruised pulp.

“Hello Kelly!” Mistress XS purred. “It's time that naughty, whoring, rubber clad ass of yours had another beating; don't you think?”

Kelly began to shiver with fright. Surely this woman would leave her alone! Surely she could see that her body hadn't recovered from the last time? Surely there was some mistake?

“What's the matter, baby?” Mistress XS said to her. “Don't you want another spanking?” Kelly had tears rolling down her face as she shook her head vehemently to say no. “But you told the nice Judge that you liked to be spanked, you told him under oath. We'll have to get him along later to discuss your lying under oath,” She continued, sounding like she were talking to a naughty child. “I'm sure he'll have something to say about that.”

She led Kelly across to a couple of tables placed end to end and said, “You just lie on there and make yourself comfortable.” As she said this she let her hand run down the thin rubber stretched across Kelly's ass and shivered with delight as she felt the marks and ridges underneath the smooth black rubber. Ilsa had dressed Kelly just as she'd requested. She was wearing rubber punishment panties, not the kind of panties the Group excelled in which were designed to inflict pain; these were designed to maximise the pain of a beating.

Made from the thinnest black rubber, they were several sizes too small for the wearer and had needed to be coaxed onto Kelly with much care and lube. The net result was that her ass was encased in a pair of panties styled like cycling shorts, which hugged her skin as if they had been sprayed on. Her flesh bulged where it erupted from the confines of the panties and, although they appeared to be solid and black before they were put on her, now they were stretched her skin could be seen through the taut, shiny, black rubber.

She wore a bra of similar material which had also been lovingly stretched to the limit to encase her tortured breast. Additionally she wore a rubber garter belt and seamed rubber stockings; she looked very fetching.

Had it not been for the inflatable rubber gag strapped in her mouth Kelly would have been pleading, begging even, with Mistress XS as she lay down on the table. As it was, she lay down compliantly, confident at least that her ass was not going to get another battering if she were on her back.

Silly girl.

“Move up the table, please.” Mistress XS commanded. “I want your arms by the top of the table.” Kelly complied, her head falling off the table as she shuffled up until her arms were at the very end of the table.

Working swiftly, Ilsa and Mistress XS used straps fixed to the table legs to secure Kelly's arms, before Ilsa ran a strap loosely across Kelly's abdomen and secured it under the table. While she was doing this. Mistress XS threaded a pole through the table towards the top so that it protruded either side just below Kelly's armpits.

Kelly didn't seem to notice the pole going through until both women picked up her stockinged legs and folded them over her body until her ankles were slotted behind the bar on either side of her torso. The net result was that Kelly's ass was suddenly not only stretched to the full, but also beautifully displayed. The wide position of her legs, strained taut to either side of her body, meant that she would have been staring straight at her cunt had she lifted her head, the entire crevice between her legs also now on display.

Kelly might have assumed they'd finished once her ankles were roped to the bar, but they had one more trick up their sleeve. Each woman ran a strap around the back of Kelly's knees and pulled until the strap was anchored to a loop on the side of the table. Her knees were now beneath the level of her torso.

On the face of it this might have meant nothing. In a Group XS dungeon the meaning was all too clear… Kelly now had both her ass and tits fully displayed for the ministrations of Mistress XS and Ilsa!

Not only were they fully displayed, but they were encased in thin shiny black rubber and she had no way of protecting her mons which was straining through the thin rubber gusset stretched across it like a drum skin.

Mistress XS stroked her pudendum through the thin material. “Maybe she does want a spanking after all!” She said as she toyed with Kelly. “Look how her swollen her cunt is with excitement!”

Had she been asked, Kelly would have told her that her cunt was swollen from the last beating… but she had no such opportunity.

Mistress XS moved the second table out of the way, so that Kelly's body was left with easy access from all four sides, before positioning herself in front of Kelly's ass. She stroked the taut buttocks with both hands, gently caressing and kneading the already battered flesh through the latex, before raising her right hand and sending a hearty spank into the middle of Kelly's left ass cheek.

The blow landed with a satisfying “Smack!!!” as her hand ricochet off the rubber. Kelly froze for a moment before her tortured ass registered the pain, and then bucked against her bonds and let out a plaintiff wail.

“The nice thing about these panties,” said Mistress XS conversationally, her hand thundering in for another blow, this time to Kelly's right buttock, “is that they magnify the pain.” Smack!!! “Isn't that right, dear?”

After 15 steady blows, alternating from left cheek to right cheek, Mistress XS brought a blow crashing down on the curved mound of Kelly's mons. The effect was electric. She bucked enough to move the table and let out a banshee wail from behind her gag. Unmoved, Mistress XS chuckled and said, “I think you'll find there's worse to come!” She looked across at Ilsa. “Perhaps you'd like to start on her tits now. I think she's warmed up enough.”


Date Monday 25 th October 11.35


If Kelly wasn't enjoying her morning, then the same too applied to Catherine.

She had just reached the office and been forced to go through the ignominious process of letting the gag fall from her mouth before begging the doorman to let her in. By the time she had persuaded him that she needed to enter a small crowd of onlookers had gathered in the office foyer, all ‘tut tutting' and expressing their views on their depraved colleague.

Worse still, she was forced to plead with one of them to put the gag back in her mouth once she was inside the building.

Unable to operate the elevator, she made her way up the stairs, fully conscious as she went that a number of the onlookers from downstairs had followed her and were now get a full on view of her rubber frilled ass with the word “Slave” emblazoned across it.

Word had obviously reached the second floor by the time she reached there, because every head in the room was already craned to the door as she entered.

Catherine flushed with embarrassment as she saw the faces of all her colleagues turned towards her. She felt them all take in her arms imprisoned inside her short, shiny, rubber coat. She saw the eyes take in her red shoes, her exposed underwear, the gag and, most of all, the words emblazoned on her collar and across her ass.

Without saying a word she made her way towards her desk. As she made her first steps the room was silent. As she got further into the room there was a soft murmuring of comment which grew to a crescendo as she disappeared behind the partition which marked her desk.

If she had hoped for release in hiding behind the partition, she was sorely disappointed.

Sitting in her chair was Mina Savage, her boss!

“We need to talk!” She said, rising from the chair and leading Catherine towards her office.

Catherine could have cried. Cried with shame and embarrassment; cried with fear that she would not escape in time to save poor Lynne.


Date Monday 25 th October 11.35

As Catherine was entering her office, Judge and Mrs Kellerman were in theirs, well, at least, the dungeon from which they operated whilst in the Group XS headquarters.

They'd left Lynne to struggle on her straining legs and had found Becky.

“Ahh! Fraulein Meyer, I trust you're enjoying your stay in our little facility for Jews?” The Judge said.

Becky was not enjoying her stay. She was staring up at the German officer from a small pit set in the floor of the dungeon into which they'd thrown her naked body after her last torture session.

The pit was basically nothing more than a 3ft cube in the floor with an iron grill over the top and a wooden lid which fitted over that; so she'd spent the last few days recovering from her ordeal sitting uncomfortably in the cramped pitch-black space.

The worst thing about the space was the fact it didn't drain… she'd had to sit in the piss and shit from her predecessors when she was first placed in the pit; now this had been added to by her own waste. The airless smell was overpowering.

As if the cramped confines were not enough, they evil Nazi's had seen fit to chain her wrists to the grill above her head so she had been unable to relax her arms, feel her wounds or even attempt to clean herself in the days she'd been shut away.

She'd been fed twice a day when someone opened the lid and hung a large bottle, rather like a baby's feeding bottle, from the grill. She had no idea what was in each feed, she dared not think, and, had she seen the mixture of food scraps, piss and shit, being blended together - by the guard who tended the Nazi dungeon while the Judge and Mrs Kellerman enjoyed their social life away from the place - she'd have refused to drink it. As it was she fed hungrily on the foul concoction, her body craving the water and vitamin tablets with which it was laced.

She stared up at the legs of the Nazi officer, the light glinting off the mirror-like toes of his jack boots.

“Perhaps you'd like to come out and talk to us?” He said, as if her were inviting her out for a social occasion. “I have Frau Obersturmführer here, and we'd enjoy your company.”

Becky saw movement above her and strained to see Mrs Kellerman, the woman who had tortured her, step into view, her worm's eye view giving her a view straight up the woman's leather skirt where she could see the shiny crotch of what looked like patent leather panties glinting down at her, framed by soft thighs and stocking tops.

“I do believe she's staring right up your skirt!” Judge Kellerman said.

The woman squatted down, deliberately splaying her legs and showing off her crotch to Becky. “Would you like to get a better look? Is that what a Jewish slut like you wants, to see my cunt?”

She let her hand slip down over the leather of her panties, and she pulled the gusset to one side to reveal her smooth, hairless, pussy. “It's very wet you know.” She said simply, pulling her labia apart and letting Becky see the glistening inner folds of her womanhood. “It's very wet because I'm excited at what were going to do to you!”

“Please.” Becky whispered. “Haven't you hurt me enough?”

The woman let her hand move away from her cunt with rapier speed, and she grabbed Becky's hair through the bars. “Shut the fuck up!” She screamed, a gobbet of spittle flying from her mouth and landing on Beck's upturned and frightened face.

She moved nearer to Becky, seemingly oblivious to the stench from within her hole, and said. “You speak when I say so! And, in answer to your question, no we haven't done with you yet! You're a self-confessed fucking Jew and this is a dungeon where we punish Jews!” She turned to her compatriot, her grip unyielding in Becky's hair, “Unless I'm much mistaken we're going to teach her a lesson she'll never forget!”

Looking back down at Becky she said. “And if you have any doubts just how much you mean to us, allow me to demonstrate.”

Her hand came away from Becky's hair and returned to the leather gusset of her panties. She pulled this to one side again, only this time as Becky stared at her cunt, a steady stream of piss erupted from it a struck her face. As Becky recoiled in shock, the woman said “Get that face up and that mouth open!”

When the woman had finished, Becky had urine running down her face, her body, in her mouth and soaking her hair. She felt defiled. To her horror, the man then unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his semi-erect penis and aimed it at her. Once again she had to endure a stream of warm piss hitting her and again she was instructed to look up and open her mouth.

Only once she was thoroughly soaked did they take the naked and openly weeping Becky out of her pit.

They did allow her to wipe the worst of the muck from the pit off her body with a small towel; although, she didn't realise it, this was less an act of kindness and more so they could see the flesh they were going to torture.

Becky looked around the room nervously. She'd hardly seen it before, having spent most of her stay in the interrogation cells and had only seen this room when she was dragged half-conscious into the pit some days before.

The room was large, devoid of natural light, and finished in bare bricks. From the ceiling hung various chains and manacles and the walls were lined with torture equipment. Becky could recognise the whips, canes and paddles, but there were plenty of objects she had never seen but knew instinctively had a sinister purpose. There were also different pieces of equipment, a chair, a table and a “X” frame, all adorned with stained leather straps, whose purpose was only too clear.

There was also what looked like the metal frame to a bunk bed, several small cages including one in a dark corner of the dungeon in which the occupant could only stand, and, most ominously, a set of glowing embers towards the back of the dungeon.

Although Becky's eyes were at first drawn to the embers, a moan from within the standing cage made her move her focus. She felt a moment of hope, realising that she was not the only victim in the dungeon, that it was not she but this other girl who was to be tortured.

Judge Kellerman, or the Nazi Officer as she knew him, saw her gaze focus upon the girl and said, “Perhaps you would like to see the consequences of your actions?” He guided her towards the cage, her legs still trembling both from the fear of torture and the cramps of her horrible confinement.

As she and the officer neared the cage, he flicked on a switch and the area was bathed in light. Becky let out a scream as she saw what lay within.

The tiny standing cage, which measured perhaps 15” square and stood about 5ft tall, had not one, but two girls crushed face-to-face inside it! Becky didn't need to be told, “These are the two girls you accused of being traitors when we last spoke, Alison Wells and Tracy Burns.”

They were crammed so tightly into the cage that their flesh was bulging through the narrow gaps between the bars and they were held with their bodies pressed firmly together. In fact, they were crushed so firmly together their tits, instead of being flattened on each other had been forced together like a zipper; so each girl had one of her tits between the others!

As Becky stared in horror at the girls, she thought it looked like they were kissing each other; that is, until the officer explained, “You like the way they are kissing? It is the Frau Obersturmführer's invention.” The Judge indicated Mrs Kellerman who had joined them and was looking at the two girls with an expression of obvious lust. She smiled coquettishly in acknowledgement of the compliment.

“She put a ring through each of their tongues, well back in the mouth, and then threaded a cable tie through them both! By pulling the tie hard, the girls end up kissing each other!”

Mrs Kellerman gave a small bow.

Becky's eyes had moved down to the girl's breasts, however. Disturbing though the forced kiss might be, the way their breasts were fixed to each other was far more horrific…

Someone had run what looked like a barbecue skewer through all four breasts so they were impaled one beside the other! “You like that?” Mrs Kellerman said. “It's hard work getting it through that much flesh, but well worth the effort, don't you think?”

Becky could think of no words in reply. The sight was too barbaric.

She was also beginning to absorb the marks on the girl's skin. She had become used to whip marks, and there were certainly plenty on the two girls, but there was something else about the two girls which was less easily explained.

Each girl had rectangular marks on her back which almost looked like they had been burned in place…

And then Becky's eyes fell back upon the bunk bed. The metal bunk bed with a wire frame, the wires each helping to form a series of rectangles.

“I see you've spotted that they spent some time receiving some shock therapy!” The Judge said. “They were most insistent that you had been lying and they were not traitors. In fact, they were so insistent; they even stuck to their story when the voltage was set to the maximum.” He turned with a conspiratorial whisper to Becky, “I think that's when they got those nasty burn marks… just before they passed out! If you think those marks are bad you should see the ones where Frau Obersturmführer had placed the electrodes! But you can guess where those were I'm sure?”

He held Becky firmly by the arm and began to lead her towards the wire-framed bed. “I suppose your nipples and cunt are still a little sore from our last conversation? But never mind, it'll probably help you explain to us why you lied when we last spoke.”

Becky was screaming as the man and the woman laid her tortured and naked body down on the lower bed frame and began to secure her limbs with stained and worn leather straps.

Date Monday 25 th October 12.05


As Becky screamed for the Judge and his wife, so too did Catherine. She was still in her boss's office, unable to explain what she was doing coming into work dressed as she was.

Mina Savage had done nothing to help Catherine out of her self-imposed bondage. She was leaving Catherine to “calm herself down” in order to explain herself and had, in fact, left her on her own in her office because she couldn't understand Catherine's blathering cries about kidnap, bondage, Mistress XS and the like.

Catherine's scream came from the shocks running through her body, from her frustration at being left alone and, as she focused on the clock, the realisation she would not be back in time to meet the deadline for saving Lynne.

Date Monday 25 th October 12.05

At the same time Lynne was screaming as Dr Saavik announced to her, “I'm afraid your girlfriend hasn't managed the simple task she was given. You're going to have to ride that pony after all!”

Date Monday 25 th October 12.05

Kelly was screaming through her inflated gag as Mistress XS and Ilsa carried on with their beating. By now they'd moved from spanking her through the thin rubber to a more fulsome beating.

Her two torturers were having fun as they watched the canes thud into the rubber and bounce back to leave the smooth, shiny, semi-translucent, covering as it was before. It was only underneath, in the flesh of Kelly's tits, ass and mons that the damage was being done.

Mistress XS looked at the clock.

“Oh dear!” She said to Ilsa. “No one's come yet to tell me Catherine's on her way back. That means Lynne's going to get to ride the pony, Dr Zorhof is going to have to deliver Katie's ‘baby' and poor Hannah stays where she is for another week!

She laughed manically, happy that her plan was going to schedule and that the life of the Group's guests was continuing to get worse.

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