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Group XS

Chapter 15

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 15

Date Friday 22nd October 15.15

Catherine sat staring at her blank screen for 20 minutes before she could bring herself to reply.

She wrote to Tania's email address and said simply “Punish me; not Lynne.”

It took a full two hours for the reply to come back, two hours during which time Catherine had sat motionless in front of the screen waiting for the “new message” sign to flash.

She had been waiting so long she actually jumped when it did. “Be on line at 9.00 tomorrow. Turn your answer phone on, draw the curtains and await my contact. Mistress XS.”

Catherine hardly slept that night as she waited for the sun to rise and her punishment, whatever that could be at this distance, to be meted out.

By 7.00 that Saturday morning she was sat in front of her screen waiting for something to happen. By 9.00 Catherine was on her third cup of coffee and her nerves were jangling.

Date Saturday 23rd October 09.01

At 9.01 her email “New Message” sign flashed and she opened it up. “Go to the front door, there's a package there for you, and click on this link when you have the package and are back behind your screen. Mistress XS” The message said. Catherine did as she was told and clicked on the icon on the email and went to the front door. Sure enough there was a large suitcase on her doorstep which she tried to lift to carry in. It was heavy! In the end she could only drag it behind her until she and the suitcase stood in front of the screen.

“Hello Catherine!” A voice said. The voice was booming from her computer's speakers and had the faintest trace of an East European accent!

“That's good. We can see you now.” The voice continued. “Aren't video links just the most wonderful things? Now I'd like you to turn on every light in the room and make sure they are pointed to where you are standing; we can't have your screen debut spoiled by poor lighting can we?”

By the time Catherine had complied with the instruction her computer screen too had sprung into life and was showing a picture of Mistress XS sitting on the same box in the same room as the night before. All that seemed to have changed was Mistress XS' outfit. She was now wearing another black catsuit, but unlike the one she had worn on the first video, this one had contrasting red frills between her legs where the crotch split open and around her breasts which spilled out of the front of the suit. She was already playing with her right hand between her legs while her left massaged her surprisingly firm and large breasts.

“I hope Lynne's got a thirst on her today because there sure is a lot of juice coming her way! God, the idea of this show is making me run like a tap!” She said deliberately rocking back and forth and effectively face-fucking Lynne!

“We thought about you using the stuff you stole from us – you know the stuff in the case under your bed – but decided we had some much better toys for you to play with. Will you please now take your clothes off and then open the case?” It was said so pleasantly Catherine almost forgot what she was here for – that is until she opened the case.

Leather clothing and bondage equipment spilled out of the large case and Catherine immediately saw its potential to cause pain. This was far more serious stuff than she and Lynne had played with, and she let out a little yelp as a belt spilled out and caught her hand with the sharp little spikes on its inside. She also could not help noticing the multi-stranded braided and knotted cat-o-nine-tails curled innocently inside! The other side of the case was very odd indeed. It looked to Catherine like it held a large block of ice!

Catherine's hand touched the surface of the shiny opaque block and discovered it was just that! A slab of ice perhaps 3” thick which virtually filled the smaller side of the case… very bizarre she thought.

“Now then Catherine, there's a champagne bottle in there and an envelope; will you please take them out and come and sit in front of the screen?” Catherine complied, but if she did have a moment's hesitation it was dispelled by Mistress XS saying “Don't forget – if you don't do as you are told Lynne gets marked up pretty badly!”

“Open the envelope.” She said.

Inside Catherine found a large framed picture of Mistress XS - who else? – which looked like it had been blown up from a video still. It certainly looked like it was from one of the early videos which Catherine had studied. There was a plastic bag on a length of string containing keys (a relief to Catherine); a plain sheet of paper and a pen which Catherine noted had “BDSM Stores” etched on it; and an open envelope filled with what looked like receipts.

“Now then,” Mistress XS continued. “Will you please put the envelope on the side of your desk. Take the pen and write on the picture of me, in big letters so I can see, ‘I love Mistress XS. Your loving slave Catherine' and it would be nice to have lots of little kisses, kind of like the ones Lynne is giving me right now!” Mistress XS said.

Catherine complied and held the picture away from the camera for Mistress XS to see. “Very good! Now prop it up beside your screen and write on the piece of paper ‘Dear Mistress XS, I have been a naughty slave – please punish me. ' And again sign it with lots of nice kisses and put it in front of my picture will you?”

Catherine had no idea what was going on here, but complied nevertheless… she had to for Lynne's sake.

“Good,” Mistress XS intoned “will you now drink the bottle of champagne for me?”

Catherine baulked for the first time. “The whole bottle?” She asked. “The whole bottle,” Mistress XS said sardonically, “if you please… it's a particularly fine vintage I think you'll find!”

The bottle didn't have a cork, it had one of those stoppers which fit champagne bottles and Catherine knew full well what she was going to taste when she drank from the bottle. Sure enough, as she held it to her lips to take her first swig from the bottle, the pungent, slightly acidic aroma of stale piss assaulted her nostrils. Catherine gagged at the smell and said “I can't do this Mistress XS!”

“That's a shame, Catherine, because unless you do Lynne will be treated to a spectacular beating with the wire whips!”

Catherine steeled herself and took her first swig. If anything it tasted worse than it smelled, and she found herself fighting to keep it down. “The whole bottle Catherine, I haven't got all day!” Mistress XS said.

It took probably twenty swigs on Catherine's part to comply with Mistress XS' instruction but, in time, she succeeded. “Good!” Purred Mistress XS “Now you can thank me for giving you such a delicious treat… go on do it!” With the last part her tone changed and Catherine snapped out of her self pitying reverie and said “Thank you Mistress XS for letting me drink your marvellous champagne!”

“That's better! Now put the bottle on your desk and go to the case. You'll find a nice whip in there! Tell me; are you by any chance Catholic?” Catherine was confused. “Yes Mistress XS, I am.” She replied.

“Oh that's good. Then you'll be familiar with self flagellation then, when you atone for your sins by whipping yourself! You see, that's what you are going to do for me now… I want you to use the whip on yourself by throwing it hard over your back. I think 100 should do it!”

Catherine felt the whip. It was heavy and the nine braids, complete with knots in the ends, looked like they would hurt. Steeling herself she stood square in front of the camera and braced her legs as she threw the whip over for the first time. The strands hit her back from the middle of her spine down to her ass.

Catherine had braced herself thinking the pain was going to be unbearable. As it turned out her first thought was “That wasn't as bad as I had expected!” …just before a black, sickening, wave of pain coursed through her body!

“You'll have to do better than that!” Was all she got from Mistress XS as she tried to stop herself sinking to her knees!

“We won't count any gentle ones like that… I want to see you use it hard!”

The count went slowly on. Catherine's back began to look like a purple roadmap of interconnecting lines which wept little spots of blood where they intersected. Mistress XS discounted as many blows as she counted, or so it seemed to Catherine, and each time a blow landed Catherine felt the same sickening blackness envelope her.

When she eventually finished Mistress XS said. “Right. Now I'd like to see twenty between your legs!”

If the pain on her back and ass had been severe it was as nothing compared to the next set of lashes Catherine delivered to herself. She was sure her pussy was bleeding profusely, the pain was so great, but when she finally finished and ran her hand gingerly over her screaming cunt she was surprised to see only faint traces of blood on her fingers.

“Now get the pair of leather shorts and the bottle of lube from the suitcase. You'll need the lube to put them on.”

Catherine found the shorts easily. They were made from heavy leather and looked rather like lederhosen with straps which ran around the legs and waist and an ominous strap which ran between the legs. Catherine shouldn't have been surprised – she knew what Group XS were like. Strangely the shorts had two boxes on them, each about the size of a pack of playing cards, one mounted on each hip.

Catherine was surprised at their weight and soon realised as she stood up with the bottle of lube that they were far from conventional shorts. It was no surprise that she could see two bulky phalluses inside the shorts and a thin tube near the forward dildo which looked like it might be part of a catheter. It was no surprise that the whole of the inside of the shorts glistened with little pointed spikes. It was an alarming and rather ominous surprise to see a long rubber tube snaking from the shorts and ending in small rubber ball with a clip halfway along the pipe keeping it closed.

“I'm sure even you can wok out what to do Catherine.” Mistress XS said. “Put them on!”

It took some time and a lot of encouragement, but Catherine eventually worked each of the plugs inside her and was pleasantly surprised that the two dildos, although covered with short tufty horsehair or something, weren't too uncomfortable. A bit irritable, yes, but nothing more. The catheter had been horrible to insert and she had been horrified when it reached home to find the tube filling almost immediately. The implications were obvious.

The worst part of the shorts was the prickled lining which immediately hurt and seemed to catch all of her most sensitive parts; this pain only increased as she first tightened the lacing down the back between her buttocks, then pulled the straps tight around her waist and thighs and then the strap between her legs. “Another notch tighter… And another please!” Was all the praise she got as she eventually finished her painful task. All that remained was for her to add the padlocks to each of the straps, there were 4 in total, and she was done.

Catherine had had little time to study the shorts and had failed to notice the series of tiny little grommet holes which ran through the crotch – each hole little larger than an hypodermic needle.

There was little respite as she was commanded to put the bra on next. This was similar to the shorts in that it was made from the same leather and had two boxes like the shorts: one on either side. Inside, the cups were lined with a softer leather, but one which also had the same spikes. There were laces which ran around her breasts like a series of concentric rings which she had to tighten and tie working from the base out – effectively compressing her breasts so they looked like two leather-clad joints of meat!

The very tip of each bra cup, if you could call these torturous things that, had an open ring on it – inevitably with inward facing spikes on it – which enabled her nipples to be drawn through and her areola to be painfully skewered. At this stage Catherine was in enough pain not to take note of the little holes which encircled the cups; three rows of them, one between each set of her encircling cords.

Again the bra actually padlocked on, the strap behind her back having first been drawn a couple of notches tighter under encouragement from Mistress XS before the lock was added.

Catherine now stood effectively in tortuous bra and panties with a hose dangling from between her legs. “There's a plastic bag in the case and a roll of duct tape; get them please.” Mistress XS said, again giving Catherine no time to enjoy a respite from her growing predicament.

Catherine assumed the duct tape was for a gag and had surmised what would be in the plastic bag before she picked it up. Sure enough it was a bulky bundle of fabric inside the bag and there were abundant signs that the cloth was wet and, probably, dirty. This was Mistress XS punishing her after all.

“Let me see you put that hose into your mouth now… with the ball all the way to the back of your throat! I want to hear it making you gag.” Mistress XS said. She then encouraged Catherine to remove the sodden, dirty, smelling mass from the plastic bag which turned out to be not one, not two, but three pairs of the inevitable soiled and urine-soaked panties Mistress XS so enjoyed.

Two pairs found their way into her mouth. It was not easy cramming them in with the ball already in there, but Catherine was goaded and cajoled to complete the task to Mistress XS' satisfaction under threat of Lynne's whipping. Only satisfied once all the cloth was behind her teeth, Catherine was then made to wind the duct tape first through her teeth and then over her mouth. Ten times she wound the tape around her mouth and behind her head before Mistress XS was satisfied. Even then Catherine was made to clamp her jaw as shut as she could and wind tape under her jaw and over here head time and again to satisfy the sadistic witch on the end of her video feed.

The contents of the case were diminishing and Catherine now had to get a length of chain from the case and throw it over the beam which formed part of her attic apartment's vaulted ceiling. Mistress XS made Catherine stand under the beam and then adjust the camera until she was satisfied that the voyeuristic members of Group XS would be able to feast their eyes on Catherine's predicament.

Next Catherine hung the plastic bag with the keys in from the chain, Mistress XS taking great care that she hang it through just the right loop. At least, Catherine thought, I'm going to be able to get free when this ordeal is over.

“Now then,” Mistress XS purred, “there should be a present for you in there. It's been specially wrapped and everything.” Catherine found it, a package about the size of a large paperback book wrapped in bright pink paper with a tag attached saying “ To Catherine. From Dr Zorhof .”

Catherine didn't like the idea of a present from the Doctor, this was the lady who had used victims of Group XS as virtual guinea pigs for her own drugs and obscene gynaecological tortures.

Catherine opened the box inside the wrapping gingerly and examined the contents. She didn't like the look of this at all. There were something like 60 long hypodermic needles in there and a smaller number of shorter ones, perhaps 15 or so. Although they looked like hypodermic needles there was something slightly odd about them in that instead of having an open end where the syringe would normally plug, these had a closed end and, to judge by the little bubble moving inside, contained liquid.

This didn't feel good at all.

“Go on. Take one out.” Mistress XS goaded her “They've been specially made for you by Dr Zorhof. Feel the point of the needle… she's carefully made each tip a little less pointed so they don't go in quite as painlessly as normal needles and these beauties are not normal needles… they're used for tranquilising animals and have little ridges all the way down so when they go in they don't come out too easily! Look at that sack your tits are so engagingly squeezed into… there are little holes all the way round for the needles to go through… you figure it out. Sixty long needles and sixty holes into your tit meat!”

Catherine nearly fainted as she inserted the first needle. It was like pushing a blunt skewer into herself! All the time she was pushing she could hear Mistress XS saying “Come on we haven't got all day! I think we need to get Lynne out and get her ready… it looks like she's going to get that whipping after all! Don't stop there! All the way in I said. I want to see nothing more than the head sticking out!”

It took a long time but eventually the needles all found their home. Catherine's breasts must have been like porcupine's backs on the inside and on a couple of occasions she had to agonisingly pull a needle back out – it felt like she was ripping her flesh as she did so – to redirect it having struck one of the other needle shafts deep in her tit meat.

Worse was to follow as Catherine realised that the shorter needles were destined for her pussy! The strap between her legs was actually fixed to the gusset of her shorts where it ran over her pussy so the holes went right through the strap, already compressing her pussy agonisingly, and through the leather of her shorts. The holes formed a line up either side of her slit so that 12 of the 15 needles went into her labia. Deep into her labia. The other 3 were the worst. These had a home which was more painful, more personal, more private than any of the others. The last three holes were in the centre and had been spaced to ensure that one of the needles made a direct hit with Catherine's clitoris, the others striking it just above and below!

Catherine was in agony as she finished pushing the last one home, applauded as she did so by Mistress XS on the other end of the video feed.

“Very good!” She said. “We can now get you settled I think. There's a collar, some straps, a pretty piece of board and some wrist straps in the case. Will you get them out please?”

Catherine did as she was told – she had no alternative now having come this far. “And while you are at it move the suitcase so that block of ice is just below the chain on the ceiling.”

In the space of the next few minutes Catherine locked straps around her body and her legs. These were the spiked straps she had encountered when she first opened the case. They went around her legs every five inches or so. She neither needed that many on her legs nor needed the ones which encircled her belly; they were there to cause her pain rather than anything else.

Catherine knew where the piece of wood was to go. It was a small blackboard on which the words “ I'm being punished by Mistress XS ” were written. The chain coming from each corner had a clamp on the end. Not a playful bondage clamp, but rather a toothed clamp with a heavy spring which made Catherine mouth foam with agony – well it would have done had her mouth not been packed to the gunwales with dirty laundry!

Now with the straps locked around her wrists, those hanging straps which have a loop of leather running through the open palm, Catherine's plight was almost set. Before securing herself to the ceiling chain Mistress XS made her put the collar on, a horrid thing which had more of the by now familiar spikes rising from the upper edge so that she was forced to keep her chin up, and made her pull the remaining panties over her head and secure them with duct tape so her nose was buried in their crotch and she was only able to see the world through the leg holes.

Catherine's final acts were to press buttons on each of the four boxes attached to the bra and her lederhosen, to release the clamp on the hose, and to haul herself up onto the block of ice, her feet immediately feeling the cold, and fasten her wrists to the chain as high as she could reach.

Mistress XS began to laugh hysterically. “Catherine! You look so delectable hanging there! I'll bet you think your ordeal is complete! Just wait!”

And Catherine did just that – she had little alternative. As she waited she felt the first movement around her breasts and around her bottom. She could neither account for this nor the strange hissing noise which had started a few minutes after she had pressed the buttons on the boxes attached to her “clothes”.

The movement increased and soon she felt the dildos inside her starting to move too. Not move like a vibrator… but expand. “Oh my God!!!” Catherine thought. “There blowing themselves up!!!”

At the same time she felt a growing heat start in her right breast. At first uncomfortable, it then turned into a burgeoning white heat. Catherine could do nothing to stop the pain which was starting in her breast as she felt similar heat start to grow in her pussy and left breast.

Meanwhile the pressure around her breasts, over her entire nether regions and, of course, inside her pussy and ass kept growing and growing!

As if she were not aware, Mistress XS explained what was happening. Dr Zorhof has kindly filled those needles with one of her wonder drugs. I can't tell you what is in it, but I do know what it does! Each needle has a wax plug in it which melts as it warms to your body temperature… and slowly, oh so slowly, the drug inside begins to seep out. Each needle has enough in it to make you feel like you've been stung by fifty bees! The drug will make you feel the pain with an intensity you had never imagined… I know because we've tried it on others and the effects have been spectacular! It will also make your breasts and pussy swell… something of a problem for you because they are each rather tightly encased in heavy leather! Just to make sure that you feel the full benefits of the swelling, there's a rubber lining between the heavy leather outside and the soft spiked inside of your clothes which is slowly filling with compressed air from one of those boxes! So your pussy and tits are going to get bigger while the space they have available is going to get smaller! Clever isn't it?”

Mistress XS paused for a moment before continuing. “And I'll bet you wondered why you didn't have anything painful in the lube you used? Well, let me tell you, those babies inside you will grow and grow until they just can't get any bigger! Great isn't it? And do you know what happens then? You'll hear a slight popping noise as the sacks inside them containing the special lube – I know its got stuff which will feel like it's burning you and more of that venomous drug in it but you'll really have to discuss the niceties with Dr Zorhof - and the lube will start seeping out! None of it, neither the stuff in the needles nor the special lube will wear off quickly. It's designed to seep out slowly and when it does hit your body last for hours and hours!”

“Of course you could hope that you pass out, but I think the stimulants in Dr Zorhof's drug will stop that even if the pain doesn't. Oh, and in case you haven't worked it out the ice is going to melt and you'll find yourself stretched and standing on just your tiptoes on a rather uncomfortable mat of spikes by the end!”

Catherine had no alternative but to stand where she was. The pain in her pussy, her tits, her ass, her cunt, her nipples and all over her body where little spikes were busy driving themselves into her skin, growing with each passing second. All she could feel was blinding pain which coursed through her whole body.

It was as she stood there, praying for release that Catherine came to a shock realisation. The keys which were to be her salvation at the end of this were out of reach!

In the background she could hear Mistress XS saying “Oh dear! Poor Catherine. It looks like you're going to be stuck there for a long time… but never fear I've got just the thing to take your mind off of your pain!” Just then a sharp shock ran through Catherine's ass and pussy and she involuntarily twitched violently. The pain felt like she'd received a stun gun to her cervix!

“Didn't I tell you?” Mistress XS said, now smirking openly at the camera. “The other boxes will send shocks to your tits, ass and pussy at random times. Sometimes you'll wait a long time…” As if by magic another violent shock hit Catherine's pussy followed by one which coursed through her screaming breasts. Mistress XS laughed. “…and sometimes you won't have to wait long at all!”

Catherine had tears streaming down her cheeks by now. Her humiliation was almost complete, or she might have thought so, until she felt the first trickle hit the back of her throat! She was drinking her own piss while she stood there!

“Anyway,” Mistress XS continued, seemingly oblivious to Catherine's new plight. “I was just saying I have the best antidote to your position. A chance to watch some of the goings on at Group XS and to meet some of our other guests. I think you'll be surprised!”

Review This Story || Author: Saavik
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