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Group XS

Chapter 7

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 7

Date Tuesday 19 th October 10.15

If things were not going well for Lynne, neither were they for Catherine.

Judge Kellerman seemed to be captivated by the defence attorney and to have fallen for the Defendant, if his remarks were anything to go by! He had inquired of the defence counsel whether Miss Brown was appropriately attired for Court, and Miss Shaw, in her simpering way, had said “I believe so, Your Honour, you see, Miss Brown has a fetish for rubber – this is the cause for much of her predicament and why she is so misjudged – and she is simply wearing what she believes to be the smartest of her everyday apparel as a mark of respect for the Court.”

Catherine couldn't believe it! The Judge fell hook, line and sinker, for the obvious bluff and actually said to Kelly Brown, “I apologise for questioning your dress, Miss Brown. I must say you look resplendent and can see you have made a special effort.” For her part, Kelly Brown had smiled and nodded at the Judge with a look which suggested the Judge would be a welcome client anytime!

Now that Catherine was fully into the case for the prosecution, things seemed to be going just as badly. The Judge, not even the defence counsel, had pointed out to Catherine that “It can hardly be the Defendant's fault if people misread the signals from her chosen attire!” When Catherine had explained that Kelly had been spotted by an undercover Police operation parading a notorious street for hookers wearing a skimpy rubber outfit!

When Catherine had pointed out Miss Brown's previous convictions, the Judge had allowed the defence rebuttal that “It is not the place of this Court to judge the defendant on previous convictions which may well have been misconstrued because of Miss Brown's preparedness to wear rubber and be sexually active.” ‘Sexually active!' Catherine thought as she listened to the simpering beauty on the other side of the Court. ‘She's a fucking hooker! Of course she's sexually active!'

Now the defence was arguing that Miss Brown's response to the undercover officer who had approached Kelly asking for sex, “Sure, if you'd like to spank me first!” Wasn't an indication that her services could be procured, but rather that she liked the look of the officer and was keen to enjoy her preferred form of sexual activity with him!

Catherine was dumbstruck when the Judge smiled warmly at Lisa Shaw and said “You have a good point there.” And made a note on the papers in front of him!

Catherine knew this simplest of cases was floundering!

Catherine tried a different tack with Judge Kellerman. “Be that as it may, Your Honour, Miss Brown, who has a history of prostitution, was in a street renowned for prostitution, dressed in an outfit worn by prostitutes and, when approached by an undercover officer, did not deny that she was a prostitute! In fact, she went so far as to invite the officer, not only to have sex with her, but to spank her bottom!”

As she said this, Catherine had a brief flash in her mind of her perverted sex with Lynne the night before and found herself flushing.

The Judge looked at Catherine like a school master having to tell a pupil she had failed. “I hear what you say, Miss Grace, however, I'm sure the Court will agree, the delightful – fragrant even – defence counsel has made a very valid counter-argument. My understanding of the situation is that Miss Brown, who happens to have an unfortunate fetish for rubber clothing – and I must say it does suit her – was one of a number of people on the street that day, and that, when approached by the undercover officer, volunteered to have sex with him because of her unfortunate addiction to sex.” The Judge looked at Lisa Shaw like an infatuated schoolboy talking to his favourite teacher. “That's right, isn't it, Miss Shaw?”

Lisa Shaw smiled broadly at the Judge, giving him a look which, in Catherine's eyes, said ‘you can have sex with me anytime you want!', and said “Your Honour has a remarkable grasp of the facts of this case, and” Lisa said this looking directly at Catherine, “a better grasp than some other people in Court!”

If Catherine was struggling with developments in her case, then Lynne too was struggling.

Struggling in her bondage in a vain, and futile, attempt to get free. She had watched Charlotte being installed in the first of the packing cases and loaded into the van behind her. It had been traumatic to watch her little sister being expertly trussed by Mistress Spite, mistress of the so-called ‘Bondage Suite.' The bondage involved yard upon yard of hemp rope cinched tightly at ankles, knees and thighs on poor Charlotte . Once her legs had been secured, Mistress Spite drew a rope under Charlotte's tucked up knees and pulled them into her chest, effectively crushing Charlotte's bound breasts with her own knees, and passed the rope behind her back.

Time and again, Mistress Spite wound the rope from behind Charlotte 's knees and round either her back or neck, until Charlotte had no possibility of movement. Only Charlotte's ankles remained free, or free as possible given that they were already tied together… but not for long. Further turns of rope ran through Charlotte 's ankle cinch and round her back until her ankles too were tucked hard into her body.

The last Lynne saw of her little sister was her immobile form being stowed inside the drop-fronted packing case. Because the case was so small, Mistress Spite had to push her head right down until her face was resting in the crease between her knees and her breather bag just in front and below them.

Lynne realised now, for the first time, why the re-breather bag was on such a long tube. Once she was in the packing case, Charlotte 's head touched the roof and was pressed into her knees, while her shoulders touched the sides and her back the rear panel of the packing case! The only space left for the re-breather bag, without compressing it once the door was shut hard against Charlotte 's knees, was in front of her ankles.

From the instant Charlotte had been put inside, her ass astride the wooden “V” shaped block Charlotte had been in distress. Mistress XS explained her distress by saying, “I'm sure you realise the strap between her legs is now supporting most of her weight on the block of wood… and you may also guess that the strap puts a lot of pressure on the spikes running through the crotch, front panel and ass-strap of her panties… not to mention the dildos inside Charlotte!”

Mistress XS continued, “The dildos are, of course very large and solid and fixed to the strap with metal rods riveted through the strap. Her weight is now borne by the strap and the dildos, the front one of which should be pressing against her bladder and cervix, and I'll leave it to you as to where the rear one, the one in her asshole, is pressing!”

“Every time she goes over a bump in the van, she'll feel it right through her lower abdomen!” Mistress XS concluded as Mistress Spite closed the front panel of the packing case on Charlotte . Lynne noticed that as she did so, Mistress Spite had to put some pressure on the front panel to get it to close. If Lynne had been lulled into a false sense of security watching her sister stowed for the journey, she was sadly wrong.

As soon as Charlotte , or at least the box which contained the contorted Charlotte , was stowed, Mistress XS turned to Lynne and said, “And now I think it's your turn Lynne!” Mistress XS fixed her steely eyes on Lynne and continued, “but don't go thinking we are going to be as gentle on you as we were Charlotte !” Mistress XS turned and smiled at the rest of her group, who also managed to turn their hard faces into masks of wanton evilness. “We have a new and very special treat in store for you!”

With that, Mistress XS opened the front of the one remaining box and pulled something from within. What she removed was, to all intents and purposes, another “V” shaped section… only this time made of metal and shaped rather like a squat letter “J” so her weight would be pressing against the ridge from her ass round to her clitoris.. The other major difference to the section Charlotte was currently astride was that this one had two dildos rising from it!. Their intent was blindingly obvious. What was less obvious was the intent of the little electrical box at the rear of the “V” section piece of metal.

“This is a new toy we have produced in the workshop.” Mistress XS said with pride. “You'll be delighted to know,” she continued, “that you will be the first person to try it out, which makes you our guinea pig. It's really rather cleaver. You don't need me to explain where these go.” She said, pointing to the dldos obviously intended for Lyne's ass and cunt, “But what you do need to know is that they will vibrate very gently inside you! We've conducted several experiments and found that the vibration is enough to stimulate, but not enough to bring to orgasm. It's a kind of sexual torture if you will, where you get to be held on the brink but never quite manage to come… you'll have a lot of that where you are going!”

Mistress XS stroked the metal dildos. “And these little babies have a special trick up their sleeve. There's a gravity switch, or tilt switch, I forget what it's called, which means that every time the van goes round a corner, brakes or accelerates hard, the switch is tripped and you get a nasty shock through both of these. I thought I ought to tell you this because if you didn't know in advance you'd have nothing to be scared of!”

Mistress XS placed the metal block on the floor beside Lynne and said, “Perhaps you'd like to climb aboard?” It wasn't an invite; again it was a command.

Lynne hesitated and Mistress XS crouched down beside her. “OK!” She whispered into Lynne's ear, “We'll just tie you up some more and then I'll skewer you onto them my way!”

If Lynne thought Mistress XS was joking she was sorely mistaken. Mistress XS invited Helga to “Fix Lynne up!” and Helga started to wrap Charlotte with straps, forcing her knees into her chest just as Mistress Spite had done a few minutes ago with Charlotte . Once she had finished with this, Helga took a step back and Mistress XS moved in closer to Lynne. Fixing her eyes on Lynne from close range Mistress XS said, “I told you to climb on the dildos and you ignored me!” You need to learn to do what you are told, or suffer the consequences!”

As Mistress XS said this, Lynne felt two pin pricks against her exposed flesh where it protruded through the slit in her bodybag. For a fleeting moment she didn't realise what these were. Then, as the dawning came, Lynne stared into the cold grey eyes behind the mask she herself had worn the night before and said, “No! Please God, no!” Just before Mistress XS pressed the trigger on the Tazer which was pressed into the flesh between Lynne's cunt and asshole.

If Lynne had thought the Tazer hurt before, she now knew it was noting compared to this!

100,000 volts coursing through your body, coursing through from your asshole and cunt, has a dramatic effect.

As she felt the current hit her, Lynne was aware of sparks and a blackness enveloping her plus a pain, an excruciating pain, which was focused on her nether regions. That was before she blacked out.

Had she but known it, Mistress XS held her finger on the Tazer's trigger for a long time, her eyes alight with a sadistic glee as she watched the bound body before her twitch and jerk under the influence of her ministrations.

Lynne came to slowly, much more slowly than she had before and was immediately aware of her ass and cunt which felt like they had been kicked and punched before being doused with petrol and set alight. She was also dimly aware of a different sensation down there, a wholly unfamiliar sensation.

Lynne was not to know that the Tazer had not only sent several jolts of 100,000 volts coursing through her body over the course of half a minute, but had also caused the muscles in her urethra and ass to go into spasm. The rest of her body was still in spasm within the confines of her ‘pin bag', so why should she recognise the unfamiliar feeling. It was not until Mistress XS, her cold grey eyes alight with sadistic glee, said “That should lubricate the dildos!” That Lynne had the first dawning realisation.

The Tazer had forced her to partially evacuate her bladder and bowels!

The unfamiliar feeling was her own piss and shit in which she was sitting!

“Pass me Charlotte 's panties, please.” Lynne heard Mistress XS saying. She then felt herself being given a gentle push to one side and toppling over like a helpless sack of potatoes. Lynne was aware, distantly, of Mistress XS bending down to the unspeakable mess around her ass and mopping it up with Charlotte 's panties. As Lynne felt the soft silk of Charlotte 's panties wipe against her ass and clean the mess away from her exposed slit, she might have been forgiven for presuming that she was feeling her lover tidy up her mess. But Mistress XS was no lover. She was a rapist, a torturer and a sadist of the most extreme order, who had never loved anyone in her life.

Having mopped up the mess, Mistress XS placed the red panties on top of the box intended for Lynne, before pulling her upright again. Helped by Mistress Spite, Lynne was lifted above the two dildos and Helga manoeuvred the section on which they sat until both dildos rested against her two openings. When Helga said “Just there!” uttering her first words in her guttural German accent, Mistress XS and Mistress Spite let Lynne down. Lynne immediately felt her weight resting painfully on the dildo pressed against her ass and, for a few moments, valiantly tried to resist the intruder.

It was an unequal battle, her sphincter still recovering from the assault with the Tazer against her own body weight pushing against the smooth round head of the metal dildo. In a matter of moments Lynne let out a pained gasp and sank visibly lower. For a moment she stopped just above the metal ridge, her contracting muscles resisting the last thrust, only to suddenly drop the last half inch or so with a cry.

Lynne's cry was partially from the defeat of the internal battle and partly from the sudden pain she felt as she landed on the metal ridge. The dildos inside her made her feel like she was both stuffed with unyielding metal cucumbers, large fat probes which seemed to make her abdomen expand against the tightly strapped pin suit, and that she was skewered in place, unable to move more than a fraction on her “seat”. The pain from the blunt metal edge of the device was instantly intolerable. It felt like the thing was slicing through her from asshole to clitoris, a sharp pain at first which dulled slightly as long as she remained motionless.

Unfortunately, Lynne realised, she could not remain motionless. She had to try and move against the dildos to relieve the pain focused on the sharp edge. She tried pushing herself up slightly with the pointed “boot” she had on her feet, and managed to transfer the pain to her toes, only for it to shift back to her ass, magnified this time, when her feet could no longer take the strain. Lynne knew with certainty that she would not survive the journey on this thing. She let out a low wail. “Pleeeeeaaaassse!” She said. “It hurts so much. It's killing me!”

If Lynne expected sympathy she was sorely disappointed. The people around her laughed at her and Mistress XS said “That's what it's meant to do! And don't go thinking you'll die from it… you wont. You'll only find yourself wishing you could!”

“it's almost time to say goodbye.” Mistress XS continued, bending down to fish one last thing from the box. “Of course we'll be seeing you later, quite a bit later in fact, but only after your journey to our new base. You could probably be there in a couple of hours if you take the direct route.” She paused for effect. “But we are in no hurry, in fact we have all the time in the world to play with you two. You were expecting a 7 or 8 hour plane journey anyway, so Helga here has volunteered to take you on the scenic route to your new home, the scenic 7 or 8 hour journey over windy, twisty and uneven roads!”

As Mistress XS laughed at Lynne's journey in prospect, she stood holding a hood in her right hand. A hood similar to the one Charlotte now wore in her packing case in the back of the van. Mistress XS didn't, however put it on Lynne immediately. Instead she placed it on Lynne's knees and turned to pick up Charlotte 's sodden and revolting red panties from the top of the packing case.

Lynne hadn't realised when Mistress XS was mopping up the mess, she wasn't doing so to clean up, but rather to prime the panties before pulling them over Lynne's head! The first Lynne realised what was happening was when Mistress XS held the red mass over her head and said “Eat you own shit you slut!” before pulling the sodden and slippery with shit panties over her head.

Lynne felt the slithering silk drag across her head as Mistress XS pulled the panties into place. She pulled them so the ass of Charlotte 's panties was over her mouth with the crotch centred on her nose.

Immediately Lynne found herself having to draw breath through the wet fabric which clung to her like a second skin. She found herself breathing in the acrid moisture and smelling her own waste; that was just before she was enveloped by blackness as the hood was put in place!

The hood had an integral pear-shaped gag, some call them a ‘choke gag', which Mistress XS pushed into her mouth through the seat of Charlotte 's panties, so the fabric stretched around the bulbous leather as it entered her mouth. Mistress XS kept a firm grip on the panties at the rear of Lynne's head to make sure they didn't shift in position, she was keen to make sure Lynne had the sodden crotch over her nose once the hood was secure. The gag filled Lynne's mouth, compressing her tongue on the bottom of her mouth, and reaching far back inside so it almost touched the back of her throat.

Lynne immediately started to gag on the thing, fighting the desire to retch, as the hood was first laced in place and then strapped in place. While she was fighting the gag-reflex, Lynne was also having to fight for air, suddenly only able to draw her breath through the wet fabric over her nose and then through the confines of the small opening, narrow tube and breather bag.

As the strap around her mouth was pulled tight, Lynne felt the pear in her mouth push farther back as it expended against the new found pressure on her cheeks. As the strap which ran under her chin and over the top of her head was tightened, it expanded still further as she but down on the plug. It would have been then that Lynne could identify with the description of it as a ‘choke gag.' For now the gag filled every bit of available space in her mouth and she found herself literally choking as she fought every reflex in her body to retch and spit it out.

Lynne was too consumed with breathing and not retching to notice that the tip of her “boot” was padlocked to a hasp on the metal “seat.” She was too consumed to really take in being moved into the box, that is until she felt the pins start to dig deeper where her shoulders and back came into contact with the sides, her head already having been forced right forward to stay under the top of the box. She was aware, even as she fought for what she perceived as survival, that the shafts inside her had started to vibrate. Not an angry buzzing, but rather a gentle, almost warm feeling, soft vibration.

Then she felt her knees being pressed backwards as the front of the box was closed. Lynne felt despair as she realised she was now bound, gagged, hooded and cocooned inside a locked box; her only chance of getting out in the hands of people she knew to be vicious sadists! As the box was lifted the tilt switch sensed the movement. If Lynne thought she had problems already, she had another think coming as the two metal probes ceased to send waves of pleasure through her, but instead sent a shockwave through her. This wasn't a shock like the Tazer, that would have been more than she could stand, however, this was a shock which felt like she had been stung by a two wasps simultaneously; one in her ass and one in her cunt.

The pain from the shocks died almost immediately, only to be repeated as the box was shuffled back into the van. As that pain subsided the probes went back to sending their pleasurable vibration through her.

Lynne had no way of knowing that the doors to the van were now closed and she and Charlotte were the sole passengers on a journey to Hell. It was only when she felt the rattle of the engine starting and the first backward movement of the van that Lynne knew they were underway. As the van went through the by now open doorway of the warehouse it turned in the yard and Helga jammed the brakes on.

Helga smiled to herself as the van stopped, fully conscious that Lynne would have just received the first of many shocks the journey was to give her. Helga might have been capable of driving the van carefully; for this journey, however, she had no such intention. This journey was about making things as unpleasant as possible for her helpless cargo.

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