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Group XS

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 5

Date Tuesday 19 th October 07.10

Catherine was the first to stir and glance dreamily at the clock. Lynne was breathing softly beside her and at some time during the night they had somehow managed to pull the covers over their spent bodies.

Catherine knew with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, that she had no time to linger in bed, that she had to shower, have breakfast and leave in 50 minutes in order to be at work in time to prepare for her scheduled appearance as the prosecution lawyer in the case of some hooker. She also knew that Lynne would have to be getting ready to go to the airport for her holiday… and that she wouldn't be seeing her for 2 whole weeks!

If Catherine remembered right Lynne's limo, oh yes, she even had a limo to the airport on this ‘holiday of a lifetime', was picking her sister up first and then would be at the apartment at 8.30. She knew Lynne was packed, she'd been packed for days and Catherine had damn near tripped over the case in the dark hallway just before Lynne's appearance in the role of Mistress XS, but even so she knew she had to awaken the sleeping beauty. Kissing her gently on the cheek and stroking the back of her hair, Catherine gradually brought the love of her life to consciousness.

Never good in the morning, Lynne surprised Catherine by waking full of life, recounting how wonderful the night before had been and telling her she must get going – she had her hair to do, her make-up to put on and her last minute packing to get sorted.

Lynne's enthusiasm for her holiday only served to send Catherine back into the black depression she had felt on her journey home the night before. By the time Catherine was dressed in her sober business suit and had had her breakfast, Lynne was sitting in front of the mirror looking resplendent in nothing but pink satin bra, panties and garter belt. The sight struck home to Catherine, the lingerie was her favourite and had been a present last Christmas from her to Lynne; she didn't resent Lynne wearing them on her special trip… she just wished she were wearing them for them to go away together.

It felt strange to be saying goodbye, and the two girls held each other for a long hug. “I'll call you as soon as I get there!” Lynne promised as they parted. “Just you make sure you do! And keep your eyes off any of the girls down there… I don't want you falling for some dark and sultry maiden behind my back!” Catherine said as she picked up her briefcase and headed for the door. She hesitated for a moment as she got outside the door and returned to pick up her coat. She wasn't going to be caught like that for a second time!

“Bye!” She managed as she left. “Have a great time!”

Date Tuesday 19 th October 08.40

 The sleek black limo pulled up outside the apartment with an excited Charlotte already onboard. Lynne had been waiting in the lobby, trying to make conversation to the doorman for the past 15 minutes while, as it transpired, they limo had been returning to Charlotte 's student flat so she could pick up her forgotten passport!

Lynne couldn't really be cross with her; for Charlotte this was her first ever big holiday and she was allowed to be excited. In fact as she babbled to Lynne in the back of the limo, pointing out the leather seats, drinks cabinet, stereo and TV, Lynne found her girlish enthusiasm infectious and couldn't help but join in the excitement. Forgetting Catherine for the moment, Lynne was soon giggling excitedly with her sister.

At about the same time, Catherine was clearing her case papers from her desk into her briefcase and preparing for the short walk to the Court. She didn't share Lynne's enthusiasm for life, especially when she saw the three new cases sitting in her in-tray. She'd be lucky to clear one today by the time the hearing was over, and there were another three waiting for her and, presumably, another three tomorrow as well.

As Catherine made her weary way up the steps of the Courthouse, Lynne and Charlotte's limo was turning off the highway into what appeared to be an industrial estate. Neither Lynne nor Charlotte noticed through the blackened glass, besides, they were watching the “Morning Show” and had managed to prize the cork out of the champagne and were grandly sipping this as they watched the TV.

It was only as the car drew to a halt in front of a steel shuttered door that Lynne was aware that anything was amiss. “This isn't right!” She said almost to herself as much as her sister and moved forward to tap on the glass screen between her and the driver.

“Excuse me!” She said loudly. “We're supposed to be going to the airport. We have a plane to catch!” By now the shutter was up and the car was drawing into the empty warehouse where a plain black van waited.

Realising by now that something was wrong, Lynne fished her mobile phone from her bag and speed-dialled Catherine's number. Just as Catherine's phone started to ring, the car drew to a halt and the shutter began to close behind them. Three figures emerged from the van and moved towards the car as Lynne heard the metallic voice on the end of the line tell her that “If you would like to leave a message…”

She didn't have a chance to say anything before the door swung open and a leather gloved hand reached into the car and took her mobile from her. “I'll have that.” The woman said.

Lynne found herself staring up at a woman wearing a rubber catsuit not unlike the one she had worn the evening before, and a mask which was to all intents and purposes identical – in fact Lynne might have been seeing a reflection of herself from last night in the mirror. There was one major difference from the image she saw now and that which she had seen the night before; the eyes which stared back at her now were not soft and blue – these were a cold, calculating and unforgiving grey!

“How nice to meet you Lynne and this must be your sister Charlotte. I'm afraid to say there's been a slight change of plan. You're not going on the holiday of a lifetime to the Caribbean anymore; instead you're going on a lifetime's holiday!” At these words Lynne tried to run. She scrambled out of the seat towards Mistress XS and went to barge her out of the way.

Unfortunately for Lynne, Mistress XS was well prepared. As Lynne made her move, Mistress XS' right hand pushed the small black Tazer against Lynne. Lynne felt the pinprick of the two prongs as they pierced through the left shoulder of her blouse a fraction before the button was pressed.

A Tazer is an innocuous thing; it has just three small batteries and one would think shouldn't be able to produce much of a shock. Lynne would have disagreed with this view as the 100,000 volt discharge hit her. The current coursed through her body and sent her flying backwards, turning everything into a night time sea of black and stars for Lynne as it did so. She fell to the floor in a heap, her legs instinctively curling her up into a ball, and could feel her legs and arms twitching uncontrollably as she emerged from the inky blackness. There was tightness across her chest, she was struggling to draw even breaths and it felt like her tits had been hit by a sledgehammer.

As her mind cleared, Lynne became aware that Mistress XS was now sitting in the car with her and Charlotte was nowhere to be seen, presumably outside with the other two figures she had seen and, Lynne presumed, the driver. Lynne was alone with Mistress XS… the real Mistress XS!

A silky voice said to Lynne, “Now, we can do this the easy way… or the nasty way: it's your choice!” As Mistress XS said this, Lynne felt a hand under her skirt and two sharp prongs press into the crevice of her ass through the shiny pink silk of her panties!

Lynne's instinct was to roll away, but she neither had the control in her limbs to do so, nor the desire to receive another blast from the Tazer. “The easy way. Please don't use that again!” Lynne said after a long silence, during which Mistress XS kept an even pressure on the Tazer and her finger poised on the trigger.

“Good!” Mistress XS said, feeling a slight disappointment that she wasn't going to get to use the Tazer again on Lynne's ass; well, not for the time being anyway. “You don't need me to introduce myself, I'm sure, especially after your antics last night,” Mistress XS said. Lynne, whose mind was beginning to clear in the aftermath of the awesome shock, couldn't believe what she was hearing. How on earth could Mistress XS know about last night?

As if she knew what Lynne was thinking, Mistress XS said, “Didn't you know? All those little alarm sensors in the corners of the rooms – they're cameras which send remarkably good pictures back to us of your and Catherine's antics. We thoroughly enjoyed your little game last night, even if it was a bit tame, especially as we knew you'd be paying us a visit today!”

Lynne was still trying to cope with the thought that her and Catherine's every move since the alarm was fitted – what six months ago – was capable of being watched.

“Yes, it's been very useful in our grander scheme, but you'll have to wait to find out what that is, and also useful, as it turns out, in telling us your likes and dislikes. We've been particularly interested in your dislikes. Now, if you please, move down the car and take your clothes off.” The tone of voice Mistress XS used told Lynne this wasn't a request: it was an order.

As she shuffled further up the open space on the floor of the limo, Lynne was able to glance out of the window to the open warehouse and the van parked nearby. It appeared Charlotte was faring no better than she. Charlotte was bending down behind the van, her back towards Lynne, and pulling her silky red panties down. Around her stood a group of three people, including a woman dressed in a Police uniform!

Mistress XS obviously caught Lynne's gaze, because she said, “I'd worry about yourself, not Charlotte. She's in very capable hands and you'll be able to see her before we go. Now, those clothes please.”

Lynne removed her skirt blouse and shoes first and was soon sitting in her favourite pink satin lingerie. “Look at you, wearing the nice underwear your lover bought you!” Mistress XS said. “Now take it off. We'll save it for a command performance for your sweetheart, I'm sure she'd like that.”

Soon Lynne was naked on the floor of the car. Mistress XS wound down the window nearest the group by the van and called, “Could I have the sack please?” and in a few moments the liveried driver was thrusting a mass of folded leather through the window. Mistress XS wound the window back up before throwing the bundle of leather down to Lynne. “Put that on!” She said. “I'm sure you can work out how to do that.”

Lynne looked at the bundle of leather and knew immediately it was a bondage bag – a kind of leather sleeping bag from which there was no escape. Ironically she and Catherine had only been talking about the undesirability of being in one of these the night before, and her she was, less than 12 hours later, being placed in one by the woman she most feared! Lynne unfurled the well worn leather until it lay like a sleeping bag beside her. She could see how sturdily it was constructed and that it had something like 12 straps which encircled it from ankle to neck. There was lacing too running up the front of the thing, although much of this was undone to allow her access.

She stared briefly at the unyielding eyes behind the mask at the far end of the limo and knew she had no choice but to do as she was told. Lynne opened the slit down the front a prepared to climb in. What she saw inside made her hesitate.

There were two sleeves, obviously intended for her arms, but the whole inside of the bag was shimmering in the soft light inside the car. Lynne brushed her fingers against the shimmering inside and felt the touch of a hundred tiny pin-pricks back! “Haven't you seen one of those?” Mistress XS said. “I thought you might have seen one with the things you stole from me, you now the things you play your little games with? It's called a pin bag, the pins won't actually pierce your skin, well, not in too many places anyway, but I am told it hurts rather a lot; in fact I'm told it's very painful indeed. But then, of course, that's why I want you to put it on isn't it?” Mistress XS laughed. “And when we get to your new home, you'll be able to tell me just how nice it was to wear, won't you?”

Review This Story || Author: Saavik
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