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Janet's Ordeal

Part 2

Initial words about the story "Janet's Ordeal"

This is a role-play I'm still writing with a close cyber friend. Though we
haven't received that much feedback we have decided to upload the next parts as
the interest has been huge (11000 readers within the first four days of
upload!). We still hope to receive more feedback both exciting feedback telling
what you think about it as well as suggestions for improvements and new means of
training for 'poor' Janet. You can write feedback to The
story has been uploaded in the and will be uploaded in later.

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sure we know the name used for the review.

This story is, of course, pure fiction meaning it has nothing to do with the
real life. What happened to the Jewish people and others during WW II was cruel
and despicable and it must never happen again. We must all do what we can to
prevent anything like that happen again.

If you are a female and you feel really excited while reading this story and you
really would like to be a part of a role-play like this, then send me a letter
telling about your desires and your data, then I will think about it and send
you a letter if I think we can combine it in a larger play.

I will let you know my decision whatever is the outcome.

When you are reading the story then please remembers that English isn't my
native language as I'm from Denmark. This means there might be some bad grammar
and other types of faults that might interfere with the reading. I hope you will
accept my apology for these faults. I would be extremely happy if one of the
English readers would do the work needed for correcting these faults and send me
the corrected version for a later upload. I have had a cyber friend correcting
this new chapter a little meaning it should be more reader friendly but as it
takes some time doing it I'm not sure she can take the time needed for doing it
with the next chapter.

Furthermore I would be happy if you would send me an email copying a part of the
story you think contains some severe faults and then write a suggestion as to
how it could be made more reader friendly.

Both Janet and I really hope we will receive some exciting and interesting
feedback!!! It really help us to keep it going!.

I can tell that we have already written about 12 pages for the next chapter.
Janet has finished her part and I still need to write three to five pages.

Master Mick

Now the next chapter:

Chapter two, Janet's Ordeal.

Add 17, janet, The preparation of slut janet for her stay in the solitary
confinement box

   I just couldn't believe this. I thought Mistress Ilsa was the cruellest woman
I had ever met, but this Miss Olga, well words just fail me! I was utterly
exhausted from the examination and tests I had been put through and now there
was more.

   I looked up at Miss Monica, she looked so young and so beautiful, perhaps she
would be a little easier on me if I cooperated, I thought. How wrong could I
possibly bee. I was soon to discover that women lived in perpetual pain and
discomfort24 hours a day. Sleep had to be earned and the price was very high and
then it only came from absolute exhaustion and would last only a precious, short

   The two slave trainers lifted me bodily from the bench and dropped me down
onto my sore feet. My legs went numb and buckled beneath me and flashes of pain
zipped through my abused body causing me to cry out in agony.

   "Stand up straight, you worthless piece of meat," shouted Miss Monica, "or
I'll give you something to really cry out for." The two young trainers grasped
me by my elbows and propelled me forward, bodily as my feet somehow managed to
keep up with the fast pace. Down the corridor I was half dragged and then into a
large cold, room, more like an old dirty barn. I was pushed in front of a wooden
pillar and restrained as they moved of to make their preparations.

   I was able to raise my head a little and look around me with tear filled eyes
and what I saw as I looked down struck fear into me. As I blinked my eyes to
sharpen the somewhat indistinct image that I saw I realised that there were a
number of sizeable round lumps protruding up from the wooden floor, spread from
almost one side of the room, spaced regularly side by side, to almost the other
side wall. (see picture of the extreme solitary confinement boxes using the link )

   As I looked again I gasped as saw Miss Monica unclip and then raise one of
these strangely shaped humps, revealing a woman's head. Well I assumed it to be
a woman's head as it was completely covered by a leather helmet with just two
holes at the nostrils to permit breathing and a large protrusion coming out from
her mouth which was held wide open by what appeared to be an inflatable gag. A
plastic tube snaked up from somewhere below and was attached to the end of the
gag. The thing that struck me most forcefully was the wild look in her eyes as
she gazed up in a rather bewildered but frighten manner at Miss Monica who
loomed above her.

   Miss Monica turned in my direction and said, "You see my dear Janet, this
novice trainee is being adequately fed and watered while she quietly considers
her position and comes to the decision that is far better to be obedient and
cooperate with everything we require her to do. I firmly believe that you would
benefit considerably from a spell in isolation alongside this woman. You see as
it happens we have room for you right here."

   As she spoke her assistant Miss Heike was uncovering what looked like a pit
disappearing down into the floor. "Do you two know how we run this training
facility?....... ANSWER  and the ME, CUNT." All I could manage to answer was,
"No Ma'am."

   "Well you are lucky I am feeling in a good mood today and am willing to let
you in on some of my secrets. I run this training facility on fear. Fear, of
what I will do next when I do not get instantaneous obedience to my
instructions. Now when I was observing you being examined and tested by Mistress
Olga you looked, well, rather angry and annoyed, not scared. That is not the
attitude we are trying to convey to you. Far from it we require your total and
instant obedience to our commands, or else! So to achieve this we shall give you
a taste of some solitary confinement until Mistress Olga thinks you have at last
understood what we require of you and that is, in short, to show us fear. Fear
in your eyes, in your attitude, knowing that if we are not satisfied with your
effort, your response, and your COMPLETE cooperation you will know what to

   Miss Monica suddenly swung round and took a couple of quick steps in my
direction. "Do you understand what I am saying to you, slut?" she shouted as she
removed a heavy leather strap from her waist belt and begin to beat me with on
all my most sensitive parts. I danced in pain to the solid whacks delivered to
my breasts, buttocks and cunt. The room was filled with my screams as unable to
protect myself from the swift deftly delivered blows, I just had to stand there
and howl in agony. Miss Monica put all her effort into each blow first hitting
high then low, then a ratt ta tat across my breasts to end up slicing heavily
down the ass crack and then up between my spread legs. The next time Miss Monica
would look at my face, she would certainly see that 'fear' she had been talking
about and she was would be pleased.

   "Now we have a special introduction to our entertainment for you slut janet.
Heike you grab her arms and we'll move her across to the comfy box which we have
chosen for her.

   Unwillingly I was dragged across the room and bent over a waist high
horizontal bar. Miss Monica kicked at my ankles until I had spread my legs wide,
using her hands to spread my ass cheeks as wide as she could.

   "I think we had better give some lube, Heike, not for her comfort, but to
make the insertion easier for us. Perhaps that nice spicy one which will give
her even more to think about and focus her mind!

   I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen and tried to relax as
much as possible to make it less painful for me as I knew I had no option. As
Miss Heike spread the slippery preparation between the cheeks of my ass and
exposed anus, I began to feel, believe it or not, the beginnings of arousal,
which grew even stronger as she inserted a coated finger in my anus and then
moved forward to spread the gel around my cunt, pushing several fingers deep
into my now puffy cunt.

   "Well, Heike, look at that, the slut must be enjoying what you are doing, her
smelly cunt is actually moistening. Enjoy a fleeting pleasure while you can slut
Janet, I can assure you it won't last," she chuckled. I knew that was true as
the 'spicy' gel was beginning to sting and irritate my tender flesh of my pubic
area and was growing more distressing by the minute. Then came the time for the
plugs to be inserted. I could feel the tip of the first one touching my anus. I
pushed back in an attempt to relax my hole, but it was still painful as the wide
and ribbed plug was forcefully pushed to its entire length. I just couldn't help
crying out in pain, to the obvious pleasure of Miss Monica, who with a sneering
tone declared, "Not so pleasant now, is it cunt!"

   By the time the vaginal plug was inserted and the containing strap was
tightened around my waist, I was beginning to perspire from the irritation of
the spiced gel in my cunt and asshole. I was straightened up and immediately my
head was enclosed in a tight leather hood, which quickly enclosed me like a
second skin. While Miss Monica was pulling it in place, Miss Heike painfully
pinched my nostrils making me open my mouth for the insertion of the gag, which
made me cough and splutter. The hood was tightened around my neck and the
necessary feeding and watering tubes were attached and the gag inflated, so I
must now have taken on the appearance of the frightened and tearful woman I had
seen just minutes ago. But spluttering a coughing with the inflation of the gag,
which was already stretching my mouth painfully wide open, gave me more than
enough to occupy my thoughts at that moment.

   "Soon you will be lowered into your new home," Miss Monica informed me, "oh
yes we shall feed and water you. Nearby there is a convenient tank in which our
food scraps and bodily wastes are stored and fed to you through your tube at
regular intervals. Of course you have to swallow, the pump will see to that, but
I know you will enjoy your regular repasts, together with the taste of our
female piss which we also store for you and feed to you to prevent dehydration,
so you see we care for your welfare as well as being mindful of our
responsibilities to maintain a clean environment for superior free people such
as ourselves. We shall also keep you alert and thinking about the need for you
to be instantly obedient to our instructions and completely cooperative in all
that we require you to do. Otherwise a return to where you are now, but for a
much longer period of time can always be arranged. Just in case you doze off the
plugs inserted in your ass and cunt and the nipple clamps which we will now
attach, will give you regular but rather unpleasant wake up calls."

   Again I screamed as the clamps were attached, but gagged as I was all that
could be heard was a muffled gurgle and then I felt myself being lifted, my
ankles bound and the being lowered slowly in to the hole in the floor. When my
feet touched the bottom I was just able to look out and see the feet of my
tormentors as they connected up the wires and tubes. Then the covering was
lifted over my head and secured and I was plunged into complete stinking
darkness, trying to control my breathing through the two nose holes in the hood
and also my rising panic at being so confined.

   Suddenly the pumps came alive and I was forced to follow the ghastly tasting
muck that filled my mouth. The pulsing tube then stopped to be replaced by the
tube which filled my open mouth with the horrible tasting piss which was
supposed to quench my thirst. I soon came to the realisation as my bowels and
bladder released that inserted plug in my asshole not only kept it stretched
wide and painful, but also allowed my waste to fall to the floor around my feet
which also mingled with the piss from my bladder and that soon I would be
standing in a pool of what had been pumped into me now regurgitated through my
own body.

   The stench rose in the pit and almost choked me, my painful humiliation was
complete, and for how long would I be able to suffer this ghastly confinement
and then I remembered the words...'we shall give you a taste of some solitary
confinement until Mistress Olga thinks you have at last understood what we
require of you.....'

Add 18, Mick, Janet is further encouraged to obey orders.

I really felt miserable. This was the most humiliating experience I had ever
lived through in my whole life. I tried to make myself as comfortable as
possible in the tiny box. It just didn't leave much room for this. When standing
I had to bend my leg or I had to stand with my back arching forward. It was only
possible for a limited period of time then all my muscles were hurting.

Sleep was even more difficult. I could lie curved up on the floor with my legs
touching my chest and this was the only possible position for sleeping.
Furthermore the awful gag made it difficult to sleep at all. When breathing, a
hissing sound could be heard all the time, so making any attempt to sleep
extremely difficult. Even breathing was difficult.

First the air was quickly thick and foul due to the smell of my own waste
furthermore the gag did make breathing an exercise in itself. And as the gag,
wasn't enough they had fitted me with this awful heavy leather helmet. Well, it
had hole for the eyes, nose and mouth but the mouth hole only was for the tubes
to go in and out. One tube was for the disgusting 'food' as they called this
waste being regularly poured into my mouth. The second one was for 'drinking
water' as they called the awful tasting piss being poured into this tube more
frequently than the 'food'. In the beginning it really was difficult to take
this disgusting fluid. In order to make feeding through the tube possible the
waste in the tank was mixed up with some piss as well.
I tried to drag out the tubes and remove the heavy helmet, to find out it had
been padlocked to my neck and to discover that the tubes were reinforced making
removal impossible. I just had to accept it.

In the beginning it was extremely difficult to control the gagging and retching
having to eat and drink this disgusting fluid but I gradually got used to it
though it still did taste awful. When inspecting the belt holding the dildo and
plug firmly into place I discovered that his has been padlocked around my waist
as well. The wires running from it to the top of the box were thick and they
could not be dragged out. Furthermore two tubes has been connected, one for the
dildo and one for the plug. I soon found out what they were for. The stinging
and irritation caused by the gel gradually decreased in its strength. But then I
suddenly felt the tubes move and seconds later I felt my ass and cunt being
filled with something. I quickly discovered that they were adding gel in order
to make the stinging and irritation of my sore cunt and ass return.

"Oh no, they just can't have enough pain. Even when they can't see me they want
me to suffer even more! Will it ever stop?" I desperately thought.

What janet didn't yet know was that this feeding process was a an experiment
like almost everything else in this place was. A doctor named Hans Wolfgang had
the theory that soldiers could survive longer in the fields without food if it
was possible for them to eat their own waste. Vitamins and bacteria control
fluid was added to the sludge in the tank in order to make it possible for the
women to take it without being sick.  He sometimes visited the area in order to
take a closer look and check how they coped with his experiment.

Time really passed slowly in the tiny boxes. It actually was a kind of release
when the tiny head shaped lid place on the top of the box was opened and I heard
one of these cynical bitches named Olga or Monica shout out "Slave slut, show
your head"

I quickly discovered why they had fitted the women in the boxes with this
leather helmet. When being trapped in these tiny boxes you couldn't help soiling
your head with the waste as well. The cleaning process was much easier when
being fitted with this helmet. The evil woman just sprayed water on my head
almost gagging me for as she cleaned the helmet. Then they checked my eyes,
which were blinking in the bright light coming from the lamps in the room. They
checked the gag and the hood and every time they just concluded "She is doing
fine. Feed her and put her back in her 'home again"

In the beginning I really tried to beg for release but I quickly discovered it
was useless. They had a schedule for me and they just remained 'on track'. It
really was degrading and humiliating and extremely painful as well. I just
longed to fully stretch my sore muscles but it wasn't possible.
I just had to be patient and wait until they released me. Furthermore my cunt
and ass were in continuous pain due to the gel regularly added.

I quickly realised that feeding without opening the lid was possible. Suddenly I
felt the dildo and plug come to life giving me jolt after jolt of current in my
private parts. "Wake up time. Prepare for the feeding process" I heard a voice
in a loud speaker located within the box. Then the disgusting fluid started to
flow in the tube again and I had to gulp it all down with a generous amount of
piss. When this was done I knew it was only a matter of time before it came out
making the putrid box even more disgusting. Though I couldn't see my body I just
knew what it would look like. I knew I was completely smeared in my own waste
from top to toe. The worst part of this was that I had to sleep in it.

"How is she doing" Mistress Olga asked Miss Monica

"Still fine but I don't think she can take it much longer. She has panicked
twice today in her box hammering on the walls and crying out the best she could
with gag. I really think she has learned her lesson and that she is ready to
continue. I think fourteen days is enough, don't you?" Monica asked Olga

"I could easily keep this worthless slut in the box for additional fourteen days
making it so full of her own shit that she had to stand all day in order not to
submerge in it!" Olga said laughing loudly. "But I think you are right. It won't
improve her attitude further. Furthermore I have planned something for her. As
she really seems to be stubborn I have asked Doctor Hans to prepare a show for
her. We will show her the medical experiment block in order to let her realize
what can happen if she fails. Doctor Hans will be more than delighted to prepare
an experiment to be carried out on her!"

"Prepare the box to be lifted up again. Attach the drain in the bottom of the
box to the drains in the floor and prepare the box and her to be washed down. 
First we need to drain the box from her disgusting waste before we will have a
closer look at her. I bet this pig just loves to be soiled and smeared like she
is. But if this worthless slut is supposed to be an excellent pain and pleasure
slut we certainly can't accept her dirty and smelly like this!" Olga said with a
look of disgust at her face.

Monica arranged a chain running from a wheel located on a beam over the box and
pressed a button. A winch started to work and the heavy wooden box was slowly
raised towards the ceiling. When the box was just level with the floor she
stopped the winch and attached a transparent thick hose to a tube located at the
lower part of the box. She opened a valve and a brown and yellow fluid started
to flow in the hose. It took quite a long time before the flow decreased and
finally stopped. The smell was gagging and disgusting. Monica took a hose and
washed the hose and the drain down in order to reduce the strength of the smell.
Then she unlocked the door in the cage and opened it revealing a miserable and
terrible looking janet.

The two evil women just remained silent looking at me. They had placed a mirror
in front of me making it possible for me to see how I looked by myself. My eyes
gradually got used to the light and now I could see myself clearly. I was just
smeared with my own awful smelling waste from top to toe. Even though the
leather helmet had been cleaned regularly it was as dirty and disgusting as the
rest of my body. Then these two cynical bitches just started to laugh loudly and
sickly whilst observing my terrible condition.

"Oooooh, ha ha ha ha ha, what a sight she is! The only thing making me sorry is
that I know this worthless slut just loves to be soiled in her own waste like
this!! I'll show you something Monica. It's a show only for you! It's the dirty
dancing pig!" Olga said still laughing while she pressed a button beside the
cage. Immediately the current started to flow in my sore cunt and ass making me
'dance' from side to side.

"Isn't it lovely? Have you ever seen anything more enjoyable? You can't even pay
to watch a show like this. She just continues to dance and 'sing' only for you
and me" Olga cried out while laughing. I actually was 'singing'. I screamed and
screamed and begged her to stop the best I could through my gag but she just
continued to add current. I really panicked hurting my sore limbs while hitting
the sides of the box but this only  encouraged her to continue. Finally she
stopped, letting me fall, totally exhausted on the floor of the cramped space in
the box.

"Show is over! Wash her down and let us prepare her for her next 'entertainment'
quickly. Doctor Hans is awaiting us!" Olga said to Monica.

Monica took a hose and opened  a valve and a jet of cold water  hit my body and
the box. Then she turned another valve and the temperature switched to red hot
water making me scream again. Through the jet of water I could see how the brown
waste gradually disappeared from my body and the box running to the drain in the
floor. Then she stopped and concluded that this would do it. They both  put on
latex gloves and started to remove the equipment from my body. It really was a
relief to get rid of that awful gag and the dildo and plug. Before removing the
plug they added a generous amount of gel to my sore ass and cunt.

"Just to keep your mind focused on what it is all about" Olga said smiling at

"In order to make our new novice slaves realise that though it might seem
hopeless and extremely painful and humiliating to be trained to be an obedient
slave in this 'hospital' block it is actually preferable compared to what might
happen to you if we are disappointed with your progress. We will now show you
our medical block. When you have seen this I think you will consider your
training as a vacation" Olga told me, pausing for a few seconds laughing and
watching my reaction and then she continued.

"As our brave soldiers suffer a great deal of pain due to different kind of
injuries caused by your mean people we continuously try to find new ways to make
it more comfortable for them when being treated at the hospitals and when they
await transport. Furthermore we make experiments on prisoners like you to find
new ways to make their life bearable when being in areas with no medical aid or
anaesthetic available. Finally we use them for finding cheap solutions for our
own people in order to make their life as comfortable as possible during this
war time. We will now put you in one of these nice transportation cages and
wheel you to the block and let you see what is going on there. I'm sure you will
be calm as a sheep when you have seen this! Normally the novice slaves are ready
to do their very best during their training when they have seen this! I have
made the agreement with Doctor Hans Wolfgang that he is always ready to take
sluts like you if we conclude that it will do no good to carry on with the
training. Now I think you are ready to take the 'nice sightseeing' trip around
these excellent facilities. Heike, will you please help me put this worthless
slut in the tiny wheel-cage?" Olga asked Heike.

"Sure! Do you mind if I join you during the trip? I have not visited the medical
block 2 for three weeks. It's so exciting to see what is going on this place?"
Heike asked Olga.

"Sure, no problem. We all deserve to have all the pleasure we can in this job.
Personally I visit it at least once a week sometimes more. It really turns me on
watching these worthless women suffer for the "Third Reich" They just get what
they deserve. Furthermore I sometimes acquire new ideas to improve the training
of the sluts." Olga answered.

They both gripped me and I was roughly forced inside the cramped space of the
tiny cage. It was almost closed at the top except for a small round hole just
large enough for my head to go through. When my head was through the hole they
locked a heavy steel collar around my neck making withdrawal impossible though
it was very difficult to attach it in this tiny cage. My knees were pressing
against my chest and though my arms and hands were free I could hardly move them
at all. I knew that within a few minutes my sore muscles would start to cramp
again and there would be absolutely nothing I could do about it. The
construction of the cage made it necessary to sit with my legs slightly spread
once again exposing my sore ass hole and cunt to these evil women.

"I think the worthless smelly slut is ready for our sightseeing trip! Look at
her! Her filthy, stinking cunt and ass hole are just so nicely exposed. Make
sure you control your bowel and bladder during the trip. Doctor Hans thinks he
has the right punishment for a slave if she commits such a filthy act during the
trip. I can tell you that he really knows how to punish a slave!" Olga told me
while Heike took position behind the cage taking a firm grip of the two handles
mounted waist high above the cage wheeling it towards the locedk chamber with
the two heavy steel doors so effectively making any attempt to escape
impossible. Before we started our journey Olga took her cattle prod in her right
hand and pressed it up inside my sore cunt and pressed the trigger.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, nooooooooo not this again! I'll be good! I
can't do anything else but keep my body in this position in this tiny cage" I
screamed out. I desperately tried to grip the prod and drag it out but the
cramped space did not leave room for this

"Just a gentle touch to make sure you don't fall a sleep! We want you to see it
all in order to teach you a lesson! You are still just worthless. You almost
can't take any pain yet! You have just so much to learn!" Olga told me in her
cynical voice while smiling coldly and heartlessly at me. She quickly dragged
out the cattle prod leaving my cunt still burning and sore after the painful

The heavy steel doors were opened and I was wheeled outside in the sun sitting
in this embarrassing posture exposing my private parts for all who passed by and
would like to have a closer look. During the transport Olga told me some more
about the camp.

"The medical block is not the only block you may soon visit. There are a lot of
different blocks all holding worthless sluts like you. Some of them are
confidential only for the chosen few and some of them you will visit later
making it unecessary to show them to you right now. A part of your slave
training will probably be some weeks in the love block. In this block we let all
our brave solders have some hours of pleasure with a lot of fuck sluts. When you
are trained well we might choose to let you be a member of the crowd of women
who do sexual services for these brave soldiers. The block is equipped will all
that is necessary to make their stay as enjoyable as possible including well
equipped torture chambers for the solders who preferthis kind of sexual act. If
they treat the sluts too hard they are just transferred to the medical block to
be treated and healed again ready to continue in the love block. They are always
sent back to the love block again as we don't want the sluts to use this medical
block to 'escape' from their service in the love block. You have only one
purpose in this place and that is to serve the Third Reich and nothing more.
When you are wasting time healing in the medical block you do not fulfil this
purpose and just waste the time of the nurses and doctors. As it isn't planned
the healing process can never be used for science as it always has to be
compared with other experiments simultaneously." Olga kept on explaining me
while we approached a large block with no windows and a heavy steel door as the
only way in and out. The door was signed "Only for authorized personnel" Olga
took a key and unlocked the door and I was wheeled inside the building through a
locked chamber like all buildings this place. I concluded that this building
must have been made soundproof as I couldn't hear anything when outside the
building but when inside many female screams could clearly be heard.

"Ahhhhhhh' they have already started the work of the day. Isn't it just music
for the ears?" Olga said smiling evily rubbing her clit with her right hand and
breathing heavier in her excitement.

"Sure it is! These pigs just deserve this treatment!" Heike answered smiling in

Sneak preview of chapter 3:

Add 19, Mick, The Medical Block

.................."You see, this is a bitch named Julie. She has bee like this
since yesterday evening just awaiting her ordeal to begin. Sometimes the fear of
the pain can be worse than the pain itself! When looking at her body I guess you
all can see she is in heavy perspiration. I call it fear sweat. The wet body
makes the current flow even better. In order to make it possible for her to see
it all while being restrained like this we have placed this large mirror over
her. It has been tilted to give her a clear view of her lovely wired body"
Doctor Hans told the visitors.

The woman really looked scared. Her body had been fitted with wires all over.
Her ass and cunt had been deeply plugged with thick iron rods each connected to
a lot of wires. Her nipples had been clamped with crocodile jaws wired as well.
A lot of wires had been glued to different places on her body. Even her head had
been wired with two wires running from each ear. The most scaring was her mouth
spreader. It was a kind of dental gag forcing her mouth widely open. A large
bunch of wires came out of her mouth. All wires were connected to a large
control panel standing beside the steel board onto which she was

Add 19, Janet, The training commence.

..................In sheer agony I was dragged over to what looked a metal
triangle, which was inclined forward at a slight angle. Standing in front of the
Mistress Olga then handed a dental gag to Miss Heike and proceeded to grip my
nostrils tightly which left me no option but to open my mouth to breathe.
Immediately the dental gag was inserted behind my teeth and Miss Heike's eager
fingers quickly turned the screw which forced my mouth wider and wider until I
thought my jaw would be unhinged. "Well done, Heike, we don't want to hear any
more noise from this slut do we," commented Mistress

These examples were just a minor part of the cruel ordeals taking place in the
next chapter. It will be ready within a few days.

Review This Story || Author: Master Mick
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