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First Time a Slave

Part 1

       I was in college, at a small, private, liberal-arts school in Ohio. It was my first time really being away from my home in a rural community, and I didnt want to waste my time.
       I had discovered an interest in BDSM while I was still in high school, illicitly sneaking looks at porn on the internet. First I had discovered bondage, with women being tied up, and I thought that was hot. I thought I wanted to be a Dominant, having control of these beautiful women who would do everything they could to please me. But eventually I discovered Femdom porn. That really changed my whole world. I realized that, far from dominating women, I wanted to submit to a woman, and serve her every whim, and be used for her pleasure.
       Up until now, I had only ever thought about BDSM in terms of being with a woman. I was straight; I found women attractive. I had never seen a man and thought, “Damn, hes hot. Id love to fuck him.”
       But now I was about to take a huge step. I had realized that I was not having any luck finding dominant women interested in me, and I was desperate and horny to submit. So I had an epiphany guys love sex, and theres probably a dominant guy out there who would want to use me, even if he knew I wasnt into him. After all, in terms of sex, is there anything really that different between a strap-on and a penis?
       So I was posting an ad on Craigslist, in the m4m section. Heres what it said:

Looking for Dom
Im a 21-year-old white male looking to submit to a Dom for the first time. Im 61” tall, weigh 165 lbs, and have a 6” cut penis. I know Im into bondage, and Im willing to experiment with other stuff. I have to admit, though, that Im not gay. Im attracted to women, but Im willing to play with anybody. Im not real picky on looks, size or race. Let me know what youre into in terms of BDSM when you respond.

       I got what I now know to be the usual detritus, of course guys who just wanted my picture, guys who had no intention of actually playing, guys who were just asking for sex (or for me to dominate them). I responded to some, but obviously they never panned out. However, I did get a couple very intriguing responses, including this one:

Hey, boi, I was very interested in your ad. Ive been looking for a slave for a while now, and I think you might be a perfect candidate. I prefer my slaves young and inexperienced, so that I dont have to undo any bad training theyve gotten. Im 38 years old, 62” tall, Im a muscular 195 lbs, and Im packing 8 inches, cut. Im DDF [I had to look up what that meant], and I also dont use drugs or alcohol, at least not while Im playing. If youre interested, Im going to want to meet publicly for dinner shortly, and then well discuss plans from there.
Master Steven

       After exchanging several emails with him, during which I explained that I was not sure I wanted to be an owned slave, or if I just wanted to play, we agreed to meet on Wednesday night at a restaurant that was not too far from my school.
       On Wednesday, I went to the restaurant with some trepidation, this being the first time I was meeting a dominant person face-to-face. I arrived before he did, so I sat and waited at a table until he showed up, wearing what he had said he would be wearing. My first thought was that he was a lot stronger than I was. I greeted him, and we sat down together at the table. After the waitress took our drink orders, he looked at me and said, “Relax, boi, Im not going to fuck you tonight. This is just an opportunity to meet each other and see how closely our interests align. But I do want you to start practicing being submissive to me. Every time you address me, you will call me Sir. Do you understand?”
       I nodded and said, “Yes, Sir,” just as the waitress brought our drinks. I was so embarrassed, and felt my face flush.
       He gave me a smile and thanked the waitress. Then he ordered our food, and the waitress left, giving me a knowing look as she turned away (or maybe I just imagined it). He said, “See, nothing bad happened, and you werent made fun of or anything.”
       We continued the dinner, talking quite a bit about different desires and experiences wed each had. As we were nearing the end of the evening, he told me that he was still interested in owning me, and asked if Id like to give it a trial run. I was still horny, and having been subservient all night had really put me in the mood to want to continue, so I said that yes, of course I was.
       “Good. Since you already mentioned that you were free this weekend, Im going to plan something. Its supposed to be really nice, so Im thinking a camping trip. Ill pick you up on Friday night and return you on Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, youll be my slave. Youll follow every order I give you, and take everything I give you, subject to your limits. You wont need to pack a bag. Ill provide everything you need. Two final things: first, dont wear any underwear Friday night. Second, Im going to put this on you now, and youre going to keep it on until I take it off this weekend.”
       As he said this, he pulled a piece of plastic out of his pocket and put it on the table. I hadnt seen anything like it before. He must have seen the confusion on my face, because he told me that it was a chastity device. He explained, “Itll keep you from getting hard or masturbating until then. Trust me, itll be a whole lot more fun for you if youre a horny mess the whole time.”
       I was worried, but didnt want to lose the opportunity to finally serve somebody, so I agreed to wear it and asked him if we could go to the restroom to put it on. He laughed and said that of course he wasnt going to put it on me right there at the table. I flushed with embarrassment again.
       Then we went to the restroom together. He guided me into the handicapped stall and told me to pull down my pants, which I did. He spent a little bit of time just looking at my cock, then proceeded to swiftly put the chastity device on and lock it in place with a small padlock. He swirled my cock and balls around in his hands for a little bit and started to see my cock try to get hard, which hurt a little bit. He stopped and laughed, saying, “See, now you cant get hard. So those little boi balls are going to be so full of cum in three days that you will be desperate to get them some relief.” Then he told me to pull my pants back up, and we walked back to our table. He paid the bill, we said our goodbyes, and we left.
I was a nervous mess the rest of the week. Not only was I both looking forward to and dreading the weekend, I couldnt relieve any stress because my cock was locked up tight, and was constantly uncomfortable because I was horny so often.
       On Friday, Master Steven texted me that he would pick me up at 6:00, and that I didnt need to bother eating. He also suggested that I wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt, and nothing else. When he pulled up outside my dorm, I was waiting and hopped into the front seat. He greeted me and handed me a blindfold, which he told me to put on. I did, and I felt him drive away. After a few minutes, I felt his hand at my shorts. He reached inside, and I felt him pull my chastised genitals out. He left them just sitting outside my shorts.
       After wed driven for what felt like several hours, but was in reality only about forty-five minutes, during which Master Steven didnt say a word, and my only attempt at speaking was met with a light slap to the face, the vehicle slowed down and eventually stopped. He took the blindfold off, and I could see that we were at a mostly empty rest stop, and we were apart from the other vehicles.
       He told me to get out and kneel on the pavement. I did, and he walked around the car. When he got to me, he put a collar around my neck, like a dog collar, but heavier and fancier. He then clipped a leash to it, and put a ball gag in my mouth. “Crawl, boi,” he said, and began to lead me to the back of his SUV. He opened the hatch, and I could see a cage inside. He told me to stand up and take off my shorts. I was worried about being so exposed, but I did, and then he told me to get into the cage.
       Once I had climbed in, he had me put my hands behind my back, and he cuffed them there. Then he closed the cage and the hatch, and I could feel the vehicle start to move again. When we stopped, I hoped we were there. Master Steven opened the hatch and began to unpack the SUV, leaving me in place. After he had everything out of the SUV, he pulled my cage out of the SUV with me still inside it and set it on the ground. I could see that we were in a forest, but I couldnt tell much more than that yet.
       He ordered me to scoot backwards out of the cage, so I did. Then he ordered me to stand straight up. Again, I obeyed (I thought I was doing pretty good, actually). He uncuffed me and ordered me to take off my shirt. I took it off and handed it to him, so that he could throw it back into his SUV. There I was, in the middle of a forest, completely naked except for a chastity device on my cock. He cuffed my hands behind my back again and grabbed the leash. He walked past me, forcing me to turn and follow him. When I turned, I could see that we would be staying in a rustic-looking cabin. Once I was inside, I was amazed. The place was beautiful, and seemed really comfortable.
       Master Steven instructed me to kneel next to the table, while he fixed some quick sandwiches for us to eat. He walked over to me carrying two plates. He set one on the table, then set one down in front of me. Before I could eat off it, however, he smashed the sandwiches up with his hands, then made me clean off his hands with my tongue. After he was satisfied, he told me to eat what was on my plate, and I was ravenous, so I ignored the humiliation of being forced to eat without my hands and set to it.
       After he was done eating, Master Steven asked me if I was thirsty. I replied, “Parched, Sir.” He put the blindfold back on and led me by the leash to another part of the cabin.
       He said, “Open up, and keep your mouth open if you dont want to get punished.”
       I smelled it before I tasted or felt anything, and I already knew that he was pissing in my mouth. Ive never done anything with urine before, and I always thought it was pretty disgusting. This…well, it didnt change my opinion in any way. The warm, rancid liquid was being forced straight down my throat, and if I wanted to avoid some sort of punishment, I knew I had to just keep swallowing. It tasted awful, but it did make me less thirsty.
       When the stream of Master Stevens urine lessened, I felt his cock go into my mouth. At first it was soft, small, and easy to manage. I was straight, but I knew that this was going to happen, and Id prepared myself for it. I wasnt going to let this be the reason I quit, no matter how much I didnt like it.
       He placed his hand on the back of my head, and began to move his cock in and out. It quickly stiffened up, filling my mouth more than I had expected it would. It felt massive, but I had no idea how big it really was, or how far down it I was going, but I quickly began gagging. Master Steven didnt care. He actually seemed to enjoy my gagging on his cock, because he was pumping my throat harder and harder, grunting louder and louder, and causing me to gag more and more, in a vicious circle. I had no control, and simply had to keep letting Master Steven fuck my mouth.
       Finally, he came. His hot jizz spurted down my throat. It was very bitter, and I hated the taste, but he told me that I was going to swallow it, so I choked it down. “What do you say, slave?”
       “Thank you, Sir.”
       “For what?”
       “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Sir.”
       “No, faggot. When I give you something, you must be very specific in what you thank me for. For instance, this time, you might say Thank you for fucking my mouth and allowing me to taste your delicious cum, Sir. Now you try it.”
       “Yes, Sir. Thank you for letting me taste your cock and not giving me the choice to quit, so that I could taste your delicious cum, Sir.”
       “Much better, faggot. Now weve got to make you look a little more like the bitch you are.”
       “What do you mean, Sir?”
       “I mean all this hair youve got. A proper bitch is shaved smooth.”
       Id never shaved or trimmed my body hair, or my pubes, so I knew that I was a little hairy (although it was fairly light). Master Steven took off my blindfold. After I adjusted to the light, I got my first look at his naked body, including the cock Id just had down my throat. It was large. He caught me staring at it and simply said, “8 inches, and thick, in case youre wondering. You had about half of it, but dont worry, youll take all of that and more eventually.”
       Then he led me by the leash outside. He uncuffed my hands, but then quickly tied them to a rope that he had thrown over a tree branch, and which he used to pull my arms up above my head, leaving me with just the tips of my toes on the ground. Then he put my legs into what I recognized as a spreader bar, holding them far apart. Once I was secured, Master Steven told me that he was going to temporarily remove my chastity device, which he did. Then he walked away, and then quickly walked back carrying two 5-gallon buckets filled with water. He took the first one, lifted it over my head, and poured the frigid contents onto me, soaking my naked body.
       Master Steven then began to cover me in shaving cream and shaved me so that I was completely hairless from my eyebrows down. It was a strange feeling. Id read about other people feeling exposed when they were shaved for the first time, but thats not how I felt. Im not really sure how to describe it, other than to say that it was different, but not bad.
       After Master Steven shaved me bare, he dumped the second bucket of cold water on me. That had the dual effect of removing all the left-over shaving cream and of making my cock, which had been enjoying its freedom, soft enough for him to put the chastity cage back on. Then he freed my legs and arms, and led me back towards the cabin, using a towel to dry me off just before going in.
       Master Steven led me to the bed, where he had me lay down. Again, he cuffed my hands behind my back. I thought for sure I was going to be fucked, which I wasnt sure I was ready to take. But instead, Master Steven said, “Youve been a good boy this whole time, definitely exceeding my expectations. So for the rest of the night, were going to talk about what other expectations I have, and where this might be going. Im looking for a slave. 24/7. More than just sex, and more than just sex and chores. I want a slave that enjoys being with me, that I can watch TV with, or go to a museum with, or do all the things that regular couples enjoy doing. But I also want my slave to be completely obedient, to allow me to make all the decisions, to the point of micromanagement. I want to be able to fuck him however I want, whenever I want. I want to be able to order him to fuck or otherwise serve anybody I want. I want him to exist solely to please me. I want to beat him, humiliate him, and have him accept it because I want to do it. I know its too early to ask if youre there, but do you think thats a place you could get to?”
       I responded, “Sir, I dont know. Ive had so many new experiences in just the past few hours, I dont know how to respond to questions about so much more. I do think I could get to that point for somebody, but I dont know if that person is you. Ive enjoyed this, or at least most of it, but Im not attracted to you, and Im never going to be attracted to you. Im into women, not men. I dont know if I could ever get to the point of existing solely for another mans happiness. Thats asking a lot.”
       “I understand, and I expected that would be your answer. Heres what I can do: you submit to me as my slave. You commit yourself to serving me and pleasing me, in all the ways you can do that, and Ill use my contacts in the kink community to find you a woman or a couple to serve. I cant make any promises, but Ill look. And if you have the word of a Master like myself to vouch for you, you might stand a better chance of standing out from the crowd.”
       “I can try to do that, Sir. I cant promise that Ill ever gladly suck or your cock or be fucked by you, but Ill at least accept it every time you want it.”
       “Excellent. Youll make a great slave, I already can tell. Since youre going to be my slave, at least until I find another owner for you, theres some things youre going to have to know, and some rules youre going to have to follow. First, that chastity cage is going to stay on until I decide to take it off. And since you being horny is only going to make you more desperate to please me, I dont know how often itll come off.”
       I was, to put it mildly, a chronic masturbator, so the thought of having that form of release closed off was terrifying. However, I understood that suppressing my desires was a critical part of being a slave, so I wasnt going to tell Master Steven he couldnt do that to me.
       He continued, “Youre going to go to events with me. Some will be in public, and at those youll be expected to be discrete, same as everybody else. At other events, you will openly be my slave. You may be naked, bound, tormented. You may be instructed to serve others. You will always do as ordered. You absolutely will not be an embarrassment to me. You might also be loaned to others for short periods of time. In those cases, you will obey them as you would me.”
       Again, the thought of not having any control over who I served was worrying, but I knew that that was for Master Stevens happiness, so I shouldnt complain.
       Master Steven had more expectations for me. “Youre also now my slave. That doesnt just mean you listen to me when youre physically with me. If I send you an instruction, you follow it, as soon as possible. If I tell you to do something, or not to do something, you follow that rule to the letter, whether Im there to check on you or not. If you violate the rule, you tell me. And heres your first rule you are not to wear underwear, unless youre engaging in some sort of physical activity.”
       “Yes, Sir. Any other rules, Sir?”
       “Keep your body shaved as best you can. I know the cage will make it hard to do a perfect job on your cock and balls, but Ill fix whatever needs to be fixed when youre restrained. Always sleep naked. Finally, each night before you go to bed, send me an email with your schedule for the next day. If I want to alter it or add to it, you will have an email the next morning when you get up.”
       “Yes, Sir. I will do all of that, Sir.”
       “Good boy. If you fail in any way, you will be punished.”
       “I understand, Sir.”
       “Good. Now its time for bed, so I need to get you ready. Since tomorrows going to be a big day for your ass, and Im sure that your virgin hole needs a little stretching, Im going to put a plug in you. Stand up and bend over the bed.”
       “Yes, Sir.” I hurried to comply. Once I was in position, I felt Master Stevens hand put a cold item on my asshole. He made sure to give me plenty of lube, which I was soon grateful for. Once he had me well-lubed, I felt a pressure on my hole. It was very uncomfortable, but I knew that I had to relax, so I tried. Master Steven kept pushing until the butt plug was firmly ensconced in my ass, leaving me with a very full sensation.
       Next, Master Steven threw a pillow on the floor and told me to get down there. Once I was laying down, he tied a rope to my collar and tied that to the bed, so that I didnt really have any chance to get up.
       “Sweet dreams, slave,” he said, as he shut the lights off and climbed into the bed.

       The next morning, I woke up stiff. The hard floor had not been the most comfortable place to spend the night. I could hear Master Steven lightly snoring, so I must have woken up before him. Since I couldnt really move, I had to lay there and wait for him to wake up. Eventually, he did. Once he got out of bed, he untied my collar from the bed frame and told me that he had to piss. He led me to the bathroom and pissed in my mouth again. The taste hadnt improved, but it was a little easier to get down this time.
       After I drank Master Stevens piss, he brought me back to the bedroom and uncuffed my hands and told me to make the bed while he made us breakfast. When I was done, I came out to the kitchen, where there was a bowl on the floor. Master Steven told me to empty the bowl, but that I couldnt use my hands. It was soggy oatmeal, so when I was finished, I could feel little pieces of oatmeal all over my face. Master Steven wiped them off and fed them to me, too. Then he made me stand up and had me do the dishes.
       While I was doing those, I dropped the plate that Master Steven had eaten his breakfast off of, breaking it. When he heard the sound, he quickly entered the room. He handed me a broom and a pan, and ordered me to clean up my mess. I could tell he wasnt happy. He stood there and watched me clean up the broken plate, then watched as I finished the dishes. Once I was done, he said, “Well, I guess you couldnt avoid a punishment forever.”
       “But Sir,” I protested, “it was an accident.”
       “I know. But youll have to learn to be less careless. Come.”
       Then he began walking towards the front of the cabin, clearly expecting me to follow. I was scared, but I knew that it would only get worse if I didnt. Once we were outside, he tied my hands above my head at the same tree he used to shave me the day before. Then he gave me a choice: either he would punch my balls five times, or he would use a single-tail whip ten times on my ass. I figured that the whip would hurt less, so I chose that…Im never making that mistake again! The whip tore into me ruthlessly, leaving me a useless, sobbing mess. And that was just the first one.
       Master Steven didnt let up, though. The next nine came one after the next, each time feeling like I was being split in half. Ive never felt such intense pain before. After he hit me ten times with the whip, I was ready to collapse.
       Thankfully, Master Steven eased me down, and then he just held me while I continued to sob and beg forgiveness for my mistake. He said, “Relax, boy, its done now. When your punishment is over, youve given all the atonement you must give. Your carelessness with the plate is no longer something that exists. Its done and over with.”
       I was amazed at how forgiving he was. But I was glad that it was over, that he wasnt going to continue to resent me for my accident.
       After I recovered a little bit, I realized that I now had to piss. I told Master Steven that, and he simply led me to the other side of the tree told me to get on all fours and lift a leg, like a dog. At first I was so embarrassed that I couldnt go, but eventually I couldnt hold back the stream any more, and I pissed all over the tree, and got some splash on myself. When Master Steven saw that, he chuckled and said, “Filthy bitch.”
       I wasnt sure what to think, but Master Steven didnt really give me any time to think before he began leading me back to the cabin. He sat on the sofa and made me kneel in front of him. He said, “I told you that this would be a big day for your ass. Youre going to be fucked for the first time, and then a whole lot more times, because why not? Heres whats going to happen: Im going to give you an enema, then Im going to lock you in your cage for the rest of the day. Later, I have a few friends who will arrive and well have a bit of a party. During the party, youre going to serve us food and drink. You will also be a toilet for our piss. You will be groped, fondled, slapped, and so on. After weve eaten and socialized for a while, you will be tied up, and I will take your virginity. Then everybody else Ive invited will have the opportunity to do the same, and you will take their cocks in whichever hole they prefer to put them. You will never refuse anybody anything. Do you understand?”
       “Yes, Sir,” I said meekly, because I was terrified at the thought of what would happen that night.
       True to his word, Master Steven took me to the bathroom and made me bend over the edge of the tub. Then he put a tube into my ass and proceeded to fill me up with  warm, soapy water. Once he had me filled up, he plugged my ass with a butt plug, and told me to just stay there for a while. I was miserable while I waited for him to come back. Not only was the position uncomfortable, the soapy enema was really messing with me. He eventually came back and positioned me over the toilet, where he pulled the plug out. I quickly expelled all the soapy water, and a whole lot of other gross stuff, too.        Master Steven led me to the cage, which I noticed had been placed in the bedroom. He blindfolded me and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then he made me promise not to make a noise, or else hed gag me. Once I promised to be quiet, he put me in the cage, and I heard the click of the padlock, and knew I was stuck there until he chose to let me out.
       When I heard Master Steven come back into the bedroom, my heart leaped out of my throat, I was so nervous. He unlocked the cage and told me to crawl out. Then he took off the blindfold, and he held up something I didnt recognize. He told me, “Im going to attach this to your collar, and it will be the tray you use to serve drinks and food. Itll balance against your body, so youll have to be careful not to move too suddenly.” Then he put the inside edge against my body, and the outside edge was held up by a chain attached to my collar. He instructed, “You are to keep your hands clasped behind your back, one arm over the other. The only time you are permitted to remove your hands from that position is when you are placing food or drink on the tray. Be very careful not to spill anything, as any spills will result in swift punishment. Youll be punished by having your tray cleared, and then I will apply a cattle prod to your cock and balls. Im putting this on now a little early, so that you can practice moving. Also, tonight you are to be seen and not heard, so you will wear this gag. You will not make any noises. Do you understand?
       As he said that, he placed a ball gag in my mouth. Since I was forbidden to speak, I simply nodded to indicate that I understood. “Good. Well, get to the kitchen and start practicing,” he said, as he slapped me on my ass.
       I hustled to the kitchen, where I found an empty glass and placed it on the tray. I walked around for a little while, getting used to the feel of the tray. I also figured out that it was pretty important where I placed the glass, because if the tray was too weighted to one side, it was more likely to tip.
       It wasnt long before Master Steven stopped me practicing and told me that the guests would be arriving soon. I was instructed to answer any knock at the door, bow to each of the guests.
       As soon as hed finished telling me that, I heard a car door shut. I hurried to be in position at the door. When the knock came, I opened it and bowed to the man there. He was large, bigger than Master Steven, and had a rough look. I got very nervous that this was the kind of guy who was going to be reaming my ass later that night.
       He told me what he wanted to drink, and fetched it. When I got back, there was another knock at the door, and I repeated the process. This time it was two men, both a little smaller than Master Steven, and who looked a little less rough than the first guy.
       As I was serving those two men their drinks, the first guy started rubbing my ass. I wasnt expecting that, so I jumped, and only luckily didnt spill the drinks. I knew that I would have to concentrate and ignore any touching or anything else that happened.
       Another knock on the door, and this one was a skinny black guy. He ordered a drink, and while I was getting it, I felt one of the second two guys feel my balls. I kept moving, knowing that I had a duty to get a drink to serve. As I was bringing back the drink for the black guy, he smacked me in my balls, hard! I couldnt help but spill the drink. Master Steven was watching, and as soon as I spilled, he came over, took off the gag, and ordered me to lick it up. Once I was done, he told me to stand up and spread my legs. I did, he gagged me again, and he shocked my balls with his cattle prod. Goddamn, that fucking hurt!!! I promptly fell the ground again, and Master Steven and his guests just laughed.
       Nobody else came, but it went on like this for at least two hours. Master Steven and his friends were enjoying themselves, telling stories and jokes. The whole time I was fetching drinks and being touched and played with. I spilled drinks several more times, and I got shocked each time. It never got easier to take. Each time, Master Stevens friends just laughed. Theyd also tell me to get on my knees, and theyd piss in my mouth whenever they wanted. Hell, they just did it right in front of everybody else! If I hadnt been so busy, I would have been too embarrassed to function, but they never gave me a chance to think about that.
       Eventually, Master Steven brought a special bench out into the middle of the room, and the other men made space. He led me to it by my collar, made me get onto it, and strapped me in. I was held on all fours, with straps over my arms and legs. My ass was pointing out, and my caged cock and balls were simply hanging down, vulnerable. I could feel the cold lube being smeared around my asshole, and then I felt a finger, covered in lube, enter me and coat my inside with lube as well.
       Master Steven stepped behind me, and I heard his pants drop. He announced, “As Ive told you, this boy is a virgin. That changes tonight. He has agreed to be trained as a slave, although we have also agreed that I will attempt to find a Mistress or couple to place him with long-term. But tonight, and until that time, he is my slave. Therefore, I claim the right to de-flower him. It is time, bitch!”
       As he said that, I felt a lot of pressure at my asshole. I had read that relaxing helped make anal sex less painful, so I tried to relax, but it hurt. It was the most intense stretching sensation Id ever felt as Master Stevens 8-inch cock entered my virgin hole. He kept pushing until I could feel his body against mine and he announced, “Fuck yeah, hes got all of it inside him!”
       Then Master Steven pounded his cock in and out of my ass. It hurt, but I was enjoying it, too. I couldnt make up my mind whether to moan or to cry. As Master Stevens cock went in and out, in and out, I could actually feel my cock trying to get hard inside its cage. Before long, I was moaning a lot more than I was crying. Soon after that, I could feel Master Steven tense up, and then I felt his cock spasm inside me over and over again, dumping a massive load into my hole. The other men were hollering and cheering.
       After he was done, Master Steven pulled his cock from my ass and said, “Wow, that was a great fuck. Hes got a tight fucking hole! Or at least he did, hahahaha! Now you guys can have a go, like I promised.”
       The first two guys to stand up were the two who had arrived together. Id gathered that they were actually brothers. They disrobed in front of me, and I could see their hard cocks, which were almost identical. They were a little shorter than Master Stevens, so probably about 7 inches, but they were a lot thicker! I was going to be torn apart, I was sure.
       One of them walked behind me, and the other one walked up to my face. The man in front of me smacked his cock on my cheek until I opened his mouth, at which point he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. Meanwhile, the man behind me had forced his cock into my ass hard, and was pounding me mercilessly. Then the man in my mouth pumped his cock in and out, also showing me no mercy. I was suffering from sensory overload and had drifted off (Ive since found out that this was “sub space”), and then I tasted cum and felt them both cumming at the same time. I was now filled with semen and dripping from my mouth and ass.
       The first guy who had arrived stood up next. When he took off his pants, I could see that his cock was about the same length as Master Stevens, but it wasnt as thick. He started off by gagging me with his cock, forcing it as far into my mouth as he could, but then quickly moved to my ass, where it went in easier than before. He was long-lasting, though, and pounded me for at least thirty minutes. By this point, I was mostly numb and just taking it, not having any choice in the matter anyway. He pulled out before he came and walked back around to my face. He held my head up by the hair with one hand while he jacked his cock with the other. Very soon, his cock exploded, spraying his cum all over my face. The other men howled with laughter at my humiliation.
       After that guy soaked me with his cum, the black guy stood up. When he took off his pants, his dick was soft, but it was still massive. He walked over to me and stuck it in my mouth, then began to pound my mouth as his cock swelled in size. Before long it was filling me, and I was barely even getting half of it. Once he was rock hard, he took his cock out of my mouth and announced that he was going to ram all twelve inches into my ass. I started to panic there was no way I could take that much!
       The black guy said, “Calm down, bitch. You dont have a choice anyway, so just enjoy it. Plenty of other men have been fucked by my cock without any damage, you wont be any different.”
       I recognized the wisdom in what he said, and really tried to relax, but I couldnt get the image of his monster cock out of my head. Thankfully, he lubed me up again. The next thing I felt was a massive burst of pain as he rammed his cock in, causing me to scream. He must have been pleased, because he said, “What did I tell you, bitch? You took it all in one go. Youre a natural faggot.”
       Then he proceeded to pump his cock into my ass over and over again. Each time brought a fresh spasm of pain. Again, I spaced out, and lost touch with reality. I was just floating, and the only thing I knew was that my ass was fuller than it had ever been. Then I felt a wave of warmth from my ass, and somehow I knew that he had just cum. I felt another wave, then another, as the black mans huge cock spasmed again and again.
       As I slowly came back to reality, all the guys were expressing their admiration to Master Steven. In fact, I overheard the black guy say, “Anytime you want to loan that bitch to me, Id be happy to use him. Hell, Ill even buy you from him for five grand.”
       Master Steven thanked all of them for their kind words, but declined all offers to purchase me, and deferred any decision on loaning me out until hed had a chance to use me some more. Then all of the guests left the cabin, taking one last chance to grope me on their way out.
       Once the other men were all gone, Master Steven came to me and unhooked me from the bench. He told me that he was very proud of my effort all night, and that he was going to reward me. He led me into the bedroom, where he tied my arms and legs so that I was stretched out on the bed, occupying one half of it. Then he unlocked my cock and gave me the first blowjob Id ever received. It was glorious! The cum Id had building up in my balls for four days quickly exploded out, and Master Steven just kept sucking. Before long I was hard again, and again I came. I was weak and exhausted by this point, so Master Steven kissed me goodnight, shut out the lights, and crawled into bed next to me, leaving me to sleep tied to the bed.

       The next morning, I woke up with Master Stevens mouth on my cock again. He was giving me another blowjob, and this one felt amazing, too. After I came, he simply said, “My turn,” and climbed on top of me. While straddling me, he stuck his cock into my mouth, forcing me to suck it. I was not interested in the least, but he kept forcing his cock down my throat, so I did the best job I could.
       After he came down my throat, he said, “Be honest, boi. Did you enjoy sucking my cock this morning?”
       “No Sir.”
       “Less than you have the other times youve sucked it?”
       “Yes, Sir.”
       “Thats alright. You did it anyway, which is the mark of a good slave. I simply wanted to know whether you were like a lot of other guys, and lost your interest for submission and sex after you came. It appears the answer is yes, and theres nothing wrong with that, particularly if you fight through that and do it anyway. Ill make that an aspect of your training going forward.”
       “Thank you, Sir.”
       “Of course, boi. Im going to lock your cock back up, and then its time to pack up and head back home. I do want to make a stop on the way, though.”
       “Yes, Sir,” I responded.
       Then Master Steven put the cage back on my cock and untied me. He began telling me how to pack items up, which I did. Once everything that we were taking from the cabin was packed, we carried them out to his SUV, and he put them in. He handed me my clothes from Friday night, and had me get dressed. It was almost weird to be dressed after being naked for so long in front of somebody else, but I was also relieved to be covered again. Master Steven left the collar on my neck and cuffed my hands in the front, Then he helped me into his front seat, and buckled me in.
       We began driving back to Columbus, but we got off at a different exit than my school was at and pulled into the parking lot of a sex-toy shop. Master Steven helped me from the SUV, and using a leash he clipped to my collar, led me into the store. I was so embarrassed, but I followed him anyway. He told the clerk that he wanted to get butt plugs and a dildo for me. The clerk led him to the appropriate section of the store, where Master Steven picked out a set of butt plugs and a large dildo with a suction cup on one end. He purchased them, as well as some lube, and then asked the clerk if he could place a plug in my ass right then. The clerk said sure, so Master Steven pulled down my shorts and ordered me to bend over. He lubed my ass up and told me he was picking the biggest plug, which he proceeded to shove down my ass, filling me up pretty thoroughly, though not as much as his black friend had. Then he pulled my shorts back up and led me back to his SUV. We drove to a house, which he told me was his, and pulled into the garage. I then helped Master Steven unload the SUV.
       Once we were done unloading his SUV, he took me to his bathroom and put me on my knees inside his very large shower, and pissed in my mouth. I swallowed as best I could, and I got all of it this time. Then he re-enacted the scene from Friday night, fucking my mouth with his cock. When he came, I swallowed, realizing that I was actually starting to not mind the taste of cum.
       Master Steven then led me back to his SUV. He took the collar and cuffs off and put them in a bag with the dildo and the plugs that werent in my ass, which he gave to me. Then he said, “Im going to leave these with you. You are to wear the collar and cuffs when youre alone in your room. I will text you instructions with the plugs and dildo, which you will follow and provide me with pictures of you following. Make sure you bring them with you anytime I have you meet me. Or somebody else, for that matter.”
       “Yes, Sir,” I said.
       Master Steven then took me back to school and dropped me off in front of my dorm. I got to my room and promptly put on the collar and cuffs like Id been instructed. I then fell asleep, because I was so tired from the long weekend. While I was sleeping, I actually found myself dreaming about another weekend with Master Steven, which would happen soon enough.

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