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Dear Diary

Part 1

Synopsis: This could be fiction,  There are sections that dwell on sexual domination; By my definition a joyous state of mind, should you disagree with my perspective, by all means go elsewhere and DON'T READ ON !!

Dear Diary - Forward

My name is Danial Martin, Dan.

       How we got here is and isn't really all that complicated, think of it as a some what normal evolution of events, more than a social experiment, but it's more something I just stumbled into perhaps, or was I cleverly led, either way I wanted to exploit and investigate and push the envelop for all it was worth. I examined and I took advantage of the moment, it also depends on who's perspective you examine?

       I am 18 my Aunt Andrea is 35 and a nurse for a plastic surgeon and her fiancée.  I have been living with them since my parents passed in a car accident 5 years ago. Andrea and Gail first met in grad school, both ended up in some of the same classes for management and accounting and they got along very well. They even became study buddies, even though Gail is 3 years older than Aunty and works in a family owned medical supply company, building medical hardware. beds, and lab equipment..

       Anyway, Aunt Andrea was getting married for the second time, her first husband ended up in prison and about a year after she got her divorce she met this guy, Steven and we all moved in together.

       So it was decided that I would move into Gail's apartment while my Aunt and her new husband were on there 3 week honeymoon on some isolated resort Island in the south pacific. 

       So, I'm not the pillar of trustworthiness, Doesn't, everybody experiment, with booze, parties, sex, and it's all in good fun, except when you get caught, then your untrustworthy and are in need of constant supervision. That's where Gail comes into the picture, who knew she had skeletons in her closet, and wasn't as pure as the driven snow, well she was, but not in her head and mind, she had just never acted on her impulses. Ever!  who knew? 

       The day came when Andrea got married and they left for the airport and I was the charge of Gail and we moved me into her apartment for my 3 week stint in purgatory, I was in my last year of High School and looking forward to graduating in the summer and enjoying the beach.

Dear Diary Day-1

       Gail had spent allot of time writing in her diary and then reading and rereading and editing what she wrote trying to make sense of how she got where she was in this stage of her life, she was truly obsessed when it came to her diary.

       She was second guessing the choices that she made in her life but lustfully wrote down the events with immaculate details in her life as well as her fantasies in her diary, some of then were quite dark and sexual, after she reread excerpts she would get so turned on she run to her room and expand upon her thoughts and stimulate herself in the darkness, she was having some difficulty getting aroused lately.

       You know that's something I don't get, say  you see a chick in the Mall, in the middle of a sunny afternoon, she struts her stuff, shakes her ass and makes sure that her tits bounce with every step, and with every step she controls how much her skirt rides up while she's advertising, take that same girl and get her nude behind closed doors and she wants to hide her every attribute and even tries to darken the room to conceal herself, why is that? Go figure..

       Anyway, That was the reason behind the on-line adventure for Gail, ordering sex toys that excited her and then always documenting her thoughts and feelings, wishes and hopes but using the Internet and receiving what she ordered in a plain brown wrapper thereby keeping the origin and content of her packages anonymous....

       Gail had many pages and facts devoted to the people she met, worked with, and what her impressions were of them, she never hesitated to write what she thought but never expressed her thoughts and fears to any one, not even her best friend Andrea, Andrea Martin, my Aunt and her BFF.

       It almost seemed that she was dreaming a fantasy, and not really living her life in reality.  She spent her life working all kinds of off hours, at the beck and call of the company that she worked for. She was single and being a middle aged woman, she didn't have allot of options in the work place, that and her being on a lower pay scale, but very efficient and capable in that environment, she became the practical choice, and she never objected being on call or if she was asked to work overtime or work a double shift for a vacation fill in or anything else that came up, she'd complain to her diary, but never to another living soul.

Dear Diary Day -2

       We got back to Gail's place at 9:PM and she showed me to the room that I was going to spend  my free time and she got me settled in and asked if I wanted anything or wanted to watch TV with her.  She was making popcorn when the phone rang and they wanted her at work.

       I shut off the TV and sat there, nothing really on anyway that interested me. I guess she felt guilty for leaving, then she suggested I could use the Internet and she wrote down the power-on password. Little did I know she use that same password for everything.  She got changed in her room and while running out the door and heading for her car she slid the piece of paper and the laptop towards me..

       I powered on the laptop and she was gone, when the password screen came on I typed it in, the month and her cats name (Zeb) and the year.  It looked like a standard work computer, windows, MS Office and Ms Explorer for Internet access.

       I opened Explorer and browsed her History, and examined where she had browsed before, allot of shopping networks, some auction sites and work related competitors and the like, BORING!!!, Just as I was getting ready to shut the dam thing off I came across “” that's when my opinion began to change, she was watching porn on her computer, BDSM, bondage and lesbian porn. 

       After 20 minutes of that I shut off the Internet and began to look at the photo's she had on the computer,  family, friends and coworkers .

       I checked out her file structure, she had a meticulous and detailed file structure, her directories labeled for the programs that she used in Ms office, WORD,EXCEL and Power-point. I looked at word and the sub directories were well managed by year like 2014 and then subdirectories under that by topics, the one that got me curious was Diary. That sub directory was in every year for the last 10 years.

       I opened the current year and began to scan through the files, when I got to the Diary file I began to read.....

       As I read and discovered some occasional remarks about me, not thats she was infatuated with me but more references to the girls I dated and her thoughts about that, but, reading between the lines, she seemed envious of my girlfriends and she made references to how they weren't right for me, how they didn't treat me right, that they were all sluts and whores... Why would she even care?

       I proceeded to copy all Diary files by year all 10 years into a new Directory, I was curious, and I zipped it and sent it to myself in an email and then deleted the new directory and cleaned out the trash.  This allowed me to learn who I was now living with, on my own time table and without being rushed...

Dear Diary Day-3

       Of the 3 girls I dated over the last 2 years she made remarks regarding their choice of clothing, their tops too revealing, and their skirts too short as well as details that I had never noticed... There were remarks about her coworkers, her Boss, and her supervisors, that weren't complimentary, she even trashed Steven Andrea's Husband..

       However I found her sexual experimentation the most interesting, she had a love affair going wild with herself, in her own fantasy world.

       On day 3 in purgatory, she was once again called into work during the middle of the night. She must have gotten home early in the morning, I didn't hear her come in.

       I took the laptop to bed and read every day and night as long as I could read without getting caught by her. Well until the battery ran out..  But before it died I did manage to print out a few choice excerpts via Wi-Fi and then sprinting to the printer in her living room, stuffing in paper quickly and the gathering up the fruits of my labor., regarding her company, her friends and 8 choice juicy pages of her sexual endeavors alone.

Dear Diary Day-4

       In the morning I heard her banging around the kitchen, she told me in passing that she left me some soft boiled eggs and toast on the counter and then she zipped past me in her robe and headed for the shower, she seemed to stay in the shower for a long long time humming to herself.

       I finished an egg and ½ a piece of toast and walked into her bed room and snooped around to see what I could find, she did have the bathroom door closed, but I didn't check if it was locked?

       There was something under the bed, I discovered her stash of unmentionable sex toy assortments in plastic baggies in the zipped up carry-on bag and distributed them across the bed spread.,.

       I went and got the print outs from the night before and sat on her bed and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom.

       15 minutes later I was greeted with a piercing scream. screech as Gail came through the bathroom door.  I don't know if it was a reaction to my being there or her display of toys.  I looked at her sternly and with a serious look on my face as she pulled her robe tighter trying to formulate the word of her discontent.

       What came our was more like YOOOUUUU, YYOOOUUUU, YOU, and that's when I cut her off by placing a finger across my lips, and demanding  QUIET!!

       Gail when I want to hear from you I will tell you, for now just SIT and read!  Pointing to the floor. Handing her the stack of excerpts from her diary I was holding in my hand...

       As she sat and read and looked at her surroundings she kept blushing and turning deeper shades of red, I got pleasure from her discomfort? I savored her expression, when I thought she read enough I asked her what she was thinking, but I stopped her right away and told her to be civil, respectful and to take some deep breathes, and I also asked her to explain the items that I had laid out on the bed...

       I mentioned that my first impression when I discovered her Diary, was to mass mail it to her coworkers, friends and family, but I had decided to wait so she could explain what she was thinking.

       Gail, your a slut the biggest slut I have ever met, she answered just one word, “YES” as she looked down and closed her eyes like if she couldn't see me I wasn't there, so I took her chin in my hand and told her to look at me, she asked me if we couldn't just forget the whole thing?,  With that I answered, I don't think so Gail.

       I may consider not doing the mass mailings, but what are you going to do for me Gail?   She asked, “What do you want Dan”?  As you have said in your diary, I have dated sluts all my life and I really have no use for another slut.  Let me ramble for a minute out loud in my thoughts and then you can think about an answer...

       A slave, a very obedient slave who dose everything shes told to do, without hesitation and dose everything so eagerly like a good dog getting a treat.  We sat there looking at each other staring at one another in silence, and since she wasn't making an effort, I guess it was shock?

       I slapped her face lightly, reactionary but very quickly, and said “WELL” .

       Gail never flinched and said “YES” very quietly and looked downwards. 

       Gail a slave is not allowed clothes in my presence, again she answered “YES” like in a trance. You can fix that right now Gail and with that she stood up and turned around and dropped her robe to the floor. I closed the bathroom door and pushed her forward by  her shoulders and told her to raise her hands and brace them against the door. I touched her shin with my stocking feet and told her to backup and then I told her not to move as I gently ran my finger down her back and back up to under her hair and her neck.

        I slowly reached around and cupped her breast and worked my way to her nipple, I rolled it and toyed with it, tugging on it and I whispered in her ear to spread her legs, she began to tremble and shake as I continued to explore my prize.   

       From behind I felt between her legs and she was wet, I mean really wet, as I stroked her clit I praised her, Gail, I can tell your trying really hard, “Your such a good girl” , good girl...  Would you like to tell me and show me what you do with that rubber cock on the bed, she whimpered, but couldn't get the words out, she collapsed, I picked her up and laid her on the bed, I don't know if she's faking or whats going on in her mind at the moment so I let her rest while I went into the kitchen and poured a mug of coffee...  

       An hour or so later I went in and brought her some coffee, and asked her if she wanted to talk or continue with her training, she enthusiastically answered “Talk”..

       She propped herself up with her pillow and elbow and I asked her “are we good”, she said Yes very quietly allowing me to think she accepted her new station in life, but to make sure I pushed for a more complete reply. 

       Gail who are you? Make it clear to me that you understand what's going on?

       She was attempting to regain some degree of modesty, She had covered herself with the sheet and laid on her side towards the coffee mug on her night stand denying me a view of her charms.  With that she began by saying “Please don't do this too me, can't we just be friends and forget any of this ever happened, can't you see I'm old enough to be your Mother?  She calmly picked up the mug and took a sip of coffee...

       For me, I see this as an opportunity, the kind of opportunity that has never happened to me before and most likely will never happen again.  There is much I don't know especially about women, and your going to help me learn and understand what I don't know and satisfy my curiosity. You know, a girl would never answer my most personal questions directly.

       Hey, I have always found you attractive, but never in my wildest dreams would have thought any thing like this would have been possible, I have read about situations like this even saw a porno about a woman who was enslaved by another woman for committing a crime and having the evidence held over her head.  But never would I have thought I be so fortunate to find a woman who I can discover everything I'd ever wanted to know about women and sex and the thought of my own slave turns me on.

       Perhaps this is fate, or maybe it was intensional on your part and wanted something like this to happen? I got the look, you know the “Are you totally Nut's look” After all you handed yourself over to me, you asked me here, you handed your computer over to me to find what you had written and the web sites that you browsed, the sex toys you left for me to find under your bed, Gail your bedroom door wasn't locked, your computer files weren't locked and protected, hell, they weren't even hidden.  Think about it Gail, your the adult here, your supposed to be watching me and keeping me out of trouble...

       Don't you think bad behavior should get you punished, well Gail  From this point on I will punish you for your indiscretions, in one way or another, either by alienating you completely from your friends and family and your job, you will loose them all.  You know what the out come will be, Or what if I kept my mouth shut and didn't mass mail out your secrets, and we kept them just between us and behind closed doors I allowed you to learn how to become the slut of your fantasies?

       All you have to do is what you've been doing all along, with my help and instruction and by my direction of course, your going to actually experience your fantasies. 

       Besides Gail by your own admission, you haven't had a date in 8 years.        She took another sip of coffee and under her breath whisper “OH God”.


       Gail you don't have to call me your God,  from now on behind closed doors, “Sir” will do.

       I slid my hand under her sheet and boldly caressed the back of her thigh and continued moving my hand upwards  towards her prize as she tried to ignore me and continue sipping her coffee. 

       So I with drew my hand and headed for the kitchen, I turned and told her once again Gail, I need your answer Gail, in no uncertain terms.

       You decide, if you come out of this door with clothes on, the answers “No way” and then I will start the mass mailings on Monday.  Should you decide to accept my offer and become my totally devoted salve, then you will emerge from your bedroom door wearing nothing but a smile.

       She came out 20 minutes later while I was drying the dishes and putting them in the cupboard.  When she emerged she didn't have exactly a smile, she was blushing, but she wasn't wearing any clothes..  I looked at her and said “I guess it's a YES”, she answered, YES Sir, it's a yes!

       It was the first time I had gotten a good look at her, she was nice, I kept staring at her “C cups” and her nipples looked hard and about and inch long, she is 5'2” about 120 pounds, not bony, nicely rounded ass, nice and firm but not fat either, Her hair was a dish water blond, and it went mid shoulder,  her blush was now almost crimson as I continued to stare, and take in her gifts, she had a tiny tuft of hair just above her slit but clean shaved ever else.  She looked fine..

       I slowly approached her with the dish towel still draped across my shoulder.  I ran my right hand across her left shoulder and down her back slightly to get under her hair and then up touching her neck until I had a hand full of hair and I made a fist and twisted and pulled her head back as my lips crushed her lips in our first embrace.

       My other hand went to her right nipple and squeezed it until a moan emerged from her mouth and her body shook slightly.  I wanted her to have no doubt that I was in charge and wanted her, she belonged to me.

       I said to her, nice, but it could be better, you could show more enthusiasm and passion in your kisses, I look forward to working on that with you, all the while keeping a firm grasp on her hair. With my other hand I tossed the towel on the counter next to me and turned her toward her bedroom by the firm grasp on her hair I moved her through the door and towards her cash of toys in the carry-on.  I flipped it open and pulled out a pair of wrist cuffs and tossed them on the bed, she hesitated and said that she had never worn them before,  I answered “There no time like the present”.

       When she got them on I checked them and they were loose, I told her to make them tighter and she moved the pin on the buckle 2 more holes.  When she got them fastened as I wanted, I forced her head back on her pillow on the bed face up and told her to stay, I knew she could fight me, but she decided not to.  There we 6 bundles 10' long thick nylon rope in her stash , I unfurled the first and tied the rope from her cuffs  at a downward angle to the bottom feet on the bed frame and then in the same fashion on the other side of the Queen sized bed.  Next I took her blindfold from her toy stash and placed it on her eyes after lightly kissing her lips, this seemed to calm her.

       Then I used 2 more bundles of rope and the other 2 cuffs, but I found they were quite large in size so I tried to fasten just above her knees, Thigh cuffs, and to my surprise they just fit perfectly. Next I dug out ankle cuffs I tied them to her ankles and then with a rope I tied her feet to the bed frame at the head of the bed, while she was trying to scoot away from the head board and the thigh cuffs downward to the foot of the bed. It took me 40 minutes and several tries to arrange her the way I wanted as she grunted and groaned as I tied and retied her pulling her hands downward to the foot of the bed and her knees upwards towards the head board and ever wider spreading her legs until she rolled her hips upward and displayed her cunt, slightly open and her ass hole clearly exposed for the whole world to see.

       I went back out to the kitchen and got a glass of water and some ice and a straw, As I came back into the bedroom, I saw a sight to behold and I couldn't help but pull out my new phone and take a picture. As I got next to her and held the straw to her lips and asked her to take a sip, she complied and thanked me.  So I kissed her and she kissed back.

       As she laid there all stretched out I asked her if she was comfy? She said she was alright for now.  I kissed her again and with that

       I began by taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking it until it turned red and stood straight up, I did the same with the other one.

       Then I paused and asked Gail to tell me about those lovely nipples as I captured each one between my fingers and stretched then gently until she got nervous and asked, what do you want to know as she squirmed and buried her head in the pillow.

       She gasped and said she always had stretched them and pulled on them and that's why they stood so proud, she finished by saying that she loved to have her nipples stretched and that it made her wet and horny.

       Well Gail we can't have that now, all wet and horny, as I felt and she was wet, I brushed her clit and that got me a shudder and a please in need from her lips.  Say Gail when I was reading your diary, I found some notations about some of your lady coworkers, your not a lezzy are you?

       One thing was for sure I ruined the moment. I got an Ahhhh, well I wouldn't quite say Lesbian, but when I was in college I had an affair with my roommate, one of the neighbors was over and in a weak moment we kissed. I also had an eye on a coworker, but thought better of it, cause in the work place I was afraid it could back fire on me..

       I took a sip of water and noticed the ice cubes had melted quite a bit, they were nice and rounded with no sharp edges, I rubbed her clit softly and kissed her again, and she was really fired up and returned my kiss like a demon possessed.  I made sure that her juice was flowing down her ass crack as I broke off the kiss and fished an ice cube from the glass, checking it for edges placing it in my mouth and then dropping it into my hand and slipping it without warning into her ass hole.  Retrieving a yelp from her and several gasps, of “”NO”” “”NO”” “”Please NO””.

       And that's when I slapped her upturned ass 3 times quite hard.  Gail the word “NO” isn't allowed in your vocabulary, you can say Yes and you can use Please, do you understand Gail.  With that she answered “Yes Sir” and I replied “Good Girl” and resumed kissing her lips and she responded and I sort of felt the fight recede from her body and she seemed more compliant.

       With my next set of experiments I was doing my best to drive her completely mad..  She was built quite small, the ass hole was extremely tight, and her vagina also was the smallest I'd ever


        But then how often can you get this close and really examine your prize, I had seen my first girlfriends privates once and she was allot bigger than Gail's, but it stands to reason if cocks come in different sizes, why shouldn't pussies?

       I picked up the thinest vibrator from the bag and lathered it up with KY and placed it against her rosebud, she gasped “Please and tried to squirm away. So I captured her clit between my teeth and rubbed her clit with my tongue. And for that she screamed “Yes”, so I slid the vibe a bit further up her ass and turned it on while I rotated it at the same time.

        I got sort of a, “Ohhhhh” and a flick of the tongue, and emphatic “Yes” and a bit deeper up the ass a groan, and it went like that for the entire time until It was humming full blast and buried 6” up her ass, she seemed to resign herself as to her destiny.  I again kissed her lips praised her with a “Good Girl”, she seemed less enthusiastic licking her own cum off my lips.

       I found a large plug-in the wall massager Vibrator in the box and set it up and turned it on while I told her she had been good and I had a reward for her.  I kisses her and she responded and when the large vibe touched her exposed clit she lost her mind completely, I encouraged her to kiss with passion while her cunt was going through never land and it wouldn't stop she came over and over and over, three times that I could count, 20 minutes later I shut the vibe off she was toast.. I laid the toys and cuffs and ropes on the lid of the carry-on and got nude and crawled under the covers with her and held her in my arms as we slept together.

Dear Diary Day-5

       As we woke up Saturday morning I had a firm grasp on her breast, she turned with a smile and wished me a good morning, I answered her by asking, your really getting into this “Slave”, she responded with a Yes Sir. 

       Gail we have an opportunity here and I want to set in stone how our day is going to begin, She answered OK.  I love to begin my day with a blow-job, I've only had a girl do that once for me so, I know I want that more than anything and I want to know how you feel about that and what kind of experience you have, I've always had the thought that anything worth doing is worth doing well and in your case you should show improvement every time and of course enthusiasm and an eagerness to please.

       Sir, I have very little experience doing that, I will try, but you must have patients please.

       Remember Gail. If you don't try hard enough, I will spank you until your ass is on fire, so do your best slave.

       With that I folded back the sheets and she got her first glimpse of what she was going to have to do, and yes it felt like heaven, I just couldn't wait, so I stopped her and told her to get on top and ride my cock, as she began to sink onto my cock I was watching her face and it seemed her eyes were rolling upwards and back into her head. 

       I grasped her nipples and pulled her to me as our lips locked she kissed me deeply and slowly savoring the moment and slowly began riding me making sure to snap her pelvis down briskly and clenching her vaginal muscles and then releasing her muscles and slamming her cunt down with a force, 7-8-10 strokes and we came together and she collapsed onto my chest and I rubbed her ass as we came from our moment of bliss.

       I said Hey Slut, every morning we take a shower together and then you clean your mess, sheets, and toys from the night before. She gleefully answered ”Yes Sir” One more thing slut, I want you to keep that pussy wet for me all the time, understand,  she answered Yes Sir, and if you have to stimulate yourself every 5 to 10 minutes to keep it sloppy wet, that's ok, just don't let me catch you playing with yourself, or you get spanked, got it slave, Understood Sir.

       As she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, I followed her in of course, placed my hands on her knees and forced them apart, and I told her “No secrets”  I want to see what your doing, she blushed again, and said I don't know if I can go with you watching and I reminded her, It's not your choice as I walked to the night stand and picked up the phone and took another photo, documenting the event, with her legs spread wide, and a startled look on her face.. 

       We took our shower together and washed each others bodies, I got down on one knee and watched closely when she washed her pussy and that confused the hell out of her...

       I let her finish and left to towel off and headed for the kitchen to make coffee while she cleaned the toys and changed the sheets. 

       Gail went into the kitchen and put toast in the toaster and then came into the living room nude and sat next to me on the couch, I patted my lap and had her sit on my lap facing me, I played with her tit's and felt her cunt and she was wet.

       I praised he “Good Girl” and kisses her and we played like that until the toast popped up. When we finished with toast and coffee we cuddled and felt each other up on the couch we retired back to the bed room and held each other,  Then I got the Idea, that  I wanted to watch her masturbate, but I forbade her to cum until she was close and she had to ask for my permission she played along while I watched her and took more pictures, I even got one with her cumming, when I finally allowed it...

       She was a sight, with her knees up and spread and her left hand spreading her inner pussy lips and sliding her fingers upward to expose her clit and make it stand out so her middle finger of her right hand could caress her furnace handle.  But what really made the picture get etched in my mind was the biceps regions of her arms were compressing her breasts making them stand out and her nipples were fully erect, what a Kodak moment...

       Gail I have noticed that you have neglected to update your diary in the past couple of days, I want you to keep writing and leave the file open so I can review it.  I know there are allot of things that are difficult to articulate and you may find it easier to write about them, but I will read what you have to say slave...

       Later I read what she wrote; she seemed perplexed by something, she wrote she didn't understand me....

       Then the phone rang and she was off to work she said Sunday was really the only day that she didn't get called in, so Tomorrow she would be mine without interruptions...   I left with her and had her drop me at the Mall, I did some window shopping, and when I past the pet store I was watching the kittens play in the window. The cute young lady clerk working there was really sweet playing with the kittens, she looked familiar, wasn't sure where I saw her before, in passing at the mall? From school?. When I went into the store she watched me for about 10 minutes. Then she came up to me with a kitten tucked under one arm and asked “can I help you Danny”?

       How in the hell did she know me? I looked at her closely and tried to find her in my memory bank, 5'0” tall,I'm thinking School, No,  round face “A cup” or nearly a “B”, black hair, short Pixie cut,  I drew a blank, So I asked all dumbfounded, “Do I know you?”. She chuckled to herself and said I'm Gail's neighbor, Silvia, well this month anyway, next month, I'm moving in back home if I can't make ends meet. Gail has told me all about you, maybe we can have coffee sometime, I answered sure, love to..

        Now I started to remember her, but she had long hair and it was a gray blond, with blue hi-lites, but this was more to my liking.

       The she asked what I was looking for in the store, she had me so flustered, I blurted out “ a collar and leash” her reply was you know were not allowed to have dogs in the apartments.

       Trying to regain my composure, I thought I'd just blow her mind, Oh, it's not for a dog. It's for Gail, she said, what do you mean it's for Gail.

       Gail's my slave, her mouth opened and she almost dropped the kitten but recaptured it like catching a loose bowl of Jello, and asked, “She's What?” 

       Silvia, Gail is my slave and I'm looking for a collar and leash, every slave bitch should have a collar and leash. And with that I whipped out my phone and let her view the 10 or so pic's I had of her.  Gail all tied up in bondage, pussy and asshole on display,  Gail peeing on the toilet, and the lastly 3 pictures of Gail masturbating with her fingers proud tities and all..  Silvia had a stunned look on her face as I walked towards the dog section and picked out a leash, I looked back at her and asked.

       Silvi, could you help me?  She came to me quietly eyes cast downward, She was Blushing and would not look at me directly as I asked her, what size do you suppose Gail would wear ? 

       She picked out a very soft black nylon collar, I asked her if she would like to try it on, and she just blushed and handed me the kitten and held the collar up to her neck, I commented, maybe we should get one a bit larger just to make sure.

       We walked in total silence to the register where she rang me out, it came to $18.05, so I gave her a 20 and she made change.  As I was leaving I looked back from about 6 feet away and said to her, hey Silvia, if you still want to stop by for coffee, stop in the morning.  Oh, I said, Collar and leash is required, clothes not so much.  That left her in a glow of crimson, I could feel the heat coming from her where I was standing.

       I thought to myself, well that's the end of that, we'll never hear from the nosy little bitch. When Gail got home I told her about it and she kept saying, “you didn't”, my word “you didn't”, I told her to prove it that I showed her the photo's to prove that what I was saying was for real,“Oh my god you didn't”.

       So I asked Gail, so what's going on with you and her anyway? I tried to recall a few of Gail's diary notations , there was something about  the neighbor, Gail said nothing really, we just have coffee sometime, trying to be neighborly, she brings a toy for the cat over once in a while, I like her, but she's kind of shy and quiet you know, that and she's had a rough life so far, she tried to get a scholarship for school and she can't get help from home, her dad walked out on them, well her and her 4 sisters, she's trying hard, but really struggling, she's a year and a half out of high school, and stuck in a dead end job and doesn't understand what her options are. I feel for her.

       We were cuddling on the couch when I asked her about her last Diary entry, what exactly don't you understand?  There was a long pause and then she she just said You...  What about me Gail?  Ok she said, what drives you, how did we get here explain it to me.. 

       Well gail, men are really only after one thing, some are a bit more subtle than others, but the sooner you begin to realize that the world boils down to Panties!  What? she exclaimed!  You see Gail guys go many different routes to reach the same goal, either getting into your panties, getting your panties off and enjoying the prize that you try and keep well hidden.

       See some guys work to get the car to get the girl, some plan extensively to be able to provide and use their means to provide security to accomplish the same goal, some amass wealth, all of it really doesn't matter, it's still all about panties...

       So then, when we accomplish our goal, we sometimes begin to stray, because something else catches our eye, that were you, as a woman need to change things up and make thing a bit more interesting for men in general, if you don't want to loose our attention.  But this is something you don't have to worry about slave, because, I'm not bashful about asking you for things that would make most women run in terror, screaming and pulling out there hair, you just have to do as your told. Once you have the attention of a lady, you don't want to, loose her so you keep what you deem to be unacceptable behavior to yourself.

       You see that's what makes relationships so difficult, how dose a woman keep her mans interests it's a balancing act between keeping him excited or going too far and turning him off completely by revealing how big a slut she really is... 

       Thats what makes our arrangement allot more perfect, you just simply have to do as your told or get punished for failing, either way you entertain me satisfactory. That's why and how so many break ups happen, it's discontent, a lack of communication, both parties wanting to experiment on the wild side but neither wanting to be labeled or thought of, or have their friends and family to know what there really thinking and what they would really like, because those thoughts and feelings are perhaps not what is considered to be normal by the average Sunday church going person.

       That evening we went out to a steak house and had dinner, we both had Ice Tea and the chicken special, baked potato and a salad. When we got back to the apartment we watched TV and cuddled on the couch, and I had her suck my cock and taught her to make it last for about and hour, well long enough for my cock to ache from waiting so long to cum, when I did, I made her swallow every drop, which she didn't do and I was force to spank her for real the first time.

       I cuffed her hands behind her back so she could struggle but couldn't get away. I got her across my lap and started to fondle her ass while slapping it from time to time, working my way up to less fondling and more intense slapping until I got a nice glow, then I rolled her over and played with her tit's and kissed her ,good thing Vinyl Furniture, lay down a towel and every things clean and your butt won't stick either.

       When we went to bed around 10PM I tied her like before, knees wide ass up arms downward, and I put the blindfold back on her.  I went into the kitchen and got some duck tape and a Aluminum handle from a sponge mop and I taped one of her larger rubber cocks about 2” in Diameter and 8 “ long with a lot of waves and ripples on it, and I added one more touch a condom called a tickler, the top of it has these spines like soft fingers, like 4 rows of them, that every time they enter they massaged the holy crap out of her clit. 

       She was wet as I had the rubber cock enter her the first time and she groaned and moaned, as I slowly retracted the tool and twisted it slightly to the right and then to the left, when I left about 2” inched in her I entered her again, to the full depth, she began to chant more, faster, harder as I continued at my own speed, about one stroke in and out every 15 to 20 seconds, after about a ½ hour of that excruciatingly slow cycle, she began to beg, followed with Please Sir, and the over and over Please Sir, Make me cum. 

       What can I say I gave in and put a bit of KY on the tool to make sure she wouldn't get dry, the cold lube made her yelp, and as I sped up the entry and exit's of her cunt, like a sawing motion  to 1 a second, she was bucking her bonds and trying to fuck back with all her might and then she went limp and whispered under her breath Thank You Sir... I released her from her bonds and held her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep

Dear Diary Day-6

       In the Morning at around 7Am  I went to the door to grab the Sunday paper as Gail showered and came from the bedroom in her robe and slippers.  I was just getting ready to call her on her apparel choice, especially since I didn't allow any type of garment in the house. Gail made us something to eat, and we discussed her plans for the day, shopping and groceries but first she had a presentation to assemble for work and as I got the door open Silvia was standing there with the paper in one hand and making a fist as to knock on the door with the other. 

       I made a crack, saying, your not going to hit me are you, looking at her fist, and yes she was wearing a collar and had a leash dangling from it bright Orange.

       I took the leash and tugged her into the apartment by her leash, closed the door and pulled her closer to me as I stared into her eyes and said to Gail, Hey Look what I found!, without a moment of hesitation.  I looked her over wearing a workout outfit a gray short knit pants and a matching short crop top with her navel showing and sneakers.

       Silvi, there are a few things that we need to discuss, how about some coffee?  As Gail shouted over the counter to her “Good Morning Neighbor”.  Gail asker her if she wanted some eggs?

       I sort of got the feeling she knew Silvi was coming over this morning?  Why else would she have made extra eggs and toast?  I noticed but didn't say anything...

       As we ate our breakfast I watched in silence as the two of them glanced at each other but trying to divert there glances, as I watched in amusement as I watched in amusement, but I could sense there was more to the two of them than they were letting on by the hesitation in there speech patterns and an occasional blush between them.

       Gail took her plate into the kitchen and said something about having to get dressed and get going. I opened up the paper and made like I was interested in the words on the page, Silvi was adjusting her eggs around her plate as Gail bounced out the door and just said “Later..

       I broke the silence by asking her if she was done with her Breakfast as I gathered up my plate and coffee and started washing the dishes and putting them away.  She brought me her plate and when I finished

       I walked up to her and took her by the hand and walked her over to the couch as I told her “we need to talk”.

       I sat next to her as she sipped her coffee.  Why are you here Silvi? I think I caught her off guard, This is award isn't it, she chuckled...  Nervous?  I asked she shook her head yes,  she stared saying about me blowing her mind in the store the other day when I showed her the pictures of Gail.  She said, “You know, I've read about this kind of stuff and you see it on the net and read about it in books, but Never in my life would I have ever believed that I would actually know someone who actually dose this for real....

       I was assuming she meant S/M and bondage?  As she started to turn red again. I said OK, so what are you trying to say?  She rambled on saying that she had been in 2 relationships in her life, the first in high school and the second ended 2 months ago and up to this point she had found little satisfaction, the guys seem to enjoy themselves, but she didn't get much out of it, it started and was over before she knew what happened.  The guys would get going and when they were done, she was just getting started. That's what she had told Gail about, to get her take.

       So I asked her, Is there anything else you want to tell me about?

       She also confided in me that she had something happen 2 years ago with a girl, one of her sisters classmates.  When she got home from track at school, her sister's BFF was sitting on the front steps waiting, she thought for her sister. So when Silvia unlocked the door the girl followed her in and sat on the couch while Silvia went upstairs and got in the shower, she said a few minutes later she heard the girl come into the bathroom, hey, Silvia, I have to go and proceeded to the toilet, when Silvia peered out past the edge of the vinyl opaque curtain this girl was sitting on the pot sniffing Silvia's shorts and masturbating, Silvia decided to just keep on washing herself until the girl left, not wanting to embarrass each other.  But for a year after that she felt like she was being stalked by this girl and she caught glimpses of her sneaking around. Slivi said, I'd love to teach her a lesson and force feed her some of her own medicine..

         Then she told me about a conversation she had with Gail  and some where along the conversation she blurted out that she asked Gail if she could introduce me to her? So she said she really didn't know how to act, that she was scared and nervous but she wanted more, something more satisfying and with that she asked me if I wanted her to leave, she said all she was looking for was a good guy...

       A good guy, I can't tell you that I'm a good guy, that's something your going to have to figure out for yourself Silvi, Let me ask you, Do you want to leave?  After a minute pause, she shook her head and said “No”.

       OK then, tell me about you and Gail? She got that deer in the head lights look on her face again...  So I clarified, have you made out with Gail Silvi? Under here breath and almost in a trance,  she said y”yes”, and went on to say she was curious and Gail didn't try to stop her advances...

         I took her wrist and guided her to sit on my lap facing me, I rubbed her back and felt she wasn't wearing a bra, so I went on to discover she wasn't wearing panties either as I slipped my hands into her shorts and grasped an ass cheek in each hand I pressed my lips to hers and she eagerly parted her lips and kissed me back.

       Silvi, do you know what your getting yourself into?, I don't know she said, do you want to run away?  I didn't get an answer she just leaned in and kissed me again, a longer and a bit more passionately this time.  With that I took it as a go ahead signal from her as I felt for the hem of her top and tugged it up over her head and confirmed that she wasn't wearing a bra, pressing her back with one hand to urge her forward to my get her nipple between my lips as she leaned her head back and gasped, then I enjoyed the other nipple taking my time and taking it slow.

       Silvi you know there are rules whenever your here, and one of those rules is that young ladies aren't allowed clothes or any covering at any time, by the way, remind me to spank Gail for ignoring that rule this morning in the kitchen and you young lady get those shorts off now.  She blushed again and shimmied out of her shorts revealing a neat crop of pussy hair which I grasped and tugged her gently into position across my lap, stating now you know why slaves keep there cunt shaved and possibly just leave a slight bit of short decoration just above your slit so you can be found in the dark.. Yes Sir!  Is the correct response Silvi...

       As I slapped her ass to get her attention, she squealed and complied.  Yes Sir with a giggle ..  I felt her body, her back, her ass, gently rubbing and feeling the insides of her thighs up her shins to her feet and when I got my fill, I slapped her ass again and told her to roll over.  She did and trying to be as modest as she could be. But I wasn't having any of that.

       Back to the rules Silvi, whenever you are near me, you really should expose all your charms and especially your sex for all to see , modesty isn't going to work here Silvi.  You need to let the whole world know to your ready, your eager to be touched, as I put a bit of pressure between her knees and made her spread herself and expose her treasures I got to explore her neck and breasts with one hand as my thumb found her clit and my middle finger tapped at the door of  her rosebud.  

       I just wanted to get her excited and rubbed her clit and then toyed with it, made it jump out if it's hood rubbed it in a circular motion, lessened the pressure as she rolled her hips more to give me better access and even grabbed hold of her inner lips to spread herself more.  I slapped her hands gently and said to her “No, bad girl” Hands behind your head, now you know why sluts get tied down so they are only allowed the pleasures I allow. As I continued to tweak and pull her nipples while I got her worked up ever more, taking my time and enjoying her discomfort, she wanted more she wanted to cum, panting and moaning softly and I wasn't ready to allow her that pleasure.  She was a bit restless and soon after she said Sir may I go potty, I said sure, but keep the door open and keep your fingers off of my cunt.

       Got it “she said” as she headed to the bathroom, I followed and went to the toy carry-on and selected 2 10' ropes the Blindfold and 4 heavy-Duty Tie Wraps, diverting my glances between the toy's and her sex as she was trying to be modest again, I told her that her knees should be apart, as she displayed herself although her face was fire engine red at the moment.. She seemed to whimper a bit as I took some toilet paper and dried her privates and flushed.

       When we got back to the living room I dropped the stuff in my hands and took her in my arms and held her while I kissed her neck and cupped her ass, I got the impression she was even more welcoming to my touch, I had her sit on the hassock  in front of the couch and placed the tie wraps on her above her knees and on her wrists and then slid the rope under the hassock and looped the rope around the feet of the hassock.

        I patted the top and had her sit and lie on her back as I fastened her wrists to the far end of the hassock and then forced her knees up and wide as I fixed them to the other end of the rope tightening her down to the stool and exposing her and then blindfolding her, her knees pulled up and spread wide and arms pulled the opposite way, then I knelt down and kissed her and played with her clit and started getting her warmed up without her interference.

         Thats about when Gail walked through the door, I stopped what I was doing and took her by the arm and deposited her stuff from the store on the counter as I walked Gail into the bedroom and slapped her face, which stunned her for a second.  All I said was Strip which she did immediately when she was finished I patted my lap and told her to take her place and that she had forgot about not being aloud clothes in the apartment.  When she got into place I rained down 10 crisp and hard swats with my hand, I pulled her off my lap by the hair, she was kneeling before me, she sobbed and apologized, Sorry, she said, so sorry Sir. 

       I told her to stand and took her by the forearm and walked her into the living room right up to the hassock that Silvi was tied too.  I had Gail spread her knees and forced her to place her crotch over Silvi's mouth.  With a bit of encouragement and a smack with a wooden spoon from the kitchen Silvi stuck her tongue out and licked, I took hold of Silvi's nipples and twisted her right one in a circular motion, which made her strain against the ropes as I explained to the both of them this means lick faster and then I pulled the right on and stretched it up while explaining this means stick it in deeper. With that I smacked Silvi's ass again and asked got it? I was answered by a moan followed by a groan.  I could see Gail was about an inch away and Silvi was having a hard time reaching, As I was busy taking pictures, I whispered into Gails ear to Give Silvi the object of her desires and made her lower herself even more onto Silvi's face.

       It was working on Gail as I noticed her chewing her lower lip with her eyes closed as I varied the nipple twists and tugging making Silvi respond and with that I made them stop and listen to my new demands.  Ok you two hold on for a second, here's what I want to see. Both of you get to work and make the other one cum, whoever cums first gets spanked, the other one gets fucked, so get to it as I pushed Gails head towards Silvis cunt and smacked her with the wooden spoon..  Gail really went to work on Silvi as she attached herself to Silvia's clit and sucked and licked for all she was worth. I could tell by the noise Silvie was getting close if she hadn't already cum but I forced them to continue as Gail kept on slurping and licking.

         So I asked Silvi if she had cum, and she shook her head yes, I told her to think about what had happened and how she could have forced Gail to cum first.. with that I forced Gail back into the bedroom and threw her on the bed and fucked her then and there, funny thing, as soon as she hit the mattress she spread her legs without me having to say a word, we kissed and she matched me thrust for thrust until we came together.....

       I was spent, I looked over and told Gail rest for a bit and then go take a shower as I got up and headed for the hassock.  With my cock still oozing and coated with a mixture of deposits from the both of us, I removed Silvi's blindfold and dropped my cock across her lips and took a photo, I then told her to cleanup your mess or you may choose to take a spanking instead, I didn't have to say it twice as her tongue came out  and the camera clicked every 4 seconds as she cleaned me sucking and savoring every drop along the way, not put off by my request in the least..  I discovered unlike most women she loved to suck cock, she loved it and couldn't get enough..

       I released her from her bonds and removed her leash, but left the collar on as she eagerly continued to her task and the camera kept clicking as she seemingly performed for the camera. With a big smile tongue out  and licking and curling her tongue around my cock while intermediately trying to deep throat and impale herself and grabbing my ass driving herself even deeper until her lips made contact with my pelvis, never have I ever felt anything like that before, and when she backed off, I asked her, Happy” all she did was smile from ear to ear and nod 7 or 8 times....

       I helped her up and smacked her ass slightly and just said shower,  now!..

       They both wound up in the shower at the same time, as I sat on the bed and became a spectator, camera in hand of course and as Silvia entered the shower, Gail welcomed her with open arms as they fell into an passionate embrace while they washed each other while I took photo's for my collection... 

       That evening as the girls prepared our evening meal, I sat at the table and read the paper, Silvie kidded me and Evelyn chimed in and we made small talk over my philosophy of life revolving around panties, which gave me the opportunity to clarify, that our positions and and point of view changes with age, taking account of children, career and so on, but for now I'm just a kid at heart and I'm going to enjoy my childhood, hell I may never grow up...

       I changed the subject to Silvi's stocker and we had a lengthy discussion about here sister Margret's BFF  Evelyn the pervert stalker chick, who cut off and discontinued all contact with Silvi's sister Margret 3 months ago when Silvia moved out, Evelyn kept trying to get me alone is what Silvia said to Gail, I think she got the hots for me, and I'd like to find out what she's up to, and if I can some how break her and make her leave me alone?

        With that statement I asked Silvi, what if you could control her like your own puppet? Maybe give her a chance to explore her submissive side. Silvi said I'd need allot of help to make that happen, remember this is all new to me.  With that I chimed in and said. I think your starting to enjoy making out with girls, I'm going to help you either mind fuck her and scare her off forever or she'll give it all up and allow you to enslave her, so were going to work and find out whats going on in her life ad her head and in her panties, so we know how to proceed.

        Evelyn turns 18 in a week or so how would you proceed Dan, Silvi can you get Evelyn's number and give her a call and invite her to have coffee so you guy's can catch up.

       Find out what her plans are, what's important in her life, the things that concern her and what makes her tick, things like what her fears are, what problems she's going through and then we can figure out how to make her fears and problems go away, but always be prepared to hold them over her head, to remind her that she needs you more and more...

Dear Diary Day-7

       Later on While we were eating dinner I asked Silvia what was so great about Evelyn.  She smiled and started to tell me about her.  You see up until a couple of weeks ago I had little or no interest in other girls at all, that is until you two opened my eyes and I have discovered that girls can be fun too.  By the way I need you to start keeping a diary so Ican plan out here were going with you and Evelyn..

       Silvi, what's so great about this girl? Well she said she's 5'6” tall and weighs 133 pounds, she's gorgeous, her mom is one of those pageant mom's driving her all over and entering her in pageants and she's won quite a few, let's see, her measurements are 40D 23 35, almost like Barbie and after what she put me through she need to be taught a lesson and with your help I think she can really help me out, she can help with the rent and provide some comfy services for me, clean the apartment and I'll think of more stuff........

       I was exhausted and went to bed after dinner, I told the girls to update their diaries before going to bed, when I woke up at 4 Am to pee, I noticed one on either side of me snuggling up real close under the covers. When I crawled back into bed Silvia snuggled up even closer and she kissed me, I turned and kissed her back and sternly said, “Go to bed slut”.

       The next morning when I got up they were both gone and I had the place to myself. I printed out my emails from the girls and I showered and shaved, grabbed the papers ff the printer and drove to McDonald's and picked up some breakfast sandwiches just before they changed over to lunch and a couple Coffee's and wandered into the pet store just about lunch time.  When Silvia spotted me she skipped over and greeted me with a kiss and she said hey lover as I held out the bag for her with the sandwich and the coffee in it. She had another girl working in the store and Silvia told her to watch the counter, that she was going to lunch, then she led me to the back storage room and kissed me again. 

       Silvia wanted to discuss Evelyn and was wondering how I would go about enslaving her?  I jokingly asked her if she was getting off on having a girl kiss her pee pee, she gave me a goofy look and said, well you haven't fucked me yet, a girls gotta have some kind of fun...

       I won't fuck you until your on birth control slut.  She told me that she can't take pills, but she got an IUD when she turned 18.

       I told that her in that case I wouldn't hold back any more then, but almost in the same breath I asked, what about Evelyn?   I shouldn't have asked that, she thought that I meant what kind of birth control Evelyn was taking.  

       No, I said, what kind of a schedule dose she have, Have you made contact with her?  is she planning on college, where's she going to go, what school, what state, what subjects is she into, you have to get a feel for the long term with her, or are you just planning to use her and then move on? What kind of a student is she, what are her grades? How much do you know about her really?  Who's she hangs around with?

       I don't really know enough about you, Gail I've known for years,  but I really want to know more about you, are you a submissive, A slave, or are you ahhh, a bit more domineering? You can rest at ease, I'm as Dominant as they come, I enjoy the control...

       She thought about what I asked and answered, I enjoy it when you take charge, but I would like to be in charge sometimes.  Well then the first thing that you have to do is come up with some kind of a script, a plan, what you want to do and then you need to gauge how fast and how hard you can push her without scarring her and making her run off.


       Then you need to put things in context and use the most embarrassing and demeaning way to say what you want from a slave, and you have to get past allot of the emotion and embarrassment.  Keep your slut off balance, use terms that make her uncomfortable, things that make her flip between “What a good proper young lady would say or do, and What a complete slut might say and think but never do, and when we get her to the point that she no longer knows right from wrong, all she wants to do is please and obey, she's yours..” and right off the bat document, take cell phone pic's and allot of them so she gets comfortable with hearing the shutter noise and after a while she won't even notice it, and if she questions it, say there just for me… Make her at ease with what your doing...

       You teach your slut to obey and to use the words that are the most embarrassing for her to use, like cunt and tit's, things like she is a worthless cunt but you have a sweet pussy.  If she submits to you then continue to push her a bit more every time.

       Then while all this is going on you have to document as much as you can on video recording her most embarrassing moments and that just slam's all the doors shut for her and leaves her no way out but to submit to all your wishes and desires.

         Begin slowly, make her comfortable, give her the impression that you enjoy her company, act playfully and get stricter as time goes on. The more she buys into your plan for her the more aggressive and progressive you can get with her.

    Eventually she will get what's expected of her convincing her of what makes you happy and that she's expected to please you. If you work it right, she will present her tits by cupping them and holding them up for you to examine, to keep her legs spread all the time and to spread her ass cheeks on command.  There's a couple of video's that I'm going to send you links to so you can study them and go from there, you have a couple of days to get comfortable with all that.  You know, I have a great Idea, I can let you test drive Gail while I watch and take notes that we can discuss later.

         From there we can teach her positions, I haven't even started that with Grace yet. That's something you should learn as well.  Just remember to take it slow, there's no reason to rush, for now find out her plans, get into her head..

       The basics are as follows, but you can make changes as you progress and deepen you hold over her, teach her to Stand, Kneel, Kneel Spread, Sit, lay Face Down, Lay Down for Inspection. You can also print out a page for each command, post them to a blank wall and have her study and learn the positions that way.

           From there we can introduce discipline, spanking, a crop, and then a cane, at time playfully and when necessary with necessary force to make her compliant.

        Then we can also move to Hypnosis as a training tool, other than that it's just like training a dog, do don't ask for anything your not willing to enforce and make her do, otherwise, your wasting your time if your not going to follow through.

Dear Diary Day-9

          I read Silvia's diary and saw she had met with Evelyn at the pet store for lunch and they talked and Silvi did a good job interrogating her and getting some ideas of Evelyn thoughts and what was going on in her head. She wrote out the details in her diary. We discovered that Evelyn didn't have the grades to go to a regular college, she had to take a language and some math courses before she could move on.  Evelyn enrolled in a community college to get the required classes.

            I asked Silvi what if you have dinner with her in your apartment, have a bottle of wine, just don't you drink too much and keep filling her glass maybe watch a movie, a Lesbian sex slave full feature.  When she's a bit tipsy, kiss her and work you fingers into her panties and hide a vibrator in the couch cushions just in case you get that far..

           Over the next few days they worked out the details and Evelyn took Silvia home to meet her parents so they knew who she was moving in with at the end of the month when her parents moved.  Then Evelyn came over to Silvia's apartment and Silvia left the laptop on so I could see what was going on.  I watched and listened.


           She also used Graces GOPRO in another inconspicuous angel so we can edit the two views together later.

           Silvi made a chicken casserole and a salad along with a white wine for dinner, they set the table and made small Talk while they ate and drank.  After the third glass of wine Evelyn was acting a little off her movements were a bit slower and her speech was slurred slightly.

            Silvia asked “ Eve, Do you remember a couple of years ago, I came home from school and you were sitting on the stoop and followed me in the house, and then you came in the bathroom where I was showering and you decided to pee and you sat on the toilet and to my surprise I saw you sniffing my sweaty gym shorts while you were jilling off right there in front of me.  You really need to explain what was going through you head girl?  Besides my shorts.  From then on I noticed you following me and watching me every where I went. 

       Would you care to explain to me what you were thinking and doing?  Eve answered. I don't want to talk about it…  Ok Eve, help me cleanup and do the dishes and that's what they did, when they finished Silvi asked Eve, would you like to watch a movie and sit and relax?  Evelyn realized she was to sloshed to try and make it home so she went along with Silvi and said sure, as Silvi gathered up the glasses and moved them to the couch with the last of what as in the wine bottle.

            Slivi stared the movie and they watched the credits as the watched the scene develop on the screen.   Eve lifted her glass to have a sip of wine and when she set the glass down Silvi grabbed Eve by the hair and forced her head back and forcefully kissed Eve.  Silvi continued to kiss Eve and ran her finger over Eve's yielding body as they listened to the two women on screen making out.    As Silvi broke the kiss she whispered to Eve that she was “ a good girl” and continue to take liberties with Eve despite little protest.  Silvi sought out the lower edge of Eve's top and yanked it upwards but either Eve didn't get the hint or she was too drunk to react.  With that Silvi slapped Eve's face and yanked her head back and looked into her eyes and with a menacing tone in her voice said “All you have to do is Obey”  always obey me no matter what, never forget that ever, and Silvi slapped Eve again and told her to strip!

           Eve pulled her top off instantly without hesitation and helped Eve out of her bra as she reminded her of how well she was doing and not to stop now and in mid sentence Silvi kissed Eve again, Silvi then captured one breast with her fingers and allowed her fingers to scrape its way downwards  all the way down to Eve's nipple capturing it with the tips of her nails as Eve struggled out of her shorts and panties with one yank not wanting to get slapped again.   Silvi complimented Eve by saying, see , you can be “a good girl” when you want to.  Thing is you have to try really hard and always want to Obey, for me Eve, Understand?

           Eve looked at the screen before her and the two women who were no engaged in a full 69 embrace moaning and squealing and Eve grunted yes, which Silvi decided wasn't quite what she wanted and slapped Eve harder and forced her eyes that were locked to the screen to divert and look directly into Silvi's eyes and when Eve made eye contact Silvi emphasized  “Yes Mistress” .  Eve seemed to understand and replied yes Mistress. As Silvi replied “Good Girl” see this isn't so difficult.

            Eve replied no Mistress, so Silvi slapped her again and screamed at Eve, never say “No” to me slut ever !!.  Eve, totally caught off guard, felt Silvi grab her by the hair and dragged her over to the queen sized bed and force her down onto the bed with a vengeance, Eve landed on her back and Silvi pounced on top of Eve  while ranting.  When your in my company, you always spread your legs slut and eve replied “Yes Mistress” as she executed the action at the same time, exposing herself to Silvi completely and looking up to her while Silvi smiled and praised her “Good girl” as Silvi allowed her fingers to explore Eves slippery wet cunt and drove 2 fingers deeply into Eve while she gasped and moaned with her mouth wide open Silvi locked lips with Eve again in the heat of passion as Eve moaned into Silvi's mouth and when Silvi broke the kiss she inquired, what, no thank you slut.  Eve quickly answered, Thank you Mistress...

             Silvi got up and went to the bathroom, when she returned she turned the TV set so the screen faced the bed and cuddled up with Eve and continued touching her and toying with her clit, and twisting her nipples and brought her close to the edge of Orgasm but never allowing her to cum while they both watch the movie as the theme on the screen had changed to a more dominate one but Silvi kept up her activity's keeping eve aroused until they both fell a sleep.

           During the night Silvi continued her efforts, even while Eve slept and sometimes Eve would wake in a very aroused state.  Silvi would play with Eve's clit and get her fingers wet and sticky and then she would move that hand to Eve's face and mouth, when they awoke Eve was sucking Silvi's fingers relishing them like a great gift, although Eve was truly frustrated and in great need of relief, her frustration level was through the roof.

          In a soft voice Eve begged “Please make me cum, I need to cum so badly”.  Please Mistress.  This brought a smile to Silvi's face, she knew she had won her prize, Silvi kept stimulating Eve's clit making her beg and plead her case and need for relief.  Eve turned her head to look at Silvi and while Eve thrust her pelvis she searched out Silvi's lips and they had there first kiss of a new morning.    

           When Silvi broke their kiss  and asked Eve if she really wanted to cum for her, she exclaimed with joy, “Oh Yes Mistress, Please may I? 

Alright, but you need to do something for me, anything…

First off, roll over on your back. Spread yourself as wide as you can, bend your knees and then I want you to spread your cunt lips as wide as you can exposing your clit and then rub your clit a bit at a time but don't you dare cum until I tell you too.  I want to see a great big smile on your face and don't you dare forget to thank me.  Eve did everything she was instructed to do, she watched Silvi walk to the foot of the bed and she pulled out her phone and started taking flash photos of Eve, as she got herself off, Silvi did have to remind her to smile  few times.  Silvi continued to take pictures when she told Eve

“ Cum for me slut” Cum now and come hard, don't you dare stop. Keep it up and keep cumming.

            Eve's pelvis began to rise as she got nearer to fulling Silvi's demands Eve ejaculated and squirted with vigor as she squealed in delight and moaned in complete exhaustion.  Silvi stopped taking photo's and walked over to Eve and tucked her in with a bed sheet and as she covered her, she kissed her forehead and praised her “Good Girl” as Eve drifted off to sleep.

            Silvi quietly picked up her laptop, the go-pro and her phone as she made her way out the door as Eve slept.

Dear Diary Day-10

            There was a knock at my door as I finished the breakfast dished, when I answered it I found Silvi at ny door holding her laptop to her chest and carrying her phone and Graces GOPRO and depositing everything on the dinning room table and walking in the kitchen and taking a cup from the cupboard and pouring herself a cup of coffee, she did stop long enough to kiss my cheek as she exclaimed “Good Morning”.

             As we chatted and had our morning coffee we look at the photos she had taken and we watched the laptop digital images, I have to admit, it was hot and when I shifted in my chair, Silvi asked anything wrong?    I took Silvi by the hand and looked her in the eye and told her straight out “ I'm going to fuck your brains out and drug her into bedroom as I began to pull her clothes off and threw her on the bed and made a bee line for her crotch and swooped in with my tongue and captured her clit between my teeth just in case she decided to give me a hard time.

           While holding her love button with my teeth I began to create suction and draw the little button into my mouth as I started to thrash that ever expanding nub with my tongue, I reached up and got ahold of her wrists and pulled her closer to me as I continued I couldn't make out the muffled sounds, after all my ears were covered by her inner thighs and hen I recognized what she was saying, all it was, was “Oh God. And then louder. OHHH  GODDDD over and over until she began to jerk and spasm for my efforts until she became stiff and still, I knew she came, I quick moved up and thrust my cock into her without mercy.   She gasped and started yelling, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yesssss, Oh god Yesssss..   As her thrusts came in time with mine until she hugged me and held me tighter and tighter…    As we recovered I kissed her passionately, and I got the feeling she was never letting me go in our embrace.

           I asked her later on with our second cup of coffee sitting by the table.  You know I got the impression you were never letting go of me?  All she said was, would that be so bad?

           We sat and watched the film and made some notes and took some time readings so we could find the scene's later when we edited the images together, there were allot of blank spots I call them,  long pauses while the slept or there was little or no activity, ending with Eve's climax.   Silvi left and went home across the hall and took a shower while I saved the footage on the desktop computer along with the stills for editing.  

          I returned the cameras and laptop just as Silvi was leaving her apartment, she said Eve was gone?  I guess we will see if she comes back for her stuff?  As Silvi left for work.

          Silvi walked past the stores as she window shopped on her way to work walking through the mall on her way to the pet store. Something caught her eye in the window of a store she walked by often, she had day dreamed about some of what was on display in the window on the Styrofoam dummies in the window.

            Victoria Secrets front had a Bustier with a shelf bra built in  that she knew would be perfect for Eve if she ever came back, although she would make sure she got rid of the panties that came with the outfit, it reall didn't conceal much, it stopped at the hips and just had 2 shelves for her tits to rest on, leaving her bottom and her breast exposed, Silvi wondered what color Eve would look good in and decided on black with black nylons with the out dated elastic clips to hold them up with, maybe out dated but very sexy.

          She bought one and found out they were on sale, buy one get one, so she got the two, but only stockings for the black and the other color was red, they had strings that held the panels together and an instruction pamphlet came with on how to adjust for comfort and then there was a zipper in the center panel when you got everything adjusted.  In the close-out section she bought a pair of pink hand cuffs and as she checked out the sales girl smiled and asked if we were going to have some fun, Silvi  paid in cash and gave the clerk a stern look and said “ any time your ass  is ready to handle the consequences sweetheart…

Dear Diary Day-11

           I began editing with some of the still shot of Eve no her back on the bed with her hands digging at her cunt, I thought it made a great introduction, I added some graphics to the stills “ A Slaves Desire” as the title with Eve almost like jumping to get into her crotch, because ofr the gaps in action in the stills, it was kind of neat.  From there I just moved all the live action alternating between the two cameras once I got the footage sinked.

          I thought it came out alright, there was allot of extra moaning because of the film on the TV, but the action between the girls was good, you couldn't see too much of Silvi's face, but Eve's was unmistakable, and the footage was so raw and the way Eve got into the action you got the feeling it was truly what Eve wanted…

        I showed it to Grace when she got home from work, she seemed to enjoy the show., Grace couldn't get over the size of Evelyn's tits.   I cut another DVD for Silvi and dropped it into her mailbox in the lobby, Grace and I were going out to dinner, Italian night..

          Grace and I enjoyed a leisurely night out and we eve too a evening walk in  the park along the river we held hands and cuddled before we headed off to bed,  Grace got frisky and spoke very softly amd asked if she could. Then she hesitated again and couldn't quite get the word out.

           The next morning I awoke with a start, Grace was sucking my cock, very gently mind you, I lay there and didn't dare move.  I enjoyed what she was doing and didn't want to startle her.  He looked up at me, so I acknowledged her, with a smile, and with an unintended raspy voice said, morning my sweet angel, she kissed the head of m cock, thats when I told her.  Gracy your welcome to wake me like that any time you want .

          She kissed my lips and paddled off to the shower while I , made coffee and got grace off to work. 

           I took 2 mugs of coffee across the hall and knocked on Silvi's door, she answered it right away.  When I saw her face I sad good morning and handed her a coffee and asked her how things were going and with a great bid smile she said great..   She held the door open and said good thing you stopped by. I could use your help if you have time, I said sure, and that's when I saw Eve in front of the window and she was a sight.  Silvi had the blinds adjusted so no one could see in from the road but that the sun light could warm and tan her slave where she hung.

          The first thing that caught my eye was the red rubber dog ball toy in her mouth and she squeaked when she realized that someone else was in the room with her besides Silvi, She was completely nude and blindfolded and her wrists were handcuffed above her head and her cuffs were attached to a short leash and tied off to a plant hook  and her legs were being held wide apart with a bungee cord threaded through a piece of 1 ½ inch PVC pipe,   I was curious how she held the ball in her mouth. When I asked Silvi said she was learning to be a good girl and that she holds it in place until she's told to release it.  So I had to ask,  what happends if she spits it out, Silvi said, She gets punished, so she holds onto it very tightly.  I bet you couldn't rip it out of her mouth without me telling her to drop it..

            So I asked, what do you need me for?  Silvi said that she had bought some clothes for her slut and that she had been complaining about keeping her nude around the house wasn't right, so Silvi said she agreed and bought her 2 outfits that she could wear indoors. 

            But Silvi also said that they need to be adjusted and she didn't have enough hands to fit them properly by herself and she wondered if I could help?  With a smile I said Sure..  We sipped our coffee  as Silvi brought out the boxes with the outfits in them, tjis was all new to me, I had never seen anything like this.  They looked like a bunch of panels with eyelet holes in them, one set was black the other red.  Silvi said that the Bustier came with instructions and that we should be able to figure it out.

           Silvi and I walked up to where Evelyn was hanging around, Silvi went to Eves back side and Silvi directed me to Eves front as Silvi handed me half of the garment and told me to wrap it around Eve and hand it back to her.

           Needless to say Eve was coming unglued with all this attention, so Silvi smacked her ass a couple of times to calm her and then she started the zipper at the rear of the garment.  Oh did I mention that Silvi was filming all this…

           So then Silvi asks, are here Tit's out, I said no, Silvi responded, thats why I can't get the zipper to go any farther,  Dan, Drag her Tits out,  as Silvi loosened the garment so I could lift each massive breast and position them where they belonged on the built in shelf in the front.

          Silvi began to adjust the strings and tightened each string to form fit the garment, tightening here a bit and loosening there some until she said to me gab her nipples and hold up the sluts tits so I can adjust the top right and when I did Silvi smiled at me so I twisted Eve's nipples and tugged them gently up a bit higher as Eve moaned into her red ball and Silvi slid her finger onto Eve's clit and made her moan even louder, But then stopped abruptly which made Eve moan in frustration..

          Then Silvi tied off each string and cut the excess and then Silvi removed the spreader bar and forced Eve to lift one leg at a time to slide the black stocking up onto her feet and then work them into place until she could snap them to the clips provided on the  Bustier, then Silvi put the finishing touch onto to Eve with a pair of black 4” heels.

         We Lowered Eves hand from the leash and took the cuffs off one hand and refastened Eve's hands behind her and Silvi told Eve to spit out the ball as Silvi moved Eve to the bed on her back and positioned her with her head hanging over the edge of the corner of the bed.  Silvi smiled at me and said this is my gift to you for all the help, you get to watch the show, as Silvi dropped her shorts and sat on Eve's face.

      Silvi took the long handled pink crop out from under the bed and began flailing Eve like a jockey thats behind by a nose at the Kentucky Derby, Silvi stopped as soon as Eve got to doing what Silvi wanted, Silvi came with a gasp and walked over to me and kissed me, we were in a very long embrace and I held her ass as we continued our Kiss.

           Silvi went to Eve and fastened a butterfly to her cilt with straps and set the device on low with a intermittent cycle to keep Eve on or near the brink while Silvi and I returned back to Graces Apartment where Silvi  fucked my brains out, after a half and hour or so Silvi jumped up and said she was going back to her place, she asked if I wanted to come. I asked her what she had in mind, she smiled and said she was going to have her slut clean up the mess that I made, I asked for a rain check, as she pulled up her pants and skipped out the door.

Dear Diary Day-12

     Silvi got the film footage to me the next day and I edited it all together with what we already had, if Silvi kept going we could have a 2 hour full feature movie.  I wrote Silvi that we needed some footage of Eve doing her slave act without being coursed, where she eagerly and willingly performed as her slut slave.

          A couple of days later Silvi brought over more file and asked me to go through it and see if that when we needed or to give her some more Ideas..  

           When I stated watching the raw footage and taking notes and taking down the time stamp to sequence the footage, I saw what she had gotten on film was really good.

         It showed Eve coming home from school with a paper where she copied all her grades on it, Eve dropped the note on the bed, stripped and went itnto the shower came out and toweld off, put on a black dog collar and knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed, knees spread, palms upward waiting for Silvi, her Mistress to arrive home.  When Silvi arrived Eve handed her the note from where she had copied down her grades, all were passing grades. But 2 were quite low.   Silvi sat at the edge of the bed and Eve positioned herself across Silvi's lap as Silvi began to rub Eve's ass gently and the strike out with force and you could see her ass undulate from the force and it didn't take long for her cheeks to turn red as Eve accepted her fate.


            When Silvi finished with Eve's discipline Silvi had Eve remove her clothing and as Silvi got comfortable on the bed she summoned Eve to her and Eve began to make love to her as Silvi directed where when and how much effort and exactly how to please Silvi.

            Then when Evelyn didn't get things exactly right Silvi would slap Eve, once she slapped Eve's face. Then her ass, once right between her spread legs once Eve's tit went flying when she displeased Silvi.  And some how she had gotten it all on film, when the editing was done we had 2 hours and 10 minutes of action only lingering of the efforts Evelyn  put forth and showing her as an obedient slave.

          Evelyn sat nude between Silvi and myself for the premier showing and at first Eve didn't realize she was the star for the first few minutes.  When she did catch on she also realized that she was the one recognizable and every one else's face were hard to make out.  About half way through the showing Eve's eyes were locked on the show as I heard Silvi say to Eve, you know your mine, you belong to me slave, say it slut.

          Evelyn  parroted back “I am your slave, I belong to you Mistress “  Silvi said to Eve, live it, breathe these words, think them, believe them and never forget them or who and what you are slave.  Or perhaps this movie will find it's way to the Internet, to your family and friends.  Just then the credits ran showing a slutty pose of Eve spread knees with both hands between her legs as the credits rolled.  The words on the screen said, “With thanks and gratitude for my Mistress, for showing me who and what I am, with great respect, all my love forever  slave evelyn cooper ”.

           A twinge of terror showed in Evelyn's eyes as the credits went dark everything she saw began to sink in she repeated “I am your slave, I belong to you Mistress “.

            Slivi did a great job detailing her exploits and endeavors in her diary, it was more like a detailed log, I always got the impression she was trying to turn me on, and I might add she was very sucessful in doing just that.

            Silvi took Evelyn shopping and after a while they ended up at Victoria Secrets .

          The clerk noticed Silvi right away she was all decked out wearing a short Mini, a black edged ruffled blouse and 5” heels where Eve was in short shorts no panties and a tee shirt and bra and yellow sneakers.   Silvi saw the name tag of the girl “Brandy”.

            Silvi went to the same sails girl where she went before and who made remarks when she left. Silvi said she wanted a pair of red stockings for the Bustier that she purchased last week.  

            Brandy took her to the rack of nylons and they looked through the colors and decided on red fishnet with black accents instead of sheer.  Brandy took a Petite pair off the rack and Silvi took a pair of regular fit and suggested perhaps we should try them on the last ones were a bit tight.   Silvi turned to Eve and said come slave, quietly, but loud enough for Brandy to hear as Eve blushed and followed to the dressing rooms.

            The 3 of them went into the Handicapped stall to examine the fit of the stockings and just as Brandy was about to leave, Silvi turned to her and said “Stay”.    Silvi mad Eve take off her shorts and Brandy saw immediately she had no panties on and she was shaved, then Silvi asked Brandy if she could help Eve with the stockings.

           Brandy didn't quite know how to act, when she looked back to Silvi, Silvi simply said, careful what you wish for.  Brandy bent over and assisted Eve and they tried on both pair of stockings, Brandy could see how wet Evelyn's pussy and her fragrance was undoubtedly, Eve was getting turned on by Brandy.    Silvi suggested that perhaps they should all get  together and talk later.  Brandy was speechless as Eve got dressed and they went to check out, Brandy wrote her phone number on the receipt for the nylons along with the words “I get off in 20 minutes”.

       Silvi and Evelyn wandered around the mall looking at the window displays and the new clothes that were on display there.   Silvi knew of a coffee shop that was a bit more secluded and had access to an outside seating are outlined with cubicals and plants that obscured the view of passers by she and Eve got coffee and went outside and grabbed a hidden away table. Eve got the job of getting napkins and cleaning up the table to make it suitable for Silvi, while Silvi called Brandy and announced her location in a detailed matter of fact way.

       Silvi and Evelyn waited for Brandy to arrive and join them. Silvi looked straight at Brandy and said Sit!  Silvi began to study Brandy and closely examined what she wore, it was a summer dress that came just above the knee, and although she had been working it was clean and was apparent she took care of her clothes, no frayed edges or discoloration was to be seen on the garment, it wasn't new, Silvi recolonized it from last years Penny's catalog, Silvi's mom had one just like it.

       Silvi held her hand out and asked for Brandy's driver license, Brandy didn't argue and handed it over, on the license  was written, her full name was Elizabeth B, Walters age 33, 5'6” tall and weight 120  Silvi made a note of her address out in farm country some where and handed the license back to Brandy while examining the figure of the woman that was sitting before her.  Brandy's bresta seemed full and pronounced, her waist slim accented by the black belt at her waist.

       Silvi looked Brandy in the eye and watched her avoid direct eye contact and diverted her gaze downward.  Silvi asked why are you here and what exactly do you want?    Brandy was at a loss for words, so Silvi fired what was with you comments in the store, do you feel they were appropriate?

       Brandy was taken aback and started to get up to leave. When Silvi again spoke to her, No one told you to get up, Sit, was your last instruction and that hasn't changed.  Brandy sat quietly feeling intimated by the 19 year old girl and her 18 year old slave girlfriend sitting there watching and sipping her coffee.        

       Brandy started getting the words straight that she wanted to say, it started in a low voice embarrassed that some one else might hear and she rambled on telling Silvi in front of Evelyn that she had been searching for a Mistress for 3 years now and that she hadn't had any luck finding anyone who possessed the qualities she needed  to guide her and train her or control her in a 500 mile radius of the town where she lived.

         Brandy went on to say that she had found allot of women who wanted to play at domination but they really didn't know what they were doing from what she had read and the suggestion and recommendations that were listed on most BDSM and S/M web sites.

        She was at whits end and even contemplated moving to achieve her hearts desire.  She said that she was married and lost her husband in the war and that she hadn't remarried. She said she had gotten some contacts of men who wanted to train her, but she wasn't up for that.  She was afraid that she could wind up in a abusive relationship like her parents had.  She wanted to be taught and controlled not beaten and battered into submission.  Then with a tear in her eye she asked can you help me please?

       Silvi reached out and held both her hands and said,  I think your putting too much faith in me, I'm new to all this myself, I have a mentor and I'm learning but there's allot I don't know, for now I just sort of make up the rules to suite me as I go.

       Silvi continued, yes perhaps I can help you, but you need to understand that I have other commitments and there's a limit to how much time I can devote to your needs.

       Silvi continued and wrote her number and email address down for Brandy, and slid it over to where she was sitting, you need to realize that if you think this through I will eventually own you, you will give up everything that I say and do as I say.  I will allow you to keep your job for now, but everything else is subject to change.  I can promise that I do have an objective and a plan to reach that objective as you have seen a glimpse of here with Evelyn.

       For now go home, think on it,  Keep a clear head, no drugs, no drink and keep your fingers off your cunt.  After all that's the way it's going to be if you decide to accept my offer.  With a concerned look on her face she asked, For how long and Silvi snapped back until I tell you different!  Then Silvi asked, how often do you play with you cunt slut? And with a quiet tone Brandy answered 4 to 5 times a day.

       Then there was a long pause while Silvi looked at Eve with a smirk on her face, Silvi asked Eve, when do you play with your cunt slut?  And Evelyn replied, only when Mistress orders me too.  Brandy, that's a lesson to live by. Brandy chimed in “ what if I can't” and I replied, ever hear of Spare the rod and spoil the slut?   I won't spare the rod, and your going to have to willingly accept that, but if it's that difficult for you to obey the simplest of rules then perhaps this isn't for you after all.

           Silvi motioned for Eve to get up they left Brandy mulling over her possibilities.   Silvi told her, this is Tuesday, I expect to hear from you no later than  Friday morning.  Tomorrow I will expect an email from you listing all your sex partners in the last 5 years, after you complete that list make another on with all the sex toy's and or bondage equipment, whips chains, paddles and when I get here I expect you to display all of it, lay it out neatly and orderly on your bed.

Dear Diary Day-13

        Wednesday morning while Eve and Silvi the phone started ringing and it was Brandy, she left several messages for Silvi, but Brandy seemed to have something to say to Silvi.  Eve was dropped off at school and Silvi used her GPS to find Brandy's address, it took her 30 minutes to get there but when she arrived she saw it was a farm with the farm house a mile up the drive and there was a big red barn in the back.

       Silvi walked up on the front porch and called Brandy's phone, she answered and Silvi told her to come to the front door, she did and opened it for Silvi.   Brandy was still dressed in her night gown so when Silvi got through the front door and it closed behind her she turned and asked Brandy, well, what have you decided?  And what was the rush?

       Brandy asked if Silvi would train her.  Silvi smiled and asked Brandy if she was ready to begin, Brandy answered yes after a pause.  Silvi asked are we alone here or is there some one else in the house?  Brandy said, it's just you and me.

       Silvi told her to strip, Brandy asked what right here, as she stood in the living room, Silvi said here and now.  As Brandy removed her night gown and unclipped her bra and slid down her panties Silvi asked her if she was able to keep her hands off her pussy, no Mistress, she answered.

       I told her to place her hands on top of her head as I examined her and cupped her breast while walking around her back scrapping my nails across her back making her shiver.  I told her, anytime I am near you you must always eagerly spread your legs for me as I ran my finger down the crack of her ass cheeks, she opened up for me to access her delights, she was sopping wet as I toyed with her.

       I said to Brandy, you want to cum don't you, she immediately said “Yes please”.  I made her crawl up on an old wooden coffee table on all fours and made her display herself and it allowed me to view her tit's hanging and swaying while I fondled her ass and pussy with my other hand making her even wetter, then without warning I slapped her ass hard alternating between ass cheeks after 4 swats I said to her, You couldn't keep your hands off your cunt for 24 hours, all you could think of was disobeying me. She said, sorry Mistress..


       Sorry your sore ass I said. Over on your back slut, knees up and spread, and now your going to show me exactly how and what you did without my permission, you came once today, you said you fuck yourself and play with your clit up to 5 times a day, well slut your going to cum for me 4 times back to back while I watch and don't hold back.

       As she got closer to orgasm she began to narrate and convey her emotions, tell me how close she was and then she asked for permission. I picked up my phone and got ready to snap a pic at the magic moment with flash. I instructed now matter what don't stop keep on cuming 3 more time just then her ass came off the table and I snapped the pic, it startled her but she kept on, so I just randomly took pic's of her.

        The stills didn't do justice of the noises she made and the squishing sounds as she flailed her cunt at a rapid rate, so fast I couldn't see her fingers, they were a blur . 

       As brandy was finishing and slowing her efforts Silvi dialed her phone and called Dan.  When Dan answered she told him that she had discovered a new slut who was desperate and wanted to be trained.  Shes splayed out and just came for me and she seems to be appricative for allowing her to show me how she cums, would you believe this slut just plays with herself 5 times a day at will…  Is there anything we can come up with to train her and control where her finger go and when abd where there allowed to go, how do I control her?  Dan said there's an old device the English Royalty used, perhaps you've heard of it, a Chastity belt.   I hear modern ones are comfy and make the cunt inaccessible for the wearer, there hygienic and they can shower or bath with them on, they just can't touch themselves.  Ok, thanks Dan, have a great day.

       I told Brandy to get up and then I forced her on her knees infront of the table and made her lick up her mess and then I told her to use a damp cloth and some wax and a polish rag to bring up the luster, I allowed my fingers to run over the top of the door casings and discovered dust and I made Brandy clean her house better in those areas where I saw questionable house work and she did good, completely nude while I got on her Desktop computer and began to search for Chastity belts.

       I got more results that what I figured on, some looked more like medieval torture devices. Brandy was looking over my shoulder as I picked out the one I wanted.  I told brandy to get me a tape measure and to bring her wallet.  When she returned I measured her and decided that a small would fit her and it was on sale, hey who can't resist a sale?  $450, on sale for $329.  I too Brandy's credit cards out and chose one and entered the information and had it mailed to her home with a rush delivery charge.

        I told Brandy that a package was coming and that when it arrived she was not to open it.  I took Brandy upstairs and had her show me the rest of her home and we also examined her sex toys and I made some remarks, that the condition of some of the stuff which I grabbed and threw out and told her to replace it, she asked why.  

       I showed her a butt plug that was rubber but it was cracked and had fishers in it where bacteria and fungus or mold could grow if it wasn't kept clean and therefore it it wasn't in prefect order she was going to have to replace it, besides I said you need a larger one anyway slut.

       I also told her to get leather wrist and ankle and thigh cuffs, a 2” and a 3” rubber cock by 8 to 12 inches and I told her I'd stop by tractor supply and get a crop and whip, some ratchet straps and a variety of carabiner clips . Brandy never squawked of flinched and seemed agreeable with all my comments.   I told her that I wanted her to write a diary and send me daily excerpts, I told her I wanted to know what she felt, what she thought what she craved and what she really needed.  I also told her that I wanted to know her schedule and to include any changes in her daily diary excerpt.   I asked her how much vacation time she had coming and when she would take time off would be coordinated by me!

       Brandy seemed to understand and agreed, she said she got 20 days vacation a year, starting in June abd whatever time she didn't take before then she would loose.

       I decided that she was taking the week off at the end of the month so we could get into her training and establish a routine for her.  Since they we redoing the store where I worked and that would coincide with when I would be off work. That left us 10 day before Vacation would begin, I decided to leave Evelyn in my apartment and I would prepare her for that and have Dan look in on her.

       I had to come up with a plan to break Brandy and make her mine and make sure I had everything I needed. I began with a grocery list for Brandy to go shopping so we wouldn't loose time during the week we were off and I could spend 24/7 in her fundamental education.  

       I went to the drug store and picked up some condoms and they had a large body massager with all kinds of attachments which peaked my interest and I had great uses for.

       I spoke with Dan and Grace and told them that I could see a lucrative business possibilities, when I relaid Brandy's story to them and some of my plans for her, Gracie was sure that Dan was creating a monster with a smile on her face.  Dan asked how something like that might work and what I was thinking.

       Well I said, what if I had a large house 6 bedrooms, I could put 2 girls in a room.  Girls with similar needs as Brandy, a desire to find a mistress. And say I moved them in and charged them room and board and a fee for training them, according to Brandy there's a shortage of Dominant women in this area and that she has been searching for years without success.  I think with even 3 women I could quit my job and make a living just training willing and eager slut slaves.   Were going to have to look into some BDSM and slavery web sites, you know what they say,   Advertise and they will cum..  With that all 3 of us laughed.

       I got a call from Brandy that the package had arrived for me, so that evening I drove straight out to the farm. I took all the items that I would need and called Brandy when I was at her door.   I made a fuss because she was wearing her work clothes, and made her strip and reinforced in what state of undress I wanted to find her whenever I arrived at her door.

        I commandeered the walk in closet at the bottom of the stairs it had a old fashioned key in the lock, I made Brandy get her stuff out of there and had her get all her sex toys and we cleaned the old stuff, and unpacked the new stuff and washed and zip locked bagged everything into plastic baskets and stored them in my new closet and then I locked it and pocket the key.    I had sorted out a pair of cuffs and a leash. 

       I cuffed Brandy's hands behind her back  and took her outside on the front porch, I clipped the leash  to her cuffs and the other end to a hook high what look like a hook for an old porch swing, then I went back inside to get the new acquisition a leather paddle which had a bunch of quarter inch holes in it and the box that arrived that day.

       All sides of the porch were covered with 16 foot tall arborvitae  so you could only see a narrow strip between the trees.  That and we were a mile off the road so I thought it to be safe enough to fool around a bit.

       I approached Brandy and I grasped her left nipple and drew her to me and I kissed her passionately and she responded, I continued to tease and tickle until I reached her clit, she eagerly spread her legs, remembering her lessons from days past and then I asked her when she was good and wet and humping at my finger to get more contact, if she had kept her hands off my cunt?  She moaned and told me she couldn't, so I slapped her face lightly,  So you disobeyed, she looked at me getting a feeling that this could get serious.

       I pulled up on the leash that held her arms and she bent over as her arms were lifted by me and I tied off the leash so she couldn't straighten up any more.  I felt her ass and rubbed it and forced her to spread her legs and that made her bend over even further and it put even more tension on her arms.

       I spoke to her and told her how much it hurts me when she disobeys and goes against my wishes, that's when the paddle made hard contact with her ass, Swat, and she yelped and cried out, I suggested she shut up so she wouldn't attract the neighbors.  I held out a red rubber ball in front of her face, next swat, take this and hold it, next swat,  it should help you control yourself , next swat, and stifle your screams slut.  Swat, You have to learn, Swat, you disobey, Swat, you will be punished with 10 swats, you will count them with a grunt.  Swat, If You drop the ball, Swat, thats there to help you, you get 10 more, you loose count, we start over, you will learn to obey me, I am here to help you learn, and when were done, you will need to thank me, forget and we start over from the beginning.  Tears were flowing freely at this point as I held my hand out and I told her to spit out the ball, then I asked her How many?, she answered 10, so I complimented her “Good Girl”, but you need to realize I'm not always going to stop at 10, I may stop and 8 or 9 and if you miss count we start over her ass was blistering red, so I puy some salve on her but and she seemed to really like that,I left her tied there as I opened the box and took out the chastity belt.  It was nicely made, I read the comments on the site and it was made for extended wear with artificial leather, rubberized sort of stuff and stainless steel, I put it on her and moved the slots so it would be snug and then locked the built in locks and put the key with the door key from the closet.

       Then I lowered her  from the hook above and led her back into the house. I held the ball before her lips and she took it willingly an carried it as I removed her cuffs and returned them to the closet, with the paddle.

       I took her to the couch where she stood, didn't want to sit on that red ass, so I suggested kneel and she went right down on her knees and as a gesture I kissed her forehead and allowed her to spit out the ball.

        You could come up here and kneel , showing a spot on either side of my thighs strattling me.  She did and I hugged her to me touching her back and fondling her breasts and kissing her lips, so I asked her, you want to get off don't you, she nodded quickly.  I told her to get up on the table, she was quick about it.  I went back to the closet and got a medium butt plug and some lube and a 2” rubber cock.  I told her we cn do this only if you stay still, Understand, and she emphatically said Yes Mistress.  She gasped when the cold lube hit her sphincter  and the plug started to make it's way into the depths of her bowels , I got it all the way in and her muscles locked it in place, I continue to thump it with my finger, making her jump slightly and then she started beging for me to fuck her, I may have rubbed to hard in her pussy region through her belt, but I had no intension of taking it off.

       She just kept on wanting more and begging so I pulled out the plug and replaced it with the rubber cock, she squealed like crazy while rocking back and forth trying to stuff more up her ass.  I had never seen anyone that wild and unable to control there own emotions but she was there rocking trying to fuck herself even deeper, using swear words that I had rarely even heard anyone speak and she was screaming foul mouthed and It seemed like it might never stop, I was beginning to think I broke her.  That's when I decided to stop and I pulled out the cock and slapped her ass, and told her to get in the shower.

When she emerged from the bathroom I could tell she tried like hell to get at her clit but the belt had foiled her attempt.  I told her in 3 days we go on vacation, thats when I take the belt off.    You have a choice, either you wear the belt or you wear cuffs and a collar and your hands are kept out of reach of my cunt, but how do you go to work in your cuffs and collar?  

       While Brandy was in the bathroom I lifted my short skirt and removed my panties and put them in my purse and smoothed out my skirt.  I took her by the hand and kissed her and told her I understand and that it's frustrating for me too as I led her towards the bed and pushed her on her back and straddled her ears and let my skirt ride up so I could widen out my knees and get her face onto my pussy while facing her feet I could see all of her as I teased her nipples and with encouraging words, while gave her detailed instructions on where and what to kiss and how hard to kiss it, when and where I wanted her tongue and how much force, till I got close I just began to chant, faster, harder, now, when I finished I had her lick me spotless even up the crack of my ass.  Then I got up to pee and I had her walk me to the door, I kissed Brandy and told her  she just a couple of days till Friday evening and then the belt comes off and I am going to give you a bath and wash you all over, would you like that?  Brandy nodded and held me in and embrace that was firm and left me wanting and made it hard to leave.

I kissed her and said later lover….

   I do hope you enjoy my account of Dear Diary ;

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