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Part 1


A light mist shrouds the majestic sight of Hampton Court Palace as Master turns his car into the sparsely populated car park and finds a space away from the other vehicles.   Switching off the engine he climbs out of the car and circles around to the passenger door, opening it and reaching into offer a gentlemanly hand to the girl within.

Taking Ashleys hand and guiding her from car, the flowing length of the black cloak surrounding her tumbles down to her ankles as she stands and contrasts against the silver tresses of her hair that cascades around her shoulders.  Below the cloak Ashley wears an under the bust corset with a sheer white lace blouse obscuring her exposed breasts but not entirely disguising her prominent nipples.  Her outfit for the day is completed by a leather spanking skirt that ends a few inches above her knee and the rear of which is made up purely of a waist band and two buckled straps at the backs of her thighs.

As Ashley stands, Master runs his hands up her arms to her shoulders and turns her to face the car, trapping her between him and the door frame.  Reaching down he takes a handful of the cloak and lifts it up and throws it over one shoulder to expose her back to him.  Returning his hands to her shoulders he strokes down her exposed skin as he draws her arms behind her back, making her bend them at the elbows and reach her hands towards the opposite elbows so they cross over her spine.

Master reaches to the back of his belt and retrieves a length of rope he has stashed there, releasing the rope he quickly locates the centre and begins by looping it around her right wrist and left forearm binding them together.  Coiling the rope around and around her forearms he gradually pins them in place, trapping her arms across her back and forcing Ashley to shift her posture, thrusting her chest out further.

Satisfied that Ashleys arms are securely bound Master drops the cloak back over her, hiding her bondage for now.  Turning her to face him he draws the cloak closer around her, buttoning it at the front to hide her form while they make it past the front desk.

Reaching into the back seat of the car Master retrieves a black holdall containing further items for the day ahead before locking up the car and with a hand at Ashleys back walking her across the car park towards the stately homes entrance.

Paying the admission fee with only the slightest of odd glances from the attendant and skipping past the gift shop they head to the Palace, Masters hand always at Ashleys back or side, occasionally slipping down to her rear to feel her cheek through the cloak.  As they reach the impressive entrance way Master pauses and turns his girl to face him, unbuttoning the cloak to her neck he lets it hang open showing off her corseted figure, the strict boning forcing her soft, supple curves into a rigorously enforced hourglass.

With a hand always on her again Master guides Ashley into the Palace to view the exhibits on display and making sure to display her as well.   He takes his time in examining the art works and sights, pausing to read some of the notes about various items and making sure to prolong Ashleys time in public bondage, increasing her teasing.   With only the top button of the cloak now done up the two halves hang open, covering her shoulders and chest but showing off the tight leather skirt and corset for all to see, earning her some disapproving as well as lustful glances.

After half an hour of teasing his slut Master finally leads her from the stately home and out into the gardens, he too is growing impatient for the fun he has in mind he leads her past the ornamental gardens, the crunch of their footfalls on the fine gravel of the paths the only sound in the still fresh morning air.

Letting his hand slip inside her cloak to rest at the base of her spine Master guides Ashley through the entrance to the maze and straight away takes a left, obscuring them from the view of others in the gardens.  Looking his girl up and down Master swings the hold all from his shoulder and flips it open, delving inside for the leather posture collar he had packed earlier.  Holding it open for Ashleys slender neck, she leans forward slightly to accept its embrace and then back again as he reaches around her to buckle it tightly at the nape of her neck and trapping her head in a proudly aloft position. 

Next from the case comes a metal ring gag, a pair of metal prongs curling from the ring on each side above and below the strap to encircle Ashleys cheeks as the gag is slotted into place behind her teeth to hold her jaws splayed wide.  The case also produces a pair of lined leather cuffs linked by a foot long chain that Master squats to attach to Ashleys ankles and effectively hobble her.

With his girl becoming gradually more helpless Master steps around Ashley to slip a blindfold over her eyes, tying the black cotton strip at the back of her head and plunging her into darkness.  Lastly from the case comes a leash which he clips to the front of the posture collar before he steps back in front of his girl and leads her off into the maze.

Walking slowly so the hobbled slave girl behind him can try and keep up, putting her trust in her Master and stepping a little unsurely with her overly high heels on the gravel path.  A couple of times he pauses at an intersection to turn her around a few times denying her any chance at all of figuring out just what route they have taken through the famous maze.

After ten minutes of slow progress they arrive at the deserted centre of the maze.  Continuing to the side of the central plot Master takes the end of the leash and ties it off to one of the benches there, forcing Ashley to bend uncomfortably.  Pulling the leash tight and knotting it back to the D-ring at the front of collar to leave her bent over double, the corset forcing her to bend at the waist.  Master flicks up the cloak over her back gives her exposed buttocks a slap with a warning to keep her legs straight and arse high.

Placing the holdall on the bench by Ashley he reaches in to withdraw the paddle waiting menacingly inside, stepping to her side Master reaches down to run a hand up the back of her bare thigh to grasp and squeeze an exposed buttock, digging his fingers in and prising her cheeks apart to display her puckered arsehole and her glistening and pouting pussy lips.

Releasing his hold on her rump Master reaches across with his left hand to find the knot of the blindfold, the dark material contrasting with her silver locks, finding the end of the material he pulls it free.  The blindfold slipping from her eyes just as the paddle falls on her rear making her eyes snap open just as she tries to blink against the sudden in flow of light.  The paddle elicits a grunt from between her gaping mouth as the flashes dances across her vision from the light.

As he raises the paddle time and again Master beats out a steady tempo on Ashleys rear, turning both cheeks first pink and then a deep red.  When he is satisfied with the shade he pauses for a moment to let her gasp for breath, her gasps and grunts coming louder from the steel ring of the gag as the paddling had progressed.  Enjoying the feel of the heat in her rear he rubs her for a moment and then runs the paddle up the backs of her thighs before angling it between them to tease a corner between her sodden lips and then dragging the edge of the paddle between them.  Holding it up to the light he examines the trail of juices left smeared along the blade before turning his attention to the backs of her thighs for a dozen strokes, each one alternating legs to redden them too.

Returning the paddle to the holdall he slips it back over his shoulder and prepares for the last part of Ashleys torment for the morning.  Untying the leash from the bench he helps his girl straighten up and turns her to face him, unclipping the leash from her collar and dropping it back into the case.  Reaching around her he slips one hand into her silver tresses and takes a tight hold, fingers clenching around her hair as his free hand finds the d-ring on the collar and uses the combination to pull her closer and up on to her tip toes so that he only needs to tilt his head forwards a little to kiss her through her open gag, finding her tongue with his and tasting his girl.  Releasing his hold on her collar his hand drops to her bust and scoops her breasts from the minimal confines of her gauzy blouse, finger tips finding and tweaking each already achingly hard nipple. 

Pulling back he breaks the kiss and hunts out the penultimate surprise hidden with in his bag of tricks.  Out comes a pair of nipple clamps, the metal pincers each with a small bell hanging from the end and eagerly accepting the stiff buds of Ashleys nipples between their tormenting grip. A flick of his finger makes each bell ring out and his girl shudder at the slight twist this applies to her nipples.

With a wicked grin flashing across his lips he releases Ashleys hair and grasping her shoulders spins her around to face the bench once more, the sudden motion making the bells ring out once more before he pushes a hand to the back of her head and forces her down, lifting the cloak once more to expose her backside framed by the spanking skirt.

From the case he removes the last item to tease her, a U-shaped device perfectly designed to slip inside her and leave one prong pressed against her clitoris and the other her g-spot, each prong containing its own remote controlled motor.  His hand slips between her thighs to rub her pussy and easily slip two fingers into her up to the knuckle as he explains the new toys uses and what it will do to her.  Satisfied that she is ready for the toy he presses one of its arms against her slit and eases it inside her, checking it is positioned deeply so that it cannot slip out of her.

With a flick of the remote control he lets her feel each arm running at slow and then fast settings before giving her just a second or two of both at full speed, a wicked chuckle comes from Master as Ashley bucks her hips against the sensations running through her insides, already so aroused from her exposure and paddling, the bells chiming gently again as she struggles to control herself.

Flicking the toy back to its off position Master explains which setting he will be using next.  A teasing, pulsating setting that slowly brings each arm of the U in turn to full speed from its slowest speed before shutting off for a 10 seconds and the other arm starting up.  A highly stimulating process but not quite enough to get a bound girl off.

With that he flicks the remote to the setting that will be driving her to distraction and snatches up the holdall and heads off out of the centre of the maze, calling over his shoulder that he would be waiting for his girl at the entrance to the maze where she would get to collect her reward.

Straightening up so that her cloak falls down to cover her reddened rear and her hair cascades down her back once more, Ashley shuffles around to face the maze once more and begins her hobbled steps towards the gap in the hedge.  She is horribly aware of just how much flesh she is exposing and how she must look gagged and collared, breasts clamped and on display, not knowing if she will meet anyone in the maze or even how long it will take her to find her way out.

Each short tottering step causes the toy to shift slightly inside her, depending which part of the vibrator is running this either brings her a moments relief from its relentless teasing or causing it to grind harder against her.

Turning a corner Ashley finds a wall of hedge facing her and with a sigh she turns again only to hear voices in the maze, her steps become quicker as she prays not to run into anyone, the embarrassment of being seen like this driving her on and making her heart beat faster but still causing her pussy to throb and ache all the more.  The torment of the vibrator almost more than she can stand as she hears voices getting closer and turns to face the hedge, pressing herself to it and feeling the prickles of the leaves against her bare breasts as she catches sight of an old couple walk down the passage she had just turned off and thankfully not turning to see her. 

Using the path of the others as a clue she turns back onto the right path and with heart pounding trys to increase the pace of her hobbled steps and find her way to her Master and her reward,

Master waits by the entrance to the maze, listening intently for the sound of bells or open mouthed gasps and groans.  Only one couple had passed him since he had left Ashley and he considered whether this was too early in the day for her torment but saw no reason to go out of his way to get his slave girl arrested for indecent exposure.    

Just as this thought crosses his mind he hears a chime of bells, and turns to look down the path to his left and see his beautiful slave girl hove into view.  Even at this distance he can see her eyes widen with happiness at the sight of her Master and knowing her reward may be close at hand.  Ashley strides as purposefully as a bound and hobbled slave girl can towards her Master, eager to be close to him again.

As she nears he slips the control to the vibrator into his hand again and thumbs through its various programs until both ends of the U spring into life, straight to full speed.  She nearly topples and falls at the sudden burst of pleasure but he reaches out for her, holding her and pulling her close into his embrace as he leans down to whisper in her ear, demanding her orgasm, that she cums for him once more.  His lips seeking out her neck around the collar as she bucks in his arms, her orgasm flowing through her as he holds her close in his strong arms, her body so small and powerless next to him as she shakes through a powerful orgasm.

Reaching down he pulls up the back of her cloak to squeeze her arse once more, pleased to feel it still hot in his hands, a finger tip slipping between her cheeks to tease her arsehole as she gasps in pleasure through her gag. 

AS he feels her body stiffen and then release against him he allows her a few more seconds of the toy running against her before switching it off, her body almost sagging against him as it shuts off, holding her as she regains enough composure to stand unaided he reaches to her bust and slips the clamps off her nipples making her gasp in pain as the blood rushes back to her crushed buds.  Next off comes the gag to let her work her jaw again and thank her Master properly for letting her cum and tormenting her like this. 

Squatting down quickly he removes the cuffs from her ankles and then reattaches the leash to her posture collar to take her back to the car.   Leading her proudly across the gardens for all to see and admire, her cloak swinging open to show off her legs and figure, breasts still more than partially exposed by her flimsy top gaping open at her neck.

An old man is caught starring by his wife who slaps him on the arm for his hungry gaze.  As they return to the car park and find their vehicle, Master opens the door for Ashley and again traps her between him and it.  Turning her to face the car he reaches under her cloak to at last remove the ropes binding her arms, rubbing some life back into them before helping her in to the car, hearing her gasp as she sits and the seat pushes that toy a little deeper into her.

Closing the door and climbing into the drives side he puts the car in gear and prepares to pull out of the car park but pauses for a moment to place the remote control for Ashleys toy on the dash board and then reach across to take a hold of her right hand and place it in his lap, letting her feel the hard bulge of his shaft through the black material of his trousers.  With her hand where they both want it he pulls away from the stately home and on to their next destination....

Review This Story || Author: Ecthelion
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