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Jane Becomes a Latex Sex Doll

Part 1

Jane the Model.


Jane had just turned 18 and had left 6th form and was starting her new life in London at university studying modern art. She had led a sheltered life with everything she every wanted provided for her by her parents. She never wanted for anything, unfortunately both her parents had died in a car crash 2 weeks after her finishing 6th form.

She struggled to cope with her lose but after help from her friends she was convinced that going on to uni and doing well in life would be what her parents would want for her. She had been left quite comfortable from her inheritance and was able to purchase a small flat close to uni.

Jane moved to London in mid July and settled into her flat and spent 2 months before starting uni sorting her life out, she spent most of her inheritance in those 2 months but had a very nice flat and was quite happy, she was enjoying her new life in London as much as she could under the circumstances.

September soon came around and Uni started, Jane threw herself into her course as she had moved to London and didn't really know that many people, other than the odd person at her local pub where she tended to eat several times a week. Her course was going well and she was enjoying it, the Christmas break was fast approaching and the course tutor set everybody a piece of course work for the break, the course was was simply to 'find out and explain becoming a model for a day'.

Jane thought long and hard about her assignment but with no real ideas of what she could do, a week into her Christmas break Jane was sat in her local having a meal and got chatting with her friend Emma at the bar over a few drinks, Emma worked in marketing and promotion for a small firm based in the centre of London, Jane explained her assignment to Emma and mentioned that she was struggling to come up with ideas of what to do or even how to find something to do.

Emma then told Jane that she was taking art lessons and a small but nice studio in Camden town and they had been looking for  life model to paint. “Would you be interested in being our life model Jane, it is a form of modelling, it would be nude or with very little clothing however, but this surely adds to your assignment as you can then discuss your thoughts on become a nude model and how it felt and you could use my painting as part of your assignment, what do you think, oh and we do pay a small fee by the way”.

Jane thought about this for a few minutes and then agreed after all, a couple of hours one night in a room, naked granted, and getting paid for it, her assignment could pretty much write its self, “ your on” she said.

Emma said she would sort out the details and let her know when and where but they could go together.


Emma and Jane had spoken several times over the next week and the day had arrived for the modelling session for Emma's class, they both met at the local and had a quick drink, Jane had a couple of vodka's just to settle her nerves a little, she had written the first part of her Uni assignment explaining her nerves and what she anticipated would happen.

They got a taxi to the studio at 6.30 and arrived in Camden at 7.00 pulling up outside they got out of the taxi. Jane looked around and spotted across the road 'S&M studio's' the name didn't even cross her mind at the time.

Off they went inside and Jane was introduced to the class tutor, Sam. “Good evening Jane and thank you for agreeing to be our life model subject for this evenings class, has Emma told you anything about this evening” said Sam, “not really” Jane replied.

“Well its quite simple Jane I have an outfit for you (at which point Jane was happy as she fully expected to be nude for the session) if you would like to come with me and I can help you out with it, oh and if you can just sign this release form for me that would be great, it just says you are happy for our students to use you as a model to paint” “ no problems” replied Jane and signed the form, “are you happy for me to use tonight as part of my Uni assignment” She said to Sam, “But of course Jane” replied Sam and lead her down the corridor to a small room.

Now Jane was a virgin and had never really been naked with anybody before so was a little apprehensive about Sam saying he would help her with her outfit, but assumed all would be fine, the couple of drinks she'd and helped and she thought he would just leave her to it. She was wrong of course.

Once inside the room Sam walked over to a small chest in the corner and said to Jane if you would like to strip off for me whilst I sort your outfit that would be great, Jane noticed a chair to the left and used that to place her clothes in a nice neat pile and then stood with her arms folded across her breasts and her legs crossed.

Ok Jane, this evening we are studying the fetish scene of Ponygirls “Pardon” said Jane quite surprised “Fetish scene, Ponygirls, What are you on about” said Jane in a very worried voice. “sorry” said Sam, “did Emma not explain we are a fetish studio and tonight'ss subject is the life ofpony girlsls, its nothing to worry about its only a costume” “are you sure” said Jane “I've never even seen anything like that before” “Ok” said Sam “lets take it step by step and I will explain as we go, however the contact you signed did say that you were happy tproceedde” “lets give it ago then I suppose” said Jane still a little worried.

Sam then turned back to the chest and produced a corset to begin with, He fitted the corset on Jane which only covered her stomach and seem to lift her 38 dd chest. He proceeded to lace the corset which was quite tight, to Jane anyway. “there we go not so bad a” said Sam and turned back to the chest. Next came some shoes, these laced upto just under her knees and  where arching her feet as high heels would do but had no real heal to them. Jane wobbled a little in them but was ok after a few minutes.

“just a few more bits and were good to go” said Sam.

Next he pulled out a head harness, straps ran over her head under her chin up and around her nose and fastened behind her head, on top of the harness was a cluster of Pink Feathers. The harness had 2 rings either side of her mouth. “Strange thought Jane”

“Please put your arms together behind your back Jane” said Sam and as she did so her produced the next item from the chest, an armbinder, not that Jane could see as Sam was now stood behind her, he slipped the armbinder up her arms and fastened it over her shoulders with straps which buckled at the front, and then quickly laced the binder tighter, “Ow” said Jane “sorry” Sam said “but look down at your fine breasts now, they were pushed out and up even more, Jane never knew her breasts could look so good.

“2 last items and your ready” said Sam with a slight chuckle. From behind he then reached over her head and inserted a metal bit gag into her mouth before Jane could protest, she shook her head to say no but it was too late to stop him, he attached the gag to the rings either side of her mouth and tighten the head harness, this forced the gag further into her mouth and she could only manage a mumble.

“final item Jane please bend forward a little” Before she knew what was happening Sam had lubed a small (not that it felt small to Jane who was a virgin) butt plug and had inserted it quite firmly into Jane's Ass. Jane screamed into the gag in pain, Sam just laughed and said “every good pony girl needs a tail Jane” as he dropped the tail which swished behind Jane's legs, she could feel it but could see it.

Sam uncovered a large full length mirror on the back wall and turned Jane so she could see herself.

“You look stunning Jane I must say” Said Sam smiling. Jane looked at herself and as surprised as she was she did like what she saw, she moved around to inspect her self and saw for the first time her tail.

“you like it don't you” She nodded again.

Come on the time for class. Sam helped her walk from the room down the corridor and into the studio, Jane had a quick look around and was blushing as she saw at least a dozen students sat around waiting for her, She caught Emmas eye and Emma Smiled and winked at her.

“She knew thought Jane Bitch, Ill get her for this later, she owes me so many drinks”

Jane was lead into the middle of the room where she had not notice stood a sort of horse cart, it had big wheels a single low platform and bars that ran out the side infont. Sam walked Jane over to it and the turned her round and backed her inbetween the bars, he then lifted the bars and attached then with clips to the side of her corset. Jane was now mounted to the cart.

And there she stood, gagged with a increasing pain in her ass from her new tail attached to a cart.

Sam then said to Jane's Surprise “ and our 2nd guest tonight is John, he will be our rider, From the door that Jane had come in walked John, Dressed in full leather and holding some leather straps.

John walked over to Jane and smiled, he patted her on her ass and said “lovely me meet you Jane, I'm John I will be your rider tonight, Sam forgot this as he produced the leather straps.” he then proceeded to attach the straps via strong crocodile clips to her nipples, and fed them round her back 1 either side of her and the went and stood in the cart and held the reins, gently pulling on them, which of course pulled at Jane's nipples, Jane Screamed into her gag and the students laughed.

OK Class lets begin our painting, you have 4 hours to complete, Jane's head rushed 4 hours like this oh god.


The class in the end went fantastic Emma's painting was stunning and Jane actually loved it. Everybody in the class was so nice and complemented Jane on how good she looked as a ponygirl and asked her if she would consider doing some more modelling for them. Jane told them that it was a little early to say yes and that she would consider it though. She pretty much knew that she would agree but didn't want to look to eager to become a fetish model.

Sam took her to one side and said “well done Jane you were stunning and John really enjoyed working with you, hope he didn't pull too much on your reins. Anyway heres your payment for tonight's work as agreed with Emma.” and he handed Jane a cheque for £1,000, Jane looked at the cheque and then at Sam, “Are you sure this is right, a Thousand pounds for 4 hours?” “Yes of course fetish models are paid well as you are in short supply, Thank you again and we all hope to see you again”.

Everybody left and Jane and Emma got a taxi back home, Jane spoke sternly to Emma in the taxi on the way home “You could have bloody told me what I was letting myself in for you bitch” “Sorry but would you have agreed if you had known” said Emma in reply, “anyway you enjoyed it didn't you?” “Well yes I suppose I did really, although that bloody butt plug was a surprise and it hurt the whole time it was in, my ass is on fire now” “Yeah sorry bout that they do hurt a little the first few times” said Emma with a smile.

Jane looked at Emma, “you seem to have experience of Butt Plugs” “God yeah, love them, I go to work most days with one of mine in, Feels so good and nobody has a clue its there, I have so many different types including a pair of latex pants which has 2 insertables, Really love them at work, fetish can be so much fun” Emma laughs.

They got back home and parted company with a quick hug, as Emma turned to leave she gave Jane a quick slap on the ass and said don't worry your ass will be fine in the morning. “bitch” Jane laughed in reply.

Jane couldn't sleep that night and finished her assignment off in one go.

Jane went back to Uni in early January and handed in her assignment, and carried on with her course, The following week in the class from which the assignment was handed out the tutor gave out marks to each student, Emma got a A** with a note from her tutor “this is fantastic work Jane, Really well done, its the best any student has ever completed and so daring, Top Marks keep it up”

Jane rang Emma that lunch and suggested that they meet for a drink later, “great idea Jane, come to mine at 7.00 and we will go on from there” Emma said.

Jane was really looking forward to seeing Emma again and wanted to know more about her involvement in the fetish scene.


Jane arrived at Emma's flat at 6.45 that evening and rang the buzzer, “come up Jane came the reply on the door entry system, Top floor Flat 12, doors open come in I'm just getting ready” Jane went on up and found the flat, she tried the door and yep it was open she knocked and went in. She walked into a small hall way with 3 doors leading off it, I'm in here came Emma's Shout.

Jane followed the voice into Emma's bedroom, She stood shocked at the door, Emma was stood in the middle of the room naked doing her hair at the mirror, “caught me Emma laughed, but your timings great I needed a hand” “what's up” Jane replied looking around the room, she spotted latex pants and leggings on the bed.

I need your help in a minute these things are a pain to sort out, pointing at the items on the bed. With that she finished her hair and turned around, Emma was stunning and Jane felt a little shy at seeing Emma like this, She had very pert breasts a little smaller than her own but perfectly formed, and she was completely shaved. “wow” said Jane, “What” Said Emma looking at her, “do you always shave your pubic hair?” Jane quietly replied, “God yes, so much better and easier to play with” Emma Laughed.

At that she walked over and picked up the latex pants and covered the dildos in lube, “you gonna put that on now” Jane asked sort of shocked, “Er yeah course, Feels great.”

With that she stepped into the pants and motioned Jane over, Jane just looked at her not really knowing what to do Emma was standing in the middle of the room latex pants around the top of her thighs, Jane then noticed 2 tubes with bulbs on the ends hanging by Emma's knees. “what do you want me to do” she eventually said, “you need to guide my butt plug in place whilst I fill my pussy” Emma laughed.

Jane went over and helped Emma in the end, Emma gasped as the dildo entered her waiting holes, “god that feel good” she said as she adjusted the pants when the dildo's were snuggled nestled inside her ass and pussy, Right now the fun part as she grabbed the 2 tubes, “what on earth are they” Jane said, “these make it even better” Emma replied. She pumped the first bulb and then the second “I don't understand” Jane said, “Well ive just inflated the plugs inside me, its feels good just the plugs but now they are at least twice the size and god im so wet now and really full, You need to help me again though, you need to remove the tubes from the pants, they unscrew at the base, im full enough now”

Jane had a moment of inspiration “so your full to the brim so to speak” laughing “oh yes just how I like it any more and it hurts” Emma replied.

Jane did as Emma had asked and took hold of the tubes, “bend over” she said so I can see what im doing then, Emma did so no questioned asked she knew the tubes weren't easy to remove whilst she was stood up straight, Thats why she had chosen tonight to wear these pants as she knew Jane would help her out.

Jane was holding both bulbs in her hands and quickly gave them both a look noticing the air release valves on them both, “so when I take these tubes off the plugs are held in place and the correct size until the tubes are re-attached then” “that's it” said Emma.

Jane smiled to herself, Small revenge she thought to herself and gave both bulbs a good couple of extra pumps and then quickly removed the tubes, Emma Gasped “oh my god what did you do, the plugs are huge my ass hurts” Jane looked at her and with a smile slapped her on the ass and said “pay back time babes, im sure your ass will be fine tomorrow, think that's what you said to me wasn't it”

Emma stood up and looked at Jane, “yeah ok you got me, suppose you owe me that one, always wanted them bigger but never dared to push myself, now I have no choice do I, Oh way all the more fun”

“fuck it im not gonna bother with my latex leggings tonight, gonna be daring and wear a mini skirt instead” Emma Laughed.

Emma finished off getting dressed and off the both went into town for some drinks.

The night was interesting to say the least, Jane could she Emma squirm ever time she sat down “having fun Emma” Jane asked “oh indeed I really do love these pants but without help I don't get to wear them much”

Jane brought up the subject of Emma's involvement in the fetish scene and Emma fully filled her in about clubs and parties and a little more of her adventures (but there another story).

They laughed and chatted all night and Emma asked Jane about Boyfriends “im a virgin” Jane replied looking a little sheepish, “OMG how the hell, your stunning” Emma replied.

“what bout you Emma” Jane asked “oh you know I love men and women, not getting into anything serious, have too much fun as a single lady”

The night was getting late and both Jane and Emma had had quite a bit to drink so they decided to call it a night.

They walked the short distance homeward, Emma then remembered her plugs and how much of a pain the tubes were on her own, “your gonna have to come up Jane and help me out of these pants you know” “Yeah I'd worked that out myself” Jane laughed feeling quite drunk.

They got to Emmas flat and went up, Jane helped Emma out of the pants, Emma fell onto the bed naked, very drunk. Jane looked down at her and said “right off to bed for me as well I think, Great night though, enjoyed it” Emma stood up and kissed Jane full on. Jane wasn't sure what to do but kissed her back, “er wow er gotta go, see you soon” and Jane left quickly.

Emma sat on the bed and sent a quick text to John 'Went great, I think. Will move on further again soon with her, she could be fantastic for our ideas' With that she lay back and fell asleep.

Jane got home and sat on her bed, what the heck had just happened, Emma kissed me and I think I kissed her back, what does this mean, do I like her, what do I do now she thought before falling to sleep herself.


Jane ignored Emma's call and text messages over the next few days, she really didn't know what was going on and needed some time to get her head around the kiss, it was daft she finally decided it was just a kiss what am I worried about.

Emma sent another text message 'Jane hope you are ok, Is something wrong, I know I kissed you but we were both drunk and it just felt right at the time, sorry if I upset you please talk to me'

Jane sat and looked at the text for quite a while before responding 'Hi Emma, sorry just needed a few days to sort my head out, can we meet at your place or mine?'

Emma sat and smiled when the text arrived 'Yes of course we can, ill come over to yours after work if that's ok'

Emma sent another text 'John were back on, Janes finally replied to my messages, im meeting her later, i'll let you know in the morning how we get on'

That evening Emma arrived at Jane's flat and they talked. Jane had taken the day off Uni Sick!! and had been sat thinking about Emma all day, she liked her and wanted to see what it felt like to be with a woman. Not that she knew what being with a man felt like of course.

“I want to be with you Emma, i've been thinking a lot and I want to play in your world and experience new things with you” “if thats good with you of course”

Emma sat and looked at Jane “Er Wow ok well thats very sudden, we only kissed you know”

“Yes I know but it was the whole evening, your toys, your attitude to life, I want to be like you” Jane replied.

“Wow ok, never had that response to a kiss before” Emma Laughed, she stood up and moved over to Jane and sat down on her knee facing her and kissed her again, Jane responded and new she had made a good choice.

“will you take me shopping Emma, I want some of those pants, I want to be more daring like you”

“Of course babe, we can go this weekend I know some great shops in soho, we'll have a great day” Jane smiled.

They sat and chatted all night and as they evening drew to a close Emma Kissed Jane once more and left saying, “until the weekend then babes”

Jane was very happy that evening and could not wait until Saturday.

'I think we are on John, she wants to play with me, I'll take it nice and slow and wheel her in some more' was Emma's text as she left Janes building smiling to herself.


Saturday morning came around very quickly and Jane sat in her kitchen having breakfast looking forward to the day ahead.

Her phone beeped in the bedroom it was from Emma 'So we still on for today's shopping trip'

'Yeah I've been looking forward to today all week' Jane replied.

'Great. Right for today's trip you should wear, stockings and suspenders, a skirt that when walking just covers the tops of your stockings, a tight fitting top and NO UNDERWEAR NO PANTS and NO BRA, you wanna have fun you said, I will wear the same so don't worry, meet me in the pub at 11.30' came Emmas reply

Jane sat and read the text, god nothing like in at the deep end she thought to herself. Jane didn't have any stockings or suspenders having never been with anybody she didn't really have the need for any sexy underwear, Best dash off to the shops early she thought and got dressed.

She arrived back at her flat at 10.30 and jumped in the shower, she had purchased some razors and shaving foam as well whilst she was out, She had her shower and then stood for a minute plucking up the courage, she took a deep breath and grabbed the shaving foam and razors and then shaved her pussy, When she had finished she stood in front of the mirror and admired herself, Emmas was right she felt her pussy and it did feel great. Emma will be surprised she thought. She got dressed and left her building walking down the road in her stockings and suspenders short skirt and tight top, she had also gone for her highest heels to top off her outfit.

Walking down the road with the cool air against her newly bold pussy felt wonderful she got a few looks from men as she walked towards the pub. As she entered the pub she saw Emma sat on a bar stool facing the doors, she parted her legs and Jane could see her bald pussy and stocking tops. Her heart fluttered a little. She walked over to Emma and took her hand and lead her to the toilets, once inside she kissed Emma like she had never done before, Emma placed her hand on Jane's legs and felt upwards towards her pussy, Jane gasped and kissed her more, Emma's hand continued upwards until she got to what she expected a pubic mound of hair as she knew Jane had, “your bold, you shaved your pussy, I wanna see it” emma exclaimed as she bent down and lifted Janes skirt, “Emma not here, somebody might walk in” jane gasped, “Oh shut up, today is to have fun” Emma Snapped and licked and Janes new Bald pussy. “MMMMmmmmm I want that later” Emma said as she stood up and turned to walk out of the toilets and back to the bar. Jane resorted her skirt and followed.

They ordered some drinks and Jane went to sit at the bar, “Not today Jane were gonna sit at that table over there” and she pointed out a small round table with 2 stools close to the door.

They walked over and sat down, at which point Emma looked at Jane who had crossed her legs and said “now that's no fun is it please sit like this” and she sat with legs legs apart about a foot. Jane could clearly see Emma's bald pussy. “are you sure Emma” Jane replied quite nervous, “Yes I am whats the worst that can happen” Jane laughed and opened her legs as she had been told.

Over the next 20 minutes they both got some admiring looks from blokes that cam in the bar, the best though was a middle aged couple who came in, the husband nearly fell over at the sight of 2 young pretty girls flashing their bald pussy's at him at the door, the wife however scowled and as she walked past muttered “Put them away you'll give somebody a heart attack” Emma and Jane both laughed and decided it was time to go shopping.

They Walked off in search of the shops Emma had said they would go to, the first was just a 5 minute walk into soho, “We'll start you off gently Jane, this is just a plain and simple sex toy shop, but a good place for you to have a look around, we won't buy anything here were just looking ok”

As they walked into the shop Jane couldn't believe her eyes, Underwear that was to be honest hardly worth wearing, dildos a plenty, butt plugs galore, whips and strap-ons Jane had never seen so many sex toys in her life. They looked around for a short time and Emma then said “Right so now we've broken you in lets go and have some fun” and they left the shop.

The next shop was a few minutes walk down the road and they turned down a small alleyway, the entrance was a small door with no signage anywhere, “this is a private shop which you have to know about” Emma mentioned.

As they walked in Jane gasped, it was huge inside not what she expected and a sales assistant walked over to Emma “Nice to see you Emma” she said “Who's this then” Jane stood and looked at the girl, she was wearing a very tight corset similar to the one she had worn in the art class and her boobs were fully on display, attached to her nipples were little bells and clamps and she had the highest heels that Jane had ever seen. “this is Jane, she's new to the scene and were looking for some bits and bobs for her, do you think you can help” Emma said. “But of course we love new girls now don't we” the assistant replied.

“we have a new room, Follow me” said the assistant and turn and walked over to the side of the shop. It was only at this point that Jane noticed the Bunny tail on the assistance ass, “nice tail” Emma commented. “yes a new line it has a very large glass plug feels fantastic” answered the assistant.

When they got into the room there was a sort of chair in the middle of the room. “take a seat Jane” said the assistant. Jane looked at the device it had 2 bars about a foot off the ground and was all metal  with legs and arms sticking out in several different directions. Jane looked at the chair and said “but there's no seat to sit on” “just sit on the 2 bars that's the seat” Jane sat down on the bars, they were padded and made her open her legs quite wide. “that's it well done now bend your legs back under your ass please” as Jane did that the assistant put 2 ankle shackles on her and clicked her ankles to the bar under the device. She then did the same with her wrists and secured these to a pole that was sticking up behind her head.

Jane was now secured to the chair by her ankles and her wrists “How does that feel” said the assistant looking at Jane. “er yeah ok I guess, not too bad”

“ok then, well this is our new line of fucking device chairs, lets give it ago shall we” Jane looked worried at the assistant. “nothing to worry about my dear just harmless pleasure for you”

Emma turned to the assistant and said “lets give her the full treatment shall we” “sounds fun what do you have in mind” the assistant replied and off went Emma and the assistant into the shop, Jane shouted after them “don't leave me here like this” “We wont be long” Emma shouted back.

When they came back into the room they were carrying several different bits and bobs and Jane looked worried.

Emma walked round behind Jane and said “Just relax its all part of the fun babe, You'll love it I Promise” at that she placed a latex hood over Jane's head, the hood had a penis which was placed into Jane's mouth and made her gag a little, she's never had a cock in her mouth, let alone one she couldn't push out, Emma laced the hood behind her head. The hood had very small pin prick holes for eyes and Jane could just about see but only directly in front of her.

“comfy” Emma asked “oh yeah you cant talk right now can you, oh well lets carry on.

Emma then took a pair of scissor and began to cut Jane's top off her, Jane screamed into the hood for her to stop, but it all just came out as mumbles.

Emmas took hold of some short leather belts and placed the first under Janes left breast and tightened the belt around her tit, this made her tit stick out in front of her and was very tight, she did the same with her right breast as well.

She then cut off Janes Skirt. Nothing was added to her but she was now sat Naked Hooded and gagged and her tits sticking out fully in front of her.

Jane was mortified but had very little choice but to sit there and wait to see what was going to happen next.

Emma's Stood infront of Jane so she could just about see her and showed her a bunny tail like the one the assistant was wearing, “now ive chosen one with a smaller plug for you is that ok” jane shook her head “oh good you want to try it” emma laughed and inserted the plug. Jane screamed into the gag, the plug felt huge.

“now for the best bit Jane” said Emma, “I'll let you set up the machine Bex” Emma said and moved away.

Bex (the assistant) had brought in a new line from their fucking machine line, she set it up on the floor infront of Jane and lined up the dildo with her new bald pussy, she secured the machine to the chairs legs so it couldn't slip backwards by mistake, “Ok a little lube on her, and a little in here” said Bex as she put lube on the dildo and then a small squirt into Janes pussy.

“I'll just wind this in first make sure its lined up correctly before we attach the other arm” and she moved the dildo into Janes Pussy. “Perfect”. She then moved an arm onto of the device and attached a Hitachi wand to it and placed this on Janes Clit, As she turned on the wand Jane shuddered “Spot on” laughed Emma.

“All done” bex said and turned to Emma. “Do you want the honour of turning the machine on babe”

Emma looked into Janes eyes and said “enjoy babe you'll love it” and she turned on the machine. Jane screamed and shook her head. “Setting 4 is the best 2 minutes slow, 2 minutes fast, 2 minutes at top speed, and then it starts again” bex said to emma, “Setting 4 it is then” Emma replied.

Emma then stood infront of Jane once more and looked into her eyes, “Ok babe, now you just sit here and have fun, im off to get myself some news toys and clothes i'll be back in bout half an hour”

Jane screamed again as the machine started its cycle.

Emma and Bex wandered off into the shop, turning the lights off and closed the door behind then. Jane was trapped.

The machine stepped up to fast and Jane held her breath, coupled with the wand buzzing away on her clit and the machine pounding at her pussy and her ass full with the plug Jane could feel what she could only assume was an orgasm mounting, when it hit it hit hard her body tensed and she went all of a quiver, the problem was the machine didn't know she had finished and just continued, Jane lost count how many times she orgasmed whilst locked in the chair.

The lights came on again in the room and just as Jane was building to another climax the machine stopped, Jane went limp in the chair and her head hung down.

Emma removed Jane's hood and untied her ankles and wrists, Jane just sat there and looked at Emma. “Did we have fun” Emma asked.

“oh my god, I lost count how many orgasms I had, I hated it at first then it was pure pleasure and then back to hate again, im totally exhausted, it just never let up. But yes overall Wow what an experience” Jane replied after taking a few minutes to get her breath back.

“erm I have a question tho, How the fuck am I gonna get home seeing as you decided to cut up my top and skirt you bitch” “haha ive picked you out a few items im sure you'll love them” Emma said.

Emma handed Jane the clothes she had selected for her, A very short leather skirt which didn't cover the top of her stockings and a very tight fitting corset top, but at least this one covered her boobs.

“Get dressed were off out for a drink, oh and leave that butt plug in, it makes your ass look stunning.”

“ you want me to go out with my stocking tops showing below this bloody short skirt and this plug in my ass” Replied jane quickly

“You got it babes now come on hurry up” Emma laughed and walked out of the room.

Jane got dressed and pulled the skirt down as much as she could, she was sure you could see the bunny tail as well, but the way she felt at the minute she was having fun and it was fine ish.

Jane walked out of the room and back into the shop, “did we have fun” bex laughed at her “er yes thanks” Jane replied.

“have bob drop those items off for me later please Bex” Emma said pointing at a huge pile of bags behind the counter. “course Emma, Leave them in normal place for you” “Thats great thanks See you soon” and at that Emma and Jane left the shop.

They walked further into the alley that the shop was in and into a small and secluded bar, as they walked in Jane noticed a Glass box at the corner of the Bar, and in it was a doll in a full latex outfit. “What kind of bar is this Emma” Jane asked, “A really fun one on party nights” Emma replied.

“lets have a drink and we can talk about this afternoon, I want to hear all about how you felt today”

Just as they were about to leave Sam from the art studio appeared, “Hey Jane, Emma hows things” “Good thanks” They both replied at the same time smiling “I have another opportunity for a modelling job for you Jane if your interested, This one pays £3,000 but is for the day if thats good with you, its a latex fetish show, all you need to do is model a few outfits for us and the students will paint the different outfits you model, what do you think”

Jane sat and thought for a minute £3,000 would buy her some great things from the shop “Your on” She said. “great” said sam “i'll be in touch”

Jane and Emma then left and walked home together holding hands, They kissed at Emma's apartment and then went off their separate ways. Jane felt a little uneasy for the 10 minute walk on her own dressed as she was, but was still excited from the days activities.

As Emma got into her apartment she sent a text message 'Were on babe, Sam set it up just perfectly, The bar will love her. Talk soon. Emma'

Johns face lit up when he saw the message later that night.


A few days passed and Jane and Emma exchanged text messages and arranged a 'fun evening in' as Emma put it in her message.

Jane arrived at Emmas apartment that evening having freshly shaved and was wearing the clothes that Jane had sent her home in a few days before including the bunny tail, she had been wearing it and only it around her apartment for the last few days as she loved the feeling of being a bunny girl, in private of course.

Emma answered the door but was stood behind it when Jane entered, “come in” Emma said and shut the door behind her, when Jane saw Emma behind the door she felt all warm inside as she knew they would have fun as Emma had suggested, Emma was wearing a leather body harness that looped around her body but circled her breasts and left them bare, she also had on a pair of rubber pants (she knew they would be filling her up), she had on stockings but you could only see the tops of them as she was wearing 7 inch high heel boots that laced up down the sides and came up above her knees. 

“Drink” Said Emma “Oh and get your kit off” “yes please large anything” Jane replied as she got undressed. Jane left on her own high heels stockings and suspenders and her bunny tail and followed Emma into the living room.

Emma gave Jane her drink which Jane downed in one “that's better” she said and looked at Emma stood in the doorway.

“Right the fancy some fun tonight bunny” Emma laughed as she caught sight of the bunny tail “god yeah” Jane replied winking at Emma “ok then we have some little bits to make this evening fun” First lets get you ready, as she produced a hood from the cupboard, The hood went over her head and Jane was shocked to find an attached ball gag and small tubes in side the hood, Emma positioned the hood over Janes head inserting the tubes into Janes nose and the gag in her mouth, Jane didn't see the bulb hanging from the front of the hood. Emma laced the hood very tight behind her head, The hood had eye holes so Jane could still see. Ok a few pumps of this as Jane muffled from behind the gag as her mouth was well and truly filled.

Emma then produced a large metal bar like item it had 3 holes in it and Emma then split it in 2 at the hinge at one end, She paced the hinge behind Jane's head and rested it on her shoulders, “Hands up” she said, which Jane did. Emma then placed Jane's hands into the other 2 holes and reconnected the bar together at the front and placed a small catch together. Jane was now trapped Hooded, Gagged and had her hands held infront of her face by the bar.

Jane just stood there, not that she could do much other than that of course.

“Fantastic” Emma said “I've been looking forward to trying these new items out, Now my other new toy” she chuckled

Emma disappeared off into the bedroom and came in carrying a saw horse under her arm. “Come here and bend over at the waist on this Jane” Emma said.

Jane wandered across to the saw horse and bent over like a good little girl should. Emma then quickly tied her ankles spread apart to the legs of the horse. Jane was now stood looking at the floor and could only see her hands in front of her. She could hear Emma doing something behind her and then she felt her pulling at the bunny tail “wont need this in here for a while” she laughed.

Emma then reappeared infront of Jane and was wearing a double headed Strap-on harness, “you like” she said to Jane as she pulled her head up by pulling on the bar holding her hands together, Jane's eyes blinked wide open and she mumbled into her gag.

Emma said “I thought you would” and walked back around Jane.

Jane then felt a cool liquid running down the crack of her ass and then Emma spreading it into her ass and pussy. “Hold onto to your horse” Emma laughed as she nestled the dildos against Jane's waiting holes “ready” Emma said “I assume by the no answer you are then” as she drove the dildos deep into her pussy and ass, She pounded away at Jane tied over the saw horse for what seemed an age. Jane's first orgasm didn't take long to arrive and she could feel wave after wave continuing.

“the beauty of women and dildos is that we never have to stop because we've cum” Emma said as she continued to ride Jane strapped to the saw horse.

Emma then stopped and pulled out and appeared at the front of Jane, She looked into her eyes and smiled, “now then I want to try something with you”, and she inserted 2 longer tubes into the front of the hood that were connected to the tubes in Jane's nose and looped them up over her head and rested them on her back.

Emma then walked back around Jane and started to fuck her again, Jane thought she couldn't take any more it seemed like her body was in total orgasm overload.

“take a deep breath in” Emma said and just as Jane started to breath in through her nose she felt the air cut off from the tubes, Emma then upped her fucking to a new level, Jane couldn't breath now as she had an overinflated ball gag in and the tubes in her nose didn't work any more, Jane panicked but then her orgasm hit her and it was twice the power of any that she had, just as she orgasmed Emma released her hold on the tubes and Jane could breath again, this continued for several minutes and in those minutes Jane had the most fantastic orgasms she had ever felt. She could here Emma cumming behind her on her last orgasm.

Emma pulled out and sat down in an exhausted heap on the chair infront of Jane. “wow that was great don't you think” Jane just looked at her and blinked, “oh sorry forgot your gagged” Emma laughed and walked over and released Jane from her bindings and hood.

“yes that was amazing but she scared the living daylights out of me for a minute when you first stopped the tubes” Jane eventually replied as she sat down in a heap on the floor.

They sat and drank some more and then curled up in bed and went to sleep.


The next morning (Wednesday) when the girls awoke Emma had a text message from Sam asking her to get Jane to ring him regarding the next art class.

Jane rang Sam after breakfast

'Hi Sam its Jane, you asked me to ring you regard the next modelling evening'

'Yes Jane thanks for calling me, its all set up for Friday if that's good with you, There's been a slight change of plan but nothing to worry about really considering the money we are paying for the night, we are going to need you to shave all hair from your body and when I say all hair I mean all including your head, is that ok, I'm sure Emma knows of some good wig shops for you to wear afterwards while your hair grows back'

'er I'm not sure, what is going to be involved this time, just so there's no surprises'

'Well its just a simple session first we will have you bound and gagged on a cross, then in a puppy cage with a tail and then a simple fetish latex outfit setup with John also in fetish gear, Its just that some of the students asked for a bald head they find it adds to the scene as a puppy in a cage, tell you what we will make it £3,500 for the night that way you have a little extra for a nice wig'

'Ok let me think about it for a while, I'll text you later'

'Ok but let me know by lunch please so I have time to find another model if your not up for it'

At that they said good bye and Jane hung up. “he wants me to shave my head Emma” Jane said looking at Emma. “yeah we had a model before who did that, she looked hot, and her wig was amazing you couldn't tell” Emma replied “think I've still got her number in my phone, I could ring her and find out where she got her wig from if you want”

“Sam did say he would pay extra so I could get a wig” Jane said looking at Emma

“Ok give her a call and lets go and have a look at some before I decide but need to go this morning as Sam needs an answer by lunch time” Jane said to Emma.

Emma made a quick phone call and got the address for the shop and they jumped in a taxi and set off.

When they arrived at the shop Jane was stunned at the amount of wigs they had and at all the different styles and colours. Truth be known she liked the idea of being able to change her hair style so easy, at the minute her hair was a browney blonde and in a bob, She had always liked long Black hair so tried a wig on that she thought looked good, “you look well hot in that colour and style Jane” Emma commented. “I'll take it” Jane said to the assistant as she got her phone out and sent a text to Sam.

'were on Sam see you Friday'

Sam showed John the message and they both smiled, John made a few phone calls and was very happy. It was all setup.

Jane and Emma called at the local supermarket on the way home and purchased some new razors and a hair trimmer and set off home, Jane couldn't wait to try her new look wig without her own hair stuck underneath.

When they got back to Jane's flat they both undressed and went into the bathroom after a quick kiss and fondle of course. They sat in the bath and began to shave Jane's head first with the trimmers to get her hair nice and short and then with the razors, they used most of the pack.

Jane showered off after and stood infront of the mirror in the bathroom, “you look really hot bald Jane” Emma commented. “I do like it actually it does kind of suit me don't you think” “yeah deffo” Emma replied.

“How about we get dressed up nice and kinky in leather and go for a few drinks at the club, and I dare you to go without your new wig” Emma said to Jane. “Ok but I don't really have anything to wear like that” Jane replied “No but I do you can borrow something of mine” Emma quickly replied “lets go” Jane replied back.

When they left Jane's flat she wore her wig and they walked the short distance to Emma's apartment. Once there Emma went off to find some clothes and re-appeared with a purple catsuit all in one outfit and she was wearing a black and yellow catsuit “here try this on babes” she said and helped Jane on with the outfit.

The catsuit fit very snug on Jane and made her boobs look very full and frontal. “you look hot” Emma commented. “yeah I like it I think” and they left for the bar and had a few drinks.

Jane was very nervous at first going out bald and dressed as she was but soon relaxed after a comment or 2 in the bar on how good she looked and how being bald seemed to suit her.

Jane noticed that the glass case that housed a latex doll the last time was empty and just held a metal frame, she also noticed a new glass case at the other end of the bar, this one was smaller tho and again had a metal frame in side, “looks like they are re-decorating the bar area Emma” jane said pointing at the new box and the empty box” “yeah they do that every so often, somebody's probably borrowed the doll for a fun time” Emma laughed, Jane caught on and guessed that it could be used by men for sex and chuckled back at Emma.

Jane stopped at Emma's for the next few days and they spent most of the time in bed, and had a great time.

“Jane why don't you move in with me” Emma said on Friday morning “you could rent out your flat fully furnished and just move your things in here, what do you think” “Hmmm sounds perfect” Jane replied as she looked back at Emma. I'll do a letter to the estate agent this morning and we can sort it next week.

She posted the letter on the way to lunch that day.

While Jane was in the loo at the pub Emma sent a quick message 'All sorted my end Jane's sent a letter to the estate agents I suggested asking them to rent out her apartment, hope your all sorted at the bar, see you later'

John looked happy at the club when the message arrived and he showed it to Paul the owner “Fantastic” Paul said with a smile “Can't wait to try her out” and they both laughed.

Emma and Jane went back after lunch to Emma's flat, Jane had a shower and freshly shaved, she was now completely hairless everywhere.

“Stunning” Emma commented as Jane came back into the bedroom. They both got dressed and set off for the art studio.


Emma and Jane arrived at the studio at six thirty and Sam met them just inside, “good evening ladies and are we ready for this evening Jane” he said. “I am indeed” Jane replied.

“lets get on then lots to get through tonight” Sam replied. “the first set-up is quite simple just tied to a cross naked and gagged so if you wouldn't mind stripping off, you can you the room at the end of the corridor to get undressed, I've left the wrist and ankle cuffs In there on the side if you wouldn't mind putting those on and then come into the studio and we can sort out your gag, Oh and I love the bald head by the way it really suits you”

“Thanks” Jane replied as she walked off to get ready.

Jane walked out into the studio only wearing the ankle and wrist cuffs as instructed and everybody applauded “you look stunning, thanks so much for doing this for us” one of the students said as she passed.

Sam ushered her over to a large St Andrews cross that was set-up in the middle of the room, lets get this gag on first as he placed a large ball into Jane's mouth and secured the straps that ran all over Jane's head and fastened them with buckles behind her head. He then lifted her arms above her head and secured each wrist to the top of the cross, then spreading her legs he secured her ankles to the bottom of the cross. “there we go, wonderful I think, comfortable” Jane nodded.

Then a surprise “let her have some fun Sam shouted Emma from the back”  “what do you have in mind Emma” Sam replied and Emma then walked forward holding what looked like a microphone stand. The stand had a dildo on the top and a Hitachi wand just in front of the dildo.

Emma walked up to Jane and smiled at her, she then inserted the dildo into Jane's pussy and adjusted the wand so it was resting on her clit. “you will love this” she said to Jane and turned on the wand. The vibrations were immense and Jane couldn't do anything to stop it.

“Fantastic idea Emma” Said Sam, “Ok a reward to the student who can keep count of how many orgasms Jane manages whilst tied up, the first session will last an hour and a half, Go”

Jane closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

The students began to paint keeping a close eye on Jane to try and count her orgasms as well as paint her picture.

The first session seemed to fly by to Jane but then she was in a state of ecstacy for most of the time, the first orgasm took 15 minutes to arrive but then in her heightened state of arousal she managed another 12. She was worn out by the time Sam released her from the cross. He gave her a chair to sit on and said “lets take a short break of 15 minutes to let Jane recover” Emma came over to Jane and laughed “did we enjoy that” “I did but it started to hurt after a while I just couldn't control my body” Jane Replied. Emma gave her a kiss and went to get her a drink.

While Jane sat and recovered Sam and several other students began to set up the next session in the middle of the room. They had wheeled out the cross and replaced it with the puppy cage which was ontop of a table.

Sam came over to Jane “ready for stage 2 of tonight's session Jane” he said, Jane nodded, “lets pop into the room over there so I can sort you out then” and off they went.

Sam asked Jane to bend over so her could insert her puppy tail, the plug was larger than Jane had been used to but it slipped in under a little pressure, Jane exhaled as it sited it self deep in her ass. He then produced a muzzle gag which a penis extension inside the muzzle which could not been seen from the outside and then a pair of big floppy ears attached to a head band which he slipped over her head and the final piece a studded dog collar and lead.

“Wonderful, ready” said Sam looking at Jane, she nodded and off they went into the studio again for round 2. With Sam holding the lead in his hand and Jane following behind.

Sam lead Jane over to the cage and helped her inside, He pulled the lead out the front of the cage, it was a tight fit, in her kneeling position Jane's head was close to the front of the cage and her feet touched the cage door as Sam closed it. Jane had not noticed that there were some of the bar missing in the back door to the cage. When the door was closed Emma reappeared and again sorted out the dildo and wand set up and inserted it into Jane's pussy. “this will be even better she whispered in Jane's ear as she walked past, Your body is still high from last time and now your ass is full as well pushing on the dildo in your pussy, have fun now wont you” and she walked off to her station to begin painting.

“Sam rules apply, an Hour and half to paint and again count the orgasms, you will want the prize at the end of this evening I assure you” Sam said to the students as he powered up the wand. Jane shuddered as the wand began its endless abuse on her clit yet again.

This session lasted for ever and even Jane lost count of the amount of times she managed to climax. She was worn out now as Sam came over and helped her from the cage and released her from her outfit. “Would you like a shower Jane to help cool off, we will take an hour people while Jane recovers and we get her ready for the final session of the evening” Sam said to Jane and everybody in the studio.

Emma came over to Jane “come on i'll help you” and off they went into a different room in the corner of the studio which had a shower in it.

Lets get you ready for the final session of the day. And Emma helped Jane shower she passed her some body wash (or that's what Jane thought it was anyway of course) and then helped her out of the shower and towelled her off.

“Ready” Emma said “Lets just have a few minutes together before we go out" Jane said looking at Emma

They sat and had a cuddle for a few minutes before Sam appeared at the door. "Were ready for the final Session if you are Jane" he said.

"come on then lets get on with it" Jane replied as she kissed Emma and stood up. Sam took her by the hand and lead her off into another room to get ready.


Sam and Jane walked into the other room just off the studio and laying on a table was the latex catsuit that Sam had said that she would be wearing for the final session.

“Now then this is a complete catsuit, it has attached gloves and socks and a hood, don't worry I will help you to put it on as they are quite tricky as it will be tight, we have some body lotion to cover you in which will help us to slide it on” and Sam handed Jane a bottle of clear liquid.

Jane began to cover her body in the solution and Sam then came over to help her, he smoothed the lotion all over Jane's body and then a surprise he inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and then her ass, “hey” Jane exclaimed, “sorry just had too” Sam smiled back at her.

Sam told Jane to sit down on a chair and picked in the catsuit and offered it up to her feet after he had rolled the legs down a little. Jane slid her legs into the latex suit and Sam was right it was a tight fit, Sam pulled and Jane pushed her feet to the bottom of the legs and her feet finally sat into the attached socks. “Thats the hardest bit done” Sam said as he began to pull the suit upwards towards her waist smoothing the latex against her legs as he went to get rid of any wrinkles.

“Ok lean forward a little and slide your arms into the sleeves” Sam said to Jane as she did so he helped her by pulling the suit up her body and her hands slid into the gloves at the end of the arms. Jane then noticed that instead of fingers they were more mittens and her fingers were held tight together with just her thumb in its own section.

Finally her body was mostly covered and the suit really was a tight fit, Jane's breasts were forced into what seemed like cups of a bra which held her firm and lifted her boobs a little. Sam pulled on a zipper at the back of the suit which tighten the latex even more, “breath in a little please Jane”

Sam said as he pulled the zip higher.

Right the hood and he began to pull the hood up using both hand to spread the opening over Jane's head, “open you mouth please” Jane had fully expected an internal gag in the suit based on her experiences with Emma previously, as the gag that she expected was inserted into her mouth she was slightly shocked as it was more of a gum shield that slid deep into her mouth and between her teeth, the shield was a v shape on both sides which made Jane open her mouth fully and she could then only clamp down of the shield. Sam pulled the hood up and over her head and pulled the zip the rest of the way up the back of the suit to the top of Jane's head. The hood did at least have eye holes so Jane could still see.

Sam took another bottle from the table and started to rub the liquid all over the latex suit “this is just latex shiner babes” he said to Jane “makes you look even better, I'll show you soon” and he finished off rubbing the liquid all over Jane.

He then walked over to the corner of the room and opened a cupboard door and wheeled out a stand. “This is your display stand Jane” he told her as her pushed it towards her. Jane looked at the device.

It was a tall pole that had rings at the ankles, half way up the pole and a final larger one about neck height, There was also a pole at waist height which had 2 dildo's pointing upwards from it the front larger than the rear. Sam moved Jane over to the stand and asked her to spread her legs a little. As she did so Sam fumbled around at her pussy, she didn't release that the suit had 2 attached condoms in latex that when Sam sorted he pushed his fingers into the first and inserted it into her pussy and then the same with her ass. “there we go now you can sit upon the nice fun rest we have for you on the display stand, come with me” and Sam lead Jane by the hand to the metal display stand. He lifted her and positioned her so when he lowered her down the dildos which were pre lubed slid into her pussy and ass and filled her quite nicely, “not to large are they” Sam chuckled, Jane just mumbled and shock her head. Sam then fastened her ankles into the rings at the bottom then her arms just slightly behind her back and lastly her neck. Jane was now securely fastened to the pole and without help would not be able to get off.

“Ok a last few adjustments and were done”  Sam said looking at Jane.

Jane could feel Sam doing something behind her with the zip but had no idea what. “bite down on the mouth piece please Jane” Sam suddenly said. Which Jane did without a thought.

As Jane bit down she felt the mouth piece take her teeth impression she then released her bite but her teeth didn't release. She panicked and tried to speak.

Sam moved round and looked at Jane just as he did so she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her neck.

Sam then spoke “ok Jane, I have just injected you with a small cocktail of drugs, this cocktail will render your vocal cords useless, you will not be able to scream or talk, im sure you've noticed that your teeth are now firmly stuck to the gag wedges in your mouth, the other part of the cocktail is a muscle relaxant and will help us later and for some time to come, I have sealed the rear of your latex suit with a very strong super glue, this means you and the suit are now 1 and the same, the body lotion you used in the shower combined with the lotion that helped you into the suit will stop all hair growth on your body for ever, so the suit will remain a suitable fit for the rest of your life as a sex doll, you have an amazing future ahead of you” at this point he inserted his fingers into Jane's mouth pushing in a small tube which ran down her throat a little he poked at her tongue through the latex condom in her mouth.

Jane blinked at Sam in shock.

“you are now the ultimate sex doll Jane, All of the students are aware of your final position and are ready and waiting for your final modelling session, don't get me wrong they will still paint your final session, but after this you will have pride of place at the club as the new sex doll, The last one has expired her services. Emma has been in on this from the start and today you signed your flat over to her in the papers you filed in, you are all alone and nobody will miss you, ok lets get you out there for your modelling session shall we” at which point Sam walked round the back of Jane and started pushing her towards the door.

Jane tried to scream but alas nothing came out, just as Sam had said she attempted to move her body but again nothing happened. She was totally and utterly fucked and there was nothing she could do about it.

Sam pushed Jane out into the studio and every student was standing applauding and cheering. Emma headed up the crowd smiling at Jane.

Jane's emotions got the better of her and she wept floods of tears as she was wheeled into the centre of the crowd. Each and every student came over in turn and spoke to Jane, he general lines were can't wait to have you to myself always wanted a real life sex doll.

Jane just cried until her tears dried up as she stood held in place by her bonds unable to do anything about what had happened in the last twenty minutes of her free life.


The art class ended and Sam approached Jane “so Jane to move you on now to the bar, they have been expecting you, oh and you'll be glad to know that Trevor won today's task of counting your orgasms, he will collect his prize in the week, 3 hours fun with you at the bar. You'll be glad to know that he has the biggest dick I've ever seen and he says he can't wait to use all 3 of your love holes” at which he wheeled Jane over towards a wooden crate standing in the corner. “this will help us move you to your new home at the bar and the awaiting display cabinet” Sam laughed as he fastened the crate up behind Jane.

Jane felt the crate begin to move and her mind was awash with horrible images of her new life, she knew that it was over and she would just become a real life blow up doll for all and sundry to use and abuse as they wished.

The crate stopped moving and it was opened up, the stand was pulled out of the crate and Jane's eyes adjusted to her surroundings. She was in the middle of the bar surrounded by a large group of people. It was John that had pulled her from the crate and he walked around i i in front of Jane, “welcome Jane we have all been expecting you, we are going to have a whale of time tonight”

“Give me a hand lads to get our doll out of her stand” John shouted into the bar at which point a couple of guys came over and started to help John get Jane ready. “Bring her over here lads and bend her over the pool table, tonight's games will have to be cancelled we can have much more fun with dolly here” Jane just flopped over the pool table the muscle relaxants working just a treat as Jane even though she wasn't tied down still couldn't move an inch.

John then placed a large TV screen at the end of the pool table and turned it on, the screen was split into 4 sections and each area showed a different camera feed of Jane on the pool table. “wouldn't want you to miss out on today's feature action now would we” John laughed as she spoke in Jane's ear.

“ok so who got the first ticket for tonight's entertainment” John shouted standing beside Jane, “roll up, roll up pick a hole and enjoy” at which point Emma appeared, “I purchased the ticket” she said and leant over the pool table and looked into Jane's eyes. “Fun while it lasted babes and we will have so much more fun in the future, I got my double strap-on with me, Oh and did Sam explain that the cocktail he injected you with will stop you having any orgasms now, So basically you are a latex dolly for us to fuck as and when we decide. Love you Babes” and she walked around the back of Jane and began to pound at her open and waiting holes.

The night went on, cock after cock, strap-on after strap-on.

Jane also found out very early on in the evening how her new mouth piece and tube worked, a young bloke began to face fuck the new dolly and pumped away at her face for quite a while until he exploded into the latex condom in her mouth, the cum was forced down the tube and Jane had no choice but to take his seed.

The night was drawing to a close and pretty much everybody had fucked at least 1 of Jane's holes.

John re-appeared and with the help of 2 others reattached her to her display pole. She was then wheeled towards the glass case at the end of the bar, “just before you go in we need to feed you” and John pulled the latex condom from her mouth and found the tube at the base he attached a small bag and forced the liquid via he tube into Jane, “these are all the vital foods you will ever need and will keep you fit and strong, so don't worry about ever starving to death we wouldn't want that now would we, enjoy you rest” he said as he pushed the mouth condom back in and Jane into the glass case.

The TV that faced Jane was turned on and a looped repeat of the evenings fun was displayed on the screen, so now Jane couldn't move, was locked in a glass case and all she could do was stand and watch a never ending film of her abuse that evening.

The Bar lights went out and everybody left, all except Jane of course in her new home.


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