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Public Toilets

Part 1

Having given up on trying to look alert and attentive, I dully watched my English teacher's mouth move, although didn't actually take in anything that she was saying. It was something about poetic techniques I think. It was weird at first having my older sister for an English teacher. It always felt awkward and weird having to call her, "Miss Sommers" and when I did, people in my class always giggled, and so I tried not to talk too often in English class. Most of the time I got lucky and didn't have to say a single word to her, but this wasn't one of those times.

My daydream was interrupted by the question, "And do you know what that was an example of, Sarah?" Everybody must have noticed me snapping back to reality, and I could see everybodys' eyes on me, their faces smiling like they couldn't wait to hear what stupid answer I was about to give.

"Uh, a simile?" I didn't want to say I wasn't really listening.

"What are we going to do with you, Sarah?", my sister said, but with a smile on her face.

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon. As soon as the "End of the day" bell rang, I quickly rushed to get the first bus to the closest train station, and then the first train to the suburb where my Master lived, where I would catch another bus closer to his house. This was usually a weekly routine for me, unless there was something special like a best friend's birthday. I'd already told my parents I was going to my friend Kate's house, although there was no Kate.

While I was on the bus applying much more make-up, blush, eye shadow, mascara and cheap pink lip gloss, I thought about the way I first met my Master about 2 months ago, just a few days after my 18th birthday.

I lied to my parents, telling them I was going over to my new friend Kate's place, and that she was about to come and pick me up and that I'd be back sometime the next day in the afternoon. This was because it was 11 o'clock at night and I didn't want them to think I was walking, as they might think it's dangerous or something. If only they knew what I really did. Instead I grabbed my bag full of goodies and headed to the next suburb, to a public toilet along the beach where I heard there was a glory hole, to practise self-bondage.

I walked into the men's public bathroom, and as usual there was nobody inside. I use the men's bathroom because if the unlikely event occured that I was dicovered, I would much rather be discovered by a guy. It worked better with my fantasies although in reality I had no desire to be caught. I just liked the idea.

Convinced that no one would walk in any time soon, I undressed, put my casual clothes into my bag and grabbed my more slutty, sort of fetish clothes. I pulled out my treasured black PVC micro skirt and put my belt through all the loops, not that I even needed a belt, since the skirt was a size too small anyway and easily stayed on. It was more so that I couldn't pull the skirt down to try and cover up my arse. The skirt was actually so short that if someone in front of me crouched down, they would easily see my shaven pussy, and from behind they would see most of my arse. I liked to think that only the most shameless whores would wear a skirt like this, although at this moment I didn't know quite how shameless I would become.

The next item of clothing was a black PVC boob tube top. I used the reflection from the dirty, stained mirror to try to positition it make it look as revealing as possible, and to try to make my boobs look as big as possible. The top ended just above my belly button and the bottom ended just above my nipples.

Last were the shoes. Just a pair of black leather ankle boots with a 4 inch heel, which is quite a high heel for me, being a pretty short girl. I laced these up and had little difficulty walking as I usually did. I liked that though. Having to sort of watch my step all the time.

I waited and listened for a little while. All I heard was cars driving past every once in a while, and so as not to think about what I was doing too much, which might have led to chickening out, I started on my bondage.

I buckled a black leather dog collar around my neck, deliberately making it uncomfortably tight and then clipped on a chain leash, but let it dangle in front of me for the mean time.

There were three toilet cubicles and it was the one furthest from the entrance with the glory hole. I grabbed the gear out of my bag, put my bag in the corner of the restroom near one of the urinals, placing my phone, the keys to my cuffs, and my wallet inside first and went into the cubicle, closing the door behind me without locking it.

Once inside, I got down on my knees and threaded the chain leash from my collar through the glory hole so that it could easily be seen to somebody if they even walked past the cubicle next to me. As I got to my knees, I wondered what the liquid on the floor was that was making my knees damp. Next I tied a black scarf around my head, covering my eyes but leaving my nose and mouth exposed. My last step was cuffing my hands behind my back.

I waited for about ten minutes before I was extremely bored. I decided that if I ever did this again, I would get high first so I could at least get lost in my thoughts a little. The idea was that if somebody stumbled upon me there would be an open invitation for the use of my mouth. All they had to do was tug on the collar and I would get to work. This was obviously just a fantasy and the idea of being caught scared me, but the whole risk was one of the only reasons I practised self bondage. I never really expected to be found, but if I ever was I'd hoped it would be someone that didn't want an explanation, like the cops or something. That would be a nightmare.  

The sound of foot steps woke me up from my daydream. I stopped moving, tried very hard to listen, and tried to stop breathing. It's weird how breathing sounds so loud when you're trying to be quiet. I was terrified. I heard the rusty gate to the bathroom open and footsteps on the tiles soon after. Who would be hear at this time? I thought about pulling my head back to pull the leash back through to my side of the cubicle wall, but the chain running along the glory hole cut out would make far too much noise and seem more suspicious. No, if this was actually going to happen then I was going to let it.

I heard the foot steps stop. To me that signalled that he had seen the chain and was inspecting it. It was crazy. He walked over to where the chain was dangling and said, "I guess it's my lucky day."

He sounded like quite an older gentleman. I later learned that he was 52.

It's not like I had rehearsed any lines for this moment or anything, so I replied stupidly with a, "Uh yeah, I guess." I instantly regretted saying that. It was probably the worst possible answer someone in my situation could give.

"Oooh, a girl this time. It really is my lucky day. What's a whore doing in the men's bathroom? And wait, what do you mean, "Uh yeah I guess"? You didn't actually expect anybody to walk in or something?"

"Not really to be honest. It's pretty late." I was sort of hoping he would call me a whore or something again. Or at least just not be so casual. Since this was actually happening, I wanted him to make it clear that he was the boss and I was his bitch now.

"Well I was walking along the beach and saw you go in. I thought I'd come see why a girl would use the men's bathroom. So this is what you do in your spare time?"

I almost said, "Uh yeah, I guess" again, but somehow resisted the temptation. For about five seconds I tried to think of something to say, then decided to say nothing at all and just see what he would say next.

"Hey I asked you a question, you dumb girl", he said in a not particularly angry tone.

I just said, "Yes sir", hoping that would give him the answer he wanted.

"Hmmm, not a talkative little one, huh. At least you managed to call me sir this time. Is that your bag over there?" I heard more of his foot steps leading to where I'd set my bag. I sort of wish I didn't put in a place where it could so easily be seen and where it was so obvious that it belonged to me.

"Yes sir." I think he liked me calling him sir, so I decided to keep calling him that.

I heard him unzipping various compartments and going through my bag.

"A Sarah Sommers. And only eighteen years old. Is that right, Sarah?"

"Yes sir."

"Quite a pretty slut too. My name is Darren." he said as I hear him walking over to where the chain is dangling. "I'll accept your offer, but only if you think about coming to visit me some time."

I didn't really know what to say. For a while I'd convinced myself that I was looking for a master, but I never really did anything about it. I never got proactive. Maybe this would be the only opportunity I would have for a while. Or maybe what I meant was that if I didn't accept his offer, I would go back to just fantasising and then getting frustrated about not being able to live my fantasies.

"Of course, sir. Gladly."

"Good girl."

Without warning he grabbed the leash and soon his cock was in my mouth. It was different to other blow jobs I'd given. I was in control of them. If I felt that I was going to gag or something I could pull away. He was much more forceful and used the leash to pretty much fuck my face. I started to get teary from choking so much and my make up ran.

His moaning signalled to me that he was going to come. He pulled the leash very tightly and soon I saw his load flying at my face. I closed my mouth. A lot of it landed on my nose, but more landed on my lips and dripped down my chin. Without the use of my hands I couldn't wipe it off, and so a lot of it just stayed there.

I heard him zip his pants back up.

"Hey, what do you say whore?"

"Thankyou sir. I'm grateful. I will definitely visit you." I hoped it would please him to hear that.

He sounded surprised. "Really? Why not come with me right now? I mean, unless you're expected elsewhere."

I heard him open my cubicle's door.

This was perfect. "That sounds good, sir. Just let me untie myself and clean up and-"

"No that won't be necessary. You just need to know that I'm serious about all this. You won't be expected to just give collared blow jobs. You really need to be someone who craves pain, suffering and humiliating or else this won't be fun for you, trust me."

This was music to my ears. I would have gone weak at the knees if I wasn't already on my knees. Although I did wonder how much he was into it. I was really hoping he wouldn't cut me or anything like that. I guess I could always back out if he tried. Well, I hoped I had the option to back out at the time.

"So are you still keen to be my slave or what?"

There was the word. "Slave". I'd imagined myself as a slave so many times and it was finally happening.

He untied the scarf that I was using as a blindfold and I could finally see what he looked like. Not all that attractive, but I was a slave, so why should I care?

"Yes, sir. I would be-"

At hearing this, he very roughly pulled my leash towards him, painfully jerking the back of my neck, and causing me to land sluggishly on the floor, on my front, as with my hands cuffed I had no way to break the fall. This surprised me greatly and I sort of just stayed down on the floor, writhing and coughing.

"Hurry the fuck up and get up, you stupid slut." He started kicking my ribs. Not hard enough to be very painful, but I could still feel the blows. His change of attitude really surprised me.

It was hard trying to get up with my hands behind my back, and wearing 4 inch heels. From my position I got onto my knees with my face still on the bathroom floor, when he decided to land one of his blows in between my legs. This restarted my tears and made me pause a bit to take a few breaths, not to his liking.

He quickly used the leash to pull my head up, choking me in the process. He looked directly at me.
"Get up, whore."

I sniffled a little bit from the tears. "Yes sir."

I carefully went from a kneeling position to a standing one, at one point balancing on one of the pencil thin heels. I was finally on my feet only to have him forcefully pull me by the leash towards the exit. I almost fell over again, but thankfully was able to catch up with some fast steps. The way he was holding the leash had me bent over looking at the floor, but I was able to catch a glimpse of his back and saw that he had my bag on his shoulder.

He got to the door and looked around, I guess making sure that no one was around to see he had an 18 year old girl on a leash dressed like something out of a fetish dream.

Luckily his house was only about 30 seconds away. It was right across the street.

I was walked down to the basement and, with my hands still cuffed behind me, ordered to strip. The top was first. All I had to do was reach up behind my back, grab the botton of it and slip it down, past my skirt and onto the floor. The skirt was the hard part. Since I had used a belt, getting to the buckle on the front with my hands cuffed behind my back was a struggle.

After about 4 seconds if trying he said I was taking too long, and I started to panic. Just I had turned the skirt around, so that the belt buckle was the back and unbuckled the belt, he walked up to me, and without saying a word put a black ring gag up to my mouth. I opened without needing an order, as the micro skirt dropped to the floor.

I then sat on my butt to untie my shoes, only to realise this was probably one of the worst positions, as I couldn't reach anywhere near my feet with my hands. To my pleasure I heard, "Don't worry about the shoes. You may as well keep them on now that you've fucked yourself up."

I tried to say, "Thankyou sir" but it obviously came out sounding foolish thanks to the gag. I got into a kneeling position. He walked up to me and undid the dog collar around my neck and threw it off into a corner. He then used my own key which was in my bag and unlocked my hand cuffs. I felt my wrists as they were a bit sore.

I tried to say "Thankyou sir" again.

He laughed and said, "Don't thank me yet, you stupid bitch. And keep your hands behind your back."

I did. He walked off to a crate in the basement and I heard the dangling of chains. My pussy twitched. I love the idea of being chained, like in medieval times. The weight of them and the noise they make when you do anything just makes me so wet.

He came back with an old looking set of chains and cuffs. There was a metal collar with a chain the led down all the way down to connect to another chain which had two more metal ankle cuffs. Along the chain that that went down from the collar were two metal wrist cuffs.

The first to go on was the metal collar which fit quite snuggly around my neck to my surprise, as I always thought I had quite a thin neck. I thought the chains would all go in front of me, and that my hands would be cuffed in front of me, but to my surprise he cuffed my hands behind me. These cuffs were even less comfortable than my own handcuffs, as they were high up on the chain, only about 12 centimetres below my neck actually. This not only forced my hands uncomfortably high up on my back, but also created a pull on the front of my neck, choking me a little. Next were the ankle cuffs and these seemed fine.

He unzipped his pants again, and without even saying a word, started to roughtly fuck my mouth, grabbing my hair to keep my face steady. Again it brought tears to my eyes, which wet the already dried cum on my face which started to drip again. This went on for about ten minutes until I heard the signature moan again. Still with a firm grip on my hair, he the tip of his penis towards my mouth and ejaculated. I'd say about half of it went in my mouth, and the other half went around my nose area. The thing that sucked was that with the ring gag, there was no way I could swallow. I could still taste it though.

"Follow me, you disgusting animal."

When I tried to get up, I was quickly pulled back down. I realized that the chain that led from my collar to the chain that connects my ankle cuffs was far too short to allow me to stand. I crouch walked after him as fast as I could, sometimes stumbling and falling onto a knee.

He led me to what looked like an old built in fireplace. Only at the very front of the fire place, there was bars and a cage door. This turned the fireplace into a sort of tiny cell. And it was tiny. I'd say it was about a metre and a half in width and length. I was ushered in, and the cell door, well it was more of a doggy door, was closed and padlocked behind me. Inside I was surrounded by stone walls, apart from the cage bars.

"I hope you're comfortable in there. I've always wanted to keep a teenager in a cell."

He might have called it a cell, but it smelled like a pigsty. And I guess that made me the pig. As sweaty as I was the dirt was staining my skin with nice shades of grey and brown. I started to laugh at my predicament and realized how dangerous this was. The first night I've met this man who is more than twice my age and I've already sucked him off twice, both times while in bondage,  and allowed him to chain me up and hold me as a slave in a cell in his basement. I guess it didn't really bother me because I was incredibly horny. I knew he probably wouldn't want me to orgasm, but I was so desperate for one that I started humping and rubbing against one of the stone walls while I was on my knees, to try to get off. All this did was make the entire front of my body as well as some areas on the front of my thighs and the area around my crotch even dirtier. It also made me a bit hornier, but not horny enough to achieve an orgasm.

I spent that night naked, chained and gagged and incredibly sexually frustrated in a small, cramped "room" with an old man's cum and my tears all over my face. What could be a more memorable way to start of a relationship with my new master?

Back to the present day.

Happy with the excess amount of make up I'd applied and the impression it gave people, I got off the bus and walked towards my master's house in my school uniform. On the days I knew I was going to meet with Darren, I always made sure to wear a smaller size, more skimpy school uniform. I knew he liked it. Although it was a little bit hard to wear it at school. I had to convince everybody includding my sister that my other one was just always in the wash, and so I had to wear a uniform that was old and small. So small though that the bottom of the white blouse only just touched the top of the red checkered school skirt.  I also knew he liked the idea that I came to his house straight from school, or more the fact that he had a school girl willing to serve him and allow him to torture her.

I got to his house and walked down towards the side, as his house was just positioned like that. His main door was slightly hidden from the street by the rest of the house and some large hedges.

I placed my bag to the side of the door and knocked. I waited for about five minutes with my arms folded behind my back. My right hand touching my left elbow and my left hand touching my right elbow. This was my position when not restrained or working.

He opened the door and I walked in. "Hello Master. How are you today?", I said with a big smile on my face trying to look sweet. "I'm better now that I have a whore to abuse." He grabbed my hair with one hand and started to deeply kiss me. I didn't particularly enjoy kissing him. His other hand found its way towards the area between my legs and he started molesting me while he was kissing me. I still had my arms folded behind my back, obviously not putting up any resistance.

After he decided he didn't want to kiss anymore, he looked at my face and used the hand that he was fingering me with to slap my face a little. I guess to make it clear that he was still in charge and that laziness or disobedience on my part would still be punished. That I would still be punished.

With his hand still having a firm grip on my hair, he pulled the back of my head backwards and downwards, causing me to look up and take some quick steps to get my balance again.

"Did you have gym class today, pig?"

"Yes, Master." I started to wonder why he'd want to know that, but I didn't dare ask. It wasn't my place.

"Good. Take your shooes off."

Since he was still grabbing my hair and I couldn't look down, nor bend down to take my shoes off, I had to bend my legs so that my feet were behind me, against my arse to pull on the shoe laces and take my shoes off.

"Now give me one of your socks."

I think I could see what was coming next.

I peeled the sock off my right foot and handed it to him. It was a white school sock, but it was a bit damp from the sweat from gym class, as well as it being a really hot day. He held it up to his face and inhaled through his nose.

"Mmmmmm. You must have tried really hard in the gym today, sweetie. I wonder if there's any toe cheese in there. Do you like that smell?" he asked putting the sock up to my nose.

"No, Master. I don't." The smell was strong. There isn't really another way to describe the smell, than 'that sweaty feet' smell.

He yanked my hair downwards painfully which caused me to yelp and again reset my footing.

He asked me again. "Do you like that smell?"

"Yes, Master. It's wonderful."

"Good girl. Then you'll love the taste." he said while he started to shove the sock into my mouth using one finger. Didn't even get an, "Open up" or any other warning.

"Alright. Go and clean the bathroom. Since you love the taste of your socks so much, I'll let you put the other one in your mouth as well if you do a good job. Maybe if you're lucky I might even let you put your panties in there. I'm sure by the time you're finished with the bathroom they'll be a bit more damp than your socks."

I mumbled a sock filled, "Yes Master", and scurried upstairs to the bathroom.

When I got there I couldn't find any cleaning supplies. Having this sock in my mouth also made me dribble. I could always slurp my dribble back up, but I knew I would be slurping my own sweat and feet dirt with it. I guess I'd have to accept I would be doing that. I slurped it up.

I went back downstairs to ask about the cleaning supplies. When I got down there, I saw my master sitting in his easy chair reading a newspaper. He didn't pay me any mind.

To try and get his attention I walked over and kneeled in front of him. Arms folded behind my back as usual. This still didn't work, so I decided to go with my last resort and actually say something.

"Master, may I speak?" I sounded a bit goofy with the ock in my mouth, but most people could still make out what I said.

He tilted the newspaper down slowly, almost comically to look at me. At least that's what I assume happened. My eyes were cast at the floor.

He sighed. "You may."

"I have nothing to clean the bathroom with." I slurped after this sentence.

"You told your parents you were staying at a friend's tonight as you usually do, didn't you?"

"Yes, Master." I again didn't know what he was getting at, but was sure it would be clear soon enough.

"And as usual they made you bring your toothbrush with you, yes? So do I have to spell the rest out for you? Clean my toilet with your toothbrush, you stupid whore. Jesus Christ. I'm surprised you aren't in special ed." He went back to reading his newspaper. Or at least pretending to.

"Yes Master. I'm sorry for being a stupid whore, Master."

I started to get up to go back up the stairs.

"You've shown just what a hopeless, stupid slut you are. Instead of walking on two feet like actual people with self respect and dignity, you can walk on all fours now, like the stupid, filthy animal you are."

I paused for a bit and thought about how unfair he was being. My face was burning red from the humiliation of being called a "stupid, filthy animal" and a "hopeless, stupid slut" but still, I dropped to my hands and knees, mumbled "Yes Master" through the dirty, sweat stained sock in my mouth and crawled towards my bag to retrieve my own toothbrush, which I would use to clean this older man's bathroom with.

I slaved away for about half an hour with the toothbrush before I heard my master's footsteps coming up the stairs and towards the bathroom. I was honestly trying as hard as I could to clean, but with only a toothbrush and half an hour, there wasn't much I could do.

"Okay stop now."

I put the toothbrush down and got into my usual kneeling position, looking the way I was already looking which was towards the toilet.

With the bottom of his boot, he kicked me in the back between my shoulder blades.

"On your hands and knees, remember? You're such a dumb whore. You can't even follow the most simple instructions. No wonder you need someone like me to discipline you."

"Yes Master. Sorry for being a dumb whore, Master. Thankyou so much for disciplining this dumb whore, Master. Please allow me to kiss your boots  to show you how sorry and thankful I am, Master." I think that's what he wanted to hear. I slurped the sock sweat into my mouth again. This time for some reason I really tasted the dirt.

He kept talking. "Or are you being disobedient on purpose? Just trying to make me mad?"

"No, definitely not. I would never do that, Master."

"And I'm supposed to trust a disgusting slut who needs to be hurt and humiliated just to get off? You're probably a liar."

I didn't say anything. I just decided to accept whatever punishment he would give me. I thought about what he said though, and sometimes I wish I was normal. As in, I wish I wanted a normal sex life. Most girls my age are doing the usual things like having sex in cars and going clubbing to get their kicks, and here I am cleaning a bathroom with my own dirty sock in my mouth while a man more than twice my age insults me and degrades me. Why can't I be normal?

"Crawl to the basement, strip and then wait for me. Oh and take that sock out of your mouth."

I did as I was told, then waited on my knees on the stone floor of the basement. As usual he had turned the heaters on down here to make things much more uncomfortable for me. I was already sweating and my knees and the parts of my legs that were on the floor were getting very dirty.

About fifteen minutes later my master appeared in front of me holding the latex hood he usually had me wear in one hand, and a thick leather collar in the other. The type that had two buckles and didn't allow for much head movement. Or at least not any comfortable head movement.

As the latex hood had an opening for a pony tail at the top, I was told to put my hair in a pony tail, which I quickly did. The hood was then stretched over my head, and my hair fed through the little tube that would make it come out the top. As I heard the zip being pulled down the back of my head, I could feel the whole hood tightening.

The collar was then tightly buckled around my neck and I was forced to look straight ahead.

I heard him talk. "I hate not being able to see all the faces you make when I punish you and make you do disgusting things. But to know how sweaty and uncomfortable your face must be under there makes up for it, I guess. Anything to make you suffer more." He said with a smile on his face. 

He wasn't joking. By the time I took the hood off, usually I'd look in the mirror to see that all my make up had run down my face. Even the times I hadn't cried.

Now when I looked at the dirty cracked mirror that my master kept down here for some reason, I saw a naked, faceless slave. That image turned me on and made me remember why I do this. The hood left my pink glossy lips exposed though. And the eye make up could also still be seen.

Now came the chains. The set that he locked me in the first time I came to his dungeon. Only this time they were locked on me with my hands in front of me, and instead of walking on my knees, I crawled in the heavy chains. Crawling was a little bit difficult though, as the length of chain between the two handcuffs wasn't very long at all. Neither was the length of chain between the two ankle manacles.

I quickly crawled all the way to the bedroom, at times failing to keep up to his hand which had a firm hold on my pony tail. Whenever I felt a yank on my hair, I took it as a warning that I needed to go faster.

"Now clean the toilet properly or you get to spend the rest of the night hungry. You know how much I love knowing that you're down in my basement drenched in sweat and desperate for food. I know that in the morning you're going to be twice as obedient and motivated because you don't know whether I'll feed you or not. So really you should be thanking me for improving your efficieny in what is most important to you."

"Thank you, master."

"Good dog. I really hope you disappoint me." He patted me on the head.

I got to work on the bathroom.

About an hour later he swung open the door and I stopped brushing the tub.

"This isn't working." He kept walking around. "How can you take this long to clean a fucking bathroom? You think you're being funny trying to piss me off? I decide where you sleep, if you get to eat, when you get to piss and whether you get to orgasm. Making me angry isn't smart. I'll win. No food for you tonight, and you can sleep in your filthy cell. No toilet breaks for you either, so I hope you can hold it in well. And I hope I don't even have to tell you you won't be getting anything close to an orgasm."

This was one of the most unfair things he'd ever done to me. My eyes started to water. I was so tired and sweaty. I didn't expect him to allow me to masturbate or orgasm, but I didn't expect him to punish me for this. I did the best I could. I also knew that he didn't expect me to hold in my piss all night. I knew he just wanted me to piss myself. Something else he can punish me for.

"Looks like you're having an early night, whore." He started to lock me into a ring gag, although the ring was quite small and I could stand the pain over night

Down in the basement I was grabbed by my ponytail before I could get into my cell.

"Bad dog. You haven't even offered to pleasure me. You didn't think you could get away that easy, did you?"

I tried to say, "No master. Sorry master."

"Just bring me off, you dumb whore."

Since my mouth wasn't able to suck, or even really get his cock in it due to the small size of the ring gag, I assumed he wanted a hand job, something which I hadn't given in a long time.

Raising my hands up to his cock, I fondled him and stroked him. I put my face up to his cock and started licking the head, my tongue sticking through the ring. Trying to get him harder and more pleased. Maybe that way I wouldn't be punished more. I started licking his dick and balls all over until I finally heard the signature moan. I wanked his cock more, the tip aiming at my open, ring gagged mouth. Most of his load went in and I tried to thank him with a mouth full of cum.

"That was alright. Now I'll lock you up, since you seem keen to get in your cage."

I was inside, uncomfortable sitting against a wall when I saw and heard the padlock lock.

"Also, I think I might be selling you tomorrow. I have to go overseas for a few years and I could really use more spending money. A few people will be using you tomorrow to see what type of quality you are."

I said nothing. Was he joking or something? I really hoped so. I didn't want to be sold to someone I didn't know. This was fucked. Why would he say something like that?

I hardly slept that night. I thought about how bad it would be, then I thought I might just be over reacting. I mean, most Fridays I go to my master. Now I would just be going somewhere else to be tortured by someone else. Unless they were into some really extreme shit, it would be pretty much the same. Maybe I could even spend less on bus and train fare. I decided that I would go through with it. I like to think of myself as a slave, and how could I do that if I didn't even allow myself to be sold?

Typical of my stupid bad luck and my screwed up sleeping habits, I ended up being woken up by the sound of a chain being struck against my cage door only a few hours after I had just gotten to sleep, and it's not like I can just ask to snooze.

"Rise and shine, my little cumrag. Or should I say soon to be someone else's cumrag. There's still time before the first buyer shows up to take a look at you. In the mean time we can prepare your breakfast."

Oh yeah I thought. I was going to be tested today. Since it was incredibly humid down here, especially in a cramped up cage, I was dirty and sweaty. Especially my face under the hood. It was kind of unbearable, but I tried not to think about it. I must have stunk. My mouth was also starting to a get a little sore from the gag.

My cage was unlocked and I crawled out pathetically, hoping for some food. I was on all fours when I heard the strangest order my master had ever given me and it took a little while to sink in.

"Touch yourself, slut. Finger yourself."

Since the chains were so short, I had to crouch and finger myself. I didn't waste any time getting started either. I was still a bit suspicious though. In the end I decided that since I was going to be sold, he was allowing me to have a treat. He was giving me permission to masturbate.

The situation was overwhelming. Crouched down pathetically, chained, gagged and hooded, fingering my pussy on orders from a much older man. As I half expected, I was ordered to stop before I could cum. Another concern is that I was also busting to pee, but I didn't want to do it right in front of my master. I wish I'd done it in my cell. I mean, I probably wouldn't be going back there anyway. Although I did hope I would be, and that this selling business was just to scare me. I took my index finger and middle finger out of my pussy and instinctively put them up towards my mouth to suck, since that's what I was told to always do. I took no pleasure in licking my own cum. I didn't absolutely hate it though, not that absolutely hating it would stop me from doing it anyway. At least he undid the ring gag.

I was wrong though. I thought I was going to go and "prepare my breakfast" but to my surprise I was ordered right back into my cell. He liked to keep me guessing. From the inside of my cage I watched as he walked over to me with a plate. Food! Finally! At least I thought I would be thankful. It looked good. Omelette, bacon and a pancake. Small amounts of each, but it was better than dog food or nothing. The plate of food was put down in front of my cage.

I heard my master laugh. "Even though you have that hood on, I can see how happy you are. It almost hurts me to tell you that that's all going in your pussy for a long while before any of it goes in your mouth. What? Did you think I suddenly turned nice or something just because this is our last day together? This is your prize for all of the pain and humiliation you've endured. Just more suffering."

He laughed a bit more. "I wish I could have seen your whole face. Like you thought I'd feed you bacon, omelette and pancakes with no strings attached. I guess you thought after that I'd actually give you permission to cum as well. Stupid slut. You don't learn do you?"

"No, master." I was defeated. I didn't wit for him to tell me again. On my knees with my back hunched, I grabbed the food and tried to somehow shove it into my pussy. It was all cold. All of it didn't quite fit, so I had to hold it in with both of my hands.

"When I come back, that food still better be in there, whore."

"Yes, master."

Now I know why he made me masturbate. He wanted my breakfast to come out covered in my cum for when I ate it. I had a feeling it would be covered in something else. I still hadn't peed, and I doubt I could have held it in for another five minutes. With tears in my eyes, I accepted what would happen. I didn't even move. The stream of piss ran through my fingers and soon there was a huge puddle on the floor, with me on my knees in it. I just stayed there kneeling, crying a little. Knowing I would have to eat the stinky mess that was in my pussy.

About half an hour later my master came down back into the basement. He must have noticed my piss leaking out of my cage.

"What have you-" He started laughing more.

"I forgot all about-" He laughed some more.

"The funniest part is that you're still going to eat all of it. And you will, because I'm not letting you out of there until you do."

"Yes, master."

He got his phone out and started filming.

"Come on. It's time to eat." he said, licking his lips.

My hands and most of my legs were covered in piss. The smell was terrible, obviously. I let the food fall out. The bacon didn't fall out, so I had to reach inside my pussy and pull it out. I noticed that he had started jerking himself off. I took a bite of the bacon. It tasted disgusting, but since bacon has a strong taste I could still taste it a little. I tried to focus only on the bacon taste, but the smell and taste of urine made that very difficult.

"Good girl. You're such a dirty whore. Eating piss soaked food that's been in your pussy. Yeah." It's like he wasn't really talking to me, but more just trying to get himself off. Although he was right.

I proceeded to eat the pancake and the omelette. The pancake was the worst. It seemed to have soaked up a lot of piss, and when I bit into it, piss leaked. The omelette did have a lot of little pocket like areas that held piss though. The meal was rancid.

As I finished, he started walking towards me, still playing with himself. Dick in one hand, phone in the other, still filming.

"Open your mouth. I'm about to come."

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. To my surprise, most of it went on my chest. I knew not to rub it off. He liked me to wear it like a mark of shame for being such a desperate slut. He seemed indifferent to where it landed.

"I'll leave you to stew for a while. You really seem like you like it in there. Tears of joy and everything."

I wondered what could drive a man to be so sadistic. Then I wondered what could drive a girl to willfully submit to such a sadist. I imagined most men would see me and feel very sorry for me and think I had been kidnapped or something. Definitely none of them would think I was doing this wilfully. Truth is, I was having a great time. I loved this. I could only hope my next master would be such a sadistic, perverted bastard.

Speaking of masters, I heard my master speaking to someone. Another man.

"She's still in school? You lucky cunt. Where do you find them?" said the man that wasn't my master. I assumed he was a potential buyer.

"Found this one on her knees in a public toilet a few months ago. That isn't even an exaggeration or anything. She was kneeling in front of a glory hole wearing a collar and handcuffs. She looked like she needed someone to discpline her."

"That's awfully considerate of you."

"What can I say? I'm just a good guy. As you'll soon see, she's being kept comfortable in her cage."

I saw them both.

The other man said, "Do you actually make her sleep in there? I couldn't even fit in there. And is that piss I smell?"

My master started, "Well if the cage was any bigger, she might start to think that she can get away with things. And if she wasn't left to sit in her own piss, she might start to think she can just urinate without having my permission or something. Hm, I don't know. To be honest I just like the idea. Imagine how bad it must smell in there and imagine how uncomfortable she must be. She's been wearing that hood since last night."

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around her being a school girl."

"Yeah I know, right. You should see the head she gives as well. Like her mouth is just another cunt."

I knew this would happen. I can say I do give really good blow jobs, but I was not in the mood. I just wanted to stay in my stinky cell.

"Hey, cunt. Come here and show the nice man how good your mouth is at sucking cock."

"Yes, master." I reluctantly crawled a little bit closer to the cage door. He stuck his cock through and I went to work.

This happened another six times with various different men, most of them looking over 40. Some even over 50. Then I got the surprise of my life. I thought I was dreaming or imagining it or something. I saw my school principle. My school principle is a woman who looks to be about 45. She is quite good looking though. Not stunning, but she takes care of herself.

"Hello, Sarah." She must have been told it was me or something, since I was wearing a hood and she wouldn't be able to recognize me. This was weird. I didn't know whether to say 'Hello, Ms. Lancaster' since that's what I say at school when I get called to her office.

"Hello, ma'am." is what I went with.

"Even out of school you're still getting yourself into trouble. At least you still have your manners though. Do you like it in there?"

"Yes ma'am. I do."

"You'll love the place I have set up for my slaves."

I never imagined myself being a slave to a woman. I wasn't even bi, but someties my submissive side just takes over and I'm happy to take orders from anyone. My pussy can't tell the difference.

Without saying another word she and my master walked back upstairs. I wondered who bought me. 

About an hour later I was let out of my cage, unchained and even let out my hood and collar. I was told by my master to go upstairs and shower and then reapply my make up. Finally, I thought. I came downstairs into the living room, naked, and kneeled on the floor close to my master. Him and my principle were talking. I guess this meant I was to be her slave now. She must have bought me.

She stood up and kicked over the school uniform that I had worn here.

"Put that back on. I always liked how you looked in it."

I noticed that there wasn't any underwear. Just the blouse, the skirt, the socks and the shoes. I put them on quickly. When I was buttoning up the blouse, I got as high as the third button when I heard, "Stop. I always thought you were a bit too covered up."

"Yes, ma'am."

"That's mistress now, Sarah. I have a surprise. Say good bye to your ex master and come meet me out the front. Don't take too long."

I wondered what the surprise was. I've done this bdsm shit for a while, and so I didn't think the surprise would be that surprising. Maybe a dildo or a buttplug or some toy or something. Little did I know at the time I was so wrong.

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